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Ce| ncre || |r car rew|e||er | www.we|\lrew|e||er
Tomorrow'e technoIogy today

an you imagin an intrnt

without wbsits? lt might
souno barmy, ano woulo
crtainly mak our Pst Nw
Vbsits sction rathr rounoant,
but th unstoppabl ris o mobil
apps maks it a possibility.
Put oon't oitch your browsr
|ust yt, bcaus things ar about
to gt a lot astr ano smartr. ln
this issu's covr atur (pag
36), w look at th upcoming
tchnology that will rvolutionis
our onlin xprinc orvr.
V also proict what's on th way
out, wb-wis. Vill w still b
using Flash ano Java in iv yars'
tim? l lippin' hop not!
/s wll as looking orwaro to
th innovations o tomorrow, on
pag 43 w look back at 2
months o tch nws with our
supr-tricky Ouiz o th Yar.
/no inally, all that rmains
or m to oo is wish
you all a Happy
Christmas. S
you in 2C4!
Robert lrvine
|! !K| |k|| W|K
\|k 8|W\||!!|k
Cc |c www.we|\lrew|e||er
AveraQe saIes, Jan-Dec 2D12,
28,495 copies per issue
WE LlKE...
Asdas digitaI
Christmas jumper
Light a stiv ir in your
blly with /soa's Digital
Duoz |umpr, which has a hol or
your phon ano a ti-in vioo app.
GoogIe Nexus S
on the way
LG is rportoly working on a nw
tablt or Googl. Th ovic,
blivo to b anothr Nxus, has
bn spotto in Plutooth tsting.
PIan to scrap roaming
charges 'deIayed
Th EU's oath sntnc
or mobil roaming chargs coulo
b olayo by thr yars, claim
mobil oprators. V still think it
will happn in 2C4, says EU
vic-prsiont Nli Kros.
Torch app 'spy cIaim
Popular /noroio app
Prightst Flashlight Fr
storo ano sharo usrs' oata
without consnt, accoroing to th
US trao rgulator. Th app's makr
has promiso to olt all th oata.

How to xtract th auoio rom

vioo ils ano sav it in oirnt
ormats paQe 27

How to oit your Facbook

photos in your browsr paQe 32

How to play a ral-li gam o

Pac-Man using th camra on
your phon paQe 46

How to gnrat oiicult-to-

guss passworos or your onlin
accounts paQe 54

How to turn an olo tablt into a

oigital photo ram or a clock
paQe 62

Product Test
/shampoo urning Stuoio 4
Best Pree Software
This ortnight's top r sotwar oownloaos
Best New Add-ons
Th C most usul tools or your browsr
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EssentiaI MastercIass
Stramnation 2.C
Best New Websites
Th ortnight's bst nw ano rlauncho sits
Best Pree Apps
Our top nw smartphon ano tablt apps
Get ready for the future of the web
Nw tchnologis on th horizon
Christmas quiz
Tst your tch knowlog o 2C3
Emergency tech heIp
lvn ways to solv P ano gaogt problms
Phone camera tricks
o much mor than |ust tak photos

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Ce| ncre ||: |r cr re:|e||er | .e|\lre:|e||er

Product Test
Motorola's nw MotoG phon
volo's Vi-Fi ntwork kit
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accounts in on plac
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rows two wbsits at onc
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Th bst tips rom our raors
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sk the Exerts
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dvanced Tis
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Save Money Onine

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aQes of workshops, tips,
pro|ects and probIem soIvinQ
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|::1 l1||11
u y n
e| ncre rc||c| ir|ce | |cran.we|\

e Iast covered Streamnation

in AuQust. Back then, the site
was Iike a combination of
FIickr and YouTube, IettinQ you store and
share photos and videos in the cIoud.
Version 2.D of the service has been
revamped and expanded, so you can
now IeQaIIy add and share fiIms and TV
proQrammes, as weII as your own imaQes
and videos.
!t works on Windows and Mac OS X, in
your browser, and on iPhone and iPad.
AIthouQh the basic service is free, there
are four paid-for premium pIans
avaiIabIe if you want additionaI storaQe.
Prices start from 4 a month.
treamnation 2.0

To aoo movis, click th Movis

sction, thn click th /oo Movis
button. Uploaoing ilms may tak a whil,
opnoing on th il's siz ano your
broaobano spo. V ouno it bst to
install th uploaor ( to
spo things along. Drop movis onto
th bottom sction o th intrac.

This vrsion has a oirnt intrac.

/n xpanoo siobar provios accss
to thr sparat aras (callo shlvs)
or your Photos & Vioos, Movis ano TV
l you'v uso th olo vrsion,
you'll no to oo som houskping.
Click Organiz
ano orag ano orop your
contnt onto th corrct 'shl'.

To aoo mor photos (or to start using

Stramnation or th irst tim), click
th plus (+) button.
/ winoow will opn
ano you'll b abl to aoo moia rom th
wb (past in a link),
uploao it oirctly
rom your computr

or mobil,

pull it rom Dropbox. You no to connct
your Dropbox account or this last on.

To viw photos ano vioos, slct

that sction. You can viw all your
or iltr thm by yar.
can also viw |ust picturs or vioos,

ano crat nw albums.

Contnt can
b oraggo btwn locations. Hovr
your mous ovr a olor to accss th

ano /ction mnus.
Th upoato Stramnation is th plac to stor
ano shar all your moia, not |ust photos ano
hom vioos. Hr's what you no to know

Click a olor to opn it. You can

viw thumbnails o photos ano
vioos. Clicking an itm will opn it in a
nw winoow, ano you'll b abl to viw
inormation about it,
aoo tags, popl
ano vnts,
ano also attach commnts.

You can mark an itm as a avourit

ano accss th mnu.




e ncre | |r cr rew|eer www.weer.c.\lrew|eer

c a ilm has uploaoo, it will b

convrto into a ormat that can b
playo on any ovic. Hovr ovr a movi
ano click th play icon to opn it. Click
play again to watch it.
Th mnu icon
lts you aoo a covr rom Th Movi
Databas (,
you can shar or oownloao th ilm.

/ nw winoow opns whn you

choos to shar a ilm. lt's th
uivalnt o lnoing a DVD, so only on
prson can watch at a tim. l you'v
aooo rinos to Stramnation, you can
shar th movi with any o thm.
/ltrnativly, invit somon by mail.
Click Sav to shar that movi.

Onc a ilm has bn sharo, your

rinos can start watching it. Th
sction or TV Shows works th sam
way, ano you can aoo covrs ano crat
collctions or oirnt programms ano
sris. Slct an pisoo to s
inormation about it (incluoing a plot
or to start playing it.
ontent you uIoad wiII be
queued here CIick the
button to view current and
comIeted transfers
Movies and TV shows can be
sorted by titIe, recentIy added
and ratinQ, or fiItered by
Qenre and friends
You can find and invite
friends by connectinQ
Streamnation to Facebook
and GmaiI
You can see when friends
accet invites or share fiIes
with you, and aIso view tis
on usinQ the service

1 z


Top news stories and how they affect you

What happened7
latst laks rom whistlblowr
Eowaro Snowon suggsto that th
US National Scurity /gncy (NS/)
gathrs iv billion oata points ach
oay rom mobil phons.
That oata is uso, accoroing to a
rport in th Washington Post (
wash334), to track th locations o
mobil ovics ano to uncovr th
rlationships btwn usrs.
Turning o phons isn't
nough to stop tracking,
xprts aooo. l
vryon attnoing a
snsitiv mting turns
o thir cll phons irst,
th NS/ can look or that, ano othr
suspicious pattrns, noto Chris
Soghoian, Principal Tchnologist o th
/mrican Civil Librtis Union (/CLU).
US govrnmnt authoritis strsso
that any mobil oata collction oio not
ocus on /mrican phons - a rspons
that's haroly likly to calm angr about
survillanc in th rst o th worlo.
ln rspons to th continuing
survillanc rvlations, svn laoing
tch irms ormo an allianc callo
Rorm Govrnmnt Survillanc
to ask Prsiont Obama to aoorss
th practics ano laws rgulating
govrnmnt survillanc o inoiviouals
ano accss to thir inormation. Th
irms incluo /ppl, Facbook, Googl,
Microsot ano Yahoo.
Th balanc in many countris has
tippo too ar in avour o th stat ano
away rom th rights o th inoivioual -
rights that ar nshrino in our
Constitution, a lttr on th RGS
wbsit nots. lt calls or inopnont
ovrsight o survillanc ano an no to
bulk oata collction, as wll as
transparncy ovr th natur o th
inormation gathro by th NS/ ano
othr agncis.
Th lttr ollows on Priton taking
th issu into his own hanos - ano
to th courts. Journalist Kvin
Cahill has suo Microsot,
Facbook ano Googl or
allgoly hanoing his oata ovr to
US authoritis. /sio rom asking
or ,CCC in oamags, h's
rusto that th court orc th
wb companis to rval otails o
any oata rusts.
l chang oosn't com via inoustry
prssur or inoivioual lawsuits, thr's
on rason th NS/ may wish to altr
its bhaviour: low moral among its
mploys. Sourcs spaking to th
Post saio NS/ sta l nglcto,
spcially as Obama hasn't visito th
opartmnt to show his support.
How it wiII affect you7
NS/ stars may b ling low about
thir |obs, but this constant stram o
oata-snooping rvlations is oprssing
th rst o us, too. lt's simply impossibl
to say i any inoivioual's mobil phon
or onlin inormation is caught up in
th NS/ oata oragnt; it's a sa bt to
assum that it has bn.
So what can b oon? Thos angry
at tch irms or allgoly passing ovr
oata coulo ollow Cahill's lao ano hir
a lawyr, ano US citizns can crtainly
writ to thir govrnmnt
rprsntativs to aoo prssur to
mak a chang. Put givn th staoy
low o laks, it's asy to l th
situation will gt wors bor
it gts bttr - although
it's haro to imagin what
will top grabbing iv
billion bits o oata rom
millions o mobil phons ach oay.
What do we think7
lt's no surpris that govrnmnts spy on
ach othr, ano on citizns, in thir own
country ano abroao. Put th scal o
this survillanc is trriying. lt's a clich
to trot out Gorg Orwll's I984 ovr
such Pig Prothr rvlations, but it
sms that th author's
proictions wrn't so
ar-tcho. /s wll as
th latst rvlations
about mobil-phon
tracking, nw rports
show spis wr
monitoring usrs in
onlin gams such as
Vorlo o Vorlocrat ano,
vn mor alarmingly, hao iguro out
how to turn on laptop wbcams without
triggring th warning light.
l such tchnius wr uso
sparingly, against spciic criminal
targts unor warrant, w o us woulo
complain, but it's not clar that's th
cas. Tch irms ar right to spak out
against such action, as it rmovs trust
in thir prooucts, but it oosn't sm
likly that an angry lttr rom Googl
or Facbook will act th NS/'s work.
l th rvlations so ar havn't bn
nough to oriv Obama to action, a
missiv rom Silicon Vally isn't likly
to oo so.
Web gians demand acion
oer new NSA sping cIaims

|:ca:: we| rew: | |cran.we|\

Wha happened7
Vbsits owno by th
Royal Pank o Scotlano
wr hit by a onial-o-
srvic (DDoS) attack |ust
oays atr an lT-systm
outag prvnto
NatVst, RPS ano Ulstr
customrs rom accssing
thir own mony. Th
banking group's systms
wnt oown on Cybr
Monoay (2 Dcmbr),
maning customrs
coulon't withoraw cash
rom /TMs ano obit caros
wr oclino. Th bank
was hit by similar outags
arlir in th yar, ano last
yar lT troubls stoppo
paymnts bing procsso
proprly, laving many
customrs tmporarily o
pockt. RPS CEO Ross
McEwan pinno th blam
on out-o-oat lT, saying
th bank hao ailo to
proprly invst or
ocaos. Th apology
oion't convinc som, ano
oays latr a DDoS attack
on th bank took its
wbsits olin. RPS saio
th hours-long outag was
oown to a olibrat
surg o traic, but saio
thr was no risk to
customrs' accounts.
Ho iII his affec
l you'r a Natwst, RPS or
BS websites sffer
Christmas crashes
Ulstr customr, you may
hav notico th outag i
you trio to us your caro
ouring th oowntim - it
crtainly highlights th
bnit o kping som
spar cash in your wallt!
Vhil such outags ar
rustrating, thy ar
thankully rar, ano now
that RPS has aomitto th
problm ano promiso to
spno whatvr it taks to
bring systms up to spo,
it probably won't happn
again anytim soon. l you
wr lt out o pockt by
ithr inciont, contact
your bank or a runo.
Wha do e hink7
V think a bank with
out-o-oat lT oosn't
osrv customrs. Panks
sav oools o mony
whn w manag our own
transactions onlin rathr
than going into th branch,
so th last thy coulo oo
is nsur our cash is sa
ano accssibl. This outag
is a massiv
oisappointmnt, not last
bcaus it's not th irst
tim it's happno to th
banking group.
Wha happened7
Facbook crato a
'sympathis' button, as part
o a hackathon on its annual
Compassion Rsarch Day.
Th social ntwork hasn't
saio i it plans to prmanntly
introouc a button labllo
'sympathis', but th ioa is it
that it woulo b oro as an
altrnativ to th thumbs-up
'Lik' icon on status upoats
that ar ngativ, such as
thos concrning illnss, |ob
loss, rlationship wos or a
particularly unplasant lunch.
Currntly th Lik button
oosn't xprss th right
ton or crtain upoats.
Ho iII his affec
l th 'sympathis' button
oos appar on th sit, it'll
or you anothr way to
ract to rinos' upoats,
Facebook considers
'sympathise' btton
rathr than
ano othr bao nws. ln th
mantim, you can always
simply typ l sympathis
with you in th commnt
Wha do e hink7
This silly ioa highlights th
inhrnt problm with th
simpliio intractions on
social ntworks: clicking
'Lik' on a rino's travl
photos is prctly suitabl,
but mor important li
vnts ruir a mor
nuanco touch. l you
woulon't ract in prson to a
rino's nws by giving thm
a thumbs up, you shoulon't
rspono that way onlin,
Wha happened7
Rports suggsto that
Googl is working on a
Nxus-branoo st-top
box to stram
intrnt TV to
your tlvision
st. Th box
woulo b
low-cost ano
abl to run contnt
rom onlin srvics such
as YouTub ano Ntlix, but
not broaocast TV, ano may
atur a built-in vioo
camra ano motion snsor
or gaming.
Ho iII his affec
lntrnt TV is incrasingly
asy to gt on your
tlvision, vn i you oon't
hav a smart TV. Th
Nxus st-top box is
currntly |ust a rumour, but
GooQIe Nexs TV
'to Ianch in 14'
or |ust $35 (about 2)
you can alraoy buy
Googl's Chromcast, a
USP-sizo ovic that
plugs into th
HDMl port on a
TV ano lts you
mirror contnt
rom your
PC or tablt.
Wha do e hink7
TV is th nxt big markt
or tch, ano vryon
rom Microsot to /ppl
has its y on th priz.
Last yar, Googl unvilo
its Nxus O straming-
moia orb, but uickly
pullo th $299 (82)
ovic. lt woulo b no
surpris i Googl trio
again, but hopully it'll b
mor succssul - ano
chapr - this tim arouno.

1 riIIint thinQs to do on the we this fortniQht
oog annual Santa Trackr is
bttr than vr. Until Christmas
Ev, you can ollow Santa's
glob-trotting on Googl Earth, ano
play gams ano watch vioos via a
bautiully osigno onlin aovnt
calnoar, which you opn by clicking
th top-right mnu icon with thr
horizontal lins. Click th churo
nag to play th sligh racr gam (s
/ll iv o th PPC's nw high-oinition channls - PPC Thr
HD, PPC Four HD, PPC Nws HD, CPbis HD ano CPPC HD
- ar availabl on th PPC iPlayr. You can also watch thm
on Frviw HD, Frsat HD, YouViw, Sky HD ano Virgin
For th irst tim you
can now watch ilms
onlin through th
Sky Stor vn i
you'r not a Sky
customr. Nw ilms
cost 3.49, whil
classics rang rom 99p to .99. Th
Sky Stor will also b availabl on Roku ano YouViw
boxs, though not yt on phons ano tablts. Onc you
prss play, you hav 48 hours to watch th ilm.
You n now downIod our GmiI nd GooQIe CaIendar
data, which means ou can back it up or easiI transfer
the data to another service. UsefuII, ou can choose
individuaI IabeIs (within GmaiI) and specific caIendars to
downIoad. To start, cIick the Iine above then cIick the red
Create rchive button.
Just in time for
Christmas comes this
ndroid (bit.I/
android334) and iOS
(bit.I/ios334) Qame
based on The $nowman
and The $nowdog, the Ramond BriQQs fiIm screened b
ChanneI 4 Iast ear. PIaers have to Quide the wintr paIs
to the North PoIe. !t's free, but ou'II need to pa for
shortcuts and to customise the Qame.
top lt). Googl's 'rinoly lvs' hav
also rlaso a Santa Trackr aoo-on or
Chrom (, ano thr's an
/noroio app on its way bor
Christmas, too. /lso, oon't orgt
NOR/D's long-running rival to Googl's
Santa Trackr (,
which Kat Russll will b using on
Christmas Ev (s pag 5).
oo Goo's Sata rackr
Watch newHDchanneIe
on iPIayer
Watch fiIme on Sky Store
without eubecribing
DonIoad our GmaiI and
GoogIe aIendar data
PIa The Snoman and The
Snodog Game

|:ca:: we| rew: | |cran.we|\

o oi's buogt
7in /noroio tablt nrst
racho th
onc, its pric was momntarily
mis-haro as 9. lt gos to show how
ar th buogt tablt markt has com
that a pric unor a tnnr almost
smo blivabl.
Th actual pric is 79.99, which
still shavs a ull thiro (4C) o
Tsco's wiloly popular Huol, which
shito 3CC,CCC units in two months
ano has alraoy spawno th
imminnt Huol 2. ln act it's chapr
than most smartphons. On onlin
thrao commnto that tablts will
soon b alling out o cral packts.
So it's chap as chips, but it's not
chap ano nasty. Lik th Huol, it runs
/noroio 4.2.2 Jlly Pan with GP o
R/M, has ront ano rar camras ano
incluos ull Googl Play Stor accss.
Th Litab also coms with a
Microsot Oic-compatibl sotwar
suit ano Kasprsky Tablt Scurity
(3C-oay r trial). lts .6GHz Ouao
Cor procssor packs a similar punch
to th Huol's .5GHz /9 chip.
Som spcs all short. Th Litab's
C24 x 6CC pixl oisplay isn't uit
HD, it oosn't support 3G browsing, it
has only 8GP o intrnal storag ano
th C.3MP ront camra is about as
low-rs as oigital camras gt.
Put or unor 8C, oos it rally
mattr? l you want 3G browsing, HD
vioo, loaos o storag ano blazing
ast gams, sav up or a Nxus 7. l
you want a hanoy littl ovic that
you can shar with your partnr or
amily or browsing, Skyping ano
mailing via Vi-Fi, plus a 2MP rar
camra ano spac or thousanos o
songs ano photos, xpanoabl by SD
caro, th Litab is a suprb buy.
I Medion Lifetab E7316
Chrome's new Voice Search Hotword
add-on Iets you search GooQIe on
your PC by speakinQ a question.
Once you've Qiven GooQIe permission
to access your microphone, |ust say
'Ok GooQIe', foIIowed by a question
or search command. !t's stiII in beta,
so expect a few fIaws. You can watch
Mount Rushmore is probabIy the
most famous spot in this new
Street View coIIection of US and
Canadian nationaI parks and
historicaI sites. You can aIso Qet
cIose up to YeIIowstone's OId
FaithfuI Qeyser and the LincoIn
MemoriaI in WashinQton DC.
OfficiaI account for the BBC series,
which starts aQain on 1 January
HeaIth advice from the NHS, with
its #winterfriends campaiQn to
keep an eye on eIderIy neiQhbours
News on the Monty Python reunion
from the minister for siIIy tweets
Ticket avaiIabiIity for QiQs, festivaIs
and comedy shows
Answers to questions you've
aIways wondered about, pIus
intriQuinQ Top 1D Iists
/ an o Jim
Hnson's wonorul
982 ilm has
stitcho togthr
rough cuts ano rar ootag to proouc
a nw vrsion, which you can watch on
YouTub. lt's a suprb labour o lov
that closly rsmbls Hnson's original
vision or th ilm, bor it was tono
oown or public rlas.
Channl 4's catch-up TV srvic is now
availabl on th Roku 3 straming
playr, |oining PPC iPlayr, NOV TV ano
Dmano 5. Rao our
rviw o th Roku 3
in lssu 33 (
Darth Vader's 'seIfie' was the first
photo upIoaded to the officiaI Star
Wars account on !nstaQram. We
hope to see Iots of
photos before $a
Wa: Epide Vll is
reIeased in
December 2D15.
Sh GoogI ueing ou oi
Tour US parks
in Street View
Wth ito'e ut
of 1bc Dork Cryetol
Wth oDon Roku
on lnstagram
GooQIe's video for more ideas on how
to use it: bit.Iy/taIk334.

d rookes and Robert lrvine
Following Ryanair EO Michal O'Lary's rcnt charm
onsiv to attract nw passngrs ano win back oisgruntlo
ons, th company has givn its wbsit a ma|or makovr.
Th unncssary cluttr, snaky hioon options, annoying
/PTH/s ano garish colour schm ar gon. ln thir plac
is a clan osign with a spoy ano transparnt booking
procss. Som sctions rtain th olo look ano th mobil
vrsion isn't optimiso or small scrns, but Ryanair now
clarly oisplays th actual pric o ach availabl light ano
maks th xtras ar mor obvious. You'r lss likly to b
oolo into buying travl insuranc ano thr's a running total
o costs, incluoing croit caro s. Th Manag ooking orop-
oown mnu maks printing boaroing caros, changing nams
ano onlin chck-in much asir, too. Ryanair has soaro in our
stimation; lt's hop that its srvic livs up to th wbsit.
The NaionaI TaiI
This sit covrs th 5 National Trails that
span Englano ano Vals, ano provios a
grat starting point or oiscovring thir
stunning lanoscaps. /n intractiv map
oisplays th various trails ano thir
nams, ano you can click on to s
mor inormation, contact th Trail
managr, viw itinraris ano gt th
latst nws. Points o intrst ano
accommooation ar oisplayo ano can
b layro on top o th Oronanc
Survy map. Saoly, th map is small ano
iooly, ano thr's no asy way to print,
but w lik that visitors ar ncourago
to aoo photos ano attractions.
IoneIy PIane
Th global travl guio has givn its wbsit a minimalist rosign, with striking
backgrouno imags that bring to mino th ing hompag. To xplor, |ust typ th
irst lttr o a ostination into th sarch box ano choos on o th suggstions, or
brows th contnt by continnt, ostination or thm, such as /ovntur, achs
or Viloli. Th sit is packo with stunning photos ano in-opth articls by travl
xprts, ano thr ar links to th Lonly Plant shop ano magazin, ano booking
tools or lights, hotls ano tours. /nnoyingly, th hotl prics ar in oollars, ano th
orum layout is conusing, but thr's no ooubt th rvampo sit is going placs.

review this fortniQht's best new and reIaunched websites
ooo. Lacks som
uncionaliy. Hav a look i
h sub|c inrss you

looks a hunoros o
wbsis, bu only hos w awaro
hr sars or highr appar in s
Nw Vbsis
Suprb. lmpossibl o aul in
rms o osign, conn ano
aurs. ookmark i now!
Vry gooo. ombins a smar
osign wih appaling conn.
inily worh a visi

Brad'e Wine
Rahr han bombaro you wih bols,
his si rom sommlir rao Mion
hlps you oiscovr your pala hrough
a visual usionnair, which asks you o
choos bwn asparagus ano
mushrooms, lmons ano lims ano ohr
conrasing lavours. rao hn suggss
hr wins ha mach your proil,
oiscusss ach on in a shor vioo ano
invis you o sign up ano ry hm. You
pay rom C9.9C (7) pr monh or a
hr-bol subscripion, ano can sick
wih your original choics or ak h
survy again. V lik his prsonaliso
approach ano you can cancl a any im.
This posh spin-o rom
( ors ovrnigh
'slpr coach' srvics ano luxury
oayim ravl across riain. Thr ar
osinaion guios or nin o h ciis
covro ano a rou map o h sops.
Thr's also ino abou h comy
coachs' aciliis, incluoing bunks ano
rrshmns, ano a 6C-ogr our.
Onc you ino a oa whn a |ourny is
availabl, booking icks is uick ano
asy, wih oay rips cosing as lil as 5
on way, ano ovrnigh ons C, plus a
booking o 5Cp. You'll nvr again
wan o slum i on plain olo!
The MammaI Socie
/hao o is 6Ch annivrsary nx yar,
Th Mammal Sociy has mao i asir
o g involvo wih h consrvaion
chariy's work. / slioshow on h much-
improvo hompag highlighs h las
survys, such as is hun or harvs-
mous nss, as wll as nws abou
hrano spcis. Thr ar uick links
or submiing your own sighings o h
Naional Mammal /las ano inoing local
convrsaion pro|cs, ano o buy sociy
mmbrship, or yoursl or ohrs. Vih
is simplr navigaion ano mor civ
us o phoos, h rosigno si is sur
o b o inrs o animal lovrs.

e|| a |ca| {car we|||e r| we|aer_ierr|.cc.a\

Ie|| a |ca| {car we|||e r| we|aer_ierr|.cc.a\
pI e
onsumr group has accuso
suprmarkts o mislaoing customrs
with 'spcial ors' such as thos
inamous OGOF oals, ano it has st
up this campaign sit to tackl th issu.
You can gt involvo by signing a
ptition ano inoicating th stor chain
you shop at, to hlp put
prssur on suprmarkts to chang
thir ways. Th sit is upoato with th
latst nws, tlls you how to complain i
you l you hav bn mislo ano lists
th bst ano worst suprmarkts as
rato by usrs, but thr is littl
ls to kp you coming back. Still, it's a
worthy caus in vrybooy's intrst.
StrtHub is a shopping sit that wants
you to spno on th high stt. lt inos
oozns o boutiu homwar ano
ashion shops nar you (currntly
Lonoon only), thn uss liv invntory
oata to tll you what's in stock. You
rsrv itms onlin ano visit th shops
to buy ano collct - olivry is not an
option. This is |ust as wll bcaus,
although th imags ar larg, proouct
oscriptions ar otn too short to b
usul, so you may no to s things in
prson. Still, rsrving is asy: |ust ntr
your nam, mail aoorss ano phon
numbr to gt mail instructions about
how to collct your itm.
CC has bn launcho by ormr Microsot mploy Karn X hng, who larno
to oanc in a yar. Sh is now ncouraging th rst o us to practis somthing or
CC oays, until w prct it. Th un part is that you kp a vioo oiary to rcoro
your progrss ano shar it on th sit. /nnoyingly, you must rgistr through
Facbook or Twittr (so rinos can ollow you), but you can watch othr popl's
vioos without signing up. Pro|cts sharo rang rom larning magic tricks ano
musical instrumnts to making silly sounos with my booy. CC's rinoly community
coulo provio you with support ano motivation or your Nw Yar's rsolutions.
This spoy travl sarch ngin inos
you th bst oals on hotls ano lights
by comparing prics rom all th laoing
travl agnts. Vhras othr, similar
tools opn sarch rsults in multipl
winoows, Travant usully oisplays all
th oata you no on on pag, with th
chapst prics irst. lt also lts you
sav hotls or latr ano s which
hotls ar 'trnoing'. V lik Travant's
inormativ ano wll-prsnto travl
guios ano its intrsting blog (although
it rally shoulo b upoato mor otn).
Howvr, th sit woulo b vn bttr
i you coulo compar packags as wll
as sparat lights ano hotls.
on oee
Th US-baso sit Moorn Loss oals
with bravmnt. lt invits popl to
shar thir storis, slcting only th
'bst' or publication. lt also aturs
articls rom th Moorn Loss tam. Th
sit is asy to brows, but som o th
articls actually tll you vry littl, ano
usul nuggts, such as rcommnoing
books to hlp chilorn oal with gri,
nstl alongsio mor pculiar ar:
rcips, or xampl, that stat vn
mournrs gotta at. Stanoout parts
incluo th short yt worthwhil /ovic
sction ano th How To guios (such as
'How to writ a sympathy not'), but th
complx sub|ct osrvs bttr.

h row-uning sit or ooks hs n ttrtiv nw sign n logo tht mk it
vn mor ling to uthors n rrs rom th homg you n uikly
in ro|ts tht r sking lgs n rows synoss xrts in txt n
vio orm n uthor iogrhis or iing on ook to un noun
now hs lrr inormtion out how its systm works inluing th rwrs you
gt or onting n thr's grt log xlining th sit's thos t's n xllnt
rsour or sh-str writrs n vi rrs kn to hl intrsting is
gt o th groun suortrs r rit on th sit n in th ook


Skiing Pope
in holiy hom in ski rsorts
ross rn n witzrln t
this lin ut srvil sit
CoIIecie ComBiId
you'r thinking o uiling your
own hom this sit xlins how to
gt hl rom lik-min ol
The GffaIo
his sit lts kis xlor th worl
o th rulo s wll s roviing
ino or rnts
Ioe Room
his rthr onoxious ting sit
hls intrsting n ttrtiv
ol in suitl roommts
Ren MeIeen
h ormr irst-tm oh o
Mnhstr nit is oring 3D
ohing sssions through his sit
'ws th night or Christms
whn ll through th hous th only
thing stirring ws th lik o
mous h stokings wr hung y
th himny with r thn w wnt
onlin to s whn nt woul
thr Oky it's not th Christms
Ev lssi nn y Clmnt
Clrk Moor ut i you wnt to
tur th ssn o Christms in
th igitl r th Nor nt-
trking sit is rtty hr to t
/s wll s ollowing thr Christms
ross th skis you n ly stiv
gms listn to musi n gt
in |olly
moo or
th nxt
ith so mny
ilms on ovr
Christms it's
tough to i
wht to wth
n wht to
voi nkto
tv hlully sts you u with on
ntrl shor islying ilms y
tgory rom wi rng o
hnnls rom r th-u srvis
suh s iPlyr Plyr n 4oD to
vio-on-mn rom iuns Xbox
ano Plinkbox. You can also aoo to your
account with sits incluoing Lovilm
ano PicturPox, ano train th sit to
know what you lik ano what you
oon't; which mans you'll nvr hav
to watch
again - unlss you rally, rally want to.
Rouno o th stivitis in styl with
Lambrini's r PooyGuaro app or
iOS ano /noroio. /s wll as provioing
a unit countr or booz lvls ano
limits, it hlps you gt hom whn
you'r oon partying by oircting you
to th closst transport options, ano
showing ral-tim upoats on th last
train or bus. l you st up th app
corrctly whn
you'r sobr, it
will vn
inorm rinos
ano amily
whn you'r
laving th party ano thn post a
Facbook mssag or sno an SMS
whn you arriv saly at hom -
vn i you'r no longr capabl o
snoing a mssag yoursl!
Kat RussII's top wbsits an apps for th Christmas prio
Kat prsnts Wbscap for BBC CIick an bIoQs at
Epert tips, Iatest threats and |arQon-free info

car :ecar||{ ae:||cr: | we|a:er_ierr|\

Thi angru nw Tr|an tal urna an pawr r nlin banking

rvic cybrcriinal can u th t plunr accunt Th criinal thn
tranr ny r n victi accunt t anthr thy cant b trac
irctly /ccring t Kaprky (bitlynvrut334 vrut rcgni
hunr banking an inancial it an i activat whn an inct ur
viit n lt cratr bat that it can b ii t attack any bank in any
cuntry Firx an lE ur ar at particularly high rik inctin
l earn money
through aderts on
my website. How
can l ensure AdbIock PIus
doesn't bIock them for
being 'unacceptabIe'7
Stee artIett, ia emaiI
T nur th avrt n yur
wbit arnt blck all
yu n i apply t b
whitlit at bit
lyaccptabl334 whr yull b
ak t ill in an nlin r V will
thn cntact yu an hlp gt th a
n yur it t t ur /ccptabl
/ critria Thi i a tw-way
prc whr w can bth bunc
ia ach thr /tr w gt
a that wrk w n tht
ur nlin cunity r than
2CCC ppl wh will tll u i thy
hav any lgitiat b|ctin l thy
nt yur a ar thn whitlit
Why don't
reaIise that
annoying ads are
Iess IikeIy to be
Darren TaiIby, Twitter
G utin! S
avrtir hav an thyv
takn aur t n th
Yur utin anwr by curity pcialit
This issue's epert: Ben WiIIiams of dbIock
PIus (adbIockpIus.orQ)
Spy app aIert
/ nw app call Spy ay b
rcring yur call txt ail
an vnt warn curity ir
Sph lt arkt a a hany
nitring tl but Spy can b
intall an run in crt n
n phn ltting th ur
inva thir victi privacy withut
bing tct Sph rcn
running thrugh curity can t
nur it nt n yur vic
PIug-ins are the weakest
Mr than a thir cputr
ubitt r a r brwr curity
tt wr un t hav critical
vulnrabiliti tly rlat t
brwr plug-in Thirty-nin pr
cnt th 4 illin cputr
cann in th r PrwrChck
tt by Oualy wr act by
curity law Oualy bla
plug-in principally Flah an ava
Password hauI found
Up t tw illin Facbk Ggl
an Yah ur hav ha thir
pawr tln in a hug alwar
pratin accring t rarchr
Th Spirab ta r curity
ir Trutwav (wwwtrutwavc
un th cach tln lgin
crntial whil rarching th
larg-cal attack which al
harvt accunt tail r rt
Dktp an FTP rvic
Counterfeit crackdown
Mr than CC wbit lling ak
g wr hut wn in thi yar
annual Cybr Mnay crackwn
Eurp cut agnci iz
393 ain whil US agnci
caught 29 an ng Kng
UK hppr lt vr 2illin
t nlin rau vr th Chrita
pri lat yar accring t /ctin
Frau (wwwactinrauplicuk
practic by |ining ur /ccptabl
/ initiativ r waring bannr
Fr th any cpani wh hav
yt t rali th ipact thir
intruiv avrtiing it likly u t
a cbinatin lazin an a ailur
t rcgni th prbl Ur
ultiatly trin hw thy
xprinc th intrnt an thy
hul b in cntrl thir wn
nlin xprinc
How has AdbIock
PIus made a
difference in the
way aderts are designed
and dispIayed7
Emma Perkins, ia emaiI
Our /ccptabl /os initiativ
only starto this summr, but
w'v alraoy hao arouno
8CC applicants, plus approximatly
5C who hav gon through th
whitlisting procss. Th
oirnc ollowing this oirct
participation in our program is
proouno: annoying lashing
bannrs ar rplaco by clan,
inormativ aos. Put w know
that our mission to tak on a
billion-pouno inoustry cannot b
oon alon. Thankully, th inoustry
has rsponoo, with som wll-known
sits provioing non-intrusiv
altrnativs to th ao mool.
Securit |arQon epIained
EmaiI us our securit questions at
I|e Netwc/| |nnctot|cn
N0f0 ll0fM8ll0.
10l.. 44 I0l18 84J44
lM8ll. 88l08@0090l0.00.0k
` 80@0lf00. 0f080080 ll0f0l 0000ll0, f00l0f 80 80ll90 #0N0f 800k0l8 Nll0l 00 #f0#0fl.
f090l0ll0 l 8lM#ll0ll
Nlfl 8N00f0`
808l f000#ll0 l0f 8M8fl#0008 80 l80l0l8
Nlfl l8 8f 800NI`
eciaIist tips, top tooIs and practicaI heIp
N WOROP Use WordPress's new Twenty Fourteen theme
Twenty Fourteen theme:


n|| a: {car we|:||e |a||i|rj ae:||cr: | we|a:er_ierr|\
Yr tin anwro by rssional xprts.
This issue: Richard WinsIow, Head
of ppIication HostinQ for 123-reQ

l'e seen some good

hosting deaIs abroad.
What are the pros and
cons of buying from firms
that aren't based in your
own country7
Gee Maxx, Facebook

rcnt nws is anything to

go by, th biggst ar popl
hav about th intrnt is th
whrabouts o thir oata ano who
has accss to it. y hosting with a UK
hosting company such as 23-rg, you
buy into a crtain st o assurancs.
V ar govrno by UK law, so th
highr stanoaros in trms o issus
such as ata Protction btwn hr
ano th Unito Stats, or xampl,
or som xtra comort or you ano
anyon who may b sharing thir
privat inormation with you via your
sit. t's lik vrything in li - chap
can b gooo, but bor you rush
haolong into it, you shoulo mak sur
you know th ull pictur.

l want to seII some and .com
domains. lf l find a
buyer on eBay, how wouId
l transfer the domain to
them7 ls there a charge for
doing this7
wbmkk, Web User Forums

Th asist way to transr

a oomain to anothr prson
is or you both to hav
accounts with th sam host. 23-rg
accounts, or xampl, ar r ano
asy to st up, ano thr's no or
intrnal transrs o ano .com
vry carul to mak sur you
unorstano xactly what it is you ar
agring to whn slling oomain
nams on sits such as ay. Som
hosts or a oomain marktplac
(such as whr
you can ino a buyr or .com
oomains ano th host taks car o
th otails.
ke a one-page website
You oon't no a big ioa to crat
a wbsit. / gooo starting point is a
singl pag, with links ano contact
otails, so you can shar your
intrsts with othrs. /ilola (
provios a grat st o tools or this,
r o charg. You can aoo a photo
to th backgrouno ano orop in a
rang o links ano icons. Th inisho
rsult will look amazing.
Test and share coding ideas
ooPn ( is osigno
or wb builors to tst ano twak
thir HTL, SS ano JavaScript in
a liv, onlin nvironmnt without
making xprimntal changs to
thir sit. To start a nw pro|ct, click
th Nw Pn button or, to split o
somon ls's pro|ct to crat
your own tak on it, click th Fork
button. /oo HTL on th lt, SS to
th miool ano JavaScript on th
right. Th rsult is oisplayo blow.
t's ioal or trying nw ioas, gtting
oback or |ust showing o.
DeaI of the fortnight
Save 2D per cent on anythinQ if you
spend 35 or more at
Nw to VoroPrss 3.8, th Twnty
Fourtn thm maks grat-looking
magazin-styl sits. your posts
rvolv arouno picturs, it'll show thm
o bautiully. Go to /pparanc,
locat th Twnty Fourtn
thm ano click /ctivat.

Th thm placs aturo articls at
th top. oit th post you want to
highlight, ino th Tags panl ano giv it
th tag 'aturo'.
lick 'St aturo
to assign a pictur to th post.
Go to /pparanc, ustomiz, Faturo
ontnt to choos btwn Grio ano
Slior options.
Go to /pparanc, Viogts
conigur th thm's thr wiogt
aras. Th Primary Siobar
appar abov th ontnt Siobar,

with th Footr Viogt /ra blow

rag ano orop wiogts rom
th lt to th columns on th right.
Newcheaper than 0 ln|n|tg er 0us|ness
!he 8est |8P 8etvlce just got bettet
|lbte 8toadband Packages ttou.28 et uonth

/Wa|d-w|oo|og l|b|c l|ov|dc|

!|u|q uo||o|tcd usagc


uk 8ascd 8uo|t

uo Lcogt|q toot|acts

uo Ho|c, lastc|
tall now: 0?0 00028?
*L|oc |cota| at 1? c| ooot| a||cs. 8|oadbaod sc|v|ccs W|t|out a |ooc ||oc a|c ava||ab|c W|t| ||ccs
sta|t|og t|oo20.?L. /o act|vat|oo tcc ot 2L oaq a|q dccod|og oo W||c| ac|agc qou subsc||bc to.
l||ccs cxc|udc \/!. !c|os aod cood|t|oos a|q, |casc scc t|c Wcbs|tc to| tu|t|c| dcta||s
**/||cs W|co sc|cct|og ao uo||o|tcd l|b|c 8l|ooc lac|agc
!he onlg btoadband tovldet
wlth whlch? awatds
Oional na-on coer gie he Moo G a color boo
||: rer|ew | |cran.we|\

tra t
We test the Iatest hardware and software

r s s rs r r s
y ndy Shaw s
r ry s
s P
P s y
' r ry
s r's ry
r s s '
ry - th sim
caro its into a slot in th sio
o th salo unit, so i th
battry loss prormanc
you can't switch it or a rsh
on. ln our looping vioo tst,
th battry charg lasto nin
hours ano 2 minuts.
Th 8GP mool is a littl
light on storag spac. Thr's
only 5.CGP lt ovr whn
you irst boot th sotwar, so
it's not ioal i you want to
hav your vioo ano music
availabl on th go. Still, it's
aouat or such an
lt coms in
black, but has
a varity o
brightly colouro
snap-on covrs (3 ach, or
25 or a magntic covr).
Th phon is splash proo ano
has a Gorilla Glass 3 scrn,
so is toughr than you'o
xpct or th pric.
Vhil its /noroio 4.3 (Jlly
Pan) OS isn't th latst
vrsion, Googl is xpcting
to upoat th Moto G to 4.4
(KitKat) in January. /s you'o
xpct rom a Googl ovic,
th OS has bn largly lt
alon, though thr ar a
coupl o aooitional tools with

Price: 135 (8GB),
16D (16GB)

4.5in ,28C x 72C pixls,

329 ppi scrn
.3-mgapixls ront
camra, 5-mgapixls rar
camra, 72Cp 3Cps
(MPEG4, H.264) vioo
8C2. b/g/n Vi-Fi
Plutooth 4.C
Micro USP 2.C port
3.5 mm auoio |ack
/noroio 4.3 (Jlly Pan)
2C7C m/h battry
3C x 66 x .6mm

Suprb valu or mony

Grat scrn - rivals th
iPhon 5S or pixl onsity
Runs /noroio smoothly

No to wait or latst
vrsion o /noroio
Cut-back camra
rus r
.3 a ram
a s avaab
at a rmaraby
w pr

oogl's rang o
Nxus phons ano
tablts hav all bn
th rsult o collaborations
with othr companis. ln
/ugust, Googl bought
Motorola's mobil oivision,
which maks th Moto G
th irst phon that's bn
osigno ano manuacturo
by Googl alon.
Th Moto G isn't intnoo
to tak on th iPhon 5S or
th HTC On, ano it oosn't
outprorm th latst
top-o-th-rang hanosts.
Howvr, it's a capabl
phon that runs /noroio 4.3
lik a oram ano, most
importantly, it's availabl or
th rmarkably low pric o
35 (8GP, sim-r, www This
mans you can ithr
pay-as-you-go, or
pick up a r phon
on taris or as littl
as pr month (a
24-month Vooaon
contract, or
xampl, availabl
through www
Th Moto G isn't going to
win any osign awaros but it
has a sturoy, sa construction.
lt's not particularly slim or
light, but this oosn't stop it
At 11.66mm it's not the
slimmest phone, but it's
strong and pocketable

|:a:: |||: rer|ew | |ran.wea:er..a\

Th Moto G's Iooks
prforma a faturs
wo't pos a thrat to th
st phos o th markt
ut its uQt pri Iis
its quaIity. !t may ot
top of th raQ ut it's at
Iast uppr-miI whih
maks th pho supr
vaIu for moy.
!f you'r IookiQ for a
w pho ut o't wat
to pay hurs of pous
for th Iatst hast or
swith up-frot ost for
priy mothIy otrats
this is a Qoo soIi
prformr so IoQ as
you'r ot othr aout
th amra.



|k\| | J\|

\k|J| || H4|\

phon, ano i
you want mor storag,
thr's a 6G option or
6C, which is also grat
valu, ano lavs you
3G o spac. Googl is
also oring 5CG o
xtra Googl Driv
storag with this phon,
on top o th 5G that
anyon can gt or r,
which amounts to 65G
o clouo storag.
Th 4.5in oisplay has a
rsolution o ,28C x 72C
pixls, which is a pixl
onsity o 329 ppi (pixls
pr inch). This is th
sam onsity as /ppl's
iPhon 5S, which has a
4in oisplay containing
,36 x 64C pixls. /tr
slowo th ram rat to
9.6ps. 3DMark's lc Storm
Extrm tst (
icstorm334) looks |rky
but is still playabl.
Th Moto G's biggst
compromis on uality is its
camra. Th rar camra has
turning up th brightnss
rom th automatic stting,
w got grat rsults
showing op blacks,
gooo contrast, ano colours
that wr both accurat
ano vibrant. Vhit scrns
looko slightly blu-tingo
but, or th pric, it's an
outstanoing scrn.
lnsio th phon is a
Oualcomm Snaporagon
4CC, with our cors
running at .2GHz. lt's not
a top-o-th-rang
procssor, ano rsults in
our prormanc tsts ll
wll bhino th astst
availabl smartphons, but
or th pric, that's to b
xpcto. lt was slow
running wb apps, scoring
,4Cms in th SunSpior
tst (, ano
th most omanoing
gams bnchmarks
a 5-mgapixl snsor ano th
ront camra is .3 mgapixls,
both limito to 72Cp vioo.
Ouality rom th main camra
is accptabl but thr's a
oistinct lack o otail, ano w
ouno a lot o nois in photos
takn in low-light.
||:ca:: |||: rer|ew | |ran.we|a:er.c.a\

e HomePIuQs in this kit
are smaIIer and cheaper
than evoIo's top-of-the-
ranQe modeIs, and offer
Qood vaIue for money. They
Iack certain features, such
as pass-throuQh sockets,
and the hardware isn't
desiQned to keep up with
the maximum speeds
attainabIe on the fastest
HomePIuQs, but in a
househoId reIiant on Wi-Fi,
they do a Qood |ob of
banishinQ bIackspots.
LAN 500
WiFi Network Kit
S00 WlPl
Price: 113.95
bano 8C2.b/g/n
C/CCMbps thrnt
VP, VP//VP/2
68 x 68 x 4mm whn
pluggo into sockt
Gt a bttr signal in
rooms whr your Vi-Fi
is wak
as aoaptr has two
thrnt ports, so it won't
us up a routr port
No pass-through powr
Nw chapr ovics
arn't as ast as top-o-
th-rang mools


|k\| | J\|

\k|J| || H4|\

Suring rom Vi-Fi blackspots? ndy Shaw rviws a nw kit
osigno to wip-out Vi-Fi wos
plug th othr HomPlugs
whrvr your Vi-Fi nos a
boost, making a not o th
Vi-Fi passworo that's printo
on th back. Onc th irst
on is st up, you can prss
th Vi-Fi buttons on
aooitional units to us th
sam passworo.
V tsto th HomPlugs
using a ntwork-spo-
tsting tool callo Ntstrss
Ntworking nchmarking
Tool rom Nuts /bout Nts
( V ran
th sotwar on two Ps, on
attacho to th routr ano th
othr moving arouno th
hous, to compar th
omPlugs us th
lctrical cabls in
your walls to transr
oata, which maks thm a
tioy ano ctiv way to
ntwork your hous. /no
unlik Vi-Fi, thy arn't
acto by solio walls ano
ooors. ut i you still no
Vi-Fi, you'll no mor than
traoitional HomPlugs with
thrnt connctions.
Prvious kits that briog
this gap btwn HomPlug
ano Vi-Fi usually provio on
Vi-Fi aoaptr ano a bunch o
rgular HomPlugs. Th
volo oL/N 5CC ViFi
Ntwork Kit taks a oirnt
approach, comprising |ust on
normal HomPlug ano two
Vi-Fi aoaptrs (also solo
sparatly), so you can gt a
grat Vi-Fi signal throughout
your hous.
Th stanoaro HomPlug in
th kit is a uo aoaptr, which
has two thrnt ports. y
conncting this to your routr
ano plugging it into a wall
sockt, you crat th bas
connction that all th othr
HomPlugs will us to accss
your broaobano. You thn
prormanc whn conncto
to th xisting Vi-Fi ntwork
with th ntwork spo using
th HomPlug Vi-Fi aoaptrs.
/t clos rang, on th sam
story ano with a singl
intrnal wall btwn th Ps,
th HomPlugs oion't or
any improvmnt ovr our
stanoaro Vi-Fi connction:
th Vi-Fi manago 24Mbps
ano th HomPlugs only
racho 2Mbps.
Howvr, as w movo
urthr away rom th routr,
th bnits bcam mor
apparnt. /t a oistanc o two
rooms, th Vi-Fi oroppo to
8Mbps, whil th HomPlugs
almost maintaino thir ull
spo at 2CMbps. /t th
urthst oistanc, our Vi-Fi
oroppo to 7Mbps, whil th
HomPlugs got thir bst
connction yt: 22Mbps. V
suspct this is bcaus th
sockt w uso in th oistant
room wasn't tucko away in a
cornr or hioon bhino a
soa, so th P hao clar lin
o accss to th HomPlug's

||:ca:: |||: rer|ew | |ran.we|a:er.c.a\

hoQh there are Iots of
free disc-athorinQ tooIs
arond, the can be
nreIiabIe, difficIt to se
and hae Iimited featres.
Some aIso come bndIed
ith tooIbars and other
nanted etras. ChoosinQ
paid-for softare sch as
BrninQ Stdio ensres o
Qet a qaIit athorinQ
proQram that can brn
eer kind of disc, from
adio CDs to encrpted
data DVDs, and moie
The ne main screen
doesn't make the best se
of space, bt that hardI
matters becase this is an
eceIIent and reIiabIe tooI.
The abiIit to back p
eternaI deices is a er
eIcome addition. !t's a
sefI aIternatie to cIod
back-p apps and serices.
mpoo urning
Studio 14



|k\| | J\|

\k|J| || H4|\

Wane WiIIiams i h l ion o
/hmpoo oi-hoing ool
o om ih
oi n o
ing ,
no l-y oi. Vinoo
h lion o ool o
onolling yo oi i,
ning o h
/hmpoo ning oio 4
k hing mh h.
ing inllion, h
pogm o
ho. o n lnh h
ll oiion o omp
ion h pp
iog on h kop - |
og no oop il ono hi
iog o i hm o oi.
o n lo ih n
h oin in moo
ih ingl lik.
h min in h n
oigno no pl ll h
opion ino io on h
l. h nin hoi
n , kp + Ro,
Mi, Moi + lioho,
o, opy i, i
mg, /ono Fnion
no i. Hoing yo
mo o on o h mn
im ill li h hoi.
n , o mpl, l
yo n oi, n
il o mlipl oi o
oi h n
omilly. o n lo
po n iing o ,
o n nypo
oi. hi l i n
o ning oio no n
o o go yo
ponl il. oll
pompo o oo poo
o iing h onn.
/lo n i h iliy o
k p o om moil
oi. J onn
phon, l o oi o yo
, hoo h oi om
h li (i ill ognio
omilly) no l h
il yp o k p. h
o lo no l yo
oonloo no oo lm
o omilly hn
ipping .
Vhn yo hoo ning
opion, h pogm ill opn
h ln inoo, ling
yo oo il no olo
oy o iing o oi.
o n gln
ho mh p i l,
no ny ill
opion, lhogh in mo
h on mny
h o kp
hing impl poil.
h noo mn long
h op o h n i
ill on h min no
hoing pg, no l yo
n po| no
ing (h yo n
hng h min mn olo)
no ool h nly h
moim no i ii.
h lo o g
on o, ll o hih

STUlO 14
Price: 35.99

Vinoo i78+
Vinoo Moi ly
C (o high)
G o mmoy
.8GHz+ ol-o
poo (o ioo
no lioho oi)
, o l-y

y o
n nypo oi
k p moi om
yo mphon

F ool ill i
yo oon on n oi
n mk moi om
M il
h n mo y
poil o . h o
oign l yo ikly
mk yo on o o
y yp o , no
ing moi no lioho
oi in H liy (7Cp no
C8Cp) n oon y imply
liking yo y hogh
Web User nd its sister titIes test over 2,5DD products every yer. Here's the pick of the bunch

LG 42L690V
ovmr 2C3
lthough th 42C osn't hv l th-up it
ors goo sltion o susription-s ltrntivs.
h is sy to st up n pitur ulity is xllnt
whih mks it grt vlu or mony.
42in srn 2C x CC pixls rsolution 3D support
2 x 2V spkrs 3 x Dl ports x C (P)
sokt 3 x P ports Ethrnt rviw D n
DP-2 tunrs Eight-y EP
ppIe iPad ir
rom 399 rom
Date tested: Dmr 2C3
h iP ir is ppl's st tlt so r.
lt hs slim light uil n is utiul to
look t n us with ttr ttry li thn
prvious mols. lt lso hs supr-st prossor n
improv ront-ing mr n n mzing touhsrn.
.in srn 2C4 x 3 pixls rsolution -2P
intrnl storg ul-or prossor -mgpixl
n .2-mgpixl mrs Dul-n C2. gn
Vi-i Plutooth 24C x . x .mm 4g
27 rom
Date tested: tor 2C3
his Vi-i xtnr is sy to st up n us
with n inormtiv isply n ln slk sign.
lt mng to trl th sp o our wirlss ntwork
oosting wk signl to vry ornr o our hous. Pst
o ll it's vry hp mking it supr hoi ll roun.
Vi-i Prott tup (VP) st Ethrnt (CCC)
ingl-n Vi-i VEP VPVP2
surity C x x mm
GoogIe Nexus 7
199 rom
Date tested: ptmr 2C3
h ltst xus hs shrp srn n runs th ltst
nroi sotwr smoothly. lt's prt ln o pri
n prormn n is th king o nroi tlts.
.z u-or prossor P32P intrnl storg
in srn 2C x 2CC pixls rsolution -mgpixl
n .2-mgpixl mrs Dul-n Vi-i
2CC x 4 x .mm 2Cg nroi 4.3 P C





HT One
480 l-r rom
Date tested: July 2C3
h C n is top-o-th-rng smrtphon with n
xllnt sign. lt works smoothly is pl o tking
imprssiv photos n turs ll th ltst thnologis
or onnting to Vi-i n moil phon ntworks.
lt's lso hpr thn th msung lxy 4.
KY SPS srn 2C x CC pixls rsolution .z
u-or prossor 2P mmory 324P storg
34Vi-i 4-mgpixl mr 3 x x mm
43g nroi 4..2
cer spire S3
390 rom
Date tested: ptmr 2C3
h supr-stylish r spir 3 looks r mor xpnsiv
thn it is. lthough its intrnl spiition is slightly out
o t its prormn n ttry li r imprssiv. lt
lso hs lr right srn n ompt s whih
mks it muh lightr thn most othr lptops.
Vinows 4-it .4z lntl Cor i3-23 prossor
4P DD3 mmory 3.3in srn 3 x pixls
rsolution CCP hr riv .3kg Dul-n
C2.n Vi-i o touhsrn 323 x 2 x mm


o y eIuxe
From S.11 per month
Dte tested:
o t-p n
onigtion tool
tighto tp--tp po. h i h
gno ng o t o ll th o it hoting
pkg ptill hn o ont o th pi.
nlimit tog nlimit it nlimit
nith 5 t 5 mil
-omin .95 ook it 4/ phon
ppot tomil moil it
S1 om
Dte tested: gt
ith it nlimit tog ilit to
hnl k-p om mltipl n tnl i
n tntion o ol ion o o il il i
n llnt hoi o king p lo o t. t
to n gt l o mon.
tomti k-p nlimit tog o lt
il o p to 5-it nption k p
n omintion o il n ol - opi
o il kpt o k-p logging
spersky lnternet
24 (on th ) om
Dte tested: l
pk tik th ight ln tn oli
pottion n goo ntning o ht i n
ht i not. h ot lok 99 ot o tht
n onl pot on l poiti. t pol
it tool to h thing o o .
ill mil nning ntl ontol m
mo onl t pottion oil-ntoking
pottion Vlnilit nn - til
erif eIus X6
81.S9 om
Dte tested: gt
i l X6 i a winning
combination o unctionality, a
o u ano valu or mony. t combination o tool,
tmplat ano lxibility, ano th a with which it lt you
aoo xtra atur, mak it an xcllnt choic or hom
ur who want to crat thir own it.
3C tmplat PayPal, Romancart, al' -commrc
paymnt ytm Social-moia upport /llow
hano-cooo HTL SO tool iogt incluoo
Graphic incluoo Ovrall it-tructur viw
Norton PamiIy
Free rom
Dte tested: Octobr 2C3
Thi amily-rinoly otwar
provio vrything you no
to kp th wort o th wb rom your P. t ha all th
mot important iltring atur ano oo an xcllnt |ob
o blocking potntially harmul it. t o all, it' r to
oownloao ano u.
C-P licnc ompatibl with inoow XP/Vita/7/8,
ac OS X C.7+ atgory iltr utomiabl proil
hitlit/blacklit Rmot managmnt ano
ocial ntwork monitoring lock chat, nwgroup ano
P2P mail upport
dobe Premiere EIements 12
S2.34 rom
Dte tested: Octobr 2C3
Prmir lmnt 2' uprb
intrac man it many
atur ar accibl, but natly tucko away. t work
ually wll or bginnr ano xprt, with intant acc
to two oiting moo ano lot o hlp ano guioanc. For th
pric, you won't ino bttr vioo-oiting otwar than thi.
/utomatic oiting mag tabilir xport to multipl
vioo ormat Uploao to Facbook, YouTub ano Vimo
Surrouno-ouno upport V ano lu-ray oic-burning
Unlimito timlin Stop-motion captur

This foriQh's op REE software downIoads

This racta-rorig
sotwar is caab o
cratig so truy stuig
3D iagry. lt's ot th rioist o rogras to us ao
you' robaby woor xacty what you o to oo to gt
starto. Just cic th Fracta tab, choos o o th orua
tys i th oro-oow u Tgao's orua' or xa)
ao hit Ror to roouc a rsut. Pay arouo with oirt
sttigs uti you gt sothig you i.
Vioows XP/Vista/7/8
Min requirements: Vioows
XP/Vista/7/8, ac OS X or
Liux FiIe size: .5P

/ ystrious oarss has oscoo ovr th coutry,

hioous craturs ar sawig ao sraoig chaos, ao a
acit goo is st to aar
at Stohg i 72 hours.
Oy you ca sav th oay i
this itriguig horror
aovtur which ixs
xoratio with cobat.

ero BackltUp 2014
Nro PacltU ors a asy
ao scur way to bac u
your is both oi ao o.
Ru th sotwar ao you'
b grto with a arg gr
Pac U Now butto
surrouoo by a ot o whit
sac. Thr's a sa u
at th to that ts you og i,
accss Toos ao viw th
H, ao a obi Pacu
otio at th botto o th
scr that you ca us to
oowoao PacltU /oroio
to your ho.
Hit th Pac U Now
butto ao th sotwar wi
rst you with a ist o a
th orivs ao oors
avaiab to bac u. Sct
th os you wat to icuo
ao cic Nxt. O th
/though you'r oro a
ubr o bac-u otios,
th r oitio oy aows
aua bac-us.
Corssio ao Ecrytio
ar't avaiab or r
ithr, but i you i th
sotwar, you ca asiy
ugrao to th aio-or
oitio to gt ths xtra
Oc you'v roro
your irst bac-u, th Ho
oowig scr, choos
whr you wat to sav th
bac-u. Thr ar iv
ocatios graoo by
rotctio v. Loca orivs
ar rato ow rotctio,
xtra orivs argiay
bttr. Otica oiscs such as
CDs, DVD ao Pu-rays or
oiu rotctio, whi
twor ocatios ar or
scur, but ithr o ths
otios is avaiab i th r
oitio th aio-or oitio
costs ro $9.99 (4.7C) a
yar). Onlin storag ors
th maximum protction
lvl ano Nro PackltUp
provios usrs with 5GP o
spac or r.
Slct th back-up mthoo
you ruir, ano hit Nxt.
scrn will show options to
chang th sourc ano targt
locations, viw back-up plans
ano rstor prviously
backo-up ils. Th grn
button will chang colour
whn back-ups arn't up to
/lthough it's a sham you
no to pay or som o th
bst tools, PackltUp 2C4's
simpl intrac ano spoy
back-ups mak it worth a try.
The Consuming Shadow

Min requirements: Vinoows XP/Vista/7/8+
FiIe size: 49MP
|eccnneri |ree icwr|ci: | www.|ce|cc\.ccnlwe|a:ernjt|re

s usul collction o tools lts you mrg, split, ncrypt ano ocrypt PDF
ils. You can also xtract txt ano picturs, convrt imags to PDF ano vic
vrsa. Choos an action to prorm rom th main mnu, thn loao th il you
want to work on.
Mak sur you oclin th bunolo /VG xtras ouring installation.

This program can xtract auoio tracks rom vioo ils ano sav thm in a
rang o ormats incluoing MP3, //C, /C3, VM/, OGG, FL/C, M4/ ano V/V.
Just orag a vioo il to th program winoow (all th ma|or vioo ormats ar
supporto), choos an output typ ano click Convrt. You can also batch-
convrt multipl ils. Th latst builo introoucs a nw intrac, ors
support or mor ormats ano ixs various bugs.

Vinoows XP/Vista/7/8+ : 8.3MP
Vinoows XP/Vista/7/8+ 7.8MP
Priced 89.99, Serif's WebPIus X7 is the oIy web-desiQ software that
Iets you use HTML5 i a easy, draQ-ad-drop system
to desiQ attractive, iteractive websites optimised for
ay device - without eediQ ay HTML-codiQ skiIIs.
This Iatest versio boasts may ew features,
icIudiQ ative support for 64-bit operatiQ systems
ad a HTML5 video pIayer to share advert-free MP4
videos aywhere o a site. To eter, emaiI your
address to with
'webpIus' i the sub|ect Iie. For more iformatio
o WebPIus X7 visit


Vinoows 8+
This oistraction-r woro procssor is
osigno to kp your mino ocuso on
th task at hano. lt ors various writing
rsourcs, a spllchckr, a writing timr,
a woro-count unction ano custom thm
Vinoows 8+
3D printing is th hottst tchnology
right now, ano this app lts you viw,
prpar ano output mools on
compatibl 3D printrs. lt coms with a
library containing xampls o 3D ob|cts
to gt you starto.
Th on Rnr
Vinoows 8+
lnspiro by th nw movi, this Disny
action aovntur lts you ight or |ustic
as Th Lon Rangr. Your |ob is to
protct th town o Colby ano tak on
oastaroly outlaws ano banoits.

Min requirements: inoows P/ist/7/8+
FiIe size: 4.2MP
hthr yo wnt to rcoro strming ioo,
cptr som ootg o n onlin gm, or
mk how-to ttoril (with or withot sono),
DC's nw tool ors ll th trs yo'r
likly to no. Yo cn rcoro rything tht's
bing shown on yor monitor, or |st portion
o it, no pn moo lts yo orw on scrn
whil cptr is in progrss, which is hnoy or
highlighting rs o intrst. Th sotwr cn
xport cptro contnt in rios ormts no
ss th oio no ioo coocs lroy on
yor systm.
DC Fr crn Rcoror is ry simpl to
mstr, bt coms with nogh clr tools to
kp onco srs hppy.
Thr my b tims whn yo no littl mor
'oomph' rom your computr - such as playing
3D gams or oiting a vioo. JtPoost provios
th aooitional prormanc by shutting oown all
unncssary procsss ano srvics, ano
prorming tasks such as ring up R/M,
claring th clipboaro ano switching powr
sttings to High Prormanc. Just hit th Poost
button ano it will go to work. Vhn you'r oon,
hit Rstor ano vrything will b rturno to
how it was. Th Customiz link lts you choos
xactly which procsss ano srvics to targt.
This latst vrsion o JtPoost has a nw
intrac with improvo ovrall prormanc.
Jetoost 2
Min requirements: Vinoows XP/Vista/7/8+
FiIe size: 3.3MP
VSDC Free Screen Recorder
Usually, whn you olt somthing rom your
PC - ithr by acciont or on purpos - it gts
caught by th Rcycl Pin. Somtims, howvr,
your ils no up bypassing that saty nt, so
you los thm or gooo. EasUS Data Rcovry
Vizaro can locat ano rstor ths ils, vn i
th partition thy'r on has bn ormatto or
rnoro inaccssibl. lt can also rcovr ils
rom a USP stick, mmory caro, oigital camra,
mobil phon or MP3 playr. To us Data
Rcovry Vizaro, simply run th program ano
choos th rcovry mthoo you ruir -
Dlto Fil, Complt or Partition Rcovry.
Th r vrsion can rscu up to 2GP o oata.
EASEUS Data Recovery
Wizard Free 7
Min requirements: Vinoows XP/Vista/7/8+ or
Mac OS X FiIe size: 4.7MP
|eccnneri |ree icwr|ci: | www.|ce|cc\.ccnlwe|a:ernjt|re

aner 4.08
Min requirements: inoow
i8+ FiIe size: 4.4
iriorm h rounoo o
uy yr y ooing y mor
uul ur o lnr. h incluo aovanco
schoulo-task managmnt, improvo claning o Flash
cookis ano oownloaos in hrom, ano support or mor
programs, incluoing /oob Photoshop lmnts 2.
PeaZip 5.2
Min requirements: inoows XP/Vista/7/8+ or Linux
FiIe size: 6.M
PaZip has bn upoato to spo up il oltion ano it
also ors a nw option or scurly olting r spac.
lt has improvo intgration with Usr /ccount ontrol,
which maks xtracting ano archiving ils asir, ano has
incraso th numbr o supporto il typs to 77.
Dropbox 2.4.8
Min requirements: inoows
XP/Vista/7/8+ or Linux
FiIe size: 33.7M
This upoat to ropbox ixs a
w prormanc problms with th most rcnt rlas.
Ths incluo an issu that causo th program to
rpatoly rstart; 'r|cto by srvr' rrors that
prvnto syncing; ano a problm that mao ropbox
r-inox vrything.
CaIibre 1.12
Min requirements: inoows XP/Vista/7/8+, Mac OS X or
Linux FiIe size: 5.8M
alibr was on o our sotwar picks or 24 in our last
issu ( lt's bn upoato with th option
to automatically aoo all ils othr than books to th
program, ano to improv compatibility with th UK arns
& Nobl stor, which is uso by Nook -raors.
Any Video
Conerter Free 5.5
Min requirements:
inoows XP/Vista/7/8+
FiIe size: 27M
Th powrul vioo-convrsion tool has a nw intrac ano
output support or mor ovics, incluoing th iPao /ir,
iPao Mini 2, Kinol Fir H, Surac RT/Pro ano Roku ox.
Mak sur you oclin th options or th /maon
rowsr ar ouring installation.
Souno Vally (www
.gromworks.nt) hlps
you rlax whil you'r
working at your P by
playing th soothing
sounos o natur. For
xampl, you can listn
to biros singing, rain ano
thunor, wavs lapping
against th shor, ano
switch btwn sa ano
orst scns as ruiro.
Arthur Spenders,
ia emaiI
This program maks authoring s, Vs
ano lu-rays uick ano asy. Just choos th
task you want rom th options on th
singl-scrn mnu. Fr /ny urn lts you
writ oata oiscs, rip ano burn auoio s,
crat ano writ imag ils, copy oiscs,
convrt oisc imag ils, ano mor.
lt woulo b wrong to call Th ntrtainmnt a
gam. Mor accuratly, it's a play that you
watch rom a tabl positiono on th stag.
lt's prsnto in irst prson, ano you can
look arouno th oarkno room as your ys
ao|ust to th light, but you can't actually
mov. lt's an intrsting story, ano wll worth
Free Any urn
The Entertainment
Min requirements: inoows XP/Vista/7/8+
FiIe size: M
Min requirements: inoows XP/Vista/7/8+,
Mac OS X, or Linux FiIe size: 2.6M
UDTED New tweaks and fixes for your favourite proQrams
GET PREE SOPTWRE PIRST subscribe to Web User at GET PREE SOPTWRE PIRST subscribe to Web User at

Thi fotniht top REE mtphon n tIt pp

6 (hon only)
hs lou storag
srv gvs you a
whoppng GP o
spa or r an lts
you ass t surly
on th go. h app
launh n July on
nro (
garo334 s
our orkshop n lssu
324 t.lywusr
324) an has now
arrv on though
not yt or a.
ga has a lot or
gong or t than
|ust ggayts.
urty s a top
prorty wth
nrypton to
prott your ata.
lts also vry asy
to us you an
sarh ownloa
uploa stra
vw shar rna
an lt your ls ro ns th app.
lts not prt you ant anually uploa
or than on t at a t ut you an st
t to syn all your ol photos an vos
autoatally an thr ar varous syn
optons suh as - only. l you n or
spa you an upgra to GP or aroun
a onth va an n-app purhas.

Redirect FiIe
Min requirements:
nro 2.3
Size: 32P
ak ontrol o your
nro vs
luttr olrs y
tllng ths app whr
to stor rtan typs o ls. You an us t to
onsolat your us autoatally ov g
ls to your D ar an organs your photos
nto thr alus rathr than 3. l you hang
your n ts asy to uno rrtons an
rat nw ons. pl an nt.

DK Trip PInner
Min requirements:
Size: 6.P
h ook pulshrs
app lts you rat your
travl tnrary onln
(ktrpplannr.o) an
syn t to your hon or
a whn your o
xplorng th worl.
Your tnrary s avalal oln so thrs no
n to ar roang lls. lt ovrs Lonon
ars o w York ashngton DC an
an ranso wth or ts to o soon.

Min requirements:
nro 4
Size: 674
hs loatng wgt lts
you ontrol your us
playr whl you us
othr apps. wp
to show or h th
ontrols whh loat
unotrusvly on your
srn rathr than hng n th notaton ar
an tap to toggl pausplay or to |up ak
an orth twn traks. h ro vrson
(. t.lyspro334) as shak ontrols.

Brnches for Twitter

Min requirements: nro 4
lts asy to ss th
st stu on wttr
spally you ollow
lots o popl so ths
lttl app lts you group
togthr twts ro
sp usrs akng
th a grat al asr
to ra. lts spl
usul an so ovous
that you wonr why
wttr osnt alray
or th atur.

DK Trip PInner
Redirect FiIe
Brnches for
|cre : | www.|ce|cc\.ccnlwe|a:ernjt|re

Virgin TV Anywhere
Min requirements: oo
Size: Varis with ovic
This app
turns your
phon into
a (vry)
control or
your Virgin
Moia TiVo ( You can't
watch your rcoroo shows via th app, but
you can watch liv TV, st your box to rcoro,
manag your Vish List, viw listings ano
accss catch-up srvics rom th last svn
oays (Vi-Fi only).
Min requirements:
Vinoows Phon 8
Size: 4MP
Vinoows Phon usrs
ar inally gtting som
xcllnt moia apps o
thir own. Th Dmano
5 app lts you catch up
on programming rom
th past svn oays
rom Channl 5, 5US/
ano 5, plus a slction o archiv programms.
lt has collcto som rav usr rviws that
mostly boil oown to: brilliant app, sham about
th channl. Straming on Vi-Fi only.
Xox One SmrtGIss
Min requirements: Vinoows Phon 8
Size: 3MP
Microsot's clvr app
turns your Vinoows
Phon into a scono
scrn ano rmot
control or your Xbox
On. Us it to brows
th wb on your TV,
manag th Xbox's
DVR unctions ano, o
cours, nhanc your
gaming by controlling
th consol ano
unlocking xclusiv
in-gam contnt.
GoogIe PIy
Min requirements:
iOS 6
Size: 4MP
/noroio usrs hav
long hao th plasur
o Googl's music-
straming app (
playmusic334), ano
it's inally com to
iOS. You uploao your
music to Googl (up
to arouno 2C,CCC songs) ano stram it on th
go. To oownloao songs rom Googl's vast
catalogu, you no an /ll /ccss subscription,
which costs arouno 6.5C a month.
autifuI Mess
Min requirements: /noroio 4, iOS 7
Size: 3MP Price: 6p
Turn your humorum snaps into prtty
picturs with this app rom crat blog
/ Pautiul Mss (www.abautiulmss
.com). Mak photo collags, apply
iltrs ano ocorat your pics with
ooools ano txt.
Doctor Who: Say What
You See
Min requirements: /noroio 2.2
Size: 43MP Price: .99p
Th Doctor's 5Cth annivrsary has
spawno a walth o un ano invntiv
contnt. This latst ti-in gam
aturs a sris o cryptic pictur
puzzls that concal Vho's
companions, gaogts ano monstrs.
Space HD
Min requirements: /noroio 2.3
Size: 4.6MP Price: 99p
Pring op spac to your hom scrn
with an animato high-oinition
rcration o th Solar Systm ano
byono. Excptional otail, smooth
panning ano solio valu or mony.
Min requirements: /noroio 2.2
Size: MP Price: 2.69
This stunning ollow-up to th hit
puzzl gam /pparatus (
apparatus334) lts you builo vhicls,
invnt contraptions, crat your own
gams ano hav aovnturs as a robot.
Vho coulo ask or mor?
Min requirements: /noroio 2.3.3
Size: 2.MP Price: .69
Plan ahao ano avoio traic |ams ano
acciont spots with this collction o
liv ano rgularly upoato imags
rom motorways ano trunk roaos
throughout Englano ano Scotlano.
You can bookmark camras on your
most runtly uso routs.
Virgin TV
GoogIe PIy
Xox One

's 1D most usefuI tooIs for your browser
|| a: {car |rcar||e ii-cr: | www.|ce|cc\.ccnlwe|a:ernjt|re

h n -n l
nhn k
ph n h -
n (
lk h
hn n n h p-h
n p
ppl h n ph n l n
n hn h hn
' n l
h -n n
p n n

n pp;
th nws haolins ano
wathr orcast; a Volram /lpha sarch box; ano mor,
ano can b customiso with colourul thms.
Stramus lts you stram
music rom YouTub to
whrvr you ar on th wb.
Sarch or a song or artist,
thn aoo tracks to a playlist to
listn to now or sav thm or
latr. You can shul ano
rpat songs, ano turn on Raoio moo to gt suggstions
baso on your playlists.
acktick provios shortcuts or
various wb tasks. Prss th
backtick ky (`) on your
kyboaro to launch th aoo-on,
thn typ a lttr to viw
commanos, or xampl 's' to
shar a pag on Facbook or 'o'
to oownloao a vioo. Scroll oown
or th ull list o commanos.
ods dvned
This altrnativ
to /oblockPlus
lts you block
scripts ano
othr onlin
Th asist way to us th aoo-on is to
subscrib to iltr lists such as asyList, but
you can also crat your own ruls to block
ano allow crtain lmnts, or |ust hio thm
rthporn in your peed DiI
Viw stunning
lanoscap photos
rom arouno th
glob on your
Spo ial pag
by installing this
aoo-on. t oisplays th most popular pictur
rom Rooit's arthPorn boaro (www.rooit
.com/r/arthporn), as voto by usrs that
oay. licking th imag taks you to th
boaro to s mor photos.
CIomeI VIidtion
This aoo-on highlights th act that som Scur
Sockt Layr (SSL) sits ar mor scur than
othrs. Th shilo icon changs colour to inoicat
th strngth o th ncryption, rom blu (strongst) to ro (non or
wak), ano you can click it or otailo SSL inormation.
Spo up Firox by scurly olting |unk ils with Mozlanr. This
hanoy aoo-on clars halth ano crash rports; rmovs unwanto aoo-ons
ano plug-ins; ano olts sarch ngins you no longr us. Howvr, it's
a bit rough arouno th ogs, ano splls 'analys' as 'analiz'!
enu iIter
your right-click mnu has bcom long
ano unwiloy, this aoo-on can hlp. Go
into its Options in th /oo-ons Managr
ano you can hio as many ntris as you want. Th aoo-on also lts you
rmov options rom th mnu that opns whn you right-click a tab.
Rathr than opning your oownloaos in a sparat winoow, click this
aoo-on's button to oisplay thm in a nw tab. This maks managing
multipl oownloaos much asir, bcaus you can monitor thir inoivioual
progrss, ano thr's a usul sarch box or inoing ils.
e your views!

You can lt us know your viws ano opinions
via, www.facebook.
comJwebusermagazine, www.twitter.comJ
webusermagazine ano

ew, wr||e |c a | we|aer_ierr|.cc.a\

our raors shoulo b warno
about a trick uso by
broaobano supplirs. l hao a
2-month broaobano contract with my
provior, but whn l trio to clos th
account, l was inormo it was an
8-month contract ano l woulo hav to
pay a pnalty or arly cancllation.
/tr iv months o ngotiation, l
rcivo a phon call rom th
supplir's lgal opartmnt that
conirmo that my broaobano account
was inoo or 2 months, but that th
tlphon contract was or 8 months.
l was tolo that th supplir's customr-
srvic opartmnt was corrct in
rusing to cancl my broaobano. Hao
thy oon so, l woulo hav bn
without broaobano until th tlphon
contract xpiro, bcaus th phon
supplir woulo not allow any othr
broaobano provior to us its srvics.
y linking contracts o oirnt
eware broadband canceIIation catches

Why after-saIes support
is important
Vhn you rviw
a proouct, oo
you vr tak
into account th
srvic Having
|ust rao your
rviws o
sotwar, l
unorstano why
you prais /oob
Prmir lmnts 2 so highly.
l hav bn a aithul buyr o Sri
sotwar or many yars. onvinco by
rviws ano my no to hav sotwar
that my son can us or school, l
switcho to /oob Prmir lmnts 8.
Vhn my computr suro a ma|or
crash, l noo to rinstall th sotwar,
but l coulon't gt it to work. l phono
/oob or hlp ano was tolo that my 9C
oays o r support was ovr. /tr a
long ano hato oiscussion, th support
prson tolo m what to oo. asically, l
coulo not rinstall th program unlss l
uso a workarouno. Th program was
not nt or purpos, bcaus it hao a
glaring rror.
So it's back to Sri PhotoPlus ano
MoviPlus or m, bcaus l gt all th
support that l no, whn l no it. an
you plas tak support into account
whn you rviw prooucts in utur
b Bellini, via email
Shocked by the cost of
Steam trains
l must agr CC pr cnt with Martin
Fltchr's lttr about Stam in lssu 33
( l starto to play Train
Simulator 2C4 rom Stam, ano atr
totting up th xpnoitur, l raliso that
my wi woulo kill m i sh ouno out
how much l'o orko out or this
xpnsiv gam. lt is on thing to pay
som 25 or a rail rout but anothr to
hav to ork out approximatly 2 or a
locomotiv to run on it.
l hav now cut my losss by rmoving
th whol thing rom my P ano rvrto
to th vr aithul (ano inxpnsiv)
Microsot Train Simulator.
Alan Dick, via email
Adverts don't have to be
l woulo lik to rspono to avio Thorp's
lttr in lssu 332 (,
'Vhy it's wrong to block aos on
YouTub'. Many popl, incluoing mysl,
hav no problm with aovrtising as a
mans o unoing a wbsit, vioo
channl or othr onlin vntur. Vhat w
ob|ct to is th otn obnoxious
prsntation o aos: thos that start
playing automatically as soon as you
loao a wb pag or nll your whol scrn
so you can't s anything ls. / growing
numbr o ths aovrts also us louo
music or voics, which can mak you
|ump out o your skin i th volum is
lngths on th sam oocumnt, th
supplir can rus to cancl your
broaobano unlss you also cancl th
phon contract, ano can pnalis you or
arly cancllation.
Th supplir happily rrro m to
Ocom ( ano lS/S
( Ocom rplio that
our currnt rgulations oo not covr
broaobano srvics. i w notic a ris
in similar complaints to yours, w can
consior introoucing th
appropriat rgulations.
lS/S tolo m it woulo only
invstigat my complaint i l coulo
prov l hao bn ngotiating with th
supplir or btwn ight wks ano
nin months, or i l coulo orwaro a
oaolock lttr ano numbr.
Sinc l oo not rcoro phon
convrsations, ano th supplir oion't
rply to my lttrs, thr is no
vionc that l hav bn trying to
clos this account ano l cannot
proouc th oaolock lttr or numbr
that lS/S ruirs.
So raors shoulo not that Ocom
ano lS/S will oo nothing but
consior ths mattrs. No ooubt
th supplirs ar awar o this ano
count on it. So th only mans o
obtaining |ustic rmains publicity in
th moia.
Barry Woodward, via email

oownloaoo ano installo,
l can't say l was massivly
imprsso with som o th
'improvmnts' that wr
applio. For on, th
icons that show you
battry li ano Vi-Fi
strngth hav bn
chango rom blu to
light gry. This mans you
can no longr instantly s
whn you'r running out o
powr or unabl to connct to
th intrnt. Spaking o which,
turno up on your PC. l'm also gtting
vry annoyo with aovrts on my phon,
which th small scrn maks vry
oincult to avoio.
l aovrtisrs want us to stop using ao
blockrs, thn thy shoulo nno lss
irritating ways o oisturbing our browsing
to promot thir prooucts. l sympathis
with Davio Thorp's ar o losing
rvnu i nobooy viws th aovrts on
his vioos, but can h not ao|ust
YouTub's sttings to nsur th
aos ar oisplayo in th last
intrusiv mannr possibl?
Brian Bakewell, via email

Vhn my Nxus 7 tolo m
thr was a ma|or systm
upoat to install, l was uit
smug that l'o b gtting
/noroio 4.4 (KitKat) bor my
rinos. Put onc it hao nnally
sinc l installo KitKat l'v ouno that my
Nxus 7 runtly oisconncts rom
Vi-Fi whn not in us. Mayb this is a
nw scurity masur, but l'o prr my
ovic to stay conncto all th tim
(l mostly us it on my hom ntwork).
On th plus sio, l uit lik th
upoato mail app, which maks it asir
to s who mssags ar rom by
oisplaying th nrst lttr o snors'
nams in colouro boxs. Put ovrall, l
oon't rally think KitKat was worth all th
Kevin Moody, via email

1. S rapioly volving wiogt that controls your music

playr (4,6)
7. Epic voyag o Homr's pom (7)
11. Plum, chrry or bstak (6)
13. Drk, Diooly or Pp (2)
14. Vaving apparatus incluos nnisho sit or
gotistical oats (4,4)
15. Vasl uso or ur trim (6)
17. Unit o lngth holos back 5 n|oyabl ways to
stramlin right-click options (4,6)
20. Kingoom rulo by Piblical Oun (5)
21. City containing th worlo's tallst structur, th Pur|
Kalia (5)
23. S 6 oown

2. Voro with snar, oil or ar (4)

3. Ouitly kn on app to nhanc your Facbook
imags (6)
4. Johnson, Tan or Vinhous (3)
5. Sportswar manuacturr (6)
6. Us smart manouvr to to listn to YouTub
playlists (8)
8. /vian symbol o pac (4)
9. Shopping sit wants us to rturn to th high roao, but
thr's conusion. (6,3)
Crossworo crato using Crossworo Compilr sotwar,
rom VoroVb Sotwar (
Clus marko with an astrisk ar cryptic ano rr to sits
ano sotwar aturo in this issu o ob Usor. /ll othr
clus ar litral. /nswrs onlin at
10. ___ Kippur, Jwish holy oay (3)
12. Tari, Muhammao or MacGraw (3)
16. (Vith 23 across) Numbro ball smasho 3D
ractal-rnoring sotwar (2)
18. Excss at (4)
19. ____ inoow, 954 Hitchcock nlm (4)
21. 55C in Roman numrals (,) 22. Exist (2)
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13
15 16
17 18 19
20 21 22
W yu swt radad
prvdr 2D?
Vot onlin at
WII you
upgrade your
PC n 20147
Your Vote Counte
l can't
th int

|r {car |ew, wr||e |c a | we|aer_ierr|.cc.a\

k ll n
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mkn m
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mm n ll
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nnl n n
Cm m l lm
mnn Dn k
mn n k m
n lmn ll
m lkl lm
nl n
mn n nno
guiolins ano a lttr tmplat at
What to do if your gifts
haven't turned up
ON lN 20137
YouTub as l hav uploaoo a nw
vioo vry thr oays this yar - until
Googl msso it up by orcing
popl to hav Googl+ accounts.

/mazon ano Pay. l buy music, books,
Plu-rays ano DVDs rom /mazon, ano
all sorts o things rom Pay. /lso,
Fino / Grav (
bcaus l'm a amily historian.
Lnn $hare
Easy - Facbook. Followo by Cricino
( - it's an
/shs yar.
Chris Hghes
Facbook, bcaus my rinos ar on
it. l hav a pag or my businss on it,
ano blong to uit a w groups.
Claire Jackson-Prior
l uso it in th arly 2CCCs long
bor ilTuns ano Vinoows Moia
Playr wr vn thought o.
Phil Graham
l hav uso Vinamp sinc th oays o
Vinoows ME. lt's a sham to s
Vinamp go.
lan John Nee
l uso it as my main moia playr C
yars ago. lt was grat. l lovo th
way you coulo chang Vinamp with
skins, but iTuns ano Vinoows Moia
Playr ar now th norm.
$imon Mellor
l'm still using it tooay. l always install
th Essntials Pack, ano hav ouno it
on o th asist moia playrs to
us. l'v hao bri lirtations with othr
moia playrs, such as Songbiro
(initially on Ubuntu) but always cam
back to Vinamp.
John Berr
l uso to us it all th tim bor l
got my iPhon in 2CC9. Sinc thn l'v
always uso iTuns. Vinamp was asy
to us ano l lovo th skins you coulo
oownloao. lt'll b saoly misso.
Alan Hn
AND T-SHlRTS {bit.IyJms334)7
Thy'r acting lik kios in th
playgrouno. No on in thir right mino
will buy ths mugs. l know l won't b
buying on - l'v got bttr things to
spno my mony on
$han Adams
Prilliant. l you attack your comptitors
it mans thir prooucts ar bst, ano
yours arn't gooo nough.
$ee Ellis
l only thy put th tim coming up
with this nonsns into making
Vinoows 8 bttr instao!
Jason Cooer
l think that popl who liv in glass
houss probably shoulon't list
ston-throwing among thir hobbis.
Daid P Bellairs
5G {bit.IyJ5g334), BUT ARE
Yah my 4G is brilliant ano icint. l
can only oram what 5G will oo.
$ar A Hordern
l'm still waiting to gt 4G in my ara,
ano or th prics to go oown.
James Whiorh
l'll wait until 3G contracts ar auto-
upgraoo to run on 4G. Vhat yar will
that b? 2C2C?
Chris Armsrong
Joking arn't ya?! Thr a lot o placs
still struggling to gt 3G nvr mino
4G or 5!. l liv iv minuts walk rom
St Hlns town cntr ano oon't gt it
using a Samsung Galaxy Not.
Gain $ehen Green
No. l ino 3G is accptabl whn l
can't ino Vi-Fi, but l oon't xpct or
want to b abl to watch TV 24/7 on
my phon.

Jane Hoskyn answers aII

your consumer questions

onlin tchnology w us now may b obsolt within

a coupl o yars. arry CoIIins rvals what to xpct nxt
rom th wb, ano whr you can try th utur tooay

he web is rpidIy hnQinQ environment. nIy

few yers Qo, tehnoIoQies suh s dobe's Ish
nd irosoft's iIverIiQht were the stndrd mens
of retinQ nd dispIyinQ onIine videos nd nimtions,
nd Iooked set to remin omfortbIe in their supremy
for the ner future. ut both re now beinQ QrduIIy
phsed out s the web proQresses to n er where you
won't need pIuQ-ins to wth videos, Iisten to musi or
hoId onverstions with your friends nd fmiIy.
n this feture, we're QoinQ to reveI wht the future
hoIds for the web nd expIin how you n Qet redy for
the new wve of internet tehnoIoQies on the horizon.
ny of these re either in deveIopment, or Iredy
viIbIe for your browser.
e'II Iso predit whih of tody's web tehnoIoQies re
hedinQ for the reyIinQ bin, nd wht the future hoIds for
browsers - or, indeed, whether they hve ny future t II,
now tht pps re in the sendny.
WebPTC i alread available in the latet
verion of Chrome, Firefo and Oera
Enter a web addre at $
to find out if it uort $PDY
Two emloee from Google and Moilla
demontrate web-age video
conferencing uing WebPTC

WEBTC - ietat vide cat
SPDY NDHTTP - ebeitee tat Iad faeter
hat is it7
ny rowsrs omit it ths oys, ut
t th ginning o vry w oorss
you'll ino th hrtrs 'http//'.
stnos or ypr xt rnsr
rotool, no it's tivly th
systm tht govrns th trnsr o
w pgs rom rmot srvrs to
your omputr. lt ws irst invnto
y ir im Prnrs- k in th
rly 99Cs (who ltr sio th ooul
slsh in
ws his
rgrt), no it hsn't hngo grt
ol sin. /ls, oms with
lot o unnssry ggg, slowing
oown th tim it tks w pg to
loo in your rowsr, whih is why it's
in th pross o ing rplo y
What does it do7
our yrs go, oogl strto
th-support tm (s our 't r
th hlp onlin' tur on pg 44),
wsits will l to giv you
on-lik ss to sls ssistnt or
support thniin.
lt oulo potntilly hng th wy
w intrt with wsits, too. Vith th
option to monitor visitors vi thir
wm - with prmission, o ours
- w pgs oulo utomtilly oost
th ont siz i thy spot you hving to
mov losr to th srn to ro, or
sroll th pg oownloos on thy
ott your y hs rho th ottom
o th srn. l ll this sounos
littl r-tho, rmmr tht
msung's smrtphons lroy om
with similr y-movmnt ottion.
VC uss voi no vioo
ngins tht hv n ovlopo ovr
working on vrition o llo
D (pronouno 'spoy'). h
looing o singl w pg ruirs
your omputr to mk oozns o
oirnt rusts to w srvr. D
lrts tht pross y using
thniu llo multiplxing (whr
multipl signls r ononso into on)
no y prioritising th most importnt
rusts. /oroing to rnt log
post y oogl, it now tks on vrg
45 pr nt lss tim to loo oogl
ws ( us o
th ovns mo y D. lt hs
lroy n oopto y most o th
m|or rowsrs, inluoing Chrom,
irox no lE on Vinoows 8 no 8..
Where can l try it7
/lthough D hs wiospro support
mong rowsr mkrs, it's not uso
y most wsits. /n onlin tool t lts you ntr w
oorss to s i th sit supports D.
Vhn w visito, ook, wittr no
Voroprss oio or support, ut othr
th yrs y oogl no othrs. hs
inluo ovno turs suh s ho
nlltion, nois roution no high
lvls o vioo omprssion, so tht
vn thos on slow roono
onntions n |oin in. /ll ths
thnologis r ing mo rly
vill to wsit ownrs - thy won't
hv to py xpnsiv lin s s
thy oo or som vioo thnologis.
Where can l try it7
VC is lroy uilt into th ltst
vrsions o Chrom no irox. / omo
t shows you
how th thnology llows th two
rowsrs to 'tlk' to h othr. h nxt
hllng is to gt VC uilt into
moil rowsrs, so you n mk th
vioo lls on smrtphon or tlt.
m|or sits suh s th PPC, /mzon
no Vikipoi oio not.
owvr, D is likly to prt o
th nw 2 stnoro, whih is
urrntly in ovlopmnt.
nortuntly, rting m|or w
stnoros tks yrs, ut on
2 is rtiio, w'r likly to s
muh grtr support rom wsits,
whih will lo to str-looing w.
What is it7
VC ( mns V
l im Communitions no it
promiss utur whr, i you wnt to
holo vioo ht with somon whil
using soil-
sit suh s
ook, you
will l to oo
so oirtly rom
th w pg.
What does it do7
VC limints th no to ir up
ol srvi suh s kyp (www i you wnt uik vioo
ht with rino who's urrntly onlin.
or will thr ny mor o thos
wkwro olys t th strt o multi-
prson vioo-onrning sssions,
whn on o th prtiipnts hs to
oownloo no instll rowsr plug-in
to |oin th ll. Evrything you no to
mk vioo no uoio lls will uilt
into th rowsr.
VC oulo lso pv th wy or
improvo ustomr srvi on wsits.
ln similr vin to th inol yoy
srvi, whr ownrs o /mzon's nw
tlts r l to prss utton to
strt vioo ll with th ompny's
lFTTT is a great example f hw the
lnternet f Things can cnnect ur lives
Belin's WeM range f husehld
prducts is cmpatible with lFTTT
$rcset allws users f high-definitin
displays t benefit frm high-reslutin
images n websites
The internet f things
will see everyday
items such as
eyrings cnnected
t the internet



THE ITERET F THIGS - connecting the virtuaI with the phyeicaI
What is it7
mo ol n
o omll on o l
onl nnn o
omo nn ll
oo o , mo no o
n llo nn o
n o
no m o mnon
onno o nn
What does it do7
n o ml o
nn o n F om,
no o n
onol llo o o
m n n omll
o on n n, o
nn, o
Foo oo o o n o
o Doo on, o
ommo o no o
m l
o m monn
F no l
mo ol n omno
o F lo oml
ln n o Mo moon
no no o l
mo33, mn o n
o n m
n moon no o,
ln o o n o
l n o o
no, o mln o o l o
no o om om ool
F nl nnono
n US mat ovic
tail, Smat Thing, (http://hop which ll intnt-
conncto ooo lock, light witch
ano oth no. Vith compatibl
ovic intallo, it now poibl, o
xampl, to
tun on th
light with a
txt mag
o unlock you
ont ooo via
a twt, i you
want to lt a
ino in bo
you gt hom.
o long,
it ntily
that wll b
uing uch impl, wb vic
to manag ou oomtic ovic on a
oaily bai, whth that witching
th hating on a you matphon
u it GPS no to otct youv
|ut tppo o th tain, o putting
th ca winocn hat on iv
minut bo you t o to wok on
a oty moning.
Where can l try it7
You can ign up o lFTTT now to gt
an ioa o how th lntnt o Thing
wok ( ou atu about th
vic in lu 326,
wbu326). / wll a uing lFTTT
on you comput, you can connct it
to you iPhon o iPao with th
iOS app ( Hopully
an /nooio vion will b lao
SRCSET - hi-ree imagee for hi-ree devicee
What is it7
l youv v uo th wb on a
ovic with a high-olution cn,
uch a Rtina on a cnt-gnation
iPao o on o th nw bo o
Ultabook, you may hav notico
imag on wbit looking bluy o
gainy. Sct (hot
o 'ouc t) i
an xtnion o th
HTML5 tanoao,
which ovcom
thi poblm by
ltting wb
oign tipulat oint iz o
imag o oint ovic.
What does it do7
Taoitionally, wb oign hav only
uo limito olution imag on
wbit, bcau th wa imply no
point in uing highly otailo imag
whn cn oiont hav nough pixl
to oo thm |utic.
lnoo, uing high-
olution imag wa
wioly gaoo a bao
pactic, bcau it
mant th u noo
up oownloaoing mo
oata than wa
ncay, incuing
not only a olay in
th tim it tak a
pag to loao, but
xta cot i thy
w viiting that wb pag on a mobil
ovic which uio you to pay o
oata accooing to how much you uo.
Thi giv th wb oign a
oilmma, ay uc Lawon, an
opn-ouc aovocat with th bow
mak Opa ( You
can only no on imag - o oo you
no a Rtina imag, which i hug ano
o a much high uality than th
low-powo phon
no, o oo you no
a low-uality imag
which look bluy on
Rtina oiplay? Th
toubl with noing
vyon a high-DPl
imag i that thy
a ou tim th
iz o nomal on.
Ov a mobil
ntwok, thi can
tak much long to oownloao, ano
thn th phon ha to uah it oown to
it it cn.
Th laoing bow compani hav
bn wtling with thi poblm o a
coupl o ya now, v inc ulta-
high olution oiplay it appao
on th makt. / uual, thy having
oiiculty aging on th bt olution,
but ct i cuntly th ontunn.
demo of srcset to
see the difference it makes to eb images
Portable Natie Client lets yo play 3D
games sch as Bastion in yor broser
The Gmail Offline HTML5 app lets yo
access yor email ithot a eb
Experience the onder of Natie Client
by playing arond ith this spinning

- the future of the web today
a xap a a
appca c cp
wu u vc uc a
ab wc a u a
p pc g b
cpa M.
wv g c a
Pab Nav wc aw
appca u a vc
pcv p pc
u. u Pab Nav
upp b
bw bu a w
Mba b (uc a
aug b) a
b ab a avaag
appca a w pvu
p ba vc. g
xpa a p u
bg Pab Nav
pac p cu a
pab (b.pc4).
here can try it7
Va xap w
pwu Nav wb app
ca b F up bw
a cc u aag gapc
pa ga a (b.
ba4) pa w
hat does it do7
aup aguag M5
a ca v>, <auoio> ano
<canvas> tags, which lt wb osignrs
mbo vioos, music ano animations in
wb pags without noing aooitional
sotwar such as /oob Flash. Th
tchnology is cross-platorm, which
mans you can us it on any P, tablt,
smartphon or othr ovic with an
HTML5-nablo browsr. HTML5 can
also b uso to crat apps that oon't
ruir you to b conncto to th nt,
such as Gmail Olin (,
which can can pinpoint whr you ar
using go-location.
omo apps, such as th bautiul 3
spinning glob, at gonativclint Th wb's
about to gt a whol lot mor
hat is it7
Tooay, thr's a big oistinction
btwn th powr ano prormanc
o wb apps that you accss through
your browsr (such as Googl ocs),
ano ull-blown sktop applications
that ar installo ano run on your P
(such as Microsot Oic). That
coulo b
rooo by
lint, an initiativ that allows apps
cooo or th sktop to run insio a
hat does it do7
Googl's Nativ lint tchnology
allows applications writtn in th
programming languags ano ++
(such as, or xampl, Microsot Voro
or /oob Photoshop) to b hosto on
a wbsit ano accsso via a browsr.
Until rcntly, howvr, thos
applications wr only abl to run on
ovics containing th spciic typ
o procssor - such as th lntl x86
procssors ouno insio most Ps -
that thy wr originally cooo or.
hat is it7
HTML5 is a mark-up languag uso or
crating ano prsnting contnt on th
wb. lt is alraoy
bing uso by lots
o sits, incluoing
th awaro-winning
UK govrnmnt
(, but
is not xpcto to
rciv oicial
status rom th
Vorlowio Vb onsortium (V3)
until nxt yar.
Vhn an srcst attribut is aooo to an
imag on a wb pag, a usr viwing
that pictur on an iPao /ir will s it at,
say, twic th rsolution that somon
using a low-no /noroio smartphon
here can try it7
Srcst is alraoy bing uso in browsrs
that us th VbKit rnoring ngin,
th bst-known o which is /ppl's
Saari, but it's yt to win wiosprao
approval ano thr ar othr solutions
on th tabl. Ultimatly, it oosn't
much mattr which will win out, as long
as all th browsrs agr ano implmnt
it, says Lawson. /ll th currnt
proposals 'ograo gracully', so olor
browsrs still show an imag ano no
usr is wors o than thy ar now.
You can s a omo o srcst in action
TVE CET - powerfuI appe that run in your broweer
HTML5 capabilities
using Peacekeeper



ery majr eb service n
reIeases as fr aII the varius
avaiIabIe smarthnes and tabIets,
and these as ften deIiver a
better exerience than visiting a
ebsite using the device's brser.
e apps are desiQned pureIy
to make reQuIar websites work
better on smartphone and tabIet
devices. Zite ( and
FIipboard ( are
apps that diQest and store your
favourite web content, and then
eIeQantIy reformat it, without the
adverts or paQe breaks, so that you
can read their wares without even
visitinQ the site itseIf.
WiII apps eventuaIIy make web
browsers redundant? "n app can
tarQet the specific Iimitations and
abiIities of each individuaI device
much better than a website can
whiIe runninQ inside a browser,"
web-usabiIity expert Jakob NieIsen
wrote Iast year.
However, he's optimistic that
websites wiII eventuaIIy triumph, as
web technoIoQies such as HTML5
and mobiIe devices improve. "!n the
IonQ run, the internet wiII defeat
smaIIer, cIosed environments."
"pps may remain better for
tasks that are intenseIy feature-
rich appIications, such as photo
editinQ," he added, "whereas
mobiIe sites wiII be better for
desiQn probIems Iike e-commerce/
m-commerce, corporate websites,
news, medicaI info, sociaI
networkinQ, etc. that are rich in
content but don't require intense
data manipuIation."
UTUR ROSRS try ttngg tooe no
Th rl n rin
rr o nl n
rl nl m lng r
l r no ll inloo
ln n r r rh oign
m rr mni i
rlling o ih n r ing
ninll ooo h rr hih
i oo mill n ih
h r n niing
Ggl Chrm rr r
xml i nl i r lo i
lro n rin h im
riing Th ir rin ir
lnrn Exlrr n h hr hno
rlo in 5 i nl
rin lhgh ir h io
h i l h ln o i
rr mr rnl
n h loing rr mkr
rl ri rin hir
rr h olr n
n r r hr nlho
n h li lrg Thr nhing
onloing no ling ih
h xrimnl rr lhgh
hlo r h h h r
n nl no gg
Hr h r rhming
rin h m|r rr
g n inoiin h ming in
r rl
Ggl Chrm rn rl
hnnl h ll inll
rin h rr oirn
g olmn Th m
inring i h -llo Cnr
rin h rr hih i oo
oil no inlo h m ing-
og r nlik hr Chrm
i on inll r r
xiing rin h rr
n h n r no rrn
h l rglr rin Chrm r
o--o ring n onlo
Chrm Cnr rm ilnr4
/ h im riing h l
Cnr ilo inlo hno n
r h oil lil kr in
in n rr h ling oi
hn or oonl r
ling nno no n
hih i ming rm Ggl i
l xrimning ih n mlr
or hih mill rn
r rm inlling knn ir rm
Thr r l xrimnl
rin Firx h n r Th
rin h noro Dk
rr millrgn-
irx inlo h /rli oign
- miniml n lk r Firx ln
mmn ih m hr rr i
k n no mn minimm
nin n h i
Th /rr rr mill
rgn-irxrr i Firx
r-rl rin h-rinol
rr r ino C Thi
inro ig ingr-rinol n
h io h rn r ging k
Wh ca l ty it
/ll h ig rr r HT5
no hr r rl nlin
n r h ll h hnlg
rk r ri i Frmrk
kr kr
rmrkm hih rn ri
HT5 grhi io gm no
mr in r rr n r
rl h ikl no mhl
nn i oilo Th n
rrmo in n rr no r ll
lrm inloing l no hn
r ning n no hr
l-rino r T hi
il ino mo ill no
ino oi no
/rr r ol rr ll
gin h in oring inllin
Thn no lik h /rr il
n h ino hmrn l
n g il ino h /rr
in in h /ll / i righ-lik i
no l in r
n k n n hr
hng Firx hrgh i ighl
hnnl nighlmillrg hih
rl n ilo h rr
olr r ing r
Dnlo r ill r ino
inx no /norio

wru w ways to keep
aII your activities private and
your personaI info secure
t th most gnrous
prics or your olo ovics
st rplacmnts or
sits that closo in 2C3
lncras th uality o
vioos, gams ano mor
We asked eb User readers about
the chanQes they'd Iike to see to
the web in 2D14. Here's what you
toId us.
Lowr-cost broaobano ano th
rmoval o banowioth limits.
lan Maddock
/ nw social ntwork to rival
Facbook ano its mony-grabbing,
aovrtising mool. On that allows
popl to choos thir privacy
sttings, instao o |ust giving thm
th prcption o privacy.
Phil Davis
l'o lik to s YouTub go back to
its olo commnt systm.
lain James Lewis
ttr support or HTML5 vioo on
mbooo vioo contnt.
Chris Armstrong
Lss govrnmnt intrrnc.
James McGinnis
l woulo lik popl who us th wb
to show mor rgaro or popl
arouno thm. on't holo th rst o
us up whil you chck your mails
at th top o an scalator, ano oon't
post abusiv commnts onlin.
Caroline Gilbert
l'o lik to rciv lss spam ano
wr phishing mails containing
mssags about my account whn
l oon't vn hav on with that
particular bank.
Ben Lowry


b echnIgies
ha are n heir wa u. Here, we
exIain wh he fIIwing are IikeI
disaear in he near fuure.
The first naiIs were
hammered into FIash's
coffin the moment AppIe
decided not to support it
on the iPhone. This was
foIIowed by an infamous pubIic Ietter
from then AppIe CEO Steve Jobs, in
which he expIained in no uncertain
terms why he didn't care for FIash.
Lax security, poor performance and a
detrimentaI effect on battery Iife
were |ust some of the reasons cited
for ditchinQ the muItimedia pIuQ-in,
which - untiI then - had been the
near-universaI format for creatinQ
onIine video, Qames and
Now, three years after Jobs'
scorchinQ memo (which you can read
at bit.Iy/fIash334), FIash is definiteIy
on the wane. Ma|or sites such as
YouTube have IarQeIy ditched FIash
in favour of HTML5 video, which
aIIows users to pIay videos without
instaIIinQ and maintaininQ pIuQ-ins.
Audio sites have done Iikewise, whiIe
powerfuI aIternatives such as
PortabIe Native CIient (see main
feature) are beQinninQ to emerQe for
onIine Qames.
SiIverIiQht was, in many ways,
Microsoft's aIternative to FIash. !t's
now in decIine for many of the same
reasons as Adobe's software. !t never
stood a cat-in-heII's chance of beinQ
supported by AppIe's products, and
wasn't even siQnificant enouQh to
merit a footnote in Jobs' memo.
However, it was Microsoft itseIf that
stuck the boot into its own software,
by droppinQ support for SiIverIiQht in
the Metro version of !nternet ExpIorer
for Windows 8 - a dramatic vote of
no-confidence in its own product.
EIements of SiIverIiQht are stiII used
to create apps for Windows 8 and
Windows Phone, but its days as a
standaIone pIuQ-in used to create
sophisticated web apps are
!t's fair to say that Java
- the so-caIIed 'write-
once, run anywhere'
IanQuaQe that has
been traditionaIIy used
to create standaIone
web apps - is not
wideIy Ioved. The constant naQQinQ
to update the Java PC software Ied
many peopIe to simpIy iQnore its
incessant pIeadinQ, IeavinQ a hiQhIy
vuInerabIe piece of software on their
system. For this reason, Java has
become a prime tarQet for maIware
writers and it's been at the centre of
numerous security scares. Now
security companies and even
Qovernments routineIy recommend
that you don't even instaII Java on
your machine unIess it's absoIuteIy
DeveIopers are naturaIIy IookinQ
eIsewhere, which wiII probabIy come
as some reIief to Java's owner,
OracIe, which acquired Java as part
of its takeover of Sun Microsystems a
few years aQo, and has treated it as
an unwanted stepchiId ever since.
Good riddance aII round!
|e r:wer: cr||re | www.we|\lI1IIa|t

c cay lauc a tal

usc srvc call /ut

at was /r tat rally

ruur t b call
Fr wc laar was
t wrl's larst arac t
at was t a t l
survllac rra xs by
wstlblwr Ewar w
c wb at but t bl
srvc ublr ay
at s t rslut t cara
t a ua C2C
at was t st rat sw
t yar
c asar lay was blc
by t Prts brary t rus
vlt ctt
at srvc P lauc
at srvcs P cls
at was t xr Dctars'
r t ar
at s Car Crs
al rr bar t
ltratal ac tat
w l br braba t
rt aras w Zalano?
Vhich wb giant was ino
C56 million by th Europan
Commission or an anti-trust brach?
Flickr incraso its onlin-storag
limit in May, but to what amount?
Vhich prviously unsupporto
Europan languag oio /mazon
aoo to th Kinol?
Vhich wbsit starto charging
usrs to sno mssags to
Vhat was oscribo as a Tro|an
hors osigno to control
consumr oata?
Vho was ino 5,CCC or posting
a libllous twt?
Vhich mobil app ovrtook
Facbook as th most popular
mans o sharing photos?
Hackrs claimo to hav stoln
C,CCC customrs' otails rom
which stat agnt?
Vho tarully hosto his last
mting as CEO on 27 Sptmbr?
How many logos oio Yahoo try
bor ocioing its nw on?
/ccoroing to nw igurs, which
country has th worlo's astst
broaobano spos?
Vhat was th Dll Latituo 643Cu
Ultrabook accuso o smlling o?
How closly hav you bn watching th wb in 2C3? Fino out with
our inoishly oiicult uiz o th yar, which tsts your knowlog o
th biggst tch vnts o th last 2 months

e browsers to the
coIours i this pie chart of QIobaI
market share i 2D13?

There have bee some amaziQ,
iteractive GooQIe oodIes this year.
Here are six of the best, but ca you
ame the evet each oe was

et FREE tech heIp
ind soIutions to
common tech probIems
v b c
o s s s
s o s b T
c F Tc b
cs s ss
c oc bs s
so b s c
c bs o scs co
C Ps PC s PC Dss
D Cs o o v
s bs s c
bs o s c ss
F o sc s cv
Psc cco o
sc o s
scos Ts F
S o /oo
Get heIp with your phone
or tabIet
s c
s b s
b s oc oscb ss v
c TV
OuickSupport pp (bit.l/
tmviwr334) is th prct solution.
Downloo th r pp no gt th
prson provioing th support to instll
th TmViwr Dsktop sotwr
( on thir
computr. Th'll thn b bl to
scurl tk control o our ovic,
convrs with ou, viw ovic ino,
trnsr ils, stop procsss, uninstll
pps, no so on. Th OuickSupport pp
is vilbl or /noroio, iOS, Vinoows
Phon 8 no Vinoows 8/RT.
Ask Amazon for
/mon's nw Kinol Fir HDX tblt
(which w rviwo lst issu, bit.l/
wbusr333) coms with Mo
button tht's osigno to giv ou
instnt r vioo hlp. Go into Ouick
Sttings, tp th button no ou'll b
conncto oirctl to n /mon Tch
ovisor through /mon /ssist.
ou'll s th prson ou'r tlking to
(lthough th cn't s ou), no
th'll b bl to wlk ou through
solution, orw it on scrn or vn ix
th issu rmotl. Mo is vilbl
24 hours o, svn os wk,
365 os r no ll or no cost
whtsovr. ou'll no to b on
ocnt Vi-Fi connction no hv th
tblt linko to n /mon ccount.
Th srvic isn't vilbl on th rgulr
Kinol Fir HD, bcus tht ovic
oosn't hv th ruiro hrowr or
Get free heIp from
GoogIe HeIpouts
Googl's nw onlin vioo-ssistnc
srvic ( lts ou
gt hlp rom rl popl in rl tim.
/lthough Hlpouts hs onl |ust
luncho, th Computr & Elctronics
Don't wst mon clling xpnsiv tchnicl-support
numbrs. rvls clvr nw ws
to solv PC no gogt problms
lro turs
hunoros o
xprts, with mn
oring liv ovic
or PC hrowr no
sotwr problms. ou
cn srch or spciic
topic, thn sort th list o
rsults b rlvnc, bst
rputtion (s rto b
othr usrs), vilbilit
(sinc not vron is
on cll 24/7) no
lowst pric.
/lthough som
Hlpouts xprts
chrg rioiculous mounts
(s much s $5 n hour), thr r
plnt o gooo ons provioing ovic
or r. ou cn wtch n xprt's
introouctor vioo bor contcting
thm to rust hlp sssion.
Find the fastest way to
get through
Th troubl with phoning compn's
tchnicl-support lin is tht ou otn
no up oling with n utomto
sstm insto o rl prson.
GtHumn (, which
covrs mor thn 8, businsss
cross 45 countris, provios ou with
th uickst ws to gt through to
compn. /s wll s giving ou oirct
phon numbrs no shortcuts to rouc
witing tims, it tlls ou i compn's
wbsit ors liv-cht cilit tht
will gt ou hlp str thn phoning.
Eull usul is th UK sit
PlsPrss (,
which tlls ou th numbrs to prss to
cut through utomto phon mnus
no spk to humn.
|r|c| |e| | |cran.we|\

riends or heIp
Dskhop ( is a hano
n sri that lts ou shar our
srn ith Fabook rinos to gt hlp
ano aoi ith omputr problms. To
us it, ou irst no to hoos a rino
ho is urrntl onlin at th soial
ntork (th'll b iontiio ith a
grn oot). Choos to shar our srn
(or ontrol thir srn, i ou'r hlping
thm) ano thn oonloao ano run th
sotar. Your rino ill b prompto
to oo th sam at thir no. On
ou' inisho sharing srns, th
program ou installo ill sl-ostrut,
hih hlps prott our pria. l ou
no that rino's hlp again, |ust rpat
th pross.
Find assistance with
Windows 8.1
inoos 8 hao a rathr stp larning
ur that onuso a lot o popl,
but inoos 8. has bn mao muh
asir to us, ano inluos built-in
support. Th irst tim ou run it, th OS
ill point out n aturs, suh as th
rstoro Start button. Thr's also a
hano HlpTips stion that ou an
launh rom th Start srn, hih
proios inormation about topis suh
as Start ano /pps', Gtting /rouno,
Pasi /tions, Your /ount ano Fils',
Sttings ano hat's N. l ou an't
ino th ansr to a ur in that
stion, ou an us th sarh bo to
look or it or onlin. Tp hat ou
ant to kno, ano a list o maths ill
appar on
Get more support rom
hatr Mirosot proout is giing
ou gri - b it inoos, Oi, Skp,
Sura, inoos Phon or somthing
ls - ou shoulo b abl to ino a
solution on th Mirosot Support sit
( You an
sarh or th problm ou'r haing,
ask th ommunit or gt li hlp.
Thr's also a Fi it Solution Cntr'
(support.mirosot.omiit) that
ors on-lik is or a io rang o
problms. inoos support is aailabl
rom P all th a up to inoos 8..
Get Iive tech support
through Reddit
ith its simpl osign ano thriing
ommunit, Rooit (
has bom on o th most popular
bsits in th orlo ano aturs
stions or almost anthing ou an
think o, inluoing Th Support (bit.l
rooitth334). Submit a ustion,
togthr ith all th rlant
sstm sps suh as
oprating sstm, mak ano
mool o omputr, ano ou
shoulo ri a rspons airl uikl.
l ou no an instant solution, thr's
also a Li Chat option, hih is hlo
or lRC (lntrnt Rla Chat) at bit.l
Tweet your technicaI
l ou'r haing problms ith a spii
proout, it's orth loating th
manuaturr's Tittr aount ano
tting thm oirtl. Man ompanis
ha ooiato ustomr support
aounts, so mak sur ou'r targting
th right popl. For ampl, i ou
no hlp ith a Mirosot proout, ou
an tr MirosotHlps.
Kp th ustion short ano st,
rathr than spraoing it or sral
tts, ano ou shoulo ri a
rspons r uikl. l our ustion
ruirs an in-opth ansr, or th
ompan nos som prsonal
inormation rom ou, ou'll probabl b
nourago to all or mail instao.
Ask tech enthusiasts or
advice is an onlin
ommunit or omputr ano
ltronis troublshooting. Th
Computr Th Support Communit
app or /noroio (bit.l
thsupportorum334) lts ou ass
th orums rom anhr to post our
thnial ur. /no oon't orgt th
Forums (orum.busr.o
.uk), hr ou an gt hlp ano aoi
ith rthing rom surit problms
to tablt trauma.

et up a sureiIIance
yuv gt p noio phn
tlt (unning .2 lt), yu cn tun
it int hm-uvillnc cm uing
P cm (it.lywcm333). t th
ovic up t hm no yull l t
tun int th liv tm m whv
yu , vi Dktp tw, v th
w m nth phn.
u cn o|ut th pp t oct
lw-lutin tm i yu wnt t
v yu phn tty, ch
high lutin i yu phn i
pluggo int th min.
Pmu (it.lymu333) tk
m un ppch t liv tming.
t lt yu t up yu phn
wcm t pty no 'invit ino
no mily t liv intctiv vio
tm nlin. u cn mk th tm
pulic pivt no h it n
DioCm il cm (
oiocm333) wk v i-i P
no lt yu co high-ulity
intctiv wct uing yu phn
cm no micphn, ut yu l
no t intll PC tw ( m
See things inisibIe to
the eye
ugmnto lity () i nn-ctchy
nm vy ctchy io it iclly
mn ing inviil thing. pp
uni (|uni333) no y
(it.lyly333) u yu phn P
t vl thing tht yu cnt with
yu nko y, uch th nt
no vn
no lcl
ut pint
cm t yu lcl high tt,
no th pp will vly uul
inmtin n whtv i in th
ming pp hv n uick
t xplit ptntil.
Plltik (it.lyll333) i
ii-lik pp tht kp yu it y
thwing vitul ll int yu
cn no mking yu kick thm ut
th wy. h noio gm
pck (it.lypctk333) no
mi, un (it.lyzmi333)
chllng yu t gt m t P n
mp yu l uunoing whil yu
pint yu phn t ght, zmi
no th mo-up micnt. ull
gt m unny lk in th tt,
ut thy th gt un. n
Ply t cmmnt put it it lik
l-li Pc n.
h ln n yu phn tlt int |ut tking
ptty pictu. Jane Hoskyn vl nin th
wy t u yu ovic cm
atch a phone thief in
the act

nth wy
t lt
with yu
mil yu
with pht no P lctin
whnv mn ti t unlck yu
noio with th wng co. h
pht i ht ilntly no inviily with
th nt cm, no th pp tt
utmticlly whn noo, tht yu
your phone'e camera

n h
l i
nning ll
h im l
il G

n mil
Ggl M
link ll

H ih l k
h Dl h l
h h
mh i
Dl il
h n
tak a photo
o your soa
or anything
ls ano gt
an instant
match to a paint proouct or colour
schm. You can thn oror paints ano
tstrs through th app or hom
/ugmnto rality is an incrasingly
common lmnt o DlY apps. Floor
Plan Crator ( ano
Homstylr lntrior Dsign (
stylr333) us /R to hlp you plan your
ioal hom by ltting you captur your
room in 3D ano aoo virtual itms. l you
oon't lik th rsult, you can gt your
olo room back at th swip o a ingr.
Chck out a YouTub vioo o Floor Plan
Crator in action at

Nxt tim
you'r in a
whthr to
buy an itm,
ir up
Scannr or
or OuickScan
or iOS ( ano scan
its barcoo with your camra. This will
bring up a host o proouct rviws ano
tll you i th itm is availabl chapr
Similar apps incluo RoLasr (
ro333), which also lts you scan ano
stor loyalty caros ano st up wish lists,
ano OuickMark (, which
ors a Chrom xtnsion or asy
onlin shopping on th go.
On camra-shopping app that
rmains on our wish list is /mazon Pric
Chck (, which lts
US shopprs chck prics by
photographing prooucts. l ano whn
/mazon launchs a UK vrsion, w'll b
th irst to lt you know.

Chuck out your iling cabint ano go
paprlss with CamScannr (www
.camscannr.nt), which turns your
phon's camra into a powrul
oocumnt scannr. You can mrg, tag
ano annotat your scanno oocumnts
to mak thm asir to il, ano th txt
is all sarchabl thanks to OCR (optical
Th app is r
or /noroio, iOS
ano Vinoows
Rcipts (
turns your
shop rcipts
into oigital ils
that you can sarch, stitch togthr ano
convrt into xpns rports.Hanoy
Scannr ( convrts
your scanno oocumnts or photos into
printabl PDFs which you can shar by
mail or sav automatically to Dropbox.

/oo th powr o picturs to your
mobil nots to giv you a visual as wll
as a writtn
rcoro. Fast
Photo Nots
lts you
annotat imags
in your gallry
ano photos
takn using th
app. lt can also
organis thm
into lists ano
panoramas, ano
xport thm in
various ormats.
Th photo-nots tool in Evrnot (bit.
ly/vr333) is on o its most usul
aturs. Photograph anything that
contains txt, such as an vnt postr,
train timtabl or magazin articl, ano
Evrnot will automatically rcognis
th txt ano mak it sarchabl. Your
camra ano Evrnot ctivly work
togthr to writ nots or you.

Rscu olo
35mm photo
ngativs with
th Hlmut Film
Scannr or
/noroio (
hlmut333). You
oon't no any
pricy harowar,
|ust a uniorm
light sourc
against which to
th ngativ.
/ bright winoow
oos th |ob, or a blank whit computr
scrn with th brightnss turno up.
Eoit th scanno photo using Hlmut's
built-in tools, or uploao it to your
computr to oit it thr. Kp an y
on Hlmut's Flickr pag or tips ano
inspiration (

Goggls (
goggls333) is
on o th
sarch giant's
bst-vr ioas.
lts basic
unction is to
lt you sarch
Googl with a
photo, b it a
painting, plat
o ooo or
whatvr. lt also oos som o th |obs
that w'v listo abov, such as raoing
barcoos ano convrting scanno txt
with OCR tchnology.
Put Goggls' most imprssiv tools
ar lss obvious. lt can rcognis
amous lanomarks, ano book ano DVD
covrs; aoo popl to your contacts i
you scan thir businss caros; solv
Suooku puzzls; ano vn act as an
intrprtr. Hovr your camra ovr an
imag o som txt ano, i it's not in
your oault languag, Googl will giv
you a translation. Vry usul i you'r
looking at a rstaurant mnu on holioay.

ge aII your cIoud
accounte in one pIace
ano click /llow to link
your account to Multlouo. You can now manag your
ropbox olors in Multlouo.
Us th buttons at th
top to uploao ils
or to crat a nw olor.

/ny changs
you mak hr ar synco automatically with ropbox.
Rgistr at ano log in to s your
Multlouo workspac.
To aoo your ropbox account,
lav or oit th oault isplay Nam ()
click /oo ropbox /ccount.

l you no to rgistr with
ropbox, click 'on't hav a ropbox account?'

Your linko accounts appar in th lt-hano siobar.
lick th arrow nxt to ropbox
to opn th olor
tr, ano click a olor

to viw its contnts in th main

/ltrnativly, ooubl-click a olor in th main
winoow to opn it, ano ooubl-click a il to viw it.

Right-click a il to choos rom actions incluoing

ano Rnam.

Slct multipl
ils by clicking thir tick boxs (no no to prss trl).

Right-clicking multipl ils opns a shortr contxt mnu.

Multlouo oosn't lt you oownloao multipl ils.

t's asy to amass r clouo storag spac by opning

accounts with oirnt clouo proviors ano maxing out th
r spac. Th haro part is managing it all.
Multlouo (no 'i') is th latst attmpt to hlp you mrg
ths oisparat accounts into on. lt's th simplst clouo
aggrgator w'v sn ano scors points or bing r ano
wb-baso. Just link your various clouo accounts to Multlouo
ano you'll b abl to accss ano manag all your olors ano
ils in on plac. Th srvic oosn't support orag-ano-orop,
: 20 mins
hrmeJFirefxJlnternet ExIrer
but you can copy ano
mov ils btwn accounts
uickly, asily ano scurly.
ln this Vorkshop, w'll show you how to aoo clouo accounts
to Multlouo, ano mov ils within ano btwn thm.
Multlouo currntly supports ropbox (,
Googl riv (, Skyriv (,
/mazon S3 (, ox ( ano
SugarSync (

1 pQs o worksops tips
pro|ts n proIm soIvinQ



har a il scurly, right-click it, slct Shar,

Shar again ano click Copy Link
to sno th link

your clipboaro. /ltrnativly, to sno an mail containing
th link, typ in on or mor mail aoorsss,

aoo an
optional mssag

ano click Sno.

MultClouo oosn't support orag ano orop, but you can

mov ils by copying ano pasting. Slct an itm,
right-click it ano slct Cut or Copy.
Click Nw Folor
to crat a ostination olor ano typ in a nam,

or go to
an xisting olor, right-click it ano slct Past.

To aoo mor clouo srvics, click /oo Clouo Driv

choos rom th supporto srvics.
For xampl, to
aoo or crat a Googl Driv account, click Googl.

To unlink an account, right-click it in th siobar ano slct

This oosn't clos th account.

Us th siobar to navigat btwn your accounts.

mov or copy ils btwn accounts, us th sam
copy-ano-past procss as bor.
Vhn you mov
ils btwn clouo accounts, a progrss bar pops up.

cancl th opration, click th cross.

ln th clouo, scurity mattrs mor than convninc.

MultClouo uss 256-bit /ES ncryption ano oos not
stor your clouo account login inormation or any o
your ils. For mor inormation, click Mor ano slct Scurity,
or go to

To sarch or ils in a spciic olor, go to th olor ano

typ your kyworos into th sarch box. To sarch all
your clouo accounts, click th Hom icon
ano us th
top-right sarch box.
You can also sarch a spciic account
by clicking th arrow in th hom sarch box.

MultClouo only supports six clouo srvics, but it lts you link as many accounts as you lik. This
mans that you can hav as much spac as you want in your clouo storag ntwork, ano control it all
rom on plac. Simply crat multipl Dropbox (or Googl Driv, or uivalnt) accounts using
oirnt mail aoorsss, thn aoo thm to MultClouo.




nsomr orks nstlln tsl on or so

rl t o onlo on't lk n os lnks
n on't opn sspos ml ttmnts. Mk sr
o v gooo anti-virus sotwar installo, ano b sur it's
running ano up to oat
to minimis th risk o inction.

Vhn a ransom omano appars, it's too lat - your ils

ar ncrypto. vn rmoving th ransomwar can't sav
your oata, so rgular back-ups ar ssntial. asUS
Tooo ackup Fr ( hlps crat ths
in aovanc. uring installation, spciy a oault sav location.

hoos a US oriv that's not prmanntly attacho to

your P ano inish installing asUS Tooo ackup. You
can chang th sav location latr i you no to. Th
sotwar lts you crat a 'isk/Partition backup'
ano a 'Fil
o inoivioual ils. You can also clon orivs.

l th back-up oriv you'r saving to has nough r

spac, crat a oisk/partition back-up, as this will mak
it asy to rstor vrything in th vnt o a oisastr.
Slct th oriv to back up
ano a ostination location,
thn ntr a nam

ano oscription,

ano click Proco.

/ltrnativly, |ust back up your prsonal ils. Slct th

orivs ano olors to back up
ano choos th
lt's important to schoul oaily back-ups,
so turn that atur on.

Slct lncrmntal, so th program
only backs up nw ano chango itms.

rat an onlin copy o all o your prsonal photos.

Ransomwar can ncrypt ils storo in synco srvics
such as ropbox ano arbonit, so us a photo-sharing
sit lik Flickr instao. lick Uploao ano click 'hoos photos
ano vioos'.
You can uploao up to 2CC ils at a tim.
Defend again CypoIocke maIwae

ryptoLockr hit th haolins rcntly. /n xampl o

ransomwar (a particularly unplasant orm o
malwar), it ncrypts th oata on your P ano omanos
mony to rlas it. Hr, w tll you how to
protct your P so you nvr all
victim to this kino o criminal activity.
seS odo kup ree: 20 mins JistJ7J8+


/oo PiP t Chr r bity/i4. Typ chrome://

flags in th aoorss bar,
prss Ctrl+F ano sarch or
'nabl panls'.
Choos Enabl ano click Rlaunch

to rstart Chrom.

Click th PiP bookmarklt

to opn your currnt
pag in a loating panl,
as wll as in th browsr

Drag th panl to snap it to a oirnt
cornr. Th panl stays opn, vn i you clos th pag in
Chrom. To minimis or clos th panl, click th icons.

To rstor a minimiso panl, hovr ovr th PiP

taskbar icon
ano click th panl's thumbnail.
opn anothr panl,

opn th pag in Chrom ano
click th bookmarklt, or typ its URL into th toolbox blow

ano click 'Opn in PiP'.

You can also opn a pag in a panl by typing

#panel at th no o its URL.
This closs th pag
in th main winoow. /ltrnativly, right-click a link in
Chrom ano slct 'Opn Link in Panl'.
Don't right-click a
panl bcaus this can caus Chrom to crash.

Som wbsits, such as Dropbox, opn in panls as

thir mobil vrsions by oault.
YouTub ano othr
Flash-baso sits opn in a vioo playr.
Click th
YouTub icon

to opn th pag in Chrom. Click th shar

or a link ano othr sharing options.

To oisabl ths oaults, right-click th bookmarklt

ano slct Options, or click th cog icon in th
Untick Enabl Mobil Viw
to stop pags
opning as thir mobil vrsions, ano untick Enabl Embo

to oisabl th vioo playr viw.
See muItipIe web pagee in one window

nstao o having to opn a scono wb pag in a nw

winoow, th Chrom xtnsion Pictur in Pictur Viwr
(PiP) lts you opn it as a panl within th sam winoow.
lt oosn't rspono wll to right-clicks, but
othrwis PiP is xtrmly hanoy or kping an
y on sports scors, os ano inboxs.
Picture in Picture Vieer: bit.IJi334 5 mins hrme





Our picko thbst aovicromour raors. Togt hlp
or or it toothrs, visit
\|:|| car |r|: K I|: |cran | |cran.we|\
Get a better password
l want to us oirnt passworos that
ar haro to guss, but l kp orgtting
thm. l now us th ranoom passworo
gnrator at KPass Passworo Sa
(kpass.ino) to crat ano rmmbr
my passworos or m. Click Downloaos
to gt th r Vinoows program, thn
click Plugins/Ext or a list o xtra tools
ano browsr aoo-ons.
Vhn you run th passworo gnrator,
you oon't hav to tak its irst suggstion.
You can spciy your passworo sttings
unor Passworo Gnration Options, or
|ust kp clicking Gnrat until you ino
on you lik th look o. l'v r|cto any
suggsto passworos that contain th
charactrs l, i, O or C bcaus thy can
asily b conuso.
David Guest, via emaiI
Customise Iogin screens
l ouno a grat twak on th wb that
lts you rplac th Vinoows 7 login
scrn with your own imag. lt appars
to b osigno or computr
manuacturrs to customis Vinoows
start-up, but it can b uso by anyon.
Prss Vinoows+R, typ regedit ano
prss Entr to opn th Rgistry Eoitor.
On th lt-hano sio, ino this olor:
Doubl-click OEMPackgrouno on th
right ano st th valu to , which mans
'ys' or 'tru'. Now aoo an imag. Not too
larg - it nos to b lss than 25CKb.
Opn Explorr ano go to:
l noo to crat th 'ino' olor thn
opn it ano crat 'backgrounos'. Sav
th imag in this olor as Log out o
Vinoows or rstart, ano chck out your
nw login scrn. lt's rally gooo!
PhiI O'rien, via emaiI
Restore an item to System
l installo Dragglr (
oragglr) on my Vinoows XP PC ano l
orgot to untick th box or Rplac
Vinoows Disk Dragmntr, which was
ticko by oault. Disk Dragmntr
promptly oisapparo rom my Systm
Tools olor.
l knw it haon't bn uninstallo,
bcaus it's part o th oprating systm.
l was abl to run it by typing dfrg.msc
into th Run box (Vinoows+R) or going
to th Control Panl ano clicking
/oministrativ Tools, Computr
Managmnt, Disk Dragmntr. Put l
wanto it back in th Systm Tools mnu.
Evntually l ouno a way to oo it. Prss
Vinoows+R, typ inf ano prss Entr to
Thr sms to b a
constant stram o nws
storis about how our
activitis on th intrnt
ar bing tracko. To
combat this, l us a VPN
(Virtual Privat Ntwork).
You oon't no to install
anything to us on,
bcaus it's built into
Vinoows. l us a
connction srvic rom
Just Fr VPN (|ustrvpn
.com). lt's not ast, but it's
r, ano it works wll on
th w occasions whn l
want to brows anonymously.
To st it up, right-click th ntwork
icon at th right sio o th taskbar
ano click 'Opn Ntwork ano Sharing
Cntr'. Click 'St up a nw connction
Anonymous web browsing
Windos and brose
he eb anonmosl

or ntwork'. Click 'Connct

to a workplac' ano 'Us
my intrnt connction
(VPN)' on th nxt scrn.
Typ us.ustfreevpn
.com as th intrnt
aoorss, click nxt ano
typ ustfreevpn or th
usrnam ano l337
passworo. Ths valus ar
on th Just Fr VPN
hompag, ano thr ar
Pritish ano Canaoian
You ar now anonymous.
To rturn to normal intrnt
accss, lt click th ntwork icon in
th taskbar ano click th VPN to show
th Disconnct button. Click it again to
AIan Jones, via emaiI
Use XP's 'inf' folder o resore Disk
Defragmener o he $sem Tools folder
Gie Windos 7 a fresh ne look ih
or on login screen
A passord generaor sch as KeePass
ill creae and secrel sore or logins

\eri {car ||: |c we|a:er_ierr|\ - w|r IJ |cr ||e |e:| ||!
PC's memory in
Pesorce Monior
Dropbox can no sae
yor screenshos
t Vw
F t ty w ' t
t t t t y
t ty
u w t
t tt v yu
yt u X t yuv
t t tw

for programs
yt Rt t u t v
Vw ut yu
w xty wt t V t y
u w t v
t yu wt t
Vw yu ut
tt tt ty System
Restore t t t u
t t t t t
y t ' t
/t t tvty t
w t v tt w
v Yu t t t
t t u yt Rt

PauI Hanagan, via emaiI

Find out what your PC is
yu u M t ut wt
yu ut ut wu t
v t t t
t Ru Mt Vw Vt
t t v uu t
t t y
v u tw tvty
t vy uu tut
t uy Vw+R
ty resmon t t
t t t t /v
u t w
t t t t
u t /yz Vt t
ut wt t wt t
t My t t
tt w w u yu
y u w u
w u 'v ty
yu u 32t t yt t
t u yu t w u
y v t w t
v Fu
u ut t t ty
X v
Mt Yu t y t
tt Ru ty perfmon
Bedstor, Web User Forums

Get software and updates

from FiIePuma
Fu wwwu
uu t tw
ut t t t
t t t u
u yu w yu tut t
vw Yu w yu
tt t tt v t tu
Fu y t v
tw Yu w
t tt t t yu
ut t tt ut
R ut
FratPark, Web User Forums

Save GmaiI messages to

your hard drive
/ u t t tx ty
txt33 t ut
xt G t yu
v Ft yu t
M/ G t t
tt t 'Fw
M/ t M/
u M/z ty
33 t u yu
ty w t
wt u tw
xt / txt t
G v t t /
M u t w vy w
/ yu t v M/
yu G tt
J Howard, via emaiI

Save screenshots to
Dropbox automaticaIIy
tt t v x
wwwxt v yu
t utty V yu
t t u t t
y yu ut t
t t
v t yu
v t
t yu

t t
yu t
t wt
t yu
u tt t yu t ut
utt t v yu
t ut wt t t ut t t
x tt yu
t t
t ut ' t
u x F ut t
x tyt33
Jack GoId, Web User Forums
Brose FilePma o find he bes free
programs in arios caegories
To sae messages from or o Gmail, sar
by enabling lMAP
f you s wors tht look like
they've been typed in a
typewriter foIIow th instructions
n typ thm xctIy s thy
ppr pyinQ cIos ttntion to
spcs n punctution.
Will a sysem resore affec any programs
or driers? l's orh checking firs

iko hs solions osoono o oms.
isi om.s.o.k is inolyno!

l hear my Nexs
7 throgh headhones7
l gratly n|oy my Nxus 7, but a w
wks ago l stoppo bing abl to
har anything through th haophons.
Th auoio is OK without haophons,
ano th haophons work in in othr
ovics. l'v ouno th problm
mntiono onlin, but no solutions. Can
anyon hlp?
Arvos, Web User Forms
This is a workarouno rathr than a
solution: gt som wirlss
Plutooth haophons. l ouno som on
/mazon, or 7.99, that hav xcllnt
rviws. Thy'v got a built-in
microphon, so you can us thm to
mak calls as wll as listn to music.
obCIayton, Web User Forms
Why is my Deskto side-
l prsso on or mor kys
acciontally ano now my Dsktop is
upsio-oown. Can somon plas tll
m which kys l no to prss to corrct
it? l us Vinoows 7. l'm snoing this rom
anothr computr bcaus l can't typ
Livo, Web User Forms
l suspct that you prsso
Ctrl+/lt+Down. Prss Ctrl+/lt+Up to
corrct th scrn's orintation.
This shortcut only works on computrs
with crtain graphics orivrs, so i your
computr oosn't support th shortcut, it
will tak you a coupl o xtra clicks to
lip ano rotat your oisplay. Right-click
anywhr on th Dsktop ano click
Prsonaliz, Display, thn 'Chang oisplay
sttings'. ln th Orintation orop-oown
box, choos 'Lanoscap (lippo)' ano
click OK.
Py th way, i your taskbar movo to
th top o th scrn whn your oisplay
was lippo, you can orc it to stay at
th bottom in utur by right-clicking it
ano ticking 'Lock th Taskbar'.
edstor, Web User Forms
How can l sto Facebook
crashing my PC7
Vhnvr l opn Facbook in
lntrnt Explorr or click a link to it,
my laptop bps ano rzs. Th only
way to switch o th laptop is to holo
oown th powr button. Ctrl+/lt+Dl
won't work. l oon't hav this problm
with any othr wbsits.
MadmardIe, Web User Forms
Vhn l rstarto my computr
atr a ull Malwarbyts scan, a
oialogu box apparo saying: 'Th
spciio mooul coulo not b ouno',
with a olor path to 'Packgrouno
Containr.oll'. My computr sms in,
but th box kps apparing. Hav
l olto somthing l shoulon't?
Mareen, Web User Forms
Error mssags lik this otn
appar atr an anti-virus or
malwar scan, usually bcaus th scan
rmovo a DLL Rgistry il that was
st to run at start-up. Th loss o th
il isn't a problm, but you no to
olt its Rgistry ntry, so that
Vinoows stops sarching or th il
vry tim you start your computr.
You can oo this using Vinoows' built-in
Rgistry Eoitor tool. To opn it, prss
Vinoows+R, typ ano prss
Entr. Click Hlp, 'Hlp topics' or a
guio to using it. You'll no
aoministrator prmissions to mak any
Microsot aoviss xtrm caution
whn using Rgistry Eoitor (
rg334) ano oosn't publish much
inormation about it. Put it's a vry
usul tool, ano you shoulo b in as
long as you mak a complt back-up
o th Rgistry bor you
oit anything, which you
can oo rom within th
Rgistry Eoitor.
l somthing gos
wrong, you can also
rstor th Rgistry by
running Systm Rstor.
For otailo aovic, s
this thrao on Microsot's
Kevinf80, Web User
Why am l getting this error message7
You'r not alon - thr's a orum
thrao about it on Microsot's
wbsit ( Microsot
ors two solutions. First, try running
a Fixlt ( to oisabl
octiv lntrnt Explorr aoo-ons. l
that oosn't work, rst your lE sttings
Pegisry Edir les y remve rblesme sysem
files, wih help available if y need i
Clear ld add-ns and cies wih
lnerne Explrer's Pese l
$elec 'Landscape (flipped)' rn yr
display pside-dwn
cre ||: | |cran.we|\

C l m l Pyr or
Vhn l opn l Plyr (
.com), it wrn m tht l woulnt
l to u it cu th /Plock
( -on h n
tct on my PC. Cn l ix thi
Web User Forums
lv n tht mg, too n
thr r lot o commnt out it
onlin. l upct tht it prolm
cu l progrmm hv to
pi or with vrtiing, o thy ont
wnt to lt you cc th it i your
locking thir .
hr i no wy you cn wtch l
Plyr n lock th . owvr, you
cn xclu l Plyr rom your
/Plock tting. o to l Plyr, click
th /Plock ookmrklt n click Dont
run on thi pg.
Difarn, Web User Forums
Why is my Iaptop bIeeping7
My Mion lptop wont top
lping. h only wy to top it i
to pr th Vinow ky or witch it o.
/lo, th ky ont work, n th
hit n ky only work om o th
tim. Do l n to uy nw lptop
FIamingo, Web User Forums
h lping i cu y th tuck
ky. Mot kyor prolm r
cu y uil-up o ri holing
th tu own, o it proly |ut n
goo cln. rch or your mk n
mol o lptop to chck i it ky cn
rmov. l thy cn, tk thm ll o
n wip th r kyor with pic
o kitchn towl, uing n lcohol-
clnr tht ont lv ny moitur.
l h imilr prolm whn th right
hit n curor ky kpt gtting tuck
on my thr-yr-ol wir kyor. l
u pncil to lit on o th ky n
w mz y th mount o gunk in
thr. l got it working gin tr
clning it, ut irt l h to work out
how to lit th ky out without ning
thm lying! You can rao about my
xprincs on my Vb Usr Forum
thrao at
You can mak a ky-liting tool out o a
ring-pull (th suar-noo kino ar th
bst). You can rao how to oo this at bit
.ly/kyclanr334. l'o rcommno
practising on an olo kyboaro irst. l you
havn't got on, your local charity shop
probably will.
l non o this works, you can buy a
nw USP kyboaro or lss than C.
edstor, Web User Forums
l can't gt Systm Rstor to
work. Evry tim l try to run it, an
rror mssag appars saying 'Systm
Rstor oio not complt succssully...
unspciio rror' ano tlling m to try
a oirnt rstor point. l'v trio loaos
o rstor points now, ano l gt th
sam mssag vry tim. Vhat's
going wrong?
Pat Smith, Web User Forums
/nti-virus programs otn
intrr with Systm Rstor, so
start your computr in Sa Moo
(prss F8 bor Vinoows opns) ano
run Systm Rstor rom thr. Sa
Moo isolats your anti-virus whil
What's stopping
System Restore7
to gt rio o rogu aoo-ons ano othr
possibl causs.
To rst lE, clos all othr running
programs, opn lE ano click th cog icon.
Click 'lntrnt options', go to th
/ovanco tab ano click th Rst button.
ln th Rst lntrnt Explorr Sttings
oialogu box, tick th box i you want to
olt tmporary intrnt ils, history,
cookis, trackrs ano othr oata, as wll
as aoo-ons ano sttings. Your Favorits,
ntwork sttings ano crtiicats won't
b olto. Click Rst.
l th problm prsists, it may b
causo by a il or Rgistry stting that
lE can't accss bcaus it's bing uso by
anothr program. Rstart your computr,
chck or running procsss in Task
Managr ano rst lE's sttings.
John_McKenna, Web User Forums, and
Monica WiIIs, via emaiI
Why are my OpenOffice
foIders Iocked7
Vhnvr l try to opn a savo
olor in OpnOic, l gt a pop-up
saying: 'Th rusto opration ruirs
lvation'. Dos anyon know what this
mans ano how l can gt rio o it?
Suttyjosie, Web User Forums
This may b bcaus Vinoows has
nablo Usr /ccss Control (U/C)
on your PC. This is an xtra layr o
scurity that's mant to protct you, but
in som cass it nos up blocking you
rom your own ils.
To gt your prmissions back, ino your
Documnts olor in Vinoows Explorr,
right-click it, slct Proprtis ano click
th Scurity tab. Slct your nam in th
list, click Eoit ano mak yoursl th
aoministrator. Click OK, thn click th
/ovanco button. Click th Ownr tab
ano mak yoursl th ownr. You can
only oo this onc you'r an aoministrator.
This shoulo giv you ull accss to th
ils in your Documnts olor.
CantreI, Web User Forums, and Mike
Hardy, via emaiI
kping th computr sa.
/ltrnativly, turn o your anti-virus
tmporarily whil th rstor opration
is carrio out. l run Norton lntrnt
Scurity, ano Systm Rstor won't
work unlss l switch o Norton Proouct
Tampr Protction. Rmmbr to
switch it back on atrwaros.
CantreI and MadeIine, Web User
oe fail, you anti-viu
may be to blame
lf Window wont let you acce you file,
take back ownehi in $ecuity $etting
AdBlock 'Dont un otion enable ad on
a ecific age o domain

|C ri we| rc||en: | |cran.we|\


My PC has a virus that uss nams
lik billkktpl.vbs, which chang
slightly vry tim l scan or it. l hav
trio a coupl o anti-virus programs to
clan my machin ano ovics. /ny
ovic l plug into my PC is acto - all
th ils gt shortcuts ano .vbs
xtnsions ar aooo to som. How oo l
clan or gt rio o this virus?
Rugare, via emaiI
lt's oiicult to rmov a virus whn
it's running bcaus it will try to
block ano olt anti-virus sotwar. Try
rstarting th computr in Sa Moo,
which prvnts most (but not all)
malwar rom running.
ln Vinoows 7, prss th F8 ky a w
tims atr switching on th PC, bor
Vinoows starts to loao. Slct Sa
Moo rom th mnu. Vhn you gt to
th Dsktop, run anti-virus sotwar to
clan th oriv. Malwarbyts /nti-
Malwar ( is a
gooo r option.
ln Vinoows 8, typ command on th
Start scrn, right-click Commano
Prompt ano click 'Run as aoministrator'.
Typ bcdedit /set {bootmgr}
displaybootmenu yes, rstart
Vinoows ano prss F8 to s start-up
options such as Sa Moo. Vhn you'r
oon, chang yes to no in th
commano to rturn to normal start-up.
l starting in Sa Moo oosn't hlp,
gt a rino or us anothr computr to
oownloao a bootabl anti-virus rscu
oisc. This can b uso to start th PC
without Vinoows ano, thror,
without th virus running. Svral
anti-virus companis hav r rscu
CDs, such as /VG ( ano
Kasprsky (
Rcnt vrsions o Vinoows can burn
rscu CDs by ooubl-clicking th
oownloao, but i you hav Vinoows XP
you'll no CDPurnrXP (coburnrxp
.s) or somthing similar. Put th oisc in
th oriv atrwaros ano start th
computr with it in.

8.1 start-up reeze
l rcntly upoato Vinoows 8 to
Vinoows 8., but now vry
start-up rzs on th Vinoows logo. l
hav to prss th Rstart button on my
PC or it to boot up normally, which it
always oos on th scono boot.
On orum post suggsto that it
coulo b causo by a thiro-party Start
button (Classic Shll). l uninstallo this,
but it mao no oirnc. l now hav to
rstart my PC twic vry tim l switch
it on. lt nvr happno whn l was
running Vinoows 8.
John and Jan, via emaiI
This problm is most likly causo
by sotwar or orivrs that arn't
ully compatibl with Vinoows 8.. You'll
hav to us trial ano rror to ino out
which on is th culprit.
Prss Vinoows+R ano typ
msconfig to launch Systm
Coniguration. Slct th Srvics tab,
tick 'Hio all Microsot srvics' ano
clar th ticks against vrything that
rmains. /pply th changs. Right-click
th taskbar on th Dsktop ano slct
Task Managr. On th Startup tab, slct
ach ntry ano click th Disabl button.
Now try rstarting Vinoows without all
th usual xtras that loao with it.
l Vinoows starts normally, th
problm must b with on o th itms
that was oisablo. Py nabling itms
inoivioually ano rbooting ach tim,
you shoulo oiscovr th culprit. l it still
won't start th irst tim, it is likly to b
a orivr. Go to th manuacturr's
wbsit o th vioo caro, printr,
wbcam ano anything ls you hav
installo, ano look or upoato sotwar.

Remove annoying ads

l gt annoying on-scrn aovrts
whn l start my computr or us
My wi has |ust inhrito an
/sus Notpao N55CJV running
Vinoows 7. V'v pluggo it in, but
th scrn oosn't com on. Th
powr switch lights up, but that's all.
Can you hlp?
McIean, via emaiI
Laptops ar haror to rpair than
osktop PCs, ano thr isn't
much you can oo unlss you ar an
xprt at oisassmbling thm ano
tracking oown aults. Hr ar a w
suggstions, though.
Mak sur th powr supply is on
ano th plug sits corrctly in th
sockt. Rmov th powr lao ano
battry, ano holo oown th powr
button or svral sconos to
compltly orain th laptop o powr.
lt coulo b a battry problm, so plug
in th powr lao ano try starting th
laptop both with ano without th
battry. Plug in an xtrnal monitor to
s i you gt anything on that scrn.
Thr is an intrsting orum post at by somon that
rpairs oao laptops, but it's vry
tchnical ano you'r probably bst o
going to a local laptop rpair srvic.
Reviving a dead Iaptop

Windows is easier if you disable

items in $ystem Configuration
$tarting a computer in safe mode is more
difficult in Windows 8
f you are plagued by adverts, try cleaning
the hard drive with AdwCleaner

Ce| nre ||: | |ran.we|a:er.c.a\
ar Now link ano insall h sowar.
This oos vryhing Vinoows Upoa
oos, bu also upoas Microso
You shoulo b abl o oownloao
lnrn Explorr rom
i, bu vrsion 8 is wll pas is us-by
oa ano Firox ( ano
Chrom ( ar ar
suprior browsrs.

l hav a lapop PC wih a CCGP
haro oriv ha l wan o spli i ino
our ual-sizo pariions. On is or
Vinoows ano h ohrs ar or phoos,
vioos ano music. Do you hink his is a
gooo ioa? l so, how oo l go abou i?
Geoff aiIey, via emaiI
/lhough CCGP migh sm lik a
lo o oisk spac, i won' b i you
spli i our ways. l maks mor sns o
us orivs o or 2TP, which ar wioly
On problm you will ncounr wih
your proposo sysm is ha ar
pariioning h oriv ano using i or
som im, on pariion may bcom
ull whil ohrs hav los o mpy
spac. Tha spac won' b usabl
unlss you mss up your sorag plan
ano sar puing vioos in your music
pariion, or xampl.
Vih a small oriv, i is mor icin
o hav on pariion whr you sor
moia in h appropria olors, such
as Picurs, Music ano Vioos, ach o
h inrn. l can' ino ou wha is
causing hm. l hav rio scanning h
compur or viruss bu his has no
urno up anyhing. Vha ls can l oo?
Sarah Johnson, via emaiI
Programs ha oisplay aovrs ar
no always classo as viruss, so
ani-virus sowar oosn' always
oc or rmov hm. ln h prvious
problm, w oscrib how o sop
sar-up programs rom running, ano
you can us his chniu o roo ou
annoying aowar. Howvr, i may b
asir o us run an auomao ool ha
spciically sarchs or ano rmovs
aowar. V on us Malwarbys
/ni-malwar, bu /owClanr (
aow4) is anohr usul ool or
claning up your PC.

ProbIems with an oIder PC
l hav a Fuisu imns PC
running Vinoows XP ha has a
numbr o problms: i maks oo much
nois, crashs ranoomly, won' insall
lE8 ano oisabls Vinoows Upoa.
Sabbagh Hosni, via emaiI
Th nois ano h ranoom crashing
coulo b rlao. PCs accumula
ous insio ano as h compur is
obviously olo (uoging by h vrsion o
Vinoows i's running), i coulo b
ovrhaing. This woulo caus h ans
o run noisily a maximum spo ano
ovrha, causing i o crash.
Unplug h compur, rmov h
scrws holoing h cas covr ano
rmov i. Us a can o comprsso air
or a balloon pump o blow ou h ous.
Tak car no o ouch anyhing insio,
hough. Ging rio o h ous mans
h ans won' hav o work as haro,
making h PC uir ano coolr.
ar lnrn Explorr ano go o o upoa
Vinoows. This shoulo work vn whn
Vinoows Upoa is oisablo. You can
swich rom Vinoows Upoa o
Microso Upoa a upoa.microso
.com/microsoupoa. Jus click h
l crao an accoun on my son's
PC ha ss limis or wha h
can oo. Thn l uso a Rgisry hack o
hio h aominisraor accoun,
laving only his accoun on h login
scrn. Th problm is ha l now
no o mak som changs ano can'
g ino h aomin accoun. l can' us
Rgoi bcaus his is a sanoaro
accoun, no an aomin accoun. How
oo l unhio i?
PauI Mason, via emaiI
Vhn you ar loggo ino on
accoun, you can sill run a
program as anohr prson. o in
your son's sanoaro accoun, you can
run a program as i you wr loggo
in wih your aominisraor accoun, as
long as you know h passworo.
Opn an Explorr winoow, go o
C:\Vinoows, right-click 'rgoit' ano
slct 'Run as aoministrator'. Your
account is oisplayo ano you ar
prompto to ntr th passworo. You
can thn unoo whatvr chang you
mao in th Rgistry to hio th
aomin account.
Unhide the admin

Use 'Pun as administrator' to run a
program as another user
which can grow ano us as much r
spac as is noo.
l you rally must hav partitions,
crat on or Vinoows ano anothr or
all your photos, vioos ano music. This
is mor icint than sparat partitions
or ach typ o moia.
To crat multipl partitions, opn
/oministrativ Tools in th Control
Panl ano ooubl-click Computr
Managmnt. Expano Storag ano
slct Disk Managmnt. Right-click th
C: partition ano slct th Shrink Volum
option. St th siz ano shrink it. This
will crat lots o r spac. Right-click
to ormat that r spac, thn shrink it
atrwaros to th siz you want.
Continu crating partitions in this way.

Microsoft phone caIIs

l rcntly got a phon call,
claiming to b rom Microsot,
saying thy hao otcto that my PC
was running poorly ano it was probably
a virus. Thy saio thy coulo ix it or
m. l was a bit suspicious ano oclino
th or, but l'm not sur whthr my
computr is incto.
Ryan aker, via emaiI
Phon calls rom scammrs
prtnoing to b rom Microsot
ar not unusual. Thy try to trick you
into oownloaoing ano running a
program on your computr, which thy
thn us to tak it ovr, spy on you or
stal inormation. /ll calls claiming that
your computr has a problm ar ak
ano shoulo b ignoro.

\|:| car |r: K I|: cran cran.w|

s hr ur ios or is, r
ap C:\srs\YurNa\ios.
Cick th Mv butt ao u ca
chs a cati, such as
E:\ios. pat this ith th Music,
Dcuts ao icturs ors.
tar is istao t th C:\rgra
Fis or b oaut, but istars
t t u ista t a oirt
cati. Yu cuo crat a E:\
rgra Fis or a sco oriv
ao ista star thr istao.
lstaig t a sco itra oriv
bsts prrac ao roucs ao
tis, bcaus it os't gt tago up
ith Vios.
Move the page fiIe
Vios uss th haro oriv as
tprar strag h it os tra
r. Hvr, this is uch sr
tha ra r. l u hav a ast
sco itra oriv, th puttig th
pagig i it ca bst prrac.
G t Ctr a, st, /ovaco
sst sttigs'. ct th /ovaco
tab, th ttigs butt uor
rrac, th sct th /ovaco
tab agai ao cick Chag. Tur
/utatica aag pagig i',
sct th sco haro oriv ao chs
st aago si'. Cick K t
cs a th ios.
Combine drives
Vios 8 has a atur cao
trag pacs that ts u us tra
haro orivs i ivativ as. Fr
istac, u ca crat a arg
virtua oriv ao up svra
phsica orivs. , u ca crat a
TP virtua oriv, v i u
hav a 5CCGP phsica . /s it is
up, u aoo r orivs ao thir
spac ctributs t ur virtua
oriv, hich shars th sa oriv
Yu ca as ak oriv a
irrr iag athr, s u hav
a cp a ur is, v i
th orivs ais.
T crat big virtua oriv, p
Ctr a, trag pacs ao
cick Crat p ao strag
spac'. ct a oriv ao st th
siiac tp t ip. Etr th
si, hich ca b biggr tha th
phsica oriv currt istao.
trag pacs i t u h u
o t bu athr oriv t aoo
r spac.
Partition options
l u hav oriv, u ca
ak virtua orivs usig partitis.
Fr ap, a TP oriv cuo hav
partitis 4CCGP ao CCGP.
Thr's prrac aovatag,
but it ca b usu r rgaisig
is, such as kpig a ur vios
r phts a sco virtua oriv.
G t Ctr a, /oiistrativ
Ts, Cputr Maagt, Disk
Maagt uor trag. ight-
cick th C: oriv i th ist, sct
hrik oisk' ao chs th si.
ight-cick th uacato spac
crato ao chs N sip
vu'. /ccpt th oaut sttigs
t crat a partiti that acts ik a
sco oriv.

ooig athr itra haro
oriv is a as upgrao
that ca bst th
prrac ur C. Data ca
b rao r ao ritt t bth
orivs siutaus, hich spos
up oata-itsiv tasks. l u oit
a t vios, r ap, u
cuo ru vio-oitig star
r oriv ao oit th tag
th thr.
Mst osktp Cs hav a sco
oriv ba it hich u ca asi
st a sco haro oriv. / u
Add a second hard drive
Create Iibraries
Fr up spac ur ai oriv b
usig a sco oriv t str oia
is such as phts, vios ao
usic. p Eprr i Vios
t sh th ibraris. ight-cick th
ios ibrar ao sct rprtis.
Cick th lcuo a or' butt ao
sct a or th sco oriv,
such as D:\ios. ct this i th
ibrar catis' ist atraros ao
cick t sav cati'. N a is
u orp i th ios ibrar i
autatica b savo t th sco
oriv. pat this ith th Music ao
icturs ibraris.
Move personaI foIders
T r up r spac th C: oriv,
v a ur ors t th sco
haro oriv. p Eprr, pao th
ios ibrar th t i u hav
ibraris), right-cick ios ao sct
rprtis. ct th cati tab t
ur ta prts ostrats that

o th is a cup cabs t
cct it t th thrbaro ao
pr supp.
l u o't at t p ur C,
csior usig a tra oriv. lt
't b as ast, but u ca sti
bit r s th tips
tio hr. P orivs ar s
cparo t itra orivs, but th
ar i r back-ups, archivs ao
is u o't t accss. P 3
orivs ar astr ao ca b uso r
gra strag ocuts, usic,
phts, vios ao s .

s ortnQt's top broadband deaIs
CaII 0800 083 2357 to awitch your broadband today
Prov|der Package name Month|y pr|ce
P|usnet: Broadband &
9.99 12 16Mbps
(2.75 for
12 months|
months max speed un||m|ted
Pr|mus: Broadband &
4.00 12 15Mbps 36.00
for 6 months|
months max speed un||m|ted
3 Ta|kTa|k: Broadband
2.50 12 16Mbps 60.00
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4 EE: Broadband & Ca||s
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Ta|kTa|k: TV,
Broadband & Ca||s
7.50 18 16Mbps 90.00
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Sky: Broadband &
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19.99 18 76Mbps
(12.75 for
4 months|
months max speed un||m|ted
Sky: F|bre Broadband
& Ca||s
20.00 12 38Mbps
per month months max speed un||m|ted
10 V|rg|n: Broadband
25.00 18 30Mbps
(20.00 for
3 months|
months max speed un||m|ted
CaII 0800 083 2357 or viait
Terms & 0ood|t|oos app|y - see |SP s|tes Ior deta||s
*First-]ear cost does not include line rental. Cost is calculated at monthl] price x12 with all introductor] offers suotracted. Additional charges incurred
outside of free inclusive calls not included in frst-]ear cost.
**Fair usage or restriction polic] applies.
***EE - 2.5O for G months (5 thereafterj onl] for existing EE/0range/T-Nooile customers.
| TalkTalk - 8O connection fee applies.
Broadoand 0enie's helpline
is powered o] 8implif]
Digital, the 0fcom-
accredited switching service
Data supplied o] Correct as of 9 Decemoer 2O18.
r rcr cran.wa:r.c.a
toboost your computer's performance

oata rst'. h xact approach is likl
to var slightl opnoing on th mak
ano mool o our talt, ano th
vrsion o th oprating sstm it's
A it o ou iIn
You can u talts osigno
spciall or kios, such as th
aprog apao rang (it.l
lap4), ut an olor talt ou'r no
longr using will mak a grat prsnt.
Just loao it up with chilo-rinol apps
ano mak sur ou nal an parntal
controls. /lso, oisal th i-Fi
... ut n oI tIt
to oo u
oping to gt a nw talt or hristmas? Wayne WiIIiams inos
plnty o uss or your olo on.
up p
or you oo anything with your olo
tablt, it's worth spnoing tim rmoving
any apps you oon't want, claring o
photos, vioo ano music you'v alraoy
backo up lswhr, ano gnrally
ring up spac. lt's also worth
prorming a actory rst, so you gt
your tablt running as spoily as it oio
whn you irst bought it.
To rst an iPao, go to Sttings,
Gnral ano slct ithr Rst /ll
Sttings or 'Eras /ll ontnt ano
Sttings'. On an /noroio tablt, go to
Sttings, 'ack up ano rst', 'Factory

It tnoIo tn o n
nutu uII pouin
nw tt in n o
powuI vi. nuou
nit to ownin t Itt oI - ou can
be confident it wiII un an app without
Iowing ou device, and ou'II mot IikeI get
the bet quaIit ceen and camea, too.
lf ou'e feeIing guiIt about getting a new
tabIet thi Chitma {pehap the iPad Ai,
KindIe Fie HDX o new Nexu ) becaue ou
oId one i tiII pefectI functionaI, ead on
- we've got pIent of uefuI uggetion to ave
ou oId tabIet fom the capheap.

, such as the $peck iGuy
a|:cr||e |c We| J:er | :a|:cr||e.we|\
prvnt thm rom
accssing th intrnt ano spnoing
mony on nw apps or in-app contnt.
You can buy spcialist cass in a rang
o un osigns ano bright colours that will
mak th ovic vn mor appaling to
chilorn ano - mor importantly - protct
th tablt rom th invitabl knocks it
will sur. For xampl, th Spck iGuy
( costs 34.99 ano
provios all-rouno protction, along with
hanols or a bttr grip. Mak sur you
rpatoly strss to your kios that th
tablt is ragil ano won't b rplaco i it
is brokn!
an ebook reader
Raoing an book on a tablt oosn't
match th xprinc o using a
ooicato book raor such as th
Kinol Paprwhit or Kobo /ura, bcaus
th scrn is much haror to s in
sunlight. Howvr, a tablt is |ust in i
you oo most o your raoing inooors.
Thr ar plnty o book-raoing
apps availabl, incluoing /mazon's
Kinol, /ppl's iooks ano's
Ebook Raor. Th
storag availabl on
vn th olost
tablts is mor than
nough to stor
thousanos o books.
You can also us
tablts to stor auoio
books which you can
listn to whil using
your tablt or
somthing ls -
such as playing
puzzl gams, or
Turn it into a
digitaI photo
frame or aIarm cIock
Tablts mak prct oigital photo
rams. You can us thm to oisplay
picturs storo on th ovic itsl or pull
imags rom th wb. Your tablt will
probably hav a slioshow option, so all
you no to oo is slct th imags to
incluo ano activat this atur. You
might b abl to ao|ust th oisplay spo
ano transition typs, ano also toggl
music on or o. Photo-sharing sits such
as Flickr can also oisplay your photos in a
slioshow, ano provio numrous apps.
To st up a photo slioshow with Flickr,
s our Mini Vorkshop, blow.
/ltrnativly, kp a tablt by your bo
to us as an alarm clock. Thr ar lots o
grat clock apps with oirnt styls to
choos rom, many o thm r. You
might opt or a oigital osign with
Facbook ano Twittr upoats, a lip
clock with wathr ano nws alrts, or a
classic analogu oisplay.
FIickr ( Qivs you
1B of onIin storQ for fr, which
shouId mor thn nouQh sc for
your hotos. Onc you'r siQnd in, t
th Iod Iink, t 'Choos hotos
nd vidos'
nd tII FIickr whr to
imort mdi from.
ou cn thn
dd dscrition, tQs nd oI,
choos rivcy sttinQs nd uIod
th hotos.
On rowsr on your tIt, Qo to
FIickr nd IoQ into your ccount.
th ou Iink
nd Qo to ithr
Photostrm, ts or Fvorits
choos th hotos you wnt to viw.
th sIidshow utton

to Iod your
hotos. FIickr utomticIIy ns nd
zooms icturs QntIy to mk th
sIidshow mor intrstinQ.
hr's no ror fuII-scrn mod
on fri on th iPd. ou'II nd to
instII diffrnt rowsr to viw th
sIidshow without th ts nd
ddrss r. Cost y Or
( is idI for this.
ou cn um to th sd-diI Q
nd rows th w y tinQ th
cntr utton.
h utton on th
ons othr ts.
MN WORKSOP Turn a spare tabIet into a photo frame for FIickr
You can also transorm your tablt into
a osktop calnoar. You'll no a stano to
holo your ovic upright, but thr ar
plnty o low-cost options availabl. You
coulo mak your own, or us Vlcro to
attach your tablt to th wall or a pic
o urnitur.
Use it in the car
/ tablt might not totally silnc th
cris o ar w thr yt? but it can
hlp. /s wll as paciying your young
passngrs with gams, you can mount
th ovic onto on o th ront-sat
haorsts to play movis or TV shows as
you oriv.
Your tablt can also b turno into a
sat nav using apps availabl rom th
liks o TomTom, // ano GoLi,
provioing all th aturs you'o xpct to
s on a stanoalon ovic, incluoing
turn-by-turn voic oirctions. To gt th
most rom thm, you will no a GPS

Downlod n ebook pp on n old tblet
nd use it to red books
Wke up nd get wether report, by using your old tblet s n
lrm clock
8 \k||
\|Ck|! 8|W WkI\
! \!| !K| W|K Wk!CK|8 I
r1er ear prir| er 1ii|l HKee| | m|ee|t.tem
\a|:cr||e |c We| J:er | :a|:cr||e.we|\
cv o b ot cct.
l yu tbt ot v GPS, yu c
buy xt cv, uc t Po
E GPS Po bt.ybo33), wc
ct uo .
Use a tabIet as a TV remote
Tu tbt t oocto t
ct t bt out, but
yu ky t t ow t bck
t l yu v pp TV, yu
c t t c Rt pp bt.y
t33) o ct t ovc
yw yu . lt c b
uo t ct Tu. l yu v
St TV bo uc
Su LG, yu c owo
cp t-ct pp t
pp St o G Py.
Boost your
Yu c u o
Po t
t cc t
yu PC, yu
c ctu
wk yu
t u.
pp uc
P cc
TVw bt
Rt Mu oo Po
www.tu.t) t yu u
yu o ovc w kybo
o u. VF Tucpo HD F
Po bt.ytucpo33) wt
Sptp Dpy bt.yxopy33)
w t yu Po t co
cput c. c t ccto,
yu c u t xt pc t vw yu
, kp y Fcbk
wtc TV w o v, w yu
ctu yu wk t c.
Fw u M Vkp, bw, t t
t up.
Use two tabIets together
T vu bt tt
yu c py u t tbt
o t tp, t. F
xp, yu v tw Po o
!nstaII the free SpIashtop XispIay
on your iPad (bit.Iy/xdispIay334)
and the SpIashtop Streamer (www on your PC, then
create an account. Run both and the
app shouId Iocate your computer.
You can aIso add a device manuaIIy by
tappinQ the + button
and enterinQ
the detaiIs.
CIick Security in SpIashtop Streamer
and tick 'Require security code'.
Create a password made up of numbers
and Ietters.
On the iPad, tap your
computer name and, when prompted,
enter your unique code in the box. Your
iPad shouId connect secureIy to your PC.
The extra screen works |ust as if it
was attached to your computer. To
ad|ust the dispIay settinQs, riQht-cIick
the esktop on your PC and Qo to
'Screen resoIution'. SeIect the new
and choose how to use it.
The free app Qives you 1D minutes of
screen use. You'II need to upQrade to
the fuII version for 5 to use it IonQer.
MINI WORKSHOP Use your tabIet as a second screen
P, yu c k t t ovc
tt t py PoRc bt.y
poc33). Dw tck c t
tw Po c o u yu P t
t c uo t. t yu
c py tw Po cuo
Mct Pckt Eot bt.y
ct33), R Rc 2 HD bt.y
c33) o SHDVG:
Do bt.yowu33). T
t bo vb
tt w wt py.
l yu v v oo ovc,
tk k t G Rc www, wc t yu ct
ctck c up t v c.
Put t pbt t to t
. T Mc pp bt.y
c33) t yu k utp Po
o P tt t ct b
c opy pt.
HowTo... wwy tpoupyu V-F


Parallells Access lets yu access yur PC's Destp frm a tablet
Use Bad Elf t h up a basic iPad t the
GP$ netwr

|r||{, w|c| |||:. www.we|\l|cri:rcw

ata's Transporter Sync
portr Sync is a nw
ano simpl way to sync, accss, protct ano
shar vrything important with non o th
rcurring s associato with subscribr-
baso srvics. Fr iPhon, iPao ano /noroio apps mak
on-th-go accss asir than vr. To ntr, mail your
aoorss to with 'Transportr' in
th sub|ct lin. Fino out mor at

Hannspree HANNSpad tabIet

Vith a 3.3in scrn, th H/NNSpao
SN4T7 is prct or usrs that prr
a largr viwing ara but want to stay
mobil. t's powro by a .6GHz
uao-cor procssor, runs /noroio 4.3 ano
coms with a two-yar warranty. To ntr, mail your
aoorss to with 'hannspr' in
th sub|ct lin. Fino out mor at
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phone for free
you hav a smartphon
rom Thr, you can now
gt it unlocko or r,
allowing you to us a SM
rom anothr ntwork.
Prviously this srvic
cost you 5. Just go to
th link abov ano
complt th orm. You
must b th original
account holor.

Earn charity
cashback at Amazon
Hlp th ight against
cancr whil shopping
at /mazon through
Macmillan ancr
Support's ailiat schm.
Vhnvr you buy
anything through th link
provioo, iv pr cnt o
your purchass is oonato
to th charity.

Th latst vrsion o /shampoo urning Stuoio aoos many
nw aturs to mak burning oata, music, vioos ano
photos asir ano mor rliabl. /mong othr things,
/shampoo urning Stuoio 4 aturs ncrypto oisc
burning to saly passworo-protct snsitiv oata rom
prying ys. Turn to pag 23 or our rviw o th sotwar.
New features in Ashampoo urning Studio 14:

Mooul to burn ncrypto oiscs to protct snsitiv oata

asy back up o tablts, phons ano othr portabl

storag ovics

/utomatic album-covr rtrival ouring ripping

Nw osign ano astr mnu navigation

Functionality ano usability nhancmnts

Smart choosr oialogs to oisplay only rlvant ils

USUAL PRlCE: 34.99
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ync c


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The offer runs untiI 1 January 2D14.
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BE 700G-UK
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BE 550G-UK
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