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KING ARTHUR'S GOLD The goal of the game is to build castles and destroy your enemies. ...

Or something like that. Hope you like it! FEATURES: large multiplayer games 3 classes (knight, archer, builder) build castles and mine resources detailed pixel-art graphics old SNES game King Arthur's World inspiration

DEFAULT KEYS: [A]/[D] move left/right [W] jump/up ladder [S] down ladder [F] block menu / bomb [E] use menu [C] pickup / drop menu [Q] emoticons menu [V] taunts menu [SCROLL+] zoom in [SCROLL-] zoom out [BACKSPACE] misc menu (suicide, change team, change head/sex) [T/ENTER] chat [Y] team chat [1...0] emoticon hotkeys [F1] scorebaord [ESC] main menu [F4] save screenshot to Screenshots folder [F2/F3] unfreeze/freeze player - admin option DEDICATED SERVER: If you want to host your own server just run from your KAG directory: dedicatedserver.bat on Windows on Linux The default port on which the server works is 50301. Be sure to forward this port on your firewall. On Linux: Set executable permissions: chmod +x KAG chmod +x If the executable updates, you might need to rename the updated file and set executable permissions again. Like this: mv KAG.tmp KAG chmod +x KAG Configure your server with these config files: "Base/Scripts/" Some parameters worth considering: m_width = 290; - map width in tiles m_height = 110; - map height m_seed = 0; - map random seed

sv_maxplayers = 32; sv_ip = `0`; - assign a specific IP port or leave 0 sv_port = 50301; - port on which the server listens sv_rconpassword = ``; - rcon password for remote admin sv_name = `KAG Server`; - the name of your server sv_info = `I like Cheese`; - info description which appears in the servers list "Base/Scripts/" In this file you can specify what map loads on start. To load a specific map use this command: LoadMap( "Maps/autosave.png" ); *Remote administration* Make sure you set the rcon password in (sv_rconpassword) . Open the client, join your server and open the console (HOME key). Type "\rcon password". If you login succesfully, you can now use the console as if you are on the machine, using the prefix "\rcon". Example: "\rcon \loadmap autosave". Server commands: \list - list all commands and variables \kick [playername] [minutes] \kickid [id] [minutes] \kickhost [host] [minutes] - kicks and/or bans host (host number can be found in logs when player joins) \unbanhost [host] \unban; \unbanhost; \unbanhid commands \swapid [player id] - swaps the players team \players \restartmap \loadmap [name] \savemap [name] \msg [text] \rcon [password] Command line: start server with specific ip,port,slots eg. ./KAG ip port 50213 slots 32 nolauncher autostart Scripts/dedicated autoconfig Scripts/ AUTHORS: Transhuman Design 2011-14 devlog: A game by Michal Marcinkowski "MM" & Max Cahill "Geti" API by Shadlington & FliesLikeABrick Music by David Pencil ( Website & backend by Joe Gillotti & Bartlomiej Listwon Support by Furai Special acknowledgments: Design Consultatant by August Bender All the testers that have helped shape and polish this game!