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By Mark Allen
This is the filst of two articles on the French infantry of Marlborought wafs. This first pan can be Iookedon as an 'update'ofthe previous instalments asthe regiments described belowwere all raisedbeforeor duringthe War of the Grand Alliance. This meansthat most of the information listed previouslywill also be relevent for the post 1701period. Therefore,after a short sectionon someof the chanses in equipmenl and dre,swhich affecred Frenchrroop. duniq the Spanish Succession War. t will proceed wilh a li*r of the regiments showing anychangesin uniforms or colonelsA few cornnents night be appropriate hereon rhedevelopmert of fashionable clothingduringthe twentyfive years from the beginningofthe Nine YearsWarto theTreaties ofRastatt and Baden.Between1689and 1714fashionable male attire wouldconsist of thefollowins: degree ofunertainty it secms likely thatbothofficers andmen in the majorityof European armies hadby the niddle years of theWar ofthe Spanish Succession adopted some formoftricorn hat.

Amongst the fashionable many changes had been wrought duringthisperiod,howeveras onlythe neckwear is parricularly relevant to the men and their officers I will confine my comments to thlsarea, The'beau'of 1689 wouldhavewom alacytabaf or'raban'(a neckscarf)wrapped aroundand decorated with ribbons.The ribbonswere stiffenedand positionedbehind the raban to protrude eithersidein a sortof'halo' effect.In1692 theFrench won the closelyfoughtbattle of Steenkirkand the 'folklore' arisingfromthebattle changed thedirecaion of French costume. The soldiers ofthe French armyhadbeensurprised in campby the army of William III and had to hurriedlydress and equip themselvesIn their hastethey are supposed to haveleft rheir neckcloths untiedandtheirclothes in a disorderly manner. This gaverise to the Steenkirkstyle of wearingthe raban and a general adoption of more relded' forms of dress. The 'Steenkirk'was looselywrapped around theneckandrhelonger endpulledthroughthe seventh buttonhole on rhecoat.By the endofthe century a moreformalstylehadbeenre-established, butwithout the ribbons. The endsofthe clothwerenow more often 'tucked in' and this led to the rank and file usins a 'reversedform a. \hown on rhe plares. Yo'r qill ,ee fromihe plates thatrheneckcloths areshown asbeingblack,theWagner plates showthis for all infantryand whilslI havesomedoubrs about the widespread use I have, in the absence of much contradictory evidence, usedblackfor my illustrations.


In 1689 thiswouldnormallybe felt orbeaverwitha largebrim anda low crown.The sizeofthe brirnwasbeginning to reduce afterthe excesses of the 1670s. The edge of rhe brin wasoften decorated in gold or silverlaceand feafiers and ribbonwere addedfor further decoration. The ribbonshowev less obtrusivethan previouslyand were often worn in an embdonicform of cockade. In the 1660s and 1670s hatshad been wom in a multitudeof colours,grey and brown being particularly popular, however by the middleofthe lastdecade of the century black was the dominantcolour. During the yearperiodfollowing twenty 1689there wasalsoa gradual move towards tricorns.It is difficultto quantifyhow thiscameabout or how fastit occured, but by the endof the first decade ofthe eighteenth centurythe ticorn was finnly established as the pre-eminent form ofheadgear. Oneofrbe biggest problems in determining the process ofhange is the difficultyof accurately datingprimaryvisualsources. For example there are a great numberof paintings and other forms of illusaration THE COATAIID VEST depictinq LouisXIV he'oically conducting sieger. ar rhe rhearre oi During the period the coat or'justaucorps'becamemore playing billiards, but veryfew canbe datedclosely to the event obviously styled. The straight, shapeless item of the 1680s had they depict. The evidence seems to point to a fairly rapid by the lastyearsof the centurygained rear pleatsand a more adoption of the tricom between 1698 and1702, bur thse dates well definedsilhouette. The coat sleeves became lonserand arereallyonlyguesses based on thefollowingobsewations: widerandthesleere( ot thevesr or waistcoat couldno longer be 1. IllustEtionsof Louis)(lV whichcanbe datedrobetween seen. The vestitself,whichhadaslateas 1698 beenaslongas 1692 and 1695 show no parriculartricom rype hars the coat,became noticeably shorterasthe eighteenth century amongst rheking andhiscouniels. 2. The worksof Gifford and cuerard, whichdareftom the endofthe War of the GrandAlliance.showa nixrure of SHOES AIID STOCKINGS styles, with Gifford showing mosrofficers in tricomsand No major changes are apparenthere, the shoesbecame the menin othertypes andcuerarddepicting trico.ns ofa 'heavier' 'loose'stylebingwornby and shorter. in the processlosing some of their panicular all. but werestill square generally toedandthe redheels Theproblem iscompounded arrheotherend ofour historical elegance, fashionable from the middle ofthe centurywere stillretained by periodasmostpictures ofMarlborough,Eugene ercdareftom otherswell after the original evenrs. The tapestriesshoutd be the Dutchamongst giventhat the manhimsellhelped reasonably correct, in their WIGS derign. burthewo'|5ofLaguerre andRo:(dalefromlater and should not be too heavily relied upon. Ironicatly Rosts Finally, inpassing, afewchanges weretakingplace in thedesign paintings of Marlborough's campaigns showharstumedup on of periwigs-As the pe od progressed they continuedthe oneor more sides. burno tncorns. Wherher hewasallmtline process of lookingless lik naturalhairwhichhadbegun in the lo ponrayhisconcepL ',\helher of rhedres< of 1704-Sor h; wd; late 1660s. They becametaller with. ftom the mid-1690s, workingftorn 'eyewitness' peaksdiscemable accounts is unknown.Despirerhis considerable at rheir summits. The coloun

l5 too became less natural, with greyandwhitebecomingpopular all but ceased to exist. after the centurvhad turned. To go $ith the fusil a new set of equipmentwasissuedto the French soldier. The cartouchebox was now a smaller 'belly' WEAPONS AND EQIIIPMENT pouchattached beltwasthinner to the waistbelt, the shoulder po\rder The sword was still attached and only held-up the flask. The Frenchinfantry that energed to beginthe conflicts of 1?01 'fantassins' previously hung which had to the waist belt, but the bayonet, hadchanged somewhat fromthe of 1697. Firstly,the was now on the right hip, alongside ihe cartouche box musketeer who hadretired into winter qua(ers for the last time afterthe Treatyof Ryswick hadbecome a tusilier.By 1702 the positionedwith the sword. re-equipingof the French anny with flintlock musketsor fusils TIIE REGIMENT adopted hadbeenalmost completed. They had not, however, who werestill the platoon methodsof fire control used by their Dutch, Below are listedall rcgrmnts formed before 1702 English,and Geman enemies. In the earlierwarsthe Grand in existence on that date.Part Two of this articlewill detail those Alliancehadbeensooufgenealled thatthe advantages of their units formed duing or after 1702. superior tactical doctrine had not been appreciatd,but t}lis Any changes in colonelsareshownandthe colour platesshow time it would be different. Arso rnissing from the French all alterations in the uniforms or flags of these units. Unless infantry battalion, and likewise from most other European statedotherwiseunits not illustrated rctained th samecolours armies, was the pikeman. Th introduction of the flindock in their uniforms, but cut to the new style. (Seethe earlier pans togetherwith the socket bayonet, which enabled fire to of this series for details of these.)Likewisewere the C.O. of continue evenwhenthe bayonet was fixed, had sounded the 1697 is still in command dudng the War of the Spanish 'deathknell' of the 'queenof battles'. Also contributing to the Succession in the his details will be listedunderthe regiment demiseof the pike werethe newtactics.Linear formationsthree earlier part. volleysand to five ranksdeepweretrainedto delivermassed Tables showing the war records of the regiments are also without the offensivepole-armsof before the firepower of the battalion becamethe methodofdecidinginfantry engagements. (Some additional informatiion on drcss and flags has been in tacticsthat modemhistorianssemto providedby Mr- David Wilson. Where this h the casethe Socritical is the change of relevant commenthasbeen marked DW. Many thanks to Mr. be of the opinionthat with the excption of the disputing built-up-areasand fortifications the infantry vs. infantry melee Wilsor for hisinterest andassistance).
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HUMIERES/CHAROSTtsETHUNE^AILLA}IT (W49) 1709:Mi.h.rFtuoir. l71z: Chd.lFdn@n ch.vali.r d. BerhM. d. E{,ing, Mrlqtris d. stllmr ArsAcE ( (No chans.. $. wr5, ROYAL ROUSSILoN (wrsl) ltol: Niols de Xitun6. Mrqft d. Pnisy 1703:Aus6rin, M.rquGd. xd.m.s arqun dc Mmrboisi.r . d Ans.nNs l?r2: Pi.Gcl'desR.s.adr.c. l7l3: Niola d. H.uefon, Codr. d. sDdille u": buL d. Bd.bbreu, Mrqft d. Nmgs

1705:An ftcquB. chevald d. Bulljon d. c'ma lnl: riuFAnroii.Ad,nd l?09: l.m, Marquisd. cdion l7m: ADne-AugGr.d. MonhorD. l7l3: Pieft-Cnad.s R?stuuld,c.dr. d tu8.ncs

(WI49) COETOUENTTOURVILLEMEUSE l|lu'Blioo5hed.diiom*oilbough 6,M.iqGd.t trdu. CRANCEYIACHESNELAYE (WI49) 1707:adolp..chdl6 d. Romin y.M nas znddK ror both 6 F! pht

l7r0: l,uG d! Bn.hanciu, Mriqui d. Nmsn r?(B:LuieAnroined.Ganmo,Contd.l $m. 1ru3: J.,n.t nisd. wNinsbae. ch.vali.r d In.on SAULT/TESSSTALL^RO (WI4C) lmr: ReD.-Mans d. Frouray,Cod. d. Ls Drs a shon in w49 n Ep.icd i n,gtriedbyrcgimdtTdhd. }.IETTANCORT/I{AILLY/BUEIL.RACANtsROSSF' (wr4e) BOUFFLERS,RAMTANCoRT 1704: Adn.n d. silly, canr. d. rrainy h Ho6ry. l7G: Anroinc-Pi.ft, Cofl. d. Bcil R,m t7l2: Fffois-H.nn d. Tri.ft.lin. M.'qnis de Bre tion itr pbr. 3hd. tu ol r,&nly piln iNr or offex cufi. nas bp: Mdly. bdanl tn)3: Cl dlcnillm. Tsru. Mrquis de Balin@u

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ROY^L DE VAISSEAUX (WI49) 1702: ls:ccha,Cont

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1706:Ni@rs d. v.v., Cn di..d.Tdrcuvrc Tlodeid, Mfqds d. sr. Paul 1709:Franon.ka GRIDER ^Lt EMAGNE (G.min) (No.hDg., c *152) t705:Frm.oi!z.nob.Phj[pF.M''qlndbcqel6

17061 Cliude, r,rrqnis de c.b.rcr $ SULPICE/LANNoY/DE f,ouvlcNlEs lm2: l7S: I7l2 Dr.s

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THouY (Pndmod*) MONTSERREAU/VAUDRTUII]SOURCHES 1704:chd6 Husues. d. Lyom. (No ch'ng. MoN'rREUx ohrian) (No chatrge,s w52) (co6i.ztr)(Nochange. PERRI s. wl52) NOAILLEStsEAUFERMEtsRICHAMIAULT (WI59) No chms. in udloms or n4! dnnie rhn p.riod r700r Phiippc.chri6, M!'qui3 d Ebmp.s

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l?12: Eri.nn Jepn d lem, Mdqtris de viu.ron SOLRE/BEAUFORT(W,IIMN) 1m9: Niol6, ch.vatiei d. c6i.sotr r05: rem Ftuok de Biands. M'q$s de carja '0aiPdlHipp.lytes']ierd.Li!'r ul3: Eb.dErd.Eda'. Codt d Hrniig t$r: (brcrherorde pcvioE r?tr5: H.nn.L.uis d. choisur. Marqun de Meus l7l,:Niol6'cheE|igdeBrcc]ie

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1710:F.rdinand.Asarhansc. Maiqft d. Brun Howrs n n pobsry ,hd de rcsimcnr wor grt.n .ufis AARDES DU DUCDE MANTOUE(Pi.dMONICS) l?00 Fro(o5.z.nobePhiipE,comLeAtbeiaorri r?0, Pr6F,decoda*.MdsFd. Ld; Upli|l'0,lh.C8immI%rmh drenshFtr, comr de Midd.rbour: HATNAUT(Na change. c. 11I5e) I70r: Larclor d. Tut?jn de cns.. comr. dc sanay Fras for.rtg {wtse). s. ptak fd (Noohse. f . wr6l) crio'es (sairo6) ( (wr52) SPARRfiLENCK l7r4: r,.qu5.GNkE derfi.r lru, Ni@16,M qur d. r: Bouray.

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By MarkAllen
lnitially it wasmy intentionto limit thesearticles to two parts. But. because ofthe amount ofmaterial available, thisis nowthe secondofa threepartseries. All comments made in thefirsipan concerning dress and equipment are alsoapplicable here.The regiments listed hereandin panthreewereformedorreformed duringor after1701. With the exception oftwo, RoyalBaviere (seepart three)all weredisbanded and Enghien at the endof the war. if not before.With the exception of the few foreign regiments raised. all carried plain Colonel'sColours.The &apeaud'ordina ce,,xhere known.are listed.Lirtle information is available on the uniformsof rhesereginents,but for thoseof you who wish to be able to usethe flag derails and reconstruct theregiments, rheevidence seems ro show tharrhey weremorelikelyto wearredthanbluecuffson iheirgreycoars.

OURCHES/AOULAY/EPPEVILLE 1702: N. omre deourches 1710, Francoi!deBo!.ll.s,l Eppville

LOI]VIGNIES/SIFFREDY BemieEsde Louv'gnies 1702: Jcan-M.ignardde

Senice:FlandeE.Oudenardc & Malpla,tuet 1702:Ch.rlclHelri Gaspardde Saulr. vimmre de


Partizanpresent,in association with The Royal Armouries,a rries of participation wargamesand ENGLISECIVII \IIAR - l3wl4ih Febmary EIGEIEENTE CENIIIRY - l3th/l4th March - 24rv25th April NAPTOLEOMC For mole details,wdte to: 26 Cliffsea Grove, Leigh on Sea,EBserSliglNQ.

Reldmed in l?01lor an ea.lir.egimentkee wl6l). Sedice:Chian & Tunn. Seenrg in WI6l. DESTOUCHEgMONIMOREN 1700:F ormis de Mon.morercy-k 1706: de Mas*lin lean Claude SeeDenou.hesoag in WI6l. LOSTANGPRASILIY Neuville FOURGEUVAU'SOURCHES 1702:,c.r-BaDrkie de Pavie. brnn de Fourseuvaux l70l: Louis:Fiamois dc Boucher. omie de S-omhes Senice: nande^ & Radllies Gqt. denoyed and mlonelsedouslt'ounded). Unifom & Flag seewl61 rrr derairs oI rhee:rtier resimenr Sou(he\. 1702:Jean. chcvrlierde Gsion Sente: ftaly. Turin, Flande6 & Oudenade MONTBOISSIER,/LONCUERUE 1702: Philippe-Claude, Darquis de MonrbobsieF

LANNION U02: Anne.Bierrgne, narquisdeLa.nion 1705: Jean-Baptisrc Piere,.hevrli.rdeLdnion Seryice: Gnarding rheBnnanycoo$line MENOU 1702: 'le MenoudeClisy Ctancs-marquis 1706: lnuisJoseph. conredeMenou sefli@: crsMo & Turin (colorellosta le8).See wl6l 1702: l,uisdu Pdquierdelournon 17lr: Frecois Dmaes, mmtedePaysas LA MOTHEOHISTELLES/PERTHUIS 1702: N. dela Molhe-Houdinoun :nrie: FlandesAadisN

Servie: Rmilli.s. Seebstanges tlag in wl6l GALIOTTES B@t (@F for senice on rhe warcflrys. FlaCidenrical BELLAFFAIRE/TESSE/BULKELEY/BOCHET lm5: Rene F.anNis de Froulay, chevalier de Tcse 1707:Frdcois. .onre de Bul*eley Seflie: Almana. SeeBellafiateflaeinwI61. TAf ENDF]DUCHAY/d'ARCY ST. GERMAIN.BEAUPRE l?1)2:Armard-lruisJNph Foucauld, chevalier de Sr. I,A LONDE/FRANCLIEU/BOUOIS 1702: N. $evrlierde l, Londe

l7o3: Gille'cenais d. la Rche-LoDagne, mqnis de

TA CRU/CARAMAN/LANNON l?05:N. Riquenide CaEman 1?ll,AnneBElagne. narqutsdeLrnnion

(coloDel Snice: Lrndiu & Speye.bach killed) l?02: Charles deS..Evrcmont SeRice: FlandeE gariens GUINES/DAMPIERRE 1705: ,a.guesJosph tlu.t 'le Donpieft CHAIMAZEL 1702: riuG deTalaru.marquis 'le Chalm*l CASTEJA/ST. LEGER 1702: Jqr-Fransis deBiiudos, nalquis deColeia lm5: Clarl*Loun. omrc deCareja

Sefrie, Flande6. S.e Talende flag in WI61. DU BIEZ'FLAMARENS l7l0:N. deGmsslsde Flamarens S.dice: Rrdillies & TRECESSON Sdice:Rnine.Seeflag in WI6l. LAMOTHEd'ARTAIGNAN l1i9: hunde Monleguiou.@mted Anaignat Sedice: Blenheim,Ramillies,Oudenade & Malpla, SANZAY/SOURCHES/CHOISEUL,BEAUPRE 1703:N. du Bcher, chevalier de Sou'ches 1706: Anrotne-barcnde Cboi$ul.Beaubre Serie: Flande6.SeeSanzay flap in WI6l. 1710: N. marquis de Ir Morhed Hugnes Sent@:Lando!. Speyerbach. Ble.heim & Denrin VALLOUZSGROSSBOISA/ALENCE 1703:Emmcry Emdanuel de Thinbone. nr.qui! de ENONVILLF/TIVRY]BELZUNCE l70li Paul Hippollt Sanguin. chcvaliei de Livry 1704:Chanercabriel de Csrelmoron. chev.liei de ScNia: Londau. Speyerbrh. Bhnnein & Denain VARENNEs-GOURNAY]d-ENTRAOUES

BROCLIE]FROULAYrIIRAQUEAU l?02: vidoFMauia, conre de Bdslie 1703: N. chevrlierde Frouray Sewice:Italy,Tulin & nandeG l?09: Mane-Josephd. Bncas, marquis de Oyse SI, AULAIRE/CIIATEAUBRIANTMONTVIEL 1702: N. de Beaupoil de Sr.Aul$e 1706: Loun Desnacr de Maillebois. brron 1709:Jacquesvaal, narquis de Mon&iel senie: FlandeAMalplaquer & Denain ROZE/PROVENCHERESAJSSY 1702: N. de Rozede Rcen 1706:PicreJc de Cmfty d Usy

Seni@:Flrnde6 gadi$ds COETANFAU/DuROURE lTlx: Ulban de BeauvonGnmoard,.mr. du

1702: N. Da.quis dePoyanne SAVIGNY/BOISSETAERARD

NUAILLE 1702: Chdles Genain leMa$in-comtedeNurille S.rie: Flande^ & Oudenarde GUITAUD/CHAMAILLES 170: LouilArhanax de Puecheyroude Crmmrses1706: Louis.Guillame-Vicror. omte de Marloup dc VILLENOUVET/I,A FON9DE MATHA

FRANC}IE\,'ILLElROCHEFORT/BEAUFICEL 1709: N. deC6aur deRtrhefon BROISSIA/FONTANCES 1703: N. deMaquisdeFonbnges Servtc.: Rhine & Flande6 MAISONTHIERS 1702: Charld deTlssut deMai$ hie6 PUJOUPUYSEGUR/'LEOTAUD/VALORY

l7l0: N. de Bourdei[es_comredc Marha 1703rVi.ror de Monlvalet. Darquis d Enraques S.dice: Rrdillies. SeeVa.enns ilag in wl6l. DESCLOSNUPEES/LESPINAY 1705: N. de Nupeso.Nupes 1712: Hetuijeph. conre de Cayl6-Rouanoux TURBILLY 1702: kun-Philippe de Menou.narquisde Turbilly seflic: FlandeE- Moelle & Rhide 1702:Chaile$Augune. conre de Ia Fare-Solnelle VIVOURS/BRIOUZE,VASIERES VILLEMONT CONFLANS.MENARS/d'ASTOUR/d'HERNOTON DES FEUGEREZ^r'AUVRAY/BARBANCON 1702: N. desGengerez or Fewerets 1706: Alexrndre-bpuis de Gnardin de vauviay 1707: F.dcois du Prat de Nanrouiller. conre de Servicc: Flrnde6 sniions 1705: N. omre de Maiueor Maillt Senie: Rhine-Blenhein& nander gamsors RICHEBOURG/BARVN-I-F,/RIBFRAC 1704r Andle'Gules.conredeBaRille Sefliq 1702:N. de Ia Fore de la Fede MARIGNANE/SERVILLE/BEAUJEU 1705:Ouillamc de MNol de Setuille 1709: N. comtede Beaujeu BLACONS 1702: Amand. vionre deBlaons TARNAULTtsOISSIEUX 1707: Lolnde Frer.r.omredeBoisieux Flanddc & AIF Fo! flag der.ih for Ardille

1712, GuylruilHcnn. morquh deVrlory DIOGNY/DU THIL 1?04: ft an@iFEdouard Juben. namuisduThil



Sedi.e: Flanden, Moselle. Rnire & Oude.arde LAIGLE Sedice:Flande^ qanisons. Seeflae in wl6l. CHEVALTER riF DAMAs/vAr ior'7F 1703: JDeph-GuillaneBoutin-comrede valloue Sepice:Tunn. SceDrhas0arinWI6r. PEZAUTdC la FERTE

CLERMONT/DELA HOUSSAYE?VASSAN 1705: Niold-Leon Phillipes deh HoNaye l?06: Charles. marqun deva$M PFYFFER(SUISSE) i?02:Loun PMler dewyh.t Serice:RamilliesOudnardeLille& D.nrit Unifom: Pqsiblyyellow@Lt andredc!fls etc. !'ICIER(SUISSE) 1702: N. vigierdeSreinbruckde Solelie


Saturday 6th March1993
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BERWICKETRANCER 1702: JanesFitzjdmcs. Dukcof Bcrvick


The Norlheast's Convention ownWargames

Ad u l t s t 1 . 0 0

children& O.A.P's 5op

SANCUIN/COURNIERES d Anaignrn 1701: Piede-PruldeMonrcsquou.conre MoNTENDRETB[RTHELoTid E;RtCNy l70l: Paul.AuguneCanoi dc k Ro.hellucruld on.c 1702: MichelFrancoaBeihelor de Rcbou^cru 170.1:lean Rere leJouenne d E\criqn\ Seri.e, Chivaso. Cremoni &T;ri; MOI*TPEYROU)OMONTAROISTCHATILLON r70lr N. de crc3oi des cardier_ mrrqun dc Monr Ssni.e Rhinc & Fllnd.n LA TOU R \IAUBOURGTIHONIASSI\ ST PALL l7(rl: Jcri.Hecror de Frr. mrr'tuis d. lr Tour l?r)7:Fnn.o6LaziicThomasLnde PS rl S.$Lr Fhnde6& Mosclle I702rLo uis-Aueune. smrc de Lannor

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LA ROCHE DU MAINE/DESANGLES lr02:N dc l. RocheduMdfc 1707: Ceor8.s'lc RcnardDcs.ngles MONTLUC/LA RIVIERE CASTERAS 1702:Fiancon dc Laseran-M.sen.omc. harquh de 1707: Piere de la 1702:lean Bap&k Thi6aulr de la Rochedulon De l7l0: N. chcvalicideRohan BORNEMONI/BEA.IEU lTrr: N. ContcdcBcrujcu PERTHUBNdOROOUES/DUBOURG

Scrvice:halv (Regimenrtras c4ruFd ar Pianeza in BOUZOLS/LAJFORCE/LASSAY 1701, N. marqundeBouzols 1705: N. ma4ui5de caumonrde la Fore lTll: N dc MrdaillandeLespaire..he\alierdeLasrv Senice:Iralv DURFORT:tsOISSIERES 1702: N. de Durfod-Boissieres 1703: Satunin. marqundeDurfon Boisieies

l7l0: N. Rouseaudc Laubanie ROUSILLES Ir0l LouF.Theodded Eaoir'llesd. F-onrane(!. nrF MONTFORT]ARVILLEidUPRA]]dU SOUPA 1'706: J.rome Au3uiin de Boilser.marquisd-Arville

LA GUISE/MONTESSON l7L6:Chanes. omre deMonreson

SeFice:FlandeE(dnbandedtn1709) BRYAS/CROLtsOURNONvILLE {Wrlloo.) 1704: N. ch.valierd. Boumorville Senie Flandes, Sp.y!.ba.h BANDEvILII l7U2: N. maiqun de Bandeville Senice:Blenheim(colonel killed. lear disbandedl CHABRILLAN'T 1702: N deMoreton.oarquisde Chabnlh.r Senice:Blenhcin lcoldnelkilled-re!r disbanded) U.ifo.m lnor lusrated), Grev coar. rcd cufis. ven. breeche\and lockinss Yellos burons Jnd hd la.e. Drumme.,red od lirh!re\ culG Nodek:hofl&e. t70?:N. che\alierd Atbarcr ser!ne:Blenhcim(colone lk le d.reFr.disbanded)

FROULAY LETORIEI{E5 1702: Charre5 Francopk. comrede Froulay tTll: N. chcvalierde L.roric*\ ST. S!MON]VOLUIRE/ANGENNES/VERENNES, KERGOSON 1702, N chevalicrde Sr Simon 1705r Phirippe A4use..omrede votune l7l l: Franeh.lhevalierdevarenne! Kereoson LAVAL/SENNECTFRRF 1702:CuvClaude Rolandde Monhorcncy. omre de 1705: Jean-Chanesde ta Fene. narouisde Sennecrere Selvice Flande^ & Bou.hili CASTELET 1701,ChallesFelir H!acinrhsdc calean des hsan6. REDINCALLEMAND I705: .rean.Francois.Ch.volier d. R.diq d. Bib.rqA r 706r Giles Genais de ra Rfthe Lonag.e Sepicc: ftaly. & AInaMr. Flrgshown isoncof rsopo$iblede5ignstheorherwill be illEtared in pan SCEVE/CHOISEUUMURAT 1702: N. chevalierde S.e!c l70l: N. Choiseul Srain!ille l70l: N Chonenl Franciercs senice: Rhine. F cdlingen. Lrndau & Sptyerba.h








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succEssloN 1701-15
By MarkAllen

This is the third and iinal parl of the series and coversmore LA FEUILLADE regimentsformed betwccn Louisd'Aubusson. ducde la Feuillade l70l and1709. Allapanfrom Royal 1704: Baviere weredisbanded al the endof the conflict. Service: ltaly andTurin. Beforegoingon lo the regiments themselves in moredetail.l TESSE(Savoy) wouldlike to makea fewcommenls on the regiments listedin 1704: Renede Froulay. comtedeTesse. thisarticleandthe previous pan (see WI64). Service: Alps. (WI64.plate The flagfor the regiment St. Germain'Beaupre one) hasalsobeenshownby other sources as havinga whik saltire on thebluefieldin I and4. andalso ashavingthe fieldsof MONTENEGRE(Piedmontais) 2 and 3 and the saltiresin I and 4 red. The flag for Brancas 1704: Jean-Baptiste, marquis de Montenegre (WI64, plate one) shouldshow an arm. in naturalcolours, (Disbanded in 1705). protruding from the top of the red towers.The flagshownfor BELTRAMBI (halian) tbesecond regiment Froulay(WI64,platetwo) mightbereadas N. de Beltrarnbi what I haveshownaslhe entirefield ofthe flagin each 1705: having (Disbanded in 1706). canton,minus.of course the whitecross. For both Vigier and platetwo) the colonelscolouris showfl Reding(WI64. asthese RANGONI (Italian) N. de Rangoni differfrom the rest.who all. I believe. carried the normalplain 1705: (Fornedfrom the MiliciaofModena). whiteflag. wasformedfromnembers RoyalBaviere of theold Bavarian FUSILIERSDE MONTAGNES 4 baltalions armywhichhadbeenalmost deslroved afterBlenheim andthe U05: Bonaventure (from the Roussillon d'Orffa de Villeplana which wercnowxiled. remnanlsof alongwith rheirsovereign. Milicia) in Flanders. Service: Pyrenees. Anywayhere\ the nextbalchofregiments: SEGURTDANOIS LA RAIMBAUDIERE N. de Segur 1705: 1702: Alexafldre de Goyon.marquis de la Raimbaudiere 1706: Henri-Francois, comtede Segur Ser.r'ice:Garrisons. 170q. I Cemay. comle deDanois (villaviciosa). Service: Spain BOUFTLERS.RFMIANCOUR'] CHOI5FUT 1702: Charles Francois. narquisdc BoufflersRemiancourl NOE 1710: N. chevalier de Choiseul 1706: Marc Roger,marquis de Noe Flanders. Service: Lille andMalplaquet. andSpain. Service: Roussillon Other details: Drummers maf' have dressedin grecn as THORIGNY/CHAMBAUD Boumers. 1706: N. de Thorigny PlSANCON/LESQUEN DE VILLEMENEUST 1706: N. de Chambaud 1702: N. de Pisancon (2 battalions formedfrom the MiliciaofCaen) 1707: N. de Lesquen de Villerneneust Service: Flanders. Service: Italy andthe Alps. JAUCOURT/MANCINI/CHASTES/CLERMONTAUBIGNE/NOGARET MONTOISON 1702: tnuis'Francois. comted AubignedeTign, 1706: N. de Jaucourt 1705: Francois de Calvisson. marquisde Nogaret 1?08: N. de Mancini Scrvice:FIanders. Chastes 1709: LouisdeClermonl-Tonnerre,marquisde 1710: N. de Clermont-Montoison VAUDREUIL/BRANCAS/LOSTANGES 1702: N. de Vaudreuil DUC DE NOAILLES/'I-ABAUME 1706: Henri Anloine-Thomas. chevalier de Brancas-Courdon 1706: Adrien-Maurice, ducde Noailles 1710: N. marquis de Lostanges-Beduer 1713: N. de la Baume Service:Flanders. Service: Roussillon. ARGINY/AUBUSSON/VARENNES GOURNAY 1702:Anloine Camus, comted Arginy 1706:N. d Aubusson 1708: Jean'BaptisledeVarennes-Goumay Service:Garrisons. MARECHAL DE NOAILLES/BOUHYER 1706: Anne-Jules, marechal de Noailles 1709: Benigne de Bouhyer Servie: Roussillon andDauphine

CHAMILLYA4ORNAC LACHAU-MONTAUBAN 1706: NoelBouton,marechal de Chanilly 1702:Francois-Heclor de la Tour du Pin. comtde Lachau- 1707:Charles-Leon Boscalde Reals, comtede Mornac Senice:Garrisons. Servicc: RhineandFlanders

- 5.30pm DoorsOpen: l0.00om Soturdoy 10.$om 4.30pm Sundoy


includes SKnntx TtmMn Gnru CompEItTtoN olsoTHt RuruND Hottt Tmm Mn Gmr Qun
accottooAnoN DErAI t;
GRIGNAN/BELLAFFAIRE de Gngnan 1706:N. du Guaslde Bellaffaire lT0TrJoseph (Almanza). Servicei Spain BOUFFLERSEOMBELLES Louis.comtede Bouffle,s 1706: Anloine-Charles comtede Bombelles lTtl: Henri-Francois, (Oudenarde. Flanders Malplaquet, Denain). Service: VILLEQUIERT'I-E TELLIEfu LA MOTTE 1706: N. d Aumontde Villequier 1709: N. Le Tellier 1712: N. deLa Motte Service: Flanders Garrisons. CLAIRFONTAINE/TALLYRAND,A,IAULEVRIER 1706: N. de Clairfontaine 1712: N. deTallyrand l7i4: N. deMaulevrier Scrvice: Spain. ROMAINVAL/CORMIS 1706: N. de Romainval 1712: N. de Cormis Service:Alps. CONFLANS/LAVAL/RUYS 1706: N. de Conflans 1709: N.. comte de Laval l7l2: N. de Ruys Servicc: Flanders Garrisons.

2Doy Ticket-f2.00Under l6 &0APs-f 1.00

f o t t u I r H f RD f I A l l 5 , i l r . L . P o w e l l ,l 9 C h i l f e r n Rood , 5he| | i eI d , 56 4 O X ,
Ihe f,utlqnd H o f e l ,S h r f f i e l d . I e l ! ( 0 7 4 2 )6 5 { 4 l l

URBAN/AMBRESoTUMBRES/GUIGNONVILLE 1706:N. d'Urban l7l0: Daniel-Francoisde chevalier d'Ambres Gelas deVoisins, l7l2: N. Lenainde Guignonviue ( Defence service: Flanders or Ouesnoy). BRAGNY,^./IELLEVIGNE/GRANDLIEU/ARROSDES HAYES 1706: N.. chevalier de Bragny 1707:N. de Cruxde Villevigne 1708:N. de Cruxde Grandlieu l7l0:Jean-Armand. comted Arros d Argelos 1712: N. DesHayes Service: Flanders Ganisons. CHOISEI-/HOUDETOT 1706r N.. chevalier de Choisel 1712i N.. chevalier d'Houdetot Service: Spa'n. KAERGROETo' KEROUARTZSEBBEVILLE 1706: N. de Kaergroet 1708: FrancoisCadot. chevalier de Sebbeville Service: Flanders Garrisons. LA LONDE 1706: N-. chevalierde la Londe Service: Garrisons. BRUSCART/GOELLO 1706: N. de Brudande Sillery 1712: N. de Goello Service: Garrisoos in Alsace.

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42 BOURDONNE/CHAMPIGNY/CASTELNAU 1706: N. de Bourdonne N. de Chanpigny 1707: 1712: N. de Castelnau Spain andDauphine. Servic: Comted'HOUDETOT/CAYLUS 1706: N., comted'Houdetot r7l2: N., chevalier de Caylus Flanders Carrisons. Service: SAILLANTruSSEL de Saillanl 1706: Charles-Francois d'Estaing, marquis 1712: N. d'Ussel Service: Dauphine andthe Rhine. VILLELONGUE/MONTREAU 1706: N. de Villelongue 1710: N. de Montreau Service: Garrisons. BAUMELAYMOUCHAN/DAMAS/'HOUDETOT 1706: N. de Baumelay 1?07: JeandeCastilon, comtede Mouchan (killed at Tortese1708) 1708: Jean-Jacques, chevalier de Damas 1712: N., comted'Houdetot 1714: N. de Regnier, comtede cuerchy Service: Spain andDauphine. GRAMMONT/SCEVE 1706: N. marquis de Grammont 1709: N., chevalier de Sceve Service: Alps. ALBERGOTTI/LETTERIO(ltalian) 1707:N.Albergotti 1711: N. Leuerio Servicer Flanders. GRIMALDT/CAETANO(ltalian) 1707: N. Grinaldi 1711: N. Caetano Service: Flanders. after 1710 and l-eon LOS RIOS (Spanish: calledLas Sierras after l?11) 1707: Col. N- de Los Rios Service: Flanders. MACHIENO/VILLESCA(Spanhh) 1707: Col. N. Mahieno 1711: N. de Villesca (Walloon) SOHE/MIGNONS/KERKEM 1707: Col. N. de Sohe 1709: N. de Mignons 17lr: N., baronde Kerkem Service: Flanders. ASSIGI'.IY/SCEPEAUX narquisd Assigny 1707: N. de Cosse, N. de Beaupreau, marquisde 1708: Scepeaux Se ice:Flanders. CANILLACtsELLESUVEE/FEUQUIERES l?07:N. de Canillac 1?08: N. de Bellesuvee Feuquieres 1710: N. de Pas, chevalierde Service: Flanders.

MONTSORREAU PRATAMANO/CARAFFA (ltalian) l?06: Louis-vincentdu Bouchetde Sourches. de 1707: chevalier Col-N. Pratamano 1?11: N. Caraffa Service: Garrisons. Service: Flanders. ABLOISde IaVIEUVILLE 1706: N. de Abloisde la Vieuvile Service: Dauphine. PONTdUCHATEAU/LEON 1706: N., rnarquis de Pontdu Chateau 1710: N. de Roan,chevalierde Leon Service: Spain andDauphine. PAYRELA/STORFF (Walloor) 1?07: Col-N. Payrela 1710: Col. N. de Stofff PANTOKA/BYLANDT (Walloon) 1707: N. Pantoka 1709: N., baronde Bylandt Service: Flanders. WEINLEY/HAMAT (Walloon) 1707: N. de weinly 1709: N. d'Harnar RHEINGRAF/HOUDENHOE(German) 1707: N. de Rheingraf 1708: N. barond'Houdenhoe Seflice:Flanders. NASSAU/TRTFFERDruHLAND(cerman) t'707, 1709: N. deTrefferd l?11:N. Uhland Service: Flanders. (Walloon) EVOLY/BACHER/COUPIGNY 1707: Col. N. d'Evoly U09: N- de Bacher 1710: N. de Coupigny Service: Flanders. MATRIMONT/BOURE (watloon) 1707: Col. N. d Matrinont 1710: N. d Boure Flandrs. Srvice: (walloon) RUPPELMONDE/BOURNONVILLE 1707: Col. N., marquis de Ruppelmonde 1711: N., chevalier de Bournorville Service: Flanders. POLEON(waltoon) 1707:N. de Poleon Servicernanders. ROYAL BAVIERE (Gennan) 1707: Maximillian-Emmanuel of Bavaria (formed from 2 regrment companies oftbe Bavarian Guards and6oftheFrench d'Alsace) ServiceiOn the Rhine. Thefollowin8 regiments haveflagsdetails listedin Charrie,but Ican find no information on theirformation or history. orSouillacChateaubiant, St.Andre, St.Gery,Saulieu Nexttimer lhe Maisondu Roi and Gndarmie.