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University of Rajasthan

B.Sc.(Part I) EXAMINATION,2013


[ Also Common with Subsidiary Paper of B.Sc.(Hons. )Part-II]

(Three-Year Scheme of 10+2+3 Pattern) BOTANY FIRST PAPER (Plant Morphology and Anatomy) TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS Maximum Marks33 (1) No supplementary answer-book will be given to any candidate. Hence the candidates should write the answers precisely in the Main answer-book only. (2) All the parts of question should be answered at one place in the answer-book. One complete question should not be answered at different places in the answer book. All questions are compulsory (UNIT- I) 1.(a) In a modular system node, internode, leaf nad other related buds are what show:(a) Metamer (b) Module (c) Submodule (d) Axis (b) In chiwh plant does leaftid function as a tendril? (a) Clematis (b) Glorisa (c) Vitis (d) Antigonon (c) Vessels are absent in :(a) Mirabilis (c) Trochodendron

(b) Brassica (d) Gnetum

(d) Sieve elements are living cells but these do not have--(a) Sugar (b) Starch (c) Sieve plate (d) Nucleus (e) Endodermis is also known as:(a)Hypodermis (c) Bundle sheath

(b) Starch sheath (d) Pericycle

(f) Secondary meristem is found in which form? (a) Intercalary meristem (b) Fascicular cambium (c) Cork cambium (d) Priderm (g) In which stem are conjoint , collateral and open vascular bundle found? (a) Helianthes (b) Triticum (c) Zea (d) Sorghum (h) Which type of canopy structure is found in Alastronia ? (a) Umbrella shaped (b) Pagoda like (c) Conical shaped (d) Cylindrical (i) From which cells are secondary xylem and secondary phloem originated ? (a) Passage Cells (b) Fusiform initials (c) Ray initials (d) All. (j) On which dead tissue cell walls is suberin deposited ? (a) Xylem (b) Pholem (c) Sclerenchyma (d) Cork (k) In which monocot stem is anamolous secondary growth found? (a) Zea manys (b) Allium cepa (c) Triticum aestivum (d) Dracaena (l) In a transverse section of a typical dicot leaf, phloem is situated towards which side? (a) Towards upper epidermis (b)Towards lower epidermis (c) Around xylem (d) Lateral side of xylem (m) By presence of what are guard cells of terrestrial plants different than other epidermal cells? (a) Nucleus (b)Mitochondria (c) Cholorplast (d) Golgi body (n) In reference of root apex which theory is not correct? (a) Histogen theory (b) Corpoer-oappe theory (c) Mental core theory (d) Apical cell theory

II(i) (ii)

Fill in the Blanks Seed coat develops by. The seeds which require complete darkness for germination are known as . In Gulmehndi (Impatiens) seed dispersal happens by Mechanism. When plants are propagated in a laboratory by culture method then it is known as ..

(iii) (iv)

Unit-I 2. What do you understand about modular growth? Describe it in shoot system. OR Differentiate the following :(a) Monocarpic and Polycarpic plants. (b) Vessels and Tracheids (c) Conjoint and Radial vascular bundle. Unit-II 3. Describe with diagram primary structure of a monocot stem. OR Make difference in the following:(a) Intraxylary phloem and Interxylary phloem (b) Intrfscicular cambium and Interfacicular cambium (c) Porous wood and Non-porous wood. Unit-III 4. Describe with diagram internal structure of a dorsiventral leaf. OR Write short notes on the following:(a) Korpoer-Kappe theory (b) Development of lateral roots (b) Concept of Quiescent Center


5. What do you understand about suspended animation or dormancy in seeds? Write an essay in detail on it.


Write short notes on the following:(a) Primary dormancy and secondary dormancy (b) Propagation by specific vegetative structures (c) Differentiate between cutting and grafting.