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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Introd !t"on S!o#$ o% t&$ St d' A"() *nd o+,$!t"-$) M$t&odo.o/' L"("t*t"on o% t&$ )t d' CHAPTER01: INDUSTRY PROFILE H")tor' o% G*r($nt "nd )tr' "n Ind"* H")tor' o% J$*n) T'#$) o% J$*n) M*n %*!t r"n/ #ro!$d r$ 2 *."t' !ontro. Ind"*n 3$*r CHAPTER04: COMPANY PROFILE 5 KOUTONS6 CHAPTER 7: MODERN MARKETING CONCEPT M$*n"n/ *nd D$%"n"t"on o% (*r8$t"n/ Mod$rn M*r8$t"n/ F n!t"on) o% (*r8$t"n/ R$*d'(*d$ /*r($nt #r$)$nt d*' Tr$nd CHAPTER 9: FIRM PROFILE CHAPTER0:: DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION CHAPTER0;: SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION Ann$< r$ 2 $)t"onn*"r$ ="+."o/r*#&'

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Introd !t"on S!o#$ o% t&$ St d' A"() *nd o+,$!t"-$) M$t&odo.o/' L"("t*t"on o% t&$ )t d'

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga

INTRODUCTION All business operation revolves around customer satisfaction and service, the main purpose of the business is to create a profitable market for their products or service and hence to create a customer, god made men and men made market. Marketing has a special significance in the modern management of the business and industry and is one of the managerial concepts unless it is properly understood and many of the business or industrial enterprise will collapse or prove failure. ver the years marketing has undergone a tremendous change both its role and functions are forced to evolve new methods and techni!ues to deal with the e"isting problem more efficiently. #he aim of the modern business is to satisfy the consumers and there by earn profit the main interaction and aim is to prove !uality products at cheaper rates to customer with the rapidly increase in production of a wide range of production. Marketing was assumed greater importance in recent years. #hus, the marketing is $creating and delivering of standard of living to the society% &n modern markets consumer is the king so a producers faith is decided by the action of the consumer that is either buying the product or re'ecting it so producer tries hard to achieve to give competitive efficiently over the other by adopting new technologies in production and production measures. Market is consumer oriented and starts with the determination of consumer e"pectation and ends with their satisfaction marketing program starts from the product idea does not and until customer wants are ade!uately satisfied. #he consumer taste differs and hence the forecast of changes, marketing plan and program can be attained only by day to day reports which involves

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present conditions and demand in the market only. )uch reports can help the marketer to attempt for the change and obtained the desired goals. *mergence of buyers market and increasing competitions demanded continuous need for marketing research to ensure ma"imum consumer satisfaction and repeated purchase and to lay down appropriate marketing strategies to meet the competitive marketing strategies to meet competitions to serve and growing competitive market. Marketing research has a bright future in the natured economy. Marketers are called upon to anticipate changes in the marketing environment involving opportunities link and uncertainties. #hey are re!uested to forecast the direction and intensity of the future changes in the environment and there ad'ust their plans to meet anticipated changing environments. #his pro'ect report offers detailer regarding marketing of + ,# -) .eans under )neha /ollection, )himoga S!o#$ o% t&$ St d' #he scope of the study is to ac!uire depth knowledge about the te"tile industry and marketing of the products of + ,# -) company 0td. &t helps to compare the theoretical knowledge with the practical. 1uring the study we have to ac!uire knowledge about the origin, growth and working of the organi2ation. Marketing factors are influenced by the four ma'or factor like culture, economy, )ocial and political factors. #he study also intended to know the buyers attitude towards + ,# -) .eans and fre!uency of purchasing.

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A"( *nd O+,$!t"-$): #he aims and ob'ectives of this pro'ect report are as follows4 1. #o analy2e buying behavior of customers. 2. #o study present markets situation of + ,# -) products. (. #o analy2e the general problems of customers of + ,# -). 3. #o know the marketing attributes of + ,# -). 5. #o evaluating the nature of sample customers and this purchasing decisions. 6. #o give proper conclusion regarding + ,# -). 7. #o evaluate performance of marketing information system of )neha /ollection. 8. #o partial fulfillment of the re!uirement of the 99M degree. :. #o take a brief study of ready made male garments. M$t&odo.o/': #o shape this pro'ect report both primary and secondary data have been collected. ;rimary data which is also collected original data is obtained specifically on the pro'ect at hand. #he source of primary data are consumers, salesmans and original sale records. ,nder the collection of primary data personal interview with structural !uestionnaire has been used as the survey techni!ue for the collection of data from consumers. A standard set !uestions is prepared to obtain re!uired information on the points. <ere secondary data is collected from published and some from unpublished sources like newspapers, maga2ines, management te"t etc. =hat others have learnt, written are put in to print constitutes a vast reservoir of information. ur entire preliminary investigation is based on secondary data. )o, persons have answered the !uestionnaires and have helped as to draw conclusions, some dealers of $+ ,# -) .eans mans wear% are presently interview to find out their opinion.
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L"("t*t"on): >ollowing are the limitations of this pro'ect report, 1. #he main limitation of making this pro'ect is the time factor. 2. #he survey does not cover entire )himoga 1ist. (. Much time was spent in e"plaining to the respondent about the real purpose of survey. 3. )ome of the respondents did not show the attitude in colleting the information. 5. )ome of the true information like? a. ;rofile is made in brief and b. )hort information has been given relating to working capacity of the firm. 6. #he main limitation is that + ,# -) .eans are taken for the study of marketing purpose. 7. <istory and origin has clear and relevant information.

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H")tor' o% /*r($nt "nd )tr' "n Ind"* H")tor' o% J$*n) T'#$) o% J$*n) M*n %*!t r"n/ #ro!$d r$ 2 *."t' !ontro. Ind"*n 3$*r

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HISTORY OF GARMENT INDUSTRY IN INDIA &n &ndia, the readymade industry is considered as off shot of own the industry, while dates back to the middle of the 1: th century with the introduction of )ewing machines by sewals this was no readymade garments industry worth the name till the down of independence. *ven though this particular industry had call for no e"traordinary skills of high relation to what might be e"pected in the content of the raw materials for that industry. After the >irst =orld =ar mans cloths was showed a curious reversion not to @ictorians but to *dwardian moves A lighter trousers, coat with buttoned higherB. #here was a passing cra2e for fancy waist coats, slacks. )ports shirts and 'ackets resulting battle dress together with a variety of sweaters became ordinary wear for many young men. &n the evening the coat almost entirely disappeared but the dinner 'ackets maintained the popularity. #he growth of readymade mens wear business in &ndia was very slow till the early 1:8Cs. #he main reason for this was that &ndia men were used to buying cloth and getting their outfits tailored mainly through local tailoring shops from the unorgani2ed segment. /onse!uently, there were no national level brands in this category for a long period. 9y the mid 1:8Cs however customer mindset seemed to have started changing gradually along with increasing urbani2ation, and changes in the social and economic status and lifestyle. Drowth of garment industry & terms of technology adoption, $>rom pedalE operated machines in the 6Cs, the industry moved on to power operated machines and steam presses in the midEs 8Cs and then entered the phase of using computeri2ed machines%. #he industry saw a rapid change with the introduction of computeri2ation in the garment industry. #he industry has to make radical improvements in t he areas of productivity, service and !uality to be able to e"ploit this potential. &t has to
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convert its strengths into competitive edge, a growth oriented fiscal, policy, broadening of the ta" net, overall reduction of e"cise duty and establishment of /*-@A# throughout the value addition chain. T&$ H")tor' o% J$*n) .eans can be defined as any trousers or pants made from the denim fabric that came from -imes in >rance. 1;t& C$nt r' #he denim fabric was first made in /hieri, a small town near &taly, when it was made from a mi"ture of other material. #hese were first designed for the navy forces of Denoa, an independent republic and a naval power then, who re!uired multi purpose pants that could be easily fit into dry or wet and comfortably pulled up for smooth working on the decks of the ship and could be easily bleached with the sea water, overall becoming a complete utility. 1>t& C$nt r' At first, 'ean cloth was made from a mi"ture of things. <owever, in the 18th century as trade, slave labor, and cotton plantations increased, 'ean cloth was made completely from cotton. =orkers wore it because the material was very strong and it did not wear out easily. &t was usually dyed with indigo, a dye taken from plants in the Americas and &ndia, which made 'ean cloth a dark blue color. 1?t& C$nt r' 18384 gold was found in /alifornia and the famous Dold Fush began. #he gold miners wanted clothes that were strong and did not tear easily.

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185(4 a man named 0eob )trauss left his home in -ew Gork and moved to )an >rancisco, where he started a wholesale business, supplying clothes. )trauss later changed his name from 0eob to 0evi. A big problem with the minersH clothes were the pockets, which easily tore away from the 'eans. A man called .acob 1avis had the idea of using metal rives to hold the pockets and the 'eans together so that they wouldnHt tear. 1avis wanted to patent his idea, but he didnHt have enough money.

18724 1avis wrote to 0evi and offered )trauss a deal if he would pay for the patent. )trauss accepted, and he started making copperEriveted Iwaist overallsI as 'eans were called then. 187(4 #he first riveted clothing was made and sold 18864 0evi sewed a leather label on their 'eans. #he label showed a picture of a pair of 'eans that were being pulled between two horses. #his was to advertise how strong 0evi 'eans were4 even two horses could not tear them apart. 18:14 0evi )trauss J /o.Hs patent for riveted clothing goes public and do2ens of companies begin to use the idea. 1@t& C$nt r' 1:(CHs4 <ollywood made lots of western movies. cowboys, who often wore 'eans in the movies, became very popular. Many Americans who lived in the

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eastern states went for vacations on Idude ranchesI and took paris of denim Iwaist overallsI back east with them when they went home. 1:3CHs4 >ewer 'eans were made during the time of =orld =ar &&, but Iwaist overallsI were introduced to the world by American soldiers, who sometimes wore them when they were off duty. After the war, 0evi began to see their clothes outside the American =est. Fival companies, like =rangler and 0ee, began to compete with 0evi for a share of this new market. 1:5CHs4 1enim became popular with many young people. &t was the symbol of the teenage rebel in #@ programs and movies Alike .ames 1ean in the 1:55 movie Febel =ithout a /auseB. )ome schools in the ,)A banned students from wearing denim. #eenagers called the waist overalls I'ean pantsI and the name stayed. 1:6CHs4 Many university and college students wore 'eans. 1ifferent styles of 'eans were made, to match the 6CHs fashions Aembroidered 'eans, painted 'eans, psychedelic 'eansB. &n many nonEwestern countries, 'eans became a symbol of I=estern decadenceI and were very hard to get. ,) companies said that they often received letters from people all around the world asking them to send the writer a pair of 'eans. 1:7CHs4 As regulations on world trade became more rela"ed in the late 7CHs, 'eans started to be made more and more in sweatshops in countries in the )outh. 9ecause the workers were paid very little, 'eans became cheaper. More people in the countries of the )outh started wearing 'eans. 1:8CHs4 .eans finally became high fashion clothing, when famous designers started making their own styles of 'eans, with their own labels on them. )ales of 'eans went up and up.

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1::CHs4 &n the world wide recession of the 1::CHs, the sale of 'eans stopped growing. #he Gouth market wasnHt particularly interested in 5C1s and other traditional 'eans styles, mainly because their parents4 the generation born in IblueI were still busy s!uee2ing their aging bodies into them. )ince no teenager would be caught dead in anything their parents were wearing, the latest generation of rebellions youth turned to other fabrics and styles. #hey still wore denim, but it had to be in different finishes, new cuts, shapes, styles, or forms. .eans were named the Isingle most potent symbol of American style on planet earthI. In #o# .*r ! .t r$ /opper rivets for reinforcing pockets are a characteristic feature of blue 'eans .eans Aknown as dungarees by thenB, along with lightEblue stenciled cambric shirts, became part of the official working uniform of the ,nited )tates -avy in the 2Cth century prior to being replaced by the coveralls, utilities and, more recently, the blue and gray digitalEcamouflaged navy working uniform. #he midE2Cth century the trousers became 9ootEcut style to permit ventilation in the shipHs hotter working environments. #he same type of uniform consisting of 'eans and chambray tops was Aand still isB issued as prison uniforms in some correctional facilities mainly because of the durability and lowEmaintenance of denim.A popular e"ample of the use of denim as prison wear can be seen in the film Cool Hand Luke. =earing 'eans by teenagers and young adults became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1:5Cs. 9ecause of this, they were sometimes banned in theaters, restaurants and schools.K5L

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1uring the 1:6Cs the wearing of 'eans became more acceptable. 9y the 1:7Cs had become a general fashion in the ,nited )tates, at least for casual wear. -otably, in the midE1:7Cs the denim and te"tiles industry was revolutioni2ed by the introduction of the stoneEwashing techni!ue by D=D ADreat =estern Darment /o.B.. 1enim suddenly became an attractive product for all age groups. Acceptance of 'eans continued through the 1:8Cs and 1::Cs to the point where 'eans are now a wardrobe staple, with the average -orth American owning seven pairs. =. $ ,$*n "n) .*t"on Fecycled 'eans is becoming a popular insulation material Asometimes called /otton 9att insulationB used in the construction of houses. 1ue to its low relative synthetic chemical composition and because it is made of recycled materials, it is gaining prominence in green building circles. 0ike conventional insulation, it moderates heat transfer and reduces sound transfer between floors or rooms F"t) >its of 'eans are determined by current styles, gender, and by the manufacturer. <ere are some of the fits produced for 'eans4

Ankle .eans 9aggy 'eans 9ellEbottomsM>laresM9ootEcut 9oy cut /apris /arpenter 'eans

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.eggings <igh waist cut .orts A.ean shortsB 0oose 0owErise 'eansM<ipEhuggers veralls ;hat pants Fela"ed )agging )hortalls )kinny )lim )traight /arrot )hape

T&$)$ *r$ t&$ #rod !t) *r$ #rod !$d *nd (*r8$t$d +' KOUTONS .eans are the main product of + ,# -) company, and starting range of .eans is Fs 12::ME #ypes of .eans4 )limfit, )traightfit, comfort fit, )kinny, 9ootcut. N*($) o% J$*n) %or ($n *nd 3o($n Dents4 Actif, Fecruict, Fenegade, )tern, )kinny, cargos 0adies4 @eronica, Actif, )kinny, Ali2a, 0iana 0ycraE )treetchable brand Main brand4 A!t"%0 D$)"/n$r =r*ndE e"pensive

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)hirts4 /asualsE -o >ormal shirts #E)hirts4 /asuals and pull over. -ewly &ntroduced4E +ids wear, y brand, 1arshil safari A#are Nameen ;arB 9rand Ambassodor from ( years to 13 years. ;roducts4E .eans, )hirts, #E )hirts, cargos A!!$))or"$):0 1eos 4 5 flavours

*yewears 9elt )ocks


=allet .unk .ewelry /asual #ies Mufflers All kind of party wears e "cept 9la2ers T'#$) o% J$*n) 1A Str*"/&t ! t )traight cut is a kind of 'eans pants which the circumference of their legs is consistent from the hip down to the leg. #he straightEcut 'eans are usually cut

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straight down from the waist making it fits your natural waist and is slim through the ankles and bottom. #he bottom does not flare out. #his type of 'eans is classic but it has set some conditions for those who are fond of it. Gou have to make sure if your body is perfect enough for the straightEcut 'eans as its tapered off slightly at the ankle. 1A F.*r$ ! t >lare cut is similar to boot cut but a little bit tighter and is cut wider or flare out from knee down, looking much more a bellElike shape at the hem. #he flareEcut 'eans are fitted at the waist down to the leg and pretty roomy of the ankle part. #his style of 'eans is usually worn below your natural waist and should not be so much tight through the leg. )ome said this kind of 'eans is never out of style and its so common to wear at any occasions. 4A =oot ! t 9oot cut is sometimes known as flare cut, but its less roomy at the ankle part. #he boot cut is tapered to the knee and are slim in the thigh area but is made slightly wider from the knee down to the hem in order to accommodate a persons boots without bunching up. 7A =$.. +otto( 9ell bottom is wideElegged pants which are loose from the knee downwards and fitted tightly around the hips. #his style of trousers was worn by both men and women and suit with a hip length tunic, was very typical of fashion trends of 1:71 and 1:72. 9ellEbottomed pants were widely used among sailors in the past and also known as the sailors traditional clothing. =ith its wide legs, the sailors can easily pull wet pants off over heavy boots, helping them to discard heavy clothing when fell overboard.

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9A S8"nn' ,$*n )kinny 'eans come in many names such as tapered pants, carrot leg pants, iceE cream cone pants, oldEschool hood 'eans and so on. #he skinny 'ean is slimEfit pants which are tapered through the end of the ankle. #his type of 'eans always looks chic on those wearing them, however, perfect shape of your body is strongly re!uired Apeople with smaller hips and taller womenB. #he skinny 'eans look best with highEheeled shoes or knee high boots. M*n %*!t r"n/ #ro!$d r$ 9lue 'eans are casual pants made from denim, noted for their strength and comfort. 1enim cloth itself has an unusual history. #he name comes from serge de Nimes, or the serge of -imes, >rance. material made from wool. #he name for blue 'eans was derived from the color of the fabric used to make them. 1enim was treated with a blue dye obtained from the indigo plant. riginally, it was strong

#he first two steps in blue 'eans manufacture are

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1A C*rd"n/ &n carding, the cotton is put through a machine with bent wire brushes. #he brushes clean, disentangle, straighten, and gather the cotton threads into sliver. 1A S#"nn"n/ After several slivers are 'oined together, they are put on spinning machines that twist and stretch the cotton to form yarn. R*3 M*t$r"*.) "n (*n %*!t r"n/ #rue blue 'eans are made out of 1CC percent cotton, including the threads. ;olyester blends are available. #he most common dye used is synthetic indigo. Fivets have been traditionally made of copper, but the 2ippers, snaps and buttons are usually steel. 1esignersH labels are often tags made out of cloth, leather, or plastic, while others are embroidered on with cotton thread. T&$ M*n %*!t r"n/ Pro!$)) 1enim, unlike many types of cloth is woven and dyed at one location. 1.Preparing the cotton yarn #here are several steps between ginned cotton Acotton after it has been picked from fields and processedB and cotton yarn. #he incoming cotton is removed from tightly packed bales and inspected before undergoing a process known as carding. &n this process, the cotton is put through machines that contain brushes with bent wire teeth. #hese brushesOcalled cards Oclean, disentangle, straighten, and gather together the

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,nlike many other cloths, denim is dyed before it is woven.. #he blue threads are woven with white threads, but because the blue threads are packed closer together than the white ones, the blue color dominates the cloth. ther machines 'oin several slivers together, and these slivers are then pulled and twisted, which serves to make the threads stronger. -e"t, these ropes are put on spinning machines that further twist and stretch the fibers to form yarn.

2.Dyeing the yarn )ome cloths are woven and then dyed, but denim is usually dyed. 0arge balls of yarn, called ball warps, are dipped in the indigo mi"ture several times so that the dye covers the yarn in layers. #he dyed yarn is then slashed; that is, it is coated with si2ing Aany one of a variety of starchy substancesB to make the threads stronger

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nce this operation is complete, the yarn threads are ready to woven with undyed filling yarn threads. 3.Weaving the yarn

#he yarn is then woven on large mechanical looms. 1enim is not 1CC percent blue, as the blue dyed threads forming the warp Along, vertical threadsB are combined with white threads forming the weft Ashorter, hori2ontal

#he denim cloth is cut into pattern pieces from stacks 1CC layers thick. <ighEspeed cutting machines are used for this process. cut, they are sewn into completed pairs of blue 'eans. 2 *."t' Contro. /otton is a desirable natural fiber for several reasons. /loth made from cotton is wear resistant, strong, fle"ible, and impermeable. All bales of cotton are nce the pieces are

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inspected by the denim manufacturer for the desired color, fiber length, and strength. )trength is the most important factor in blue 'eans. &t is measured by using a weight to pull it. =hen the fiber breaks, the force used to break it is measured. #he cottonHs strength inde" Aweight of weight divided by weight of sampleB is then calculated. #he finished denim cloth is carefully inspected for defects. *ach defect is rated on a governmentEdefined scale ranging from one point for very small flaws to four points for ma'or defects. ;oor cloth is sold as damaged. 1enim is also tested for durability and its tendency to shrink. )amples of cloth are washed and dried several times to see how they wear. &f a problem can be corrected, the 'eans are sent back for reEsewing. #he pair is then inspected again and passed. the snaps, metal buttons, and rivets are checked for durability and their ability to withstand rust. #he 2ippers must be strong enough to withEstand the greater pressures of heavy cloth, and their teeth durability must be checked as well. #his is done by sub'ecting a sample 2ipper to a lifetime of openings and closings. Ind"*n W$*r) =ith the survival of a renewed interest in the grandeur of the bygone eras and a search for ones roots the attention is focused on high fashion &ndian wear. Fespondent with the splendor and style of ancient Mahara'as and Mughal *mperors, &ndias rich sartorial heritage has not only moved to center stage but has at times even swept the west off its fashionable feet by its sheet nea'esty. #he serwani, the price of .odhpuri coat, the bundi of -ehru 'acket as well as the +urtas /hudidhar have all returned to the forefront of fashion. A height of the 9ritisle Fa' formal wear was totally western concept. &t was return to classis &ndian wear in handspun fabrics.
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#oday western wear competes fiercely with &ndian wear as the countrys ancient culture and fashion has gained momentum. #he sherwani is the most traditional of &ndian garments. #he colors are muted to dark and fabrics could range from brocade to terry wool. #he sherwani is normally teamed with chudidars of Aligarh pants, which are combinations of chudidars and trousers. Another version of the )herwani is double. 1ouble breasted or with an asymmetrical opening. >or casual lounging the &ndian males first preference is the +urtaM /hudidar combination is light night cotton, molls, pure silks or polyesters. #he +urta or shirt is either collarless or with a plain band. #he body of the garment could either have the 2 piece of 6 piece cut. Modern version could be with a draped effect too. #he chudidar or &ndian pant is cut on the cross and has all e"tra length so that when worm it will crease at the ankles. #he kurta and chudidar both are in muted colors with delicate tonal embroidery around the neck and placket of the kurta. #he trouser which was the obvious follow on the readymade shirts has its own e"clusive manufactures like Napata and ;antaloon. *very ma'or shirt manufactures prefer to team trousers with the garment to give a more coE ordinate look. #he western wait and tu"edo are also a part of the mens wear scene and though they are available off the peg with manufacturers like ;ark Avenue and 9outi!ues, the &ndian male prefers to more often than not custom tailor then. Most department stores have a separate mens wear section that later to the discriminating dresses. #he growth in the &ndian mens wear markets has also lured international brands like 9enetton, =rangler and pepe to try their hand at capturing a part of the business. #he growth in the &ndian mens wear market has also cured international brands, to try their hand at capturing a part of the business. #otally &ndian clothes had a good history and god future in fashion trends.
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Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga



+outons Fetail &ndia 0td. is the leading retailer of readymade and fashion wear brand in the country today. =ith more than 13CC outlets across &ndia, it has a wide range of apparel designs suited for all segments including corporate, formal and casual dressings. +outons aptly creates the conducive environment for a family outing, making family shopping the best e"perience at an affordable price E all at one place. +outons was born in 1::1 as /harlie /reations and are now +outons Fetail &ndia 0td. +outons started primarily as a denim brand but are today manufacturing and selling complete men, women and kids wardrobe under the brand name +outons, 0es >emme and +outons .unior respectively. Another brand from the stable of +outons is /harlie utlaw, which caters to the teens of the country with apparels including 'eans, #E shirts, 'ackets etc. +outons 9rand is catering to the ,pper J ,pper Middle /lass of )ociety with a vast target age group between 18E6C years. I@alue for Money and <igh on >ashionI being their ,);, +outons has given the brand an e"tension delving into specific consumer segments. #he garments are made keeping in view the overall need of the niche market and the basicMfashion demand of the &ndian masses. &ndia. =orldEover, the readymade garments industry is characteri2ed by fragmentation. #he scene in &ndia, too, is not any different. #hough concrete data on the si2e of the industry is hard to come by, the industry sources reckon the menHs readymade garments market at around Fs 5,CCC crores? the womenHs =esternE wear market at Fs 15CE2CC crores? and that for children around Fs 35C crores. ur product range also caters to the tastes of all segments. ur 9rand is placed as the most dynamic brand of

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


0eading brands that 'ostle for consumer mind space include @an <eusen, 0ouis ;hilippe, )an >risco, ;eter *ngland, Allen )olly and 9yford Aof Madura Darments, a division of &ndian FayonB? Arrow, 0ee, and so on Aof ArvindB? Faymond, with its offerings of ;ark Avenue, ;ar" and the recently ac!uired /olor ;lus? &ndigo -ation and )cullers, owned by &ndus 0eague? =ills 0ifestyle, promoted by &#/? Nodiac? and a slew of other brands that have a presence either nationally or in a particular region. =omenHs wear is an emerging market with the ma'ors focusing on =estern wear. Among the leading brands, )cullers and Allen )olly have offerings in this market. &n the kidsEwear category, the unorgani2ed players have a fair share of the market. #he ma'or names in the organi2ed segment of this market are 0ee +ids from the Arvind stable and =eekender +ids of ;ersonality 0td, which also owns the =eekender brand. 9rands are also classified as premiumMsuper premium, midElevel and mass market, depending on the price point at which they are positioned. #ypically, 0ouis ;hilippe, @an <eusen, Nodiac and Arrow would be part of the premiumMsuper premium segment in the formalEwear category? and ;eter *ngland, ;ar", +outons and )an >risco would be a notch lower, as they compete at lower price points. /learly, within the organi2ed segment, it is brands that ultimately hold sway over the customer. =ith a plethora of choices available to the customer, companies are all the more keen to establish points of differentiation that would set their brands apart.
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Among the lower level brands, it would not be incorrect to say that commoditi2ation is gradually setting in. =ith shirts available in simple, solid shades O and not much of a difference in the !uality of the fabric O these brands ac!uire an air of sameness in the eyes of the consumer. <owever, as one scales up the price chain, differentiation kicks in O in the form of the !uality of fabric used, the kind of fit the garment provides or the sheer emphasis on the design of the garment itself. At price points in e"cess of Fs 1,5CC, the &ndian consumer has access to a garment that is truly international in styling, yet priced lower than its comparable international counterpart. =ith a surfeit of players staking a claim to a share of the consumerHs wallet, the industry has also seen brands being taken over by companies intending to offer a comprehensive range of garments to the consumer, straddling multiple price points. &ndian Fayon took over the brands of Madura /oats in &ndia a few years back, while Faymond stitched a deal with /olor ;lus. 0ikewise, 9ombay 1yeing and ;roline entered into a strategic agreement. As takeover provides the advantages of an established brand and an e"isting distribution network straightaway, companies looking at strengthening their position in the market would continue to look at takeovers to ac!uire brands that have a complementary fit with their e"isting offerings and to drive top line growth. +outon,s has around 1,3CC stores. &n the last one year , it has added aaaaat least 185 family stores .At last half of those stores were earlier smaller,1CCC s!. >t stores, but were e"panded into family stores of 3,CCC s!. >t each. #he company also shut down at least 185 unviable stores in the last fiscal. >or the !uarter ended 1ecember , +outon announce a net profit of Fs 1( /rores. &t has yet to announce its results for the financial year ended March .
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DPS Kohli (Chairman) One of the founding promoters of this company, he heads Marketing, Finance, Information Technology,Administration and Human esource! B.S. Sawhney (Managing "irector) The other founding promoter of the company, he looks after #ampling, Merchandsing, #ourcing and #ales! He is instrumental in company$s gro%th!

G.S. Sawhney ("eputy Managing "irector) The youngest of the company, he looks after the &arehouse,'ogistics,(roduction and (ersonnel! He is instrumental in making the gro%th of the company po

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)outons recei*ed the A%ard of "Emerging Corporate" at the Corp +,cel A%ard -../ for 0ational m#M+ +,cellence on "ec, -..2, organi3ed 4y Corporation 5ank! )outons recei*ed "The al!e "etailer o# the $ear" A%ard of #tar etailer on -6th 0o*em4er, -..2 organi3ed 4y Franchise India! )outons recei*ed the "Be%t Clothing Company o# the $ear" of CMAIs Ape, A%ards on -7st "ecem4er, -..2! )outons %as also nominated for the 85est Ad*ertising Campaign of the 9ear8 and "Bran& o# the $ear"for CMAI$s Ape, A%ard! Mr! "!(!# )ohli %as a%arded for ""etail E'(ellen(e" a%ard 4y Asia :anuary, -..2! etail Congress in


Mr! "!(!#! )ohli, Chairman, )outons

etail India 'td! %as a%arded the title of ;Most Admired

Fashion Face< at Images Fashion A%ards =./ Mum4ai )outons etail India 'td %as a%ard ;Most Admired Fashion >roup< at Images Fashion A%ards ?./ Mum4ai! Mr! "(# )ohli %as a%arded the title of ;-../ Top Marketing Man A%ard< 4y IMM, "elhi A%arded the ;5rand of the 9ear Casual (#M+) @ Charlie Outla%< 4y CMAI! A%ard of 5est "isplay at India International >arment Fair )outons etail India 'td has %on the prestigious ;5rand of the 9ear Mens Casual &ear ('arge)< A%ard at the 0ational A%ards for the e,cellence in Apparel 4usiness organi3ed 4y

CMAI! Franchise A%ard for +,cellence in Franchising A 5usiness "e*elopmentB etail! 0ominated for the Clothing Company of the 9earB "omestic 4y CMAI! 0ominated for the 5est Ad*ertising Campaign of the 9ear C etail 4y CMAI! )outons %as nominated in Te,tile A Apparel Category in +merging India A%ards 4y ICICI!


Mr! "(# )ohli %as a%arded the title of ;D"9O> EI5HD#HA0 for +,cellence in Industrial (erformance< 4y the Institute of Trade and Industrial "e*elopment in -..6! )outons etail India 'td has %on the prestigious ;Chain #tore of the 9ear< A%ard at the 0ational A%ards for the e,cellence in Apparel 4usiness organi3ed 4y CMAI! )outons is also credited %ith another a%ard of ;5rand +ntrepreneur of the 9ear< A%ard at the A(+F A&A "# -..6 organi3ed 4y CMAI! 0ominated for the 5est Ad*ertising Campaign of the 9earB etail 4y CMAI


A%arded the ;Most "ynamic 5rand of the 9ear< 4y 'ycra Images Fashion A%ards A%arded the title of ;Ealue etailer of the 9ear< 4y #tar etailerB The Consumer &ay!

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etail India 'td nominated for ;Chain #tore of the 9ear< A%ard at the 0ational A%ards

for the e,cellence in Apparel 4usiness organi3ed 4y CMAI! 0ominated for the ;5rand of the 9ear A%ard C Men?s Casual &ear ('arge) at Ape, A%ard, 4y the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India >roup< at Images Fashion A%ards ?./ Mum4ai!

200,- )outons %as nominated for the 5rand of the 9ear A%ardB Men?s Casual &ear ('arge) 4y the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India! 200-- Mr! "!(!#! )ohli %as a%arded the title of ;+ntrepreneur of the 9ear< 4y the Institute of Trade and Industrial "e*elopment! 2000- The Company recei*ed an a%ard for outstanding "omestic #ales from Clothing Manufacturers Association of India! .99)- The Company recei*ed an a%ard for 4est display of denim clothing from CMAIB Ashima >roup! .99*- The Company %as a%arded the title of ;5est Mens%ear (Casual) Collection< 4y Apparel +,porters and Manufacturers association!

KOUTONS MENSWEAR #he well known apparel house, +outons Fetail &ndia 0td. has unveiled their latest collection of menswear. #his collection offers a wide range of formal and informal clothing for men for the age group of 18 years and above. +nown for their comfort and durability the brand has become synonymous with Hfashion and !ualityH at affordable priceH. #he collection caters to men which includes the working professionals. #he collection includes the shirts, #Eshirts, pull overs, sweat shirts ,denim and nonEdenim trousers, cargo and shorts for men in trendy yet formal shades the collection also offers a variety of fabrics to choose from. #he basic formal shirts are available in linen and cotton fabrics. #he range is also available in blended fabrics. #he special product range wrinkle resistant flaunts ten to twelve colors to choose from. ,sing wrinkleEresistant technology the company has sought to introduce a new breed of weaved hundred percent cotton fabric and blended cotton.
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#he latest collection of +outons menswear is a range created for todayHs generation of men who wear what they like and firmly believe in themselves. #he collection is for those who like to blend comfort with style.

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M$*n"n/ *nd D$%"n"t"on o% (*r8$t"n/ Mod$rn M*r8$t"n/ F n!t"on) o% (*r8$t"n/ R$*d'(*d$ /*r($nt #r$)$nt d*' Tr$nd

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Mod$rn M*r8$t"n/ Con!$#t M*r8$t"n/: M$*n"n/ *nd D$%"n"t"on: Marketing is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources and a set of activities necessary to direct and facilitate the flow of goods and services from produces to consumers in the process of distribution. #hus the essence of marketing is an e"change or a transaction, included to satisfy human needs or wants. #he aim of marketing is to make sales in order to earn reasonable profit for the producer. D$%"n"t"on): According to the ;hilip +otler $ A market is an area for potential change that is a group of buyers and sellers interested in terms of purchase and sale of goods and service the negotiation may be face to face or through communication%. Mod$rn M*r8$t"n/: After 1:5C the marketing is not considered as a mere physical process or set of activities but it is most than that. According to this view $the purpose of business is to create a customer%. #hus marketing is the function of business concerned with the creation of customers. /reation of the customer means identifying the needs of the consumer and then organi2ing the business accordingly to meet the needs of the consumer. #he meaning of the modern marketing has been clearly brought out by the following definition.

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According to /./ knight% Marketing embraces all efforts made in the discovery of consumers actual and potential re!uirements for commodities and services and the steps taken for securing their distribution. According to =illiam .. )tanton defines $Marketing is a total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promotion and distribute want satisfying products and services to present potential customers%. F$*t r$) o% Mod$rn M*r8$t"n/: Modern marketing is consumer oriented in part business of ob'ective was to ma"imi2e profit and to increase the sales. 9ut the aim of the modern business is to satisfy their needs and hence it is consumer oriented. Modern marketing begins and ends with the consumer. #oday before commencing the production all efforts are to knowing the consumer behavior. *very firm undergoes, the market research and collects information about their wants. )uch a survey helps to sell the product easily for profit. <ence modern marketing proceeds and succeeds production. Modern marketing is the guiding element of business. D"%%$r$n!$ +B3 Tr*d"t"on*. M*r8$t"n/ *nd Mod$rn M*r8$t"n/: 1. #raditional marketing is a mere physical process or set of activities with the e"change of goods. 2. Modern marketing is not 'ust a physical process or set of activities with the e"change of goods, it is a philosophy of business concerned with the creation of satisfied customers. (. #raditional marketing is sales oriented. 3. Modern marketing is consumer oriented. be made to know the want and need of the consumer. &n what !uality of the product is decided after

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5. #raditional marketing is concerned with the distribution and sale of goods and products. 6. Modern marketing is concerned with the production distribution and sale of goods are as needed by the consumers. 7. #raditional marketing aims at profit through increased sales volume or more sales. 8. Modern marketing aims at profit through increased sales to the satisfaction of the consumers and profit to the sellers. :. #raditional marketing aims at short term ob'ective that is short term profit. 1C. Modern marketing aims at long term ob'ective that is long term profit. 11. #raditional marketing succeeds only in seller market. 12. Modern marketing succeeds both under seller market and buyer market. S*.$) Or"$nt*t"on #he failure of a production oriented reshuffle give birth to the philosophy of the sale orientation. A mere good product is not enough but need aggressive advertising sales promotion and publications are top importance. #he assumptions of this philosophy are as follows4E ;roducing the best product. >inding the buyer for the product. /onvincing the buyer to buy the product. Con) ($r Or"$nt*t"on: &n this philosophy only such products are brought into the market, which are capable of satisfying the taste, preferences and e"cavation of the consumer. #o produce these type of products the marketing manager has to conduct the various type of survey and he should have to collect market

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information from various sources. 9y this method, the products can be produced which will satisfy the consumer needs. So!"*. Or"$nt*t"on: #his concept was during 187CE18:C during that period there is an understanding that the consumer needs, and wants should be know first and matching the products accordingly this concept care, for consumer welfare like pollution free environment and !uality of human life. <ence social welfare becomes added dimension. F n!t"on) o% M*r8$t"n/: #he various marketing functions are4 1. >unctions of *"changing 9uying )elling Assembling 2. >unctions of ;hysical supply #ransportation )torage and warehousing (B >acilitating function >inancing Fisk information )tandardi2ation and grading I F n!t"on) o% E<!&*n/"n/ = '"n/: 9uyer is the first step of marketing function. &t is carried out by whose sellers, retailer manufactures etc, buying and selling are important and both

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happen at some time seller is the person who sells the product and buyer gets the ownership of the product. S$.."n/: )elling and buying are compliment to each other in business selling function is very important. #he very ob'ective of marketing to sell the product at a profit. &t is defined as the personal and impersonal process a assigning perssuading a prospective buyer to buy the commodity. &ts aim is to create and for a product and find buyers. <owever under competition selling function is more complicated. A))$(+."n/: Assembling is concerned with collection and contraction of goods of the same time from different source at a place for further moment. II F n!t"on) o% #&')"!*. ) ##.': Tr*n)#ort*t"on: <ere the good are transpired from the place of production to the place consumption proper arrangement of transportation of goods, to the market is important the cost of transportation is 'ustified by the creation of place utility. Stor*/$ *nd 3*r$&o )"n/4 &t is another function which involve holding and preserving of goods, between the time of production and the time of there are the goods are preserved in order to carry from times of plenty to the time of scarcity. &t helps consumer to purchase in small !ualities as and when needed. III F*!"."t*t"n/ % n!t"on): F"n*n!"n/:

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Money is essential for transfer of goods and from produces to buyers. >inance is needed for middle men and finally consumer. #here is a gap of period between purchase of raw materials and finished goods and also till the consumer purchases it. #his waiting period by undertaking financial position giving loans without credit. Doods move very slowly to the market and supply would be unpredictable. <ence the credit is the lubricant that facilitate marketing operation. R")8 +$*r"n/: <ere the risk means possible of lose and it happens due to une"pected happening goods may lost, destroyed by fire, water, floods, earth!uake etc. 0ose may also occur due to price fluctuations, changed in demand, bad debits sometimes, the government policy may also be the reason for business lose. M*r8$t "n%or(*t"on: Accurate information is essential for marketing success. A businessman should have the knowledge of market conditions to make plans and policies. &nformation even helps to solve many marketing problems. <owever the information should be accurate, ade!uate and complete and up to date for any decisions. St*nd*rd"C*t"on) *nd /r*d"n/: )tandardi2ations means establishment certain standard, based on the physical property of the product, standard , are setup by giving colour, si2e, shape, taste, strength, height etc. <ence the standard indicate an idea of uniformity. )hort outing the goods according are the established standard and classifying them to different groups becomes states grading helps in identifying the !uality of the products.

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*g4 @arious types of cements are having their grades which insists the !uailing and performance of the cement which construction process. READYMADE GARMENTS: PRESENT DAY TREND ;resent days clothing designers take many of the ideas from the study of the customers through ages and also from public opinion and appreciation. Many fabrics were made of natural fiber such as cotton, wool, silk etc, have been in the use for centuries and skill remains popular today. 9ut many of them have been given a new character. )ome are completely new material such as -ylon and "en are made synthetically. &n the connection with the production of readymade garments there have been a vast development and sophisticated machineries mare being pressed put to service.
#oday electric sewing machines are used for stitching garments. #he electric sewing machine can sew 5CCC stitches in a minute. #hey can saw favored and backward too. )ome make button holes without attachments and embroidery can also be made by some machines. )ome machines are fully automatic? some changes the direction or type of stitch automatically. ;eople in the past think that readymade wears refer to only those garments which in special events. 9ut now there are some special clothes for some specific 'obs too. )ome of them are masks, Droves, >ire 'ackets, =ater proof etc, which are used for specific 'obs for safety purpose. ,nder readymade garments for the se"es has now almost a necessity, schools uniform in urban areas are being distributed students by school authorities in $ ready to wear from%. >ashion is no longer the sole bastion of the faired in &ndia. >ashion changes day to day. ;eople change their fashion with the reference to the new 9ollywood and <ollywood movie &n &ndia though there is lack fashion designers new trend of fashion is introduced fre!uently.

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Introd !t"on *nd H")tor' o% t&$ F"r( C*#"t*. Str !t r$ Or/*n"C*t"on P*tt$rn Con)"/n($nt =*)") KOUTONS S&o3roo( .*'o t 0 S&"(o/* M*r8$t"n/ o% r$*d'(*d$ G*r($nt) *nd *!!$))or"$) M*r8$t"n/ )tr*t$/"$) C )to($r )$r-"!$ S*.$) R$#ort o% t&$ %"r( Pro+.$()

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Introd !t"on *nd H")tor' o% t&$ F"r(: )neha /ollection e"clusive showroom of + ,# -) has been incorporated on 6th .uly 2CC:. &t is located 9.< Foad, )himoga. #he name of the firm is )neha /ollection + ,# -) )howroom. Mr. Ashraf sait and Mr. Mu'eeb are the partners of the franchisee Mr. Ashraf sait and Mr. Mu'eeb are the active and multitalented persons in business field. #hey have e"perience in attracting the customers and improves the sales of the firm. + ,# -) is the name which stands for branded and good !uality cloths and accessories. &n their showroom they deals with the + ,# -) and G Afor kidsB C*#"t*. Str !t r$: /apital is regarded as the life blood of the business enterprises inefficient financial management paralysis the activity of the firm. <ence it is essential that the finance function should be well organi2ed in the firm. >inancial management refers to all those managerial activity that are concerned with ascertainment of the finance. &nitially capital should be deposited the franchisee )neha /ollection to the franchisor + ,# -) company before starting business. #here is an agreement between franchisee and franchisor about the terms and conditions of the company, on that basis capital structure has been designed. After the agreement the franchisee pays full or half amount which was fi"ed by the franchisee or franchisor. After depositing the amount, the company person visits the place where the business should be commenced, to know the terms and conditions of the company are fulfilled regarding store length, width and commercial place.

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After the approval given by the company person, who has visited the place or location. &n + ,# -) particularly furnitures and fi"tures and interior made by the companys designer. >or furniture and interior design, the payment has been made by the franchisee AinitiallyB. After the certain period that is within si" months, the company will pay the interior initially amount in the form of stock or on the basis of the terms and conditions made between franchisee and franchisor. #hey planned a proper capital structure, where to invest and amount of investment in a particular aspect. C*#"t*. Str !t r$

P*rt"! .*r) &nvestment )hop Advance >itting and &nterior thers #otal


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Or/*n"C*t"on P*tt$rn4 *"penses are incurred by the firm in the year 2CC:E1C are shown below

P*rt"! .*r) S*.*r"$): )tore manager Assistant store Manager )ales man <elper )ecurity *lectricity &nsurance Miscellaneous )hop rent #otal

A(o ntDR)E 12,CCC 7,CCC 3,CCC 2,5CC 2,CCC 8,CCC 1C,CCC 8,CCC 2C,CCC 7(,5CC

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F"r( Or/*n"C*t"on Str !t r$

Area sales manager rders ;ayments and inventory >ranchisee owner /ash and &nventory )tore manager


#raining J 1evelopment J <F policies salaries

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F"r( St*%% ($(+$r)


)tore manager

Assistant )tore manager

)ales person

)ales person

)ales person



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Con)"/n($nt =*)"): )himoga + ,# -) store is running on consignment basis, According to this where stock is fully owned by franchisor, franchisee has to sale and pay. >ranchisee is not responsible for old stock, new stock and damages. =hich is in the franchisee shop and also the company will regularly the supply of the goods to the franchisee, even if franchisee has not given orders for new stock or designs. &n some cases store manager can send the order to refill the stock. And also can order the stock on customer demand. 9illing is going through onEline. &nventory is maintained by store manager both file maintenance and data base management also. &f any stock goes outside from the store after making the onEline billing at that time that particular stock system itself removes the database of such stocks.

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M*r8$t"n/ o% R$*d'(*d$ G*r($nt) *nd A!!$))or"$) Marketing is very important to all business activity. ;roduction or purchase has no market the goods and services. )neha /ollection is one of those franchisee in )himoga who sells only branded and good !uality cloths of + ,# -). &t is better to know the branded cloths that are dealt by )neha /ollection. =e know one by one? )tarting rates of .eans is Fs 12::ME #ypes of .eans4 )limfit, )traightfit, comfort fit, )kinny, 9ootcut. Dents4 Actif, Fecruict, Fenegade, )tern, )kinny, cargos 0adies4 @eronica, A ctif, )kinny, Ali2a, 0iana 0ycraE )treetchable brand Main brand4 ActifE 1esigner 9randE e"pensive )hirts4 /asualsE -o >ormal shirts

C )to($r S$r-"!$:
1A D")!o nt D'$*r.' t3"!$E #he company will issue discounts for all the products of the + ,# -). #his discounts given twice in a year. 2. /ustomer friendly staff and friendly attitude. (. &f any defects found in the products then it will be returned to the franchisee or showrooms where they purchase.

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3. N*t r$ o% tr*n)*!t"on) "n )&o#: ;ayment can be made in the form of cash and also card payment. 5. )howroom is fully e!uipped with Air conditioners and music system. 6. Tr*". Roo(4 #rail rooms are well furnished with full mirrors. #he mirrors are hanged two sides. 7. + ,# -) showrooms running more 2CC outlets in &ndia and outside &ndia there are situated. 8. &f the customer orders for any product it will be fulfilled within one week. :. /ompany is concentrating on mainly youths.

S*.$) An*.')") O% T&$ F"r(

)neha /ollection deals with wide range of garments for men, women and kids. &t is the only shop in shimoga who is specialist for youth collection. + ,# -) has renowned brand name, high !uality. &t introduces brand new designs which are attracted by most of youngsters. )ince the firm is having very good reputation, as they are having good sales , service facilities, most of the students, professionals preferred to buy in )neha /ollection.

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Pro+.$(): 5-o problems, -o business% the )neha /ollection K+ ,# -) showroomL is also not free from certain ma'or and minor problems. &n nutsell, the problems of the showroom are given below4E 1A Co(#$t"t"on:0 &n the modern world competition between the industry in between the shop is common $+ ,# -) )< =F M% is also suffering. 9ut today they have to faces competition and each the star of success. 2. C&*n/$ "n F*)&"on: =hat the fashion was in yesterday will not be same tomorrow. #he garment industries often make changes in fashion. #he out come of this changing fashion is suffered by the readymade garments shops. (. F"n*n!$ Pro+.$():0-o business is sufficient in finance. As )neha /ollection K+ ,# -)L is a developing shop it needs much money to spend. 3. ;roblems of purchasing for meeting the re!uirements of trendly customers. &t is necessary for the shop to have the stock of new garments. 5. ;rices4 &n branded cos the starting rates of .eans is 12::Fs.

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Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Introd !t"on to t&$ + '$r) +$&*-"o r: &n this big vast city )himoga, there is lot of people who wear readymade menHs wears. )himoga is a fast growing city. <ere consumer play an important role in the te"tile field, they are choosers and the consumers are known asI kings of the marketI. #he reputation of a company or any of its goods are entirely dependent upon the attitudes of the consumers. )ome people e"press their opinion in a very different way. )o, the consumer satisfaction must be the motto of every manufacturer. #he survey is conducted with a view to ascertain the consumer attitude towards various types of menHs .eans in )himga city. =ith special reference to the + ,# -) .eans of )neha /ollection. #he survey is conducted among the different classes & section of peoples residing in )himga city. >or this survey !uestionnaire method is adopted. #he main aim of this survey is to study the opinion of people residing in )himoga city about + ,# -) produts and all menHs wear in general. #he answers given by the respondents are analy2ed and classified. #heir opinion is the key to this survey. &n the modern marketing, the consumer is the king and he decides how the product must be and also influence the manufacturer in his product planning and all the marketing decision of the manufacturers. /onsumer behaviour is defined as all psychological social and physical behaviour of potential consumers as they become aware of evaluate, purchase, consumers and tell about the products and services to others. )o in this survey, we have analy2ed the economical model of the buyer. &t includes his income, and his behaviour towards cost of garments.
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;sychological model also we analy2ed. )o that, his status, motivation, brand image, product image has also been studied. 9ut in this survey much importance is given to the socio cultural model because man is a social animal. 9y using the !uestionnaire in the survey we can get the correct continuous answer by survey method. &n buying behaviour the much influencing factor is the social needs such as desired to gain social prestige or to attract the attention of others towards him and status factors are the brand loyalty image of the firm etc., #herefore, to put it in nutshell. #he survey is based on much on the socio culture model. n that basis tables and graphs are designed. 1CC persons have been participated for our !uestionnaire to make this survey successful. #he percentage wise opinion has been shown in all the tables formed below for the purpose.

A. 9rief Analysis
<ere in this survey, the total number of persons interviewed were 1CC, the respondents include students, businessmen, employees and other types of customers.

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T*+.$ 01 T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) t&$ n (+$r o% ! )to($r) 3&o 3$*r d"%%$r$nt !*t$/or' o% ($nF) 3$*r t&$ (o)tA /ategory of menHs wear #ailor made Feadymade # 9oth #otal )urvey analysis of table E 1 &n the survey the consumer responded for tailor made garment category are only 2C, #hose who responded for readymade category are 38 and those who use both tailorEmade and readymade garments are (2. #he total number of respondents are 1CC. >rom the above table it is clear that the users of tailorEmade garments in )himoga city are only 2CP. #he users of readyEmade garments are 38P and in )himga city only (2 P of the consumers prefer both tailorEmade and readyE made menHs wear. #his is because they are of the opinion that readymade menHs wear costly when compared to tailor made garments. Fespondents 2C 38 (2 1CC ;ercentage 2C 38 (2 1CC

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Gr*#&01 Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ n (+$r o% ! )to($r) 3&o 3$*r d"%%$r$nt !*t$/or' o% ($nG) 3$*r t&$ (o)t

G. HG H. 1G 1. -G -. 7G 7. G . Tailor made eadymade T 5oth

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T*+.$ 0 1 T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) t&$ )$r) o% J$*n) *nd t&$ r$*)on %or t&$"r # r!&*)$A Feason for purchase 0atest fashion *asy Availability *asy to wear 9etter fittings -ot specified #otal )urvey analysis of table E 2 #hese 1CC respondents are asked for why they purchase .eans. 28 of them answered for latest fashion, 26 of them answered for easy availability, 1: respondents said easy to wear and for better fittings 2C persons are responded. 9ut 7 of them have not specified the reason for why they purchase readymade wear. #he above table clears that in percentage, the reason wise buyers, 28 P latest fashion, 26 P for easy availability, 1: P for easy to wear, 2C P for better fittings and 7P not specified any reasons for their purchase. As per the table it is clear that there is wide scope for readymade garments. &f they are easily available to consumers the sales definitely increases. -o. of Fespondents 28 26 1: 2C 7 1CC ;ercentage 28P 26P 1:P 2CP 7P 1CCP

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Gr*#&01 Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ )$r) o% r$*d'(*d$ /*r($nt) *nd t&$ r$*)on) %or t&$"r # r!&*)$


-/ -I

-G -.




7. 6 G

. 'atest fashion +asy A*aila4ility +asy to % ear 5etter fittings 0ot specified

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T*+.$ 04 T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) t&$ #r$%$r$n!$) o% t&$ ! )to($r) to3*rd) d"%%$r$nt t$<t r$ #ype of te"ture /otton )ynthetic 9oth #otal )urvey analysis of tableQ E ( A !uestion pertaining to type of te"ture preferred was asked to respondents and the information so got is analy2ed. =here in 37 P prefer cotton te"ture, 16 P wear synthetic and (7 P opt for both. Gr*#&04 Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ #r$%$r$n!$) o% t&$ to3*rd) d"%%$r$nt t$<t r$ -o. of Fespondents 37 16 (7 1CC ;ercentage 37P 16P (7P 1CCP

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5oth 16J

Cotton H6J

#ynthetic 7IJ

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T*+.$ 0 7 T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) t&$ t'#$ o% /*r($nt) #r$%$rr$d +' r$)#ond$nt) -o. of Fespondents 56 18 26 1CC

/ategory of cloth 9randed ,nbranded 9oth #otal )urvey analysis of table E 3

;ercentage 56P 18P 26P 1CCP

#he table shows the attitude and inclination of customers regarding the branded, unbranded and both te"tile cloths, out of 1CC respondents 56 of them responded for branded cloth, 18 of them unbranded and remaining 26 of them responded for both categories of cloth. Gr*#&07 Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ t'#$ o% /*r($nt) #r$%$rr$d +' r$)#ond$nt)

I. G. H. 1. -. 7. .


-I 7/




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T*+.$09 T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) o#"n"on *+o t t&$ #r"!$ H ot$d +' KOUTONSA ;articular /ostly >air Feasonable /heap #otal )urvey analysis of table E 6 ut of 1CC respondents, 5C of them are the customers of + ,# -)4 #hey have responded regarding the price !uoted by + ,# -). As per the survey (C P of the respondents ticked for costly, 33P of them marked fair, 26 P opine that price !uoted is reasonable and nobody says cheap. )o while pricing, + ,# -) has to take right method of pricing to improve sales. #herefore it can be concluded that out of total customers in )himoga only 5CP of them are responded, who are the customers of + ,# -) constituting 1CC P in the above table. -o. of Fespondents 15 22 1( C 5C ;ercentage (CP 33P 26P CP 1CCP

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Gr*#&09 Gr*#& )&o3"n/ o#"n"on *+o t t&$ #r"!$ H ot$d +' KOUTONS

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T*+.$0: T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) t&$ ! )to($r %or KOUTONS ,$*n) *nd r$*)on %or t&$"r # r!&*)$)A

Feason Dood !uality Dood /olours 1urability *conomical #otal )urvey analysis of table E 7

-o. of Fespondents . 2C 15 11 3 5C

;ercentage 3CP (CP 22P 8P 1CCP

#he above tale clearly shows the percentage of uses of + ,# -) 'eans. According to survey, out of 1CC respondents, only 5C are users + ,# -) 'eans. #hey also provided the reasons for their purchase of + ,# -) 'eans. 2C of the customers constituting 3CP buy + ,# -) 'eans for good !uality, 15 of the customers constituting (C P opine that they buy for the good colours, 11 respondents i.e.22P opt for durability and also 3 customers the same 8P prefer for economical reasons. >rom the surrey it is clear that + ,# -) 'eans are !uality .eans.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Gr*#&0: Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ ! )to($r) %or KOUTONS ,$*n) *nd r$*)on %or t&$"r # r!&*)$

20 20 1 8 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0 Good quality Good Colours Durability Economical 4 1 1 1 5

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T*+.$0; T&$ %o..o3"n/ t*+.$ )&o3) t&$ non )$r) o% KOUTONS J$*n) *nd t&$ r$*)on +$&"nd t&*tA

Feason for not to purchase ;oor !uality -o attraction colours <igh ;rice -on 1urability 1onHt known cant say #otal )urvey analysis of table E 8

-o. of Fespondents 2 5 28 3 11 5C

;ercentage 3P 1CP 56P 8P 22P 1CCP.

#he above table clears that around 5CP i.e. ma'ority of customer donHt use + ,# -) .eans. #hey also gives the reasons for that, 5C out of 2 respondent 'ust marked poor !uality, regarding attractive colours 5 persons are disappointed. &n the survey ma'ority of respondents had opinion that + ,# -) .eans are too costly. Around 56P vote for high price. 3 respondents say they do not use + ,# -) .eans because of non durability. 9ut 11 respondents constituting 22 P say they donHt known the reason or canHt say. ;robably most of them are unaware of that .eans. As the survey indicates it, better for the company to reduce the price of + ,# -) .eans.

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Gr*#&0; Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ non )$r) o% KOUTONS J$*n) *nd t&$ r$*)on +$&"nd t&*t

"on$t kno% n can?t say --J

(oor Kuality HJ

0o attraction colours 7.J

0on "ura4ility /J High (rice GIJ

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T*+.$ 0 > T*+.$ )&o3"n/ t&$ o-$r*.. (ont&.' "n!o($ /ro # o% r$)#ond$nt) + ,# -) .eans respondents 2 8 27 1( E 5C

/ategory Monthly income 9elow 5CCC 5CCCE1CCCC 1CCCC E 15CCC Above 15CCC -ot satisfied #otal

P 3 16 26 53 E 1CC

ther respondents 1( : 23 1: 11 76

P 17 12 (2 25 13 1CC

#otal respondents 15 17 51 (2 11 1CC

)urvey analysis of table E 8 <ere in the above table overall monthly income group is e"pected. Most of the respondents in )himoga belongs to the group of Fs. 1CCCCE15CCC i.e. 51 respondents. 11 respondents have not specified their income. Among + ,# -) .eans users, both 1CCCCE15CCC groups are 27 and 1(, ne"t place to buyers of below 5CCC group then with 8 respondents 5CCCE1CCCC group.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Gr*#&0> Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ o-$r*.. (ont&.' "n!o($ /ro # o% r$)#ond$nt)

30 27 25 24


1 9

1 5 1 0

1 3 9

1 3 1 1 8

5 2 0 B lo! 5000 5000"1 0000 1 0000 " 1 5000 #bo$ 1 5000 0 %ot satis&i d

'(y)ar * ans r s(ond nts

+t, r r s(ond nts

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T*+.$ 0? T*+.$ )&o3"n/ t&$ )t*t ) o% KOUTONS J$*n) )$r) )tatus )tudent 9usinessman *mployees thers #otal )urvey analysis of table E : #he status of the users of the + ,# -) .eans are also collected to know by whom it is used more. As per the survey this 'eans is used about 56P by the students. *mployees using rate is 22P. 9usinessmen prefer 16P and others use this 'eans for 6P. Gr*#&0? Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ )t*t ) o% KOUTONS J$*n) )$r) -o. of Fespondents 28 8 11 ( 5C ;ercentage 56P 16P 22P 6P 1CCP

+t, rs 6Em(loy s 22-

'tud nt 56Busin ssman 1 6-

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


T*+.$ 0 1@ T*+.$ )&o3"n/ %r$H $n!' o% # r!&*)$) o% r$*d'(*d$ /*r($nt) +' t&$ !on) ($r) ;articulars >re!uently >estival )eason /learance sale )pecial offer #otal )urvey analysis of table E 1C As clothing is one of the basic re!uirement of every individual. <ow often he purchases readymade garments was asked in the survey. 53P buys fre!uently, 2CP during some festival season, 12 P at clearance sale, 13P on special occasions. As it is stated above people buy cloths fre!uently. &f better !uality, attractive colors, special offers and proper advertisement is made, the sales of readymade garments would definitely increase. -o. of Fespondents 53 2C 12 13 1CC ;ercentage 53P 2CP 12P 13P 1CCP

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Gr*#&01@ Gr*#& )&o3"n/ %r$H $n!' o% # r!&*)$ o% r$*d'(*d$ G*r($nt) +' ! )to($r)





1. -. -. 77. 7H

. FreKuently Festi*al #eason Clearance sale #pecial offer

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


T*+.$ 011 T*+.$ )&o3"n/ t&$ 8"nd) o% dr$)) 3orn +' t&$ r$)#ond$nt)

>or regular use >ormals /asuals >ancyM *thnic -il #otal

-o. of respondents 25 28 16 C 1CC

n special occasions .eans pants +urta )herwani .eans E #E)hirts #otal

-o. of respondents 27 3( 15 35 1CC

)urvey analysis of table E 11 &n a fast growing city dresses of every individual has changed. <e wont wear same kind of dress for all time. As the time changes, the style also changes. According to the above table in )himoga city for the regular use, respondents give priority to formals i.e. 56P, 28 P prefer for casual wear, 16P are agreed for fancy and ethnic wear. 9ut for special occasions, 35 respondents give priority to .eans E # .eans, 27P . for shirt pants, 15 to )herwani and 1( Fespondents for +urta. &n shimoga city there is no demand for designers wears. &n future as it is growing, designers wears may get the importance like in 9ombay, 9angalore, 1elhi etc.,

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Gr*#&011 Gr*#& )&o3"n/ t&$ 8"nd) o% dr$)) 3orn +' t&$ r$)#ond$nt) aB >or regular use

FancyL +thnic -1J

0il .J Formals 1IJ

Casuals H7J

+E On )#$!"*. o!!*)"on)

:eans B TB#hirts 1HJ

:eans pants -7J

#her% ani 7-J

)urta 11J

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


S ((*r' o% O+)$r-*t"on: #he information collected and the survey conduct from this, it is clear that, readymade garment growing popular everywhere. )o, the latest fashionable cloths must be kept in stock and the regular advertisement in daily news paper is also necessary. #he price still to be reduced and the !uality of the garment must be improved. #he good !uality product must available with reasonable price. Many people feel that the readymade garments are costly now it is the responsibility of the promoter to convince the people at large. #he care should be taken to see that demands from all sections of society are met good behavior with the consumers is one of the re!uired factor one should have proper skill to attract the customer, some people do have much skill inherently. &f re!uired sufficient training becomes necessary.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


S ((*r' o% S r-$' F"nd"n/) #he following are the summary of the survey findings4 As per the survey it is clear that one third of the customers do not use readymade garments. )o for the company it is important to concentrate on those customer. &t has to make them to use readymade menHs wear similarly it should satisfy the needs of the e"isting customers. &n the survey 26 P opt readymade .eans for easy availability. &t defines the non availability of readymade garments in )himoga. )o, the companies have to open the range of shops which are suitable for the customers. &n a growing city the )himoga, latest fashion has attracted many customers so, product should be introduced to the market as per the need of the customers. #here is a complaint against readymade garments that they are not suitable to all i.e. one cannot get garments according to body fittings. #his problems should be studied carefully. As per the survey conducted ma'ority prefers for cotton wears as it is comfort, but the users of synthetic wear are comparatively low. )o, the marketers of cotton wears can grab the market. &t doesnHt means they should !uit from synthetic clothes. #hey should take measures regarding synthetic clothes too. &n )himoga city where most customer belong to middle and low income group the demand for branded garments is as same as the demand for unbranded garments. )o both branded and unbranded menHs wear move in a smooth manner.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


&n )himoga city customer are 'ust one fourth for the + ,# -) .eans. &t has not reached many customer as it is most opted students and youth. >or the company, it will be helpful if it concentrate on those who do not use + ,# -) .eans

&t is observed that + ,# -) .eans are of good !uality .eans. 9ut most of the consumers are not satisfied with the colour, durability and price of the .eans.

)ome customers, who do not compromise with both !uality and price of + ,# -) .eans, opine that price is very high. #he company has to concentrate all classes of the society in this regard.

-ow + ,# -) .eans are concentrate on class customers. &f it want to increase the sales it should concentrate much on mass consumers.

Although the I+ ,# -) showroomI is one of the famous shop for men, women and kids wear it has not covered the entire customers of )himoga. nly two third of the customer are aware of this shop. &t shows the lack of advertisement. #he firm should concentrate on this aspect.

Ma'ority of the customers of + ,# -) 'eans are satisfied with the price !uoted by the + ,# -) company. 9ut it should analyse the pricing policy for the better sales.

<owever, some customer not satisfied. )o promotional measures should also be taken to improve the sales of branded garments.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga



Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


S //$)t"on)
Prod !t: + ,# -) 'eans is the leading company in braded and designer garments, and te"tile manufacturing of our country. &t has earned a very good name and popularity in the world of + ,# -) .eans and shirts are giving good results for them. #herefore almost every consumer is satisfied with the results. #he following are some of the suggestions for achieving better performance of + ,# -) .eans and increase the sales in the future4 #he manufacturers have to put more efforts on maintaining and improving the !uality of + ,# -) .eans. #hey should see that the produts manufactured is of good !uality. #he + ,# -) is e"pected to increase its distributing channels and should also keep supplying the goods in time re!uired by the dealers what ever they demand. lnspite of its good !uality . &t is observed that the + ,# -) .eans have good popularity and there is a lot of demand in the market as compared to others. <ere some of the consumers do not purchase the + ,# -) .eans always, but only once in a way. )o the manufacturer is re!uired to take proper promotional activities in order to populari2e the product through different advertisement media. 1ealers must take the responsibility if there is any small compliant from the customers.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Pr"!$: #he + ,# -) .eans have got a very good image and have an increasing demand. As there are number of competitors e"isting in the market, the price becomes an important fa/tor in order to increase the sales and rise in demand. + ,# -) 'eans is accepted by high, middle class and rich people by ma'ority. #he middle class and low class people feel that the price is relatively high but they also buy it once in the way. #herefore the price of the product, must be comparative so as to improve sales in the competitive market. T&$ %o..o3 *r$ )o($ o% t&$ ) //$)t"on) to3*rd) t&$ #r"!$4 #he cost of production should be curtained by increasing the production, while implementing the cost, care must be taken such that !uality of the product is not affected adversely. <ere the middle class and low class people buy the product once in a way, so proper care should be taken and the price should be lowered atleast to compensate them. #hey must try to maintain the price stability as far as possible. ;ricing must be fair in order to create impulsive buying. #he marketing e"penditure should be minimi2ed. <owever the high pricing strategy involved in this te"tile is mainly to build up the image of the company. Pro(ot"on *nd d")tr"+ t"on

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


)ales promotion is an important instrument lubricate the marketing efforts. #he promotional strategy taken up by the company is !uite satisfactory. #he sales agents visit the dealers once in a while, this mainly to assess dealers if any. #hus, the general conditions of the promotion and distribution of producers as well as dealers are !uite satisfactory. #here are some further suggestions for improvements4 #he proper sales promotional activities should be taken in order to increase buying response by ultimate consumers and also to improve market share of + ,# -). Attractive advertisement through all the media of advertising is very necessary in order to increase the usage rate of present consumer and also to meet the completion. ;romotional measures such as contents, price, coupons, premium should be attached to sales. )neha /ollection should also take greater care for local advertising, regular is to be given in local newspaper some promotional measures have to be provided for customers who buy in bulk. #he dealer should improve the display of the product. )o that the consumers will be attracted towards the product. Also, the dealer should highlight the product compared to other products. ;ublic relations have now become an important marketing function. *ffective marketing communication is not possible without establishing and maintaining natural understanding between the company and its customers.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


A bright image of the product is created and maintained only by public relations. #he marketing practitioner finds that the customer wants the delivery of their products at right place, at the right time and in right !uality. #he ingredients of marketing mi" serve as product, price and promotion constitute the first half of marketing. #he distribution logistic inputs is termed as the other half of the marketing concept or customer oriented market planning. As for as the distribution, manufacturers have got dense network of distribution. #he dealers are !uite satisfactory about the general conditions of distribution of products.

Con!. )"on
#he suggestions given here in this pro'ect report is based on the suggestions and e"perience of customers to whom the product ultimately reaches. /ustomers satisfaction is the ultimate motto of every business. #herefore orientation of marketing is entirely necessary for maintaining and increasing the market share of any type of business. #his can be achieved by directly managerial, productive and marketing activities to awards preference of the customers. >or this achievement competitive efficiency increases in !uality, decrease in cost of production is essential. &n this present competitive market, the consumers have been described as the IkingI. #hus it is very essential that every manufacturer should manufacture those products and services that satisfies present needs of the consumers. consumers orientation is of immense importance for image for creating and maintaining the brand image in the minds of the consumers. )ince

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


the sales of te"tiles is being seasonal and due to some other technical reason, the. company could not reach its usual profit percentage. &t may be concluded that the suggestions arrived that after the survey should be adopted by the readymade garment industry to achieve higher benefit. >urther most of the respondents feel that readymade menHs wear saves time as customers are giving importance to latest design and better !uality clothes. #he manufacturer of readymade menHs wear has to adopt above things.

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


Ann$< r$ 2 $)t"onn*"r$ ="+."o/r*#&'

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga



1ear respondents, &, Madhu +umar -.G student of >inal year 99M, 1r. Ambedkar /ollege, )himoga conducting a $/onsumer attitude towards Feadymade Darments with reference to +outons .eans, a case study )neha collection, )himoga% as a part of my management course. & shall be grateful if you can spare a few minutes to answer this !uestionnaire. #hanking you,

1. -ame 4 2. Age 4 (. Address 4 3. ccupation4 5. Maritial )tatus4 aB )tudent cB *mployee 6. )e"4 aB Male 7. &ncome 0evel4 aB 9elow 5CCC
Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga



bB 9usiness Men dB thers



bB >emale

cB 1CCCC to 15CCC A


bB 5CCC to 1CCCC

dB Above 15CCC

8. =hich garments do you use moreR aB #ailor made A B bB Feady Made A B

cB 9oth A B :, 1o you purchase branded .eansR Ges A B &f yes, whyR aB 0atest fashion cB *asy to wear A A B B


bB *asy availability A dB 9etter fittings A


1C. =hich type of te"ture do you like mostR aB /otton A B bB )ynthetic cB 9oth A B

11. =hich category do you generally use mostR aB 9randed A B bB ,nbranded. A B

12. <ave you heard about the + ,# -) .eansR aB Ges A B bB -o. A B 1(. =hat is your opinion about the price aspects of + ,# -) .eansR aB 0ow price cB <igh ;rice A B AB bB Medium ;rice A B

13. <ow often you purchase + ,# -) 'eansR aB >re!uently A B bB >estival season A cB /learance sale A B dB )pecial offer A


Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


15. 1o you use + ,# -) .eansR Ges &f yes, whyR aB Dood Suality cB 1urability A A B B bB Dood colours dB )pecial offers A A B B A B -o A B

&f -o, whyR aB ;oor Suality A cB <igh price A B B bB -o alternative colours A dB -on durability A B B

16. =hat is your opinion about the !uality aspects of + ,# -) .eansR

aB *"cellent A bB Dood A


cB )atisfactory A B 17. =hat type of dress do you wearR iB >or regular use aB >ormals bB /asuals cB >ancy M ethnic A A A B B B iiB n special occasions aB +urta bB )herwani cB .eansE-E# shirt A A A B B B

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


18. 1o you think there is wider choice of + ,# -) .eansR Ges A B -o A B

1:. 1o you think promotional measures are necessary for the improvement of sale of + ,# -) .eansR Ges A B -o A B


;lace4 1ate4 )ignature

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga


&nformation from )neha /ollection 9ooks 4 Marketing Management E +.1 9asava Marketing Management U )herlekar Modern Marketing Management U -air, ;aul *ncyclopedia &nternet websites www.+ ,# -).com

Dr. Ambedkar College, Shimoga