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We wish you a good trip to Barcelona and look forward to meeting you. Klber Lubrication Mnchen KG Geisenhausenerstr. 7, 81379 Mnchen, Germany, Wir wnschen Ihnen eine gute Reise nach Barcelona und freuen uns auf ein persnliches Treffen. Klber Lubrication GmbH IBRICA, S. en C. Carretera C-17, km. 15,5 Klber Lubrication Mnchen KG 08150 Parets del Valls (Barcelona) Espaa Geisenhausenerstr. 7, 81379 Mnchen, Germany,,

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Invitation to ITMA in Barcelona 22 to 29 September

As the world market leader for speciality lubricants, we attach particular importance to the textile industry. In this sector, our specic strengths are clear: worldwide availability of top-quality lubricants, suitable solutions for virtually any task and expert consultation at the customers site. Visit us in Barcelona! An interesting exchange of information awaits you. The best solution for every need
Circular knitting machines, tenter chains, rolling bearings in dryers, friction gears, compressors, needles, sinkers: these are just some of the dozens of elements requiring lubrication in a textile plant. Klber Lubrication has the right product for each of these lubrication points. With our unmatched expertise and many decades of experience in the textile industry, we can offer speciality lubricants for any task at hand, especially where requirements are extremely demanding. Tailor-made products can be developed on request! This is why many new machines are equipped exworks with products made by Klber Lubrication, and these products are also recommended for further use. As a result, machines can operate at higher speeds and function for longer at lower costs.

Klber Lubrication: Your global partner next door

We are where you are! Our specialists come to consult you wherever you need them, i.e. right to your production site, anywhere around the world. These visits can address topics as varied as the optimum product selection, oil change intervals and staff training. 'Made by Klber Lubrication' stands for a con stant high-quality standard worldwide. You can rely on our name as a guarantee that all our products are compatible, no matter if they have been made in Asia, Europe or in America.