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RI SROY eel ALL) Guidelines For Pea Deir TES Fn) Volume 1 Hydrological Analysis - Estimation Of Design Floods Fncnss) ROAD ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA FOREWORD The Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM), through the coorperation and support of various road authorities and engineering institutions in Malaysia, publishes a series of official documents on STANDARDS, SPECIFICATIONS, GUIDELINES, MANUAL and TECHNICAL NOTES which are related to road engineering. The aim of such publication is to achieve quality and consistency in road and highway construction, operation and maintenance. ‘The cooperating bodies are:- Public Works Department Malaysia (PWD) Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID) ‘The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) The Institution of Highways & ‘Transportation (IHT Malaysian Branch) The production of such documents is carried through several stages. At the Forum on Technology and Road Management organized by PWD/REAM in November 1997, Technical Committee 6 — Drainage was formed with the intention to review Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 15/97 — INTERMEDIATE GUIDE TO DRAINAGE DESIGN OF ROADS. Members of the committee were drawn from various government departments and agencies, and from the private sector including privatized road operators, engineering consultants and drainage products manufacturers and contractors, Technical Committee 6 was divided into three sub-committees to review Arahan Teknik Galan) 15/97 and subsequently produced ‘GUIDELINES FOR ROAD DRAINAGE DESIGN’ consisting of the following volumes: Volume 1 ~ Hydrological Analysis Volume 2 — Hydraulic Design of Culverts Volume 3 — Hydraulic Considerations in Bridge Design Volume 4 ~ Surface Drainage Volume 5 — Subsoil Drainage The drafts of all documents were presented at workshops during the Fourth and Fifth Malaysian Road Conferences held in 2000 and 2002 respectively. The comments and suggestions received from the workshop participants were reviewed and incorporated in the finalized documents. ROAD ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA 46-A, Jalan Bola Tampar 13/14, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: 603-5513 6521 Fax: 603-5513 6523 e-mail: ream@po,