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Title: Study of consumer preference between organized and unorganized retail with special reference to food sector in Bhandup

suburb of Mumbai
Rationale of My Project:
The Retail Sector of Indian Economy is going through a phase of tremendous transformation. Foreign direct in estments !F"I# are a ma$or dri ing force behind Interest of foreign players coming to India in retail in estment. Food sector contributes large number of olumes in retail. %arious retail formats& layouts in organized ' unorganized retail affect the consumer buying beha ior. (ence& it is important for retailers to adopt arious sustainable practices to attract consumers and increase footfall in their store. This pro$ect aims to focus on both organized and unorganized food retail options and thereby identify consumer preference for the same. It is a well ) *nown fact that e en today a ma$or part of retail sector is unorganized and hence this presents a great opportunity for getting deeper insights into the scope& best practices& pricing mechanisms& etc. in organized and unorganized food retail sector. Objectives: +# To study arious retail formats and layouts a ailable in organized ' unorganized retail in food sector. ,# To *now strategies use by organized ' unorganized retailers to attract the consumer. -# To *now consumer buying beha ior and preference towards organized or unorganized retail in Bhandup suburb of Mumbai.

Research Methodology
The secondary data will be collected from websites& internet resources& boo*s& $ournals& magazines& for gaining more information and customer feedbac*.opinion about food retail chains in Bhandup area. Important points from these readings will be ta*en out and will be written systematically as chapters and sub / chapters of this pro$ect. 0iterature will be re iewed ' abstracts of the re iewed literature will be put in patterns to set the trend. 1rimary data will be gathered by sur eying minimum +22 consumers ' +2 retailers !3 organized and 3 unorganized# in food sector with the help of two separate structured 4uestionnaires. These 5uestionnaires will ha e - sections each as per - ob$ecti es mentioned abo e. The first section will be of demographic nature wherein age& income& etc. of the respondent will be *nown. The 5uestions for other ob$ecti e will be as*ed on any scale such as 0i*erts& Thudstone& etc. "ata thus recei ed will be edited and coded and will be added in a spreadsheet. "emographic data will be shown in line charts and pie charts and trends will be obser ed. 6oded data for 5uestions which ha e been as*ed from any scale will be analyzed by finding mean& standard de iation& z score& t stat& etc. Results will also be presented in the table form. 6onclusions will be based on the findings of data analysis. Finally a written report will be submitted to the institute.

Benefits of My Project:
My study is focused towards understanding consumer buying beha ior and preferences towards organized 'unorganized retail in food sector.

This pro$ect will benefit retailers to get better insights on consumer preference and buying beha ior.

Shraddha Patil 1214AMS !4