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Sleep On

Nov.27, 2008
Probably one of my most often recited quotes is "The one thing we learn from history, is
that we never learn from history." Probably because it's one of the blatant truths of our
time, and has never been as obvious - to those who discern the signs of the times, that
is. The rest just fall into the same old trap as usual.

People who believe that the Muslims or Islam are the big culprit of our times are just as
deaf, dumb and blind as those who believed Roman emperor Nero's hogwash about the
Christians having put fire to Rome, or Hitler's hype against the Jews. They're going to
find out the long and hard way that the true enemy wasn't the Muslims, after all, just as
the Jews weren't of the Germans, nor the Christians were, of the Romans, but rather,
their own stupidity and lack of discernment when it came to the degree of corruption and
evil within their own leadership.

One of the few Christians who didn't fall for the "Jews are evil" mantra during the 3rd
Reich was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was imprisoned for his alliance with the Resistance,
and before his execution wrote in prison: "Stupidity is actually a more dangerous enemy
of good than downright evil."

He must have known what he was talking about. He must have seen it all around him.
All those idiots falling for the lies and atrocious distortions and violations of truth and all
that is right by that madman at the helm and his croonies, sort of the way a substantial
part of people who maintained their ability to think clearly have been feeling about the
Bush administration...

And again, never has a statement been proven so obviously true as the above cited
Bonhoeffer quote has, in our present times. Never before has there been as large a
group of dumb people who thought themselves to be so smart. You don't have to take
my word for it. Just read this article about the "smug generation" of our children - the
ones who, with a little bit of bad luck, are very likely to hail the antichrist as the new
"Fuehrer" of us all...

But just as parents can often be totally blind to any faults and weaknesses of their own
children ("My child doesn't lie, steal, cheat..." etc.), so it seems that same type of people
can also be absolutely blind to their own leader's faults or crimes, the error of the ways
their whole nation may be taking, and in fact, to any fault or blame on the behalf of
anything that is "their own," period.

There's never anything wrong with their own side, their own religion, their own opinion,
always with the other. How immature. What a bunch of kids we are!

How far away we've strayed from the teachings of the One we as Christians call our
Leader, about loving our enemies, not rendering evil for evil, doing good to them that
hate us and loving the least of His brethren...
And yet, just because we have "advanced" to the pinnacle of evolution, as the remote
controls and steering wheels in our hands doubtlessly prove, we think we really are
smarter than any one else who ever lived before...

Since, according to the Bible, things in this present world have been promised to
become worse all the time (contrary to the theory of evolution), I can hardly imagine
what kind of a shock it's going to take this time around to wake people up... But then
again, some people never woke up after the shock of the skeletons in the closet of the
3rd Reich being revealed, either...

And the blind guides of the blind are still humming the same old tunes as ever... "Sleep
on, sleep on..."