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1-One of the following antibiotics is resistant to penicillinase : a-penicillin V b-penicillin G c-floxapen d-ampicillin e-amoxicillin 2-The latin abbreviation for " Every Night " is : a- a.c. b- o.n. c- p.c. d- i.c.

e- c.c.

3-Which of the following is responcible for buffering a-magnesium b-chloride c-bicarbonates potassium e-troponin


4-Which of the following is released by bacterial infection?(. by bacterial cell wall during there growth) a-endotoxin b-exotoxin c-antibiotics d-cytotoxin e-non of the above 5- A disease modifying drugs in rheumatoid arthritis: a-gold preparations b-hydroxychloroquine c-methotrexate d- a and b e- a , b and c 6- A solution is made by dissolving 17.52 g of NaCl exactly 2000 ml. What is the molarity of this solution? a- 3.33 b- 0.15 c- 1.60 d-3.00 x 10 -4 e-1.6x10 -4 7-Propranolol is often prescribed with hydralazine to a-reduce the reflex tachycardia b-prevent the accumulation of hydralazine. c-prevent systemic lupus ( SLE ) due to hydralazine. d-prevent oedema e-increase absorption of hydralazine 8- Correct method of parentral administration of potassium is : a-fast I.V. injection b-slow I.V. injection c-I.M. injection

d-IP(intraperitoneal) injection 9-which of the following need filtration before IV infusion a- mannitol b- dextrose 5% d- Suspension e- emulsion 10- The mechanism of action of Buspirone through a-5HT1a angonist b-GABA agonist c-dopaminergic agonist d-dopaminergic antagonist 11- which of the following change color of the urine to red 12- which of the following is antiarrythmic class I propranalol 13- ceftazidime is:c- insulin



a- first generation cephalosporin b- second generation cephalosporin c- third generation cephalosporin d- fourth generation cephalosporin 14- diazepam used in hypnotics 15-can't be used as monotherapy in mild HTN:a- hydralazine b- losartan c- pindolol d- atenolol e- hydrochlorothiazide 16- adsorption are affected by the following except:a- physical Rx b- chemical Rx c- irreversible d- reversible e B,C 17- Charcoal produce its action through a) adsorption b)neutralization c)a & b 18- all are causes of 2ry HTN except:a- phyochromocytoma b- cholinergic agent 19- drug after metabolized in liver it will become:a-polar b- non polar c- lipophilic d- insoluble e more polar 20- metal used in rheumatoid arthiritis gold 21- - In digoxin induced arrythmia , what is not recommonded? a-stop digixin administration b-phenytoin administration c-give lidocaine d-give digoxin immune fab e-electrical cardioconversion 22- ointment used for : a-Carrier of drug b-Emollient c-A&B d-Increase absorption e-Increase distribution 23- about nor epinephrine not true :a-increaser B.P b-vasoconstrictive c-used in cardiogenic shock d-effective orally e-S.C 24- The conc. Of ionized & unionized in acidic media calculated by Handerson hansalbrg equation 25- Which of the following drug has side effect lupus like syndrome a- lidocaine b-minoxdile c- procainamide d-hydrochlorothiazide 26- How need prepare benzacainamid conc. 1:1000,30cc of benzocainamid solution?

c- sod. intake


a-30 d-100

b-50 e-130


27- Class IV anti arrhythmia is Ca channel blocker 28- Vit A avoided in:a) Rickets d) scurvy

b) blindness e) a &d

c) pregnancy

29- Not expected with inhaled smoke of cannabis:a)increase pulse rate b)anorexia c)preceptal changes d)vascular changes of eye. 30- the dose of drug is 0.5ml per day and the total amount of the drug Is 100ml what is the total dose ?sol.= <200 >

31- How these are arranged according to increasing range 32- which are not side effects of reserpine A)diarrhea b)psychic depression c) hpotension d)..e). 33- what is wrong about reserpine a) Cross bbb b) used for hpertention c) orally ineffective 34- which glucocorticoid show maximum anti-inflammatory activity when used systemically I chose dexamethasone 35- what is phase I in heart cycle Options were about repolarization and depolarization of K Na ana Ca 36- Cyproheptadine is pharmacologically I chose anti histamine 37- labetalolo is I chose option block both and receptors 38-which is not macrolide a) Erymax b) erythromycine c) azithromycine d) chloramphenicol

39- angina pectoris occur I chose option when oxygen demand is more than supply 40- mechanism of anti anginal drugs


I chose decrease contractility of heart muscles

41- Dissociation of a compound in aqueous is described by a)pH b) solubility c)pKa d) a and c d) none 42-protein binding cause except I choose decrease elimination half life

43- cholestyramine resin is used as I choose hyperlipidemia 44- Pharmacokinetically false about Digitoxin I choose bioavailability is 90-95% orally 45- Vancomycine is I choose none of above 46- Unit of radioactivity is not I choose none of the above ( units were given bacquarel rontgen ) 47- one question was about hospital formulary a new drug will be preferred r not 48- in the treatment of hyperthyroidism should Different salts were given in options 49-one question about which is not Ca channel blockers 50- 51 two calculations question very easy 52- miscibility occur a) Polar +polar b) polar + non polar c) non polar+ non polar d) all three e) none these are those questions which I remembered.came in test of 30-01-20014 at 3:30pm best of luck all these