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12, 2014

NR # 3375

Solon promotes development of micro, small and medium enterprises

A lawmaker today urged Congress to fast track the approval of a measure that seeks to further strengthen the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector. ep. Mark !illar ("one #istrict, "as $i%as City) author of &ouse 'ill ()*+, said developing the MSMEs sector would promote the reduction of poverty. ,$roviding this sector with -etter incentives and -enefits, more access to focused support for enhanced -usiness performance, promoting support to key growth industries and facilitating financing support programs that are much.needed for growth will help improve the design and implementation of the nation/s MSMEs sector,0 !illar said. !illar said the -ill has the potential to assist MSMEs to integrate themselves in the formal economic market, which will -ring forth more 1o- opportunities and the enhanced growth of the nation/s economy. 2n filing the -ill, !illar cited the declared policy of the State to foster national development, promote inclusive growth and reduce poverty -y encouraging the esta-lishment of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that facilitate local 1ocreation and production in the country. !illar said micro enterprises comprised +3.45 of the total num-er of MSMEs while small and medium enterprises accounted for 65 and 7.85, respectively. 9he lawmaker said in terms of employment generation, MSMEs provided a total of (,:(*,+(: 1o-s in *737 or 4*.(5 of the total 1o-s generated -y all types of -usiness esta-lishments. "arge enterprises generated *,3(4,(4* 1o-s and among the MSMEs, micro enterprises created 3,)*+,377 1o-s while small and medium enterprises generated 3,83),4)* and (64,34( 1o-s, respectively. ,As the -ack-one of the $hilippine economy, the MSME sector comprises a-out ++.45 of all registered firms nationwide, employs 4*.(5 of the la-or force and contri-utes (*5 to the economy,0 !illar said. !illar said the measure also promotes more participation from the private sector in the MSME #evelopment Council. ;nder the measure to -e known as the ,<o Negosyo Act of *738,0 a ,Negosyo Center0 shall -e esta-lished in all provinces, cities and municipalities under the supervision of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises #evelopment (MSME#) Council. 9he MSME# Council shall encourage pu-lic.private partnerships in the

esta-lishment and management of Negosyo Centers. 2t shall perform oversight functions and shall assign personnel to fulfill the functions of the Negosyo Centers. 9he Negosyo Centers shall -e responsi-le for promoting ease of doing -usiness and facilitating access to services for MSMEs within its 1urisdiction. 2t shall accept and facilitate all registration application for MSMEs, integrate a unified -usiness process system, encourage government institutions that are related to the -usiness application process and supply information and services in training, financing and marketing. 9he MSME# Council shall -e composed of the Secretaries of the #epartments of 9rade and 2ndustry (#92), Agriculture (#A), Environment and =atural esources (#E= ), 2nterior and "ocal <overnment, Science and 9echnology (#2"<) and 9ourism (#>9), #irector <eneral of the =ational Economic #evelopment Authority (=E#A), <overnor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ('S$), Chairman of the Small 'usiness Corporation, three representatives from the MSME sector, one from the la-or sector and the Chairpersons of the Senate Committee on 9rade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship and the &ouse Committee on Small 'usiness and Entrepreneurship #evelopment. 9he -ill mandates the $hilippine 2nformation Agency ($2A) through the office of $u-lic 2nformation in each city or municipality, in coordination with #92, 'S$, #epartment of "a-or and Employment (#>"E) and the #2"< to ensure the proper and ade?uate information dissemination. ((7) lvc