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Lector univ Li!i"n" Anton

T#EME$ T#E CONCE%T OF IDENTIT& IN STRATEGIES OF COMMUNICATION I. 1. The importance of non verbal communication in anthropological terms Anthropology is the study of humankind, which developed following 19th century evolutionary theory to investigate the human species, past and present, physically, socially and culturally. The etymology of the term is: reek anthropos !man" and logos !discourse". 'I(entit)* is defined in anthropological terms as being one of the three main, basic and fundamental concepts of this scientific and cultural domain. The other two are communication and cultural history. #or the verbal communication conte$t, when tackled linguistically, identity could be regained and put forward in transmitting a message. In a discourse, this concept is present and it functions on the rules of the following pattern: %&ITT%'(((((((((((((((&%))A %(((((((((((((((('%*%+T,' #or the category of non(verbal communication, anthropological studies as well as psychological and social ones prove that mimics, gestures, facial e$pression and the posture have a special role in decoding or understanding codes of behaviour, for each individual in a social cell, institution or system. INDE%ENDENT ACTIVIT& 'ead the te$t, Facial Expression before the Emergence of Verbal Language+ a study made by Ion ,prescu, a +h. - and researcher at the Institute of Anthropological Researches in .ucharest. In no more than two paragraphs write about the concept of personal identity/ identification in non(verbal communication. *ould our facial e$pression be considered 0a passport1 in our social relationships2 Is this influencing a situation in which we fail or succeed2


'egisters are of a certain importance in our everyday life. They help us to understand a partner of discussion, to write a letter, to get a 4ob or to make friends. In the following te$t you could find out that the register used in a particular situation is as important as the way we look, we dress and5address.

INDE%ENDENT ACTIVIT& a. 'ead the te$t, consider the two situations and comment in a paragraph the differences in terms of: linguistic approach: differences of vocabulary, grammatical structures anthropological approach: non(verbal communication: gestures, mimics, gestures, facial e$pression for each person in the picture b. 'ead the written e$ercise and do the e$ercise 1/ page 136

c. -o the e$ercise 3/ page 137 II. *onsider the following set of articles. They cover up mainly the history that followed the )eptember 11th events. *onsider each article as belonging to a different category of newspapers: tabloids or broadsheets. #ind out the differences in writing, in tackling the events, in reporting them. The articles are taken from 0The ,bserver1, 0The uardian1 and 0The &irror1:

T,e O-.erver, )unday, 18 )eptember, 3991: Title: 1:hispering hawks and doves test nerve1 )ubtitle: 0.lair tries to 4uggle caution and boldness1 +olitical editor: ;amal Ahmed T,e Gu"r(i"n, :ednesday, ,ctober <, 3991: Title: 1=et us reorder this world1 ( editorial +olitical editor: &ichael :hite T,e Gu"r(i"n, :ednesday, ,ctober <, 3991: Title: 0.lair signals early euro vote with call to end isolationism >ournalists: +atrick :intour and %wan &acAskill T,e Mirror, &onday, )eptember 16, 3991 : Title: 0:A' ,? T%'',': @9,999 T',,+) )%T1 )ubtitle: TAI) :A' :I== TA;% B%A')1 >ournalist: ary >ones T,e Mirror+ Thursday, )eptember, 1<, 3991: Title: 0 ood vs. %vil1 >ournalists: Andy =ines and >ames Aardy INDE%ENDENT ACTIVIT&

'ead all the articles and write if you consider them articles or editorials published in a tabloid or a broadsheet. *omment in no more than 399 words the message transmitted by each of them.

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