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OHA-AMH Problem Gambling Prevention Coordinators Monthly Connect January 3, 2014 Minutes





Julie (Lane County), Jennifer (Lincoln County), Jessica (Deschutes County), Becca, (Yamhill County), Deanne (Union County), and Greta (AMH).

Agenda Items:

State Updates PG Prevention Specialist position: Position has been posted and recruitment is occurring. Open recruitment closes February 7 at midnight. Interviews to be conducted in February and hopefully AMH will be able to offer a position by the end of the month and have new person start in March. OHT Data: Rusha at AMH is putting the OHT data together to correlate student PG data with other risky behaviors, such as tobacco, alcohol, etc. Data should be available around February 18 and will be sent via email to prevention coordinators. Problem Gambling Awareness Month: The National Council on Problem Gambling has now named March Problem Gambling Awareness Month, which has expanded from Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

Discussion Topics:

Spring Prevention Summit: Jennifer from Lincoln County continued

discussion of the A/D Prevention Summit that will occur at the Chinook Winds Hotel (next to the casino). Dates are May 20-23 in Lincoln City.

This meeting is co-hosted by Siletz Tribe and AMH.

This summit is an

integration of the prevention summit and 9 tribes quarterly meeting and will

be for prevention coordinators and an array of tribal professionals.


committee, which Jennifer is a part of, submitted a draft agenda to Kerryann

Woomer (AMH planning coordinator). No response by time of meeting from Kerryann. Agenda items include; Native American Traditions,

Cultural Trauma, What is tribal council, etc.

This summit is an opportunity

for prevention coordinators to better understand the tribe’s culture and how

to work together. Evening activities will be held within the casino, due to space size. May 22 in the afternoon may focus on problem gambling. More information to come and topic will stay on future agendas. OPGAW Planning: Group report what they are planning- State: Requested Proclamation from Governor’s Office for Awareness Month.

Lane County: Doing more timely media and developing PSA to tie into the month with customary message- help free, confidential and available. Yamhill County: Partnering with local newspaper with weekly articles (gambling risky behavior, testimonial from local people, what lottery and casino funds are used for, prevention efforts). YC received an innovative prevention grant that will focus on follow-up on outcomes of environmental scan (alcohol, tobacco and lottery) - outreach to store regarding placement of information, etc. Deschutes County: No plans at this time. Lincoln County- Working with new treatment provider (David) and will have article in paper. New Electronic Gambling Machines at Lottery Retailer Venues: State will need to collect more information on this topic before group can have thorough discussion. However, in a meeting with the lottery last week, these new machines were mentioned in that they would have help information along the header of each game, as this might be more visible then current sticker on machine.


Legislative Updates:

HB 4028: Provide money to OHA to do advertisement/promotion campaign to promote treatment and prevention services. As been amended to allow Oregon Lottery to do advertisement/promotion campaigns with existing administrative moneys. Likely to pass. HB 4040: Requires lottery commission to adopt comprehensive responsible gaming policy that integrates consideration of responsible playing of games of chance into lottery operations. Likely to pass. HB 4079: The Oregon State Lottery shall convene a work group of stakeholders to study and make recommendations regarding the feasibility of allowing financial institutions to offer prize-linked savings accounts under the authority of the Oregon State Lottery. Likely to pass. DUII Multidisciplinary Conference: April 25-26, 2014 (unfortunately conflicts with PG Regional Conference) Becca reported that this conference is taking place at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City. This is a very good conference each year and this year there will be a session on public safety and the impact of legalized Marijuana, with speakers from WA state. Workforce Policy Development: Becca reported that she has drafted a workplace policy for County Health and Human Services (combination of samples from Lane and Marion) and was approved by county. Becca will provide a copy of the policy for Julie to add to prevention coordinators web page. On the prevention coordinators web page, you can find sample workplace policy templates:

Check In and Sharing:

Lincoln County: Jennifer reported constant challenge with difficulty of change of command at county level. HHS is very massive and having a hard time getting workplace policy approved. Lane County: Julie reported good integration between A/D, PG, and Tobacco. Planning to do Reward/Reminder activity with alcohol, tobacco and lottery. Yamhill County: Becca reported that Public Health goes to Juvenile Detention Center on Tuesday and going to present and rotate the EBPs of Safe Dates and High Stakes (curriculum from Hazelton). Youth may not have problem with gambling, however engaging with high risk takers/behaviors. State: Recently had meeting with Oregon Lottery regarding Reward and Reminder Campaigns, as question came from Marion County. Lottery does its own compliance checks and looking into what data is collected from them and if we can access. They felt that community campaigns may confuse lottery retailers. Apparently, from today’s meeting discussion, many communities have been doing this campaign so Greta to return to the lottery with different discussion on how to partner with community campaigns and lottery efforts. This topic will be agenda for next meeting.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting- Becca to Facilitate

Spring Prevention Summit in Lincoln City, opportunity to partner with tribes (continuous item)

Reward and Reminder /Partnership with Lottery

New Electronic Gambling Machines at Lottery Retailer Venues (continuous item)

Next meeting March 7, 2014 10:00am-11:00am 1-877-336-1828 Code: 90776