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JS PROM 2013
I. NARRATION MRBN: The prom started in the 1920s in the S and is the !"assi! Ameri!an rite o# passa$e #or st%dents #rom a"" &a"'s o# "i#e. One o# the #%n!tions o# the prom( p"anned #rom a"most the )er* start( is to +rin$ to$ether peop"e #rom a"" #inan!ia" standin$s and herita$e. The &ord ,prom- !omes #rom the .ren!h &ord promenade( &hi!h means &a"' or stro"". In the depth so%th( ear"* in the 20 th !ent%r*( it &as !onsidered inappropriate to dan!e &ith men that *o% &ere not married to( so the $ir"s &o%"d ta'e short and hea)i"*/!haperoned promenades aro%nd the +"o!' &ith their dates. The #ormat o# the prom toda* )aries #rom p"a!e to p"a!e +%t a traditiona" prom %s%a""* in)o")es 0%nior and senior st%dents in t%1edos and $o&ns( dan!in$ and m%si!( !om+ined &ith de!orations and a theme. AI2A: 3adies and $ent"emen( &e &i"" no& &itness the parade o# +ea%ti#%" &omen and handsome men. 4)er*one p"ease 0oin me in &e"!omin$ the 0%niors and seniors in their pro!essiona".

(A song will be played while the juniors and seniors are having their processional.) The lead singers will directly go to their designated areas. II. IN5O6ATION AN7 NATIONA3 ANT84M MRBN: P"ease remain standin$ #or the in)o!ation and the sin$in$ o# the Phi"ippine Nationa" Anthem. III. 9OR7S O. 9436OM4 AI2A: 3adies and $ent"emen( a )er* &onder#%" e)enin$ to a"" o# %s. Indeed it is a $reat e)enin$ #or the 0%niors and seniors #or toni$ht is their promenade.

2 MRBN: No& to #orma""* &e"!ome %s to toni$ht:s a##air( "et %s hear the openin$ remar's +* Mrs. 4rnita S. Mata( OS7S 7ire!tor. ;;;;;;.. AI2A: 4)er*one hear the 0%niors in their &ords o# &e"!ome.

I5. 3I<8TIN< O. T84 S=MBO3I6 6AN734 MRBN: 3i$ht s*m+o"i>es moti)es o# p%rit* and inte$rit*( trai"+"a>ers o# pro$ress( en"i$htenment and the +est interest o# h%manit* at heart. AI2A: At this 0%n!t%re( Miss ?arre" Ann 3apa! &i"" "i$ht the s*m+o"i! !and"e. An instrumental music will be played 5. A664PTAN64 @S4NIORSA MRBN: As the s*m+o"i! tor!h is "i$hted( the seniors are $i)en the responsi+i"it* to %se the "essons and no+"e tea!hin$s that the* ha)e a!B%ired d%rin$ their sta* in this instit%tion to +e the +est that the* !an +e. AI2A: 3et %s hear the a!!eptan!e o# the seniors. The song eternal flame and one little candle will be played. 3I<8TIN< O. T84 6AN734S 5I. T84 TRIB T4 @J NIORSA AI2A: 3et me ta'e this opport%nit* to !on$rat%"ate *o% seniors #or a 0o+ &e"" done in *o%r sta* in this instit%tion. =o% ha)e emer$ed as &inners in *o%r o&n ri$ht. MRBN: Standin$ there toni$ht is eno%$h reason #or this no+"e instit%tion( &ho has &at!hed *o% $ro& into &onder#%" persons( to +e pro%d o# *o%. =o% ha)e +een ro"e mode"s #or the "o&er *ears( *o% deser)e this tri+%te +* the 0%niors.

3 ;;;;;;.. 5II. T84 R4SPONS4 @S4NIORSA AI2A: The 0%niors ha)e a"read* e1pressed their hi$h re$ard #or a"" the e##orts o# the seniors and #or the "o)e and !on!ern that the* ha)e sho&n. It is 0%st #ittin$ to hear their response. J%niors( hear the h%m+"e response o# the seniors. The song journey & king and queen of hearts will be played. 4C68AN<4 O. 6AN734S D .3O94RS .. B4E 4AT8A3 MRBN: 3et %s not #or$et the tr%e essen!e o# the promenade. This is the reason &h* &e ha)e this #esti)e( the #orma" and ann%a" e)ent amon$ the #o%rth *ear and third *ear st%dents. The si$ni#i!an!e "ies on the passin$ o# responsi+i"it* #rom the seniors to the 0%niors. AI2A: 3eah Sando)a" &i"" +eB%eath the 'e* o# responsi+i"it* to R%+e"*n Ba"+adas( <"*de" 6apa &i"" +eB%eath the Boo' o# 'no&"ed$e to 6her"*n 6ar+oni""a and the Tor!h #rom Jason Orais to ?at*a Sie$a. ;; AI2A: no& that the responsi+i"ities o# the seniors &ere proper"* t%rned/o)er to the 0%niors( &e &i"" hear a son$ #rom the 0%niors. ;;; R4A7IN< O. 63ASS 8ISTOR= MRBN: Than' *o% 0%niors. 8a)in$ +een here in this instit%tion #or #o%r *ears( the seniors ha)e +een e1perien!in$ di##erent !ha""en$es and str%$$"es. Miss Ai'o A)i"a &i"" read to %s the !"ass histor*. ;;;...

4 R4A7IN< O. 63ASS 9I33 D T4STAM4NT AI2A: As the seniors &i"" sa* $ood+*e to the !o""e$e o# maasin( the* need to "ea)e their possession to the 0%niors. 3et %s 'no& &hat are these possessions +* "istenin$ to J%nde""e S%ma*a #or the !"ass &i"" and testament. ;;;;;; R4A7IN< O. 63ASS PROP846= MRBN: 4i$ht to ten *ears #rom no&( these "o)e"* senior "adies and $ood "oo'in$ $ent"emen &i"" t%rn to +e #%"" $ro&n pro#essiona"s. 9e &i"" 'no& this as <emar Mori &i"" read the !"ass prophe!*. ;;;; AI2A: J%niors D Seniors( *o% are the dri)er o# *o%r ne& 0o%rne* in "i#e. Be the +est dri)er as *o% &a"' into the road o# *o%r dreams; J%niors hear the son$ rendition #rom the Seniors. ;;;; 5III. T84 68A334N<4 @S4NIORSA AI2A: This is a +itters&eet moment +e!a%se aside #rom the $rad%ation rites( this e)ent stresses the #a!t that the seniors &i"" soon +e +iddin$ %s $ood+*e and the* &i"" +e sa*in$ he""o to the rea" &or"d o%tside. In their sta* at The 6o""e$e o# Maasin( the* ha)e +een trained to h%rd"e hardships( a!!ept de#eat( appre!iate $ood times and "i#e itse"#. This instit%tion hopes that *o% &i"" %se these to +e an asset to this e)er +ea%ti#%" &or"d that &e are "i)in$. MARS: J%niors( the seniors &i"" soon +e "ea)in$ +%t +e#ore the* do( the* &i"" +e "ea)in$ *o% &ith a !ha""en$e. ;;;;. IC. T84 A664PTAN64 @J NIORSA

5 MRBN: I# &e do not rise to the !ha""en$e o# o%r %niB%e !apa!it* to shape o%r "i)es( to see' the 'inds o# $ro&th that &e #ind indi)id%a""* #%"#i""in$( then &e !an ha)e no se!%rit*: &e &i"" "i)e in a &or"d o# sham( in &hi!h o%rse")es are determined +* the &i"" o# others( in &hi!h &e &i"" +e !onstant"* +%##eted and in!reasin$"* iso"ated +* the !han$es aro%nd %s. AI2A: To +e tested is $ood. The !ha""en$ed "i#e ma* +e the +est i# &e a!!ept it to o%r +est. J%niors( rise %p to the !ha""en$e. Seniors hear the a!!eptan!e o# the 0%niors. ;;;;.

CI. 9OR7S O. INSPIRATION AI2A: At this moment( &e &i"" "isten to the &ords o# inspiration +* Ms. Jannes 4. Barrera( 7ire!tor( Basi! 4d%!ation. Aro%nd o# app"a%se p"ease. ;;;;.. AI2A: I than' *o% mam #or the &ords o# &isdom;.. The #irst step in the a!B%isition o# &isdom is si"en!e( the se!ond is "istenin$( the third is memor*( the #o%rth is pra!ti!e( and the #i#th is tea!hin$ others( this is a!!ordin$ to SO3OMON <ABRIO3. J%niors D Seniors( =o% did a $ood 0o+ in the #irst stepF I hope and pra* that *o% &i"" not #or$et the remainin$ #o%r. T84 6OMMITM4NT @J NIORS AN7 S4NIORSA MRBN: There:s a di##eren!e +et&een interest and !ommitment. 9hen *o%:re interested in doin$ somethin$( *o% do it on"* &hen !ir!%mstan!es permit. 9hen *o%:re !ommitted to somethin$( *o% a!!ept no e1!%ses( on"* res%"ts-; 3et %s hear the 6OMMITM4NT +* the J%niors and Seniors. The students will face at the stage.

6 CI5. R464SSIONA3 AI2A: 3osers ma'e promises the* o#ten +rea'. 9inners ma'e !ommitments the* a"&a*s 'eep. J%niors and Seniors( this instit%tion hopes that *o% &i"" emer$e as &inners in this +att"e. The song we are one will be played! .

RI<O7ON 74 8ONOR MRBN: Ri$odon de 8onor or Ri$oon Ro*a"e is an e"e$ant dan!e +ro%$ht to the Phi"ippines +* the .i"ipinos &ho ret%rned #rom their tra)e"s a+road d%rin$ the Spanish era. This dan!e ta'es its name #rom its openin$ per#orman!es at #orma" a##airs s%!h as the PresidentGs Ina%$%ra" Ba"". Mem+ers o# $o)ernment( in!"%din$ the President and .irst 3ad*( dip"omati! !orps( and other state o##i!ia"s %s%a""* parti!ipate in the Ri$odon. Traditiona""*( a +a""room &a"t> dan!e &o%"d #o""o& the Ri$odon. It is a sB%are #ormationed dan!e. MRBN: "adies and $ent"emen( the Ri$odon de 8onor. ;;;;;.. AI2A: Than' *o% dan!ers. It is not p"a!es *o% $o in "i#e that ma'e *o% &ho *o% are. It is the peop"e *o% meet a"on$ the &a* that he"p *o% to shape *o%r destin*.

7 AI2A: Prom ni$ht &i"" pro+a+"* +e one o# the most memora+"e and spe!ia" ni$ht o# *o%r "i#e. So ma'e it a #%n ni$ht. This is *o%r +i$ ni$ht( a ni$ht *o% &i"" pro+a+"* ne)er #or$et. 3et %s ma'e toni$ht another one o# those "i#e moments that sta* &ith %s a"&a*s. This is Ai>a O"a*er MRBN: and this is Mar+en Barrera. MRBN and AI2A: Than' *o% and en0o* the +a""..