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Name : _____________________________________ Date.

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/. 0a"e a list of all ad1ectives in the te*t, dividing them into two lists: positive and negative.

Positive: thoughtful, _________________________________________________________________________ People who wear white want to be thought as thoughtful, open-minded and considerate. _________________________________________________________________________ Lovers of white can also be determinate and calculating. _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ________________________ Blue is a calming colour so if it$s !our hose who dress mainl! in black hope that favourite colour !ou are probabl! calm and it ma"es them loo" cool and m!sterious. peaceful. %t stimulates !our abilit! to let go Negative: calculating, #owever, wearing blac" is often a sign of of past and move forward. &lue people are _________________________________________________________________________ insecurit! and ma! even mean that !ou are often hardwor"ing and determined _________________________________________________________________________ a little selfish. .'nfortunatel! the! are also prett! mean _________________________________________________________________________ when it comes to mone! and giving _________________________________________________________________________ presents. ________________________ Red is a stimulating colour. %t$s a good idea to wear when !ourto energ! levels low do and avoid Green of new life and it 2.it3ccording the te*t whatare colour !ou mainl! dress up inis if the !oucolour 4 it if !ou$re feeling angr! or irritated. (ed stimulates stimulates the growth of new ideas. e*press !our opinions honestl! even when it$s not popular do so5 compassion ____________ passionand if !ou fre)uentl! choose it in the ,reen also to awa"ens and morning, !ou want to be seen positive and se*!. warm feelings towards others. ,reen tend onl! care about !ourself5 ___________ +ou also to be mood! and others should lovers are ver! competitive and beware of !our fier! temper. outspo"en when it comes to telling li"e to meet and tal" to new people5 ___________ others that the!$re wrong about something. li"e attracting other people5 ___________ reall! care about feelings, needs or comfort of others5 __________ Yellow develops mental activit!, coordination and communication. %f !ou$re aren$t generous and hate spending mone!5 ___________ Orange is an all-round stimulant. %t can feeling tired or run-down it$s a good -+ellow don$t feel confident about !ourself5 ____________ choice. people. are outgoing increase !our health and vitalit! as well as and great fun to be with. 'nfortunatel! brighten !our mood. %f when !ou open up wor" with care and energ!5 ______________ the!$ve also a good reputation for being !our wardrobe orange is !our main view, !ou a tin! bit immature. behave in a wa! that is t!pical of someone much !ounger5 ____________ are creative, friendl!, happ! and self can suffer from fre)uent mood changes5 ______________ confident. he onl! problems are that orange lovers are )uite often inconsiderate and tend li"e ma"ing other people laugh5 _________ to let other people down. have lots of new ideas and imagination5 __________

6. 7hoose a colour which hasn$t been anal!sed !et 8brown, gre!, violet,49 and write a similar paragraph. o do it !ou can thin" of people who usuall! wear clothes that colour and