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Chemtrails Confirmed

MASS means:

Modular Aerial Spray System

There are US Patents that expose some projects for specific aircrafts and helicopters. These are called aircraft systems that may be used for aerial dispersion of materials or spray booms.

Some abstracts from patents owned by Northrop Grumman.

1.Aerosol-based detection of biological agents.

The presence of an aerosol or cloud of a toxic substance is detected by producing an aerosol of ligands to the target substance in a region of sky that contains the target substance, permitting molecules the target substance to bind to the ligand, directing light of a first frequency into the revised aerosol; and then inspecting the revised aerosol for emissions of light of a second frequency. When light of the second frequency exists an alarm is initiated.


This invention relates to biological warfare defense systems. More particularly, the invention relates to an aerosol based method of detecting dispersed airborne biological agents in sufficient time to avoid contamination of and give an effective warning to the intended target.

2.System and method for an ambient atmosphere ion thruster

A system and a method for an ambient atmosphere ion thruster having a pair of permeable electrical members for accelerating ambient atmosphere ions which enter the thruster due to a craft's relative velocity. Neutral ambient atmosphere molecules in the intake mass flux may also be ionized and subsequently accelerated by the pair of permeable electrical members. Acceleration of any entering mass comprises an exhaust mass flux which then produces a net thrust. Such net thrust is then vectored by configuring and orienting the thrusters for imparting axial and lateral accelerations as well as pitch, yaw, and roll controls. The present invention is operational in proximity to any celestial body having a sensible atmosphere during a portion of the free trajectory or during orbiting at altitude. Useful net thrust is thereby produced without need for carrying reaction mass onboard a spacecraft.


The present invention relates to spacecraft dynamics and spacecraft control systems and methods. More particularly, the present invention relates to spacecraft propulsion and spacecraft control systems and methods. Even more particularly, the present invention relates to satellite propulsion and satellite control systems and methods.

So Boeing and Lockheed Martin should be involved, modifing some aircraft and loading such devices. An active atmosphere should be a carrier of signals or a grid of data.


Chemtrails Confirmed by W. Thomas (Paperback - Aug 2004)

US Patent & Trademark Office.