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How to Use VLC Media Player to Stream Multimedia to Another Computer

VLC is arguably the best media player out there. It's ree! runs on almost any operating system! plays almost all "ideo and audio iles nati"ely! #an stream audio and "ideo o"er networ$s using a myriad o di erent proto#ols! #an be #ontrolled remotely through a web browser and mu#h! mu#h more% &hese are instru#tions on how to get your VLC to stream a multimedia playlist to another single #omputer on your networ$. ' Download VLC media Player (Videolan)

( Install ) Run VLC * Click File, then choose Open File or Disc, dependin on what you plan on streamin . +or this e,ample! it's an a"i ile. &he -ire#tory option does not allow Stream.Sa"e.

/ Click the !rowse "utton at the top ri ht o# the Open dialo "o$ that opens. Choose the ile you would li$e to stream and either double #li#$ it or #li#$ 0pen. 1 %ow check &'tream( 'a)e& in the "ottom le#t corner, and click the 'ettin s... button. 2 *ou will "e reeted "y the 'tream output dialo "o$. Che#$ the Play Lo#ally bo, i you want the ile to play on the #omputer you're setting up. Cli#$ the U-P bo,! ill in the IP address o the #omputer you are going to be streaming to! and lea"e the Port as '()*. 3 Click O+ to o "ack to the #ile open dialo .

4 Click O+ a ain to "e in the streamin . -epending on i you #hose to play the ile lo#ally! the "ideo may or may not begin playing on the lo#al ma#hine. '5 ,o to the computer you are streamin to. Install VLC 6i you ha"en't already7 and run the program. '' Click File, then choose Open %etwork 'tream. -on't #hange any settings and #li#$ 08. '( I# e)erythin has one ri ht, the #ile should start playin on the remote computer a#ter -. seconds or so%


You need to get your IP address from the computer you are using to receive the files. On Win XP, go to Start, Run, type cmd in the text ox, and then !nter. When the ne" "indo" opens, type ipconfig after the # . $he first num er should e the IP address of the machine you typed ipconfig on. If you%d li&e to stream more than one item, get the first one streaming and then open '()%s playlist editor *)trl+P for XP, on the streaming computer. You can easily add files to the list from there. -lternatively, you can choose more than one file *using the control and shift &eys, "hen initially opening one to stream. '() can e controlled via "e ro"ser, so no having to run et"een computers. On the streaming computer, clic& Settings, -dd Interface, We Interface. .o", /ust type the address of the streaming computer plus the port num ers 01212 into your

ro"ser%s address ar. 3ine loo&ed li&e this0 456.471.4.42801212 . .o" you can add files or almost anything else from right inside your ro"ser9


You pro a ly "on%t e a le to stream anything of very good :uality over the Internet. ;ecause of the and"idth video files demand, the average home internet connection pro a ly "on%t "or& "ell enough, although you can pro a ly stream music nicely. You need a good upload speed to send the files out at the speed they need to play smoothly. <on%t use IP)hic&en or Whatismyip or a S$=. server to get your IP address for this. $his method depends on your (ocal .et"or& IP address, "hich is some"hat different from the pu lic IP address used for the Internet. If you are streaming over the internet you should use IP)hic&en or Whatismyip or a S$=. server to get your IP address for this. $his method does not depend on your (ocal*private, .et"or& IP address, "hich is some"hat different from the pu lic IP address used for the Internet. 3a&e sure you use =<P and &eep the port num ers the same. $his ma&es it very easy to /ust clic&, clic&, clic& in '() on the computer receiving the files. If you are ehind a fire"all you need to create a rule to allo" this type of traffic on the port you select to go through it. If you are ehind a router, you "ill need to create a port for"arding rule for the port you choose for it to "or& correctly. (ogging into your router is normally achieved y placing your gate"ay%s IP on your ro"ser *i.e. http0>>456.471.4.4,.