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Chapter Six concerning the Glory of the Quraan (Rasuluallah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam)

In this chapters Allamah Busairi (R.A.)describes the miracle of the Holy Qur'an. Every miracle of all the other prophets as only temporary and as only itnessed by those ho ere present at that time. !he Holy Qur'an is that ever lastin" miracle hich is itnessed by all people for all time to come. Allamah Busairi encoura"es people to recite the Holy Qur'an and act upon its commands.

#. Allo me to describe the miracles of him (Rasuluallah $allallahu Alayhi %assallam) e&posed (performed).

'. (i)e the li"htin" of fires on the hillside at ni"ht for "uests.

*. !he beauty of a pearl is further enhanced in a nec)lace.

+. But its value does not diminish )in the least hen not strun" on a nec)lace).

,. $o hy should the ambitions of those ho praise not increase to ards

-. !hat hich (him (Rasuluallah $allallahu Alayhi %assallam) ha of noble character and "ood habits.

.. /erses of truth from the 0ost 0erciful (Allah !a1aala) ne ly heard.

2. (As ell as bein") eternal hich is 3uality (of Allah) %ho is described ith eternity.

4. It is not connected ith any period of time5 hile it informs us.

#6. About the hereafter as ell as of Ad and Iram.

##. %hich remains ith us forever5 therefore it is superior to every miracle.

#'. 7f the other 8abi1s (for) hen (their miracles) came but did not remain.

#*. Absolutely clear (as evidence) so it did not leave (room for any ) doubts.

#+. By the enemies nor so they re3uire any 9ud"e.

#,. 8o one opposed it ever e&cept for the vehement enemy.

#-. (:ue to) the enmity of the enemy to ards it5(but that he) refrained from it see)in" a truce.

#.. Its elo3uence refuted the accusations of its ob9ectors.

#2. ;ust as a respectable man )eeps off the hand of a trans"ressor from his harem.

#4. Its meanin" is li)e the aves of the ocean in helpin" (one another)

'6. And the (Qur1an) transcends the 9e els of the sea in beauty and value.

'#. Its onders cannot be counted nor comprehended.

''. 8or ould you (be) satiated by its constant repetition (recitation).

'*. It cools the eye of its reciter5 so I said to him

'+. <ou have succeeded ith the hope of Allah5 therefore hold steadfast onto it.

',. If you recite it due to fear of the heat of bla=in" fire.

'-. !hen you have doused the bla=in" fire ith its cool ater.

'.. It is the Hou=e>e>?authar ith hich faces are illuminated.

'2. 7f the sinners even thou"h they came to it ( ith faces) blac) as coal.

'4. It is li)e the strai"ht brid"e li)e the scales in e3uilibrium.

*6. ;ustice5 ithout hich5 amon"st man cannot be established.

*#. :o not be astonished if the 9ealous person re9ects it.

*'. (@ei"nin" ) i"norance hile they are shre d.

**. /erily the eye re9ects the ray of the sun due to dust.

*+. !he mouth re9ects the (s eet) taste of ater due to sic)ness.