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Course Outline

Course Title: Islamic studies Course Code: HUM 110 Instructor: Ahmed Abdullah
INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMIC STUDIES Introduction by instructor and students, review of course program and literature, methodology of teaching, origins and objectives of Islamic Studies, definition of course, project classifications, and basic information about Islamic studies course. ISLAM A RELIGION iteral and !echnical definition of the word Islam, Islam as religion and code of life with reference of the "oly #uran and Sunnah, difference between monotheistic and polytheistic religions, basic information about Islamic concepts. $aith and obedience. FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS IN ISLAM &rief recap of week 2, 'oncept of !awheed (oneness of )llah*, shirk, effects of doctrine of !awheed on human life, +rophethood, its nature and necessity, history of prophethood, finality of prophethood, some of the distinguished ,ualities of the prophethood of -uhammad (+&."*. &elief in the /ay of 0udgment. $aith and 1bedience. FUNDAMENTAL WORKSHIPS Week 2 &rief recap of week % highlights. /efinition of Worship, $aith and obedience, Importance of worship in life, $undamental and obligatory worships or five pillars of Islam, Iman(faith*, Salat (prayers*, Saum(fasting*, 3akat and "ajj. AL -QURAN &rief recap of week 2 highlights. 'omplete information about )l5#uran as a holybook , Wahi and modes of revelation , 'ompilation of #uran. HADITH AND SUNNAH Week 6 &rief recap of week 4 highlights. "adith 7'omplete information about "adith,its !ypes, 'ompilation of "adith, )uthentic &ooks of "adith.

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Week 4

SOURCES OF SHARIAH Week 8 #uran, Sunnah, Ijma and #iyas. MORAL VALUES Week 9 &rief recap of previous week. "onesty, trust worthiness, keeping of promise, truth, respect for law, self sacrifice, sense of responsibility. FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS Week : ;ight to life, property, honor, faith, e,uality, justice, rights of parents, teachers, women and non5-uslims. Status of women in Islam. ARABIA THE CRADLE OF ISLAM Week 1< &rief recap of week : highlights, geographical, social, religious, economical and political introduction of )rabia before the advent of Islam. =enealogical table of -uhammad (+&."*.&irth of "oly +rophet -uhammad (+&."*. LIFE HISTORY OF HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) Week 11 &irth, life before prophet hood, life after prophet hood, preaching and difficulties in -akkah. ;easons of migration to -adinah. FIRST MUSLIM STATE OF MADINAH Week 12 &rief recap of previous week. !reaty of -adina, "oly wars (&adr, .had, )h>ab*. 'on,uest of -akkah. "ajjat5ul5Wida, /eath of the "oly +rophet (+&."*. LAST ADDRESS OF HOLY PROPHET AND START OF ISLAMIC ERA FROM ARABIA Week 1% &rief recap of the previous week. /etailed discussion on the importance of the fare well address. Islamic civili>ation and brief geo5social introduction, definition, elements and overview of different famous ancient dynasties of the world. Introduction and overview of +resent Islamic world. CURRENT ISSUES AND PROBLEMS OF ISLAMIC WORLD Week 12 Week 14 'lass discussion. DIFFERENT WORLD RELIGIONS "induism, 0udaism, &uddhism, 'onfucianism, 0ainism, !aoism,

'hristianity, Islam, Sikhism. +roblem solving and revision session.