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142 Migrations Lesson D 143

Goal 4 Discuss migrations

Animals also migrate. What animals
migrate? Where do they migrate to
and from? Why do they migrate?
A. At some time in the past, your ancestors
moved to your country. Maybe it was 100
years ago; maybe it was 100,000 years ago.
Look at the map. Where did they come from?
B. Read and underline the regular verbs and
circle the irregular verbs in the simple past
C. Answer the questions.
1. Where did humans rst appear?
2. Where did they migrate to rst?
3. How did people move across the United
States? __________________________
4. Give an example of economic migration.
5. Give an example of forced migration.

We think that modern humans appeared in Africa
about 200,000 years ago. But they didnt stay in
Africa. Tey migrated out of Africa to the Middle
East and then to the rest of the world. Troughout
history, people have migrated from one place to
another. People, it seems, like to move.
Since the 17th century, many European people
have moved from Europe to the Americas. Tey lef
Spain and Portugal and moved to South America.
Many Northern Europeans migrated to North
America. In the United States, most people arrived
in New York. Some stayed on the East Coast, but
many people migrated to the West Coast.
So, why do people move? First, there is
economic migration. People move to fnd
work and a good life. Second, there is forced
migration. People move because of wars; it is
not safe to stay in their homes.
Of course, many people dont migrate. Tey stay
in the same place all their lives. But people like
to visit diferent countries on their vacations.
People, it seems, just like to move.
Read the brochure and write a holiday
Word Focus
migrate = to move from one place
to another
economic = about money
forced = when something is not
what you want
war = a ght
These people are from the Congo, in Africa. They left their homes
during the war, but now they are returning.
People moved from the East Coast of the United States to the
West Coast in wagon trains.
European Three Capital Tour
June 15th Leave home.
June 16th Arrive in London.
The Tower of London
June 18th London to Paris. Eiel
Tower, The Louvre
June 20th Paris to Rome.
The Coliseum
June 22nd Rome to London.
June 23rd London to home.
We left home on the 15th and arrived
in London on the 16th. We visited
Where would you like to migrate to? Why
would you like to live there? Explain to a
partner and then to the class.