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Explanation of the Three Fundamental Principles (Thalaathatul-Usool)

Transcribed from Classes by Shaykh hmad !usa "ibril

This transcript includes slight modifications for the purpose of readability and clarity Please send details of any errors in referencing or otherwise to

Table of Contents.................................................................................................2 Class One..............................................................................................................1 Introduction...........................................................................................................1 Chapter One.......................................................................................................... The Bas!alah........................................................................................................ Ta"heed in Bis!illahi Ar#$ah!aan Ar#$ahee!...............................................% Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah....................................................................................6 Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah...................................................................................6 Tawheed Al-Asmaa Was-Sifaat........................................................................6 Lin&uistic $ules in Bis!illahi Ar#$ah!aan Ar#$ahee!...................................' Al-Jaar wal-Majroor fil-Basmalah Mutaalli u! Bimahthoof Ta deeruhu "iil #aai u! Bilma aam..........................................................................................$ Ta%heer Al-&Aamil 'ufeed Al-(asr....................................................................) (roofs for Be&innin& "ith the Bas!alah...........................................................) *t is i! A++orda!+e with the ,ura!....................................................................) The -ro.het Be/a! his #etters with Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem........) The Blessin& in the Bas!alah.............................................................................* Class T"o............................................................................................................1+ ,o "e sa- Bis!illah or Bis!illahi Ar#$ah!aan Ar#$ahee!........................11 The Na!e Allah...................................................................................................1/ Allah is The Sole Title for the #ord that "ashio!ed 01erythi!/.......................23 The Root of the 4ame Allah............................................................................23 Allah uses Allah a!d Rabb i! the ,ura!........................................................23 Allah is 5iffere!t to a!y other 4ames.............................................................26 The 4ame Allah by *tself is !ot a 5hi%r...........................................................26 Allah is the 4ame that All (is 7ther 4ames "ollow........................................26 As.e+ts of Tawheed i! the 4ame Allah..........................................................26 The Mi/hty 4ame Allah...................................................................................26 Ar#$ah!aan and Ar#$ahee!.............................................................................1) Ar-Rahmaa!....................................................................................................2) Ar-Raheem......................................................................................................28 Ar-Rahmaa! a!d Ar-Raheem.........................................................................28 The 0erc- of Allah..............................................................................................22 The Attribute of Mer+y.....................................................................................99 The Mer+y of Allah..........................................................................................9: Attai!i!/ the Mer+y of Alah.............................................................................93 Class Three..........................................................................................................2 1no" 0a- Allah 2a3e 0erc- on 4ou................................................................2 The I!portance of 1no"led&e..........................................................................2 The ,efinition of 1no"led&e.............................................................................2* The 5se of the 6ord I7la!..................................................................................2*

*s ;!owled/e <o!1eyed to other tha! (uma!s=...........................................98 <a! you say *lam to Someo!e More ;!owled/eable=..................................:9 The Le3els of 1no"led&e8 Ibn Al#9a--i!........................................................:2 The 2onour of 1no"led&e.................................................................................:: The E;a!ple of the Scholars............................................................................:) Jaabir a!d Abu Ayyub.....................................................................................:) Muhammad bi! (assa! Ash-Shaybaa!i.........................................................:8 Asad *b! Al-"uraat..........................................................................................:8 Saeed *b! Musayyib> Ar-Raa?i a!d Al-Bu%hari..............................................32 A!-4awawi> #isaa! Ad-5ee! *b! ;hateeb a!d Muadh *b! Jabal..................39 Sulaymaa! *b! Abdul Mali% the ;haleefah a!d Ataa *b! Rabah...................3: Al-;asaaee a!d the So!s of the ;haleefah...................................................33 Ash-Shaafiee a!d *b! Jaw?i...........................................................................33 $ahi!a< Allah.....................................................................................................// Ma/hfirah a!d Rahmah...................................................................................33 5o you say Rahima% Allah to a 4o! Muslim=.................................................36 Why did he say Rahima% Allah=.....................................................................36 Class Four........................................................................................................... + The Four Introductor- 0atters.......................................................................... + 6hat is the ,efinition of 6aa=ib....................................................................... 1 Is there a ,ifference Bet"een 6aa=ib and Fardh........................................... 1 The -roof for the 7.i!io! that Waajib a!d "ardh are Sy!o!ymous...............62 The -roof for the 7.i!io! that Waajib is #esser tha! "ardh...........................6: (ow do they <ate/orise the "araaidh a!d Waajibaat=.................................63 The Result of this 5is.ute...............................................................................66 The *slami+ ;!owled/es are *!tertwi!ed........................................................6$ Whi+h 5efi!itio! of Waajib did the Author *!te!d=.........................................6$ 1no"led&e in 0atters that (ertain to Allah..................................................... ) The 5efi!itio! of "ardh &Ay!............................................................................6) The 5efi!itio! of "ardh ;ifaayah.....................................................................6) Fardh >A-n in 1no"led&e? Action? Lea3in& 0atters and Belief..................... * "ardh &Ay! i! ;!owled/e ...............................................................................68 "ardh &Ay! i! A+tio! .......................................................................................68 "ardh &Ay! i! #ea1i!/ Matters........................................................................6@ "ardh &Ay! i! Belief.........................................................................................6@ The Four Obli&ator- 0atters.............................................................................%1 The 5efi!itio! of Masalah...............................................................................62 The First Introductor- 0atter8 1no"led&e.......................................................%2 1no"led&e of Allah............................................................................................%2 Marifatullah.....................................................................................................6: ;!owled/e of the (alaal a!d (araam............................................................63 The *m.orta!+e of Marifatullah.......................................................................63 */!ora!+e i! Marifatullah................................................................................6) 1no"led&e of the (rophet 0uha!!ad............................................................%*

1no"led&e of Isla!............................................................................................'2 The 5efi!itio! of *slam.....................................................................................$9 *slam is the 7!ly Reli/io! A++e.table to Allah................................................$: The "ou!datio! A+tio!s of *slam.....................................................................$6 Class Fi3e............................................................................................................'% The Order of the ,efinition of 1no"led&e.......................................................') 1no"in& Allah? the (rophet 0uha!!ad and the $eli&ion "ith (roof.........') What is the 5efi!itio! of -roof= ......................................................................$8 Is Ta@leed (er!issible in 0atters of >A@eedah..............................................)+ The "irst 7.i!io! that you Must ;!ow the -roof............................................)2 The Se+o!d 7.i!io! that it is !ot 7bli/atory to ;!ow the -roof ...................)2 The Third 7.i!io! that ;!owi!/ the -roof is (araam....................................)2 Summary of the Three 7.i!io!s.....................................................................)2 The -roofs that Ta leed is -ermissible .........................................................)9 The Second Introductor- 0atter8 To Act 5pon 1no"led&e...........................)% )% The of A+tio!s i! *slam.........................................................................)6 5o you /et Reward for #ea1i!/ the (araam=.................................................)$ The Essential Aspects of Appl-in& 1no"led&e..............................................)) 7rdai!i!/ the Aood a!d "orbiddi!/ the 01il a!d! withi! 7!eself are Two Se.arate 7bli/atory Matters...................................................................)) A Ma! whose A+tio!s do !ot Mat+h his ;!owled/e.......................................)8 7!e is Aoi!/ to be ,uestio!ed about his ;!owled/e o! the Jud/me!t 5ay 8@ Sayi!/ That Whi+h 'ou 5o 4ot 5o.................................................................8@ 1no"led&e That ,oes Not Benefit....................................................................*1 Class Si;..............................................................................................................*% Actin& on 1no"led&e.........................................................................................*% ;!owled/e That 5oes 4ot Be!efit A+tio!.......................................................86 ;!owled/e is 5iffere!t to A+tio!.....................................................................86 ;!owled/e Was Se!t to be A+ted U.o!.........................................................8$ The <o!se ue!+es of 4ot A+ti!/ U.o! 'our ;!owled/e..............................88 One Should Not Abandon See<in& 1no"led&e ,ue to Bein& Accountable For 2is 1no"led&e..................................................................................................1++ Bein& 2i&her in 1no"led&e 0eans 4ou are 2eld to a 2i&her Standard . . .1+2 E;a!ples of Appl-in& 1no"led&e..................................................................1+ E3il Scholars.....................................................................................................1+' Actin& on 4our 1no"led&e in ,a7"ah............................................................11+ *b! Al-Jaw?i A!d (is Shuyoo%h....................................................................22@ ,o Not Aet Conceited "ith 2u!ans or "ith Allah........................................11: Class Se3en.......................................................................................................11/ The Third Introductor- 0atter8 Callin& (eople 5nto It.................................11/ What 5oes the 5hameer Refer To=.............................................................223 Is ,a7"ah Fardh >A-n or Fardh 1ifaa-ah......................................................11/ Attai!i!/ the 5etailed ;!owled/e is "ardh ;ifaayah....................................226

01ery Muslim has a -erso!al 7bli/atio! to -erform 5awah.......................226 Should One Lea3e ,a7"ah 5ntil 2e Beco!es Full- 1no"led&eable........11' The ,an&ers of Spea<in& About Allah 6ithout 1no"led&e........................11* Class Ei&ht .......................................................................................................12/ ,o Not Co!!it An- Sins 5nder the (rete;t of ,a7"ah................................12 Whe! Si!s Be+ome it Affe+ts 01eryo!e...................................29$ 'ou (a1e to ;!ow how to Ai1e 5awah.......................................................2:2 (roofs on ,a7"ah.............................................................................................1:2 *!1ite -eo.le U!to Allah with ;!owled/e.....................................................2:: 5awah is our -ride.......................................................................................2:3 Rise U. a!d War!.........................................................................................2:6 The Balue of Auidi!/ 7!e Ma!.....................................................................2:6 The 5ay of Uhud a!d the 5ay of Taif ..........................................................2:$ 4ou 2a3e to 1no" and $elate to 4our Audience..........................................1/1 6isdo! 0ust be in ,a7"ah.............................................................................1// 5awah Must be i! the Best of All Ma!!ers..................................................233 Class Nine..........................................................................................................1/ Wisdom i! 5awah +a! *!+lude (arsh!ess...................................................266 The 5iffere!+e Betwee! Mudaaraah a!d Mudaaha!ah...............................269 E;a!ples of Our Salaf in ,a7"ah....................................................................1%: Conclusion on ,a7"ah to Allah.......................................................................1%) Class Ten...........................................................................................................1%* The Fourth Introductor- 0atter8 (atience......................................................1'+ (atience is Essential for a ,aa7i-ah...............................................................1'1 What do you /et out of -atie!+e= ................................................................2$2 6hat is the ,efinition of Sabr. ......................................................................1'% The #i!/uisti+ 5efi!itio! of Sabr...................................................................2$6 5oes <om.lai!i!/ 4e/ate Sabr=..................................................................2$6 The of -atie!+e..................................................................................2$) 6h- does Allah Test 5s. ................................................................................1'* ,o Not E;pect a Life 6ithout Trials ..............................................................1)1 So!e Berses on Trials 1)% A ,aa7i-ah is 0ost Opti!istic in the ,ar<est of Ti!es................................1*: Class Ele3en......................................................................................................1*% One on the Auided (ath Should E;pect 2ardships......................................1*' Trials are a (urification fro! our Sins...........................................................2++ The I!portance of Intention............................................................................2+2 Stand 4our Around E3en if -ou are Alone.....................................................2+ The Majority are Usually Billified i! the ,ura!.............................................9@6 The ,ura! -raises the Mi!ority....................................................................9@6 6h- does Allah Test us "hen 2e has 1no"led&e of E3er-thin&..............2+' E3er-thin& is Aood for the Belie3er...............................................................2+* Be (atient on 2arsh 6ords.............................................................................21+

Al"a-s 2ead to $epentance 6hen Tested and 2a3e 0erc-.......................21: (atience in ,a7"ah is Special.........................................................................21% 6ise 6ords fro! Sha-<h 0usa 2afidhahullah.............................................21% Conclusion on Sabr..........................................................................................21* Class T"el3e.....................................................................................................22+ An Introduction to Surat Al#>Asr.....................................................................221 6hat ,oes Al#CAsr 0ean.................................................................................22: The "irst 7.i!io!C All of Time........................................................................99: The Se+o!d 7.i!io!C The 0ra of the -ro.het Muhammad .........................993 The Third 7.i!io!C The 0!d of the 5ay........................................................993 The "ourth 7.i!io!C Salatul-&Asr or the Timi!/ of Salatul-&Asr.....................996 The Sele+ted 7.i!io!....................................................................................996 The I!portance of Al#>Asr................................................................................22* Oaths in the 9ur7an and Sunnah.....................................................................2:1 The Oaths of 2u!an Bein&s...........................................................................2:: Class Thirteen...................................................................................................2: ,o Not 6aste Ti!e...........................................................................................2: The Sub=ect 0atter of the Oath.......................................................................2:% 0an<ind is at a Loss.........................................................................................2:' ;husr <omes i! a 4ou! "orm.......................................................................9:$ Why is ;husr Me!tio!ed as a 4a%irah=........................................................9:$ A -ra+ti+al 0Dam.le -ertai!i!/ to this Surah...............................................9:) #osses are #e1els.........................................................................................939 6h- ,oes the Surah Aeneralise and then 0a<e E;ceptions.....................2/2 Those "ho Belie3e...........................................................................................2// *maa! is the "ruit of ;!owled/e....................................................................933 Why did Allah !ot 5etail *maa!=...................................................................936 The Mea!i!/ of *maa! i! this Berse.............................................................936 Those "ho do Aood ,eeds.............................................................................2/% There is !o *maa! Without A+tio!.................................................................93$ A+tio!s Without *maa!..................................................................................938 All 5eeds are *!+luded i! this Berse.............................................................96@ Ad3ise and $eco!!end "ith Truth and (atience........................................2 1 5awah is !ot a Mo!o.oly.............................................................................962 Ad1isi!/ is a Arou. 0ffort.............................................................................969 (a Refers to All of the Re1elatio! of Allah................................................96: (atience.............................................................................................................2 : -atie!+e is *m.lied Throu/hout the Surah....................................................96: -atie!+e Refers to All of -atie!+e......................................................963 The State!ent of Ash#Shaafi7ee......................................................................2 % Class Fourteen..................................................................................................2 ) A Chapter Title fro! Sahih Al#Bu<hari...........................................................2 ) Why did the Author use a <ha.ter Title from Bu%hari as -roof=..................968 ;!owled/e -re+edes A+tio!.........................................................................962

#aa *laaha *llallah..........................................................................................969 5o Berses Addressed to the -ro.het *!+lude Us=.......................................96: The Structure of the Boo<...............................................................................2%/ Chapter T"o......................................................................................................2%' The Obli&ation to 1no" and Act on Three 0atters.......................................2%' Why did the Author say Male a!d "emale=..................................................96) Why did the Author say Muslim=...................................................................96) The First 0atter8 Ta"heed Ar#$ububi--ah....................................................2'+ 1A8 Allah Created 5s........................................................................................2'+ -roofs from the ,ura! a!d Su!!ah.............................................................9$2 -roofs from the *!telle+t ...............................................................................9$3 (oetr- on the E;istence of Allah.....................................................................2'' Class Fifteen.....................................................................................................2)2 1B8 Allah (ro3ided Sustenance For 5s..........................................................2)2 The 5iffere!+e Betwee! Ar-Raa?i a!d Ar-Ra??aa ...................................9): The 5efi!itio! of -ro1isio!............................................................................9)3 Allah is Ar#$aDDaa@ .........................................................................................2)/ 'our -ro1isio! is i! the S%y..........................................................................9)3 -ro1isio! <omes "rom Allah.........................................................................9)$ 'our U!+ha!/eable -ro1isio! is Already Writte!.........................................9)) Ar-Ra??aa is Wise i! Ai1i!/ -ro1isio!........................................................98@ True Tawa%%ul a!d Tawaa%ul.......................................................................98: See% Mea!s but ;ee. your (eart "ully Atta+hed to Allah............................986 -ro1isio! is 4ot 7!ly Materialisti+.................................................................98$ 5e.e!d o! Allah i! (ardshi. .......................................................................988 The- 6orship Others Besides Allah 6ho 2a3e No Control O3er (ro3ision2** Ar#$aDDaa@ 6ill Send 4ou 0eans...................................................................:+2 Class Si;teen....................................................................................................:+/ 1C8 2e ,id Not Create 5s 6ithout A (urpose...............................................:+ What is (amala=...........................................................................................:@6 *!+orre+t 7.i!io!s o! the -ur.ose of 7ur <reatio!......................................:@6 'ou Were <reated for a -ur.ose..................................................................:@8 Sa1e 'ourself "rom (ell...............................................................................:2@ Allah is *!de.e!de!t of (is <reatio!.............................................................:29 1,8 2e Sent 0essen&ers to 5s........................................................................:1/ 1E8 6hoe3er Obe-s 2i! 6ill Enter (aradise................................................:1% The ,ura! a!d Su!!ah are 0 ual as Sour+es of #e/islatio!......................:2$ The ,ura! has a (i/her Status i! 7ther Areas...........................................:28 7bedie!+e to the -ro.het Must be <om.lete 7bedie!+e............................:28 The Stor- of Eula-beeb....................................................................................:2+ Class Se3enteen...............................................................................................:2 Three T-pes of Co!!ands in the 9ur7an and Sunnah................................:2% A <omma!d A++om.a!ied by 01ide!+e to *!di+ate it is 7bli/atory.............:96 A <omma!d With -roof to *!di+ate it is 4ot 7bli/atory................................:96

The Ae!eral <omma!ds...............................................................................:9) The $elationship Bet"een the 9ur7an and Sunnah......................................:2* *! A++orda!+e a!d Similarty.........................................................................:98 The Su!!ah Ai1es 5etails> 0D.lai!s or S.e+ifies.........................................::@ The (adith are *!de.e!de!t i! #e/islati!/...................................................::2 Those 6ho ,en- the Sunnah..........................................................................::2 1F8 6hoe3er $e=ects and ,isobe-s 2i! 6ill Enter 2ellfire.........................:: Cate&ories of ,isobedience............................................................................:: Major Shir% or Major ;ufr..............................................................................::6 A Muslim who Meets Allah with Si!s............................................................:3@ 7!e who Meets Allah with Mi!or Shir%.........................................................:32 5oes o!e who <ommits Mi!or Shir% "all U!der the Masheeah=................:33 The 5uaa to Shield 7!eself from Mi!or Shir%..............................................:36 6h- ,id Allah Choose 0usa to Co!pare "ith the (rophet 0uha!!ad.. :/% Class Ei&hteen .................................................................................................:/) The Second 0atter8 Shir< Al#5loohi--ah.......................................................:/) Introduction on Ta"heed and Shir<...............................................................:/) Three T-pes of Shir< Al#5loohi--ah...............................................................: / The First T-pe8 Associatin& a (artner to Allah.............................................: / The Second T-pe8 Ai3in& a (ortion of 4our 6orship to Other Than Allah: / Shir< in ,u7aa At#Talab....................................................................................: / Shir< in ,u7aa Al#Ibaadah................................................................................: ' Shir% i! *!te!tio!............................................................................................:6) Shir% i! #o1e..................................................................................................:6@ Shir% i! "ear..................................................................................................:69 Shir% i! (o.e.................................................................................................:66 Shir% i! Ru%oo a!d Sujood...........................................................................:66 The 5iffere!+e Betwee! Ru%oo a!d Sujood................................................:66


As we .romised> this is the start of the!atio! o! the Usool Ath-Thalaathah> the three fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. As you all %!ow> it is a boo%let> !ot a boo%> a boo%let o! Tawheed> a!d we ha1e me!tio!ed it ma!y times. *t is 1ery small i! words but has some /reat> /reat mea!i!/s. These mea!i!/s> !o o!e +a! be i/!ora!t of. S+holars ha1e always dis+ussed this boo% a!d tau/ht it amo!/ the first that is tau/ht i! Tawheed. *f you really loo% i!to the three .ri!+i.les> what he mea!s about those .ri!+i.les> they are i! reality the matters you are /oi!/ to be as%ed about i! your /ra1e. So you !eed to %!ow> really as best as o!e %!ows> those three .ri!+i.les> a!d you !eed to them> so whe! you are as%ed about them i! the /ra1e> you ui+%ly /o throu/h them *!shaa Allah Taaala. We start /radually be+ause %!owled/e i! *slam is to be ta%e! /radual> you do !ot wa%e u. o1er!i/ht a! &Aalim or a Shay%h. *b! Abdil-Barr> i! his boo% al-Jaami said A?-Euhri saidC

Whoe1er see%s to /et %!owled/e i! a lum. sum o1er!i/ht> it lea1es him> %!owled/e lea1es him> it e!ds u. lea1i!/ him i! a lum. sum. ;!owled/e is to be attai!ed slowly> o1er days a!d !i/hts. ;!owled/e !eeds .atie!+e> it !eeds .ersiste!+e> it is a ste. by ste. .ro+ess. 'ou do !ot /o for eDam.le to some i! &A eedah boo%s a!d the! you are /etti!/ frustrated> a!d fa+i!/ +om.leD matters you +a!!ot brea% dow!> whi+h you would ha1e bee! able to do had you we!t i! a ste. by ste. .ro+ess. Some brothers tell me they are studyi!/ &A eedah boo%s> Tawheed boo%s that &Ulamaa ha1e had a hard time brea%i!/ dow!. A!d the bi//er .roblem is they are studyi!/ it o! their ow!> a!d to to. that off> they are !ot e1e! studyi!/ it i! the la!/ua/e of the author. So eD.lai! to me how you +a! u!dersta!d it li%e that= *f you are u!able to /et to a tea+her> whi+h ma!y> es.e+ially i! this day a!d a/e> they +a!!ot /et to a tea+her> that is a whole differe!t story but you still !eed to at least %!ow how to start. 4ow this is a starter boo% o! Tawheed. 01e! thou/h you +a! sit a!d read this boo% ri/ht !ow> before * e1e! fi!ish this i!trodu+tio! you +a! .robably ha1e the boo% do!e>

-a/e F 2

readi!/ it. *t still !eeds to be bro%e! dow!> se!te!+e by se!te!+e> so the stude!t of %!owled/e u!dersta!ds the dee. mea!i!/ of what that boo% really e!tails. *f you start i! the ste. by ste. .ro+ess> a!d you fi!d it diffi+ult> whi+h you may fi!d> !e1er e1er /i1e u.. The sim.le boo% that you ha1e before your ha!d> * studied it +o1er to +o1er with ele1e! differe!t Shuyoo%h> a!d .ortio!s of it * studied with e1e! more tha! that> but the e!tire boo%let with ele1e! differe!t Shuyoo%h. Al-;hateeb alBa/hdaadi i! his boo% al-Jaami !arrated> a stude!t of %!owled/e we!t to the Shuyoo%h of (adith to lear!. (e fou!d %!owled/e of (adith is 1ery diffi+ult> he /ot frustrated a!d he said this is !ot for me. 7!e day he was wal%i!/> +asual wal%> a!d he see! water dri..i!/ o! a sto!e> maybe a s.ri!/. *f you ha1e e1er see! a s.ri!/> es.e+ially where water has bee! dri..i!/ o! a sto!e for years a!d years> or e1e! if you loo% at a fou!tai!> it has bee! dri..i!/ o! a sto!e or e1e! +eme!t> it de!ts it> it de!ts the +eme!t or the ro+% o1er the years> water. (e said to himself> wow> loo% at that> water as li/ht as it is> soft> mild> it affe+ted the sto!e as hard as it is. (e said %!owled/e is softer a!d li/hter tha! water a!d my heart a!d my mi!d are !ot as hard as the ro+%. (e we!t ba+% to studyi!/ (adith a!d be+ame a 1ery well re.utable> famous s+holar of (adith. Start /radually> a!d as you /o o!> mo1e .atie!tly> mo1e forward .atie!tly. This is the start of the +lassi+al study we me!tio!ed a!d it is to +reate> * am !ot /oi!/ to say stude!ts of %!owled/e> *!shaa Allah it is to +reate &Ulamaa. The other le+tures we did a!d we will +o!ti!ue to do> li%e the U!i1ersity of 'usuf> The Ultimate -leasure> The #o1e a!d "ear Series> the uestio! a!d a!swers. They are i!formati1e> i!s.iratio!al> there is defi!itely %!owled/e i! them but that is !ot what ma%es a! &Aalim. Those %i!d of le+tures are !ot what +a! ma%e a! &Aalim. *f you hear a le+ture here a!d there a!d atte!d a two day semi!ar> a! e1e!t a!d trailer here a!d there> that is /ood but if that is what ma%es a! &Aalim> the whole Ummah is &Ulamaa be+ause your fathers ha1e bee! atte!di!/ Jumuah for about fifty> siDty years. A!d they ha1e bee! atte!di!/ le+tures betwee! Ma/hrib a!d *shaa for a similar time. There is a stru+tured study to be+omi!/ a stude!t of %!owled/e a!d &Aalim. There is a! u!+ou!table !umber of be!efits i! studyi!/ *slam i! the +lassi+al way. This is a ste. by ste. .ro+ess that will e!+om.ass the Madi!ah .ro/ram *!shaa Allah a!d e1e! more tha! that Biith!ihi Taaala> if Allah blesses us to +o!ti!ue. The !eDt issue> ma!y .eo.le> a!d * really say it with !o eDa//eratio! Alhamdulillah> from all o1er the world> they wa!t to +ome a!d study with you> with usG es.e+ially from U;> 0uro.e> .arts of the US a!d e1e! some Arabi+ +ou!tries. A!d *> as you %!ow> we do !ot ha1e resour+es a!d a 1ery well established .la+e to a++ommodate su+h !umber of stude!ts> yet. My father has tau/ht me a!d do!e so throu/hout his +areer> !e1er to +har/e or ta%e a!ythi!/ for 5awah. Whether it may be a marria/e or semi!ars or le+tures> or +lasses li%e this or e1e! more tha! that. So you +a! study with us throu/h the i!ter!et u!til Allah fi!ds us a way out. Why * me!tio!ed this is be+ause ma!y as% is it the same as studyi!/ with you.

-a/e F 9

Ba+% i! the day> the stude!ts of %!owled/e had three le1els of studyi!/. Samaa alMubaashir> immediately lear!i!/ from a Shay%h. Those who are atte!di!/> that is Samaa al-Mubaashir. That is the best> the reward i! itself for that is imme!se. AlWaasitah> betwee! you a!d the Shay%h is a mediator> so if o!e of you /oes a!d +o!1eys this whole messa/e to a!other .erso!> that is Waasitah. 'ou were the mediator betwee! me a!d that .erso! you tau/ht. Some used to do that> es.e+ially busi!ess me! or farmers> they would ta%e tur!s i! lear!i!/ a!d tea+hi!/ ea+h other. Wijaadah> to fi!d a boo% writte! by a Shay%h a!d study from it. 4ow where does lear!i!/ for eDam.le> from a Shay%h o! 'outube +ome i!= *! my o.i!io!> it is hi/her tha! !umber two> be+ause you are !ot lear!i!/ throu/h a mediator> you are lear!i!/ from a Shay%h but you are lear!i!/ .ossibly throu/h the i!ter!et. A!d it is defi!itely !ot Wijaadah> it is !ot ta%i!/ a boo% a!d studyi!/ from it. So it is really betwee! the !umber o!e a!d !umber two. Throu/h the i!ter!et o!e +a! e1e! i!tera+t these days throu/h emails> or he +a! +all the Shay%h that he is lear!i!/ from> so i! reality> it has be+ome a !ot+h u!der Samaa al-Mubaashir. That is !ot to mi!imise /oi!/ to a Shay%h. 7!e should !ot resort to Wijaadah or Waasitah or a!y other mea!s if he +a! fi!d a dire+t Shay%h. *f you fi!d a ri/hteous Shay%h> you are able to> a!d he is i! the e!d of the world> you .a+% your ba/s a!d /o if you are able to /o a!d lear! from him. *f Allah blesses us i! the future> we +a! a++ommodate> we would lo1e for e1eryo!e *!shaa Allah to joi! us. #ear!i!/ from a Shay%h i! .erso! has its be!efits also> li%e you see his .ri1ate life> you see his ma!!ers> you see his attitude> you see his *baadah> you see how he rea+ts to thi!/s. My father> outside of the re/ular Madi!ah +urri+ulum whe! he se!t me> he made sure to +o!ta+t the major Shuyoo%h of our time> ma!y of them who are dead> a!d made sure that * study with them. The last o!e for eDam.le was Shay%h Mu bil> that he wa!ted me to /o atte!d a!d * always used to ma%e 5uaa to lear! from him but * was !ot able to /o to 'eme!. (e was %i+%ed out of Saudi i! the late se1e!ties> a!d * was !ot able to /o to 'eme!. So Subha! Allah> i! the year 9@@@> he +ame to #os A!/eles> <alifor!ia to /et medi+al treatme!t. * immediately headed there a!d stayed with him i! his house> the! sudde!ly i! the middle of the treatme!t> it was 5hul (ijjah so he de+ided to /o to Ma%%ah> ma%e (ajj a!d retur!. A!d whe! he we!t to Ma%%ah> a! arti+le bro%e out i! <alifor!ia> some ! that Shay%h Mu bil was a radi+al> was this a!d that> is i! U!ited States> how they let him i!. So immediately> the embassy i! Saudi re1o%ed his 1isa. * say *!shaa Allah that was .ossibly from my 5uaa be+ause ri/ht after> a few wee%s later he died> Rahmatullahi &Alayh. So * thi!% *!shaa Allah> * always thi!% of it a!d say Alhamdulillah> it mi/ht ha1e bee! my 5uaa that he +ame all the way from 'eme! to #A> for medi+al treatme!t> * lear!ed from him> the! he we!t ba+% a!d shortly thereafter he died. So if you +a! .ursue a re.utable> ri/hteous Shay%h who fears Allah a!d is !ot a lowlife> deluded> sell out moder!ist or a .romoter for the ;ufr> or ;uffaar> or those who wor% for /o1er!me!tsG if you +a! fi!d that> the! surely /o ahead a!d lear! from him a!d follow him e1e! if he is i! the e!d of the /lobe.

-a/e F :

The Salaf used to +o!sider a !e/ati1e +hara+teristi+ for o!e to study from boo%s alo!e> that is +o!sidered !e/ati1e be+ause they saidC

&-. +#, ()" *# '&# $ % "#

*f your Shay%h is your boo%> your mista%es are more tha! your +orre+t!ess. Whe! Shay%h *b! &Uthaymee! was as%ed about o!e who studies throu/h audio ta.e> he e!+oura/ed it> but he said> lear!i!/ dire+t is better be+ause you +a! dis+uss a!d as%. So that fa+tor that he said it is better be+ause you +a! dis+uss a!d as%> you +a! that today be+ause you +a! as% us> you +a! email us> a!d you +a! +all us by .ho!e a!d as%> a!d those who are i! the +lassi+al study with us will /et .re+ede!+e i! a!sweri!/ their uestio!s *!shaa Allah Taaala. The !eDt thi!/ is> those of you who atte!ded here without .e! a!d> you !eed to /o /et your .e! a!d *!1est i! some .e! a!d a!d write> or you +a! li%e some here are doi!/ o! their> ta%i!/ !otes> or e1e! o! their .ho!e ta%i!/ !otes. Whate1er method you use> you should do+ume!t dow! your %!owled/e. 'ou should try your best e1e! .ossibly to ty.e 1erbatim> a!d that is your ba+% u.. Jotti!/ dow! !otes o! your is /reat. 7!e time * was i! <alifor!ia i! 4orth <aroli!a> a!d a brother was o! his .ho!e so ba+% the! * was just re+e!tly /etti!/ i!to the te+h!olo/y> a few mo!ths a/o> a!d * sort of s+olded him for usi!/ the teDt. A!d he showed me after the le+ture> he +ame res.e+tfully to me a!d showed me his .ho!e> he said loo% Shay%h> this was all the !otes from your le+ture. * said Subha! Allah be+ause ba+% the! * did !ot %!ow they also used .ho!es to ta%e !otes. So> o!e !eeds to write dow! his %!owled/e. Whe! * was se1e! years old> a! *ra i stude!t with my father> * was i! Madi!ah> my father was a stude!t. (e +ame to me a!d told me your father is a lio!> your father> i! +lass he writes e1ery si!/le word dow!. A!d the! * used to !oti+e my father i! the (aram> i! his +lasses outside the u!i1ersity where * see! him> he would write e1erythi!/ dow! a!d always ha1e a! audio re+ordi!/> re+ord e1ery si!/le le+ture a!d we still ha1e the u!til today. So * too% it u.o! myself to do the same> * !e1er e1er sat before a Shay%h where * did !ot write e1ery si!/le thi!/ he said. There are some eD+e.tio!al thi!/s you do !ot write> or that you miss> but * tried my best to write 1erbatim e1erythi!/. *! fa+t> * always refer to my !otes that * too% from Shuyoo%h. Writi!/ is the tre!d of the Salaf. Abdullah *b! Amr used to write the (adith of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam u!til ,uraysh deterred him from that. The! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> .ro+eed a!d write> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam e!+oura/ed him to write the (adith. *! Su!a! 5aarimi> Muaawiyah *b! ,urrah *b! *lyaas > he saidC

1 1 2 1 3 / '/ 0 / 4 / / / / /
-a/e F 3

*f you do !ot write %!owled/e> your %!owled/e is !ot +o!sidered !othi!/. Those who do !ot write %!owled/e> their %!owled/e is !ot +o!sidered !othi!/. They may ha1e .ossibly mea!t (adith but e1e! if they did mea! that> it still a..lies to this %i!d of study that we are doi!/ today. Saeed *b! Jubayr used to write what he hears i! sa!d> if he does !ot ha1e !othi!/ to write it dow!> a!d whe! dayli/ht brea%s or he fi!ds somethi!/ to write it dow! he /oes a!d writes it dow!. A!d similar thi!/s about writi!/ is !arrated by al-Muwardi> al-;haleel *b! Ahmad a!d others. They e!+oura/ed %!owled/e to be do+ume!ted. We will start slow> today will be a little bit lo!/er tha! usual be+ause of this i!trodu+tio! but we will start slow a!d .i+% u. s.eed as time /oes by. This is li%e * said> the first of our +lassi+al study *!shaa Allah. 01eryo!e should also ha1e a +o.y of this boo%> a!d !ow Alhamdulillah these days you do !ot ha1e to /o out a!d buy it> you +a! /o ahead o! the i!ter!et a!d .ri!t it> * thi!% it is about fi1e .a/es or so i! 0!/lish or +lose to that. To a1oid +o!fusio!> before * start> the author starts with four matters before he /ets to the three matters> he starts with a! i!trodu+tio! of four matters. The! he /oes a!d tal%s about the three matters> whi+h is the +ore boo%> a!d the! there is a! e!di!/ a!d a +o!+lusio! at the e!d of the boo% that we will tal% about *!shaa Allah Taaala. The boo% li%e * said> is !o more tha! fi1e .a/es but it has /reat imme!se be!efits. We will ta%e it li!e by li!e> .ossibly e1e! word by word. Today> we are o!ly /oi!/ to ta%e Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> or e1e! * do !ot thi!% we are /oi!/ to fi!ish Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> so we will .robably ta%e Bismillah. (e starts off with Bismillah> Basmalah. Bismillah is +alled the Basmalah. The author starts with Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem a!d we are /oi!/ to brea% that dow! .oi!t by .oi!t. We wa!t to u!dersta!d as stude!ts of %!owled/e> as stude!ts of %!owled/e> your u!dersta!di!/ to do Bismillah is !ot li%e a!y re/ular .erso!. There is 2.6 or 2.) Billio! Muslims that are outside> a!d if you as% them> why do you say Bismillah> ma!y may !ot e1e! %!ow that. As a stude!t of %!owled/e> you are su..osed to /et the e!tire .ers.e+ti1e> as to why you are sayi!/ Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem to e1erythi!/. 4ow you should +ome out with a differe!t u!dersta!di!/ as to why you say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem.



8 1 1 3 1 5 / 6 / 1& 9 3 3 1 9 1 7
-a/e F 6


Whe! you say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> you are eDerti!/ your e!tire Tawheed to Allah i! that matter that you are sayi!/ Bismillah to. *t has all as.e+ts of Tawheed i! it. 'ou are sayi!/ whe! you say Bismillah> you say Bismillah> Allah .ermits me to do this. Athi! Allahu #ee. Bismillah> a!d if Allah did !ot .ermit me> * would !ot do it. So whe! you are sayi!/ Bismillah> you are sayi!/> * am doi!/ it for the sa%e of Allah be+ause Allah .ermitted me to do this. Allah allowed me to do this> Athi! Allahu #ee H" ,I. * am doi!/ it for your sa%e 'aa Allah be+ause you .ermitted me> you allowed me to do this. That is why you do !ot say Bismillah whe! you are +ommitti!/ a si!> may Allah /uard us a!d .rote+t us from that. But if someo!e is dri!%i!/ al+ohol> they do !ot say Bismillah. 'ou do !ot say Bismillah be+ause if you say Bismillah> you are a+tually /etti!/ two si!s. 'ou are sayi!/ Bismillah> that Allah .ermitted you a!d Allah !e1er .ermitted that> a!d you are /etti!/ the a+tual si! for dri!%i!/ the al+ohol. So> you are /etti!/ two si!s if you do say Bismillah. 01e! thou/h> belie1e it or !ot it is a tre!d i! some +ou!tries> i! some Muslim +ou!tries that they say Bismillah before dri!%i!/ al+ohol. So that is Tawheed Uloohiyyah> Bismillah> Allah .ermitted me to do this> * am doi!/ this for the sa%e of Allah. So we are doi!/ this by the .ermissio! of Allah> this is Tawheed Uloohiyyah.

TA62EE, A$#$5B5BI44A2
Whe! you write dow!> who /a1e you the .ower to write= Allah /a1e you the .ower to write. So whe! you say Bismillah> you are sayi!/> * +ould !ot ha1e do!e this without the .ower Allah has /i1e! me. Bismillah> * do this by the .ower Allah has /i1e! me. Bismillah> * eat> be+ause Allah has /i1e! me this .ro1isio!> a!d be+ause had it !ot bee! for the .ower Allah has /i1e! me> * would !ot be able to +hew it. Bismillah> * write be+ause if it was !ot for Allah /i1i!/ me the .ower> my ha!d would !ot be able to mo1e> it would be .aralysed. That is li%e sayi!/ #aa hawla wa laa uwwata illah billah> if it was !ot for (is .ower> * would !ot ha1e do!e this a+t> the .ower that Allah has /i1e! me to do this a+t. That is why Allah saysC

3 1 & >? :<= ... 1 7 1 ; : / 0 !

01ery .ro1isio! is from Allah. So that is the se+o!d as.e+t> that is Tawheed arRububiyyah i! Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem.


'ou are see%i!/ blessi!/ by the !ame of Allah> Bismillah> you are usi!/ the 4ame of Allah to bless whate1er you are doi!/. Whe! you are usi!/ the 4ame of Allah a!d
-a/e F 6

the! followi!/> whi+h we will ta%e later> Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> those are !ames> ualities a!d attributes of Allah that we will dis+uss *!shaa Allah. So you are usi!/ the 4ame of Allah to bless the a+t you are doi!/> that is Tawheed al-Asmaa wasSifaat. That a..lies to a!y matter that you say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem to> a!y matter you say Basmalah to. Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem is +alled Basmalah. Whe! * say Bismillah to eat> or to sit a! eDam for eDam.le> * say Bismillah to bless that matter> to bless the test that * am ta%i!/. That is Asmaa was-Sifaat. Allah /a1e me the .ower to eat or to write> that is Rububiyyah. * do this for the sa%e of Allah> by the .ermissio! of Allah> he .ermitted me to do this> it is (alaal so * am doi!/ it> that is Tawheed Uloohiyyah. A!d li%ewise> ta%e it for e1erythi!/ else. 'ou u!dersta!d !ow> whe! you say Bismillah> !ow you are /oi!/ to /et a differe!t .ers.e+ti1e of what you used to say Bismillah before. Sometimes you are sayi!/ it be+ause you read a (adith to say it> !ow you u!dersta!d why you are sayi!/ it.



C!D= &B '5A@ ! @! ; E &BGH <( ;2EF

The Baa i! Bismillah is *stiaa!ah a!d Tawa%%ul> the Baa. To see% hel.> a!d de.e!de!+e o! Allah. The /rammati+al rule i! Arabi+ is Al-Jaar wal-Majroor filBasmalah Mutaalli u! Bimahthoof Ta deeruhu "iil #aai u! Bilma aam. Whe! you say Bismillah i! Arabi+> it automati+ally im.lies you are sayi!/> Bismillah * eat> Bismillah * dri!%> Bismillah * write. 'ou do !ot ha1e to say the a+t that you are sayi!/ Bismillah to it> you do !ot ha1e to s.e+ify> * eat> * dri!%> * write. The Arabi+ la!/ua/e elimi!ates the !eed to me!tio! the a+t you are sayi!/ Bismillah to> it is automati+ally im.lied. 'ou do !ot ha1e to say the word * eat> you do !ot ha1e to say the word * dri!%> it is automati+ally im.lied i! Bismillah. That is amo!/ the beauties of the Arabi+ la!/ua/e. Whe! you eat> a!d you say Bismillah> it is li%e sayi!/ Bismillah * eat> e1e! thou/h you do !ot ta/ o! the word * eat. * wa!t you to u!dersta!d this fully> if you are writi!/> a!d you say Bismillah> it automati+ally mea!s Bismillah> * write. Al-Jaar wal-Majroor fil-Basmalah Mutaalli u! Bimahthoof Ta deeruhu "il #aai u! Bilma aam> that is the Arabi+ /rammati+al rule. 4ow we established that rule> e1ery time * say
-a/e F $

Bismillah> it automati+ally mea!s Bismillah * eat> it automati+ally mea!s Bismillah * dri!% if * am dri!%i!/> Bismillah * am ridi!/ i! my +ar. *t always +ome after the 4ame of Allah> !ote * always said Bismillah * eat> * !e1er said * eat Bismillah. There is a bi/ differe!+e. Why is it Bismillah * eat> !ot * eat Bismillah=


K= 2 J* < IF
The s+holars of 4ahw said for two reaso!s. "irst of all> you start with Bismillah> the 4ame of Allah +omes first i! the se!te!+e> Bismillah * eat> let the !ame of Allah +ome to bless it. That sli/ht +ha!/e ma%es a hu/e differe!+e be+ause whe! you delay !ami!/ the a+t after> i! Arabi+ /rammar> by sayi!/ Bismillah * eat> i!stead of sayi!/ * eat Bismillah> i! esse!+e> it limits your a+tio! solely for the sa%e of Allah. The /rammati+al rule is Ta%heer al-&Aamil 'ufeed al-(asr. Bismillah * eat> * do !ot eat by a!y 4ame other tha! 'our !ame> you limit it for the sa%e of Allah> o!ly for 'ou Allah * write. That is the differe!+e betwee! sayi!/ Bismillah * eat a!d * eat Bismillah. 7!ly for you 'aa Allah * write> o!ly for you 'aa Allah * dri!%> for 'our sa%e.


Why does he start with Bismillah> this is a matter of *baadah a!d whe! you do *baadah> the burde! of .roof is o! you to bri!/ .roof. 'ou ha1e to bri!/ .roof whe! you are doi!/ a! *baadah> the burde! is o! the o!e doi!/ the *baadah to bri!/ .roof.


6IT2 T2E


There are a hu!dred a!d fourtee! Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem i! the ,ura!. 01e! thou/h there are a hu!dred a!d thirtee! i! the start of the Surahs> Tawbah does !ot ha1e Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> but i! Surat a!-4amlC

3 5 8 1 6 1 7 1 / 6 9 3 1 ! / L 3 1 3 3 " 1 9 1 7 1 / 1& ?M :<

<om.e!sates for the o!e missi!/ i! Surat at-Tawbah. *b! Abbaas said the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did !ot %!ow the be/i!!i!/ a!d e!d of Surah> eD+e.t by Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem.




-a/e F )

*! Bu%hari> i! Muslim> from Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to (era+lius> he started the letter with Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-RaheemC

2 1 1 3 2 1 / A : 1 1 3 1 5 / / 1& / 3 = 9 3 3 1 9 1 1 / N < 1 1 1 -L Q5 3 P 1 1O ! 1 ! 2 / & T A3 F / R 3 , S2 1

Whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam made a treaty with ,uraysh> Suhayl *b! &Amr +ame to do the treaty with the -ro.het betwee! him a!d ,uraysh> he told AliC

1 1 3 1 5 / / '/ # / 1& 9 3 3 1 9 1
(e told Ali> start a!d write a!d say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. A?-Euhri !arrated a similar (adith li%e that. *b! (ajr said it is the tre!d of the s+holars a!d that whi+h is settled u.o! that they always start their wor%s with Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. Abu Ba%r did the same> whe! he se!t A!as *b! Maali% to Bahrai!> he se!t a letter with him a!d he started it with Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. A!d there is a! Alle/ed (adith that a!y im.orta!t matter whi+h does !ot start with Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem is +ut off from all /ood. The (adith is !arrated i! *b! (ibbaa! a!d other boo%s a!d it is wea%. *t is wea%e!ed by *b! (ajr> Suyooti> Albaa!i a!d other s+holars. Some tried hard to authe!ti+ate but it is wea%. (ad that (adith bee!> that dire+t (adith o! starti!/ with Bismillah bee! authe!ti+> we would !ot ha1e had to me!tio! the other .roofs. That (adith would ha1e bee! suffi+ie!t but be+ause that (adith is wea%> we +a!!ot use it as .roof so we resorted to other .roof to establish that sayi!/ Bismillah o! matters li%e writi!/ boo%s is .ermissible. *! fa+t> some s+holars li%e * said> tried 1ery hard to authe!ti+ate the (adith but it is really a wea% (adith a!d it +a!!ot be authe!ti+ated for ma!y reaso!s that we do !ot wa!t to /et i!to ri/ht !ow. *! fa+t> there is a! e!tire boo%let o! how the (adith is wea%> alA awil al-Mufaalah li-Baya! (adith al-*btida bil-Basmalah> Shay%h ;atta!i> who died arou!d ei/hty years a/o> a famous s+holar of (adith from Ma/hrib> Rahmatullahi &Alayh.


So the !eDt .oi!t is the blessi!/ i! Basmalah> we say Bismillah to bless whate1er we say Bismillah o!. Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> to bless whate1er a+t you are doi!/. *slam e!+oura/es Bismillah i! e1erythi!/> e1ery situatio! that you are i!. Whe! you are writi!/> ridi!/> whe! sa+rifi+i!/C
-a/e F 8

0; UUV :7 ...7 7 1 / 1 3 1 - / L 3 1 #
0at from what whi+h Allahs 4ame has bee! me!tio!ed o!. Whe! eati!/ a!d dri!%i!/> i! Bu%hari a!d Muslim> Umar *b! Abi Salamah said> that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told himC

1 1 / #! / #! W 1 < 1 1& < 3 3 L W

01e! with relatio!shi. with your wife> with your s.ouseC

/ X / X 3 3 " / A 1 3 1 5 ! 3 / 1& 3 T 1 " / Y 'N

Whe! you are tur!i!/ the li/hts off> whe! you are +losi!/ a bottle. Jaabir *b! Abdullah i! Bu%hari a!d Muslim said the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said +lose your bottle with the !ame of Allah> tur! your li/ht off with the 4ame of Allah> with Bismillah. Aet used to me!tio!i!/ the 4ame of Allah i! e1erythi!/ for Bara%ah i! your life. That is o!e of the reaso!s blessi!/> Bara%ah> the blessi!/ has bee! ta%e! out of our li1es. Whe! they resort to materialisti+ mea!s> we resort to Allah for our Bara%ah. Bismillah is your mea!s to /et Bara%ah from Allah i! e1erythi!/> Bismillah is your mea!s to /etti!/ Bara%ah from Allah i! e1erythi!/ you do> if you say Bismillah. *f you /et Allah o! your side> for Bara%ah> what else do you !eed=

, " , - ! / T = ' J E F ! - Z S 6 E < / 3 3 / / / 8 / 1 / ! 6 ^_ :C ...] 6 1 : # 3 5 [ / \ & 1

*f the .eo.le of the tow!s had belie1ed a!d had they had Ta wa> +ertai!ly> we would ha1e o.e!ed for them blessi!/s from the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth. Allah will o.e! for you blessi!/ from the (ea1e!s a!d 0arth> just say Bismillah> Bara%ah is the blessi!/ from Allah. *f you e1er wo!der why there is !o blessi!/ i! our time these days> or i! our food> or i! our slee.> i! our re+itatio! of the ,ura!> as% yourself> ha1e you bee! sayi!/ Allahs 4ame a!d ha1e you bee! sayi!/ it from your heart %!owi!/ its mea!i!/= After you liste! to this / today> you are +omi!/ with a! e!tirely differe!t .ers.e+ti1e o! Basmalah.

#ast wee%> we /a1e a little i!trodu+tio!> the! we me!tio!ed the three as.e+ts of Tawheed i! Bismillah> the! we me!tio!ed two /rammati+al rules i! Bismillah> the! we me!tio!ed .roof for i!itiati!/ your a+tio!s with Bismillah> be+ause it is a matter of
-a/e F 2@

*baadah that !eeds .roof> the! we me!tio!ed a .ortio! of the blessi!/s of Allah whe! you say Bismillah. We are !ot do!e with Bismillah> a!d here * say> you !eed .atie!+e> we all !eed .atie!+e i! our study. Sometimes we are /oi!/ to .i+% u. the .a+e> a!d sometimes we are /oi!/ to slow dow!. Sometimes> we are /oi!/ to .i+% u. the .a+e be+ause it is ob1ious or i! the future> we are /oi!/ to study it i! more detail. Sometimes> li%e here> we !eed to %!ow it> this is our first 1erse i! Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. 'ou ha1e to fully e!+om.ass the mea!i!/> a!d really> we +a! /o i!to more i! this> but we ha1e to u!dersta!d as stude!ts of %!owled/e> somewhat of what Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem mea!s. (a1i!/ said that> whe! you do your outli!e> so * will !ot lose +ou!t> write the to.i+. "or eDam.le> Bismillah> a!d the! .ut the !umbers u!der it> or asteris% a!d the .oi!ts> be+ause it is a systemati+ study> it is !ot s.oradi+ stuff> so or/a!ise it.


The /e!eral rule is whe! there is !o s.e+ifi+ .roof o! a +ertai! matter> you +a! say the e!tire Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. "or eDam.le> writi!/ a boo%> you are writi!/ i! day to day a+ti1ity> you +a! say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem !ot just Bismillah. *t is Mustahabb> you +a! Bismillah or Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. *! fa+t> matters li%e writi!/ a boo%> you /ot .roof to ba+% it u. from what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did i! Sulh al-(udaybiyyah to say the e!tire Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. So a matter where there is !o s.e+ifi+ .roof> you say Bismillah or Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. 4ow> there are matters where there is s.e+ifi+ .roof the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o!ly said Bismillah> Bismillah without Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. #i%e eati!/ for eDam.le> do you say Bismillah or Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem whe! you eat= *! this matter> there is s.e+ifi+ .roof i! eati!/. There is a (adith i! Su!a! at-Tirmidhi !arrated by Aishah radhiallahu &a!ha that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> whe! you eat say Bismillah> if you for/et it i! the be/i!!i!/> the! sayC

, ; ( * Z! ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 5 / 1& 3 1
#oo% at that> he did !ot say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. *! this (adith> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said Bismillah for eati!/ a!d he re.eated it twi+e> o!+e if you say it ori/i!ally> a!d the se+o!d> what to say if you for/ot it. Bismillah i! the be/i!!i!/> a!d if you for/et it> you sayC

( 1 Z! 1 1 1 1 ! 1 3 1 5 / 1& 3 , ; 1 *
This (adith is also !arrated by *b! Masood> a!d this (adith> *b! (ajr Rahimahullah said> this (adith is the most forthri/ht (adith o! this matter> mea!i!/ sayi!/
-a/e F 22

Bismillah whe! you eat. The .roblem for eDam.le> is a!-4awawi i! his boo% alAdh%aar said> it is better to say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem whe! you eat tha! it is to say Bismillah. *b! Taymiyyah said it is .ermissible to say Bismillahi ArRahmaa! Ar-Raheem. (owe1er> *b! (ajr +omme!ted o! the stateme!t of a!4awawi> sayi!/ * do !ot %!ow where there is a!y .roof to say it is better to say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem tha! it is to say Bismillah. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! a (adith !arrated by Samurah> *f * tell you a (adith> do !ot add to my sayi!/C

3 . a 1 / / 3 L : 2/ 1 A3 1 1 /& ` '/ c329 + 4 2 N 1 : b " 1 9 3 2d W ! 3 L 3 1 F Q;

5o !ot add to Ahaadith * tell you. The /e!eral mea!i!/ of it is whe! you lear! somethi!/> do !ot add to that (adith. But it also mea!s i!!> i! *baadah> you yourself i! your .ri1ate *baadah> do !ot add. *f he did !ot say Ar-Rahmaa! ArRaheem> do !ot add. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was tea+hi!/ a you!/ boy> the (adith we me!tio!ed last wee%> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam does !ot hide a!ythi!/> s.e+ifi+ally whe! he tea+hes. (e is a le/islator> he is le/islati!/> whe! he sees somethi!/ he is le/islati!/. Whe! he told Umar *b! Abi Salamah> he saidC

1 1 / #! / #! / N W 1 < 1 1& < 1 3 1 5 / 1 &: < 3 W

Say Bismillah. Some say what is the bi/ deal here> why are you ma%i!/ a bi/ deal> Bismillah or Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. This issue is a! issue of *baadah a!d i! *baadah we adhere stri+tly to .roof be+ause a!yo!e who adds to *baadah or a!y matter of *slam> is li%e sayi!/ to Allah a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> you do !ot %!ow> * wa!t to add a little bit from my ow!. That is what you are sayi!/ whe! you are addi!/ i!!o1atio! i! *slam. *! (adith Muslim> Umaarah *b! Ruaybah see! Bishr *b! Marwaa! raisi!/ his ha!ds i! the o! "riday. (e said> may Allah dis/ra+e those two ha!dsC

/ 3 AN 3 e 1 / 2 1 / F
* see! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o! the a!d he !e1er we!t beyo!d this Ha!d he /estured with his forefi!/erI. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o!ly did this> where did you +ome u. with this= A!-4awawi +omme!ted o! this a!d said> the Su!!ah is !ot to raise your ha!ds duri!/ the ;hutbah. * wrote a! arti+le o! this se1eral mo!ths a/o> be+ause a lo+al Masjid here where * atte!ded Jumuah> a!d a you!/ ;hateeb /ot u. a!d he +omme!ted o! this sayi!/ you should
-a/e F 29

!ot raise your ha!ds a!d you %!ow> +ommotio! bro%e out. (ow +a! you say do !ot raise your ha!ds= So you +a! refer to that arti+le for more detail o! raisi!/ your ha!ds i! /e!eral. 01e! more tha! that> e1e! more tha! the (adith of Umaarah> Mustadara% al(aa%im> *b! Umar radhiallahu &a!hu saw a ma! s!ee?e> what do you say whe! you s!ee?e= Alhamdulillah> you say Alhamdulillah. The ma! s!ee?ed i! fro!t of *b! Umar a!d says Alhamdulillahi was-Salaatu was-Salaam &Alaa Rasoolillah> he added was-Salaatu was-Salaam &Alaa Rasoolillah. Beautiful mea!i!/> .ea+e a!d blessi!/ be u.o! the .ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> what is wro!/ with addi!/ that= Some say what is wro!/ with addi!/ that> it is a !i+e additio! to Alhamdulillah. *b! Umar deterred him from that additio!> he wa!ted him to sti+% with Alhamdulillah> .eriod. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said Alhamdulillah> .eriod that is it. *b! Abdee! said it is disli%ed> disli%ed to add was-Salaatu wasSalaam &Alaa Rasoolillah whe! you s!ee?e a!d say Alhamdulillah. As-Suyooti said it is affirmati1ely a 1ilified Bidah> Alhamdulillah was-Salaatu was-Salaam &Alaa Rasoolillah whe! you s!ee?e> e1e! thou/h the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam started some of his ;hutub with that. What is wro!/ if you add .raise to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to Alhamdulillah whe! you s!ee?e= After you s!ee?e> say Alhamdulillah> .eriod> be+ause the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam said Alhamdulillah> .eriod. The! you /o whe! you are do!e> if someo!e res.o!ds to you> the! whe! you are do!e> /o a!d say as-Salaatu was-Salaam &Alaa Rasoolillah a thousa!d times. (ere we ha1e the issue of eati!/> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is telli!/ Umar *b! Abi SalamahC

1 ; f / #! / E W 1 1& < 1 3 1 5 / #, / 1 &: < 1

(e did !ot say Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. So you ha1e the (adith of Aishah> a!d *b! Masood> the (adith *b! (ajr said is the most forthri/ht (adith o! this issue. So> it is best to sti+% with what the (adith said. There are some other matters where the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam s.e+ified o!ly Bismillah. "or eDam.le> relatio!shi. with your s.ouse> i! Bu%hari a!d MuslimC

/ X / X 3 3 " / A 1 3 1 5 ! 3 / 1& 3 T 1 " / Y 'N

Whe! you /o to the bathroomC

-a/e F 2:

3 5 1& - g / , 1 1 / A$ 1 W 3 3 T 1 / 1& g / ! 1 1 GA $
#oo% how Bismillah is s.e+ifi+ i! those. 7ther tha! these matters> where there is !o s.e+ifi+ .roof or a (adith just me!tio!i!/ Bismillah alo!e> you are free to me!tio! the e!tire Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. Where the (adith limits it to Bismillah> sti+% to Bismillah.




Allah is a !ame that is o!ly for Allah.

/ ! ( 6 / ; 1 ! P 6 / & 3 a /2 A T ! 5 ] / [ 3 1 / _> : i 1 1 6 1 L 1 1 FhA / F < / ! / 1 A.

5o you %!ow a!yo!e who is similar to (im= 'ou %!ow what that uestio! is> this uestio! at the e!d of this 1erse hasC

/ i 1 L / F <
*t is !ot a uestio! that !eeds a! a!swer> it is li%e a rhetori+al uestio!> it is a uestio! that is used to ma%e a .oi!t. Some s+holars said the mea!i!/ of> do you %!ow of a!y similar to (im is that there is !o o!e other tha! Allah with the !ame Allah.


Allah is deri1ati1e from the word *laah> the word is *laah as *b! al-,ayyim a!d others said. *laah is from Uloohiyyah> o!eshi.> *laah is o!eshi.> that is the root word of Allah. Sibawayh said Alif a!d #aam were added to *laah as a! ho!our a!d Tadheem to Allah. Whe! you add it> you add the Shaddah the! a!d you ta%e o!e of the (am?ah out so it be+omes Allah.





$ABB IN T2E 95$7AN

#oo% at how the ,ura! uses Allah> a!d at other times it uses Rabb. Whe! Musa we!t to /et the fire> his family were +old a!d he wa!ted li/ht a!d fire> Allah says i! the ,ura!C

-a/e F 23

, / h / & j 2 E W W R * ; W & 6 / 3 1 1 3 / / / P 1 1 1 Ul :k S4 k
Berily Musa> * am your #ord> (e uses #ordshi. be+ause the setti!/ was that of #ordshi.. Allah wa!ted to tell Musa> * ta%e +are of you> * sustai! you> (e is telli!/ Musa> * .rote+t you. What are those as.e+ts of= * /uard you> * !ourish you. The! shortly thereafter> Allah uses Allah i! the same tal% to Musa. (e says> * ha1e +hose! you so liste! to that whi+h will be re1ealed to youC

F6 W U? :k / ,! 1 'L - / / ; 1 R / '* 8 9
Berily> * am AllahC

3 1 3 ... 8 1 H 1 3 1 , H , 7 7
The se+o!d time> Allah says * am Allah> !ot Rabbu%a> why= (e said that a few mome!ts a/o> Rabb> !ow (e is sayi!/ Allah. "irst> Musa was afraid so Allah is telli!/ him> * ta%e +are of you> .rote+t you> mai!tai! you a!d sustai! you. Se+o!d stateme!t> was i! a where Allah was telli!/ Musa what is re uested of Musa. That mea!s Musa> you !eed to do this> you !eed to do that. What are those as.e+ts of= Uloohiyyah> so Allah uses Allah. The 1erse saidC

,! / Un :k m6 # D ` Q K N ... / ; 1 1 1 /2 A 1 3 1 1
Worshi. me Musa> .erform Salah> what are those= Whe! you do those> they e!tail Tawheed al-Uloohiyyah. So that is why Allah said i! the first o!e Rabbu%a a!d i! the se+o!d o!e> (e saidC

3 1 3 1 , 7
(e +ould ha1e used either o!e but these are to show you how se!siti1e the ,ura! is a!d how Allah a!d Rabb are used.




Whe! you +all Allah> you say 'aa Allah> with the Alif a!d #aam before> mea!i!/ &The. #i!/uisti+ s+holars a!d s+holars of the Salaf all said> you say 'aa Allah. 5o you e1er say 'aa Al-Jabbaar> 'aa Al-;areem= 4o> you say 'aa Ar-Raheem> you say 'aa Al-;areem= 'ou say 'aa Raheem> 'aa ;areem> you ta%e out &Al. *! Allah> you say 'aa Allah with the Alif a!d #aam before it> u!i ue> u!li%e a!y other of Allahs 4ames. Some li%e at-Tahhaawi> *b! al-,ayyim> used that as .roof to substa!tiate that that is the mi/hty !ame of Allah> the o!e if o!e uses it to ma%e a!>

-a/e F 26

Allah will a!swer. We will tal% about that *!shaa Allah i! the future whe! we tal% about Asmaa a!d Sifaat i! detail.




*t is i! 5uaa> it is i! .raise> it is i! /lorifi+atio!> it is i! the Shahaadah> but it is !ot by itself a form of 5hi%r that we were tau/ht by the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. So you do !ot /o a!d say o!e hu!dred times Allah> Allah> Allah. 'ou do !ot hold the beads a!d say o!e hu!dred times> Allah. 'ou say Alhamdulillah> you say Bismillah> you say #aa ilaaha illallah> you say 'aa Allah> * !eed this> but Allah> Allah> Allah alo!e is !ot a form of 5hi%r that we were tau/ht.




Allah does !ot follow a!y of the other !ames. The !ame Allah does !ot follow a!y of the other !ames> the other !ames of Allah follow the !ame Allah. #et me eD.lai! it with a! eDam.le be+ause you mi/ht ha1e heard this stateme!t before> but a! eDam.le is /oi!/ to +lear the +o!fused fa+es that * see. Al-,uddoos> Al-A?ee?> AlJabbaar> Al-;haali > all those are !ames of Allah. 'ou do !ot say Allah is the !ame of Al-A?ee?> you do !ot say that. 'ou do !ot say Allah is the !ame of Ar-Rahmaa!. 'ou fli. it> you say Al-,uddoos is the !ame of Allah. The first was to say> this o!e> Al-A?ee? is the !ame of Allah> Ar-Rahmaa! is the !ame of Allah. So the other !ames follow the !ame of Allah.


We .re1iously said i! the last +lass that Bismillah e!tails all three as.e+ts of Tawheed> you submit all three forms of Tawheed i! Allah for a!y matter you say Bismillah. That is the same Bismillah Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> or e1e! Bismillah> we me!tio!ed that i! the last +lass. 4ow we are /oi!/ to say the !ame Allah i!+ludes belie1i!/ i! all three of Tawheed> im.lies that you must belie1e i! all three of Tawheed. 4ot e1e! the !ame Allah> the root of Allah> *laah> is the three of Tawheed. That e!tails that you must belie1e i! all Tawheed. Tawheed ar-Rububiyyah is i!+luded as .art of Tawheed al-Uloohiyyah> but the o..osite is !ot true. So> *laah> the root word of Allah is Uloohiyyah> o!eshi.. *!+luded i! the o!eshi. is Rububiyyah> you /o two Tawheed there. The! Allah> the !ame itself is Asmaa> so that is Tawheed al-Asmaa wasSifaat. That is three Tawheed i! the !ame of Allah> !ot e1e! Allah> i! the root !ame of Allah> *laah.


Allah is me!tio!ed i! the ,ura! two thousa!d> siD hu!dred a!d two times a++ordi!/ to al-Mujam al-Mufahras. *t is the most .o.ular !ame of Allah> the !ame +hose! out

-a/e F 26

of all the !ames to say your Shahaadah> whe! you say Shahaadah> Ash-hadu alla ilaaha illallah> +hose! to say your Shahaadah. Whe! you utter that !ame> you are !ot utteri!/ just a!y !ame> you are utteri!/ the !ame of the Majesti+> the Re1ere!t> the Sublime> Allah. Allah is the !ame you shout whe! you are i! fear to /ai! safety. Allah is the !ame that if you me!tio! it i! somethi!/ s+ar+e> see%i!/ it to be blessed> it be+omes .le!ty a!d e1e! more> the !ame that those who i! fear +all to attai! se+urity. The !ame that those +all for relief whe! they are i! distress> whe! they are i! a!/uish> whe! they are i! a/o!y> i! sorrow> Allah> you +all Allah> !obody troubled or worried +alls the !ame of Allah eD+e.t that Allah relie1es his troubles a!d his worries> Allah. 4ot a .oor> that +li!/s o! to the !ame of Allah eD+e.t that Allah ma%es him afflue!t. 4ot a! ill> who +li!/s o! to the !ame of Allah eD+e.t that he be+omes healthy. The !ame whe! a distressed +alls> he /ets .ro1ided with safety. Allah> the !ame whe! a wea% +alls that !ame> (e /i1es him .ower a!d ho!our> whe! a! o..ressed uses that !ame a!d +alls that !ame> Allah> (e /ra!ts him 1i+tory. Allah is the !ame to +all whe! you wa!t mer+y> +all Allah. Allah is the !ame to +all for abu!da!+e a!d blessi!/s> Allah. Allah is the !ame you +all whe! you wa!t to +lea!se your si!s> Allah. Allah is !ot a!y ordi!ary !ame. *f o!e +om.rehe!ded the !ame of Allah> (e would li1e i! ultimate ha..i!ess> the mea!i!/s of the !ame of Allah. Whe! you ma%e Allah ma/!ifi+e!t i! your heart> your heart be+omes the stro!/est> most firm> most .ure heart> a!d at the same time it be+omes a mer+iful heart be+ause it has Allah i! it. Allah> is !ot a!y ordi!ary !ame. A heart that truly %!ows the mea!i!/ of Allah +ould !e1er belittle a si!> if it truly %!ows Allah> the !ame Allah. Whe! you say Bismillah by "ardh from Allah> you say Allahs !ame by "ardh se1e!tee! times. Bismillah> you ha1e to say se1e!tee! times a day i! your Salah> al-"aatihah. *! additio! to te!s of times you /ot to say it as Su!!ah> re+omme!datio!. 5o !ot thi!% it is just a!other !ormal word you are utteri!/> Allah is !ot a !ormal word you are utteri!/. Some ha1e a hi/her re/ard whe! they are me!tio!i!/ the !ames of their bosses a!d their %i!/s a!d their s.ouses a!d their .reside!t> tha! they do whe! they me!tio! Allahs !ame. <he+% your le1el of your *maa! by %!owi!/ your feeli!/ whe! you hear the !ame of Allah.

% N 3 6 [ 1 ! H 1 3 a 3 I - / ! / Y D / ( 29 7 1 # / & / n> :d ...` 1 o 1 6 1 ) - 1 " *

Whe! Allahs !ame alo!e is me!tio!ed> the hearts of those who do !ot belie1e> are filled with dis/ust. The le1el of /ratifi+atio!> the le1el of +omfort> the le1el of +o!te!t> the le1el of tra! uillity a!d ha..i!ess you feel whe! the !ame of Allah is me!tio!ed> tells you the le1el of *maa! you ha1e i! your heart be+ause of that 1erse. 'ou are sayi!/ the !ame of the o!e who raised se1e! s%ies with !o .illars to hold them u.> whe! you are sayi!/ Allah. 'ou are sayi!/ the !ame of the o!e who lowered se1e! earths u!der you by the wordC
-a/e F 2$

; " -0 / #
A!d the! (e +reated you from emitted seme!> as beautiful> a!d i! the best of all stature. #et that /o throu/h your mi!d e1ery time you hear of a se!te!+e with Allah i! it. More im.orta!tly> remember that whe! you say AllahC

/ ( ! 3 ! B ... 6 1 / 2N 6 2N 1 4 ] 3 9 7 ! 6 / 1
They u!derestimate> do !ot be li%e those who u!derestimate Allah> do !ot e1er be li%e that whe! you hear (is !ame> it is somethi!/ bi/> it is somethi!/ hu/e. They ma%e !ot a just estimate of Allah.

/ ! ... 1 / / AN 1 1 4 ] E 'p 6 / /
A!d the 5ay of the Resurre+tio!> the whole earth will be /ras.ed i! (is ha!d.

... ... 1 1 1 1& [ 3 q ! 3 ! [ 5 1 /

A!d the hea1e!s will be rolled u. i! his ri/ht ha!d.

6 / _r :d" ... -# F! / AL 3 = 8 1 X
Alorified be (e> a!d hi/h abo1e those who attribute a .art!er to (im.

A$#$A20AAN AN, A$#$A2EE0

Rahmaa! is the o!e who has the +om.lete mer+y> mer+y that e!+om.asses e1erythi!/. This !ame is u!i ue i! that it is amo!/ the eD+lusi1e !ames to Allah> ArRahmaa! is a! eD+lusi1e !ame to Allah. *t is a !ame .arti+ular to Allah> Wasf> des+ri.tio!> li%e a! adje+ti1e of mer+y. 7w!er of the /reat> 1ast> ultimate> eDte!si1e mer+y. The ultimate +om.lete mer+y that is eD+lusi1e to !o o!e other tha! Allah> that is a Rahmaa!. Words i! Arabi+ that are o! the s+ale of "alaa! H "Q;I i!di+ate 1ast!ess a!d abu!da!+e> eDte!si1e. Mea!i!/> the words that rhyme with the world "alaa!. #i%e Rahmaa!> "alaa!> you see how they rhyme. "or eDam.le> ta%e it i! how it .ertai!s to huma! bei!/s> Ahadhbaaa! H "ApsI> whi+h is o! the rhythm of "alaa!> Sa%raa! H"0LI whi+h is o! the rhythm of "alaa!> you !oti+e how they all rhyme. They all rhyme> whe! you say Ahadhbaa! it mea!s a!/er but !ot just a!/er>

-a/e F 2)

+om.lete> e!ra/ed> ultimate a!/er. Atshaa! H "XI> thirsty> utmost> e!tire> +om.lete> full thirst. #i%ewise> Ar-Rahmaa!> a!d Allah of +ourse has su.reme eDam.les> it mea!s a hi/h s+ale of mer+y that o!ly belo!/s to Allah. Ar-Rahmaa! is me!tio!ed i! the ,ura! fifty se1e! times a++ordi!/ to Mu jam al-Mufahras.

Ar-Raheem is a !ame whi+h refers to the a+tio!> mea!i!/ the o!e whose mer+y rea+hes to others. This !ame a..lies to Allah but restri+tly a..lies to others> a!d it is me!tio!ed o!e hu!dred a!d fourtee! times i! the ,ura!> li%e * said> a++ordi!/ to Mujam al-Mufahras. The mer+y that e!+om.asses (is +reatio!> this word is o! the s+ale of "aeel H

< ;I. This o!e here is o! "aeel> Raheem. *! Arabi+> words o! the s+ale of "aeel
are a form> they ta%e it to a form of bei!/ a! i!te!sified form of that a+tio!> rea+hi!/ others. Allah is the Most Mer+iful to the u!i1erse> the Most Mer+iful to the u!i1erse> to (is +reatio!. The !ame restri+tly a..lies to others> you +a! ha1e mer+y to your +hildre!> to your brothers> to your family. But of +ourse> there is !o way you +a! merely ima/i!e +om.ari!/ the mer+y of Allah to the mer+y of a!y of (is +reatio!> or e1e! the mer+y of (is +reatio!s +ombi!ed from the time of the +reatio! u!til the Jud/me!t 5ay. 'ou +a!!ot e1e! +om.are> it is !ot e1e! a feather wei/ht or a! atoms wei/ht> or e1e! less tha! that> +om.ared to the mer+y of Allah who is ArRahmaa!> Ar-Raheem. 01e! thou/h you may some ty.e of mer+y whi+h !o o!e +a! de!y> you +a! !e1er +om.are your mer+y to Allahs mer+y> that is what we mea! whe! we say restri+tly> a..lies to others. *! Surat ash-ShooraC

6 q ! 1 A/ R 1 5 1 1 / + 1 # t 3 / ... K \ / % UU :S-X
There is !o!e li%e (im> (e is the All (eari!/> the All Seei!/. *! Surat al-A!aamC

/ u / #6/2 F H 3 6 : ...6 ! 1 / & / & K 6 K 1 /2 UM?

4o 1isio! +a! /ras. (im but he /ras.s all 1isio!s.




The .hrase Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem i!di+ates the /reat> 1ast> ultimate mer+y of Allah.

-a/e F 28

4o o!e +a! be !amed Ar-Rahmaa! but some .eo.le +a! be !amed Ar-Raheem> of (is +reatio!. 4o o!e +a! be !amed a !ame eD+lusi1e to Allah> it is a restri+ted !ame to Allah> Rahmaa!> you +a! !ot !ame that !ame. The utmost mer+y> the +om.lete> the full mer+y is o!ly to Allah> you +a! !ot ha1e that> it is !ot a +hara+teristi+ i! you so you +a! !ot ha1e that. Just li%e you +a!!ot !ame Allah be+ause you do !ot ha1e the +hara+teristi+s of Allah> you +a!!ot !ame Ar-Rahmaa!> it is a! eD+lusi1e !ame to Allah. #i%ewise> you +a!!ot !ame Al-;haali > the <reator> Ar-Ra??aa > the Sustai!er> al-Ahad> you +a!!ot !ame As-Samad> Al-Baari> Al-,ayyoom. Al-;haali for eDam.le> the <reator> the o!e who +reates somethi!/ with !othi!/ similar> !o resembla!+e> !o +om.ariso!> !o similar +om.ariso! to it. <a! you +reate somethi!/ similar to that= 4o> so you +a!!ot be +alled Al-;haali be+ause you do !ot ha1e that +hara+teristi+. Al-Baari is the Ma%er> the o!e who ma%es somethi!/ free from a!y defi+ie!+yG +a! you ma%e a!ythi!/ free of a!y defi+ie!+y= 7f +ourse you +a! !ot do that> so you +a!!ot be +alled Al-Baari. The!> there are some !ames that you +a! be !amed> li%e Aha!i> Mali%> A?ee?> Jabbaar. *! the ,ura!> Allah des+ribes the woma! who a++uses 'usufC

,... / ?M :vL-7 ...7 7d d ` / 1 1

Allah is sayi!/ Al-A?ee? a!d Allah +alls her the wife of Al-A?ee?. (a%eem *b! (i?am> (a%eem is a !ame of Allah. A Sahaabi duri!/ the time of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was !amed al-(a%eem. Allah said i! the ,ura!C

3 R 1 8D # < # 6 ... 3 6 A/ W 7 1 / N 8 : A : A 0 ' ?> :;s

Allah seals the heart of e1ery arro/a!t tyra!t. (e used the !ame Jabbaar to (is +reatio!> (is !ame is Jabbaar a!d (e uses that for (is +reatio!> it is used te! times i! the ,ura!. 4i!e out of those te! times it is for .eo.le who are stro!/> o..ressi1e> +ommit i!justi+e or those who do a!y ty.e of 5hulm. The last time it is me!tio!ed> Al-Jabbaar> is i! Surat al-(ashr a!d it refers to Allah. Whe! a huma! is .ermitted to !ame those> i! o!e way or a!other> it is i! a !e/ati1e se!se. 01e! if me!tio!ed .ositi1ely> it has some %i!d of defi+ie!+y i! it be+ause you are huma!. Whe! you me!tio! Allah> the! there is !o!e li%e Allah> it is the +om.lete> .ositi1e> ultimate> eDam.le. *t is the +om.lete> utmost> .ositi1e uality of that !ame> whate1er it mea!s. That is the differe!+e betwee! Ar-Rahmaa! a!d Ar-Raheem. #oo% i! the ,ura!> Allah said i! the ,ura!C

UU :S-X ... 1 A/ R 1 5 3 ... K

-a/e F 9@

The (eari!/ a!d #iste!i!/. Allah +alls you> i! Surat al-*!saa!C

, J / * X E 3 1 1 1 ' / A3 x 1 " 5 w / : /P 1 / : l :"5H 6 / 1 & 1 L 4 @ ; ( 4 K

Allah says about youC

l :"5H 6 ; / 1 & 1 L 4 @ ... ( 4 K

A!d ma!y times i! the ,ura!> Allah says about (imselfC

UU :S-X ... ... ! 1 A/ R 1 5 3 K

S.e+ifi+ally> this !ame Raheem> +a! be !amed li%e that. Raheem> you +a! !ame yourself or your +hild that. Allah says i! the ,ura!C

! / n? :ad9 ... 1 6 1 ) # 1 4 9 / & 1 "

About the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> (e !ames (is -ro.het Raheema. There are !ames that you +a! be !amed> of Allahs !ames> but always %!ow that there is !o way you +a! +om.are your uality to Allahs uality. Musaylamah the #iar de+ided to +all himself Rahmaa!> a! eD+lusi1e !ame for Allah. As a .u!ishme!t from Allah> Allah made him %!ow! as the #iar> a!d eD.osed him. (e +hose the eD+lusi1e !ame of Allah> Rahmaa!> his !ame was Rahmaa! al-'amaamah. Allah +lothed him with the !i+%!ame> the #iar> that he is %!ow! by all the way u!til the Jud/me!t 5ay. *f you say Rahmaa! al-'amaamah> does a!yo!e today %!ow him= 4obody %!ows him. (istory do+ume!ts him as Musaylamah al-;athaab> Musaylamah the #iar. That is his .u!ishme!t for tryi!/ to use a! eD+lusi1e !ame of Allah. (e be+ame a! eDam.le of a liar amo!/ the reside!ts of his +ities a!d 1illa/es> the .eo.le of the deserts a!d the Bedoui!s a!d i! history> the liar> a .u!ishme!t for o!e who tries to use the eD+lusi1e !ame of Allah. So the first differe!+e betwee! Ar-Rahmaa! a!d Ar-Raheem is you +a! !ame yourself Ar-Raheem but you +a! !ot !ame yourself Ar-Rahmaa! be+ause o!e is eD+lusi1e to Allah> a!d the other is !ot. 01e! with Raheem> you are differe!t resembla!+e i! the ualities> betwee! +reatio! a!d the <reator. *b! Jareer a!d others> al-"aarisi said Ar-Rahmaa! is for all the +reatio!> e1il a!d !o! e1il> huma! a!d !o! huma!> a!d Ar-Raheem is o!ly for the belie1ers. Ar-Rahmaa! +arries a broader s+o.e of mea!i!/ .ertai!i!/ to the mer+y of Allah. That is basi+ally what al-"aarisi> *b! Jareer a!d others said> a!d they used this .roofC

! / n? :ad9 ... 1 6 1 ) # 1 4 9 / & 1 "

-a/e F 92

A!d he is with the belie1ers Raheema> usi!/ the word Raheema. So the first o!e is a broad form> the se+o!d o!e is o!ly for the belie1ers. Some s+holars obje+ted to this> we do !ot wa!t to /et i!to that ri/ht !ow but some s+holars obje+ted. *b! Abbaas said> they are soft> te!der> /e!tle> Ra ee !ames> o!e of them is softer tha! the other. Mea!i!/ o!e +arries more! tha! the other> ea+h o!e is more mer+iful tha! the other. *b! Mubaara% said Ar-Rahmaa!> if you as% (e /i1esG Raheem> if you do !ot as%> (e /ets mad. So basi+ally that is what some s+holars said.


Ar-Rahmaa! a!d Ar-Raheem /i1e the uality the mer+y of Allah> the uality of mer+y> to Allah. We affirm to Allah what he affirmed to (imself a!d what (is Messe!/er> the most %!owled/eable of +reatio! affirmed to (im.

6 q ! 1 A/ R 1 5 1 1 / + 1 # t 3 / ... K \ / % UU :S-X / u / #6/2 F H 3 6 : ...6 ! 1 / & / & K 6 K 1 /2 UM?

We ha1e two !ames that /i1e the uality of mer+y to Allah> so we affirm to Allah what he affirmed to (imself a!d what (is Messe!/er> the most %!owled/eable huma! i! %!owled/e of Allah affirmed to (im. We do it without> free of a!y Tashbeeh. Tashbeeh mea!s +om.ariso!> we do !ot +om.are it. We do it free from Tamtheel> Tamtheel mea!s the li%e!i!/ of Allahs attributes to attributes of (is +reatio!. Without Tahreef> without distorti!/ the !ame or uality. Without Tateel> without de!ial of a!y of Allahs ualities or a!y as.e+t of it. We will tal% about this *!shaa Allah i! the future i! A eedah whe! we tal% about Tawheed al-Asmaa wasSifaat i! Allah saysC

7 / N U :yQ*w 2 < q 9 , 3
Whe! you read that> you read (e Allah is the o!e> o!e. (e is the o!e without a .art!er or !o asso+iate. That is what e1eryo!e u!dersta!ds> but it also mea!s (e is o!e i! his !ames> i! (is ualities a!d (is attributes. *! (is ualities> he is Ahad> Ahad i! his a+tio!s> !o +om.ariso! to him> that is what Ahad mea!s> just li%e it mea!s (e is the o!e without a .art!er. The terms Ar-Rahmaa! a!d Ar-Raheem /i1e
-a/e F 99

the uality of mer+y to Allah> so let us ta%e a ui+% /la!+e at the mer+y of Allah from some few Ahaadith a!d Ayaat.


Whe! o!e says Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> or a!y .raise> a!y 1erse of Allah or a!y /lorifi+atio! of Allah> a!d you %!ow its mea!i!/> it is a! *maa! e!er/iser. *t is a! *maa! booster ri/ht there> so you +har/e u. your *maa! ma!y times a day if u %!ow what you are really sayi!/> !ot merely utteri!/ o! your li.s. That is why we tal%ed about this i! somewhat of The terms /i1e the uality of mer+y to Allah> so> let us ta%e a ui+% / at the mer+y of Allah from some Ahaadith a!d Ayaat.

, / N H 6 L 1 1 J 1 3 m 1 A < / , D / T h 8 -; 1 5 3 " 3 E / F a / 1 z PD 6 1 7 1 1 - 3 1 - / 6 7 9 J 3 >? :d ... 1 4

Ali *b! Abi Talib radhiallahu &a!hu said this is the most e!+om.assi!/ 1erse of Allah i! the whole ,ura!. *b! Masood radhiallahu &a!hu said this is the most easi!/ 1erse i! the ,ura!. Ash-Shaw%aa!i said it is the most ho.eful 1erse i! the ,ura!. Why= Be+ause it is me!tio!i!/ Allahs mer+y> (e is /i1i!/ ho.e. Who is (e me!tio!i!/ to> the a!/els= 5o !ot ma%e mista%es> who are obedie!t to Allah> who are i!fallible= 4o> (e is me!tio!i!/ it to si!!ers> !ot just a!y si!!ers> si!!ers with the utmost +rimes. 7h my sla1es who ha1e tra!s/ressed their bou!daries> who +ommitted e1il deeds> e1il si!s> des.air !ot the mer+y of Allah> Allah for/i1es all si!s. 5es.air !ot the mer+y of Allah> (e for/i1es all si!s. Abu (urayrah i! Sahih Muslim a!d i! Sahih Bu%hari said> whe! Allah +reated the +reatio!> Allah wrote abo1e his thro!eC

f AL A 1 s / / E ' 9 1 p
My mer+y .re+edes my wrath. *! Bu%hari> !arrated by Umar> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam see! a woma! see%i!/ her so!. Whe! she fi!ally fou!d him> the +om.a!io!s were loo%i!/ at the s+e!e> whe! she fou!d him she embra+ed him ti/htly a!d she be/a! to !urse him. *t was su+h a mo1i!/ s+e!e> a! emotio!al s+e!e> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the +om.a!io!s were mo1ed by that /e!tle> te!der lo1e of a mother to her +hild. At that .oi!t> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam too% the o..ortu!ity to tea+h the +om.a!io!s about the mer+y of Allah. They see! the mer+y of a woma!> he wa!ted to tea+h them about the mer+y of Allah. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> do you thi!% a mother li%e that would harm her so!= 'ou thi!% a mother li%e that would .ut her so! i! a fire= They said !o> they e1e! said> !o Wallahi> they said Wallahi> !o way> while she is

-a/e F 9:

ali1e> !o way. (e said Allah is more mer+iful with his ser1a!ts tha! this mother is with her +hildC

, 3 & ( D ( h A & 9 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 / 1 1 /
Some used to ma%e the 5uaa> oh Allah> you %!ow my mother is the most mer+iful huma! to me o! the earth> a!d * %!ow you are more mer+iful to me tha! my mother is. She would !ot let a .u!ishme!t or harm /et to me> so 'a Allah * as% you to sa1e me from a!y .u!ishme!t. *! Sahih Muslim> Abu (urayrah radhiallahu &a!hu re.orted that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said mer+y has o!e hu!dred .arts> there is o!e hu!dred .arts to mer+y. (e se!t dow! to the earth> o!e .art of mer+y. To the ji!!> o!e .art /oes dow! to the ji!!> to the huma!> to the i!se+ts> a!d it is be+ause of this o!e .art that they ha1e lo1e amo!/st ea+h other. *t is be+ause of that mer+y> o!e mer+y> that they show %i!d!ess to o!e a!other. *t is be+ause> this is all the (adith> it is be+ause of that o!e mer+y that a beast treats its you!/ with affe+tio!. Allah reser1ed !i!ety !i!e .arts of the mer+y for (im. 5o you u!dersta!d Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem !ow= 5oes that +ome to mi!d whe! you hear Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem=


The best way to attai! Allahs mer+y> a .ra+ti+al way> is to say Asta/hfirullah as a form of 5hi%r. #oo% at the 1erse> Saalih told his .eo.le i! Surat a!-4amlC

3 " :<" ... / '5 1 z - !6 6 / F H 9 / 03 7 / F J / n_

See% the for/i1e!ess of Allah so that you may re+ei1e the mer+y of Allah. <o!ti!uous 5hi%r of Asta/hfirullah bri!/s you the mer+y of Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem. Allahs mer+y is u!to the /ood doersC

3 f :C 1 = 1 7 / q 6 / 6... 1 5 / 9 1 N >_
Musa> whe! he hel.ed that woma!> the two sisters> with water> the! he we!t a!d saidC

6 :{KE 6 1 ; 1 a 1 , 6... / d / 1 q E 3 1 f : / * ln
(e showed some mer+y> some +om.assio!> it +ame ba+% to him. So whe! you show others mer+y> that is the se+o!d way of /etti!/ it> it +omes ba+% at you.
-a/e F 93

*! Su!a! Abu 5awood> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> be mer+iful to .eo.le o! this earth> the o!e abo1e the hea1e!s will ha1e mer+y u.o! you. Be mer+iful to others o! this earth> your +om.assio! to your wife> your mer+y to your wife> your %ids> your stude!ts> your em.loyees> those you su.er1ise> a!imals> showi!/ +om.assio! to them> hel.i!/ them> showi!/ mer+y li%e Musa> it +omes ba+% at you. This is by the 1erseC

3 f :C 1 = 1 7 / q 6 / 6... 1 5 / 9 1 N >_
A!as> he ser1ed the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam te! years> !e1er o!+e did he re.rima!d him. 5o you thi!% he !e1er did a!y mista%es= ;ee. that i! mi!d whe! you treat others> to attai! the mer+y of Allah.


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/ 1 1 W 9 /
This is our third +lass of the!atio! a!d elu+idatio! of Sharh Al-Usool AthThalaathah. The .re1ious two +lasses> we fi!ally +om.leted Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem a!d * .romise you *!shaa Allah to s.eed u. the .a+e a little bit. 7ur to.i+ today is the first se!te!+e after Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> whi+h is *lam Rahima% Allah> %!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! you. A!d some brothers as%ed me to slow dow!> if * do !ot slow dow! if * am !ot /ood at it> the! you always ha1e the re+ordi!/ to /o by. The word *lam with its 1ariatio!s is me!tio!ed i! the ,ura! se1e! hu!dred a!d se1e!ty !i!e times. We are tal%i!/ about our first .oi!t> the im.orta!+e of *lam> %!owled/e or *lam> the word *lam i! the ,ura!.


Whe! you loo% at the story of Adam &alayhis salaam i! Surah Ba arah a!d you a!alyse it> you will see somethi!/ withi! that story of the first +reatio! Adam &alayhis salaam. #oo% at it> it is Surat al-Ba arah> 1erses thirty to thirty fourC

-a/e F 96

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;!owled/e> &*lm withi! its 1ariatio!s is me!tio!ed i! these four 1erses tal%i!/ about Adam a!d his +reatio!> ei/ht times. *! these four 1erses> they are me!tio!ed ei/ht times> whether it may be *lam> the 1ariatio! Talamoo!> or the 1ariatio! &Allamaa or the 1ariatio! &Allamta!aa> it is me!tio!ed ei/ht times i! these +hai! of 1erses about Adam a!d se1e! hu!dred a!d se1e!ty !i!e times throu/hout the ,ura!. 4ot o!ly is &*lm me!tio!ed i! these four 1erses> but more deli+ate tha! that is> Adam had a 1irtue a!d a! eD+elle!+e that made the a!/els .rostrate for him. The a!/els .raise Allah more tha! Adam> the a!/els /lorify Allah more tha! Adam a!d they tha!% (im more tha! Adam> but he has the su.eriority of %!owled/e a!d the! of %!owled/e. As a ;haleefah o! this 0arth> as Allah saidC

/ ; P &6 /1 ! q N ] 1 < 1 1 1 01 GQ / 1 W / b 1 6 1 * ?M :`EA ... 4 J

;!owled/e is of the esse!+e> a! Ummah that wa!ts to lead all the other Ummam> is a! Ummah of %!owled/e> defi!itely has to ha1e %!owled/e. With la+% of %!owled/e> Shir% see.s i!to the !atio!> destroyi!/ the !atio!> a!d de+ayi!/ it> just li%e it de+ays a! i!di1idual> de+ays a!ythi!/ that it see.s i!to. 01erythi!/ re uires %!owled/e> !ot just Tawheed> whi+h is the heart a!d the +ore of %!owled/es> but e1e! ma!!ers re uire %!owled/e> if you do !ot ha1e %!owled/e for ma!!ers they be+ome tai!ted. Sta!dards> today> you see .eo.le who are +alled heroes whe! they are i! reality +owards. Today> without %!owled/e> free miDi!/ a!d mi!/li!/ be+omes freedom a!d i!de.e!de!+e. With !o %!owled/e> atta+%i!/ a!d de/radi!/ a!d tra!s/ressi!/ u.o! *slam a!d Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala a!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu
-a/e F 96

&alayhi wa sallam> is +o!sidered i!telle+t a!d %!owled/e> a!d freedom of &*lm is so im.orta!t that the more you see the la+% of it> the +loser we are to the Jud/me!t day. The more you see the i/!ora!+e> the more +loser we are to the Jud/me!t day> is!t it a si/! of the Jud/me!t day= 01eryo!e who see%s to ma%e a +ha!/e> !eeds %!owled/e. (ere> we raise re1i1ers *!shaa Allah a!d * said that before> we as% Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala that a re1i1er +ome from out of you. A re1i1er to re1i1e this Ummah> its le/a+y> a!d the %ey to it is %!owled/e. #oo% at the /reatest re1i1ers of all times> the Messe!/ers a!d -ro.hets. We me!tio!ed Adam a!d how &*lm was me!tio!ed ei/ht times i! four 1erses about him> Surat al-Ba arah 1erses thirty to thirty four> but loo% also at #utC

4 - ! rn :\ A ... 1 ! / FZ k ( 4 / 4 / 09
Allah says about #ut> we /a1e his wisdom a!d %!owled/e> loo% at MusaC

, ~ ... & 1 ! / FZ S ( / ! 4 / 4 / 09 8 3 2% 3 ! 'L ( Un :{KE

#oo% at 'usufC

, ~ / ll :vL- ... 0 9 ( F Z ( 2 % & 1 ! / 3 4 / 4 3 !

We /a1e him %!owled/e a!d wisdom> 'a oobC

_V :vL- ...( ... 1 !D / 3 : / 3 1 !

(e is a ma! of %!owled/e from that whi+h we ha1e /i1e! him of our %!owled/e> 5awood a!d Sulaymaa!C

i #! ; ... 1 ! / FZ Q 3 J 4 / 4 / 09 / L / T " r^ :\ A
We /a1e ea+h o!e of them wisdom a!d %!owled/e> &*sa &alayhis salaamC

' @ ...< 6 1 / ! 1 0/ W ' / 0= / 3 ... 1 w ` / 3 '! a 1 / ! UUM :`2G

* tau/ht you the Boo%> a!d the wisdom> a!d the Tawraat> the Aos.el. Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

F UU? :\5 ... ... ! / F 0 / W 3

-a/e F 9$

We tau/ht you that whi+h you did !ot %!ow. Without %!owled/e> there is !o leadershi.> there is !o .ower> there is !o so1erei/!ty. The first re1elatio! to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> .ertai!s to %!owled/eC

/ ,6 N &6 U :B B L & mD 1 3 W / * 1 / 1
* ra> &Allama> ,alam> all those are %!owled/e> 1ariatio!s me!tio!ed i! the ,ura! of &*lm is se1e! hu!dred a!d se1e!ty !i!e times> it is the se+o!d most used word after Allah. 4umber o!e most .o.ular word i! the ,ura! is Allah> the se+o!d o!e is &*lm> se1e! hu!dred a!d se1e!ty !i!e times. #oo% at the leadershi. ualities> whe! Allah +hose for Ba!i *sraeel> Taloot. (e told the Messe!/er> * do !ot wa!t to me!tio! the whole story> there is !o time for it but the .art of it that +o!+er!s us> Allah told (is Messe!/er> tell them Taloot is your ;i!/C

k 3 " ! N [ 3 1 & 2 / N - P 1 A b / 0 g 7 / T / T 4 1 ...0

Taloot is your %i!/> Taloot is from a fra+tio! from Ba!i *sraeel that did !ot ha1e %i!/s> it was from the other fra+tio! that they +hose their %i!/s> Allah +hose it from the other fa+tio!. They said !umber o!e> he is !ot from the fra+tio! that are des+e!da!ts of %i!/s. 4umber two> we mi/ht let that slide for you> but he /ot !o mo!eyC

/ ...b ... 4 L ) [ / / ! 1
So they we!t ba+% a!d fou/ht with their Messe!/er> we do !ot a++e.t this ma! as our %i!/> we do !ot a++e.t Taloot. (e /ot !o mo!ey> he is !ot from the fra+tio!> a!d the! as the feud is /oi!/ o!> Allah re1eals to (is Messe!/er to tell themC

3 " . ... ( 3 1 ... / 0/ J 7 /

Allah +hose him for you. That is it> that is the e!d of it> but why did Allah +hoose him= #oo% i! the ,ura! what it says> loo% at his +hara+teristi+sC

/ 1 / ; 3 " . ( 4 5 1 ! 3 1 ... / & ( hY / 0/ J 7 / 1 lnr :`EA ...1 5 / @ 1 / !

(e /ot more %!owled/e a!d .ower tha! you> %!owled/e a!d .ower> +hara+teristi+s of a true> stro!/ !atio!. 01e! amo!/ the Ji!!> %!owled/e is .raised a!d they are +o!sidered hi/her ra!%i!/. #oo% at whe! Sulaymaa! wa!ted to /et Bil ees .ala+e> the first o!eC
-a/e F 9)

< 1 FZ F ", / / AN N 1 b , 1 1& W -E q 6 @ f 1 / 1 J ?^ :< ...W 1 E 1 3

&*freet said> * will /et it for you before you /et u.. A!d the other o!e said> the o!e %!owled/eable> Allah saysC

1 FZ / AN N < 1 ( 1 mD , a 1 0/ 1 1& W 1 3 b q / 2 1 ' ; / 1 2 6 nM :< ...W 3 F6 / k W / " ,

*ll /et it before you bli!%> he was +hose!. *! fa+t> whe! e1erythi!/ was do!e with Bil ees> the fi!al thi!/ he said> Sulaymaa!C

! ... ... 1 / 1 F!, /

A!d we were /i1e! %!owled/eC

nl :< ... 3 #! 1 1 5 1 / 1 / AN T
;!owled/e or &*lm mea!s to +om.rehe!d the reality of somethi!/ as it truly is> with +ertai!ty. <om.rehe!d somethi!/ as it truly is> with +ertai!ty. Whe! he says *lam> he is sayi!/ tea+h> he is .re.ari!/ you to hear some %i!d of im.orta!t %!owled/e. *t is used whe! there is some im.orta!t %!owled/e +omi!/> a!d it is used whe! there is somethi!/ im.orta!t a!d here> it is the most im.orta!t %!owled/e> whi+h is Tawheed. 7f +ourse> what the author is tal%i!/ about is the three esse!tial matters> the three fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les of *slam> so these are im.orta!t matters that he is raisi!/ aware!ess> liste! u..

T2E 5SE OF T2E 6O$, I7LA0

5oes the word *lam /o for huma!s a!d a!imal or just for huma!s= Really> this is a li!/uisti+ .oi!t> o!ly .eo.le who are i!t li!/uisti+ matters really would but * wa!ted to me!tio! it be+ause of some (adith i! there * would li%e to me!tio!. 'ou /et the (adith out of them a!d you will %!ow that they are authe!ti+ a!d you will /et that more tha! you /et the .oi!t of this matter. *lam> the li!/uisti+ s+holars me!tio!ed> is usually for someo!e who +om.rehe!ds of +ourse> you do !ot tell a wall> *lam. Some s+holars we!t i!to a!d said
-a/e F 98

sometimes> yes> a wall a!d a ro+% a!d a tree are tau/ht a!d you +a! tell them *lam a!d you +a! tea+h them. So whoe1er shows or whatsoe1er shows si/!s of bei!/ sus+e.tible> of lear!i!/> you +a! say *lam a!d you +a! tea+h. The sto!e that ra! away from Musa> a!d this is o!e of the (adith that * wa!ted to me!tio!. Musa was a 1ery modest ma!> * wa!t to me!tio! it be+ause * ha1e heard those who say it is wea%> a!d a+tually it is i! Bu%hari. (e used to %ee. himself +o1ered> !o!e of his body was see! be+ause he was a! eDtremely modest ma!> u!li%e what the +hildre! of Ba!i *sraeel used to do> bathi!/ to/ether. Some of the +hildre! of Ba!i *sraeel said he +o!+eals himself be+ause he /ot a disease> he /ot some defe+t i! him> he /ot le.rosy> he /ot her!ia> i! Arabi+ it is +alled Udhra> he had some %i!d of defe+t i! him. Allah wa!ted to +lear Musa &alayhis salaam> so o!e day while he was alo!e> he .ut his +lothes u!der a sto!e a!d he we!t to bathe i! se+lusio!. Whe! he +ame ba+% out> the sto!e> whe! he fi!ished ta%i!/ the bath a!d he we!t to /et his +lothes> the sto!e too% his +lothes a!d ra! off with it. The sto!e too% it a!d fled> Musa .i+%ed u. his staff a!d ra! after the sto!e a!d he be/a! to say> a!d this is the .oi!t of this for this matterC

9 & 9 & 1 1 @ / c @ / c
My /arme!t sto!e> my /arme!t sto!e> mea!i!/ /i1e me ba+% my +lothes> /i1e me ba+% my +lothes. (e ra! u!til he rea+hed the +om.a!y of Ba!i *sraeel who were /athered a!d they see! him !a%ed. They saw him !a%ed a!d they saw that there was !othi!/ wro!/ with him a!d that was solid .roof that they were wro!/ a!d they had wro!/ed him> they +leared him of that whi+h they a++used him. The sto!e sto..ed> Musa too% his +lothes the! he too% his staff a!d the! he be/a! to hit the sto!e> this is the se+o!d .oi!t for what we are tal%i!/ about> that he hit a sto!e. (ow does he hit a sto!e= (ow does he tal% to a sto!e= Whe! the ro+% showed si/!s that it %!ows a!d it +om.rehe!ds> he treated it as that. Whe! it showed si/!s of +om.rehe!sio!> he treated it li%e that. That is the story what Allah re1ealedC

, 3 3 L - ! Z D # - -0 F H - Z D T 1 1 P / 8 A; 3 2 N 3 ( ! T 1 " 1 7 1 # 4 3 7 ,6 1 ! - 3 _^ :ad9
7h you who belie1e> do !ot be li%e those who a!!oyed a!d a++used Musa> a!d Allah +leared him of that whi+h they said a!d he was ho!oured by Allah> the 1erse i! Surat al-Ah?aab. The .oi!t of the story is> he beat the sto!e> whi+h is a si/!> maybe a! old s+hool style of tea+hi!/> but a si/! of tea+hi!/> re.rima!di!/. 4ot o!ly that> he tal%ed to it> he saidC

9 & 1 @ / c
-a/e F :@

Whe! the ro+% shows si/!s differe!t tha! its !ormal !ature> that it is res.o!si1e> that he +a! tea+h it> he tau/ht it> maybe old s+hool tea+hi!/> but he did tea+h it a!d he /ot his .oi!t a+ross to it. So that is what the li!/uisti+ s+holars say> *lam or %!owled/e +a! to huma! a!d other tha! huma!> that is what they use as .roof for that. More so> maybe to /et the .oi!t a+ross better> i! Su!a! al-(aa%im> 5aarimi> Bayha i> a!d *b! ;atheer +o!sidered it authe!ti+ a!d so did al-Albaa!i> about the Bedoui! who +ame to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to ta%e his Shahaadah. A!d he a+tually +ame .assi!/ by> a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam tau/ht him *slam a!d the Bedoui! de+ided to ta%e his Shahaadah. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> you testify there is !o Aod but Allah a!d Muhammad is (is Ser1a!t a!d Messe!/er> do you testify to that= The Bedoui! was /i1i!/ the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam somewhat of a hard time> he said> who +a! testify to what you are telli!/ me to testify to= 'ou /ot to bri!/ someo!e to testify to what you are telli!/ me to testify to. Basi+ally> he wa!ts a mira+le> he wa!ts somethi!/ to substa!tiate what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is sayi!/. So the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +alled a tree> +alled a tree o1er from a dista!+e a!d the tree> from dista!+e> +ame to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam dra//i!/ its roots a!d /reeted the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> sayi!/ to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

,! 3 H H " , 2T% , / ! ( 2 A 2 = " 3 / / 4 -L 3 1 1

* beat wit!ess that there is !o Aod but Allah a!d Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is the ser1a!t a!d Messe!/er of Allah. So the tree> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam s.o%e to the tree> +ommu!i+ated to the tree. The Bedoui! of +ourse> a +o!ti!uatio! of the story> be+ame Muslim a!d he told the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> if my .eo.le embra+e *slam * will stay there a!d tea+h them> if !ot> * am /oi!/ to +ome ba+% a!d joi! you. So basi+ally> you do !ot tea+h a tree o! a !ormal o++asio!> but whe! it showed si/!s of bei!/ sus+e.tible to %!owled/e> he tau/ht it> he /a1e it its Shahaadah a!d it said Shahaadah three times. Sometimes> you +a! tea+h a ro+% a!d !ot a huma! bei!/. Sometimes> huma!s> their hearts are sealed shut li%e a! u.side dow! +u.> you +a!!ot .ut water i! it. A tree a!d a ro+% are more sus+e.tible to %!owled/e> li%e that whi+h we see! with the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d with Musa. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> * %!ew a sto!e i! Ma%%ah that used to salute me> /i1e me Salaam> before he /ot his first re1elatio!> i! Sahih Muslim. *t used to say Assalaamu Alay%um> 7h -ro.het of Allah> before the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi sallam /ot his first messa/e. (e used to .oi!t where that sto!e was to the Sahaabah. The trees that used to shade the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam so !o o!e would see him whe! he wa!ted to /o to use the restroom. The li!/uisti+

-a/e F :2

s+holars say if !o! huma!s show si/!s of u!dersta!di!/ a!d +om.rehe!di!/> the! they +a! be told *lam a!d they +a! be tau/ht. So the word *lam a!d %!owled/e is ty.i+ally for huma!s who +om.rehe!d a!d are sus+e.tible of u!dersta!di!/> !ot for sto!es a!d sti+%s> but whe! they do show si/!s of +om.rehe!di!/ a!d they are sus+e.tible of lear!i!/> the! they are tau/ht a!d they are told *lam or whate1er it may be> li%e a!yo!e or a!ythi!/ else. So this is our .oi!t about whether *lam or %!owled/e is told to other tha! huma! bei!/s.


4O5 SA4




<a! you tell a s+holar *lam= We ta%e it to a!other eDtreme> +a! you tell someo!e more %!owled/eable *lam= 7f +ourse you +a!. "or eDam.le> a s+holar may %!ow al-&Asr but he may ha1e for/otte! the time of &Asr so you say it is time for al-&Asr. (e may ha1e for/otte!> so &*lm or %!owled/e> someo!e who is less i! %!owled/e +a! always tea+h someo!e a!d tell him *lam to o!e who is hi/her i! %!owled/e. Someo!e who is hi/her i! %!owled/e o1erloo%s> it ha..e!s a lot> o1erloo%s some of the most sim.lest thi!/s that a you!/er .erso! i! %!owled/e +a! dete+t.


The !eDt .oi!t !ow is the le1els of %!owled/e. *b! al-,ayyim> i! Miftaah 5aarisSaaadah said> the le1els of %!owled/e are siD> these are the ladders of %!owled/eC

3 / ) / N :(` 1 1 E J 1 h 1 ; 5 ' / b 3 / & Q 1 h 5 .b 1 / 1 ! 1 1 / : T q 1 F P L P / 9 ! 5 f 1 ) 3 , 3 .1 1 'L 1 + 1 K : / H! / 9 5 / 1 w [ / 3 .1 T +1 + : / J / 9 5 J / = . 1 / : 1 & 3 . 1 / 5 1 $ / 3 ' : ` L 1 1& < 1 ! 1 ! 1 5 / h 3 ! F c - -: .( 1 h 1 !2 9

The first o!e is as%i!/ a!d .ursui!/ +orre+tly> as%i!/ a!d .ursui!/ %!owled/e +orre+tly. Some .eo.le are de.ri1ed of %!owled/e be+ause they do !ot .erfe+t as%i!/ or see%i!/ it i! the way. A!d this is somethi!/ * already me!tio!ed i! the first +lass> they may !ot as% at all> some .eo.le may !ot as%> they ha1e a uestio!> they may !ot as% at all. 7r some may as% about somethi!/> whe! there is somethi!/ more im.orta!t a!d esse!tial that they should be as%i!/ or sear+hi!/ or .ursui!/. So they as% about that whi+h is least im.orta!t for them a!d for their
-a/e F :9

reli/io! a!d they as% about somethi!/ whi+h is least im.orta!t> rather tha! that whi+h is most im.orta!t. That is a .roblem with ma!y of those who are i/!ora!t a!d tryi!/ to lear! o! their ow!> without at least fou!datio! of how to lear!. Some Salaf said> your way i! as%i!/ or .ursui!/ i! %!owled/e is half of %!owled/e a!d that is 1ery true. As%i!/ or .ursui!/ or see%i!/ %!owled/e i! the ri/ht ma!!er> is half of %!owled/e they said. "or eDam.le> if o!e /ot i!to studyi!/ *slam a!d jum.ed i!to laws of i!herita!+e> al"araaid> but does !ot %!ow the "i h of .urifi+atio!> is that a++e.table= 7r more .ra+ti+al eDam.le for us here> someo!e /oes to al-&A eedah at-Tahawiyyah a!d tries to u!dersta!d it. That is a 1ery diffi+ult boo% that /i1es s+holars a hard time> he /oes to that but has !e1er studied the basi+ boo%s before that> !ow that is the first o!e. The se+o!d o!e is liste!i!/ a!d bei!/ sile!t. *t is alle/edly said that Ali *b! Abi Talib said> if you sit with a s+holar> be more ea/er to hear tha! you are to s.ea%. Be more wa!ti!/ to liste! tha! you are to tal%. Third o!e is u!dersta!d> whi+h is ob1ious. The fourth o!e is (ifdh> memorise. There are thi!/s> es.e+ially i! our %!owled/es that you /ot to memorise. The fifth o!e is Taleem> you /ot to tea+h> a!d all these> we will /o throu/h them later but you should %!ow them for !ow. The siDth o!e is the fruit of the %!owled/e> whi+h is to a+t a++ordi!/ly to what you lear!ed a!d stay withi! the limits a!d bou!daries of what you lear!. Ali said> %!owled/e +alls for a+tio!> if it res.o!ds it stays> if it does !ot res.o!d> it mo1es away. Ash-Shabi said> our su..ort for memorisatio! of our %!owled/e used to +ome from a+ti!/ u.o! it. Al-"udhayl *b! *yyaadh> Muhammad *b! 4adr> Sufyaa! *b! &Uyay!ah> Umar *b! &Ala> a!d others said 1ery similar uotes about that. A side thi!/ is al-;halaal said> whe! he wa!ted to study /rammar he said * we!t to study /rammar> * stayed o!e year sile!t H fKI. The !eDt year> * +o!sidered a!d loo%ed i!to it H[OI. The third year> * .o!dered o1er it H [&2FI. *! the fourth year> * be/a! to as% my Shay%h H fILI. So it too% him four years> do !ot /o to that le1el> * am just showi!/ you some stuff old s+holars said. That is to show you the le1el of .atie!+e that they had also i! attai!i!/ the %!owled/e a!d that it is a stru+tured study> it is !ot a s.oradi+ thi!/.


7ur !eDt .oi!t is *lam Rahima% Allah> we are still i! the .ortio! of *lam. Ta%e the ho!our of %!owled/e> a!d this is /ood for you> it will i!s.ire you !ot to e1er sto. lear!i!/. A!as *b! Mali% radhiallahu &a!hu said the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

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*b! Maajah> the -ro.het salallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> lear!i!/ %!owled/e is a! obli/atio! o! e1ery Muslim. This (adith is +o!sidered wea% by some be+ause of matters withi! its +hai!> but other s+holars ha1e +o!sidered it authe!ti+ li%e al-Mu??i> as-Suyooti> a!d Albaa!i Rahimahumullah Jameea!. Ahmad said> o!e must %!ow that whi+h is esse!tial to establish his 5ee!. 'ou must> as a! obli/atio!> a!d well tal% about this i! the !eDt four i!trodu+tory matters whe! we tal% about %!owled/e a/ai!. Matters li%e for eDam.le> for Salah> Siyaam> that you !eed to %!ow> it is obli/atory> it is "ardh> it is Waajib o! you to %!ow. #oo% more tha! that> the ho!our of %!owled/e that you are doi!/ ri/ht !ow. Allah bears wit!ess i! the 1erse> Allah bears wit!ess that there is !o!e that ha1e a ri/ht to be worshi..ed but (e> Allah bears wit!ess to that. A!d the a!/els bear wit!ess to that> a!d loo% at the third o!e> a!d those ha1i!/ %!owled/e> those .eo.le who ha1e %!owled/e> (e mai!tai!s justi+e o! this 0arthC

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Al-,urtubi said about this> had there bee! a!yo!e more ho!ourable tha! s+holars> of the +ate/ories of huma! bei!/s> Allah would ha1e +ombi!ed them to (is 4ame> a!d to that of (is A!/els as (e did with the &Ulamaa. Allah testified> the a!/els> a!d the! (e said the %!owled/eable .eo.le. Allah i! the ,ura! told the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d say MuhammadC

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*!+rease me i! %!owled/e> Allah dire+ts (is Messe!/er to as% Allah to /ai! more %!owled/e. (ad there bee! a!ythi!/ more ho!ourable to a+ uire tha! %!owled/e> Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala would ha1e dire+ted (is Messe!/er to as% for that.

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(e would ha1e as%ed him to as% for more wealth> or .resti/e> or fame> or whate1er it is> but (e told him to as% for more %!owled/e. The !eDt 1erse i! the ,ura!> Allah saysC

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*t is o!ly those who ha1e %!owled/e amo!/st (is sla1es> that truly fear Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala. Muaawiyah *b! Abi Sufyaa! radhiallahu &a!huma saidC
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01ery time you /et relaDed a!d la?y about %!owled/e> liste! to this (adith i! Bu%hari a!d Muslim. Whoe1er Allah wishes /ood for> (e /i1es him .rofou!d u!dersta!di!/ of the reli/io!. 'ou +omi!/ here today is a si/! that *!shaa Allah> Allah li%es you a!d wa!ts /ood for you.

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*! Sahih Muslim> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> whosoe1er see%s a .ath to a+ uire the %!owled/e of the 5ee!> a!d o1er here whe! we are tal%i!/> this is %!owled/e of the 5ee!> Allah will ma%e the .ath for him easy to e!ter (ea1e!. 'ou> by sitti!/ here> lear!i!/ a!d sitti!/> or those by the +om.uter> lear!i!/ *slam> that is your .ath to Ja!!ah *!shaa Allah> you are .a1i!/ yourself a .ath for Ja!!ah by what you are doi!/ i! studyi!/ *slam. Abu 5arda said i! a (adith i! *b! Maajah> i! Abu 5awood a!d at-Tirmidhi> he said> loo% at the 1alue of %!owled/e> * wa!t you to see how bi/ of a! ordeal it is that you are stude!ts of %!owled/eC

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Whoe1er treads a .ath i! sear+h of %!owled/e> Allah will dire+t him to tread a .ath to e!ter -aradise. This .ortio! of the (adith of +ourse> we me!tio!ed it> it is i! Sahih Muslim. The rest of the (adith a!d this .art is also me!tio!ed i! *b! Maajah> Su!a! Abu 5awood a!d at-TirmidhiC

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The a!/els lower their wi!/s for the stude!t of %!owled/e> i! a..ro1al for that whi+h he does. They lower their wi!/s for you i! a..ro1al for that whi+h you do. The a!/els lo1e a!d res.e+t a!d ho!our you> the a!/els +ome dow! a!d lower their wi!/s for you> they humble themsel1es for you> a!d .rote+t you a!d /uard you> why= Be+ause you made a! effort to study *slam> so they .rote+t you> /uard you> lower their wi!/s for you. #oo% at the (adith> /oes o! to sayC

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A .erso! of %!owled/e> a see%er of %!owled/e> a %!owled/eable .erso!> the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth see% the for/i1e!ess for the stude!t of %!owled/e> or the s+holar. So o!e will !ot /et the! that it is o!ly huma!s a!d Ji!! ma%i!/ *sti/hfaar> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

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Mea!i!/ e1erythi!/> do !ot assume it is o!ly huma! bei!/s a!d Ji!!> it is e1e! the fish> it is e1e! the whale> a!d it is e1erythi!/ else. *f it is the whale a!d fish i! the dee. dar% waters> it is e1erythi!/ else. 5o you wa!t e1erythi!/ to ma%e 5uaa for you= <o!ti!ue steadfast i! studyi!/ %!owled/e where1er you are.

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The !eDt .ortio! of the (adith> the su.eriority of a s+holar o1er a is li%e the su.eriority of the full moo! at !i/ht time o1er the stars. 'ou see how su.reme the moo! is o1er the stars> whe! you loo% at !i/ht time> you see the moo! a!d you see how /lowi!/ a!d radia!t it is a!d it domi!ates the s%yG a!d if you do see the stars> they are li%e little dots. That is what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +om.ared a s+holar to a to. *! this .arti+ular (adith> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +om.ares how su.reme a s+holar is i! +om.ariso! to a> li%e the moo! i! +om.ariso! to the stars. *! a!other !arratio!> i! Su!a! at-Tirmidhi> by Abu Umaamah al-Baahili> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

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The su.reme status of a! &Aalim o1er a! &Aabid is li%e how su.reme * am o1er the least o!e of you. We %!ow the su.eriority of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o1er s+holars> or a!yo!e other tha! that> a!d less tha! that or abo1e that. "or the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to +om.are himself li%e that is su+h a! ho!our> all the ho!our a!d e!+oura/eme!t for o!e to +o!ti!ue steadfast i! studyi!/ this %!owled/e. #oo% what the (adith /oes o! to sayC

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Berily> the s+holars are the heirs of the -ro.hets> they are the heirs of the -ro.hets. 'ou wa!t to be the heir of the -ro.hets= Study *slam. (o!our after ho!our> do you
-a/e F :6

%!ow what a! ho!our it is to be +alled a! i!heritor of a! heir of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam=

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The (adith /oes o! to tell you> 1erily> the -ro.hets did !ot lea1e as i!herita!+e> 5i!ar a!d 5irhams> they did !ot lea1e dollars a!d +ha!/e> they did !ot lea1e wealth. They left behi!d %!owled/e> so whoe1er ta%es it> has i!deed a+ uired a /reat fortu!e. Sometimes .eo.le say they wa!t billio!s to be li%e the billio!aires> li%e Bill Aates> Warre! Buffett> or Waleed *b! Talaal or their li%es. Some wa!t to be .reside!ts> or li%e the .reside!ts> a!d li%e the %i!/s> or .romi!e!t .ositio!s a!d some see% some +ertai! ra!%s .eo.le loo% u. to so .eo.le +a! loo% u. to them. Some wa!t to loo% li%e others i! their dress a!d i! their style> e1eryo!e has +ertai! thi!/s they wa!t to loo% u. to. What really matters is the i!herita!+e of the Messe!/ers> to /rab a +hu!% of that i!herita!+e. That is the least of what .eo.le .ursue today> .eo.le .ursue e1erythi!/ wa!ti!/ to be li%e %i!/s a!d leaders> a!d so+ial statuses a!d mo!ey> but the least .ursued today is the i!herita!+e of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. (ow ma!y .eo.le .ursue that a!d how ma!y .eo.le raise their %ids to .ursue that= Abul-Wafaa *b! A eel said> Allah /uarded me as a youth> * limited my lo1e to all * lo1ed whe! * was a youth was %!owled/e. * !e1er mi!/led with .eo.le who were .layers or foolish .eo.le e1er> * o!ly e!joi!ed with the stude!ts of %!owled/e. 4ow that * am i! my ei/hties> * am more ea/er to lear! tha! whe! * was i! my twe!ties. 4ow that * am i! my ei/hties * lo1e to lear! more tha! whe! * was i! my twe!ties> ima/i!e that. Mutarif saidC

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* lo1e to lear!> * thi!% it is better a!d * would lo1e to lear! more tha! * do worshi.. *t is more belo1ed to him tha! to worshi. a!d it is !ot o!ly his sayi!/> it is a sayi!/ of ma!y> ma!y other s+holars. 'ahya *b! ;atheer saidC

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'ou will !e1er /et %!owled/e> real %!owled/e> with a lot of rest. 'ou /ot to ta%e away a little bit of your rest time a!d a little bit of your slee. time> a!d * am /oi!/ to add to that> you are !ot e1er /oi!/ to be+ome %!owled/eable s.e!di!/ a lot of time o! "a+eboo% a!d Twitter. Some brothers s.e!d histori+al time o! it> that * ha1e heard of> fiftee! to twe!ty mi!utes maD. *b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!hu said> studyi!/

-a/e F :$

%!owled/e at !i/ht is more belo1ed to me at times tha! worshi..i!/ i! it. Studyi!/ *slam is more belo1ed to me tha! worshi..i!/. A?-Euhri Rahimhullah saidC

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Allah was !e1er worshi..ed i! a way li%e %!owled/e. Mea!i!/ studyi!/ *slami+ %!owled/e> a!d memorisi!/> a!d readi!/. All of %!owled/e> !ot just Tawheed but we me!tio!ed be+ause that is the mother of %!owled/es> that is the o!e that will sa1e you a!d .rote+t you from (ellfire. Ash-Shaafiee Rahimahullah saidC

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Studyi!/ &*lm is more im.orta!t tha! a 4aafilah .rayer. What this mea!s is that you /ot to u!dersta!d their lifestyle> their lifestyle was full> +om.lete> it had a full s+hedule to Allah. So at times> they /et +or!ered either * stay u. today a!d .ray> or * tea+h this stude!t or * write this boo% or * read this boo% or * .re.are for this +lass> it is o!e or the other. So at that time> it be+omes better tha! a 4aafilah> but we are differe!t. We ha1e .le!ty of time that we waste a!d trust me> the way we li1e> we +a! a++ommodate for both be+ause our s+hedule is !ot full> we still ha1e !ot rea+hed their ra!% i! how they filled their s+hedule. This is how they sa+red &*lm> loo% how they tra1elled a!d .ursued it.



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Ahmad a!d Abu 'ala !arrated that Jaabir radhiallahu &a!hu tra1elled from Madi!ah to ash-Shaam> from Madi!ah towards Syria> loo% o! the ma.> to ta%e o!e (adith from Abdullah *b! U!ays. *! fa+t> a more story tha! that> *b! Abdil-Barr !arrated it i! his boo% Jaami Baya! al-&*lm> 1ery !i+e boo% about %!owled/e> about the si/!ifi+a!+e of %!owled/e> he me!tio!ed the story of Abu Ayyub radhiallahu &a!hu. Abu Ayyub was i! Madi!ah> he .a+%ed his belo!/i!/s a!d headed from Madi!ah to 0/y.t to meet U bah *b! 4aafia. Whe! he /ot to 0/y.t> he met the Ameer of 0/y.t> Muslima *b! Ma%hlad alA!saari. Muslima Ma%hlad /reeted him for a few mome!ts> embra+ed him> as%ed him what bri!/s you here Abu Ayyub= Abu Ayyub said> what bri!/s me here is a (adith * heard from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> !o o!e heard it from the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam but me a!d U bah *b! 4aafia so you +a! se!d someo!e with me to dire+t me to where U bah is li1i!/> to his house. (e /ot to U bahs house> U bah o.e!ed the door> warmly embra+ed him> was ama?ed a!d sur.rised to see him a!d says> Abu Ayyub> what bri!/s you here= What bri!/s you to tow!= Abu Ayyub said there is a (adith * heard from the -ro.het

-a/e F :)

Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> !o o!e heard that (adith but me a!d you. *t is the (adith about +o1eri!/ the faults of a Muslim> what is it U bah= U bah said> yes * heard it from the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

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Whoe1er +o1ers the faults> the embarrassme!ts of a belie1er i! this life> Allah will +o1er his faults o! the 5ay of Jud/me!t. So he heard that (adith> !ow> Abu Ayyoob said> you are ri/ht> Sadda t. What do you thi!% ha..e!s after this= 5o you thi!% he sat dow! i! U bahs house for a +offee or tea= 01e! thou/h there is !o doubt that U bah i!1ited himC

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The (adith says> did !ot u!tie his ba//a/e !or did he sit. (e tur!ed ba+%> /ot o! to. of his +amel a!d headed ba+% to Madi!ah. "rom Madi!ah to there> from Madi!ah to 0/y.t> to liste! to o!e (adith. 4ot a (adith he did !ot %!ow> but a (adith that he %!ew that !o o!e else heard it eD+e.t U bah> him a!d U bah> he wa!ted the ho!our of heari!/ it from U bah a/ai!. (e just wa!ted the ho!our of liste!i!/ a!d seei!/ U bah utter the words that the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam uttered> that !o o!e else had the ho!our of liste!i!/ to but them two. Today> we tell .eo.le> /o heat u. your meal> /o /et your +offee a!d /o lay o! your bed a!d +li+% 'outube> a!d lear! a +ou.le of thi!/s about *slam i! the +omfort> a!d heat> or i! the warm weather of your house> but .eo.le tur! away from it.


Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i> was a ma! who did !ot slee.> he was a bi/ stude!t> o!e of the to. stude!ts of Abu (a!eefah. (e was a ma! who barely sle.t> but whe! we say they too% out of their slee. time> whe! we say they did !ot slee.> you thi!% they were !ot huma! bei!/s= 'ou thi!% they were !ot made out of flesh a!d blood> that they were !ot huma!s who /ot tired= They were but they were de1oted> they had a /oal they wa!ted to rea+h> a!d they !eeded to .ursue that /oal. They did e1erythi!/ they had withi! their mi/ht to .ursue that /oal> that is why they were the /ia!ts they were. Whe!e1er Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i used to /et tired at !i/ht time> he would ha1e a bu+%et with i+e i! it a!d +old water a!d he would wi.e his eyes a!d fa+e with it. (e would say> warmth bri!/s me slee. a!d this +old water ta%es away the slee.. This was amo!/ the to. stude!ts of Abu (a!eefah Rahimahullah.


-a/e F :8

#oo% at his stude!t> there was a ma! +alled Asad *b! al-"uraat. Asad *b! al-"uraat was a! &Aalim from!> he used to li1e i!! a!d he li1ed arou!d 4orth Afri+a re/io! as well. (e we!t from! to Madi!ah to lear! from *maam Maali%> he studied the Madhab of *maam Maali% a!d he studied with *maam Maali% Rahimahullah. Whe! he fi!ished e1erythi!/ with Maali%> he headed from> loo% at that> from! to 4orth Afri+a> to Madi!ah> the! he we!t to *ra . (e we!t to *ra to study with Abu (a!eefah> a!d the! he we!t to study with Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i> this ma! who used to .ut +old water o! his eyes to stay awa%e. So whe! he e!tered *ra > to /o study with Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i> he was dire+ted to the mos ue that Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i tea+hes i!. *t is of +ourse full> this is the *maam of his time> so he waits for some of the +rowd to lea1e. The! the +lose %!it that were arou!d Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i> he bro%e his way throu/h them> a!d he told Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i> *maam> * am a stra!/er a!d * !o wealth so * +a!!ot stay here too lo!/. * +a!!ot stay here too lo!/ i! *ra > * ha1e to /o ba+% to! so what is the best way to absorb all your %!owled/e as ui+%ly as .ossible so my mo!ey will !ot ru! out o! me= Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i said i! the day time> you joi! the re/ular (ala ah> at !i/ht time +ome to my house> * am /oi!/ to tea+h you. A!d * me!tio!ed a similar story that was +o!sidered wea%> by Ba i *b! Ma%hlad. 'ou +a! refer to it o! my ta.e o! Ba i *b! Ma%hlad. So the day time> he would joi! the re/ular (ala ah> a!d at !i/ht time> he would /o i! his house> a!d lear! from him. A!d !ow> e1ery time Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i /ets tired as he is tea+hi!/> he .uts water> but !ot his stude!t. (is stude!t slumbers as he is tea+hi!/ him> so Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i ta%es from that +old water a!d s.ri!%les i! his fa+e> u!til "ajr brea%s> while they are sitti!/ there a!d lear!i!/> ,aala Allah> ,aala Rasool. 5o you %!ow if you slee. ei/ht hours a day> a!d you li1e siDty years> if you do slee. ei/ht hours a day> siDty years> a!d most slee. more tha! that e1e! today> you ha1e s.e!t o!e third of your life slee.i!/ a!d that would be +o!sidered a..roDimately * thi!% about twe!ty years or so. Today> we do !ot say do that> we do !ot say /o to that eDte!t> there is !o !eed to stay u. li%e they did. *f you +ould> do it. *f e1eryo!e is truthful> a!d uses the mome!ts> the time he s.e!ds i! 1ai!> or .ossibly i! si!> a!d /i1es that to studyi!/> the! he has do!e a lot. Asad *b! al-"uraat we!t ba+% to!> do you thi!% he .ut le/ o! le/ a!d said you %!ow what * studied with *maam Maali%> studied with Abu (a!eefah> * studied with Muhammad bi! (assa! ashShaybaa!i a!d he must ha1e studied with ma!y other s+holars> you thi!% he we!t ba+% a!d .ut le/ o! to. of a!other a!d %i+%ed ba+% a!d relaDed= (e we!t ba+% a!d tau/ht *maam Maali%s Muwatta throu/hout the!> 4orth Afri+a! re/io! a!d the! he we!t a!d fou/ht i! the +o! uer of Su liyyah HSi+ilyI a!d i! that battle> he /ot %illed> a! *maam> Rahimahullah.

-a/e F 3@

5o you thi!% Asad *b! al-"uraat be+ame what he was wasti!/ his time or Muhammad bi! (assa! ash-Shaybaa!i> or Abu (a!eefah= These were me! who sa+red their time> a!d more so> %!ew how to sa+red %!owled/e.




Saeed *b! Musayyib said> * used to tra1el !i/hts a!d days for o!e (adith. 4i/hts a!d days for o!e (adith that you +ould +li+% today> withi! two se+o!ds> with your fi!/ers a!d /et it. Ar-Raa?i said> * tra1elled more tha! o!e thousa!d "arsa%h> as a stude!t of %!owled/e> a!d the! * sto..ed +ou!ti!/ at o!e thousa!d "arsa%h. "arsa%h ba+% i! the days is li%e fi1e thousa!d %ilometres today> it is li%e three thousa!d> o!e hu!dred a!d siD miles today. That is the amou!t he +al+ulated> he sto..ed be+ause he !o lo!/er +al+ulated> a!d the! +o!ti!ued his jour!ey as a stude!t of %!owled/e. Al-Bu%hari used to /o to slee. a!d remember some thi!/s for his boo%s> or for his (adith +om.ilatio!> a!d he would write a!d jot dow! the !otes> he would wa%e u. from his slee. or from his !a. a!d write dow!. A!d a se+o!d time> /et u. a!d write dow!> a!d the! he would remember somethi!/> he would /et u. a!d write it dow!. *b! ;atheer i! his famous boo% at-Taree%h> said al-Bu%hari used to wa%e u. twe!ty times o! a! a1era/e !i/ht to jot dow! somethi!/ he remembers as he .uts his head to slee.. These were .eo.le who %!ew the 1alue of %!owled/e> this is *lam> you see what *lam mea!s. ;!owled/e> it did !ot +ome to them while they were .am.ered o! lofty mattresses li%e we ha1e today. This was the ma!> Bu%hari> who +om.iled a boo% that he sele+ted> he sele+ted this Ahaadith boo% from o1er siD hu!dred thousa!d (adith that he had before his ha!d. Without re.etitio!> Bu%hari has two thousa!d> siD hu!dred a!d two (adith. With re.etitio!> it is se1e! thousa!d> fi1e hu!dred a!d !i!ety three> a!d *b! (ajr said it is se1e! thousa!d> three hu!dred a!d !i!ety se1e! (adith. *f you .ut the re.eated (adith with the Taali aat al-Mutaabaaat> he has o1er !i!e thousa!d a!d ei/hty three (adith i! his boo%. 4ot a si!/le (adith did he .ut i! there> eD+e.t that he .rayed two Ra%aat *sti%haarah> e1ery time he .ut a (adith i! there. ;!owled/e !e1er +omes without effort a!d some time off slee. or some time off rest time> a!d some time off the so+ial media time. We me!tio! this to show you what the author mea!s whe! he says *lam. *lam> he wa!ts you to %!ow> he wa!ts you to %!ow how to ho!our %!owled/e> somethi!/ im.orta!t is +omi!/> * am /oi!/ to tea+h you. We are e!/a/i!/ i! somethi!/ im.orta!t that is what he is tryi!/ to tell you> sa+rifi+e for what * am about to tell you. We me!tio!ed eDam.les that we +ould !e1er be li%e them> * %!ow that. Why we me!tio! them= We me!tio! those eDam.les a!d you be li%e fi1e .er+e!t of that> .ossibly te! .er+e!t of that> you would be /ood> you would be i! /ood sha.e. U!li%e if we me!tio! our surrou!di!/s> who waste their time i! .ossibly si!s> or 1ai! times> they +a! !e1er /et !o where but if me!tio! these su.reme eDam.les> a!d you are li%e fi1e .er+e!t or you try to hit fifty .er+e!t li%e them> the! you are /ood.
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#oo% at a!-4awawi Rahimahullah> who wrote 1olumes a!d 1olumes. What ama?es me about this ma! is that he died whe! he was a few years older tha! * am today ri/ht !ow> he died whe! he was forty four years old. 5o you %!ow> he o!ly started writi!/ whe! he was i! his thirties> s.e!di!/ time lear!i!/. -eo.le today just wa!t to jum. to the ;hutbah> /i1e ;hutbahs. (e started writi!/ i! his thirties> Sharh Muslim he wrote> he wrote Riyaadh as-Saalihee!. Sharh Muslim> that ama?i!/> ma/!ifi+e!t boo%> Riyaadh as-Saalihee!> al-Adh%aar> his boo% al-Majmoo> his boo% Mi!haj fil "i h> at-Tibyaa! fi Adaab (amalat al-,ura!> a /reat boo% o! the ma!!ers of those who +arry the ,ura!. Al-*daah> Busta! al-Aarifee!> Mi!haj at-Taalibee!> Rawdat atTaalibee!> he wrote Tahdhib al-Asma wal-#u/hat> he wrote at-Ta reeb> it is a summary of *b! Salahs boo% o! the s+ie!+e of (adith. (e wrote "orty 4awawi (adith> +om.iled those> who does !ot ha1e that= Who does !ot say a!-4awawi Rahimahullah te!s of times a day> e1ery stude!t of %!owled/e says that. (e wrote EawaaJid al-Rawdah a!d it is a boo% o! Usool al-"i h. (e started i!ter.retatio! or elu+idatio! o! Sahih Bu%hari but he was !e1er able to fi!ish it> it would ha1e bee! a /reat ma/!ifi+e!t boo% li%e that of *b! (ajr o! Sharh Sahih Muslim. 7!e time he said> * s.e!t two years i! my life> * !e1er laid o! my side o! a mattress or o! the /rou!d. So they as%ed him how did you slee.> a!-4awawi= Two years> his side !e1er /ot a mattress or the /rou!d. (e said> * used to lea! whe! * /et tired> * used to lea! o1er my boo%s> a!d ta%e a little !a.. * lea! o! my boo%s for a few mome!ts. -eo.les /oals are differe!t> if you wa!t to +riti+ise him> you are /oi!/ to fi!d +hildish %ids who wa!t to +riti+ise him> but these .eo.les /oals are differe!t. Some .eo.le wa!t "irdaws> some .eo.le wa!t Araaf> some .eo.le just wa!t the fro!t /ate of hea1e!. At forty four> he did for the Ummah more tha!> * am /oi!/ to say without a! eDa//eratio!> .ossibly millio!s at times> tha! what millio!s did for the Ummah. #isaa! ad-5ee! *b! ;hateeb was a s+holar from!> he li1ed arou!d 2:3@ a!d he was a well %!ow! leader a!d the s+holar of!. They said to +all him 5hulUmray!> the ma! with a double life. 'ou %!ow why they used to +all him that !ame= Be+ause at day time he would be o++u.ied with deali!/ with matters a!d resol1i!/ issues i! his +ou!try> at !i/ht time he would sit a!d write a!d lear!. So he /ot a double life> he too% out of his slee. time a!d /ot a double life. A/ai!> * say we me!tio! these eDam.les so we +a! /et a small .er+e!ta/e of li%e them> to im.ro1e our uality a!d attitude towards %!owled/e> whe! he says *lam. * would say /et your full ei/ht hours of slee.> a!d slee. o! a /ood> !i+e mattress or a waterbed> do !ot lea! o! your boo%s> * do !ot wa!t you to do that. Just ta%e the time off your 1ai! time> the time you s.e!d /ossi.i!/> the time you s.e!d i! so+ial media> a!d fo+us it for %!owled/e. Muadh *b! Jabal radhiallahu &a!hu died whe! he was thirty fi1e years old> +a! you belie1e that> thirty fi1e years old> the ma! we say radhiallahu &a!hu. The ma! who is a father to e1eryo!e from 'eme! a!d e1eryo!e
-a/e F 39

from 'eme!> Muadh *b! Jabal is i! his /ra1e /etti!/ rewards for him. The tiresome a!d .ai! a!-4awawi a!d Muadh we!t throu/h is /o!e !ow> be+ause they are i! their /ra1e. The wor% remai!s a!d the reward remai!s> the tiresome a!d restless !i/hts are all /o!e. Whe! *maam Ahmad was as%ed whe! will you rest> they see! how he was> he said whe! * /o i! the /ra1e. A!-4awawi> * ima/i!e a!-4awawi !ow layi!/ i! his /ra1e> with su+h a bi/ smile o! his fa+e> Rahimahullah> it is as if he has a smile o! his fa+e. 01ery time we say Rahimahullah> he /ets reward for it> e1ery time we use his %!owled/e that is a! o!/oi!/> !e1er e!di!/ +harity> Sada ah Jaariyah. A!d he sits i! his /ra1e> a!d /ets all that reward. Al-Badr *b! JamaJah said> * we!t to 1isit a!-4awawi o!e time> a!d * +ould!t fi!d a .la+e to sit. Whe! * did> he made room for me> throu/h his boo%s> he %e.t sear+hi!/ a!d .ursui!/ boo%s. Al-Badr *b! Jamaah said> he .ursued %!owled/e i! his boo%s> loo%i!/ i! his boo%s> li%e a mother would be i! .ursuit of a lost so! of hers> loo%i!/ a!d stri1i!/. Al-(assa! al-Basri said two .eo.le !e1er /et satisfied> a stude!t of %!owled/e a!d a stude!t of wealth. 'ou !e1er /et satisfiedG you always wa!t more a!d more a!d more. That is to show you the le1el a!d .atie!+e that they had i! attai!i!/ the treasure of %!owled/e. *t is a treasure> you /ot to .ursue it. *lam Rahima% Allah.






Sulaymaa! *b! Abdul Mali%> the leader> the ;haleefah> famous ;haleefah from Ba!i Umayyah> he we!t to ma%e (ajj> a!d he had two of his so!s with him. (e !eeded to as% some uestio!s .ertai!i!/ to (ajj> so e1eryo!e told him /o to Ataa *b! Abi Rabah. Ataa *b! Abi Rabah was a Tabiee who died o!e hu!dred a!d fourtee! years after the (ijrah. (e was a! eD-sla1e> he was just freed> he had a disease i! his eyes> o!e of his eyes was !ot fu!+tio!i!/> he used to lim.> a!d he was bla+%. *ma/i!e all that> matters that i/!ora!t .eo.le always loo% dow! u.o!> he had it all i! him. The i/!ora!t .eo.le loo% dow! o! all these matters> a!d he had all those i! him. The ;haleefah of the Muslim was dire+ted to /o as% that ma! for issues .ertai!i!/ to his (ajj. Whe! they fi!ally fou!d him> he was i! Salah> he was sta!di!/ i! Salah !ear the ;abah so the ;haleefah sta!ds with his two so!s a!d they wait a!d wait. A!d whe! he is do!e with his Salah> the ;haleefah says Ataa * ha1e a uestio!. So he is fa+i!/ the ;abah a!d he is behi!d him> the ;haleefah as%s him the uestio!> a! eD sla1e. A!d his ba+% was tur!ed to them> as if they were low> a!d he is the ho!ourable> a!d he did !ot e1e! tur! arou!d to a!swer him be+ause he does !ot !eed !othi!/ from the ;haleefah. The ;haleefah !eeds him> !eeds a ma! who i! e1ery way .eo.le loo% dow! u.o!> the i/!ora!t .eo.le. Whe! Sulaymaa! see! this> how ho!ourable he was> a!d how low he was e1e! thou/h he was the ;haleefah> a!d e1e! thou/h he had wealth a!d he had .ower a!d e1erythi!/> he told his two so!sC

k ;F H mhH!,
-a/e F 3:

5o !ot be la?y i! lear!i!/ or attai!i!/ %!owled/e be+ause * will !e1er for/et how low we had to sta!d i! fro!t of Ataa. The ;haleefah /oi!/ to as% someo!e that is a bi/ thi!/> ima/i!e if it is someo!e that was a! eD-sla1e with a bli!d eye> loo%ed dow! u.o!> the ;haleefah /oes to as% him. So he told his %ids !e1er e1er lea1e %!owled/e. -ro1isio! is always /uara!teed> but %!owled/e is !ot so a ;haleefah has .ro1isio!> but he does !ot ha1e %!owled/e. We see% %!owled/e> Allah always /uara!tees your .ro1isio!.


(aroo! ar-Rasheed had two so!s> al-Amee! a!d al-Mamoo!> that he brou/ht a s+holar +alled al-;asaaee %!ow! duri!/ his tome to tea+h them. Whe! al-;asaaee used to /et to their door> (aroo! ar-Rasheed either see! or was told that his two so!s al-Mamoo! a!d his brother we!t to the door> o.e!ed the door for al-;asaaee> ta%e his shoes a!d /reet him i!. Whe! (aroo! was told of this or he see! this> he summo!ed al-;asaaee to his .ala+e> to his room. (e said ;asaaee> who is the most ho!oured of .eo.le= Al-;asaaee said you (aroo! ar-Rasheed> you are the ;haleefah> you are the most ho!oured of the .eo.le here. (aroo! said !o> rather the most ho!oured amo!/ .eo.le is the o!e who the !eDt i! +omma!d to be leaders> /o a!d o.e! the door for him a!d ta%e his shoes be+ause his so!s were !eDt i! +omma!d to be leaders. We !eed to u!dersta!d the 1alue of %!owled/e a!d the /reat !oble missio! of attai!i!/ this.


Ash-Shaafiee> whe! he was as%ed how he studied a!d how he attai!ed his %!owled/e> he said * .ursued %!owled/e li%e a mother who is see%i!/ her o!ly lost so!. *ma/i!e a mother with her o!ly lost so! how she ru!s a!d +hases him if he is lost. (e said * .ursued %!owled/e li%e a mum does to fi!d her so!. *b! Jaw?i said> * stayed years desiri!/ (areesah. (areesah> it is a famous sweet we %!ow still today. (e said> * desired (areesah for years but * +ould !e1er eat it be+ause the /uy who sells it by the Masjid> at his time> would +ome whe! * ha1e a +lass> a!d * wa!t to /o eat it but * do !ot wa!t to miss the +lass. (o!our a!d reward for lear!i!/> it is dee.> lear!i!/ is !ot just a su.erfi+ial thi!/ that you ta%e or you do it if you /ot time or at your leisure> or if you /ot !othi!/ better to do> you /o to atte!d the (ala ah.



May Allah shower (is mer+y o! you. So the !eDt word> *lam Rahima% Allah> he mea!s may Allah shower (is mer+y o! you so you +a! a+hie1e what you see%. May Allah shower (is mer+y o! you so you +a! a+hie1e what you see%> that is the mea!i!/ of it. *t mea!s may Allah /ra!t you mer+y to a+hie1e all that> that is /ood for
-a/e F 33

you a!d to %ee. you away from that whi+h is e1il. That is what he mea!s whe! he says Rahima% Allah. *t mea!s> may Allah for/i1e your .ast> Rahima% Allah> mea!s may Allah for/i1e your .ast> may Allah .rote+t a!d /uide you for your future> these are all mea!i!/s of Rahima% Allah. *f you +ombi!e a +ou.le> Rahima% Allah a!d Ahafara #a% H

Js ! W9

WI> Ma/hfirah a!d Rahmah. Ma/hfirah is for/i1e!ess a!d mer+y is Rahmah. *f you
+ombi!e them to/ether> ea+h o!e would ha1e a mea!i!/. *f they are +ombi!ed> the! Ma/hfirah is that whi+h was of .rior si!s> if they are +ombi!ed i! o!e se!te!+e. Ma/hfirah is what was a .rior si!> a!d Rahmah is a safety i! harm> affe+t a!d .u!ishme!t from future si!s. *f they are se.arated> Ma/hfirah a!d Rahmah> it e!tails the mea!i!/ of the other. So if Ma/hfirah is by itself it mea!s Rahmah as well> if it is Rahmah by itself it mea!s Ma/hfirah. *f Ma/hfirah is i! a se!te!+e alo!e> it e!tails the mea!i!/ of Rahmah i! it. They e!+om.ass ea+h others mea!i!/s whe! they are se.arate> whe! they are i! se.arate se!te!+es. So Ma/hfirah mea!s Rahmah a!d Rahmah mea!s Ma/hrifrah if they are se.arate. The rule here is similar to the usa/e of *slam a!d *maa!> i! a se!te!+e. *slam is three le1els> *slam> *maa! a!d *hsaa!. We ha1e *slam a!d *maa!> Allah said i! the ,ura!C

L / 3 2 U^ :" bZ ... 1 1 7 3 1 " Q / 1w 2

*slam is me!tio!ed there alo!e without *maa!. So here it i!+ludes withi! it> *maa! a!d *hsaa!. *t i!+ludes *maa! i! it> it is me!tio!ed alo!e i! a se!te!+e. *! a!other 1erse> *maa! is me!tio!ed alo!eC

/ f Un :[ =@... / 3 1 N 6 Za
*maa! is me!tio!ed alo!e so *maa! here i!+ludes *slam a!d *hsaa! i! it. *maa! a!d *slam> if they are me!tio!ed to/ether i! o!e se!te!+e> the! ea+h word e!tails a differe!t mea!i!/. *f o!ly o!e of them is me!tio!ed> the! ea+h o!e e!+om.asses the mea!i!/ of the other. 'ou see that rule> same a..lies with our situatio! here> Ma/hfirah a!d Rahmah.

,O 4O5 SA4 $A2I0A1 ALLA2



71er here he said Rahima% Allah be+ause he is tryi!/ to tea+h. *f you are /oi!/ out to /i1e 5awah> you /o tell a !o! Muslim> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! you> or a!y !o! Muslim for that matter> a relati1e or a!y !o! Muslim. #et me say this> !umber o!e> there is !o differe!+e of o.i!io! amo!/ s+holars that o!e +a!!ot .ray for for/i1e!ess a!d mer+y for a !o! Muslim who dies i! that status> a ;aafir. 'ou +a!!ot ma%e 5uaa for him> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! him. A!-4awawi said i! al-Majmoo i! the fifth 1olume> there is a! *jmaa o! this> there is a +o!se!sus o! this. *b! Taymiyyah
-a/e F 36

Rahimahullah said there is a! *jmaa o! this> that it is .rohibited a!d that is i! the twelfth 1olume of al-"ataawa. As for o!e who is ali1e> if o!e is ali1e> there is some +omme!ts o! this> let me +lear it u.. Whe! a moder!ist or i/!ora!t reads it i! some of the old boo%s> he will say loo% so a!d so said it is o% to ma%e 5uaa with mer+y to a ;aafir that is li1i!/> a!d the! they mi/ht e1e! ta/ o! it a ;aafir who is dead too> at the rate they are /oi!/. That is a reaso! to show %!owled/e must be tau/ht by Shuyoo%h> be+ause sometimes you are /oi!/ to see i! a boo%> for eDam.le> the word Ma%rooh> disli%ed. Some Shuyoo%h> some &Ulamaa +o!sider what they say disli%ed (araam> but they always use disli%ed. A!d how would you %!ow that if someo!e did !ot tell you> as a .ri!+i.le of this Shay%h he said disli%ed. *ma/i!e readi!/ adultery or for!i+atio! is disli%ed or al+ohol is disli%ed> what that Shay%h mea!s has a root> disli%ed is (araam. 7!e thi!/ is for sure>! is mea!t to be u!derstood> if you are as%i!/ for a !o! Muslim> that Allah /uides them>! of Rahmah. Al-(aafidh *b! (ajr me!tio!ed this i! his!atio! i! "ath al-Baari> the ele1e!th 1olume> he said i! summary> this is the summary a!d * am /oi!/ to /i1e it to you a!d this is the best summary. 'ou +a! .ray for a !o! belie1er i! /uida!+e a!d if you +hoose to .ray for him i! mer+y> it must be with the i!te!tio! that mer+y mea!s /uida!+e. So basi+ally> if your i!te!tio! is to say Rahimahullah to a !o! Muslim who is li1i!/> your i!te!tio! better be o!e hu!dred .er+e!t that Rahimahullah> mea!i!/ may Allah ha1e mer+y o! him to /uide him. *t better be that a!d it +a! be !o other tha! that. *t is better to say just ma%e it +lear> may Allah /uide him> may Allah /uide them> or if you do +hoose to say Rahmah a!d it is !ot the best of the two o.i!io!s> the! you say it with the i!te!tio! of Allah /uide him. Badr ad-5ee! al-&Ay!i i! Umdat al-,aari> whi+h is a! i!ter.retatio! of Sahih Bu%hari +omme!ted o! a (adith where the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam me!tio!edC

/ 1 " 1 s 1 - / H 3 1 ; 3 / T 3 T / E / J
The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam made! that Allah for/i1e his .eo.le whe! they were !o! belie1ers. (e said> that is to for/i1e his .eo.le> he said it whe! they were harmi!/ him a!d o..ressi!/ him. Badr ad-5ee! says that mea!s to /ra!t them /uida!+e to *slam whi+h will +ause them to be for/i1e!> if they do be+ome Muslim. So you ha1e to u!dersta!d what the &Ulamaa are tal%i!/ about.

624 ,I, 2E SA4 $A2I0A1 ALLA2.

This was a tre!d used by wise> %!owled/eable &Ulamaa> they used these %i!d of sayi!/s. (e made 5uaa for o!e who is lear!i!/ a!d liste!i!/ to him> he is ma%i!/ 5uaa for o!e who mi/ht read his boo% i! the future. This is a bi/ lesso! that o!e who +o!1eys the messa/e must be mer+iful a!d +om.assio!ate to those he +o!1eys his messa/e to> he must show those he is tea+hi!/> that he wa!ts /uida!+e for them. Sometimes they thi!% you do !ot wa!t /uida!+e for them> you /ot to show
-a/e F 36

them you are tryi!/ to ta%e them from dar%!ess to a bri/ht li/ht. A 5aaiyah o.e!s the hearts with a smile> it is a %ey to a heart> with a !i+e +om.lime!t> +ould be a !i+e +om.lime!t or word> or .utti!/ your ha!d o! his ba+%. Today> some a+t as if it is Awrah to show your teeth> they thi!% it is Awrah to show your teeth> that is the reality do !ot lau/h> some .eo.le are li%e that. 5awah is wisdom> bei!/ /e!tle a!d %i!d> you !eed the %eysG you +a!!ot e!ter without Rahmah to .eo.le. Allah tells his -ro.het a!d he is the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> if you Muhammad were harsh a!d hard hearted> they would ha1e dis.ersed a!d left youC

1 s i ; 1 O H / f ...W ... P J 1 -p # / 1 / E / 9 / ! U>^ :" bZ

That is the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> so ima/i!e a!yo!e other tha! him. A 5aaiyah must be li%e Allah said about the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

b 0 5 J , d 1 / 1 q d 2 / N 6 / q -L / P '1 / / #\ 1 / / :&-' 6 { 1 6 q !\ 1 ) 1 q 9 / & q 6 1 0 3 C 1 9 UlV

Who is mer+iful> who is mer+iful with you> who is +om.assio!ate with you> who is worried about you> who is +o!+er!ed for you a!d who is ea/er to /i1e you the best. (ere> the author is s.ea%i!/ to .eo.le at a time whe! .eo.le were dee. i! their i/!ora!+e a!d their Bidah a!d their Shir% a!d the worshi..i!/ of the /ra1es was a!d +ommo!> a!d it is eD+e.tio!al to be o! the ri/ht .ath. A %!owled/eable is wise a!d %!ows the truth is somewhat tou/h> the truth is tou/h sometimes> it is hard to absorb it> es.e+ially whe! their .are!ts a!d /reat /ra!d .are!ts ha1e bee! raised o! it> its hard to absorb the truth. The truth is diffi+ult i! itself> as a 5aaiyah with wisdom> you do !ot +ombi!e a tou/h attitude with a tou/h 5awah> you wa!t two tou/h!esses= At least wor% with the tou/h 5awah itself> do !ot add to it your attitude. Some lear! a +ou.le of (adith a!d ru! arou!d de+lari!/ .eo.le ;uffaar a!d ;hawaarij a!d e1erythi!/ you +a! thi!% of. *! Taree%h Ba/hdad> (usay! al-;arabeesi> was a .hiloso.hist Mubtadi> or o!e who resorted to me!tal ratio!alisatio!. Ash-Shaafiee we!t to 1isit Ba/hdad a!d al;arabeesi heard about him> .eo.le are /oi!/ from all o1er to 1isit him. Al-;arabeesi> he told his frie!ds let us /o 1isit ash-Shaafiee> hes a .hiloso.hist> you %!ow they are elo ue!t whe! they tal% be+ause they ha1e !o %!owled/e of ,ura! or (adith> they use their tal%. So he said let us /o 1isit Shaafiee a!d ma%e fu! of him. 01eryo!e has /athered there so ;arabeesi /oes there a!d with his outs.o%e! way of as%i!/ uestio!s> they as% ash-Shaafiee. Ash-Shaafiee %!ows what they are doi!/> %!ows .eo.le are there> he +ould ha1e %i+%ed them out. (e +ould ha1e told a
-a/e F 3$

+ou.le of his stude!ts ta%e them out of here> he +ould ha1e i!+ited the .eo.le to ta%e them out but he stood sile!t. (e stood .atie!tly a!d be/a! to a!swer them with ,ura! after ,ura! after (adith after sayi!/s> u!til he mesmerised them with his %!owled/e a!d his ma!!ers. 'ou %!ow what they said the .hiloso.hers> these Mubtadi> those who resorted to me!tal ratio!alisatio!= They said we left our Bidah a!d followed ash-Shaafiee. They we!t to ma%e fu! of him> he +ould ha1e do!e a!ythi!/ he wa!ted but he was .atie!t> Allah /uided with him some bi/ *maams of his time. 'ou see what it does> he had the %ey to the heart> he had wisdom i! +o!1eyi!/ the messa/e> that is why them are the 1erses * saidC

4 - ! rn :\ A ... 1 ! / FZ k ( 4 / 4 / 09 , ~ ... & 1 ! / FZ S ( / ! 4 / 4 / 09 8 3 2% 3 ! 'L ( Un :{KE

Wisdom is just as esse!tial as %!owled/e a!d that is what he says> Rahima% Allah is .art of the wisdom of Muhammad *b! Abdul Wahhaab. That is how you +a.ture the hearts a!d the mi!ds> Rahima% Allah> e1e! if you disa/ree with them a!d they are Muslim> Rahima% Allah. Ta%e this> humble yourself> lower your wi!/ to them> you %!ow who is sayi!/ Rahima% Allah= The ma! who for o1er two hu!dred years is still till today> bei!/ bad mouthed. The dust of the atta+%s from the storm of re1i1i!/ the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah of his time> Muhammad *b! Abdul Wahhaab> the dust it /e!erated has !ot settled u!til today> .eo.le still a++use him a!d tal% about him. (a1i!/ said that> +a! you just ima/i!e with me> what the atta+%s were li%e to him whe! he was i! his .ea%> if it is still /oi!/ o! till today= 'et with all that /oi!/ o!> he uses Rahima% Allah> where his o..o!e!ts are /oi!/ to be readi!/ his leaflets a!d letters that he is /oi!/ to .ass out. A 5aaiyah !eeds to ha1e a smile o! his fa+e with the ma!!ers a!d he !eeds to be .leasa!t a!d a deli/ht for .eo.le to a..roa+h a!d +ommu!i+ate with> that is the true 5aaiyah a!d that is a +hara+teristi+ of a su++essful 5aaiyah. *lam Rahima% Allah> a smile mi/ht o.e! ma!y hearts to your messa/e> Rahima% Allah. Rahima% Allah> * am +o!+er!ed about you> * wa!t you to lear! this. *! Sahih MuslimC

} ! * / F " C u , E 1 = 1 " / ,3 1 ! / / F H / / / 4 / % E / : B / 1& : k

5o !ot mi!imise the reward of a!ythi!/> e1e! if it is merely to /reet your brother with a smile> e1e! if it is to smile i! your brothers fa+e. Jareer *b! Abdillah said i! Sahih

-a/e F 3)

Bu%hari a!d Muslim> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam !e1er see! me but smiled i! my fa+eC

T 1 1 Z / ! 3 A F 3 H1 5 ; H! 1
This was the -ro.het who we were ordered to follow whether he smiles to us or frow!s at us> whether he +o!1eys this messa/e soft to!ed or harsh to!ed. 4o o!e is ordered to follow me a!d you> so +o!1ey the messa/e i! wisdom a!d /ood ma!!ers> i! a .leasa!t a!d a li/ht way. Abdullah *b! (aarith said i! a (adith i! Su!a! TirmidhiC

, 29 , f , / . -L 5 A F + # 1 b 1 4 / P / 4 1 L!
A +om.a!io! is sayi!/> * !e1er see! a!yo!e smile more tha! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. <a! you ima/i!e that> a brother /reets a brother with a smile> a sister /reets her sister with a smile> or a %i!d word> or a .at o! the ba+%> or embra+e> a %ey to o.e! the heart> a true smile> a ui+% smile> that slowly fades. 4ot those fa%e o!es that +ome slowly a!d 1a!ish real fast> those are the fa%e o!es. A si/! a!d a +hara+teristi+ of a Mu!aafi is a shar. to!/ue with a frow! to the belie1ers> a!d the o..osite to the !o! belie1ersC

, h29 I& # / / L 6 $ = % 5 ... 4 1 1 : : 1 / 3 1 -E 1 U^ :ad9

They shar.e! their to!/ues a!d yield them o! youC

, 3 0/ l^ :e'J ... 2 \ 1 ... 6 3 % / & \ / T 9 6 1 J

The o..osite of that is a trait of the Mu!aafi ee!. A 5aaiyah is a do+tor> he deals with the hearts a!d souls> s.iritually> !ot .hysi+ally. 'ou do !ot o.e! the heart a!d .lay arou!d with it> the .hysi+al mus+le itself> you deal with them s.iritually so you ha1e to %!ow how to .ro.erly o.e! them> you ha1e to fi!d the %ey to +o!1ey the messa/e. #i%e * said it is a harsh 5awah i! itself> do !ot +ombi!e to it your harsh!ess. -eo.le are huma!s> sometimes you !eed to .raise them to wi! their hearts. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was tea+hi!/ Abdullah somethi!/. Whe! he tau/ht Muadh *b! JabalC

1 FhA ! W 1 1 , 1 ! / 9 3 3 T u u 1 / 0% 1 / # 1 5
-a/e F 38

The o!e we say after Salah> do you thi!% the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam just +ame to Muadh a!d said you say this after Salah= (e too% Muadh> he saidC

P A9 ... 1 1 W
* lo1e you Muadh. <a! you ima/i!e how his heart is=

/ 2 F Q ; F " # -E ... 1 , : Q. / , 3 : ` 3 T < &h b 1 FhA ! W 1 1 ! / 9 u u 1 / 0% 1 / # 1 5

The -ro.het +omme!ds *b! Umar the! +orre+ts him to .ray the !i/ht .rayer> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam .raised a!d the! e!+oura/es> that is the .ath of the wise a!d ri/hteous a!d su++essful 5uaat.

This is our fourth +lass o! Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah> Sharh Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah> the elu+idatio! of the!atio! of Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah.


"irst of all> we tal%ed about Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> &*lam Rahima% Allah. The author saidC

8 / 1 1 9 1 1 1 3 1 5 / 6 / 1& 3 , W 9 / 9 3 3 1 7 P F 1 G5 :< @ R / 1 / , 1 & I5/ / / ! ; ! : : ! ; 1 1 / / / / 1 1 3 . ; 1 1 / 1 1 A / / 1 w ! ! 3 L 1 1 QL 1 h . 1 3 h 1 &

"our matters that the author is tal%i!/ about o1er here. We s.o%e about Bismillahi Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> the! we s.o%e about &*lam Rahima% Allah> %!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! you. We fi!ished at the e!d> %!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! you. Today> we ta%e the obli/atio! to %!ow four matters. (e said it is obli/atory to %!ow four matters> you must %!ow these four matters. (ere> he said you are obli/ated to %!ow these four matters. (e used the Arabi+ wordC

@ 1
-a/e F 6@

'ou must %!ow these four matters.


The defi!itio! of Waajib is a!y matter where there is a firm order to do somethi!/> i! whi+h o!e is .romised a reward forG a!d a!yo!e u!eDem.ted> u!eD+used from doi!/ it> who lea1es it> is .romised .u!ishme!t. That is the defi!itio! of Waajib.


There is a .roblem here that s+holars had> there is a! issue betwee! Waajib a!d "ardh. Are they both the same or are they differe!t= *! Usool> the s+holars dis.uted this matter> Usool al-"i h. The s+holars dis.uted this mater> they said is Waajib "ardh a!d is "ardh Waajib> are they both the same thi!/ or are they two differe!t thi!/s= The author here> * wa!t you to %!ow a!d * am /oi!/ to it a/ai! a!d a/ai!> the author here does !ot mea! Waajib that is li%e the Waajib that Abu (a!eefah Rahimahullah +o!siders Waajib> whi+h is a lesser ra!% tha! "ardh. (ere> the author mea!s obli/atory> Waajib> "ardh. *t is a "ardh u.o! you e1e! thou/h he used the word Waajib> he mea!s it is "ardh o! you to %!ow the followi!/ four matters. *! 0!/lish> it may !ot seem li%e that bi/ of a deal> be+ause usually whe! they are tra!slated> Waajib> they say it is obli/atory a!d the! whe! they say "ardh> it is obli/atory. But whe! you loo% at the "i h .oi!t of 1iew> i! the Usool boo%s> you fi!d there is a dis.ute> is Waajib "ardh a!d "ardh Waajib or are they two differe!t thi!/s= Why * say this> be+ause Waajib> the obli/atory is ide!ti+al to "ardh> whi+h is obli/atory a++ordi!/ to ash-Shaafiee> to Maali% a!d to *maam Ahmad i! o!e of two o.i!io!s. #et me that> so !ow we are tal%i!/ about the dis.ute betwee! the s+holars i! Waajib a!d "ardh> are they the same or !ot. A Waajib> it is obli/atory> a Waajib whi+h mea!s obli/atory is ide!ti+al to "ardh whi+h is obli/atory> just two differe!t words a++ordi!/ to ash-Shaafiee> Maali% a!d *maam Ahmad i! o!e of two o.i!io!s. The se+o!d o.i!io! is by *maam Abu (a!eefah Rahimahullah. *maam Abu (a!eefah said> Waajib is sli/htly lesser ra!% of a! ordai!> of a "ardh> tha! "ardh. They are both a++ordi!/ to *maam Abu (a!eefah Rahimahullah> a! obli/atio!> obli/atory> you must do them. (owe1er> Waajib is a !ot+h less tha! "ardh. 4ow let us ta%e the .roof for both +am.s.



FA$,2 A$E S4NON40O5S

-a/e F 62

The first +am. said Waajib is "ardh a!d they are both the same> a!d they use for their .roof a (adith i! Sahih al-Bu%hari> the ma! who +ame to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

3 . 1< q 1 / 1 3 b ! 3 L 3 1 -L \ ...2 / , : @ 1 / < / 1

A Bedoui! from 4ajd +ame s+reami!/> i! o!e !arratio! mumbli!/ with his head u!+o1ered> a!d he we!t to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to as% him about *slam. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam res.o!ded to him. After the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam i!formed him of the obli/atory matters u.o! him> the ma!> this Bedoui! as%ed a uestio!. (e saidC

/ N ... ... < b / s 3

7ther tha! what you told me> the obli/atio!s> that whi+h you told me is "ardhC

/ < / s 3
*s there a!ymore obli/atio!s other tha! that> do * ha1e to do a!ythi!/ else other tha! that= A!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam res.o!dedC

3 H N ... ... / ,H 3 F " 1 b

(e said !o> you do !ot ha1e to do a!ythi!/ other tha! this u!less you +hoose to do a!y of the eDtra matters that o!e +a! do for eDtra reward. The .oi!t of the s+holars hereC

/ / & / < 4 L 1 ! @ / / & < / P 3 '! ] / J 1 1 / q * / x 1 < 1 h ] / P 3 '; / J 1 $ 1 1

So the s+holars said> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did !ot .ut a middle +ate/ory betwee! "ardh a!d Su!!ah. This is "ardh> this is Su!!ah> he did !ot .ut a middle +ate/ory. (ad Waajib bee! a sli/htly lesser ra!% tha! "ardh> the! he would ha1e said o%> * told you the obli/atory matters> here is the Waajib matters a!d the! * am /oi!/ to tell you the Tatawwa> the! there is the Su!!ah. But he did !ot> the -ro.het told him the obli/atory "ardh matters> the! he we!t dire+tly a!d said> the o!ly other matters other tha! that is Su!!ah. Betwee! "ardh a!d Su!!ah> Tatawwa> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did !ot say oh a!d here is Waajib i! betwee! themG here is the Waajib that is i! betwee! them> here is matters that are Waajib i! betwee! them.

-a/e F 69

Se+o!d .roof> Allah i! the ,ura! saidC

U^r :`EA ... ... 1 ] 3 = / 3 T ; 6 ; 1 ;

"ardh is used i! this 1erse i! the +o!teDt of Waajib> so they said that mea!s they are the same. The third .roofC

3 . : b -E N b 1 / ! 3 L 3 1 A3 1 F 3
A!d whe! you hear that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said> li%e here> that mea!s it is automati+ally (adith ,udsiC

/ F f 1 h / 1 1 & m2 1 / A ,< | \ '; 1 / + 3 E 3 1 a 1 /

My ser1a!t !e1er +omes +loser to me with a deed a!y better tha! a "ardh. (ad Waajib bee! a se.arate +ate/ory> he would ha1e also added Waajib. (e would ha1e said> a!d Waajib is i!+luded. "irst is the "ardh a!d the! the Waajib> be+ause ri/ht after that> the! the (adith me!tio!ed 4aafil> that o!e +o!ti!ues to do 4awaafil. So he did !ot me!tio! a se+o!d +ate/ory after "ardh> ri/ht after "ardh> whi+h is Waajib. (e we!t from "ardh a!d the! he be/a! to tal% about other matters that are 4affil> just li%e the first .roof. 4ow the fourth .roof is they said> for both "ardh a!d Waajib> it is 1ilified to !ot do either o!e. *f you do !ot do either o!e> it is 1ilified> so it would be redu!da!t to say ea+h o!e has a se.arate mea!i!/ or +ate/ory be+ause we all a/ree the bottom li!e> it is 1ilified !ot to do it> it is a si! !ot to do it. Why would you ma%e them a se.arate +ate/ory whe! we all a/ree it is somethi!/ you must do a!d you /et si!s for !ot doi!/ it u!less you are eDem.ted= So why are you ma%i!/ it a s.e+ial +ate/ory= They said> this /rou. said> it is redu!da!t to say Waajib is differe!t tha! "ardh or "ardh is differe!t tha! Waajib. So basi+ally> if you loo% at this /rou.> they basi+ally use some teDtual .roof from (adith that the -ro.het we!t from "ardh the! we!t to Tatawwa> a!d did !ot me!tio! i! betwee! the middle +ate/ory of Waajib.




The (a!afiyyah a!d *maam Ahmad i! o!e of the o.i!io!s> said that ea+h o!e is a differe!t +ate/ory. "ardh is a +ate/ory a!d Waajib is a differe!t +ate/ory. They said

-a/e F 6:

that "ardh is a hi/her le1el that is more +o!firmed a!d more stressed a!d more em.hasised tha! a Waajib that +omes ri/ht u!der it. The .roof for the se+o!d /rou.> is more of a li!/uisti+ !ature tha! it is of a teDtual !ature. Those who lear! Arabi+ %!ow that sometimes> the literal mea!i!/ 1ery sli/htly> tha! the reli/ious +o!teDt mea!i!/ for a word. So * /i1e you that i! a! eDam.le of the word *slam a!d you will u!dersta!d it better. #i!/uisti+ally> if you loo% u. i! a! Arabi+ di+tio!ary *slam> the root word of it> what is the defi!itio! of *slam= 'ou are /oi!/ to fi!d that it mea!s submissio!> humbli!/> a!d obeyi!/. 7!e i! submissio!> you +a! say he is MuslimG humbli!/> he is MuslimG obeyi!/ +omma!ds> he is Muslim. That is the literal defi!itio! of *slam> from the root word of it. (owe1er> i! a reli/ious +o!teDt> loo% at the defi!itio!. The defi!itio! of *slam isC

3 & / ! 5 / , 1 / 1 w 1 1 1 / 9 1 3 1 E Q / 1 'L / 1w h 1 1 , 2 / 3 '& u / ! 1 y 1 / X / $

To submit to Allah with Tawheed> a!d to su++umb to Allah with obedie!+e> Taaa> a!d to disa1ow> disasso+iate yourself from Shir% a!d the .eo.le of Shir%. 'es> .arts of the root word were used but you ha1e to ha1e this whole +o!+lusi1e mea!i!/ to ta%e what *slam i! a reli/ious +o!teDt is. 4ow the (a!afiyyah used the sli/ht differe!+es i! the literal mea!i!/s of Waajib a!d "ardh to ha1e a! affe+t o! /i1i!/ ea+h o!e their ow! +ate/ory. Abu Eayd ad5abboosi said "ardh mea!s literally> to assess somethi!/ or what is .re+ise. *f somethi!/ is .re+ise> from Ta deer> that is "ardh. Ta deer a!d "ardh are the same> so it is somethi!/ that is assessed> somethi!/ that is .re+ise. Waajib o! the other ha!d he said> mea!s Su oot HI> whi+h mea!s to fall> a!d Allah used it i! a literal se!se i! the 1erseC

1 ... ?_ := ...T ; f ! / A &-

Whe! a wall dro.s dow!> you say Wajabatul-(aait H G =A!I> the wall fell. Wajabatul-(aait> that mea!s the wall fell. So here he says> well ta%e "ardh to be a!ythi!/ that is firm> ,aati HRkNI. A!ythi!/ with firm .roof is "ardh. Waajib> a!ythi!/ that is obli/atory with a sli/htly lesser sta!dard of .roof> well ta%e that to be a Waajib. 4ow> they made the disti!+tio! be+ause Su oot> to dro.> so they used dro. to mea! that is the se+o!d +ate/ory.


So they made a disti!+tio! betwee! "ardh a!d Waajib but they themsel1es dis.uted> so how do we +ate/orise what is /oi!/ to be a Waajib a!d what is /oi!/ to be a "ardh= 4ow we established> there is a "ardh a!d there is a Waajib a++ordi!/ to the
-a/e F 63

(a!afiyyah> but what is a "ardh a!d a Waajib= 7!e /rou. of the (a!afiyyah said> "ardh is what +omes throu/h ,atee H NI .roof. ,atee .roof is firm> dire+t> .re+ise .roof whi+h is li%e a solid 1erse with its mea!i!/ +lear> or a solid authe!ti+ (adith with +lear mea!i!/ of it> a!d with multi.le +hai!s. That would be +o!sidered a "ardh. What is a!ythi!/ less tha! that> that is obli/atory> well +o!sider it a Waajib. So a!ythi!/ that +omes to us i! .roof that is 5ha!!ee H I> 5ha!!ee mea!s authe!ti+ (adith> we are !ot tal%i!/ about !o! authe!ti+ (adith. Authe!ti+ (adith that is a dire+t order but its +hai!s are !ot suffi+ie!t to be li%e multi.le +hai!s> so that will be a Waajib. 0Dam.le of this would be i! the ,ura!> Allah said i! the ,ura!C

` QK 1 ,! N 3 -
A!d .erform your Salah. 4o o!e dis.utes it> it is a +lear order> the mea!i!/ is 1ery +lear. *t is a 1erse i! the ,ura! so it is !ot dis.uted> it is "ardh to ma%e your Salah. But !ow> re+iti!/ the "aatihah i! e1ery si!/le u!it of the Salah> they said that is Waajib> !ot "ardh be+ause the (adithC

3 ` . 1& H a Q 1 0/ 1 = 1 FJ 1 ' H
There is !o Salah eD+e.t by you readi!/ the "aatihah i! e1ery u!it of the Salah. They said that .roof is 5ha!!ee> it is authe!ti+ but it is !ot solid e!ou/h to be a "ardh. So Salah is "ardh but re+iti!/ the "aatihah i! e1ery Ra%ah is Waajib. The se+o!d /rou. said> al-As%aree said "ardh is what is from Allah a!d Waajib is what is from Allah a!d what is from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. So some .roof that is dis.uted> matters that are dis.uted> there are mea!i!/s from the ,urJa!> that a++ordi!/ to them is Waajib. *f it is solid a!d the mea!i!/ is +lear> that is "ardh> the first +ate/ory. Some say> third +ate/ory said "ardh is a!y dire+t order from Allah a!d Waajib is a!y dire+t order from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. That is obli/atory i! both +ases> so o!e is from Allah a!d o!e is from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. Al-*sraee!i> who is amo!/ the s+holars of al-(a!afiyyah said> "ardh is what is ordered by +o!se!sus> !o o!e dis.uted itG a!d Waajib is what may ha1e dis.ute as to it bei!/ "ardh or !ot. So they dis.ute i! themsel1es as to what is "ardh a!d what is Waajib.


The result of it is a++ordi!/ to the (a!afiyyah> whoe1er de!ies a "ardh is ;aafir be+ause he has +ommitted a! a+t of ;ufr> be+ause he de!ied somethi!/ that its .roof is beyo!d doubt. Waajib> the .roof is a less .re+ise so he has!Jt +ommitted a! a+t of ;ufr. So whoe1er de!ies sta!di!/ i! Arafaat duri!/ (ajj> or (ijaab of a woma!>
-a/e F 66

has +ommitted a! a+t of ;ufr be+ause that is "ardh. They +o!sider for eDam.le Witr> WaajibG they +o!sider ru!!i!/ i! Safa a!d Marwah whe! you /o to (ajj> those se1e! la.s you do where (aajar &alayhis salaam ra!> they +o!sider that Waajib. So if someo!e were to de!y that> the! he has!t +ommitted a! a+t of ;ufr be+ause the le1el of .roof i! less tha! that of the "ardh. Their rule is de!yi!/ a Waajib> is !ot ;ufr. #ea1i!/ that Waajib out> if you do !ot de!y it is +o!sidered "is > o!e who is astray. 5e!yi!/ a Waajib is !ot ;ufr a++ordi!/ to the (a!afiyyah be+ause it is .ro1e! o! a se+o!dary le1el basis .roof> u!li%e "ardh whi+h is .ro1e! beyo!d a doubt. That is the first result or fruit of this dis.ute. Se+o!d result or fruit of this dis.ute. 'ou /et more reward for doi!/ a "ardh tha! you do for doi!/ a Waajib> be+ause it is hi/her +ate/ory a++ordi!/ to the (a!afiyyah. The third fruit of this dis.ute or result> would .robably .ossibly be more u!dersta!dable i! a! eDam.le. The majority of s+holars> the first /rou.> say .rayi!/ i! Sujood> ma%i!/ Sujood at-Tilaawah> Sujood of re+itatio! is Su!!ah !ot Waajib or "ardh. Be+ause Umar *b! al-;hattab was o! the o!e "riday a!d he read Surat a!-4ahl> whe! he /ot to the Sajdah i! Surat a!-4ahl> he /ot off the a!d made Sujood. The 4eDt Jumuah> he /ot u. a!d read Surat as-Sajdah> Surat as-Sajdah has a Sujood i! it. Whe! he /ot to the 1erse of Sujood> he said oh .eo.le> we .ass by 1erses of Sujood> whoe1er ma%es Sujood is ri/ht a!d whoe1er does !ot ma%e Sujood is ri/htG a!d he did !ot ma%e Sujood the se+o!d time. *b! Umar his so!> added a stateme!t to that. (e said> Allah did !ot ma%e Sujood for Tilaawah> Sujood at-Tilaawah "ardh u.o! you. The majority of the s+holars said o%> it is !ot "ardh a!d Waajib so what does it be+ome= *t is !ot "ardh or Waajib> it /oes dow! to Su!!ah. (a!afiyyah said !o> it is !ot "ardh> so the! it is Waajib be+ause it dro.s dow! a le1el. 'es> it is !ot "ardh> but the! it is Waajib. So they dro..ed it to their se+o!d +ate/ory> whi+h is Waajib. The Jamhoor dro..ed it to their se+o!d +ate/ory> whi+h is Su!!ah. So it /ets dro..ed dow!> based o! what /rou. you are i!. The (a!afiyyah ma%e it WaajibG the majority> the Jamhoor> +o!sider it Su!!ah. So that is o!e of the results of this dis.ute of "ardh a!d Waajib bei!/ two differe!t +ate/ories. The first /rou.> si!+e they do !ot disti!/uish betwee! "ardh a!d Waajib> +o!sider them o!e> "ardh a!d Waajib the same thi!/G they said o% it is !ot "ardh as *b! Umar said> that mea!s it is !ot Waajib be+ause they are the same> /oes dow! to a Su!!ah. Al-(a!afiyyah said it is !ot "ardh li%e *b! Umar said> o%> but it dro.s dow! to Waajib. Bery similar to that> is sa+rifi+e. (a!afiyyah belie1e it is Waajib to sa+rifi+e> the other *maams> the other Jamhoor belie1e it is Su!!ah to sa+rifi+e> based o! the same ratio!ale. #i%ewise> the (a!afiyyah belie1e Witr is Waajib> Witr after the *shaaJ before "ajr is WaajibG you /et si!s a++ordi!/ to them if you do !ot do it> you are +o!sidered a "aasi if you are !ot doi!/ it. The majority say !o> it is Su!!ah.

-a/e F 66

The +o!+lusio! for this whole dis.ute is sim.le> the a!swer is .retty mu+h +lear. *f you wa!t a o!e li!er o! it> the o.i!io! is Waajib a!d "ardh are the same. The majority who +o!sider the Waajib a!d "ardh the same> ha1e (adith a!d use teDtual .roof li%e (adith as .roof to ba+% them u.G while the others use a!d substa!tiated their sta!+e with li!/uisti+ defi!itio!s. So that /i1es le1era/e to the first /rou.. Se+o!dly> it is more +orre+t> the first /rou. is more +orre+t be+ause "ardh a!d Waajib +o!+ur i! that o!e must do that whi+h he is su..osed to do a!d he /ets si!s for !ot doi!/ it> u!less he is eDem.ted. So the defi!itio! for both> are !early the same. A!d that /i1es more of a solid sta!+e to the first /rou. be+ause they both are the same.


4oti+e> whe! we lear! Tawheed> we do lear! Tawheed> but as we lear! it> we study matters li%e this whi+h are Usool. This matter is !ot i! the Tawheed boo%s> this is i! Usool al-"i h but we use it to u!dersta!d more what the author is tal%i!/ about if he says 'ajib H @ 1 I> does 'ajib mea! "ardh or is it the lesser +ate/ory that Abu (a!eefah is tal%i!/ about. So we use Usool to %!ow the mea!i!/ of the author here> to u!dersta!d a matter of Tahweed a!d &A eedah. *f we .ass by a (adith i! the future> sometimes we are /oi!/ to tal% about (adith. Some s+holars +o!sider it wea% a!d it is a (adith that is .o.ular> we are /oi!/ to tal% about why it is wea% or why it is authe!ti+. That is Mustalah> it is /oi!/ to be a Tawheed +lass but we are /oi!/ to tal% about Mustalah a!d (adith i! it. The! 1ery soo!> *!shaa Allah> we are /oi!/ to see matters> it is /oi!/ to be more li%e Tafseer +lass. The!> it is /oi!/ to be other to.i+s. Sometimes> we /ot to brea% the 4ahw> the terms of the 4ahw dow!> li%e we did a+tually i! the first +lass whe! we tal%ed about> Ar-Rahma! a!d Ar-Raheem. *t is Tawheed but the *slami+ %!owled/es are i!tertwi!ed a!d that is a u!i ue thi!/ about. So whe! we /o to Usool> *!shaa Allah we .la! o! studyi!/ Usool> we are /oi!/ to tal% about "ardh a!d Waajib. 'ou /ot a! u!dersta!di!/ of it> a+tually !ow with what * tal%ed about> that is more of a detailed u!dersta!di!/ of it. So if we /et there> we mi/ht add a little bit more or we mi/ht just .ass by it or we mi/ht re1iew it.


,I, T2E


Why we brou/ht that u. here> Waajib or "ardh. We said be+ause here> he is sayi!/ 'ajibu> you must %!ow these four matters. 5oes he mea!s the Waajib a++ordi!/ to Abu (a!eefah> that is a sli/htly lesser ra!% tha! a "ardh= 4o> he mea!s "ardh> that is WaajibG the Waajib that is "ardh. (e mea!s this matter> had you ta%e! out the word 'ajibu> 'ufradhu H]JI> it would be the same thi!/. So he mea!s here 'ajibu> "ardh> the %i!d that is "ardh> the %i!d that is a++ordi!/ to the first three *maams. *t is +om.ulsory o! us to lear! these four matters> "ardh> Waajib to lear! these four matters. Me!> females> sla1es> the free> e1eryo!e must> e1ery Muslim who belie1es i! #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah !eeds to %!ow these

-a/e F 6$

four matters. <om.rehe!di!/ these matters fully a!d thorou/hly> is a "ardh u.o! e1ery si!/le Muslim.


;!owled/e i! matters where you are deali!/ with Allah> &*lm Muaamalatil-&Abd #iRabbih H& three ty.esC

2A I> the %!owled/e i! deali!/ with Allah are

uF! ,< !;,hE' : 5N, cQc

Al-Muaamalah &Ala Thalaathat A saam H 5N, &*ti +ommissio!ed that .ertai! to (im are either belief> or a+tio!> or lea1i!/. Some thi!/s that you /ot to belie1e i!> some thi!/s you /ot to a+t a!d do> a!d some thi!/s you /ot to stay away a!d refrai! from. ;!owled/e as it .ertai!s to that> to your deali!/ with Allah> is either "ardh JAy!> &*lm JAy!ee> or &*lm ;ifaaee. "ardh JAy!> mea!i!/ %!owled/e as it .ertai!s to your deali!/ with Allah. A!d those %i!d of %!owled/es> &*ti aad> "iil a!d Tar% is either "ardh JAy!> whi+h mea!s it is a .erso!al obli/atio!.

cQc I> aad HhE'I> a!d "iil H<!;I> a!d Tar% HuF!I. Matters Allah


"ardh JAy! is a +om.ulsory> o! e1ery Muslim to .erform or do. That is the defi!itio! of "ardh JAy!. "ardh JAy! is a! obli/atio! that must be do!e by e1ery si!/le i!di1idual. "ardh &Ay! is a! obli/atio! that must be do!e by e1ery si!/le i!di1idual> it is a .erso!al obli/atio!. 0Dam.le is Salah a!d Siyaam> e1ery si!/le .erso! must do it.


4ow> the !eDt o!e is "ardh ;ifaayah> +ommu!al res.o!sibilities. *t is "ardh that if .erformed by some> if .erformed by a suffi+ie!t !umber of .eo.le> the obli/atio! falls from the rest> the rest of the Ummah are !ot obli/ated to do it. This is a re uireme!t that the +ommu!ity> as a +olle+ti1e must fulfill it a!d !ot the i!di1idual himself. *t is !ot re uired o! a! i!di1idual basis but at the +ommu!ity as a whole> the +ommu!ity of the *slami+ Ummah as a whole. 0Dam.le is for eDam.le> buryi!/ the dead. A!other eDam.le is if we are te! .eo.le here a!d we are at the shore a! o+ea! a!d someo!e is drow!i!/> a!d we are able to res+ue him. We are all res.o!sible to /o res+ue him> if two .eo.le /o a!d res+ue him> that is suffi+ie!t for us. *f those two .eo.le who are able do !ot /o> all te! of us /et si!s. That is "ardh ;ifaayah. *t is !ot re uested by Abdullah a!d Umar or Muhammad> it is the a+t itself that is re uested> u!li%e the first +ate/ory. *f a /rou. ma%es Salat al-&Asr> it does !ot relie1e the rest from ma%i!/ Salah> e1ery last Muslim /ot to ma%e Salat al-&Asr.
-a/e F 6)

*! the +ommu!al obli/atio!> ordai!> it is suffi+ie!t if a +ertai! !umber of .eo.le do it> the! the rest will !ot be i! si! if they do !ot do it. *! the +ommu!al obli/atory a+t> the a+t must be +arried out a!d +om.leted. *f it is !ot +arried out a!d +om.leted be+ause o!e is !ot able to> we are !ot able to> let us say we are te! at the shore of a water> we are !ot able to res+ue that .erso! be+ause we do !ot %!ow how to swim. The! we must /o a!d i!form a!d e!+oura/e> !ot just res+ui!/ that .erso! who is drow!i!/> a!y matter> we must i!form> we must e!+oura/e others to elimi!ate the si! from falli!/ o! e1eryo!e.


As to %!owled/e> you %!ow "ardh &Ay! a!d "ardh ;ifaayah as it relates to the %!owled/e .ertai!i!/ to Allah. As to %!owled/e that is "ardh &Ay!> .erso!al obli/atio!> it is %!owled/e that your reli/io! +a!!ot be +om.leted a!d +arried without it. That is the %i!d of %!owled/e that is "ardh &Ay!> %!owled/e that your reli/io! +a!!ot be +om.leted a!d +arried without. *t +ould be i! &A eedah> it +ould be i! a+tio!s> a!d it +ould be i! sayi!/s. A!ythi!/ that ma%es esse!tial matters of your 5ee!> a!d your belief> a!d your a+tio!s> a!d your sayi!/ defi+ie!t> you must as a +om.ulsory "ardh &Ay!> %!ow them. 'ou must i!di1idually %!ow it a!d see% it a!d lear! it. (ere> the +o!+lusio!> what the author me!tio!s here> 'ajibu &Alay!aa> you must> "ardh &Ay!> e1ery i!di1idual must %!ow> !o eDem.tio!s> these matters. 01ery i!di1idual must %!ow these matters as a "ardh &Ay! u.o! him. 4ote> there is some %!owled/e that 1aries> it 1aries i! how it is obli/atory or !ot towards Muslims> be+ause i!di1iduals 1ary. There is a +ertai! limit of %!owled/e that e1ery last Muslim must ha1e> that is the "ardh &Ay!> but there is matters that 1ary amo!/st Muslims. Some Muslims must %!ow +ertai! thi!/s> others must !ot> but there is a +ertai! le1el that o!e must %!ow. *b! Abdil-Barr said i! his boo% Jaami Bayaa! Al-&*lm> a!d *b! ,udaamah a!d other s+holars s.o%e o! this matter. #et me /o i!to a little but more detail so you u!dersta!d it. The s+holars said it is +o!se!sus that there are of %!owled/e that are "ardh &Ay! a!d that there are of %!owled/e that are "ardh ;ifaayah> *jmaa there is two %i!ds. 4ot e1erythi!/ is "ardh &Ay! a!d !ot e1erythi!/ is "ardh ;ifaayah. Amo!/ the %!owled/e that is +o!sidered "ardh &Ay!> a/ai! "ardh &Ay! is> the o!e that is a .erso!al obli/atio! e1ery last Muslim must %!ow.


-urifi+atio!> Wudhu> Tahaarah> Salah> you must %!ow that. *f you li1e u!til Ramadhaa!> you !eed to %!ow about Ramadhaa!> what i!1alidates> what you /ot to do from .re-daw! to su!set. Matters li%e that> it is obli/atory o! you to %!ow. A
-a/e F 68

woma!> a!d !ot a ma!> it is "ardh &Ay! o! them to %!ow the rules that .ertai! to the me!strual +y+le> be+ause her fasti!/ a!d her Salah> their a++e.ta!+e is de.e!da!t o! that. They ha1e to the %!ow that> whe! they +a! ma%e Salah> whe! they +a!!ot> how they /et .urity. *t is "ardh &Ay! u.o! them to %!ow> a "ardh &Ay!. A ma! does !ot !eed to %!ow the rules of the me!strual +y+le. (owe1er> if a ma! is the o!ly .ath for his wife to lear!> he must %!ow be+ause he is her /uardia!> see how it 1aries. (e must lear! it to tea+h her or ta%e her to someo!e %!owled/eable to tea+h her> you see how it 1aries here. A re/ular ma! does !ot !eed to %!ow it> but if he has a wife a!d a dau/hter a!d a mother or a sister that he is res.o!sible for> hes /ot to lear! it to tea+h them. "ardh &Ay!> it be+omes "ardh &Ay! u.o! him> or to ta%e them to lear! it> or allow them to /o a!d lear! it. *f you ha1e a wealth> you !eed to %!ow the rules a!d re/ulatio! of Ea%ah. *f you ha1e !o wealth> you do !ot !eed to %!ow about Ea%ah be+ause you ha1e !o wealth. 'es it is better> but we are tal%i!/ here what is "ardh &Ay! a!d what is !ot. *f you are able to .erform (ajj> you !eed to %!ow about (ajj. *f you are u!able> you !eed to %!ow the limit that * am u!able> * am si+% or * do !ot ha1e the wealth to do it> so * do !ot ha1e to ma%e (ajj.


"ardh &Ay! i! lea1i!/ matters> let us ta%e some eDam.les o! that. A bli!d ma! who does !ot see> he does !ot ha1e to lear! what is (araam to loo% at be+ause he +a!!ot see> he does !ot ha1e to. A deaf who does !ot hear> he does !ot ha1e to %!ow what is (araam to liste! to> u!li%e me a!d you. * a!d you ha1e to lear! what is (araam to liste! to be+ause * +a! hear> it is "ardh &Ay! o! all Muslims to %!ow what is (araam to liste! to. *t is "ardh &Ay! o! e1ery Muslim to %!ow Ei!a is (araam. *t is "ardh &Ay! o! e1ery Muslim to %!ow Riba is (araam> a!d al+ohol is (araam> swi!e is (araam> the im.urities> that o..ressio! is (araam. The .rohibitio! of i!+est> or the %illi!/ of others. All that is "ardh &Ay! u.o! e1ery Muslim be+ause they may fall i! it> they ha1e to %!ow how to a1oid it.


The best eDam.le is what we are tal%i!/ about here> these four matters> matters that are "ardh &Ay! u.o! e1ery Muslim to %!ow. 7!e !eeds to %!ow matters of his belief> belief i! Allah> belief i! the A!/els> belief i! the Boo%s> belief i! the Resurre+tio! a!d Ja!!ah> Jaha!!am> you ha1e to %!ow that. 7!e !eeds to lear! that of *slam whi+h will remo1e a!y doubts if he has a!y doubts> be+ause .art of belie1i!/ i! *slam> is belie1i!/ i! *slam with !o doubts. *f you ha1e doubts> you ha1e a defi+ie!+y> so you ha1e to lear! *slam to remo1e that doubt. *f he is i! a +ou!try that has major Bidah> he !eeds to lear! them so he will a1oid them> so he will !ot fall i! them. The amou!t of "ardh &Ay! as it .ertai!s to %!owled/e> is what o!es belief or worshi.> a+ts or sayi!/> will !ot be +orre+t or i! a++orda!+e eD+e.t with it. *f it is that> the! you must lear! it o! a! i!di1idual basis> as are "ardh &Ay!.

-a/e F 6@


1 G5 So as the author said Arba Masaail H < R& / ,I> there is four matters that are "ardh u.o! you to lear!> "ardh &Ay! he mea!s. These are matters whi+h the author starts out the boo%let with> that is the whole 5ee!. These four matters are your e!tire 5ee! a!d they should be /i1e! /reat atte!tio! due to their treme!dous be!efits. Amo!/ the "ardh &Ay! that you must %!ow> are these four matters. Those who do !ot bri!/ their +o.ies of the Usool> a!d * am /oi!/ to say that a/ai! a!d a/ai!> that we .assed out> are /oi!/ to /et lost o1er here be+ause the author tal%s about four matters. 'ou are /oi!/ to thi!% these are the fu!dame!tal matters> these are !ot the o!es he is tal%i!/ about. (e tal%s about four matters> the! he tal%s about three matters> the! he fi!ally /ets to the +ore three fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les that the boo% is !amed after> the +ore .art of the boo%. So you /et lost with us> !ow we are tal%i!/ about four matters. The first .art of the four matters is %!owled/e a!d the! o! that> there is a! A> B> <. The! he says %!owled/e isC

; 1 / 1 3 . ; 1 / 1 1 A / ! 3 L ! 1 ; 1 3 h 1 &1 QL 1 / / 1 w ! 1 1 h
So you /ot to %!ow that there is a! A> B a!d < i! it. So you are /oi!/ /et lost if you do !ot follow alo!/ a!d %ee. it alo!/ a!d .ut a li!e> as we /o throu/h se!te!+e by se!te!+e. A!d a+tually> you should try a+tually to read it a!d /o o1er the whole boo%let. "or eDam.le> the first .a/e> so you ha1e a /e!eral idea as to what we are tal%i!/ about> a!d how he di1ided the boo% out. 'ou also !eed to %!ow that he re.eats +ertai! matters> that is why at +ertai! .oi!ts we will elaborate o! matters while other .oi!ts we will just .ass by. Whe! you eD.lai! a boo%let> you ha1e to eD.lai! it> or whe! you wa!t to read a boo%let to u!dersta!d it> you read it or eD.lai! it i! a way a++ordi!/ to how the author or/a!ised it a!d stru+tured it> to /et the full be!efit from it. A!d li%ewise o1er here> the first matter that he tal%s about of the four matters is %!owled/e. The! he me!tio!s %!owled/e i! Allah> %!owled/e i! the -ro.het Muhammad salallahu &alayhi wa sallam> %!owled/e i! the 5ee!. These same matters that he defi!es %!owled/e with here> are the same +ore matters of the Usool Ath-Thalaathah that we will tal% about i! the future *!shaa Allah. So here he says there are four matters.


*! Arabi+> Masalah mea!s there is four issues here> four thi!/s> four matters. The defi!itio! of Masalah or matter i! Arabi+> is a!ythi!/ .roof> or e1ide!+e is sou/ht for. Matters that you see% or .ursue is +alled a Masalah> Masalah is matters that are .ursued or sou/ht. So he said here> we ha1e Arba Masaail> there is four Masaail
-a/e F 62

here. (ere he me!tio!s four matters. The first o!e is %!owled/e a!d the! he defi!es %!owled/e> a!d the! he me!tio!s !umber two> a+tio!. The! he me!tio!s !umber three> 5awah. A!d the! he me!tio!s !umber four> Sabr. These are the four matters that he is tal%i!/ about. (e is sayi!/> these are matters that o!e should sear+h> see%> .ursue> a!d lear! with .roof. See%> sear+h> .ursue> a!d /et their .roof. 'ou must lear!> we too% the defi!itio! of %!owled/e last wee%. ;!owi!/ somethi!/ as it really is> i! a! affirmati1e a!d +ertai! way. (ere> the author defi!es %!owled/e i! a differe!t way. (e says %!owled/e> the first of the four matters> !umber o!e is %!owled/e a!d that is %!owled/e of Allah> (is Messe!/er> a!d (is reli/io!. So let us tal% about the first matterC

I5/ / / ! : : ! ; 1 1 / / / 1 3 . ; 1 / 1 1 A / ! 3 L ! 1 ; 1 3 h 1 &1 QL 1 / / 1 w ! 1 1 h
These are the four matters he is tal%i!/ about. These matters that he tal%s about> he starts off with %!owled/e> defi!es %!owled/e with %!owi!/ Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d (is reli/io!. #et us tal% about %!owled/e> that is !umber o!e. 4umber o!e is %!owled/e> you .ut A> %!owi!/ Allah. "o+us with me a bit be+ause if * lose your atte!tio!> * am /oi!/ to lose you for the rest of the (ala ah. So he me!tio!s %!owled/e> defi!es %!owled/e> the! me!tio!s a+tio!> the! he me!tio!s 5awah> the! he me!tio!s .atie!+eG a!d you %!ow them with .roof. Those are the first four matters he tal%s about. These are the matters that he says are obli/atory to e1eryo!e to %!ow.


The first o!e is %!owled/e. A!d the! he says> %!owled/e is %!owi!/ Allah H ; / 1 1 I> %!owled/e a!d aware!ess of Allah> the Mi/hty> the Majesti+. This is the
%!owled/e a!d aware!ess that ma%es a .erso! a++e.t whate1er is .res+ribed a!d laid dow! to him by Allah. That is what %i!d of %!owled/e this is> whate1er ma%es you a++e.t a!d submit to Allah> to the rules a!d re/ulatio! Allah /i1es you is .art of this %!owled/e. This is the ty.e of %!owled/e that +auses o!e to submit> a +om.lete total submissio! to the laws of Allah a!d to (is rules a!d to (is re/ulatio!. This is
-a/e F 69

the %!owled/e of o!es #ord> Allah> it is attai!ed by the si/!s a!d the 1erses i! the ,ura!> that is where we /et it from. A!d it is attai!ed by what is i! the (adith a!d also it is by +o!sideri!/ the si/!s whi+h Allah .ro1ided for us o! this earth i! (is +reatio!> it also is i!+luded i! this.

/ ; lM :[D 6/ 1 - 1 ! Z] q 1 N / [ 1
A!d o! this earth are si/!s for those who ha1e faith with +ertai!ty.

; ; , , lU :[D" 1 ! 1 / A F Q 1 J !6 / 05 K
A!d i! yoursel1es> will you !ot the! see> will you !ot +om.rehe!d a!d u!dersta!d. So those are si/!s of %!owi!/ Allah. We /et it from the ,ura!> we /et it from the (adith> we /et it from the si/!s i! AllahJs +reatio! o! this 0arth. Those 1erses are i! Surat ad-5aariyaat.

Some s+holars +ate/orised %!owled/e .ertai!i!/ to this> i! two Marifatullah they said> the %!owled/e i! that is two ;!owled/e i! Allah a!d %!owled/e i! AllahJs (alaal a!d (araam. ;!owled/e i! Allah> to %!ow what (is attributes are> to %!ow (is ualities. To %!ow AllahJs attributes a!d ualities is Marifatullah. Basi+ally> this %!owled/e is to %!ow AllahJs .ower o1er you. To %!ow AllahJs %!owled/e is su.reme> the %!owled/e o1er (is +reatio!> the .ower of (im sustai!i!/ this u!i1erse> all that is .art of Marifatullah. To %!ow Allah> Marifatullah> is to %!ow AllahJs !ames a!d +o!tem.late them a!d u!dersta!d their mea!i!/s a!d abide by them> what they e!tail. The %!owled/e that +reates the fear of Allah is Marifatullah. The ho!ouri!/ of Allah is Marifatullah. That is what he defi!es %!owled/e as> Marifatullah. Whe! they told ash-ShaJbi> the /reat *maam> a s+holar. Ash-ShaJbi> whe! they told him Ayyuhal-&Aalim H T,I> o!e /uy told him oh Shay%h> but i!stead of Shay%h they used &Aalim> oh you s+holar. (e said the s+holar is o!e who fears Allah> he said al-&Aalim is the o!e who fears Allah. ;!owled/e is %!owled/e of Allah a!d it +reates fear from Allah> Marifatullah +reates fear from Allah> a!d it also +reates lo1e i! Allah. Ma!y .eo.le are heedless a!d mi!dless of this %!owled/e> e1e! thou/h it has be!efits that tur! i! /ood for o!e i! this life a!d i! the life after. Be!efits are /ood i! both worlds. Some of the Salaf saidC

< H K
7!ly the i/!ora!t +ommits si!s. What ty.e of i/!ora!+e do you thi!% that they mea!= They did !ot mea! i/!ora!+e i! (alaal a!d (araam. They said o!ly a! i/!ora!t .erso! +ommit si!s. They did !ot mea! i/!ora!+e i! the rules a!d
-a/e F 6:

re/ulatio!s> but they mea!t i/!ora!+e i! this matter> i! Marifatullah> */!ora!+e i! Allah. */!ora!+e i! the rewards Allah has for you> i/!ora!+e i! the .u!ishme!t Allah has reser1ed for those who si!. That you are usi!/ (is la!d> the la!d that Allah /a1e you> to +ommit a si! o!. That you are deri1i!/ stre!/th that Allah /a1e you> to +ommit a si! with> you are usi!/ .ower Allah has /i1e! you to +ommit a si! with. That is the %i!d of i/!ora!+e that they said> that si!!ers are i/!ora!t> that is the %i!d of i/!ora!+e.




The se+o!d ty.e of %!owled/e> is the %!owled/e of (alaal a!d (araam. ;!owled/e i! Allah is the %!owled/e to %!ow Allahs (alaal a!d (araam. *b! Taymiyyah tal%s about this i! "ataawa> i! the third 1olume o! .a/e three hu!dred a!d thirty three. -eo.le i! these %i!d of %!owled/es are four +ate/ories a!d .ay atte!tio! to them be+ause you /ot to dia/!ose yourself a!d * /ot to dia/!ose myself> whi+h o!e of these +ate/ories * am so * +a! fiD myself. "irst o!e is the o!e who has %!owled/e i! Allah a!d i! the rules> Ah%aam> the rules a!d re/ulatio!s of AllahG a!d this is the best. This is the .ea% a!d this is what we wa!t a!d this is what we stri1e for. The se+o!d o!e is> the o!e who has %!owled/e i! Allah but is i/!ora!t i! the Ah%aam of Allah. The third o!e is o!e who has %!owled/e i! the Ah%aam of Allah but la+%s %!owled/e i! Marifatullah. The fourth o!e is i/!ora!+e i! both of them. The first o!e is the best a!d the fourth o!e is the worst> fi/ure out whi+h o!e of these four a!d wor% o! your wea%!ess a!d stre!/the! it be+ause that is how you %!ow Marifatullah.


The !eDt .oi!t i! this matter> the im.orta!+e of %!owled/e i! Allah is /reat. Marifatullah is /reat> it is somethi!/ bi/> it is somethi!/ that !eeds to be ta%e! seriously. *t is the "itrah that o!e %!ows a!d worshi.s Allah> it is the "itrah that o!e %!ows a!d worshi.s Allah. *t is a+tually those with tai!ted "itrah that do !ot %!ow a!d do !ot wa!t to worshi. Allah. That mea!s some defi+ie!+y i! their "itrah ha..e!ed> to sway them away from the ri/ht "itrah. Allah the Most Mer+iful> you ha1e to %!ow that> MaJrifatullah> the Most Mer+iful> the Most <om.assio!ate. Allah> the o!e who is +loser to you tha! your ju/ular 1ei!s> that is MaJrifatullahC

, ! = / / U_ : 2 < A 9 a 6 N 1 6 1 1 / / / / 1 1 1
MaJrifatullah. The 7!e who heals bro%e! hearts. Whe! you ha1e a bro%e! heart> who heals it but Allah> MaJrifatullah. The 7!e who a!swers your +all whe! you are distressed> that is .art of MaJrifatullah. The 7!e who /i1es you 1i+tory whe! you are o..ressed> the lo!/ awaited 1i+tory +omes dire+tly from Allah for the o..ressed. That is MaJrifatullah. The 7!e who is more mer+iful tha! your ow! mother>

-a/e F 63

MaJrifatullah. 7!+e you %!ow it a!d +om.rehe!d how mer+iful Allah is> that (e is more mer+iful to you tha! your mother> that is .art of MaJrifatullah. The 7!e> a!d the o!ly 7!e who +a! harm you or be!efit you. The whole world with its e!tirety +ould !ot harm you o!e ti!y bit if they all /athered a/ai!st you> a!d they +ould !ot all be!efit you i! their e!tirety o!e ti!y bit. That is MaJrifatullah> if you %!ow that> without the will of Allah they +ould !ot harm or hurt you> the! that is MaJrifatullah. The 7!e> whe! you raise your ha!d i!! to (im i! 5uaa> does !ot retur! your ha!ds em.ty. That is MaJrifatullah. The o!e who hears the +ries of the .eo.le while there are others who are dee. aslee.. 'ou +ould ha1e someo!e who is i! your house> dee. aslee.> he +a!!ot hear you whilst you are +ryi!/!/> yet Allah from o! to. of se1e! s%ies hears you> that is MaJrifatullah. 'ou +a!!ot worshi. (im .ro.erly u!til you %!ow MaJrifatullah a!d %!ow about Allah. The more %!owled/e you %!ow i! this field> i! this area> the more you be+ome a of Allah. The more you be+ome a fearful .erso! of Allah> the more you be+ome ho.eful i! Allah. ;!owled/e i! MaJrifatullah is the .ri!+i.le of all %!owled/es be+ause with it> you %!ow the .ur.ose of your eDiste!+e.

3 1 t / * :[D" A / 1 H E 3 @ ! w 1 / f 1 !2 1 / ! >_
* ha1e o!ly +reated huma! a!d Ji!! to worshi. Me. ;!owi!/ Allah> (is ualities a!d (is attributes> that (e is the <reator> that (e is the Sustai!er> that (e +o!trols the u!i1erse> the o!ly 7!e worthy of bei!/ worshi..ed. All that is Marifatullah. The more detail you %!ow of it> the stro!/er your *maa! is. ;!owi!/ that e1ery a+t of worshi. dire+ted to other tha! (im is wro!/> that is .art of MaJrifatullah. That is what MaJrifatullah e!tails. ;!owi!/ Allah e!+oura/es o!e to .erform the ordai!s a!d to lea1e the e1il out of lo1e a!d ho.e for Allah> that is the ultimate belief i! MaJrifatullah. ;!owled/e i! Allah is su.reme> it is the best of all %!owled/es. #iste! to this (adith> liste! how im.orta!t a!d hea1y it is> a!d how mi/hty it isC

3 . ; t E -L b 1 / 1 3 b ; ! 3 L 3 @ 5 ; h ` 9 9 " 1 / / & 1 / 3 1 4 - 3 / F 3 Q / p ; E 3 . 1 b 1 1 N 0/ / q .
Abdullah *b! &Amr *b! al-&Aas said> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam sat dow!. This (adith is i! Mus!ad Ahmad a!d its +hai! of authe!ti+ity> the me! of the +hai! of the !arratio! are 1ery stro!/ H [E+ bI. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam sat dow! a!d he said> whe! the death of the Messe!/er of Allah 4ooh a..roa+hed> this is the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam tal%i!/ about 4ooh> he admo!ished his two so!s. (e said> i!deed * will /i1e you far rea+hi!/ ad1i+e.
-a/e F 66

,! ' / c &#Z / ' c # T / / / 1 1 / 1

* am +omma!di!/ you to do two thi!/s a!d * am war!i!/ you to stay away from two thi!/s. 4ooh &alayhis salaam /i1i!/ his farewell ad1i+e to two of his so!s. So he said> * am war!i!/ you to stay away from two thi!/s a!d * wa!t you to do two thi!/s.

, / A 0 ! u X # T / 1 / 1 / / 1
* war! you a/ai!st asso+iati!/ .art!ers with Allah a!d * war! you a/ai!st .ride> ;ibr is .ride. That is what he war!s them a/ai!st.

# Z!
A!d * order you> * +har/e youC

3 1 1 & 3 H 1 Q
Marifatullah> he wa!ts them to %!ow> #aa ilaaha illallah is Marifatullah. * +har/e you to %!ow that there is !o Aod but Allah. This is why * brou/ht you this (adithC

/ [ ! f 1 ! 3 1 ; | / / & 3 " T ! 5 / ] / 1 ! 3 1 f 3 1 0/ ; 3 1 # ; 1 1 1 J 1 ! 1 / 1 J | / 3 H 1 H ! " 1 d / S e / / # / ,f *

(e said> if you were to .ut the se1e! hea1e!s a!d the se1e! earths a!d what is i! them o! o!e side of a s+ale> a!d the! o! a!other side of a s+ale you would .ut #aa illaaha illallah> o! the other side. There is !o Aod but Allah> just that word> o! the other side of the s+ale. That is how mi/hty MaJrifatullah is> the latter would outwei/h the former. #a ilaaha illallah would be hea1ier tha! the se1e! s%ies a!d the se1e! earths a!d what is i! betwee! them. The (adith /oes o! further to sayC

! / [ ! ] / 9 f 4 E # 1 3 , | ' / 3 " 5 ; / 1 / 3 1 ! T T / ' / ' / K K 3 H 1 H E J / , T

-a/e F 66

*f the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth were of the sha.e of a ri!/ a!d you would .ut #aa ilaaha illa Allah o! it> it would brea% it. *t would destroy it> mea!i!/ it is hea1y> that is how hea1y> that is how mi/hty MaJrifatullah is. A!d the! the se+o!d thi!/ he ordered them to doC

. ( # ` < Q 1 2 1 1 3 " = 1 &! / A5 3 1 ; 1 & / = # Z! T < P # : \ : Y 1 &! / T \ / % / %

* +har/e you to say Subha! Allahi wa Bihamadih as it is the Salah of e1erythi!/> a!d e1erythi!/ /ets its .ro1isio! from it or throu/h it. This is a (adith to show how hea1y> how mi/hty> how im.orta!t> how esse!tial #aa ilaaha illallah> whi+h is MaJrifatullah> really is. That is how hea1y a!d dee. %!owled/e i! MaJrifatullah is. That he o! his deathbed also> ta%es out time> o! his deathbed> to tell his so!s you ha1e to lear! it> you ha1e to u!dersta!d it> you ha1e to belie1e i! it a!d +om.rehe!d it. A!yo!e who has +ommitted si!s> %illed> dra!%> did whate1er you +a! thi!% of of the worst si!s> if he was /ra!ted a!d blessed with fear of Allah a!d .rostrated a!d he %!ew this %!owled/e ri/ht here> a!d he had justi+e i! himG he would tell you there is !o .leasure o! this 0arth from the si!s * +ommitted to the time !ow * am obedie!t> more .leasurable tha! that Salah> or that Tasbeeh or that 5uaa that * did. *f o!e masters the %!owled/e i! Allah> MaJrifatullah> Wallahi there would !e1er be a!ythi!/ more .leasurable to him o! the fa+e of this 0arth tha! whe! his head is bowi!/ i! Sujood to Allah. *f he had a double life i! his .ast where he had si!s> what they +all .leasures> a!d the! he +om.ares it to the .leasure of MaJrifatullah a!d *baadah> he is /oi!/ to tell you this o!e is better. ;!owled/e i! Allah ma%es o!e ea/erly await the mome!ts he s.e!ds i! +o!ta+t with Allah> i! Salah> a!d i! 5uaa a!d i! Ru%hoo a!d i! Sujood a!d i! 5hi%r a!d i! a!y form of worshi.. #a+% of %!owled/e i! this> MaJrifatullah> ma%es o!e the %i!d of .eo.le who are ea/er by the mome!t to lea1e their Salah or to lea1e their *baadah or do !ot tou+h their ,ura!> they do !ot e1e! ha1e the ea/er!ess to /o a!d o.e! the ,ura! a!d re+ite from it e1ery day. Whe! o!e masters this %!owled/e> Marifatullah> he %!ows the 1erse i! the ,ura!C

; 1" h / 0 Q /2 ! v X 1 -@ 5 P / / : L nl :E" - 1' 5 /

(e %!ows Allah> he %!ows MaJrifatullah> he %!ows whe! Allah +alls him o! this earth to ma%e Sujood a!d Ru%hoo> he does it by +hoi+e a!d he does it by submissio! so he +a! do it i! the life after by ho!our. Be+ause whoe1er does it by +hoi+e a!d
-a/e F 6$

submissio! i! this life> /ets to do it i! ho!our of Allah o! the day whe! Allah +omes dow! to jud/e .eo.le. ;!owled/e i! Allah> MaJrifatullah> bri/hte!s your /ra1e before you e!ter it. 5o you !ot wa!t to e!ter a bri/ht /ra1e= MaJrifatullah bri/hte!s your /ra1e before you e!ter it. That is why we study this> so we +a! be wel+omed i!to our illumi!ati!/> bri/ht /ra1e whe! we are .la+ed i! that /ra1e. The affe+t of MaJrifatullah is to .lease Allah before you meet (im. 5o you !ot wa!t to .lease Allah before you e1e! meet (im= 'ou wa!t Allah to be .leased at you whe! you sta!d i! fro!t of (im. So MaJrifatullah> is all about that. MaJrifatullah is to ma%e your obli/atio!s a!d your Salah before Salah is made u.o! you. #a+% of %!owled/e i! this area is why .eo.le si!. This is the area> whe! you ha1e la+% of %!owled/e i! it> that is why .eo.le si!.

Allah i! the ,ura! says> Allah a++e.ts o!ly the re.e!ta!+e of those who do e1il i! i/!ora!+e a!d foolish!ess a!d shortly thereafter re.e!t.

3 -5 &: T 1 3 1 1 7 - 1& \ / @ P " D 3 1 / 3 ' ; 3 a 1 }7 ... 8 !I W 1 " -& -' -' / T 7 3 c : 6 1 N 1 / Ur :\5
*/!ora!+e here is !ot the i/!ora!+e i! (araam a!d (alaal. *t is 1ery rare> it is 1ery eD+e.tio!al that o!e may do a (araam where he does !ot %!ow it is (araam. *t is 1ery eD+e.tio!al> rarely does it ha..e!. 01eryo!e who +ommits adultery %!ows that he is doi!/ a (araam> o!e who +ommits for!i+atio! %!ows that he is headi!/ to (araam to do> he %!ows that. *t +ould be 1ery eD+e.tio!al that o!e may !ot do it> that is a! eD+e.tio! but the ,ura! is !ot tal%i!/ about those eD+e.tio!al .eo.le. 7!e whe! he is %illi!/> %!ows he is doi!/ (araam whe! he is %illi!/. The i/!ora!+e here is the i/!ora!+e i! Allah> i! Marifatullah. Some ha1e total i/!ora!+e i! Allah> i! Marifatullah> that is why we study this> that is why Tawheed is esse!tial. Some ha1e total i/!ora!+e i! Marifatullah> some ha1e i!termitted .eriods of foolish i/!ora!+e i! Allah that +auses them to si! i! that i!termitted .eriod. #et me that> some ha1e total i/!ora!+e i! Marifatullah> those are e1il a!d wi+%ed .eo.le that s.e!d their life i! si!!i!/ a!d (araam. 7thers ha1e i!termitted .eriods of foolish i/!ora!+e i! Allah that +auses them to si! at times> a!d ma!y *!shaa Allah of the se+o!d %i!d re.e!t a!d +ome ba+%.

,: a 2= h' ` N 1 1 3 # = . " / & / 3 ,: / ," 1 , -E 3 . - :" # 1 / 1 3 b - ! 3 L 3 1 -L 2 ! 2 P # ( : T # 4 1& q / A @ ; / &. : / < , / s / ," T

-a/e F 6)

Mujaahid a!d *b! Abbaas a!d others said the same thi!/. *t used to be said> Abu &Aaliyah is sayi!/ the Sahaabah used to say> it was amo!/ the Sahaabah that e1ery si! o!e +ommits a!d falls i!> it is be+ause of i/!ora!+e whether he did it o! .ur.ose or !ot. */!ora!+e i! what oh Sahaabah= */!ora!+e i! Marifatullah. 'ou see how esse!tial this ty.e of Tawheed is. 'ou will see some who will tea+h Tawheed a!d just fli. the .a/es to /o o!> but Tawheed !eeds to be tau/ht to e!ti+e you to a+t u.o! it> to e!ti+e you to do somethi!/ about it. That is the %i!d of Tawheed that mo1es you to better yourself. ;!owled/e of Allah ta%es you to (ea1e! before you /et to (ea1e!> %!owled/e i! Marifatullah ta%es you to (ea1e! o! this 0arth before you /et to (ea1e!. *b! Taymiyyah Rahimahullah said a famous uote> o!e of the most belo1ed uotes to me that * li%e from *b! Taymiyyah e1e! thou/h * read his "ataawa maybe about four to fi1e times from +o1er to +o1er. *b! Taymiyyah Rahimahullah saidC

*< 2 H T*2 2" ; `*o

There is a Ja!!ah i! this life> whoe1er does !ot e!ter it> does !ot e!ter the Ja!!ah of the life after. What Ja!!ah is that *b! Taymiyyah> what are you tal%i!/ about> what Ja!!ah is i! this life= What are you tal%i!/ about whe! you were im.riso!ed fi1e times> whe! you s.e!t years i! .riso!> whe! you barely had a!ythi!/ to .ut o! yourself> what Ja!!ah is that you are tal%i!/ about= The /arde! of (ea1e!> who does !ot e!ter it i! this life> will !ot e!ter the (ea1e!. What /arde! of (ea1e! are you tal%i!/ about> whe! you were abused a!d .erse+uted= What he mea!t is what other Salaf saidC

" , [ ! / & -N / , " 1 3 @ # / 1 : b / < q N 3 1 1 / E 1 / , P J 1 < 1 1 ; 3 1 D / T : k 1 / + : /

At times the heart .asses throu/h .hases that we say> if the .eo.le of (ea1e! are feeli!/ the same> they are i! /ood sha.e. At times> we /o throu/h .hases i! our hearts> we say if the .eo.le of (ea1e! are li1i!/ li%e that> ha1e the same feeli!/> the! they are i! /ood status. 'ou fi!d that i! first 1olume of Madaarij as-Saali%ee!> a..roDimately .a/e four hu!dred a!d ei/hty somethi!/. So that is Marifatullah> Marifatullah ta%es you to (ea1e! before you /et to (ea1e!.

1NO6LE,AE OF T2E ($O(2ET 052A00A,

Marifatu 4abiyyih ( ; 1 1 A / I> he defi!es %!owled/e as Marifatu 4abiyyih. 1 The author says you must %!ow the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> that is the defi!itio! of %!owled/e. ;!owled/e i! the -ro.het is the
-a/e F 68

%!owled/e that ma%es the .erso! a++e.t whate1er he brou/ht us a!d whate1er he i!formed us of. A!d this o1er here> this %!owled/e> we will tal% about it whe! we tal% about the three .ri!+i.les li%e we said. 'ou must affirm a!d attest to the truth of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d whate1er he i!formed us of. ;!owled/e of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is to with his orders> a!y orders he has /i1e! us> you must with it. That is %!owled/e i! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 'ou must a1oid that whi+h he forbade us from> you must lea1e a!ythi!/ he deterred you from doi!/. 'ou must jud/e by the re1ealed laws whi+h he +ame with> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d fully a!d totally a!d +om.letely be .leased with a!y jud/me!t Allah a!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told you to do. 'ou do !ot just do it but you fully a!d +om.letely be .leased with a!ythi!/ they ha1e for you to say. ;!owled/e i! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is to %!ow that he is the sla1e of Allah a!d that he is the Messe!/er of Allah. ;!owled/e of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is to fill your heart with +om.lete lo1e a!d obedie!+e to this ma!. The more you lo1e him> the more you truly follow him.

3 3 " " / N ... 1 - 1 F -A / 1 A3 F; P = 7 0/ A1 A= 7 / '# 1 < ?U :" bZ

As a +o!ditio! for Allah lo1i!/ you> you must follow the footste.s of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 'ou must belie1e i! the messa/e of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 'ou must obey his orders> you must follow his /uida!+e. Why Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam= Be+ause %!owi!/ Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> that is the o!ly way to %!ow the Shareeah a!d /uida!+e that Allah se!t us> from Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. The rules a!d re/ulatio!s to li1e i! a++ordi!/ with> +ame to us from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. That is why the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. So that is a! esse!tial fa+tor i! %!owled/e> that is why he me!tio!ed it as o!e of the defi!itio!s of %!owled/e> to %!ow the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. *! a !utshell> %!owled/e of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is the re uireme!t to ta%e a!d absorb the %!owled/e that will +ause you to a++e.t the /uida!+e he was se!t with> a!d to belie1e i! him a!d follow i! his ordai!s> a!d stay away from a!y of the .rohibitio!s he told you to stay away from. That is i! sim.le> what %!owled/e i! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is.

-a/e F $@

W ; - &6 / H 6 @ 1 u 1 ) - % " ; 0= ! Q 8 3 '9 ; , f 1 !2 N 1 J 4 6 @ / p / & 3 / T 3 c / T 1 H 9 1 5 _> :\5 / F - ! 4 1 5 5

4o> by your #ord> they +a! ha1e !o faith u!til they ma%e you Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the jud/e i! all dis.utes betwee! them. Just a jud/e i! all dis.utes> is that the e!d of the 1erse ri/ht there= 4oC

; , f ... 1 !2 N 1 J 4 6 @ / p 3 / T 3 c 1 H 9 1 5 _> :\5 / F - ! 4 1 5 5

A!d the! they fi!d i! themsel1es !o resista!+e a/ai!st your de+isio! a!d a++e.t them with full submissio!. 'ou /ot to a++e.t a!y +omma!d by the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam with full a!d +om.lete a!d total submissio!. 'our heart /ot to be o!e> a++e.t it> a!d o!e hu!dred deli/hted you are doi!/ it or you are a+ti!/ or you are a++e.ti!/ it.

3 1 - " / 1 h 1 7 1 ) # 1 / b 3 1 / N T & 0= 1 1 -L6! L - -E ", 1 / k,! / / / / 1 ! 1 }7 / >U :-" 8 !, W -= 1 J /

The o!ly sayi!/ of those faithful belie1ers> the faithful belie1ers whe! they are +alled to Allah a!d (is Messe!/er> whe! you are telli!/ them here is the ,ura!> here is the (adith> here is the sayi!/ of Allah> here is the sayi!/ of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 4o> this does !ot really to us> this does !ot really +o!+er! us> it does !ot really mea! that> they /o arou!d a millio! ways to a1oid itG but Allah said the faithful belie1ers are the o!es who sayC

... L 1 ... / k,! /

We hear a!d we obey. Allah says a!d su+h are the su++essful> su++essful mea!i!/ the o!es who will be /ra!ted *!shaa Allah> -aradise. Allah i! the ,ura! saidC

1 $ ...( ; " 1 6 1 3 6 -J / / ... / D / , 1 1 D=

A war!i!/C

... _? :- ... q / '; 1 1 F ", A K / T

-a/e F $2

#et those who o..ose the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the sayi!/s of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> %!ow> that they are /oi!/ to be hit with a "it!ahC

... _? :- ... q / '; 1 1 F ", A K / T

"it!ah o1er here> beware of a "it!ah that will hit you if you disobey the +omma!ds of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. What %i!d of "it!ah= Amo!/ ma!y of the *maams who i!ter.reted this 1erse> they said "it!ah here mea!s Shir%. 5isobedie!+e to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is /oi!/ to lead you to Shir%. *f you reje+t a!ythi!/ from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d resort to hearsay or to .eo.les ratio!alisatio!> or !e/le+t it or mi!imise it> it is /oi!/ to destroy you a!d +ause you to fall i!to Shir% at the e!d. That is the mea!i!/ of "it!ah.

So he says %!owled/e is> %!owled/e mea!s to %!ow Allah> MaJrifatullah. We are still i! !umber o!eC

3 . ; ; ! 1 / 1 1 A 1 / / ! / : 1 1 . ; 1 3 h 1 &1 QL 1 1 / / / 1 w ! ! 3 L 1 1 h
The third o!e is to %!ow *slam. We tal%ed about %!owi!/ Allah> %!owi!/ the Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d %!owi!/ *slam.


*slam literally> li!/uisti+ally mea!s to submit> li%e we me!tio!ed earlier. *! the reli/ious +o!teDt> it mea!sC

3 & / ! 5 / , 1 / 1 w 1 1 1 / 9 1 3 1 E Q / 1 'L / 1w h 1 1 , 2 / 3 '& u / ! 1 y 1 / X / $

Total submissio! to Allah> total submissio! to Allah with Tawheed a!d su++umbi!/ to Allah with obedie!+e> a!d disa1owi!/> disasso+iati!/ from Shir% a!d the .eo.le of Shir%C

3 & / ! 5 / , 1 / 1 w 1 1 1 / 9 1 3 1 E Q / 1 'L / 1w h 1 1 , 2 / 3 '& / ! / , ! 1 1 1 y 1 u / X / $

-a/e F $9

Those are the +o!ditio!s a!d restri+tio!s of belie1i!/ i! *slam. That is the defi!itio! of belie1i!/ i! *slam.






There are te!s of 1erses that show the .re1ious Messe!/ers a!d their submissio! to the ShareeJah of Allah. A!d they use a+tually i! it as ma!y of you %!ow> i! the ,ura!> the word *slam to show their submissio! to Allah. *braheem &alayhis salaamC

1 '6 ! W 4 4 / 3 &6 1 3 / ! / / 1 5 P 3 , 1 5 1 / 3 1 3 a / 0L 6 1 / F! , W 3 3 ' f W 1 ,! UlV :`EA 1 6 9 3

*! Surat al-Ba arah. This is *braheem &alayhis salaam sayi!/ our #ord> ma%e us submissi1e to 'ou> mea!i!/ me a!d my offs.ri!/> submissi1e to 'ou> a!d show us your Ma!aasi%C

3 :`EA ... 1 6 / F! , W 9 3 a 3 3 ' f 1 / UlV

*slam that he says you must %!ow> is the reli/io! of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam be+ause *slam is the reli/io! of Musa a!d &*sa a!d *braheem. The o!ly thi!/ is whe! Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +ame> the details a!d the .ri!+i.les of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam abro/ated the .re1ious reli/io!s. Jews duri!/ the time of Musa were Muslims. <hristia!s duri!/ the time of &*sa were Muslim> they submitted to the tea+hi!/s of &*sa> some of them> of +ourse we are tal%i!/ about the belie1ers of them. 4ow> i! this time> if they were true followers of Musa a!d &*sa> they would follow what is i! the ,ura! a!d what the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told them to follow a!d adhere to. *f they were true belie1ers i! their ow! reli/io!> i! <hristia!ity> i! Judaism> they would follow what the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +ame with. That is +lear a!d beyo!d a doubt. "or eDam.le> you hear the moder!ists a!d those .ro i!terfaith> the wi+%ed .eo.le of the i!terfaith> the de1ia!ts of this Ummah> the +a!+er of this Ummah> tell you that Allah i! the ,ura! .raised the Jews a!d <hristia!s today a!d they /ear 1erses to suit their desires.

S 1 3 ! 1 3 " 3 1 D D 8 6 Z 3 ! K !h - / / 3 & < ! 1 o 1 1 7 / 1 }1 &K Z 3 ! 1 6 1 * 1 / !

-a/e F $:

, T ; ! C * H T & 6 2 6 q 1 / / 4 1 . / T / / / = / 1 1 ! _l :`EA" H d - = / /
Those who belie1e> a!d those who are Jews a!d those who are <hristia!s> a!d the Sabia!sC

... ... / Z
Whoe1er belie1es> they use this 1erseC

/ / 3 & = ! 1 o 1 1 7 4 1 . ; / / T Z < 1 6 1 * 1 / ! , ... & 6 2 6 1 / / T / 1

Whoe1er belie1es i! Allah a!d the Jud/me!t day> o! the Jud/me!t day they will /et their deeds a!d they shall ha1e their rewards> whoe1er belie1es i! Allah a!d the Jud/me!t 5ay.

! C ! _l :`EA" ... H H q d - = / / / T / * 1 /
A!d there shall be !o fear u.o! them a!d there will be !o /rief u.o! them. So they say that a!d say loo%> we are all brothers a!d sisters a!d these /uys are /oi!/ to (ea1e! with us. This 1erse mea!s duri!/ their time> there were those who were ri/hteous. 5uri!/ the time of Musa> there were those who were ri/hteousG duri!/ the time of &*sa> there were those who were ri/hteous> that is what the 1erse is tal%i!/ about. 5uri!/ our time !ow> duri!/ the time after Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> if there were a!y true followers of Jesus or Musa alayhimus salaam> &*sa a!d Musa &alayhis salaam> they would liste! to the messa/e of their Messe!/er Musa a!d &*sa a!d follow Muhammad. *f they were true followers of their Messe!/ers> they would e!d u. followi!/ the footste.s of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. So i! reality> we are the true followers today> we are the true followers of Musa today> we i! reality are the true followers of &*sa be+ause Musa a!d &*sa as a +o!ditio! for their ow! -ro.hethood> their ow! -ro.hethood> !ot e1e! for their .eo.le> for before their .eo.le> for their ow! -ro.hethood /a1e a! oath to Allah that if Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was se!t duri!/ their time> that they would belie1e i! him a!d follow him. That is them themsel1es> they ha1e to follow the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam if he was se!t i! their time. *f that is duri!/ their time a!d that is for them> ima/i!e for their followers. Thousa!ds of years after they died> they ha1e to follow the +omma!ds of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. #oo% at the 1erseC

-a/e F $3

3 D '/ FZ * / 1 ! a , + 1 # 1 1 A3 0 7 : ' / ' q -L q 2K 1 ! 1 ) : 6 3 / 0 P b / #\ 3 c / 09 / ,, b N ,! ! 1 1& / 01 8 / F/D* / F6 3 6 ' / 6 N K 8 N b / , - m6 / ; N ,! 6 T % 0 / 1 !2 / 6 N 1 . 3 VU :" bZ 1 1 X 2

Allah too% a +o1e!a!t o! the -ro.hets> Allah too% a +o1e!a!t as a +o!ditio! of their -ro.hethood a!d Messa/ehood> too% a +o1e!a!t o! them. Said ta%e whate1er * /a1e you from the Boo% a!d (i%mah> a!d .ay atte!tio! to thisC

/ ' q -L ... q 2K 1 1& 1 ) 6 3 / 0 P b / #\ 3 c ... ! 3 6 ' K

The! (e said> if there will +ome to you a Messe!/er> Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> +o!firmi!/ that whi+h is with you> you must the! obey him a!d a++e.t him a!d hel. him a!d su..ort him. 'ou obey him.

N / , - ... / , , b N ... ... 6 / F6 / 6 N / 6 N

5o you a/ree= They said we a/ree. 5o you a++e.t it as a +o1e!a!t of 'our Messa/ehood that you ta%e the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d follow him if he is se!t duri!/ your time= All the Messe!/ers had to /i1e a .romise that they would. *f that is the Messe!/ers a!d that is i! their lifetime> ima/i!e how it is !ow. That is the belief i! *slam. So !o> the <hristia!s are !ot Muslims> !o> the Jews are !ot Muslims. The Muslims are those who belie1e i! Allah a!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. -art of belie1i!/ i! Jesus a!d Musa> we belie1e> is that they will tell their .eo.le a!d they ha1e told their .eo.le a!d Allah made them .romise themsel1es that if Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is se!t> that they a++e.t him. Allah said i! the ,ura!C

L / 3 2 U^ :" bZ ... 1 1 7 3 1 " Q / 1w 2

Allah said> truly the reli/io! of Allah is *slam. These 1erses are dire+ted at those who belie1e i! i!terfaithC

; L / 6 ~ / AE ! 4 h 1 < 1 1 Q / 1w / ! / s 1 '/ A / ; V> :" bZ / 1 o 1 1 $ 1 ` 1 6 6 * 1 L

A!d whoe1er see%s a reli/io! other tha! *slam> it will !e1er be a++e.ted of him i! this life a!d i! the (ereafter he will be amo!/ the losers. A!d i! the life after> he will
-a/e F $6

be amo!/ the losers. *slam> the reli/io! that Allah bestowed o! this Ummah> Allah bestowed it o! this Ummah a!d +o!sidered it the .ri1ile/e of all .ri1ile/eC

0 h 0 f/ / # , - / ... ' f 1 1 / / 1 / / 0/ / / F,! / L / ? :`2G ... 4 h 1 1 6 Q | / 1w 0 f !

*! Surat al-Maidah. These are to show you what belief i! *slam> the shell of belief i! *slam> that o!e must belie1e i! *slam. This day> * ha1e .erfe+ted your reli/io! for you a!d +om.leted my fa1our u.o! you> a!d * ha1e +hose! *slam as your reli/io! for you. 7!e must belie1e firmly that the 5ee! of *slam is the o!ly 5ee! a++e.table to Allah.


*slam mea!s to %!ow the a+tio!s that you are obli/ated to do> the fou!datio!al a+tio!s that o!e must do to be a belie1er.

: b N N 1 / 3 P 1 A3 b | 1 / & 1 3 . t 1 / QL / 1 w ! / * 3 L 3 1 "& : : -L : hT 1 3 b 3 ,! / ,` 4 % 3 = " 3 H 1 H " 2 1 d 1 ! " ' 1 # 1 QK p 3 \ N ! 3 / . ` ` 1 ! # Q 1 AL 1 / 1 1 / A/ P 9 ! / f 1 ' L 1

These are matters that are the .ri!+i.les> !ot the o!ly matters of a+tio!s of *slam> but the .ri!+i.les for a+tio!s i! *slam. -art of *slam> %!owi!/ the fou!datio! of *slam. The fou!datio! a+tio!s of *slam a!d adheri!/ to them a!d submitti!/ to them a!d followi!/ them. With this * thi!% ri/ht here> we will sto.. We too% %!owled/e a!d his defi!itio! of %!owled/e Rahimahullah is %!owi!/ Allah> %!owi!/ the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d %!owi!/ the reli/io! of Allah. So we too% these ui+%ly> * +o!sider this what we too% ui+%ly> be+ause %!owled/e i! Allah a!d %!owled/e i! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d %!owled/e i! *slam will be ta%e! a/ai! later o! whe! we tal% about the three .ri!+i.les of *slam. Those are the three matters that you are /oi!/ to be as%ed about i! the /ra1e> so those are the Usool Ath-Thalaathah that we will tal% about. The o!ly reaso! we me!tio! them here is be+ause he defi!ed %!owled/e as %!owled/e i! those three> that is the true %!owled/e.

-a/e F $6

Before * start> let me say may Allah reward you a!d those who follow us o! the i!ter!et> may the time they ta%e out i! .ursuit of %!owled/e be the .ath that +auses them Biith!ihi Taaala> e!try to (ea1e!. Before we start the +lass> * wa!t to ma%e two +omme!ts> two ui+% +omme!ts. The first o!e is that last wee%s +lass whi+h was !umber four> before we had a brea% about the Buraydah situatio!> it was a..roDimately a! hour a!d a half or so without the uestio! a!d a!swer. * did !ot realise how lo!/ it was u!til after the +lass> !o o!e here +om.lai!ed a!d * +a! a+tually loo% at the fa+es a!d mo!itor o1er here> the boredom a!d +om.rehe!sio! le1el throu/h the !otes> throu/h the fa+es a!d that is why it we!t o! for o1er a! hour a!d a half. But * did /et some emails that it was too lo!/ for o!e +lass> !o o!e here +om.lai!ed but * did /et some emails. (eari!/ from the brothers a!d sisters who study throu/h the i!ter!et is 1ery esse!tial a!d im.orta!t> we e!+oura/e that a!d we will /o by that *!shaa Allah a!d we will ma%e our +lasses shorter. The !eDt o!e is> i! a!y matter li%e that we would li%e to hear su//estio!s from our brothers o! the i!ter!et be+ause for eDam.le> a+tually last +lass we s.o%e u.o! the differe!+e betwee! Waajib a!d "ardh. Whe! * s.ea% here> * +a! tell the +om.rehe!sio! le1el> * +a! tell o1erall a!d * was eD.e+ti!/ to be flooded o! uestio!s about Waajib a!d "ardh a++ordi!/ to the three *maams o! o!e side a!d Abu (a!eefah o! the other side. 01e! thou/h * /ot te!s of letters a!d emails a!d teDts o! the +lass> o!ly o!e was o! that issue. 4o o!e here as%ed> it was just o!e email that * /ot .ertai!i!/ to the issue of Waajib a!d "ardh> * had assumed * was /oi!/ to /et a lot of uestio!s li%e that. * would li%e to %!ow the i!.ut of the brothers both here a!d throu/h the i!ter!et so we +a! better the +lasses. "or eDam.le> * elaborated o! that issue> if the +om.rehe!sio! le1el is !ot too mu+h * +a! eD.lai! it i! maybe three li!ers. A+tually> most &Ulamaa if you loo% i!to their elu+idatio!s o! Usool Ath-Thalaathah> they briefly me!tio! this thi!/. But * me!tio!ed it i! somewhat of detail be+ause Allah %!ows what the future holds for us a!d if the +lasses will +o!ti!ue> we wa!t to absorb as mu+h %!owled/e i! ma!y fields withi! the Tawheed> as we +a!. Whe! * as%ed why !o o!e as%ed me about the issue of Waajib a!d "ardh> e1eryo!e said it was 1ery +lear> whi+h * fi!d Alhamdulillah amusi!/> be+ause * remember whe! * first studied it. The first time> * had absolutely !o idea what * was studyi!/> a!d this .arti+ular matter * a+tually remember the first time * heard of it. *t was 1ery diffi+ult for me> but Alhamdulillah e1eryo!e u!dersta!ds it. 01e! you!/ Muhammad> se1e! year old Muhammad my belo1ed stude!t> he +alled me a/ai! a!d * as%ed him ma!y uestio!s a!d he re+ited ,ura! a!d * told him what did you lear! from last +lass Muhammad= Se1e! year old Muhammad said * lear!ed the differe!+e betwee! Waajib a!d "ardh. So Alhamdulillah if Muhammad %!ows that> well he is a+tually 1ery> 1ery smart so * +a!!ot say if Muhammad %!ows it e1eryo!e %!ows it but Alhamdulillah !o o!e as%ed uestio!s a!d * am assumi!/ that it is +lear. 7therwise>
-a/e F $$

we truly wel+ome uestio!s> es.e+ially o! that a!d * /i1e them .re+ede!t o1er a!y other uestio!s. A!d 4aseehah> o! the betterme!t of the +lass a!d su//estio!s to elaborate o! this issue or to ta%e away elaboratio! from these matters is 1ery esse!tial. We would li%e to hear a!d it will !ot be ta%e! offe!si1ely. Just li%e we hear uestio!s o! substa!ti1e matters> we wa!t to hear te+h!i+al uestio!s o! the (ala ah. 4ow let us /et started. This is our fifth +lass> we ha1e bee! tal%i!/ about the four i!trodu+tory matters that the author me!tio!s. (e says the first o!e of the four is %!owled/e> a!d he me!tio!s his defi!itio! of %!owled/e is to %!ow Allah> to %!ow the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d to %!ow the reli/io! with .roof. That is the first of the four matters> we s.o%e about Allah> we s.o%e about the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> we s.o%e about reli/io!.


The first .oi!t for today is the order> he me!tio!s as defi!itio! of %!owled/e> %!owi!/ Allah> %!owi!/ the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d %!owi!/ the reli/io!. *f you loo% i! Adh-5hurar a!d other boo%s> you mi/ht fi!d the order differe!t a little bit> where he would me!tio! Allah a!d the! reli/io! a!d the! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. Why is that= The reaso! is two reaso!s. The first reaso! is> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d *slam> a!d reli/io!> are i!se.arable. *t does !ot matter whi+h o!e you !ame first> so that is the first reaso!. The se+o!d reaso! behi!d that is he used &WaC

3 . ; ; 1 / 1 1 A 1 / / ! 3 L ! 1 1 ; 1 3 h 1 &1 QL 1 / / 1 w ! 1 1 h
;!owi!/ Allah a!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d %!owi!/ *slam. Whe! you use &Wa whi+h mea!s a!d i! Arabi+> it does !ot !e+essarily mea! a! order. Most of the time it does mea! a! order> but it does !ot !e+essarily mea! a! order. That is our first .oi!t.

(e says you ha1e to %!ow Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d *slam> with .roof. We tal%ed about Allah> we tal%ed about the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d we are /oi!/ to tal% i! detail more about him be+ause these three that he /i1es as defi!itio! of %!owled/e are the +ore of this
-a/e F $)

boo%. 4ow we just me!tio! them as i!trodu+tory matters> as A> B> < of %!owled/e> for !umber o!e of the four i!trodu+tory matters. 4ow he says> you ha1e to %!ow .roof> you ha1e to %!ow reli/io! with .roof. We sto..ed at the issue of .roof> so let us tal% about .roof todayC

1 3 h 1 &
-roof literally mea!s somethi!/ that leads to that whi+h is sou/ht. *! a reli/ious +o!teDt> a!d we me!tio!ed there is #u/hawi H m-zI a!d *stilaahi H9Q.I> li!/uisti+> literal> a!d a Sharee defi!itio!. (ere> .roof> Adillah mea!s teDtual a!d i!telle+tual .roof. TeDtual .roof> what we mea! here is that whi+h is affirmed by re1elatio!> the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah> the re1elatio!> a!d that whi+h is dire+tly deri1ati1e from them li%e *jmaa a!d ,iyaas. That is o!e ty.e of .roof here. *t also mea!s %!owi!/ Allah a!d (is Messe!/er a!d (is 5ee!> throu/h the use of i!telle+tual .roof> whi+h is i! these areas. To be obser1a!t of Allahs +reatio!s> Allah me!tio!s it i! the ,ura!C

... ... 1 1 F 1 ! Z /
Just that by itself> is me!tio!ed ele1e! times. Amo!/ Allahs Ayaat> amo!/ Allahs .roof> amo!/ Allahs e1ide!+e> amo!/ Allahs si/!s> a!d amo!/ Allahs lesso!s is the +reatio!> or to loo% i!to the s%y> the 0arth> the o+ea!s> the day> the !i/ht. That is all i! the ,ura!> i!telle+tual .roof> to a!alyse> to loo% at that.

1 '* / ! / ; < 6 / ! 1 " 1 ! 3 1 1 Q 3 B 5 1 / 3 C ] / [ 1 1 * 6 U_n :`EA ... 3 ! 1 T

Berily> i! the +reatio! of the (ea1e!> the 0arth> the alteratio! of the day a!d the !i/ht> +ha!/e of !i/ht to day a!d day i!to !i/ht> are i!deed si/!s> Ayaat> for the me! to u!dersta!d> for the .eo.le to u!dersta!d. *! additio! to that .roof> is .hysi+al mira+les that o++urred duri!/ the life of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam at his ha!ds> by the will of Allah. #i%e water s.ri!/i!/ from his fi!/ers> s.ea%i!/ to i!a!imate obje+ts a!d them res.o!di!/ to him> ro+%s /i1i!/ him Salaam. Amo!/ the .roof also that is me!tio!ed here> that should be %!ow!> is affairs that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told of the u!see!> i! the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah> that he foretold of> that +ould ha1e o!ly bee! %!ow! from Allah a!d re1elatio!> a!d that had o++urred eDa+tly as he told them a!d some that we are awaiti!/ for them to o++ur.

-a/e F $8

The .ur.ose> the author states .roof> that you !eed to %!ow .roof> is you !eed to u!dersta!d .roof be+ause it will /i1e you a better u!dersta!di!/ of the matter that he is tal%i!/ about. The esse!tial matters of Tawheed> the +ore matters of Tawheed> the .ri!+i.le matters of Tawheed !eed to be belie1ed i! firmly> de+isi1ely> with !o doubts. A!d usually> it is .roof that leads you to that. Before we /et to the !eDt .oi!t> let me say whe! we /et to the +ore .art of the boo%> li%e * said> we are /oi!/ to /o o1er %!owi!/ Allah> %!owi!/ the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d %!owi!/ the reli/io!> a!d %!owi!/ them with .roof. So whe! we /et there> be+ause we tal%ed about .roof i! detail here> we are /oi!/ to refer you ba+% to the be/i!!i!/. We are /oi!/ to say remember we tal%ed about .roof> /o refer to it o1er there i!stead of re.eati!/ it a/ai!. #i%ewise> i! the future *!shaa Allah> we are /oi!/ to study Usool> whe! we study Usool> we are !ot /oi!/ i!to i! tal%i!/ about Waajib a!d "ardh a!d the differe!+e amo!/ the "u ahaa i! that matter. We are /oi!/ to say remember i! Tawheed> we me!tio!ed that i! Tawheed> /o refer to that o1er there. That is why we +a! elaborate o! some matters so i! the future> they are /oi!/ to sa1e us some time.


<a! you do Ta leed> whi+h is followi!/> imitati!/ a Shay%h or s+holar or a %!owled/eable .erso! o! matters of &A eedah> or must you %!ow the .roof= *s it a .rere uisite to %!ow the .roof= *s your *maa! a++e.ted if you do !ot %!ow the .roof= We /ot a ma! who is %!owled/eable> a!d o!e who is i/!ora!t> they ta%e their Shahaadah> they fully belie1e i! Tawheed a!d they ha1e !o doubt i! it> but they do !ot %!ow the .roofs. *f you as% them for the .roofs> they are !ot /oi!/ to %!ow it. This matter is +alled> the s+holars tal% about it u!der Sihhat *maa! al-Mu allid

fil-&A aaid (2 1 2 1 1 GE 1 E 1 = 1 I. Mu allid is the imitator> is / ; 3 . / " 1 1 the *maa! of o!e who is a! imitator /ood or !ot= The author says you !eed to %!ow .roof for these matters> do you really !eed to %!ow them as a must or is it a re+omme!datio!> a!d is your *maa! a++e.ted or !ot= This is what the s+holars dis+ussed. Ma!y thi!% this is a! easy matter but i! reality> it is !ot> it is fou/ht o! two differe!t fro!ts.

The first fro!t is the major o!e> a!d that is betwee! the Muta?ilah> the se+t the Muta?ilah o! o!e side> a!d Ahlus-Su!!ah wal-Jamaaah> us> o! the other side. 7!e of the ma!y +hara+teristi+s of the Muta?ilah is they reje+t the faith of o!e who does !ot %!ow .roof of the matters of &A eedah. Some attribute this to the se+t> the Ashaairah> they also say that the Ashaairah re uest the same as the Muta?ilah. But al-,ushayri> whi+h is of the Ashaairah> a!d other s+holars of Ashaairah said Abu al(asa! al-Ashari> the father of the Ashaairah> it is !ot true that he said that. A!d that he> the father of the Ashaairah belie1es> whi+h we belie1e he later re+a!ted> he belie1es that the belief of a Mu allid is true. So basi+ally it is betwee! Ahlus-Su!!ah

-a/e F )@

a!d al-Muta?ilah> !umber two> it is betwee! Ahlus-Su!!ah themsel1es. 71erall> there is three o.i!io!s o! the matter.


The first o.i!io! is you ha1e to %!ow .roof for matters of &A eedah. *f you do !ot %!ow the .roofs for the matters of &A eedah> your *maa! is reje+ted> a!d this is what ar-Raa?i said> this is what Abul-(asa! al-Aamidi said> a!d this is what the o1erwhelmi!/ majority of the Muta?ilah said. Abu al-Mudhaffar as-Sammaa!i said> it is !ot .ermissible for a layma! to bli!dly follow i! matters of &A eedah> a++ordi!/ to some of the "u ahaa a!d the .hiloso.hists. 'ou must %!ow .roof from the ,ura!> from *jmaa> from ,iyaas> or whate1er it may be> .ertai!i!/ to your &A eedah> a!d Muta?ilah resort a lot to &A l.


4umber two> the se+o!d o.i!io!. *t is !ot obli/atory to %!ow the .roof> you do !ot ha1e to %!ow the .roof. "ollowi!/ the sayi!/ of a s+holar> imitati!/> mimi+%i!/> followi!/ the s+holar> Ta leed> is a way to /o about a!d it is a++e.ted as lo!/ as you are firm i! your faith a!d you ha1e !o doubts> that is im.orta!t. That is the o.i!io! of o1erwhelmi!/ majority of Ahlus-Su!!ah wal-Jamaaah. The first o.i!io! is you must %!ow the .roof as a +o!ditio! for your belief> basi+ally the Muta?ilah. Se+o!d o.i!io! is you do !ot !eed to %!ow the .roof as lo!/ as you follow i! the truth> without ha1i!/ a!y hesitatio! or doubt.


The third o.i!io! is> loo%i!/ i!to .roof is (araam be+ause if you are !ot ualified> loo%i!/ i!to .roof +ould +ause you to /o astray. This is attributed to some of the followers of *maam Ahmad *b! (a!bal. The last o.i!io!> * am /oi!/ to ta%e it out be+ause * thi!% it is really ta%e! out of +o!teDt a!d that it is a! eD+e.tio!al sayi!/ for some of the 1ery> 1ery few who may be sear+hi!/ i!to .roof i/!ora!tly> whi+h may +ause them to ha1e doubts. Someo!e who +a!!ot +om.rehe!d .roof to the .oi!t that it is a+tually /oi!/ to +ause a +ou!ter affe+t a!d /et him to be mis/uided> must /o to a s+holar to /o throu/h that .roof. So we will ta%e that out be+ause it is ta%e! i! a s.e+ial +o!teDt.


The summary o! these o.i!io!s> the first two o.i!io!s> is if o!e is at a le1el where he is able to mai!tai! .roof a!d attai! it> the! he should see% .roof i! &A eedah a!d other matters. That is why we study this i! su+h detail. 4ow if you are a layma! or o!e who is !ot able to absorb a!d +om.rehe!d the .roof> he does !ot !eed to %!ow the .roof> as lo!/ as he is firm o! his belief with !o doubt. *! both situatio!s> o!e who a++e.ts *maa! without %!owi!/ .roof> is +o!sidered a belie1er> whether he is
-a/e F )2

%!owled/eable or !ot> whether he is a layma! or !ot. The o.i!io! that said o!e must %!ow .roof> they im.ose u.o! o!e as the first obli/atio!> to %!ow .roof. Awwal Waajib (uwa!-4adhr wal-*stidlaal H O - ! b!,I> the Muta?ilah said the first obli/atio! is you !eed to see% reaso!i!/ a!d .roof. That is the first obli/atio! they im.ose u.o! o!e. The sim.le res.o!se to that is> the .roof is sou/ht to /et the /oal> .roof is sou/ht to /et a /oal. *f someo!e a+hie1es the +orre+t /uida!+e by followi!/> imitati!/> the! he has a+hie1ed the /oal. As-Safaaree!i /a1e a summary uote o! this matter> he said the truth o! this matter that !o o!e +a! e1ade> is the 1alidity of a belief of a follower. "ollower mea!i!/ o!e who imitates someo!e else> o!e who does Ta leed. Ta leed mea!s to /et to the ri/ht .ath> a!d this .erso! +hose a way to /et to the ri/ht .ath. What he is sayi!/ is> .roof is mea!t to /et to the ri/ht .ath> so if someo!e /ets it by doi!/ Ta leed the! he has a+hie1ed the /oal. A!-4awawi also a/reed a!d /a1e stateme!ts similar to this i! Sharh Muslim. Shay%h Ali al-;hudhayr> may Allah haste! his release from the Arabia! -e!i!sula .riso!s> he was amo!/ the s+holars who were ta%e! o! the same day> same issue with Shay%h 4asir al-"ahd. (e said it is .ermissible i! &A eedah matters to follow> as lo!/ as you are firm i! what you su..osedly imitate> follow> do Ta leed i!> a!d ha1e absolutely !o doubts> e1e! if you do !ot %!ow the 5aleel. *b! &Uthaymee! followed alo!/ with that same +o!+lusio! a!d said it is .ermissible to follow i! matters of &A eedah> as lo!/ as o!e has !o doubts. -roof that Ta leed is .ermissible> we will ta%e about four or fi1e of them.


The first o!e is> Allah dire+ted .eo.le to as% the .eo.le of %!owled/e. *f you do !ot %!ow somethi!/> Allah dire+ted you to as% the .eo.le of %!owled/e. Allah said i! the ,ura!C

IL " :<=" ... / , - - / F H / ; / '# 1 6 1 / #D< n? IL " :\ A" ... / , - - / F H / ; / '# 1 6 1 / #D< r
Two times> i! Surat a!-4ahl a!d Surat al-A!biyaa. As% the .eo.le of %!owled/e> as% what= This i! Arabi+> (e did !ot say what to as% about> the substa!+e of it> this is +alled i! Arabi+> (athf fil-Mutaalla H B ; 'CD9I. (e did !ot say what to as% about> is it .ri!+i.le matters of *slam> Tawheed> or is it /e!eral "i h matters= *t is !ot there> that is (athf fil-Mutaalla . The a!swer is> all of that. Tawheed matters> the first e!+om.asses all that> whether it may be matters of Tawheed li%e we are studyi!/ here> or se+o!dary matters whi+h are "i h matters>
-a/e F )9

li%e Ea%ah a!d (ajj a!d Salah a!d the details of that. That is .roof that o!es *maa! is /ood if he as%s. The se+o!d .roofC

!6 1 ! 1 1 ... 6 3 / T / T / T / N D 1 / 1 - Ull :&-'" !6 / D=

Allah i! the ,ura!> Surat at-Tawbah said> the mea!i!/ of it is a .arty should stay ba+%> %!owled/eable .eo.le> %!owled/eable /rou. !eed to stay ba+% a!d war! the other .eo.le whe! they retur! to them so that they may be aware of the e1il a!d the /ood a!d %!ow the differe!+e. Basi+ally> a /rou. of .eo.le should stay ba+% a!d tea+h this reli/io!. War!er i! the 1erse is suffi+ie!t> tea+hers stay ba+% a!d tea+h a!d others follow> a!d it did !ot say .roof li%e i! the first 1erse. More so> the third .roof> Allah says to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

IL; W / " ; W d , 1 f 1 3 b / # / D 3 % 1 1 1 ; \ 1 / AN W / 6 1 0/ " 1 B 1 a !\ / u 2 / E ' P = E ; F Q &6 W ^n :t- 1 6 3 -0 / / 3 1 '

7h Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> if you are i! doubt +o!+er!i!/ that whi+h We ha1e re1ealed to you> a!d he has !o doubts> the! /o a!d as% those who are readi!/ the Boo%. As% other .eo.le> i! Surat 'u!us> mea!i!/ if you are i! doubt oh Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d of +ourse the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam had !o doubt> but if you are i! doubt> as%. So layme! +a! as% a!d follow. *! all of these> it says as% but it does !ot also i!+lude that you /ot to %!ow a!y .roof i! it. *t does !ot state that you ha1e to summarise or memorise or %!ow or fi!d out the .roof. *! the (adith of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the !eDt .roofC

T% T% N 2 3 ,2 / ,2 4 / ,! / ,b / 3 = " 3 3 H1 1 H " 3 1 = ; -L T 2 1 1 3 b 1& H / E E h! K

*! Sahih Muslim> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> whoe1er says #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah> the! his wealth> a!d his blood has be+ome i!1iolable> they be+ome sa+red> !o o!e +a! tou+h it a!d Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala will hold him a++ou!table a!d as% him. Why was his blood a!d wealth held sa+red a!d i!1iolable= As lo!/ as he says #aa ilaaha illallah MuhammadarRasoolullah. 5id he say> whoe1er says #aa ilaaha illallah with .roof= (e said merely whoe1er says #aa ilaaha illallah. *f .roof was obli/atory to %!ow> he would ha1e added that> it would ha1e bee! added to the (adith. 4eDt .roof> a!d this is o!e of the .roofs *b! &Uthaymee! reiterated> em.hasised. Ma!y i/!ora!t a!d layme! +a!!ot do *jtihaad a!d e!+om.ass .roof a!d memorise it
-a/e F ):

a!d ratio!alise it. 'ou are i! reality> whe! you are telli!/ them they /ot to %!ow the .roof> you are as%i!/ them somethi!/ whi+h is abo1e their mea!s. A!d Allah said i! the ,ura!C

3 1 5 3 v / lV_ :`EA ...T 0 H L / ! 4 J 7 H

Allah burde!s !ot a .erso! beyo!d his s+o.e. What is obli/atory a!d the obje+ti1e is o!e firmly belie1es without a!y doubt> whether it is throu/h .roof or throu/h followi!/. Most of the "u ahaa said> if you +a!!ot for+e layme! to %!ow .roofs o! matters of "i h> be+ause it is too bi/ of a hardshi. o! them> we +a!!ot for+e them to lear! .roofs o! matters of &A eedah be+ause that is e1e! a bi//er hardshi. o! them. (adith 5humaam *b! Thalabah> 5humaam *b! Thalabah +ame to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

3 . 1 A 1 / 1 3 b 1 / c /& 3 | 1 -L I; ; a & ( 1 / 1 E 1 1 Z! 2 ! 3 L 1 & 3 . 2 * h < 1 3 b 1 @ ; / 3 c E / 1 5 1 -L R 1 ! 1 @ 1 1 Z! 1 / 2 / ! t / ; 3 L 3 q 1 1 5 E ; N b 1 / A 1 1 &= . / & / 2 0P ,: b 1 1 3 / , 3 . -L ," : 1 1 Z! 1 / 1 3 b ! / & 3 L 3 " 2 ; N N E :b 1 / A ": b q / 3 = : b / 2 1 1 3 / ; q z / 1 GL 1 W 1 2 1 I5 / ! 3 = W ; 5 W / ; ; " 1 2 1 1 ; 1 J 3 2@ 1 ,H 1 F Q 3 2X 2 " W 5 / / ,: b N / L N u < 1 J & " : b 3 / AN T 1 q 1 G# / / 1 ! 1 ! 3 W W 4 -L + 2 H N / 1 W & / & 3 " : b / 3 T 3 Z u / AN T 2X " / ,: b N 1 / 1 ! 1 ! 3 u W W , 3 Z u ! 2 H / ,u / " / & q 1 G# / 2 A ( / ( / ! ! 4 / % / h / " R 1 D 1 1 1& u c / ,! 2 / $ " / } 1 X 3 . ' ; " & E 1 3 1 / !2 # A / Z" 3 b 1 1 Z! 3 " : ! 3 c" / 3 T 3 L 1 G ; #/D < K L / d 1 Q ` # Q 4 p 4 p 3 ! / 1w 3 ` 1 ; 1 ;
-a/e F )3

L / ! / T ( 3 = / ! K 3 # 1 Q / 1w 2X 1 G ! ; ' " < / , # 2 T 1 3 ; 1 ( 1 : p # / / AN 2X # 1 ; T% 3 1 " : b N 1 ' 1 ; 3 9 / ,2 / , 3 H 1 H ; 3 ,! / ( IL W mh 1 D 1 ! -L 2/ A 1 G J ! ( ! / / , H 1 '/ T Y 1 ' / ,! 3 c { E 2 1 ,H 3 . 1 ; ( -L E 1 & 1 3 b 1 4 / 1 b C K 1 3 ! ! / 2K 1 1 1 Z! 1 / / 1 ": ! 9 3 L 3 / " " /2 3 @ 1 / < / E 1 * 1 / 'K
#et me /i1e you the summary i! 0!/lish> 5humaam *b! Thalabah +ame to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. (e tethered his +amel by the door> he told the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam * am /oi!/ to be harsh o! you. (e is a Bedoui!> he is tryi!/ to tell the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam my !ature is a little bit differe!t> their !ature was a little bit differe!t. (e said whi+h o!e of you is *b! Abdul Muttalib= The -ro.het said * am *b! Abdul Muttalib. (e said> you are Muhammad= (e said> * am Muhammad. So he said> * am /oi!/ to be harsh o! you> * am !ot /oi!/ to ta%e it .erso!al> you do !ot ta%e it .erso!al. (e be/a! to as% the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam about the o!e!ess of Allah. The! he said> did Allah se!d you= A!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said yes> Allah se!t me with the 7!e!ess of Allah> the! ea+h "araaidh of the fi1e .illars> he be/a! to as% him> as%i!/ him by Allah was he se!t to +o!1ey that. After he as%ed a!d he belie1ed> he raised his ha!d a!d said oh Messe!/er of Allah> * shall !ot add to these matters !or shall * subtra+t from them. * am /oi!/ to belie1e i! these matters that you just told me about. (e as%ed a few uestio!s about the 7!e!ess of Allah> the Shahaadah> a!d the "araaidh> the fi1e .illars> a!d he a++e.ted from the truthful!ess of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. (e a++e.ted *maa! with !o doubt> a!d he left. A!-4awawi +omme!ted o! this (adith i! Sharh Muslim> said this is .roof of what the *maams we!t to that layme! followers who belie1e do !ot ha1e to %!ow .roof as a +o!ditio! of them bei!/ belie1ers. A!-4awawi we!t o! to say> Sharh Sahih Muslim> it is suffi+ie!t of them that they ha1e firm belief with !o doubt or hesitatio!> u!li%e what al-Muta?ilah said. A!-4awawi said> it is deri1ed from this> why is it deri1ed from this (adith= Be+ause the -ro.het a..ro1ed 5humaam o! his belief> of belie1i!/ without a!y .roof. There was !o eD+ha!/e of .roof i! there> he was !e1er uestio!ed> do you %!ow these .roofs> do you %!ow this mira+le> do you %!ow that mira+le= So that is .roof that o!e does !ot ha1e to %!ow the .roof.

-a/e F )6

The !eDt .roof. Whe! the Sahaabah e!tered the la!ds of the !o! Arabs> they a++e.ted the *maa! of the .eo.le. The Bedoui!s> the !o! Arabs> !o!e of them were ordered to sit a!d re+ite .roof> !or were some ui??ed> !or were some tested as to what your .roof is that you belie1e i! #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah> li%e that whi+h al-Muta?ilah said. So that is some .roof o! this matter. #oo% at the sayi!/s of some of the s+holars> 4awawi said whoe1er says Shahaadah truly belie1i!/ i! it> e1e! if he is a Mu allid> a follower> imitator> he is a belie1er. Be+ause the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam thou/ht it was suffi+ie!t to hear the Shahaadah of ma!y a!d did !ot re uest that they %!ow the .roofs of Tawheed a!d &A eedah> a!d the a++umulatio! of the (adith o! this are authe!ti+ a!d Mutawaatir. That is a stateme!t of a!-4awawi. *b! &A eel Rahimahullah said> it is !ot a /oal to %!ow the .roof> it is just mea!s to %!ow the .roof> to ma%e your belief firmG a!d if this ha..e!s without %!owi!/ .roof that is suffi+ie!t. *b! (a?im i! his boo% al-"asil> the fourth 1olume> * thi!% it would be arou!d .a/e thirty fi1e or after .a/e thirty fi1e> he said e1eryo!e else other tha! the Muta?ilah said a!yo!e who belie1es i! his heart> a true belief without !o doubts> a!d say it o! their to!/ue> #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah a!d e1erythi!/ the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +ame with is the truth a!d de!ou!+e e1erythi!/ other tha! thatG is a belie1er> e1e! if he is a Mu allid a!d .roof is !ot a .rere uisite. *b! ,udaamah i! his boo% o! Usool> Rawdat a!-4aadhir> said the *maa! of a Mu allid> a follower or imitator is /ood. Sha! eeti Rahimahullah> of the +o!tem.orary s+holars +omme!ti!/ o! Rawdat a!4aadhir> followed alo!/ i! that o.i!io!. Safaaree!i said> li%e * me!tio!ed earlier whe! * first started> the truth o! the matter that !o o!e +a! e1ade is the 1alidity of the belief of a Mu allid. * me!tio!ed to you what Shay%h Ali ;hudayr said> may Allah haste! his release> a!d *b! &Uthaymee! a!d ma!y others. 4ow we are do!e with the first matter of the four i!trodu+tory matters. The first matter is %!owled/e> to %!ow Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the reli/io! with .roof. We are do!e with that.


4umber two of the four i!trodu+tory matters is to a+t u.o! %!owled/eC

3 1 + I5 1 1& < : / /

-a/e F )6

7ur first .oi!t o! this matter is the of a+tio!s i! *slam. 4umber o!e> ordai!ed> Waajib> "ardh. The! you /ot the Su!!ah> Mustahabb> the !o! obli/atory that you /et reward for. The! you /ot the Ma%rooh> the disli%ed> a!d the! you /ot the (araam.

,O 4O5 AET $E6A$, FO$ LEABINA T2E 2A$AA0 .

(araam a+tio!s !eed to be a..lied. (ow do you the (araam a+tio!s= By lea1i!/ them. A..lyi!/ %!owled/e> is a..lyi!/ your %!owled/e i! matters that are (araam as well> a!d i! Shir% as well. (ow so= By lea1i!/ it> by stayi!/ away from it. 5oes o!e /et reward if he a..lies his %!owled/e i! matters of (araam= #ea1i!/ si!s a!d lea1i!/ Shir%> we me!tio!ed is o!e of the a+tio!s of %!owled/e. *f o!e lea1es Shir% a!d o!e lea1es si!> does he /et reward for it= The a!swer is> it is o!e of two situatio!s. A!d that is our .oi!t !umber two. We me!tio!ed the ty.e of a+tio!s> the! !umber two is do you /et reward for lea1i!/ the (araam= *f he lea1es it for the sa%e of Allah> li%e the (adith says i! the Sahihay!C

, A & ! ` & 1 3 ," 3 / / / 3 1 j 3 1 A3 " | : 1 3 . N :b : } 5 1 / / A / 1& 2 ! 3 3 L 3 ` 4 29 f " 4 } L 1 ! 1 / 1 1 / / 1 ; / '/ 0 F / A1 ' # T / ; T 4 5 -A 1 ! : ! / 1 ; '/ #; 9 # 3 1 ; F " 1 ; G 1 1 T # / 3 F
A si! will !ot be writte! for o!e who thi!%s or i!te!ds to do a si!> if he +ommits the si! it will be writte! as o!e si!. *f he thi!%s a!d i!te!ds> it will !ot be writte! a/ai!st him. *! a!other !arratio! of the (adith> if he lea1es doi!/ that si! for reward from Allah> the! he /ets reward for it. That is the first o!e> if he lea1es it for the sa%e of Allah> he /ets reward for it. *f he lea1es it be+ause he is la?y or he is u!able to do that si!> he does !ot /et a reward. "or eDam.le> his homeboys did !ot .i+% him u. to /o to the bar. (e says well> Alhamdulillah * /ot reward. 'ou did !ot lea1e be+ause your boys did !ot +ome. 'ou do !ot /et reward. A /irl reje+ted him the! he says Alhamdulillah * did !ot +ommit Ei!a be+ause the /irl reje+ted me. 'ou do !ot /et reward> be+ause you did !ot do it be+ause you were u!able to. *f you left it> you said you %!ow what> e1erythi!/ is a1ailable for me> * lea1e it for the sa%e of Allah> the! that is whe! you /et reward. The o..ortu!ity is there> you lea1e it for AllahJs sa%e> the! you /et reward. *f you do !ot do it be+ause the +ha!+es are !ot there> the! you do !ot /et reward> be+ause of the !arratio! of the (adith that * me!tio!ed. So %!owled/e> a..lyi!/ %!owled/e also is i! (araam.

-a/e F )$

The !eDt .oi!t> he started with %!owled/e a!d the! he we!t to a..lyi!/ %!owled/e. Be+ause %!owled/e fiDes> %!owled/e +orre+ts the i!te!tio! a!d the method of! that result i! your a+tio! bei!/


4ow let us ta%e o! some .oi!ters o! the esse!tial as.e+ts of a..lyi!/ %!owled/e. (ere we ha1e to thi!% a!d fo+us. 7!e of the differe!+es> the major differe!+es betwee! the Salaf a!d those of us today> is the 1aria!+e betwee! %!owled/e a!d a+ti!/ u.o! it. Allah i! the ,ura! saidC

05J "-5F / I F , / , ! 6 A & j " ! 6 3 / ',! / / 1 1 E ; / ' F ,a nn :`EA" 1 1 0/ " - - / F Q '

'ou e!joi! the Birr> .iety a!d ri/hteous!ess o! .eo.le> a!d you for/et it a!d you do !ot it a!d you do !ot .ra+ti+e it> you yourself= This is a uestio! by Allah> mea!t to rebu%e a!d re.rima!d. 'ou e!joi! o! other .eo.le what you do !ot do yourself= *t is to rebu%e a!d re.rima!d a!d s+old for !ot a..lyi!/ that whi+h you %!ow a!d that whi+h you .rea+h. *t was re1ealed about the s+holars of Ba!i *sraeel but it a..lies to the s+holars of *slam a!d the followers of -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d all .eo.le as well. *b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!huma said the Jews of Madi!ah used to tell their frie!ds a!d relati1es who were Muslims> remai! o! *slam a!d that whi+h that ma! is tea+hi!/ you> be+ause he is s.ea%i!/ the truthG yet they themsel1es did !ot belie1e. They used to .rea+h but did !ot a+t so this was re1ealed be+ause of them. *b! Jareer Rahimahullah said> the s+holars of the Jews used to order the .eo.le to do the /ood by Allah> a!d they themsel1es did si!s. This 1erse is a re.rima!d. *t is !ot a re.rima!d be+ause it ordered /ood but it is a re.rima!d be+ause he did !ot do the /ood. -ay atte!tio!> so !o o!e will uit o! me after today. * do !ot wa!t !o o!e to say the s+ruti!y is so mu+h o! the stude!ts of %!owled/e that * am just /oi!/ to uit> * would rather be i/!ora!t> it is easier to be i/!ora!t.

The o.i!io! o! this matter here> is ordai!i!/ the /ood> forbiddi!/ the e1il a!d! of it withi! o!eself are two se.arate thi!/s. 7rdai!i!/ the /ood> forbiddi!/ the e1il o! o!e side a!d the! o! o!e side. They are two se.arate obli/atory matters> o!e does !ot dro. if the other dro.s. #et me> the o.i!io!> a!d there is a se+o!d o.i!io! o! this but the o.i!io! of two
-a/e F ))

o.i!io!s o! this matter> is ordai!i!/ the /ood> forbiddi!/ the e1il o! o!e ha!d a!d!> a..lyi!/ what you lear! a!d %!ow i! o!eself> o! yourself a!d o! your +lose o!es that are u!der your +o!trol is a!other matter. 7!e does !ot dro. if the other dro.s. Some said if o!e falls i!to a si!> he should !ot deter others. That is the wea%er of the two o.i!io!s. 'ou /ot that= That is the wea%er of the two o.i!io!s. The 1erse is basi+ally sayi!/> here is what the 1erse is basi+ally sayi!/. 'ou are doi!/ ri/ht i! ordai!i!/ the /ood> the! follow it yourself. *t is !ot sayi!/ do !ot /o a!d +o!1ey the messa/e or sto.. The truth is> you are /oi!/ to +o!1ey the truth> follow it yourself. 'ou refrai! from the e1il you are telli!/ the .eo.le to refrai!> wor% o! yourself li%e you are telli!/ .eo.le to do. *t is a re.rima!d> !ot to sto. o!e from ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il> but rather to follow i! that whi+h he is sayi!/ a!d what he is tea+hi!/. *! (ud> Shuayb saidC

, " / , 0J , " , 26 , ! 2 # T * 1 / / / 1 6 / / ... 8 1 1 1 3 & 3 1 E . / H 3 1 ... 1 ; 1 1 7 / ' L Q / ! / 1w 1 H / F f VV :h-

* do !ot wa!t to be i! +o!tradi+tio! to that whi+h * ha1e forbidde! you. <o!tradi+tio!> * do !ot wa!t tell you o!e thi!/ a!d do a!other thi!/.




(adith> .ay atte!tio! to this (adith. Usaamah *b! Eayd radhiallahu &a!hu> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

/ ; B @ 1 E 1 / 3 ; 1 1 2/ ;' E 1 \ / < 1 3 & 1 / , ( 1 / 1 3 ; N ; 9 = # &' 1& !2 !2 1 , R; @' ; -E m ; < / 3 1 / Q - 1 / " / ," 1 / / I% T 1 ! / / # t / F! / / & I F f / , W 1 C ! N 1 1 FZ H 1 ! / / # b / & / # Zf / 1 C 1 0/ ,! / 0 # T / / 1 1 FZ! / / 1
Bu%hari a!d Muslim> Usaamah *b! Eayd said a ma! will be brou/ht a!d .ut i! (ellfire. A!d i! a!other !arratio!> the first to be .ut i! hellfire. A!d he will +ir+umambulate> /o arou!d i! a +ir+le i! (ellfire> li%e a do!%ey of a /ri!di!/ mill. The flour /ri!di!/ mill> you %!ow how he /oes arou!d them> that is how he will be. -eo.le of (ell will /ather arou!d him a!d say> oh so a!d so> 'aa Shay%h> 'aa
-a/e F )8

&Aalim. 5id you !ot order us to do the /ood a!d forbid the e1il= 5id you !ot /i1e us those elo ue!t sermo!s= 5id you !ot you a..ear o! satellite TB a!d tell us you /ot to do this a!d you /ot to do that= Were you !ot Tweeti!/ us about this a!d that= Were you !ot 'outubi!/ us o! this a!d that= Were you !ot the o!e who was tea+hi!/ us what to do a!d what !ot to do= What o! earth are you doi!/ here= They are sur.rised> they are i! sho+%> the .eo.le i! (ell are sho+%ed that he is there. (e is a Shay%h> he used to be +alled a Shay%h. The .eo.le i! (ell are sur.rised to see him i! (ell be+ause he was deemed .ious a!d ri/hteous. The ma! will say> * used to order the others to do the /ood but * myself !e1er did it> a!d * used to forbid others from the e1il while * myself used to do it. *! Sahih atTar/heeb wat-Tarheeb the author said> this is a ma! whose a+tio!s do !ot mat+h his %!owled/e. (is a+tio!s do !ot mat+h his %!owled/e.


/ ` b -L N N Y 1 3 b 1 L / / 1 , b / & & 3 . b !d : / A 1 / F H ! 2N 3 L 3 / 2 / , I5 ! b 1 ( 1 / ; 3 9 1 1 / ' / / ; E ( 1 ! 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 / ; '/ # / , / / ; A5 ; < , / & , ( ! E J 1 / 1 1 5 / / Q ; 1

"our matters the (adith says> the (adith says i! Tirmidhi> ad-5aarimi a!d it is authe!ti+> a ma! will !ot mo1e forward o! the Jud/me!t 5ay o!e ste.> u!til he is uestio!ed about four thi!/s. The first thi!/ he is /oi!/ to be as%ed about is how he s.e!t his life. The se+o!d o!e is about %!owled/e> did he tea+h it> did he it> more so> did he it= A!d the third o!e is about his wealth> where he /ot it a!d how did he s.e!d it. A!d the fourth o!e is /oi!/ to be about how did he wear out his youth. Those are four matters> you do !ot ste. forward o! the Jud/me!t 5ay> a!d why we brou/ht it is for the se+o!d matter> o!e is /oi!/ to be uestio!ed about his %!owled/e. *t is !ot to be sta+%ed u. i! o!es brai! a!d !ot a..lied.


N :b 1 1 3 2 1 / A / / 3 | 1 2/ 1 /& a 3 . + -L N < 1 / 1 3 b ! " : 3 L 3 b / 5 / j 3 1 3 1 1 mD / J / ! 5 / $ / " p 1 \ 3 1 x / ! J < 5 # j 5 1 + 1 = 1 1

-a/e F 8@

At-Tabaraa!i i! al-;abir a!d al-Mu!dhuri said it is authe!ti+. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> the eDam.le of a %!owled/eable .erso! who tea+hes a!d for/ets himself to it> does !ot himself> is li%e a lam.> li%e a li/ht> li%e a +ha!delier. *t li/hts to .eo.le but it bur!s itself> that is the eDam.le the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said.

, 3 . -L b N : b N W & t 1 1 3 b : / / 1 1 [ & 1 / / / ": / , ! 3 L 3 1 m 1 L % / F : N :b J 1 1 ] / 1& / T E / N : 1 E \ N < A 1 H) 1 H) \ / , : b 1 \ * / N / / : f 1 / , / P2 " 3 " # ! / ! I - 1 j / 5 1 A/ & , E / ' , a "" T 5 J 1 ! 1 0/ " / - - / Q; ' / /
Mus!ad Ahmad> a+tually it is Sahih at-Tar/heeb wat-Tarheeb> *b! (ibbaa!> alBayha i. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam whe! he we!t o! the !i/ht of the *sraa> he see! .eo.le whose to!/ues a!d their li.s were bei!/ sli+ed with metal %!i1es of fire. 01ery time they were sli+ed> they would retur! to their ori/i!al state to be sli+ed a/ai! without res.ite. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam has Jibraeel !eDt to him> he said Jibraeel> who are these= Why are they sufferi!/ li%e this= Jibraeel said these are the .ubli+ s.ea%ers of your Ummah> they say that whi+h they do !ot do.


3 . ... b -L N 1 3 b 1 / Y # 3 N " / , 1 /& 2 , / -E H W & - 1 1 1 1 / 3 ...b ! / 3 T 3 L 1 : tJ / / F H $ / H 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! AX X J / / / : / N R R R : / ` T / h : @ '5 a / H

*! Sahih Muslim> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam used to see% refu/e. 7h Allah> * see% refu/e i! you from %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit> from a heart that does !ot e!tertai! fear of Allah> from a soul that is !ot satisfied> a!d a! that is !ot a!swered. The -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam says * see% refu/e from %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit. *f there is o!e thi!/ you are /oi!/ to lea1e out with today> it is to %!ow this (adith. Wallahi if you truly +om.rehe!d this> you will be i! a/o!y. *f you truly +om.rehe!d this you will truly be i! a/o!y.

-a/e F 82

(ow ma!y a!d let us be truthful> let us be truthful with oursel1es today> let us be truthful> how ma!y ma%e this 5uaa= * +o!sider a!yo!e who atte!ds our .ro/ram> our +lasses> amo!/ the best of the best *!shaa Allah. This is %!owled/e> !ot for worldly /ai!. We do !ot eD+ha!/e mo!ey> we do !ot /o for .o.ularitys sa%e> it is !ot about +o!tests> !o o!e +omes here to mi!/le with /irls> !o o!e +omes here to joi! the o..osite seD. 4o o!e +omes here to liste! to a few seDual jo%es u!der the ba!!er of "i h of #o1e while ha1i!/ major defi+ie!+y i! Walaa a!d Baraa. 4o o!e +omes here for that %i!d of stuff. Those firmly o! the /uida!+e that we tea+h here> the /uida!+e of Tawheed> those o! this /uida!+e of the Tawheed o! the Ma!haj> whoe1er is firm o! that study are the followers of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam a!d the Messe!/ers. A!d they are the +arriers of #aa ilaaha illallah> a!d are the re1i1ers who usually /et tested li%e that of the trials of the Messe!/ers before> a!d at the same time they are the o!es who u.lift this Ummah from its dar%!ess a!d its defeats. Be+ause this is the Tawheed> this is the .ure. This is it> this is *slam> ta%e it or lea1e it. That is how we tea+h here. So you are> *!shaa Allah> amo!/ the few of the few of the 1ery> 1ery> 1ery> 1ery few who study this 5ee! a!d this Tawheed seriously a!d for !o other> !o .erso!al /ai!. So> out of this few> who of us ma%es the 5uJaa that the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam made> see%i!/ refu/e i! %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit= 7h Allah> * see% refu/e i! 'ou> from %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit. * %!ow ma!y who study throu/h the *!ter!et a!d who study here with us> a lot of them ma%e 5uJaa a!d it is a /oal for them to be %!owled/eable a!d always sayC

UUn :k 1 1 / hY 6... 4 / 3 1 a
But how ma!y of us has sou/ht refu/e from %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit us= Be truthful. ;!owled/e that does !ot be!efit us mea!s %!owled/e that we do !ot * fear if we were to do a sur1ey o! this matter> we would retur! with a hu/e disa..oi!tme!t to all of us. Whe! did o!e of us> a!d we be truthful with oursel1es> fid/et a!d shi1er with +hills before Allah> li%e a wet bird> .leadi!/ a!d see%i!/ refu/e i! Allah from %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit us= * say this is the differe!+e betwee! the ;halaf> the latter .eo.le> a!d the Salaf> who +arried the le/a+y of the Ummah. The +urri+ulum is there> the +urri+ulum to u.lifti!/ this Ummah is there> we ha1e it. We ha1e it a!d we do !ot !eed those so +alled Mufa%%ir a!d thi!%ers to +ome a!d blab> a!d other o!es who wa!t to +ome a!d +ha!/e. The +urri+ulum is there> it is solid. The +urri+ulum for u.lifti!/ this Ummah> the /uida!+e is there a!d has bee! for fourtee! +e!turies> o1er fourtee! +e!turies. The .roblem is> the .roblem is the!.

, / / H R W & - 1 1 1 J 3 / 3 T 1 :
The -ro.het used to ma%e that 5uJaa. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam was su++essful i! /etti!/ the Sahaabah to it. (e .ri!ted +o.ies of the teDts that we
-a/e F 89

lear!> i! the hearts> i! the hearts of the Sahaabah he .ri!ted it. (e made it a /uida!+e they a+ted u.o!> it be+ame a total way of life for them. That is the se+ret. That ri/ht there> that ri/ht there is the se+ret of how the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam made the most su++essful !atio! o! the 0arth> from shattered> feudi!/> Bedoui!> a!ar+hist> who were i! the midst of a deserted> deserted desertG !ot just a!y re/ular desert> a deserted desert> who be+ame the of the world i! a histori+al> re+ord brea%i!/> li/ht!i!/> bat of a! eye time frame. "or thirtee! years> the -ro.het was busy i!s+ribi!/ this Tawheed a!d JA eedah i! the hearts. *! the hearts> !ot o!> !ot o! <5> !ot o! 'ouTube> !ot o! the i!ter!et> he was doi!/ it i! the hearts. Today> ma!y a!d most of the small stude!ts of %!owled/e> ha1e more boo%s tha! the re!ow!ed &Ulamaa who re1i1ed this Ummah. Al-Ma%tabah ash-Shaamilah who * really ha1e !ot /otte! to %!ow yet> it is somethi!/ you dow!load with thousa!ds of 1olumes. Whether it may be %!owled/e that they ha1e> we ha1e it. Whether the way it is or/a!ised> or the ua!tity> or the .ri!t of it> or how you /et it o! <5 or how you sear+h itG we ha1e more %!owled/e> ma!y ha1e more %!owled/e today tha! the re!ow!ed &Ulamaa. Allah i! the ,urJa! said about 'aJ oobC

_V :vL- ...( ... 1 !D / 3 : / 3 1 !

Berily> he was e!dowed with %!owled/e> about 'aJ oob. "rom that whi+h We tau/ht him> he had %!owled/e. ,ataadah says the mea!i!/ of this 1erse is> he was e!dowed with! a!d a..lyi!/ that whi+h We tau/ht him.

<}L : uA ; = & -&, x*, m-+ " JL

Sufyaa! ath-Thawri was as%ed> do you li%e to study or what you studyC

<! , W 9, k
(e said> %!owled/e is sou/ht to be a..lied so !e1er lea1e see%i!/ %!owled/e for!> a!d !e1er lea1e! for see%i!/ %!owled/eC

k 2F Q; , < h :bE; < 2F H! , <

What are you tryi!/ to say Sufyaa! ath-Thawri= Basi+ally he is sayi!/> %!owled/e a!d! +ome ha!d i! ha!d> they are i!se.arable> you +a!!ot se.arate the two. *maam Ahmad told his stude!ts o!+e> there is !e1er a (adith * .assed by eD+e.t * fully a..lied it. "ully a..lied e1ery si!/le (adith. * o!+e .assed by a (adith that the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam we!t to /o +u..i!/ to Abu Teeba a!d he .aid
-a/e F 8:

o!e di!ar. (e said> so * we!t to /o /et +u..i!/ a!d * .aid eDa+tly that whi+h the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam .aid so * +a! follow eDa+t Su!!ah. 01ery (adith> *mam Ahmad> you so dari!/ly say you a..lied= (e would ha1e !e1er said a word li%e that if he did !ot truly it. A ma! who i! his Mus!ad Ahmad> had forty thousa!d (adith a!d it is said that he memorised o1er a millio!. *! his Mus!ad> forty> you a..lied e1ery si!/le (adith= *brahim al-(arbi said> * was with Ahmad *b! (a!bal> * was his +om.a!io!. "or twe!ty years> wi!ter a!d summer> +old days a!d hot days> !i/ht a!d day> !ot a si!/le day we!t by eD+e.t *maam Ahmad was a..lyi!/ i! that day> more tha! he a..lied the day before. Twe!ty years> day a!d !i/ht> he said e1ery day he a..lied more> today he would more tha! yesterday. The Salaf were the me! who were des+ribed> whe! they tur!ed to %!owled/e to study it> it a..eared o! them. *! their humility a!d i! their humble!ess> a!d o! their to!/ues> a!d o! their ha!ds. That is how %!owled/e affe+ted them. Some of those who +laim to be stude!ts of %!owled/e today> the reje+ts> they +ome from bars to su..osedly bei!/ stude!ts of %!owled/e> to u!leash their to!/ues o! /ia!ts they +ould !e1er be e ui1ale!t to the dust o! their shoes i! their ser1i+e to Allah a!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. Just days a/o you were i! a bar> so sudde!ly you /o to stude!t of %!owled/e> you be+ome a stude!t of %!owled/e> !ow you wa!t to refute /ia!ts= * do !ot mea! the MurjiJah reje+ts alo!e> but they ali/! themsel1es> whether i!te!tio!ally or u!i!te!tio!ally> with the Moder!ists to refute the true .eo.le of Tawheed. "rom ra..i!/ o!e !i/ht to refuti!/ the /ia!ts of the Ummah i! the mor!i!/. "rom bars a!d +lubs> mo!ths a/o> to refuti!/ a!d sla!deri!/ a!d +hewi!/ .oiso!ous flesh of &Ulamaa a!d those who de1oted their li1es a!d their wealth a!d their ho!our for the sa%e of Allah. Why=

, / / H R W & - 1 1 1 J 3 / 3 T 1 :
&*lm #aa 'a!fa. The me! of the .ast were me! that as soo! as they tur!ed to %!owled/e> to lear! it> it was see! o! their a..eara!+e> i! their ;hushoo> i! their humility> their humble!ess> i! their to!/ues> i! their ha!ds. Whe! o!e la+%s eti uettes a!d ma!!ers> you thi!% they do !ot %!ow the %!owled/e of it= 'ou thi!% they do !ot %!ow about their to!/ues a!d their ha!ds a!d their sla!ders= 'ou thi!% they do !ot %!ow it= They do> but it is the wrath of &*lm #aa 'a!fa. Why else would the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam em.hasise i! his 5uJaa=

, / / H R W & - 1 1 1 J 3 / 3 T 1 :
Whe! others +a! /o throu/h the teDts of Walaa a!d Baraa li%e a! arrow> they will /o shar. throu/h it li%e a! arrow but they +a!!ot it i! their day to day life. &*lm #aa 'a!fa. *! al-JaamiJ al-Ah%aam al-,urJa!> a s+holar +alled Abu Uthma! al-(ayri> he sat to /i1e o!e of his +lasses. A!d he sat> /a1e a! i!trodu+tio! a!d sat sile!t> a!d sile!t>
-a/e F 83

a!d sile!t. The! Abu al-Abbaas said Shay%h> what is /oi!/ o!= Whe! is the (ala ah /oi!/ to start= A!d the!> the Shay%h raised his head u. a!d be/a! to +ry a!d wee. a!d the! be/a! to +ha!t his .oemC

/ I E ! m! 2 A k E ' & j P 3 q 1 1 1 F / s 1 1 L / ! 3 E j
A !o! Ta i> o!e who does !ot ha1e Ta wa> he is tal%i!/ about himself> orders .eo.le for Ta wa li%e a do+tor /i1i!/ +ure while he himself is i! !eed to be +ured from that same ill!ess. The e!tire (ala ah be/a! to wee.. They %!ew how 1aluable it was to the %!owled/e. Abu al-Aswad ad-5uali> the famous .oet> he has a .oem about the matterC

, 3 / W 5 / 1 Q " s < T ( 1 J # / P 3 ... / 3 ' 1

7h you ma! who is tea+hi!/ others> should!Jt the tea+hi!/ be to yourself=

5 T W / 1 & / ,2/ &; 1 ; ... f T 1 J / T '/ s T / ; / / ... f / I; 1 09

Start with yourself> deter it from wro!/. *f you are su++essful i! deterri!/ yourself from bei!/ wro!/> the! you ha1e be+ome i!deed wise.

5 T W / 1 & / ,2/ &; 1 ; f T 1 J / T '/ s T / ; / / f / I; 1 09 / / ! / & / ! F / u -E AE R T 1 b J 'E ; < 1 S2 W 1 / E b ... / 3 ' 1

At that .oi!t> whe! you a+hie1e! of your %!owled/e> your will be a++e.ted> your words will be followed> a!d your tea+hers will the! be+ome be!efi+ial.

/ I F! B * / 1 W f F H 1 1 ; / / / + / F ... q : 1 O
5o !ot deter from somethi!/ a!d do that whi+h you deter from> a bi/ shame o! you if you do so.

, / / H R W & - 1 1 1 J 3 / 3 T 1 :
-a/e F 86

'ou see that 5uJaa= Tal% is .le!ty> %!owled/e is abu!da!t> but the! is s+ar+e. This is !ot mea!t to s+are you away from lear!i!/ %!owled/e. This is a+tually a! e!+oura/eme!t to that whi+h you lear!> that whi+h you deter .eo.le from> that> to stay away from it. That whi+h you order .eo.le to /o to a!d to do> it is a+tually a! e!+oura/eme!t for you to follow alo!/ i! that .ath> that whi+h you tea+h .eo.le or that whi+h you %!ow of.

, / / H R W & - 1 1 1 J 3 / 3 T 1 :
This our siDth +lass o! Tawheed a!d Usool Ath-Thalaathah. We s.o%e a!d we left off o! the se+o!d of the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les> the four i!trodu+tory fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. The first o!e is %!owled/e a!d that is to %!ow Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the reli/io!. The se+o!d of the .ri!+i.les is to a+t o! your %!owled/e a!d we left off there> let us /o ta%e it from there.

The first .oi!t that you wa!t to !ote today a!d ta%e this as a rule> the mai! /oal for %!owled/e is that it is mea!s to worshi. Allah a!d e1ery %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit a+tio!> there is !othi!/ i! the Shareeah to i!di+ate that it is .raiseworthy. Shaatibi said> e1ery %!owled/e that does !ot be!efit a+tio!> there is !othi!/ i! the Shareeah to i!di+ate it is .raiseworthy. ;ee. i! mi!d there is some heart a+tio!s> a!d there is some .hysi+al a+tio!s. Some .eo.le do !ot +o!sider a+tio!s of the heart a+ts> but that is i! reality a! a+t. A+ti!/ u.o! %!owled/e +ould be i! the heart> matters of the heart> a!d it +ould be .hysi+al matters. *maa! is a! a+tio! of the heart> to belie1e> a!d that results from %!owled/e. "or eDam.le> what do * /et by belie1i!/ or %!owi!/ a!d lear!i!/ the 4ames a!d ,ualities of Allah> Attributes of Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala= 'ou /et .le!ty of thi!/s a!d amo!/ that is a! a+t of the heart> whi+h is true> firm belief a!d stro!/er *maa!> Tasdee . 7f +ourse there is the other as.e+t of %!owled/e whi+h is the .hysi+al .art> we do !ot /ot to /et i!to that be+ause e1eryo!e %!ows it. Matters that .ertai! to Salah> Ea%ah> (ajj> Wudhu> Tahaarah> those are .hysi+al .arts. That is the first .oi!t.


-a/e F 86

;!owled/e is totally differe!t tha! a+ti!/. So they are two differe!t thi!/s> just be+ause you ha1e %!owled/e it does !ot mea! you are a+ti!/ o! it. Allah said i! the ,ura!C

6 6 " 1 0/ / FZ 1 3 -; / / a ' D # -; 1 1 Un_ :`EA ... \ / & , /

Those who We /i1e! the S+ri.ture to> they %!ow the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d re+o/!ise him just as they would re+o/!ise their ow! so!s a!d %ids. Who are those who re+o/!ised the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam= Those are the Jews a!d those are the <hristia!s. So they ha1e %!owled/e> Allah says +learly they ha1e %!owled/e but did they a+t o! it= 4o. They did !ot a+t o! it> they had the %!owled/e but they did !ot a+t o! it so that shows they are two differe!t thi!/s. Some .eo.le may ha1e %!owled/e but they may !ot a+t o! it> they are two differe!t e!tities that o!e must %!ow. Why must you %!ow it= Be+ause if Allah says the Jews had %!owled/e a!d the <hristia!s had %!owled/e> but yet i! other 1erses i! the ,ura! re.rima!ded them se1erely for !ot belie1i!/> the! they had %!owled/e but they did !ot a+t u.o! it so that is a !e/ati1e as.e+t. The bottom li!e is> %!owled/e a!d a+ti!/ are two se.arate thi!/s a!d *slam +ame to be a+ted u.o!> !ot to be sa1ed as teDt or i! your memory base.


#oo% how the ,ura! me!tio!s that *slam +ame to be a+ted u.o!C

/ 1 ( [ ... / '1 W 3 x / d 1# 1 1 j , a 6 q ' PO 1 $ 1 2 P 1 1 = 1 6 1 / d / / T . " 1 /1 1 &6 8 1 1 d 1 1 - 1 &6 U :&

A Boo% we re1ealed u.o! to you Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> why= *! order that you lead ma!%i!d out of dar%!ess. Why was the Boo% re1ealed= To ta%e ma!%i!d out of dar%!ess> a+t.

, a' 3 K 0 9 " 2 f ; c F Z f 0 9 1 1 1 / / q 1 # 6 / / 3 : 3 H 3 1 ! 2 3 , U 6 1 3 1 A / F H / 0 7 : 1 A* h- l 6 1 &! 1 q X 6 q D

A boo% with 1erses that were .erfe+ted a!d eD.lai!ed i! detail by Allah the Wise> the well Wise> the well a+ uai!ted. Why was this Boo% re1ealed> su+h detail> why= The !eDt 1erse isC

-a/e F 8$

3 H 3 1 ! 2 3 , l :h- ... A / F H 7
Worshi.> the a+t .art. That Boo% was re1ealed so you +a! a+t o! it> a+t how= Worshi. Allah.

3 1 b 1 / AN 1 - H / L 1 / 1 9 1 W 1 6 6 3 , ! : -L 3 / , 3 1 l> :\ A" 8 1 H / ; ,H A 7 1 !2
We did !ot se!d before you oh Muhammad> a Messe!/er> eD+e.t that We re1ealed to him #aa ilaaha illallah> to tea+h the .eo.le #aa ilaaha illallah> loo% at the e!d of it> !e1er was there a Messe!/er se!t> !ot o!ly *slam> !e1er was there a Messe!/er but he +ame with the teDtC

" ... / ; A 1 !2
Used the teDt so they +a! worshi.> so they +a! a+t o! it.

/ & / W 1 / d & 0 = ' B = a ' 0 , 1 3 3 1 1 / / / 1& j 1 1 ! 3 u F H 6 :\5 / 0 1 * 1 1 G$ 4 K 7 , UM>

We ha1e se!t you oh Muhammad this Boo%> so you +a! jud/e amo!/ ma!%i!d> why was this Boo% se!t=

3 / 1 :\5 ... 1 0/ W / d , / '1 B / & ' 0= = 1 a 1 UM>

So you may jud/e betwee! me! as Allah showed youC

... / '1 ... 0=

So you +a! jud/e. That is why the Boo% was re1ealed. #oo% at the other 1erse> 1ery similar to this 1erseC

3 3 2 / 1 B / / ; 1 0/ W / d 1 A , / & ' 3 K 7 = 4 1 $ 1 a 1 l :d 2
"irst o!e saysC

... / '1 ... 0=

-a/e F 8)

Jud/e> a+t u.o! it by jud/i!/ amo!/ .eo.le. This o!e saysC

3 2 l :d ... / / ; 1 A 2 3 K 7 4 1 $
So worshi. Allah by doi!/ the reli/ious deeds that (e ordered you to do> si!+erely. So it is to a+t u.o! it> that is to a+t u.o! it. 01ery %!owled/e> li%e we said i! the be/i!!i!/> that does !ot be!efit a+tio!> there is !othi!/ i! the Shareeah to i!di+ate that it is .raiseworthy.


;!owled/e is li%e a body> the soul of %!owled/e is a+ti!/ o! it. Without the soul> %!owled/e resembles a a!d if you /o a!d a+t a/ai!st what you %!ow> it is .ossibly li%e ha1i!/ a +ada1er> it is li%e bei!/ a +ada1er. That is what the %!owled/e would be be+ause it is /oi!/ to be used a/ai!st you. Maali% *b! 5i!aar said> if a! &Aalim does !ot his %!owled/e> it dro.s from his heart li%e the water falls o! a smooth ro+%. *f you e1er see! a s.ri!/> the li/ht s.ri!/s or a fou!tai!> water dri.s> dri.s> dri.sG that is how %!owled/e lea1es a .erso! who does !ot it. (ow ma!y ha1e %!owled/e> remi!d others of Allah> yet they themsel1es are mi!dless of it= (ow ma!y .rea+h fear of Allah yet they are bold a!d dari!/ with Allah= (ow ma!y .rea+h to bri!/ .eo.le +loser to Allah yet they themsel1es are the furthest from Allah= As a %!owled/eable .erso!> always %ee. i! mi!d> while the /e!eral layme! masses /et their ha!ds a!d feet a!d body .arts to testify a/ai!st them before Allah> you /ot somethi!/ more da!/erous. Allah i! the ,ura! saysC

, , 0 F! / / F! 2 2 T ; / 1 1 T / X / T / 1 '$ / / 8 1 1 _> :t ...T 6 / ,

Today We shut their mouth> We sealed shut their mouth> the ha!ds be/i! to testify a/ai!st someo!e> their feet> i! that whi+h they did. *! a!other 1erse Allah saysC

@ N ! lU :fK; ... / 1 h 1 - 1 - / P F2T 1 / 1 %

The .erso! s.ea%s to Allah> * wa!t someo!e to testify> Allah says would you a++e.t your ow! body .arts= They say yes> so their body .arts be/i! to testify a!d the! they sayC

@ N ! lU :fK; ... / 1 h 1 - 1 - / P F2T 1 / 1 %

Why are you s.ea%i!/ a/ai!st us> we were tryi!/ to .rote+t you.

- 3 N , lU :fK; ... ... E 7

-a/e F 88

Allah made them s.ea%. What is worse for the %!owled/eable a!d 5uaat> you !ot o!ly ha1e the body .arts> you ha1e other e1ide!+e to be added to that> whi+h is the Ayah you lear!> the (adith you lear!> they +ome a!d testify. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! Sahih MuslimC

, W / / W ! q @ Z 3 9 " / / E
The ,ura! is /oi!/ to testify for you or a/ai!st you. *s that (adith or Ayah /oi!/ to testify for you or a/ai!st you= *s it /oi!/ to /i1e you i!ter+essio!> or be a reaso! for you to /o to (ell= *s it /oi!/ to be a +ause of .u!ishme!t or a +ause of torme!t= 5oes o!e !ot fear those 1erses> those orders that +ome dow! u.o! you> that you lear!> sta!d before you o! the Jud/me!t 5ay a!d testify a/ai!st you= *b! al-,ayyim Rahimahullah saidC

<, A9, < Q& RJ - yQ* Q& < RJ - !a'0 E;

*f %!owled/e with !o! was be!efi+ial> Allah would ha1e !ot re.rima!ded the .o!tiff of the -eo.le of the Boo%. A!d if a+tio! with !o si!+erity would ha1e hel.ed a!yo!e> Allah would !ot ha1e dis.raised a!d 1ilified the hy.o+rites. ;!owled/e without! is li%e a ho!ey+omb without ho!ey. ;!owled/e is li%e wealth> what you /et out of wealth is what you s.e!d. *! wealth> e1eryo!e %!ows> e1ery realisti+ .erso! %!ows that> you /et out of wealth what you s.e!d. #i%ewise i! %!owled/e> you o!ly /et out of it what you a+t u.o!. What use is wealth if you do !ot s.e!d it a!d use it= A!d li%ewise %!owled/e. A?-Euhri Rahimahullah said> do !ot a++e.t the sayi!/ of a s+holar who does !ot what he says a!d do !ot a++e.t the sayi!/ of o!e who a..lies but does !ot %!ow> that is a! i/!ora!t .erso! who may say the truth or do the /ood stuff sometimes. ;!owled/e that does !ot ha1e its fruit a!d affe+t i! the heart> i! a+tio!s> is %!owled/e to be used a/ai!st you.

A! im.orta!t matter .ertai!i!/ to the s+e!ario that we tal%ed about> whi+h is someo!e is /oi!/ to say today i! his thou/ht> wow> these (ala aat> Tawheed> are !ot for me. * am dro..i!/ out> * am ha1i!/ se+o!d thou/hts about +omi!/ to the +lass. *t is somethi!/ .eo.le thi!% of> be realisti+. *f the more * lear!> the more it is /oi!/ to be used a/ai!st me> let me sto..

-a/e F 2@@

So let me tell you. 4umber o!e> we .re1iously said there is %!owled/e that is "ardh &Ay!. "ardh &Ay! is you ha1e to %!ow it> e1ery i!di1idual. ;!owled/e> that if you do !ot %!ow it you are si!!ed a!d most of what we tal% about> most of what we lear!> es.e+ially i! our Tawheed> the +ore .art of our Tawheed +lass a!d the additio!al stuff we tal% about is o!ly to hel. you u!dersta!d +ore of it. Most of what we tal% about it i! Tawheed +lass is stuff that is "ardh JAy! u.o! you to %!ow. Remember what we said> we already tal%ed about itC

/ 1 1 @ 3 , W 9 / 1
"ardh to %!ow these matters. The Ummah has /otte! a le1el of i/!ora!+e where most of what they lear! today> they thi!% it is eDtra +redit> whe! i! reality it is esse!tial matters they must %!ow a!d they /et si!!ed for !ot %!owi!/. So that is o!e issue you !eed to %!ow. 4ow> let us tal% about the eDtra +redit %!owled/e. 'ou say o%> * will lear!> someo!e will say you %!ow what * am /oi!/ to study with you a!d +ome to +lass for Tawheed> after the "ardh> theC

/ F @ P 1
After the "ardh> * will dro. out. We say> the a!swer to that> you +hose to be a stude!t of J*lm. 'ou ta%e time away from your family> ma!y of you memorise> Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-JAalamee!> ma!y of you lear!> ma!y of you stru//le> why= Be+ause you wa!t to be i! the .ea% of Ja!!ah. <orre+t or !ot= <orre+t. So> %!owled/e is o!e of the mea!s to ta%e you to the le1el of the Siddi ee!. 5o !ot be sur.rised to %!ow that some of the bi//est of all s+holars dis+ussed the issue of who is better> a! JAalim or a martyr. *b! Masood radhiallahu &a!hu> *b! al-Mubaara% a!d others> ha1e stateme!ts> * do !ot wa!t to me!tio! them ri/ht !ow. *b! al-,ayyim Rahimahullah s.o%e about it i! le!/th i! his boo% Miftaah 5aaris-Saaadah> o! who is more %!owled/eable> a! JAalim or a Shaheed. The fa+t that there is a! issue dis+ussed li%e that> shows you the hi/h le1el it is for a! JAalim> how hi/h his le1el is i! Ja!!ah. So it is a hi/h le1el> of +ourse the maturity of the Ummah> * .robably should !ot dis+uss it ri/ht !ow. Maybe i! the future> be+ause it mi/ht a debate> the issue o! that matter. But just the fa+t that they dis+ussed the issue> shows you how hi/h ra!%i!/ a! JAalim is. Would you wa!t to uit studyi!/ be+ause of what some i/!ora!t .eo.le say> that if * do !ot %!ow it is better= That is a wro!/ ratio!ale. 4umber o!e> it is either "ardh> you ha1e to %!ow most of what we tal% about for eDam.le i! this +lass is "ardh. 4umber two> if it is eDtra +redit %!owled/e> you study it be+ause you wa!t to /o to the "irdaws. *f o!e wa!ts to merely study the basi+s> the +ore> the Tawheed a!d the "ardh JAy! matters outside Tawheed> the! you +a! /et your ste.s i!to (ea1e!> maybe the first le1el i! hea1e!. But the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam tau/ht us to aim hi/h> to aim to "irdaws. Whoe1er Allah de.ri1es of %!owled/e> /ets .u!ished with i/!ora!+e> that is a .u!ishme!t. A!d
-a/e F 2@2

worse a!d more se1ere .u!ishme!t tha! that> is o!e who %!owled/e +omes to him a!d he tur!s away from it. A!d worse tha! all that> is o!e who is /ifted with %!owled/e a!d does !ot a+t u.o! it. A!other .oi!t. 4ot o!ly is this eDtra +redit %!owled/e to ta%e you to "irdaws> but it is also i! this life. *! this life> you lear! to /et the ultimate ha..i!ess a!d blessi!/s i! this life. *b! Taymiyyah> whe! * s.o%e about him remember * me!tio!ed uotes> had !othi!/ i! this life. The shirt o! his ba+%> at times of his life he had the shirt o! the ba+%. (e used to slee. at times i! the Masjid> Masjid al-Amawi> i! a!d out of .riso!. (e used to say words li%e our hearts .ass throu/h sta/es> if the .eo.le i! hea1e! are li%e this the! they are truly blessed. *! a life you would .resume to be a miserable life> he would say if the .eo.le i! hea1e! are li1i!/ li%e * am> the ha..i!ess * am i!> that is su+h a /ood life> * loo% forward for it. 'ou heard words from &Ulamaa who had !othi!/ i! this life> who say whoe1er does !ot e!ter the (ea1e! of this life> will !e1er e!ter the (ea1e! of the life afterG li%e *b! Taymiyyah Rahimahullah. Some who said> we are i! su+h a state of ha..i!ess that if the %i!/s a!d leaders were to %!ow about it> they would +ome a!d fi/ht us to ta%e it away. What too% them to the ultimate ha..i!ess whe! they had !othi!/= Whe! most of them> if you loo% at it> i! a!d out of .riso!> i! a!d out of trials> i! a!d out of .roblems a!d situatio!s. The thi!/ you loo% at it> is they had %!owled/e a!d they a..lied the %!owled/e they had. *t too% them to the .ea% of tra! uillity i! this life. So> that is how you be!efit from this %!owled/e i! this life a!d the! *!shaa Allah it will ta%e you to "irdaws. 'ou +a!!ot say> well si!+e the s+ruti!y o! me is /oi!/ to be more> let me sto. here. 'ou wa!t "irdaws a!d you wa!t a +o!te!t ha..y life i! this life> that +omes throu/h %!owled/e.


'ou ha1e to %ee. i! mi!d i!!> the hi/her you are i! %!owled/e> the hi/her your! must be be+ause you are held to a hi/her sta!dard by .eo.le a!d more so a!d more im.orta!tly> by Allah. The hi/her your status is i! %!owled/e> the hi/her your! !eeds to be be+ause you are held at a hi/her status by .eo.le a!d more so a!d more im.orta!tly> by Allah. We do !ot ha1e a hierar+hy where we /ot +hur+h members> the! we /ot a .riest> the! we /ot a .o.e> the! we /ot a s.irit> the! we /ot a so! a!d the! we /ot father. We do !ot ha1e that. *! *slam> the hierar+hy to the le1els of Ja!!ah is %!owled/e a!d its!. ;!owled/e a!d its! sets your le1el> where you will be i! Ja!!ah. Whe! you are held at a hi/her status be+ause of your %!owled/e a!d!> the! the .u!ishme!t whe! doi!/ wro!/ is more se1ere.

-a/e F 2@9

H 4 1 N 1 u } 4 / % Q # 6 F [ 2# 2 E ' A c ", / 1 / / 3 3 / T / / ! 1 3 / 4 1 rn N 1 1 ! 1 = 1 u / | / v / | 3 c [ / v ` 2 r> 6 W / 1 @ 1 F H 4 K \Lw

*! Surat al-*sraa. Allah says to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> if We did !ot ma%e you sta!d firm> you would ha1e !early i!+li!ed to them> a little bit i!+li!ed to them. -ay atte!tio!> al-,ushayri a!d ash-Sha! eeti Rahimahullah a!d others said> the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam did !ot i!+li!e. *f> Allah is sayi!/ if. What does Allah say= Allah says double the .u!ishme!tC

3 / ... ...` N 1 = 1 u / v / |
5ouble the .u!ishme!t i! this life a!d double the .u!ishme!t i! the life afterC

3 / 4 1 ... ...[ N 1 1 ! 1 = 1 u / | / v / | / v `
A!d the! you are /oi!/ to fi!d !o o!e to hel. you a/ai!st Us. This is tal%i!/ to the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. Why> why all this to 'our belo1ed Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam for merely i!+li!i!/. 5ouble the .u!ishme!t> the best ma! to wal% o! the fa+e of the 0arth> the best of all huma!ity a!d ma!%i!d= *b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!hu says> he would be .u!ished. *! tal%i!/ about this 1erse> that the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam if he would ha1e i!+li!ed> whi+h he did !ot> but if he would ha1e i!+li!ed he would ha1e /ot double the .u!ishme!t i! this life a!d double the .u!ishme!t i! the life after. Why are you /oi!/ 'aa Allah> to .u!ish 'our belo1ed Messe!/er Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam double had he do!e somethi!/ wro!/. A!-4asafi said +omme!ti!/ o! this> he said his ho!our a!d status is so /reat> that his .u!ishme!t if he does a!ythi!/ wro!/ is more se1ere. *t /oes both ways> he /ets al-Waseelah i! the life after> al-Waseelah is hi/her tha! "irdaws. The hi/hest of all .la+es i! (ea1e!> but it is +ostly.

3 / 4 1 H N 1 1 ! 1 = 1 u / | / v / | 3 c [ / v ` 2 r> :\Lw 6 W / 1 @ 1 F 4 K
#i%e Allah tells the wi1es of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the mothers> the .atie!t> steadfast wome! behi!d our -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. The o!e the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was as%ed> who do you lo1e the most= Aishah> the wi1es of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam.

-a/e F 2@:

/ 1& 9 5 1 J : A : X 1 [ 1 I 1 3 0 P 1 A3 \ 3 ! 1 8" W p / 1 7 1 a # / | D / T v 1 / J ?M :ad9 6 1 4 5

Surat al-Ah?aab. Allah says> oh wi1es of the -ro.het> whoe1er does "aahishah> ma%es a mista%e> the torme!t of her will be double. But loo%> the torme!t of her will be double> why is it that your .u!ishme!t /ets double= #oo% what Allah says i! the !eDt AyahC

3 1 / / = 1 1 -L 1 7 1 f 4 1 . / F! / E 6 3 0 ! < ! / P ?U :ad97 7 ... 7 7 6 / , T 1 F) 3 1 / F6

'ou are obedie!t> if you remai! obedie!t to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> to Allah> a!d be ri/hteous i! your deeds> We will /i1e her double the rewards. 'ou are wi1es> you are s.e+ial> you /et double the reward> but you also /et double the si!s. Allah tells his -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam if you lea! towards them> towards the !o! belie1ers> wro!/ doers> you /et double the .u!ishme!t i! this life a!d i! the life after. (e tells the wi1es of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> you /et double the .u!ishme!t. This +omes to the +o!+lusio!> you> who is a stri1i!/ stude!t of %!owled/e> if you do !ot a+t o! your %!owled/e> you are held to a hi/her sta!dard> your .u!ishme!t is more tha! a re/ular .erso!. 'ou wa!t multi.le folds of rewards= 'ou wa!t "irdaws al-&Alaa= With this %!owled/e> a!d a+ti!/ u.o! it> there is a .ri+e you ha1e a .ri+e to .ay if you /o wro!/. 'ou are !ot li%e a!yo!e. That is why Allah tells the wi1es of the -ro.hetC

?l :ad9 ...7 7\ 1 5 : 9 I # / ... 3 '5 2

'ou are !ot li%e a!y wome!. 'ou stude!t of %!owled/e> you are !ot li%e a!y re/ular i!di1idual. 'our ho!our> your status is /reat> so the .u!ishme!t is se1ere. *b! Masood radhiallahu &a!hu said> the sta!dard for .eo.le of the ,ura!> he set sta!dards. (e said they must .ray at !i/ht> they must fast the day> they should be sad i! rememberi!/ Allah> while others are ha..y. They must be sile!t while others are tal%i!/ i! 1ai!> they should !ot s+ream a!d ha1e loud 1oi+es> they should be i! +o!sta!t status of ;hushoo. Why *b! Masood are you ma%i!/ these hi/h sta!dards to o!e who is holdi!/ the ,ura!= Be+ause you are a s.e+ial ma!> you are a ,ura! wal%i!/ o! this earth. 'ou are a +arrier of the ,ura!> you are a! u.holder of the ,ura!> so you are held to a hi/her sta!dard. Where others +a! tal% i! 1ai!> a!d .ossibly +ould!t be si!s> just 1ai! tal% that is !ot really si!sG but you are held o! a hi/her sta!dard. That is why the &Ulamaa of the Salaf were at their .ea%> be+ause
-a/e F 2@3

they a..lied their %!owled/e i! e1ery time of their li1es. 5ay> !i/ht> e1e!i!/s> years> mo!ths> wee%sG a!d both i!ter!al i! their hearts a!d eDter!al. Both i! their worshi.> i! deali!/s with .eo.le a!d i! deali!/ with Allah. Al-;hateeb al-Ba/hdaadi wrote a boo%let o! this whole e!tire matter> about al-&*lm wal-&Amal> a!d Albaa!i Alhamdulillah we!t throu/h the (adith of it. *! it he says Jewish .eo.le %!ew> but they did !ot a+t u.o! what they %!ow> a!d the <hristia!s a+ted without %!owled/eG the first are +ursed a!d the se+o!d are astray. *b! Taymiyyah Rahimahullah says> whoe1er /oes astray of this Ummah by i/!ora!+e resembles the <hristia!s. A!d whoe1er /oes astray from the &Ulamaa of this Ummah by !ot a+ti!/ u.o! their %!owled/e> they resemble the Jews. Rest assured> the way to house your %!owled/e i! your mi!d is to it. *f you ha1e a .roblem memorisi!/ or %ee.i!/ %!owled/e i! your mi!d> fi!d some way to that %!owled/e. *!shaa Allah> you will !e1er for/et it.


#oo% how the Salaf too% seriously> eDam.les of a..lyi!/ %!owled/e. Al-Bu%hari> Saalim> the /ra!dso! of Umar *b! al-;hattab> Saalim *b! Abdillah *b! Umar *b! al;hattab radhiallahu &a!hum ajmaee!. (e said> i! the !arratio! of this father> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> /lory be to you Abdullah if you .ray at !i/ht. The .ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is e!+oura/i!/ him to .ray at !i/ht. Saalim said> the so! of *b! Umar said> after that my father sle.t but a little bit> o!ly sle.t a little bit. #oo% how they too% seriously a+ti!/ u.o! %!owled/e. *! Sahih Muslim> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam tau/ht Ali a!d "atimah radhiallahu &a!hum to say Subha! Allah thirty three> Alhamdulillah> Allahu A%bar thirty three times> whe! they we!t as%i!/ for a ser1a!t. (e said say Subha! Allah thirty three> Alhamdulillah> Allahu A%bar thirty three times. Ali said that> +omme!ti!/ o! that later i! his life> * !e1er left that a si!/le day si!+e the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told me to do it. Someo!e as%ed him> you did !ot lea1e that> !ot e1e! o! the days of Siffee!= The bloodshed betwee! Ali a!d Muaawiyah radhiallahu &a!hum. Siffee! was a battle where there were se1e!ty thousa!d Muslims who died i! it> twe!ty fi1e thousa!d of his soldiers. (e said !ot e1e! o! those hard !i/hts> you did !ot lea1e it= (e said> !ot e1e! o! those !i/hts. #oo% how they too% a+ti!/ u.o! their %!owled/e seriously. *! Muslim> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> e1ery Muslim who has somethi!/ to write a will about must write his will a!d %ee. it behi!d his head whe! he slee.s. *b! Umar said> * !e1er sle.t a !i/ht after that without ha1i!/ my will u!der my head. Abu Umaamah> a!other eDam.le> he said the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> i! Su!a! a!-4asaaee> authe!ti+> e1e! thou/h *b! al-Jaw?i a!d others ha1e +o!sidered it wea% it is really a! authe!ti+ (adith. Whoe1er re+ites after e1ery Salah> Ayat al-;ursi> there is !othi!/ to sto. him from e!teri!/
-a/e F 2@6

hea1e! eD+e.t his death. Mea!i!/ if he dies> he is /oi!/ to (ea1e! if he did that. *b! al-,ayyim said> my Shay%h *b! Taymiyyah !e1er left e1er doi!/ that> after Salah. Abdullah *b! Umar> ta%e this story about Abdullah *b! Umar. *! Sahih al-Bu%hari> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam fou!d out that he was fasti!/ e1ery si!/le day. So the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam su//ested three days a mo!th. (e said you %!ow> Abdullah *b! Umar> ta%e three days a mo!th. (e said * +a! do more tha! that. (e said o%> three days a wee%. (e said * +a! do more tha! that. (e said> well fast o!e day a!d brea% your fast two days. 7!e day> two days> o!e day> two days. (e said * +a! do more tha! that. (e said> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> the! fast the fasti!/ of 5awood> o!e day yes> o!e day !o. The .oi!t> at the e!d of the !arratio! i! Mus!ad Ahmad> the first o!e is i! Bu%hari> but i! a!other !arratio! i! Mus!ad Ahmad he saidC

" -E / K 1 '/ : b 1 # / 1 AN P L 3 ! * f A # 3 . 1 / 1 3 b ! 3 L 3 1 -L
Whe! he /ot older he said> * wish * too% what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told me i! the be/i!!i!/. A!alyse that stateme!t> * wish * too% the easy o!e of what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam offered me. * wish * too% three days a mo!th> * wish * too% three days a wee%> * wish * too% o!e day fasti!/ two days. Why did he say that= Why did he ma%e that stateme!t= *s this "ardh u.o! him= 4o. Why did he !ot just sto. doi!/ eDtra !o! obli/atory fasti!/ that he was doi!/= (e said> * wish * too% what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told him whe! he wa!ted to ma%e it easier o! me> li%e three days a mo!th. *t was !o .roblem had he said * wa!t to uit fasti!/. * fasted all my life> * /ot old> let me sto. fasti!/. 4othi!/ is wro!/ with that. #et me /o ba+% from the fasti!/ of 5awood to fasti!/ three days a mo!th. But these were me!> whe! they +ommitted to somethi!/ that was a Su!!ah before a "ardh> they !e1er left it u!til death. That is why he said that. 'ou see how they a+ted o! their %!owled/e= Sufyaa! ath-ThawriC

3 ' 1 p 1 / < 1 / ; 1 1 & E ' / 3 1 ! 3 / 3 3 1 1 ( 3 ' 1 1& 1 3 E 3 1 / s

;!owled/e is mea!t to be a..lied for feari!/ Allah. The .ur.ose of it is fear Allah. A!d that is why %!owled/eable .eo.le are held at a hi/her sta!dard> be+ause they fear Allah more. *b! Abbaas said> e1eryo!e s.ea%s /ood> whose1ers a+tio!s +oi!+ide with his %!owled/e> the! he is fortu!ate. Whosoe1ers a+tio!s do !ot mat+h his sayi!/> he i! reality has rebu%ed a!d s+olded himself. Maali% !arrated i! his +hai! from al-,aasim *b! Muhammad> he said * met .eo.le who admired! of %!owled/e more
-a/e F 2@6

tha! they would a!d tal%. All that is to say> %!owled/e is mea!s to a+t u.o! it. Aet that fa+t a!d %ee. it i! your mi!d.

01il s+holars> a!d this is 1ery im.orta!t to us. A+tually> all this is im.orta!t to us be+ause * reiterate> we tea+h to be a..lied. ;!owled/e is mea!t to be a..lied. So who are e1il s+holars= (ere is a rule ash-Shaatibi Rahimahullah saidC

" 1 -5 " \ 1 3 - - 3 1 / / H P \ D 1& "

01il s+holars are those who are da!/erous to ma!%i!d> they are a disease to ma!%i!d> they are those who do !ot a+t o! their %!owled/e. *b! al-,ayyim said i! his boo% al-"awaaid > e1il s+holars are li%e> he /a1e a .arable. They are li%e .eo.le sitti!/ o! the /ates of Ja!!ah +alli!/ .eo.le> +ome o! i!> +ome o! i!. With their to!/ues they are sayi!/ +ome o! i!> +ome o! i!> their a+tio!s are sayi!/ do !ot +ome i!. The more they tal% to .eo.le a!d tell .eo.le +ome i!> the more their a+tio!s say> do !ot liste! to us> be+ause if we were i!deed truthful> we would ha1e bee! the first to it. They a..ear as thou/h they are /uides> those &Ulamaa as-Soo a..ear> may Allah sa1e us a!d /i1e us refu/e from that> they a..ear as thou/h they are /uides but they are ba!dits. Those who do !ot what they lear! are li%e ba!dits. *t is li%e you are i! the +ar> you are as%i!/ someo!e for dire+tio!s> he /i1es you a detour so he +a! rob you. That is how &Ulamaa as-Soo are. Some of the worst .arables i! the ,ura!> the ,ura! /i1es us to lear! eDam.les of> some of the worst .arables of those eDam.les to lear! from are .ertai!i!/ to those who do !ot their %!owled/e.

< / F! 5 T 1 F / FZ mD 1 1 3 I A Z( / ; / T 1 / / X ; " 3 / 1 " 0 A/ FI; ! / ! Ur> 1 z , 3 07 / 1 2 * 6 R 6 / / }% 1 A3 F! / ; 1& ( 1 8 ! ] / T 1 / T/ ( / ! 1 = / F " 1 / < # + ; 1 / 0/ < / ,g 1 + 1 1 8 gT / < + 1 F 1 3 1 & 3D # / D W / #6 1 -& / E / ' F ' / { / ; Ur_ " !6 { 3 / T K E N 3 0J 1 K C 7 7
Surat al-Araaf. A s+holar> a! &Aalim who a+ts differe!t from that whi+h he %!ows> he is o!e> Allah /a1e a .arable that he is li%e a do/C
-a/e F 2@$

... ; # + ... 1 / 0/ < 1 +

Allah says had We willed> We surely would ha1e ele1ated him> he is li%e a do/ but We would ha1e ele1ated him> but he +lu!/ o! to this 0arth a!d followed his 1ai! desires. (e did !ot follow what he %!ows. The .arable is the .arable of a do/> if you dri1e him away> he lolls his to!/ue outG if you lea1e him> he lolls his to!/ue out. A!d whate1er you do> whate1er status he is o!> he lolls his to!/ue out. *b! al-,ayyim me!tio!s whe! he tal%ed about this> he me!tio!s how the .arable of a do/ is to e1il s+holars a!d the! me!tio!s te! .oi!ts u!der them. We do !ot really ha1e time to /o throu/h them. Allah /i1es this eDam.le> !ot of a!y do/> but a .a!ti!/ do/> a lolli!/ do/> he .a!ts all the time. That is the worst of all do/s. Resti!/> tired> thirsty with his thirst ue!+hed> whate1er status he is o!> he is .a!ti!/ a!d lolli!/. *f you tell the Shay%h s.ea% the truth> he is .a!ti!/ a!d lolli!/. *f you lea1e him> those e1il s+holars to !ot what he %!ows> what he %!ows he should> he is lolli!/. *f you shu! him> he is .a!ti!/. *f you just i/!ore him> he is .a!ti!/> a!d if he s.ea%s> he is .a!ti!/. (e did !ot use what he %!ows so Allah /i1es him a .arable of a .a!ti!/ do/. More tha! thatC

+ < 6 - 1 = 1 3 < / D # / 3 c ` 9 1 + / 3 ' - =6= / < L + 1 3 1 1 / 1 1 / / ,< D t / }1 & 6 / E 4 J 3 3 ! 3 [ / m2 1 1 O 1 T 1 7 1 & 3D # / H 7 1 -& / E > :@
The li%eli!ess of those who were e!trusted with the Tawrah> a!d li%ewise the ,ura!> the 1erse does !ot say the ,ura! but li%ewise the ,ura!. But after that> after they were trusted with the ,ura!> they after that failed those obli/atio!s> they are li%e a do!%ey whi+h +arries hu/e burde!s of boo%s. 5oes he u!dersta!d a!ythi!/ out of them= That is the eDam.le of the .eo.le who de!y Allahs Ayaat. (ere> Allah ma%es a .arable to a do!%ey. The first o!e was a %!owled/eable .erso!> .arable to a do/. (ere> it is a .arable to a do!%ey> a do!%ey whi+h does !ot +arryC

... ... - 1 = / /
They did !ot +arry it. What that mea!s is> they did !ot it. What usa/e does a do!%ey /et out of the Asfaar= The word i! Arabi+ is Asfaar> whi+h is .lural for Sifr> whi+h are the bi/ boo%s or tablets that they used to write u.o!. *f you .ut them o! a do!%ey> what does a do!%ey /et out of +arryi!/ those Asfaar= What does a do!%ey /et out of it o! its ba+% but the wei/ht= What does o!e who +arries the ,ura! or Bu%hari or Muslim or Mu/h!i or Usool Ath-Thalaathah> or other boo%sG he +arries it>
-a/e F 2@)

he %!ows it> +arries it mea!s he %!ows it but does !ot it> what does he /et but burde! of +arryi!/ it= 'ou /et !othi!/ but the burde! of the wei/ht> just li%e the do!%ey.

...` ... 6 9 / 3 ' -

*b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!huma said> he was (ummiloo H - I mea!i!/ they 9 were ordered to a+t u.o! it. They were /i1e! it> (ummiloo H - I> i! order to a+t 9 u.o! it. *b! ;atheer Rahimahullah said> this .arable is for those who do !ot %!ow what is i! the boo%s. They are /i1e! the boo%s to lear!> they do !ot wa!t to lear! what is i! the boo%s. Those who %!ow what is i! the boo%s> they memorise it> but they do !ot +om.rehe!d it> they do !ot a+t u.o! it. A!d it is also for those who %!ow it a!d a!d .lay arou!d with it. They are worse tha! a do!%ey> be+ause at least a do!%ey has !o i!telli/e!+e to +om.rehe!d. They ha1e the i!telli/e!+e but do !ot use that i!telli/e!+e> so they are i!deed worse tha! a do!%ey.
*b! al-,ayyim i! &*laam al-Muwa iee! said> e1e! thou/h this was dire+ted to the Jews> it also a..lies to the .eo.le who were /i1e! the ,ura! a!d do !ot a+t u.o! that whi+h is i! the ,ura!. Wallahi> it is a /ri??ly .arable of a do!%ey> Allah +om.ari!/ o!e to a do!%ey> to a do/> is somethi!/ to war! youG so o!e a..lies that whi+h he lear!s a!d see%s %!owled/e a!d a..lies %!owled/e. These are remi!ders for those who ha1e a heart or /i1e a! ear while they are truly heedfulC

, / N 1 8; / , ! E 1 " 1 W # 3 1 " 1 S 8 6 / q / #D ?r : 2 ! q T 3 / 5 R 1 %
Allah tells 'ahyaC

1& a Ul : ...` 1 0/ D : 1 * ' / 3 E 8 =

'ahya> Joh!> ta%e the S+ri.ture> hold o! fast to the s+ri.ture Mujaahid a!d Eayd *b!

1 &I mea!s ta%e %!owled/e a!d it a!d a+t o! al-Aslam said Bi ,uwwah H` : 3 E your %!owled/e. As-Suyooti Rahimahullah said> o!e must a+t o! the (adith he hears i! ma!!ers> or i! worshi.> or i! /ood deeds> or i! a!y matter be+ause that is the Ea%ah> that is the .urifi+atio! of %!owled/eG a!d that is o!e of the best mea!s for it to stay i! your mi!ds.
Wa eeah Rahimahullah said> if o!e wa!ts to memorise a %!owled/e> the! a+t u.o! it. *braheem *b! *smaeel said> the /reat Muhaddith> we used to see% memorisatio! of a (adith by a+ti!/ o! it. That is how they memorised the (adith. 5o !ot be amo!/ those the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +om.lai!s o! the Jud/me!t 5ay> you do !ot wa!t to be a defe!da!t o! o!e side a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam as a .lai!tiff o! the other side.
-a/e F 2@8

" ! -L N 7 $ D 8 3 F !D 1 3 1 a 6 b 6 / N 3 b / ?M :"NJ 6 Z6 T / " 4 -@ / E

A!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam says about some .eo.le> oh Allah> them> those .eo.le> they deserted a!d they aba!do!ed the ,ura!. *b! al,ayyim tal%s about this> he /i1es about fi1e fa+tors of how the ,ura! is aba!do!ed. 7!e of them that .ertai!s to us> is deserti!/ a+ti!/ o! the ,ura!. (ow +a! you a+t o! it> if you do !ot %!ow it> you /ot to %!ow it a!d a+t o! it. 4umber two he me!tio!s> is that deserti!/ jud/i!/ by it i! both matters of .ri!+i.le a!d se+o!dary matters. So you /ot to a+t o! it> otherwise you would !ot wa!t the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to be a .lai!tiff a/ai!st you o! the Jud/me!t 5ay.


7ur !eDt tal% !eDt wee% *!shaa Allah Taaala is /oi!/ to be 5awah to Allah> 5awah o! matters you lear!. The third .ri!+i.le is 5awah to Allah> 5awah to that whi+h you lear!. #et us !ow ble!d i! to sort of> the se+o!d .ri!+i.le a!d third .ri!+i.le. Whe! you %!ow you /ot the %!owled/e> !umber o!e> you the %!owled/e> the! you /ot to +o!1ey it. A!d you +o!1ey your %!owled/e> whe! you ha1e %!owled/e> you it> you tea+h it. The best way to tea+h it> a!d that is how we are /oi!/ to ble!d it> is by a..lyi!/ your %!owled/e. The a+tio! of o!e ma! is more affe+ti1e a!d be!efi+ial to a thousa!d me! tha! the .rea+hi!/ of a thousa!d me! to o!e ma!. Auidi!/ .eo.le by a+ti!/ o! the %!owled/e that you %!ow is better tha! you sayi!/ it. Ma!y thi!% it o!ly mea!s that 5awah is /i1i!/ ;hutub a!d 5uroos a!d all that> yet a+ti!/ o! it is just as im.orta!t.


*b! al-Jaw?i i! Sayyid al-;haatir> .a/e o!e siDty ei/ht said> * had ma!y Shuyoo%h> with differe!t ba+%/rou!ds a!d statuses of %!owled/e. * wa!t you to refer to this whe! you /o home if you ha1e Sayyid al-;haatir. The most be!efi+ial of them to me i! frie!dshi.> were those who a+ted o! their %!owled/e> e1e! thou/h he said * met those who were more %!owled/eable tha! them. * met &Ulamaa i! (adith who ha1e memorised /reat amou!ts of (adith a!d /reat %!owled/e i! the s+ie!+e of (adith> but were tolera!t o! ba+%biti!/. A!d ma!y times they would e1e! justify ba+%biti!/ u!der the .rete!+e of Jarh a!d Tadeel> a!d they would ta%e> loo% he did !ot li%e that> they would ta%e +om.e!satio! o! lear!i!/ (adith a!d tea+hi!/. 'ou wa!t to lear!> you /ot to .ay u. a hu!dred> a hu!dred a!d fifty dollars. They used to /i1e .rom.t a!swers to a1oid brea%i!/ their .resti/e e1e! thou/h they were !ot sure of matters> they wa!ted to a!swer e1erythi!/. * met Abdul-Wahhaab al-A!maati a!d he was o! the .ath of the Salaf> you would !e1er e1er hear him ba+%biti!/> i! .ubli+ or .ri1ate setti!/s> !or did he a++e.t> loo%
-a/e F 22@

at that> he said !e1er a++e.ted mo!ey> he li%ed the Shuyoo%h that did !ot a++e.t mo!ey for tea+hi!/. Whe! * used to re+ite some (adith to him> he would +o!ti!uously +ry> he would +ry a!d whe! * was a %id> it had its affe+t> it .e!etrated my heart whe! * was lear!i!/ from him. (e used to be li%e the Mashaai%h> li%e those you would o!ly hear or read about i! the boo%s of the Salaf> li%e the Sahaabah. * met Abu Ma!soor al-Jawaali i> 1ery sile!t ma!> ri/orous> a!d 1ery> 1ery dee. i!to the %!owled/e a!d 1ery thorou/h. *t would ha..e! that he would be as%ed about a matter that you!/ %ids i! his (ala ah would thi!% they %!ow the a!swers> yet he would refuse a!d ba+% away from a!sweri!/ it u!til he +o!firms his a!swer. (e used to +o!ti!uously fast a!d always be sile!t u!less he is tea+hi!/> u!less he is doi!/ somethi!/ ri/hteous. * be!efited from lear!i!/ from these two> more tha! ma!y of my other Shuyoo%h he is sayi!/. 7ut of the hu!dreds of the Mashaai%h> you say you had ma!y hu!dreds of Mashaai%h> he +hose these two. A!d a+tually ma!y do !ot %!ow them be+ause they are !ot .o.ular> he +hose these two be+ause they a..lied> they had a! affe+t o! him i! his .erso!al life be+ause he see! how they a..lied it. * also lear!ed that /uidi!/ .eo.le by your a+tio! is better tha! /uidi!/ them by his sayi!/> this is the +o!+lusio! he +ame out with it. * see Shuyoo%h who i! their .ri1ate times had jo%es a!d leisure time s.e!t> that too% them out of the hearts of ma!y a!d shattered what they %!ew of %!owled/e. Wallahi /olde! words> Wallahi they are /olde! words. (e /oes o! to say> !ot ma!y be!efited from them i! their li1es a!d they were for/otte! after their death. *t is rare a!yo!e would e1er o.e! their boo%s after their death. The! he /oes o! to say> Allah> Allah> Allah i! a..lyi!/ your %!owled/e> he is truly .oor a!d u!fortu!ate who /oes o! i! life !ot a..lyi!/ what he lear!ed. Allah> Allah> Allah i! a..lyi!/ your %!owled/e. (e missed the .leasure of this life by !ot a..lyi!/> be+ause it is a .leasure i! this life we me!tio!ed> a!d he missed the reward of the life after> he meets Allah ba!%ru.t with .le!ty of .roof a/ai!st him. That was the words of *b! al-Jaw?i i! Sayyid al-;haatir> .a/e o!e siDty ei/ht> refer to it> it basi+ally sums u. all our (ala ah todayC

;hE ; J'$ T-9, X f E T' < A=. ;TJ, "# ! . f E ! . , ( s "# " ! & T0" ! -;" ! -OJ= g2= \ ! x$ T-$ A z& "-=5' -# ! `, g2=\` N !" D*I ! <2F RN! " @( ! 50 Q} a-@" &-5
-a/e F 222

* ! .I f E 2A- ak 0; " N "-5 v 5; R @5 A s H ! #" , 4 L =2# ! g f N [, 9,h gN &0 ! 0& <KF( . ;0" , ! 7 z. 5 9} 7 D< &0( ; NA ! A -N# ! .2" L fX D L .!,;T ; ! . <Ef E &, X -K @- E0; " +# Kf 2% 2'= ; m b-E'E 4=EE ! .4& <}LI5 O` ' Ah &@-&T & sT ; vN-' ; '9 ' E# ! ." +# -K ! K; . f'J& f D +#, 'J & zTJ; . f (D = ",2 < &J< , 2% 2 < &b-E ! ., fX # fT *-[ ; 5A ! d ; -9 EJF h2& ! a-T - <E; .H'JT& ; 9TF ! -5 & 2TF Q; 0 ", 29, h' fJ KJTF; . ; &<; <.A# ! . 05 <# 05 | ( ; < &J; F D[ 2 ! * [ *o` ;2E J5 4 `-N=@
'ou ha1e three hurdles before you. 'ou ha1e %!owled/e that you !eed to attai!> you a1e the hurdle> the wa1e of a..lyi!/ it> you ha1e the hurdle or wa1e of bei!/ si!+ere i! your %!owled/e. Al-"udhayl *b! al-Ayyaadh Rahimahullah said i! * tidhaa Al-&*lm Al-&Aml> he said a .erso! who has %!owled/e remai!s i/!ora!t i! what he %!ows

-a/e F 229

u!til he a+ts u.o! it. *f he a+ts u.o! what he %!ows> the! he is +o!sidered a! &Aalim. Some of the Salaf used to tra1el to &Ulamaa !ot to lear! from their %!owled/e but rather see how they a..lied their %!owled/e a!d see the affe+t of the %!owled/e u.o! them.


4o matter how mu+h you of your %!owled/e> do !ot e1er self +o!+eited. 5o !ot /et +o!+eited with huma!s a!d do !ot /et +o!+eited with Allah> do !ot let that false .ride /et to you> do !ot ha1e a! eDa//erated se!se of self im.orta!+e> do !ot automati+ally thi!% you are /ra!ted "irdaws> just for a +ou.le of words or thi!/s you did or a +ou.le of a+ts that you a..lied your %!owled/e i!. 'ou %!ow Silah> i! Siffat as-Safwah for *b! al-Jaw?i> * me!tio!ed him the Ultimate -leasure of a Belie1er> ,iyaam> he was the ma! who wild a!imals used to free from him whe! he was .rayi!/ at !i/ht> he would do his ,iyaam i! the forest> he had su+h fear i! Allah> Allah the Almi/hty .la+ed fear of him i! the hearts of wild a!imals i! the dar% !i/hts a!d i! the dee.> dar% forest. Wild a!imals would flee from him a!d here> did he /et +o!+eited= 5id he say * .ray all !i/ht a!d loo% at me a!d who * am= The ma! who used to .ray all !i/ht a!d the! ru! ba+% to where the army is so they will !ot fi/ure that he was .rayi!/ all !i/ht> he .rete!ded li%e he was slee.i!/ all !i/ht lo!/. 5id he /et +o!+eited that he was blessed with a mira+le from Allah that wild a!imals used to ru! away from him at his si/ht whe! he was .rayi!/= Whe! he fi!ished his Salah he would sayC

, , & I5 3 @ 1 / + 1 3 1 ! 1 / b / / 1 / 1
(e felt as thou/h he was !ot worthy of as%i!/ Allah Ja!!ah. (e said oh Allah> sa1e me from (ell> is someo!e li%e me worthy of as%i!/ Allah Ja!!ah> just sa1e me from (ell. 4o matter what you do of!> of your deeds> !e1er /et swell headed with Allah. *b! al-Jaw?i i! Sayyid al-;haatir said> * see! some who worshi..ed Allah a!d the! after a time frame> they .aused> a!d the! they would boast sayi!/ * worshi..ed Allah so mu+h that !o o!e worshi..ed li%e me but !ow * am wea%. Umar al-"aroo > /ra!ted a .la+e i! (ea1e!> terrorised the Shaytaa!> ,ura! +omes i! a++orda!+e to what he says ma!y times> a ma! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam dreamed of> a ma! who /a1e justi+e to a shee.> to a Jew> to a <hristia! u!der his rule> to a Muslim> Umar says * wish * /et resurre+ted with !othi!/ for me a!d !othi!/ a/ai!st me. Sufyaa! ath-Thawri> the ma! of (adith> Ali *b! "udhayl said * wal%ed arou!d the ;abah se1e! times a!d Sufyaa! ath-Thawri was i! Sujood> the s.a! of his Sujood> o!e Sajdah> is wal%i!/ arou!d the ;abah se1e! times. *b! al-Mubaara% said> * wrote about o!e thousa!d> o!e hu!dred Shuyoo%h> Sufyaa! was the best with !o +om.ariso!. Ameer al-Mumi!ee!> his !ame is Ameer al-Mumi!ee! i! (adith.

-a/e F 22:

'ahya *b! Maee! said he is Ameer al-Mumi!ee! i! (adith> 'ahya *b! Maee! is e ui1ale!t !early to *maam Ahmad *b! (a!balG he said Sufyaa! ath-Thawri Ameer al-Mumi!ee! bil-(adith. 5id he /et swell headed= 5id he /et +o!+eited= 7! his death bed> he as%s (ammaad *b! Salamah who was 1isiti!/ him o! his death bed> he says to (ammaad> you thi!% someo!e li%e me will be res+ued from (ell= 'ou thi!% someo!e li%e me will be res+ued from (ell= 5o !ot e1er /et +o!+eited or swell headed> !o matter what a+ts you do.



This is our se1e!th +lass o! Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah. We tal%ed about the first i!trodu+tory four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les> these are the i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les. "irst o!e was %!owled/e a!d he defi!ed %!owled/e as %!owi!/ Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the reli/io! of *slam. The se+o!d o!e was to your %!owled/e> whi+h we fi!ished off last wee%. The third o!e today is> +alli!/ .eo.le u!to it.

3 / 32 : I5 1 / 1 ` / +1 + /
62AT ,OES T2E ,2A0EE$ $EFE$ TO.
<alli!/ .eo.le u!to what= What does the 5hameer /o ba+% to= What does the 5hameer refer to= What does the .ro!ou! it> refer to= <alli!/ .eo.le u!to it. <alli!/ .eo.le u!to it usually refers to the last matter. What the last matter is> a..lyi!/ it> +alli!/ .eo.le to a..lyi!/ it. We already eD.lai!ed thou/h> that a..lyi!/ %!owled/e does !ot +ome without you %!owi!/ %!owled/e. So i! reality> +alli!/ .eo.le u!to it mea!s +alli!/ .eo.le u!to %!owled/e a!d its!> be+ause they +ome side by side> they are i!se.arable.

IS ,A76A2 FA$,2 >A4N O$ FA$,2 1IFAA4A2 .

A! im.orta!t issue ma!y dis+ussed> is 5awah "ardh &Ay! or "ardh ;ifaayah> is it a .erso!al obli/atio! or a .erso!al obli/atio!= The a!swer to that is a twofold a!swer. 5awah is ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il> that is 5awah.
-a/e F 223


The first a!swer> the first fold of the a!swer is> there !eeds to be a /rou. of .eo.le de1oted to ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il> they /ot to be de1oted for that tas%. That .art here> is "ardh ;ifaayah> +ommu!al obli/atio!. *f a /rou. does it> it is suffi+ie!t for the Ummah. 01ery i!di1idual of this Ummah does !ot ha1e to be a ;hateeb> we do !ot !eed 2.6 Billio! ;hateebs> or master the elu+idatio! of all the (adith of Bu%hari> or brea% dow! the +hai! of !arratio!s of the (adith. A /rou. of this Ummah ha1e to /o /et the +lassi+al> detailed> i! %!owled/e i! (adith> Mustalah> i! Seerah> i! Tafseer> i! "araaidh> the laws of i!herita!+eG that i! itself> all that is "ardh ;ifaayah. Allah i! the ,ura! saysC

!6 3 # / ... 4 ; 1 1 " 1 ) - # / " ! J

*t is !ot for all the belie1ers all to /o out i! Jihad.

3 J ' 1 Gk 6 H # -T ... q J 1 < : N 1 6 E / / T / ; J / ; !6 1 1 1 1 ! 6 ; / T / T / N D 1 / 1 - 1 2 Ull :&-'" !6 / 3 / T D=

A .arty should stay behi!d a!d /et the i!stru+tio!s> /et the lesso!s o! *slami+ %!owled/e> so that they +a! war! their .eo.le whe! they retur! to them. A /rou. of this Ummah has to be i! the forefro!t of 5awah> they ha1e to ta%e o! the +halle!/e. Whe! .eo.le bri!/ mis+o!+e.tio!s> they /ot to res.o!d to them. Whe! /o1er!me!ts ;ufr> someo!e has /ot to sta!d u. to it. Someo!e !eeds to res.o!d to all that> someo!e !eeds to res.o!d to the Rawaafidh> to the ;hawaarij> to the Murjiah. Someo!e !eeds to lead Jumuah> someo!e !eeds to lead Salah> someo!e has to ha1e the detailed %!owled/e of Jarh a!d Tadeel> someo!e has to ha1e the detailed %!owled/e of i!herita!+e> but that is !ot somethi!/ e1eryo!e is able to do a!d i! fa+t it is im.ossible to burde! the whole Ummah with su+h detailed %!owled/e.


*b! ;atheer Rahimahullah said> there !eeds to be a /rou. of this Ummah i! the forefro!t> to +o!fro!t the wro!/> sto. the e1il a!d re.rese!t a!d +o!1ey the truth. The! he said> whi+h leads us to the se+o!d a!swer> the B a!swer> at the same time> it is also Waajib o! e1ery i!di1idual to the eDte!t he +a! do. *t is Waajib o! e1ery i!di1idual to the eDte!t he +a! do> that is the se+o!d a!swer. 01ery Muslim has a .erso!al obli/atio!> a "ardh &Ay! obli/atio!> i!di1idual res.o!sibility to .erform 5awahG ea+h> a++ordi!/ to the best of his abilities or her abilities a!d a++ordi!/ to their surrou!di!/s. A!d that 1aries> that sli/htly 1aries based o! e1ery i!di1idual> based o! their %!owled/e. 'ou ha1e to do 5awah i! what you %!ow i! your surrou!di!/s> arou!d you. 'ou do !ot ha1e to be a ;hateeb> but you do %!ow Salah
-a/e F 226

is "ardh> you see someo!e who is !ot doi!/ their Salah> you say Salah is obli/atory o! us> you ha1e to .erform your Salah. 'ou %!ow ba+%biti!/ is (araam> you are i! a setti!/ where there is ba+%biti!/> you say sto.> this is (araam. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam i! Sahih Bu%hariC

& -z 4 Z / !
<o!1ey from me e1e! if o!e Ayah. *f you %!ow o!e Ayah> /o ahead a!d +o!1ey it. 'ou %!ow that you truly %!ow the mea!i!/ of that Ayah> +o!1ey it. *! the ,ura!C

/ 0 0 1" '/ ! " / /2 q !6 - I ! 3 , / 6 1 / $ ! 6 0/ 1 }7 8 !, W 1 !6 / / ! / & 1 1 / T C 1 " / UMn :" bZ " -= 1 J /

#et there arise a /rou. out of you> i!1iti!/ .eo.le to that whi+h is /ood> to *slam> e!joi!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1ilC

! 6 0/ / ... 1 }7 W 8 !, !6 1 !6 / / ! / & I 1 " 1 / T C 1 " / " -= 1 J /

A /rou. of youC

... ... / 0
A!d Mi! H 1 I i! Arabi+ mea!s Tabeer> whi+h would mea! a /rou. of you> let there / be a /rou. of you. Mi! Tabeer> mea!i!/ some of you> whi+h if you ta%e it to that> if you ta%e Mi! Tabeer> would mea! the "ardh ;ifaayah> the +ommu!al obli/atio!. Mea!i!/ let there a /rou. of you master the %!owled/es> but Mi! i! Arabi+ +ould mea! al-Ji!s> whi+h mea!s the 1erse would mea!> let there be of ma!%i!d. Mea!i!/ all of you> Mi! lil-Ji!s H I mea!i!/ ma!%i!d> whi+h would ma%e the 1erse mea!i!/> the "ardh &Ay! ty.e of 5awah. The i!di1idual obli/atio! ty.e of 5awah> be+ause Mi! +ould be also lil-Ji!s> mea!i!/ of ma!%i!d. Abu (urayrah i! Sahih Muslim> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> the (adith all of you %!ow. Whoe1er sees e1il> let him +ha!/e it by his ha!dG if !ot> by his to!/ueG if !ot> by his heart. 01ery Muslim is dire+ted to +ha!/e> a!d of +ourse e1ery si!/le o!e of these> the to!/ue> the ha!d a!d the heart has its ow! rules a!d re/ulatio!s. Matters o!e is trusted with li%e his ow! +hildre!> he is obli/ated to do 5awah with them.

-a/e F 226

-N , - ...6 / ,! 1 3 T J P , D / 0 1 / 05 Z 4 _ :'=
7h you who belie1e> /uard yoursel1es a!d your family. (ow +ould you /uard them without /i1i!/ them 5awah= A .erso! must do 5awah to his family be+ause he is e!trusted with them> a!d he will be as%ed about it. A woma! is to do 5awah with her family as well> i! her surrou!di!/s> a!d her relati1es a!d her frie!ds a!d her .eers> be+ause she may be as%ed about it. She may be as%ed about a +ertai! situatio! whi+h she is i!> if she does !ot do the 5awah. *f o!e is i! a /atheri!/ where there is wi!e bei!/ ser1ed> he or she must tell them this is .rohibited. A!d the least of it> forbiddi!/ the e1il is wal%i!/ away> wal%i!/ away from that is i! itself forbiddi!/ the e1il a!d it is better if you tell them. So the .oi!t is> the detailed form of 5awah where you %!ow the detailed *slami+ %!owled/e a!d you +o!1ey that a!d you tal% about the ;hawaarij> the Murjiah> the Rawaafidh> the Jarh a!d Tadeel> that is "ardh ;ifaayah. But there is a! obli/atio! o! e1eryo!e withi! his surrou!di!/s to the best of his abilities a!d mea!s> that o!e is !ot "ardh ;ifaayah> that is a "ardh &Ay!.


We em.hasised %!owled/e so mu+h i! our +lasses> a!d Alhamdulillah from what * /ather a!d from the uestio!s that we ha1e bee! /etti!/> is that ma!y who follow these +lasses o! a re/ular basis are hea1ily i!1ol1ed i! 5awah a!d that is a /ood si/! a!d that is our tar/et> that is the %i!d of /rou. we tar/et. A +ommo! uestio! * ha1e bee! /etti!/ is that> should * +a!+el my 5awah efforts> you em.hasise %!owled/e so mu+h> should * +a!+el my 5awah efforts a!d fo+us o! lear!i!/= A!d * am /oi!/ to let *maam Ahmad Rahimahullah a!swer that uestio! for you. *! Ma!aa ib al-*maam Ahmad from *b! al-Jaw?i> Saalih the so! of *maam Ahmad said> a ma! saw my father with a! i!% .ot> they used to +arry the i!% .ot. A!d it was i! my fathers ha!d> Saalih is tal%i!/ about his father. The ma! said> Abu Abdillah> Abu Abdillah is the !ame of *maam Ahmad> you ha1e rea+hed su+h a hi/h status a!d .ositio!> you are the *maam of the Muslims a!d you are *maam of Ahlus-Su!!ah> u!til whe! are you /oi!/ to +o!ti!ue +arryi!/ that i!% .ot= A!d *maam Ahmad said> * am /oi!/ to ta%e the i!% .ot to the /ra1eC

1` / ` 1 1 / / / R AE A=
Muhammad *b! *smaeel as-Saai/h> as-Saai/h mea!s the o!e who is a for/er> he had a sho. that he was a for/er i!. (e said me a!d my father were wor%i!/> *maam Ahmad +ame by +arryi!/ his shoes a!d .assed by our sho.. My father /rabbed by
-a/e F 22$

his Thobe> by his dress> he said are!t you embarrassed *maam Ahmad> u!til whe! you are /oi!/ to %ee. lear!i!/ from these you!/ %ids you %ee. lear!i!/. Those %ids you /o a!d lear!> they are either o!e of two thi!/s> they are either you!/er tha! *maam Ahmad or they did !ot ha1e the %!owled/e *maam Ahmad had> but he still we!t to lear! from them. *maam Ahmad told as-Saai/h> he told him u!til death. * am /oi!/ to %ee. /oi!/ to lear! u!til death> whe! death +omes> the! * will sto. lear!i!/. *! Jaami Bayaa! Al-&*lm wa "adhlih> *b! Abdil-Barr> *b! Mubaara% was as%ed u!til whe! are you /oi!/ to +o!ti!ue lear!i!/> be+ause he always .ursued lear!i!/ a!d studyi!/G he said u!til death. A!other time whe! he was as%ed the same uestio!> he said it may be> .ay atte!tio! to that> it may be that that whi+h * !eed to lear!> that whi+h * des.erately !eed to %!ow whe! * sta!d before Allah> * .ossibly ha1e !ot wrote it yet. *f you say you wa!t to delay 5awah u!til you fully e!+om.ass %!owled/e> the! we all are !e1er /oi!/ to do 5awah> !ot i! this lifetime for sure. 01eryo!e !eeds to do 5awah i! what he %!ows a!d what he is sure of. A!other matter .ertai!i!/ to this> whi+h is more .erso!al> whi+h is bala!+i!/ betwee! your 5awah time a!d your lear!i!/ time. That is !ot to say you ta%e out 5awah out of your life> you bala!+e it i! a way that you see or deem that fits you. Ali Ta!taawi> a +o!tem.orary s+holar or a 5aaiyah> whate1er you wa!t to +all him> * heard him say that for the .ast se1e!ty years of his life> for se1e!ty years of his life si!+e he started lear!i!/ to read> !ot a day .assed by he read less tha! a hu!dred .a/es> u!less he was tra1elli!/. Whe! he was si+%> it would be about two hu!dred .a/es> a!d i! his youth it was three hu!dred .a/es. (e said> * used to read a!d study for te! hours a day. (e was sli/htly humorous> he said if someo!e studies for te! hours a day a!d he is a do!%ey> somethi!/ is /oi!/ to sti+% i! his mi!d. #oo% at that> a hu!dred to three hu!dred .a/es a day of his life> te! hours a day. 'es> we all ha1e to study li%e that> we all ha1e to study a!d lear!i!/ is a !e1er e!di!/ .ro+ess. Allah told his -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

! UUn :k ... 1 1 / hY 6 4 / 3 <N 1 a

This is to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 7h Allah> /i1e me more %!owled/e. Ai1e me more %!owled/e> u!til whe!= U!til whe! /i1e me more %!owled/e= Ai1e me more %!owled/e> what is the eD.iratio! date o! this 5uaa> whe! do you sto. sayi!/ that oh -ro.het of Allah sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam= 4e1er.

UUn :k ... 1 1 / hY 6 4 / 3 <N 1 a

U!til his death. That is the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> so ima/i!e us. We +o!ti!ue to lear!> just be+ause you are lear!i!/> it does !ot mea! you !e/le+t your 5awah. The .oi!t of this> if o!e thi!%s he +a! /o to Madi!ah or some s+hool or u!i1ersity or study with a Shay%h a!d study> a!d the! +om.lete all the %!owled/e a!d the! sit to tea+h> that is !ot a! &Aalim. That is !ot a! &Aalim> that
-a/e F 22)

mi/ht be the Shuyoo%h of today> but the real Shuyoo%h studied all the way u!til death. They a+tually> after they left u!i1ersities> studied more tha! they did whe! they were i! the u!i1ersities. *f you %ee. studyi!/ u!til death> you wa!t to delay 5awah u!til you /raduate from lear!i!/> the! there is !o su+h thi!/ as 5awah be+ause you are !e1er /oi!/ to /raduate. There is !o /raduati!/ out of *slami+ %!owled/e. Study> a!d at the same time you study> +o!1ey what you %!owG but bala!+e it out i! a way that suits you. *f you do !ot %!ow %!owled/e> share the basi+s. 01eryo!e %!ows #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah> ta%e someo!e who is !ot Muslim a!d tea+h him #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah or a! as.e+t of it> or a! as.e+t of ma!!ers> if you +a!!ot do 5awah o! your ow! to!/ue> do it o! the to!/ue of others> how= By /i1i!/ out a boo%> by a le+ture you hear or see> you /i1e it out i! a! audio format or i! a li!% format. That is doi!/ 5awah o! the to!/ue of others> but you /et the same reward. The e!tire Ummah must be 5uaat> but !ot 5uaat of Mi!bar> they do !ot !e+essarily ha1e to be 5uaat o! the Mi!bar. 01eryo!e i! his 1i+i!ity should be a 5aaiyah> a!d a++ordi!/ to that whi+h he %!ows> a!d what suits him i! his surrou!di!/s. 01eryo!e has to thi!% about de1oti!/ a timeframe out of his life> for 5awah. 5awah is !ot a mo!o.olised missio! the so +alled Shuyoo%h o!ly ta%e for themsel1es> or ta%e u.o! themsel1es> had it !ot bee! for the youth duri!/ the time of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the youth> there would ha1e bee! !o *slam today. We are all li%e> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /a1e a! eDam.le> we are all o! a shi.. 7rdai!i!/ /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il is li%e .eo.le o! a shi.> if you let someo!e destroy that shi.> the whole shi. si!%s. *f we sto. a!yo!e who is tryi!/ to destroy the shi.> .reser1e it> the! we are all /oi!/ to rea+h the shore safely.


The !eDt .oi!t related to this> is that you do /i1e 5awah we said> we e!+oura/e you but %!ow your limits. Today> there is a worldwide *slami+ e.idemi+. 7!e who mi/ht be a /ood tal%er or .ossibly e1e! just /row a +ou.le day old beard> maybe .ut o! a s+arf> !ot e1e! a s+arf> just .ut o! a ;oofiyyah a!d /o to a lo+al Masjid or /i1e a tal% or two a!d just u.load it o! 'outube> what ha..e!s= The ma! who has sa+rifi+ed his whole life i! Medi+al S+hool who %!ows s!i..ets of *slami+ %!owled/e or .ossibly o!e or two bits a!d .ie+es of *slami+ %!owled/e> the o!e who s.e!t a!d sa+rifi+ed his life i! #aw S+hool a!d 0!/i!eeri!/ S+hool or maybe a busi!ess ma!> sudde!ly> well he is a Shay%h> he is a Mufti> he is Shay%h so a!d so. (e be/i!s to s.ea% so boldly i! matters of the desti!y of this Ummah> the Sahaabah> the "our *maams would ha1e ba+%ed away from. Sometimes> it starts off i!!o+e!tly> that is the truth of the matter. (e tea+hes> he %!ows some /ood (adith> /ood
-a/e F 228

le+ture> /ood ;hutbah he /i1es> he +o!1eys it> a!d it starts off /ood. 7r he /oes to a !o! Muslim +ommu!ity> he +o!1eys a le+ture> i!1ites them to *slam> that is /ood> but some do !ot %!ow where to sto.. Sudde!ly after he s.ea%s i! the lo+al +ommu!ity a!d be/i!s to wear his ;oofiyyah a lot> a!d the! a few day old beard> or .ossibly sometimes you /o to (ajj a!d +ome ba+% a!d he is a Shay%h a!d a Mufti from /oi!/ ba+% from (ajj. 7r /o to Madi!ah for Umrah a!d +ome ba+%> or he we!t ba+% to Madi!ah> what is his %!owled/e> what is his Shay%h= 7h he we!t to Madi!ah. (ow lo!/ did he stay i! Madi!ah= Three wee%s. What did he /et i! three wee%s= The .roblem is> .eo.le do !ot %!ow their limits. 4ow> i! this day a!d a/e> you do !ot as% where is the Shay%h> you as% who is !ot the Shay%h. 'ou just .rese!t a! *slami+ uestio! i! a!y field> i! a!y surrou!di!/> a!d just see the .eo.le a!d see who will say Allahu Alam> let us +o!sult the Shuyoo%h. See how rare that is. Abdur-Rahmaa! *b! Abi #ayla said> * met o!e hu!dred a!d twe!ty of the A!saar> hu!dred a!d twe!ty of the A!saar> the Sahaabah of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. AbdurRahmaa! *b! Abi #ayla is a Tabiee> he said if you as%ed ea+h of them a! issue> they would defer it to the other .erso! a!d the other .erso! u!til it +omes ba+% to the first .erso!. *t /oes from a hu!dred a!d twe!ty .eo.le> all the way ba+% to the first .erso!. 4ot a si!/le of them .rea+hes a (adith eD+e.t that he wishes his brother would suffi+e him> !ot a si!/le o!e of them would /i1e a "atwa eD+e.t that he wishes his brother would suffi+e him. <a! you ima/i!e as%i!/ a hu!dred a!d twe!ty Muslims today about a! *slami+ matter= 7h Wallahi> * thi!% this a!d this. A!d as% him> my wat+h bro%e or my +om.uter bro%e> he is /oi!/ to say ta%e it to the +om.uter offi+e or this .la+e> they %!ow /ood. *slam> e1eryo!e is a Shay%h today. Umar used to say fear Allah i! /i1i!/ your o.i!io!s o1er matters of this 5ee!. Umar a!d Ali amo!/ others> whe! a! issue used to arise> they are the best of the best i! the best +e!tury> you would thi!% Umar a!d Ali would jum. u. a!d a!swer the uestio!G but whe! a uestio! or a! issue would arise> they would /ather the Sahaabah> /et to/ether. What is the a!swer to this uestio!= Maybe o!e of them heard a (adith the other o!e did !ot %!ow of. 'ou thi!% Umar a!d Ali whe! they did that> they did !ot %!ow= (o!estly> do you thi!% they did !ot %!ow= Whe! they would /ather the Sahaabah a!d as% them. They wa!ted to ma%e o!e thousa!d .er+e!t sure that this is the ri/ht a!swer> that they did !ot miss out o! a!ythi!/. Ataa *b! as-Saaib said> a Tabiee> * met me!> he mea!s about the Sahaabah> he is a Tabiee tal%i!/ about the Sahaabah. * met me!> whe! o!e is as%ed about a "atwa> his a!swer would be while his %!ees were trembli!/ a!d shudderi!/. Why= (e fears Allah> that he is /oi!/ to be as%ed about this uestio!. Ash-Shabi> al-(asa! al-Basri a!d Abu (usay!> all Tabiee!> the se+o!d /e!eratio! after the Sahaabah. They said some of you today> /i1e "atwas i! matters that if they were .rese!ted to Umar *b! al-;hattab> he would ha1e /athered the .eo.le of Badr to +o!sult with themC

-a/e F 29@

/ ; / [ 1 ' 1 J 29 1 I5 3 1 ," / h / / ! / 3 $ < / / , T 1 R @ / 3 1 a | 1 /& : /2 &

What do we say today ash-Shabi> what do we say about today al-(asa! al-Basri> what do we say today about the Ummah if that is duri!/ your time> the first +e!tury. Wallahi> .eo.le who +a!!ot .ro!ou!+e a si!/le 1erse from the ,ura! ha1e today be+ome> whether they +all themsel1es or others +all them or !ot> i!dire+tly> ha1e be+ome Muftee!. -eo.le so i/!ora!t> they use matters abro/ated i! *slam as .roof to substa!tiate their sta!+e. Wallahi> we heard those who +a!!ot .ro!ou!+e a si!/le 1erse from the ,ura! +learly> issue "atwas> or use some %i!d of .roof o! matters that are abro/ated. "or eDam.le> as .roof for free miDi!/ a!d mi!/li!/. *maam Maali% said whoe1er wa!ts to a!swer a "atwa or issue .ertai!i!/ to *slami+ matters> let him +o!tem.late what is best for him before Allah. What is /oi!/ to suffi+e him whe! he is before Allah= #et him remember (ea1e! a!d let him remember (ell> a!d after he +o!tem.lates a!d thi!%s that> let him a!swerC

/ ] : I5 / , / / ; @ 3 9 , J / / / 5 / 1 " 1 AN v " / #! 3 ! 1 3 @ -0 / ,< / @ / 1 " 1 / ; * 1 o 1 1 @ 3 c ` . Q 1 *

A ma! as%ed *maam Maali% a!d he did !ot a!swer. The ma! said> Abu Abdillah> .lease a!swer me> *maam> a!swer me. *maam Maali% re.lied> do you wa!t me to be a justifi+atio! to the a+tio! that you wa!t to do= 5o you wa!t me to be the justifi+atio! for the a+tio! before Allah= A!d the! * am the o!e who /ets .u!ished a!d you /o s+ot-free. Al-(aytham *b! Jameel> he said *maam Maali% was o!+e as%ed about forty ei/ht matters. (e a!swered thirty two> a!d he said to the rest of them> * do !ot %!ow. (e a!swered thirty two a!d the rest of them> he said * do !ot %!ow. Roam arou!d the world a!d as% the same !umber of uestio!s *maam Maali% was as%ed about a!d see how ma!y a!swers you /et. *f you as% fifty> you are /oi!/ to /et fifty our of fifty. 'ou as% te!> you are /oi!/ to /et te! out of te!. *t is a miserable situatio! of the Ummah. 7!e ma! told *maam Maali%> Abu Abdillah if you say * do !ot %!ow> who %!ows= *maam Maali%> you are the Mufti of your time. *maam Maali% said> you do !ot %!ow me more tha! * %!ow myself. * %!ow myself> he is sayi!/ do * loo% s.e+ial to you= * am a! ordi!ary .erso! a!d * %!ow my limits. *f *maam Maali% %!ows his limits> should!t .eo.le of today %!ow their limits= (e said> if *b! Umar said he did !ot %!ow> the! * +a! say * do !ot %!ow. Bei!/ +o!+eited> a!d these are the words of *maam Maali%> a!d lo1e of .resti/e a!d leadershi. is what destroys .eo.le. That is why they +a!!ot say> * do !ot %!ow.

-a/e F 292

(ere> * ha1e a +omme!t to say about this. Whe! Umar *b! al-;hattab> whe! Uthma!> whe! *maam Maali%> whe! they would /ather the Sahaabah to +o!sult with them> whe! *maam Maali% would say> a!d remember *b! al-Jaw?i we tal%ed about him i! the last (ala ah> he would ba+% away from matters that %ids would .roudly as%> *maam Maali% says * do !ot %!ow to .eo.le who are tra1elli!/ from wee%s jour!ey just to as% him a!d he says * do !ot %!ow to se1eral uestio!s of theirsG do you thi!% the Sahaabah or *maam Maali% did !ot really %!ow= * always thi!% about this issue. Ash-Shaafiee> they told him he was eli/ible to /i1e "atwa whe! he was fiftee! years old. (is Shuyoo%h told him> you are eli/ible to /i1e "atwa whe! he was fiftee! years old. (is tea+her *b! &Uyay!ah> used to tea+h a!d as% the Shaafiee who was still a %id> what do you thi!% about this matter= What do you thi!% about this (adith= A!d he would refer .eo.le to as% ash-Shaafiee> his ow! tea+her. Maali% too% the tas% of /i1i!/ "atwa at the a/e of twe!ty o!e> after he we!t arou!d to Shuyoo%h> he said am * suitable !ow to /i1e a "atwa or !ot= They told him> *maam Maali%> if your Shuyoo%h he would ha1e told you !o> would you ha1e sto..ed= (e said +ertai!ly> +ertai!ly * would ha1e. Remember the last +lass> * me!tio!ed two of the most .romi!e!t Shuyoo%h of *b! alJaw?i> who would ba+% away from /i1i!/ "atwa that the %ids i! his (ala ah would /i1e. Somethi!/ * always thou/ht of is> do you thi!% they really did !ot %!ow= 'ou thi!% these .eo.le did !ot really %!ow= * am almost .ositi1e> we do !ot %!ow the Ahayb> but * am !early .ositi1e they did %!ow the a!swer. What * belie1e is that there was o.i!io!s or ma!y (adith o! the matter> they were !ot at a le1el where they were o!e hu!dred .er+e!t sure. They were .robably !i!ety !i!e .oi!t !i!e .er+e!t sure> o%> this is the ri/ht a!swer> but we are !ot a hu!dred .er+e!t sure so they ba+% away. That is my feeli!/ a!d that is what * %!ow of these *maams. *f your boss /i1es you a dis+retio! to si/! off o! +ertai! matters> you would thi!% a millio! times before your .ro+eed a!d you would as% arou!d> you thi!% this is the ri/ht de+isio!= * wa!t to ma%e my boss ha..y> he /a1e me a dis+retio! to do this a!d that. 5o you thi!% * made the ri/ht de+isio!= *f o!e was a! ad1isor to a %i!/> to a .reside!t> a!d the %i!/ a!d .reside!t /a1e him dis+retio! to do +ertai! thi!/s or to ma%e +ertai! de+isio!s> he would as% arou!d all o1er a!d ma%e sure that is the +orre+t> o!e hu!dred .er+e!t de+isio!. 7!e who is /oi!/ to /i1e a "atwa> is /i1i!/ a "atwa> matter .ertai!i!/ !ot to a %i!/ or a .reside!t or a boss> it is a matter .ertai!i!/ to Allah that you are /oi!/ to sta!d before Allah a!d as%ed about them. 'our boss> you +a! /et o1er it> you +a! lie to him. 'our .reside!t> your %i!/> you +a! /et beyo!d that> you +a! .ass that .oi!t> but Allah the Almi/hty. *b! al-,ayyim Rahimahullah said> Allah .rohibited s.ea%i!/ about (im without %!owled/e a!d it is +o!sidered amo!/ the bi//est of all .rohibitio!s. Rather> *b! al,ayyim +o!sidered it amo!/ the worst si!s> *b! al-,ayyimC

-a/e F 299

/ ; / / 'J 1& b 1 : / 1 1 / / AL = 3 / E 3 9 1 / z / ! / & [ 1 p / , E 1 1 < ! / / 1 O 3 = \ { ; T / N E 1 1 / 1 A F F b / / 3 < / ; / / & 1 1 / & ! 9 T T J 3 9 1 & -# / ! / F " 1& / A/ ! 1 3 / ,! / / = / c1 w B z 1 X 1 / z -E / L F " / d H - 4 1 3 1 1& b / ,! }" - / F
(e /a1e le1els> *b! al-,ayyim said> Allah /a1e le1els i! si!s> (e .ut le1els i! this 1erse i! four si!s. (e started off with the "awaahish> the major si!s li%e adultery> for!i+atio!G the! (e we!t to o..ressio!> that is the se+o!d le1elG the! (e we!t to Shir%> that is the thirdG a!d the! (e we!t to the worst le1el is> s.ea%i!/ about Allah without %!owled/e. (e started with the least a!d we!t to the worst> the worst is s.ea%i!/ about Allah without %!owled/e.

K F 1 - 9 -E ! F H q Q 7 b 8 a 1 0/ 1 / , v 1 D D 0 ' 5 3 / ' 7 8 !6 ! 1 3 " 1 0/ 1 7 3 1 a D D q 6 D 'J 9 a 3 / H / :<=" " 1 0/ 1 7 -= !6 1 J D 'J UU_

Atee *b! 'a oob a!d *b! Wahhab said> they heard *maam Maali% Rahimahullah said> the Salaf a!d those before him !e1er used to say (araam a!d (alaal. They used to say we disli%e this a!d we li%e that> you should do this a!d you should !ot do that. They would !ot use the term (araam a!d (alaal be+ause of the 1erseC

' ,6 , < 3 Y 6 0 7 b d , / / @ ; / / ' 3 / N : 7 3 4 Q 9 H / N 1 7 1 , ! / , / 0 " 3 Z < 4 6 9 / F >^ :t-" !6 'J

This is why ma!y of the i/!ora!t today whe! they /o a!d lear! from the boo%s> a!d * told you that is !ot the way of lear!i!/ i! itself> by itself> u!less o!e has !o tea+her> they /o a!d read matters that *maam Ahmad *b! (a!bal disli%ed that. Whe! i! reality that matter is +o!sidered by *maam Ahmad *b! (a!bal> (araam> but they would !ot use the term (araam. Some of the &Ulamaa would !ot use the (araam> this brou/ht a lot of +o!fusio! to a lot of the stude!ts be+ause they would !ot use (araam a!d (alaal> feari!/ Allah. They say * disli%e this a!d * li%e this> * .refer this
-a/e F 29:

a!d * do !ot .refer that. The!> *maam Maali% brou/ht ma!y eDam.les where the Salaf used to use Ma%rooh> * disli%e a!d * li%e> a!d * .refer a!d * do !ot .refer> of the Salaf> of the .re1ious *maamsG a!d he said this was a +ommo! tre!d used by them. Abdullah *b! Umar radhiallahu a!hu saidC

3 . , N H 1 / 3 1 : b ! 3 " 3 L 3 1 A3 1 , ,j !2 . d ' m 4 d d 1 / 3 / 1 1 '/ / 1 / / 1 1 / 1 1& 1 ' B 1 d 1 / 3 9 , \ / / 1 0 ! / A / / 1 / 1 / AE 1 }5 / I; , - , HT $ 3 F 3 D L ; 3 4 !\ q 1 / '; j P | P p : / - 1& 1 ,! ; - 1 / z

*! Bu%hari> i! Muslim. Berily> Allah does !ot ta%e away %!owled/e by s!at+hi!/ it from the hearts> (e ta%es away %!owled/e by ta%i!/ away the s+holars> by their death. So that whe! he lea1es> the s+holars lea1e a!d> the! the .eo.le will be with the i/!ora!t a!d they will as% the i/!ora!t about 1erdi+ts a!d the! those i/!ora!t will tell them the a!swers.

P | P p 1 }5 : / / I; , - - ; 1 & 1 ,! ; ... - / '; 1 / z

They are i! themsel1es astray> a!d they lead the masses astray. Ma%e 5awah i! what you %!ow i! +o!fide!+e a!d say i! matters that you do !ot %!ow> * do !ot %!ow> or /i1e me time> let me as%> let me resear+h> sim.le a!d easy. 'es> /i1e 5awah> do !ot sto. 5awah> do !ot say * am i/!ora!t> /i1e 5awah i! matters that you %!ow a!d ba+% away from that whi+h you do !ot %!ow. We ha1e to sto. here> we sto. a little bit early be+ause we ha1e a!other le+ture to /o to i! about forty fi1e mi!utes> so if you ha1e a!y uestio!s or +o!+er!s> we will ta%e it !eDt wee% *!shaa Allah> or you %!ow> most of you +a! .erso!ally +o!ta+t me a!d we will a!swer it. Ja?a%um Allah ;hayr.

This is our ei/hth +lass o! Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah> Alhamdulillah that we /ot this far a!d we are tal%i!/ about the elu+idatio!s o! the boo% Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah or Thalaathatul-Usool. A!d these are four i!trodu+tory matters> these are four i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les> they are !ot the +ore of the boo%. These are four i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les> we are still yet to /et to the +ore of the boo%. The first of those that we s.o%e about is that the author said you must %!ow these four matters> what are they= The first o!e of these four is a+tually what we s.o%e about a!d it is the +ore of the boo%> %!owled/e> to %!ow Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa
-a/e F 293

sallam a!d the reli/io!> the uestio!s you will be as%ed about i! your /ra1e. The se+o!d is to a+t u.o! it> a!d the third whi+h we started o! !ot last wee%> but the wee% before that> is +o!1eyi!/ itC

/ 32 1 / 1 `
Whi+h mea!s to +o!1ey it. <o!1ey what= To +all .eo.le u!to what= ;!owled/e a!d a+ti!/ u.o! %!owled/e. We me!tio!ed se1eral esse!tial .oi!ters o! 5awah> the last +lass we had a!d we will try to fi!ish the tal% o! 5awah today. *t is a 1ery le!/thy tal% so bear with me> * would li%e to try my best to fi!ish it today *!shaa Allah> so !eDt wee% we +a! mo1e o!. The uestio!s will be after the +lass for the .ur.oses of editi!/> the brothers> to ma%e it easy o! them> we de+ide to ha1e all the uestio!s at the e!d of +lass. That is why you will see your brothers writi!/ dow! a!d jotti!/ dow!. 'ou +a! jot dow! your uestio!> at the e!d of the +lass we will be here u!til we a!swer them.


Some .eo.le fool themsel1es> they fool themsel1es be+ause you +a!!ot fool Allah. They will justify a sta!+e or a setti!/ that they are i!> a si!ful setti!/ that they are i!> by +ryi!/ a!d sayi!/ 5awah. 5o !ot be +au/ht for eDam.le> sitti!/ at a table with al+ohol> where al+ohol is bei!/ roamed arou!d> .assed arou!d> a!d say Wallahi * am /i1i!/ these .eo.le 5awah. Whe! a +ase li%e that was .rese!ted to Umar *b! al-;hattab> he started with lashi!/ the .eo.le> he ordered the lashi!/ of the .eo.le who were !ot dri!%i!/ before those who were dri!%i!/. Some of them said> we are fasti!/ Umar. (e said> with them start. 5o !ot be +au/ht amo!/ those who> a ma!> a brother amo!/ wome!> you see him i! a setti!/ where wome! are dressed a!d the! he will tell you> * am /i1i!/ 5awah. 5o !ot be +au/ht with a sister alo!e a!d say Wallahi> * am tea+hi!/ her ,ura!. 5o !ot ha1e those ti/ht jea!s a!d that whi+h they +all today a (ijab> loo%i!/ more li%e someo!e who is tryi!/ to model sta!di!/ before a table with a few leaflets a!d the! +ry a!d say 5awah table. * me!tio! this be+ause this matter is "or eDam.le> it is i! weddi!/s> you see weddi!/s where Muslims do> we +a!!ot +all them !o! Muslims if they ma%e their Salah a!d they +ommit si!s> we +a!!ot +all them !o! Muslim but it is eDtremely major si! what they do. They ha1e e1ery Shaytaa!i+ i!strume!t i! their

\ hall. 4isaau! ;aasiyaatu! &Aariyaat H [ q 5 [ 1 # q L 1 I> wome! 1 dressed. MiDi!/ a!d mi!/li!/ at its .ea% a!d wome! with all that whi+h is .rohibited for a!other forei/! ma! to see> they are there i! that setti!/. 'ou as% a brother who you .resume is ri/hteous> what were you there doi!/= This ha..e!s fre ue!tly> * am !ot sayi!/ all the brothers who are reli/ious do that> but it does
-a/e F 296

ha..e! fre ue!tly. What are you doi!/ o1er there i! that weddi!/= Wallah> 5awah. 'our 5awah is to tal% .eo.le i! a setti!/ li%e that> out of that si!. *f you +a!!ot> the! you !eed to wal% away. *f you +a! /o tal% to them a!d tal% them out of that si! a!d sto. them> the! !ot o!ly should you /o> but you must /o if you +a! tal% them out of it be+ause that is the .ea% of ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il. *f you /o tal% to them a!d they are /oi!/ to liste! to you a!d sto. those i!strume!ts> a!d sto. the miDi!/ a!d mi!/li!/> you say Wallah * am /oi!/ to /o sto. them a!d * am /oi!/ to tal% them out if> the! you must /o. (owe1er> if that is !ot what ha..e!s> the! you should !ot be i! a setti!/ li%e that. *! Ad-5urr Al-Mu%htaar> a!d ad-5usoo i from the Maali%iyyah> a!d ash-Shiraa?i i! Muhathab> a!d *b! 5hwayyaa! i! Mubda> a!d *b! ,udaamah i! Al-Mu/h!i a!d * thi!% it is the se1e!th 1olume. *! these boo%s> whi+h are boo%s of "i h o! the four Madhaahib> if you +a! /o a!d +ha!/e a Mu!%ar> /o +ha!/e itG if you +a!!ot> the! you do !ot !eed to be i! a setti!/ li%e that> e1e! if you are i!1ited. Why we say e1e! if you are i!1ited= Be+ause ma!y of the &Ulamaa +o!sider it Waajib> if you are i!1ited to a weddi!/ or a Waleemah> it is Waajib u.o! you to res.o!d to the i!1itatio! of your brother. *t is Waajib to /o> yet if there is .ubli+ si!s that are that you +a!!ot a1oid> the! that Waajib is !o lo!/er a Waajib. That Waajib is (araam u.o! you to /o> a++ordi!/ to the four Madhaahib a!d i! the boo%s that * me!tio!ed> it is (araam u.o! you to /o u!less you +a! +ha!/e it. The! if you +a! +ha!/e it> the! you +a! /o. We ha1e la!ds that ha1e bee! o++u.ied for o1er half a +e!tury> la!ds that withi! them is our third holiest shri!e. A!d there is those who +ry liberate it> liberate it> a!d they tal% about liberati!/> yet whe! that tal% /oes arou!d> o!e !eeds to do a reality +he+% withi! himself a!d as%> why is the Ummah i! the /utter that it is i!= Why for o1er half a +e!tury> .ertai!i!/ to that holy la!d> they are /oi!/ a!d we are /oi!/> be+ause what affe+ts them affe+ts us> why are they /oi!/ a!d why are we /oi!/ throu/h that whi+h we ha1e bee! /oi!/ throu/h= We !eed to refle+t> we !eed to a!alyse. Whe! a +om.a!y loses some of their i!+ome> the <07 /ets to/ether with his ma!a/ers a!d hi/h ra!%i!/ offi+ers a!d he /ets to meet with them a!d as%s the uestio! that is ty.i+al> what +a! we do> what strate/y +a! we de1elo. so we +a! wi! ba+% the i!+ome or the .rofits we had i! the .ast mo!ths= We !eed to +ha!/e. Whe! /e!erals> Muslims a!d !o! Muslims> whoe1er it may be> whe!e1er they lose> it is ta+ti+al to as% why did we lose that battle= What is it that +aused us to lose that battle= #i%ewise> whe! you ha1e 2.6 Billio! humiliated a!d de/raded to the lowest of low> by !o more tha! siD millio!> .ossibly siDtee! millio! at the most> you /ot to as% why= The Sahaabah were defeated. *! the Battle of Uhud> the Sahaabah were defeated a!d they as%ed that same uestio!C

-a/e F 296

'/ N N / ' &. T q A K / A. 1 / / / + / ' P 0 3 ! ,2 , , 8 3 , 7 U_> :" bZ ...D 8

We wo!der why we ha1e be+ome the lowest of the low. The Sahaabah as%ed whe! they were defeated> o! their way ba+% to Madi!ah after the defeat> why=

, 7 ...D 8 3 8 ...
Why did this ha..e! to us= Allah /a1e them the a!swer. Before they rea+hed Madi!ah> they /ot the a!swer to what was ha..e!i!/. They as%ed a uestio!> what is the strate/y so we will !ot be defeated a/ai!= Why is it that we were defeated= What is the reaso!= Allah saysC

2 , / ... U_> :" bZ ... N < 1 J 1 1 1 / / 05

"rom you> somethi!/ you ha1e do!e.

3 O1 & W P &6 n_ :fK; 2 1 1 A / : Q ! ...

'ou +he+% yourself. *!strume!ts do !ot liberate> i!strume!ts of the Shaytaa! de/e!erate. Ta%e that as a rule> i!strume!ts of the Shaytaa! do !ot liberate la!ds that ha1e bee! ta%e! from us. *!strume!ts of the Shaytaa! a!d those where they are widely> are !ot ways for liberati!/> they are ways for de/e!erati!/. What 1i+tory are you awaiti!/=




We are !ot sayi!/ that e1eryo!e is li%e that> !o> Maaath Allah. * am /oi!/ to /o e1e! to the eDte!t of sayi!/> !ot just e1eryo!e is !ot li%e that> !ot e1e! the majority are li%e that. * am /oi!/ to say that to be o! the safe side> !ot e1e! the majority> let us say !ot the majority. (owe1er> whe! si!s be+ome> where ma!y are i!1ol1ed a!d it is .o.ular> e1e! thou/h it is !ot the majority a!d it is .o.ular> the! it affe+ts e1eryo!e. Whe! it is .o.ular> it affe+ts e1eryo!e. Whe! tow!s i! their e!tirety> from "alastee!> arou!d us> o1er here> e1e! thou/h !ot all> a!d * am /oi!/ to that a/ai! a!d a/ai!> e1e! thou/h * am /oi!/ to say to be safe> !ot e1e! the majorityG whe! you /ot tow!s who ha1e weddi!/s that .lay the i!strume!ts of the Shaytaa! a!d it is !ot eD+e.tio!al withi! that tow!> it is eD+e.tio!al i! that tow! a!d he is a stra!/er> o!e who de+ides to do his weddi!/ the *slami+ way. *t is> that is> it is a si!. *! Uhud> fifty me! u!der the leadershi. of Abdullah *b! Jubayr. They did !ot mea! to disobey the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> they are the me! who we!t to /i1e their !e+%s for the sa%e of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> they did !ot mea! to disobey him. They made a! edu+ated /uess that de+ided the +orre+t
-a/e F 29$

o.i!io! i! it> out of res.e+t to the Sahaabah we do !ot say they made a mista%e> we say they made a! edu+ated /uess u.o! themsel1es> de+ided. Abdullah *b! Jubayr said> * am !ot lea1i!/ the hillto.. Abdullah *b! Jubayr said> * am stayi!/ o! this hillto.> o! this mou!tai!> the -ro.het said stay here !o matter what> * am /oi!/ to stay here. Se1e! hu!dred with the best ma! to wal% o! the fa+e of the 0arth /et defeated for the mi!or mista%e of less tha! fifty. The e!tire Muslim Ummah ba+% the! /ets defeated> be+ause it is the Ummah there> the e!tire Ummah /ets defeated for the mista%e of !ot e1e! fifty be+ause some of the fifty stayed o! the mou!tai!. Whe! e1il is> destru+tio! a!d defeat awaits this Ummah> that is the way it /oes.

2 , / ... U_> :" bZ ... N < 1 J 1 1 1 / / 05

* say> a!d * am res.o!sible for what * say> tow!s ha1e rituals a!d weddi!/s from "alastee!> * do !ot e1e! wa!t to !ame those tow!s> es.e+ially arou!d us> * do !ot wa!t to !ame those tow!s whe! * +ould> they are more shameful i! their miDi!/ a!d their mi!/li!/ a!d the way the wome! are dressed i! the dressi!/> tha! the e!emies that we are fa+i!/.

3 . -L 1 1 / 1 3 b 3 / 9 : / K 1 /& " N ...b ! 3 L

(e !arrated that the Rasoolullah sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

/ ( ; "C ! E q 5 b " q / DN q 5 ; 1 1 1 D 1 / / * ! 3 v -L q ' u 1 3 b 1 1 5 1 < : / ! / / [ ! N 1 ": b f Y / E 1 & 1 / ! C [ T 1 % 1 " / $ -

*! Su!a! at-Tirmidhi> it is a! authe!ti+ (adith. The .oi!t of this (adith is that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> there will be Mas%h i! this Ummah. What is Mas%h= Al-Ma!!aawi defi!es Mas%h asC

1` / , ` 5 1 e : : AN / F / / ! < / , T -. -. 1 = 1\ / $ ! / : \ : 1 / 1 1 E / N / 1 / E / , / % / %
What does that mea!= Mas%h> there is /oi!/ to be Mas%h at the e!d of time> at some time a!d the Sahaabah as%ed whe! will it be. What is Mas%h= Before we /et to the other .oi!ts of the (adith. *t +a! be real +ha!/e or huma!s i!to for eDam.le> .i/s a!d do!%eys li%e a!other (adith s.e+ified. This o!e does !ot s.e+ify but it +ould be real> a huma! bei!/ +ha!/ed to a form of a .i/ a!d a do!%ey. *t +ould be
-a/e F 29)

the +ha!/i!/ of the heart a!d the mi!d> you /o tal% to someo!e> you thi!% you are tal%i!/ to a huma! bei!/ but you are really !ot tal%i!/ to a huma! bei!/. Wallahi A%hi> this is (araam> you are i! the 0ast a!d he is i! the West> it is li%e you are !ot tal%i!/ to a huma! bei!/> it +ould be that as well. *t +ould be a real +ha!/e a!d it +ould be a heart a!d a mi!d +ha!/e. (e saidC

q 5 ... ... q 5 / / * ! v
A!d the! there is /oi!/ to be ;hasf. The !eDt o!e is ;hasf a!d that isC

; / 1 / z
There will be earth ua%es> the 0arth will o.e! a!d swallow .eo.le. That is ;hasf> that is the se+o!d o!e. A!d the! there is /oi!/ to be the third o!e that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> there will be ,athf. A!d ,athf is (ijaarah> throwi!/ or the dro..i!/ of sto!es from the s%y> li%e that whi+h ha..e!ed for eDam.le to the .eo.le of 0le.ha!t> Abrahah a!d the .eo.le of the 0le.ha!t i! Surat al-"eel. So whe! does that ha..e!= Whe! do those three thi!/s ha..e!= The Sahaabah as%ed whe! does that ha..e!. (e said whe! the ,ayyi!aat a!d Maaa?if are wides.readC

1 ... ...[ 1 T
*f it a..ears> 5haharat is a+tually a ra!% lesser tha! What are they= What are the ,ayyi!aat a!d what are the Maaa?if= ,ayyi!aat is e!tertai!ers> the si!/ers> the si!/ers that si!/ a!d i!s.ire you to do (araamG a!d Maaa?if are the i!strume!ts of the Shaytaa!. More so> i! a!other (adith> the o!e !arrated by Abu Aamir or Abu Maali%C

3 . -E ":b 1 / 1 L ! 3 L 3 3 1 A3 R P = / , ' 1 / " 1 '5 1 1 - / ! q / / 3 -0 3 , = N 1 = C / ! Y / ! / $ 1

"rom this Ummah> this is !ot tal%i!/ about the !o! belie1ers> this is tal%i!/ about this Ummah> the followers of this Ummah. There will be some .eo.le who will +o!sider ille/al seD> ille/al i!ter+ourse> adultery a!d for!i+atio!> they will do that> they will +o!sider thatG they will +o!sider the weari!/ of sil%> they will +o!sider the dri!%i!/ of al+ohol a!d the musi+al i!strume!ts as lawful. They will They will +o!sider it lawful> by their a+ts .ossibly> or +learly sayi!/ this is (alaal a!d you see that today. There is other !arratio!s of the (adith to show you how Allah may doom someo!e o1er!i/ht. They will /et a 1isitor or a .asser by> a Bedoui! +ome by to these .eo.le who are i!

-a/e F 298

e!/a/ed i!to these ille/al a+ts a!d he will as% them for somethi!/. (e may !eed to buy somethi!/ from them> we do !ot %!ow> the (adith does !ot me!tio!> the other !arratio!s of (adith do !ot me!tio!. But they will tell him> +ome ba+% tomorrow> we will /i1e you what you !eed tomorrow. The busi!ess tra!sa+tio! or the dire+tio!s or whate1er it may be> they will tell him whate1er .ur.ose you as%ed us> +ome ba+% tomorrow. Some of them will wa%e u.> the (adith wa!ts to show you how smooth a!d swift the disaster of Allah is for su+h .eo.le> they will wa%e u. o1er!i/ht> some of them are mo!%eys a!d swi!es. These are from this Ummah> some of them are mo!%eys a!d swi!es a!d we des+ribed it +ould be real> or it +ould be that their hearts a!d mi!ds are li%e that a!d they will be tra!sformed i!to mo!%eys a!d swi!es u!til the Jud/me!t 5ay> they will remai! so u!til the Jud/me!t 5ay. Mea!i!/ whe! those matters o++ur> the matters that we said that they will +o!sider lawful> whe! those matters o++ur a!d amo!/st them is usa/e a!d +o!sideri!/ lawful the i!strume!ts of the Shaytaa!> whe! those matters o++ur> there will be a sudde! a!d swift .u!ishme!t. A!d what do you wa!t> a bi//er .u!ishme!t tha! bei!/ the most humiliated Ummah out of the Umam today= Where siD millio! sta!d o! the to. of 2.6 Billio! a!d defeat them> that /oes i! history. #oo% at the other side> these are the Muslims that will be tra!sformed i!to a!d mo!%eys a!d swi!es> why= Be+ause of the musi+al i!strume!ts. The ,ura! also says about the o..o!e!ts> what did (e say about them=

_M :`2G ... ... / ! h6 1 / $ 1 < ! / T Y ` E 1

Those who i!+urred the +urse a!d the wrath of Allah> those whom (e tra!sformed i!to mo!%eys a!d swi!es. 4ow this o!e> this 1erse is !ot .ertai!i!/ to this Ummah> this is .ertai!i!/ to our o..o!e!ts. 4ow the +o!+lusio!> the +o!+lusio! out of that. The first two Ahaadith are about this Ummah> the Ayah is about the o..o!e!ts> .eo.le will be tra!sformed from both sides i!to a!d swi!es. The .oi!t> whe! you /ot a!d swi!es or mo!%eys a!d swi!es fi/hti!/ mo!%eys a!d swi!es> the stro!/er wi!s> that is how it /oes. 7f +ourse> !ot e1eryo!e liste!s to that or e!/a/es i! those major si!s a!d those u!lawful a+ts. 4ot e1eryo!e a!d * am /oi!/ to say !ot e1e! the majority> just to be o! the safe side * am /oi!/ to add !ot the majority. * am /oi!/ to say it is a!d !o o!e +a! de!y that> it is whe! you +a!!ot e1e! a..roa+h .eo.le a!d tell them this is (araam a!d (alaal. Wallahi> they ha1e +ommu!ities here> they ha1e +lubs here that they sit a!d dri!% +offee a!d ba+%bite a!d do all that whi+h is .rohibited a!d .ossibly sometimes they i!1ite a /uy to le+ture. They as% what does he say> before they i!1ite him> what does he say about musi+al i!strume!ts= (araam> do !ot bri!/ him here. Wallahi> this is ha..e!s> some of you here %!ow this 1ery well. Whe! it be+omes> Allah holds e1eryo!e a++ou!table. Us who do !ot e!/a/e i! that a!d those who are i! that> all of us are held a++ou!table.

-a/e F 2:@

4ow> * do !ot li%e to /et off to.i+ i! these %i!d of +lasses but this is !ot really off to.i+. The .oi!t is those who .erform those %i!d of ille/al +eremo!ies are a sour+e of the defeat> are a major sour+e of the defeat. We %!ow about them a!d there is !o de!ial about that. What is the .oi!t=

4O5 2ABE TO 1NO6 2O6 TO AIBE ,A76A2

The .roblem is> * see a ri/hteous brother or * am told about a ri/hteous brother a!d this ha..e!s a!d it is 1ery irritati!/> you deem him he is a ri/hteous brother> he +omes to the (ala aat> he is /ood i! his *slam a!d the! sudde!ly he tells you or you are told of that he was i! o!e of these +eremo!ies. A!d what is his justifi+atio!= (e is there u!der the .reteDt of 5awah. 4ow you as% the brother> why did you /o to that weddi!/= Why did you /o to that +eremo!y= Why were you i! the middle of that e1il that you really did !ot ha1e to /o to= 5awah> the a!swer is 5awah. 7%> did you s.ea% there the! lea1e immediately= 'ou +a! .ossibly u!dersta!d that. 5id you s.ea% a!d immediately head out of there= 4o. 5id you sto. them= 4o. 5id you e1e! tal% there= 4o. *! reality> you thi!% be+ause you ha1e the o1erall a..eara!+e of someo!e who is reli/ious> whether it may be be+ause o!e has the beard or whate1er it may be a!d that your wife is a Muhajjabah a!d you ta%e her there a!d the! you assume merely be+ause of your .rese!+e that you are there for 5awah. That is the Shaytaa! .layi!/ with your mi!d.

4 / & } A < / / N 5 * / / , < 1 3 UM? H D 6 1 0 1 3 | ! 1 1 = -A 5 / / ; / L 3 , " = < / T / / T / P2` vT0 UMn 5 1 = - 4 / . / "
There is .eo.le who thi!% they are doi!/ ri/hteous a!d i! reality> it is e1il that they are doi!/. They thi!% they are doi!/ it u!der the .reteDt of 5awah> but i! reality it is !ot /ood what they are doi!/. 'ou do !ot /o to those .la+es +laimi!/ 5awah> that is our .oi!t. 'ou do !ot /o to .la+es of si! a!d +laim 5awah u!less you are there to sto. it. 'ou +a!!ot be .rese!t i! those .la+es u!less you are there to /uide them> u!less you are there to sto. it. *f they liste! to you> if you ha1e i!flue!+e o1er them> if you +a! tal% them out of it> /o there a!d you must a!d you should /o there. -art of the ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il is that those who do those %i!d of si!s> should be the out+asts a!d they should !ot be the ty.e of .eo.le who are loo%ed u. to. Today> we /et brothers who are stru//li!/ to start off their marria/e life o! the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah. Sometimes it is the bride> she +alls> * ha1e this a!d my traditio!s a!d some traditio!s that do !o +o!fli+t with the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah> we are !ot /oi!/ to tal% about that but there is traditio!s that are +o!fli+ti!/ with the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah> those belo!/ u!der our feet !o matter what they are. The ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah has .re+ede!+e o1er e1erythi!/. 'ou see those who as a
-a/e F 2:2

bride or a you!/ ma! who is tryi!/ to /et married a!d he is fa+i!/ a stru//le to try to ha1e his marria/e i! the ri/ht way for eDam.le. That o!e is the out+ast a!d he is the stra!/er> it is !ot the other o!es who are i! the si! that are the out+asts a!d the stra!/ers. 'ou see what * mea! whe! * say it is 5o !ot e1er e!/a/e i! su+h matters u!der the .reteDt of 5awah. The same s+e!ario a..lies whe! for eDam.le> you see a sister> * /o 1isit u!i1ersities> with (ijaab> what they +all (ijaab a!d the attitude i! a u!i1ersity> sta!di!/ before a table with a bu!+h of leaflets a!d you as% what eDa+tly is she doi!/= 7h> she is doi!/ a 5awah table brother this wee%. 'ou do 5awah i! that ma!!er= 'ou ha1e to %!ow how to /i1e 5awah. 'ou do !ot e!/a/e i! a si! i! /i1i!/ 5awah a!d you do !ot /o i! a .la+e where it is si!ful a!d you /i1e 5awah> u!less you are there to sto. it. #i%ewise> those who /i1e 5awah u!der the .latform a!d the ba!!er of i!terfaith. They +laim that that is 5awah. Why are you i! i!terfaith= Why are you /oi!/ u!der the ba!!er of i!terfaith= 7h 5awah brother> these are the -eo.le of the Boo%> we /ot to /i1e them 5awah. There is somethi!/ +alled 5awah whi+h we are all for a!d we are all for 5awah> a!d there is a .ri!+i.le of ;ufr +alled i!terfaith. *!terfaith is a .ri!+i.le of ;ufr> if you do !ot %!ow about it> you !eed to /o study it. *t is ;ufr o! to. of ;ufr> it is a! as.e+t of ;ufr> i!terfaith. 'ou do !ot /o u!der the ba!!er of i!terfaith> /i1i!/ a tal% or a .arti+i.a!t i! su+h or/a!isatio! a!d they say oh * was there for 5awah. 'ou /o do 5awah u!der the ba!!er of 5awah or u!der a !eutral ba!!er> !ot u!der the ba!!er of i!terfaith. The .oi!t of all this is that you do !ot mi!/le with si!!ers a!d +ry 5awah. * me!tio!ed some of this i! a uestio! a!d a!swer a while a/o> whe! * was as%ed about mo+%i!/ Muslims a!d * me!tio!ed the 1erse of AllahC

! d 1" [ b 1 1 0/ ; 1 1 L / ,a 3 2 Z / / N / ' / 0/ 1 ' T '5 !T& 6J ; 3 / F Q T 1 7 / / 1 / 0 E 1 & ,d / T !2 g 4 1 ... 1 -| -$ 1 6 : 2 1 9 ; / + / T / 03 1 ( 8 3 '9 1 / s UnM :\5
Whe! mo+%i!/ /oes o!> do !ot sit with them. Why= Allah saysC

4 1 ... ... / + / T / 03 1
That a..lies to mo+%i!/> but it a..lies to other si!s as well. 7%> that is the .oi!t we wa!ted to +o1er.

($OOFS ON ,A76A2
-a/e F 2:9




Allah i! the ,ura! said> i! Surat 'usufC

, 3 / N K & 7 - h 8 1 1 AL < , ` : 6 1 1 1 D 1 7 / ( 8 1 UMV :vL- ... 1 A3 F ! 1

Say oh -ro.het> Allah is telli!/ the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam to say> this is my way> * i!1ite .eo.le u!to Allah> u!to mo!otheism> u!to the 7!e!ess of Allah> 5awah. That is what we are for> we are .ro 5awah> it is !ot that we are a/ai!st 5awah but there is ways for 5awah.

3 1 - ...` , /h ... : 6 1 & 1 7 K 8

;!owled/e> that is why you all +ome here today> why= Be+ause you wa!t to /o +o!1ey this messa/eC

...` : 6 1 & K 8 ...

With %!owled/e.

... ... 1 , A3 F ! 1
Me a!d those who follow me. *b! al-,ayyim Rahimahullah said> you +a!!ot be a follower of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam truthfully> u!less you +all to that whi+h the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +alled with %!owled/e. That is a restri+tio!> i! the ,ura!C

3 1 - / N ...` 8 /h , 1 1 AL < : 6 1 & 1 7 1 D 1 7 ( K 8

As a 5aaiyah> you .rese!t this 5awah> this messa/e> you .ut the seed a!d you lea1e the rest to Allah. 'ou .ut the seed where1er you are a!d you lea1e the rest to Allah.

3 1 4 = ! h 1 1 7 4 1 . / , 9 5 / 3 H ! < / N ! N ?? :fK; 1 3 1 b 1 1 5 1 / /
Who is better i! tha! he who says> my #ord is AllahC

, ! 3 1 4 ... N 5 9 h 1 7 / / 3 H /
-a/e F 2::

A!d stays firm a!d steadfast o! itC

...= ! ... 1 4 1 . <

A!d says> * am a Muslim a!d * amo!/ the Muslimee!C

! N ... 1 3 1 b 1 1 5 1 / /
IS O5$


*f a bi/ firm or +or.oratio! offers o!e of you a job> he ea/erly jum.s to it. (e would /o to trai!i!/> he would .ossibly /o ba+% to +olle/e a!d /et a! i! his field. (e would do whate1er it is to /et that hi/h ra!%i!/ job that +or.oratio! /a1e him> offered him> a!d the! he would bolster about the offer that he /ot. 5aJwah is a! offer from Allah> the Almi/hty. A job> from Allah> !ot from a +or.oratio! or a %i!/ or a .reside!t. *t is a! offer from Allah> the Almi/hty. 'ou are doi!/ the job of the Messe!/ers.

/ I F j , , 6* / C & " ! 6 f 6 * / 1 3 : 3 / 1 !6 / / / '# 1 1 1 3 & / F! :" bZ ... " 1 7 1 ) - / F! / 1 " 6 / T 1 0 1 UUM

'ou> the true Belie1ers i! Tawheed> i! *slami+ mo!otheism> you are the real followers of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. 'ouC

... : 3 , 6 / '# / *
'ou are the best. 'ou were> you are a!d you will be> that is what ;u!tum mea!s. 'ou were> you are> you will be. 'ou are the best of all .eo.le raised u. from ma!%i!d. 'ou are i! +har/e of ma!%i!d> the best of all .eo.le> why= Be+ause we are Arab= Be+ause we are bla+%= We ha1e bla+%> we ha1e white> we /ot e1erythi!/> we ha1e -a%ista!i> we ha1e e1erythi!/ here. Why= Why are we the best of all .eo.le= *s it based o! eth!i+ity= 5id Allah say you are the best of ma!%i!d based o! your eth!i+ity= 'ou are the best of ma!%i!d based o! !atio!alism= 'ou are the best of ma!%i!d based o! your +olour a!d your ra+e= *t is ;hayriyyah. 'ou are the best of all ma!%i!d> +arryi!/ a!d +o!1eyi!/ this messa/e> by +arryi!/ a!d +o!1eyi!/ this messa/e.

/ I F / ..." T F ! C ! 6 & " ! 6 / 1 / 1 / ...

That is what ma%es you the best> the 5aJwah to Allah is what ma%es you the best. We are a! Ummah of 5aJwah> a! Ummah that +o!1eys the messa/e. We are a! Ummah i! +har/e of all the other Umam. We were ho!oured be+ause we are the +arriers of this messa/e> who +o!1ey it.
-a/e F 2:3

/ ... ..." !6 1 !6 / / F! / & I F 1 " / T C

The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam saidC

7 / N 1 6 1< 1 2 1 3 1 q 9 , / ! 1 , 1 2 @ L 3 & H 3 1 ll 2 4 Q 1 1 FH 1 7 1 1 !h 4 = '/ 6 s 1 ! 3 { 1 1 * 3 1 ; 6 6 2 3 T " -L 7 ! ! 1 / @l? 2 1 4 &, T ;

The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam said> !o!e +a! .rote+t me from .u!ishme!t of Allah. 4o o!e> !o o!e +a! .rote+t me from the .u!ishme!t of Allah. *f * were to disobey Allah> who +a! .rote+t you= A!d the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam is tal%i!/ about himself but this a..lies to all of us. Who +a! .rote+t us from the .u!ishme!t of Allah=

7 / N 1 6 1< 1 2 1 3 1 q 9 , / ! 1 , 1 2 @ ll 2 1 1 !h 4 = '/
*f * were to disobey Allah> !o o!e +a! .rote+t me from the .u!ishme!t of Allah !or +a! * fi!d refu/e eD+e.t i! Allah> eD+e.tC

& H 3 1 ... 4 Q ...s

0D+e.t for +o!1eya!+e of the truth from Allah a!d (is Messe!/er. Some of the &Ulamaa said> !o o!e +a! .rote+t from the .u!ishme!t of Allah> whi+h is esse!tial> !o o!e de!ies that. 4o o!e +a! .rote+t from the .u!ishme!t of Allah if (e wa!ts to .u!ish but +o!1eya!+e> this 1erse mea!s +o!1eya!+e of this messa/e> is .rote+tio! from the .u!ishme!t of Allah. <o!1eya!+e of this messa/e is o!e of your mea!s for the .rote+tio! of the .u!ishme!t from Allah.

L 3 & H 3 1 4 Q ... 1 1 FH 1 7 6 s 1 !
We were ho!oured with 5aJwah> our .ride is 5aJwah. 7ur .ride i! this reli/io! +omes throu/h 5aJwah.

$ISE 5( AN, 6A$N

Allah tells (is -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jallayhi wa sallam i! the early daysC

; , / l :c2 l 6 D I N U 6 c 2 T 1 3 P / /
-a/e F 2:6

7h you -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> you who are +o1ered u. i! /arme!ts> rise u. a!d war!. Rise u. a!d war!> what does that mea!= That is 5aJwah> that is ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il. Aet u. a!d war!. Wallahi> Wallahi> he /ot u. from that mome!t a!d !e1er rested u!til his last /as.. (e /ot u. from that mome!t> the early days whe! Allah /a1e him that 1erse a!d ordered him> a!d he !e1er rested till the 1ery last /as. of his breath. 'ou %!ow a! Ayah> you %!ow a (adith> you %!ow the .ri!+i.le of #aa ilaaha illallah> the! +o!1ey itG that is all you ha1e to +o!1ey. *f what you %!ow a!d what you firmly %!ow as we me!tio!ed last wee%> the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam saidC

& -z 4 Z / !
<o!1ey e1e! if o!e Ayah. <o!1ey from me> e1e! if it is o!e Ayah. So if you %!ow o!e Ayah> +o!1ey it. *f you %!ow o!e (adith> +o!1ey it. *f you do !ot %!ow o!e Ayah or o!e (adith a!d you %!ow #aa ilaaha illallah> whi+h you all %!ow> the! +o!1ey it to your !ei/hbour> to your frie!d> i! a!y setti!/ you are i!. *f you do !ot %!ow> a leaflet> a bro+hure> a <5> a li!%. #i%e * told the youth i! my re+e!t 1isit> * said if there was somethi!/ +alled "a+eboo% a!d Twitter a!d these mediums a!d it is so easy to ma%e websites> * would ha1e had a thousa!d websites. * would ha1e had by !ow a thousa!d websites +o!1eyi!/ the 5aJwah. 'ou sit there a!d you +o!1ey the 5aJwah. *! Su!a! Ahmad a!d Tirmidhi> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam ma%es 5uJaa for you> for a bri/ht fa+e. (e made s.e+ial 5uJaa for you> those who hear a (adith a!d tra!smit them to others. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam made 5uJaa for you be+ause of that> may Allah bri/hte! the fa+e of the .erso! who hears what * say a!d retai!s it. May Allah bri/hte! the fa+e of a .erso! who hears what * say a!d retai!s it> mea!i!/ u!dersta!d it> mea!i!/ ha1e the %!owled/e. That is what it mea!sC

... ; ...
Retai!s it> u!dersta!ds it> absorbs it a!d +om.rehe!ds it> the! he +o!1eys it to others. *b! Masood a!d Abu (urayrah> i! Muslim a!d i! other boo%s of the (adith> whoe1er +alls to /uida!+e will ha1e the reward similar to all those who follow with him> without their reward bei!/ dimi!ished i! a!y ti!y bit or way. A!d you are /oi!/ to %!ow this (adith whe! * +o!+lude *!shaa Allaah a!d tal% about Abu Ba%r asSiddee radhiallahu &a!hu. Whoe1er +alls to mis/uida!+e a!d that is the o..osite> he will ha1e the si!s similar to all those who follow with that si!> !ot a ti!y bit a!y less tha! the si!s that they /et. So if * mis/uide a hu!dred .eo.le> all their si!s +ome> #aa Samah Allah> #aa ,addar Allah> o! me.


-a/e F 2:6

*! Bu%hari a!d Muslim> whe! the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam /a1e Ali the ba!!er i! the Battle of ;haybar. After the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam blew i! his eyes> be+ause Ali radhiallahu &a!hu had a! ill!ess. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam /i1es him the ba!!er a!d /i1es him the ad1ise. #iste! to the ad1ise the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam /i1es Ali. (e says> be .atie!t whe! you /et o! their turf. Whe! you /et there> to where you are headi!/> be .atie!t> ta%e it easy. 'ou %!ow what he says= A!d +all them u!to *slam a!d let them %!ow what is obli/ated u.o! them> why= Be+ause Ali> by Allah> the -ro.het /i1es a! oath> by Allah> for Allah to /uide o!e ma! by you is better for you tha! the red +amels. "or Allah to /uide o!e ma! by you> is better for you tha! red +amels. *t +ould be /uide someo!e to *slam> /uide him to +omi!/ ba+% to Salah a!d that is +omi!/ ba+% to *slam> or /uide someo!e to lea1i!/ al+ohol or a!y major si!. A!d as you %!ow> the red +amel is the best of the wealth of the Arab ba+% the! a!d similarly li%ewise today> sayi!/ o!e of the most eD.e!si1e +ars> a fleet of o!e of the most eD.e!si1e +ars today. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam was at the doors of those who harmed him> 1i+tory was mome!ts away. (e has /i1e! the ba!!er to Ali> to /o> it is a defeat for them *!shaa Allah> be+ause he %!ew that. The 1i+tory was mome!ts away> from .eo.le who harmed the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam for a 1ery lo!/ time. *f it was blood he wa!ted> he would !ot ha1e told Ali that. *f he was ea/er to /et their blood> he would !ot be+ause it was> *!shaa Allah> immi!e!t 1i+tory for the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. (e had the ha!d at that time> but his worry was su.reme> was bi/. (e says Ali> by Allah> easy> ta%e it easy Ali. By Allah> for Allah to /uide o!e ma! with you is better for you tha! the red +amels.

T2E ,A4


525, AN, T2E ,A4



*! Bu%hari a!d i! Muslim> Aishah radhiallahu &a!ha as%ed the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> ha1e you e!+ou!tered a day harder tha! the day of Uhud= Aishah was a little bit older a!d she see! what ha..e!ed i! Uhud a!d she +om.rehe!ded it a!d absorbed it a!d see! what the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam we!t throu/h. She said oh -ro.het of Allah> ha1e you e!+ou!tered a day harder tha! the day of Uhud= (a1e you e!+ou!tered a day worse tha! the day of Uhud= Was there a!y day worse tha! that= She see! what ha..e!ed to him> Aishah wa!ts to %!ow the hardest day that the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam e!+ou!tered. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam re.lied> your tribe has troubled me a lot. 'our tribe a!d his tribe> but he is sayi!/ your tribe has troubled me a lot a!d the worst trouble was the trouble o! the day of JA abah. The day of JA abah is the day of TaJif whe! the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam we!t o! to the mou!tai! of the TaJif a!d they told their %ids to dri1e the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam away a!d reje+ted the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam.

-a/e F 2:$

Aishah radhiallahu &a!ha wa!ts to %!ow what the worse day that he e!+ou!tered was. What is it= She wa!ts to %!ow> was it Uhud a!d she s.e+ified Uhud. She su//ested Uhud be+ause she see! what ha..e!ed to the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam i! Uhud. So> she is assumi!/ somewhat that Uhud may ha1e bee! the worst day to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> i! his 5aJwah +areer. *! his twe!ty three years> she assumed> .ossibly> most li%ely> that is why she me!tio!ed it i! the uestio! that Uhud was the worst day. Why did she s.e+ify that= Be+ause she see! what ha..e!ed to the blessed head of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> the wou!d> she see! it. She see! the wou!ds that the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam e!+ou!tered that day. She see! that the teeth of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam were dama/ed that day. She see! that the helmet was +rushed o! the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam that day. She see! that "atimah radhiallahu &a!ha bur!s a mat> redu+i!/ it to ashes> it is some form of medi+al thi!/ that they used to do ba+% the! for wou!ds. "atimah bur!s a mat a!d redu+es it to ashes a!d ta%es those ashes a!d .uts it o! the wou!d of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. That was used ba+% the!> to sto. the bleedi!/. Why was Uhud !ot the worst day of the 5awah +areer of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> e1e! thou/h all that ha..e!ed= More tha! that> why was it !ot the worst day whe! the u!+le of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam died i! that battle a!d the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam wee.ed so hard> li%e a you!/ +hild> o1er his u!+le whe! he see! him i! the status he was i!. Why was it !ot the worst day> that same day> whe! se1e!ty of the his most belo1ed +om.a!io!s died a!d be+ame martyrs *!shaa Allah> i! that battle= The me! he lo1ed so dearly> ma!y of them were his relati1es. 7r ta%e it e1e! further> why was it !ot the worst day> the days he s.e!t i! a/o!y whe! the hy.o+rites s.o%e about the ho!our of his wife. 'ou %!ow to a ma!> that is 1ery bi/. Today> ma!y do !ot u!dersta!d it be+ause they are !ot real me!> but a real ma! does !ot allow a!yo!e to tal% or disho!our his wife or his wome!. A!d the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam we!t throu/h that whe! the hy.o+rites be/a! the rumour a!d some of the Sahaabah mista%e!ly /ot i!1ol1ed i! it a!d they s.o%e ill about the wife of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. Why was it !ot that= Why was it !ot the day they .ut the /uts of a +amel o! the ba+% of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam a!d they be/a! to lau/h so mu+h that they fell o! to. of ea+h other> as it is stated i! the Sihaah. Why was it !ot the day that they +ho%ed the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam with his ow! /arme!t> u!til he !early fai!ted a!d fell to his %!ees> ri/ht by the ;aJbah. Why was it !ot the humiliatio! the ,uraysh .ut him throu/h for ma!y years= Ma!y years a!d years. Why was it !ot that> that was the worst day of the 5awah +areer of the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam= Why was it !ot that= (e said it was the day of TaJif. What was so s.e+ial about the day of TaJif= Whe! you read the e1e!ts of that day> there was .hysi+al harm to the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam that day but it was mu+h less tha! a!y of that whi+h * just me!tio!ed to you. The .hysi+al harm to the -ro.het o! the day of TaJif was mu+h

-a/e F 2:)

less harm tha! the /uts of the +amel or whe! they tried to +ho%e him or ma!y of the other thi!/s> whe! they tal%ed about his ho!our. The matter of TaJif was somewhat less tha! that> .hysi+ally. What ha..e!ed i! Uhud was i!+om.arable to what ha..e!ed i! TaJif. Whe! the +om.a!io!s of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /et %illed> his u!+le /ets %illed> a!d he /ets wou!ded. What ha..e!ed i! other e1e!ts was i!+om.arable to the hardshi. he> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> fa+ed o! the day of Taif. So why did you oh -ro.het of Allah +hoose the day of Taif= Why did you +hose that day> to tell Aishah that was the worst day. Be+ause Aishah a!d here it is> Aishah may ha1e mea!t what was the worst day to you oh -ro.het of Allah> what was the worst day that you e!+ou!tered oh -ro.het of Allah> .hysi+ally. She may ha1e im.lied or mea!t .hysi+ally> that is why she mea!t Uhud. What was ha..e!i!/ to you e1e! thou/h !ot .hysi+ally> trauma wise whe! you see se1e!ty of your +om.a!io!s a!d your u!+le a!d you wee. o1er him> me!tally or .hysi+ally that is 1ery sad a!d 1ery de1astati!/> she .ossibly mea!t that. Whe! you read Seerah> read it dee. a!d read i! betwee! the li!es. (e we!t to at-Taif with the bi/ that they were /oi!/ to e!ter *slam. Whe! he we!t to at-Taif a!d he +limbed u.> he had su+h bi/ that !ow at-Taif is /oi!/ to e!ter *slam a!d this is /oi!/ to be the first *slami+ +ity of ;hilaafah. (e had a lot of whe! he we!t to at-Taif. *t is !ot about me> is what he is tryi!/ to say. *t is !ot about me> it is !ot about the wou!ds i! my head> it is !ot about the teeth that were bei!/ +hi..ed or dama/ed. *t is !ot about the death of my +om.a!io!s> be+ause we are /oi!/ to meet *!shaa Allah i! Ja!!ah. *t is the a/o!y of seei!/ the messa/e that he was +o!1eyi!/ /etti!/ reje+ted> that is what it was. (e we!t with su+h ho.e to at-Taif> i! the that they are /oi!/ to embra+e a!d follow this reli/io!> so he +omes ba+% with bi/ a/o!y. A/o!y of seei!/ the messa/e that he was se!t to +o!1ey> /etti!/ reje+ted. That was the worst day of the 5awah of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the messa/e /etti!/ reje+ted. 01erythi!/ else * +a! withsta!d it> wa!t to hit me> wou!d me> +ho%e me> whate1erG but the messa/e /etti!/ reje+ted> that was de1astati!/. That is why he said that was the worst day. That is why Allah i! ma!y 1erses i! the ,ura!> +alms (is -ro.het dow! a!d (e tells him whe! he is hurt o1er those who reje+t the truthG the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> Allah sees what is i! the heart of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d (e sees that he is hurt> he is distrau/ht o1er those who are reje+ti!/ the truth. 5awah was his life> it was his heart> it was his soul> it ru!s throu/h his 1ei!s a!d that is how it should be a!d must be for e1ery Muslim a!d e1ery 5aaJiyah. *t be+omes li%e his flesh a!d blood> 5awah be+omes li%e your flesh a!d blood. Whe! a true 5aaJiyah is de.ri1ed of 5awah> i! reality whe! a true 5aaiyah is de.ri1ed of 5awah> he feels as if the u!der/rou!d is better for him tha! bei!/ o! to. of the /rou!d. That is a true 5aaiyah> a+tually that is a true Muslim> we +all that a 5aaiyah today but that is a true Muslim be+ause 5awah is .art of the life of e1ery si!/le Muslim. So Allah +alms his -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam ma!y
-a/e F 2:8

times i! the ,ura!. (e /oes to at-Taif with the> that is his worst day. 01e! thou/h what ha..e!ed to him .hysi+ally whi+h is mu+h less tha! the other day> he says to Aishah it was the day of Taif> be+ause he was reje+ted. (is 5awah was reje+ted> Allah tells him ma!y timesC

W ; 5 / V :k ;...[ ... /D F Q : 6 / 9 J / T 5 1 /
Ta%e it easy> do !ot destroy yourself. Ta%e it easy> do !ot destroy yourself oh Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> i! sorrow o1er them> ta%e it easy. *! a!other 1erse> Allah se!ds him words to +alm him dow!C

5 3 / 3 R / Z - W 1 & 1 ) 1 6 q * W ; J / 3 " / 8 1 1 c 4 L 7 _ :vT0 J 8T 1 2 1 = / D ,g 1&

-erha.s Muhammad you would %ill yourself> Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> you .erha.s would %ill yourself i! /rief i! followi!/ i! their footste.s for their tur!i!/ away from you> be+ause they belie1e !ot i! this messa/e. 'ou %ee. +hasi!/ after them> ru!!i!/ after them i! a/o!y> i! sorrow. Ta%e it easy oh -ro.het of Allah> Allah is tryi!/ to tell him ta%e it easy. More words to +alm him dow!C

! " ! 3 & 3 1 u 6 H 1 7 / d = / F H / T ! / ! 1 H / A. 6 / 1 A. 1 / F Ulr :<=" 1 W ; !6 / 3 B 0 : / |

*sbir HA.I> why= Be+ause they hit you= Be+ause they harmed you= 4o> Allah is telli!/ him i! this 1erseC

3 & 3 1 u 6 ... 1 7 ! / ! 1 H / A. 6 / 1 A.
0!dure .atie!tly oh Muhammad> e!dure .atie!tly. 0!dure .atie!tly Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> your .atie!+e +omes o!ly from Allah. 5o !ot /rie1e o1er themC

" ! ... ... / d = / F H / T 1 /

5o !ot /rie1e o1er them> do !ot be distressed o1er them. Allah +alms (is Messe!/er sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam dow! be+ause he is traumatised o1er them reje+ti!/ the messa/e. Be+ause to a true belie1er> his messa/e a!d +o!1eyi!/ it be+omes more im.orta!t tha! he himself is. *t be+omes more im.orta!t tha! myself> it be+omes more im.orta!t tha! my family> it be+omes more im.orta!t tha! my wealth> a!d it

-a/e F 23@

be+omes more im.orta!t tha! my ho!our. 5awah a!d +o!1eya!+e of this messa/e is the !umber o!e .riority for a belie1er.


Whe! deali!/ with 5awah> you must %!ow the le1el or ty.e of .eo.le you s.ea% to> be+ause the %!owled/e of who you s.ea% to is 1ery esse!tial. *! Bu%hari a!d i! Muslim> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said to Muadh whe! he was headi!/ to 'eme!> you are /oi!/ to meet the -eo.le of the Boo%. Whe! the -ro.het was /i1i!/ him his farewell ad1i+e> as he was /reeti!/ him outside of Madi!ah> you are /oi!/ to meet a!d see the -eo.le of the Boo%. (e is headi!/ to 'eme!> why did he /i1e him the heads u. a!d tell him that you are /oi!/ to meet the -eo.le of the Boo%= Why did he s.e+ify that= Be+ause Muadh was i! a! area where it was mostly statue worshi..ers. (owe1er> there were some Jews i! the outs%irts of Madi!ah> but he wa!ted him to %!ow that the .eo.le he is headi!/ to are the -eo.le of the Boo%. The way you a..roa+h the -eo.le of the Boo% a!d +o!1ey the messa/e to them> is differe!t tha! the way you a..roa+h statue worshi..ers that you ha1e bee! deali!/ with for a major .ortio! of your life. 'ou !eed to %!ow who the audie!+e you are s.ea%i!/ to> you !eed to %!ow who they are i! order to +o!1ey the messa/e. Whe! * am /etti!/ i!1ited to a le+ture i! the .ast wee%> * /ot to %!ow> am * s.ea%i!/ to youth or .eo.le i! their fifties a!d siDties= Am * s.ea%i!/ to the youth or their u!+les= Are you s.ea%i!/ to edu+ated or .eo.le who are layme!= 'ou ha1e to %!ow i! order to +o!1ey the messa/e or try your best to relate to your audie!+e. * first be/a! to memorise this boo% Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah> whe! * was i! se+o!d /rade i! Madi!ah. * was i! a s+hool +alled Madrastu &Ubayy *b! ;aab #itahfeedh Al,ura! Al-;areem H0" E J=' # & &L2I> it was a s+hool that was .art of the re/ular s+hools> the re/ular /o1er!me!t s+hools but it was s.e+ialised for ,ura! as well. *t was o!e of the first i! Madi!ah li%e that> it used to be .art of the +urri+ulum a!d * am !ot sure if it still is today> with the re+e!t .ressure the West is .utti!/ o1er there o! them to +ha!/e the +urri+ulum> is that you ha1e to memorise the Usool Ath-Thalaathah or .ortio!s of the Usool Ath-Thalaathah whe! you are you!/. Whe! * used to re+ite to my father> we would be /oi!/ i! the mor!i!/ i! the +ar> he is headi!/ to the U!i1ersity of Madi!ah a!d he is /oi!/ to dro. me off at the s+hool. * would re+ite Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah to my father a!d he would tell me that> that is eDa+tly what he is lear!i!/ i! o!e of his +lasses i! Madi!ah. * still remember that> as a +hild * was sur.rised that what he is lear!i!/ is what * am lear!i!/. * am i! se+o!d /rade i! eleme!tary s+hool a!d he is i! his se+o!d year i! Madi!ah U!i1ersity a!d we are studyi!/ the same thi!/. But he would tell me the way they study it> he said is i! way more a!d detail tha! you are. Basi+ally what we were tau/ht i! se+o!d
-a/e F 232

/rade> a little about Mu! Rabbu% wa Maa 5ee!u% a!d the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d matters .ertai!i!/ to that i! a 1ery easy way> be+ause we are i! o!ly se+o!d /rade. Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah> we tea+h it to %ids a!d we tea+h it to 5uJaat> a!d we tea+h it to .eo.le hi/her a!d lower tha! thatG but ea+h o! a le1el they u!dersta!d> i! a way they u!dersta!d. The way * tea+h it to you who ta%e !otes a!d write !otes a!d our future 5uJaat *!shaa Allah a!d some who memorise most of what we say> is differe!t tha! * would i! a /e!eral le+ture. *! Sahih Bu%hariC

29 N " b 1 F , " 3 -c / ," -A -; P = / 1& j 1 1 3D 0 -L 3 a !

Ali i! Sahih Bu%hari> this is a stateme!t of Ali> it is !ot a (adith. Ali himself said> s.ea% to .eo.le o! a le1el they u!dersta!d> do you wa!t Allah a!d (is Messe!/er to be disbelie1ed i!= Be+ause you +a! .rese!t a matter i! a +ertai! way a!d +ause .eo.le to be disbelie1ers a!d you do !ot wa!t to do that. Sahih MuslimC

, 3 1 + H 4 2 4 " N c 2 = f / A F H / 1 9 # -E / T z 4 / q / '; 1 1 / A1 / T 1 p
This is the stateme!t of *b! Masood as well. *! Muslim> *b! Masood said whe! you s.ea%> s.ea% to .eo.le o! a le1el they u!dersta!d a!d they +om.rehe!d> be+ause if you s.ea% to them o! a le1el they do !ot +om.rehe!d> it will be a "it!ah for some. The %!owled/e> the true %!owled/e that you are tryi!/ to +o!1ey may be+ome a "it!ah. *b! Abbaas> a ma! +omes to him> loo% how he relates to his audie!+e a!d who he is tal%i!/ to. A ma! +omes to *b! Abbaas a!d as%s him> is there Tawbah for o!e who %ills= *b! Abbaas said yes> of +ourse there is Tawbah. The! ri/ht after that or shortly thereafter that> a!other +omes a!d says *b! Abbaas> is there Tawbah for a %iller a!d *b! Abbaas says !o. 4ow you /ot the stude!ts> the +ore stude!ts> *b! Abbaas how +ould you a!swer this a!d the! this= The o!e who as%ed did !ot %!ow be+ause they are ra!dom .assers by> they /ot their "atwa a!d we!t o! their way. The stude!ts who are there> they as%ed> why= What is u. with that Shay%h= "irst someo!e as%s> if someo!e %illed +a! he see% re.e!ta!+e a!d you say yes> a!d the! the other o!e you say !o. *b! Abbaas said> the first o!e * see! tears of re.e!ta!+e i! his eyes. * loo%ed at his eyes> * see! a ma! i! a/o!y> * see! a ma! with tears i! his eyes. (e a!alysed> he studied> what %i!d of ma! is this as%i!/ me= So> * told him yes. The se+o!d o!e he said> * loo%ed i!to his eyes a!d * see! i! his eyes that his is /oi!/ to %ill. This was a differe!t ma! tha! the first o!e. This time * see!> e1il

-a/e F 239> so * said !oG so he will !ot /o a!d %ill. The (u%m o! the %illi!/ is it is (araam> !o dis.ute about that> but the way it is .rea+hed i!> that is a differe!t issue. (owe1er> let me tell you> *b! Abbaas did !ot lie> *b! Abbaas did !ot ma%e a fraudule!t "atwa. *! Tafseer Ath-Thaaalibi> he said it is !arratedC

"!2KE -# T, \ &m! <AEF H ", "-E ; 9, v-$' !Qsw jA !& aT% &T &'-F
*! Tafseer Ath-Thaaalibi> he !arrated that some &Ulamaa used to use the harsher of two o.i!io!s to stri%e fear i! the hearts of the audie!+e> to deter .eo.le from +ommitti!/ si!s. Amo!/ them> was *b! Shihaab a!d *b! Abbaas. So basi+ally> *b! Abbaas did !ot lie> *b! Abbaas +hose o!e of the o.i!io!s be+ause he wa!ted to sto. a ma! from %illi!/G but that o.i!io! is substa!tiated a!d it is i! the boo%s. *s it the stro!/er= 7f +ourse !ot> but he used it to sto. a ma! from %illi!/. Memorisi!/ teDt is easy a!d that is what we are doi!/ here> &Ulamaa who +a! this matter i! 5awah a!d relate> that is 1ery s+ar+e a!d rare today. 'ou read i! the boo%s of ma!!ers of *ftaa> there is se+tio!s o! ma!!ers of *ftaa a!d a Mufti a!d a Shay%h> they tell you i! those boo%s of ma!!ers that a Mufti may +hose to /i1e the harsher of two o.i!io!s. A Mufti may /i1e the harsher of two o.i!io!s if he deems it is be!efi+ial based o! who is as%i!/. This is !ot .layi!/ /ames> we do !ot +o!sider this .layi!/ /ames as some say be+ause you +a!!ot just ma%e u. "atwas> *b! Abbaas would !ot ha1e just made u. a "atwa. 'ou +a!!ot ma%e u. a "atwa e1e! based o! a s+e!ario i! fro!t of you that you would li%e to /i1e a .erso!> !o you +a!!ot do that. But if there is two o.i!io!s a!d there is o!e harsher a!d you +hose to use that o!e> whi+h li%e *b! Abbaas did> the! you +a! do thatG for eDam.le> to sto. someo!e from %illi!/ a!other .erso!. *t is just +hoosi!/ the stri+ter of two o.i!io!s> whi+h you may !ot ado.t that se+o!d harsher o.i!io!> but you are doi!/ it for the be!efit of sto..i!/ someo!e from +ommitti!/ a major si! as *b! Abbaas did. So the .oi!t of that> the .oi!t of that whole matter is o!e thi!/. 'ou !eed to u!dersta!d who you are tal%i!/ to a!d relate to them. Sometimes your messa/e may be dire+ted to wome!> the way you s.ea% to wome! is differe!t tha! how you s.ea% at times i! +ertai! matters to me!. Sometimes it is dire+ted to wome! a!d other times it is dire+ted to me! as a 5aaJiyah. Sometimes> you are s.ea%i!/ to youth a!d sometimes you are /oi!/ to be s.ea%i!/ to elders. 'ou /ot to a!alyse> where am * /oi!/= Where is my tal%= Where am * ha1i!/ a meal at so * +a! .re.are a .re.are a tal%. Are they you!/ me! or are they older me!= What ty.e of .eo.le are they= Are they o! si!s or !o= Sometimes you are s.ea%i!/ to arro/a!t .eo.le> sometimes they are humble.

-a/e F 23:

'ou /ot to be .re.ared i! how you tal% to .eo.le. Sometimes you are /oi!/ to be s.ea%i!/ to edu+ated i! u!i1ersities> sometimes you are /oi!/ to be s.ea%i!/ to .eo.le who are fa+tory wor%ers or illiterate. Sometimes you are /oi!/ to be s.ea%i!/ to leaders a!d sometimes you are /oi!/ to be s.ea%i!/ to layme!. Sometimes you be s.ea%i!/ to +alm a!d +olle+ti1e .eo.le who wa!t sit a!d u!dersta!d a!d ratio!alise a!d may be as% a!d /o ba+% a!d forth so they +a! as% a!d be +o!1i!+ed> a!d sometimes it is /oi!/ to be a!/ry> wild .eo.le who will !ot a++e.t !othi!/ e1e! if it is a +lear +ut Ayah i! the ,ura! or a solid (adith i! Bu%hari a!d Muslim. 'ou do !ot a..roa+h you!/ youth i! the West today> li%e you a..roa+h a stude!t of &*lm who has /o!e throu/h three or four boo%s lear!i!/ it. Some .eo.le /et i!s.ired with Tar/heeb H sFI> some /et i!s.ired with Tarheeb H FI li%e (ell> .u!ishme!t of the /ra1e> i! matters of that sortG some /et i!s.ired to be ri/hteous by doi!/ Tar/heeb o! them. Some /et i!s.ired by both> Tar/heeb a!d Tarheeb> whi+h is the majority of the .eo.le. So you /ot to a!alyse who your audie!+e is. A su++essful 5aaJiyah li%e you *!shaa Allah Taaala> is o!e who .rese!ts the same messa/e> same messa/e> we are !ot here to bar/ai!> the messa/e is the messa/eG but the way you .rese!t it> you ha1e to u!dersta!d your audie!+e so you +a! relate to them. 'ou !eed to .rese!t the messa/e i! a! affe+ti1e way to the audie!+e that you are s.ea%i!/ to. That is what you /et out of this .oi!t that we are tal%i!/ about here a!d that you !eed to a!alyse> that is 1ery im.orta!t. Just as %!owled/e is im.orta!t i! 5awah> this is also just as im.orta!t. The !eDt .oi!t> we are .robably /oi!/ to ta%e some time> you %!ow last wee% we did !ot ha1e a le+ture a!d the wee% before we +ut it short so if we /o o1er time a little bit * ho.e that is alri/ht with e1eryo!e. 7%> Ja?a%um Allahu ;hayr.

6IS,O0 05ST BE IN ,A76A2

Wisdom must be i! 5awah> a!d it must be based o! for/i1e!ess> it must be based o! bei!/ %i!dC

&6 Ul> :<= ... / h 1 / & 1 / 0= 1 W < 1 1 AL 8 1

The radiD of 5awah is to be %i!d> to be /e!tle> to +hoose the best words> to +hose the best methods> to +hose the best ma!!ers. A!d liste! to that> be+ause the !eDt .oi!t after this is im.orta!t. A/ai!> liste! to this be+ause the .oi!t after this is !ot /oi!/ to erase this .oi!t.

-a/e F 233

The fou!datio! or ori/i! for 5awah is to be %i!d. 'ou must be /e!tle i! how you +o!1ey it. 'ou must +hoose the best words. 'ou /o to the thesaurus> if there is se1e! words to +o!1ey a messa/e> you +hose the best a!d most %i!d word to +o!1ey your messa/e. 'ou be i! the best of your ma!!ers a!d you +hoose the best of all methods. Allah saidC

-N ! V? :`EA ... ... 1 - 4 5 3 j / 9 1

S.ea% to .eo.le /ood. The best> (us!aa H 4 5 I> the best of all ways. / 9

i ; 3 f O 1 1 7 : / 6 # f / T 9 1 A; / ! 1 s 1 H / ...W P J 1 -p / 1 / E / 9
*t is by the mer+y of Allah that you dealt with them /e!tly> had you bee! se1ere a!d harsh with them> they would ha1e dis.ersed. They would ha1e dis.ersed away> they would ha1e bro%e! away from you oh -ro.het of Allah a!d they would ha1e we!t o!> o! their ow!. They would ha1e left you a!d they would ha1e we!t o! their ow!.

! ; ... / 'L v / ; 1 6 1 z 6 / ! / / / T / T / ! / J 1 % / U>^ :" bZ ...6 / 1

So as% Allah for/i1e!ess for them. A!d this /oes ba+% to> remember the first stateme!t of the author> *Jlam Rahima% Allah. As% Allah for for/i1e!ess for them. Why= These are li%e stude!ts> you are li%e a father to them. A!d +o!sult them i! the affairs> e1e! if you are !ot /oi!/ to +hoose a!d ta%e their de+isio!> +o!sult them to show them how %i!d you are to them.

3 1 a h ! ... 1 3 & / , - 1 0/ < 1 ' 1 @ / , F H 9 5 1 ' 1 H n_ :[-A0

Allah says> do !ot ar/ue> if a matter rea+hed to a debate> if a matter rea+hed to a! ar/ume!t> do !ot debate with the -eo.le of the S+ri.ture> the Jews a!d the <hristia!s> u!less it be i! a ma!!er> i! a fashio! that is better. U!less it is i! the best of all ma!!ers> with /ood words> /ood wordsC

3 1 ... 1 3 & 1 ' / , 9 5 1 H

A!d /ood ma!!ers. This is whe! it /ets to a debate> so ima/i!e whe! it is i! 5awah.

-a/e F 236

&6 ... / h 1 1 / & 1 5 1 O 1 / = / ! / 0= 1 W / < 1 1 AL 8 1 Ul> :<=

Allah says to the -ro.het Muhamma sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> oh Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> i!1ite to the way of your #ord> i!1ite to *slam> i!1ite to the Shareeah by wisdomC

&6 ... / h 1 / & 1 / 0= 1 W < 1 1 AL 8 1

By wisdom> di1i!e re1elatio!.

&6 ... / h 1 1 / & 1 5 1 O 1 / = / ! / 0= 1 W / < 1 1 AL 8 1

"air .rea+hi!/ a!d ar/ue with them i! the way that is better> the best. So the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d he is the -ro.het of Allah> he was ordered to +hoose a!d +o!1ey the messa/e i! the best of all ma!!ers. A!d Allah tells him> if you would ha1e bee! harsh they would ha1e dis.ersed> they would ha1e dis.ersed away from you. *f that is to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the! what should we say= Wisdom i! 5awah is !ot to +om.romise the tea+hi!/ of *slam. Wisdom i! 5awah does !ot mea! you bar/ai! o! .ri!+i.les of *slam. The moder!ist 1ersio! of wisdom i! 5awah> is to +om.romise the .ri!+i.les of *slam a!d to /i1e i!. That is their 1ersio!> that is the moder!ist 1ersio!. The sell out> deluded .eo.le> yes that is their 1ersio!> to /i1e i! a!d tell them that whi+h they wa!t to hear> that is their 1ersio! of wisdom. *b! al-,ayyim i! Madaarij As-Saali%ee! a+tually defi!es wisdom. The way that it is su..osed to be do!e i!> a!d i! the ma!!er that it is su..osed be do!e i!> a!d a timi!/ that it is su..osed to be do!e i!. There is a differe!+e i! s.ea%i!/ to .eo.le o! a le1el they u!dersta!d that we me!tio!ed i! a .re1ious .oi!t> a!d here this .oi!t is to be s.ea%i!/ to .eo.le i! a %i!d ma!!er. The .re1ious .oi!t is to s.ea% to .eo.le o! a le1el they u!dersta!d a!d here it is to s.ea% to .eo.le i! a %i!d a!d wise ma!!er> that is o!e side. That is o!e thi!/> a!d +om.romisi!/ *slam whi+h is totally differe!t. 'ou ha1e to u!dersta!d those are two differe!t thi!/s. Just be+ause you wa!t to s.ea% to .eo.le o! a le1el they u!dersta!d a!d you be %i!d to them> it does !ot mea! you +om.romise *slam. Those are two totally differe!t thi!/s. *! (adith A!as> i! Sahih al-Bu%hari a!d i! Sahih Muslim> the (adith !arrated o! the authority of A!as *b! Maali% radhiallahu &a!hu. (e said> whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam se!t Muadh> a!d a+tually the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told it to A!as> he told it to Muadh a!d he told to Abu Musa al-Ashari. *t is also i! additio! to Bu%hari a!d Muslim> it is also i! Mus!ad al-Ba??ar. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> ma%e thi!/s easy for .eo.le a!d do !ot ma%e it diffi+ult for them. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam whe! he se!t Muadh> i!

-a/e F 236

Sahih al-Bu%hari> Muslim a!d Mus!ad al-Ba??ar a!d it is also !arrated by A!as> he said ma%e thi!/s easy for .eo.le a!d do !ot ma%e thi!/s diffi+ult for them.

! ! F H &! F H / J / X / 5 / 5
*t mea!s> ma%e Salah easy. 'es ma%e Salah easy> does that tell them> oh you %!ow> if you do !ot ma%e Salah that is /ood. Ma%e Salah a!ytime you wa!t> if you +ome ba+% la?y from wor%> +ombi!e all fi1e of them after *shaa be+ause you ha1e bee! at wor%. That is !ot what it mea!s. The (adith says ma%e thi!/s easy for them. Ma%e Salah easy for them yes> how do you ma%e Salah easy= Tea+h them that whe! they are tra1elli!/> that they +a! +ombi!e a!d shorte! their .rayers> that is ma%i!/ it easier for them. 'ou ma%e it easy by showi!/ them some of the Ru%has i! *slam. Ma%e it easy for them by telli!/ .eo.le that if you are si+%> you do !ot ha1e to fast. *f you are si+%> you do !ot ha1e to ma%e your Salah sta!di!/> you +a! ma%e your Salah sitti!/. *f you +a!!ot do it sitti!/> you +a! ma%e it lyi!/ dow!. *f you +a!!ot ma%e it lyi!/ dow!> ma%e it with your eyes. Ma%e thi!/s easier by showi!/ them how they do !ot ha1e to fast whe! they are si+%> ma%e it easier for them by showi!/ them that they do !ot ha1e to fast whe! they are tra1elli!/. That is ma%i!/ it easy for them. Ma%e it easy for them by showi!/ them that haste!i!/ the fast i! Ramadhaa! or i! a!y re/ular fast a!d delayi!/ the Suhoor> haste!i!/ the fast a!d delayi!/ the Suhoor is the best a!d that is re+omme!ded by the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. Why= So the /a. betwee! the times that you are fasti!/ will be shorte!ed. That is ma%i!/ it easy for them. That is how you ma%e it easier for them> u!li%e what they ta%e it to mea! today. Tea+h them that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was !e1er /i1e! a +hoi+e betwee! two (alaal matters> eD+e.t he +hose the o!e that is easier. 'ou tea+h them that> so whe! they are .rese!ted with a +hoi+e i! *slam> they do !ot ma%e thi!/s diffi+ult o! themsel1es. That is a +hoi+e betwee! (alaal matters> betwee! (alaal matters. *t is ta%e! today by some of the deluded> sell out moder!ists to mea! (araam. *f it is a (araam a!d a (alaal a!d the (araam is easier> you /o with the (araam. *t +ould be for eDam.le for /oi!/ to (ajj> dri1i!/ or wal%i!/> * ha1e the +hoi+e. Most li%ely the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam would ha1e +hose ridi!/ be+ause it is easier> that is (alaal a!d that is (alaal so the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam most li%ely> a!d he did /o ridi!/ to Ma%%ah. *t does !ot mea! that if o!e is /i1e! a +hoi+e betwee! (alaal a!d (araam> be+ause i! the be/i!!i!/ of the (adith it me!tio!s it broadly> it saysC

3 . -L 1 / 1 3 b ! / & 3 L 3 * / , 1 /
Betwee! two matters. So it does !ot s.e+ify but it really mea!s (alaal matters be+ause the e!d of the (adith we are /oi!/ to /et to> it does !ot mea! if o!e is /i1e!
-a/e F 23$

a +hoi+e betwee! a (alaal a!d a (araam> that the (araam is easier> that they +hoose the (araam. That is !ot what the (adith mea!s be+ause the +o!ti!uatio! of the (adith says at the e!d of it> a!d if it was a si!ful matter> he would be the furthest away from it. That is the e!d of the (adith that ma!y do !ot me!tio!. A!d if it was a si!ful matter> he would be the furthest away from it. Ma%i!/ it easy does !ot mea! +ha!/i!/ a (araam to a (alaal> to ma%e it easy. #i%e the "ataawa we see today> u!der the i!ter.retatio!s of ma%i!/ thi!/s easy based o! this (adith> oh what is your .roof= 'assiru wa #aa Tuassiru. Usury is (alaal i! the West> why= 'assiru wa #aa Tuassiru. The .eo.le if they sell al+ohol to !o! Muslims> that is (alaal> 'assiru wa #aa Tuassiru. They we!t to a! eDtreme a!d a! eDte!t i! these %i!d of issues> u!der the misu!dersta!di!/ ofC

! F H / 5 / 5
'ou see what it mea!s. 'ou ma%e your Salah sitti!/ if you +a!!ot do it sta!di!/> you +ombi!e if you are tra1elli!/> you do !ot ha1e to fast whe! you are tra1elli!/. 7r whe! you are telli!/ a woma!> today some of them tell a woma! oh you +a! wear those +a.s> today there is +a.s a!d they +all them (ijaab. A little hat they .ut o! a!d that is +alled (ijaab today> why= She is i! Ameri+a> she mi/ht ha1e to ride the bus or she ha1e to /o> 'assiru wa #aa Tuassiru. The Muslims i! the West> they +a! do that be+ause the eye is o! them> 'assiru wa #aa Tuassiru. Some we!t e1e! further to say !o (ijaab> /o ahead !o (ijaab at all> 'assiru wa #aa Tuassiru. So basi+ally> the .oi!t of this .oi!t that we are tal%i!/ about> the radiD or fou!datio! of 5awah is to be %i!d a!d to ma%e thi!/s easier. The +ha!!els a!d the li!es> there is a li!e just li%e whe! you are dri1i!/> you do !ot /o .ass the si/! or that li!e. There is two li!es set forth> you ma%e thi!/s easier betwee! those li!es. 'ou ma%e thi!/s easy a!d you lower your wi!/ while you are +o!1eyi!/ the messa/e> mea!i!/C

&6 Ul> :<= ... / h 1 / & 1 / 0= 1 W < 1 1 AL 8 1

Whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam .assed a woma! at a /ra1e> she was +ryi!/> she was wee.i!/ a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam as usual> tries to +alm .eo.le dow!> tries to relate to them. So he told herC

A. , 1 '9 / 5 / ,! / 1 /
Be .atie!t a!d see% reward from Allah. She saidC

3 1 ; / 1 ' W 1 A K 1 / K 1& / W F
Aet away from me> she is telli!/ the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /et away from me. She is s+oldi!/ the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> you ha1e !ot bee!
-a/e F 23)

hit with a +alamity> * ha1e bee! hit. This is the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam she is s.ea%i!/ to> a!other 5aaJiyah would /o off o! her> how dare you s.ea% to me li%e that> you %!ow who * am= * am Shay%h so a!d so> you %!ow how ma!y le+tures * ha1e /i1e!> you %!ow how ma!y boo%s * ha1e writte!. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam just wal%ed away !ormally. Whe! the Sahaabah told her that was the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> she fou!d out that was the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> she we!t ui+%ly to him a!d he was le!ie!t. (e /i1es her more words> she +omes to a.olo/ise a!d he /i1es her more words of ad1i+e> he saysC

/ ! 1 1 / / 2K 3 1 3 2 3 / AK
(ere is more ad1i+e> if you ha1e i! the future a .roblem> .atie!+e is whe! +alamity first affli+ts you. So the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did !ot /o off at her be+ause he u!derstood her situatio!. She is i! a situatio! where she lost a so!> so he u!derstood that. But %ee. that i! mi!d whe! we tal% about the !eDt .oi!t. *! Mus!ad Ahmad o! the authority of Abu Umaamah> a ma! +omes to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam as%i!/ him to +ommit for!i+atio!. (e says oh -ro.het of Allah> +ommit for!i+atio!. *f that was to ha..e! today with the &Ulamaa today> Allahu Alam what would ha..e! to that ma!. They are /oi!/ to de+lare him a "aasi a!d they are /oi!/ to tal% about him> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +almed the Sahaabah dow! be+ause they /ot mad. (ow dare you disres.e+t the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d us for eDam.le> with a uestio! li%e that= The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

/ /
Mea!i!/ ta%e it easy> +alm dow! all of you. They we!t to sile!+e> they are obedie!t to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> they we!t to +om.lete sile!+e. The! he told the ma!> +ome here> the ma! was at the e!d of the (ala ah be+ause he is there to as% uestio! a!d %ee. /oi!/ o! his way. <ome here> /et +loser> * wa!t to you /et +loser. 'ou %!ow how that feels whe! you bri!/ someo!e> a you!/ youth to you> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam bri!/s him to his side a!d he /ets +lose to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> the! he s.ea%s to that youth i! a way with both .roof a!d i!telle+t. (e did !ot start slammi!/ him with Ayaat a!d Ahaadith. 4o> he also used i!telle+t be+ause this was a youth> a you!/ ma! who uses his mi!d. A lot of the youth> that is why it is the best deali!/ with the youth be+ause they a!alyse thi!/s a!d they +a! tell. They will !ot follow> es.e+ially the youth> they will !ot follow the tre!d of the elders. (e said to him> you a++e.t it for your mother= The you!/ boy said !o. (e said> the! .eo.le do !ot a++e.t that for their mothers> .eo.le do !ot wa!t that for their mothers. 5o you a++e.t that for your sister= Would you wa!t that to ha..e! to your sister= (e said !o> who would wa!t that to ha..e! to their sister= (e said> .eo.le do !ot a++e.t that or wa!t it for their sisters. The! he said> do you a++e.t it for your .ater!al
-a/e F 238

au!t= (e said !o> who would a++e.t that for their au!t= (e said> that the! .eo.le do !ot a++e.t that for their au!t. The! he said> do you a++e.t that for your mater!al au!t= (e !amed them o!e by o!e> he +ould ha1e used o!e eDam.le but so the youth +a! thi!%. Would you a++e.t it for your mater!al au!t= (e said !o> who would a++e.t that for his mater!al au!t= (e said> .eo.le will !ot a++e.t that for their au!ts as well. The! he o! his +hest> he /rabs him> he .uts his ha!d o! his +hest a!d he said to him> made 5uaa for him> he saidC

/ 1 s ! k! 3 / K A/ N A/ 3 T 9 / ; / T / J
7h Allah> for/i1e his si! a!d .urify his heart a!d .urify his .ri1ate .arts from doi!/ a!y (araam. The you!/ boy left sayi!/ Wallahi> * left from the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d there is !othi!/ * des.ise more tha! Ei!a a!d he !e1er we!t !ear it. (e did !ot /o !ear it> !or did he ha1e the desire for it after that. "ew words> that is the wisdom. ;ee. that i! mi!d also whe! we tal% about the !eDt .oi!t as well. *! Bu%hari a!d i! Muslim> (adith A!as> the Bedoui! who +omes i!to the Masjid of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 7ut of all the desert> he is +omi!/ from the desert a!d out of all the outside area arou!d the Masjid> Madi!ah whe! * we!t there as a %id was 1ery small> you +ould wal% all Madi!ah maybe i! fiftee! mi!utes> twe!ty mi!utes. The +ore .art of Madi!ah ba+% the!> so ima/i!e how it was duri!/ the time of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 7f +ourse !ow it is bi/> but ba+% the! it was small. *! the desert> he +ould !ot fi!d !o better s.ot> he +ould !ot fi!d !o s.ot to uri!ate> he /oes to the +or!er of the Masjid a!d uri!ates. *f this was to ha..e! today i! a Masjid> what would ha..e!= The shoes would be flyi!/ at him> he would /et a beati!/ a!d the! they are /oi!/ to +all the .oli+e a!d tell them ta%e him out of here a!d .ut him i! .riso! where he .robably +ha!/e his reli/io! or somethi!/ e1e! worse tha! that. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam tells the Sahaabah who /ot mad a!d we!t u. to himC

( h -
5o !ot +ut him from uri!ati!/. *b! (ajr whe! he +omme!ted o! this (adith> he said loo% how dee. the wisdom of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is i! 5aJwah. *f he was to let them sto. him from uri!ati!/> it is /oi!/ to be all o1er himself be+ause he is /oi!/ to sto.> what he is /oi!/ to do is /et u.. (e is !ot /oi!/ to be able to sto.> it is /oi!/ to be all o1er. *b! (ajr says it is /oi!/ to be all o1er his +lothes a!d all o1er the Masjid. The !eDt .oi!t is> if he holds it i! a!d if he was able to hold it i! whe! they sto. him> the! it is /oi!/ to +ause him harm> it is /oi!/ to harm him. So after he was do!e> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told the a!/ered Sahaabah how to +lea! it. 0stablished a lesso! for us> how to +lea! it if you ha1e it i! your> what you do. The! he brou/ht the Bedoui!. (e did !ot let it /o> he did !ot let thi!/s slide. 4o> but he dealt with the matter with wisdom. (e brou/ht the Bedoui! a!d he told him i! su+h %i!d a!d wise ma!!ers that
-a/e F 26@

the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o!ly +ould do. The ma!> the Bedoui! left sayi!/ oh Allah ha1e mer+y me a!d o! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> mea!i!/ me a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam alo!e. 01e! that> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did !ot let him /o. (e said> the mer+y of Allah is 1ast a!d you +a!!ot limit it to me a!d you. So the -ro.het +orre+ted> but he used a wise way where .eo.le +a! a++e.t it a!d a way .eo.le +a! relate to it> i! (i%mah a!d Mawidhah al-(asa!ah H 1 5 / =

1 1 O I. /

*! Bu%hari a!d Muslim. *! Bu%hari a+tually> * do !ot thi!% it is i! Muslim from what * re+all ri/ht !ow> * do !ot thi!% it is i! Muslim. *! Bu%hari> how the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +orre+ted Umar *b! Abi Salamah> how to eat from a .late> i! su+h %i!d hwords a!d he a++e.ted it a!d +o!ti!ued li%e that u!til the latter .art of his life. A broader lesso! was whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was o! the ;abah> o! the /ate of the ;abah a!d the .eo.le who for !early two de+ades did e1erythi!/ to harm him> e1erythi!/ you +a! ima/i!e to harm him> !ow he has te! thousa!d> well armed me! surrou!di!/ them. They are at his mer+y. (e +ould dire+t them with a fi!/er> with o!e word a!d they would all be elimi!ated off the fa+e of the 0arth. These are .eo.le who harmed him for de+ades a!d they harmed his family a!d %illed some of the +om.a!io!s. (e surrou!ds them with te! thousa!d me! a!d he says to them> after he /i1es a sermo!> what do you thi!% * am /oi!/ to do with you today= What did they say=

0 & 0 f,
The ma/!a!imous> the so! of the ma/!a!imous. 'ou are !ot /oi!/ to do !othi!/. Basi+ally> they mea!t the ma/!a!imous so! of the ma/!a!imous> you are /oi!/ to for/i1e us. 'ou are really !ot /oi!/ to do !othi!/. Be+ause whe! o!e is /e!erous> whe! o!e has !oble +hara+ter> a!d he is at a status of .ower> he is /oi!/ to for/i1e. (e said the words of 'usuf Jalayhis salaamC

^l :vL- ... H 6 0/ / / 1 / + F ...

#et there be !o re.roa+h +ast u.o! you. May Allah for/i1e you> you are free to /oC

/ 1 z 9 / 0 3 / 0/ / , ! J / / 1 / + F H -A P E \ 1 1 9 / '/ I; 3
So you see how the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam dealt with wisdom i! these matters> ma!y eDam.les. Muaawiyah *b! al-(a%am as-Salami> i! Sahih Muslim> he was ma%i!/ Salah behi!d the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. A ma! s!ee?ed so Muaawiyah *b! al-(a%am said 'arhamu% Allah H W9I to the ma! who s!ee?ed while they are i! Salah> he said 'arhamu% Allah. "rom the (adith> the way the (adith /oes> it a..ears that Muaawiyah was u.set that the ma! did !ot say
-a/e F 262

'ahdee%um Allah wa 'uslih Baala%um H 0 &eK !02TI. (e did !ot res.o!d to him so it seems that MuaaJwiyah radhiallahu &a!hu %e.t sayi!/> a!d this is differe!t tha! Muaawiyah *b! Abi Sufya! but radhiallahu &a!hu both of them> he %e.t sayi!/ 'arhamu% Allah. *t a!!oyed the Sahaabah to the .oi!t some of them> the (adith says some of them +la..ed o! their la.s. They +la..ed o! their la.s to tell the ma! be uiet. (e u!derstood it> he /ot u.set a!d he be+ame uieted. Why he re.eated it= (e assumed> he .ossibly wa!ted the ma! to say 'ahdee%um Allah wa 'uslih Baala%um. Whe! he see! the Sahaabah /et a!!oyed a!d they +la..ed o! their la.s> he we!t sile!t. 4ow the Salah is do!e> so the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam bri!/s this ma!. The -ro.het +alled him o1er. There is a mista%e> he did !ot let it slide a!d say wisdom is to let it slide. 4o> he +alls Muaawiyah> +ome o1er here. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam ad1ised him a!d dire+ted him a!d tau/ht him a!d told him this Salah> we do !ot say this %i!d of thi!/ i! it. The Salah is for this> this> a!d that. Muaawiyah said Wallahi> he did !ot hate me. Wallahi> he did !ot hit me> !or did he +urse me. (e /e!tly> i! the most %i!d way> told me that this is Salah a!d we +a!!ot say a!y of that whi+h you said i! it. 'ou o!ly do Tasbeeh a!d Ta%beer a!d re+ite ,urJa! i! it. So the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam eD.lai!ed it i! a %i!d ma!!er. #oo% what ha..e!ed from that story. As soo! as he did that> that was the e!d of that .art. 'ou %!ow what ha..e!ed= Muaawiyah *b! al-(a%am o.e!s his heart !ow> ri/ht i! that same setti!/> be/i!s to ha1e a heart to heart tal% with the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam a!d as%s him uestio!s .ertai!i!/ to other matters that he was o! before he be+ame Muslim. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam ad1ised him> that o.e!ed his heart> he be/a! to as% ma!y uestio!s about matters .ertai!i!/ to how his life was i! Jaahiliyyah a!d the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam told him that that is mis/uida!+e. The .oi!t of that is> whe! the -ro.het related to him i! a wise a!d a %i!d ma!!er> it showed that ma! Muaawiyah radhiallahu &a!hu> that the -ro.het was a..roa+hable. 'ou +a! as% him a!ythi!/> you +a! /o to him with a!ythi!/. After that you %!ow who this ma! was= This ma! was the ma! who brou/ht the ser1a!t he had sla..ed o! her fa+e a!d he was as%i!/ the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam that he felt bad for hitti!/ her a!d what the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam deems as his jud/me!t. (ad the -ro.het bee! harsh> he would !ot ha1e that heart to heart tal% after he +orre+ted that issue. This ma! would ha1e !ot e1er +ame to him later o! i! life with a sla1e> telli!/ him * hit her> what should * do. (e would ha1e bee! afraid to a..roa+h the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. The -ro.het as%ed that woma!> a!d that is the famous (adith that you %!ow where the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam as%ed her> where is Allah= She did !ot s.ea% the la!/ua/e but she u!derstood> she .oi!ted to the s%y so the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam said free her. (ad the -ro.het !ot bee! %i!d i!
-a/e F 269

+orre+ti!/ Muaawiyah the first time> had he said be uiet> you do !ot do this i! the Salah> embarrassed him i! fro!t of the Sahaabah or told him do !ot +ome to the +o!/re/atio! or he +ould ha1e said o!e word that would ha1e bee! harsh where the ma! would ha1e !e1er +ame ba+% a/ai!. But he felt so +omfortable that he +a! +ome to him to the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam with a!ythi!/ a!d that is how we lear!> o!e of the be!efits of it> we lear! o!e of the bi//est .roof i! the Su!!ah o! Allah> Ay! Allah> is this (adith ri/ht here. Allah told two Messe!/ers> .ertai!i!/ to 5aJwah. Allah told two messe!/ers> Musa a!d his brotherC

3 #D ' 3 3 4 -E ; $ nn :k / ! 4 3 H H / , 6 / N 8 X
What more do you wa!t for .roof o! wisdom= This hits the .ea%. Wisdom i! 5aJwah a!d bei!/ %i!d i! 5aJwah> this hits the .ea%. Allah tells two of the s.e+ial Messe!/ers> Musa a!d (aroo!> s.ea% to him %i!dly> .erha.s he may a++e.t the admo!itio! that you are /oi!/ to /i1e him a!d maybe he will fear Allah a!d +ome ba+% to the ri/ht .ath. *b! ;atheer +omme!ti!/ o! this 1erse said> this is a lesso!. "irJaw! was i! the .ea% of his arro/a!+e> "irJaw! was i! the .ea% of his .ride yet o!e of the most +hose! Messe!/ers> Musa a!d his brother (aroo!> are ordered to a..roa+h a ma! who is i! the .ea% of his arro/a!+e a!d .ride with a %i!d way. *f Allah said to s.ea% to "iraw! /e!tly> a tyra!t who said * am the su.reme lord. Allah tells Musa a!d (aroo!> s.ea% /e!tly to a ma! who says * am your su.reme lord> he saidC

/ ln :[Y ... / , 0P &6 8

The! ima/i!e how mu+h mer+y a!d +om.assio! a!d %i!d!ess you !eed to ha1e whe! you s.ea% to someo!e who says Allah is the Most Su.reme #ord. "irJaw! said * am your su.reme lord a!d they were ordered to s.ea% to him %i!dly. 'ou are s.ea%i!/ to .eo.le who say Allah is my Su.reme #ord> so ima/i!e how mu+h %i!d!ess a!d sym.athy a!d mer+y a!d wisdom you !eed to ha1e with them. A ma! wal%ed i! o! al-MaJmoo!> duri!/ the day of the Abbaasid ;hilaafah whe! he was a ;haleefah> a!d he be/a! to admo!ish him 1ery harshly. So al-MaJmoo! was wise> whe! he s.o%e he was .retty mu+h wise> he said Allah se!t a ma! better tha! you to a ma! who is worse tha! me> a!d (e told Musa a!d (aroo!C

4 -E ; nn :k ... 4 3 H H / N
S.ea% to him %i!dly. *b! Masood> i! al-Bu%hari said> it is as if * am loo%i!/ at the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam whe! he is sayi!/ the story of a .rior Messe!/er whose .eo.le beat him a!d he was sayi!/C
-a/e F 26:

/ 1 " 1 s 1 - / H 3 1 ; 3 / T 3 T / E / J
A Messe!/er who was bleedi!/> the -ro.het used to +o!1ey the Messa/e a!d he used to wi.e the blood off a!d say> 7h Allah for/i1e my .eo.le they do !ot %!ow. This is 5aJwah to Allah> %i!d!ess> you /ot to ta%e the hardshi.s that /o with it. Sometimes> you may be humiliated> you /ot to ta%e that. That is all .art of 5aJwah. The .oi!t of this whole .oi!t is> be %i!d a!d wise i! how you +o!1ey the 5aJwah. 7ur -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam was the fou!tai! a!d well of te!der!ess a!d warm hearted!ess. That is our -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> he was a shore less o+ea! of %i!d!ess a!d lo1e. That was the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. There is !ot a harsh word that someo!e +a! say> why did he say that> that was !ot wise or +orre+t i! the matter or the setti!/ that he said it i!. That is our -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. (e sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam was a s.ri!/ of mer+y.

3 1 u UMr :\ A 4 / L 1 / / 6 6 9 ! H / ,
(e was +om.assio! a!d he was a mer+y to ma!%i!d. 4ot ma!%i!d> to the U!i1erse> JAalamee! is the U!i1erse. (uma!> Ji!!> a!d the U!i1erse itself> belie1ers a!d !o! belie1ers ali%e. (e did !ot /i1e i!> the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam did !ot /i1e i!. Whe! there was a mista%e> he +orre+ted it. (e !e1er let a mista%e .ass by> !e1er. 4e1er did the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam let a mista%e .ass by. (e did !ot just let it /o> but he did +orre+t it a!d he did it i! the most %i!d a!d a!d wise ma!!er. A woma! from Ba!i *sraeel> a belie1i!/ woma!> a .rostitute> we!t to hea1e! a!d Allah for/a1e her of her si!s of .rostitutio! a!d Allah %!ows what else of her si!s. Allah for/a1e her be+ause she had +om.assio! toward a do/. 'our 5aJwah is mer+y. Whe! you are a 5aaJiyah> you ha1e mer+y. She had mer+y to a do/ be+ause she filled her shoes u. a!d brou/ht him water be+ause she was thirsty a!d she %!ew how it felt a!d she %!ew how the do/ felt. She had mer+y to the do/ so Allah for/a1e her for that. *f mer+y o1er a do/ by a .rostitute was mea!s for her for/i1e!ess from major si!s> the! ima/i!e the reward for mer+y o1er Belie1ers i! #aa ilaaha illallaah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah. *ma/i!e the reward for mer+y o1er ma!%i!d. 5aJwah is a! art> it is deali!/ with the hearts. 'ou are o.erati!/ o! the hearts> you ha1e to %!ow how to deal with it. Sometimes> you are deali!/ with those who are ri/hteous> it ha..e!s that you are deali!/ with those who are ri/hteous. Sometimes> you +o!1ey a matter i! a! way a!d it is a ri/hteous matter but you +hoose a! way> it would lead a layma! to see the truth that you are +o!1eyi!/ as e1il> be+ause of your a..roa+h. -ay atte!tio! to that. Sometimes> you +o!1ey a matter i! a way that is> you are o! the truth> you are o! the (a > but the way you +o!1ey it +ould lead a layma! to see the truth as e1il be+ause of your
-a/e F 263

a..roa+h. Sometimes> a! i!!o1ator or a moder!ist who are masters> es.e+ially the moder!ists they are masters at their BotoD> say +heese smiles. They ha1e these BotoD> say +heese smiles whe! they +o!1ey their filth a!d their sell out> deluded form of *slam. They ha1e these fa%e smiles a!d they +o!1ey the matter a!d you +ould see it is so fa%e> they +o!1ey that e1il a!d be+ause of the way they +o!1ey it to layme!> they see that e1il as truth. As a 5aaJiyah> you !eed to u!dersta!d> we are !ot deali!/ with de1ils> we are !ot here deali!/ with de1ils. 5e1ils> we are !ot ordered to /i1e them 5aJwah. We are !ot deali!/ with a!/els either> mea!i!/ there are /oi!/ to be mista%es. We are !ot deali!/ with sto!es> we are !ot deali!/ with sto!es here. We are deali!/ with souls> some are /ood a!d some are bad. There are the dissolute "aajir> +ate/ory of "aajiree! a!d there are the de1ote Mutta ee!. 'ou %!ow the +ate/ories you are deali!/ with. Allah said i! the ,urJa!C

r / F! T / ! 6 ; / I; T ! E -@ 3 L t : J tX V
Allah /i1es a! oath by the 4afs> the soul> a!d (e Who .erfe+ted it i! .ro.ortio!> Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala. A!d (e showed them that whi+h is wro!/ a!d that whi+h is ri/ht.

/ F! T V 6 ; / I; T E -@
Mea!i!/ you are /oi!/ to ha1e both +ate/ories. So you ha1e to +o!1ey the messa/e i! wisdom a!d %i!d!ess> some who are Mutta ee! a!d some who are "ujjaar. 'ou deal with that soul> with that heart> with (i%mah.

6IS,O0 IN ,A76A2



'ou see that lo!/ tal% we /a1e o! how you must +o!1ey this messa/e i! (i%mah a!d you ha1e to be %i!d i! your 5aJwah a!d how that is a fou!datio! a!d ori/i! of 5aJwah. 4ow the !eDt .oi!t is> !ot the o..osite of this .oi!t but a +o!ti!uatio!. Just as 5aJwah should be le!ie!t a!d it should be based o! wisdom> sometimes wisdom e!tails that o!e is harsh. So that at times> o!e +a! be harsh i! 5aJwah> you +a!!ot de!y that. The same story we used to show that 5aJwah is wisdom a!d it should be +o!1eyed i! a %i!d a!d a best ma!!er> also those same stories a!d ma!y of them show that there is a! as.e+t i! 5aJwah that is harsh. *t is eD+e.tio!al> yes> but there is a .art of 5aJwah where there is harsh!ess i! it. The story of Musa Jalayhis salaam whe! he was ordered to /o to "irJaw!C

4 -E ; nn :k ... 4 3 H H / N
-a/e F 266

Musa> at the e!d> a!d this a lot of .eo.le try to hide it> whe! "irJaw! /ot belli/ere!t> whe! he /ot arro/a!t> whe! Musa sort of hit the e!d of the +ha!!el with him> whe! he /ot arro/a!t with Musa> "iraw! said to MusaC

P UMU :\Lw 6 ... 1 5 W / - 4 -= 8 L

Musa +ome here> what= (e said * thi!% you are bewit+hed. (e is mo+%i!/ him> he is ridi+uli!/ him. What did Musa say=

4 -E ; nn :k ... 4 3 H H / N
Wisdom> but o1er here what did he tell him= Musa re.lied to him a!d he said> * thi!% you "iraw!> this is Musa tal%i!/> * thi!% you are doomed> you are +ursedC

P UMl :\Lw 6 ... 6 1 1 ! / + W " 4 -A / / ;

'ou thi!% * am bewit+hed> * thi!% you are +ursed> * thi!% you are doomed. 'ou %!ow the word Mathbooraa> what is mea!s= Mathbooraa mea!s destroyed> it mea!s doomed> it mea!s +ursed. *b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!hu said Mathbooraa mea!s +ursed> MalJoo! H"-I. Mathbooraa mea!s +ursed> MalJoo!> disli%ed. Musa is telli!/ "irJaw!> you are MalJoo!. That is what the i!ter.retatio! of *b! Abbaas is of the word Mathbooraa> you are MalJoo! "irJaw!. 7ther Mufassiree! said Mathbooraa mea!s doomed or destroyed> that mea!s you are /oi!/ to be doomed or destroyed. #i%e Mujaahid> Mujaahid said Mathbooraa mea!s doomed. Al-"arraa said o!e who has !o /ood i! him> is what Mathbooraa is. So yes> (e told him be %i!d to "irJaw! but there is a!other side to it that you +a!!ot de!y. (e told him be %i!d to "irJaw! but there is a!other side that you +a!!ot de!y. #e!ie!+y i! 5aJwah is the ori/i!. #e!ie!+y i! 5aJwah is the ori/i! a!d it is the majority but do !ot de!y that bei!/ harsh> whi+h is usually eD+e.tio!al> is also .art of *slam. 7!ly the deluded moder!ists a!d those who /o alo!/ with them are the o!es who de!y that bei!/ harsh is !ot .art of *slam. *t is a+tually a .art of *slam> is it eD+e.tio!al= Most defi!itely it is eD+e.tio!al. The o1erwhelmi!/ majority a!d the ori/i! a!d fou!datio! a!d radiD of 5aJwah> is %i!d a!d a..roa+hi!/ .eo.le i! the best ma!!er> but there is also harsh!ess i! 5aJwah. 'ou ha1e story of "irJaw! a!d Musa> you ha1e the story of 4imrood a!d *braheem Jalayhis salaam. 'ou ha1e the story of the ma! a!d two Ja!!ah a!d his brother> you ha1e the story of ,aroo! a!d his .eo.le. Ma!y stories i! the ,urJa! a!d ma!y stories i! the (adith. Sometimes i! these stories> it is le!ie!t> all of it is le!ie!t. Some of it is harsh> some of it is le!ie!t a!d harsh just li%e the story of "irJaw!. 'es> they we!t to him i! the best way i!itially but at the e!d> he told himC

P UMl :\Lw 6 ... 6 1 1 ! / + W " 4 -A / / ;

-a/e F 266

Why= Be+ause we said the defi!itio! of wisdom i! 5aJwah> we did !ot say it mea!s le!ie!+y i! 5aJwah> we said that is the ori/i! of it> wisdom i! 5aJwah is !ot le!ie!+y. That is the ori/i! of it> yes> that is the majority of it but that is !ot the defi!itio!. Wisdom is to .ut somethi!/ i! its .la+e> i! the ma!!er> i! the timi!/. A!yo!e who does !ot belie1e i! Shahaadah is ;aafir. *f you do !ot belie1e i! Ashhadu allaa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah> a ;aafir is a ;aafir. * do !ot %!ow what the .roblem is with that> for de+ades> * +ould !ot u!dersta!d what the .roblem is. They +all us ;aafir> if you do !ot belie1e Jesus is the so! of Aod. To them> they +o!sider you a !o! belie1er> a ;aafir. *t mea!s he is !ot a Belie1er. What is the .roblem if we say someo!e is a ;aafir= * am !ot sure what the .roblem is. We ha1e a ;aafir a!d a Muslim> u!li%e what the deluded> de+ei1ers of this Ummah today ha1e bee! +o!1eyi!/. Allah i! the ,ura! saidC

* / ... mD 1 # 1 ) 1 ! 1 ; 1 3 q P 0 / 0 / 0E 6 q ; l :&z'
There is o!ly two +ate/ories> there is !o third +ate/ory. Whe! a!yo!e tells you there is a third +ate/ory> %!ow that he is either a! i/!ora!t or he is +orru.ted i! his JA eedah> a!d most li%ely the se+o!d. 'es !o! belie1er is a ;aafir but you do !ot /o to a !o! Muslim or a Jew> a!d you tell him you are a !o! belie1er. 01e! thou/h !o! belie1er> !othi!/ is wro!/ with that> you do !ot belie1e i! *slam. 'ou say you are !ot a belie1er> you are a ;aafir> you are a ;aafir= 'ou do !ot do that. That is !ot the method of 5awah. 7r you say hey +ome here you ;aafir> * wa!t to tea+h you *slam> that is !ot the way of 5awah. 'es> he is a ;aafir but that is !ot the way of +o!1eyi!/ 5awah. 01e! thou/h you do !ot bar/ai!> he is a ;aafir> you ha1e to belie1e that he is a ;aafir but whe! you +o!1ey the 5awah> you do !ot tell him that you are a ;aafir> there is !o reaso! to tell him that. Sometimes> e1e! .eo.le of i!!o1atio! who are sus+e.tible of lear!i!/ a!d .ossibly +omi!/ ba+% to the .ath> you should be le!ie!t with them. There are ma!y who are bold a!d arro/a!t i! their i!!o1atio! a!d they it> they are arro/a!t about it. Whe! they are at that le1el a!d they wa!t to u!leash their to!/ues> a lot of them li%e to u!leash their to!/ues o! the sla1es of Allah a!d the ri/hteous a!d .ious .eo.le of our time a!d .re1ious times> to ma%e the e!emies of Allah ha..y> it may be at times to be harsh with them be+ause matters li%e this !eed to be studied o! a +ase by +ase situatio!. So yes> harsh!ess +ould be to a .erso! of Mubtadi who is a! i!!o1ator> but it de.e!ds> if he wa!ts to lear! or he a++e.ts the Ayaat i! the ,ura! a!d the Ahaadith of the Salaf a!d the sayi!/s of the Salaf> they why would you be harsh to him= 0a+h s+e!ario !eeds to be studied a!d dia/!osed by a 5aaiyah a!d le+tures +a! be /i1e! o! the details of whe! to be harsh a!d whe! to be le!ie!t but you ha1e to u!dersta!d that there is both i! *slam.

-a/e F 26$

The .ur.ose of this is to /i1e a! outli!e> this is just a! outli!e. The .oi!t for our .ur.oses here is yes> bei!/ %i!d i! 5awah is the ori/i! a!d it is the /e!eral rule a!d it is the majority but do !ot e1er de!y that bei!/ harsh i! ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il may be a! eD+e.tio!al way to do 5awah a!d +o!1ey the ri/ht messa/e to someo!e. Just li%e the story of "iraw!> .eo.le also usually use the story of 4ooh to establish le!ie!+y i! 5awah> whi+h is true. They are /oi!/ to tell you he made 5awah for !i!e hu!dred a!d fifty years> he li1ed for more tha! !i!e hu!dred a!d fifty years they are /oi!/ to say> a!d !i!e hu!dred a!d fifty years he we!t a!d /a1e 5awah> /a1e 5awah> /a1e 5awah> a!d we should be le!ie!t li%e that a!d li%e 4ooh &alayhis salaam a!d we /ot to /i1e 5awah. 'es> he did do 5awah a!d that is the majority li%e we always say.

E v 1 A ; / , 1 g / L 1 1 4 - / ! 6 / T / N / ,2 8 1 9 1 ; 3 1 Un :[-A0 ... H 1 : L 5 4 / *
A!d 4ooh was se!t to his .eo.le a!d he stayed with them> how lo!/=

3 1 ... ... H / , 1 : L v 5 4 / *
Thousa!d years short of fifty years> whi+h ma%es it !i!e hu!dred a!d fifty years. 'es but li%e the story of "iraw!> there is also a!other detail to it. *! his 5awah> he was 1ery %i!d.

, " H IL , H 3 1 m 4 0 H 1 / / / ! / 6 / 1 1 1 / N 3 ... 1 7
(e is telli!/ his .eo.le i! a %i!d way> * do !ot wa!t a!ythi!/ i! retur!> Allah is /oi!/ to /i1e me my reward.

, ! 3 & 6 -N Q T - Z D h 6 & 3 1 1 / T P ... 1 1 1 1 T l^ :h-" 8 ! 1 07 - / F @ 4 / #6 / N ,

* am !ot /oi!/ to oust a .eo.le who are belie1ers> be+ause they are /oi!/ to meet their #ord. A!d * see> loo% at the last .oi!t of the 1erse o1er here> he stayed i! 5awah !i!e hu!dred a!d fifty years but also> do !ot for/et the other as.e+t. Whe! they .ressed him to dri1e away the belie1ers> whe! they %e.t .ushi!/ him to dri1e away the belie1ers> he +alled them a bu!+h of i/!ora!tsC

, T " N # 6 8 ! ... 1 07 - / F @ 4 / /
-a/e F 26)

* am !ot /oi!/ to dri1e away those belie1ers> surely they are /oi!/ to meet their #ord but * see that you .eo.le are i/!ora!t. (e +alled them a bu!+h of i/!ora!t .eo.le> he +alled his .eo.le a bu!+h of i/!ora!ts whi+h is a harsh word> it is a tou/h word. A!d "iraw!> he was le!ie!t but he said Mathbooraa. 'es 4ooh did !i!e hu!dred a!d fifty years a!d he was 1ery %i!d a!d /e!tle i! his 5awah but also> he +alled them at o!e .oi!t i/!ora!t .eo.le. *braheem &alayhis salaam> he was 1ery le!ie!t to his tribe a!d his dad a!d he would tell his dadC

/ X f 3 2 nn : ..." 1 A 1 &, / F H n> : ...C , * 1 f 1 &,

'aa Abati is a word de!oti!/ 1ery %i!d way> 1ery sweet way to refer to your dad. *t is a sym.atheti+ way of referri!/ to your dad> it is a humble a!d res.e+tful way of referri!/ to your dad. 'es he did that with his dad> but it /ot to a .oi!t at o!e .oi!t i! his 5awah> what did he say= *! Surat al-A!biyaa> the same ma! who is sayi!/ 'aa Abati a!d was %i!d a!d tried to +o!1ey the messa/e> he made 5awah i! the %i!dest a!d best of all ma!!ers for years a!d years> but it /ot to a .oi!t where he said> what did *braheem &alayhis salaam say= (e said to his .eo.leC

3 " ... , 1 7 1 " !2 A / F 1 ! / 03 C 1 !h

Uff +omes i! two ,iraaaat. The first is Uffa with a "athah o! the "aa H C 3 ,I> that is o!e ,iraaaah. *t +omes i! a!other ,iraaaah> the o!e we %!ow> Bil-;asr watTa!wee! H- !'50&I> Uffi! HC ,I. The mea!i!/ of it i! both ,iraaaat is al-;araahiyyah wal-*%hti aar H E'9H! s+or!> soC

0I. *t mea!s disli%e a!d

... ... , / 03 C
Uff> * hate this. #a%um> * hate you. A!d *%hti aar> * loo% a!d * s+or! you. After all those years= 'es> there was a .ortio! of his 5awah where he was harsh. (e said fie u.o! you> it is tra!slated i! the 0!/lish tra!slatio! as fie> but Uffi!/ is ;araahiyyah a!d *%hti aar> disli%i!/ a!d s+or!. What is he disli%i!/= Them a!d that what they worshi.. Uffi! #a%um> fie u.o! you a!d u.o! that whi+h you worshi.> you ha1e !o se!seC

E ; ... _r :\ A" , 1 - / F Q
-a/e F 268

5o you !ot ha1e !o se!se= *s that !ot a harsh way of 5awah= 'es it is harsh> that was .art of 5awah that was harsh. *! Mus!ad Ahmad a!d the .ortio!s are i! the two Sihaah> whe! Subayyah bi!t al(aarith was widowed. She /a1e birth shortly after she was widowed> she /a1e birth to a baby boy ri/ht after her husba!d died> .ossibly wee%s later. *slami+ "i h .oi!t of 1iew> she is do!e with her &*ddah> she +a! /o a!d /et married. She is do!e with her &*ddah> she does !ot ha1e to wait the four mo!ths a!d te! days that a woma! who was !ot .re/!a!t has to wait. Abu Sa!aabil .assed by her o!e time a!d he %!ew or she told him that she just /a1e birth a!d she was .re.ari!/ herself to /reet a!d wel+ome .eo.le who are /oi!/ to be as%i!/ for her ha!d. So he> Abu Sa!aabil told her you /ot to wait the full four mo!ths a!d te! days. She thou/ht that did !ot seem ri/ht> she thou/ht> whi+h she was ri/ht> whe! a woma! is .re/!a!t a!d her husba!d dies> the! whe! she /i1es birth that is it> she is do!e with her &*ddah. (e said !o> you ha1e to wait for four mo!ths a!d te! days. *t may be> a++ordi!/ to some i!ter.retatio!> he desired to marry her a!d she reje+ted him so he wa!ted to sort of /i1e her a hard time a!d tell her you /ot to wait the lo!/er .eriod> the four mo!ths a!d te! days. She we!t to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> what did the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam say= This was the ma! who tau/ht a Bedoui! who was uri!ati!/ i! the Masjid. This was a ma! who told a ma! who is tryi!/ to +ommit adultery> +ome here> a!d he rubbed o! his +hest. 'ou %!ow what he said=

< 5 ,a D # 3 -& 1 1 &

*! a!other !arratio!C

, b / N ! d ' ; f 9 2 N < & 5 -& 1 / 3 # t / 1 3 1 1

(e told her> you are free. 'our &*ddah is o1er> you +a! /et married. The -ro.het who tau/ht the Bedoui! who was uri!ati!/ i! the Masjid a!d brou/ht him +lose a!d tau/ht him i! the most %i!d way> is !ow telli!/ about someo!e> he is a liar. Why= Be+ause the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam deemed it !ow that it be harsh o! this .erso!> this i!di1idual. *! Muslim> Abu 5awood> a!-4asaaee> a ma! /ot u. to /i1e some or /i1e a tal% a!d he saidC

; 2 % / E / -L 3 R 2 ! 1 1
The o!e we say i! the be/i!!i!/ of all our ;hutbah.

-a/e F 26@

; / % / E / / 3 { ! -L 3 R 2 2 ! 1 1 1 2 ; S/ E -L s !
*!stead of sayi!/C

/ / -L 3 { ! ! 1
(e saidC

1 / / T ! 1 K
Whoe1er disobeys them> he +ombi!ed them. (e said whoe1er disobeys them> mea!i!/ Allah a!d (is Messe!/er> is doomed. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam res.o!ded to him> he saidC

, $ 3 / ! { ! < N f / / 1 / t / -L / }1 & 1
The -ro.het said you are a doomed ;hateeb> say whoe1er disobeys Allah a!d (is Messe!/er> !ot whoe1er disobeys them. #oo% at the small differe!+e> he said you are a doomed ;hateeb> say whoe1er disobeys Allah a!d (is Messe!/er. 'ou should !ot be sayi!/ whoe1er disobeys them> you do !ot say them> small mista%e. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam i! that sim.le mista%e see! it was wisdom to be harsh with the ma! who said that> for some reaso!. *! a!other !arratio! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

/ N
Ao> /et out.

/ /
Aet u. a!d /o. A!d i! a!other !arratio!> the o!e * me!tio!ed> he saidC

f / t 1 $ / , / }1 &
To say that to a .ubli+ s.ea%er> that +ould traumatise someo!e> he may !e1er /i1e a .ubli+ after that. Miserable ;hateeb> Bisa mea!s you are a miserable ;hateeb. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam deemed i! that s+e!ario that this ma! !eeded this ty.e of a..roa+h. *! (adith !arrated i! Muslim> Umaarah *b! Ruaybah> the o!e * me!tio!ed whe! you do !ot raise your ha!ds duri!/ the ;hutbah as a ;hateeb or a follower duri!/ Jumuah> you do !ot raise your ha!ds. Umaarah *b! Ruaybah see! o!e of the

-a/e F 262

leaders of Ba!i Umayyah raisi!/ his ha!ds o! the What did Umaarah say= (e said> may Allah dis/ra+e those two ha!ds> may Allah dis/ra+e those two ha!ds> * see! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o! the a!d he !e1er did more tha! this> mea!i!/ use his fi!/er. The -ro.het used to ma%e 5uaa o! the usi!/ his fi!/er. What the .oi!t of it is> Umaarah said may Allah dis/ra+e those two ha!ds. (e deemed it that he was harsh i! that +ir+umsta!+e ri/ht there. Abu Ayyub we!t to the weddi!/ of Saalim *b! Abdillah *b! Umar> Saalim *b! Abdillah *b! Umar is the /ra!dso! of Umar *b! al-;hattab. (e we!t to his house a!d the weddi!/> he is the /ra!dso! of Umar *b! al-;hattab> the so! of Abdullah *b! Umar. (e see! the walls i! the house of Saalim were +o1ered with> fully +o1ered with Abu Ayyub radhiallahu &a!hu said to Saalim> the so! of Abdullah *b! Umar radhiallahu &a!hum ajmaee!> he said to him> the -ro.het deterred or disli%ed walls to be +o1ered a!d your walls are +o1ered. 'our walls are +o1ered a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam deterred from that. Saalim re.lied to him> he said you %!ow our wome!> our wome!> you %!ow these days they o1er.owered us a!d you %!ow he be/a! to justify it> that his wome! wa!ted that a!d they are stro!/er> you %!ow li%e ma!y do today. Abu Ayyub refused to sit a!d left the weddi!/> he left it. 'ou %!ow weddi!/s li%e we said> ma!y of the &Ulamaa +o!sider it Waajib to res.o!d to it> he left it o1er all o1er the walls of Saalim. That is a little bit harsh i! +orre+ti!/ a mista%e> wal%i!/ out from the weddi!/> a!d Abu Ayyub is a +om.a!io! a!d a well %!ow! fi/ure of the frie!ds a!d Sahaabah of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. *b! Umar whe! he /oes o! a Ja!aa?ah> a!d the Su!!ah i! Ja!aa?ah is to s.eed wal%. Whe! Ja!aa?ah is o! your shoulders> you do ar-Ramil H <I. S.eed wal%i!/ i! &Arabi is +alled ar-Ramil. *b! Umar told the .eo.le> s.eed wal%> he is o! our shoulder> we ha1e to s.eed wal%. *f you do !ot s.eed wal% a!d do ar-Ramil> * am /oi!/ to lea1e a!d /o ba+%. That is bi/ words> * am /oi!/ to lea1e i! de.arture a!d /o ba+% a!d lea1e this fu!eral. Why= "or the mere fa+t he deemed it that this was a! way of deali!/ with this +ir+umsta!+e> at this time. A!d the summary of these last two .oi!ts that * me!tio!ed> let me it> the last two .oi!ts that * just me!tio!ed. The ori/i! of 5awah a!d ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d forbiddi!/ the e1il is to be le!ie!t> as le!ie!t as you +a! be. We me!tio!ed the 1erses> we me!tio!ed the stories. 5o !ot e1er de!y thou/h> or +a!+el that there is the a..roa+h of bei!/ harsh i! *slam> as the moder!ists do a!d others li%e them. Whe! ea+h method is used> it de.e!ds o! a +ase by +ase +ir+umsta!+e a!d really> you +a! /o about for ma!y le+tures tal%i!/ about whe! to be harsh a!d whe! to be le!ie!t a!d the of .eo.le to be harsh with a!d the of .eo.le to be le!ie!t with> but the ori/i! a!d o1erwhelmi!/ majority is le!ie!+y i! 5awah.




-a/e F 269

* may ha1e me!tio!ed it but let me it be+ause it is im.orta!t. There is a differe!+e i! bei!/ %i!d a!d /e!tle i! 5awah> whi+h is +alled Mudaaraah H `2I> it is to sa+rifi+e your 5u!ya for your 5ee!. 'ou mi/ht be humiliated> you let it /o. 'ou s.ea% a!d +hoose the best of all words> you try hardest to +hoose the best> Ahsa! H

59,I> Ahsa! mea!s the better> the best. 'ou lower your wi!/> sometimes you
/ot to fi/ht yourself to lower your wi!/. 'ou may !eed to tolerate atta+%s a!d +o!1ey it a!d +ombat it with !i+e words. 'ou may !eed to s.ea% !i+e whe! you feel li%e you really do !ot wa!t to> that ha..e!s a lot. There is ma!y ways where you do Mudaaraah> that is +alled Mudaaraah. The! there is somethi!/ that we do !ot do> whi+h is Mudaaha!ah H 2I. The se+o!d o!e is Mudaaha!ah> Mudaaha!ah is totally differe!t. That is to sa+rifi+e your 5ee! for this 5u!ya> +om.romisi!/> we do !ot +om.romise. The first o!e is Mudaaraah> sa+rifi+i!/ your 5u!ya for your 5ee!> Mudaaraah. The se+o!d o!e is Mudaaha!ah> sa+rifi+i!/ your 5ee! for your 5u!ya> we do !ot do that. We do !ot de!y matters of *slam> we do !ot .lease the .erso! we are s.ea%i!/ to by de!yi!/ or /i1i!/ a! i!+orre+t form of *slam> we do !ot ma!i.ulate as.e+ts of *slam to .lease /o1er!me!ts or leaders or Wester! world. We do !ot do that> that is Mudaaha!ah. Allah said i! the ,ura!C

^ :E" 1 /2 ; 1 /2 F - P ! / ! h
We do Mudaaraah> we do !ot do Mudaaha!ah. A!d a 5aaiyah resembles water> water i! a 1ase> i! how his 5awah is +o!1eyed> i! how he +o!1eys his messa/e. *f you .ut water i! a +u.> it ta%es the sha.e of the +u.> the water ta%es the sha.e of a +u.. *f you .ut water i! a +u.> it ta%es the sha.e of that +u.G if it is i! a 1ase> it ta%es the sha.e of the 1ase. Whate1er i!strume!t you .ut water i!> it ta%es that sha.e. The +u. a!d the 1ase are solid> the +u. is solid> that is the .ri!+i.les of our 5ee!. We do !ot bar/ai!> they do !ot +ha!/e> they do !ot +ha!/e at all> but the water a!d how it +ha!/es i! the 1ase> the sha.e of it +ha!/esG that is how we relate a!d +o!1ey the messa/e a!d that is how we deal with .eo.le i! %i!d> a!d the best of all ma!!ers.


#oo% at the ri/hteous i! their 5awah. Abu Ba%r /oes> days i!to *slam> he +omes ba+% with fi1e of the te! .eo.le /ra!ted .la+es i! Ja!!ah. Uthma! *b! Affa!> Eubayr *b! Awwam> Abdur-Rahmaa! *b! &Awf> Saad *b! Abi Wa aas a!d Talhah *b! UbaydillahG fi1e withi! days of the *slam of Abu Ba%r. What %!owled/e at that .oi!t did Abu Ba%r ha1e> of reward for o!e to +o!1ey *slam= Abu Ba%r at that .oi!t> %!ew

-a/e F 26:

#aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah> so he we!t with that. What reward was there for o!e who bri!/s others i!to *slam= *slam was days old> he /oes a!d bri!/s fi1e of .eo.le who were later fi1e of the te! .eo.le who were /ra!ted .la+es i! (ea1e!. There was .ossibly> most li%ely> !o (adith at that .oi!t detaili!/ the reward of bri!/i!/ others to *slam as we ha1e today> li%e the o!e we me!tio!ed about Ali *b! Abi Talib a!d li%e the life of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the Sahaabah i! 5awah. Abu Ba%r u!derstood that *slam was his life a!d /oal> whe! *slam is your life a!d /oal you s.ea% about it> you +o!1ey it> you bri!/ others to it> that is +ommo! se!se a!d that is what moti1ated Abu Ba%r as-Siddee radhiallahu &a!hu to bri!/ others i!to this ri/hteous reli/io!. 5o you see o!e of the reaso!s why the *maa! of Abu Ba%r is more tha! the *maa! of the Ummah= Be+ause Abu Ba%r had the ha!d i! /etti!/ your forefathers> the forefathers of *slam> to embra+e *slam. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayi wa sallam brou/ht Abu Ba%r to *slam> Abu Ba%r brou/ht some of the bi//est forefathers of *slam to embra+e *slam. That is i! additio! of +ourse to his bli!d su..ort a!d belief i! the messa/e of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. So Abu Ba%r> he /ot this hi/h ho!our a!d ra!%i!/ of his *maa! bei!/ so mu+h a!d his 5ee! bei!/ so mu+h> he brou/ht Uthma! to *slam> he brou/ht a!d showed him the way to *slam. Uthma! later be+ame the third ;haleefah> Uthma! did so mu+h that we +a! tal% about for wee%s a!d wee%s to +ome. Who /et all that reward= Uthma! /ets it a!d the!> be+ause Abu Ba%r brou/ht him to *slam> Abu Ba%r /ets it as well. Abdur-Rahmaa! *b! &Awf a!d his a+hie1eme!ts> you all %!ow the a+hie1eme!ts of Abdur-Rahmaa! *b! &Awf a!d they are !umerous. Saad *b! Abi Wa aas> the ma! who too% *slam from Madi!ah all the way dow! to *ra > all the way dow! to -ersia. Today> Saad *b! Abi Wa aas rests i! his /ra1e with the reward of billio!s a!d billio!s a!d billio!s of Muslims> i! the re/io!s he o.e!ed for *slam. A!d /uess who /ets the reward= (e /ets the reward> Saad *b! Abi Wa aas a!d li%ewise> Abu Ba%r /ets the reward> !ot a ti!y less bit tha! that. The (adith we me!tio!ed> we ha1e to the (adith we me!tio!ed. Whoe1er .oi!ts someo!e to ri/hteous!ess> he /ets the reward of that. Saad *b! Abi Wa aas /ets the reward of e1eryo!e from Madi!ah dow! to -ersia to *ra > a!d so does Abu Ba%r. That is just fi1e of the te! .eo.le that he brou/ht to *slam> fi1e of the .eo.le who were /ra!ted .la+es i! (ea1e!. (e brou/ht Bilal a!d ima/i!e the reward of Bilal a!d the sa+rifi+es Bilal did a!d the a+hie1eme!ts he did> Bilal /ets them a!d Abu Ba%r /ets them. 4ow Abu Ba%r is i! his /ra1e a!d he /ets the reward. At-Tufayl *b! Amr ad-5awsi> the lo!/ story of how they were war!ed> Tufayl *b! Amr ad-5awsi was the leader of his tribe so ,uraysh war!ed him so mu+h !ot to follow the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. Be+ause they %!ew if he followed the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> his tribe is /oi!/ to follow him> a!d they had deali!/s with him that they did !ot wa!t to brea+h or to
-a/e F 263

affe+t their deali!/s with him. So he e!ded u. after a lo!/ story> we do !ot ha1e time to /et i!to it> he embra+ed *slam. 5id he re+li!e ba+%= 5id he %i+% ba+% a!d said * embra+ed *slam> * am a leader of a tribe a!d that is it= This is i! the early days of *slam. *t is ob1ious> it is +ommo! se!se that if you truly ha1e a belief i! somethi!/> you /o a!d +o!1ey it. (e /oes o! to his father> as soo! as he /oes ba+% to his tribe> he tells him *slam. (is father tells himC

h W 1 h 1 1
My reli/io! is your reli/io!. The! he /oes to his family members> o!e by o!e> a!d they embra+e *slam. A!d amo!/ those who embra+ed *slam is Abu (urayrah> Abu (urayrah is from his tribe. At-Tufayl *b! Amr ad-5awsi> amo!/ those who he /ot to embra+e *slam is Abu (urayrah. 7ur ma! of (adith> our ma! of ma!y a+hie1eme!ts. So e1erythi!/> e1ery time you read a (adith> a!d how ma!y times do we say radhiallahu &a!hu= 01ery time you read a (adith by Abu (urayrah a!d you ma%e 5uaa for him> the same /oes to at-Tufayl *b! Amr ad-5awsi. 5aws is his tribe> they /a1e at-Tufayl> their leader> a hard time i! embra+i!/ *slam. So at-Tufayl we!t ba+% to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. (e said> oh -ro.het of Allah> ma%e 5uaa o! my tribe 5aws> * wa!t you to ma%e 5uaa o! them. But the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> wise> %i!d> 5aaiyah> Rahmah lil-&Aalamee!> he saidC

L / 1 4 ! 3 3 T / h 2
A!d he said /o ba+% to your .eo.le a!d +o!1ey> so he we!t ba+% to his .eo.le a!d he +o!1eyed> he we!t ba+% a!d he be/a! 5awah. 4ow so sudde!ly> they are a++e.ti!/ the 5awah. So he +omes ba+% to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam with a..roDimately ei/hty or !i!ety +la!s from his tribe. They all /o to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> ta%e their Shahaadah a!d /i1e +ommitme!t. A!d he stays with the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> u!til the fi!al years whe! Ma%%ah is +o! uered. 5aws> what * wa!t to tell you is 5aws today> is where the south of Saoodiyyah is. *f you loo% o! a ma. the south of Saoodiyyah is> that is where it is. 'ou %!ow the a++ide!t that * me!tio!ed> about the female bride who died with her family members> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! her a!d her family a!d /ra!t those who are li1i!/ of them .atie!+e> that is the area that at-Tufayl *b! Amr ad-5awsi was i!. The tribes there today mostly are %!ow! as Eahraa! a!d !eDt to it is the tribes of Ahaamid. Today there is hu!dreds of &Ulamaa from the tribes of Eahraa! a!d Ahaamid. Amo!/st them is the o!e you all %!ow> al-Ahaamidi> the o!e you liste! to> he is i! the tow! ri/ht !eDt to where at-Tufayl was. At-Tufayl !ow is i! his /ra1e> thirtee! +e!turies later a..roDimately or so> he /ets reward i! his /ra1e for that famous re+iter a!d there is hu!dreds of &Ulamaa from Ahaamid a!d Eahraa! or that area where ad5aws is. (e /ets it> at-Tufayl *b! Amr ad-5aws> he is i! his /ra1e /etti!/ that reward

-a/e F 266

a!d who i! retur! also /ets it= The -ro.het of +ourse> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. So loo% at that +hai! rea+tio!. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /oes to a barber> he /i1es 5awah. What +omes out of it= *! a barber= SiD tee!a/ers at the barber embra+e *slam. The !eDt year these siD /o ba+%> these tee!a/ers> a!d bri!/ twel1e. The followi!/ year> the twel1e bri!/ se1e!ty three me! a!d two wome!. The followi!/ year> Musab *b! Umayr is se!t as a! ambassador to Madi!ah to tea+h them *slam. The! ri/ht after that> Musab *b! Umayr se!ds a messa/e to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the whole of Madi!ah has embra+ed *slam> you are wel+ome to +ome o1er here. SiD me! i! a barber sho. started this whole thi!/. The -ro.het of Allah sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +o!1eyed the messa/e e1e! i! a barber sho.> a!d what +ame out of that at e!d is *slam i! Madi!ah. Those tee!a/ers u!derstood that we ha1e to +o!1ey this messa/e. "ew mome!ts they sat with the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam i! se+re+y> i! hidi!/. They too% the messa/e a!d they we!t o! a!d they %!ew> u!der +o!1i+tio!> that we /ot to +o!1ey this messa/e. Jafar *b! Abi Talib> the 5awah of Jafar *b! Abi Talib i! Abyssi!ia> i! Afri+a> he .la+ed the seeds of *slam i! Afri+a. A!d !early e1eryo!e is Afri+a who is Muslim> most li%ely> Jafar *b! Abi Talib /ets the reward of it today be+ause he is the o!e who we!t there a!d +o!1eyed the 5awah a!d /a1e the messa/e to a!-4ajaashi a!d that is how *slam be/a! to i! that area. Abu Musa al-Ashari a!d Muadh *b! Jabal> i! 'eme!. All these me! we tal% about> Jafar *b! Abi Talib> Muadh *b! Jabal a!d all those> these were me! who were i! their early .rime> their twe!ties. The Mumi! of 'asee!> you all %!ow the story of Surat 'asee!> Mumi! 'asee!. 4early siDtee! or so 1erses tal% about this> who is this ma!= Who is this ma! that Allah do+ume!ts a story i! siDtee! 1erses me!tio!i!/ what ha..e!ed i! his situatio!. Two messe!/ers were se!t to .eo.le. A!d the! they were followed by a!other.

, 1 / L 1 & / / 1 ...g c T 6 -& Y : 1 + / d 3 ; 3D 0; / / / 1 1 Un :t

They threate!ed their Messe!/ers> they threate!ed that they are /oi!/ to sto!e them> they threate!ed that they are /oi!/ to torme!t them. A!d they said> the e1il ome! that they ha1e is be+ause of their Messe!/er> they attributed that to their Messe!/er. A ma! did !ot %i+% ba+% a!d relaD> that is the Mumi! of 'asees!> Mumi! Aali 'asee! H L bZ )I. The ma! did !ot %i+% ba+% a!d relaD a!d say it is !ot my busi!ess> they /ot Messe!/ers> that is !ot my busi!ess. A ma! that is %!ow! to be ri/hteous +omes from the furthest .art of tow!. (e hears about what is /oi!/ o!> he +omes from the furthest .art of tow!.

/ , lM :t ... 1 2 1 1 \ ! / / K N
-a/e F 266

A saa is the furthest .art of tow!. (e +omes ru!!i!/> he +omes from A salMadi!ah. (e +omes ru!!i!/> they %ill him. (is heart is atta+hed to 5awah e1e! i! the life after. (is heart is atta+hed to res+ui!/ .eo.le a!d he tells whe! he is /ra!ted .la+es i! (ea1e!. They tell him> you are /ra!ted to /o to (ea1e!. Allah tells himC

N ... / h< 3 @ 1 / < 1 * s f N & 1 6 1 - 6 / b / 1 & l_ " J / N t lr 1 1 6 1 ! / / 0

0!ter -aradise> he said * wish my .eo.le %!ew. 01e! i! the life after> his mi!d is still with his .eo.le tryi!/ to /et them to be res+ued. 'ou see how 5awah is whe! it be+omes .art of someo!e. (e said> * wish * +a! tell my .eo.le how Allah for/a1e me a!d made me amo!/ those who are ho!oured so .ossibly of +ourse> they +a! follow i! those footste.s a!d /et the ho!our that * ha1e. * wish * +ould /o ba+%> * wish * +a! /o ba+%. * wish * +a! ma%e 5awah to them a!d let them %!ow. (e is told to e!ter (ea1e! a!d his mi!d is ba+% there> tryi!/ to +o!1ey this messa/e to his .eo.le. *f eDam.les of Messe!/ers> if eDam.les that we are su..osed to follow> Sahaabah a!d huma!s> are !ot e!ou/h to i!s.ire you for 5awah> the! ta%e the eDam.les of Ji!!. 01e! Ji!! ha1e 5awah a!d they are stro!/ i! their 5awah. #oo% what Allah says about them i! the ,ura!> the Ji!!. Whe! a /rou. of them embra+ed *slam a!d followed the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> did they just sit ba+% sile!t=

-N 3 6 0 / 1 z 1 h 1 1 & - 1 Z! 1 7 -A / 1 , / J 6 :CE9 : 1 , a / # / 01 &- : D 1 ! / @ ?U

The Ji!! were mo1ed to +o!1ey this messa/e as soo! as they belie1ed i! it. As soo! as they belie1ed i! the messa/e> they wa!ted to +o!1ey it a!d this was the Ji!!. 7ur .eo.le> res.o!d. That is what the Ji!! said> res.o!d to the +all of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> res.o!d to the +all of the Messe!/er of Allah by belie1i!/ i! him.

6 6 ... / 1 z 1 1 & - 1 Z! / # / 01 &- 0 1 ! / @ / J : D : 1 , a

A!d the! they /o o! to say> if you belie1e i! him Allah will for/i1e you a!d /ra!t you this a!d that. So basi+ .oi!t is> the Ji!! themsel1es wa!ted to +o!1ey the 5awah. *f all that> Messe!/ers> Sahaabah> !ow the Ji!! is !ot e!ou/h to i!s.ire you to do 5awah> the! e1e! the a!imals> e1e! the a!imals ha1e 5awah. The story of the (ud
-a/e F 26$

(ud H22I> the (oo.oe. *! the ,ura!> whe! Sulaymaa! had a military mar+h a!d ordered all his soldiers to be at the mar+h> he !oti+ed a bird was missi!/. A bird /oes from "alastee! to 'eme! a!d the! ba+%> ordai!s the /ood a!d forbids the e1il. (e is late to the mar+h> it is or/a!ised by Sulaymaa! so Sulaymaa! &alayhis salaam said * am /oi!/ to .u!ish him by torme!t or slau/hter. (e> soo! after> +omes ba+%. What was he doi!/= (e was doi!/ 5awah. (e +omes ba+% late. (e saysC

, / / E A & A L W ' } ! & = F & f 9 1 1 1 1 / 1 1 1 : 1 : : ll :<

* /ot /ood !ews for you. (e was o! a 5awah missio!> he says hold u.> hold u. Sulaymaa!. * /ras.ed that whi+h you do !ot %!ow about> * /ras.ed %!owled/e you do !ot %!ow about. * ha1e bee! forbiddi!/ the e1il a!d ordai!i!/ the /ood. What is it> what do you ha1e=

, / = '/ } 1 : A 1 & : AL 1 F 1 W 1 1& ... 9 / 1& f 1 ! : E T 01 F ` [ 2 ! # < 1 ll 1 f / 1 F!,! / 4 ,6 / / P ! T : T ! P F2 ! q 1 O q 6 / N T l? / \ / % 3 " 3 1 " ! 1 7 1 t !2 @ 5 / 3 Y T / X 1 !h 1 , " < 3 H 2 K ; T / / X 3 ; 3 / T / / 1 1 A5 1 < ln " !2 'T /
* fou!d a woma! ruli!/ o1er some .eo.le. She bee! /i1e! all thi!/s> all thi!/s that o!e +ould be /i1e! a!d she .ossessed that whi+h !o other ruler has .ossessed a!d she has a /reat thro!e. The!> .eo.le were worshi..i!/ the su!C

! 3 " 1 " 1 t !2 @ 5 ! / T P F2 / X 1 !h / N T 1 3 ... 1 7

(er a!d her .eo.le were .rostrati!/ a!d belie1i!/ a!d worshi..i!/ the su!. <a!!ot be sile!t> a bird says * +a!!ot be sile!t. * see them doi!/ Shir%> * +a!!ott be sile!t. They !eed to be worshi..i!/ the #ord of the su.reme thro!e> Allah.


*! +o!+lusio!> after you hear all that> there is a differe!+e betwee! a real flower that /i1es us a s+e!t a!d a .lasti+ flower that loo%s /ood but o!ly +arries the !ame flower. There is a differe!+e betwee! the two. The real flower> you .ut it i! your
-a/e F 26)

house> it has a !i+e s+e!t> it loo%s better. But you also /ot a .lasti+ flower> it loo%s 1ery /ood> but there is a hu/e differe!+e betwee! the .lasti+ a!d the real flower. The Muslim with !o 5awah> the Muslim who does !ot ordai! the /ood a!d forbid the e1il> is li%e that .lasti+ flower. #oo%s /ood> he is still Muslim> we are !ot sayi!/ he is !ot Muslim> loo%s /ood too be+ause a Muslim is always /ood *!shaa Allah. (owe1er> he is li%e that .lasti+ flower. The o!e who ordai!s the /ood a!d forbids the e1il a!d does 5awah li%e those we me!tio!ed> the tas% of the Messe!/er> the tas% of the Sahaabah> the tas% of the Ji!! a!d e1e! the tas% of some of the a!imals. The o!e who does 5awah is li%e a real flower that has a s+e!t a!d it is more deli/htful to loo% at a!d it is more .referred to ha1e i! your house tha! a .lasti+ flower. A belie1er who e!/a/es i! 5awah> who ta%es that tas% u.o! him> is li%e a ru!!i!/ water. There is a differe!+e> ru!!i!/ water is more .ure tha! still water. 'ou %!ow about water= Ru!!i!/ water is always more .ure tha! still water. *f water is still> if it is i! a .o!d or i! a .ool> o1er time what ha..e!s= 'ou /ot to loo% at the matter o1er time> o1er time what ha..e!s= *t may stay +lea! for a while> i! your .ool or your .o!d or a!y ty.e of still water> e1e! if it is bi/. "or some time it is /oi!/ to remai! +lea!> but after a while> it /ets tai!ted. U!li%e ru!!i!/ water that ru!s i!to the o+ea!s a!d it is more .ure a!d more +lea!. 4ot ordai!i!/ the /ood or doi!/ 5awah> if you do !ot ordai! the /ood a!d you do !ot do 5awah> you are li%e the still water. 'ou mi/ht /et tai!ted after a while. There is !o !eutral /rou!ds i! 5awah> !o !eutral /rou!ds> es.e+ially for us i! the West> there is !o !eutral /rou!d. That is how it is> ta%e that as a rule> there is !o !eutral /rou!ds i! 5awah ?o!e> you +a!!ot say * am just !eutral to myself. 'ou are either /i1i!/ 5awah or you are /etti!/ i!1aded i! your belief. The water /ets tai!ted o1er time> es.e+ially i! the +ir+umsta!+e that we are i!. Be li%e that +lea! ru!!i!/ water with 5awah to Allah> that +lea! ru!!i!/ water. A belie1er does !ot wa!t to be still with his reli/io!> he always wa!ts to mo1e a!d +o!1ey a!d tea+h others be+ause that is amo!/ the !oble tas%s> the tas%s of the Messe!/ers. With this we will +o!+lude> there is a little bit more * wa!ted to tal% about but * thi!% this is suffi+ie!t for this matter> 5awah to Allah. 4eDt wee% *!shaa Allah> we will /o to the fourth as.e+t a!d that will be the fi!al as.e+t of the four i!trodu+tory as.e+ts. * %!ow we stayed lo!/> but we +a! ta%e uestio!s. * do !ot mi!d stayi!/ if a!yo!e wa!ts to stay u!til we a!swer the last uestio!s> so /o ahead.

This is what is su..osed to be> or +o!sidered our te!th +lass o! Al-Usool AthThalaathah. We too% the four fu!dame!tal i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les that the boo% starts off with. The first o!e was %!owled/e a!d its defi!itio!. The se+o!d o!e is a..lyi!/ %!owled/e. The third o!e is> whi+h we too% a!d fi!ished last wee%> +o!1eyi!/ %!owled/e. A!d what we will ta%e today is the fourth o!e> the! *!shaa Allah we will
-a/e F 268

ta%e the .roof. We most li%ely are !ot /oi!/ to fi!ish it today so we will .robably ha1e today a!d !eDt wee% o! the fourth o!e> *!shaa Allah Taaala.


The fourth o!e is .atie!+e. The author saysC

I5 1 S 1 / ; 1 & / / 3 : / AK 3
-atie!+e i! attai!i!/ %!owled/e> of +ourse you !eed .atie!+e for that. Attai!i!/ a!d +o!1eyi!/ %!owled/e> you ha1e to ha1e .atie!+e for that. That is why a lot of .eo.le fall off the wa/o!. Abu Ubayd s.e!t forty years writi!/ his +olle+tio! Ahareeb al(adith. *b! Abdil-Barr s.e!t thirty years writi!/ his boo% At-Tamheed> the boo% you %!ow. "ath al-Bari that we uote a lot> by *b! (ajr> he s.e!t twe!ty three years writi!/ a!d re1isi!/ that boo%. So you !eed .atie!+e i! attai!i!/ a!d +o!1eyi!/ %!owled/e. 'ou !eed .atie!+e i!! of %!owled/e> the se+o!d o!e. 'ou !eed .atie!+e i! 5awah to Allah. -atie!+e /oes to all that> howe1er> the stateme!t of the author here is /eared a little bit more s.e+ifi+ally to .atie!+e i! 5awah to Allah. The third matter> the o!e we just me!tio!ed> be+ause he says .atie!+e i! harm that you e!dure. A!d usually> the harm that you e!dure> usually> +omes whe! you start /i1i!/ 5awah to Allah be+ause a 5aaiyah he +alls .eo.le u!to +ha!/i!/> liberate themsel1es from their desires> the desires that are embedded withi! them. Some e1il traditio!s that ha1e be+ome .art of them> they ha1e be+ome .art of them li%e their flesh a!d blood. Their .are!ts> /ra!d.are!ts a!d /reat /ra!d.are!ts were doi!/ it. A 5aaiyah +alls .eo.le u!to lea1i!/ the e1il matters a!d follow re/ulatio!s set forth by Allah> a!d that is always diffi+ult to do. Sometimes they !e1er e1e! heard of them before> it is diffi+ult for .eo.le to +ha!/e their !ature so what they usually do is resist a!d o..ose a!d ta%e it o! the messe!/er that is tryi!/ to +o!1ey that to them. Therefore> a 5aaiyah> a real Muslim for that matter has the o.tio!> * will lea1e 5awah or * will lea1e as.e+ts of my *slam. That is a! o.tio!> whi+h of +ourse is !ot a! o.tio! to a belie1er. So lea1i!/ as.e+ts of your *slam li%e a 4i aabiyyah or (ijaab or beard or Salah> be+ause o!e is ridi+uled or mo+%ed or somethi!/ ha..e!s to him i! that matter> that is !ot a! o.tio! for a belie1er. A!d li%ewise> lea1i!/ 5awah is also a!d should !ot be a! o.tio!. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! Su!a! at-TirmidhiC

1 $ / , mD 3 1 3 1 ) / / / ! 1 AK j 1 $ / H mD 3 1 3 1 ) 1 / / H! 1 AK j q / * 1 , /
-a/e F 2$@

The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> a belie1er who miDes a!d mi!/les with .eo.le> for 5awah> tea+hi!/ them> a!d he is .atie!t o1er their harm> be+ause they are /oi!/ to harm him> is better tha! a belie1er who /oes i!to solitary i! his house a!d is !ot .atie!t o1er their harm. So the other o.tio! is> the solutio! is> the +ure to the matter is to /et a+ uai!ted with somethi!/ +alled Sabr.


01eryo!e !eeds it> but a 5aaiyah who +alls u!to *slam with his a+tio!s> whether it is with his sayi!/s> whether it is with his a+tio!s> i! a!y of the ma!y differe!t mea!s of 5awah> he !eeds Sabr. A 5aaiyah is i! dire a!d des.erate !eed of Sabr. Sabr is his bri/ht!ess i! his heart that !e1er dims. -atie!+e> as-Sabr for a 5aaiyah> Jawaadu #aa 'a%boo H -A0

H h-I> it is a steed that does !ot stumble. As-Sabr for a 5aaiyah is Ju!du! #aa 'uh?am H dT H 2I> it is a military or a! army>
a! u!defeated army. As-Sabr for a 5aaiyah is a! u!demolishable fortress> is a (us!u! #aa 'uhdam H 2T H K9I. So that is Sabr for a 5aaiyah> for a .ra+ti+i!/ belie1er> you !eed it. 7f +ourse e1ery belie1er is su..osed to be .ra+ti+i!/ but today with our +ir+umsta!+es> you ha1e to add .ra+ti+i!/ belie1er.


-atie!+e is a! im.e!etrable armour a!d a shield. A 5aaiyah uses .atie!+e li%e a soldier> a military soldier uses a! armour or a helmet or a bullet .roof 1est. A 5aaiyah uses .atie!+e i! the same way a military soldier uses that. Allah saidC

-E 3 ' F! 4 / % bZ ...} ! 2/ # H / / #6 / F " P p !6 1 AK 1 ... UlM :"

*f you remai! .atie!t a!d steadfast a!d a Mutta i> their harm> their +u!!i!/> their +o!s.ira+y will !ot harm you. *t is a! ho!our for o!e who is .atie!t that Allah saysC

3 " U>? :`EA 3 1 ... 6 7 3 R 1 1 &K

Allah is with those who .reser1e .atie!+e. There is two of Maiyyah H there is two of a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah. The first o!e is the /e!eral a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah> Maiyyah &Aammah H


I. Ae!eral a++om.a!yi!/
-a/e F 2$2

of Allah> whi+h is the %!owled/e of Allah o1er this whole U!i1erse. The! you ha1e the s.e+ial> ho!orary a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah a!d that is what me a!d you !eed a!d that is what me a!d you stri1e for. The first o!e is for e1erybody> the se+o!d o!e is o!ly for a sele+ted few i!di1iduals. Who are they= *! Surat al-Mujaadilah> Allah saidC

F , 3 " ; 1 1 1 ! 3 , 6 / 3 ; ! 5 7 [ / / ! 3 1 c S H H : cQ 1 " -0 1 &6 / 3 / T 8 ] @ / 1 6 !W ! TLhL - 3 1 6 1 : 5 / * +/ #, H 1 8 / 1 H 8 /h, H T - 3 1 - # 1 } A / , 1 & T 3 c - / H r :h @... 1 / 1 E /

Allah said> Allah %!ows whatsoe1er is i! the (ea1e!s a!d i! the 0arth. ;!owled/e> (is %!owled/e a++om.a!ies e1erythi!/.

c S ... ... : cQ 1 " -0 / 3 8 @

4ajwa mea!s se+ret> there is !o se+ret betwee! three eD+e.t Allah is their fourth> with (is %!owled/e. As we are /oi!/ to tal% about i! future> i! the future Tawheed +lasses> Allah is abo1e (is thro!e> we established it ma!y times. Allah is abo1e (is thro!e> Allah is abo1e the se1e! (ea1e!s> abo1e (is thro!eC

> :k S 8 / / 6 / 7 8 9 'L / 3 1 6
This 1erse mea!s with his %!owled/e> there is !o three that ha1e a se+ret eD+e.t Allah is their fourth with (is %!owled/e. 4or fi1e eD+e.t Allah is their siDth> with (is %!owled/e> !or a!y more tha! that or a!y less tha! that eD+e.t Allah is with them. This is the /e!eral a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah. #i%ewise> so you %!ow whe! you read the ,ura! whi+h is the /e!eral a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah a!d the s.e+ial a++om.a!yi!/ of AllahC

3 'L ; / [ ! mD 1 ] 1 1 1 3 3 , 3 B 5 * 6 / 1 ! : / ] 6 S 1 1 / / / 8 3 c / 'L 1 / ; 1 6 d x 1 / 1 b 1 x 6 / 6 3 / ! 5 ! ! \ T $ 1 0 - 3 ! " 1 - / F ; / , 1& 7 / '# / ! T n :22= 6 1 & q K

-a/e F 2$9

The summary of the 1erse> (e is with you by (is %!owled/e> where1er you may be. (e is with you> with (is %!owled/e> where1er you may be. Ae!eral> for e1eryo!e> belie1er> !o! belie1er> Mutta i> whate1er you may be> Allah is with you> /e!eral. *! Surat at-Talaa C

/ 3 6 mD 1 ] 1 ! : ! 1 3 / AL / + R B 3 T L * 7 / [ 1 , -' 1 T & 6 3 d :\ % < # 7 " 3 3 ' 3 / / / b / / 8 N 62N 9 3 " < 01 & :Q : 1 \ 3 ,! ,2 / 4 / 7 q 1 / % Ul

The summary> Allah surrou!ds all thi!/s with (is %!owled/e. Allah surrou!ds e1erythi!/ with (is %!owled/eC

... ... : % < 0 & 9 , 1 \ 4 / 1 /

This is the /e!eral> Maiyyah &Aammah. 4ow> ta%e the Maiyyah ;haassah H

.*I> the s.e+ial> ho!orary a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah with (is %!owled/e to you.

3 " n_ :bJ 3 1 ! 6 6 7 3 R / ... 1 A. 1 1 &K

Allah said> be .atie!t> Allah is with those who are .atie!t.

... -E / 1 6 / 1 H / ; 1 K 1 1 1 A9 1 b 1 c 1 z 1 / / c 3 " nM :&-' ... 3 1" / d = / F 7

Whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was i! the +a1e fleei!/ from Ma%%ah to Madi!ah> he told Abu Ba%r radhiallahu &a!huC

3 " ... H 3 1" / d = / F ... 7

5o !ot be sad> do !ot be afraid> do !ot /rie1e> Allah is with us. S.e+ial> ho!orary a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah. Whe! Allah se!t Musa a!d (aroo!C

RL , 0 n_ :k S 1 3 1 ... 8 6 ,! /
* am with you both> * +a! hear you a!d * +a! see you. Maiyyah ;haassah bil-Mumi! Tatee "ee Siyaa al-Madih wath-Tha!aa H ;

FIF &). *

\+ !2 LI. "or the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam i! the +a1e>

-a/e F 2$:

for Musa a!d (aroo! We se!t them to "iraw!> for as-Saabiroo!> a!yo!e who is Saabir> s.e+ial a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah with (is %!owled/e. S.e+ial> ho!orary> for s.e+ial .eo.le. *t is a +om.lime!t> it is a .raise> it is a su..ort from Allah> that is what me a!d you !eed. *f we wa!t that s.e+ial a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah with (is %!owled/e> to loo% out for us> we /ai! it by ha1i!/ .atie!+e.

3 " n_ :bJ 3 1 ... 6 7 3 R 1 1 &K

The s.e+ial> ho!orary> +om.lime!tary a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah> for those who are .atie!t. More reward for those who are .atie!tC

3 ! Un_ :" bZ ... 1 P = 6 7 3 1 1 &K

"o+us o! these two Ayaat with me. Allah lo1es those who are .atie!t. The first o!e is> Allah is with those who are .atie!t> Allah lo1es those who are .atie!t> two Ayaat. Ta%e these two Ayaat a!d .ut aside ei/hty ei/ht other Ayaat i! the ,ura! that tal% about .atie!+e. *maam Ahmad is uoted as sayi!/> there is !i!ety Ayaat i! the ,ura! that me!tio! or tal% about .atie!+e. 'ou ta%e these two> if you ta%e these two a!d +o!tem.late a!d thi!%. *f you %!ow Allah is with you> the s.e+ial> ho!orary a++om.a!yi!/ of Allah> al-Maiyyah al-;haassah. 'ou %!ow Allah is with you from the first 1erse> you %!ow Allah lo1es you from the se+o!d 1erse> if you let it re/ister a!d belie1e it i! your mi!d> you %!ow that (e a++om.a!ies you with (is %!owled/e> the s.e+ial> ho!orary way> the! how +ould you e1er be afraid or feel lo!ely= *f Allah is with you a!d you feel it> a!d you let it si!% i! a!d you %!ow Allah is with you> how +ould you e1er be afraid or lo!ely= A!d if you %!ow Allah lo1es you from the se+o!d 1erse> the! how +ould you e1er /rie1e or worry= *f Allah lo1es you> how +ould you /rie1e or worry= 'ou wa!t the /lad tidi!/ from Allah> the! /et it throu/h Sabr.

3 / ! 1 & 0 : / / ! 1 { \ C / $ / A ! / X : E 1 -@ / ! / &! 1 6 6 3 +! / 3 6 [ t b 1 1 1 &K 1 X 1 J D3 U>> 3 1 N q A K 3 1 ! 3 1 - 1 7 1 / ' &. P T , 1 1 `EA U>_ " 1 / 1 - 1 6

<ertai!ly> you are /oi!/ to be tested. 'ou are /oi!/ to be tested with fear> you are /oi!/ to be tested with hu!/er> loss of wealth> you are /oi!/ to be tested with loss of fruits> but ha1e the /lad tidi!/ for those who are .atie!tC

&! ... ... 6 3 6 1 1 &K 1 X

-a/e F 2$3

They ha1e a /lad tidi!/. Who are they= As-Saabiree!> the o!es who say *!!aa #illahi wa *!!aa *layhi Raajioo!C

, 3 1 7 - N A K T ' & . q 1 3 1 ! 3 / 1 / 1 1 1 1 3 D P 1 " - 1 6

'ou wa!t the a!/els to e!ter o! you i! Ja!!ah from all the /ates=

L / / 6 3 A E / 1 ; q Q / F6 1 & 0 / A. 1 2 ln :2
The a!/els e!ter u!to them> to you *!shaa Allah> to us> the a!/els will e!ter u.o! you sayi!/ Salaamu! &Alay%um> .ea+e be u.o! you. 'ou .erse1ered .atie!t> eD+elle!t i!deed is the fi!al home. The out+ome has bee! eD+elle!t> why= Why did they /reet them= They saidC

... / ... L q Q / F6 1 & 0 / A.

They /a1e them Salaam based o! the uality of their .atie!+e.

, "!6&K; 3 a z & 6 ... 1 6 / / 9 3 1 : 5 1 1 3 1 UM :d

Those who are .atie!t re+ei1e their full reward without a!y re+%o!i!/. 'ou /et abu!da!+e amou!t of reward for .atie!+e. Whe! someo!e /e!erous says * /ot you> * /ot this sa1ed for you> you %!ow that there is a lot. *ma/i!e Al-;areem> the ultimate i! (is /e!erosity says you .atie!tC

, "!6&K; 3 ... ... 6 / 1 3

Abuda!+e i! reward. We made from amo!/ them leaders> /uidi!/ by our +omma!d whe! they were .atie!t a!d they were +ertai! of our si/!sC

I& "!2T , T/ !6 A . 6 G 4 1 ! / 3 / 3 / 1 / 1 1 ! ln :`2@5" 1 - N 1 F # - & 1 -

Whe! did they be+ome *maams= Whe! they were .atie!t a!d +ertai!. *b! Taymiyyah> *b! al-,ayyim al-Jaw?iyyah a!d *b! ;atheer say stateme!ts similar to thatC

-a/e F 2$6

/ b 1 1 / ! F ; 1w 3 & 1 1 / AK 1 2 1 E
With .atie!+e a!d +ertai!ty> o!e obtai!s leadershi. i! reli/io!. With .atie!+e a!d +ertai!ty> o!e obtai!s leadershi. i! reli/io!. -atie!+e with +ertai!ty> tie them to/ether> if .atie!+e a!d +ertai!ty are tied i!to a %!ot> you /et leadershi.> that %!ot is leadershi. i! *slam.


#i!/uisti+ally s.ea%i!/> al-(absu wal-Ma!a H R !tA=I. #i!/uisti+ally> it is to ba! or .re1e!t. Ba! a!d .re1e!t or ba! or .re1e!t. Al-(absu wal-Ma!a> ba! a!d .re1e!t yourself from des.o!de!+y a!d a!Diety.

3 E / F ... >? :d7 ...7 7 H 1 7 1 1 - / 6 9 3

To .re1e!t yourself from bei!/ des.o!de!t or ha1i!/ a!Diety. To ba! a!d .re1e!t your limbs from +ommitti!/ si!s> that is Sabr> to ba! a!d .re1e!t your to!/ue from +om.lai!i!/. -atie!+e with !o eDa//eratio!> is a methodolo/y. *t is !ot mere words said whe! o!e is affli+ted> Wallah * am .atie!t. That is after he said somethi!/ to a!/er Allah a!d the! at the e!d he says> Wallah * am .atie!t.

/ ! 1 1 / / 2K 3 1 3 2 3 / AK
-atie!+e has its tea+hi!/s> its rules a!d re/ulatio!s. That is .atie!+e.


Whe! * +om.lai! does it !e/ate Sabr= The a!swer to that is> +om.lai!i!/ is two folds. The first o!e is bad a!d the other o!e is a+tually a /ood way of +om.lai!i!/. 7!e should !e1er +om.lai! about Allah to (is +reatio!s. 'ou +om.lai! to Allah a!d that +om.lai!i!/ to Allah is a si/! of stro!/ *maa!. 'aJ oob Jalayhis salaam> the father of 'usuf> after the trials he we!t throu/h> he said> i! the i!itial be/i!!i!/ of it he saidC

q UV :vL-7 7 ...7 < 7 ... 1 6 ; q / AK

Beautiful .atie!+e. Beautiful .atie!+e is .atie!+e with !o +om.lai!i!/. So he said> * am determi!ed to ha1e beautiful .atie!+e> .atie!+e with !o +om.lai!i!/> * am !ot /oi!/ to +om.lai!. 'ou do !ot .reser1e .atie!+e so that .eo.le +a! say Wallahi so a!d so is .atie!t !or do you .reser1e .atie!+e so .eo.le +a! say Wallahi he was !ot des.o!de!t. 01e! thou/h he saidC

-a/e F 2$6

q UV :vL-7 7 ...7 < 7 ... 1 6 ; q / AK

A!d Allah uoted it i! the ,urJa!> after the !ews of what ha..e!ed to his so!> he still +om.lai!ed. 'aJ oob still +om.lai!ed but he saidC

q UV :vL-7 7 ...7 < 7 ... 1 6 ; q / AK

Whi+h is .atie!+e with !o +om.lai!i!/ but he still +om.lai!ed> he +learly said it. *! fa+t> he said * +om.lai!> but he said * +om.lai! to AllahC

3 1 % & -0 / , ... ... 1 d 1 7 / 9 ! 3 1 +

* o!ly> *!!amaa> 1erily> o!ly> * limit it> * +om.lai! my /rief> my sorrow> what * feel i! my heart to Allah.

3 V_ :vL-" / ,! 1 7 1 - / F H ...
A!d> * %!ow that of Allah whi+h you do !ot %!ow. <om.lai!i!/ to Allah does !ot !e/ate your .atie!+e. <om.lai! your .o1erty to Allah. <om.lai! your worries> your a!Diety> your wea%!esses> +om.lai! that all to Allah. That has !othi!/ to do with !e/ati!/ your .atie!+e. <om.lai! all that whi+h is i! your heart> em.ty your heart to Allah. <ast what is i! your heart i! all humble!ess a!d humility to Allah a!d wat+h the results you are /oi!/ to /et. Ayyub> a ma! de+lared by Allah> the Jud/e of all jud/es> de+lared Ayyub a!d said about himC

3 2A/ 6&. ( nn :y a ... 3 1 q ! ! 1 / / 3 , 4 1 / 2

Allah says truly> We fou!d him> Ayyub> .atie!t. 5e+laratio! by Allah> how eD+elle!t of a sla1e he was. Berily> he was oft retur!i!/ a!d re.e!ta!t. That is the mea!i!/ of Awwaab> o!e who +o!ti!uously re.e!t. But the .oi!t of it is the be/i!!i!/> truly We fou!d him .atie!t. Who said that= Who fou!d Ayyub .atie!t= Allah> the Almi/hty fou!d him. (e still +om.lai!ed> Allah de+lared him .atie!t but he still +om.lai!ed. (is +om.lai!i!/ to Allah was amo!/ the fa+tors that /a1e him the ho!our of bei!/ +ertified by Allah as ha1i!/ bee! fou!d to be .atie!t. (e +om.lai!ed to AllahC

, V? :\ A7 ...7 7 p 5 ... 1 P 3 P
#oo% at the deli+ate word that Ayyub used> Massa!ee> * ha1e bee! tou+hed. 5estroyed me> doomed me> Ahla%a!ee H 0,I> he did !ot use a!y of those words. (e said> * ha1e bee! tou+hed. Tou+h> a little bit of tou+h of hardshi.> * ha1e bee! tou+hed with .roblems. What .roblem was he tou+hed with= 01ery o!e of you %!ows that> we do !ot !eed to /o throu/h them. (e is a! eDam.le of o!e who is .atie!t. A!d e1e! thou/h he lost all his wealth> he lost all his family> +hildre!> eD+e.t

-a/e F 2$$

his wife> he lost his health> he was i! a! ill!ess i! the bed> he says Massa!ee. All that is !ot for a day or two> for years a!d years. Whe! he +om.lai!ed to Allah> he saysC

V? :\ A7 ...7 7 P 3 ... P p 1 5
Be+ause .eo.le are worse off tha! him. * ha1e bee! tou+hed with a! affli+tio!> so he +om.lai!ed but he +om.lai!ed i! a humble way. Allah de+lared him to be o!e who was fou!d to be .atie!t. The si!ful> the wro!/ ty.e of +om.lai!i!/> the o!e that !e/ates your .atie!+e is +om.lai!i!/ the <reator to o!e who is +reated. The .ro1ider to o!e who is bee! .ro1ided> to +om.lai! the Most Mer+iful> Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem to a huma! who is defi+ie!t or la+%s mer+y i! totality. #oo% at it> whe! you wa!t to sit a!d +om.lai! to .eo.le> does it ma%e se!se to you to +om.lai! to o!e who is defi+ie!t i! mer+y or does !ot e1e! ha1e mer+y> a!d lea1e the o!e who is .erfe+t a!d +om.lete a!d ultimate i! (is mer+y= Ar-Rahmaa! Ar-Raheem> the Most Ara+ious> the Most Mer+iful. *b! al-,ayyim Rahimahullah said +om.lai!i!/ is three le1els. The first o!e is> the most des.i+able is +om.lai!i!/ about Allah to (is +reatio!. Why did this ha..e!> why am * /oi!/ throu/h this> why this> +ha!/i!/ your belief> +ha!/i!/ your ways. The se+o!d o!e is the best le1el> whi+h is +om.lai!i!/ matters to Allah. The third o!e is i! the middle> whi+h is +om.lai!i!/ +reatio! to the <reator. So the se+o!d two are /ood> are o%> the first o!e is the o!e that !e/ates .atie!+e.


This is li%e * said> a brief outli!e that we !eed to tal% about> about .atie!+e. * /a1e a le+ture a!d it is a1ailable o! .atie!+e> whi+h tal%s i! about trials a!d tribulatio!s. 'ou /ot the Sabr &Alat-Taaah wal-Mamoor H


-I!I> .atie!+e to the obli/atory> that whi+h you are ordered to do. Sabr &Alal-Masiyyah H K A.I> .atie!+e to refrai! from the si!. The first
two> li%e wa%i!/ u. for "ajr> lo!/ day of wor%i!/> you .robably sle.t late at !i/ht> you .robably did ,iyaam the! sudde!ly "ajr +omes> you /ot to wa%e u. a/ai! for "ajr. 7r someo!e is !eDt to his wife i! the +omfort of his bed a!d his wife is !eDt to him> he lea1es that to /o a!d ma%e his Salah> Salatul-"ajr or Salatu!-4aafilah. To tur! away from that dream house or that house that you wa!t to shelter your family *!> be+ause you do !ot wa!t to /et i!to Riba. To sto. your to!/ue from what has be+ome the fruit of the setti!/s today> Aheebah a!d 4ameemah> to sto. your to!/ue from that !eeds a lot of .atie!+e. So those are the first two of .atie!+e. The third o!e is .atie!+e o! that whi+h Allah desti!ed for you> of trials a!d tribulatio!s> as-Sabru &Alal-Balaa wal-Ma door H !2E!


-a/e F 2$)

-# -E 6 " , 3 3 1 9 5 , U Z - / ' " , j 2 ! / H ! 3 '; 'J 1 1 3 - / E D / T / l " 1 1 / AN 3 / 2. 1 0 1 3 / ! / ; 1 & 3 D 3 7 -N [-A0?

5o you .eo.le thi!% that .eo.le will be left alo!e a!d !ot be tested> you thi!% you will say we belie1e a!d you will !ot be tested= We i!deed tested those before you> you are !ot a!y better tha! those before you. We tested those before you> so Allah will +ertai!ly ma%e it %!ow!> those who are .eo.le of truth a!d those who !ot. *maa! is !ot a word your utter> it is !ot a word you say o! your to!/ue alo!e. *maa! is to!/ue> heart a!d a+tio!.


(e said it i! the ,ura!C

3 " / 1 / 1 ) # 1 / ', / 6 7 3 D 1 8 ... 1 A$ / d 1 g 1 1 3 8 3 '9

Allah will !ot lea1e the belie1ers i! the state whi+h they are i!> u!til (e disti!/uishes the wi+%ed from the /ood.

3 " ... ... / # 1 / 1 / 0 7 ! 1 / z

Allah has wisdom behi!d matters. 'ou are tested> sometimes you %!ow the wisdom> sometimes you do !ot %!ow. That is what Allah mea!s> sometimes you do !ot %!ow> you do !ot %!ow the Ahayb.

3 3 " 8 ! ... / # 1 / 1 3 1 07 7 / 0 7 ! 1 / z 3 & \ X 1 1 L 1 7 1 ; 1 1 L 1 A / 6 6 1 - 1 '@ ! P 0 ; -E 3 ' F! / F " :" bZ 6 1 ) / , q 1O / q - 1 ! Ur^

Allah will !ot dis+lose that but belie1e i! Allah a!d (is Messe!/er a!d if you do> you /et abu!da!+e i! rewardC

-a/e F 2$8

3 & -E 3 ' F! / F " 1 ) 1 1 L 1 7 1 Z... 6 / 0 ; 1 - - ! 1 ! 6 / , q 1 O q

Belie1e i! Allah a!d (is Messe!/er> that is the .oi!t of it> stay steadfast !o matter what ha..e!s of you. The .oi!t of it> (e is sayi!/ at the e!d of the 1erse> to remai! o! the ri/ht .ath of Allah a!d the Messe!/ers of Allah. Allah tests .eo.le of *maa! to disti!/uish betwee! the truthful a!d a liarC

... 1 A$ ... / d 1 g 1 1 3 8 3 '9

#oo% at that> u!til (e disti!/uishes the wi+%ed from the /ood. (e disti!/uishes the wi+%ed from the /ood throu/h trials a!d tribulatio!s a!d tests. Whether it may be fi!a!+ial o!es or .roblems with health or .roblems with busi!ess> a!d it +ould be .roblems> tested with matters for o!es 5ee! a!d that is the ultimate %i!d of test. A se+o!d time> a 1ery similar 1erseC

3 d g 1 A$ 1 A$ / < / 1 g 1 1 @ / ! 7 1 3 ; 1 1 @ / ; 4 / & / & #6 p / ; 8 : 3 T / ?r :bJ" L $ W } 8 7 !, 1 1 !6

*! order that Allah will disti!/uish the wi+%ed from the /ood a!d loo% at that> a!d (e will sto+%.ile the filth o! to. of ea+h other. Trials a!d tribulatio!s> matters that ha..e!ed> "ita! that ha..e!ed re+e!tly i! the .ast te! or fiftee! years> sto+%.iled the filth o! o!e side a!d sto+%.iled the ri/hteous .eo.le o! the o!e side. 'ou +a! see a!d tell> the 5uJaat> you +a! tell. "ilth is filth a!d you +a! tell the ri/hteous is ri/hteous.

3 d ...g 1 A$ / 1 1 7
"or us a!d for Allah a!d we are /oi!/ tal% about that i! a little bit more detail. There are those who whe! they are tou+hed with a!y harm> sudde!ly their a..eara!+e +ha!/es> their methodolo/y +ha!/es with their a..eara!+e. <li..i!/ a!d trimmi!/ that whi+h used to be a! u!tou+hable "ardh> so sudde!ly !ow is a Su!!ah a!d e1e! lesser tha! a Su!!ah. Walaa a!d Baraa used to be defi!ed i! o!e thi!/> a!d Alhamdulillah thi!/s are re+orded> you +a! see it> !ow sudde!ly Walaa a!d Baraa is a totally differe!t thi!/.

-# -E 6 " , H ! 3 3 1 9 5 , / Z - / ' " , j / l :[-A0" 'J -

-a/e F 2)@

Some may !ot say why Allah did 'ou do that> !o. Some .eo.le failed the test> that is the i/!ora!t layme! .eo.le faili!/ the test> why Allah did 'ou do that= 7thers may +ha!/e their belief a!d .ri!+i.les a!d be/i! to +om.romise their .ri!+i.les. Those who we!t to .riso! a!d +ame out totally differe!t. Those who whe! trials +ame u.> before> loo% at them a!d loo% at their audio a!d 1ideo a!d their tal%s a!d their arti+les before the trials a!d loo% at it today. Sto+%.iled filth o! to. of ea+h other a!d sto+%.iled the ri/hteous o! to. of ea+h other. (e may !ot ha1e said why Allah did 'ou do this to me> he may ha1e !ot +om.lai!ed> why did this ha..e! to me> but he is a differe!t ma! i! his belief> he +ha!/ed his belief. Those are filth !ot bei!/ worthy of bei!/ +arriers of the 5aJwah of Allah subhaa!ahu wa taJaala.


5o !ot e1er eD.e+t 5aJwah o! the +orre+t Ma!haj> to be .a1ed with red a!d flowers. 5o !ot e1er eD.e+t that. 5o !ot e1er eD.e+t it to be .a1ed with flowers a!d red a!d lead you to a life of +omfort a!d luDury. 0stablish yourself from !ow> that you !eed *maa! a!d Sabr to e!dure hardshi.s if you are o! the ri/ht .ath of 5aJwah. We said i! the U!i1ersity of 'usuf Jalayhis salaam> the semi!ar * /a1e> do !ot e1er as% Allah for trials> e1er. Rather> as% Allah to sa1e you from trials but establish withi! yourself *maa! a!d Sabr> a!d that o!ly +omes throu/h %!owled/e. That is why we lear! %!owled/e> so whe! the trial +omes you do !ot fail. Wallahi> * +a! !umber !ames that whe! they were i!fli+ted with trials a!d how they failed> of our time> a!d .o.ular .eo.le a!d .eo.le that you may ha1e heard i! the media. 5o !ot e1er be li%e those whoC

3 2 ...C 3 1 ! : 6 A / 7 j / 9 8 1
A!d amo!/ ma!%i!d is those who worshi. Allah as they were o! the ed/e. 'ou see if you are wal%i!/ o! the ed/e of a +liff> li%e a !arrow .la+e> li%e o! the ed/e of this table. *f /ood befalls him a!d e1erythi!/ is /oi!/ his way> ah * am a belie1er> * am +o!te!t. *f a trial befalls him> he tur!s ba+% o! his fa+e> losi!/ both this world a!d the (ereafterC

I/k 6* , "... & " & . q / '; 1 1 / 1 ! 3 / 1 ; / / ' &. ," 1 q / ! 1 8` 6 W 1 o 1 * 1 T / ! E * / P2 6 5 8 1 UU := / 6 / $ 1 A / " 5
(e lost this world a!d by him !ot bei!/ .leased with what Allah +hose with him> he lost the life after. Allahumma Thabbit!aa> Allahumma Thabbit!aa. *f he /ets what he wa!ts of wealth a!d fame a!d mo!ey a!d .resti/e a!d followers> he is with the /e!eral flow of the belie1ers. *f a test +omes> sudde!ly a test +omes> he lea1es that
-a/e F 2)2

.ath. 'ou hear .eo.le !ow sayi!/> 5uJaat> * wa!t to li1e ha..y> * wa!t to /o ba+% to my wife a!d %ids. * do !ot wa!t .roblems !o more> "ita! ha..e!ed. A!d they did !ot e1e! see "ita!> it did !ot e1e! +ome !ear them> they did !ot e1e! smell it. 'ou are /oi!/ to hear someo!e say this 5aJwah is !ot for me. * just heard it a+tually a few days a/o> if * am /oi!/ to be s+ruti!ised for /oi!/ to the Masjid> * am !ot /oi!/ to the Masjid !o more.

-# j , H Z - -E ", 6 ' ", 5 9 ! 3 / 3 1 / / l :[-A0" 'J -

A 5aaJiyah> a Muslim> follows the /uided .ath a!d he a++e.ts the ba//a/e that +omes with it. A 5aaiyah a++e.ts the ri/ht .ath a!d the ba//a/e that +omes with it. Whate1er out+ome Allah has for him> he ta%es it with a! o.e! heart a!d a bare +hest shouti!/ * am a belie1er.

2 ! ... ... 3 '; 1 1 3 / E D / T 1 1 / AN

A!d We i!deed tested those who were before them> you are !ot a!y better tha! them. We i!deed tested those before you.

3 / 2. ; 1 0 1 3 / ! / ... 1 & 3 D 3 7 -N ? :[-A0

A!d we are /oi!/ to tal% about what that mea!s> Allah wa!ts to %!ow those who are truthful a!d those who are liars. The -ro.hets /et tested a!d they /et harmed> you are /oi!/ to /et harmed a!d tested. <omfort> luDury> red +ar.ets i! the .ath of 5awah> it did !ot ha..e! to a si!/le Messe!/er. *t did !ot ha..e! for the most belo1ed to Allah of (is +reatio!> it did !ot e1e! ha..e! to a!y of the other Messe!/ers a!d who do we loo% u. to whe! we say 5awah= Whe! we say 5awah> who is our eDam.le i! 5awah= The Messe!/ers of Allah. 5o you %!ow a!y Messe!/er of Allah that did !ot li1e a life of hardshi.> from be/i!!i!/ to e!d= Those are the ideal eDam.les that o!e loo%s u. to i! 5awah. 4ow you see those who made 5awah a job> a +areer> for fame> for luDury> for /oi!/ with whate1er the tre!d of that time is. Whate1er ma%es you .o.ular at that time> that is what their ideolo/y is> that is what their 5ee! is> their reli/io! is whate1er is that. *f you are o! the ri/ht .ath a!d you ha1e !o e!emies a!d you ha1e !o trials> the! +lose the door i! your house a!d double +he+% what you are doi!/.

1 8D #! ! 01 t / W 1k % i 2 1 A < 1 / 1 w / C b / Y 6 1 - / & / & 9 p @ / T 1 / ! 1 / E * 8 1 :

-a/e F 2)9

P &6 ( 6 / D; % ; ! / - W \ / ! 6 4 !6 s / UUl :" !6 'J

We a..oi!ted for e1ery -ro.hetC

01 ...! ... i 2 1 A <

'ou ha1e to ha1e e!emies. Shayatee!> de1ils> some will say oh it is Shayatee!> loo% what Allah s.e+ified. 4ot o!ly Shayatee! of Ji!!> Allah s.e+ifiedC

... % @ 1k ... 1 / ! t 1 / 1 w
Ma!%i!d a!d of Ji!!> so !o o!e will say it was about the Ji!!. *!s.iri!/ to ea+h other ador!ed as a delusio!> if Allah did !ot wa!t> they would !ot ha1e do!e itC

% 1 - / & / & 9 p @ 1k ... / T 1 / ! t 8 1 1 / : 1 w P &6 b / C ( % / Y 6 ; - W \ / ! 6 4 !6 s 1 / E * / " 6 !6 ! / 'J / D;

A 1ery similar 1erse li%e this o!eC

8D #! / / #! @ ! 2 A < 0 W 1 1 1 6 / 1 i 8 J 1 &6 ?U :"NJ 6 W 1 ! 1 4 h 4 K 1&

We made for e1ery -ro.het> e!emies. (e has to ha1e e!emies> the Su!!ah of Allah> you +a!!ot +ha!/e the Su!!ah of Allah. 5isbelie1ers> .olytheists> today you ha1e the moder!ists a!d those who you %!ow> Allahu Alam what they are. Allah saidC

01 ... ...<
01ery. This is for who> me a!d you= *t is for those who are better tha! me a!d you> the eDam.les of 5awah. *f Allah a..oi!ted for e1ery -ro.het> e!emies> you eD.e+t a true Muslim o! the true .ath to be free of e!emies a!d .roblems a!d hardshi.s a!d trials a!d tribulatio!s= 0D.lai! that to me. Those fa%e i/!ora!t heads we ha1e today> the o!es we see> the o!es who ha1e this assum.tio! that they +a! /et e1eryo!e to be .leased at them a!d e1eryo!e i! their ima/i!ary mi!d> they +a! /et them i!to some bi/ +ir+le of u!ity. They thi!% they are the !ew Messiah with su+h sa1iour .owers a!d %!owled/e to /et e1eryo!e i! this +ir+le> whi+h the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam did !ot ha1e. 01eryo!e should be ha..y> to/ether> a!d we are o! the same .a/e.

-a/e F 2):

! 01 ...t ... 1k % i 2 1 A < 1 / 1 w

They wa!t to bri!/ the world to/ether o! the wro!/ .reteDt a!d o! the a++ou!t of dis.leasi!/ Allah. Those !eed to lear! the basi+s of 5awah> !ot the basi+s of 5awah but rather before that> the basi+s of their 5ee!. Whe! you embra+e 5awah a!d you are affe+ti1e o! the true Ma!haj> o! the true belief> you must ha1e e!emies. A!d i! a time li%e today> if your is true a!d your Tawheed is .ure> you are /oi!/ to ha1e e!emies from those who +laim to be Muslims before the !o! Muslims. Was it me!tio!ed i! the ,ura! i! 1ai! two times=

, D3 " = - " / - # 1 3 1 - -0 3 1 p / D 1 Z 6 l^
We all %!ow it> i! Ju?? &Amma. We all read Ju?? &Amma a!d we all memorise it but do we +o!tem.late it= Berily those who i! this life +ommitted +rimes> used to lau/h at the belie1ers.

1 ! ?M " ' !d z / T P 1 1 & !6

Whe!e1er they .ass by the belie1ers> they wi!% at ea+h other i! mo+%ery. This was tal%i!/ about the !o! belie1ers doi!/ it to the belie1ers. Today> we ha1e those who +laim to be belie1ers doi!/ it to the ri/hteous belie1ers of Tawheed.

, -A E E 1 ! ?U 0 ; -A T 1 / 1 T 8 1 1 1
Whe! they retur! to their .eo.le> they retur! jesti!/.

P p ) N 7 ?l " 1 H 8 " ! \ - 3 1 - / / ,6 1 ! 7 7JJ

A!d whe! they see them they say 1erily> these /uys ha1e bee! /o!e astray. They see the ri/hteous .eo.le of Tawheed> the stra!/ers> the true .eo.le o! the .ure Tawheed today are stra!/ers amo!/ stra!/ers amo!/ stra!/ers. Those who are o! the true Tawheed> 1erily> ha1e /o!e astray> for eDam.le. (ow is that=

P p ) 7 " 1 H 8 " \ - 3 1 ...

'ou %!ow 5haalloo!= They are de1ia!ts. (e is a Ta%feeri> he is a ;hawaarij> they throw their labels at them. 7%> you +all them these !ames> +ome here buddy> what is the s+holarly defi!itio! of a Ta%feeri= They +ould !ot tell you. What is the +hara+teristi+s that the s+holars> the &Ulamaa of the Salaf me!tio! o! a ;hawaarij= They do !ot %!ow. What ha..e!s is> they hear the +rowi!/ of the roosters a!d they

-a/e F 2)3

be/i! to +row with them. * am /oi!/ to ha1e a little but more res.e+t> * am !ot /oi!/ to say they heard the do/s bar%i!/ so they be/a! to bar% li%e the do/s> * am /oi!/ to say they heard the +rowi!/ of the roosters so they +row li%e them. -ri!ted labels ready to be uttered at a mome!ts !oti+e> without fear of Allah. 'ou as a belie1er> if you are o! the true .ath a!d you are steadfast> you are /oi!/ to be tested a!d you !eed .atie!+e.

, D3 " = - " / - # 1 3 1 - -0 3 1 p / D 1 Z 6 l^
Berily duri!/ the world before> those who +ommitted the +rimes used to lau/h at those who belie1ed. ;ee. these Ayaat betwee! your eyes whe! you stru//le> whe! .eo.le +om.lai! to me * am fa+i!/ this> * am fa+i!/ that. 'es> it is /ood to +o!sult but %ee. these Ayaat i! +om.lai!i!/ to them. Whe! you are o! the /uided .ath a!d they throw labels at you> a!d you are sure you are o! the .ath of the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah> followi!/ the Sahaabah a!d those who followed them i! /uida!+e> they mo+% you a!d they are ha..y about you> .ay atte!tio! toC

, D3 " = - " / - # 1 3 1 - -0 3 1 p / D 1 Z 6 l^
They ma%e fu! of you> they harm you> Allah saysC

...- ... 1 3 1 D Z
So what is the result if * am .atie!t= Wait for this day> Allah tells you> wait for this dayC

= 3 0/ " / 6 1 - 1 3 -0 p D Z / / ; 1 J ?n : JJ
We are !ot /oi!/ to mo+% !o o!e !ow> i! this life. But i! the life after> those who belie1e will lau/h at the disbelie1ers. Those who mo+%ed you> the! you +a! mo+% them ba+% a!d lau/h at them. *b! al-Mubaara% said al-,albi !arrated from Abi Saalih about the 1erse of AllahC

3 d U> :`EA7 ...7 7 / '5 / / T 7 1 T 1 1&

Allah mo+%s them. Abu Saalih said> this is the stateme!t of Ab Saalih> the torme!t is i! additio! to the re/ular torme!t they /et i! (ell. The /ates of (ell o.e! a!d they are told to lea1e a!d the .eo.le i! (ell ui+%ly head to the doors> whe! they rea+h the doors> the /ates of (ell +loseG as .art of their .u!ishme!t. Whe! the belie1ers
-a/e F 2)6

see them> they be/i! to lau/h at them. There is wi!dows i! Ja!!ah that they see the .eo.le i! (ell a!d Abu Saalih said that is the mea!i!/ ofC

= 3 0/ " / 6 1 - 1 3 -0 p D Z / / ; 1 J ?n : JJ
That is the day whe! the belie1ers will lau/h at them. Wallahi> there is !othi!/ * loo% more forward to tha! the day we are *!shaa Allah +alled to a! a..oi!tme!t to see the fa+e of Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala. That is the first thi!/ * loo% forward to. The se+o!d thi!/ * loo% forward to i! Ja!!ah> is the .leasa!t 1iew from the wi!dows of

/ I> with /lasses of yo/hurt a!d ho!ey Ja!!ah o! the thro!es of al-Araai% H W 1 1 G6 a!d water> o! loo%i!/ those i! Jaha!!am who for so lo!/ rele!tlessly tortured a!d harmed a!d mo+%ed a!d %illed us. May Allah for/i1e our si!s a!d %ee. us steadfast o! the Strai/ht -ath> so we +a! /et those ra!%s a!d le1els *!shaa Allah Taaala. We do !ot mo+% i! this life be+ause there is a +ha!+e of re.e!ta!+e> there is always a +ha!+e to re.e!t a!d +ome ba+% to the ri/ht .ath. But there is a time i! the life after where e1e! if it is a relati1e> you are !ot /oi!/ to feel a!y /uilt for mo+%i!/ them.

/ ?> : JJ" 6 !6 W 1 1 G O
They /et .aid fully> for what they used to do> it is .ay ba+% timeC

/ - 3 0/ a / : JJ" # - J 6 J c < ?_
'ou mo+%> you /et mo+%ed i! the life after. We as% Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala to u!ite us o! al-Araai% o1erloo%i!/ those .eo.le who did this to us> *!shaa Allah Taaala. *! +o!+lusio!> !ot a si!/le Messe!/er or Muslim or re1i1er who too% o! this tas%> eD+e.t he was tested. That is the Su!!ah of Allah so we !eed to stre!/the! our Sabr> wor% o! our Sabr> a!d that o!ly +omes throu/h %!owled/e. 7r some may !eed to jum. off the wa/o! a!d * do !ut su//est that but that is the o!ly two ultimatums> a!d * su//est Sabr a!d %!owled/e. May Allah %ee. us steadfast a!d away from mis/uida!+e *!shaa Allah.


#oo% at some of the 1erses o! trials.

! 3 1 & 0 ...\ : / A / X
-a/e F 2)6

#aam at-Taw%eed H 2

#-' HI> +ertai!ly it is /oi!/ to ha..e!> be assured it is /oi!/ to ha..e!. #aam of oath> this is also +o!sidered #aam of oath H H 5EI. Allah /i1es a! oath> Wallahi you are /oi!/ to be tested. A!d ri/ht after
that> it is the hea1y 4oo!. These are matters +o!siste!t throu/hout the ,ura!> loo%C

3 / ! 1 & 0 : ! / / ! 1 { \ C / $ / A / X : E 1 -@ / !b- U>> :`EA ...[ 1 6 3 +! t 1 / / 1 J ! 1 1 1 @ / 6 2 / 0 / / 03 3 ! / A 8 3 '9 1 1 &K ?U :2 = / , * / #6 A / A !

! 01 - , ; , 1 " 1 1 J 3 / ' ! 3 5 / 05 / / / A ' D3 / / , -# 6 % 0 A N a ' 0 -F !, 1 1 3 1 ! 1 1 / D 1 / 1 8" -E 3 ' F! 4 , 1 W / 3 1 ; / / F " !6 1 AK 6 4 1 + # S 1 ! 1 d / UV_ :" bZ 6 1 - D3 5 '... ! 1 0/ -F !, 1 a ' 1 1 3 / / 01 / AN / , 4 , -# ..6 6 % 1 3 1 ! D 4 1 + # S

Same #aam> #aam at-Taw%eed or #aam al-,asm. 'ou shall +ertai!ly be tried a!d tested i! your wealth a!d i! your .ro.erty> a!d i! your .erso!al sel1es.

#oo% at the se+o!d .art of it> the other o!e> #aam is +ertai!> it is immi!e!t. A!d you shall +ertai!ly hear mu+h of that whi+h /rie1es you> from those who re+ei1ed the S+ri.ture before a!d those who as+ribe .art!ers to Allah. So how 'aa Allah we deal with it= *t is i! the same 1erse> how we deal with itC

8" / -E 3 ' F! 6 - d W ! 1 1 / 3 1 ; / / F " !6 1 AK 1 1 ... 1

(ow do we deal with it= Allah did !ot lea1e us ha!/i!/. *f you .erse1ere .atie!tly a!d ha1e Ta wa> just li%e the .re1ious 1erses we too%> the! that is a determi!i!/ fa+tor i! all affairs. *t is a determi!i!/ fa+tor i! your su++ess i! the life after. *t is !ot !e+essary to see the fruit of your 5awah i! this life. Some .eo.le wa!t to see the ultimate 1i+tory> the ultimate 1i+tory is to die .atie!t a!d firm o! the ri/ht .ath a!d that is why we +o!ti!uously as% Allah to %ee. us steadfast a!d firm o! the ri/ht a!d .ure Tawheed. The belie1ers e!dured so mu+h a!d the Messe!/ers e!dured so mu+h of trials a!d tribulatio!s> amo!/ the eDam.les is the -ro.het Muhammad

-a/e F 2)$

sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. (e e!dured so mu+h that Allah se!t +o!dole!+e to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d that whi+h he e!dured.

1 / AN W ! q L !6 / E / &D # 2 6 < ; AK f 8 ...-& D #

Whe! he was a/o!ised o1er that whi+h hurt him> Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> Messe!/ers before you were de!ied> Messe!/ers before you> they disbelie1ed i! were harmed. What did they do=

! -&D # !, ...! ... 8 !6 ; AK

They were .atie!t i! the de!ial they fa+ed> .atie!t i! the trials they fa+ed> a!d they were tested> harmed> a!d they were hurt.

... ... F 6 , / / K 8 3 '9

Till 7ur 1i+tory rea+hed them.

3 [ ! 2 A ... ... 1 7 1 1 01 b H
There is !o way arou!d it. As a 5aaiyah> %!ow that> read the 1erse. There is !o o!e who +a! +ha!/e it> so if you are eD.e+ti!/ a life with !o hardshi.s a!d trialsC

3 [ ! 2 A ... ... 1 7 1 1 01 b H
There is !o o!e who +a! +ha!/e the word of Allah. The 1i+tory is /oi!/ to +ome for sure a!d also> the tests before it is /oi!/ to +ome. 'ou +a!!ot +ha!/e the Su!a! a!d tre!ds of Allah. A 5aaiyah is /oi!/ to be tou+hed with harm a!d it is the Su!!ah of Allah> there is !o way arou!d it. 5o you remember our series o! the Araduates of the U!i1ersity of 'usuf> the most ho!ourable &Ulamaa. A!d * me!tio!ed i! there that they were stri+%e! with /rief a!d hardshi.s> we me!tio!ed how *maam Abu (a!eefah a!d the four *maams> how they were stri+%e! with /rief a!d hardshi. a!d their life was trial after trial. A!d if you also /o o! further to read the boo%s li%e that of Seerah JAlaam a!-4ubala> the heroes of *slam> or other boo%s> 1olumes of boo%s that me!tio! the history of the re1i1ers. -erha.s someo!e +a! e!li/hte! me of o!e of the re1i1ers of *slam> the .romi!e!t .eo.le that we me!tio! te!s of times i! our (ala aat> o!e of those whi+h history do+ume!ted that did !ot /o throu/h trials throu/hout his life= Was it a +oi!+ide!+e they all we!t throu/h trials= 4o.

3 [ \ ! 2 A H 1 u 1 7 1 2 / E 1 01 b ... 1 A3 ?n : 6 1 L / /
-a/e F 2))

Allah says fi!ally> surely it rea+hed you the !ews of the .eo.le before you. This is the !ews of the Messe!/ers before you> mea!i!/ what ha..e!ed to the Messe!/ers before you> ha..e!ed to you. They were tested a!d tried a!d the! they /ot the 1i+tory a!d the same ha..e!s to you. <o!tem.late the history> belo1ed Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> trials after trials> Allah is telli!/ him to +o!tem.late the history of the .re1ious Messe!/ers a!d how they we!t throu/h trials a!d the! 1i+tory. Trials that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam we!t throu/h i! 5awah a!d his .erso!al life> o!e after a!other> o!e o1erla..i!/ the other. So des.erately>

6I> orderi!/ him to be .atie!t> dire+t that he had to hear from Allah> "asbir H / ; / 1 A. order by Allah to be .atie!t at least ele1e! times i! the ,ura!. "asbir Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> Allah saysC

n^ :h- ... AN 1 3 ' 1 3 1 6 / " E / 1 / ; / 1 A.

Allah says be .atie!t> the e!d> the desti!y> be+ause a lot of times whe! o!e /oes throu/h trials a!d o!e sees the Ummah i! the state that it is i!> he for/ets that there is a 1i+tory +omi!/G the e!d a!d desti!y is for al-Mutta ee!.

-E U?M :k ..." 6 - / ; / 1 A. 8
Be .atie!t o1er what they say. Be .atie!t> be+ause you are /oi!/ to hear a lot of stuff that is /oi!/ to be tal%ed about you. *f you sit i! your house> you are !ot /oi!/ to hear !o o!e tal%i!/. Ao to the 5awah fro!t> you are /oi!/ hear e1ery last thi!/ about your ow! self> that whi+h ma%es you doubt your ow! self at times.

3 2 _M : !...B / ! 1 7 3 1 6 9 / ; " / 1 A. 3 2 >> :;s ...B / ! 1 7 3 1 6 9 / ; " / 1 A.

*! Surat Ahaafir a se+o!d timeC

3 2 rr :;s ...B / ! 1 7 3 1 6 9 / ; " / 1 A.

Three times> why did Allah it= *! 1ai!= There is !ot a si!/le dot i! the ,ura! that is re.eated i! 1ai!. The +atastro.hi+ +alamities befall o! a belie1er> so Allah wa!ted to it a/ai! a!d a/ai! so you read it a/ai! a!d a/ai! a!d u!dersta!d the solutio! is "asbir.

4 d / / W l? :"5H Q " / d 3 1 Z6 3 / = / E 1 F
Allah says to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> We re1ealed to you this ,ura!> we re1ealed to you this ,ura! i! sta/es. Ta!?eela mea!s i! sta/es. Really> what you would ima/i!e the !eDt 1erse after that is > so tha!% Allah. (e

-a/e F 2)8

re1ealed the ,ura!> (e ho!oured you with the ,ura! so tha!% (im. The !eDt 1erse after thatC

&6 ln :"5H ...W 1 6 / ; 1 / 0= / 1 A.

Be .atie!t. *t is !ot tha!% Allah> it isC

&6 ln :"5H ...W 1 6 / ; 1 / 0= / 1 A.

A!d Allah +omma!ds you to .reser1e .atie!+e to that whi+h Allah has i! desti!y for you.

! F H &6 ...[ 1 K 1 -= / 1 6 1 9 # 0 / ; W 1 / 0= / 1 A. nV :E
Be .atie!t to the de+isio!> to that whi+h Allah has for you. 5o !ot be li%e the +om.a!io! of the fish. Mea!i!/> do !ot lea1e 5awah. Whe! all the .roblems ha..e!> do !ot just wal% away> just li%e 'u!us did.

6A. # 6A.; !, ...< 1 1 d / / - 6 1 L P / 1 / ?> :CE9

Be .atie!t oh Muhammad> li%e the stro!/ willed Messe!/er did. "asbir> (e wa!ts to remi!d him of the Messe!/ers> be .atie!t li%e them. *t is !ot a! easy tas%> if it was a! easy tas% e1eryo!e would be o! this .ath. *t is a tas% .a1ed with hardshi. a!d thor!s. *t is a tas% a!d it is a .ath .a1ed with eDtreme hardshi.> but it is the way that leads you to "irdaws. The other .ath is a .ath .a1ed with ease a!d red> but it leads to a! u!.leasa!t desti!y a!d you do !ot wa!t to /o that other way. 01e! thou/h it loo%s /ood> you do !ot wa!t to /o that way. 'ou wa!t to /o to the way that may seem diffi+ult but it /ets you to the ri/ht .la+e. Today> a ti!y bit of thi!/ that ha..e!s to .eo.le these days> so sudde!ly he is i! doubt of his reli/io!. (e is loo%i!/ i! the rear 1iew mirror to ma%e a U tur! out of a /uided .ath. Ti!y bit> whe! the dirt is .la+ed o! your head> the! maybe you +a! +om.lai!. Whe! the /uts of a +amel are throw! o! you a!d .eo.le be/a! to fall i! wea%!ess of lau/hter o1er ea+h other> the! .ossibly you +a! !a/ a!d s.ea% about it. Whe! o!e of you is +ho%ed to !ear suffo+atio! a!d Abu Ba%r radhiallahu &a!hu has to +ome a!d res+ue you> whe! he has to res+ue you from a beati!/ to !ear death> the! o!e +a! tal%. Whe! they .ut you i! a sie/e> li%e they did to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> you +a! +all it a sie/e> you +a! +all it a .riso!> you +a! +all it a +o!+e!tratio! +am.> +all it all that. Whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was i! Shaab Abu Talib> you +a! +all it> it is +o!sidered a +o!+e!tratio! +am. a!d it is +o!sidered a sie/e a!d it is +o!sidered a .riso!. *t was more li%e a .riso!> if
-a/e F 28@

you read the details of how it was. They tried to dis+redit him a!d +all him a fraud> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a fraud. A fraud o! a huma! bei!/> that is a little ra!%> a fraud o! Allah the Almi/hty. They +alled him i!sa!e> a madma!> a Maj!oo!. Wallahi> * %!ow lowlife s+ums a!d bums> +rimi!als> who %illed a!d murdered> who are willi!/ to s.e!d the rest of their life i! .riso! rather tha! ta%e a .lea deal of i!sa!ity a!d wal% out after a few years. They would rather s.e!d their life i! .riso! tha! to be do+ume!ted as i!sa!e. Their i!te/rity refuses to allow them to +o!sider themsel1es i!sa!e> e1e! if it mea!t life behi!d bars. 'our -ro.het /ets +alled a madma!> i!sa!e. 4ot o!ly him> but the Messe!/ers before him were +alled the same thi!/. A!d for someo!e to +all you +ra?y> that is really a bi/ thi!/. A!d Allah says !ot o!ly about the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> e1e! the Messe!/ers before.

, W 8D # N 3 1 b 3 F H - A N D 1 1 1 1 / 6 T : -L 3 1 9 >l :[D" @ q - / ! / , 6 q 1 L
Messe!/ers who +ame before> all of them> their .eo.le said> there is .eo.le who were followi!/ who it was said about them> sor+erers or madme!. They +alled our -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam what would be today> a! i!+om.ete!t> i!si/!ifi+a!t ma!. Basi+ally> wal-&Ayaathu Billah> a bum> they +alled our -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam that. My life> my soul> my s.irit> my family> my wealth be ra!somed to our belo1ed> they +alled him that.

,6 3 1 W !D 7 $ g 8 u ! , ! H 1 3 ' " 1 3 D & mD 4 d / 1 ! 1 4 -L 3 nU :"NJ H 6 7

Whe! they see you oh Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> they treat you i! mo+%ery. They mo+% you> a!d that is diffi+ult> whe! you are mo+%ed a!d made fu! of. *s this the o!e who Allah se!t as a Messe!/er= This /uy= Allah +ould !ot fi!d better tha! this /uy= They sit a!d lau/h a!d sayC

4 -L 3 g 7 H 8 , ... 1 3 D & mD 6 7
They s+a! him u. a!d dow! i! +o!tem.t a!d they say> Allah +ould !ot fi!d a better o!e tha! this=

N / D ! d 7 8 " b Z6 H 6 < : / E / - 8 / ?U :C*d : 1O / E 1 / ' 6

-a/e F 282

Why was a /reat ma! out of Ma%%ah !ot +hose!= Why was a /reat ma! out of Ma%%ah !ot +hose! for the ,ura! to be re1ealed to you= Allah +ould !ot fi!d better tha! this= Me!tio!ed i! the ,ura! ma!y times. (is frie!ds> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> are refu/ees i! Abyssi!ia> i! Afri+a> i! the la!ds of 4ajaashi> al-(abashah. (is frie!ds are refu/ees i! Abyssi!ia> his other frie!ds are i! the hot su! bei!/ tortured. (e is bei!/ .elted with sto!es> he is wa!ted as a refu/ee> i! a dar% +a1e full of s!a%es a!d!s with the hi/hest bou!ty o! him a!d his best frie!d. (is so!s> his +hildre!> al-,aasim> Abdullah> *braheem> Eay!ab> Ru ayyah> Umm ;althoom> all die o!e after the other. The o!ly o!e who sur1i1es till the e!d of his life is "atimah a!d the! he /ets the !ews that as soo! as he dies> ri/ht after him she is /oi!/ to die. (e /ets that !ews before> whe! he was ali1e. <alamity after +alamity> trial after trial> both i! his .erso!al life a!d i! his 5awah life. *t is !ot just .erso!al> it is also i! his 5awah life> it is !ot just 5awah> it is also i! his .erso!al life. Today> o!e loses a .are!t> o!e loses a so! a!d he !e1er re+o1ers after that e1er. (e lost all his +hildre! eD+e.t "atimah. 01e! i! his fi!al mome!ts de.arti!/> he was !ot eDem.ted from hardshi.> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. *b! Masood sees him sha%i!/> i! Bu%hari> i! Muslim. (e wal%s i!> *b! Masood> whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is o! his deathbed a!d he is shi1eri!/. *b! Masood .uts his ha!d o! him a!d says> oh -ro.het of Allah> you are 1ery ill. (e is emotio!al> *b! Masood> he said * /et the .ai! of two me!. *b! Masood said> you /et the double reward as well= (e said yes> * /et the double reward. (e /ets the Waseelah> two> it is eD.e!si1e. So you wa!t to be as +lose to Allah as you +a!> to the Waseelah> you wa!t to be as +lose to the Waseelah as you +a!> you wa!t to be as +lose to the thro!e of Allah as you +a!> hold firm o! the .ath> +o!1ey it a!d be .atie!t. That is the way for it. (is !oble +hara+ter i! 5awah> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> was .atie!+e. *f it was re1e!/e he wa!ted i! his sta/e of 5awah> he would ha1e made a! eDam.le out of the .eo.le of Taif. To let the blood of the .eo.le of Taif flow dow! from the mou!tai! .ea%> all the way dow! to the 1alleys of Ma%%ah> so that the tribe of ,uraysh a!d all the fa+tio!s arou!d it a!d the whole Arabia! -e!i!sula will hear a! u!for/ettable lesso! of that whi+h ha..e!ed to a!yo!e who 1iolates the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. But !o> he says !o> lea1e them. (e tells the a!/els of the mou!tai!s who is ready to do this> he says lea1e them> maybe there will +ome from them those who will worshi. Allah. Ta%e this> be+ause we raise 5uaat> we raise 5uaat here> we say e1ery time he left a s+e!e of torture a!d ousti!/> he was more o.timisti+ a!d e!er/ised to +o!ti!ue i! his missio!. More sure tha! e1er that he would .re1ail be+ause he had betwee! his eyes> Wasbir> it +ould !ot +ome out without Wasbir. "asbir> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /a1e the most .romisi!/ .ro.he+ies> i!s.iratio! to his Sahaabah> i! the dar%est time> whe! they were i! the dar%est of the tu!!el. #ear! from that> a 5aaiayh is most o.timisti+ i! what .eo.le .er+ei1e as the most +ru+ial a!d dar%est mome!ts. A 5aaiyah is +alm a!d he is assured a!d he
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%!ows 1i+tory is ri/ht arou!d the +or!er a!d he %!ows that it is his duty to res+ue that shi..


*! al-Ah?aab> loo% at the .romised 1i+tories i! the hardest a!d dar%est time. *! alAh?aab> o!e of the most diffi+ult times of the Ummah. <old> free?i!/> a!d if you %!ow the desert of Madi!ah> how free?i!/ it is> you %!ow. Rai!> hail> terrorised> the U!i1erse is u!ited a/ai!st him.

4 d 1 / Y H UU :ad9 2 ... 1 % ! / Y 4 2 1 -d
They were terrorised. Ahatafaa!> 4ajd> Murrah> Ashja> ,uraysh> tribes from all o1er> the Jews o! the outs%irts of Madi!ah betray them i! the fi!al mome!ts. *! the dar% mome!t> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is o.timisti+. The world is a/ai!st him a!d he says> we are /oi!/ to be 1i+torious o1er the of the Roma!s> we are /oi!/ to be 1i+torious o1er the of the -ersia!s. (e said this i! the midst of the world u!iti!/> about to ma%e him eDti!+t. That is the .ur.ose of alAh?aab> to ma%e the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the Sahaabah eDti!+t. We are /oi!/ to be 1i+torious o1er Sa!aa> the 0ast> the West a!d the +e!tre> the world is /oi!/ to fall u!der our +o!trol. The si+% hearted said> you belie1e a ma! telli!/ you he sees the .ala+es of the falli!/ u!der his +o!trol yet he is di//i!/ a tre!+h a!d we +a!!ot e1e! defe!d oursel1es= (e tells you he is /oi!/ to rule the world a!d we are afraid to ste. yards away to /o uri!ate=

3 1 3 H Ul :ad9 6 ... ! 2 6 -L 7 3 4 !6 s !
Allah a!d (is -ro.het did !ot /i1e us !othi!/ but false .romises. The firm> the belie1ers> i! those dar% times> e1ery time matter /ets worse> their *maa! is e!er/ised. 01ery time matters /et worse> it boosts their *maa!. The rai!> their *maa! /ets stro!/er> the +old> their *maa! /ets stro!/er. The tribes betrayi!/ them i! the fi!al mome!ts a!d se+o!ds> their *maa! /ets stro!/er. The fi!al straw is te! thousa!d me! yards away from them> withi! yards away from them.

! N / " a / 7 8 ! - 2 1 ) 9 - d / D / S,6 3 3 1 3 3 H hY 2. 6 6 / ! -L 7 -L 7 ! ! ! ll :ad9 4 / F! 4 1 5 1

This is what we ha1e bee! waiti!/ for> this is it. *t is a dar% time> but that is what we ha1e bee! waiti!/ for. A belie1er> a 5aaiyah> the more he is i!fli+ted> the more he is

-a/e F 28:

o.timisti+ about the messa/e> as lo!/ as he is o! the ri/ht .ath a!d /uided .ath. 4i/hts do !ot last fore1er> !i/hts are o!ly hours lo!/ a!d the! the dayli/ht brea%s. *! Tirmidhi> Saad radhiallahu &a!huC

, 3 b & 2 , j -L 4 Q \ m 3 1 P % P 1
(e as%ed the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> who is most tested= *f you were to as% me that before lear!i!/ the +o!+e.ts a!d .ri!+i.les of *slam> * am /oi!/ to tell you the si!!ers. The adulterers> the ra.ists> the for!i+ators> that is who is /oi!/ to /et tested. The -ro.het saidC

/ ; / c \ / < + + ...< / / 3 1 A/
The Messe!/ers a!d those who follow them.

'/ A ... " , ; < 1 " 1 1 h 1 # / 1 ; 9 1 5 3 & 2 Q / 1 ...( q &Q. 1 1 h 1 3 '%

A ma! is tested a++ordi!/ to his belief> a++ordi!/ to his 5ee!. *f his 5ee! is firm> that is it> he .ro1ed himself= 4o> if his 5ee! is firm> /i1e him more. (e .assed to the se+o!d le1el of (ea1e!> o%> we /ot to ta%e him to the third le1el of (ea1e!. (e .assed the third le1el of (ea1e!> we wa!t to ta%e him u. a le1el of (ea1e!. (e ta%es him to a hi/her le1el be+ause Allah lo1es you> (e wa!ts you to be as +lose to the &Arsh as o!e +a! be.

" 3 ... ! q N 1 " 1 1 h 1 ; # / 1 ... 1

*f his 5ee! is !ot that stro!/.

... 1 1 h 1 9 1 5 1 ' / &...

*f his 5ee! is !ot that stro!/> the! his .u!ishme!t sto.s ri/ht there. 7%> this /uy just /ets ri/ht i!side the door of (ea1e!> that is his .la+e> that is where he stays.

A/ Q ... X 3 9 1 1 / A 2 / & / # ; 1 \ / ' ' / A / q } 1* 1 / ] / 1

The tests +ome o!e after a!other u!til a ser1a!t lea1es this 0arth with !ot a si!/le si!. Allah wa!ts to .urify you> (e wa!ts to refi!e you. (e wa!ts you to meet him .ure so you +a! be +lose to the &Arsh. Refi!i!/ a!d bur!i!/ /old ma%es it .ure> it ta%es the .ure /old out> it .urifies o!e. But /old does !ot +ome out easy> the .ure /old> it

-a/e F 283

+omes o! o!e thousa!d de/rees <elsius or more> so it !eeds .urifi+atio!. Allah is refi!i!/ you> Allah is .urifyi!/ you. * was tal%i!/ to a 5aaiyah i! U;> just hours a/o> this mor!i!/. A!d * was e!+oura/i!/ him to /i1e 5awah> to tea+h .eo.le> to tea+h the youth be+ause the method of 4oor ad-5ee! Ei!%i a!d how he raised a /e!eratio! is the true method. A!d he told me e1ery time there is a !oti+e for me to /i1e a le+ture> the .oli+e i! U; +a!+el the e1e!t. * told him that is better tha! here> o1er here the Muslims do that. Muslim Masjids we ha1e here> !ot a si!/le Masjid allow us to tea+h the Usool AthThalaathah. We sear+h a!d we /ot to .ursue a!d fi!d .la+es to ru! +lasses> we do !ot a!!ou!+e it be+ause we are at +a.a+ity. We do !ot ha1e !o room> we ha1e to tell the sisters lea1e> a!d we ha1e how mu+h= * do !ot e1e! %!ow how ma!y Masjids we ha1e i! our 1i+i!ity o1er here> maybe fiftee! or more. 4ot a si!/le o!e i!1ited or allows me to /i1e o!e si!/le tal% there. Two wee%s a/o> there was a sudde! +ha!/e i! a Masjid> i! the offi+ials there a!d there was a bi/ e1e!t /oi!/. So the ma!> Ja?ah Allahu ;hayr> he said * am /oi!/ to i!1ite Shay%h Ahmad> he i!1ited me. * said o% but you ma%e sure it is o% with the .eo.le. As soo! as the .osters we!t u. with my !ame> oh wat+h out> the Ameri+a! /o1er!me!t is after this /uy> we do !ot wa!t him here. (ow did you /uys i!1ite this /uy= * say> if there is errors> if they are after a!y errors> let us debate. We are o.e! for debate> the debati!/ are!a is bi/. But after we debate> si!+e we are deali!/ with i/!ora!t heads arou!d us a!d moder!ists a!d de1ia!ts a!d all of .eo.le> after the debate> let us do Mubaahalah H AI as well a!d see who is wro!/. The +urse of Allah fall o! who is de1ia!t a!d who is wro!/ a!d who +hooses a differe!t ideolo/y. There is !ot a si!/le mista%e by the will of Allah that they +a! fi!d> Alhamdulillah. We are !ot i!fallible but Alhamdulillah> * do !ot bolster or bra/> but if it is time for debate> Biith!illahi Taaala> they will see who is a mo+%ery a!d who is !ot. 5eluded moder!ists> .eo.le who atta+% their brothers i! su..orti!/> a!d to .lease the ;uffaar. A!d other times> you loo% left a!d ri/ht at times> you do !ot fi!d a si!/le su..orter. A!d at times> you will hear lots of !oise but there is !obody there. What did we me!tio!= We ha1e te! +lasses here> ha1e you heard us me!tio! a!ythi!/ i! Usool Ath-Thalaathah that is out of the ordi!ary= Basi+ tea+hi!/s that their %ids a!d their elders should %!ow. A!d the situatio! of the Masaajid a+tually remi!ds me of> Muhammad * baal saidC

[ -. , 0 !- 9 <0& "!@ bQ& hA #2@5 !- 9 <# ;f #G b*

-a/e F 286

* am /oi!/ to re1ise it a!d sayC

b *B= = . #2@5!
01ery day you /o to the Masjid> oh we are +olle+ti!/ do!atio!s for a !ew Masjid. The bri+%s are /oi!/ u.> the Masaajid are /oi!/ u..

bQ& [ -. , 0!
Where is the 1oi+e of Bilal= Whe! a +alamity ha..e!s to them> they are ui+% a!d ea/er to +o!dem! it. Whe! a +alamity ha..e!s to a belie1er> Wallahi you loo% left a!d ri/ht> is there a!y hel.= 4o. Whe! a +alamity ha..e!s to them> e1erybody is for +o!dem!i!/ it. Whe! a belie1er is o..ressed i! a .riso! or there is a situatio! of the Ummah o!/oi!/> /i1e me o!e> we !eed o!e to s.ea% about it.

bQ& [ -. , 0!
The Ma!aarats are /oi!/ u. i! e1ery tow!> i! e1ery +ity> i! e1ery tow!shi..

b *B= = . #2@5!
The Masjid from the word of truth> is em.ty. A!d that is the sad situatio! of the Ummah. * thi!% it is time for Salah so we will ha1e Salah *!shaa Allah Taaala a!d we will ta%e uestio!s a!d a!swer them. * am !ot really do!e tal%i!/ about .atie!+e> we will fi!ish it *!shaa Allah !eDt +lass.

This is our ele1e!th +lass o! Al-Usool Al-Thalaathah. This (ala ah is more li%e a +o!+lusio! for the (ala ah last wee% o! .atie!+e. This is the fourth a!d fi!al .ri!+i.le of the four i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les. With this we will +o!+lude with the four i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les. 4eDt wee% *!shaa Allah> it will be .roof o! these four .ri!+i.les. Before * be/i! tal%i!/ about the Sabr> it a+tually .ertai!s to Sabr> * wa!ted to share a story. This mor!i!/ * /ot uestio!s about a "i h issue> o! how to deal with someo!e who +ommitted sui+ide. <a! he be buried by Muslims= <a! o!e ma%e 5uaa for him= <a! o!e ma%e Salatul-Ja!aa?ah u.o! him= A!d that is !ot really the .oi!t> but si!+e * %!ow * am /oi!/ to /et as%ed about that issue> * will /et it out of the way. .ut> the a!swer is yes. Muslims should do Salah o! o!e who +ommitted sui+ide> he is still a Muslim. That is !ot a! a+t of ;ufr i! the +orre+t o.i!io! of the s+holars. They should ma%e Salah o! him> they should bury him> they should shroud
-a/e F 286

him> they should bury him amo!/ the belie1ers> a!d they should ma%e 5uaa a!d *sti/hfaar for him. *t is a major si!> !o doubt about that. But i! itself> by itself> it does !ot ma%e o!e a !o! belie1er or !e/ate his Shahaadah. 4ow if he does !ot ma%e Salah> that is a whole differe!t story. * ado.t the 1iew that o!e who does !ot ma%e Salah is a ;aafir. 01e! if he +laims he is la?y> he is a ;aafir> Salah is a differe!t story. But if he ma%es Salah a!d he +ommitted sui+ide> that is a si!> +ommitti!/ sui+ide is a si!. The JUlamaa said that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam refused to ma%e Salah o! a! i!di1idual who +ommitted sui+ide duri!/ his time. But the reaso! they say he did !ot ma%e Salah was to deter others from doi!/ that a+t. So the Shuyoo%h> the .romi!e!t .eo.le> the leaders> they should a1oid ma%i!/ Salah o! o!e who +ommitted sui+ide so they +a! deter others. So others will ha1e two thou/hts> is this /uy /oi!/ to ma%e Salah o! me whe! * die if * +ommit sui+ide= *t will ma%e him thi!% twi+e. The details were asto!ishi!/ about this you!/ ma!. (e was twe!ty three years old from Ba!/ladesh> memorises the e!tire ,ura!> !e1er was %!ow! to aba!do! Salah> he was always +o!siste!t o! his Salah. They do !ot %!ow a!y time he e1er missed a si!/le Salat. The day he %illed himself> he .erformed Salatul-5huhr a!d Salatul-&Asr. (e was %!ow! to be .ious a!d !o o!e e1er ima/i!ed this to ha..e!. (e a+tually> from what * was told> had a lo!/ beard> his dis+ussio!s were all about *slam. A few hours after &Asr> the maid wal%s i! his room> fi!ds him ha!/i!/ from a ro.e. This is o!e story. A!other story from a sister. She teDt a!d +alled a!d +alled a!d +alled a..roDimately "our 7J+lo+%> se1eral wee%s a/o. A!d she said she is i! the bathroom tryi!/ to sli+e her wrists> she a+tually started. * said why= She said o1er some ar/ume!t> it is a bi/ ar/ume!t> but a! ar/ume!t with her husba!d. * said> is this ma! worth you /etti!/ a millise+o!d of the bla?i!/ (ell of Jaha!!am= Alhamdulillah she sto..ed it a!d she is doi!/ /ood> but ima/i!e if she we!t alo!/ with it. May Allah /ra!t her> her %ids a!d all of our sisters> +o!te!t a!d ha..i!ess i! this life. Whe! o!e is at ease> he !e/le+ts this to.i+ about Sabr. Ma!y ta%e the tea+hi!/s of Sabr i! su+h a su.erfi+ial way a!d that is why we ha1e these .roblems. Those are the o!es who do !ot ha1e the immu!e system of Sabr to fe!d off trials> de.ressio!> a!Dieties a!d +alamities. That is how o!e e!ds u. losi!/ his *maa! or life. 7!e firmly rooted i! this to.i+ may /et mad. 'ou are a huma! bei!/> you are /oi!/ to /et mad. 7!e may /et sui+idal thou/hts. 'our 4afs> your Shaytaa!> you /et sui+idal thou/hts. But a (adith> a! Ayah we me!tio!> a story about Sabr> o!e of the matters that we tal%ed about Sabr> should +ome i!to o!es mi!d a!d sudde!ly he s!a.s out of it. That is basi+ally the lesso! we /et from those> that you ta%e these to.i+s to heart.


-a/e F 28$

#et us +o!ti!ue with our +lass. We s.o%e about ma!y issues o! Sabr a!d we basi+ally said> whe!e1er o!e is o! the /uided .ath> he should eD.e+t hardshi.s. Ma!y ma!y ma!y years a/o> * read a stateme!t by *b! (a?m> where he said> whoe1er thi!%s he will !ot be harmed a!d he is o! the ri/ht .ath> he is +ra?y. *f you are o! the ri/ht .ath a!d you eD.e+t !ot to be harmed> you ha1e lost it> that is what *b! (a?m Rahimahullah said. There is !o *maam that be+omes a! *maam without bei!/ tested.

I& "!2T , T/ ...!6 A . 6 G 4 1 ! / 3 / 3 / 1 / 1 1 ln :`2@5

We made amo!/st them *maams> whe!=

...!6 ... 3 A.
Whe! they were .atie!t. This is a /ia!t reli/io!. This is a /ia!t reli/io! that !eeds /ia!ts to +arry it. Aia!ts be+ome /ia!ts after they .ass tests> that is how they be+ome /ia!ts. 01ery trial /oes away> +louds stream away> trials always /o away. *f they do !ot /o away> you are the o!e who is /oi!/ to lea1e them a!d wal% away a!d /o to the Ahafoor Ar-Raheem. 'ou are /oi!/ to /o the! to the Ahafoor Ar-Raheem a!d lea1e them. 01erythi!/ starts> li%e some of the JUlamaa said> small a!d /rows bi//er> eD+e.t trials. They be+ome bi/ a!d Subha! Allah as time /oes by> they shri!% a!d be+ome smaller. Trials s+ree! a!d ho!our belie1ers. *mam Ahmad i! his Euhd> Mus!ad Abu SaJeed. Abu SaJeed al-;hudri radhiallahu &a!hu wal%s to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam o! his death bed. A!d he .uts his ha!d o! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d says> oh -ro.het of Allah> * +a!!ot e1e! .la+e my ha!d o! you throu/h the +lothes be+ause of the fe1er you ha1e. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

v QA 1 1 A/ p p v \ 3 1 / / # \ X ... /
We> the assembly of the Messe!/ers> /et our tests multi.lied just as our reward is multi.lied.

'/ A \ " / & ' 1 1 A/ 3 9 1 # / 1 ... < 3 E 1 1 P 1 A3 " / ... ' E

A Messe!/er used to /et tested with li+e. #i+e i!fe+t him a!d eat him u. a!d +hew him> u!til he dies.

-a/e F 28)

/ " / ' E J & ' A 1 \ A ! 3 9 / # / 1 ... / 1 1 1 P 1 A3 " 1 ` * ...T A / I \ ; / D &-@ ` * T A ; / I ' \ 1 ! 3 9 : ! / D : -$ 1 ;

There were Messe!/ers who were tested with .o1erty that they /ro1eled i! a +loa% or a ma!tle. 7r i! a!other !arratio!> they +ould !ot lift a +loa% or a ma!tle. Mea!i!/> +loa% or a ma!tle that is wor! o! the half of a body. A shirt> as li/ht as it is> it was so hea1y o! them that they +ould barely wal% i! it. *t was so hea1y that they +ould barely +arry it. They were so wea% a!d fra/ile a!d mal!ourished from .o1erty> that they +ould !ot e1e! bear that o! their ba+% or bear the wei/ht of +arryi!/ it. 5oes the (adith sto. there=

A/ & " / F / - 1 * \ 1 Q ! # -9 -9 / 1 ... # \ 1 " 1 " 3 & J J

Subha! Allah> they used to be ha..y with trials as o!e of you is ha..y i! his .ros.erity.

' A59 , * ... /2 F ", 3 @ / - / / 1 /

'ou thi!% you are /oi!/ to e!ter (ea1e!= 'ou thi!% you are /oi!/ to e!ter (ea1e! whe! Ammaar we!t to (ea1e!= * am /oi!/ to e!ter the same hea1e! Ammaar we!t to a!d he e!dured all that he e!dured= * am /oi!/ to e!ter the same (ea1e! Bilal e!tered a!d he e!dured all that he e!dured=

' A59 , * 1 F/ I + /2 F ", 3 @ 1 3 < / - D 3 0 3 ! / / 1 / / d 1 / AN - 6 L 3 ! ! 1 I A/ / '5 3 T 3 0 \ 3 p \ / * 1 / Y -L -E 1 3 ! 6 D - Z b 3 b 8 ' 8 3 '9 3 6 , 3 6 lUn :`EA 1 7 1 7 3 1 H q 6 / " / K K 1 N
'ou thi!% that you will e!ter -aradise without su+h trials that +ame to those before you= They were affli+ted withC

/ ...\ L I A/ / '5 3 ... T 3

Se1ere .o1erty> Basaa is se1ere .o1erty.

...\ 6 ... 3 ! 3 p
*s ailme!ts.

-a/e F 288

d ...- ! ... 1 / Y
A!d they were sha%e!.

-L -E ... 1 3 ! 6 D - Z b 3 b 8 ' 8 3 '9 3 6 ... 1 7 / K

To the .oi!t that the Messe!/er> the Messe!/er a!d those +lose %!it with him> the belie1ers say> whe! is the hel. of Allah /oi!/ to +ome= <ertai!ly> the hel. of Allah is !earC

3 6 ... , 1 7 3 1 H q 6 / " K 1 N
Ja!!ah is !ot a +laim> Ja!!ah is !ot dissarray a!d +haos> !or is it +hea. tal%. Ja!!ah +omes throu/h trials a!d tribulatio!s. Bi+tory +omes i! dar% .oi!ts a!d Ja!!ah +omes throu/h trials a!d tribulatio!s.


*maam Ahmed> a!-4asaaee> *b! (ibbaa!> al-(aa%im> al-Ba??aar> me!tio! the (adithC

; ` E N / , \ & : b / 1 , / 1 A3 b 1 & / FD* P N 3 . : 2/ / , < " : 1 1 / P ,W ! 3 L 3 " N : 2/ 1 P , ! : b

A Bedoui! wal%s i! o! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> were you e1er affli+ted> were you e1er ta%e! by Umm Mildam= The ma! said> what is Umm Mildam= The .ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

1 / @ -0 / 3 ! / & " 1 / 2 9 1 =
*t is a fe1er that +omes a!d .e!etrates betwee! the bo!e a!d the s%i!. *t is fe1er> Umm Mildam was a +ommo! term used for fe1er. This ma! was !e1er affli+ted by it to the .oi!t he !e1er e1e! %!ew what it was. #iste! to the !eDt uestio!> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

P N " f " : b N / T N 2 / 2 1 . K ; ! P < : b / ; N "j 1 a q 1" : b / 3 / 1 p 1 ,

-a/e F 9@@

(e said> did you e1er /et i!fli+ted with a heada+he= (e said> what is a heada+he= The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> it is a !er1e that +auses .ai! i!side the head. (e said !o * !e1er /ot that> he did !ot e1e! %!ow what it was.

, 9 , b 3 ! O " / 1 < / 3 / N / 3 ; : 1 , 1 D < / 3 / O/ / ; 1 1

Whe! he wal%ed away> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> whoe1er wa!ts to see a ma! of the .eo.le of (ellfire> let him loo% at this ma!. That is !ot all the time but that is most of the time. A belie1er is li%e the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! a! authe!ti+ (adith> li%e a fresh bra!+h. 'ou %!ow how a fresh /ree! bra!+h> the wi!d .lays with it left a!d ri/ht. That is how trials .lay with a belie1er i! this life. Someo!e who is !ot tested /e!erally mea!s Allah wa!ts to lea1e them o! that status. Maybe i! (ellfire> 4aoothu Billah Mi! Thaali%. 7r maybe i! a low .oi!t of (ea1e!> !ot +lose to Allah i! Ja!!ah. U!li%e those affli+ted with trials. ;!owi!/ this /i1es you the *maa! to e!dure with .atie!+e if somethi!/> #aa Samah Allah> ha..e!s to you. *! Mus!ad Ahmad> a!d it is i! Sahih at-Ta/hreeb wat-TarheebC

, &, 3 . A 3 1 / ! / 3 L 3 1 1 / / N 1 ) 1 . / b / / a ; 3 T 3 = , 1 1# T 3 1 1 # " / / 3 O9 1
The -ro.het i! this (adith +om.ares fe1er to how a bla+%smith bellows a!d refi!es metal. (ow a bla+%smith> you %!ow how they use bellows to refi!e metal. "e1er is .urifi+atio! from o!es .ortio! of (ellfire> li%e metal is refi!ed a!d .urified by a bla+%smith. Whereas he bur!s the metal a!d the im.urities from the metal /o to a retour> the belie1er is tested with trials> tested with fe1er for eDam.le> i! this (adith it me!tio!s fe1er> a!d his si!s /o to that retour so he will !ot be uestio!ed or ta%e! by them o! the Jud/me!t 5ay. Al-"udhayl *b! &*yyaadh Rahimahullah saidC

, 2A , 3 / 1 ! 1 2 s + # 9 / & , 4 / A 4 / 3 3 3 z ( R 1 / L 3 ! / h
Al-"udhayl said if Allah lo1es someo!e> (e ma%es their .roblems> their /rief> their sorrow more. A!d if (e hates them> (e /i1es them a .ros.erous life. Abu (urayrah> (adith that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

-a/e F 9@2

: b -L N N b & 1 / / 3 1 , b ` / | 3 . 1 1& 1 1 / 1 3 ! / 3 h : 3 L 3 4 / * 1 1 1 / K /
*! Sahih al-Bu%hari. Whoe1er Allah wa!ts /ood for> he will be tou+hed. #oo% at the word> tou+hed. Tou+hed> be+ause !o matter what Allah affli+ts you with> e1e! if it is from the first day of your life to the last day you die> it is o!ly a tou+h be+ause whate1er Allah holds you for> (e holds you for a little bit of your si!s> to for/i1e all of them.

&. -J 1 / , f : A K 1 / ! / A5 # / 02 1 A; P 0 ! , ?M :S-X 6 : 1 + #
*b! (ibbaa! a!d Abu 'alaa a!d others !arrated the (adith that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> Allah wa!ts to ta%e someo!e to a le1el of Ja!!ah that his deeds sto. him short of> so (e affli+ts him u!til (e /ets him to that le1el. 'our deeds sto. your ele1ator i! Ja!!ah at le1el two> but Allah wa!ts you at le1el se1e!. Allah wa!ts the thro!e of (is> the &Arsh> to be the +eili!/ of your .ala+e. So !ow trials +ome i!to .lay> so Allah +a! boost you u. to le1el !umber se1e!. As lo!/ as you are with Allah> your heart is atta+hed to Allah> you ha1e a tha!%ful heart to Allah> your to!/ue .raises Allah> that does 5hi%r> that has .atie!+e> do !ot e1er be sad. May Allah allow us always to be tha!%ful> .raisi!/ a!d .atie!t. Trials are a reality of life> trials are a defi!ite reality of a 5aaiyah> of the life of a Muslim> that is why you /ot to ma%e .atie!+e .art of your life. -art of .atie!+e for a Muslim> for a 5aaiyah> for a Muslimah> is to sta!d your /rou!d. *f you are alo!e a!d if you ha1e su..orters> it does !ot really matter. But most of the time> as a 5aaiyah> you are /oi!/ to fi!d yourself alo!e or with a few. That is how it usually is> that is how the tre!d is. Al-"udhayl *b! &*yyaadh saidC

! 05 E& "d=F H ! S2T Bk d 0T` +0& 'zF H ! Qp Bk D9

"ollow the /uided .ath a!d do !ot be sadde!ed with a few followers. *f there is o!ly a few followers> do !ot be sad> follow that /uided .ath. Beware of the mis/uided .ath a!d do !ot be de+ei1ed by the doomed majority.


-a/e F 9@9

Re!ew your oath> re!ew your oath e1ery day. Re!ew your 4iyyah e1ery day. 4ot e1ery day but ma!y times a day> !ot ma!y times a day but e1ery ste. of your way> e1ery a+t of your way. 01ery time you say a word> e1ery time you ty.e somethi!/> e1ery time you /o for a 5awah e1e!t> a!y time> re!ew your 4iyyah. That is how you /et your stre!/th for Sabr> whe! +alamity hits you later o!. *f hard times .ass you i! this life a!d .eo.le tur! away> do you thi!% a!yo!e is /oi!/ to hel. you before Allah=

,! ?n * , \ ?> 1 1 1 1 &, ! 1 1 / 1 6 / 6 / P J / tA _? 1 . 1 1 !& 1 1 ' A9 !

*f they do !ot hel. you i! this life> you thi!% they are /oi!/ to hel. you i! the life after= *f trials o1erwhelm you> you are !ot /oi!/ to fi!d !o o!e there but Allah a!d truly Allah is suffi+ie!t. That is all you really !eed. The uestio! is how to /et Allah o! your side. 'ou are /oi!/ to /et hurdles a!d bum.s i! your 5awah> the trials a!d tribulatio!s are li%e hurdles a!d bum.s> o!e after a!other i! your 5awah .ath. 'ou are !ot /oi!/ to fi!d !o o!e but Allah whe! you /et o! these hurdles. So if you wa!t (im to be there for you> ma%e sure that e1ery ste. of the way before you /ot to those hurdles> you were doi!/ that whi+h .leases Allah a!d !ot what .leases the masses. A!d !ot what .leases your frie!ds or what .leases .eo.le. 5oes this .lease Allah> does this ma%e Allah ha..y> is this i! a++orda!+e with the tea+hi!/s of *slam= We all ha1e situatio!s where we had frie!ds who betrayed us. *f * was to let you tal%> we would be here all day a!d e1eryo!e has a story of his ow!. * do !ot li%e to ma%e my .erso!al life a +e!tre sta/e or tal% about it i! le+tures or e1e! i! so+ial media> but sometimes there is esse!tial lesso!s that +ome out these stories a!d also sometimes there is aware!ess that +omes out of them to other Muslims. So * +a! say today from what * %!ow> there is !o o!e who follows my +lasses who was amo!/ my stude!ts before * we!t to .riso!. 4ot o!e that * %!ow of> u!less they are hidi!/ behi!d a!d liste!i!/> but someo!e who i!tera+ts a!d as% uestio!s or that * %!ow of that studies with me> !ot a si!/le o!e. Whe! * was ta%e! to .riso!> it was a..roDimately two !i/hts before the e!d of Ramadhaa!> it was two !i/hts before &0id al-"itr. The first !i/ht * s.e!t i! .riso!> * wo%e u. to &0id al-"itr i! .riso!. May Allah /i1e my mother the hi/hest "irdaws *!shaa Allah for what she e!dured of hardshi.. The !i/ht before * we!t to .riso!> my father a!d * were i!1ited to o!e of our stude!ts house for *ftaar a!d it was .a+%ed. Ahmad Jibril is /oi!/ to be there> Shay%h Musa is /oi!/ to be there> e1eryo!e was there> it was .a+%ed. We stayed late at the brothers house be+ause it was a lar/e /atheri!/> it was a 1ery lar/e /atheri!/ a!d * led the Taraweeh there. * was su..osed to do a ;hitm al-,ura! somewhere else be+ause it was Ju?? &Amma that * was /oi!/ to do a!d be+ause there was a lar/e /atheri!/ * did it there i! the house. We led the Salah there a!d we fi!ished Ju?? &Amma> we fi!ished the ;hitma. My father said to the .eo.le> if tomorrow is !ot &0id> be+ause tomorrow there is a .ossibility of bei!/ &0id> if tomorrow is !ot &0id e1eryo!e is

-a/e F 9@:

i!1ited to our house. Be+ause we /o by si/hti!/> we do !ot %!ow> they still did !ot .i!.oi!t whether it was /oi!/ to be &0id or the fi!al day of Ramadhaa!. 01eryo!e was i!1ited to our house> may Allah reward my father> /ra!t him a lo!/ life full of deeds a!d may Allah /ra!t my mother "irdaws. We were eD.e+ti!/ at least a hu!dred a!d fifty to two fifty> a!d they +ome i!to our house. This was the tre!d> if you %!ow a!yo!e of those days they will tell you> they would +ome i! i! shifts a!d eat. May Allah raise my mothers ra!% to "irdaws. After Taraweeh> there were those who were ea/er to sit to my ri/ht a!d left> i! my surrou!di!/> * remember it as thou/h it was today. 4ote> this is my fi!al !i/ht i! freedom. 01e! before that> whe! * used to /o deli1er le+tures> it was +ommo! to /o i! a +ara1a!. We would /o i! se1eral +ars a!d * remember they would ar/ue who sits i! the +ar with me. A!d e1e! at times> brothers would +ome tell me they are ar/ui!/ who is /oi!/ to dri1e the +ar that you are /oi!/ i!. Wallahi> Wallahi> that ha..e!ed ma!y times. #et me say> whe! * wal%ed i! +ourt for my se!te!+i!/> the +ourtroom was .a+%ed. Shoulder to shoulder> but !ot a si!/le belie1er i! #aa ilaaha illallah MuhammadarRasoolullah> eD+e.t me a!d my father. All "B* .rose+utors> all /o1er!me!t a/e!ts> +ou!ter terrorism offi+ers> a/e!ts from e1ery a/e!+y. The lawyer said> these .eo.le truly hate you> * ha1e !e1er see! them do this to a!y o!e before. Be+ause whe! there is a! audie!+e i! there> that .uts a! im.a+t o! the jud/e> be+ause you %!ow> they do !ot %!ow how they jud/e> so that usually .uts a! im.a+t o! the jud/e to /i1e you a hi/her se!te!+e. The lawyer said> * ha1e !e1er see! them atte!d a se!te!+i!/ li%e this before e1er> they really hate you. But where is the followers they +laim you ha1e> where is all the followers they +laim that you ha1e. 7ur house ba+% i! the days a!d * say it Wallahi just out of a lesso!> !othi!/ else> was o.e! for stude!ts 93K$> the le1el of our house. *! fa+t> * was loo%i!/ at our old +offee ma+hi!e ba+% i! the days> it was the old +ommer+ial o!es be+ause those little o!es did !ot befit our house be+ause there was always /uests. We had the bi/ o!es> * was loo%i!/ at it the other day> Wallahi it has AJs &*lm <afL o! it> that is what they used to +all our house. -eo.le i! a!d out +o!sta!tly> lear!i!/> tea+hi!/> 5awah. A!d may Allah raise my mothers ra!%> she stood alo!e i! this matter. -ro1idi!/ a!d /i1i!/ a!d loo%i!/ out a!d +oo%i!/ a!d bri!/i!/ the food a!d the +offee a!d all that. After le+tures or (ala aat> * remember there were days where they would follow me ba+% to the house to the .oi!t that> as if * am seei!/ it today> brothers would be sitti!/ by the doorway of the bathroom. Be .a+%ed to the .oi!t .eo.le are sitti!/ at the doorway of the bathroom. The jud/e ha!dli!/ my +ase is about fi1e foot> he is %!ow! to be 1ery short. The lesso! lear!ed is> if !ot a si!/le .erso! stood i! su..ort before a fi1e foot jud/e> do you thi!% a!yo!e will sta!d by your side whe! you are i! the +ourt of all +ourts= Before &Allaamul-Ahuyoob> the o!e whose ;ursi is bi//er tha! the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth> if they +ould !ot sta!d before a jud/e who is fi1e foot tall= 01ery ste. of the way> re!ew your oath> that is the lesso! of it. 01ery ste. of the way> as% yourself> is
-a/e F 9@3

this .leasi!/ Allah= A!d if at times there is masses> whe! hardshi. stri%es they will dis.erse> a!d the! you will o!ly ha1e Allah. So as% yourself before that> are you .leasi!/ Allah= *f you .rote+ted Allah ba+% i! the days> (e is /oi!/ to .rote+t you. That is o!e of the best mea!s of .reser1i!/ .atie!+e i! hardshi.. 'aa Allah> * am doi!/ this for 'our Sa%e> always. That is the im.orta!+e of i!te!tio!.


Sulaymaa! ad-5araa!i saidC

; f00% B= ; T# j W% - m29!
*f e1eryo!e doubts the truth> * would !ot doubt it e1e! if * am sta!di!/ alo!e.

# UlM :<=7 ...7 7 4 1 6 3 1 3 ," / &1 "

*braheem is a !atio!. *braheem> o!e ma!> !atio!. *! Sahih al-Bu%hari> *braheem told his wife Sarah> there is !o belie1er o! the fa+e of this 0arth but me a!d you. We are the o!ly two belie1ers o! the fa+e of this 0arth. Al-#aala%aaee i! Sharh Usool &*ti aad Ahlus-Su!!ah wal-Jamaaah> he !arrated a stateme!t by *b! Masood radhiallahu &a!hu> where it has a +hai! a!d it is authe!ti+C

u29! f# " !B= B;@ !

The !atio! a!d +o!/re/atio! is what the truth is o! e1e! if you are sta!di!/ alo!e. The !atio! is what the truth is o!. 5o !ot e1er be de+ei1ed by !umbers. *f e1il is more> it does !ot ma%e it ri/ht. A!d if the truth is mi!ority> it does !ot ma%e it wro!/. *f e1il is more i! !umbers> it does !ot ma%e it ri/ht. A!d if the truth is a mi!ority> it does !ot ma%e it wro!/.


The majority usually +omes i! the ,urJa! as 1ilified.

, R F "! P / / < A L u - p ] 6 ; 6 + # 1 1 / 1 1 1 1 1 / 3 UU_ :7 ...7 7 1 7

*f you liste! to the majority of the .eo.le> they will lead you astray.

-a/e F 9@6

, ! / / :vL-7 7 ... 7 7 6 + # 3 1 ) . 1 1& f / 6 9 / ! j 1 UM?

The majority of the .eo.le> e1e! if you are ea/er to wa!t them to belie1e> they are !ot /oi!/ to be belie1ers.

, &I; 3 1 j / # H V^ :\Lw 6 6 + # 3 4 -J 8 ... 1

The majority of the .eo.le refuse> eD+e.t but> for ;ufr.

B " 8 ! 6 / } - / 1 / & / E 3 1 07 = / #6 = 1 # 1 2 +/ #, B 1 # rV :C*d

We brou/ht you the truth but the majority of you hate the truth.

W 1 8; / 4 o 6 1 " 1 ) # 3 1 1 P ! +/ #, " V :\X

That is i!deed a! Ayah> a mira+le> a si/!> but the majority are !ot belie1ers.

, ) 3 3 6 / / " X ! H 7 & 6 + # 1 -# 1 / P ! 1 1 1 UM_ :vL-

Ma!y 1erses li%e that i! the ,urJa!> but the! loo%> the 1erses that .raise the mi!ority.


The 1erses i! the ,urJa!> o! the other side> .raise the mi!ority.

3 1 ... ! q 1 N ! 1 = 1 1 3 H 1 K D 3 < Z 3 - [ - ln :7y ...7 7 /

They are 1ery few. (e said about 4ooh &alayhis salaamC

3 1 H q 1 N nM :h-< Z ! ...
7!ly a few were belie1ers with 4ooh &alayhis salaam. Allah tal%ed about 4ooh i! Surat (ud.

-a/e F 9@6

4 1 N 3 1 H ... ' Q 1 / E 1 ' # T 3 ; / 3 F b 1 / ln_ :`EA7 ...7 7 / / T

The story about Taloot a!d Jaloot. Most tur!ed away eD.e+t a few.

3 < H p ... / ; 1 7 / A3 FH / 6 ' ' 9 / 0/ ! / ! 4 1 N 3 1" / X H 3 V? :\5 Q

So the mi!ority are .raised by Allah whe! they are o! the ri/ht .ath> a!d that is usually the tre!d that the .eo.le of truth are a mi!ority.


#ast wee% we me!tio!edC

/ ; 3
We said that Allah tests so (e %!ows. A!d really * /ot maybe at least forty fi1e if !ot more uestio!s> o! this matter. 01e! thou/h e1ery time * me!tio!ed it> * said * am /oi!/ to eD.lai! it. *f you !oti+ed> * said * am /oi!/ to eD.lai! it be+ause * %!ow issues that stir uestio!s. So * said * am /oi!/ to me!tio! it. But that is /ood> * am 1ery> 1ery ha..y for the uestio!s. That shows the brothers a!d the sisters are 1ery e!/a/ed i! the +lass> Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-JAalamee!. The thi!/ about it is> does Allah !eed to test to %!ow= * thou/ht Allah %!ows e1erythi!/. Well why does (e test= Allah %!ows the .ast> .rese!t> future> so why does (e test= 4ot a mou!tai!> !ot a! o+ea! or ri1er eD+e.t that the Mi/hty 7!e> Allah> %!ows what is i! the midst> dee.est> dar%est .oi!t of it> !o doubt about it> !o uestio!s about it.

1 h 1 \ 1 / 3 ; 1 1 &h S 3 / / 3 5 / 5 ! R \ 1 1 / K 1 / F \ = 3 K / 3O 3 ` 3 f $
(e hears a!d sees the footste.s of a bla+% a!t> i! a dar% !i/ht> o! a solid sto!e. A! a!t +a! +rawl o! o!e of you ri/ht !ow> you would !ot e1e! hear it a!d you will !ot e1e! feel it. Allah from o! to. of se1e! (ea1e!s> hears its footste.s.

3 1 T / e H 1 ! / ! / H 1 FJ ( 2 1 / z 3 1 E 6 5 T 1 : N 1 / H / A/ ! / F ! ! 6 6 A/ ; 1 =
-a/e F 9@$

3 1 t1 & ! /k6 ! / [ ! H H H ] 6 1 1 : 3 A9 H ; : / : 1 >^ : 1 1 # ; P a : ' : 1 A

With (im are the %eys of the Ahayb. 4o o!e %!ows the Ahayb but (im. (e %!ows whate1er is i! the la!d a!d (e %!ows whate1er is i! the seas. 4ot a leaf that falls but (e %!ows it. A leaf that falls but (e %!ows it. 4ot a ti!y /rai! i! the dar%!ess of this 0arth !or a!ythi!/ fresh or dry eD+e.t it is i! a +lear re+ord. *t is all do+ume!ted> Allah %!ows it all. * was tal%i!/ se1eral days a/o> to my belo1ed> you!/ stude!t from U;> se1e! year old Muhammad. A!d * told him> me a!d you> if we ha1e a small> baby tree i! our ba+%yard> +ould !ot %ee. u. with the lea1es that fall off of it i! the fall. We +a!!ot %ee. u. with how ma!y lea1es a!d where they we!t. (ow ma!y lea1es fell> where they fell> a!d where they will /o. We do !ot %!ow a!d it is a small little tree. *ma/i!e a forest full of trees. Just /o loo% at a forest full of trees or ta%e it u. a le1el a!d loo% at the /lobe a!d how mu+h trees it has> full of trees. A!d %!ow that Allah %!ows how ma!y lea1es are o! ea+h tree. Whe! ea+h leaf falls> whe! it is /oi!/ to fall before it falls> whe! it falls> how it falls> where it la!ds a!d where it /oes.

3 1 E 6 5 ...T ... : N 1 / H / F ! ! tha! that is that !ot e1e! a ti!y /rai!> a little> ti!y /rai! me a!d you barely see> i! the dee. dar%!ess of the 0arth or i! the dee. dar%!ess of the o+ea!s eD+e.t Allah %!ows it. The a!swer to the uestio! .rese!ted is sim.le. Allah said i! the ,urJa!> ma!y times> it is !ot o!e 1erse.

3 / 2. ... 1 0 1 3 / ! / ; 1 & 3 D 3 7 -N ? :[-A0

So that Allah will %!ow those who are truthful a!d those who are liars.

3 1 ; 1 1 3 / ! / ! E 3 D 3 / Z 7 - UU :[-A0
So that Allah will %!ow the truthful from the hy.o+rites.

?U :2=7 7 ... 7 7 1 1 @ / 2 / / 03 / A 8 3 '9

We are /oi!/ to test you so we %!ow> so Allah %!ows who the Mujaahidee! are.

-a/e F 9@)

3 $ \ 2 1 3 ' ! 1 D 1 3 T / 1 ! % D / 0 Z 7 - ... 3 3 ! UnM :" bZ 1 H 1 1 O P = 7

So Allah will %!ow who the belie1ers are.

; U_r :" b7Z ...7 7-E 1 3 / 1 ! D

So Allah will %!ow who the Mu!aafi ee! are.

3 ... 7/ z / & / 1 ! 6 L 6 7 17 1 ! ( K ... l> :22=

Allah will test you so that (e will %!ow who will /i1e 1i+tory to (im. The sim.le a!swer to that is> Allah does !ot hold .eo.le a++ou!table by .u!ishi!/ or rewardi!/ based o! (is e!+om.assi!/ %!owled/e> but rather o! what we do of our a+tio!s. That is the sim.le a!swer. That is all you !eed to %!ow a!d that +lears e1erythi!/. "rom AllahJs mer+y> from AllahJs justi+e> from AllahJs +om.assio!> Allah %!ows e1erythi!/ li%e we me!tio!ed> but (e does !ot jud/e you by (is %!owled/e of you> but rather (e jud/es you by your a+tio!s. That is why. Allah %!ows who is ri/ht a!d who is wro!/> who is wi+%ed a!d who is ri/hteous> but trials +ome so your a+tio!s a!d my a+tio!s +a! .ro1e. The ri/hteous +a! .ro1e throu/h their a+tio!s that they are ri/hteous a!d the a+tio!s of the e1il +a! .ro1e that they are e1il.


We me!tio!ed 1erses> (adith> stories> uotes o! .atie!+e be+ause o1er time .atie!+e /ets sour. <alamities> .atie!+e> .atie!+e> .atie!+e. *t /ets sour a!d sour a!d sour> so you use these a!d what you lear! i! these of (ala aat as if you are .ouri!/ ho!ey o! that sour matter to attai! more i!s.iratio!. To sustai! your .atie!+e> %!ow that whate1er ha..e!s to you is /ood.

1 A / t u 1 ) 3 1 4 @ 3 # ( / ," / / / ! q / * 1 1 / 1 H 3 1 2 / ) 9 1 1 : 1
*t is ama?i!/ the +ase of the belie1er> the matter of the belie1er is ama?i!/> the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam says. 01erythi!/ is /ood for him a!d this is a +hara+teristi+ eD+lusi1ely for a belie1erC

3 1 2 / t ... 1 u 1 ) : 9 / 1 H / ! 1
-a/e F 9@8

The bi//est trial that * belie1e the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam e!dured> was the trial of *f% HW;I. *f !ot the bi//est> o!e of the bi//est. The -ro.het was a++used i! his ho!our> Aishah. (e was a++used i! the lo1e of his life> Aishah. (e was a++used i! the Mother of all belie1ers> Aishah. The woma! who whe! he was as%ed> who is the o!e you lo1e the most> Aishah. -roud> i! fro!t of e1eryo!e. The defi!itio! of ho!our. Safwaa! was a++used i! his ho!our as well. Abu Ba%r is sla!dered. Aishah melts i! a/o!y a!d .ai!> se1erest mome!ts of her life. 7ur mother> our ho!our> our .ride> our di/!ity. *f you say ho!our> the! that mea!s Aishah. She melted i! hardshi. be+ause of what ha..e!ed. But after all that a!d what ha..e!ed> Allah saysC

/ & / 1w ( W q AK 1 3 " 3 1 5 / F H 1 ; = D -A / 0 / 1 \! 3 6 / & 0 UU :-7 ...7 7 < / 03 6 q / * i %

Those who brou/ht forth the sla!der a/ai!st Aishah radhiallahu &a!ha> do !ot thi!% that it is bad for you. That /rou. that brou/ht that sla!der> +o!sider that !ot a bad thi!/. *t is /ood for you> Allah said that was /ood for you. That trial that they may ha1e thou/ht was bad> Allah said was /ood for them. The blessi!/s of that trial eDte!d till today> fourtee! +e!turies later. We %!ow the reality of the ShiJah a!d their hatred to our Mother> the Mother of the belie1ers. She is +ourse !ot their mother> be+ause she is o!ly the Mother of the belie1ers. We %!ow i! reality also> those who +laim to be from Ahlus-Su!!ah who ha1e !o jealousy o1er their mother. 'ou tal% about someo!eJs mum a!d he would .robably !ot tal% to you for the rest of your life. They tal% about Aishah> oh that is my brother. Aishah is o% but his mum is !ot o%. Aishah is free /ame but his mum is !ot. This is a just a ti!y eDam.le of a situatio! that show you that it was !ot a bad situatio!. The /ood a!d blessi!/s that +ame out of it +o!ti!ue u!til today> fourtee! +e!turies later.

3 6 / & 0 ( ... H < 5 / F ... = / 03 6 -A q / * i %

The same with all your trials. Sometimes you %!ow it> sometimes you may !ot %!ow it.


Be .atie!t. Be .atie!t o! harsh words you hear> o! a++usatio!s> stuff that may a!!oy you. Mo+%i!/ *slami+ ordai!s that you a+t u.o!> this ha..e!ed to the Salaf before you. *f you are mo+%ed about your 4i aab> if you are mo+%ed about your beard> about your Salaah i! .ubli+> your 5aJwah> your ideolo/y i! a++orda!+e to the ,urJa! a!d Su!!ah a++ordi!/ to the Sahaabah a!d Salaf> %!ow that it ha..e!ed to those before you. *t ha..e!ed to those better tha! us.

-a/e F 92@

A ma! +ursed *braheem *b! Adham. (e said you are a do/. *braheem *b! Adham> +alm> +olle+ti1ely said> well if * e!ter (ea1e!> * /uess * will be better tha! a do/. *f * e!ter (ell> the! * am worse tha! a do/> a!d he wal%s away. A ma! o!+e told a wise s+holar> after +ursi!/ him a!d ra!ti!/ at him> * will de/rade you so mu+h a!d +urse you that it will follow you to your /ra1e. (e said> it will follow you to your /ra1e> !ot to me> a!d he wal%ed away. Al-Ah!af *b! ,ays> a ma! wal%ed after him +ursi!/ him a!d yelli!/ at him a!d he was %!ow! to be wise. Whe! al-Ah!af /ot to his .or+h> he loo%ed ba+% at the ma!> after all the +urses a!d ra!ti!/ that we!t o!. (e said oh you> if you /ot more i! you> bri!/ it or lea1e. * do !ot wa!t the bums of the !ei/hbourhood bums by my house to hear what you are sayi!/ a!d the! +ome a!d show you that whi+h you would disli%e. Mea!i!/ the bums of my !ei/hbourhood would !ot a/ree to that whi+h you are sayi!/. Uways al-,ar!ee> the %ids used to .elt him with sto!es. (e would sta!d by them a!d say if you so i!sist o! .elti!/ me> the! at least do !ot use bi/ sto!es> use small sto!es so it will !ot ma%e my feet bleed a!d de.ri1e me of doi!/ ,iyaam al-#ayl. A woma! told Maali% *b! 5i!aar> you are a dissembler> Muraaee H GI. (e said you +alled me a !ame the .eo.le of all Basra !e1er %!ew. They we!t throu/h this> they we!t throu/h a++usatio!s. Saalim *b! Abdullah *b! Umar> someo!e wal%ed to him a!d said you are a! e1il Shay%h. Saalim said you did !ot /o far my brother> you are .ossibly ri/ht> a!d he wal%ed away. A ma! wal%ed i! o! Abdullah *b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!hu a!d he +ursed *b! Abbaas. The +ousi! of the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam> the %!owled/eable> *maam> Shay%h> &Aalim. (e wal%ed i! o! *b! Abbaas radhiallahu &a!hu a!d he +ursed him. Whe! he was do!e> *b! Abbaas said to J*%rimah> his stude!t> he said as% this ma! if he !eeds a!ythi!/ so we +a! fulfil his !eed. The ma! lowered his head a!d wal%ed away i! shame. 01e! the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam> those are *maams> they we!t throu/h that a!d * showed you how they rea+ted to it. *t did !ot e!ra/e them a!d sto. them a!d ma%e them doubt their way a!d their .ath. 01e! the -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam was !ot eDem.t from this beha1iour. *! Sahih al-Bu%hari> Abdullah *b! Masood said the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam di1ided some wealth. A ma! from the A!saar said> by Allah it is !ot a di1isio! by whi+h the "a+e of Allah was desired. A++usi!/ our belo1ed -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam i! di1idi!/ wealth. That is a .retty bi/ thi!/. Abdullah *b! Masooud said> * will tell the -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam what you said about him. *b! Masood said> * wal%ed to the -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam while he was with his +om.a!io!s a!d * s.o%e to him i! +o!fide!+e> he told him. *b! Masood said> loo% at this> it +learly affe+ted him /reatly as his fa+e +ha!/ed +olours. *t affe+ted him> he is bei!/ a++used of !ot di1idi!/ wealth. The ma! who we!t three days without a!ythi!/ bei!/ +oo%ed i! his house !ow is a++used of !ot di1idi!/ the wealth .ro.erly. The! after his fa+e +ha!/ed +olours> *b! Masood re/retted that he had told him.

-a/e F 922

The! the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam said> Musa was i!jured /reater tha! * was i!jured a!d he e!dured it. *f the -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam /ot mad> you at times may /et mad at what is said about you but loo% at how he su..ressed it a!d said Musa was i!jured more tha! me. Musa /ot i!jured a!d a++used more tha! me a!d he e!dured it more. A!d that is how you loo% at it> loo% at it the same way. *b! (ajr +omme!ti!/ o! this story> said this is a lesso! that it is a justified a+t for .eo.le of merit to /et u.set. 'ou +a!!ot say why are you /etti!/ u.set whe! you heard this a!d that. 4o> you are justified. Whe! they are s.o%e! wro!/ly about> the! they are justified if they /et mad but a+t i! a++orda!+e to how the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam a+ted. The .oi!t is the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam /ot mad> his fa+e +ha!/ed +olours> but do !ot let it ta%e it out of your *slami+ +hara+ter. Resort to .atie!+e. Whe!e1er somethi!/ is said about you> the .oi!t if it> li%e the -ro.het sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam said it was said about Musa> remember it was said about the -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam worse.

3 1 W 7 b N E ... W 71 / AN 1 < 1 2 1 < / N 6 H 3 1 L P n? :fK;

Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> whate1er is said to you has bee! said to Messe!/ers before you. What was said to you Muhammad> was said to Messe!/ers before you> so do !ot /et mad. 4eDt ste.> ta%e it to it to you. What was said to you> what was said to me> belie1ers> what was said to us has bee! said to our belo1ed Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam so relaD. *f Allah> the <reator> the -ro1ider> the Sustai!er> (e .ro1ides them> (e sustai!s them> (e mai!tai!s them> (e ta%es their souls at !i/ht a!d retur!s it to them i! the mor!i!/ a!d they still s.ea% ill about Allah. 4arrated by Abu Musa al-AshJari that the -ro.het Muhammad sallalahu Jalayhi wa sallam saidC

, , 29 , H 3 3 4 d 5 S A . 1 1 3 ! / / 3 1 < / / 1 1 1& u @ / ! / T 3 c 2 < / X 1 ; Y N / T / !

4o!e is more .atie!t tha! Allah a/ai!st the harmful a!d a!!oyi!/ words (e hears. 4o o!e is more .atie!t tha! Allah from the harmful> from the a!!oyi!/ words that Allah hears. "rom who= "rom .eo.le. They as+ribe +hildre! to (im> that is li%e a +urse to Allah> yet what= (e bestows u.o! them health a!d .ro1isio!. ;!owi!/ your Messe!/er was sla!dered more tha! you. ;!owi!/ Musa was sla!dered more tha! him. So were the Salaf> our .eo.le who we loo% u. to from JUlamaa a!d Sahaabah>
-a/e F 929

were sla!dered. 01e! the <reator was !ot eDem.t from the sla!der. ;!owi!/ that a!d refreshi!/ that i! your memory is li%e 1itami!s to sustai! your .atie!+e. Tou/he! u. as a Muslim be+ause as they used to say> whe! the /oi!/ /ets tou/h> the tou/h /et /oi!/.


;ee. i! mi!d whe! you are tested with .eo.le harmi!/ you> you !eed to tur! to Allah i! re.e!ta!+e always. Always head to re.e!ta!+e. 01e! if you are a 5aaJiyah> e1e! if it is for a! *slami+ si/!ifi+a!+e that you are mo+%ed or you are hurt or you are tal%ed about. 01e! if it is be+ause you are steadfast o! the ri/ht .ath that they +all you a !ame or two> head to re.e!ta!+e. Ao to your house> /o i! your room> +lose your door a!d re.e!t. *b! Taymiyyah Rahimahullah had uotes throu/hout his "ataawa> basi+ally the mea!i!/ of them is whe! you are harmed> you are sla!dered by a!other> the! tur! to Allah i! re.e!ta!+e. They may be the most e1il ;aafir a!d you may be a ri/hteous Muslim> but their ha!d o1er you> i! .ossibly .riso! a!d sla!der a!d media!s is be+ause of a si! you +ommitted a!d Allah for/a1e a lot. 4o matter what you fa+e> +o!ti!ue. *! additio! to that> +o!ti!ue to ha1e mer+y i! your heart> e1e! whe! you hear words from those who harmed you> ha1e mer+y i! your heart towards them. 01e! those who betrayed you or those who sla!dered you while you were i! your wea% .oi!ts> or those who you hel.ed a lot a!d sudde!ly they tur!ed o! you. That ha..e!s to e1eryo!e> really ma!y +ases. * hel.ed a!d did this a!d sudde!ly they tur!ed o! me> ha1e mer+y i! your heart to those .eo.le. 'our life is more tha! just about you. My life is !ot just about Ahmad. 'ou are here for a su.reme +ause. So e1e! if you are hurt i! the .ath of 5awah> if you are hurt i! the .ath of 5awah> if you are betrayed> %ee. that mer+y i! your heart. The ma/!a!imous> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a++e.ted the Shahaadah of the %illers who %illed his most belo1ed u!+le. (e let /o o! the doors of the ;abah> the torturers a!d %illers of his +om.a!io!s.

, - / 1 z 9 / 0 3 / 0/ / ! J / / 1 / + F H -A P E \ 1 1 9 / '/ I; 3
#et there be !o re.roa+h +ast u.o! you. Ao> you are free to /oC

I; P -A E \ ' /... /
By the mer+y of Allah> he dealt with them /e!tlyC

-a/e F 92:

3 U>^ :" b7Z ...7 7 1 1 7 : / 6 f / T 9 1 A; 1 - F! F / 9 T 9 9 u A 3 / " 3 1 \ 1 1 3 ; / / 5 / 0 / 9 - 9 / ] / ; / 1

*! Su!a! Abu 5awood> Tirmidhi a!d Ahmad. The -ro.het> sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> the mer+iful .eo.le will ha1e the mer+y of Allah bestowed u.o! them. Be mer+iful with those o! 0arth> so (e i! the (ea1e!s> will ha1e mer+y o! you. That is what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam tau/ht us. *! a!other (adith> i! Sahih al-Bu%hari a!d MuslimC

/ 9 9 3 1 / H / H
Whoe1er does !ot /i1e mer+y> will !ot /et mer+y. Whe! 'usuf was released from .riso!> loo% at this story. Amo!/st some of the beautiful details that * heard from some of my Shuyoo%h about the story of 'usuf. Whe! 'usuf was released from .riso!> he was stro!/. (e was reu!ited a!d had the .ower at that .oi!t to ta%e re1e!/e from his sibli!/s. What did he say=

/ 7 ... < / 6 / AN ! & 8 f 1 m 1 &, 6 2 / N T < 1 I F D , , 2N i 9 / ... 7 7 @ 5 6 * & 5 9 / 1 1 / / / ! 1 E 1 1 UMM :vL-

Allah has bee! /ood to me that (e too% me out of .riso!.

, / & 59 , 2N ... @ 5 6 * ... / 1 1 / 1 / / ! 1 1

(e should ha1e really said> Allah has bee! /ood to me that (e too% me out of the well. Why did he say .riso! a!d !ot well= (e did !ot wa!t to hurt the feeli!/s of his sibli!/s> the o!es who did all that whi+h they did to him. 4ow he is at a stro!/ .oi!t> he did !ot wa!t to me!tio! well> as to a1oid hurti!/ his sibli!/s feeli!/s so they will remember what they did to him. 4ow he is free> !ow he has the ha!d> but he is the ma/!a!imous> the so! of the ma/!a!imous> the so! of the ma/!a!imous> the so! of the ma/!a!imous. #i%e the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! Sahih al-Bu%hariC

/ & 1 0/ 1 0/ 1 0/ 1 0/ 1 1 / & 1 1 / & 1

Whe! the ;areem> whe! the ma/!a!imous has .ower> that is whe! he for/i1es. Whe! he is .ower> that is whe! he has mer+y. Ma!y testify a/ai!st you> ma!y may
-a/e F 923

ha1e s.o%e! ill behi!d your ba+%> it ha..e!s a lot. 'ou hel.ed them so mu+h a!d sudde!ly they are s.ea%i!/ behi!d your ba+%. They .ost dero/atory +omme!ts o! the i!ter!et about you. The !o! belie1ers a/ai!st you> a!d the! you ha1e from the /rou. of this Ummah> .eo.le who are a/ai!st you. 4ow you are at a stro!/ .oi!t where you +a! retur! what they did with do+ume!ts a!d eD.ose them. Sabr tells you to restrai! yourself> ha1e mer+y> that is the way of a 5aaiyah. (ow did 'usuf be+ome so stro!/ to e!dure that a!d !ot e1e! wa!t to hurt their feeli!/s= 4ot e1e! ha1e a!y bitter or ill feeli!/s towards them a!d what they did to him a!d the hardshi. a!d a/o!y a!d sufferi!/ they .ut him a!d his father throu/h. The %ey is> atta+h your heart to Allah. ;!ow that this life> this 5awah> is !ot about you. *t is about *slam> Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. 'usuf was atta+hed to Allah> that he started his i! this tal% whe! he was fi!ally u!ited a!d he had the ha!d> whe! he was fi!ally u!ited> he started the tal% with Allah a!d e!ded it with Allah. (e saidC

, 2N ...& 5 9 ... / / ! 1
Allah> Allah was /ood to me that he let me out of .riso!. (e started> a!d he e!ded it withC

X q 1& 3 1 ... / / 6 1 0= 1 3 1 \ v " UMM :vL-

(e started with Allah a!d e!ded with Allah. That is why he +ould !ot ha1e a!y bitter or ill feeli!/s towards sibli!/s. As a 5aaiyah> be li%e *braheem. (e sa+rifi+ed himself to fire> he sa+rifi+ed his food for his /uests> a!d he submitted his so! to sa+rifi+e. 'ou /i1e> you /i1e> you /i1e> !e1er e1er eD.e+t or as% a!ythi!/. Be eDem.lary a!d refuse a!y reward. *f a!ythi!/> eD.e+t harm i! retur!. Ai1e> /i1e> /i1e> be .atie!t o1er trials a!d you will /et the ultimate reward from Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala. What is it=

&! U>> ... 6 3 6 1 1 &K 1 X

Alory to those who are .atie!t.

D3 3 1 N q A K 3 1 ! 3 1 - 1 / 1 1 7 1 / ' &. P T , 1 1 U>_ "-6 . !, & 6 [ T W } 8 7 1 1 / q / T / 3 1 1 ! 1 }7 `EA U>r " 8 !, W !2 'T / 6 / / 9 q !

-a/e F 926

'ou be .atie!t> Salawaat of Allah o! you. Allah ma%es Salah o! you> raise your ra!%s. Rahmah> mer+y of Allah u.o! you. Muhtadoo!> that mea!s you are /uided. All for what= -atie!+e. Allah +lassifies you are /uided. (a1e .atie!+e.


"i!al .oi!t is most trials you +a!!ot a1oid> .atie!+e. Sometimes .atie!+e is almost for+ed o! you> you ha1e !o +hoi+e. 5eath> Muslim> ri/hteous> e1il> !o! belie1er> atheist> Jewish> <hristia!> e1eryo!e /oes throu/h that> they are tested with that. #oss of wealth> e1eryo!e /ets tested with it. Marital .roblems> e1eryo!e /oes throu/h that. All ha..e!s> there is !othi!/ s.e+ial about that. -atie!+e i! 5awah> that is s.e+ial. Bei!/ steadfast o! your 5ee! a!d bei!/ .atie!t o! that> that is s.e+ial. Why= Be+ause the other o!es you +a!!ot a1oid> this o!e you usually +a! a1oid it. *f you are tested> you ha1e the +ha!+e a!d o..ortu!ity to lea1e or e1e! a1oid it before it e1e! starts. 'ou +a! say * am do!e. My Salah is +ausi!/ me .roblems at wor%> * am do!e with my Salah at wor%> * will /o +ombi!e all fi1e Salah after *shaa whe! * /et home. My 5awah is +ausi!/ me to be u!der s+ruti!y or .ossibly e1e! worse> * am /oi!/ to sit ba+% with my wife a!d %ids. That is why this is the most !oble ty.e of .atie!+e> be+ause it is sufferi!/ i! the .ath of Allah. This is the most !oble ty.e of sufferi!/ be+ause it is sufferi!/ i! the .ath of Allah a!d you are .atie!t with it. 'ou are .atie!t by +hoi+e> !ot by for+e. *t is the s.e+ial o!es that Allah has a .la+e for i! "irdaws> that their deeds may !ot /et them there as we me!tio!ed> so these %i!d of trials are what Allah is usi!/ to raise your ra!% to be +lose to (im> to be !ear al-&Arsh. Whe! matters /et to where you thi!% they are !o lo!/er bearable> remember that first di. i!to Ja!!ah. Always remember that> %ee. it i! your mi!d. The most miserable ma! o! the fa+e of this 0arth> just ima/i!e the most miserable ma! o! the fa+e of the 0arth. Allah will ta%e him o! the Jud/me!t 5ay i! a di.> a little di.> !ot e1e! a se+o!d> !ot e1e! a millise+o!d> a little di.. A!d the! he will as% him> ha1e you see! a!ythi!/ before> he for/ets it. Just ima/i!e that s+e!e> that is 1itami! for your .atie!+e.

6ISE 6O$,S F$O0 S2A412 05SA 2AFI,2A25LLA2

*! +o!+lusio!> * will lea1e you with wise words from my father. Words really worthy of bei!/ i!s+ribed with /olde! i!% be+ause of their elo ue!t mea!i!/s> !ot o!ly be+ause of their elo ue!t mea!i!/s> but the timi!/ a!d .la+e he said them i!. At o!e .oi!t i! .riso!> let me /i1e you a ba+%/rou!d so you u!dersta!d where they too% .la+e. At o!e .oi!t i! .riso!> we were held i! solitary. They .ut se.arates o! me a!d my ow! father> mea!i!/ he is o!e wi!/ of the .riso! a!d * am i! o!e wi!/> we +a!!ot +ommu!i+ate or see ea+h other a!d s.ea% to o!e a!other. The +ells that we were i!> if you were to bri!/ a twi!> !ot a uee! or a %i!/ si?e bed> a twi! si?e
-a/e F 926

mattress a!d try to .ut it i! the +ell> it will !ot fit. That mattress> that twi! si?e mattress> !ot the uee! or %i!/ si?e> that twi! si?e mattress is too bi/ to fit i! the +ell> that is how small it is. *t is a solitary that was built i! the twe!ties a!d it was !ot made for lo!/ term +o!fi!eme!t. The warde! .asses by e1ery wee% a!d sta!ds before your +ell. So o!e time he was i! fro!t of my +ell> * said why are we i! solitary= (e said> be+ause you are terrorists re+ruiti!/ a!d radi+alisi!/ i!mates. (e a++uses me of bei!/ a terrorist a!d re+ruiti!/ a!d radi+alisi!/ i!mates. * said> well what is your .roof= (e said the Muslim +ha.lai! wrote a lo!/ re.ort about you. The Muslim +ha.lai!> wrote a lo!/ re.ort o! you. There is !o .oi!t i! ar/ui!/ a!d * !e1er used to tal% to them> but this time was o!e of the 1ery few times * e1er tal%ed to them. The Muslim +ha.lai! is the o!e who wrote the re.ort> that is why our .roblem i! this Ummah is from the Mu!aafi ee!. A!d this +ha.lai! is well %!ow! i! the +ommu!ities> * .erso!ally !e1er %!ew him .rior to /oi!/ to .riso! but it tur!ed out mo!ths after /oi!/ i!to .riso! a!d before the solitary> he himself told me his eD-wife a!d his dau/hter who was a medi+al stude!t were amo!/ the .eo.le who were re/ular atte!dees to my +lasses before /oi!/ to .riso!. This was his words to me a!d the! * remembered who he was tal%i!/ about> they were those who !e1er left my +lasses. The +o!ditio!s of that solitary +o!fi!eme!t were so eDtreme that duri!/ the !i!e mo!ths stay we stayed i! that .arti+ular solitary> they too% ma!y i! body ba/s out of there. * told the warde!> if you alle/e * am what you say> what about my father= (e said the same> e1e! thou/h my father barely s.o%e to a!yo!e i! .riso!. * said well> we are o! se.arates> why +a! * !ot see him= (e said> be+ause you /uys radi+alise e1eryo!e> you are o! se.arates with e1eryo!e. * said well if you alle/e what you alle/e with me a!d my father> that is li%e a disease> if you .ut us to/ether it is !ot /oi!/ to be +o!ta/ious to a!yo!e else> a++ordi!/ to what you say. The idiot thou/ht a mome!t a!d the! he issues a! order after he we!t> that you +a! .ut the father a!d so! to/ether. A!d a+tually that was the best days of my .riso! stay> i! the +om.a!y of my father. *t was a..roDimately maybe three to four> the last three to four mo!ths of the !i!e mo!ths that we stayed i! that .arti+ular solitary .riso!. A!d the .oi!t is> * see! my father> a!d e1e! before this situatio! a!d u!til today> he ta%es matters with a smile. -atie!t> +o!te!t> * !e1er see him dis/ru!tled. Allahumma Baari% #ahu> may Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala /ra!t him a lo!/er life full of deeds. * ha1e the bu!% i! the +ell> that +ell that is smaller tha! your twi! si?e mattress> it has a! a!d lower bu!%. * /ot the bu!% a!d my father lower bu!%> a!d my father would .ray> ma%e his Salah. By the way> the si?e of it> the wal%i!/ area> is smaller tha! your .rayer Wal%i!/ s.a+e is smaller tha! your .rayer si?e a!d the! there is a toilet behi!d you. #ayi!/ i! the bu!%> * would wat+h my father i! Salah> i! re+iti!/ ,ura!> i! smili!/. (e used to lo1e to read out loud a!d all the i!mates would lo1e to liste! to him read Surat al-;ahf e1ery si!/le !i/ht. Smili!/ a!d ad1isi!/ other i!mates who shout to see% ad1i+e from him. A!d at times he would sta!d at the bars a!d almost li%e /i1e a ;hutbah a!d all the i!mates> Muslims a!d

-a/e F 92$

!o! Muslim> be+ause there is bars a!d they +a! hear you if your 1oi+e is loud> he would /i1e a ;hutbah a!d ad1ise them> to both the Muslims a!d !o! Muslims. A!d i! that solitary> ma!y embra+ed *slam> Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-&Aalamee!. Whe! my *maa! would /et wea%> li%e *b! al-,ayyim said> he said it about his tea+her *b! Taymiyyah. (e said whe! we feel dow!> we would /o to our Shay%h *b! Taymiyyah. They feel dow!> they /o to Shay%h *b! Taymiyyah. (e said withi! mome!ts> his words would rei/!ite our *maa! a!d that is what * see! of my father. A smile that !e1er lea1es his blessed fa+e> may Allah /ra!t him a lo!/ life full of deeds. 0D+e.t i! the dar% !i/hts> whe! he would +ry a!d wee. for the mer+y a!d for/i1e!ess of Allah i! Sujood> i! Salah. "ree?i!/ i! that .riso!> was below ?ero> be+ause the free?i!/ weather that was i! Mi+hi/a!> it /ets below ?ero. A!d they would ta%e the bla!%ets from us> ima/i!e> i! a weather that is below ?ero> i! a buildi!/ that has !o fu!+tio!i!/ heat. *t is a! asbestos ma!ifest buildi!/ with !o fu!+tio!i!/ heat. Sometimes days would .ass by where they would .ur.osely !ot /i1e us food> days * say> water would be all that we +o!sume. Ruthless> rele!tless a!imals who retur! from *ra > they wa!t to eDert their re1e!/e o! hel.less .riso!ers. A+tually> * should !ot say a!imals be+ause that is disres.e+ti!/ a!imals. To be just> there was some> a few> who disa..ro1ed of this. * remember o!e MeDi+a! /uard who just retur!ed from *ra a!d he /ot his +iti?e!shi. as a MeDi+a! !atio!al i! the US> he /ot it for fi/hti!/. There is a stature or a law where those who fi/ht for a !umber of years with the Ameri+a! army> +a! /et their +iti?e!shi.. (e used to sta!d i! fro!t of the bars i! fro!t of our +ells a!d loo% at my father a!d literally +ry a!d say> * do !ot %!ow how they +ould do this to you. Those are eD+e.tio!s> the rules are !ot based o! eD+e.tio!s. Se1eral days before they se.arated me a!d my father to differe!t .riso!s> * was layi!/ i! the bu!% loo%i!/ at the /lowi!/ smile of my father a!d radia!t fa+e as he wal%ed i! .la+e> that is the eDer+ise> he wal%ed i! .la+e a!d he was readi!/ ,ura!. * said> 'aa Abati> did you e1er /et doubts i! your *maa! or your *maa! be+ome wea%> e1er> i! this trial that we are /oi!/ throu/h= The torture i! .riso!> the family aba!do!ed by the world> the ill!ess that he is /oi!/ throu/h> the ill!ess of my mother> may Allah raise her ra!% to "irdaws. #oss of .ro.erty> loss of !early e1erythi!/> e1ery last .erso! you %!ow is !owhere to be fou!d a!d more a!d more a!d more that you +a! /o o!> there +omes a .oi!t where e1e! the Messe!/ers sayC

I 'L 1 UUM :vL-7 7 ...7 7- < L 6 j P ! / / P 8 3 '9

Ai1e u. ho.e.

-L -E 6 ... 1 3 ! 6 D - Z / K b 3 b 8 ' 8 3 '9 3 ... 1 7

-a/e F 92)

The 1erse we just me!tio!ed. The Messe!/ers a!d the ti/ht %!it whi+h are the +lose belie1ers with the Messe!/er> /et affli+ted with se1ere .o1erty a!d ailme!ts a!d are sha%e! to the .oi!t the Messe!/er a!d those !eDt to him say> whe! is the 1i+tory of Allah /oi!/ to +ome= Whe! the Messe!/ers /a1e u. ho.e.

I 'L 1 UUM :vL-7 7 ...7 7- < L 6 j P ! / / P 8 3 '9

So Messe!/ers /o throu/h this. *b! al-,ayyim Rahimahullah said whe! our *maa! used to wea%e!> we /o to our Shay%h *b! Taymiyyah. * ha1e you that i!trodu+tio! so you %!ow what +ir+umsta!+es these words were said i! a!d you u!dersta!d them> be+ause o!e layi!/ o! a thousa!d dollar mattress or fi1e hu!dred dollar mattress or a waterbed with his wife !eDt to his side> is !ot li%e o!e slee.i!/ o! a bu!% bed i! a below ?ero weather> !ear below ?ero weather at times> with !o heat a!d !o bla!%et u!der him or o! to. of him. 7r sometimes it would be the o..osite> i! summer it would be eDtremely hot a!d !o fa! or !or air +o!ditio!i!/ a!d it is a! eDtremely +losed buildi!/ where you barely +a! /et a!y air. The fa+e of my father lit u. to my uestio! with a serious loo% a!d he loo%ed me i! the eyes a!d he said> amo!/ the most i!s.iratio!al thi!/s * heard i! my lifetime from someo!e li1i!/. (e said (abeebi> if this did !ot ha..e! to us> that is whe! * would ha1e doubts. *f this did !ot ha..e! to us> that is whe! * would doubt the .ath.

As a Muslim> as a 5aaiyah> as a Muslim steadfast o! the .ath> the bi!o+ulars you loo% at life throu/h is !ot li%e others loo% at it. They loo% at life as if they are /oi!/ to /raduate eleme!tary> ju!ior hi/h> hi/h s+hool> fi!ish their /rade s+hool. The! they loo% at life as /oi!/ to u!der/rad> /etti!/ a masters> maybe a -(5> i! the future /etti!/ married or duri!/ that> .ossibly ha1i!/ %ids> raisi!/ %ids> a!d wor%i!/. A!d the! after all that> retiri!/> sitti!/ o! a ro+%i!/ +hair i! some bea+h fro!t> se+luded resort with the old wife by his side> loo%i!/ at their /ra!d%ids> awaiti!/ death. As a Muslim> you li1e for a +ause a!d materialisti+ thi!/s are !ot your +ause.

. / N U_l :7 7 ...m 7 1 Q 1 5 3 1< / ! 7 = ! " 0 F

My life is for the sa%e of Allah. 'ou stri1e for that +ause a!d you e!dure the hardshi.s that +ome alo!/ with it. 'ou do !ot as% for them but you eD.e+t them a!d you ha!dle them. A ma! of .ri!+i.les a!d 5ee!> let alo!e o!e who +o!1eys it> is always /oi!/ to fa+e stru//les. The sad thi!/ is you read boo%s a!d you read bio/ra.hies of mobsters> %illers a!d maybe <ommu!ists a!d .eo.le who follow the weirdest %i!d of ideolo/ies. "or eDam.le> Joh! Auardy> a mobster. Whe! you read about their life> they ha1e more .atie!+e for the filth that they belie1e i!> more tha!

-a/e F 928

the .eo.le of #aa ilaaha illallah do a!d the .atie!+e that they e!dure for #aa ilaaha illallah. 'ou are ama?ed at that. My father was telli!/ me he heard a! i!ter1iew by the famous re+iter Abu Ba%r ashShaatri. A!d they as%ed Abu Ba%r ash-Shaatri> the famous re+iter> you all %!ow him> why does your to!e whe! you re+ite ,ura! ha1e some sad!ess to it= (e said whe! * be/a! to memorise the ,ura!> * was hit with a +alamity> a!d the! the +alamities used to fall o!e after the other> from the! till today they fall o!e after a!other u.o! me. So that is the life of the belie1er> you ha1e to e!dure it with .atie!+e a!d stay steadfast a!d firm. (a1e these %i!d of matters i! your head a!d o! your belief a!d i! your heart> that way whe! a trial +omes> you are stro!/ e!ou/h to +arry it o!. A+tually o!e of the .oi!ts * wa!ted to /i1e is> ma!y .eo.le who fail the test> ma!y .eo.le who we hear of a!d * +ould .ossibly !ame some !ames. * was /oi!/ to !ame some> be+ause they are o.e! about it. They are o.e! about that they left the .ath that they were o! before> due to a small trial> !ot e1e! a trial. They see! the world is +ha!/i!/> how the world .er+ei1es thi!/s +ha!/ed> so they +ha!/ed i! a++orda!+e. (ow does o!e li%e that eD.e+t to be .atie!t duri!/ trials> if trials hit him> whe! he himself is doi!/ it for the +ause of others= 5o you eD.e+t Allah to be by your side= With this we will +o!+lude be+ause there is !o more time. *!shaa Allah !eDt wee%> we are /oi!/ to start with the Tafseer of Surat al-&Asr be+ause that Tafseer is the .roof for these .ri!+i.les. After we are do!e with Tafseer of Surat al-&Asr> the! we are do!e with the four i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les> Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-&Aalamee!.

We are tal%i!/ about the four fu!dame!tals .ri!+i.les where he starts off withC

8 / 1 1 9 1 1 1 3 1 5 / 6 / 1& 3 , W 9 / 9 3 3 1 7 , P F 1 G5 :< & @ R 1 1 / / ! ; ; ! 1 / : 1 1 A 1 / / ! / / 1 1 . ; 1 3 h 1 &1 QL 1 / / 1 w ! 1 1 h 3 . 1 + 1 1& < : 3 . / 32 : +1 + 1 / 1 ` . 1 S 1 ; 1 & 3 : / AK 3

-a/e F 99@

3 5 < / 1 32! - 1 9 8 1 6 1 7 / 6 F 9 3 3 / N 1 7 1 / 1 &- 3 1 l 6 J 1 " 1 3 H 5 3 1 U 6 / ! / * w D / : : 5 1 / " 1 K ! 1 = 1 / & 1 K = Z 3 - 1 / . F! B / . F! [ - K ? 6 3 & 1 1 / AK d 3 b N b 1 1 ; 1 X / , F 3 9 / : - - P 3 0 ` . 4 @ H 1 / * 1 D 1 1 E 3 9 / 'J P ( / T 3 -5

We are o! the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les of this boo%let. We me!tio!ed i! .re1ious +lasses that e1e! thou/h the +ore .art of this boo% is Tawheed> the to.i+> the subje+t matter of this boo% is Tawheed. *f you were /oi!/ to .ut it i! a se+tio! i! your library> you ha1e differe!t se+tio!s> "i h> Usool> Tawheed> Seerah> you .ut it i! the Tawheed se+tio!> but *slami+ %!owled/es are i!tertwi!ed. *! the .ast ele1e! +lasses> we too% matters of Usool> we too% matters of (adith. 4ow this +lass is /oi!/ to seem more li%e a Tafseer +lass. *! the future> the +lass will /et i!to Tawheed where we are /oi!/ to tal% about the +ore li%e Walaa a!d Baraa as he made stateme!ts about that. So basi+ally> the %!owled/es> the s+ie!+es of *slam are i!tertwi!ed.


Today> we are /oi!/ o1er Surat al-JAsr. We are /oi!/ o1er it !ot i! su+h a!d why so= Be+ause the .ast ele1e! +lasses were !othi!/ but Tafseer of Surat al-JAsr. The four i!trodu+tory fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les we ha1e bee! tal%i!/ about all this time were dire+tly ta%e! from Surat al-JAsr. They are dire+tly ta%e! out of Surat al-JAsr. So let us tal% about this /reat Surah a!d let us start with a! i!trodu+tio!. A!d really as a! i!trodu+tio! to the Surah> you do !ot !eed to %!ow more tha! a (adith whereC

, " Q" # 3 . A a = . 3 1 / 3 / 1 1 3 1 / 1 E / '/ 1 29 3 9 , , N ! / E 3 L / ' 1 'J J o 1 " 5 3 1 / ! / * / 1 w" 3 c" / ": : 5 1 K 1 * , 5 * o 2 9 1

This (adith is i! at-Tabaraa!i a!d its +hai! of authe!ti+ity is authe!ti+. Whe! the Sahaabah used to meet> whe! they used to see ea+h other> they would o!ly after o!e of them would re+ite Surat al-JAsr a!d the! they would bid ea+h other .ea+e a!d lea1e. This shows you the subje+t matter of their dis+ussio!s. We !eed to be +areful i! what we dis+uss. Their dis+ussio!s> loo% at that> a!d +om.are our
-a/e F 992

dis+ussio!s to theirs. Their dreams> their> their thou/hts> if you loo% at it a!d a!alyse i! the (adith> it was all *slam. ;!owled/e is !ot a! a++umulatio! of teDt but! of the teDt you lear!. 'ou see the affe+t of their %!owled/e i! their setti!/s. They are !ot double fa+ed> o!e fa+e i! the Masjid a!d a totally differe!t .erso! i! their .ri1ate setti!/s or behi!d walls or +losed doors a!d i! their homes. *f you were to do a sur1ey today o! the Talabat al-J*lm a!d o! busi!essme!> e!/i!eers> a!d .rofessio!als> blue +ollar> white +ollar> layma!> %!owled/eable> a!d as% what to.i+s domi!ate their .ri1ate setti!/s. -oliti+s> .lai! old .oliti+ tal%s> busi!ess> sto+%s> s.orts> that is if it does !ot /o i!to matters that are further a!d +lear i! their .rohibitio! a!d they are (araam. Why did the Sahaabah read Surat al-JAsr= Why i! their .ri1ate setti!/s were they re+iti!/ Surat al-JAsr whe! they were tau/ht .le!ty of Ayaat a!d .le!ty of Ahaadith= * always thi!% of this situatio!> whe! * tal% about it or read it. 7ut of a hu!dred a!d fourtee! Surahs i! the ,ura!> why did the Sahaabah +hoose Surat al-JAsr= * say to myself> if it was for the blessi!/s> the "aatihah would be more of a better of a +hoi+e be+ause it is the mother of the ,urJa!> or rather /o to al-*%hlaas whi+h is o!e third of the ,ura!. But why did they +hoose al-JAsr= Three 1erses> fourtee! words a!d se1e!ty letters. -ossibly o!e of the shortest Surahs i! the ,ura!. A+tually the shortest four Surahs i! the ,urJa! are al-*%hlaas> al-;awthar> a!-4asr a!d al-JAsr. *! fa+t> the shortest Surah i! the ,urJa! is al-;awthar> the o!e ri/ht after that i! bei!/ short> is this Surah we ha1e today> Surat al-JAsr. The Surah /i1es you the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les of your belief. 'our sal1atio! is i! this Surah. The way to su++ess i! this life a!d su++ess i! the (ereafter is i! this Surah. They +hose this o1er other Surahs be+ause it /i1es the .ath you are o!> the true mea!i!/ of frie!dshi. a!d how your relatio!shi. with others is.

? :K 6 ... 3 & 1 / . F 1 / AK
Allah /i1es a! oath by al-JAsr> by time. Allah /i1es a! oath by that whi+h (e wills> o! whate1er (e wills. This /i1es ho!our a!d hi/h re/ard to what Allah /i1es a! oath by> a!d o! the subje+t matter that the oath is /i1e! to. *t /i1es ho!our> it /i1es im.orta!+e to that whi+h Allah /a1e a! oath by a!d that whi+h Allah /a1e a! oath o!. We all %!ow AllahJs words are all held i! hi/h re/ard> all of it. So ima/i!e how hi/h of a re/ard they must be whe! (e /i1es a! oath by them. That is why whe! a Bedoui!> a!d the Bedoui!s> a lot of them %!ew the Arabi+ la!/ua/e> he heard the oath of AllahC

/ ! / + 6 1 6 3 a / 03 , < B = 3 1 ] 5 / \ ; 1 1F l? :[D" -E
-a/e F 999

By the #ord of the (ea1e! a!d the 0arth> it is the truth just as it is the truth that you +a! s.ea%. The Bedoui! be/a! to sha%e. (e said> who /ot Allah so mad that (e !eeded to /i1e su+h a! oath= (e too% it to heart that Allah /a1e a! oath.


*t mea!s time. There are ma!y o.i!io!s but * thi!% from my .ers.e+ti1e or from my eD.erie!+e i! tea+hi!/> it is best to summarise them i! four o.i!io!s a!d they are all +orre+t. We will boil them dow! to four o.i!io!s a!d as you %!ow> the ,ura!i+ wordi!/ is broad at times a!d that is why you ha1e ma!y o.i!io!s o! +ertai! words or 1erses.


The first mea!i!/ of al-JAsr is ad-5ahar wa?-Eamaa! H " / 32I. The 3 ! d e.i+> the era> time. That is what is mea!t by it. What era= Two o.i!io!s. "rom the time of the +reatio! u!til the Jud/me!t 5ay or a!other /rou. said from the time you were bor! u!til the time you die. That is to show o!e is li%e a s.i!!i!/ wheel. 01ery time time .asses by> e1ery mome!t> e1ery se+o!d that .asses by> a .ortio! of you is lost. 'ou are made of time. *ma/i!e yourself as if you were made of time> of se+o!ds. 01ery time a se+o!d .asses by> a sli+e of you is +ut off> a sli+e of you is buried. *b! Abbaas said &Asr mea!s 5ahar H hI> the to%e! of time> a! era> a/e> the time .eriod. Wa i! wal-&Asr H / ! / I> the Waaw here is (arf ,asam H 1 K fi!al mome!ts. The time from whe! o!e is bor! u!til he dies. Why is al-JAsr so im.orta!t= Why= (e /a1e a! oath by somethi!/> mea!s it is im.orta!t. Be+ause the tests of ma!%i!d that will determi!e your ultimate> fi!al desti!y o++ur duri!/ al-JAsr> duri!/ time. They all o++ur duri!/ time. A!d also be+ause the mira+les of Allah o++ur i! al-JAsr. Amo!/ the mira+les of Allah are those that o++ur duri!/ al-JAsr. Who is the o!e who ma%es !i/ht as a +o1eri!/ for you a!d slee. as a re.ose for you= (e ma%es the day 4ushoor H -XI> /etti!/ u.> e!er/eti+ to /o for your daily wor% a!d tas%s. (e made slee. as a si/! for you> as a mira+le for you. (e made !i/ht as a si/! a!d a mira+le. (e +reated the !i/ht> (e +reated the day> the su!> the moo!> all of them i! a! orbit flowi!/. All of that o++urs> a .ortio! of Allahs mira+les a!d si/!s o++ur i! al-JAsr. Whe! do those si/!s o++ur= *! al-JAsr. So it is be+ause your determi!ed fa+tor of your ultimate> your fi!al future> it ha..e!s i! al-&Asr a!d ma!y of Allahs mira+les a!d si/!s o++ur duri!/ al-&Asr. Time is so esse!tial that it +ould be the fi!al se+o!ds of o!es life that tur! out to be the determi!i!/ fa+tor i! o!es ultimate desti!y. (e says Shahaadah that will ta%e him from bei!/ .erma!e!tly doomed to those who were swayed from (ellfire> o!to a (ea1e! bi//er tha! the s%y a!d the 0arth. *f a few mi!utes or a few se+o!ds +a!


5NI. That letter is a letter of a! oath. The time from the start of the 0arth u!til the

-a/e F 99:

ta%e o!e from the status of bei!/ doomed to a hi/h status of bei!/ i! a /arde! of (ea1e! bi//er tha! the s%y a!d the 0arth> the! ima/i!e the 1alue of time duri!/ your e!tire lifetime. 'ou see how im.orta!t time is= 'ou see how im.orta!t al-JAsr is= That is why Allah /i1es a! oath by it. That is the first o.i!io!.


The se+o!d o.i!io! is that al-&Asr mea!s the time> the era of the life of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. That is the ideal era> it is the most im.orta!t era. *t is the era where we +o!sider it the Aolde! 0ra be+ause we refer to it i! e1erythi!/. 7ur Ummah will !e1er a+hie1e su++ess !or ho!our e1er> u!til they refer ba+% to that Aolde! 0ra i! e1erythi!/> al-&Asr ath-Thahabi H AD KI. "or .oliti+al matters> we refer to that era. *f it is worshi.> we refer to that era. *f it is to attai! a!y ty.e of /uida!+e> it is i! that era. A eedah> ma!!ers> it is the era we loo% u. to> the Aolde! 0ra> the best era. That is the se+o!d o.i!io!.


The third o.i!io! is that &Asr mea!s the time at the e!d of the day. ,utaadah said i! o!e of his o.i!io!s> i! o!e of ,utaadahJs o.i!io! be+ause he had ma!y o.i!io!s o! this issue> i! o!e of his o.i!io!s he said that it is the last mome!ts of day li/ht. Mea!i!/ ri/ht before su! /oes dow!> whe! .eo.le +all it a day> that is usually the time that .eo.le +all it a day. They retur! from wor%> they /et ba+% home from busi!ess> they retur! ba+% home from s+hool> from farmi!/> they +lose sho.. The! they be/i! to .o!der a!d +o!tem.late a!d +al+ulate the /ai!s a!d losses for that day> the a+hie1eme!ts or failures for that day> they be/a! to thi!% about it. Allah wa!ts you to draw atte!tio! to the e!d of the day whe! you usually retur! from materialisti+ life a!d you are usually worldly mi!ded at that time. (e wa!ts you also to be Aa%hirah mi!ded a!d thi!% about what you a+hie1ed or lost i! matters .ertai!i!/ to the Aa%hirah. Aa%hirah is a busi!ess tra!sa+tio!> it is a trade> Allah +alled it a trade. Just as you +he+% your .rofits a!d loss> your a+hie1eme!ts a!d losses at the e!d of the day> your a+hie1eme!ts a!d failures> you do the same for al-Aa%hirah.

K 3 a / ' ,! ` Q 1# " 1 7 1 3 " - 3 1 ' D N 3 - ! / Y J , ` 4 6 ! 4 1 Q N 1 6 1 -E - 1F " 6 / 3 @ / 6 i L 3 l^ :k ;6 F -A

Those who .erform Salah a!d s.e!d i! +harity out of that whi+h Allah .ro1ided them> se+retly a!d o.e!ly> they ho.e for a sure trade /ai!> trade /ai! that will !e1er .erish. Tijaarah H `@FI> busi!ess tra!sa+tio! that will !e1er .erish. Allah +alled the matter of the life after> a trade> a busi!ess> a busi!ess that will !e1er .erish
-a/e F 993

u!li%e the busi!esses of this life. At a time whe! you are worldly mi!ded> at the e!d of the day> by al-&Asr> be Aa%hirah mi!ded as well. Allah wa!ts you to ta%e ad1a!ta/e of your time. 7!e of my Shuyoo%h told me that his Shuyoo%h told him or he heard it or read it> * do !ot remember what it was but it stu+% i! his mi!d a!d whe! he said it> it stu+% i! my mi!d. (e said the s+holars %!ew the true 1alue of al-&Asr> time or era> a!d what it mea!t> by loo%i!/ at a wa/o! or +art sellers who sell i+e. The last time * made (ajj was i! the mid !i!eties a!d you would see ba+% the! ma!y .eo.le duri!/ (ajj i! Mi!a a!d JArafaat a!d Mu?dalifah> they would +arry> they would .ush a +art wa/o! i! the 1ery hot su!> selli!/ i+e. They would be bi/ i+e blo+%s a!d if you do !ot ta%e ad1a!ta/e of e1ery se+o!d a!d sell the i+e> what ha..e!s to it= *t melts. *f they sla+% off> if they .ar% that wa/o! a!d +art a!d /o relaD i! the te!t i! Mi!a with o!e of their frie!ds a!d /o idle> the i+e melts. Their +a.ital i!1estme!t a!d their .rofits are all /o!e. 7!+e the i+e melts a!d tur!s i!to useless dro.s o! the /rou!d> all o!e +a! do at that .oi!t is +la. his ha!ds i! sorrow a!d /rief a!d re/ret. There is !o .oi!t i! doi!/ a!ythi!/ be+ause he has lost it all. The i+e is your time> that is your &Asr. *f you do !ot use it wisely> before you %!ow it> it will be useless dro.s i! the alleys a!d .athways. The ,ura! is so ama?i!/ whe! you loo% at it. Whe! Allah /i1es a! oath by time> if you loo% at it> whe! (e /i1es a! oath by time> by the early time of the day> whe! there is a+ti1ity> whe! there is day li/htC

U :=p P ! p 8 =
*! the early day whe! you are headi!/ to wor%> whe! you are headi!/ to s+hool> whe! you are headi!/ to busi!ess> whe! your deeds start> whe! your a+ti1ities start> it is the 5huhaa> it is the early .art of the day. *! that Surah Allah says> a .romiseC

1< =p l P ! L p 1 / 3 ! U 8 @ 8 =
The 1erses /o o! to sayC

P &6 1 W > :=p 6 / C ! / '; W / 5 8 |

(e /a1e a! oath by dayli/ht. Soo! after that> (e said * /i1e you> .romise> there is a .romise i! there. That is i! the early daytime whe! (e /i1es a! oath by the early day. But the! if you loo% at al-&Asr> a++ordi!/ to this o.i!io!> al-&Asr is the e!d of the day> ri/ht at su!dow! whe! e1eryo!e retur!s from wor%> whe! the day is o1er be+ause the !eDt day starts at Ma/hrib. The !i/ht at Ma/hrib is the be/i!!i!/ of the !eDt day.

K l 6 J 1 " 5 3 1 U 6 / ! / * w / : 5 1 / " 1 K
-a/e F 996

Al-&Asr> (e says #a "ee ;husr H J 1 I loss. Why does (e me!tio! loss / * : 5 here= Be+ause it is the e!d of the day. *f you did !ot ta%e ad1a!ta/e of it> your i+e melted. The oath by the daytime i! Surat ad-5huhaa is followed by a .romise be+ause that is the start of the day> to e!+oura/e you> to i!s.ire you to do /ood.

1 > :=p7 7 ...W 7 7 / C ! / 5

Al-&Asr> the e!d of the day> a++ordi!/ to the third o.i!io! a!d that mea!s it is at a loss if you did !ot ta%e ad1a!ta/e of that day.


The fourth o.i!io! is that al-&Asr here> mea!s .re+isely Salatul-&Asr. A!d a!other /rou. that we +a! ta/ o!> a!other o.i!io! we ta/ o! here is> it is the timi!/ of Salatul-&Asr. 4ot Salatul-&Asr> the timi!/ of Salatul-Asr. Why Salatul-Asr a++ordi!/ to this o.i!io!= That is to show ho!our a!d im.orta!+e to the Salah. *! al-Bu%hari> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

K/ ` . Q / , / ! 3 I 0; / ' F; 1 F! 1 /
*b! Umar said that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> whome1er misses the &Asr .rayer> the! it is as if he lost his family a!d his .ro.erty. *! Bu%hariC

1 A9 . Q / ` / / ' F; / 1 K
The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam says> whome1er misses Salatul-Asr> his deeds will be a!!ulled. #oo% at these (adith> misses the timi!/ of it. 4ot lea1es it> !ot !e/le+ts it where he does !ot ma%es his Salah> this is o!e who misses the timi!/ of it. <lose your eyes a!d ima/i!e a day whe! you ha1e it all> e1erythi!/ is /oi!/ /ood for you. 'ou are +o!te!t i! life> your job is beautiful> your s+hool is /reat> your family a!d your relatio!shi. with them is at its .ea% a!d all of the sudde! you wa%e u. o!e day or you wal% to your house a!d e1erythi!/ is /o!e. 'our wealth is /o!e> your family is /o!e> may Allah .rote+t your families> your job is /o!e. (ow would you feel= The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam is sayi!/ that is e1e! worse if o!e misses the timi!/ of Salatul-Asr.


The sele+ted o.i!io! o! al-&Asr> a!d %ee. i! mi!d the words of Allah are mira+ulous> the mea!i!/s of the ,ura! at ma!y times +a! e!+om.ass ma!y mea!i!/s. AtTabari Rahimahullah said> the +orre+t 1iew o! this is that Allah /a1e a! oath by al-&Asr> whi+h mea!s the to%e! of time. 0ra> it is day> it is !i/ht> it is e1e!i!/> it is all
-a/e F 996

of time. Basi+ally sayi!/> it is all of the abo1e> it is all of time. Allah did !ot s.e+ify a +ertai! time or era> so e1erythi!/ that falls u!der &Asr> time> is i!+luded i! this 1erse. Sha! eeti Rahimahullah> a!d this is the older Sha! eeti> the author of Adhwaa alBayaa!> be+ause there is ma!y Sha! eetis out there a!d ma!y &Ulaama of them. (e was my fatherJs tea+her. * was a %id whe! my father was i! Madi!ah at that time a!d he was a ma! * wish * laid my eyes o!> a /ia!t i! &*lm. There is hu!dreds of &Ulamaa that are attributed to Sha! eeti but if you say ash-Sha! eeti> amo!/ the lear!ed .eo.le of %!owled/e today> it refers to this ma!> ash-Sha! eeti. Just li%e you say al;itaab> mea!s boo%> but if you say al-;itaab it automati+ally mea!s to us Muslims> it mea!s al-,ura!. A!d li%e whe! you say ash-Sha! eeti> it mea!s this Sha! eeti> amo!/ the lear!ed> %!owled/eable .eo.le. My father used to ha1e re+orded Tafseer of him that were a..roDimately fifty years old that he %e.t +lose to him u!der his bed u!til they were +o!fis+ated a..roDimately twel1e years a/o by the "B*. * remember * used to liste! to some of them where there were Tafseer of Surat at-Tawbah. Amo!/ the stude!ts of this /ia!t are *b! Baa?> *b! &Uthaymee!> Abdur-Rahmaa! alBarraa% is his stude!t. (amood al-&U lah is o!e of his stude!ts> Ba%r Abu Eayd is o!e of his stude!ts> &Atiyyah Saalim Rahmatullahi &Alayhim Ajmaee! is o!e of his stude!ts. A+tually &Atiyyah Saalim is> * thi!%> * belie1e> his !umber o!e stude!t> be+ause he !e1er de.arted his side. (e fou!d him> he met him> !e1er left him till his last mome!ts. A!d he was my tea+her a!d the tea+her of my father> &Atiyyah Saalim. Sha! eeti wrote three Tafseers of the ,ura!. The fi!al o!e a!d the most thorou/h o!e was a! ama?i!/ Tafseer where he did Tafseer of the ,ura!> by the ,ura!. (e wrote it i! se1e! 1olumes a!d whe! he /ot to Surat al-Mujaadilah> 1erse !umber twe!ty two> Rahmatullahi &Alayhi> he died. (is stude!t &Atiyyah Saalim> who was the tea+her of my father a!d my tea+her> someo!e * was 1ery +lose to> he fi!ished the Tafseer. A!d the! they se!t it out to .ri!t it> a!d it is !ow +alled Adhwaa al-Bayaa!. My father i!formed me o!e time that they as%ed ash-Sha! eeti Rahmatullahi &Alayhi> why is it you .ut so mu+h em.hasis o! Tafseer= (e /a1e a /reat .ortio! of his life to Tafseer> e1e! thou/h he was a /reat> %!owled/eable .erso! i! Usool. (e was 1ery %!owled/eable i! "i h> he was 1ery %!owled/eable o! &A eedah a!d he has boo%lets o! that. (e was a master i! ma!y of the *slami+ S+ie!+es> e1e! i! Arabi+ la!/ua/e a!d /rammar. A!d the a!swer was> he said> !ot a si!/le o.i!io! of the o.i!io!s of Salaf o! a!y 1erse i! the ,ura! eD+e.t * %!ow. (e is !ot bolsteri!/> he is +o!fidi!/ i! his stude!ts> &Ulamaa> brillia!t &Ulamaa. My father told me he heard that a!d of +ourse * trust a!d * lo1e my father a!d * belie1e him. May Allah /ra!t him a lo!/ life full of deeds. Whe! * retur!ed to Madi!ah alo!e to study i! the *slami+ U!i1ersity> * was i! the +om.a!y of Shay%h &Atiyyah Saalim. 7!e of the times * as%ed him> * said> did you hear what my father told me= 5id you hear it= Shay%h &Atiyyah said> * remember the day your father as%ed it a!d the setti!/ we were i! a!d the surrou!di!/ of that day. Aia!ts> !ot a! o.i!io! of the Salaf o! a!y matter eD+e.t he %!ows it.
-a/e F 99$

4ow we ha1e little %ids a!d ras+als ru!!i!/ arou!d> .ortrayi!/ themsel1es to be *maams of Mufassiree!. Mufassiree!> selli!/ the 1erses of Allah a!d the (adith for a little .ri+e to .lease the e!emies of Allah> a!d the e!emies of ma!%i!d. A brother +ame to me a few days a/o a!d he said> he was truthful a!d * /ot to res.e+t his truthful!ess> he said will you write me a Ta?%iyah so * +a! /et i! a +ertai! .la+e to lear!= * as%ed him some uestio!s be+ause * did !ot really %!ow him> a!d * as%ed> what is your .ur.ose to lear!> why you wa!t to /o lear!= (e was 1ery fra!% a!d ho!est> he said he wa!ts to lear! basi+ally to ba!% off of it. (e said he %!ows so a!d so who just %!ows Arabi+> he has a! i!stitute a!d he +har/es o! ea+h head .er year> so a!d so. 4ames he !amed> * do !ot e1e! %!ow. A!d if you wa!t to lear! Tafseer from him you /ot to .ay to lear!. A!d he wa!ts to do the same> he wa!ts to ba!% off of it. Today we ha1e u!hat+hed> i!ferior> Mufassiree! who whe! +alamity befalls their brothers> the Ma!aabir be/i! to sha%e i! u!ity with their shouts> o!e +heeri!/ the other. Tam.eri!/ i! the 1erses of Allah> uoti!/ (adith a!d ma!i.ulati!/ their mea!i!/s a!d the mea!i!/s of Ayaat. The! whe! a histori+ /e!o+ide of two thousa!d fi1e hu!dred to three thousa!d of our ho!oured> belo1ed brothers i! Ba!/ladesh> sudde!ly the .ul.its are sile!+ed. They are the herma.hrodites. * said it before> a!d * say it a/ai!. These are the herma.hrodites> these are the herma.hrodites of the Ummah be+ause if you %!ow the defi!itio! of a herma.hrodite> he is the o!e with a re.rodu+ti1e or/a! of both seDes. A!d also it is o!e who .ossesses dis.arate a!d +o!tradi+tory ualities> i! the way they thi!% or they tal% or s.ea%. 7!e way of thi!%i!/ whe! there is loss of Muslim li1es> o!e way of thi!%i!/ whe! there is loss of !o! Muslim li1es. The fault really is !ot o! those mali/!a!t tumours> as mu+h as it is o! those drifters a!d floaters who follow behi!d them> the i/!ora!t masses. 'ou fi!d someo!e who has !o idea about jewellery but he will !ot trust his !e+%la+e> or his wifeJs !e+%la+e or his ri!/ at a jeweller for half a! hour to fiD it> u!til he ma%es sure this is a trustworthy> ho!est jeweller who %!ows what he is doi!/. "or fi1e mi!utes> he +a!!ot trust someo!e with a !e+%la+e. A!d the same thi!/ with a do+tor> he will /o a!d +hoose the best do+tor a!d see% a!d .ursue it. But whe! it +omes to his 5ee!> he will ta%e it from the herma.hrodites. A!d i!stead of this ta%i!/ our to.i+> let us /et ba+% to our .oi!t. Shay%h Sha! eeti> a /ia!t i! Tafseer. <omme!ti!/ o! this 1erse> he said the o.i!io! of Al-&Asr> he too% the o.i!io! of at-Tabari Rahimahullah of Al-&Asr> whi+h mea!s it is the e!tire time. "rom the be/i!!i!/ till the e!d> or your time o! 0arth> whi+h i! reality be+omes time> he mea!s all of time. Basi+ally your time o! this 0arth all to/ether> as a! i!di1idual> or all of the time of +reatio!. A!d why * me!tio! his o.i!io!> be+ause it is the same as at-Tabari> !early the same as at-Tabari> 1ery +lose to at-Tabari. Why * me!tio! it is be+ause how u!i ue he sele+ted this o.i!io! a!d how he su..orted it. Before al-&Asr he said> loo% how he su..orted it> he said before al-&Asr> there is atTa%aathur. Surat at-Ta%aathurC
-a/e F 99)

3 ' U :c0' U 6 / , #T c0
*! Surat at-Ta%aathur> Allah is 1ilifyi!/ o!e who is o++u.ied with this world u!til he 1isits the /ra1e. (e does !ot ta%e ad1a!ta/e of this life u!til he 1isits the /ra1e.

3 # l 6 3 ' Q U 6 / , / F6 #T 1 &E / Y c0 8 3 '9 c0'" ? - / F C / L

The! after al-&Asr> before is at-Ta%aathur> after al-&Asr is al-(uma?ah. Allah is sayi!/ the same> /atheri!/ wealth will !ot ma%e you last fore1er. Ta%e a lesso! a!d ta%e ad1a!ta/e of your time> so you +a! su++eed i! the life after.

4 0 < q / ! ( ! < 1 3 U ` : d : d mD h32 R P` H `dT l

The +o!+lusio! is> si!+e the Surah before al-&Asr is i! reality telli!/ o!e to ma%e /ood use of his time o! this 0arth> a!d the o!e after is doi!/ the same> it best suits that the Surah i! betwee! whi+h is Al-Asr> ha1e the same theme a!d mea!i!/G whi+h is> your time o! this 0arth> ta%e it a!d ta%e ad1a!ta/e of it. So he said we sti+% to the theme of the Surah before a!d the Surah after.


Al-&Asr is o!e word. Three letters i! Arabi+> &Ay!> Saad> Raa. 7!e word> but bi/ for those who u!dersta!d it. Ma!y if !ot most who follow us a!d who are here> are youth a!d you!/ i! their a/e. They are futures who hold a lo!/ jour!ey ahead of them. Ma!y youth do !ot 1alue time. Ma!y youth a!d elders do !ot 1alue time> but it is mostly a .roblem amo!/ the youth. #ots of the youth do !ot %!ow the 1alue of time> so they misuse it. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! a (adith i! Sahih al-Bu%hariC

/ = 1 " 3 1 q -A 3 K z / 1 T " : j q 1 + # 1 ' 1 1 ; / ! J

Two blessi!/s> ma!y .eo.le> ma!y .eo.le i!+ur Ahuba! H AsI i!> whi+h mea!s loss> a!d they are health a!d free time for doi!/ /ood deeds. 7!e may ha1e health a!d !ot dire+t it for either a le/itimate .ur.ose i! this life or the life after. A!d li%ewise> with time. Time is a .assi!/ wheel. *t is a .assi!/ wheel> what .asses of it> you will !e1er /et it ba+%. Most of the time> the elders te!d to

-a/e F 998

realise at the e!d of their life> the 1alue of this word. They realise the 1alue of time. They realise it at a time whe! they !o lo!/er ha1e the health to .ut their time i!to usa/e. But the!> they +a!!ot re+a!t it. What is /o!e is /o!e> what .assed is /o!e> the .ast is /o!e. Ma!y times we are fa+ed with youth who ha1e the resour+es of time> al-&Asr. They ha1e the resour+es of al-&Asr a!d they ha1e the asset of health> yet they !e/le+t to .ro.erly a!d effe+ti1ely use it. The! you /ot the elders who fou!d a!d fi!ally realised the 1alue of time. But sadly> it is whe! they are o! a wal%er> they are o! a wheel+hair> they are ba+% a!d forth from hos.ital a!d do+tor 1isits. Whe! o!e /rows older> they be/i! to ha1e wisdom a!d re/ret a lifetime that they wasted. 01e! if it was !ot i! (araam> e1e! if it was i! !eutral matters> a true wise elder would re/ret it. Ta%e heed from this> ta%e ad1a!ta/e. * am telli!/ you to ta%e ad1a!ta/e be+ause it is !ot late for you> you are you!/> you are i! your .rime. Ta%e ad1a!ta/e i! lear!i!/> ta%e ad1a!ta/e i! *baadah> ta%e ad1a!ta/e i! 5awah. 5o !ot let a mi!ute of your life /o by wasted. The elders used to tell their stude!ts the famous uote> memorisi!/ i! the youth is li%e i!s+ribi!/ o! a sto!e> memorisi!/ as a! elder is li%e writi!/ i! water. 01e! thou/h my father> may Allah /ra!t him Bara%ah a!d lo!/ life full of deeds> may Allah /ra!t him the utmost hi/hest ra!% of (ea1e!> he te!ds to disa/ree with this. (e is a..roDimately se1e!ty fi1e !ow a!d he says that his memory at this a/e is better tha! it was at his youth. Al-(asa! al-Basri said> * met .eo.le who were more miserly i! their time tha! they were with their mo!ey. 'ou as% them for mo!ey> they will be /e!erous i! it. 'ou as% them for time> they are !ot /oi!/ to /i1e it to you. Ar-Rabee *b! Sulaymaa! used to say ash-Shaafiee Rahimahullah di1ided his !i/hts i!to three .ortio!s. 7!e .ortio! was for writi!/ a!d a!other .ortio! was for Salah a!d a third .ortio! was for slee.. 4ot a mome!t to waste. Whe! a ma! a..roa+hed &Aamir a!d &Aamir was a s+holar who see! that this ma! was .ossibly tal%i!/ i! 1ai!. The ma! told &Aamir> let me s.ea% to you. &Aamir said> if you +a! sto. the su!> the! we +a! sit a!d tal%. Mea!i!/ if you +a! sto. time> * will sit a!d tal% with you. *f !ot> * /ot to limit my time to that whi+h is effe+ti1e a!d wise. (ammaad *b! Salamah said about his Shay%h Sulaymaa! at-Taymee> Sulaymaa! at-Taymee was bor! forty siD years after the (ijrah of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> he was a Muhaddith> he said * !e1er e!tered o! my Shay%h eD+e.t that he was i! Wudhu. (e was i! Ja!aa?ah> he was i! the Masjid lear!i!/ or tea+hi!/. *t /ot to the .oi!t that * said this ma! +ould !e1er ha1e time to e1e! thi!% of +ommitti!/ a si!. Ath-Thahabi Rahimahullah> whe! he do+ume!ted a!d tal%ed about the life of al;hateeb al-Ba/hdaadi> o!e of the thi!/s * re+all he me!tio!ed about him is that al;hateeb al-Ba/hdaadi would wal% i! the streets with a boo% i! his ha!d all the time> readi!/. 4o time to waste. Abu al-Wafaa Ali *b! JA eel used to say it is !ot .ermissible for me to waste a mome!t of my life. *f * am !ot usi!/ my eyes> * am usi!/ my to!/ue. *f * am !ot usi!/ my to!/ue> * am usi!/ my mi!d a!d thi!%i!/ a!d +o!tem.lati!/ about that whi+h * lear!ed or tau/ht.
-a/e F 9:@


Ba+% to the oath of Allah> wal-&Asr. Allah /i1es a! oath by (is +reatio! a!d (e /i1es a! oath by huma!s> by a!imals> by i!a!imate matters. By 5huhaa> by al-#ayl> by al"ajr> by huma!s> but the o!ly huma! that Allah /a1e a! oath by was the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

6 rl :" =@ 1 -T / J 3 1 u / T / T / / 0L 1 1 F6
Allah said> by your life. Allah /a1e a! oath by the life of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. *f we do !ot %!ow the wisdom i! matters> i! a!y matter> this matter or other matters> or our mi!ds fall short of +om.rehe!di!/ those matters that are i! the ,ura!> i! the solid authe!ti+ (adith> the! o!e does !ot obje+t. 'ou !e1er obje+t be+ause you obje+t> you fall u!der the +ate/ory of *blees> that is what he did. That is what /ot him i!to what he /ot i!to.

, / * _U :\Lw 4 1k f @ L E / ,... / 1 2
(e said> shall * .rostrate to o!e who you +reated i! +lay= *t did !ot e!ter his mi!d that Allah is telli!/ him. 'ou are telli!/ me to bow dow! to o!e who was +reated from +lay= The ordeal of the Shaytaa! started by obje+ti!/. *t is i! the ,ura!> it is i! the authe!ti+ (adith> you ta%e it a!d submit.

_> :\5 / F - ! 4 1 5 5 ...

5o !ot obje+t. 5o !ot obje+t to the teDts. That is a! as.e+t> if we wa!t to do (us! al5hu!!> that is a! as.e+t of the Shayaatee!> if !ot a full Shaytaa!. 01erythi!/ we ha1e o! this matter falls u!derC

I5 / I5 l? :\ A" b ! - J / / H / 3 <
'ou do !ot uestio! Allah. (e +a!!ot be uestio!ed to what (e does> you are the o!e who is /oi!/ to be uestio!ed. 7!e bei!/ uestio!ed does !ot as% the o!e who is /oi!/ to uestio! him. 'ou hear those that say> why is Allah /i1i!/ a! oath= Why does Allah /i1e a! oath= *f it is to belie1ers> they already belie1e. *f it is to !o! belie1ers> the! they are !e1er /oi!/ to belie1e. Allah saidC

D3 f F , 1 } ! 01 & a - 1 0/ -F !, : Z < 1 A F ' / 1 / 3 ' / AN Un> :`EA7 7 ...W 7 7 1

*f you bri!/ them e1ery si/! of Allah> they are !ot /oi!/ to follow. Why did the thro!e of Allah sha%e to the death of Saad= * +a!!ot belie1e it. *t is authe!ti+> * +a!!ot
-a/e F 9:2

belie1e it> it does !ot e!ter his mi!d. *! matters re/ardi!/ oath> sometimes the &Ulamaa draw wisdom from the .ri!+i.les of the ,ura! a!d Su!!ah a!d the sayi!/s of the Salaf> draw wisdom from these matters. A!d let me me!tio! three .oi!ts that they /i1e i! why there is oath i! the ,ura! a!d i! the (adith. "irst of all> with la!/ua/es s.readi!/ a!d the ,ura! bei!/ widely read i! 0!/lish> ma!y for/et that the ,ura! was re1ealed i! Arabi+. Arabi+ is the la!/ua/e of the ,ura! a!d it was the la!/ua/e it was re1ealed i!. 7ath i! Arabi+ la!/ua/e is to +o!firm that matters> e1e! if o!e %!ows them. A!d if they are beyo!d a doubt> oath +ome i! the Arabi+ la!/ua/e to +o!firm. That is .art of the Arabi+ la!/ua/e a!d the ,ura! uses that be+ause ,ura! +ame i! the .ea% of the elo ue!+y of the Arabi+ la!/ua/e. That is .oi!t !umber o!e. -oi!t !umber two. A belie1er /ai!s more faith with matters li%e oath. 4o reaso! to de!y that> there is !othi!/ wro!/ with bri!/i!/ other matters a!d mea!s to +o!firm o!es belief. Whe! *braheem &alayhis salaam saidC

N , a6 ... / F / # 1 6 1 ) / F v / ! / 1 = ,b / 8 F1 N l_M :`EA777 ... A 7 71 / N 8 ! 1 7 3 1 } / 0 8 & b

My #ord> show me how you /i1e life to those who are dead. Allah said> do you !ot belie1e. This is ;haleelullah> ;haleel. (e said yes * belie1e> but * wa!t to be stro!/er i! my faith. So it /i1es more stre!/th to o!es belief. The third .oi!t is> to /i1e atte!tio!> to /i1e im.orta!+e to matters. To /i1e im.orta!+e to that whi+h the oath is /i1e! by a!d that whi+h the oath is /i1e! o!. 'ou %!ow the im.orta!+e of what Allah /a1e a! oath o! a!d by. *b! Taymiyyah Rahimahullah i! 1olume o!e of his "ataawa said> Allah /a1e a! oath by some of (is +reatio! to ho!our it. To /i1e it 1alue> to /i1e it atte!tio!> a!d to /i1e it .raise. The!C

l 6 J 1 " 5 3 1 U 6 / ! / * w / : 5 1 / " 1 K
*!!a here is Taw%eed> whi+h mea!s em.hasis> assura!+e a!d +o!firmatio!. #a "ee> the #aam i! #a "ee> em.hasis> assura!+e a!d +o!firmatio!. The #aam i! #a "ee is also Taw%eed. So there is the assura!+e of the oath> there is the assura!+e of *!!a a!d there is the assura!+e of #a. A! oath is to ho!our what is said a!d to +o!firm it. #oo% i! the ,ura!.

-} 1 A' / N ... B 7= B 5 6 ,W / ! 7 3 1 & 9 ! m 1 < >? :t-

-a/e F 9:9

The -ro.het /i1es a! oath here.

/ I F H !6 # ! / N & < N 5 F 1 1 3 b 3 D J 8 / ? :A7L ...7 7 6 / 03 1 FI ' & ! !6J 3 / & & < N -+ A ", Y 1 3 6 / D ! # 8 r :&z'7 7 ... 7 7 / A ' 3 +
Three oaths where the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /a1e a! oath. *! fa+t> Allah says /i1e a! oath> say the oath. A!d these are matters of resurre+tio! a!d that is to draw atte!tio! to the resurre+tio! be+ause it is a! esse!tial> im.orta!t matter. 7ther matters i! the (adithC

/ mD ( 1 2 1 1 & 5 1 J 1 3 !
Ma!y (adith li%e that.

E / a ! 1 - 1 E
Ma!y (adith he /a1e with a! oath li%e that. (e is ho!est> he is trustworthy a!d he /a1e a! oath. *! fa+t> he was ordered at times by Allah> to /i1e a! oath. So you +a! ta%e heed> so we +a! ta%e heed> so they +a! /et our atte!tio! a!d so it +a! be held i! a hi/her status a!d re/ard.


4ow> let us ta%e the oaths of huma! bei!/s> we will +o!+lude with this .oi!t. Allah /i1es a! oath by what (e wa!ts a!d wills of (is +reatio!. We o!ly /i1e a! oath by Allah. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! the authe!ti+ (adithC

; / , 2 1& v u : 9 1 3 " !h / E \ / % / X
*t is i! Mus!ad Ahmad a!d it is authe!ti+. Who /i1es a! oath by other tha! Allah> the! he has +ommitted Shir%. *! at-Tirmidhi a!d al-(aa%im> a! authe!ti+ !arratio!C

... 1 / / T 3 | 1 / &
The (adith that you all %!owC

J ; / , ! u ... 1& v 9 1 3 / E / % / , # 2 1 / z
-a/e F 9::

Whome1er /i1es a! oath by other tha! Allah> he has +ommitted Shir% or ;ufr. *f o!e /i1es a! oath by al-&Asr> if he /i1es a! oath by his .are!ts> by his .are!ts life> by his .are!ts /ra1e> has he be+ome a ;aafir just by sayi!/ that= The a!swer is two folds. *f he /i1es a! oath by other tha! Allah> belie1i!/ that whi+h he /a1e a! oath by is at the le1el of Allah or a hi/her status> or has .ower or sa+red!ess li%e Allah> the! he has !e/ated his 5ee!. The se+o!d .oi!t. *f it was a sli. of a to!/ue or he ho!ours his .are!ts> but he /a1e a! oath but he does !ot ho!our them a!ywhere +lose to Allah or e ui1ale!t to Allah or a!ywhere abo1e Allah of +ourse. *t was a sli. of a to!/ue or a ra!dom oath he /a1e. *t is a si! a!d it is a mi!or Shir%> a!d he should see% for/i1e!ess from Allah a!d some s+holars say e1e! say #aa ilaaha illallah> e1e! thou/h it did !ot !e/ate his faith be+ause it is a smaller Shir%. There is !o .roblem i! o!e /i1i!/ a! oath. *f you loo% i!to the Su!!ah> you will fi!d that the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam /a1e !early> !early ei/hty oaths> ei/hty times. Allah e1e! ordered him at times> to /i1e a! oath. (owe1er> some s+holars said it is best for o!e to .reser1e his oath a!d %ee. them for matters of substa!+e. *f it is !ot a matter of substa!+e> !ot to /i1e the oath. Why= They use the 1erse of AllahC

J 9 V^ :`2G7 ...7 7 / ! / 0 / , -O ...

A!d .rote+t your oath. They ta%e it to mea!> do !ot swear mu+h. 5o !ot swear mu+h. Some use the (adith i! Sahih Muslim. A ma! +ame to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d as%ed him uestio!s> the -ro.het /a1e him a!swers. The ma! said> he is /oi!/ to what he lear!ed. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

e ; , / 2. 1 1 &, ! / 1 "
By his father> he su++eeded if he is truthful. The -ro.het /i1i!/ oath by his father> a!d here the &Ulamaa ha1e o.i!io!s o! this. The first o!e is that it is a Shaa? H

Y%I> it is a! odd !arratio!. 4umber two is> *b! Abdil-Barr said it was a mista%e by
o!e of the !arrators> it was reallyC

/ , 1 3 ! ; e
(e su++eeded by Allah. 7!e of the !arrators i! the +hai! made a mista%e. The third o.i!io! is that> it was said before the .rohibitio! +ame re/ardi!/ /i1i!/ a! oath by other tha! Allah. *b! Masood Rahimahullah saidC

-a/e F 9:3

, " , 9 , &# , " 3 z & v 9 & v 9 1 1 1 1 1 / / / / P 4 / / 1 1 3 1 4 h N 1 . 1 3

*f * were to /i1e a! oath by Allah o! a lie> is better tha! to /i1e a! oath by other tha! Allah. Mea!i!/ if * were to lie i! a! oath by Allah a!d use the !ame of Allah> better tha! to /i1e a! oath by other tha! Allah a!d be truthful. With this *!shaa Allah we will +o!+lude a!d we will +o!ti!ue !eDt wee% *!shaa Allah. Ja?a%um Allahu ;hayr.

We /a1e .art o!e of Surat al-&Asr last wee%. This will +o!+lude *!shaa Allah Tafseer Surat al-&Asr a!d this is the .roof o! the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. Surat al-&Asr is the .roof o! the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. The last .oi!t we s.o%e about last wee% was> that Allah /i1es a! oath by that whi+h (e wills a!d huma!s o!ly /i1e a! oath by Allah. Allah +a! /i1e a! oath by +reatio!> we +a! o!ly /i1e a! oath by Allah. #et us /o ba+% to the term wal-Asr.


Allah /i1es a! oath to show the 1alue of time> by al-&Asr. Therefore> do !ot waste time. ;ee. i! mi!d that the Shaytaa! has ta+ti+s i! %illi!/ your time. That is why whe! it +omes to /ood> .rodu+ti1e stuff that be!efits you i! the (ereafter a!d e1e! i! this world> he +asts boredom a!d la?i!ess o! you. Be alert for su+h ta+ti+s a!d %!ow how to deal with them. *f it is somethi!/ 1ai! or si!ful> the Shaytaa! .uts joy to it> a!d that is o!e of the tra.s of the Shaytaa!. 'ou fi!d that o!e for eDam.le +a! sta!d i! a .ar%i!/ lot whe! he sees a frie!d a!d he will tal% to the frie!d a!d hours a!d hours would /o by> .ossibly ba+%biti!/ or maybe e1e! just 1ai! tal%. (ours /o by a!d o!e feels as if it is o!ly a few a mi!utes. Maybe e1e! !eutral stuff that is tal%ed about> maybe Mubaah. The Shaytaa! does !ot +are as lo!/ as he +a! %ee. you away from obedie!+e> out of e!1y that he does !ot wa!t you to do that whi+h he is de.ri1ed of. Sudde!ly you /o home a!d you are too bored to sta!d u. for fi1e mi!utes i! ,iyaam al-#ayl> or the *mam i! Salatul-*shaa or Salatul-"ajr reads what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam used to read a!d o!e starts to sha%e his le/s a!d mo1e i! boredom a!d starts loo%i!/ at his wat+h or i! the s%y. A!d that is what you see their a..eara!+e> a!d what is i! the heart +ould be e1e! .ossibly more. 'ou fi!d .eo.le who are sitti!/ with frie!ds at su+h ease a!d .ea+e> fully atte!ti1e a!d e!/a/ed i!to +o!1ersatio! as if they ha1e !o worries. A!d basi+ally if you as% them they will .robably tell you> we for/et our worries whe! we are tal%i!/ to our frie!ds. A!d if he brea%s for Salah> sudde!ly the Shaytaa! +omes to him a!d remi!ds him of
-a/e F 9:6

the stresses of life a!d s+hool a!d tests a!d a..oi!tme!ts a!d %ids a!d other matters> to distra+t him from that whi+h be!efits him i! the (ereafter. A true belie1er> his +ool!ess> the +ool!ess of his eyes is Salah a!d 5hi%r. The ,ura! a!d Su!!ah states so. Today> the +ool!ess of the eyes has be+ome i! e1erythi!/ outside or eD+e.t 5hi%r a!d Salah. So Allah /i1es a! oath by al-&Asr> by time> to draw atte!tio! to time. 'ou are made of time. 'ou are made of se+o!ds> mi!utes> hours> days> mo!ths> years. 'ou are made of that. Whe! today lea1es a!d today e!ds> you buried a .ortio! of you> that is what you /ot to thi!%. Whe! you .ray Salatul-Ma/hrib e1ery day> that is e!d of our day> Ma/hrib> after that is the be/i!!i!/ of the followi!/ day. 'ou ha1e buried a .art of you> ri/ht there a!d the!. 7!e is li%e a buildi!/> your a/e maybe twe!ty> you may be twe!ty storeys u.> maybe se1e!ty fi1e storeys hi/h rise. 01ery day that /oes by> a bri+% is ta%e! off that a!d .la+ed i! the (ereafter. 01ery su! rise a!d the! su! dow! that you do !ot /ai! deeds> is a day you will re/ret. *f it is i! (araam> we all %!ow that. *f it is !ormal Mubaah stuff> it will be re/retted be+ause you did !ot /ai! a hi/her le1el i! Ja!!ah. 'ou are made u. of time. Time .asses a!d we e!ter Ja!!ah based o! what we i!1ested i! our time.

U :K 6 / ! / 1 K
That is why Allah /a1e a! oath by al-&Asr. Mi!utes .assi!/ are your .ri!+i.le> they are your +a.ital. 01ery day that .asses by> you bury a day out of your life.


The !eDt .oi!t> what is the subje+t matter of the oath. What is so im.orta!t that Allah !eeded or wa!ted to /i1e a! oath about= What is it so im.orta!t that (e wa!ted to draw our atte!tio! to loo% i!to=

l :K 6 J 1 " 5 3 1 / * w : 5 1 / "
The subje+t matter of the oath is that e1eryo!e is at a loss. Allah is /i1i!/ a! oath o! al-&Asr> that ma! is at a loss> ma!%i!d is at a loss. What is the relatio!shi. betwee! +hoosi!/ al-&Asr to /i1e a! oath by a!d the fa+t that e1eryo!e is at a loss= Why did (e !ot /i1e a! oath for eDam.le by o!e of (is ma!y other +reatio!s ri/ht here i! the Surah= &Asr is your life> it is the to%e! of time a!d how you use al-&Asr> your &Asr> your time> is a determi!i!/ fa+tor if you will be amo!/ the wi!!ers or amo!/ the losers. So it best +oi!+ides that time be what Allah uses to /i1e a! oath by a!d Allah ma%es the best of all +hoi+es.

l :K ..." 5 3 1 w 1 / "
-a/e F 9:6

*!saa!a H" 5 1 I> ma!%i!d. *f you are ma!%i!d> this a..lies to you. *!saa! is all ma!%i!d. There is a dis.ute> some said it is a ;aafir> some said it is all ma!%i!d a!d it is .robably more +orre+t to lea1e the ,ura!i+ 1erses /e!eral li%e i! this o!e> if there is !o .roof to restri+t it. A!d that was the o.i!io! that ash-Sha! eeti we!t by.

125S$ CO0ES IN A NO5N FO$0

l :K 6 J 1 " 5 3 1 / * w : 5 1 / "
#a "ee> #aam i! #a "ee is to +o!firm. We tal%ed about that last wee%. ;husr H i!stead of as a 1erb> to /i1e a! e1erlasti!/> .owerful mea!i!/. Allah did !ot say ;haasir HL*I> he is losi!/. Allah did !ot say #a ,ad ;hasir H 5* losi!/. Allah said ;husr> i! a !ou! form> ;husr i! a !ou! form.

I +omes i! a !ou! form. #oss> i!stead of a 1erb. ;husr +omes as a !ou! / * : 5

2EI> he is

#et me /i1e you a! eDam.le to better u!dersta!d how deli+ate the li!/uisti+ words of the ,ura! were +hose!. 7!e +a! be a millio!aire a!d he loses a thousa!d dollars. (e is a ;haasir> he is a millio!aire> what is a thousa!d dollars to a millio!aire. (e is a ;haasir> but he is !ot a total loser be+ause what is a thousa!d dollars> really !othi!/> e1e! thou/h he lost> but it is really !othi!/ for a millio!aire. 4ow if a millio!aire> that same millio!aire lost billio!s> !ow he is i! debt> !ow he is e!+ir+led with loss> the! the term ;husr> +om.lete loss> a..lies to him. Treme!dous loss> he is !o lo!/er a ;haasir> he is i! ;husr> he is e!+ir+led i! loss. ;husr mea!s +om.lete> total loss. 0!+om.assed> +eased> totally by loss. 0!+ir+led by loss> at loss from head to toe.

624 IS 125S$ 0ENTIONE, AS


A!other li!/uisti+ lesso!. #a "ee ;husr> or is it #a "ee al-;husr H 5$

JI= *t

is #a "ee ;husr> it is me!tio!ed as a 4a%irah H `0I. That is 4a%irah> #a "ee ;husr i!stead of #a "ee al-;husr. There is two reaso!s for this> ;husr as a 4a%irah o1er al;husr. *t +omes to show !umber o!e> how bi/ of a loss. That is why it is me!tio!ed as a 4a%irah> #a "ee ;husr i!stead of #a "ee al-;husr. Arabi+ .eo.le use 4a%irah without Al> to show somethi!/ that is mi/hty a!d de1astati!/ a!d how bi/ it is. So this is to show how bi/ of a loss it is. A!other li!/uisti+ lesso! is> Allah used "ee H ;I> i!> i!stead of &Alaa H I> o!> &Alaa mea!s o!. *! a!other 1erse whe! Allah tal%s about /uida!+e> (e saysC

> :`EA777 ... S2 7 74 W } 8 7 !, 1 8

-a/e F 9:$

They are o! /uida!+e. (e did !ot say "ee o1er there. Why did (e use "ee i!stead of JAlaa here= Be+ause he is fully surrou!ded> with loss. (e is !ot o! a loss> he is !ot &Alaa> o! a loss> whi+h may a..ear to i!di+ate a sli/htly lesser de/ree of a loss. (e used "ee to i!di+ate how bi/ of a loss it is. (e is i! total loss> he is !ot !ear or +lose to a loss> he is e!+ir+led i! a loss. All those u!i ue> detailed li!/uisti+ lesso!s show how bi/ of a loss this is we are tal%i!/ about o1er here. The loss here> is !ot a tra!sa+tio! or two. *t is !ot a seaso! or two> it is !ot a semester or two. *t is !ot a ui?> it is !ot a test> it is !ot a busi!ess deal. This loss here is loss of a +a.ital> it is loss of .rofits a!d it is +om.lete debt> major loss. *t is also !ot a tem.orary loss> it is a! e1erlasti!/ loss. *f o!e is i! (ell> he is doomed> 4asalullah al-&Aafiyah H

; bI5I. *f he is i! (ea1e!> the! he may ha1e !ot /otte! the

hi/hest ra!% that he should ha1e /otte!> it is a loss ri/ht there too.


#et me /i1e you a .ra+ti+al eDam.le as it .ertai!s to this Surah. A wi!!er> a!d someo!e who lost his .rofits> first o!e is a wi!!er> the! o!e who lost his .rofit> a!d the! the third o!e is o!e who lost his +a.ital> his .rofit a!d he is i! debt. 'ou retur! from wor% or s+hool a!d si!+e we said al-&Asr may mea! the time at the e!d of the day whe! someo!e be/i!s to thi!% about what he did duri!/ that day. 'ou retur! at !i/ht> you 1isit relati1es> you tea+h your %ids ,urJa!> you .lay with them> you ma%e Salah> "ardh or 4afil> you may ha1e relatio!shi. with your wife. Maybe you re1iew ,urJa!> maybe /o o!li!e a!d liste! to a le+ture> maybe liste! to ,urJa!. Maybe /o wor%i!/ out with the ri/ht i!te!tio!> maybe e1e! slee.i!/> ta%i!/ a !a. with the ri/ht i!te!tio!. *f you i!te!ded a!d you said * wa!t to /et a few mi!utes of slee. so * +a! re-e!er/ise after this lo!/ day a!d so * +a! wa%e u. for ,iyam. *t will hel. me /et u. for ,iyaam> be+ause there is a (adith> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said /et some ,ayloolah H - NI duri!/ the day> slee.> !a. at the day so it will hel. you wa%e u. at !i/ht. So that is a wi!!er> he used his time to his ad1a!ta/e. That is !umber o!e. 4umber two is someo!e who +ame ba+% from a bad day> he usually +omes ba+% from wor% or s+hool u.set or thi!%i!/ or worried a!d you are brai! stormi!/ a!d you are thi!%i!/> sitti!/ there just merely thi!%i!/ about what ha..e!ed. A!ythi!/ you do idle where you are !ot /ai!i!/ deeds> you are at a loss> you lost .rofit. 'ou may ha1e !ot /otte! si!s> we are !ot sayi!/ you /ot si!s for sitti!/ there a!d thi!%i!/ a!d drooli!/ o1er what ha..e!ed. But that same time is a loss> be+ause you did !ot ta%e ad1a!ta/e of that time. What does the Surah start with= Al-&Asr> time. A!y busi!ess ma! will tell you> mo!ey you ha1e> you sta+% away> that is !ot i!1ested> is mo!ey lost. Mo!ey !ot i!1ested is mo!ey lost. Ta%e it a!d say> time !ot i!1ested for your Aa%hirah is time lost. *t is so sim.le to /et Ajr. *! fa+t> with the ri/ht i!te!tio!> there is !early !othi!/ you +a!!ot /et Ajr o!. 'ou /o wor% out with the ri/ht i!te!tio!> Ajr. 'ou slee. a!d ta%e a !a. with the ri/ht i!te!tio!> Ajr. 'ou .lay with your %ids> Ajr.

-a/e F 9:)

4ow the third o!e> the third s+e!ario> is o!e that will retur! from wor%> use that time to ha!/ out with his frie!ds. (e uses that time to ha!/ out with his frie!ds. What is a +ommo! e.idemi+ today i! setti!/s= Ba+%biti!/> /ossi.> wat+hi!/ that whi+h is .rohibited> maybe liste!i!/ to the i!strume!ts of the Shaytaa!> sitti!/ with your frie!ds or /oi!/ o! the !et a!d ty.i!/ away i! the ho!our of those dead a!d ali1e. 'ou see a!d hear of ro/ues who do !ot %!ow if they will wa%e u. Muslim or otherwise> .erformi!/ disse+tio! a!d a!atomy with their to!/ues> o! the ho!our of .eo.le whose desti!y is !ow with Allah. There are those> there is .eo.le who are a do!e deal> Allah is deali!/ with them. Allah is deali!/ with them. They are !ow with Allah> Allah is deali!/ with them. The! you /ot .eo.le who .erform disse+tio! o! those whose souls are .ossibly i!side /ree! birds te!di!/ to the ri1ers of -aradise a!d eati!/ from the fruits of Ja!!ah a!d retur!i!/ to ha!/ o! the thro!e of Allah. All that> while some ro/ue is sitti!/ disse+ti!/ them with his to!/ue> does !ot %!ow he himself> whether he will wa%e u. as a Muslim or a Mu!aafi . *f Allah .rohibited ba+%biti!/ amo!/st two .eo.le for mome!ts. *f two .eo.le> for just a few mome!ts ba+%bite> it is +o!sidered a major si!. That is ba+%biti!/ a!d that is a major si!> if it is o!ly for mome!ts a!d just amo!/st two .eo.le. *t is a major si! whe! it is amo!/ two. A!d the reality> if you thi!% about it> whe! two .eo.le tal% about someo!e> ea+h .arty de.arts a!d .ossibly for/ets that whi+h they said a!d /o about their way. That is a major si! a!d ba+%biti!/> e1e! if they for/ot about it o! the s.ot. A!d that is amo!/ the major si!s. 4ow ima/i!e a si! li%e that whe! it is amo!/ a /rou.> how bi/ of a si! it is whe! it is i! a /rou.. 4ow ta%e it further> ima/i!e the si! whe! it is .ut o! a so+ial media for the world to see> !ot for this time .eriod> but for /e!eratio!s to +ome a!d .ossibly u!til the Jud/me!t 5ay. Wallahi> o!e who truly belie1es i! the Aa%hirah a!d the .u!ishme!t of the /ra1e> a!d lets that re/ister i! his mi!d> he would !e1er /o to that eDtreme. 7!e will lie i! his /ra1e with torme!t sei?i!/ him from e1ery a!/le for hu!dreds of years> .ossibly thousa!ds of years> u!til the is blow! i!> for words he .osted o! the !et> he thou/ht they were !othi!/> but to Allah they were 1ery se1ere. * say> amo!/st the most da!/erous si!s after Shir%> are the si!s that .ertai! to the ri/hts of others. Be +areful i! your time> that is why we are me!tio!i!/ this> be+ause this is stuff that ha..e!s duri!/ your time. We deal with the Ahafoor Ar-Raheem. Whe! you read about the mer+y of Allah a!d the Shafaaah> you /et e+stati+ i! ho.e. There is a ty.e of si! that is a double ed/ed sword> a!d that is the si!s that tra!s/ress u.o! others> li%e %illi!/> li%e ba+%biti!/> li%e ta%i!/ the .ro.erties of others> li%e sla!der of others. 'ou +a! raise your ha!ds i! two se+o!ds a!d as% Allah for for/i1e!ess> you are deali!/ with the Ahafoor Ar-Raheem. But there is a!other ri/ht> double ed/e sword> there is a!other ri/ht .ertai!i!/ to the huma! who is /oi!/ to +ome a!d re uest it from you whe! you sta!d before Allah. Whe! .eo.le .ass o1er the Siraat> obsta+le after obsta+le> terror after terror. Allah +alled itC
-a/e F 9:8

U := q ... \ 5 d 1 / Y 3 q 1O / %
The wait for the Jud/me!t 5ay is terror> the uestio!i!/ before Allah is terror> the Mi?aa! is terror> /etti!/ the boo%s> wal%i!/ o! the Siraat. 4ow> fi!ally> you made it throu/h all that a!d you are o! the Siraat> you are +rossi!/ as-Siraat a!d there are .eo.le who are ma%i!/ it to the fro!t yard of Ja!!ah. *! Sahih al-Bu%hariC

1 & -5 / 1 3 : 1 " 1 ) - 1 A9 / & ` / / { * / E 1 ' ; ; 1 3 ! 1 3 @ -. / / # / & f / T 1 O " P E 1 P 1 ' 21 & ! 3 9 1 3 @ 1 , -& / b D / P2 " / T 1 -* -E
Abu Saeed al- ;hudri radhiallahu &a!hu i! a (adith i! Sahih al-Bu%hari said> whe! the belie1ers +ross o1er (ellfire> o1er the Siraat> they sto. at a brid/e +alled al,a!tarah H`EI. A! ar+h brid/e +alled al-,a!tarah> before they /et i!to -aradise. What is that brid/e for= They will be /i1e! retributio! for i!justi+es betwee! them u!til they are fully .urified. The!> after they are .urified from ri/hts amo!/st ea+h other> the! they will be told> you +a! e!ter Ja!!ah. ,a!tarah may be the ed/e> the last .ortio! of as-Siraat> but * belie1e from what * read> it is a+tually a!other brid/e> a se+o!d smaller brid/e after as-Siraat> that is li%e a detour for belie1ers of this Ummah who ha1e ri/hts amo!/st ea+h other> before they /et to ste. o! the fro!t yard of Ja!!ah. Whoe1er +o!tem.lates a!d fully realises the Aa%hirah> whe! you thi!% about it as it is ha..e!i!/ before you. What * just told you> sit a!d ima/i!e it before you> you +ould !e1er +ommit a si! li%e this. <a! you ima/i!e the eD+iteme!t= 'ou .ass all throu/h all those .hases> o!e after the other> you just fi!ished .assi!/ the +laws> ;alaaleeb H Q#I> that ta%e you a!d .ull you from the Siraat u!to Jaha!!am. 'ou just .assed that .hase. Just as you are about to .ut your foot i! the fro!t yard of Ja!!ah> o!e /rou. /oes forward to the fro!t yard of Ja!!ah joys a!d a!other /rou. /oes to al-,a!tarah to settle the dis.utes that they had betwee! Muslims a!d /et .urified before they are allowed to e!ter the fro!t yard of Ja!!ah. *s a!yo!e> a!yo!e> a!yo!e worth sto..i!/ you for a millise+o!d from .utti!/ your feet o! the fro!t yards of Ja!!ah= *ma/i!e with me> * as% you by Allah> to ima/i!e with me> that you are o! the ,a!tarah. Ja!!ah is a! eyesi/ht away> you +a! see Ja!!ah from the ,a!tarah. 'ou are /etti!/ si!s of someo!e you des.ised so mu+h that you s.o%e about him a!d sla!dered him. <a! you feel the a/o!y you are /oi!/ to be /oi!/ throu/h= Be+ause still> at this .oi!t> a!d after this .oi!t Allah is /oi!/ to remo1e all hard feeli!/sC

-a/e F 93@

s n? :C7 7 ...7 < 7 / d 1 1 1 6 ! . / ; 1 !2

But at this .oi!t> you are /oi!/ to feel the .ai! of it. <a! you feel the a/o!y of bei!/ im.riso!ed o! the ,a!tarah> wat+hi!/ your le1el i! Ja!!ah from "irdaws dro. dow! a!d dow! a!d dow! a!d dow!> at a! eyesi/ht away from you= <a! you ima/i!e the a/o!y of seei!/ .eo.le i! the fro!t yard of Ja!!ah> some .eo.le .ossibly +rowded about *braheem &alayhis salaam> some .eo.le /oi!/ to 4ooh &alayhis salaam to meet with him> some .eo.le /oi!/ with Aishah to meet the wife of the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> some /oi!/ to meet ;haalid *b! al-Waleed a!d Abu Ubaydah> smili!/ a!d joyous. They made it to the fro!t yard of (ea1e! a!d you are there o! the ,a!tarah> /etti!/ your ra!%s stri..ed dow!> o!e after a!other> for somethi!/ you said about a belie1er or somethi!/ that you too% away from the ri/hts of a belie1er. The o!e you des.ise so mu+h> is he worth the most 1aluable asset that you ha1e= 'our ra!%s i! Ja!!ah. *f i!deed you wa!t to ba+%bite> the! sla!der your mum a!d your dad or your Shay%h> or someo!e you really lo1e> be+ause if you /et sto..ed o! the ,a!tarah> it will be your mum a!d your dad /etti!/ their ra!%s hi/her while yours /ets lower. Why did the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam +all someo!e who tra!s/resses o! the ri/hts of a!other> ba!%ru.t= As% .eo.le who %!ow fi!a!+e> if someo!e has !o wealth> ?ero> you +all him ba!%ru.t= 4o> you do !ot +all him ba!%ru.t. Someo!e you refer to as ba!%ru.t is !ot someo!e who !e1er had !othi!/> it is someo!e who has a lot a!d the! lost it. Those who sla!der> ba+%bite> tra!s/ress o! the ho!our a!d the ri/hts of others> they ha1e deed> lots of deeds. *! o!e (adith> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said li%eC

1F b T 1 1 A
(u/e mou!tai!s of deeds. But they be+ome ba!%ru.t> they lose it all. They hit someo!e> he ta%es some Ajr. They sla!der> that .erso! /ets some Ajr. 'ou really /et ama?ed at how loose some to!/ues are a!d how released some jaws are whe! it +omes to the ho!our of their brothers> be+ause they do !ot really +om.rehe!d these> the Aa%hirah i! them is !ot really dee. i! their hearts. Basi+ally> we /a1e s+e!arios ri/ht !ow of how o!e too% ad1a!ta/e of the hour a!d be+ame a wi!!er. The middle o!e was a loser be+ause e1e! thou/h he did !ot +ommit si!s> he did !ot /ai! !o Ajr> that is +o!sidered a loss. Time !ot i!1ested i! the Aa%hirah is a loss. A!d the fi!al s+e!ario we too% is !ot o!ly o!e who did !ot /ai! Ajr> but he /ai!ed si!s a!d he be+ame a bi//er loser or has a bi//er loss> a!d he did !ot s.e!d his time .ositi1e or !eutral> he a+tually s.e!t it to a++umulate si!s. What ma%es o!e at a dee. loss> #a "ee ;husr> is that he brou/ht this o! to himself> with his ow! a+tio!s. 4o o!e for+ed him> !o o!e .ut a /u! to his head a!d told him. *t was his +hoi+e throu/h his body .arts a!d those will be testifyi!/ a/ai!st him o!

-a/e F 932

the Jud/me!t 5ay. So the first reaso! for ;husr i!stead of al-;husr> is to show how bi/ of a loss it is.


That is why it is me!tio!ed i! a 4a%irah. The se+o!d reaso! for ;husr o1er al-;husr a!d me!tio!ed i! 4a%irah> is Ta!wee H R-FI> that the losses are le1els. #oo% i! the ,ura!> there is ma!y 1ersesC

,! T5J !65* ... 7 , 1 / 1 / 17 1 3 ... D E / T / / 1 1 U> :d / & } A < / / N UM? :vT07 7 ... 7 7 / < * 6 1 0 1 5 / / ; > :<" / ` 1 o 1 ! 1 6 !6 * / 5 * ...
So> the ,ura! /i1es le1els> le1els of those at loss. 'ou /ot a ;haasir a!d you /ot a! A%hsar H5*,I> mea!i!/ there are le1els. 4ot all losers are o! the same le1el. So here it is o!e> ;husr> +om.letely e!+ir+led with loss. That is the se+o!d reaso! for the li!/uisti+ use of a 4a%irah> ;husr i!stead of al-;husr.

K l 6 J 1 " 5 3 1 U 6 / ! / * w / : 5 1 / " 1 K
The !eDt o!eC

3 1 ? :K7 7 ...7 7- 1 3 H D Z
4oti+e how Allah /e!eralised that e1eryo!e is at a loss> the! drew a! eD+e.tio!.

3 1 I 01eryo!e is at a loss> that is the 1erse> a!d the! (e made the eD+e.tio!s. *llaa H H is the eD+e.tio!. Why did the 1erse !ot state that e1eryo!e su++eeds a!d the! ma%e eD+e.tio!s to the losers=
"or eDam.le> why was the 1erse !ot> e1eryo!e is a wi!!er eD+e.t= Why is it e1eryo!e is at a loss> eD+e.t= The reaso! is be+ause the 1erse /oes to reiterate what * me!tio!ed the wee% before last> that usually> the majority are 1ilified. So Allah /e!eralised based o! the fa+t that the majority are the o!es who are astray. * me!tio!ed> !ot last wee% but the wee%

-a/e F 939

before last> four or fi1e 1erses showi!/ that the ,ura! me!tio!s the majority i! a 1ilified way. A!d that those .eo.le who are o! the truth are usually a mi!ority> a!d they are .raised. A!d * me!tio!ed for ea+h side> a..roDimately four or fi1e 1erses.

, ! / / :vL-7 7 ... 7 7 6 9 ! j 6 + # 3 1 ) . 1 1& f / / 1 UM? , R F "! P p / ; / - < 6 6 + # u 1 1 ] / 1 1 1 AL / 1 1 3 UU_ :7 ...7 7 1 7

That is the reality. What Allah stated is the reality> !o doubt> that is the ,ura!> that is the word of Allah the <reator. The world has se1e! billio! huma!s o! it. 7ut of the se1e! billio!> 2.6 Billio! who fall u!der the !ame *slam. 7ut of the 2.6 Billio!> you /ot to start +ro..i!/ out. 'ou /ot to +ro. out those who do !ot ma%e the Salah. <ro. out those who ha1e +orru.tio!> major +orru.tio! i! their &A eedah> li%e the major Shir% i! them. The! you /ot to +ro. out the Shiah> a!d /o o! a!d /o o!. (ow mu+h do you ha1e left= The Arabi+ la!/ua/e +omes li%e that. *f the majority were hu!/ry a!d there is o!ly a few who are left> you say> e1eryo!e was hu!/ry> eD+e.t> a!-4aasu Jaaoo *llaa H

H - jI. *f e1eryo!e a++e.ted your weddi!/ i!1itatio! eD+e.t three or four .eo.le> you say> a!-4aasu Ataw *llaa H H -F, jI. -eo.le atte!ded my
i!1itatio!> eD+e.t> mea!i!/ the majority atte!ded. *f most did !ot a++e.t your weddi!/ i!1itatio! you would fli. it arou!d. 'ou would say #am 'atee *llaa H with the /e!eral majority of somethi!/> a!d the! you draw the eD+e.tio!s. (ere> i! thisC

H FII> !o o!e atte!ded eD+e.t. That is the Arabi+ la!/ua/e> you start

3 71 l 6 ... H 7 J 1 " 5 3 1 U 6 / ! / * w / : 5 1 / " 1 K K 7 7

*llaa> here it is to show that those at a loss are the majority> whi+h is +o!siste!t with the more dire+t 1erses we me!tio!ed two wee%s a/o.

3 1 ? :K7 7 ...7 7- 1 3 H D Z
4ote whe! Allah said all ma!%i!d are at a loss> (e did !ot tell us why they were at a loss. (e did !ot say they are at a loss be+ause they /amble> be+ause they dri!%> be+ause they for!i+ate> a!d the list /oes o! a!d o!. (e did !ot say that> (e did !ot /i1e us the details of why they are at a loss. (e +ould ha1e saidC
-a/e F 93:

/ , -# J 1 " 1 3 5 3 1 6 / ! / * w D / % : 5 1 / " 1 K 'N ! -A ! T ! - Y

A!d (e +ould me!tio! +hara+teristi+s of those> why they are at a loss. *!stead> Allah told us those who are eDem.ted> a!d the ualities of the wi!!ers. (e we!t to tell us the uality or the outli!es of the wi!!ers> i!stead of telli!/ us the details of those who are at a loss> or the losers. Why= Be+ause s.ea%i!/ about the losers is e!dless> it will /o o! fore1er a!d e1er. So ma!y +hara+teristi+s> so ma!y There is ma!y reaso!s for bei!/ a loser but the outli!e for bei!/ amo!/ the wi!!ers> the o!es who are su++essful> is sim.le. *t is a sim.le> easy outli!e to follow. What are they= They are the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les that we ha1e bee! tal%i!/ about for the .ast ele1e! or twel1e +lasses> that we ha1e bee! tea+hi!/. That is why the ,ura! i! other 1erses> s.ea%s about the strai/ht .ath as a si!/ular .ath> a!d e1e! i! some (adith. *t is a si!/le .ath> it +omes i! a si!/ular form. Whe! (e s.ea%s about other .aths> it +omes .luralC

,! ! - ( - A F ; E ' 5 k 6 . D 8 7 " 1 3 1 1 3 1 A3 ' F H / 4 1 A5 U>? : ...< P

Berily> this is my strai/ht .ath> .ath> so follow it a!d follow !ot the other .aths> .aths. Siraatee Hk.I is si!/ular. My .ath is si!/ular> o!e sim.le .ath. Subul H

<ALI> the de1ia!t .aths> is .lural. So o!e> the ri/ht .ath +omes as si!/ular> a!d
the de1ia!t .ath +omes as .lural.




3 1 ? :K7 7 ...7 7- 1 3 H D Z
This is the first .ri!+i.le of the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les that the author of Usool Al-Thalaathah> +alled the first of the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les of the i!trodu+tory .ri!+i.les i! the boo%. 'ou remember he said the first .ri!+i.le is to %!ow> to %!ow Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d The Boo%. Why do you !eed to %!ow about Allah a!d (is -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d The Boo%= *! order to belie1e> Aama!u H - ZI. ;!owled/e is what /ets you to belie1e i! Allah> (is Messe!/er> boo%s a!d a!/els. We do !ot !eed to tal% about this si!+e it was +o1ered i! detail whe! we tal%ed about the first of the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les.

-a/e F 933

What may +o!fuse someo!e thou/h> is the author i! the boo%> i! our boo% ri/ht before us> he me!tio!ed the .ri!+i.le as %!owled/e. But here> whe! we loo% at it i! Surat al-&Asr> i! the 1erse it says *maa!> but the author me!tio!s it as %!owled/e. ;!owled/e i! Allah> the -ro.het a!d the Boo%> be+ause the author is tryi!/ to /et this .ri!+i.le to you of *maa!> the .ri!+i.le of *maa! to you. But the o!ly way you +a! /et *maa! is throu/h %!owled/e. <a! there be real *maa! without %!owled/e= 4o. So that may +ause a +o!fusio! as to why the author me!tio!s it as %!owled/e a!d i! the Surah he uses as .roof> it is me!tio!ed as *maa!. *maa! is the fruit of %!owled/e> it is deri1ati1e from %!owled/e. That is why the author> i! !umber o!e> he says %!owled/e a!d !ote he s.e+ified %!owled/e i! Allah> the -ro.het> a!d the Boo%. There +a!!ot be *maa! without %!owled/e. <a! you /et a! ora!/e without a tree= The tree is %!owled/e. The fruit> whether it may be a! ora!/e or a! a..le> those> the fruit> is *maa!. The tree is %!owled/e> you +a!!ot /et fruit without a tree. So whe! the author said %!owled/e a!d %!owled/e i! Allah> the -ro.het> a!d the Boo%> it mea!s *maa! i! this 1erse be+ause the .ur.ose a!d /oal of your %!owled/e i! those matters> is to ha1e *maa! i! them.

624 ,I, ALLA2



Why did the 1erse i! Surat al-&Asr !ot tell us what to belie1e i!= Allah saidC

3 1 ? :K77 ...[ 7 7 ! 1 = 1 1 3 H 1 K D Z 3 - -
Allah said eD+e.t those who belie1e> .eriod. (ere> (e did !ot tell us i! detail what are the as.e+ts of belie1i!/. (ere there is three .oi!ts * wa!t to me!tio!. Allah did !ot detail *maa! i! this 1erse be+ause of A> it is ob1ious. B> it is %!ow!. <> there is .le!ty of 1erses throu/hout the ,ura! a!d (adith to %!ow what *maa! is> that +larify this matter a!d situatio!. "or eDam.le> * ha1e o!e +ar> a!d you +ame with me i! that +ar. A!d o! our way lea1i!/ ri/ht !ow> * ha!d you the %eys a!d * tell you> /o .ull my +ar. * am sta!di!/ o! the sidewal% a!d * say> /o .ull my +ar. Would it ma%e se!se for me to say> /o .ull u. my red <he1y or whate1er +ar * ha1e> with the li+e!se .late so a!d so= 'ou just +ame with me> you %!ow what +ar it is. 'ou %!ow whi+h +ar it is so * say> just /o .ull u. my +ar. Same thi!/ with *maa!.




The se+o!d .oi!t is whe! Allah left *maa! o.e! e!ded> it is to belie1e. #ea1i!/ it o.e! e!ded li%e that mea!s to belie1e i! all of what o!e is su..osed to belie1e i!> !ot o!e as.e+t a!d lea1e other as.e+ts> all of *maa!. Mea!i!/ it be+omes /e!eral> whe! Allah left it o.e! e!ded> it be+omes /e!eral to e!+om.ass all of *maa! so that it i!+ludes *maa! i! Allah> the a!/els> the boo%s> the Messe!/ers> the ,adhaa a!d ,adar> a!d the details of all of that.
-a/e F 936

The third .oi!t is> whe! Allah left belie1i!/ o.e! e!ded> it mea!t belie1i!/ i! the /uida!+e of Allah a!d !ot e1ery myth> fable> a!d su.erstitio! that you +ome a+ross. "or eDam.le> we ha1e solid (adith> a!d e1e! before that we ha1e ,ura!> that tear a heart i! fear> .ertai!i!/ to the .u!ishme!t of the /ra1e> or matters of the Aa%hirah. 'et some .eo.le do !ot /et mo1ed by it> be+ause the *maa! is !ot fully rooted a!d there is also la+% of u!dersta!di!/ of the ,ura!. But the! you /et a story> you +a! smell it is fabri+ated a millio! miles away. About someo!e who for eDam.le> /ot buried> a!d the /uy who buried him dro..ed his wallet i! the /ra1e. The! whe! e1eryo!e was slee.i!/ at !i/ht> he remembered his wallet so he we!t a!d du/ u. the /ra1e to /et his wallet. A!d !o o!e has see! it but him a!d the! he fou!d that body +har+oaled a!d his fa+ed was fli..ed o..osite of the ;abah. A!d the! to to. it off> you s+roll dow! a!d you fi!d if you do !ot .ass this o! to te! .eo.le> you are /oi!/ to die> or your family members are /oi!/ to die. Whe! Allah said to belie1e here> it is to belie1e i! the 1erses> *maa!> i! the /uida!+e. *slam does !ot wa!t you to be fable mi!ded. A belie1er is +le1er a!d astute> a belie1er is smart. Whe! the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam we!t to *sraa> a!d the ,uraysh /ot a hold of Abu Ba%r. They said !ow we /ot Abu Ba%r> the Siddee . This was before the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> /ot to him. They said liste! to this o!e Abu Ba%r> your frie!d> he +ome u. with this bi/ o!e. <a! you belie1e your frie!d we!t from Ma%%ah to A saa a!d the! to the se1e! s%ies> a!d retur!ed i! less tha! o!e !i/ht= The ma! who is +alled as-Siddee > he was a belie1er. (e was a belie1er> those who this 1erse tal%s about. Aama!u> he was a belie1er i! /uida!+e> !ot a fable mi!ded ma!. (e set the rules strai/ht a!d he said the stateme!t strai/ht i! a few words. (e said if he s.o%e it> it is the truthC

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Mea!i!/ you /uys are .robably liars> but if this really +ame from the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> it is true> it is a do!e deal. *f it is i! the ,ura!> if it is i! the authe!ti+ (adith> whether it e!ters your mi!d or it does !ot e!ter your mi!d> we really do !ot +are about your mi!d> but do !ot be /ullible to belie1e i! e1erythi!/ you hear.


3 1 ? :K77 ...[ 7 7 ! 1 = 1 1 3 H 1 K D Z 3 - -
&Amilus-Saalihaat H[ I> those who do /ood deeds. This is the 1 = 1 1 K 3 - se+o!d o!e. Aama!u> the first o!e is belie1e. &Amilus-Saalihaat> do /ood deeds. Allah i! fifty o!e 1erses> dire+tly +ombi!ed betwee! *maa! a!d /ood deeds. *maa! must ha1e a+tio!s a!d +o!du+t. 4ote the order of how a+tio! +omes after %!owled/e. There +a! be !o /ood deeds eD+e.t after *maa!> whi+h +a!!ot ha..e!
-a/e F 936

without %!owled/e. So %!owled/e the! *maa!> o!e a!d two> or you +a! .ut those at the same le1el a+tually> a!d the! the !eDt o!e is to a+t o! it.


This is .roof that there is !o *maa! without a+tio!. Those you +o!fro!t about .erformi!/ a+tio!s of *slam a!d the! you %!ow you /et a!swer always> *maa! is i! my heart. The ,urJa! whe! +ombi!i!/ betwee! Aama!u wa &Amilus-Saalihaat fifty o!e times> i! reality> de+lares them liars> those are liars. We are !ot tal%i!/ about someo!e who said his Shahaadah i! 5huhr a!d before &Asr he died a!d you say> oh is he a Muslim or !ot. (e did !ot ha1e the o..ortu!ity to eDer+ise a!y of the a+tio!s i! *slam> we are !ot tal%i!/ about eD+e.tio!al situatio!s li%e that. 0D+e.tio!al situatio!s where the timi!/ of a!y obli/atory a+t !e1er o++urred. We are tal%i!/ about de+ei1ers who li1e a lifelo!/ time 1oid of deeds a!d whe! you a..roa+h them> they say *maa! is i! my heart. *maa! is li%e a seed i! the heart a!d it is also li%e a seed whe! you wa!t to /row a flower. *f you do !ot /i1e that seed water> if you do !ot +are for it> if you do !ot !ourish it> what ha..e!s to that seed= That seed dies> it !e1er /rows. *f that seed stays there for two or three wee%s with !o a+tio!> !o +are for it> that *maa!> that seed dies a!d be+omes worthless. So you !eed deeds to li1e! your heart. Al-*maa! (ayyaat al-,uloob Ha-E

` 9 "wI> *maa! is your i!ter!al life. Wal-&Amalu (ayyaat adh-5haahir HO ` 9 <!I> a+tio!s are your
eDter!al life. 4othi!/ +a! ha1e life i!ter!ally a!d !ot eDter!ally> or the o..osite. A!d if they do ha1e life> o!e way or the other a!d !ot the other> it is /oi!/ to be tem.orary a!d the other missi!/ half is /oi!/ to %ill the other half. Those who say they belie1e a!d stay wee%s> mo!ths> or years 1oid of a+tio! yet +laim *maa!> they i! reality ha1e the traits of the Shaytaa! or the traits of ;uffaar ,uraysh or e1e! "iraw!. #oo% at the 1erse of AllahC

T/ ' E , / 'L Un :<7 ...7 7 = 5 J / ! 1 & !2 / T T

The ;uffaar> Allah is tal%i!/ about them. They belied i! the Ayaat> thou/h their ow! sel1es were +o!1i!+ed. *!side> i!ter!ally> Allah who %!ows i! the hearts said i!ter!ally i! their hearts> they had *maa!. They i!ter!ally had +o!1i+tio! but their outer a+tio!s resisted a!d they were de+lared as disbelie1ers. Those who +laim to belie1e> 1oid of a+tio!s i! their li1es> resemble "iraw! be+ause dee. dow! "iraw! was li%e this +ate/ory> amo!/ those who belie1ed i! his heart. (ow= -ay atte!tio!. Betwee! the status of "iraw! where he used to sayC

/ ln :[Y ... / , 0P &6 8

-a/e F 93$

* am your su.reme lord> a!d sayi!/ * belie1e i! the #ord of Musa> he said that i! his last mome!t> betwee! the two is mome!ts. Whe! o!e /ets affli+ted> he usually tur!s to that whi+h is /e!ui!ely i! his heart. 'ou see someo!e astray for fifty years or more or less> he may be i! the .ea% of his arro/a!+e. The! he /ets told he /ot +a!+er a!d he is /oi!/ to die> sudde!ly he tur!s to Allah. Someo!e * %!ow of re+e!tly> * heard of from his family member> someo!e who used to /o to the eDte!t that the +urse of Allah was o! the ti. of his to!/ue. (e /oes to the hos.ital i! a .ai!ful disease> 1ery .ai!ful disease. Sudde!ly> this arro/a!t tyra!t who used to sla!der a!d +urse Allah is telli!/ his family to tea+h him how to ma%e Salah a!d he be/s them for for/i1e!ess for 1iolati!/ their ri/hts. What ma%es the hidde! truth surfa+e i! that hardshi.= 5oes o!e a+ uire the truth so sudde!ly a!d drasti+ally after bei!/ ill> or was it buried withi! him a!d it /ot dusted off with a +alamity= Usually> those sudde!> drasti+ +ha!/es li%e that are the result of the truth bei!/ buried> the +alamity +omes a!d dusts off that a!d the truth surfa+es. *t is li%e a red> .robably the best way to eD.lai! it is li%e a red A red o1er time> es.e+ially i! our old +ou!tries> the dust is i! that re/io!> you ta%e a sti+% whi+h is li%e the +alamity> you hit that red> the red +olour resurfa+es. The .oi!t is the truth is i! a lot of the ;uffaar who Allah s.o%e about. Allah saidC

/ 'L ...T ... / ' E / !

The truth is withi! them. They are +ertai! about the truth i! their hearts> but it was useless be+ause there was !o a+ts to follow alo!/ with it. The a+ts of the to!/ue> the a+ts of the body .arts. The truth was hidde! i! "iraw!> it did !ot hel. him be+ause there was !o a+t. *! fa+t> the a+ts resisted that whi+h was i! the heart. The summary a!d .oi!t is that i!ter!al belief i! *maa! must +oi!+ide with the eDter!al belief whi+h is a+tio!. *f o!e +laims he has i!ter!al a!d time a!d time a!d time .asses with absolutely !o eDter!al .ra+ti+e> he is !ot a belie1er. The best eDam.le that * ha1e bee! usi!/ for .ossibly two de+ades is i! matters of life> would o!e be satisfied with a!other .erso! with just the heart belief> heart lo1e> whe! we deal with ea+h other= *f you do !ot a++e.t matters i! this life with the heart o!ly> the! how +a! you eD.e+t that they be a++e.ted i! the matters of the life after= *f a husba!d tells his wife * lo1e you a!d * lo1e you a!d * lo1e you all day a!d all !i/ht yet he does absolutely !othi!/ to show that lo1e. 4o job to su..ort her> does !ot ta%e +are of the %ids> does !ot hel. her arou!d the house> sits o! the +ou+h all day a!d tells his wife he lo1es her. What is the +ommo! stateme!t that the wife says= *f you lo1e me> you would show it. A!d the! of +ourse she is /oi!/ to /o to the Shay%h a!d file for ;hula. *f you do /ood i! wor%> i! s+hool> your tea+her> your boss> whate1er it is> says * li%e you> you did absolutely /reat a!d he showers you with the most elo ue!t .raises> he lo1es you. 'our !atural rea+tio! is> if * am all that the! show me. *f * am /ood the! where is the /rade> where is the A .lus> where is the .romotio!> where is the raise=

-a/e F 93)


The fli. side of this is> a+tio! with !o i!ter!al *maa! is 1ery da!/erous as well. The .ea% of deeds is for the a..are!t deeds to +oi!+ide with the i!ter!al *maa!. Those who ha1e deeds with !o i!ter!al fou!datio! ha1e i! reality> as.e+ts of the Mu!aafi ee!> the hy.o+rites a!d fli. flo..ers. Those are the .eo.le who you really fi!d with> those are the rela.sed i! their belief. The o!es who are this %i!d of +ate/ory. 'ou see him with the a..eara!+e that he is a true> de1out Muslim. To you it a..ears li%e that> the! sudde!ly he is the total o..osite. Those are the .eo.le who really> i! reality> had the eDter!al but were hallow i!ter!ally. #et me /i1e you a! eDam.le. All this is +leared by eDam.les> that is why * ha1e to /i1e you a! eDam.le for ea+h o!e of these. 0arly i! this +e!tury> there was a ma! +alled Abdullah al-,aseemi. (e li1ed from 28@$ to 2886> he was bor! i! Saoodiyyah a!d he eDiled himself to 0/y.t. (e wrote boo%s defe!di!/ *slam> he wrote boo%s defe!di!/ *maam Muhammad *b! Abdul-Wahhaab. (e wrote boo%s refuti!/ se+ts> he wrote boo%s refuti!/ atheism> this was i! the early .art of the +e!tury. Abdudh5haahir Abu Samh> o!e of the *maams the (aram ba+% i! the days> he died 2869 Rahmatullahi &Alayhi> he wrote a .oem +omme!di!/ this ma!> Abdullah al-,aseemi. (e wrote a .oem> for his /reat %!owled/e> for his ser1i+e to *slam. Abdullah al,aseemi wrote boo%s> * read a lot of his boo%s a!d truly> his old boo%s> you be!efit from them. (e has a boo% for eDam.le> As-Siraa Bay!al-*slam wal-Watha!iyyah> his most .o.ular boo%. (e has a boo% +alled Al-Buroo A!-4ajdiyyah> he res.o!ds to those who +laim that o!e +a! ha1e i!ter+essio! with +reatio!> basi+ally tal%i!/ about the major Shir%. (e has a boo% +alled Mush%ilaatil-Ahaadith A!-4abawiyyah wa Bayaa!uha> he res.o!ds 1ery elo ue!tly to Atheists who +laim reaso! o1er .roof. (e has a boo% +alled Al-"aslil-(aasim Bay!al-Wahhabiyee! wa Mu%haalifeehim. A!d he has a!other boo% +alled Shuyoo%h Al-A?har> a!d he has a!other boo% +alled Ath-Thawrah Al-Wahhaabiyyah. Boo%s where he defe!ds the true Tawheed a!d the followers of true Tawheed. (e has the .o.ular boo% (ayaat Muhammad> he has a boo% with +omme!tary o! that boo%. *f you read his boo%s or if he had ba+% the! or 'outubes> this would ha1e bee! o!e of the bi//est *maams o! the .ath of the Salaf. Bi/orously defe!di!/ *slam a!d the +ore of Tawheed> !ot just re/ular *slam> the +ore> +ore of Tawheed. That is how is loo%ed> that is how it a..eared> but was it really li%e that= *! reality> he is a! eDam.le of o!e whose outer a+tio! did !ot mat+h his i!ter!al a+tio!. #i%e ma!y of the i/!ora!t heads that you see today> maybe !ot at the same le1el of him> but it is the same .roblem. Those who we!t from a..are!t tal% of Ayaat a!d Ahaadith a!d Tawheed a!d sayi!/s of the Salaf> they we!t from that fiftee! years a/o> to sudde!ly they are !ow moder!ists or ri/ht at the border of bei!/ moder!ists. "rom utteri!/ ,ura! a!d Su!!ah to !ow bei!/ more li%e .oliti+al a!alysts> i!stead of tal%i!/ ,ura! a!d Su!!ah they are worthy of ta%i!/ the .ositio!
-a/e F 938

of Joh! ;i!/ o! <44. Some whose .rese!t day re+ordi!/s refute their re+ordi!/s fiftee! years a/o> a!d fiftee! years a/o re+ordi!/s> refute their .rese!t day tal% a!d writi!/s. Those are the .eo.le> both i! the 0ast a!d the West > they are a1ailable i! the 0ast a!d the West. The reality is> they may !ot ha1e /o!e to the eDtreme of al,aseemi who we!t to a! Atheist after defe!di!/ Tawheed> but they ha1e as.e+ts of> the +ommo! de!omi!ator is the i!ter!al did !ot mat+h the eDter!al. 4asalullah al-&Aafiyah> that is a .roblem. * am sayi!/ it is !ot as bad as al-,aseemi be+ause he we!t to a full blow! atheist> but these .eo.le> the i!ter!al did !ot mat+h the eDter!al. "or eDam.le al-,aseemi> who we!t from defe!di!/ Muhammad *b! Abdul-Wahhaab to a .ure atheist. Why * say it did !ot mat+h= #ater o!> some of his +lose frie!ds said that whe! he was writi!/ these hard+ore boo%s o! Tawheed a!d &A eedah> defe!di!/ *slam> i! his .ri1ate setti!/ with them he would debate with them matters that were eDtremely u!usual. They would say how +ould this ma! tal% about this. 7!e of his frie!ds> * read o!+e> o!e of the frie!ds of al-,aseemi said at the time he was defe!di!/ &A eedah a!d Tawheed> is his setti!/s he would raise issues doubti!/ the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d Allah. We did !ot %!ow about that> we see! the surfa+e of his boo%s. The! his frie!d said> the! * would see him i! a /atheri!/ i! the daytime tea+hi!/ to a /rou. a!d a +rowd> Sahih Muslim. So the! * say to myself> the tal% we had yesterday is just .robably Shaytaa!i+ whis.ers be+ause it is im.ossible. At !i/ht time he is ha1i!/ doubts i! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> i! the daytime he is tea+hi!/ Sahih Muslim. The mai! dia/!osis of the li%es of the ,aseemi who we!t from Tawheeed +arriers a!d defe!ders to .ure atheists> is that there was a mismat+h betwee! the i!ter!al a!d the eDter!al. The i!ter!al *maa! did !ot +oi!+ide with the eDter!al. Whe! you are as%i!/> as% Allah li%e the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallamC

E 1 h f / W A 1 E / A c a 1 - 1 / N
The authe!ti+ (adith that the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam used to ma%e a 5uaa> i! al-Jaami as-Sa/heer. 7h Allah the tur!er of the hearts> %ee. my heart firm o! your reli/io!. *! reality that 5uaa mea!s> %ee. my i!ter!al a!d my eDter!al ru!!i!/ at the same .ath> so * +a! be a!d remai! steadfast o! the Tahweed.


3 1 ? :K ...[ ! 1 = 1 1 3 H 1 K D Z 3 - -
&Amilus-Saalihaat fi!ally> is /ood deeds. &Amilus-Saalihaat is /ood deeds> a+t o! *slam. This is the se+o!d +hara+teristi+ of the as.e+ts of sa1i!/ you from bei!/ amo!/ those that are at loss. This i!+ludes e1ery %i!d of deed> both the i!ter!al a+tio!s of the heart> that is i!+luded> a!d the eDter!al by your to!/ue> your ha!ds
-a/e F 96@

a!d body .arts. That is all i!+luded> a!y deed is i!+luded i! this 1erse> &AmilusSaalihaat. Whether it may be a! ordai!> whether it be Su!!ah> whether it may be a ri/ht of Allah> whether it may be a ri/ht of a huma! bei!/. All of that is i!+luded i! &Amilus-Saalihaat> &Amilus-Saalihaat e!+om.asses all deeds> heart a+tio!s a!d body a+tio!s.


? :K 6 ... / & = 3 & 1 1 / . F! B / . F! 1 / AK

Ad1ise a!d re+omme!d to o!e a!other with truth a!d .atie!+e. These are !umber three a!d !umber four of the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. *maa! is !ot li%e a ro+%> they fi!d ro+%s thousa!ds of years old a!d they fi!d it just li%e it was. 'ou +a! ha1e a ro+% a!d you .ut it for +e!turies to +ome a!d it !e1er +ha!/es. *maa! is !ot li%e that> it would be !i+e if *maa! was li%e that but *maa! is !ot li%e that. *maa! flu+tuates a!d there are for+es behi!d that flu+tuatio!> behi!d that +ha!/e. 'ou ha1e the for+e of a!-4afsC

tJ >? :vL- ...7 7\ 1 -5 q 6 3 1 ... P & 3 / 3 " 1`

There are three thi!/s. 4umber two> Shayatee! al-*!s a!d the! you /ot Shayatee! al-Ji!! whi+h are me!tio!ed i! the ,ura!. These for+es are out to /et you> sometimes o!e of them atta+%s you> sometimes two atta+% you a!d sometimes you /ot all three o! you> atta+%i!/ you to mis/uide you. Sometimes they atta+% you with full for+e> sometimes they atta+% you li/htly. So how do you %ee. all these for+es i! +he+%= Two waysC

? :K 6 ... / & = 3 & 1 1 / . F! B / . F 1 / AK

Ad1ise a!d re+omme!d i! truth a!d .atie!+e. 'our brothers> your Muslim brothers a!d your Muslim sisters hel. you restrai! the e1il 4afs> the tem.tatio!. The tem.tatio! of the Shaytaa!> the tem.tatio! of the Ji!! a!d the *!s> the e1il *!s that i!sti/ate you to do (araam. By how= By the ri/hteous ad1isi!/ you. 'ou !eed your brothers be+ause whe! o!e is alo!e> he melts. *f you ha1e te! +u.s a!d you .ut o!e i+e +ube i! ea+h o!e of those te! +u.s> the! you ha1e o!e +u. by itself a!d you ha1e te! +ubes i! that +u.. Whi+h o!e melts faster= Whe! ea+h o!e is i!di1idual> it is /oi!/ to melt faster.

? :K 6 ... / & = 3 & 1 1 / . F! B / . F 1 / AK



-a/e F 962

Why did Allah say Tawaasaw H-.-FI i!stead of Awsaw H-.!,I= The reaso! for the word Tawaasaw rather tha! Awsaw is> it was used be+ause ad1isi!/ a!d re+omme!di!/ the truth a!d .atie!+e is !ot dire+ted to a +ertai! +ate/ory of belie1ers. *t is for e1ery belie1er> for e1ery /rou.> for e1ery +ate/ory. Tawaasaw is 5awah. 5awah is !ot a mo!o.oly !or is it eD+lusi1e> it is !ot for a +ertai! +ate/ory o1er a!other> it is !ot eD+lusi1e for some o1er a!other. (ad it bee! Awsaw> the! it may ha1e bee! dire+ted to a +ertai! /rou.. But whe! it is Tawaasaw> it mea!s it is o.e! for all> it is the duty of all. *t is the duty of all what= *t is the duty of e1eryo!e to ad1ise a!d the duty of e1eryo!e to a++e.t ad1i+e> that is what Tawaasaw mea!s i!stead of Awsaw. There is !o o!e better tha! a!other i! this> there is !o Shay%h immu!e from /etti!/ ad1i+e a!d there is !o stude!ts> there is !o layme! immu!e from /etti!/ ad1i+e or /i1i!/ ad1i+e. Stude!ts> Shay%hs> *maams> we are all e ual> there is !o hierar+hy i! this matter> we are all to/ether i! this matter. #i%e some +ou!tries for eDam.le> they ha1e the a/e!+y +alled The A/e!+y of the -ro.a/atio! of Birtue a!d the -re1e!tio! of Bi+e a!d some +ou!tries> they try to limit ordai!i!/ the /ood a!d 5awah to that /rou. ri/ht there. (ad it bee! Awsaw they would ha1e had .roof but whe! it is Tawaasaw !o> e1ery belie1er must ad1ise his brother a!d e1ery brother must a++e.t. We are all i! this e ual> there is !o se!d butto! yet !o re+ei1e> we ha1e all /ot i! this matter> a se!d a!d a re+ei1e butto!.


A belie1er to a belie1er is li%e two ha!ds> o!e washes the other. 7!e ha!d +a!!ot wash itself by itself> you !eed a!other ha!d to wash the ha!d a!d that is what a belie1er is to a!other belie1er. *f you wa!t others to a++e.t your tea+hi!/ a!d ad1i+e> the! you start with yourself !o matter who you thi!% you are> you start by a++e.ti!/ ad1i+e off other .eo.le. We all ha1e our faults> Wallahi we all ha1e our faults a!d we all ha1e our wea%!ess. The Ummah is o!e body a!d we are here to hel. ea+h other i! this wea%!ess. Someo!e may ha1e a wea%!ess i! doubts> doubts are li%e Shubuhaat H[TA%I. (e /ets doubts for eDam.le about Allah> ma!y .eo.le /et that doubt> the Shaytaa! i!sti/ates it a!d he rea+hes a le1el where he be/i!s to i!sti/ate doubts e1e! i! Allah> i! the eDiste!+e of Allah. Some .eo.le be/i! to ha1e these Shubuhaat but there is a!other .erso!> a belie1er who is stro!/ i! resisti!/ the desires> the Shahawaat H[-T%I. The wome!> the musi+al i!strume!ts a!d that is +alled Shahawaat. The o!e who is stro!/ i! doubts has wea%!ess i! loo%i!/ at (araam for eDam.le> so the o!e stro!/ i! a! area hel.s his brother that is wea% i! the other area. *f you are stro!/ i! Shubuhaat> you hel. your brother who is wea% i! Shubuhaat. 'ou are stro!/ i! Shahawaat> you hel. your brother who is wea% i! Shahawaat. The tree of *maa! i! order for it to be sustai!ed> !eeds to be watered> you !ourish your *maa! by ad1isi!/ ea+h other. #oo% at the table i! your house> you lea1e for a mo!th or two or you are li1i!/ i! the house a!d you just do !ot wi.e it off> it be+omes dusty. Whe!
-a/e F 969

we ad1ise ea+h other a!d re+omme!d for ea+h other> it is wi.i!/ the dust off the table> off the hearts. 4ote the Surah starts off with *ma! alo!e> Aama!u> 5eeds> &Amilus-Saalihaat> it is alo!e> more li%e a! i!di1idual +a.a+ity. Aama!u> belie1e> &Amilus-Saalihaat> more li%e a! i!di1idual +a.a+ity. 4ow whe! it /ets to ad1isi!/> it is li%e a /rou. li%e setti!/ be+ause as a Muslim> you are a member of this Ummah. 4ow it is a /rou. effort> the Ummah all to/ether> all that +omes from Wa Tawaasaw H / . F! I.


The third fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.le> ad1isi!/ i! (a > that is i! reality what the author me!tio!ed> 5awah. That is what we tau/ht i! the third .ri!+i.le. (a hereC

? :K 6 ... / & = 3 & 1 1 / . F! B / . F 1 / AK

(a here is a word used to summarise the re1elatio! of Allah> the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah.

The fourth fu!dame!tal a!d fi!al .ri!+i.le here is> Sabr> .atie!+e. -atie!+e +omes at the e!d li%e a bo!us> this is li%e a bo!us. *t +omes o! to. of all the /ood that we ha1e already bee! tal%i!/ about i! this Surah. *f you loo% i! betwee! the li!es of this Surah> Sabr> .atie!+e is i! reality withi! the li!es of the Surah four times. 7!eC

3 1 ? :K7 7 ...7 7- 1 3 H D Z
A /reat .ortio! of *maa! +omes throu/h Sabr. Some s+holars were uoted as sayi!/ Sabr is half of *maa!. That is o!e> it is me!tio!ed i! betwee! the li!es ri/ht there. The se+o!d o!eC

? :K77 ...[ 7 7 1 = 1 ... 1 K 3 -

Those who do /ood deeds. *s Sabr> .atie!+e> !ot .art of /ood deeds= We said &Amilus-Saalihaat is all the deeds. *s .atie!+e !ot deeds= So it falls u!der !umber two.

? :K7 7 ...B 7 ... / & 7 = 1 / . F!

-a/e F 96:

Ai1e ad1i+e. *s Sabr !ot i!+luded i! the /e!eral word of (a = We said (a is all the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah> so is Sabr !ot .art of that= So it is i! the third o!e.


But the! fi!ally> it is s.e+ified i!di1idually to show how im.orta!t a!d esse!tial a!d mi/hty it is su..osed to be i! your life a!d for you to a+hie1e su++ess. That is why it is me!tio!ed at the fourth le1el of the Surah. -atie!+e to be obedie!t to Allah> .atie!+e to stay away from the si!s> a!d .atie!+e i! trials a!d tribulatio!s. *! +lass !umber te! a!d ele1e!> we tal%ed about .atie!+e i! as the fourth fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.le so there is !o !eed to /o o1er that. We are just tal%i!/ about these matters i! relatio! to the Surah. ;ee. i! mi!d thou/h> .atie!+e here refers to all .atie!+e> all of .atie!+e. Small matters a!d bi/ matters> e1e! .atie!+e from boredom. The first thi!/ that * was tal%i!/ about i! the +lass today> .atie!+e from !ot bei!/ bored. #i%e we me!tio!ed i! the start of the +lass> the Shaytaa! will +ome a!d +ast boredom u.o! you> to deter you from *baadah a!d from /ood deeds> so you ha1e to ha1e .atie!+e to resist that. Also you ha1e to ha1e .atie!+e i! what you are all doi!/ here> you ha1e to ha1e .atie!+e i! lear!i!/> to lear!> a!d i! e1erythi!/. "or eDam.le i! *baadah> if you ta%e a hu/e ju/ a!d .oured it o1er a .la!t a!d you fi!ished that ju/ a!d lea1e it> what ha..e!s= 7r is it better to /o to that .la!t a!d e1ery day .our a +u. or two> a!d the! the !eDt day .our a +u. or two> whi+h o!e is a better s+e!ario= To .our that hu/e ju/ a!d just lea1e it> or e1ery day .our a +u. or two= That .la!t will !e1er sur1i1e if you .our the whole ju/ a!d just lea1e it> you must .our a +u. or two for it to stay ali1e. Amo!/ the Shaytaa!i+ ta+ti+s is that sometimes he lets o!e /o forth i! some *baadah. Someo!e !ewly i!to *slam> or he may liste! to a ;hutbah or a le+ture> sudde!ly he wa!ts to do ,iyaam from *shaa to "ajr. That is why i! my tal% o! The Ultimate -leasure of a Belie1er> the o!e o! ,iyaam> * said start> but start slow a!d /radual. Matters that start /radual a!d +o!ti!ue are better tha! that bi/ lum. sum that you do at o!e time a!d that is the e!d of it> that bi/ ju/ that you .our a!d just lea1e the tree. The Shaytaa! may let o!e do ,iyaam all !i/ht> so he +a! .our all the water he has. So the !eDt day a!d followi!/ days a!d wee%s a!d years> he will !ot do a!ythi!/. *slam is a ste. by ste. .ro+ess> so you ha1e to ha1e .atie!+e to resist boredom i! the Shaytaa!i+ ta+ti+s i! *baadah. #i%e *baadah for eDam.le> you !eed .atie!+e i! what you are doi!/ here> what you are doi!/ here is lear!i!/. 'ou see someo!e +omi!/ so ea/er a!d .assio!ate about lear!i!/> the! a few mo!ths later> that .assio! for lear!i!/ *slam a!d Tawheed a!d all that sudde!ly dies a!d fades away. 'ou !eed .atie!+e> that is why. Sometimes there is a reaso! behi!d it a!d sometimes it is totally from the Shaytaa!. * %!ow ma!y> ma!y who for eDam.le wa!t to /o to Madi!ah a!d you %!ow there is a!! .ro+ess. They are .assio!ate about a..lyi!/ a!d time /oes by. By the time they se!d their .a.ers i! a!d by the
-a/e F 963

time they /et a++e.ted> their .assio! for Talabul-&*lm has faded a!d died away a!d they do !ot wa!t to /o !o more. That is why al-;hadr %e.t telli!/ Musa &alayhis salaam i! the ,ura!C

W 3 1 ... _r :vT0 6 1 1' 5 / F R 4 / A.

'ou are here i! a !oble +ause> Talabul-&*lm> so you !eed .atie!+e. 'ou do !ot lear! *slam o1er!i/ht> it re uires .ersiste!+e a!d .atie!+e. Sometimes you must be .atie!t with your tea+her> you /ot to ta%e that. * ha1e sat i! fro!t of some Shuyoo%h> four years * +a! remember o!e of them> * do !ot remember * ha1e see! a smile o! his fa+e. A!d if you as% him> whe! you as% him a!d you ha1e to as% him> the +ha!+es are slim that you are !ot /oi!/ to /et s+olded a!d embarrassed but that !e1er +aused us to lea1e their si/ht. #et me tell you> Shay%h Ahmad Baathaf as%ed a famous Shay%h> 5r. 4aasir al-&A il> he has a Masters a!d -h5 i! &A eedah. Bery %!owled/eable i! &A eedah> he tau/ht /e!eratio!s. (e was as%ed> who is the most %!owled/eable i! &A eedah. This Shay%h> Shay%h Ahmad is as%i!/ Shay%h 4aasir al-&A il> who is the most %!owled/eable i! &A eedah= Shay%h 4aasir al-&A il said> * do !ot %!ow a!yo!e o! the fa+e of this 0arth more %!owled/eable i! &A eedah tha! Shay%h Abdullah al-Ahu!aymaa!. (e has a -h5> Shay%h Abdullah al-Ahu!aymaa!. * a+tually belie1e that to be a 1ery a++urate stateme!t> if !ot> maybe 1ery> 1ery> 1ery +lose to it> a+tually it is a 1ery> 1ery a++urate stateme!t. This Shay%h> Abdullah al-Ahu!aymaa!> he tau/ht me a!d my father before me. A!d whe! he tau/ht me> * used to fre ue!t his house a lot. My father +alled him at o!e .oi!t a!d re uested that he tea+h me. *! additio!> he tau/ht us i! the *slami+ U!i1ersity> he was a tea+her there i! the re/ular +urri+ulum of the *slami+ U!i1ersity. (e also had a +hair i! the (aram where he tau/ht at times three days a wee% betwee! Ma/hrib a!d *shaa a!d at times> four times a wee% betwee! Ma/hrib a!d *shaa> a!d * also fre ue!ted his house. * may be mista%e!> * do !ot wa!t to .ut this o! my a++ou!t> but loo%i!/ ba+% at it> * do !ot thi!% * ha1e e1er see! him> e1er smile duri!/ my stay with him or my study with him. * a+tually o!+e too% a frie!d with me to his house. * was /oi!/ to /o lear! somethi!/ a!d * too% a frie!d> * ta//ed alo!/ a frie!d with me. My frie!d> duri!/ whe! we were tal%i!/> he as%ed a uestio! a!d he /ot s+olded real badly. Whe! we /ot ba+% i! the +ar> he said> do !ot e1er bri!/ me here a/ai!. (e was tou/h a!d *!shaa Allah it is be+ause he wa!ted to raise .eo.le .ro.erly> maybe it is his !ature> * am there to lear! from this /ia!t a!d that is what it is. May Allah /ra!t him a!d my father a lo!/ life full of deeds a!d Bara%ah. The .oi!t is> o!e !eeds .atie!+e i! e1ery as.e+t of lear!i!/. Today> if you do !ot baby your stude!ts> o!e loses .atie!+e sudde!ly a!d he is /o!e. A!d you will be lu+%y if you do !ot fi!d him .osti!/ somethi!/ !e/ati1e about you> if you do !ot
-a/e F 966 him or her. ;ee. .atie!+e betwee! your eyes> it is a jour!ey> you are o! a jour!ey o! Talabul-&*lm a!d you !eed .atie!+e for it. A!d that is what you /ot to %ee.C

3 1 B ! 1 = 1 1 3 H / & 1 K D = Z 3 - 1 / . F! [ - ? :K 6 3 & 1 / . F! 1 / AK
The fi!al +omme!t for the dee. stude!ts of %!owled/e is> it .ertai!s to the +omme!t the author me!tio!ed at the e!d of this Surah. (e saidC

d 3 b N b 1 1 ; 1 X / , F 3 9 / : - - P 3 0 ` . 4 @ H 1 / * 1 D 1 1 E 3 9 / 'J P ( / T 3 -5
(e attributes this stateme!t to ash-Shaafiee. The author said ash-Shaafiee said> if !othi!/ else but this Surah would ha1e bee! re1ealed a!d !othi!/ else> this would ha1e bee! suffi+ie!t. There is a! issue with this stateme!t ri/ht here. 4ote> first of all> !ote the stateme!t. What is mea!t by this stateme!t is !ot that we do !ot !eed !othi!/ else but this Surah> you do !ot set the ,ura! aside a!d just ta%e al-&Asr. What is mea!t is that this Surah is suffi+ie!t to show you a! i!s.iratio!> a! outli!e> a! e!+oura/eme!t to dire+t you to the .ath of /uida!+e a!d sal1atio!. That is what they mea! whe! they uote this uote. A!d !oti+e * say what is mea!t by this stateme!t if some s+holars use it> si!+e * do !ot belie1e that this was the eDa+t wordi!/ of ash-Shaafiee Rahimahullah. This as it is uoted i! this boo%let> * do !ot thi!% it is the eDa+t wordi!/ of ash-Shaafiee Rahimahullah. This stateme!t as me!tio!ed i! Usool AthThalaathah is !owhere to be fou!d by a +hai!. 7!e of my Shuyoo%h> a /reat Muhaddith> Shay%h (ammaad al-A!saari Rahmatullahi &Alayhi> he is a /reat *maam from Mali. (e left Mali at a you!/ a/e to es+a.e the "re!+h terrorists ba+% i! the days a!d he la!ded i! Ma%%ah a!d Madi!ah> where he +o!ti!ued his studies a!d he is a 1ery .romi!e!t &Aalim. Amo!/st his stude!ts are *b! Jibree!> Ba%r Abu Eayd> Saalih Aalish-Shay%h> Shay%h Umar "allaatah a!d &Atiyah Saalim both of who were my tea+hers> a!d amo!/ his stude!ts is Shay%h Saalih al-(usay!i. This Shay%h> (ammaad al-A!saari> he died Rahmatullahi &Alayhi i!> * belie1e it was 288$ or +lose to that. #et me say before * /o o!> based o! ma!y re uests whe! * me!tio! these &Ulamaa> ma!y wa!ted to %!ow more> a!d *!shaa Allah if we ha1e time> * will me!tio! a short / o! these /ia!ts of *slam to re1i1e their me!tio! be+ause they are the lefto1er

-a/e F 966

of the followers of the Sahaabah a!d be+ause whe! you %!ow about the true &Ulamaa> you will e!d u. %!owi!/ who is a! &Aalim a!d who is !ot. A!yway> whe! * as%ed Shay%h (ammaad al-A!saari o!+e i! his library about this stateme!t> he had a library that was o.e! to the .ubli+> he said he does !ot %!ow of a!y +hai! of authe!ti+ity where that stateme!t as me!tio!ed i! this boo%let +a! be fou!d. A!d * ha1e heard from a!other stude!t of &*lm> Albaa!i said a similar uote. A!d a+tually> if * did !ot lear! but this from Shay%h (ammaad al-A!saari> it would be worth me ma%i!/ 5uaa for him for the rest of my life. A!d he tau/ht me .le!ty> may Allah raise his ra!% to "irdaws. (e said i! ma!y boo%s that he resear+hed> he +ould !ot fi!d it. (owe1er i! Ma!aa ib ash-Shaafiee for al-Bayha i> there is a +hai! for similar stateme!t. The stateme!t /oesC

0 ` ; 1 j 3 1 D 1 / 'J P ( / T -5 30; /
*f .eo.le +o!tem.lated this Surah> it would be suffi+ie!t e!ou/h for them. *t is a little bit differe!t. (owe1er this wordi!/ is attributed to ash-Shaafiee a!d Shay%h (ammaad al-A!saari said it is attributed to ash-Shaafiee with a solid +hai!> u!li%e the other stateme!t that is me!tio!ed i! this boo%. Why= "irst of all we should use this o!e> be+ause it a+tually has a +hai! to it. Se+o!d> it is more +lear> the stateme!t is more +lear as to what ash-Shaafiee is tal%i!/ about. Also> if you read the wor%s of *b! al-,ayyim a!d *b! Taymiyyah his Shay%h> a!d *b! ;atheer a!d ash-Sha! eeti> they all me!tio! itC

0 ` ; 1 j 3 1 D 1 / 'J P ( / T -5 30; /
They do !ot me!tio! it li%e it is me!tio!ed i! this boo%let. So !ow> why did the author here say the other o!e whi+h isC

3 d ` 4 @ H 1 / * 1 D 1 1 E / , 3 9 P ( 3 b -5 / 0 / 'J / T
Why did he use that= *f the +orre+t o!e is the o!e i! Ma!aa ib ash-Shaafiee> why did the author here use it= Why did he !ot useC

0 ` 1 D 1 / 'J P ( / T -5
01e! thou/h it has a +hai! a!d the mea!i!/ is more +lear. *t may be that the author here uoted the mea!i!/ a!d !ot the word for word 1erbatim of what ash-Shaafiee said. A!d if you loo% i!to the wor%s of Muhammad *b! Abdul-Wahhaab a!d those who mastered the wor% of the *maam> the author of this boo%let. At times> you %!ow whe! you study the boo%s of someo!e for so lo!/> you /et to %!ow a tre!d of how he

-a/e F 96$

writes his boo%s. So some of the &Ulamaa said that he uotes by mea!i!/. So there is !o .roblem i! the fa+t that he uoted by mea!i!/> but we should sti+% to the o!e with a solid +hai!> be+ause first of all it has a +hai! a!d se+o!d of all the mea!i!/ is +learer. Wa Ja?a%um Allahu ;hayr. We we!t a little bit too lo!/> but Alhamdulillah we did a .ortio! of what we were su..osed to do of Tafseer Surat al-&Asr.

This is our fourtee!th +lass o! the elu+idatio!s of Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah. We fi!ished our four i!trodu+tory> fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. The first o!e was %!owled/e> %!owled/e i! Allah> the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> a!d the Boo%. The! !umber two was to a+t o! it. 4umber three was to +o!1ey it. 4umber four was to be .atie!t u.o! that. The .roof for the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les was Surat al-&Asr. *! fa+t> these four .ri!+i.les are ta%e! dire+tly out of Surat al-&Asr. "i!ally> i! +o!+lusio! to the first four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les> a!d with this we will +o!+lude the first +ha.ter *!shaa Allah Taaala> the author substa!tiates the .roof with a +ha.ter title from al-Bu%hari.


(e saysC

! N A b 1 a 1 q & : - F / 3 9 P - m 1 $ : < < / 1 32! / AN / ; F !b / / N . < 1 1 / E 3 H 3 1 1 AD 1 6 U^ :2 =W 8 1 H / 'L 1 z / ! 7 7 3 , / J < 1 / / AN .< 1 & !b 1 ,2 A; 1 1 / E

(e uotes a title i! al-Bu%hari> a +ha.ter where the title is> i! al-Bu%hari> may Allah ha1e mer+y u.o! him> he said +ha.ter %!owled/e .ro+eeds a!d a+tio!. A!d the .roof is the sayi!/ of Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala> the Most (i/hC

3 H 3 1 7 1 6 ... W 71 AD 8 1 H / 'L 1 z / ! 7 7 3 , / / ; / J U^ :2=

;!ow> that there is !o!e who has the ri/ht to be worshi.ed but Allah> a!d as% for/i1e!ess from your #ord for your si!s> a 1erse i! Surat Muhammad. The!> this is .art of the title still> so he be/a! by me!tio!i!/ %!owled/e before a!d a+tio!. That is the e!d of the title> that is the title.
-a/e F 96)

#ast wee% we me!tio!ed that there was a mi!or dis+re.a!+y i! the author uoti!/ a uote> attributed to ash-Shaafiee. A!d we said it is .ossible that the author me!tio!ed it by mea!i!/. (ere> i! uoti!/ al-Bu%hari> there is two sli/ht 1ariatio!s i! that uote. Whe! you retur! a!d /o loo% i! the ori/i!al Bu%hari> you are /oi!/ to fi!d two sli/ht 1ariatio!s. *t is really 1ery mi!or> but it is somethi!/ worth !oti!/ for Talabatul-&*lm. The author saysC

< / 1 32! F / N
*f you /o loo% i! Bu%hari> it saysC

1 1 3 b F 1 / E
Both mea! the same thi!/> but sli/ht 1ariatio!s. The se+o!d 1ariatio! is i! the fi!al last two words where *maam Muhammad *b! Abdul-Wahhaab added the last two words. The uote is> so he be/a! with me!tio!i!/ %!owled/e before a!d a+tio!. The words that were added is> before a!d a+tio!. That does !ot +ha!/e the mea!i!/> it a+tually +larifies the mea!i!/> but that is !ot eDa+tly how it is i! the title of al-Bu%hari. *! &Arabi it isC

< 1 / / AN < 1 & !b 1 ,2 A; 1 1 / E / 1 & 1 ,2 A; 1

That ri/ht there is where Bu%hari sto.s ri/ht there> a!d +o!ti!ues o! to somethi!/ else.

< / AN < !b 1 1 / E
*s the additio! o1er here. 4ow why did he do that= Why did he add that= Why is there these 1ariatio!s= (e may ha1e uoted by mea!i!/> or he wa!ted to eD.lai! it a little bit more> be+ause those eD.lai! it a little bit more. Some say he maybe had a 1ersio! of Bu%hari> where the titles !ot the (adith> the titles may ha1e bee! worded sli/htly differe!t. The !eDt issue should be who is al-Bu%hari= Si!+e we tal%ed about al-Bu%hari> we should /i1e a little / about his life. But si!+e there is a le+ture * /a1e ma!y> ma!y years a/o> * will refer you to that to liste! to it a!d see the life of al-Bu%hari Rahimahullah. That is what we will do fre ue!tly> whe!e1er we tal% about somethi!/ a!d it is to be me!tio!ed a/ai!> we will refer to it where we me!tio!ed it at so to +o1er more %!owled/e i! less time.

624 ,I, T2E A5T2O$ 5SE A C2A(TE$ TITLE F$O0 B512A$I AS ($OOF.
-a/e F 968

The +om.ilatio! of Bu%hari Rahimahullah is worthy of bei!/ writte! i! i!% of /old> we all %!ow that. *t is a +om.ilatio! whose +hai!s are li%e the stars> the .eo.le i! the +hai!s are li%e the stars i! the s%y. That +om.ilatio! has bee! ho!oured by *jmaa i! both its merit a!d ra!%i!/. *t is a +om.ilatio! that eDtermi!ated e1il a!d those a++used of e1il. *t is a boo% that affirmed justi+e a!d those who are just. That is !ot all. *f you loo% at the or/a!isatio! a!d stru+ture of the boo%> the deli+ate titli!/ a!d how he or/a!ised it> there is e1e! more i!formatio! to /et out of that. *t is !ot u!usual for you to read i! boo%s of &Ulamaa> they wa!t to tal% about somethi!/> a!d the! they are /oi!/ to ba+% it u. a!d sayC

N m A b P 1 $
Al-Bu%hari !amed his +ha.ter this a!d that> to ba+% u. a .oi!t that they are tryi!/ to ma%e. The mere title itself> so ima/i!e if you /o to the Ahaadith of the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. #et me /i1e you a! eDam.le whi+h will ma%e you u!dersta!d it better. A stude!t of %!owled/e o!+e did a re.ort o! whether it is better to ma%e multi.le Umrahs i! o!e 1isit or just to sti+% with o!e Umrah. "or eDam.le> you /o from here to Ma%%ah i! Umrah a!d you /o to Ma%%ah. 7!+e you /et to Ma%%ah> you /o to at-Ta!eem a se+o!d time li%e ma!y .eo.le do. Third time> you ma%e a fourth a!d fifth a!d siDth a!d se1e!th> you %!ow !umerous Umrahs. 7r is it better to sti+% to o!e Umrah= That is a "i h issue dis+ussed a!d dis.uted amo!/ the &Ulamaa> e1e! some of the four &Ulamaa. The stude!t of &*lm we!t a!d studied a!d a!alysed a!d loo%ed at the .roof a!d he was telli!/ his frie!d> the +o!+lusio! * +ame with> is the reward is based o! what you eDert of effort. So his frie!d told him> that is eDa+tly the title of a +ha.ter i! the boo% of Bu%hariC

, a& / 2 N ` 1 / / / 1 K 3 1 1
A!-4asab H 1 K 3 I mea!s tire> what effort you eDert> so you /et reward based o! your effort. So the ma! said> Wallah if * see! that> it would ha1e sa1ed me a lot of time. Just the title itself> he may ha1e e1e! loo%ed i! Bu%hari but what ha..e!s is a lot of times you are tryi!/ to sear+h> you o1erloo% the title> you wa!t to /o ri/ht i!to the +e!tre. The &Ulamaa wrote boo%s o! the titles Bu%hari Rahimahullah used for his +ha.ters. 'ou will see some of that i!> if you ha1e> whi+h you all do *!shaa Allah> you ha1e the elu+idatio! of *b! (ajr> he me!tio!s that i! his elu+idatio!. Waliullah 5ehlawi a!d *b! (amaamah wrote boo%lets or boo%s o! the titles Bu%hari Rahimahullah +hose. Some s+holars we!t ba+% a!d forth writi!/> did Bu%hari mea! "i h o.i!io!s whe! he +hose the titles or were they merely just titles that he /a1e=

-a/e F 96@

They /o o! ba+% a!d forth i! that. These were /ia!ts> that if their titles /i1e so mu+h %!owled/e> the! ima/i!e the boo%s that they wrote. This did !ot ha..e! by mere %!owled/e alo!e> there were se+rets betwee! these /ia!ts a!d Allah that ele1ated them to su+h hi/h ra!%s. Brothers tell me> whe! * /et a *!shaa Allah> they wa!t to dow!load some .ro/ram that has siD thousa!d 1olumes> little .ro/ram that you +a! dow!load siD thousa!d 1olumes. 4ot 1olumes> siD thousa!d titles of *slami+ boo%s a!d four to fi1e times as mu+h as that i! 1olumes. So it is .robably li%e twe!ty thousa!d or so 1olumes> siD thousa!d 1olumes at the ti. of your fi!/ers. Bu%hari> Sufyaa! *b! &Uyay!ah> *b! Maee! a!d *b! (a!bal> a!-4awawi a!d *b! Taymiyyah a!d *b! al-,ayyim> they !eeded a (adith> some at times tra1elled the +o!ti!e!t to /et a (adith. 4ow we /ot siD thousa!d 1olumes at your fi!/erti.s. With all that %!owled/e> why did !o Talabatul-&*lm of today or &Ulamaa .rodu+e that whi+h is +lose to a!y o!e of those /ia!ts that we me!tio!ed .rodu+ed= 'ou read the wor%s of the &Ulamaa li%e *b! Taymiyyah a!d *b! al-,ayyim a!d Bu%hari a!d their li%es a!d their +ate/ories> i! both ua!tity a!d uality> a!d you /et asto!ished. These were me! who tra1elled by do!%eys a!d +amels> !ot by!es a!d +ars. These were me! who were i! a!d out of .riso!s a!d their life was full of stru//les. They were !ot wal%i!/ arou!d with i! se1e! star hotels. They were me! who a lot of the times> wrote from the to. of their mi!d> !ot by /oi!/ i!to boo%s or ru!!i!/ throu/h Why so mu+h Bara%ah=

3 3 -E 3 F! lVl :`EA7 ...7 7 ... ! 7 0 7

'es> %!owled/e is esse!tial> but you ha1e to %ee. se+rets betwee! you a!d Allah that o!ly you a!d Allah %!ow> to ele1ate you to su+h a hi/h le1el. * belie1e they had su+h se+rets that their ow! wi1es a!d +losest of all stude!ts did !ot %!ow of.


So here> the 1erse i! Bu%hari> that Bu%hari usesC

3 H 3 1 ... 8 1 H 7 7 3 , / / ;
I> %!ow> that there is !o!e that ha1e the ri/ht to be worshi..ed "alam H / ; / eD+e.t Allah> a!d as% for/i1e!ess from Allah for your si!sC

1 AD / 1 6 U^ :2=7 7 ... 7 7 ... / 'L 1 z 1 ) / ! 1 / 1 ! W / J

-a/e F 962

"alam> %!owled/e .re+edes a+tio! a!d sayi!/ a!d it is a +o!ditio! for your a+tio! a!d your sayi!/ to be a++e.ted be+ause %!owled/e .erfe+ts a!d +orre+ts the i!te!tio! a!d the method you +o!du+t your a+ts a!d sayi!/. Al-Bu%hari Rahimahullah uses the Ayah for .roof o! that> that %!owled/e must be before a+tio!s. A!d whe! we say a+tio!s> we mea! heart a+tio!s> we mea! to!/ue a+tio!s as well> a!d body .art a+tio!s. This is .roof that a Muslim must start with %!owled/e before he /oes o! to sayi!/ or a+ti!/. A!d from a! i!telle+tual .oi!t of 1iew> %!owled/e must .re+ede your a+tio!s be+ause> +ommo! se!se> how would you %!ow how to .erform them if you did !ot ha1e the %!owled/e= #i%ewise> ta%e it from your boss> your father> your em.loyer> your tea+her> you wa!t to .lease them. (ow do you .lease them= 'ou /ot to lear! how to .lease them before you .lease them> be+ause you may do somethi!/ that may a!/er them. So %!owled/e +omes before a+tio!> that is +ommo! se!se. 'es> there is some thi!/s whi+h +ome throu/h i!!ate !ature> by the "itrah. The %!owled/e of o!e!ess of Allah> Tawheed> that +omes throu/h "itrah. That is why o!e is +reated o! the "itrah> it is e!/rai!ed i! the !ature of ma!> just li%e your blood a!d your flesh. 'ou do !ot ta%e your !ewbor!> a!d whe! he is about to tal% or he lear!s to tal% > you say Shahaadah to e!ter *slam. 'ou tea+h him Shahaadah> howe1er> he is already Muslim be+ause it is e!/rai!ed i! him. 7!e thi!/ you /ot to ta%e i!to +o!sideratio! is> e1e! matters with the "itrah> you /ot to still lear! them be+ause as time /oes by> there is eDter!al> e1il for+es surrou!di!/ o!e that tai!t e1e! matters of "itrah. So that is why you /ot to lear! it> e1e! those matters that we %!ow are "itrah.


3 H 3 1 ... 8 1 H 7 7 3 , / / ;

Whe! o!e masters #aa ilaaha illallah> there is the %!owled/e of #aa ilaaha illallah> he will !ot be harmed by a!y %!owled/e he missed out o!. A!d whoe1er is i/!ora!t of #aa ilaaha illallah> there is !o %!owled/e he +a! as+ertai! that will be of a!y be!efit to him. We are tal%i!/ o! a lar/er s+ale> the s+ale of the life after. This is the word that the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said i! Su!a! at-Tirmidhi> o! the authority of Abu (urayrahC

! " -E 1 T 1 | 1 # N / / [ 3 c ; : b 3 / F /
Whoe1er says it i! his ill!ess> a death ill!ess> the (ellfire will !ot tou+h him. We s.e!d so mu+h time lear!i!/ it> be+ause a++ordi!/ to some of the Mufassiree!> o!e of the reaso!s is that is the word that Allah .ut a .arable i! the ,ura!> that is li%e a /oodly tree whose root is firm a!d fiDed i! the 0arth a!d its bra!+hes are i! the s%y. *ts roots is #aa ilaaha illallah> the root of that tree is #aa ilaaha illallah i! your heart>
-a/e F 969

how dee. #aa ilaaha illallah is i! your heart. The tree is #aa ilaaha illallah> the bra!+hes are your deeds /oi!/ u. to Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaalaC

, 4 3 ` @ X # A k # Q + 7 a 6 | v # 6 F 4 4 1 : 6 / / ! T :\ & 1 6 1 T : A k q 1 &c 3 ; . 5 / , / ; f ln
The fi!al .oi!t o! this is more li%e a! Usool al-"i h issue. The i! this 1erse is dire+ted to the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallamC

... / ; /
#ear!> to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam. 5oes this i!+lude us> me a!d you= *! this 1erse> it most defi!itely i!+ludes all of us. The -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> a!d we behi!d him are i!+luded. But there is other 1erses li%eC

P , P 1 A3 T -L b 6 P , 3 T
7h you -ro.het> oh you Messe!/er> do they i!+lude us as well= A++ordi!/ to the majority of the Usool al-"i h s+holars> it does !ot i!+lude us u!less there is .roof to ta/ us o!. (owe1er> a++ordi!/ to Abu (a!eefah a!d Ahmad a!d *maam al(aramay! a!d as-Samaa!ee> those 1erses dire+ted to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam i!+lude us> u!less there is .roof to eD+lude us. A!d the se+o!d mea!i!/ may be a little bit stro!/er be+ause if you loo% i! the ,ura!C

/ 3 k 1 U :Q ...7 7\ 5 P , 'E P 1 A3 T
7h you Messe!/er> if you di1or+e wome!. *t starts addressi!/ the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> but the se+o!d word ri/ht after that addresses the whole UmmahC

/ 3 k 1 ... ...\ 5 'E

01e! ri/ht after that> TahreemC

3 < 3 9 :'=7 7 ...W 7 7 , F 6 P , 7 1 = P 1 A3 T U

-a/e F 96:

The 1erse addresses the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> but ri/ht after thatC

3 ] 2 l :'=7 ...7 7 / N / 0 7 6 ;
The! it /oes o! from addressi!/ the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam to addressi!/ the Ummah. So they said that mea!s that it is dire+ted the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam i! ho!our to him> of +ourse> a!d the Ummah behi!d him. Those are two o.i!io!s of Usool that stem from words li%e "alam> dire+ted to the -ro.het sallallahu Jalayhi wa sallam> or 'aa Ayyuhu!-4abi H P 1 A3

-L Ayyuhar-Rasool Hb

6I. T P ,

I> 'aa T P ,


With this> we just +o!+luded +ha.ter o!e of Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-&Aalamee!> that is a true blessi!/. Before we start o! +ha.ter two> * wa!t to /i1e a few mome!ts o! the stru+ture of the boo%> whi+h * should ha1e /a1e before * started but * wa!ted to delay it be+ause * thi!% you will +om.rehe!d it more ri/ht !ow. We just too% the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les> i!trodu+tory. As you %!ow * always say the four i!trodu+tory fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. A!d the .roof o! them is Surat al-&Asr a!d the stateme!t of al-Bu%hari. We too% it i! a..roDimately thirtee! +lasses a!d somewhat of a uarter of this +lass. So we fi!ished the first four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les> a!d a++ordi!/ to some &Ulamaa> this was !ot .art of the boo% the author i!te!ded. This was his wor%s but a! i!de.e!de!t boo%> o!e of his stude!ts +ame a!d ta//ed it alo!/> a!d that is the o.i!io! of Abdur-Rahmaa! *b! Muhammad *b! ,aasim. So they said the first fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les is a! i!de.e!de!t boo%let he wrote> o!e of his stude!ts +ame a!d said why !ot .ut it i! Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah as a! i!trodu+tio! to the rest of the boo%. 4ow Abdur-Rahmaa! *b! Muhammad *b! ,aasim> you may !ot be familiar with that !ame> he died i! 28$9 but he i! a way is a re1i1er. (e is a ma! that +om.iled the "ataawa of *b! Taymiyyah today. "or all the +e!turies si!+e the death of *b! Taymiyyah> those "ataawa were !ot +om.iled u!til this ma! i! the siDties +om.iled them. (e we!t all o1er the world> first he started i! the Arabia! -e!i!sula> loo%ed arou!d for a!y boo%lets> a!y "ataawa> a!y stateme!ts writte! by *b! Taymiyyah> he be/a! to /ather them. The! he tra1elled to 0/y.t to try to /et a!y "ataawa of *b! Taymiyyah a!d +om.ile them a!d /ather them> a!d .ut them to/ether. The first 1isit to 0/y.t> he did !ot /et !othi!/ out of it. (e we!t a se+o!d time> he did a+tually i! the se+o!d time +om.ile some more of the writi!/s of *b! Taymiyyah. The!> he too% his so! Muhammad be+ause as he /rew older he be+ame 1ery ill> he too% his so! Muhammad to #ub!aa! H "AI. A!d whe! he /ot to #ub!aa!> he was !ot able to

-a/e F 963

ma%e it but he se!t his so! to !earby ash-Shaam> may Allah /ra!t them a!d haste! their 1i+tory. Whe! he we!t to ash-Shaam> his so! we!t to ash-Shaam> he +ame ba+% with ei/ht hu!dred a!d fifty .a/es ha!dwritte! by *b! Taymiyyah that were !ot .ublished before> be+ause *b! Taymiyyah s.e!t a /reat .ortio! of his life there. The! they we!t to -aris a!d they fou!d thirtee! Masaail writte! by *b! Taymiyyah> they did !ot fi!d i! their jour!ey throu/hout the Arabi+ +ou!tries> i! -aris. A!d the! he we!t to Ba/hdad a!d fou!d more> a!d amo!/ that whi+h he fou!d i! Ba/hdad is Ar-Risaalah At-Tadmuriyyah> a 1ery im.orta!t wor%. Maybe i! the future> if Allah /ra!ts us time a!d life we will study that. So he we!t all arou!d the world a!d /athered it a!d +om.iled it i! the thirty se1e! 1olumes you see today> Al-"ataawa. Amo!/st his stude!ts are Abdullah *b! Jibree!> (amood al-&U lah> Abdullah *b! "rayyaa!. A+tually> (amood al-U lah> whi+h you all %!ow> he is his ado.ted so!. Shay%h (amood al-&U lah was %i+%ed out of his house whe! he was a thirtee! year old %id a!d this ma! ado.ted him a!d tau/ht him a!d se!t him to Shuyoo%h a!d he be+ame Shay%h (amood al-&U lah> o!e of the /reat *mams of our time. Al-"rayyaa!> all these are dead> Rahmatullahi &Alayhim Ajmaee!> "rayyaa! is the o!e who o.e!ed ,ura! (ala aat> or/a!ised (ala aat all throu/hout the Arabia! -e!i!sula. Rahmatullahi &Alayhi> a!d he was o!e of my tea+hers a!d the tea+hers of my father. This ma!> *b! ,aasim> o!e of his +om.ilatio!s i! additio! to the "ataawa> is he +om.iled Ad-5urrar As-Sa!!iyyah> siDtee! 1olumes of &Ulamaa 4ajd> their writi!/s a!d their wor%s. *b! ,aasim is +o!sidered amo!/ the *maams of the 5awah of 4ajd> a!d he has a small boo%let o! the elu+idatio!s of Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah. *t is +alled Al-(aashiyah> it is a..roDimately a hu!dred or so .a/es. A!d the +ha.ter we started o! today> he +o!siders that !ot to be .art of Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah. *t is .art of the wor% of the author> but it is a! i!de.e!de!t wor%. A!d that is really what * lea! to> a!d * thi!% that is more +orre+t. A!d a+tually * was adama!t about it a!d that is why * was me!tio! it i! sort of hesitatio! be+ause Shay%h Ali al-;hudayr> may Allah haste! his release i! .riso!> ado.ted the o.i!io! that !o> this was .art of the ori/i!al wor%> that the author here wa!ted this as a! i!trodu+tio! to Al-Usool AthThalaathah. A!d these are masters> who mastered the wor% of the author here. They really mastered it a!d they %!ow the details i!> a!d !ot just him> him a!d his stude!ts for two a!d three /e!eratio!s after him. We ha1e authors who study these matters i! a!d detail. A!d why they do it> is that these details hel. us study a!d a!alyse a!d ma. out a!d e!1isio! i! your mi!d how the boo% is stru+tured. That way> you +a! u!dersta!d more what the boo% is tryi!/ to tell you> i!stead of your mi!d bei!/ shattered all o1er. *t is also be!efi+ial %!owled/e to %!ow this about the boo% be+ause it is a boo% that we s.e!t so mu+h time lear!i!/ a!d studyi!/. A!d it is somethi!/ that if !ot me!tio!ed> es.e+ially i! the 0!/lish study> o1er time it mi/ht be for/otte!. 'ou see those who s.e!d mea!i!/less life a!alysi!/ the wor%s of> for eDam.le 0d/ar Alla! -oe or Sha%es.eare. They a!alyse it a!d s.e!d a lifetime studyi!/ it. They study it i! so mu+h detail that if you were to /i1e them a few .a/es a!d tell them> did
-a/e F 966

Sha%es.eare write this= They will loo% at it for a few mome!ts a!d tell you> !o way this +ould ha1e bee! his wor% be+ause this word was !ot li%e this> he would ha1e used this word> i!stead of this word. A!d as Muslims we ha1e li%e this ma! *b! ,aasim a!d Ali al-;hudayr a!d 4aasir al"ahd> may Allah haste! their release a!d may Allah ha1e mer+y o! those who were dead of them> too% o! the !oble +ause of studyi!/ the wor%s of *b! Taymiyyah> *b! al-,ayyim> Muhammad *b! Abdul-Wahhaab a!d his followers of 4ajd. Amo!/ those who really mastered that detailed wor% is Shay%h 4aasir al-"ahd. A+tually> !ot o!ly does he master it i! details> but he memorises !early all the wor%s of this author a!d his stude!ts a!d those who followed alo!/ with him i! the .ast +e!turies. *! fa+t> he +a! draw you> you %!ow sometimes there may be thi!/s that you may thi!% they are +o!tradi+tory> you read it here the! you /o to a!other boo%> you read it here a!d you say> how did this ha..e!= 7r sometimes you read somethi!/ i! the boo% a!d they did somethi!/ differe!t> a!d you /ot to +ome with the +o!+lusio!. What is /oi!/ o! here= (ow did this ha..e!= 7r some of the details that we me!tio!ed> about Surat al-&Asr or li%e that about the stateme!t of al-Bu%hari. That ta%es years a!d years of a!alysi!/ a!d study to +ome u. with +o!+lusio!s o! that> a!d amo!/st those who mastered that is Shay%h 4aasir al-"ahd. 'ou +a! see some of that i! his boo% o! the Uthmaa!i ;hilaafah. So we do !ot 1eer off to.i+> what * wa!ted to me!tio! is that some of this is +o!sidered a! i!trodu+tio! that some of his stude!ts added to Al-Usool AthThalaathah. Why= (ere is how we are /oi!/ to brea% the boo%let dow!. * ha1e !ot see! it do!e li%e this before but for our stru+ture a!d our .ur.oses we are /oi!/ to refer to this. 4umber o!e> the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les> that is +ha.ter o!e. What we fi!ished ri/ht !ow> as of !ow> that is +ha.ter o!e> we fi!ished that> whi+h is the four i!trodu+tory> fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. A++ordi!/ li%e * said to *b! ,aasim> that is a! i!de.e!de!t boo%let that his stude!ts added o!. A!d a++ordi!/ to Ali al-;hudayr> that is a+tually .art of the boo%. So +ha.ter o!e is /oi!/ to be what we just fi!ished ri/ht !ow> the four fu!dame!tal .ri!+i.les. That is +ha.ter o!e. <ha.ter two is /oi!/ to start off eDa+tly li%e> almost +lose to +ha.ter o!e. *lam Rahima% Allahu Taaala> that is +ha.ter two whi+h we are /oi!/ to study ri/ht !ow *!shaa Allah. *lam Rahima% Allah> %!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y. That is +ha.ter two. What +ha.ter two is> the outli!e of it> ma%e a framewor%> you should .ut it i! fro!t of you a!d write a! outli!e. <ha.ter two i! this boo% tal%s about three issues> it is +alled three matters> that is really what it is +alled> the three matters. Matter !umber o!e is Tawheed arRububiyyah a!d i! Tawheed ar-Rububiyyah> there is siD subheadi!/s. So !umber o!e is /oi!/ to be A> B> <> 5> 0> ". The! the se+o!d matter is> !umber two is matters o! Tawheed al-Uloohiyyah or Shir%. A!d !umber three is /oi!/ to be somethi!/ about Walaa a!d Baraa> those are three issues.
-a/e F 966

4ow +ha.ter three the!> is a short !ote o! Millat *braheem H little bit about Millat *braheem a!d he starts off withC

&I> tal%s a

1 2% / 1 1 1 ' 3 u / /
;!ow> may Allah dire+t you to obedie!+e. That would be +ha.ter three. Those three +ha.ters are all dis.uted> whether they were added by the author or his stude!ts wa!ted to add it as a! i!trodu+tio! to his boo% Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah. <ha.ter four whi+h startsC

3 + b < / N 1 ; cQ 1 W / .
*f you are as%ed what are the three .ri!+i.les> that is the +ore of the boo%. So +ha.ter four is the +ore of the boo%. (e tal%s about the three matters you will be as%ed about i! your /ra1e a!d at the e!d of it he ma%es a +o!+lusio! o! al-;ufr bitTaa/hoot H[-s& Aa%hirah.

J0I a!d some matters about the life after> al-

So !ow you %!ow the stru+ture of the boo%> we are /oi!/ to +all them four +ha.ters. A!d that will hel. you u!dersta!d a!d 1isualise what we ha1e bee! studyi!/. So !ow ri/ht !ow> let us start with +ha.ter two.


(e starts off +ha.ter two sayi!/> %!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y u.o! you. ;!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y u.o! you> that it is obli/atory o! e1ery Muslim> female a!d male> to lear! a!d a+t u.o! the followi!/ three matters.

# ! / 1 1 @ / < 3 , 3 W 9 / 1 : 1 5 3 +< 1 Q 1 D : ! F / 3 T ( P 1 5 1 1 G5 1 1& <

The author says> %!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y o! you> that it is obli/atory o! e1ery Muslim> male a!d female> to lear! a!d a+t u.o! the followi!/ three matters. We s.o%e i! the be/i!!i!/ of +ha.ter o!e o! this i!trodu+tio!> be+ause that is how he started +ha.ter o!e. (e started +ha.ter two 1ery similar to how he started +ha.ter o!e> eD+e.t that he said Muslim> male a!d female. (e said Muslim> a!d male a!d
-a/e F 96$

female so we are /oi!/ to tal% about that. Why he said Muslim> why he said male a!d female.

624 ,I, T2E A5T2O$ SA4 0ALE AN, FE0ALE.

Why did he me!tio!C

: / / 1 5 ! : 1 5
01ery Muslim> male a!d female. (e added female as a! assura!+e be+ause i! reality i! Arabi+ whe! you address male a!d li%ewise the ,ura! i! the elo ue!t Arabi+ la!/ua/e> i! the .ea% of the elo ue!+y of the Arabi+ la!/ua/e> so whe! he says male> it automati+ally addresses female u!less there is .roof to eD+lude them. The o!ly reaso! he added it here> to add eDtra assura!+e> to em.hasise that it is e1ery> last i!di1idual> that * am tal%i!/ to you> must %!ow this.

624 ,I, T2E A5T2O$ SA4 05SLI0.

(e said it is obli/atory o! e1ery Muslim> so why did he say Muslim= Why did he use the a+ti1e .arti+i.le= *sm al-"aail H <J "aail. Why did he use that=

LI> i! Arabi+ it is +alled *sm al-

A Muslim first of all> is o!e who says Shahaadatay!> you ha1e /ot to 1erbally say Shahaadatay!. *f you /rew u. i!to *slam> there is !o .oi!t li%e whe! the .erso! starts tal%i!/> he does !ot ha1e to say it to e!ter *slam be+ause he is o! his "itrah> he is already Muslim. But someo!e who we!t i!to Shir% a!d ;ufr a!d disbelief> they ha1e to say it to e!ter *slam. So first o!e is Shahaadatay!> se+o!d o!e is to a+t a++ordi!/ to the Shahaadah. A!d that is %!owled/e> +ertai!ty> si!+erity> submissio!> lo1e> truthful!ess> +om.lia!+e> a++e.ta!+e> the rules that we %!ow for #aa ilaaha illallah Muhammadar-Rasoolullah. That is the se+o!d o!e. The third o!e is> you do !ot do a !e/ator to ta%e you out of *slam. *f a!y o!e of these three that * me!tio!ed are missi!/> the! the label is ta%e! off. There is o!e door to *slam but there is a lot of wi!dows a!d doors to eDit you out. *slam is li%e Wudhu> you +a! ma%e Wudhu ri/ht !ow> howe1er you +a! i!1alidate your Wudhu> a!d li%ewise *slam. That is the term /i1e! to o!e who is re!dered a! a.ostate> Riddah H`hI is o!e who was a belie1er> the! be+omes a !o! belie1er. 7!e who is ori/i!ally i!to ;ufr> his !ame is ori/i!al !o! belie1er> whi+h is ;aafir Aslee H., ;#I. A!d there is differe!+e i! those i! the boo%s of "i h> they are both !o! belie1ers but there is differe!+e i! the "i h boo%s .ertai!i!/ to the details of ea+h o!e of them. (ere he saidC

-a/e F 96)

# : @ / / 1 5 ! < 1 : 1 5
Why did he s.e+ify Muslim= Are !o! Muslims eDem.ted from this= Are they addressed or are they eDem.ted= There is !o uestio! that !o! belie1ers are addressed i! the matters of .ri!+i.les of *slam. 4o! Muslims are addressed i! matters of .ri!+i.les of *slam. *slam +alls a!d addresses !o! belie1ers to Tawheed a!d they will be held a++ou!table i! the Aa%hirah if they do !ot a++e.t. The reaso! the author s.e+ifies Muslims here> is be+ause this boo%let was dire+ted to Muslims. 7therwise> *slami+ally from our .ers.e+ti1e> the Tawheed is addressed to Muslims a!d !o! Muslims. There is !o dis.ute amo!/ the &Ulamaa i! the Usool> the .ri!+i.les of *slam are dire+ted. (owe1er> are !o! belie1ers addressed i! se+o!dary matters= 01e! thou/h it is dis.uted> some say yes> some say !o> * thi!% the summary of it is that the !o! belie1ers .ertai!i!/ to se+o!dary matters are addressed i! a way a!d !ot addressed i! a way. They are addressed i! a way a!d they are !ot addressed i! a!other way. So they are addressed first of all> they are addressed i! A a!d B. They are addressed i! that whe! a Muslim +o!1eys *slam> there is !o .roblem that he +a! address them a!d tea+h them ma!!ers a!d Salah a!d (ajj> or a!y other se+o!dary matters. Maybe to o.e! their hearts to *slam throu/h that se+o!dary matter a!d that is what the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam told Muadh whe! he we!t to 'eme!. Amo!/ the matters he told him to tea+h were se+o!dary matters. B is that they are addressed i! that they will be .u!ished for !ot a++e.ti!/ the se+o!dary matters a++ordi!/ to the most re.utable of two o.i!io!s o! that issue. So if they do !ot a++e.t a!d abide by the se+o!dary matters a!d do them> they will be .u!ished for them be+ause loo% at the 1erses i! the ,ura!C

N nl 6 L 1 1 W ; / - / 0 0 L E 1 / W 3 #! 1 / / 1 05 K / ! / nn n? / R 3 #! 1 1 G$ 1 D 0 p ] -$ / 1& a n> 1 2 c2 nr 1 / F , n_ E 8 3 '9

What +auses you to /o to (ellfire they are as%ed> whe! they are i! (ellfire.

N n? 1 W K / / -
They say> we did !ot used to ma%e our Salah.

nn 1 / W 1 / / 1 05 / !
We did !ot /i1e our Ea%ah.
-a/e F 968

n> / R 3 #! 1 1 G$ p ] -$
We used to tal% falsely a!d we used to be with those 1ai! tal%ers. Some of those are se+o!dary matters a!d to .ro1e that they are !o! belie1ers that are bei!/ .u!ished for theseC

n_ 3 #! 1 D 0 / 1& a 1 2
They used to say> we disbelie1e i! the life after. A!yo!e who disbelie1es i! the life after is !o! Muslim. So the +lear ,ura! says that they are .u!ished i! Jaha!!am for matters that are +o!sidered> some matters that are +o!sidered se+o!dary matters. 4ow> we said they are !ot addressed i! a way. (ow are they !ot addressed i! a!other way= "or eDam.le> the details of *slam. 'ou do !ot %!ow re uire a !o! Muslim to /o to (ajj> you do !ot tell a !o! Muslim> /o to (ajj. 7r a !o! Muslim> /o ma%e your Salah> be+ause it is !ot a++e.ted from him. The Shahaadah> the %ey to its a++e.ta!+e is !ot there. So i! that se!se> he is !ot addressed.

T2E FI$ST 0ATTE$ 8 TA62EE, A$#$5B5BI44A2

The author /oes o! to sayC

,: 3 ! 4 Q ' ! N Y ! E * " / # / 3 / / / & , 4 H-L * L h k 3 @ / 1 < < / ; / ,< < / 1 32! * h ( 3 1 : 3 < F / K ! / N , / 4 / L 6 , # 0 2 % H -L 6 0 L 6 1 / 4 / / / / / 8 1 1 4 -L U> H -L b 6 6 1 1 ; 6 6 3 " / / ; " / / ; 8 K 4 1 &! 4 * <d U_ Q / , ( I; / D* D
The first of the matters here is> that Allah +reated us. So i! your !otes ri/ht !ow> you write 2A> that Allah +reated us. That is the first issue> there is /oi!/ to be a B> <> 5> 0> " *!shaa Allah Taaala> * do !ot thi!% we will /et .ast A today.


! * E 3 ,: 3 " /
That Allah +reated us. There is .roof o! that i! the ,ura! a!d i! the Su!!ah a!d by i!telle+t a!d there is so mu+h .roof a!d it is so .le!ty a!d /reat a!d di/!ified that
-a/e F 9$@

you literally +a! /o o!> without eDa//eratio!> for mo!ths> tal%i!/ about these 1erses> if !ot more.

($OOFS F$O0 T2E 95$7AN



/ [ ! 1 '* / ; < / ! 1 " 3 1 1 Q 3 B 5 1 / 3 C ] / 1 ! 1 6 1 * [ / 6 U^M :" bZ a 1 ! : / o 3 ! 1 A 1 T

Truly> 1erily> i! the +reatio! of the (ea1e! a!d the 0arth> the alter!atio! of the day a!d the !i/ht> there is si/!s for me! of +om.rehe!sio! or u!dersta!di!/.

3 ! * ^_ :[;K" - / F ! / 0E 7
Allah +reated you a!d your ha!diwor%.

4 E * ...Q mD N 1 3 , 3 c 0 8 p : 1k l :
Allah +reated you from +lay> the! he /a1e you a! a..oi!ted time o! this 0arth.

4 I> Ajala mea!s (e /a1e you a! a..oi!ted time. Twe!ty ,adhaa Ajala HQ N , 8 p years you are /oi!/ to li1e> fifty years> two mo!ths> o!e year> that is Ajala.

/ * ! 2 / N 6 E 1 01 GQ / E / 1 3 c / # 3 c / # / 3 . UU :C ... 1 !2 @ L ho /
We +reated you a!d fashio!ed you. *! Surat al-Araaf whe! it is tal%i!/ about huma! bei!/s> whe! it is tal%i!/ more s.e+ifi+ally about Adam.

/ * ! " 2 5 E 1 " 5 / E / w / 3 : 9 b / . : - : K 1 / l_ :=@

We +reated ma!> mea!i!/ Adam> from dry +lay a!d bla+%e!ed mud. *f you /o from the mira+les of Allah> whe! (e tal%s about (is si/!s a!d mira+les.

, 1 FZ ! X & ' , c a 6 F 0 E * " 1 / 1 / 3 : q 1 lM :" ! 6 1 'F !6 X

A!d from (is si/!s is that (e +reated you from +lay a!d the! you were offs.ri!/ s+attered all o1er the 0arth.

-a/e F 9$2

b / # Un :9 6 3 J 1 " 5 w * / . : K 1 $ 1 / B
(e +reated ma!> Allah +reated ma!> from dry +lay li%e that of .ottery. That Salsaali!

/ # ;alfa%haar H 3 J 1 $

b / . 6I is .ottery. : K

Ma!y 1erses li%e that. *! a?-Eumar> whe! it is about all of +reatio!C

3 < # B _l :d ...7 7\ : 1 * 7 / %
Allah is the <reator of e1erythi!/. We +a! /o really> o! a!d o! with these 1erses that are !umerous throu/hout the ,ura!. This is su+h a +lear matter a+tually> that the arro/a!t Mushri%ee! who /a1e the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam the hardest of all times a!d disbelie1ed i! him a!d .hysi+ally a!d me!tally abused him a!d his Sahaabah> tortured himG as arro/a!t as they were i! s!obbery a!d as swa!%y as they were> whe! it +ame to this matter> they belie1ed i! it. *! fi1e differe!t 1erses a+tually i! the ,ura!> if you loo% at it.

:"E_ U :[-A07 7 ...B 7 1 ! '/ IL } / 7 * 3 T Vr :C*d ^ :C*d? V :d l>

*f you as% them about the <reator> i! fi1e differe!t 1erses> they a!swer Allah. *! fa+t> they we!t o! i! o!e of the a!swers> they we!t o! to /i1e the !ames a!d ualities of AllahC

IL } / / ] 6 ! [ ! 5 B * T ' 1 ! 1 3 / 3 / * ^ :C*d d / d / E 3 T 3 -E 1 1
*f you were to as% them who +reated the (ea1e! a!d the 0arth> they will surely sayC

* ... d / d / E 3 T 3 -E 1 1
Al-&A?ee? is the All Mi/hty. Al-&Aleem> the All ;!ower. So i! a se!se> they had some belief i! Asmaa a!d Sifaat. These %i!d of 1erses> a!d this> whe! it sets i! your mi!d> is a! *maa! booster. Whe! Jubayr *b! Mutim radhiallahu &a!hu was a..rehe!ded i! the Battle of Badr as a .riso!er. *! Sahih al-Bu%hari> a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam made Salatul-Ma/hrib a!d re+ited out loud> a!d Jubayr was amo!/ the .riso!ers liste!i!/ to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam re+ite. Whe! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam be/a! to re+ite i! Surat at-Toor a!d he /ot to the 1ersesC
-a/e F 9$9

: % , 1 $ s -E * / 1 1 -E / / , ?> " / ,\ / / / 1 3 <& / ! * ?_ " 1 - N 1 ! - H ] 3 -E 5 6 / [ - 7 7

Were they +reated by !othi!/ or did they +reate themsel1es= 5id they +reate the (ea1e! a!d the 0arth= They ha1e !o +ertai!ty.

&6 1 Gd* " 2 1 !6 / ,W / , / / 1/ K ?r :-

5o they ha1e .ossessio! of the treasures of your #ord= Jubayr *b! Mutim radhiallahu &a!hu said whe! * heard that> my heart almost flew a!d that is whe! *maa! first settled i! my heart. Those 1erses of the <reator> Allah> were the seeds that brou/ht Jubayr *b! Mutim radhiallahu &a!hu from a !o! belie1er fi/hti!/ the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> to a solid +om.a!io! !eDt to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. We just me!tio! maybe o!e (adithC

I5 " , , -L b T b N W & t 1 1 3 b / : / / / 1 1 1 A@" 0 3 . \ " : 1 / / , 1 / ; ! / 3 L 3 / % < N @ 1 / , 1 h 1 A 1 < / / < / ; / I5 1 1 3 \ ...R / ! / = 5

The Sahaabah> a!d A!as !arrates this story> A!as *b! Maali% says we were forbidde! or deterred> at a .oi!t of time> from as%i!/ the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. A!d that is without /e!ui!e !eed or matters that may +ause o!e to as% a uestio! whi+h will +ause a matter to be .rohibited where otherwise it would ha1e remai!ed (alaal> had he !ot as%ed. So what they lo1ed is> they were .leased whe! a Bedoui! from the outs%irts would +ome from the desert a!d they were .retty you %!ow blu!t> they would +ome to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d as% him. So they used to li%e that> so they +a! lear! from the uestio!.

, < ; E @ ... / F , 2 1 h 1 A b / < ; / 1 q 3 = 1 \ 3 " , L 3 , -L W W N b d 3 d / F W ; / , ... 2.

So this ma! is tryi!/ to /et how he is /oi!/ to belie1e i! the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> loo% how he /oes about it. The Bedoui! from the dwellers of the
-a/e F 9$:

outs%irts> desert> +ame to the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d said> your Messe!/er> you se!t someo!e to us i! our tow! a!d he is asserti!/ that you +laim that Allah se!t you as a -ro.het. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> he s.o%e the truth> yes. #oo% how he we!t about itC

\ b ... N N ... 3 B / 3 b 5 * ;
The Bedoui! said who +reated the (ea1e!= The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> Allah.

/ B * ] b N N ... ... / 3 b ; /
So the Bedoui! as%ed a/ai!> who +reated the 0arth= The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> Allah. The! he we!t a!d as%ed his third uestio!.

b A N < ... 1 < 1 D 1 ! @ K ; / T ; 1 / ( b N ... 3 b

So the Bedoui! as%ed who +reated the mou!tai!s a!d .ut i! the mou!tai!s what is i! it= The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam said> Allah. A!d !ow he +omes to the +o!+lusio!> he saidC

/ B * ( ; mD 1 D 1 1 3 A K 3 B ! 5 * ! 1 ... ] / \ 3 Z b L W N A ... b @ / 1 / / ,
(e said by (im who +reated the s%ies a!d raised them a!d +reated the 0arth a!d the mou!tai!s a!d what is i! them> Allah se!t you= (e said yes. #oo% at that +o!1ersatio! betwee! a Bedoui! a!d the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. By "itrah> he %!ew that Allah is the <reator. This was !ot a! edu+ated ma!> this was a ma! from the outs%irts> who whe! he a..roa+hed the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> 'aa Muhammad> !ot e1e! the ma!!ers of sayi!/ 7h -ro.het of Allah. So it is somethi!/ that is firm i! the "itrah.


*maam Ahmad> whe! he refle+ted o! this uestio! o! the eDiste!+e of Allah> he /a1e the eDam.le of a! e//. (e said it is li%e a stro!/> little bas%i!/ fortress. (as !o doors> !o e!try .oi!t> that is the e//. 4o holes to /et i!> sealed air ti/ht. "rom the outside it /lows li%e sil1er> he is tal%i!/ about the shell of the e//. "rom i!side> it shimmers li%e /old> the yol% .art of it. The! sudde!ly it +ra+%s o.e!> it brea%s o.e! a!d from that sealed> +losed> air ti/ht e//> brea%s out a +reatio! with eyes it +a! see with> with ears it +a! hear with> its a..eara!+e is beautiful> it has a !i+e 1oi+e a!d it

-a/e F 9$3

wo!ders all o1er the world. Mea!i!/ it wal%s> it does e1erythi!/ all o1er the world. "rom a sealed e//.

3 R _M :<7 ...7 7 8 1 , ... 1 7 3 q 7

<a! a <reator other tha! Allah do somethi!/ li%e that> eD+e.t Allah= Ash-Shaafiee Rahimahullah> whe! he wa!ted to refle+t o! this matter throu/h i!telle+t> he used the leaf of mulberry tree. The leaf is the leaf a!d that leaf is +o!sumed by a /a?elle> a deer> a shee.> by bees. (owe1er> loo% whe! a /a?elle +o!sumes it> it /i1es us mus%. 'ou mi/ht !ot %!ow but the real> real> .ure mus%> the real eD.e!si1e o!e +omes from a deer. Mus% is a /la!d fou!d o!ly i! the adult /a?elles a!d * thi!% if * re+all +orre+tly> it is betwee! the /e!itals a!d the umbili+us. A!d that is the .ure> /e!ui!e mus%> e1e! if it is a hu!dred dollar bottle you buy o1er here that is +alled mus%> that is !ot really the real mus%. The real mus% is the o!e from the /a?elle. The sil%> there is a 5oodatil-,a??im H dE` h!hI i! Arabi+> sil% worm. *t +o!sumes the leaf> this same leaf> yet it /i1es you sil%. The bees +o!sume it> yet they .rodu+e ho!ey. The shee. a!d +ows +o!sume it> yet they /i1e us mil%> yo/hurt> a!d the rest of it /oes to waste> they are waste. All four eDam.les that * just /i1e! you that he told us about> they +o!sume the same leaf> yet o!e of them .rodu+es ho!ey> a!other o!e .rodu+es sil%> a!other o!e mus% a!d a!other o!e> meat a!d mil%. *f matters are by +ha!+e a!d by +oi!+ide!+e> the! the eDtra+tio! from the same leaf would yield the same result.

, mD3 7 3 VV :< ...7 7\ : % < # E F . / 1 1 3 R / ... /

This is o!ly from Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala. *! Al-&A eedah At-Tahawiyyah> *maam Abu (a!eefah me!tio!s the same %i!d of ratio!ale> throu/h i!telle+t. A!d * re+all whe! Shay%h Safar al-(awaali tau/ht this> he sort of somewhat i! a way> .ut some doubts i! the authe!ti+ity of the story be+ause he said these are .eo.le who +halle!/ed Abu (a!eefah to a debate o! the eDiste!+e of Allah. (e said> how +ould that ha..e! duri!/ a time of ;hilaafah. (owe1er> after that * read that it may ha1e bee! the ,adriyyah whi+h are a se+t that are eDtremist i! the a+tio!s of o!e. They /i1e so mu+h +o!trol that i! a way> they resemble atheists i! la+% of /i1i!/ .ower to Allah o1er e1erythi!/. So it +ould ha1e bee! the ,adriyyah. *t +ould ha1e bee! the .hiloso.hers that were roami!/ all o1er ba+% at that time. The o!es who /i1e .re+ede!t> !ot o!ly /i1e .re+ede!t> but jud/e the ,ura! a!d the Su!!ah by their ha!di+a..ed mi!ds. So it +ould ha1e bee! a!y of these be+ause they share +ommo! de!omi!ators i! some matters. So a messe!/er +omes to Abu (a!eefah from Ahlus-Su!!ah> he +rosses the Ti/ris Ri1er> he is +om.lai!i!/ that there is some .hiloso.hers> atheists> ,adriyyah> whate1er they may be> that wa!t to +halle!/e to a debate a!d they wa!t Abu (a!eefah to ta%e o! that +halle!/e. So Abu (a!eefah says o%> let them %!ow * will
-a/e F 9$6

be there shortly. (e has to +ross the Ti/ris Ri1er to /et there. The messe!/er we!t ba+% ha..y> he told the .eo.le> Abu (a!eefah is o! his way> he will be here shortly. Time .assed a!d the messe!/er /ot worried> so he would ru! ba+% a!d forth to the ri1er a!d see is Abu (a!eefah there or !ot there> !oo!> e1e!i!/> su! dow!> !i/ht. The atheists or those who wa!t to debate be/a! to mo+% them. -ossibly the debater> the o!e who a++e.ted the debate is !ow ba+%i!/ away or he is sta!di!/ them u.. So the Muslims be/a! to /et te!se i! a way> be+ause they %!ew Abu (a!eefah was the *maam> o!e of the most %!owled/eable of their time a!d he was a ma! of his word a!d he would fulfil his .romise> but they thou/ht that maybe somethi!/ ha..e!ed to him whi+h sto..ed him from atte!di!/ that e1e!t. #ate at !i/ht that !i/ht> .ast mid!i/ht or so> Abu (a!eefah shows u.. A!d the Muslims are there a!d they as% i! +o!+er!> what ha..e!ed Abu (a!eefah= Abu (a!eefah Rahimahullah says> a!d here is where it /oes. (e says> what if * told you that * be/a! my way> a!d loo% whe! he says what if * told you> that ma%es it !o lo!/er a lie. (e says> what if * told you o! my way here> /ot to the Ti/ris Ri1er> /ot to +ross to /et o1er here. There was !o !a1i/ator> there was !o boat> !o sailor> !o !othi!/. Sudde!ly> .la!%s of wood were risi!/ out of the trees a!d they are all +ut e1e!ly> same sha.e> same si?e> the width> the le!/th is all .erfe+t. The!> !ails +ame out of the water a!d the boat .ut itself to/ether a!d the! some seala!t +ame a!d sealed the boat> the boat sealed itself by the seala!t so !o water will /o i! the holes. The! the boat filled itself by itself with be1era/es a!d by .eo.le> it filled itself> all alo!e. All this by itself> alo!e> a!d it do+%s alo!e a!d it sustai!s itself alo!e. The .eo.le tryi!/ to debate him be/a! to lau/h> sayi!/ it is im.ossible. A boat ma%es itself> .ositio!s itself> do+%s> u!do+%s> .erfe+ts itself li%e you are sayi!/> i! the details of the seala!t> fills itself> loads a!d u!loads itself. *m.ossible. They be/a! to wo!der if this ma! that they are +laimi!/ is the most %!owled/eable> the bi//est s+holar> if he is bei!/ ridi+ulous or he is a +hildish ty.e of a /uy> what is /oi!/ o! here. They +ould !ot belie1e that whi+h he was sayi!/. Abu (a!eefah basi+ally said> what we would say today> * rest my +ase. That is all * had to say. *f you +a!!ot belie1e a boat> a shi.> +ame i!to +reatio! by itself> a!d this is o!ly a boat> how +a! you belie1e the whole world> the u!i1erse with its su!> with its moo!> with its stars a!d o+ea!s> with its mou!tai!s a!d .la!ets +ame i!to bei!/ without a <reator= 01e! without this s+e!ario> tell someo!e that this .ala+e or house or ma!sio! +ame i!to eDiste!+e by itself. Just .o..ed out of !owhere. They are /oi!/ to +all you +ra?y> but a u!i1erse +a! +ome i!to +reatio! by +ha!+e= Tawheed ar-Rububiyyah is esse!tial to resist doubts> that is o!e of the be!efits of it. Whe! the Shaytaa! +omes at you with doubts> you resist him. Whe! you ha1e worries> whe! worries o1erwhelm you> whe! you are surrou!ded i! the dar%!ess of your .roblems a!d worries> +ombi!ed a!d to..led with the dar%!ess of the !i/hts> +o!tem.late the <reator who you are as%i!/> Allah> a!d who will ma%e your worries 1a!ish.
-a/e F 9$6


*braheem *b! Ali> a Suda!ese from Suda!> a +o!tem.orary .oet> he /a1e a 1ery stro!/ .oem related to our to.i+ today. The 0!/lish fla1our may ta%e a little bit out of it but it is 1ery stro!/ly worded.

u2 - TN, <[ Z ;o ;
*! the hori?o!> there is si/!s a!d mira+les> it may be that the least of it is that (e /uided you.

]; % Sh 2' J$F A< N uh,

Tell the do+tor who is sei?ed by death> you who +ures> who sei?ed you with death= 'ou are su..osed to be a do+tor> how did you die= #oo% at the fli.side of itC

"-[ ;d@ 2; &- @ !< N u ;

Tell the .atie!t who sur1i1ed a!d re+o1ered after medi+al te+h!olo/y /a1e u. ho.e> who is it that +ured you= 0Dam.le> they /i1e him four mo!ths a!d he li1es te! years.

e =. & H [- e =K< N uh
Tell the o!e who is healthy yet dies with !o ill!ess> oh you healthy o!e> who with death sei?ed you=

mD T& -T; `J9 D=" #! KA< N u-,

Tell the o!e with eyesi/ht who is a1oidi!/ .its a!d stumbli!/> yet he still stumbles a!d tri.s> who is (e who made you stumble a!d fall= #oo% at the fli.side of itC

2. Q& 9d< * & GL <& u *h-E

-a/e F 9$$

As% the o!e wal%i!/ i! a +rowd> he is wal%i!/ i! a +rowd> bli!d ma!. As% the bli!d ma! wal%i!/ i! a +rowd> !ot +ollidi!/ with a!yo!e> who is the o!e who /uides you=

! Q& 4 H!d < @ N u mD

Tell the o!e> the i!fa!t> the !ewbor!. Tell the i!fa!t who li1es i! isolatio!> !o she.herd> !o +areta%er> who is (e who !ourishes you=

` hH- S2 0A &T,! 0& 2 -< N u0&, mD

Tell the !ewbor! who bursts out of the womb of his mother +ryi!/ at birth> what made you +ry=

IL ;L gJ" A+ SF ! uX9 -5&

*f you see a s!a%e that s.ews its 1e!om> as% that s!a%e> who with toDi!s stuffed you= The toDi!s i! the mouth of the s!a%e is .oiso! to me.

5 D= !F !, "Ac F v # IL! u ;
As% the s!a%e> how do you sur1i1e oh s!a%e= 'ou li1e while the toDi+ .oiso! fills your mouth=

<N! 4 2T% [kEF v # <=" - &IL! uQ9 2TX

As% the stoma+hs of the bees> how ho!ey oo?es out of it a!d the! tell the ho!ey who sweete!s you=

!;h " & # JK A< GL <& uJ. mD

As% the .ure mil%> that white> !i+e> +lea!> .urified mil% that +omes to you> as% that .ure mil% that was betwee! eD+retio!s a!d blood> what .urified you= (e too% that from the 1erse of AllahC

-a/e F 9$)

/ ; E ; 4 6 1 1 5 1 1 1 3 1 ! / / P` 3 0 / 0 " / A & z 4 1 GL 4 A3 : h! : 6 1 1 1 - K 4 1 * / ; 1 / & 3 __ :<= 1 &6 1 X

*t mea!s the same thi!/ as this li!e of .oem. The! he we!t o! to sayC

"- J'$ !m2 5=F \-T< N #J*, j

Tell the air that is felt o! ha!ds yet hidde! from eyes> who is it that hid you=

C77J@ &77 ! 2TF 2 &v@[ A< N #

Tell the .la!t that dries> e1e! after you mai!tai! a!d +are for it> who with dry!ess stri%ed you=

IL( ;29! -&=\ K ; fA f,! u&,

*f you see a .la!t i! the desert /rowi!/ without mai!te!a!+e> as% it who is it that !ourishes you= #et me eD.lai! this li!e a little bit more. -la!t you see i! the desert> a!d it is /rowi!/ without !o o!e mai!tai!i!/ it> i! a 1ast desert> who !ourishes it= Se1eral wee%s a/o> * was i! a!other state a!d the brothers too% us o! some ar+hite+tural +ruise i! a boat> i! a shi.. *t was late a!d it was +old> a!d we were the o!ly o!es o! that +ruise> 1ery late a!d !o o!e was there. So we were o! that +ruise a!d they showed us la!dmar%s> moder! ar+hite+ture from the water. 'ou %!ow> some of ma! made +reatio!. The +ruise /oes o! for a..roDimately a! hour while the /uide s.ea%s a!d eD.lai!s ea+h buildi!/ a!d some ama?i!/ details of it. 7!e thi!/ that really> really /ot my atte!tio! is that all these buildi!/s a!d some were desi/!ed li%e this a!d some were desi/!ed li%e that> features that are really ama?i!/. Whe! we /ot to a .oi!t at a little tree> the /uide said e1eryo!e loo% at that tree. (e made it a .oi!t to tell e1eryo!e a!d draw their atte!tio! to loo% at that tree. (e said> for the .ast thirtee! years * ha1e bee! wor%i!/ as a /uide here> the o!e thi!/ * +ould !ot u!dersta!d is how that tree /rows out of a +eme!t blo+%. (ow= * ha1e bee! tryi!/ to fi/ure that out for thirtee! years> it is u!eD.lai!able. (e +a!

-a/e F 9$8

eD.lai! all those buildi!/s a!d ar+hite+ture but Subha! Allah> Allah made him s.ea% about that little tree that is /rowi!/ out of the +eme!t. That is what that li!e mea!sC

IL( ;29! -&=\ K ; fA f,! u&,

This is why we study this &A eedah> to +har/e a!d i/!ite our *maa! to the summit. &A eedah is mea!t to +har/e. Resist doubts> whe! you resist doubts> you ta%e it to a hi/her le1el. Whe! you resist doubts a!d your *maa! hits the summit> whe! you raise your ha!ds truly> you belie1e you are s.ea%i!/ to a Rabb> to a #ord> to Allah a!d !ot to the four walls i! your bedroom. Whe! you /o o1er this so mu+h a!d you resist all the doubts a!d you lear! the .ure> white Tawheed> your Tawheed rea+hes the le1el of *maa!. The! it /oes o! further to rea+h the le1el> whi+h we are tar/eti!/> of *hsaa!. The! whe! you raise your ha!ds to Allah> you feel differe!t %!owi!/ (e who +a! ma%e that .la!t /row i! a dry> massi1e desert or out of the +eme!t> +a! ma%e the im.ossible .ossible> ha..e! for you.

T& f7='J !u T& [D*, k G( @D u7,

These are wo!ders a!d mira+les that startle your eyes a!d o.e! your ears.

SF - a @ @FZ tJ!< ; #
#oo% at that li!e. -erha.s i! your ow! self> are the most wo!drous si/!s> if your eyes +a! see. That is the 1erseC

; ; , , lU :[D" 1 ! 1 / A F Q 1 J !6 / 05 K T 4 5JF f!9 LI& "-=X" -0! # ,

The u!i1erse is full. The u!i1erse is +har/ed> full of u!eD.lai!able se+rets. *f you attem.t to i!ter.ret them> you are o!ly /oi!/ to frustrate yourself. Attem.ti!/ to i!ter.ret some of the +reatio! of Allah> will bri!/ you to frustratio!.

2, , -$5 ! ;, j ; | u |z L,
-a/e F 9)@

#oo% towards the e!d of the .oem> it boosts the *maa! of the .oet where he is sayi!/ that * o!ly +are oh Allah> about what= *f you are .leased about me.

Q7< 7 & mD 4 QT" 5w T, u7s,

7h you ma!> who has made you +areless about your #ord the most Ae!erous=

7 6 Un :"-)7 7 ... 7 7 ... / 1 1 $ / , F 9 E 5 3 u A

Blessed be Allah> the best of all +reators. More beautiful tha! this .oetry> if we really +o!tem.late a!d +om.rehe!dC

]6 b d 1 ! ,! 3 B / 0 5 * 3 , / / ! [ ; \ B " 4 1 / ' AI : @ 1 1 & # T 9 / & [ 3 3 1 G2 \ 5 0 3 R / & -' 8 1 , < 6 1 AF ", 1 7 % q / 3 q 7 / / N @ / < * 2 ] T 1 < 1 - ! / Q 3 _M " 6 6 4 6 N / , / 6 = A & < ! L ! 6 T < ! 6 T / 1 / / / 4 1 3 R / & _U " 8 1 , d 6 1 7 - 4 / H / 3 q 7 1 9 +/ #, < , / -5 \ ( h 6 p @ X / 1 / 0 ! P v 3 1 1 3 4 1 N 3 R / \ * 8 1 , ] 6/ J 1 7 @ / ! 3 Q 3 q 7 / 0 1 <_ l " !6 3 #D F
7!+e a Bedoui! was as%ed> how do you %!ow Allah eDists= U!so.histi+ated ma! who li1es i! the desert> but his "itrah is .ure> loo% what he said. <amel du!/ i!di+ates there was a +amel here> +amel du!/ i!di+ates +amel. 5o!%ey du!/ i!di+ates do!%ey. "oot.ri!ts i!di+ate tra1el. So the s%y with all its +o!stellatio!s> with the seas a!d its wa1es> does !ot that i!di+ate the All ;!owi!/> the All -owerful= *! Arabi+C

P 2 P 2 F ` ! b b 1 A/ / A/ / 3 ! 1 / / / Z! P q \ 5 b 2 F 2 N 1 1 = / ; 5 c 1 1 1 1 b P 2 W 1 &! ,x / ,[ q = x / &, [ : : / 1 1 1 E / 1 2
-a/e F 9)2

A!d *!shaa Allah> this +o!+ludes se+tio! o!e of +ha.ter two. We started o! +ha.ter two> this is 2A. *!shaa Allah !eDt wee%> we will do B> <> 5> 0> "> or whate1er we /et a +ha!+e to do *!shaa Allah TaJalaa. Ja?a%um Allahu ;hayr. Shay%h +o!+luded the +lass with a 5uaa.

This is our fiftee!th +lass o! Al-Usool Ath-Thalaathah> Alhamdullilahi Rabbil-&Aalamee!. We started +ha.ter two of this boo%> as we bro%e it dow! last wee%. ;!ow> may Allah ha1e mer+y u.o! you that it is obli/atory u.o! e1ery Muslim> male a!d female> to lear! a!d a+t u.o! the followi!/ three matters. We said that +ha.ter two is three matters. The first o!e is> we are /oi!/ to brea% it dow! i!to siD sub+ate/ories. The first is that Allah +reated us a!d we too% that last wee%> A. B is> whi+h we will start o! today *!shaa Allah> is that (e .ro1ided suste!a!+e for us.


, 3 Y ! E * " N 3
Si!+e Ri? is a matter that usually +o!sumes o!es worries a!d thou/hts i! this life> .ossibly more tha! a!y other matter> whi+h may at times lead to defi+ie!+y i! Tawheed a!d &A eedah> it is dis+ussed eDte!si1ely i! the ,ura! a!d Su!!ah. To .ut you at ease a!d .ea+e> but more im.orta!tly to +om.lete a!d fulfil your Tawheed. Just as the #ord we s.o%e about last wee% is i!de.e!de!t i! (is Rububiyyah a!d so1erei/! i! (is #ordshi.> li%ewise> (e is i!de.e!de!t a!d so1erei/! is (is Ri? > the -ro1ider. We me!tio!ed that the ,ura!> really to summarise the .roof> we me!tio!ed that last wee%> there is fi1e 1erses that Allah saysC

:"E_ U :[-A07 7 ...B 7 1 ! '/ IL } / 7 * 3 T Vr :C*d ^ :C*d? V :d l>

*f you as% them about matters of Rububiyyah> #ordshi.> the arro/a!t ;uffaar of ,uraysh will say Allah. Those are fi1e> here> there is e1e! two additio!al differe!t o!esC

N Y / N ln :AL ?U :t- ...0 6 < /

-a/e F 9)9

Similar> but a little bit differe!t. Allah tells the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> tell them> who .ro1ides you= Twi+e i! the ,ura! a!d li%ewise> those arro/a!t .eo.le of ,uraysh say Allah is the o!e who .ro1ides for them. *! Surat SabaaC

/ ! N ] Y / N < 6 1 ! 6 3 5 0 < 1 N / [ / 1 3 ln :AL ... 7

Tell them Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> to the Mushri%ee!> who is the o!e who /i1es you .ro1isio! from the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth> they will say Allah. They admit it. 01e! i! Surat 'u!us> a se+o!d timeC

/ ! N 1 Y / N W 6 1 6 3 / 3 ,] 5 0 < / \ / 1 / !R f / 1 1 / x 6 3 / ! / 5 / & 6 K 3 = 1 $ / 6& 2 = ! 6 / ! 1 f 6 / / / x 1 $ 3 " -E 5 ?U :t- ... - ; 7

Tell them Muhammad> say Muhammad> who .ro1ides you from the s%y a!d from the 0arth> a!d who /i1es you your heari!/ a!d your eyesi/ht> a!d who bri!/s out the li1i!/ from the dead a!d the dead from the li1i!/.

/ 6& 2 ! ... / ...

A!d who dis.oses all affairs=

3 " -E 5 ... ; - ... 7

They will say Allah.




Ar-Raa?i HYI a!d Ar-Ra??aa HYI are both the !ames of Allah .ertai!i!/ to /i1i!/ .ro1isio!. All of the !ames of Allah are beyo!d what we +a! ima/i!e of their beauty a!d their .erfe+tio!. Both !ames here we said> .ertai! to Allah /i1i!/ .ro1isio!> so are they both the same eDa+t= 5oes Allah ha1e two !ames for the same matter= What is the differe!+e betwee! Ar-Raa?i a!d Ar-Ra??aa = Ar-Raa?i is the uality of Allah> we ta%e from it the uality of Allah> the eter!al .res+ribi!/ of .ro1isio! for (is +reatio!. Allah .res+ribed for e1ery +reatio! its .ro1isio! i! (is eter!al &*lm. (e desti!ed your Ri? before you were bor!. (e ordered the .e! to write it fifty thousa!d years before the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth
-a/e F 9):

were +reated. (is eter!al %!owled/e> (is eter!al &*lm %!ew your .ro1isio! e1e! before that. That is Ar-Raa?i . Ar-Raa?i is basi+ally .res+ribi!/ your .ro1isio!. To .res+ribe does !ot !e+essarily mea! to /i1e> so here is where the uality of ArRa??aa +omes i!. Ar-Ra??aa is the o!e who or/a!ises> fulfils> eDe+utes> /i1i!/ you your .ro1isio!. 4ot mome!t by mome!t> but if there is a time measure below that> it is .robably a yo+to se+o!d or somethi!/ li%e that. 'o+to se+o!d by yo+to se+o!d> a!d if there is somethi!/ smaller tha! that> the! use that measure. Mome!t by mome!t> yo+to se+o!d by yo+to se+o!d> (e /i1es you your .ro1isio!. Ar-Ra??aa is abu!da!t i! /i1i!/ you that whi+h (e .res+ribed for you. (e is the utmost Ae!erous> +o!ti!uous -ro1ider> with abu!da!+e i! .ro1isio!> followi!/ .ro1isio!. 7!e 4imah after a 4imah. Summed u. briefly> the differe!+e i! a !utshell> Ar-Raa?i .res+ribed .ro1isio!. ArRa??aa /i1es you the .ro1isio!> fulfils it a!d /i1es you the .ro1isio!. Al H bI i! both of these !ames of Allah> i! Ar-Ra??aa a!d Ar-Raa?i > is the e!+om.assi!/> al*sti/hra Hz'LwI. All of .ro1isio!. Al here is similar to a!d i!ter+ha!/eable with the ;ull H<#I> all .ro1isio!. So we too% the defi!itio! of -ro1ider> Ar-Raa?i a!d Ar-Ra??aa .


What is the defi!itio! of .ro1isio!= We all thi!% we %!ow .ro1isio!> what .ro1isio! or Ri? is. *b! Ma!dhoor defi!es it as Maadiyya! Aw Ma!awiyya! H

4 -I> .ro1isio! is both Maadiyya! a!d Ma!awiyya!. Mea!i!/ both materialisti+

a!d otherwise> Ri? is broader tha! materialisti+ matters. Allah blessi!/ you with *slam> that is Ri? . Allah i!+reasi!/ your *maa!> that is Ri? . 7ur Tawheed +lasses a!d lear!i!/> that is Ri? . 'our s.ouse> that is Ri? . 'our %ids> that is Ri? . 'our wealth> that is Ri? . 'our health> that is Ri? . 'our slee.> that is Ri? . 'our .ea+e of mi!d is Ri? . *f Allah /ra!ts you Ja!!ah a!d may Allah /ra!t you all "irdaws al-Alaa> that a!d what is i! Ja!!ah of its .leasure> is also Ri? .

!, 4 h

*! order to +om.lete you Tawheed> you !eed to u!dersta!d fully that Ar-Ra??aa is Allah. 'ou !eed to .urify your heart from a!y ty.e of feeli!/ that a!yo!e other tha! Ar-Raa?i > Ar-Ra??aa > .ro1ides you. A!d you !eed to let that belief si!% i! a!d re/ister dee. dow! i! your heart. 'ou belie1e wholeheartedly that Allah is ArRa??aa .


-a/e F 9)3

Y ll :[D" 1 -F 1 ! / 6 !2 3 ; ! / 0N 5 1 \
*! the (ea1e! is your .ro1isio! a!d that whi+h you were .romised. That is what you /ot to belie1e. Someo!e mi/ht say> you %!ow> /et real> s.ea% realisti+. (ow do you say my .ro1isio! is i! the (ea1e! whe! my job is ri/ht here> +ou.le of miles dow! the road= (ow do you say my .ro1isio! is i! the (ea1e!> whe! my busi!ess is ri/ht dow! the street= (ow do you say my .ro1isio! is i! the (ea1e!> whe! my +he ue a!d a++ou!t is ri/ht here a!d all my mo!ey that * !eed a!d my +ar a!d my house are all ri/ht here= (ow is it o! 0arth whe! you say it is i! the s%y= The thi!/ about it is that all those are mea!s of .ro1isio!> Asbaab H aAL,I> those are all mea!s. Ar-Ra??aa +reated those mea!s to attai! Ri? . The boss was /uided from Allah> from o! to. of se1e! s%ies> to si/! o1er the +he ue a!d ha!d it to you e1ery wee%. The Ri? +ame from Allah> he is merely a mea!s. 01ery +ustomer that wal%s i!to your busi!ess> wal%ed i! by dire+tio! from the (ea1e!s> to bri!/ you the Ri? . 4ow who is i! +o!trol> your boss or Allah> the o!e who bri!/s him to your sho.> the o!e who ma%es him si/! the +he ue= Allah wa!ted to draw the atte!tio! that it is i! (is suste!a!+e> that it is i! (is +om.lete a!d full +o!trol> i! the s%y a!d !ot o! the 0arth. *b! ,udaamah a!d al-,urtubi !arrated with a +hai!> that al-Asmaee> he said * was lea1i!/ a Masjid i! Basra i! *ra a!d * was wal%i!/ i! a! alley a!d a Bedoui! a..roa+hed with a bowl a!d a sword> 1ery /ruff a!d rude loo%i!/> a!d he as%ed whi+h tribe do you belo!/ to= Al-Asmaee said> * am from the tribe of Asma. (e said> are you the o!e they +all al-Asmaee= 'ou are the bi/> famous s+holar they +all alAsmaee= (e said yes. (e /a1e him Salaam> he sat dow!> the Bedoui! as%ed alAsmaee> where do you +ome from= What area= Tell me about where you +ame from. Al-Asmaee wa!ted to use it for 5awah> he said * +ome from a .la+e where they re+ite the word of Allah. The Bedoui! said> there is a word of Allah that is bei!/ re+ited o! the to!/ues of huma!s= (e said yes. The Bedoui! said> re+ite to me. (e started re+iti!/ adh-5haariyaat u!til he /ot to 1erse twe!ty twoC

Y ll :[D" 1 -F 1 ! / 6 !2 3 ; ! / 0N 5 1 \
The Bedoui! said e!ou/h. Asmaee said> this is the word of Allah. The Bedoui! said> this is the word of Allah= (e said> yes this is the word of Allah> (e re1ealed it to his -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam. The Bedoui! was asto!ished. (e /ot u.> he slau/htered his +amel> he s%i!!ed it a!d he said Asmaee> +ome hel. me /i1e the flesh for all the .oor .eo.le i! the tow! as +harity. The! he bro%e his sword a!d bow a!d faded i!to the desert re+iti!/ o1er a!d o1er a/ai!C

Y ll :[D" 1 -F 1 ! / 6 !2 3 ; ! / 0N 5 1 \
-a/e F 9)6

Al-Asmaee said> * be/a! to blame myself> why was * !ot as stro!/ as this ma! i! his belief (e too% that 1erse to heart> the Bedoui! basi+ally heard that 1erse a!d a lot of them were shar. i! Arabi+> he too% the 1erse a!d he too% it to heart. (e used to stress a!d i! wild .ursue o1er .ro1isio!. So he said> why o! 0arth ha1e * bee! stressi!/> basi+ally that is what he was sayi!/. Why o! 0arth was * stressi!/ a!d %illi!/ myself to /et somethi!/ /uara!teed to me from i! the to. of the se1e! (ea1e!s. *t brou/ht him +omfort a!d ease %!owi!/ that Ri? is +omi!/ from the (ea1e!s. The years we!t o! a!d the years we!t o!> al-Asmaee said * we!t to (ajj with (aroo! ar-Rasheed. Whe! * /ot to Ma%%ah> someo!e was +alli!/ me Asmaee> Asmaee. * loo%ed ba+% from the +rowd a!d it was that Bedoui!> .ale a!d old loo%i!/. (e was wea% a!d old a!d .ale loo%i!/ !ow. (e said to me> sit dow!> sit dow!> read to me more from the ,ura!. So he be/a! to read adh-5haariyaat a/ai! u!til he /ot to the same 1erseC

Y ll :[D" 1 -F 1 ! / 6 !2 3 ; ! / 0N 5 1 \
The Bedoui! said> * fou!d what Allah said to be true. Read more for me> +o!ti!ue readi!/ for me. (e saidC

/ ! / + 6 1 6 3 a / 03 , < B = 3 1 ] 5 / \ ; 1 1F l? :[D" -E
By the #ord of the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth> it is truth> just as it is truth that you +a! s.ea%. A! oath> Allah /i1es a! oath by (imself.

/ ! ...] 6 1 6 3 a 5 / \ ; 1
A! oath followed by #a (a H B I> #aam i! #a (a is #aam at-Taw%eed. The = #aam is assura!+e> em.hasis> affirmatio!> asserti1e!ess> to ma%e you sure that the Ri? is from the s%y. Whe! the Bedoui! heard that he shouted> who a!/ered Allah so mu+h that Allah> the Mi/hty> the Sublime> the Jaleel> they did !ot belie1e i! (im that Allah !eeded to /i1e a! oath. (e said it three times> o1er a!d o1er a/ai!. The third time> he died> the 1erse melted him to death.

1F / +... " -E / 03 , <

'our .ro1isio! is i! (ea1e! just as true as you s.ea%. Why was the .arable of s.ea%i!/ used i! relatio! to Ri? > to .ro1isio!= "or two reaso!s. Allah is sayi!/> be assured that your .ro1isio! is +omi!/ to you from (ea1e! just as +ertai! a!d defi!ite as you s.ea%. 'ou ha1e a!y doubt that you s.ea%= 4o. So just as you do !ot ha1e a!y doubt o! the fa+t that you s.ea%> do !ot
-a/e F 9)6

ha1e a!y doubt that your .ro1isio! is +omi!/ to you from the (ea1e!. That is the first o!e. The se+o!d reaso!> the relatio!shi. betwee! the .arable of suste!a!+e i! the s%y a!d you s.ea%i!/. Just as you s.ea%> ea+h o!e of you s.ea%s> +a! a!yo!e s.ea% a!d use your to!/ue= 4o o!e +a! ta%e your to!/ue> your mouth> your throat> your 1o+al +ords> a!d s.ea%. So just li%e !o o!e +a! s.ea% usi!/ your mouth> !o o!e +a! ta%e your suste!a!+e. RelaD> it is +omi!/ to you> your Ri? is +omi!/ to you. Why so mu+h oaths +ombi!ed with +o!firmatio! a!d assura!+es i! this 1erse i! .arti+ular> a!d others 1erses a!d ma!y other (adith> that we would !e1er ha1e time to dis+uss i! o!e or !umerous (ala aat= To establish Tawheed i! a! area that is wea%!ess to me!> that is how it sums it u.. *t is a matter that distresses .eo.le> it +o!sumes their thou/hts. Mo!ey> re!t> food> retireme!t> sa1i!/s. Allah wa!ts you to li1e a Tawheed filled life that e!tails a stress free life> a relaDed life.


/ 3 3 1 ] Y T H 1 / 6 1 7 : 3 &h 1 N ! 1 1 6 / ; '5 # T h1 < 6 1 # ; / ! / / P a ! : ' / '5 3 E : 1 A _ :h-

Allah says !o mo1i!/ +reature> !o mo1i!/ +reatio! o! this 0arth but the .ro1isio! +omes dow! from Allah.

'5 ...T ... h 6 / ! / / ! / '5 3 E

(e %!ows> Allah %!ows> the dwelli!/ .la+e for that +reatio! a!d its de.osit. All> Allah has i! a +lear Boo%. The .ro1isio! is o! who=

/ 3 3 1 ] ... H 1 1 7 : 3 &h 1 ! 1 6 / ;
3 &Alallah H I> o! Allah. 7! your boss= 4ot o! your boss. 7! your .are!ts= 1 7 7! a /o1er!me!t .ay+he ue= 7! a huma!> o! a +or.oratio!> o! a !atio!= 4o.

/ 3 3 1 ] ... H 1 1 7 : 3 &h 1 ! 1 6 / ;
5ue from Allah. (uma!s do !ot /i1e .ro1isio! to ea+h other> huma!s are mea!s Allah +reated to /i1e you the .ro1isio!. Ma!y may thi!% i! times of hardshi.> fi!a!+ial hardshi. es.e+ially> that Allah for/ot about them. They may !ot say it but it +omes to mi!d. That is whe! the se+o!d .art of the 1erse +omes i!to .lay. (e %!ows your dwelli!/ a!d your de.ositC

'5 ...T ... h 6 / ! / / ! / '5 3 E

-a/e F 9)$

More assura!+es. RelaD> (e %!ows where you are at> from the time you are i! the uterus to the time you e!ter your /ra1e> a!d after that a!d before that> a!d i! betwee! that. 'ou are /oi!/ throu/h diffi+ult times> Allah did !ot for/et about it. That is what it mea!sC

'5 ...T ... h 6 / ! / / ! / '5 3 E

*f Allah .romised e1ery a!imal its .ro1isio!> is (e /oi!/ to lea1e out huma!s> whe! they were the most ho!oured of the +reatio! of Allah=

! rM :\Lw7 ...7 7 1 & / E hZ / 6 3 # 2

A!d we ha1e ho!oured the +hildre! of Adam. Allah said> We will .ro1ide for a!imals. So do you thi!% (e is /oi!/ to lea1e out those more ho!oured> huma! bei!/s= Whe! Allah .romised to .ro1ide suste!a!+e to those who defame (im> sayi!/ (e has a so! a!d lea1e out those who say that #aa ilaaha illallaah= (is .ro1isio! rea+hes all> a!imals> ;aafir a!d Muslim. *! a way> Allah +orre+ted *braheem i! his 5uaa.

/ N 7 / 1 ! 8 / Y < 4 6 1 Z 2 1 6 4 & D / a 6 / ! / &1 b , / ! 3 & 3 7 T Z [ 6 + / / 1 1 1 1 / 1 / 1 / ...6 1 o 1 *

*braheem said i! his famous 5uaa> #ord> 'aa Allah> ma%e this +ity> Ma%%ah> a .la+e of se+urity> a safe .la+e> a!d .ro1ide its belie1i!/ .eo.le with fruits. -ro1isio!> /i1e them .ro1isio!. Allah a!swered> a!d (e said the Belie1i!/C

# N Ul_ :`EA7 ...7 7 ... ! J b

*! .ro1isio!> they are ali%e. 0stablish !ow to +om.lete your Tawheed> that your Ri? is i! the ha!ds of Allah. 5o it ri/ht !ow. 4o boss> !o busi!ess> !o !atio!> !o +ou!try.

3 " / ! :[D Y 1 3 6 3 1 1 ' / ` 7 3 E 3 >V

Allah is the -ro1ider> ow!er of .ower> the most stro!/. That is who you tur! to for your Ri? .


'our Ri? > rather your u!+ha!/eable Ri? was writte! for you> as we me!tio!ed> whe! you were i! the womb of your mother. S.ri!t i! this life or wal% or relaD> the

-a/e F 9))

amou!t of .ro1isio! Allah wrote for you is /oi!/ to be the same> it is !ot /oi!/ to be more or a!y less.

, 3 3 N :b . A t 3 1 / ! / 3 L 1 1 : E 4 / a ; 0 3 #! ... q J 1 3 1 / ,: b 1 9 3 " 1 < m 3 &

The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa salaam said i! a! authe!ti+ (adith> Allah .ut a! a!/el i! +har/e of the womb. The a!/el of the womb> whe! o!e is i! the womb he says> oh Allah a dro.> mea!i!/ should * /o ahead forth i! a dro.=

... ... a q E / , m
7h #ord> a +lot> is it !ow time for a +lot= (e /ets .ermissio! from Allah.

... ... p q z / a / , m
7h Allah> a morsel=

N T / * 3 1 ... a ; < N 3 ! E / ,: b 3 p m d , E ...2 1 L q ! / P 1 %

Whe! Allah desires to +om.lete the +reatio! of the baby> the foetus> he says wret+hed or ha..y= The a!/el as%s> is he /oi!/ to be amo!/ the wret+hed or ha..y=

# , / , ! ...+ ... / , q
(e /ets the .ermissio! e1ery ste. of the way. Male or female=

1 : b < N ; ... 1 W Y / '/ 0 ; ! ; / 1 , 1 &

(e as%s the fi!al uestio!s> what is the .ro1isio!> what is his .ro1isio! a!d how lo!/ is his lifes.a!> the last two uestio!s. A!d the! he writes that while he is still i! the womb of his mother. * am !ot /oi!/ to say your desti!ed Ri? was writte! whe! you were i! the womb of your mother> but e1e! before that. That is whe! the a!/el of the womb a!d the a!/els fou!d out about it> that is o!ly whe! the a!/els /ot their homewor% .ertai!i!/ to those matters. "ifty thousa!d years before Allah +reated the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth> !ot before you were bor!> before the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth were +reated> e1ery last dro. of water +omi!/ to you was do+ume!ted. 4ot e1e! e1ery dro. of water> that is still too bi/.

-a/e F 9)8

01ery ti!y .ro1isio! you are /oi!/ to /et was writte! for you> e1e! if it as small as a uar% or a! or a!y of those small .arti+les. 01e! small .arti+les that ma%e u. a! atom> if there is a!ythi!/ smaller tha! that of your .ro1isio!> Allah wrote it. *f it is desti!ed for you> it has bee! writte! for you. A!d e1e! before it was writte!> e1e! fifty thousa!d years before that> Allah i! (is eter!al Ahayb %!ew that.

AN / B / " 1 E / ,< 3 1 / B ' # $ 3 " h 1 1 GQ$ / [ ! 1& ] / , : L 1 v 3 5 / $ 5 / 1 !

Allah wrote dow! i! the boo%> i! al-#awh al-Mahfoodh H -J= -I> the measures of the +reatio! fifty thousa!d years before the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth were +reated. That is why matters of this life> Allah s.ea%s about them i! the termi!olo/y of wal%. 'ou ha1e a! item waiti!/ for you> wal% to it> ta%e you time. *t is !ot /oi!/ a!ywhere. The +hal%board o1er there i! the ba+%> if * say to all of you> it is !ot /oi!/ !owhere that +hal%board> it is for you Muhammad. 4ow> a hu!dred years from !ow> a thousa!d years from !ow> * am /oi!/ to sit here a!d wat+h it> it is !ot /oi!/ !owhere. *t is /uara!teed for you> !o o!e else is /oi!/ to tou+h it> it is for you. 'ou would be foolish to /et u. ri/ht !ow a!d s.ri!t a!d /rab it.

4 - ] / H ; 6/ 1 -X 1 3 mD / ; 0 < #! P :W 6 1 Y 1 / 1 ! 1 N / 6 1 - 1 A1 # -X T U>
*t is (e> Allah> who made this 0arth subser1ie!t to us. So wal%> wal% i! its .ath a!d eat of its .ro1isio!. Wal%> what you !eed to be s.ri!ti!/ for is the matters of the life after> the matters that are !ot /uara!teed. The le1els of Ja!!ah is what you !eed to be s.ri!ti!/ for.

3 6 ^ :@7 ...7 7 ... 1 7 1 L / ; / 8 1 1 / # 1 8; W : JJ" 1 1 ! ' ' / ; -5 ; / t ... 1 ; l_

Stri1e a!d ru! for those matters.




-art of %!owi!/ Allah> Ar-Ra??aa > is %!owi!/ (e is also wise i! /i1i!/ .ro1isio!. Ma!y .eo.le today utter day a!d !i/ht> Allah is wise> the All Wise> a!d they .rea+h it> but at !i/ht time they +o!tradi+t it by +om.lai!i!/ to others of Allah a!d about their

-a/e F 98@

.o1erty. They +om.lai! to other tha! Allah about their .o1erty> yet they say> Allah is wise a!d Ar-Ra??aa . Allah saidC

/ ; 3 5 ...] 6/ A ( 1 1 1 Y 1 h 1 A / 6 & 7 / z / ! 1
*f Allah were to e!lar/e the .ro1isio! for some of his sla1es> they would rebel o! this 0arth.

1& b d lr :S-X ...7 7\ X 6 : 2E 8 ! ... 1 7 0 3

(e se!ds by measures a!d ua!tities. There is ma!y> those who %!ow Ar-Ra??aa a!d Al-(a%eem. A!d the Ra??aa a!d the (a%eem that you belie1e i!> %!ows that if (e /i1es you some fu!ds you will them> a!d they are !ot /ood for you. So that is .art of belie1i!/ i! Ar-Ra??aa > Al-(a%eem. 'our &A eedah i! this> is that you a++e.t the status that Allah /a1e you be+ause you do !ot %!ow your situatio!. Ri+h or .oor> if it +ha!/es from o!e status to a!other> whether it will result to your +ha!/e of status from wret+hed to bei!/ ha..y> or ha..y to bei!/ wret+hed. 'ou do !ot %!ow how it will +ha!/e you. 'ou !e1er obje+t to Al-(a%eem. *f * /et i!to a!y o!e of your .erso!al busi!ess a!d * say> why did you buy that twe!ty thousa!d dollar +ar !ot the te! thousa!d or fi1e thousa!d dollar +ar> or less tha! that= Why did you /et a! i-ho!e a!d si/! a two year +o!tra+t= 'ou should ha1e stayed with a 1i!ta/e .ho!e that has o!ly 1oi+e> a!d .ossibly teDt. Why did you just /i1e your wife fi1e hu!dred dollars to /o to the mall= 'our !atural rea+tio! is to tell me> who do you thi!% you are to obje+t to my de+isio!s= Who are you Ahmad Jibril> to obje+t to my de+isio!s a!d jud/e my wisdom= That is my busi!ess. 'ou are ri/ht> you are a+tually ri/ht. Who am * to i!terfere with your wisdom i! your i!ter!al family busi!ess a!d your affairs= But a/ai!> who are you to jud/e the 5i1i!e wisdom of Allah> Al-(a%eem> Ar-Ra??aa =

, &6 / T f 9 6 " - 5 E 1 / W / / & N = / 5 / 6 1 1 1 = / & / ; / ; p 'X / T / T 3 / ; ! / P2` $ f / L 1 3 ' [ 4 : / 6 i 6 / & T / & D 6 / & p p 9 ! h 1 $ : &6 ?l :C*d" W - / @ 3 6 q / *
Who do you thi!% you are to .ortio! out the mer+y of Allah= That is !ot your busi!ess. Who are you to .ortio! out the mer+y of your #ord> your .ro1isio! of your #ord= We .ortio! out betwee! the huma!s> the +reatio!> the li1elihood i! this world.

6 $ T ... 1 3 ' [ : / & D 6 / & / & / ; p p / T h / ; ! : ... / L 4 i 6 / & p 1 $

-a/e F 982

A!d we raise some of them abo1e others i! ra!%s> so they may em.loy others i! their wor%. Some are ri+h> hi/h +lass> medium +lass> low +lass> middle +lass a!d low +lass. Those who say> why did Allah !ot ma%e me ri+h so * +a! build Masaajid= A lot of .eo.le say that. A!d su..ort the o..ressed> a!d do a!d do. *! a se!se> somewhat> some may be dis/ru!tled with the di1isio! of Allah. *f they just wa!t to do /ood> that is differe!t> but if they are i!ter!ally dis/ru!tled with Allah> do !ot for/et that Ar-Ra??aa is the All Wise> the All ;!owi!/. That (e %!ows what (e /a1e you> why (e /a1e it to you. ,aaroo!> a!d there is ma!y li%e ,aaroo!> a!d you %!ow the story of ,aaroo!. The .eo.le of ,aaroo! as%ed the same uestio!> why did Allah !ot /i1e us li%e (e /a1e ,aaroo!= The! whe! they see! what ha..e!ed with ,aaroo!> they re/retted it. A!d i! the 1erseC

3 2 / ; F Z 1 1 p 1 1 ! / / 1 } / 7 3 T ! 3 2K r> :&-' 1 1 K 1 = 3 -0 3 N 3 3
Some made a +o1e!a!t with Allah sayi!/> if (e bestowed o! us of (is bou!ty> we would /i1e i! +harity. A lot of .eo.le say that.

! 3 2K 1 1 K 1 = 3 -0 3 N 3 3 ...
A!d we are /oi!/ to be amo!/ those who are ri/hteous. We are /oi!/ to /i1e. #et (im /i1e us> why does (e !ot /i1e us so we +a! /i1e i! +harity a!d we +a! be ri/hteous= What ha..e!ed after they /ot it=

3 $ ! 1 & F / ; Z 1 1 & - 1 1 p 3 ; 3 - F! r_ :&-'" 6 -| / P 1

Whe! Allah /a1e them (is bou!ty> they be+ame +hea. a!d tur!ed away from Allah. The result is obje+ti!/ to the +omma!ds of Allah.

I; N / 1 4 ... & - ; N J T A E / 1 1 / T / 1 / E / 8 1 1
(e .u!ished them by .utti!/ hy.o+risy i!to their hearts u!til the day that they will meet Allah subhaa!ahu wa taaala.

, &... 3 " ( !2 ! 7 -J * / # 1 / 0 - -& D 1 &! 1 rr :&-'

Be+ause they brea+hed the +o1e!a!t a!d be+ause they were liars. By the way this 1erse was re1ealed> you %!ow that it is !ot somethi!/ to obje+t about> what Allah
-a/e F 989

/a1e you of .ro1isio!. A!d let me say before * for/et> this 1erse was !ot re1ealed by Thalabah as the .o.ular story is> a Sahaabi !amed Thalabah that /ot ri+h> that is a fabri+ated story. The true> reaso! for the re1elatio! was what *b! (ajr me!tio!ed throu/h *b! Wahib a!d *b! Eayd> that it is a /rou. of Mu!aafi ee!. Thalabah was a ma! who stood firm i! the Battle of Badr. 5o !ot be dis.leased. The .oi!t of it is> do !ot be dis.leased with what Allah has +hose! for you. See% mea!s> !o .roblem. But whe! you be+ome dis.leased i! your heart at Allah a!d the desti!y Allah has +hose! for you> low +lass> middle +lass> hi/h +lass> whate1er it is> the! there be+omes a defi+ie!+y i! our to.i+ today> belief i! ArRa??aa . Whe! Allah is Al-&Aleem> Ar-Ra??aa > (e /a1e it to you for a wisdom. Whe! (e is Al-(a%eem> Ar-Ra??aa > (e de.ri1ed you for a wisdom. So !e1er obje+t. -art of belie1i!/ i! this Tawheed is to be fully +o!te!t with what Allah has /i1e! you of .ro1isio!.

T < # a nn : ...7 7\ : ; = / '... / 1 / / &, / %

Allah /i1es this 5u!ya to whom (e li%es> a!d disli%es> but the Aa%hirah is o!ly for those who Allah li%es. Thi!%i!/ a!d jud/i!/ that Allah /i1es this 5u!ya to who is more fa1ourable to (im i! the Aa%hirah le1els> is a! as.e+t that ;uffaar ,uraysh used to ha1e.

,! H , 6 +/ # , =- 4 N ! h H ! / 4 1 &3D = / 1& ! / / ?> :AL

They used to bolster to the -ro.het Muhammad sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam a!d the Sahaabah. We /ot more tha! you /uys> we /ot more tha! you> we ha1e more wealth> we ha1e more +hildre! a!d we are !ot /oi!/ to be .u!ished. Allah saysC

5 / ! / N 8 ! X Y 1 E / 6 3 1< 6 / A & 3 1 07 1 6 2 \ " , j / ?_ :AL " 6 + # 3 - / H 1

The is> tell them Muhammad> Allah e!lar/es (is .ro1isio! to whome1er (e wills> a!d whome1er (e wa!ts to restri+t. Allah /i1es (is .ro1isio! i! this life for those (e li%es a!d disli%es> but o!ly /i1es su++ess i! the hi/h le1els> i! the Aa%hirah> for those (e lo1es a!d li%es.

T$5E TA6A115L



(aatim al-Asam was as%ed o!+e> how did your Tawa%%ul o! Allah be+ome so stro!/= (e said> * belie1ed that !o o!e will ta%e my .ro1isio!> so my heart be+ome +o!te!t. * %!ew that death awaits me> so * .re.ared my ba//a/e for that jour!ey. *
-a/e F 98:

%!ew my a+tio!s> !o o!e +a! .erform them but me> so * be+ame o++u.ied i! them. * am too busy i! my wor%. 4umber four> * %!ew Allah wat+hes me a!d sees me so * be+ame ashamed to let (im see me doi!/ a!y si!s. They said> so where do you eat from= They see! him so +o!te!t> so relaDed> so laidba+%> so where do you eat from= (e res.o!dedC

/ [ ! 3 1 ! 8 ! 1 7 * 3 3 1 07 1 Gd 5 ] / 1 ! ... 1 6 J / H r :"-E;" 1 ; 1 -T E E /
To Allah belo!/s the treasures of the (ea1e!s a!d the 0arth> but the hy.o+rites do !ot +om.rehe!d that. Ash-Shaafiee Rahimahullah said> * de.e!d o! Allah for my .ro1isio!> a!d * ha1e !o doubt> absolutely !o doubt> that my .ro1isio! will +ome to me. A!d the! he we!t o! to say> .ro1isio! will +ome to me> my Ri? will +ome to me e1e! if it is +omi!/ from the dee.> dar% o+ea!> the bottom of the dee.> dar% o+ea!> so why should * /rie1e or be sad o1er it= Why be de.ressed about it= RelaD. Umar *b! al-;hattab radhiallahu &a!hu saidC

, - 3 P 3 Y # F B 9 " - # ' F 0 1 3 1 1 # / 0N 3 / / 1& h / F 1 !2 Y 4 - F! z * 4 . / 3 /

The (adith !arrated by Umar *b! al-;hattab> radhiallahu &a!hu. The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam> said> if you all relied o! Allah as you should rely o! (imC

, - 3 3 ... F B 9 " - # ' F 0 3 1 1 P #1 3 / / Y ... / 0N ...

(e would ha1e .ro1ided you> just li%e (e .ro1ides birds. They wa%e u. hu!/ry i! the mor!i!/ a!d retur! with full stoma+hs at dus% time. Ta/hdu H !2 / FI i! the (adith z mea!s they /o early i! the day> with em.ty stoma+hs. They /o> mea!i!/ they do somethi!/. Wa Taoodu H h- F! ! I or Taroohu H FI i! a !arratio!> mea!s they

1 &I mea!s with full .ro1isio!. retur! late i! the e1e!i!/. Bitaa!a H 4

What you ta%e from that (adith> true Tawa%%ul is full relia!+e of the heart o! Allah> usi!/ the mea!s a1ailable. (e did !ot say Allah will .ro1ide you li%e (e .ro1ides that bird layi!/ i! the !est. (e says Ta/hdu> Tarooh> that is why * s.e+ified the defi!itio! of those words> li%e a bird that /oes a!d retur!s. Tawa%%ul is firm belief i! the heart> .utti!/ de.e!de!+y i! the heart o! Allah> usi!/ the mea!s a1ailable. That is the true mea!i!/ of Tawa%%ul i! the matter of Ri? .
-a/e F 983

*b! Abi 5u!ya !arrated that .eo.le +ame to Madi!ah o!e time. *! Umrah as usual> a!ytime he see! forei/!ers i! Madi!ah> outsiders> he would as% them. A!d he see! .eo.le who he %!ew they were from 'eme!> so he said> who are you= Mea!i!/> /i1e me more about yourself. They saidC

#" - / = / '
We are the o!es who de.e!d o! Allah. (e said you are Mutawaa%iloo! H

/rou!d with their relia!+e o! Allah. This is all .art of belie1i!/ i! Ar-Ra??aa > your heart ha!/s with Allah the <reator> a!d the +o!troller of all mea!s. Mea!s> you /ot to belie1e .art of that> do !ot harm a!d be!efit> they do !ot .ro1ide !or ta%e from you. 'our .ro1isio!> the order for it> +omes from the <reator> Ar-Ra??aa . Sahl *b! Abdullah at-Tastari said a /olde! word about this whole matter. (e says> whoe1er !e/le+ts mea!s> has !e/le+ted the Su!!ah. A!d whoe1er !e/le+ts Tawa%%ul> the relia!+e o! Allah> !e/le+ts *maa!. Tawa%%ul is the state or status of the -ro.het> whoe1er is o! the status of the -ro.het +a!!ot lea1e out the Su!!ah of the -ro.het.

1 #" - I> you de.e!d o! ea+h other> !ot o! Allah. (e said al-Mutawa%%iloo! H ' #" - / I> the real Mutawa%%iloo! are the o!es who .ut the seeds i! the '


The -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was %!ow! to ta%e mea!s> loo% at his life. *! (ijrah> he de.e!ded o! Allah all throu/hout his life> e1ery mome!t of his life> fully> yet he used the mea!s a1ailable to him. Whe! he we!t> he too% the /uide with him to Madi!ah> he hid i! the +a1e. 5id he say Abu Ba%r> * am the best ma! to wal% o! the fa+e of the 0arth a!d you are the se+o!d best> the best ma! after the Messe!/er to wal% o! the 0arth. So let us just lay i! the o.e! desert> %!owi!/ that there is a hu!dred +amel bou!ty o! my head a!d your head> a!d Allah is /oi!/ to .rote+t us. That is Tawaa%ul !ot Tawa%%ul. (e we!t i! a +a1e> he fou!d a se+luded +a1e away from them> o!e he thou/ht that they would !ot see. A!d the! he saidC

3 " nM :&-'7 7 ...7 7 H 3 1" / d = / F ... 7

'ou use the mea!s> but your heart is fully with Allah. Sometimes there is !o mea!s to us but whether there is or there is !ot> if there is> you use the mea!s. *f there is !ot> you ha1e !o +hoi+e> but i! both +ase s+e!arios your heart is fully atta+hed to Allah. *f the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam was hu!/ry> did he wait for food to dro. from the s%y or did he /o a!d .re.are a!d sit a!d eat= *! Badr> three hu!dred of the Sahaabah 1ersus a thousa!d. (e did !ot say> oh my frie!ds .ut your wea.o!s dow!> let us just sit here a!d ma%e 5uaa. A!d the +loser they +ome> let your 5uaa shout more a!d more> louder a!d louder. The heads are
-a/e F 986

flyi!/ off> let it be louder a!d louder. That is the thi!%i!/ of some de1ia!t /rou.s today. 4o> he fou/ht. Ma%e 5uaa> but he .re.ared. (e made 5uaa himself u!til his /arme!t fell off> while Abu Ba%r felt bad for him for ma%i!/ all that 5uaa a!d Abu Ba%r behi!d him .utti!/ /arme!t o! him. (e the! ali/!ed them> he .ositio!ed them i! fro!t so the disbelie1ers will !ot /et a!y of the water wells> so that all the water would be behi!d them. (e told them hold fire u!til they +ome a!d you +a! see the white!ess i! their eyes> the! after you see that> the! you +a! .ro+eed. That is the same as Ri? . 'ou see% a job but the heart is fully atta+hed to o!ly Allah.

4 - ] / H ; 6/ 1 -X 1 3 mD / ; 0 < #! U> :W ... 1 Y 1 N / 6 1 - 1 A1 # T

(e made the earth subser1ie!t to you so wal% i! it> wal% i! the .ath a!d eat from (is

I> .ursue> sear+h. "amshu> loo% at that. .ro1isio!. (e said wal%> "amshu H -X / ; (e said "amshu> (e did !ot say it is /oi!/ to +ome to you. See% it> .ursue it> your Ri? > .ursue it. 5o the mea!s> do !ot sit a!d eD.e+t it to +ome to you. That is also a! additio!al be!efit from "amshu. The word wal% i! this 1erse is deli+ate> it mea!s yes /o for your Ri? but do !ot stress for it. Allah wrote it for you so do !ot /o after this 5u!ya li%e a /allo.i!/ horse i! the outs%irts.
Maryam &alayhas salaam> whe! she /a1e birth to &*sa. *! her a/o!y> i! her birth> i! her .ai!> i! the midst of her a/o!y> Allah saysC

/ N i 1 / 3 1 5 ! 1 $ A 4 k6 1 / 1 / 1 md F 1 1& W W 1 / D@ l> :
Sha%e the tru!% of the tree> the date .alm tree. *f you sha%e it> it will fall from it> fresh ri.e dates for you. A!yo!e tell me how a ma!> a stro!/ ma!> the stro!/est ma! out of all of you +a! sha%e a .alm tree a!d bri!/ the dates dow!= (ow is a woma! i! labour /oi!/ to do that= The lesso! really is> de.e!d o! Allah Maryam but do the little mea!s. Just sha%e it> tou+h that tree a!d try to sha%e it a!d the! the rest is o! Allah. Submit the resume> /o to the i!ter1iew> .ut the offer o! the busi!ess a!d the house. A!d at the same time you are doi!/ it> before a!d after> %!ow it is +omi!/ from the s%y. 'our mi!d should be elsewhere> your mi!d should be i! the s%y. *f (e wa!ts you to /et it> !o o!e is /oi!/ to de.ri1e you from it. A!d if (e does !ot wa!t you to /et it> there is !o o!e /oi!/ to /et it for you. The bottom li!e is> that your heart must be fully atta+hed to Allah. 7!+e that heart is atta+hed to a job or the busi!ess for Ri? > the! there is a defi+ie!+y i! the belief that Allah is Ar-Raa?i . 4o matter how small that .er+e!ta/e is> it is a defi+ie!+y ri/ht there.

-a/e F 986

*braheem *b! Adham was .re.ari!/ a barbe ue> he was +utti!/ u. meat to eat> to barbe ue it. A +at too% a sli+e of that meat a!d ra! off with it. *braheem loo%ed a!d see! that she did !ot really eat it> she too% it to a dista!+e as he was mo!itori!/ it a!d .ut it i! a! o.e! field by a hole i! the /rou!d. So he wal%ed +lose to it> he mo!itored the situatio!> wat+hi!/> why did it !ot +ome ba+% to eat it. Sudde!ly> a s!a%e with its eyes .o..ed out> a bli!d s!a%e +omes out from the hole a!d ta%es it a!d /oes ri/ht ba+% i!. A +at a!d s!a%e are e!emies> they are .rey a!d .redator. *braheem loo%ed at the s%y a!d said -raise be to Allah> (e made e!emies .ro1ide suste!a!+e a!d .ro1isio! for ea+h other. Some i! .ast used to ma%e the 5uaaC

3 T ; & 1 Y 3 X 3 / 3 T /
A!-4aaabata H & 3 I is the +hi+% of a +row. *! Arabi+> a +row is a Ahuraab H

asI. So the +rows are s.e+ies that are rated amo!/ the most i!telli/e!t
a!imals. The +row> their +hi+%s hat+h bli!d> hel.less> +o1ered with just s%i! a!d wei/h .robably a little bit o1er half a! ou!+e. The +row is bla+%> the +hi+% whe! it hat+hes> is .i!%. *t is belie1ed that whe! the +row sees the +hi+%s> they are !ot bla+%> it lea1es for a lo!/ .eriod of time or .ossibly for fora/e> to /et food. The baby +rows> de.e!di!/ o! their sta/e> will !eed to be fed a..roDimately e1ery thirty mi!utes. The mum is /o!e i! either disa..oi!tme!t or to /et the food> a!d the baby !eeds food e1ery thirty mi!utes. This is a!-4aaabah> oh Allah .ro1ide me li%e you .ro1ide a!4aaabah i! her !est. So Ar-Ra??aa se!ds that lo!ely +hi+% i!se+ts> bu/s> /rassho..ers> wee1ils> berries> s.iders> whate1er it may be> o! its bea%. Attra+ted to its bea% so it +a! eat it> u!til the mother either retur!s with food or from the disa..oi!tme!t to see the feathers are bla+%. That is why they use to sayC

3 T ; & 1 Y 3 X 3 / 3 T /
7h Allah .ro1ide me li%e you .ro1ide that little> baby +hi+% of a +row. Who .ro1ided the hel.less baby +row i!se+ts> .ro1isio!s> while the mother a!d father were /o!e= Who .ro1ided the hel.less> bli!d s!a%e a .ie+e of flesh ri/ht at its hole from its e!emy> a +at= -rey a!d .redator.

3 N B Y / ... 1\ 6 / s 6 1 7 1 < 3 / 5 0 / : 1 * - / 3 1 ]6 ; ) / F ? :k" ; 8 1 H -0 7 H 8 3 I; 1 / !

*s there a <reator other tha! Allah who .ro1ides for you from the s%y a!d (ea1e!> it is Ar-Ra??aa .


-a/e F 98$

Ma!%i!d thi!% i! a !arrow se!se> that Ri? is materialisti+> li%e we said i! the be/i!!i!/ of the +lass. That is why ma!y +ry .o1erty. *b! as-Sammaa%> a .rea+her> he was a! ad1isor to (aroo! ar-Rasheed. (aroo! used to always +o!sult with him a!d %ee. him by his side to remi!d him. (aroo! arRasheed was the ma!> a ;haleefah who used to tell the +loud /o rai! where1er you wa!t> your wealth is /oi!/ to retur! to me. (aroo! wa!ted a +old /lass of water o!+e a!d it must ha1e bee! that he %e.t as%i!/ for it o1er a!d o1er a/ai!> he re.eatedly as%ed for a +old /lass of water. *t +au/ht the atte!tio! of *b! as-Sammaa% !eDt to him> his ad1isor> so he wa!ted to /i1e him some +o!sultatio!. *b! as-Sammaa% said before he dra!% it> what would you do if !o water was a1ailable to you a!d you are for+ed to trade for this +u. of water= 'ou are su..osed to /i1e somethi!/ for it. (aroo! ar-Rasheed said> for sure> most +ertai!ly * would /i1e at least half my %i!/dom if !ot more. After he dra!% the +u.> *b! Sammaa% said> what would you /i1e if you were !ot able to release the waste of that water from your body> u!less you traded somethi!/ for it= (aroo! ar-Rasheed said> * would +ertai!ly /i1e the other half of my wealth> if * had more a!d * !eeded> * would /i1e e1e! more tha! that. *b! Sammaa% +ried to the ;haleefah> he said dri!%> dri!% ;haleefah dri!%> may Allah bless you. "ie u.o! a %i!/dom that +ould easily be traded for a +u. of water.

H W C, uI a%, m2 L a%, \& % m'X

* memorised .oems from Shay%h ;ish whe! * was a %id a!d * used to hear his le+tures> the elo ue!t s.ea%er> Rahmatullahi &Alayhi. (e used to sayC

W 0 - !4 0 0F TOJ9 ;E "2A 9 H
(e a+tually said it whe! ash-Shah of *ra! died. Be +o!te!t> you will feel li%e a %i!/ e1e! if you do !ot ha1e but .ea+e of mi!d.

T < 7TI& 2 W O! J0 !E z&

#oo% at those who rule the /lobe i! their e!tirety> did they lea1e this 0arth but with +otto! a!d shrouds=

-a/e F 98)

Remember how we defi!ed Ri? . Why do you loo% at it as mo!ey i! your a++ou!t alo!e= Ri? is your &A eedah> your &A eedah is amo!/ the bi//est Ri? you +a! ha1e> it is the bi//est Ri? you +a! ha1e.

... ? :`2G777 ... ' 7 71 f / 1 / 0/ / / F,!

Belief i! the ,adr of Ri? is &A eedah. 7!+e you establish this firm i! your heart> whi+h we are tryi!/ to /et to> you li1e a +o!te!t life. (a1i!/ a defi+ie!+y i! the belief i! Ar-Ra??aa > our to.i+ today> is da!/erous.




*! Su!a! Abu 5awood> the -ro.het sallallahu &alayhi wa sallam saidC

; ... q N 1 1& f / d /
; I> "aa ah is usually a fi!a!+ial Authe!ti+ (adith. Whoe1er /ets "aa ah H q N hardshi.. Whoe1er /ets i! a fi!a!+ial hardshi.> "aa ah.

I; d ...j & T ... 3 / 1 1

(e tur!s to .eo.le> he de.e!ds o! them> de.e!ds o! them i! his heart.

; 2 ... ... 3 5 F 'N /

(is hardshi. will !ot be fulfilled.

; ... ... q N 1 3 & 1 1& f / I; / d d / ! 1 T

Whoe1er /ets a fi!a!+ial hardshi. a!d tur!s to Allah for hel..

% < ... / 1 - ; 3 W 1 Z! 1 : / ,< : : Y 1 1&

Allah will bri!/ him his Ri? soo!er or later.

"o+us o! this AyahC

-a/e F 988

3 " 1 4 Y / 6 1 7 1 " !2 A / ! W N / T / H 1 !h 1 / [ ! ! 4 / % ] :<=" - 1' 5 / H 3 5 } / 1 ! 1 6 r?

Ai1e me your full atte!tio!. They worshi. others besides Allah> who do !ot a!d +a!!ot a!d absolutely +a!!ot ha1e a!y .ro1isio! or +o!trol o1er .ro1isio! from the (ea1e! a!d the 0arth. *! Arabi+> if you were to remo1e the two words i! this Ayah>

4 Y 4 / % I> remo1e Ri? > .ro1isio! a!d Shaya> a!ythi!/> the Ri? HN / 6 1 I a!d Shaya H} mea!i!/ stays /ood. So why these two eDtra words= We said the ,ura! is deli+ate> these words are there for a .ur.ose. So what is the mea!i!/= To add affirmatio! that the o!ly o!e who +a! .ro1ide Ri? > is Allah.
A!-4a%irah "ee Siyaa al-*thbaat Tufeed al-*tlaa H

L ` ;0

Qkw 2 JF [AcwI> a rule of Usool. "o+us> both these words i! the Ayah> Ri? a!d Shaya are i!defi!ite !ou!s> *sm 4a%irah H `0 LI. Ri? a!d Shaya>
those two words * said that are eDtra> are i!defi!ite !ou!s. The rule i! Usool is> the i!defi!ite !ou!> *sm a!-4a%irah> i! the +o!teDt of a /e!eral se!te!+e> de!oti!/> affirmi!/> de+lari!/> establishi!/> i!di+ates a! absolute> u!+o!strai!ed> u!+o!ditio!al> u!restri+ted matter. A!-4a%irah "ee Siyaa al-*thbaat Tufeed al*tlaa > .ay atte!tio!> * am /oi!/ to eD.lai! it more. These rules are +om.leD as it is a!d it o!ly /ets harder whe! you eD.lai! them i! 0!/lish> so you /ot to /i1e me double the atte!tio! you re/ularly /i1e me. *f you ha1e a se!te!+e affirmi!/ somethi!/> de+lari!/> establishi!/> the! there is a 4a%irah> i!defi!ite !ou!> that mea!s it is absolute. That i!di+ates it is absolute> u!+o!strai!ed> u!restri+ted. Addi!/ a 4a%irah that is otherwise !ot esse!tial> /i1es it basi+ally> eDa//erated> absolute> u!+o!strai!ed> u!restri+ted mea!i!/. That is the .oi!t ri/ht there. Mea!i!/> here +omes the mea!i!/> those who they worshi. other tha! Allah ha1e absolutely> absolutely> !ot a ti!y bit of +o!trol o1er Ri? . #et us ta%e the first i!defi!ite !ou! to shed more li/ht o! what * am tryi!/ to tal% about. (e added to their !othi!/!ess> they already had !othi!/> it added to their !othi!/!ess> Shaya> the word a!y. 'aa Allah> you told us they do !ot ha1e a!ythi!/> !o +o!trol> !o +o!trol o1er .ro1isio!> so why did 'ou add Shaya= They ha1e !othi!/> so why did 'ou add a!ythi!/ to !othi!/= *f * say to a!y of you> what is your .ay+he ue this wee%= 'our .ay+he ue after e1erythi!/ +lear is two hu!dred a!d o!e dollars a!d fi1e +e!ts. Would a!yo!e of you tell me> if * say what is your .ay+he ue> you are /oi!/ to say two hu!dred a!d o!e dollars a!d fi1e +e!ts= 'ou are /oi!/ to say two hu!dred dollars. We are !ot sitti!/ here doi!/ your i!+ome taD> so you are /oi!/ to say two hu!dred dollars. 'ou rou!d it off be+ause o!e dollar a!d fi1e +e!ts is so little> so mi!ute> so i!si/!ifi+a!t> that you do !ot e1e! +ou!t it. A se+o!d eDam.le to /et this rule that * am tal%i!/ about>
-a/e F :@@

be+ause you u!dersta!d them more with eDam.les. *f * say to you what time is it !ow= 7!e fifty !i!e> does a!yo!e tell me o!e fifty !i!e= 01eryo!e is /oi!/ to rou!d it off a!d say it is Two 7+lo+%. A third eDam.le. *f someo!e has !o wealth> he may ha1e a little bit of wealth> what do you tell me if * as% you about his fi!a!+ial situatio!= (e has !othi!/> the +ommo! termi!olo/y> he has !othi!/. There is somethi!/> but it is so little> so mi!ute> so ti!y> so i!si/!ifi+a!t that you +o!sider it !othi!/. *t is rou!ded off> it is a fra+tio! that is rou!ded off. That is why the i!defi!ite !ou! Shaya was added. Allah wa!ts you to ha1e the .ure Tawheed i! Ar-Ra??aa a!d (e wa!ted to elimi!ate a!y ti!y doubt that a!yo!e other tha! Allah has a!y .ro1isio!. There is !ot e1e! the sli/ht +ha!+e that o!e may ha1e a!y ti!y> si/!ifi+a!t +o!trol or rule o1er Ri? > other tha! Allah. Shaya> a!ythi!/> that is why the i!defi!ite !ou! was added. So the 1erse is sayi!/ they worshi. those who ha1e absolutely !o +o!trol o1er Ri? > absolutely> !ot e1e! those ti!y fra+tio!s that may be +o!sidered by some. Those the Mushri%ee! worshi.> they do !ot ha1e a!y> ti!y> rou!ded off fra+tio! of +o!trol or rule o1er Ri? . The +o!+lusio!> why so mu+h em.hasis= This is to erase the .ossibility that we may ha1e a!y thou/ht or doubt that a!yo!e has a!y little +rumb or .ower i! +o!trol o1er Ri? . To affirm> to fulfil your heart with full a!d .ure Tawheed to Ar-Ra??aa . Two 4a%irah +ome to affirm this> two> !ot o!e. Shaya! was o!e> the same thi!/ we me!tio!ed about Shaya> Ri? aa too. They were added to elimi!ate the thou/ht that there may be that ti!y fra+tio! that .eo.le !e/le+t> that they rou!d off> li%e the o!e dollar a!d fi1e +e!ts> the o!e mi!ute> o!e ha1i!/ a little bit of .ro1isio! a!d the! you say he has !othi!/. To elimi!ate e1e! that .ossible> ti!y thi!/> that there is !ot e1e! a rou!ded off fi/ure i! the matter. They ha1e absolutely !o +o!trol o1er Ri? . We /ot the /e!eral wordi!/ of the 1erse> that those who Mushri%ee! worshi.> those who ha1e !o rule or +o!trol o1er Ri? . That is the /e!eral wordi!/> it already tells it all. To to. it off> we ha1e two 4a%irah> Shaya! a!d Ri? aa. To add em.hasis> to show !ot a +rumb of .ower or a rou!ded off fra+tio! of .ower do they ha1e> o1er Ri? . We are !ot do!e there> Allah wa!ts .ure Tawheed. The third thi!/ i! the matter> the e!d of itC

! " ... - 1' 5 / H

The 1erse at the e!d says> a!d they +a!!ot> they are u!able to. Sometimes> you may ha1e .ower to do somethi!/ but the o..ortu!ity is !ot there. Allah wa!ted to elimi!ate that thou/ht too. Belief i! Ar-Ra??aa is !o jo%e> it is firm> it is dee..

! " ... - 1' 5 / H

-a/e F :@2

They do !ot ha1e the .ower a!d they do !ot ha1e the ability to rule o1er Ri? . 4o .ower a!d !o ability. 7!+e you affirm absolute Tawheed i! Ar-Ra??aa > you li1e at .ea+e a!d at ease. *t is amo!/ the bi//est sour+es for the a!Diety disorders of today a!d de.ressio! a!d stress a!d traumati+ stress> whe! you %!ow it is from Allah> you li1e at ease a!d .ea+e. 'ou lea1e it i! the ha!ds of Allah> you li1e a stress free life. ;ee. your heart with Allah. *f you are reje+ted from a u!i1ersity or a job> do !ot e1e! feel dow! or sad> ta%e it with a smile a!d wal% away. 'our i!ter1iew /oes bad> it was !ot mea!t by Allah> be+ause it is i! the s%y. That +reatio! that you see i! a suit a!d tie before you +o!du+ti!/ the i!ter1iew> he +ould !ot raise his fi!/er !or mo1e his li.s or utter a word> eD+e.t what Allah wa!ted him to do. 'ou are /oi!/ to the i!ter1iew be+ause Allah wa!ts you to /o with the mea!s> to see% the mea!s> but before> duri!/ a!d after> your heart must be i! +om.lete atta+hme!t with Allah. 'our heart /ot to be i! a!other world.

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Allah +omes betwee! that .erso! you thi!% is a boss i!ter1iewi!/ you> Allah +omes betwee! him a!d his heart. Allah +a! ma%e him utter that whi+h (e wa!ts.


Affaa! *b! Muslim as-Saffaar was Shay%h for Bu%hari. *! the "it!ah of ;hal al,ura! H"ZE B*I> Affaa! was a! &Aalim a!d they started by the &Ulamaa> s+a!!i!/ the &Ulamaa> i!terro/ati!/ them .ertai!i!/ to the matter of the +reatio! of the ,ura!. They /ot to the house of Affaa!> the /o1er!or wa!ted to i!terro/ate him. The i!terro/ators told Affaa!> * /ot orders from the Waali that * !eed to as% you these uestio!s. *s the ,ura! the word of Allah or +reatio!= We %!ow what the .ositio! of Ahlus-Su!!ah is a!d what they ba+% the! used to Affaa! saidC

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*s that +reated= So he basi+ally be/a! to eD.lai!> he is a! &Aalim> he wa!ts to start tal%i!/ a!d eD.lai!i!/ to the ma!. The i!terro/ator said> loo% Affaa!> * am !ot here to debate> * /ot these uestio!s to as% you> * /ot to write the a!swer. A!d let me ad1ise you> whe! they ta%e you to .riso!> the! you +a! eD.lai! away o1er there. A!d he also said let me ad1ise you more> if you say it is the +reatio! of Allah> from my eD.erie!+e> he is telli!/ him> the .eo.le who said that> they /et a hi/her ra!%> their salary /oes u.> they be at .ea+e a!d ease. Those who do !ot say it was +reated> from my eD.erie!+e> this is the i!terro/ator telli!/ him> they start off by ta%i!/ your salary the! your family a!d you /et hu!/ry a!d it o!ly /ets worse after that.

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Affaa! said> the ,ura! is the word of Allah> it is !ot +reated> ;alaamullah H (e told him the 1erse that we me!tio!ed> the first o!e * me!tio!edC


I. The i!terro/ator said> you %!ow where this stateme!t is /oi!/ to ta%e you=

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Tawheed %i+%s i! at these times. That is how you %!ow if you ha1e the Tawheed> the Tawheed melted i!to *maa! a!d *hsaa!. The i!terro/ator wrote the re.ort a!d they +ut his salary. After mid!i/ht> Affaa! wa%es u. to a %!o+% at the door> someo!e is %!o+%i!/ 1ery hard at the door. (e fou!d it is a! older ma!> a Eayyaat> a Eayyaat is a! oil salesma!. (is +lothes are dirty> you %!ow oil salesme!> oil o1er them be+ause they wor%ed with oil. *t is a low> loo%ed dow! u.o! job> but this oil ma! too% it u.o! himself to +are for the +auses of this Ummah. (e said> who are you= The Eayyaat is as%i!/ him> who are you= (e said Affaa! *b! Muslim. (e said> you are the ma! the /o1er!me!t +ut his salary for s.ea%i!/ the truth earlier today= (e said yes. (e .ossibly heard it i! the +ommu!ity> i! the mar%et> i! the Masjid. (e said> here is a Surrah> here is a mo!ey .ou+h with o!e thousa!d 5i!aar a!d e1ery mo!th this time> * am /oi!/ to bri!/ you a similar ba/ u!til Allah .ro1ides you a way out. That was a+tually more tha! the /o1er!me!t was .ayi!/ Affaa! *b! Muslim.

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Today> the Ummah may !o lo!/er ha1e a salesma! with jealousy li%e that ma! did> li%e that oil salesma! did> but the -ro1ider who se!t that oil salesma! will se!d you differe!t mea!s be+ause the -ro1ider> Ar-Ra??aa is there. #et me +o!+lude be+ause the time is ru!!i!/ out> with this story for the sisters who follow us> es.e+ially throu/h the i!ter!et> whose husba!ds are i! .riso!s. 7r si!/le mothers as well> a!d a+tually for all of us. There is a +o!tem.orary ma! i! 0/y.t who we!t to .riso!> 1ery .oor as it is. So whe! he we!t to .riso!> his wife has two %ids> she had to mo1e with her .are!ts. *t is the same thi!/ re.eated all o1er a!d o1er> those whose family members we!t to .riso!> they will tell you the same story. 7!e day> her so! /ot si+%> he /ot 1ery hi/h fe1er. She is i! the house of her .are!ts> !o tra!s.ortatio!> a!d e1e! if there was tra!s.ortatio!> there is !o mo!ey to .ay the do+tors. So she tur!ed to Allah all !i/ht lo!/> o!e mi!ute 5uaa i! Salah> two Ra%ahs> i! dee. a/o!y a!d .ai! i! Sujood a!d 5uaa. The! she would te!d to her baby> +ha!/i!/ the bathi!/ towels o! his head a!d body. A!d as you %!ow> o!ly mothers +a! tal% about what they feel whe! their +hildre! are ill> may Allah /ra!t my mother a!d all your mothers "irdaws al-Alaa for the sufferi!/ they suffered for us. The! she would /o a!d soa% the bathi!/ towel i! +old water a!d .la+e them all o1er her so!> his forehead a!d his body> a!d ta%e a brea% i! Salah. Two Ra%ahs> dee.>

-a/e F :@:

dar%> lo!ely> lo!/ !i/ht> +ries a!d shouts of des.eratio! to Allah. A!d that is whe! the 5uaa is most li%ely to /et a!swered.

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The o!e who res.o!ds to the distressed whe! he +alls o!to (im. #ate> late at !i/ht> the %!o+%i!/ +omes at her door. She .ut o! her (ijaab> she o.e!ed the door> it is a do+tor> do+tor suit> white robe. This is a +o!tem.orary story> the do+tor a!swered the door but he i! reality a!swered the order of Allah. The do+tor at her door> she was asto!ished> has !o mea!s> she does !ot %!ow what is /oi!/ o!. A!d limiti!/ her +ommu!i+atio! with me!> she wat+hed as the do+tor dia/!osed the baby> wrote the .res+ri.tio!> /a1e her words of +omfort> the! he told her the bill is so a!d so> he ha!ded her the bill. (ere is the bill> a!d for house +alls you .ay ri/ht o! the s.ot> it is well %!ow! ba+% the! a!d it is still %!ow!. *! Arabi+ +ou!tries> * remember u!til re+e!tly> that the do+tor +omes> you .ay him o! the s.ot. She said> what> * ha1e !o mo!ey. (e said> where is your husba!d who +alled me= She said> my husba!d is i! .riso!> he did !ot +all you> my husba!d has bee! i! .riso! for some time. (e said> you ma%e a late +all at !i/ht a!d you ha1e !o husba!d to .ay for me= (e said> is this a.artme!t !ot ei/htee!= She said !o> the a.artme!t ei/htee! is ri/ht dow! the hall> that is !eDt door. So the do+tor was asto!ished at how he +ame here a!d there really was someo!e si+%> he said Subha! Allah> what is your situatio! lady> tell me what it is. She tod him her story> she be/a! to +ry as she was telli!/ her story a!d he be/a! to +ry. (e said> Wallahi> it was Allah who too% me out of my bed to +ome to see your so!. Ai1e me that .res+ri.tio! ba+%> let me /et the medi+i!e from my +ar a!d here is some mo!ey for you a!d e1ery wee% or so> * will +ome a!d +he+% u. o! you. 4ot o!ly that> he +o!ti!ued to +he+% u. o! her a!d /i1e her from the +harity that Allah /a1e him. The woma! be/a! to tease her husba!d who was i! .riso!> she said you mi/ht wa!t to stay lo!/er i! .riso! be+ause Allah the Ra??aa is ta%i!/ +are of us more tha! you did whe! you were here. A!d with this we will +o!+lude> Ja?a%um Allahu ;hayr.