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BHEL Focus on R&M

Extended life. Restore lost capacity and /or enhance rated capacity. Improved availability & reliability. Improved heat rate & cycle efficiency. State of art systems for better O & M practices. Meeting statutory pollution norms. norms

Advantages with BHEL

Single source Total solutions. Wide experience in conducting Destructive and NDT tests and its interpretations. Experience of conducting >250 RLA studies Well W ll developed d l d labs l b for f t ti testing of f coal, l ash, h materials etc.

Advantages with BHEL

Unparalleled experience with Indian coal. Improvement on design philosophies to suit Indian conditions based on wide experience. Being OEM of 65% installed capacity in India, India have first hand knowledge of O&M practices and problems. Developed technologies/ retrofits to improve the performance e.g: Smart Wall Blower System. Gravimetric feeders with Micro processor controls Steam Tube Leakage Detection (STLD) system By-pass Over Fire Air System NOx Control

Approach towards R &M

In partnership with utilities Conductance of RLA/PET/CA studies to assess plants condition and identify areas of improvements. Identify the scope of work based on above. above Execution.

When assessment is required?

Assessment becomes necessary in either of the following conditions: p /Statutory y 1. After 100000 hrs of operation 2. Decreasing trend in availability & PLF 3 Increasing 3. I i trend di in O&M cost 4. Before R&M

overseas projects
BHEL has carried out R&M in More than 25 number of overseas projects boilers of various capacities and types in countries like Malaysia, Malaysia Libya Libya, Bangladesh Life assessment and Extension Rehabilitation of boiler Gas firing introduction Up-gradation of C&I Overhauling and servicing

R&M Executed
Korba East Thermal Power Station - CSEB (2x120 MW) Unit 5: ABL boiler & Unit 6: BHEL Boiler Scope of work based on RLA and Condition Assessment. Units running consistently at PLF > 80%. Neyveli y TPS Russian design g Boilers 4 x 50 MW: Scope of work based on RLA and CA Unit loaded to design capacity of 220 t/hr Exit gas temp. reduced from 190C to 140 C

R&M Executed
Kothagudem Thermal Power Station APGENCO (Station B&C 4x110MW uprating to 4x120 MW) Scope of work arrived at after RLA studies and Condition Assessment and specified by APGENCO. Uprating to 120 MW implemented. Units running consisting at PLF > 85%. 85% Many other contracts like Ennore 110 MW, SAIL Bokarohave been sucessfully renovated by SAIL,Bokarohave BHEL.

R&M Programmes g under Execution by y BHEL

Turnkey execution of R&M works (involving Boiler & Aux, TG & Aux, C&I, Balance of Plant and Electrical).
1. 2. 3. 4. GSECL Ukai TPS (2x120 MW) HPGCL Panipat TPS (1x110 MW) UPRVUNL Obra TPS (5x200 MW) PSEB Bhatinda TPS units 3&4 (2x110 MW) Replacement of tangent tube furnace to membrane wall furnace Change of milling system - from indirect firing to direct firing and from tube mills to bowl mills. 5 5. GSECL Gandhinagar TPS units 1&2 (2x120 MW)