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Boris Johnson backs Sustainable Events Summit 2014

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has once again shown his support for the Sustainable Events Summit, which take places on 18 February at 3 !uston "#uare$

%n a letter to &ick "tainton, co'founder of the "ustainable !(ents "ummit and )* of "myle, Johnson wrote+ ,-e are delighted to support the "ustainable !(ents "ummit in its mission to share knowledge and learning from global brands and leaders in the e(ents industry with the wider e(ents industry$ The e(ent will build on the learning from last year and build on the legacy of the . 1. /lympic and Paralympic Games, which showcased best practice knowledge and e0pertise to the 12 e(ents industry$,

Johnson praised the . 13 e(ent for creating a ,chance for a wide range of global brands to come together, share knowledge and best practice and make sure that sustainability continues to be an integral part of staging future e(ents,$

/ne year on and Johnson3s letter shows his increased knowledge of the sector$ 4e continued+ ,% am pleased to say that considerable lessons ha(e been learnt on how (aluable a ma5or e(ent is to the local community and what it can gi(e back ' e(erything from local economic de(elopment, increased (olunteering and community cohesion, impro(ed local infrastructure and impro(ed #uality of life$

,/ne of the primary legacies of the 6ames in this sector was the de(elopment of B"87 1, which has since been superseded by %"/. 1.1 as the sustainable e(ents management standard$ The 12 and London has positioned itself as a world leader in this area$,

Brands which will be putting up speakers during the "ustainable !(ents "ummit include %nnocent, 4ewlett'8ackard, 9isco and :estle 12 and %reland$

/ther speakers who ha(e recently been added to the programme include )ichael 8awlyn, one of the lead architects on the !den 8ro5ect and *irector of !0ploration; James -oudhuysen, 8rofessor of Forecasting and %nno(ation at *e )ontfort 1ni(ersity; /li(er Burch, a sustainability communications specialist with Ogilvvy Earth and Sahar ashemi, entrepreneur and a 9o'founder of 9offee &epublic$

Last month, organisers announced that London . 1. /lympic champion and slalom canoeist !tienne "tott )B! will 5oin Lucy "iegle, who created the /bser(er !thical <wards and specialises in

en(ironmental and social 5ustice and ethical consumerism, for a panel discussion to close the summit$

9orporate representati(es from in'house e(ents team, who ha(e already secured delegate places include 1nile(er, Barclays, Fremantle )edia 6roup, 8ricewaterhouse9oopers, F%9/, != and Tata$

The "ustainable !(ents "ummit is a partnership between "myle, 8ositi(e %mpact and "ustainable !(ents$ For more :ews <bout latest e0hibition and trade show (isit http+>>www$e0hibitionandtradeshow$com>