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Black Light Newsletter Vol.

1 Edition 8 September 26th, 2011



There are ample amounts of concerns in figuring out the talks with Nuwaubians, ancient Egyptians, culturists, Egyptologists, conscious-cognizant minds, and truth seekers who are ever ready to explode on the numeral 9. The majority of the mundane are not aware of speaking about the numeral 9 and its opposite, the numeral 6, because 9 has never been a theme to explain. In ancient Egypt, the way of saying 6 was Sated Sated (Satu Satu) and 9 was Tased Tased (Tasu Tasu), so they do present Sated Satu Tased Tasu a reciprocal of each other. A group of people, called the Hyksos, who were not native Egyptians but from Greece and Palestine (called land of Canaan). Hyksos significantly stood for the numeral 6, which is Hektos in Greek and pronounced like the syllable in Hyksos.

They ruled in the 15th Dynasty of ancient Egypt with all factors of 6 surrounding their demeanor, which is incompletion opposed to 9: completion. Greek language denoted Agyptos for Egypt meaning burnt face and only a person having a pale description gets burnt mainly by the suns rays; Palestines root word is pale pale along with how the Hyksos became the meaning burnt burnt face pale face for Egypt. Therefore, the #6 refers to assumptions, theories, history, or possibilities, and the #9 refers to confirmations, facts, ourstory/herstory (refer refer to the 4 Institute) and Sound Right Reasoning Reasoning. Principles of the Amun Re Institute The numeral 9 will always be the last, or highest numeral indicating an ending before a beginning, no matter how humungous a set of numerals are when they are together. When getting past 9 or any numeral with 9 beside it as 9 is in the first column (ones ones), a new set of numerals start another series going up to 9 ones again. The set of numerals of 3,583,429 is said as Three million, Five HundredEighty Three Thousand, and Four Hundred and Twenty Nine. When you add these set numerals together, the numeral that it comes back to is this: 3+5+8+3+4+2+9= 34. Thirty Four is then added to get this: 3+4=7. So, all these numerals add up to be 7. Verification of this addition is in Biblical texts of the assumed 10 commandments (Exodus 20:3Exodus 20:3 -17 and how does Exodus 34:28 20?). The 10 commandments are mentions 10 commandments way after Exodus 20? really the 613 commandments of Judaic faith and this takes you back to Ancient Egypts 613 negative confessions. 6+1+3=10. This gives an idea how the summation of numeral groups equate to smaller numerals that are the only numerals. 10 really is one, but as the situated numerals have it for 613, this is the numeral 10. So, to figure how the 10 commandments became the theme of commandments when there are other commandments given by God (Genesis 1:3; 1:6; 1:11; 1:14; 1:20; 1:22; 1:24; 1:26; 1:28; 2:16-17; Genesis 8; Genesis 9; Genesis 26:5 and many more) is to see deception in Man who acclaims to the wrong matters in exception to the essential matters. To simplify a few known facts of Judaic faiths origin in Egypt, YHWH, which stands for the Hebraic writing for Lord is pronounced YahWeh. This means Master of good and evil (Genesis Genesis 3:22) 3:22 or for what the Universe symbolizes as Good and Evil to be properly determined as agreeable and disagreeable (Isaiah Isaiah 45:7-if this is read religiously, Man would be in a state of depression as opposed 45:7 to reading with Sound Right Reasoning Reasoning- very important to have!).

HuHi is ancient Egyptian defined as Force of creative will, where YHWH originated. The combination consists of two genders: Huwa for male gender and Hiya for female gender. Although female gender came before male gender (somebody somebody knew of this ancient science in ancient Egypt because in the English alphabet, x, which is the female chromosome, comes before the y, since the male x), it chromosome and the y is missing a portion to complete its appearance to the x is evidence of two charges or characteristics in the vast Universe. YinYang is another dual philosophy from Asia that symbolizes male and female gender or positive and negative charges. One is not above the other, but it is how they are used. Judaic faith copied the pronunciation along with transliteration backwards, but here is another. Ra means evil (Genesis 3:22; Job 1:1; many other places) in the Hebrew language by pronunciation, but why? Ra symbolizes the sun in ancient Egypt or the term for sun (where rays of the sun come from) and the evil determines the attitude persons receive when the rays of the sun (Ra) touches them. This character in persons would be a minute influence engraved with evil opposed to persons who embody their life around the sun. Without the sun, there would be no life on Earth to manage. So this meaning, placed by Judaic teachings, is minute compared to the broader picture of Earths relation to the sun and how ancient Egyptians made this acknowledgment spectacular of all things in the Universe. Khartoum is a city-state in Sudan, which is part of ancient Egypt called Nubia, and in the Hebraic text, there is found in the books of Daniel 2:10 the word magician. Magician is pronounced Khartoum, but why? For the fact of a nome in Sudan that was dedicated to 3 members of this part of Nubia called in ancient Egypt Khemenu Khemenu, Tehuti, Khnum, and Anubis were the center of alchemy. Alchemy is Khemenu considered magic, but is the science of knowing how to rearrange molecules or the structure of a substance, person, or object for accomplishing a project. Khartoum was called Hermopolis, adopted from Greek influence that took its influence from the deity Thoth (thought) called Tehuti Tehuti. Hermopolis means City Tehuti City Hermes and Greeks became influential to announce Tehuti as Hermes. He was of Hermes considered magical, but again, only performing projects that pertained to the ancient science of Alchemy where the word Chemistry comes from of its main focus. Alchemy means by Atumology (Etymology) The Black and Chemistry,

a science known by Universities and Schools, is Chem (Black) and Mistry from Mystery is Black Black Mystery. Its a mystery to reveal what the elements do in Mystery collaboration from the essence of black, called Dark Matter by the scientific community. Shepherd (Psalms Psalms 23) 23 is known from Judaic faith pronounced Rah, but why? It means To care for a flock; grazing; nourishing. When audibly hearing Rah, the dyslexic pronunciation is Har, for what many people claim and is the Egyptian deity Haru or Horus. Haru fits the descriptive meaning superbly for his behavior and character in ancient Egypt in caring for the homeland, people, and symbolizing who Christ really is for where Christs roots of Atumology came from. Christ means anoint anoint and the English word caress is phonetically and meananoint ingfully the same to the ancient way of saying Christ, which is Karast Karast. Both Karast words have to do with touch or an intimate way of rendering care, and affection for the better. Even the term Messiah, which means the same thing, coming from the Hebraic Mashiakh Mashiakh, but Atumology has its origin in ancient Egypt as Mashiakh Messeh. This specifically was the fat or oil of an alligator/crocodile and ancient Egyptian priests would anoint the young of a ritual, like a rite of passage, who proved themselves learnt at the age of 13 becoming Christ Messiahs or Anointers Anointers Anointers as depicted so long ago. So where is the inquiry mind to put this together about how Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah became, which means Son and Daughter of Commandments in Judaic faith? Before Tutankhamen, called King Tut, was killed by Ay, a high ranking official or guardsman, at the age of King Tut 19, King Tut was given the authority of a Christ Messiah at the age of 13. It is too ironic to think the age of 13 was not symbolic of adulthood in ancient Egypt first, even for how looking at a movie called PG-13 denotes a 13 year old is able to differentiate some sense of reason as an adult, but as facts present more facts, time only reveals where attributes came from. Saying Messeh needs reiteration in this Black Light: Many stories can be told of the gesture or pronunciation that American slaves of the 17th to 19th centuries would redeem for a slave master in calling them Messeh or Massah. They didnt articulate words correctly, but saying slave master would disqualify them to even think of being an anointer. Unknowingly, it resonated in their forbidden DNA of their ancient past in saying Messeh to

rekindle for persons of that gene pool nowadays in the 21st century that ancient Egyptian had to have been in the traits of the slaves of that time to the people of today that resemble them spiritually and physically. Surprising about Psalms 23 speaks of a structure that Judaic faith plagiarized for the comfort David had with The Lord, and that is the Rod and Staff. The terms in ancient Egypt were Waas for Rod (portraying portraying a Kappa Alpha Psi cane) cane and Khu for Staff. This was a symbol of sovereignty, but also, Waas meant Authority and Khu meant Mental. All rulers signified this symbol by appointment, as well as how nowadays, a President or Prime Minister is looked with respect for its position of authority and mind. The way ancient Egyptian rulers or Pharaohs, like Asaru, held these instruments was together in the form of a letter X, and the X goes as far back to verify the knowledge of who stood for this acknowledgment, which is nonetheless the female. There is latent power in the female mind where even the totality of women has not connected to yet. Ancient pharaohs knew it, and they never condoned or condemned this Sound Right Reasoning. What do babies come from? The water from the female. Where do fish live in? The water from the oceans. Why is the letter for X in ancient Egypt addresses a fish? Hmmm. Why is the depiction of the fish for the ancient Egyptian letter X shows an X on the fish? Hmmm. This can make any person who is open to the ancient past of Egypt see DNA explosions within them of these feats awaiting to surface again for this forbidden now found glory. Woman will always be and is the first gender created (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:5 19:5). This is Genesis 2:24 why mercy starts with the female because without the mothers womb, which is mercy, being the safe haven for children to start their journey to birth, there would not be any children. Mercy and womb share the same Atumology by phonetics and meaning of the languages Hebrew and Arabic. Arabic has Rahim (Bismi Allah, Al Rahman Al Rahim for In the name of God, The Yielder The Merciful; 13:8) and Hebrew has Rahum (Genesis 30:22- womb; Exodus Merciful ; Surah 13:8 34:6-merciful; Deuteronomy 13:17-mercy;). When looking at the Hebrew and Arabic for mercy and womb, there wouldnt be either term without the ancient Egyptian term for sun, which is the root of both terms called Ra Ra, and Ra is Ra mercy because without Ras mercy, like the womans mercy, the Earth would die and its inhabitants.

Moses, the embodiment of Judaic faiths strife and triumph, is consisted of maybe five of seven Moses characters from ancient Egypt. Below are a few of Moses characters: 1. Thutmose IV was the Moses who married an Ethiopian woman named Mutemweya, where Numbers 12:1 records it. 2. Kamose and Ahmose were the Moses who ran the supposed Israelites called the Hibirus, an Egyptian word for Hebrews, or Hyksos out of Egypt after the 430 years of making a habitat in Egypt (430 yr- Exodus 12:40). 12:40 This was after the 15th dynasty but during the 17th and 18th dynasty; Exodus is symbolic of mentioning this transition. When its mentioned of Israel having the name Jacob in Genesis, Jacob only means in Hebrew supplanter, or taking the position for another. When becoming supplanted into the Egyptian culture, they added themselves as the Israelites meaning ascension to el for learning tidbits of the Egyptian doctrine and language purported as sacred and Godly. The Israelites, called Hibirus or Hyksos, were the supplanters who made themselves be the Egyptians, which rendered the meaning of Egypt to be burnt burnt face in Greek, so the Greeks are those who created this misconception for the face word Aigyptos for Egypt and were the posed group who became burnt by Ra, the sun. In concluding to what Egypt means was simply Tamare, which is an ancient Egyptian word for Earth=Ta, Water=Ma, and Sun= Re or Ra. Most people embody this on planet Earth who does not get burnt by the sun.
3. Thutmose IVs son, Amunhotep III, was the Moses who lived to 120 years old,

recorded in Deuteronomy 34:7. 34:7

4. Rameses is the reason why Moses was called a god in Exodus 7:1, for the

reason that Moses was patterning himself to be a god after the Lord. Ramesesname means child of God. Ra=God and Meses=Moses=child. Rameses is in the Bible as a city the Israelites went to after leaving Egypt but also picked a ritual called Succoth, tabernacle festivals, along the way enroot to the believed, supposed city lettered Raamces (Exodus Exodus 12;37). 12;37 Moses was given the conclusion of having all learnt wisdom from the Egyptians in 7:22. The name itself only means child and further reasoning of this Acts 7:22

meaning complies with the beginning of a childs natural upbringing for all children. Exodus 2:10 confirms how a newborn comes into the world, although the timing of the child Moses was suspected to be a child becoming groomed. To To be drawn out water is symbolic of a baby that comes out of their mothers womb of triple of the water darkness or the Black Light to start their journey into this world from water. The Pharaohs daughter is a replica of the name Bithiah Bithiah Lords Bithiah which means Lords daughter along with Pharoahs daughter (I daughter I Chronicles 4:18; II Chronicles 8:11), 8:11 but would this insinuate for Biblical teachings and Judaic faith in questioning is the Lord the Pharaoh? Since Hosea 12:9 and 13:4 confirms this question and no data or history substantiates the story of Moses, the rise and fall of Israel (Israel is the Habirus [Hebrews Hebrews] or Heka Khasut, [Hyksos Hyksos]), the 70 elders who made relation Hebrews Hyksos with the God of Israel (Exodus Exodus 24:9 confirms realistically what the Septuagint and Egypt), or the prominent city in Israel, Ptolemy did to a major part of the Bible in Egypt Jerusalem, which means Horuss Peace, or Hierosalem [Hiero Jerusalem Hiero is pronounced Heru, one of Harus names, in describing sacred, holy, like for the word Hieroglyphs=Sacred writings] Egypt withstands the stability of recognition that Judaic faith would not last without it! Even for what the book of Revelations 11:8 speaks on Jesus, and where it was taught of his crucifixion, bringing the doctrine of the ancient Egyptians to a place where there is/was killing and wickedness like the cities Sodom and Gomorrah, Egypt seems to always hold its ground as the best kept secret to Israel Israel. With the minimum of information that speaks of facts involving ancient Egypt and the #9, the 9 Ball Ball, which is the forbidden concept of Man, would be the mystery that missed out of being in the midst of overstanding for far too long and Dr. Malachi Z. York has been teaching for eons of years about this ancient topic of the past. The 9 Ball, from the early years of Dr. Malachi Z. Yorks teachings in the 60s, captured the void that was missing components for the meek and eager persons who searched far too long of an outline to liberate themselves from tunnel vision, closed-captioned viewing, closed-mindedness, blockage in service, failure to realize the real lies, quicksand movement nowhere, apathetic leaders believed to assist, detour to dead-ends, and malfunctioned malpractices which had no basis to make those ascend the hurdles of life. What has been mentioned as the title of

this reading, What is that 9 Ball, will lead to further breakthroughs of realization about this ancient Egyptian concept called the 9 Ball. This sentence, What What the 9 Ball reveals is the mental surgery done in removing or sustaining the Sound Right Reasoning of Humans across the world, world will appear near the end of this Black Light, but importance to say it now starts the reeling in of sporadic proven data for a successful merited surgery for Man. Note: The word usage and lettering of Man, with a capital letter, denotes the same tone and meaning of using individuals, humans, human beings, persons, the mundane or people, for it does in nowhere or way to aim at targeting men or males by far. This Black Light expounds on the ultimate truth and reality that Mans roots or foundation is none other than the woman. This is Ourstory for Herstory to explain why History left this out. Before the 9 Ball is catapulted to memory of the mundane, there will be shown different sorts of realities concerning the numeral 9, and for the record of what human beings call numerals who are numbers, Humans will always see 9 as the highest numeral before another level is raised or witnessed to a new reality. All numerals are numb to not ever be arranged beside other associations of numerals because this is how time verifies their relation. 1 will always be beside 2 as well as 9 will always be beside 8. So, with that in mind, here is some of the conceptions that has the numeral 9 inclusively apart of Human life. 9+1=10 which 10 when added is back to 1 9+2=11 which 11 when added is back to 2 9+3=12 which 12 when added is back to 3 9+4=13 which 13 when added is back to 4 9+5=14 which 14 when added is back to 5 9+6=15 which 15 when added is back to 6 9+7=16 which 16 when added is back to 7 9+8=17 which 17 when added is back to 8 9+9=18 which 18 when added is back to 9 9+10=19 which 19 when added is back to 1

In multiplication: multiplying 9 by any numeral goes back to 9: 9x1=9 9x2=18, and 1+8=9 9x3=27, and 2+7=9 9x4=36, and 3+6=9 9x5=45, and 4+5=9 9x6=54, and 5+4=9 9x7=63, and 6+3=9 9x8=72, and 7+2=9 9x9=81, and 8+1=9 9x10=90, and 9+0=9 These are some of the features that Man relates the numeral 9; 9 months of gestation for a fetus completes the birth cycle for a baby to be born onto Earth. This is in part of 3 stages that Man goes through of the 9 months: 1st 3 months: months the Reptilian stage of a fish that is in water with gills; why the word selfish is somewhat the reason for babies who are about self self only and personify like a fish from water of their mothers womb. 2nd 3 months: months Grey stage of a Bigheaded dilated black eyed being, when placing a band-aid on the skin for a period of time when it comes off, it will appear grey. Some cartoons personify what is looked like in this rd gestational period on their programs; 3 3 months: months the Mammalian stage of a human being, where babies still have gills, but develop the lungs to be prepared to breathe a less dense form of water called air. When a baby aborts the womb (amniotic sac) from their mother, they are still able to breathe in water from the water-breaking of the mother and can be suspended in water again to breathe with their gills for minutes.

The 9 planes of the ancient Egyptian doctrine Nuwaubu:

1. Physical plane: What is of the elements from the periodic chart

of Force: The growth of these elements into chemical bonds, compounds. Ex. Cells becoming tissuestissues becoming organsorgans becoming systemssystems making a body 3. Spiritual plane: Conscious, aware, cognizant 4. Mental plane: All thoughts are reserved here or in this realm with relation and can be, somehow, verified by another entity. 5. Plane of Truth: Facts with authentication are confirmed or witnessed. 6. Plane of Reality: Although observation of facts are understood, reality sets in that truth does not set people free; time is the key and change is the motive as the factor to making people free. 7. Plane of Godship: Man realizes God is in her/him 8. Aught and Naught: As a God among the mundane and beasts, setting the tone to doing what you should and should not do. When all is said and done, completion becomes the finish line or the target of achievement. Now, what set in are higher levels to aspire that lead eventually to accomplishment. To explain the 9 planes, all of the planes are not layers waiting for the next planes arrival but associations built around each other. The 9th plane is the awaited last plane, although not always the case, however, embarking on completion into a higher assortment of thinking is the focus. Truth of the matter is still inclusive of the planes dilapidating each other tremendously. Example: Schools of Nursery, Elementary, Middle, High, and College. The work force, family, groups, organizations and many other circles of humans are established as the 9 planes of Nuwaubu. The 9 planes of Nuwaubu can be acknowledged anywhere at anytime.

2. Plane

Cloud 9 is the highest cloud The Grand Mastership in Taekwon-Do is the black belt, which is the 9th degree The Nations Capitol White House in the United States is plotted on 27 acres of land. 2+7=9 Engine, Engine, Number 9 is a nursery, pre-school riddle for children The United States Supreme Court has 9 judges A deck of cards for play, or gamble has 54 cards: 4 kinds of card categories: Spade, Club, Heart, and Diamond- each has an Ace to a King spread-also inclusive of a Big and Little Joker=54 54 cards, which 5+4=9 A cat has a considered amount of 9 lives An ancient way of defining Man is: What walks on 4? A Baby (Atum). What walks on 2? An adult (Aton). What walks on 3? An old adult with a cane (Amun). 4+2+3=9 A baby is curled in a fetal position of the numeral 9 180 days of school for American school kids1+8+0=9 1+8+0=9 What major 9 holes does Man have on their body besides pores? 2 nostrils, 1 mouth, 2 ear canals, 1 genital area, 1 anal area, 2 pupils; Add the numerals, and you get 9. A Baseball game consists of 9 innings. There are 9 players on the field during a Baseball game: Catcher, Pitcher, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd baseman, Shortstop, Left, Center, and Right fielders Baseball season has 162 games: 1+6+2=9 A known slang term, I got the whole 9 yards. A known slang term, Im down to my last 9. A golf match consist of 18 holes to play on1+8= 1+8= 9 A social security # = 9 numerals Feminine: A female who births a child into the world from 9 months is included of being why she is called feminine=Female Female + Nine or the Fashioner The 36 chambers of Shaolinregarded as the turning point and widely considered the best of Kung Fu movies3+6=9 3+6=9 Wu Tang Clan consisted of 9 members: Rza-Gza-Ol Dirty Bastard-MethodRaekwon-Ghostface-Inspector Deck-U God-Masta Killa The highest rank of a non-commissioned officer is Sergeant Major=E9 The Jackson family of Joe and Kathryn consist of 9 siblings.

The Periodic Chart goes from 1 to 99, starting with Hydrogen to Einsteinium: 9+9=18, back to 9. A phone dial consist of 9 numerals 1 thru 9. The sperm cell, which is called semen (sea-men), shaped like a tadpole that lives in the sea, is shaped with a head and tail as the numeral 9. 9 Revelations ch. 14:1 speaks on the 144,000 chosen ones by God 1+4+4=9 501c3: A legal document of legislation that allows nonprofit organizations to exist 5+0+1+3=9 +0+1+3=9 The number of the Beast is claimed as 666 from Revelations 13:18; 6+6+6= 18 (believing) to 9 as 9 1+8=9. The fronting of 9 is in the Beast, but is incompletion (believing is completion (knowing knowing). This complies with the Beast, or Devil who gives knowing impressions as an anointer, but really is imitating Michael who gives completion, anointing, and sustainability. Like the colors of auras (vibrational energies), the vibrational energies Beast personifies orange orange (sarcastic) from yellow (intellect intellect) and red (negative negative), orange intellect negative while Michael, of course, personifies green green (revitalize) from yellow (intellect intellect) green intellect and blue (positive positive). positive A collegiate who graduates from higher schools of learning goes through roughly 9 years of school: Undergraduate degree: 4; Masters degree: 2; Philosophy degree: 3; 4+2+3=9 The 9th letter of the English alphabet is I and that Eye=minds minds eye The word know know in the English alphabet by the numerals 1 through 26 as A being know 1 and Z being 26 show that the numerical value of the word k-n-o-w=636+3=9 6+3=9 Completion. Knowing is Completion The Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 introduced 9 Black students to now become in American History books as The 9. The Little Rock 9 The Divine 9, 9 known as the National Pan Hellenic Council consist of 9 historically Black Greek fraternities: Alpha Phi Alpha 1906 Alpha Kappa Alpha 1908 Kappa Alpha Psi 1911 Omega Psi Phi 1911 Delta Sigma Theta 1913 Zeta Phi Beta 1920 Sigma Gamma Rho 1922 Iota Phi Theta 1963 Phi Beta Sigma 1914

There consist of 9 Characteristics of a complete Buddhist: 1. Araham: eradicated defilement 2. Samma-sambuddho: discovering and understanding the 4 Noble Truths (below) 3. Vijjacarana-sampano; knowledge and conduct; being and acting. 4. Sugato: great speaker 5. Lokavidu: knows about the world 6. Anuttaro-purisa dhammasarathi: best teacher that can bring the lost back to being found 7. Sattha-deva-manussanam: teacher and leader of devas and men Buddho: Overstanding the 4 Noble Truths (below); knowing and emphasizing them 9. Bhagava: Endowed with special powers of sharing, ethical morality, wisdom, truthfulness, renunciation, patience, determination, loving-kindness, and equanimity. 4 Noble truths: truth of suffering/ / truth of the cause of suffering/ / truth of the end of suffering/ / truth of the path leading to the end of suffering. There are 9 senses of touch from the physical to spiritual senses: See Hear Smell Taste Touch by skin Telepathy: Mind reading or able to converse with another mind without the use of audible sounds through the mouth. Clairvoyance: Ability to see in a different time zone other than the time zone presently in. Psychometry: Able to touch something and give a reading of it like Carbon dating Intuition: Having a sure sense of what can happen before it presently happens.

There are 9 forms of spirits that Biblical teachings speak on in 1st Corinthians 12:412:4 -10 that is explained to be from one spirit: 1. Word of wisdom: wisdom Wisdom in speech, conservation, discussion, or perusing 2. Word of knowledge: knowledge Knowledge in knowing words and their meanings throughout 3. Faith (in works): James ch. 2:18 healing: Able to heal the body physically and as well as spiritually 4. Gifts of healing miracles: Can personify phenomenal feats beyond what the norm 5. Working of miracles of beings can do Prophecy: Can predict events before they happen for beings to witness 6. Prophecy spirits: Knows the types of spirits on Earth and their im7. Discerning of spirits portance tongues: Knows and can speak different languages 8. Divers kinds of tongues tongues: Can explain the meaning of different languages in 9. Interpretation of tongues their form, with also knowing how to write languages

The shapes in degrees when added come back to 9: The triangle is 180 1+8+0=9 The square is 360 3+6+0=9 The circle is 360, and if inverted is the shape of a square 3+6+0=9 Thus, for the circle and square, their shapes perception is different, but is the same in degrees of conception. The importance of discovering the 9 Ball is to make aware a caption that Dr. Malachi Z. York said during Saviors Day 1999, Get from behind the 9 ball, and for all that has been spoken about the numeral 9; earthlings will see in full spectrum why the 9 Ball is called as such by Dr. Malachi Z. York.

All Humans are walking with the 9 Ball every day. This 9 Ball is the stem of the neck to the brain, head, and face. This witnessing is seen in the mirror by the right side of humans or without a mirror to the left side. To do the opposite of being behind the 9 Ball is to get in front of the 9 Ball and that is to denounce the hair or fur of humans that has been sought to shape humans identity. identity The follicles that grow onto the outside of the skin are dead, but on the inside of the skin, they are alive. Once the hair touches instruments, like a comb, brush, clippers, or tweezers, it is a sign of death. Alive hairs are follicles in the dermis of humans that makes its way to the epidermis and eventually to the outside of the body by pores, which then is pronounced as dead hair. Like dead hair, a dead body shapes whichever way by a mortician, and that renders rigor mortis has set in to reduce movement to a stopping point of the body. So when looking at how tunnel vision is stigmatized on persons thinking, its a sign of ignorance, which is death. Death, dumb, and blind is a phrase that describes a walking dead person not utilizing senses coming from the 9 Ball. They are alive by a heart beat, but their thinking patterns are isolated, remote, and grievous. There isnt any discovery to know what thought will be propelled into the 9 Ball, but programming for the good or bad in individuals make this uncovering noticeable and watched for a new reality. Comparing alive hair and the mind with dead hair and style of programming is a major challenge for illustrating the difference between the two. Alive hair makes its own path through the pores of Man whichever way possible, just like how the mind of humans strikes into the brain cells in whichever course possible to emanate humans for what it should or should not do. As mentioned, once the alive hair comes to the surface of the body on the outside, the hair changes to calling it dead. Once the mind enters the brain cells from whatever how Man thinks, the opening of new gestures, ideas, concepts, and suggestions come to Mans brain in challenging. Humans will then design their walk or style of programming to change their previous path taken by not continuing that again; this gives the previous path death or for no return. The style of programming for the good or bad in Man shapes what previously had been in Mans thoughts. The good to become better from this programming may outweigh the negative sense, but programming obviously coinages ignorant, dull, redundant, stubborn, nonconvincing or ironic in life itself. As a mortician shapes a dead body and Man shapes dead hair, style of programming hopefully can shape good thoughts to be

be better and not from an incoherent persons point of view. So much influence in not knowing makes a 9 Ball impaired to comply with facts that produces Sound Right Reasoning and the mind is intentionally wanting to breakthrough the brains cells in opening new waves of thought. Thinking negatively produces beliefs, theories, and assumptions and it revolves around a lack of confidence in self. By a lack of knowledge to induce the 9 Ball creates an impediment for the 9 Ball. Now its time to find out why the impediment happens. Majority of the world depends on hair to shape their persona in how they feel about themselves. Nothing is wrong with hairstyles, but dont all styles classify as a fad that fades away? Every style on the 9 Ball is temporary, and amazing how the term temp should be called a perm to exemplify the style is going to end in days of how it originally is. Maybe it is permanently permanently permanently deadened to the 9 Balls way of thinking to break away from what empties enough energy and money of humans to keep up. When seeing how alive the hair on the dermis is, it really shows how a style on the scalp from the epidermis of the head is astoundingly different. The medical community defines this by genetics or how deeply rooted the person is of their ancient past. When looking at those persons who have deep roots of carbon burning inside of them from their pineal gland and solar plexus exemplifying the Black Light (the Black), degrees of melanin shows the supreme color Black in their largest portion of the body: the skin. With the hair follicle, it is a tightness of curl that resorts to the shape of the numeral 9 on the surface of skin. Albinos have the tightness of curl, but their color strand is yellow depicting a shock somewhere in their genetic code. Not all persons have tightness in curls of hair that resorts to fur like an animal. This is due to the minimum amount of disulfide bonds in the keratin proteins of the hair giving it a soft texture. Even to have the supreme balancement of black as a color of the hair follicle, the altogether inspection signifies the carbon deposits into the bloodstream are not grand, thus the DNA is not the oldest on Earth. Alive hair compares to the mind of thoughts that are ever coming to the 9 Ball. This hair grows in whatever form it wants to. Dead hair symbolizes the style of programming for the good or bad in Mans thinking to assimilate what it wants to look like, but is the look liked by Mans surroundings or itself? Surroundings can be a persons family, friends, associates, or groups they belong to, and an individual is what it feels best to be.

Programming can be removing much of the bad in Man out for progression in replacing the good, but it can be regression too. Resorting to a maximum, minimum or any conditioners, styles of grease, clippers, brushes, combs, and other instruments can work for or against, but the ultimate reality evokes this question: is the living hair that pushes the dead hair to the top the same as the top of the dome of the 9 Ball? The answer is No. To style the hair in corn rolls, locks, or evenly shaped fuzzy wuzzies (wooly crowns) requires instruments or wooly crowns some sort of grease. This is also for the perms that should be called Temps, hair-cuts that may have designs in them, straightening the hair as/for extensions or weaves, and various other designs. The importance is considering the 9 Ball and to know what is meant by getting in front of the 9 Ball. Getting in front of the 9 Ball takes much courage because majority of the World is into a hair association because of perception by the media (wanting to be in the middle of what Man should or is suppose to be), or what is interpreted as en vogue. To exemplify the highest that Man can show its 9 Ball, which is getting in front of the 9 Ball, is low maintenance of the hair or no hair at all. Cutting the hair bald, to almost bald, or with a low hair cut, although it involves some instrument, is not the majority, but those who are mostly have the best confidence in themselves and are viewed by their 9 Ball shape stem. Worrying about the body shape instead of what mind is absorbed into the 9 Ball (Brain shape with the head and face) should be the priority because if all hair was removed, what is still witnessed is the brain stem to the face and neck (9 Ball). For an example, a woman that flaunts her body shape of the butt and breasts (provoking provoking the animal in man), high heels showing the legs form (hurting a man hurting the feet and affecting a precious woman), placing make-up with eyelashes (smothering part of the woman smothering the pores of the face), and putting fake nails on top of real nails (intake face intake Vitamin D vegetables with nails) attracts the calcium, Vitamin B and even zinc for stronger and healthier nails woman to male spectators who may not see how savvy she is but how much of a thrown-around meat product she can be to them. Getting in front of the 9 Ball is giving the world a chance to look at what came out of the Black Light, or the mother. Babies normally come out of their mothers with a bald head or a very low, soft trim of hair, which should lead Man to promote, What What you see is what get, buor part of defining who individuals are. you get

For Erykah Badu, her definition is unprecedented, whether there is hair on her 9 Ball or not. As an artist, and for her presentation to the world, Erykah Badu overstands imagery and perception to have her audiences or scrutinizers see her very best with eclectic etiquette. She has shown the wooly crown with as much hair as can be versus little or no hair but very remarkable. Many groups of people patiently wait to see what image and lyrics project from her with the appreciation given for being the inquisitive to her fans. Making onlookers curious to what she may think or imagine of her next image reluctantly makes fans forget other considered competition to Erykah Badu. Even Sade, a well-respected songstress, could not match the stunning images Erykah has given the 9 Ball. There are lists of classifications for names of Mans hairstyles, but why not classify Man according to how they think? What would a manikin be with modeling in front of a window? A dummy; and why does numb rhyme with dumb? They dont move. If there is something that appeals to the eyes, then try it on. Why let a manikin justify the appeal? A dummy highlights Mans insecurities of finding what it does or not like, but arent humans able to imagine themselves in an ensemble of viewing? Whether clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and a hairstyle, humans have the benefit to see themselves for what perspective is appropriate. It becomes a conflict when peer persuasion for the worst bombards what is important by that person. The Atumology (True sense of studying the origin) of pyramid pyramid pyramid is from Greek pyra-fire, and mid-middle, giving the impression of speaking about humans who have a solar plexus below their heart seat which is the middle of Man. When persons look into the mirror, they see a reflection of their physical body, and this reflection is what their DNA, by the help of the soul and spirit, projects outward. The Atumology of mirror has two words of inquisitive motives. Mir means pyramid in ancient Egypt (some shriner temples are named after this term), and the phonetics of the syllable in mirror, or, is of Hebraic origin meaning fire (Ur Ur of Chaldea-Genesis 11:28; 15:7). Pyramids are a mirror image of Ur what is below the ground; thus, the term As below entails how much is As above so below on top as well as below the ground. With the utilization of the 9 Ball properly, it would be the utmost to let the mirror, middle fire, image of Man be lead middle fire of fire superbly by the highest recognition and honor for what the world needs to see in

directing what it wants to see. This is not to take away from an individuals preference and prerogative. It is to restore to the world the phrase What you see is what you get. Keeping in mind, whether agreeable or disagreeable governs the individual, it still should be within the person to make the first decision projected towards the world. Isnt the salad bar magnificent? The mushrooms do not imitate the black olives. The black olives do not imitate the bell peppers. The bell peppers do not imitate the croutons. The croutons do not imitate the celery. The celery does not imitate the tomatoes. The tomatoes do not imitate the lettuce, and certainly, the lettuce does not imitate anything, for it is the main ingredient of its kind. Persuasion does not cause humans to change a taste in one for the other when eating at the salad bar because they group what they feel is conducive for their taste; hence the phrase, What you see is what you get. How about what is on top of the 9 Ball? Is it gratifying for different hairstyles to be amongst each other? Can a perm (temp) be shown with a person that has corn rolls? What about locks (dreadful locks considered by some) around a low maintenance wooly crown? How about straight hair with made straight hair in conjunction with hair weaves and extensions altogether? How about waves with curly hair? What about a hair cut with persons that have no hair cut? How about any style of hair amongst each other? After all, isnt it just hair, or is it a disgrace created by the world to say what is important over what the individual feels is important in their life? To answer the question, it is courageous to see an assembly of hairstyles around each other. Courage shows the individual accepts what they have as well as what they see in others without quarreling, but why not show the 9 Ball to perfection with a baldy or a very low maintenance hair cut? Some persons can not grow hair at all or eyebrows, and does that discredit their attributes with their display of the 9 Ball? Isnt the person going to think the same way with or without hair by their 9 Ball in action (always thinking)? always creatively thinking The ancient priests of Amun Re, called Kahunaat (Semaat Semaat), Semaat in the city Karnak of ancient Egypt, some thousands of thousands years ago, would don themselves to purity with a seamless white garment (Matthew Matthew 17:2;Revelations 17:2 Revelations 4:4; 19:8) 19:8 shaving all hair from their bodies to encircle around a big cube granite stone with a Dub (Black Scarab Beetle). The Dub symbolized health, vitality, and luck on top of it.

They would touch or kiss and walk around this building 7 times (taken taken by Muslims of the Kaaba who took the spiritual essence of spiraling around the Kaaba with ancient Egyptain terms KaKa-spirit and BaBa-soul) soul and afterwards give praise to the deity Amun Re (this this praise was done way before any monotheistic religion, which are really polytheistic, of Christianity{John 10:34}, Judaism{Genesis 1:28; 2:5}, Akbar3:5;3:22; Exodus 7:1; 20:5; II Chronicles 2:5} , and Islam {Allahu Akbar -Allah is the Greatest and who is great? Man; Al Khaaliqu Khaaliqu-Allahs attribute for The Creator and Surah 15:26;49:13-Allahs creators; Surah 3:150-Allah is the best of helpers and 61:14RazzaquSurah 61:14 -Allahs helpers; Al Razzaqu -Allahs attribute for The Provider and meant). What is Surah 62:11-Allahs providers} ever knew what the word Amen meant key in noticing is the fact of shaving all hair, which, again is symbolic of the beginning journey outward of the Black Light to face the world from the womb of the mother. Perception so long ago is very much different nowadays because being bald was pure, but now, being bald or hairless is not a humane trait. Many people need to have hair strands dangling from their 9 Ball for acceptance, but acceptance is a belief with no facts of justifying the 9 Ball. When a person believes, she/he is accepting a thought without any confirmation. Its as though this feeling gives Man power to wait, but patience can escape when odds are against the belief. To not take the time to investigate the facts, no matter how ugly it is, Man deserves to be a believer, but dont let that stagnate a person from wanting to typify the 9 Balls glory. This is part of what the movie Good Hair, by Chris Rock, was illustrating. Good Hair Chris Rock wanted to make it his business to produce a funny, informative, phenomenal, thought-provoking, sentimental, and challenging movie with a plethora of known actors, as well as everyday persons to make validated thoughts on what is Good Hair. Some of the thoughts in the movie vilify how persons think but they are apt to proclaiming the truth of reason for wanting Good Hair. Most of the time is for money, to be accepted, being difficult to deal with nappy hair, and addicted to the crack cream recognized by its users but scientifically called Sodium Hydroxide. Thinking that this is crack cream (a hairSodium Hydroxide a hair -addicted substance) makes it seem as if it can reduce the 9 Balls thinking patterns from its substance essence; the soul and spirit; to be in reverse on a detour to never come back towards the truth of itself. That truth is simply this: Man cant reverse the alive

alive hair flowing from the dermis inside of the 9 Ball to think that it can obviously change completely. If too much Sodium Hydroxide stays on the scalp for a length of time or gets into the 9 Ball, what will happen is a burning sensation to the scalp and permanent discord of hair to ever grow on the 9 Ball anymore; as a consequence, this makes Man bald to have to alternatively show the 9 Ball. Isnt crack a drug that alters the thoughts drastically of the mundane for a temporary moment of time? With the same token administered for crack cream, relaxers (what crack cream is) alters thoughts temporarily to think that Man is highly acclaimed, esteemed, and honorable, but this changes after a few days when the aliveness of hair follicles forms in the dermis of the 9 Ball to the epidermis which then travels outwardly on the scalp. So this hair crack, along with crack on the streets, was sent to destroy Man (Genesis 3:14), but it takes the greatness of the Genesis 3:14 9 Ball to snap out of this hypnotism done by evil dwellers (Genesis 3:13) in order Genesis 3:13 to see the feats of its essence flourish as angel dust. Explanation for ANGEL DUST: Angel dust, known as a drug of fine, minute, soft particles, enters the nostrils to give a feeling of floating in air, but the term angel reverberates from Biblical writings, as well as dust. Biblically, angels are those sent to do the will of the Most High God (Revelations Revelations 1:1; 19:10; 22:622:69). Explanation of Man is from the dust of the ground whom became a living soul (Genesis Genesis 2:7). 2:7 What is a living soul? A conscious spiritual link traveling back to the Most High God. How to stay a living soul? By consciously maintaining what was given of the 9 Ball and its essence, the angelical behavior of Michael Michael, no matter what crosses its path(s); as a result, the saying Taking Taking A Long Walk On A Path is the direct aim for transcending the feats of the ancient Egyptian Short Path science Nuwaubu . In the movie Good Hair, what is extraordinary comes into reasoning about how difference cultures make billions of dollars from the thought patterns of those who have the 9 Ball but dislike the type of DNA and solar plexus they have. To agree to another kind of peoples DNA and what furnace they have inside of them, even if to not have a solar plexus, many communities evolve splendidly because of those who have the hair syndrome with no appreciation. Look at these communities:

Indian communities in India: Shaving hair for religious rituals to profit from the
solar plexus 9 Balls having an extreme ancient past.

Scientific community of chemical compounds: Making profit from those who dislike
their solar plexus and DNAs growth of the hair follicle from the dermis.

Asian community: Asian beauty salon stores that have thrusts of inventory of
weaves, extensions, and other sorts to make a profit from the impaired thoughts of the 9 Balls who are incoherent to their ancient past beyond any human on the planet Earth. All of these communities benefit from the nickel and dime of those who have little or nothing of profit to sustain themselves, but live from check to check and between those checks; they have to adjust to what the world benefits from them: Leeching their ignorance! Amazing how these communities thrive from those who know little of any of their ancient past, but why is this consistent? Because the power of suggestion done such a long time ago by the one praised called Lucifer, who classified and classifies himself as The Lord, by the term Halleluiah and takes away Mans praise to The Lord by having them to say Yadaiah (pronounced yadayadayadaya) as to mean very much of nothing (Refer Refer to Atumology of Alkaline vs. Alcohol). Alcohol If figured to mean no importance, why say it? All because of Hallel knows how easy it is to trick Man by words and hypnotize them to say anything (outlined in the Biblical teachings of Biblical Eve and Adam who listened to the Serpent who intentionally left out steps of learning Godhood than to keep attention with the Lord God to learn all about Godhood-Genesis 2 and 3). As languages transpire from languages before, there is Hallel or Lucifer stepping in to give suggestions, and there is the power in Man diminishing extremely through time by the thrust of Hallel. Effort can be placed on any word and they all can mean the same thing, like Damn, Dang, Dag, or Darn it, and thats all it takes. So who is to blame or should there be a blame? There cant be statements giving Hallel props in saying, The Devil is a liar or The Devil made me do it because its already overstood. An agriculturalist specializes in knowing the soil so why boast the saying Agriculturalist know the soil as a reminder; its not needed. If Man is propelled by anything, anybody, or any place to be or do, then Man is controlled by that propelling. The statement, You make me upset gives credit to who is making you of that trait like Biblical teachings

have for Genesis 1:26-Let Let us make Man=Adamites. Man=Adamites In retrospect to hair, it is all business of hair to keep humans busy from observing what is endowed for the deeply rooted 9 Balls that grow the deepest consciousness of gas in the universe, 9 9 Ether, Ether which shows up on the epidermis of Man who has a tight curl in hair. With facial hair, those who receive ingrown hair on the face are of the deepest conscious of gas, 9 Ether, because no other people can get ingrown hairs but them. Nobody, but them, can personify that or the proximity in form to 9 Ether, but the business of hair alterations through hair salons magnifies the opposite. If hair grows curly, wavy, straight, hollow (tiny spaghetti like of Asians), or wooly, then be glad for the difference in 9 Balls that can associate their diversity and be in harmony. For total harmony to exclude what is growing on to the top of the epidermis of the 9 Ball is to show 9 Ball in splendor with no hair at all on the 9 Ball! Good Hair, a syndrome created by the world, caricatures soft, long, and stringy hair to provoke those who have nappy, wooly, and coarse hair to emulate and press the issue to sustain this syndrome of hair. Good Hair, often called fine fine hair, is identifying the look of exquisiteness, but fine identifies the texture of a hair substance opposite to coarse. This is why fine assimilates good in the hair syndrome, but isnt that harsh to think that because of the type of DNA and heat that is burning inside of a person that it alleviates a great percentage of people of being classified to have good hair? To think on this notion that proves so many times is in knowing those who have coarse hair can make their hair become fine, in the sense of touch, through time and effort. Soft hair can not become hard through time and effort, but also, coarse hair creates any hair style wished in the world. In the same sense of speaking, Black, the supreme balancement in all things, can make any color, but no color can make Black because Black birthed all to be colors while Black stays a light or energy manifested in all things. Figure how the Biblical teachings speak of a name to be for the Lord, from I Chronicles 15:17 says Kushaiah, meaning Lord is Black and I Chronicles 11:41 says Uriah meaning Lord is Light. It is not speaking of a skin color by far but the beginning of all lights (James 1:17) that represents the true light (John John 1:9) James 1:17 1:9

that lights all of humans coming into the world. That light shines in the darkness of humans, but humans ignorance becomes the darkness, and this doesnt magnify the name that is called by the Lord in Nehemiah 1:1 saying Hacaliah meaning Lord is dark. Light is energy and has to be channeled properly for the best utilization from Man. Man can manipulate so much, like fire or water becoming for the best or the worst reasons, in an outcome detrimentally or beneficially. Darkness is where intellect, knowledge, reasoning, or passion resides before it is shown to Man from space, because darkness is a degree of dark capable of being Black and this is why the Scientific community labels Dark Matter as what is not overstood to reason but is understood as a theory. This ignorance that Man postulates, with just discussions of Dark Matter in the Scientific community, in its senses carries a deaf, dumb, and blind equation for imbecile human beings. So from just Biblical records, how are human beings to maintain and sustain the character of a living soul (Genesis 2:7)? Get out of the business of being busy Genesis 2:7 with others and keep attention to its own light light: The illuminated beam particles resonating purposely in its own self. When a fact registers from data to formulate truth(s), there is no need to accept because the fact outweighs determination of acceptance or not. Acceptance is a lack of confidence from laziness; however, agreeing without investigation identifies ignorance. Facts need no belief around it by its ability to stand on its own through the test of time. Belief withers but only power in numbers (those those cells) makes who are numb or numbskulls not making the mind get into the brain cells belief strive and front to be the truth. Time makes it known that holding up dead weight (beliefs beliefs) is of no use and here is where clinging on to facts comes in by beliefs showing the lies buried and raising them off the truth (belief belief or believe has the truth). Ignoring the 9 Ball to cover the head by way word lie in it and lie covers the truth of unconfirmed thoughts is a sign of Man who has no inkling of awareness for their own good because the truth of the matter is the 9 Ball, with its DNA, makes the hair; it shouldnt be the hair makes what the person is, but it happens. Sometimes it takes many years for a person to come back to the closest of appearance to the 9 Ball for wearing their hair in so many ways. Whether by baldness or a low maintenance hairstyle, the 9 Ball is there to embrace the thoughts, and its figured that the early years of living was mainly for the world and not for the individual.

In dividing the dual of Man, the physical and spiritual (the the Atumology of Individual), Individual by demonic possessive suggestions, it lowers the significance of Mans respect to not ascend lifes struggles, predicaments, conditions, and strife for a change to do more harm to itself and to others. What the 9 ball reveals is the mental surgery done in removing or sustaining the Sound Right Reasoning of Humans across the world. If not taking the time to investigate the facts no matter what appearance it represents, then Man deserves to be a believer or convinced to make hair define the 9 Ball instead of 9 Ball defining hair. Whether hair or not, the 9 Ball, the stem feature on all humans, can succeed its mission to be a caretaker (Genesis Genesis 1:28) of this world in surpassing the growth of hair and its fads that will fade 1:28 away.

Khety Mery Ib (Lafeare Ward)

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