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Fey-Blooded Racial Traits +2 to any two ability scores: This represents the diverse nature of the Fey and

d Humanoid that make up their lineage. Size: Fey-Blooded can be either small or medium. Their size depends on the race of the non-fey parent and just what type of fey the fey parent is. Normal Speed: Fey-Blooded have a base speed of either 30 or 20 feet. This varies with their size. Fey Blood: Fey-Blooded are treated as both Humanoid and Fey for any effect related to race. Low-Light Vision: Fey-Blooded have low-light vision. Fey Wiles: Fey-Blooded have a +2 racial bonus on Stealth, Bluff, and Perform checks. Spell-Like Ability: Fey-Blooded can use Charm Person as a spell-like ability a number of times equal to their charisma modifier. The caster level for this ability equals the Fey-Blooded's class level. Fey Charm: The save DC for all mind-affecting spells a Fey-Blooded casts is increased by 2. Languages: Fey-Blooded start play speaking Sylvan, Common, and at least one other language.