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My Astral Travel to the Jupiter After performing two successful experiments of Astral Projection to Mars on 10th August 1975,

and 12th August 1976, 1 evaluated them on the basis of comparison with the science reports and I was satisfied that my experiments were scientifically proved as the real facts and are not imaginary. Being stimulated by the success, I made another venture to travel to the planet Jupiter, which is one thousand millions of kilometers away from the earth. On 27th August 1977, I projected my astral body to the Jupiter. I did this experiment between 1300 and 1315 hours. The results were recorded at least two years before the reports from the Voyager II, a spaceship sent to the Jupiter by U. S. A. I published my report about Jupiter bv a circular which, in turn, was published in a Marathi Weekly named as Shri, on 29th October 1977, Santkripa a Marathi Magazine, November 1977, the Tarun Bharat, a Marathi Daily newspaper dated 5th February 1978 and the "Indian Express of 22nd May 1978. I dispatched my report to the President of India and the Prime Minister on 27th October 1977, receipts of which I received on 23-11-1977. I have preserved those receipts. The published report is given below: There is preponderance of yellow and purple colours in the sky of the Jupiter. No other colour was seen in the sky of Jupiter. There was a greenish shade in the yellow, which was in the sky. The clouds were of the purple colour, they were gathering together rapidly and disappearing rapidly. These clouds were quite thick having greater density as compared to our clouds. They moved just like moss on water. If we throw a stone in the pond, this moss quickly moves away and quickly comes together, similar was the movement of the clouds of the Jupiter. On the Jupiter there was dim light similar to the light present in Maharashtra at about 7.30 pm. in the month of September. I did not see the Sun there. The sky on the Jupiter was not blue like ours, but it was darkish. I saw three full moons in the sky situated like the sign of "therefore" in mathematics. It appeared like a triangle of the Moons. Then I saw four full moons at a time, as if a squar of the Moons ia formed. Later on, I saw many moons about five to six, at a time, - all were half-moons On my right hand was their lighted half portion, while on my left hand was their dark half region. The moons were shining considerably less than our moon, and were smaller in size than our moon, about 3/4th the diameter of our moon. I saw a band of multiple black round bodies in the sky as is shown in the figure, like a scorpion. In my previous experiment of Mars, I felt that I was standing on the ground of the Mars. But this time, I could not feel that I was standing on the ground of the Jupiter; I felt that I was floating. There was black rock. There was no dust. There was no breeze of the wind. There was no sound of any kind. There was no beauty seen in the sky, as I saw in the sky of the Mars, so I did not feel enthusiastic and happy. On the contrary, I felt depressed and morose. On the Jupiter, there was no water, running or stagnant. There was no human, no beast, no bird, no insect, no plant, and no other life. I could not see any Astral body, too, on the Jupiter.

I felt that the Life was never present on the Jupiter. Thickness was felt in the surrounding, is if the density of air was more and the atmospheric pressure was higher than that of the Earth. I felt this by the tactile sense all over my body. As I tried to count the half Moons, which were situated in a horizontal line, in the sky, suddenly my Dhyana broke. Immediately, after coming to my senses, I saw the watch, it was 13.15. I had started my Dhyana at 13.00 hours. So within 15 minutes I could reach the Jupiter, in Dhyana and came back and then I wrote down the notes about the Jupiter. Please note that I have seen all the above-mentioned facts with my eyes, without the help of a microscope or chemical tests. The readers may question how I could see half and full moons at a time? For its explanation let us consider on the physical level of the earth. Actually the travel of 500 millions of miles to the Jupiter and back again i.e. 1000 millions of miles took no time at all. So, I could not experience the travel. In a moment I was on the Jupiter. At this enormous speed the space and time got contracted, almost vanished. So 8 days between the full Moon and half moon got contracted in to a moment, and I saw both at a time. I have seen Jupiter on Saturday, the 27th August 1977, and have published this. Whether this is true or not will be established when the reports from Voyager will reach us. 'This scientific experiment on a spiritual phenomenon is done in good faith. The Indian Express published my report, in the issue of 22nd May 1978, under a big heading " SPACE OIDYSSEY 1978 ", on page 9. After this appreciation, there was a counter reaction from the "Times of India", dated 24th May 1978. It published a third editorial to criticize me under the hading No Breeze, By Jove! The editor writes --, Optical and radio-observations have proved fierce storms raging on the giant planet and the assumption that it has no atmosphere is nonsense. it is well-known saying that Haste is Waste. Even then the editor made haste. He did not show the balance of mind to wait for some time to get the reports from Voyager I . I wrote a letter to the editor and pointed out that I had not said that there was no atmosphere on the Jupiter; but on the contrary, I have published that the air has more density and the pressure of atmosphere is quite higher than on the earth. The editor had no courtesy to reply to my letter. The Times of India hurried to prove me nonsensical, but the time proved that my statements were true and full of high sense. I had published my report in August 1977 and from December 1978, reports started coming in from the Voyager, which was close to the Jupiter then. The first report from the " Voyager " on 21st December 1978, said, (1) there were multiple layers of clouds and (2) they were composed of Ammonia crystals. This is similar to my report that the clouds were quite thick. The purple colour is due to ammonia crystals. Thus both the points tallied correctly. The report on 3rd March 1979, from the Voyager said ( 3 ) there are churning clouds and (4) the clouds are dense. The sentence published in the report is complex atmosphere that rolled and churned the dense clouds.

My report says, " the Clouds have greater density as compared to our Clouds. They are just like the moss on water. If we throw a stone in the pond, this moss quickly moves away and quickly comes together, similar was the movement of the clouds, of the Jupiter. The movement, which I have described, is the same as churning. Please see the movement of the butter while churning the buttermilk and compare it with the movement of the moss when a stone is thrown in it. Thus again both the points tallied completely.

On 9th March 1979, the Voyager reported that (5) there is a thin flat ring of particles surrounding the Jupiter. This may be composed of ice and rocky debris trapped by the planet. I have mentioned a band of multiple round black bodies in the sky of the Jupiter and I had given the shape of this hand, too. The " Voyager " report further added (6) mingling shades of orange, tan and blue in the clouds. The mingling of these shades produces purple colour, which I had published. The Voyager reports (7) red rock, while I have reported black rock. The presence of rock is very important, because the scientists held, up to 1979, that the Jupiter is a fluid planet. I am sure that the rock is black. The red colour mentioned by the Voyager " is a mistake, because it has photographed from a long distance. It is well known that colour changes according to the angle and distance of camera. The change in colour had taken place in the case of the Viking's report about Mars. You can see red colour on the neck and wings of a black crow. I had mentioned red colour like that of a great fire. Voyager reported (8) a volcano on one of the moons of the Jupiter. The volcano on a moon may have superimposed on the Jupiter due to the high speed, which I had attended during the experiment.

9 ) I have mentioned half Moons. My right hand sides of these moons were lighted. The radiophoto dispatched by "Voyager" on 13 February 1979, shows one moon, in exactly the same position. This photo published by the Indian Express on 3rd march 1979, shows the lighted half of the Moon on our left hand. This is exactly the mirror image of my report. This photograph and change of sides is a strong evidence of my Astral Body Travel. This proves that I was personally on the Jupiter, and saw the moon from the Jupiter. It proves that my experiment was not of mere Divya Drushti (clairvoyance) visualizing from the earth.

(10) In sharp contrast to the hasty comments of the editor of the Times of India, the Chief of the Photography Team of the " Voyager II " Pasadena, Mr. Andrew Ingersoll reports that Jupiter's atmosphere is basically stable, despite the swirling clouds. He adds that although certain features vary dramatically from time to time there is a basic unchanging pattern to the Jovian clouds. (Indian Express 13 -7-1979)

The Indian Express appreciated my work and on 14th May 1979, published the news under the heading--"Voyager Confirms Vartak's Observations". Thus, it is now quite evident that, in all, the Voyager corroborates my ten points. Out of these ten points, three are very dazzling. First point is of movements of the clouds. Mr. Smith, head of the NASA Team admitted that the finding did upset all the theories in existence, so the scientists are baffled. Secondly, the presence of debris around the Jupiter was quite unexpected according to Mr. Bradford Smith, who heads the Photography Team of Voyager. Third point is stable atmosphere, which exploded the theory of fierce storms raging the planet all the while, based on optical and radio observations. It is noteworthy that I had mentioned these three points two years earlier, on 27th August 1977. In addition to the directly agreed ten points, some points are inferred. Absence of' water and absence of life are inferred by the scientists, but I have mentioned it confidently. Thus twelve points have come true. This fact proves that I had gone to the Jupiter by Astral Body. Out of these points three were against the present day scientific theories and these findings baffled the world famous scientists. This fact proves that I did not describe the environment of Jupiter with the help of my intelligence and knowledge, but by the supernatural power beyond the control of intelligence and science. Other points published by me are not tackled by the Voyager, in spite of the expense of billions of dollars. So we are not at present able to study the correctness of these findings of mine. I did not stand on the ground of the Jupiter, though I had landed on the Mars. On the Jupiter I was floating in the air and I saw black rock from some height. My Astral body knew that if it went to the ground, it would not be possible to return, because of the fierce gravitational force of the Jupiter. My experience shows that the gravitational force works on Astral body, too. Please note that the precise term of the body, which can go to other planet is Vijnanamaya Kosha, according to the Taittiriya Upanishad.

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