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Volume XV, ssue 10

Winter 2014
Mission Board Yard SaIe, 2013
Gretchen White, Coordinator of Yard Sale

My profound appreciation to everyone who helped with this year's Yard Sale,
October 16, 17, and 18; whether you donated items to sell, bags and boxes,
or helped with set up or pack up, or just helped during the sale. We raised
$2,000 (our goal) for the Shalom Scholarship Fund in El Salvador. During
each Yard Sale season, am always amazed at Calvary's generosity.
Calvary was fortunate to invite Rev. Nadia Bolz"Weber, New York Times bestselling author and Pastor at
House for All Sinners and Saints, Denver, CO to participate in Calvary's Innovating Tradition event, Tuesday,
November 5. Bolz"Weber presented a reading of her latest book, Pastrix, and also joined Pastor Amy Butler
in a conversation moderated by National Journal's Amy Sullivan. Before a group of 650 people, they explored
various issues related to the future of the church, tackling what it means to lead urban, sacramental,
innovative churches. Bolz"Weber also discussed the importance of denominations. "Those particularities are
important in a missional sense, so really don't want to see them go by the wayside.

Pastor Amy also shared with the group the importance of being Baptist; "when you get to learn and grow in
community and experience what it really means to be a Baptist like this tradition of free church and
separation of church and state and the free work of God's Spirit and work in the community together it's
like totally awesome.
|nnouot|nq 1rod|t|on:
A Conuer:ot|on w|th Nod|o o|z veber ond Amy ut|er
Jason Smith, Ministry Assistant
Left: Congregation waves for a group photo in the Sanctuary; 650 people gathered in the Sanctuary for the event. Top Right: Nadia and
Pastor Amy engage in conversation. Bottom right: Nadia and Rachel pick the winner of the ham in the raffle.

Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
From Our o:tor
Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, Senior Pastor
2013 was also the year when our staff shifted
considerably with the departure of Pastor
Leah. Her leaving has been a loss to grieve and
an opportunity to think about who we are and what
we want to do and be as a church. Reassessing
our staffing model is one of those invitations.

At the annual business meeting in January, will
have a proposal for a new staffing model to share
with the congregation; on February 9 we'll be
exploring Calvary's commitment to best practices
and cutting"edge ministry, and how to express this
through our staff structure starting August 2014.
n the meantime, two temporary staffers joined our
team in November. Myra Houser is working a few
hours each week as our Communications
Coordinator, helping us streamline our social
media and print communications as well as
implementing a social media strategy for Calvary's
growing physical and online "congregation. Trey
Sullivan joins us for a few hours each week as
Spiritual Formation Coordinator. Trey will help our
small groups and adult Sunday school with
coordination, curriculum, and in some cases,
leadership. Part of his work will be helping new
folks in the Calvary community plug in and find a
home here.

Both of these interim positions require people who
know and love our community, so we're grateful to
have among us the gifts, skills, and training to
support us during this transitional time.

These positions are temporary, part"time positions
that will end sometime in 2014.

n addition to these structural changes, we'll also
welcome new faces, say goodbye to dear ones,
try new things in worship and programming,
welcome interesting speakers to share and
expand our congregational voice, and many,
many other shifts.

And change is hard, and scary. But this church is
God's church; it's work is God'snot ours. And
our livesthey belong to God, too.

We sit in the glow of the Advent candles and wait
as this year comes to a close. We pause for a few
moments of rest and waiting. And we step boldly
into the year ahead, assured that God is here,
right alongside us, and will be with us through
whatever comes.

Blessed Advent and Happy Christmas, all.
Pastor Amy
As 2013 comes to a close,
we decorate the sanctuary
and light the Advent candles,
longing for peace and rest in
their flickering light. We
need this rest because we
have much to look forward to
as a new year dawns. Even
before Advent began, we
were making plans for a new
year that will certainly be full
of transitions for Calvary.
Transition is nothing unusual and change is a
central part of the human community and even
Christian theology. God is always creating new
things, calling us to new expressions of God's
work in the world.
But living through change is hard. Because we
can't see what's ahead of us, the prospect is often
framed with fear. We look ahead, though,
assured that change will be with us in the twists
and turns of the road ahead.
One expression of change at Calvary in 2014 will
be in our congregational leadership structure.
Through a long, careful process taken on by
Calvary members and staff, we voted in a new
church structure in July to be implemented starting
in January 2014. We're moving to a one"board
structure, streamlining official positions and
offering opportunities for people to plug in for short
"term, team"based responsibilities at church.
One board of eleven people will guide that
expression, working cooperatively with the staff
and the membership to guide our work. The slate
of proposed officers will be voted on at our annual
business meeting in January.
Applying a new structure will certainly have its
bumps. While the planners of the process tried to
anticipate as many questions and situations as
they could, there will certainly be areas we did not
consider. As such, 2014 will be an opportunity to
tweak the structure. We'll keep talking with each
other, trying to sort out our questions and
concerns, and we'll navigate this change and keep
the ship steady.
n the busy"ness of the season, am looking for a
few moments of quiet and rest to think about the
many gifts in my life and at this church.

Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
Mu:|c roqrom:
Dr. Cheryl Branham, Director of Music
2013 Sing Messiah!
We gratefully appreciate your participation in our third annual Messiah sing along held
Friday, December 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary. This year was a new adventure in
our sing along: highlights from Handel's Messiah, an abridged version of the complete
work. Also, we welcomed many participants from our sister churches in the Penn
Quarter neighborhood. Donations benefited the Shalom Scholarship. Thanks for
supporting this exciting event!

CaIvary ChiIdren's Choir
Music for Kids is back in action this season, Sunday afternoons in Music Suite, 12:30
1:00 p.m. All children, toddlers through 5th Grade (and beyond!) are welcomewe
really appreciate all the terrific parents who participate with us each week, too. Our kids
have done a super job this fall. Music for Kids will take a break through the holidays,
so stay tuned for our next start"up date. Bravo, Calvary Children's Choir, and thank you for adding so much
to our worship. Parents and teachers, plan ahead now and mark your 2014 calendar: we sing in worship on
Palm Sunday, April 3, and Anniversary Sunday, June 1. We need every child in Music for Kids each Sunday
to prepare for these important dates. Thanks again for your support!

Christmas FestivaI Choir
Festival Choir prepared special music for worship on December 15. Thank you, Festival singers, for your
dedication to music this season! Do you love to sing but can't make the weekly commitment to Sanctuary
Choir? Plan now to join us for 2014 Easter Festival Choir during the season of Lent, Sunday afternoon
rehearsals, 1:15 3:00 p.m. All are welcome!

"Listens and CaroIs"
This season, we celebrate Epiphany on Sunday, January
5, with a special Lessons and Carols worship
event. Don't miss this day of music and worship. t's a
great way to start the New Year!

Friday Morning Music CIub
2013"14 is our third season in partnership with
FMMC. Join us Fridays at noon in the Chapel for free
concerts presented by FMMC musicians from around the
DC area. No concerts on December 20 or 27. Concerts
resume on January 3, 2014. Calvary is proud to be the
home of FMMC, now in their 127th season.

Thank you, CaIvary Community, for your participation
and support of great music at Calvary, both in concerts
and in worship. Your participation and your financial
support make all things possible! Be sure to contact
Cheryl for more info about all our musical activities, Everyone on the Calvary
music staff is wishing you and yours a joyful Christmas season and a blessed year in 2014.
AnnuaI Business Meeting

Plan now to attend the Annual Business Meeting on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in Woodward
Hall. We will be voting on the withdrawal of additional funds from the endowment to support the future growth
and life of the church, as announced by the Board of Trustees at the October 27, 2013 Quarterly Business
Dr. Branham leads the special orchestra and choir for the
Sing Messiah event, Friday, December 6.

Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
A RestfuI SabbaticaI
Rev. Edgar Palacios,
Associate Pastor of Christian Education

Brothers, sisters, my sabbatical ended and now
am happy to be back with my community of faith.
The sabbatical was spent in El Salvador, my native
country, in the warmth of my family, Xochitl, Mario,
Paula and Axel. t was a special time that the Lord
gave me through you.

After 15 years at Calvary, it was a blessing to enjoy
that time for rest, recreation and work. Work,
because had to get information from a period of 10
years for my memories, as well as writing about the
time of preparation the Lord gave me so that
would be ready to have the honor of coordinating
the social movement for peace in the midst of war.
Recreation, for being with loved ones not seen for a
long time and stay for weeks in the land of lakes
and volcanoes; it was like being re"created, like
reliving. So could enjoy their white wing pigeons
as well as the roosters woke me up several times.
Also noted the existence in El Salvador of spider
monkeys, a species considered extinct. The starry
sky, sunsets and sunrises were my delight while
was writing in the Cerro de los Naranjos. Rest,
because it was a change in my routine.

Also, taught two courses at Shalom Baptist
Church, Hermeneutics and Homiletics. They
continue preparing themselves to serve in the name
of Jesus Christ. Now am back in my church to take
the ministry that the Lord has prepared for me.
look forward to greeting each one of you personally
and feel the warmth that keeps the flame of love.
The Nominations Committee nominates the
following Members to the Board for the year of
Kathy Lansing, Moderator
Claudia Moore, Secretary
Barbara Hoffer, Treasurer
Rachel Johnson, Chair of the Diaconate
Trey Sullivan, Chair of Nominations
Daniel Alcazar"Roman, Chair of Christian
Formation and also, Vice Moderator
Courtney Rice, Chair of Missions
Myra Houser, Chair of Membership
Chair of Facilities (Open)
Eva Powell, Chair of Personnel
Tom Vaneskie, Chair of Stewardship
Katherine Whatley, Chair of Finance
Denise Love Leona recently retired after 34
years of working in finance and audit for a defense
contractor in Michigan. She moved from Detroit to
DC to be with her son, Michael, "daughter"in"love,
Michelle, and only grandchild, saiah Harris"Love.
saiah keeps her quite busy with his frequent calls
to "Come on, Grandma!" She is currently re"
learning how to crochet, and "cub scouting" with
saiah. She hopes to be involved with serving the
homeless and those in need through various
organizations within the church. She is happy to
have joined the Calvary community.
New Member 5ot||qht|
The Nominations Committee nominates the
following Members to the Diaconate for the year
of 2014:

Rachel Johnson (and also as Chair)
Abbey Ammerman
Chuck Andreatta
John Appiah"Duffell
Sabrina Jawed
Corina Lopez
Jay Mayfield
Amparo Palacios,
Nancy Renfrow
Susan Sevier
John Taylor
Becky Vaughn
Jac Whatley

2014 Officiary

Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
Dear Amy, Paul,
and all our friends at Calvary,

Thank you for providing us with
this warm and loving home. We
are proud to be your partners and
wish you all the best this holiday

With Gratitude,
Deb, Buzz,
and the Theatre Lab Staff
Dear Amy,

On behalf of the Alliance of Baptists, thank you and
Calvary Baptist Church for hosting the "Waging
Peace in Palestine and srael conference. This
event was an important moment for the Alliance.,
and Calvary was such a welcoming and gracious
place to gather. Your staff was incredibly helpful and
always in a pleasant and cheerful manner. Now
done with the formal thankst was just great for
Rick and me to have our worlds come together.
Thank you so much for helping that happen.

Love, Carol Blythe.
Tom, Jason, and Rick roll bandages for
the Women's Missionary Society,
December 7.
Food is collected at the altar for
Thanksgiving baskets for the Johenning
Center, November 24.
Bryan Moyer Suderman leads a song and
music retreat for Calvary and
Commonwealth Baptist Church at
Kingman Island, October 13, 2013.
Michelle and Isaiah build an Advent
wreath, December 1.
Julie Turner, Social Worker with the
Downtown Cluster of Congregations
Homeless Services Unit, discusses her
work before the Scavenger Hunt,
October 26.
Pastor Amy welcomes Trey Sullivan as
interim Small Groups Coordinator and
Myra Houser as interim Communications
Consultant, November 17.
Youth David, Judy, and Sam help prepare
lunch for the Quarterly Business Meeting ,
October 27.
Dear Rev. Dr. Butler,

On behalf of everyone at Calvary Women's services,
would like to say "thank you. am so grateful for
Calvary's recent gift of 37 travel"size first aid kits.
With the help of your investment, women can
overcome their personal challenges, develop new
skills and positive relationships, and move from
homelessness to independent living. Thank you for
your commitment to women who are homeless in our

Kristine K. Thompson, Executive Director, Calvary
Women's Services.
Letter: ond 5no:hot:
Daniel, Dante, and Jessica enjoy the
Latino Fellowship Christmas Gala,
December 15.

Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
24 Christmas Eve Worship
25 Christmas Day (Church Offices
29 First Sunday after Christmas
5 Epiphany of the Lord
12 First Sunday after Epiphany
19 Second Sunday after Epiphany
20 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Offices Closed
26 Third Sunday after Epiphany
Annual Business Meeting,
50 Year and new members
2 Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
9 Transfiguration Sunday
Chinese New Year Parade

5 Ash Wednesday
9 First Sunday n Lent, Daylight
Savings Time Begins
11 Lenten Lunch 1
16 Second Sunday in Lent
17 President's Day (Church
Offices Closed)
18 Lenten Lunch 2
23 Third Sunday in Lent
25 Lenten Lunch 4
30 Fourth Sunday in Lent

1 Lenten Lunch 5
6 Fifth Sunday in Lent
8 Lenten Lunch 6
13 Palm Sunday
18 Good Friday
20 Easter Day
On the Co|uory Co|endor
For current information and additional details regarding Calvary programs and events, visit Calvary's website, or Calvary's facebook page for events and other updates.
Winter Birthdays
1 Jos Gonzlez
Ray Toense
2 Luke Thomas"
4 Kevin Culbertson
5 Cheryl Branham
Emilia Lopez"Arias
6 Roger Wray
8 Kay Anderson
Keyon Cannon
Maha Hassan
Randy Jeter
9 Carrie Davis
10 Josephine Samuel
11 Sarah Leismer
13 Tom Vanaskie
14 Tiffany Cain
16 Wyatt Harvey
17 Patrick Cline Slater
Deborah Hoxie
Ruziel Angdisen
Bich Nguyen
22 Marilyn Edwards
Angela Shrader
23 Hope Britt
Nancy Garabito
Brian Nielsen
24 Edwin Reyes
Linda Young
25 Denise Davenport
Sabrina Jawed
Joyce Topper
26 Wally Shipp
27 Diana Culbertson
28 Erwin"Luis Eusebio
Ye Mon Min
Charles Pritchard
29 Jos Guandique
Kathy Whatley

3 Dwayne Pinkney
4 Bryon Jolley
Chuck Russell
7 Raimundo Barreto
8 Julie LaFave
Barbara Stone
9 Amanda Butler
Doris Vermilya
13 Thit Htoo
Al Nielsen
14 Mark Marshall
16 Rohan Thomas
17 Zung Zung Lagwi
Dorothy Shipp
18 Helen Jenkins
Cynthia Sunde
20 Laura Lee
Leigh Mayfield
23 Dorothy Lohse
Benjamin Rogers
25 Gwendolyn
Lung Lung Lagwi
Dorothy Robson
William Sammons
Tim Shaw
27 Chase Butler
28 Rosa Arakelian
Roberto Reyes
29 Doris Hugus
30 Wetein Hassan
31 Lorraine Harris

1 Mine Thang
Susan Wood
2 Jessie Blaine
Lyla Fitzgerald
Mayra Rivas
James Thein
4 Thidar Myint
Bethany Rae
5 Adam Hoffer
Denise Leona
6 Delida Girn
Ruthie Alcazar
8 Kim Humphrey
9 Maya Harvey
saura Martinez
Connell Wise
10 Karla Fahey
Nancy McKenney
Dante Vsquez"
DiDi Maran
Sorda Tejada
13 Earl Drescher
Eddie Lin
Danyelle Robinson
Gloria Sain
Shunda Saunders
14 Al Jeter
Truman Robinson
15 Ronald Chin
Helon Drescher
Keevin Lewis
16 Roger Chin
17 Amanda Boxer
Cole Bucy
18 Jamie Mills
19 Sarah White
20 Amy Butler
Therese Crowther
Caio Cesar Silva
Ben Bergfalk
Susana Gomz
Jos Guandique
Bao Nguyen
25 Chris Copeland
Rena Mary Jirack
26 Susan Sevier
Michael Slater
Elizabeth St. Clair
28 Demy Angdisen
Morgan Caruthers

Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
Winter 2014 Calvary Caller
The Way of Peace: Waging Peace in PaIestine and IsraeI
By Rev. Rachel Johnson, Chair of Deacons

The following is an excerpt from an article prepared for Baptists Today. Read the entire article at

"Sponsored by the Alliance of Baptists, the conference was an American response to the Palestinian
authored Kairos Document. An appeal to global Christians, the document outlines conditions of "oppression,
displacement, suffering and clear apartheid for more than six decades" enforced on the Palestinian people by
the modern state of srael and asks for aid from the international community in bringing about lasting peace
and establishing an independent Palestinian state.

To say that the nation of srael holds an important place in biblical and Christian theology is an
understatement at best with some Christians believing that the reconstitution of srael is pre"requisite for the
Second Coming. Many other Christians take a much less apocalyptic view toward the 65 year old state, but
still afford it elevated status. While there is no consensus between Christians " or even Jews " on how to view
the modern state of srael in connection with its 3,000 year old biblical precursor, many argue that the
conflation of the two has enabled the global community to turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in
Palestine. For participants of the Waging Peace conference, it was important for Christians to challenge this
paradigm by asserting Christ's message of peace and justice for the poor and marginalized in relation to the
Palestinians. While Christians are a minority religion in srael and Palestinian territories, . . . "
Experiencing the Season Through The Eyes of God
By Rev. Edgar Palacios

Winter is cold and in Washington, DC, the temperature drops below zero Celsius, causing the water to
freeze. n the city, the frozen water on the pavement is black in color, is what we call black ice. f one is not
careful it is easy to slip on ice and break a leg or arm. Cold also causes us to be more at home and that gives
us the opportunity to have family time. Some people do not like winter, they prefer another season.

Figuratively, winter can be the time of crisis; storm, sadness, memory and melancholy. t can have a negative
connotation. t may also be the time for resting, recovering forces, planning, a time to dream. n these cases
winter has a positive meaning. remember something that happened to my wife Amparo. She and her best
friend Carolyn Parr were driving through Rock Creek in winter when Amparo saw that the trees were leafless,
like big giants with multiple hands and fingers. She looked at the bark of trees more carefully and could see
how they resembled athletic bodies with well"defined muscles and veins well formed. n her profound
observation she exclaimed, "How beautiful the winter is! How beautiful the trees are." Carolyn, seeing with
eyes of wonder and admiration said, oh Amparo! You say that because you see them through the eyes of
God." And this is the point, we see things, we observe what happens around us, from our perspective, in our
subjectivity, doing things according to our thoughts.

Calvary, our faith community, is living its present and opening to broader and deeper horizons to better
shelter its members, also to share the road of Jesus with our neighbors, friends and family. Each new stage
in the life of the church is an opportunity to advance. Now the socially excluded call us, we can now see them
through the eyes of God, we can think of them as integrated into the society to enjoy wellness. That means
sharing in their hope. Our faith gives us the perspective to see, judge and act. A perspective determined by
the gospel of Jesus Christ, a perspective for advancement and personal growth. A perspective to contribute
to the transformation of this society. Let's see the winter, the year and whatever comes, through the eyes of
Right: Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, Pastor of the
Evangelical Lutheram Christmas Church
in Bethlehem, preaches at Calvary during
worship Sunday, November 10, 2013.

Left: Rick Goodman sits on a panel
discussing congregational strategies for
promoting peace in Palestine and Israel.

R e v . D r . A m y K . B u t l e r , S e n i o r P a s t o r
H a r o l d L . R i t c h i e , E d i t o r E m e r i t u s
P a u l R o s s t e a d , C h u r c h A d m i n i s t r a t o r
J a s o n S m i t h , M i n i s t r y A s s i s t a n t
2 0 2 " 3 4 7 " 8 3 5 5 ; F a x : 2 0 2 " 3 4 7 " 6 3 6 0
w w w . c a l v a r y d c . o r g
P u b l i s h e d Q u a r t e r l y
P O S T M A S T E R :
S e n d a d d r e s s c h a n g e s t o
T h e C a l v a r y C a l l e r
C a l v a r y B a p t i s t C h u r c h & C o n g r e g a t i o n
7 5 5 8 t h S t r e e t , N W ,
W a s h i n g t o n , D C 2 0 0 0 1
C a l v a r y C a l l e r
W i n t e r 2 0 1 4
C a l v a r y
B a p t i s t
C h u r c h
N O N R O F | 1
A U 1 O
U . 5 . O 5 1 A C A | D
v A 5 H | N C 1 O N , D C
R M | 1 N o . 2 4 s 2
Tbls year, tbe Stewarosblp Team calls on us
to lmaglne our congregatlon as Many
volces. One Story. All members ano trlenos
are lnvlteo to eamlne tbelr tlnanclal
commltments to Calvary ano otter a pleoge ln
support tor tbe year to come. Cbeck us out onllne at to make a tlnanclal pleoge,
watcb our stewarosblp story vloeos, ano cbeck out our
newsletter. Tbank you tor your lnvestment ot tlme ano
money, ln gratetul response to Goo's goooness.
Many Voices.
One 5tory.
to support CaIvary's story.