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Overall, Fall B and On-campus Migration - 07/12/2013

The chart data represents: SP A 2013 SP B 2013 SU 81 2013 SU A 2013 SU B 2013 FA 2013 FA 81 2013 FA A 2013 FA B 2013 SP 2014 SU 2014 33 on-campus courses LEAD We are two courses from completing the migration of FALL B, and approximately one month ahead of schedule! The total-tomigrate number on the status chart has increased, resulting from a separate migration project that identified several other courses that had not been on the migration schedule before. The increase was a result of organizing a migration list for PATHe courses (Personalized Access to Higher Education), which are copies of CPS courses that students use to test out of subjects they already have prior learning in. (PATHe has not been added to the total migration count yet).

Fall B Migration Status

35 30 25 20 15 10

40 Target Number of Courses Courses Completed (Cumulative)

5 0 05/03-05/22 06/03-06/07 06/10 - 06/14 06/17-06/21 06/24-06/28 07/01-07/05 07/08-07/12 1

Fall B Courses Migrated

ACCT 341 ARTS 125 BLAW 370 CAPS 212 CMIT 210 CMIT 310 COMM 230 COMM 340 DFS 520 DFS 550 DIM 590 EBUS 210 GEE 502 GEE 540 GEE 610 HCMT 310 HCMT 330 HCMT 530 MBA 507 MBA 520 MBA 530 MBA 535 MBA 545 MCOM 305 MED 501 MED 515 MED 533 MED 536 MGMT 280 MGMT 325 MGMT 340 NETW 215 NETW 330 NETW 350 PSYC 100 SCIE 225 WEBD 215

Fall A Production Schedule Fall A Tasks

1. Instructors participate in Canvas training course 2. Instructors prepare courses 3. eLearning performs quality checks 4. Instructors make final course changes 5. Students enrolled into courses

Due Date
07/12 08/04 07/10 08/06 07/24 08/23 08/23

07/17 08/20

On-campus Migration
It is exciting to see more on-campus instructors making appointments and visiting the Migration Lab to set up their courses in Canvas. One consideration for instructors is the syllabus, and the academic and business continuity standards that must be included in printable PDF versions. When you look at an on-campus course in Canvas, the Syllabus page and Course Overview module each contain links to the honesty and continuity standards. However it was determined that a printable syllabus (pdf version) must contain the information also.

The most recent version of the standards can be found on the Champlain College website. Instructions for content to copy and paste into the syllabus are included on this page:

We have also assisted several instructors with their quizzes and question bank questions. Our recommendations for managing these resources include: Assisting instructors with setting up textbook publisher integrations (LTIs) to their courses. Instructors utilize the textbook publishers online course-building sites. Download materials from the publishers companion sites and upload to Canvas. Maintain smaller and more organized question banks for creating custom assessments in Canvas.

We can show you how! Contact Joanna Cummings by email at or to set up a time to come in and work on a course. 2

Training Update
On Wednesday, July 10th, eLearning Instructional Technologist Emily Wargo gave an Intro to Canvas webinar to all faculty teaching the Fall A online session for the first time in Canvas. Approximately 50 adjunct faculty are enrolled in the Introduction to Canvas for Faculty online training course starting Friday, July 12th. The course will run for three weeksuntil August 4thand give faculty the opportunity to prepare their course in Canvas for the Fall term. This course will be divided into two sections: one section will be taught by Terri Melincoff, and the other by Adrian Cloete, Champlain College faculty who are trained in the Canvas platform. Emily Wargo will oversee both courses and monitor the activity, communicate with program directors, and participate in the course forums to answer any questions. View the Intro to Canvas webinar here:

Canvas Training Schedule:

Date July 12 to August 4 July 16 August 13 August 15 August 20 August 22 August 27

Training Course Intro to Canvas Course

Audience Fall A online faculty All staff and faculty On-campus faculty On-campus faculty On-campus faculty On-campus faculty Fall B online faculty

Canvas Info Session - 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Canvas On-campus Faculty Training 9 to 5 p.m. Canvas On-campus Faculty Training 9 to 5 p.m. Canvas On-campus Faculty Training 9 to 5 p.m. Intro to Canvas Webinar Canvas On-campus Faculty Training 9 to 5 p.m.

Please contact Emily Wargo for more information about Canvas trainings: