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Job Title: South Western Ontario - General Practitioner - Anesthetis

Position: Physician
Physician Type: Healthcare
Location: Ontario
Date Posted: Jul 07, 2009
South Western Ontario Regional Hospital
General Practitioner Anesthetist / Family Practice

The Team
Join an Anesthetist Group of four (4) General Practitioner Anesthetists, at differen
of their careers covering 6 24/7 rotations. 1 Full-Time and 3 Part-Time. Seeking a
Time GPA or part-time. Very flexible to the needs and desires of the new incumbe

The Role
Expectation is minimum one up to three (1-3) weekdays and one (1) night commit
week. Additionally there are three (3) Medical Clinics in the town belonging to FH
Family Health Organization and offering a spot on their team. Emergency is optio
hospital at the going rate. There are two (2) active General Surgeons on board - U
and Gynecologist. No Obstetrics. Close relationship with other hospitals in the are
optional Obstetrics and additional GPA work for ambitious, high volume physicia

Hospital offers on call compensation of $263.43 per weekday, $526.86 per weeke
day. This is paid for availability only, the Anesthetist bills OHIP for any service p
on top of availability pay. Free accommodation adjacent to the hospital in a fully e
house, or the Anesthetist is free to respond from London or other close proximity
towns/cities. For each scheduled weekday Anesthetists will receive a minimum gu
of $800 in billings.


One in four call rotation.
OR time available.
Group practice available.
Excellent earning potential.
Hospital on-call funding in place.
Twelve active family physicians to ensure a referral base.
Supported by visiting consultants.
Seventy-nine (79) bed full service active treatment hospital.
Five bed ICCU.
Modern diagnostic service (holter monitoring, ECG, EEG, stress testing, 2-D Ech
ultrasound, x-ray, mammography and respiratory).
Twenty-four (24) hour ER with 22,000 visits per year.
On-site radiologists.
Close proximity (35 minutes) to tertiary care center (London Health Sciences Cen
Family oriented community with oriented community with eight elementary schoo
one secondary school.
Numerous churches of various denominations.
In the heart of Southwestern Ontario.
Beautiful residential sites.
South Western Ontario ­ General 
Job Title: 
Practitioner ­ Anaesthetist 
Position:  GP Anesthetist / Family Physician / 

Location:  Ontario 
Date Posted:  Jul 07, 2009 
South Western Ontario Regional Hospital 
General Practitioner Anesthetist / Family Practice  

The Team  
Join an Anesthetist Group of four (4) General Practitioner Anesthetists, at different 
stages of their careers covering 6 24/7 rotations. 1 Full‐Time and 3 Part‐Time. 
Seeking a Full‐Time GPA or part‐time. Very flexible to the needs and desires of the 
new incumbent.  
The Role 
Expectation is minimum one up to three (1‐3) weekdays and one (1) night 
commitment per week. Additionally there are three (3) Medical Clinics in the town 
belonging to FHO Family Health Organization and offering a spot on their team. 
Emergency is optional at the hospital at the going rate. There are two (2) active 
General Surgeons on board ‐ Urologist and Gynecologist. Both early to mid career. 
No Obstetrics. Close relationship with other hospitals in the area, optional 
Obstetrics and additional GPA work for ambitious, high volume physicians.  

Hospital offers on call compensation of $263.43 per weekday, $526.86 per 
weekend or stat day. This is paid for availability only, the Anesthetist bills OHIP for 
any service provided on top of availability pay. Free accommodation adjacent to 
the hospital in a fully equipped house, or the anaesthetist is free to respond from 
London or other close proximity towns/cities. For each scheduled weekday 
Anesthetists will receive a minimum guarantee of $800 in billings. 

One in four call rotation. 
OR time available. 
Group practice available. 

Excellent earning potential. 
Hospital on‐call funding in place. 

Twelve active family physicians to ensure a referral base. 

Supported by visiting consultants. 
Seventy‐nine (79) bed full service active treatment hospital. 
Five bed ICCU. 

Modern diagnostic service (holter monitoring, ECG, EEG, stress testing, 2‐D Echo, 
ultrasound, x‐ray, mammography and respiratory). 
Twenty‐four (24) hour ER with 22,000 visits per year. 

On‐site radiologists. 
Close proximity (35 minutes) to tertiary care center (London Health Sciences 
Family oriented community with oriented community with eight elementary 
schools and one secondary school. 
Numerous churches of various denominations. 
In the heart of Southwestern Ontario. 
Beautiful residential sites.