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Mechanical Identification

Richard Smith
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Steve King
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Richard Smith
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WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification


SECTION INCLUDES Include the General Conditions of the Contract as part of this section. The Contractor shall become familiar with other sections of the Specifications affecting work of this trade. Furnish all labour, materials, plant, equipment and appliances and perform all necessary operations required to execute the work of this section. This section describes the requirements for the identification of mechanical services. RELATED SECTIONS This schedule is intended to be used as a helpful indication of the related sections within the Project Specifications. It is not necessarily comprehensive or complete and it is the Contractor's responsibility to ascertain all applicable sections required to understand the full Scope of Works intended. 15130 15150 15720 15830 15710 15815 15910 15300 15090 15190 Pumps Pressure Pipeline Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units Fans Heat Exchangers Ductwork and Accessories BEMS Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Systems Thermal Insulation Liquefied Petroleum Gas

1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.2 1.2.1

1.3 1.3.1 1.4 1.4.1 1.4.2

REFERENCES The minimum standards for products specified in this section shall be those standards referred to or relevant BSI standards. SUBMITTALS FOR REVIEW Section 01300 - Submittals. Submit full details of each method of identification and installation method in accordance with the Contract Documents. Submissions shall indicate all dimensions, details of construction details of installation, relation and connections with adjoining work. QUALITY ASSURANCE Perform Work in accordance with relevant British Standards and industry standard codes. QUALIFICATIONS No requirements MOCK- UP Provide full size mock up of each type of identification.

1.5 1.5.1 1.6 1.6.1 1.7 1.7.1

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

1.8 1.8.1

ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS Identification labels and valve diagrams shall be suitable for the environment in which they are installed. WARRANTY Section 01740 - Warranties and Bonds.

1.9 1.9.1


APPROVED MANUFACTURER OR PRODUCT No particular preference. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS All pipe work and ductwork services shall be identified in accordance with BS1710. All items of plant, equipment and apparatus shall be allocated and shall bear a unique reference number (URN) in accordance with the Engineers site wide referencing system (see appendix). If the site wide referencing system is deficient in any way the Contractor shall suggest suitable modifications to the Engineer and seek approval for such modifications to be used. All plant, equipment and apparatus indicated on drawings prepared by the Contractor shall be annotated with the URN. All methods of identification shall be approved by the Engineer. All identification shall be permanently applied in a manner approved by the Engineer. ABOVE GROUND SERVICES IDENTIFICATION The entire surface area of the liquefied petroleum (LPG), fuel oil, diesel oil, compressed air, sprinkler, fire hose reel, cold water service, cooled cold water and condenser water services shall be permanently identified with a colour in accordance with BS1710. This shall be achieved by painting the entire pipeline with a primer coat (following proper preparation) and then two coats of good quality paint or by employing a pipework system with self colour properties or an approved sheath such as Yorkshire Kuterlux, in case of copper pipes. Paint, self colour properties and sheaths shall be coloured as BS 1710. All pipework in services subways or corridors shall have their entire surface area identified as required by 2.3.1, above. In addition to those referred to in 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 above, all other pipework and ductwork services that are concealed in risers a nd ceiling voids shall have their entire surface area finished as required by the thermal insulation standard specification using standard materials / colours, as specified. In addition to those referred to in 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 above, all other pipework and ductwork services that are exposed to view shall have their entire surface area finished as required by the thermal insulation standard specification using the standard materials / colours, as specified.

2.1.1 2.2 2.2.1 2.2.2

2.2.3 2.2.4 2.2.5 2.3 2.3.1




WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification


All services, whether concealed or exposed to view shall be identified with identification bands. These bands shall be coloured as BS1710 and shall also bear direction of flow arrows and an abbreviation to identify the service. Identification bands shall be applied in each riser section, at 15m centres in ceiling voids / subways / service corridors and in locations in plantroom and laundry spaces where it is possible to see an ID band for any service from any vantage point. Standard abbreviations to be used on services identification bands shall include: ChW HRChW CW LTHW HRLTHW HWS CWS CCWS RUHWS THWS WHWS LPG CA St(10) St(7.5) St(5.5) Cond Con GS PS FHR Sprinkler SD F R CF Exp PSA PEA SA RA EA KEA Exh IA [D] [C] Chilled water Heat recovery chilled water Condenser water Low temperature hot water Heat recovery low temperature hot water Hot water service Cold water service Cooled cold water service Reuse hot water service Tempered hot water service Waste water hot water service. Liquefied petroleum gas Compressed air 10 bar(g) steam 7.5 bar(g) steam 5.5 bar(g) steam Condensate (steam system) Condensate (a-c system) Gravity sewage Pumped sewage Fire hose reel Sprinkler Sprinkler drain Flow (liquid circulation systems) Return (liquid circulation systems) Cold feed Expansion Primary supply air Primary extract air Supply air Recirculation air Extract air Kitchen extract air Exhaust air Intake air Dirty Clean



2.4 2.4.1 2.4.2 2.5 2.5.1

BELOW GROUND SERVICES IDENTIFICATION All below ground services shall be identified by a unique colour per service. Refer to particular specification for details. PLANT AND EQUIPMENT TALLY PLATES All items of plant and equipment shall have a permanently fixed tally plate that shall include

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

the following information as a minimum: 2.5.2 Makers name and contact details; Date of manufacture; Makers reference number that will allow item to be traced in future. Working pressure (liquid items) Test pressure (liquid items) Basic duty parameters; Dry weight (if in excess of 1 tonne)

Where plant and equipment is insulated the tally plate shall be extended so that insulation can be placed behind the plate. VALVE, STRAINER, COCK AND STEAM TRAP IDENTIFICATION Every valve, strainer, cock and steam trap shall be identified with a unique reference number (URN) in accordance with the sitewide referencing system (see appendix) Valve, strainer, cock and steam trap URNs shall be indicated on as built drawings and in O&M manuals. Valve, strainer, cock and steam traps shall be identified with a brass or approved plastic fob which shall be permanently engraved (10mm Arial font) with the URN. The fob shall be permanently attached with a chain. In addition to the URN, commissioning sets and metering stations shall have commissioned flow rate (kg/s) and signal pressure (mm w.g.) engraved on the fob in 6mm Arial font. In addition to the URN, differential pressure valves shall have the commissioned differential pressure set point engraved onto the fob in 6mm Arial font. All motorised and solenoid valves shall have a URN identification fob as described above. In addition the fob shall have the valve flow rate (kg/s) permanently engraved onto it in 6mm Arial font. Valve diagrams shall be sited on walls in locations agreed with the Engineer. These valve diagrams shall provide an isometric or general arrangement l ayout of the services in the vicinity of the chart and shall clearly indicate each valve, strainer, cock and steam trap URN. Valve diagrams shall be heat sealed onto moisture resistant MDF with edges sealed with two coats of matt black paint. Valve URNs, types and services shall also be indicated in tabular format on the diagram. AIR HANDLING UNIT, PRIMARY AIR HANDLER A ND FAN IDENTIFICATION This section applies to all type of air handling unit (e.g PAH, AH) and fans (eg KEF, EF) Each air handling unit and fan shall be identified with its URN using a permanent traffolite label that shall be fixed to the casing of the unit in a prominent location. The label shall have black 25mm Arial font on a white background. A permanent engraved traffolite label shall be fixed onto the air handling unit/fan casing in a location that corresponds with the each component inside. The label shall contain the following information and shall have 6mm black Arial font on a white background: Dampers - Fixed or motorised - Number

2.6 2.6.1 2.6.2 2.6.3

2.6.4 2.6.5 2.6.6


2.7 2.7.1 2.7.2


WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

Mixing or ON/Off

Filter - Type (bag or panel) - Grade (G2, G3.F7, F8, etc) - Clean resistance (Pa) - Max Dirty resistance (Pa) Heating or Cooling Coils - Duty (kW) - Liquid temperatures (C) - Airside resistance (Pa) - Waterside resistance (kPa) Fans - Type - Duty (m3/s) - Fan static pressure (Pa) - External total resistance to unit (Pa) - Motor rating (kW) - Full load current (A) Heat recovery device - Type - Duty (kW) - Air side resistance (Pa) - Electrical rating (kW)

2.8 2.8.1

VOLUME CONTROL DAMPERS Volume control dampers shall be permanently marked with their setting. A permanent label shall be affixed to the damper to indicate the flow rate that has been achieved during commissioning. PUMP IDENTIFICATION All pumps shall bear a permanent label that shall identify their URN, design flow rate, design head, no flow head, electrical motor rating and full load current. Labels shall be as 2.7.2, above but in addition shall include the pump duty in kg/s and kPa using 6mm Arial font.

2.9 2.9.1 2.9.2

2.10 FIRE EQUIPMENT IDENT IFICATION 2.10.1 Fire hose reel cabinets, dry riser stations and fire tender connection points shall be identified in accordance with ROP Civil Defense requirements. 2.10.2 In addition, each fire hose reel shall be marked with a sequential reference number. A separate numbering system shall be adopted for each building or building group. This number shall be indicated on the door (bottom right hand corner) of each fire hose reel cabinet and shall be prefixed FHR This identication shall be sign written or created with proprietary self adhesive letters using a 20mm black Arial font. 2.10.3 Similarly, dry riser outlets shall be identified in the same way as fire hose reels but the prefix shall be dry riser inlets shall leave prefix DR.

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

2.10.4 Sprinkler zone valves shall be identified in the same way as fire hose reels but the prefix shall be SZV 2.11 BUILDING ENERGY MANA GEMENT SYSTEM (BEMS) IDENTIFICATION 2.11.1 All MCCs, outstations, starters, variable speed drives, sensors, detectors, switches, thermostats, actuators and items of head end equipment shall be clearly identified in accordance with the site wide identification system. Where specific references are not included in the site wide identification system the Contractor shall devise suitable references, as required. 2.11.2 Identification shall be achieved by engraving of the item of equipment / apparatus of by affixing (glue and screwed) engraved or proprietary, permanent, printed self-adhesive labels (not as Dymo). 2.11.3 BEMS identification references shall be reflected in the Contractors material submittals, working drawings, points schedules, as built documents and operating and maintenance documents. 2.12 HEAT EXCHANGERS (SEE OVER) 2.12.1 All heat exchangers shall bear a URN identification label as described for air handling units in 2.7.2 above. In addition the label shall provide the following information in 6mm Arial font. Heat exchanger rating (kW) Hot liquid inlet and outlet temperatures (oC) Cold liquid inlet and outlet temperatures (oC)


EXAMINATION Verify site conditions under provisions of Section 01400. Before ordering any materials/commencing work verify that building structure associated with the system is within tolerance and take full account of shape configuration and material properties of the structure. HANDLING AND STORAGE Deliver component parts to site, completely identified in accordance with shop and certified drawings prepared for this work. Store in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, above ground, properly protected from the weather and construction activities. INSTALLATION Before beginning installation in any area, examine all parts of the adjoining work into which applicable work is to be placed. Should any conditions be found which will prevent the proper execution of the work, installation shall not proceed in that area until such conditions are corrected by the contractor. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL Provide field quality control under provisions of Section 01400 - Quality Control.

3.1.1 3.1.2

3.2 3.2.1

3.3 3.3.1

3.4 3.4.1

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

3.5 3.5.1 3.5.2 3.6 3.6.1 3.7 3.7.1

CLEANING Section 01710 - Cleaning installed work. Remove any paint or concrete splatters after work is complete. PROTECTION OF FINISHED WORK Protect work under provisions of Section 01710. STANDARD SPECIFICATION This standard specification is intended to be used as a helpful indication of work within this section. It is not necessarily comprehensive or complete and it is the Contractor's responsibility to ascertain and complete the full works intended and as shown within the drawings, specification and Contract or thereby implied.

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

SITEWIDE REFERENCING SYSTEM - BUILDING SERVICES Unique Identification Number (URN) 01 P 5 Plant / equipment code (see schedule 3) Plant equipment type sequential number

V Building Complex letter (see schedule 1)

B Standby plant designation (A = duty; B = standby)

URN presentation format : V-01-P5(B)

SCHEDULE 1 - BUILDING COMPLEX LETTER V T C X Village Hotel Town Hotel Castle Hotel Externals + Utility Compound

SCHEDULE 2 - SUB AREA CODE LETTER B1 G 01 02 03 04 R S STP RO Basement Ground floor First floor Second floor Third floor Fourth floor Roof Subway duct Sewage Treatment Plant Compound Reverse Osmosis Plant Hall

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003

Sub area code (see schedule 2)


Mechanical Identification

SCHEDULE 3M - MECHANICAL BUILDING SERVICES LETTER CODES 2MV 3MV A PAH1 PAH2 PAH3 PAH4 AH1 AH2 AH3 AV AVV B BS CA CCE CCU CDC CDH CH CHM CPV CS CT CVU DPV EG ENM EV FCUS FCUV FH FS GCP GD GM HDH HR HWC HWD KC LPGT MD MGV MS OG P PDD 2 port motorised valve 3 port motorised valve Duct mounted attenuator 100% freshaire AHU with only supply fan 100% fresh air with cooling and reheat and supply fan 100% fresh air AHU with S&E fans and heat recovery 100% freshaire AHU with S&E fans and double heat recovery Recirculating AHU with 2 way mixing box and supply fan Recirculating AHU with 3 way mixing box and S&E fans Recirculating AHU with 3 way mixing box and S&E fans and heat recovery Pressure accumulator vessel Anti vacuum valve Boiler Booster set Duct mounted cross talk attenuator Cold room evaporator unit Cold room condensing unit Cold room door curtain Cold room door heater Chiller Cold room heater mat Cold room pressure valve Commissioning set Cooling Tower Contant air volume unit Differential pressure valve Extract grille LTHW or ChW energy meter Extract valve Surface mounted, exposed to view fan coil unit Void mounted fan coil unit External fire hydrant Fume scrubber Emergency gas control panel Gas detector Gas meter Ductwork mounted humidity detector Hose reel Hot water cylinder Wall mounted humidity detector Kitchen canopy Liquefied petroleum gas tank Motorised damper Motorised gas valve (emergency) Metering station Ozone generator Pump Ductwork pressure detector

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

SCHEDULE 3M - MECHANICAL BUILDING SERVICES LETTER CODES PDDD PDPD PDS PHEX PPD PPS PRV PU PWC RO SD SD SF SG SPTP SPV SV T TCD TDD TG TPD TPS TPSH TS TWD TWT WM WMS WTP FL OV Ductwork differential pressure detector Pipeline differential pressure detector Ductwork pressure switch Plate heat exchanger Pipeline pressure detector Pipeline pressure switch Pressure reducing valve Pressurisation / fill unit Chilled potable water cylinder Reverse osmosis stream Smoke damper Supply diffuser Sand filter Steam generator Sprinkler test point Sprinkler valve Safety valve Tank Tank contents detector Ductwork temperature detector Transfer grille Pipeline temperature detector Pipeline mounted thermostat Pipeline mounted thermostat (high limit) Textile sock range Wall mounted temperature detector Wall mounted thermostat Water meter Water manifold set Water treatment plant Fusible link (cable mounted) Emergency oil shut off valve (gravity operated)

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification

SCHEDULE 3E - ELECTRICAL BUILDING SERVICES LETTER CODES MCC MSB SMDB SG ERG EM TR RMU DB FCPM FCPR FAHE GLRU ELSS ELHE UPS EM PABXM PABXS OFH CPP DPP TOS TVSE TVHE TVPPV TVSD PMSHE PMSSE LOCC CCTVHE CCTVSE BEMSHE BEMSIE BEMSLP BEMSOS DDB MS AS BGMS ICP Motor control centre Main switchpanel Sub main distribution board Standby generator Earthing rod group Earthing mat Transformer Ring main unit Distribution board Master fire alarm control panel Repeater fire alarm control panel Fire alarm head end Guestroom lighting relay unit Emergency lighting sub battery / control unit Emergency lighting head end Passive uninterrupted power supply and battery unit Sub electrical meter Master PABX Slave PABX Optic fibre hub Communication cable patch panel Data cable patch panel Telephone operator's station TV Satellite dish farm and head end TV system head end and primary amplification equipment TV system pay per view equipment TV system sub distribution equipment PMS / POS head end equipment PMS / POS satellite equipment Local optic fibre / copper converter CCTV head end equipment CCTV satellite equipment Main BEMS human interface consule Local BEMS human interface consule BEMS laptop connection point BEMS outstation Distribution board with full scene dimming facility Microphone station Amplifier station Background music sources Islamic clock and call to prayer unit

WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification



Bidet Bath Faucet set Grease interceptor Anti shock reflux valve Standard connection assembly type Sewage holding tank Shower valve Sump pump Shower tray Sewage treatment plant Soil and vent pipe stack Sewage pump Urinal stall Water closet pan Flushing cistern Wash hand basin


WSA/D1381 Rev 0/2003


Mechanical Identification