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Template-Extended Abstract

24PCC.APCCE extended abstract writing guide font size of the title is 14 pts
First author1, second author2, third author3* (surname first) corresponding author is marked using asterisk
Affiliation and full address of author(s) *e-mail address of the corresponding author

This guide consists of instructions and format for writing the full paper for the 2 th !hilippine "hemistr# "ongress $ Asia !acific "onference on "hemistr# %ducation$ The content of the full paper should not e&ceed pages$ The a'stract should not e&ceed 2() words$ *t should 'e formatted using + pts Arial font, single spaced paragraphs, and consist of one paragraph$ The a'stract should contain a short 'ackground, 'rief description of methods, summar# of results and conclusion of the research$ The word ,A'stract- should 'e written in bold 1) pts font si.e and aligned at center$The full paper should 'e su'mitted as /icrosoft 0ffice 1ord ($doc or $pdf) file '# e-mail attachment to the secretariat 'efore 22 /arch 2))+$ *t should consist of *2T3045"T*02, /AT%3*A67 A24 /%T8047, 3%756T7 A24 4*7"577*02, "02"657*02, 3%F%3%2"%7, and if appropriate, A"92016%4:%/%2T7$ Keywords; 1rite fi<e ke#words

1rite the e&tended a'stract using /icrosoft 0ffice 1ord$ The digital <ersion ($40" or $!4F) of the article must 'e sent '# e-mail to the secretariat (i$e$ 7ecretariat of the 2 !"" $ A!""%)= che!teach"! cop#furnished to pactsec#g!! before 22 $arch 2%%&$ To assist in writing the article, this guidance is pro<ided in digital <ersion, so authors can write directl# in this format without worr#ing a'out the format of the article$ For those who do not want to use this template, this guide must 'e read and applied to the article$ The *ntroduction should pro<ide a clear statement of the pro'lem, the rele<ant literature on the su'>ect, and the proposed approach or solution$ *t should 'e understanda'le to colleagues from a 'road range of scientific disciplines$

(12 pts), space (1) pts), and affiliation address(es) of the author(s) (1) pts) should 'e written with centrali.ed alignment$ *f there is more than one affiliation, the name of authors with different affiliations should 'e written '# different num'er superscript 1 and corresponding author should 'e marked using an asterisk*$ To start a'stract writing, two empt# rows with font si.e of 12 respecti<el# must 'e inserted$ *f there are some su'sections, the title of su'section should 'e written in italics and after the title of the su'section, an empt# row of 1) pts must 'e inserted$ 7ection title of the article should 'e written using 12 pts 'old fonts$ Te&ts should 'e written using 1) pts fonts$ Aetween the last rows of te&t with section title, an empt# row of 1B pts font si.e should 'e inserted$ Aetween section titles and first row of te&ts should 'e inserted an empt# row of 1) pts fonts$

'esults and (iscussion $aterials and $ethods

Size of the paper The si.e of the paper is ?$( @ 11 in$ with 1-inch margins on all sides$ 4ou'le column format should 'e used for the writing te&t$ The te&t should 'e written using Arial font$ Title of the article should 'e written on the first page with centrali.ed alignment, bold with 1 pts font si.e$ After the title, a space with 1 pts font si.e should 'e inserted$ The name of the author(s) Article must 'e a research result$ Figures andCor ta'les must 'e included in the results of the research$ Ta'le can 'e illustrated using dou'le (Ta'le 1) or single (Ta'le 2) column, if necessar#$ Ta'le should 'e started '# ta'le title (1) pts) that set a'o<e the ta'le$ Ta'le should 'e aligned at the center, and ta'le limit must not e&ceed margin of the page$ *f the title of the ta'le is more than one row, the second row should 'e formatted using hanging indent following the position of the first row$

Template-Extended Abstract

)able 1 %&ample of dou'le column ta'le format$ *f the title of the ta'le is more than one row, the second row should 'e formatted using hanging indent following the a'o<e limit$ *ull paper sub!iss ion !ethod A# mail (0n "4 format) A# e-mail

Address -nachemteachDsecE#ahoo$com= please cc to

Confir!ation -na4igital <ersion using /icrosoft 0ffice 1ord format


)able 2 %&ample of single column ta'le format$ *f the title of the ta'le is more than one row, the second row should 'e formatted using hanging indent following the a'o<e limit$ 2o $ 1$ 2$ %&periment results can 'e illustrated in the form of figures (graphics or picture, see e&ample Figure 1)$ Title of figure (1) pts) should 'e written under the figure$ Figure can 'e formatted single or dou'le column$ *t should 'e centered, and the resolution of scanned picture has to 'e not less than 3)) dpi$

This template was made to make it easier for the authors to write the full paper in the format reFuired in the proceedings$

!lease acknowledge an#one who ga<e su'stantial contri'utions to conception, design, acFuisition of data, anal#sis and interpretation of data, was in<ol<ed in drafting the manuscript or re<ising it criticall# for important intellectual content, 'ut who does not meet the criteria for authorship$ !lease also include source(s) of funding= as well as an#one who contri'uted materials essential for the stud#$

Axcell, -., .. Kruger, / 0. Allan. 1+??$ 7ome in<estigati<e studies with #east foods, p$ 2)1G2)+$ In !roceedings of the 2)th "on<ention of the *nstitute of Arewing (Australia and 2ew Healand 7ection)$ *nstitute of Arewing, 7#dne#, Australia$ !ai, )., / ). 1hno. 1++($ /easurement of #east intracellular p8 '# image processing and the change it undergoes during growth phase$ I$ Aiotechnol$ 2341B(G1J2$ 5arth, A. (. 1+??$ %ffect of 'en.oic acid on growth #ields of #easts differing in their resistance to preser<ati<es$ Appl$ %n<iron$ /icro'iol$ 6442)+1G2)+($ 7an 8den, 9. 1+?+$ %ffect of alcohols on the temperature relations of growth and death in #easts, p$ JJ-??$ *n 2$ <an 5den (ed$), Alcohol to&icit# in #easts and 'acteria$ "3" !ress, *nc$, Aoca 3aton, Florida$ Palacios, King :. (2))+, Ianuar#)$ "hemists 'uild a culture of peace$ !A"T 2ewsletter, pp$ 1-2$ 3etrie<ed Fe'ruar# 1 , 2))+ from the 1orld 1ide 1e';

*igure 1 %&ample of single column figure format$ *f the title of the figure is more than one row, the second row should 'e formatted using hanging indent following the a'o<e limit$ 3eferences should 'e placed on the end part of the article, and written alpha'eticall#$ %&amples on format in writing references can 'e seen on the last part of this guide$

Template-Extended Abstract

http;CCwww$pactph$orgCnewsletterCpeace$ht ml Note; To cite an entire we'site ('ut not a specific document on the site), itKs sufficient to gi<e the address of the site in the te&t$ For e&ample, The !A"T we'site keeps teachers updated with de<elopments in the teaching of chemistr# (http;CCwww$pactph$org)$