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Podcast Assignment: Writing 2, Winter 2014 Overview

For the podcast assignment, you will be creating a radio show that deals in some way with music. You can focus on anything from how iPods work to the birth of the blues. You will be listening to several podcasts in class, and you will ultimately produce a 3-5 minute podcast script, with a meta-cognitive essay, on a topic of your choice that involves music. Alternately, you can produce a newscast about a current event, idea, or musical happening. !uestions to as" people, and the meta#cognitive essay $or this. ou would create an outline,

Begin by selecting a topic for the podcast. You might decide to plan a show around a theme, or you could do it about a historical idea, a type of musical innovation, or even an argument about a particular type of music. Ne t, brainstorm about ways you might use recorded readings of poems, song samples, and other audio tidbits, and then look for a creative way that can organi!e what you want to do. "f you are planning on doing a newscast, then you need think of what sort of event is worthy of your time and effort. Now you will need to conduct research to inform your work on the pro#ect. You want to use the library$s online databases %http&'' to find information. You will want to imagine ways the podcast might function as an audio research pro#ect) the more seamlessly you can incorporate engaging information into the podcast, the stronger it will be. Next, compose a script outlining the podcasting session. Your script should use speaker tags and stage directions to indicate what will happen during the podcast*something like& "N+,- ./0"1 2,obert 3ohnson*.ilk 1ow 4lues5 6-0+& +oday we$re going to be e ploring the musical influence of ,obert 3ohnson. +he opening piece you were listening to is called .ilk 1ow 4lues, and it is indicative of the intricate playing that 3ohnson did. %$ you are doing a newscast, then you will need to outline what will be in the podcast, come up with questions to ask people, and that will be the &writing' done $or this beside the meta#cognitive essay, described immediately below

etacognitive !ssay
"fter you produce the script , you will write a short #$-page or so% meta-cognitive essay where you reflect upon the process of producing the podcast. You will want to write about the writing process for this work, the research you did, and what you learned from the whole process.

You can actually produce the podcast and upload it to our 7aucho0pace site, under Final Podcasts. +o create the actual podcasts, you will want to download 8udacity or, if you have a .ac, you can use 7arage band. 8udacity is on most lab computers at /104, and 7arageband is on most .acs. %8lso, you can download 8udacity at http&'''.( 'ound &esources( %http&'' is full of 1reative 1ommons9licensed audio and video files that you can remi and mash9up to your heart:s content. 8bsolute 0ound ;ffects 8rchive %http&'''sounds( is an archive of sound effects.

)ue )ates
*irst )raft( +hursday, $,$-,./ *inal )raft( +hursday, 3,0,./
+his assignment draws heavily on the work of <r. =evin -:<onnell %%http&'''odonnell'>??@spring'englABA?'podcast.htm( and <oug <angler, 4en .c1orkle, and +ime 4arrow %http&'''cconline'podcasting'inde .htm(.