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CELSIUS W360 The Gate to Workstation Performance


April 2008


CELSIUS workstations feature the very latest technology and system components to deliver high-end performance. They are the ideal choice for business segments like computer aided design and engineering, mechanical design, simulation, virtual reality, visualization, digital content creation, and finance. CELSIUS workstations are certified for a broad variety of software applications. The ISV certification process enables workstation users to run their preferred applications with the best possible performance and maximum system stability. If you need more power and more expandability than a standard PC can offer, choose the high-end PC / entry-level workstation CELSIUS W360. Performance Latest Intel Core2 Quad Processor and Intel Core2 Duo Processor Up to 8.0 GB DDR2-SDRAM for memory demanding applications PCIe x16 to enabling the powerful graphics subsystems RAID (0,10) support for SATA for high speed storage Reliability Reliability enhancing features, like RAID (1, 5 and 10) for mission critical applications Developed and manufactured in Germany guaranteeing high quality, reliability and stability Individually tailored warranty, service, and spare part programs Choice of supply programs to meet both fast and tailored delivery needs Manageability Intel vPro technology DeskView software suite for easy integration into existing IT environments Easy and remote administration with DeskView client management Security Extensive built-in and optional security features providing protection for business critical data Protection against physical tampering and theft Integrated TPM and SmartCard reader optionally available Ergonomics Convenient front access to USB, audio, and optional SmartCard reader Lowest possible noise emission via optimized cooling Tuned graphics driver for best image quality and performance Reduced downtime with service-friendly cabinet and easy component access (EasyChange and FlexyBay) Optional medical kit for healthcare environments Environment Design guidelines for eco-friendly products in respect to material and recycling Environmentally friendly product and ISO14001 certified manufacturing: no dangerous waste during production, significant reduction of halogens to a minimum

Data Sheet Issue: April 2008 CELSIUS W360

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System Operating Systems

Windows Vista Business 64-bit(1) Windows Vista Business 32-bit Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Windows XP Professional (1) Linux

Mainboard Microprocessor (SLC, FSB)

Chipset Slots / Bays

Memory Interfaces

Amount and type DIMM slots Serial Keyboard, mouse USB 2.0


LAN IEEE 1394 eSATA Parallel Graphics Front Audio Rear Audio

I/O controller

Speaker Serial ATA Interfaces LAN Wireless LAN Audio Midrange 3D:


Entry 3D: Multi monitor 2D:

Professional 2D:


Floppy disk (3) Hard disk Optical


External drive bay Internal drive bay Power supply Ambient temperature Relative humidity Noise emission values

Electrical Ambience


Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight Product safety Ergonomics Electromagnetic compatibility CE mark

CELSIUS W360 Optionally preinstalled Optionally preinstalled, Office 2007 ready tested tested RedHat / Novell certification D2587 Intel CoreTM2 Quad Processor Q9450, Q9550 (2 x 6 MB, 1333 MHz), Intel CoreTM2 Quad Processor Q9300 (2 x 3 MB, 1333 MHz), Intel CoreTM2 Quad Processor Q6600, Q6700 (2 x 4 MB,1066 MHz), Intel CoreTM2 Duo Processor E8200, E8300, E8400, E8500 (2 x 3 MB,1333 MHz); Intel CoreTM2 Duo Processor E6550, E6750, E6850 (2 x 2 MB,1333 MHz); Intel CoreTM2 Duo Processor E4500, E4600 (2 x 1 MB,800 MHz), Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor E2140, E2160, E2180, E2200 (1 MB, 800 MHz); Intel Celeron Processor 440 (512 kB,800 MHz) Intel Q35, ICH9DO 7 (5 max. 312 mm): 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x4 (mech. x8), 1 x PCIe x1, 4 x PCI, 32-bit / 33 MHz Max. 8 GB, DDR2-800 SDRAM or DDR2-667 SDRAM 4 1 x 9 pin, RS232 2 x PS/2 2 x front, 8 x rear, 2 x internal 1 x RJ-45 Optional Optional Optional 1 x VGA 1 x headphone out, 1 x mic in 1 x line in, 1 x line out, 1 x mic in 1 x internal On board for 4 HDDs, RAID 0/1/5/10 support and 2 x for ODDs 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, ASF 2.0 Optional HD audio NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700, 512 MB, PCIe x16, 2 x DL DVI-I, HDTV-out(1); ATI Fire GL V5600, 512 MB, PCIe x16, 2 x DL DVI-I; NVIDIA Quadro FX570, 256 MB, PCIe x16, 2 x DL DVI-I NVIDIA Quadro FX370, 256 MB, PCIe x16, 1 x DL DVI-I, 1 x SL DVI-I NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290, 256 MB, PCIe x16, 2 x SL DVI-I; Max. 2 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290, 256 MB, PCIe x1, 2 x SL DVI-I; Max. 3 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 440, 256 MB, PCIe x1, 4x SL DVI-I NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE, 256 MB, PCIe x16, 2 x SL DVI-I; NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290, 256 MB, PCIe x16, 2 x SL DVI-I; On board Intel Q35 chipset integrated, 1 x VGA, optional 1 x or 2 x DVI-D Optional 3.5 inch, 1.44 MB Business-critical SATA-II 500, 750 GB, 7200 rpm; SATA-II 80, 160 GB 10000 rpm; SATA-II 80, 160, 250, 500 GB, 7200 rpm SATA SuperMulti DVDR/RW/RAM DL; SATA DVD 2 x 3.5 inch (for FDD, MultiCard reader, SmartCase SCR), 2 x 5.25 inch (for ODD) 4 x 3.5 inch (for HDD) 300 W, 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz 15-35 C according to IEC 721 20-75% according to IEC 721 21 dB idle mode, 21 dB office mode; according to ISO 9296 (LpAm at bystander position); depending on configuration 442 x 203 x 426 mm 16 kg, depending on configuration IEC60950, UL60950, CSA C22.2 No. 60950, GS EK1-ITB2001 EN55022 / CISPR22, EN5524 / CISPR24, EN61000-3-2/-3, CSA C108.8 ; (4) IEC60601-1-2 , ICES 003 ; FCC class B 89/336/EEC (EMI), 73/23/EEC (product safety)

Data Sheet Issue: April 2008 CELSIUS W360

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Chassis security features

BIOS security features

Component security features Security software DeskView 10.x Intel vPro Drivers and Utility DVD for Windows Vista and Windows XP

Manageability Accessories


Recovery DVD for Windows Vista TwinLoad Win XP Prof DVD Downgrade Pack XP Prof 32-bit Mouse Display 3D-Input Device


Medical infrastructure

Optional SmartCard reader Mechanical security: Seal, Padlock, Chassis lock, Kensington Lock support, Intrusion detection Write protect for EEPROM Boot protection System and setup password S.M.A.R.T. HDDs, Optional TPM 1.2 Optional SmartCase Logon+ option Client Management System Management Optional Manuals, Drivers and utilities, DeskView, Norton Internet Security Optional Optional Optional Optical tilt wheel mouse USB, Optional tilt wheel mouse USB / PS/2 Display SCENICVIEW P24W-3 (S26361-K1176-V150) SpacePilot (S26381-K412-L100); SpaceTraveller (S26381-K414-L100) Medical kit (S26361-F2542-E240)

(1) For some configurations third party drivers are currently not available or configuration restrictions may apply. (2) In configurations with 4 GB and more the visible memory may be reduced to approximately 3.5 GB or less (for 32-bit operating systems) and configurations with 8 GB the visible memory may be reduced to approximately 7.5 GB or less (depending on system configuration). (3) 1 GB equals one billion bytes, when referring to hard disk drive capacity; accessible capacity may vary, also depending on used software and tools. (4) In combination with an optional medical kit (includes mouse and requires keyboard KBPC SX compliant to EN60601-1-2 and owners guide), the system can be used also in medical environments.

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