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DAILY LESSON PLAN FOR YEAR 4 Name: Suriati Binti Johari Year: 4 Mudarris (4M3) Topic: Be Safe (Unit

4) Lesson Summary: Date: 13/2/2014 Theme: World Of Self, Family and Friends Duration: 60 minutes Day: Thursday Number Of Students: 27 Time: 8.50 am 9.50 am

Teacher to assign pupils to act an incident of a child kidnapping. Teacher to display flash cards of personal safety tips. Pupils will read the flash cards displayed out loud. Teacher to drill pupils on writing the safety tips (guided with pictures) by filling in the blank provided in the worksheet. Pupils will work in group to match the pictures given with the correct safety tips. Pupils will present their work. Teacher to recaps the days lesson and remind pupils to practice safety tips in their daily life. Content Standard 3.3 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to write and present ideas through a variety of media using appropriate language, form and style. Learning Standard 4.1.2 Able to create simple texts using a variety of media with guidance: a) non-linear

Pupils previous knowledge: Pupils have heard a kidnapping case through media. Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to: 1. 2. 3. state orally 2 safety tips correctly based on the displayed flash cards write 3 safety tips correctly match the safety tips with its picture correctly

Content: Writing Moral Values/ Educational Emphases: 1) Obey to instruction 2) Cooperation 3) Self-confident 4) Enjoyment / 1) Contextual learning Teaching Aids: worksheet, flash cards, pictures, mahjong paper, character tags, glue tack, sentence strips, envelopes Elements of Smart Learning Management/ Generic Skills: Making association and connection/ communications

Future Studies: Pupils are able to practice safety tips in their daily life Stage Content Focus/ Skills Teaching and Learning Activities Teachers Activity Pupils Activity Teacher assigns few pupils to Pupils to act based take part in a role play. Teacher teachers instructions. guides pupils to run the role play. Teacher asks few questions Pupils to respond based on the role play: teachers question. T: What happen to the little girl? Teacher introduces the topic. Teaching Aids/ Values on TA: character tags V: Enjoyment, selfconfident to Remarks/ Teachers Notes Characters: Bad Guy (the abductors) Child (the victim) Mother Policeman



Teacher displays flash cards and Pupils to repeat pictures of personal safety tips on teachers words. the blackboard. Teacher read out loud the safety tips. Teacher explains the meaning of difficult words through actions. Teacher shows actions personal safety tips.

after TA: flash cards, pictures, glue tack

on Pupils to take part in the actions.

Safety tips: Do not talk to strangers Do not walk alone Memorize your parentss telephone number Always tell an

adult where you are going Always take a friend with you Pick a safe route

LO1 PRACTICE 20 minutes Writing Teacher selects few pupils to Pupils to read the safety tips TA: flash cards, read again the safety tips. displayed on the flash cards. pictures, worksheets Teacher distributes worksheet to Pupils to complete the pupils. Teacher guides pupils to worksheet given. V: obey to complete the worksheet given. instruction T: Write your name and your class name on top of the worksheet. Complete it. Raise your hand if you have any problem. I will come and assist you. Teacher discusses the worksheet given with pupils.

LO2 *Teacher prepares another worksheet for weak pupils (remedial activity)

PRODUCTION 15 minutes

Teacher divides pupils into Pupils to sit in groups. groups. Teacher distributes an envelope containing mix and match activity to each group.

TA: mahjong paper, LO3 pictures, sentence strips, envelopes

T: Complete the task given in Pupils to complete the task V: obey to your groups. You have 8 minutes given. instruction, selfstarts now. confident, cooperation Teacher calls each group to come Pupils to present their work to the front and present their by groups. work.

CLOSURE 5 minutes

Teacher refreshes the pupils on Pupils to respond. what they had learnt. T: What have you learnt today? Do you enjoy your lesson today? Teacher reminds pupils to practice safety tips in their daily life.