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1. An unknown compound was analyzed and found to have an elemental composition of 65.4% of carbon, 5.5 % of hydrogen and 29.1 % of oxygen. Based on the information provided what is name of the unknown compound. a. Acetone C3H6O b. Oxalic acid C2H2O4 c. 4-hydroxyl phenol C6H6O2

best match the statement.

Justify your answer. There aint something called

2. Which of the following lists of elements contains an alkaline earth metal, a transition metal, and a halogen, respectively?
a. Rb, Y , I Br b. Ba, Fe, Xe c. Sr, Zr, O d. K, Ni, e. none of these f. all of these

3. Bromine has two common isotopes, 79Br and 81Br. Which is the following statements is true?
81 81 81

Br has two more electrons than 79Br. Br has two more protons than Br. Br has two more neutrons than Br.
79 79

79 79

Br has 79 neutrons. Br has 35 electrons and 44 protons.

none of these

4. Ammonium nitrate is used as a nitrogen fertilizer. What is the percentage of nitrogen by mass in ammonium nitrate? (The atomic weights of N, H, and O are 14.0, 1.0, and 16.0, respectively.)
a. 43.8% b. 35.4% c. 17.5% d. 42.9% e. 35.0% f. none of these

5. The Pauli exclusion principle a. limits the number of electrons that can occupy an orbital to 2. b. says that all electrons in an orbital have the same set of 4 quantum numbers. c. states that the ms quantum number must have values of -1/2 or +1/2.


1 lb = 0.453 kg. If the recommended dosage of a prescribed drug is 2,0 mg/kg of body weight, the amount of the drug that should be administered to a 12-pound infant is a. 4,0 mg b. 11 mg c. 3,0 mg d. 22 mg

7.Which of these molecules has a linear shape? a. HCN b. H2O c. NH3 d. CH4

8. Which one of the following diagrams best represents a solution of magnesium hydroxide in water? (Water molecules have been omitted for clarity.)

9. A one degree of temperature difference is the smallest on the __________ scale. a. Celsius b. Fahrenheit c. Kelvin d. Celsius and kelvin

10. One edge of a cube has a length of 13.0 cm. The volume of the cube in m3 is


2, 19 x 10 -3


2,197 x 10 -3


2.2 x 10 -3

d. 2.20 x 10-3

11. The law of constant composition applies to a. Elements b. heterogeneous mixture c. compounds d. atoms

12. Which one of the following elements has the symbol that is not derived from the foreign name: a. Gold b. aurum c. aluminium d. Al e. Cu

13. Liquids and gases share the common properties of : a. Definite volume b. undefinite shape c. undefinite volume d. definite shape

13. Which of the following is an intensive property: a. Heat content b. mass c. volume d. temperature

14. The number with the most significant zeros is : a. 0,001201010010 b. 20202020200 c. 0,10000

15 . Element M reacts with chlorine to produce MCl2 . Element M is more reactive than magnesium and has a smaller radius than barium. The element is : a. Be b. Sr c. Ra d. Na e. K

16. Metals can be ____________ at room temperature. a. liquid, solid or gas b. solid only c. solid or liquid d. liquid only

17. Which group of the Periodic Table contains elements in the solid , liquid and gas at room temperature? Write the group name ____________________. Noble gas

18. Los enlaces de hidrgeno: a) Aparecen siempre que hay un tomo de hidrgeno. b) Hacen disminuir, generalmente, las temperaturas de fusin y de ebullicin. c) Aparecen en molculas como H2O, NH3 y CH4. d) Son muy fuertes cuando el elemento unido al hidrgeno es muy electronegativo. e) Poseen una energa de enlace superior a la de un enlace qumico.

19. The compound LiXO3, has a molar mass of 182 g/mol. What is element X?

182 -55 = 127 a) Cl b) I

127 is the molar mass of I c) N d) Br

20. Indicate which of the following electron configurations is ruled out by the Pauli exclusion principle. a. 1s22s32p3 b. 1s22s22p63s1 c. 1s22s22p63s23p64s13d10 d. 1s22s22p63s23p6
21. Arrange the following species in order of decreasing atomic radius: S2 Ar Cl K+ Ca2+

S2 > Cl > K+ > Ca2+ > Ar

22. Which substances experience dipole-dipole intermolecular forces? 2 pts a. SiF4, b. CHCl3, c. COF2, d. CHF3

23. Two atoms X and Y have the electronic configuration of electronic configuration: 1S2 2S2 2p6 3S2 3p2 1S2 2S2 2p6 3S2 3p5

. The most probable compound to be formed is: a. XY2 b. XY c. XY4 d. X2Y3 e. X2Y

24. En el diagrama de la tabla peridica se indican algunos elementos cuyas letras no se corresponden con las de sus smbolos. Con respecto a esos elementos, indique cul de las siguientes afirmaciones es correcta:

a) Q y J forman el compuesto de mayor carcter inico b) X y J forman el compuesto de mayor carcter inico c) R y T forman el compuesto de mayor carcter covalente d) R y J forman el compuesto de mayor carcter covalente 25. How many neutrons are in one mole of
238 92U:

A. 1,6 1025 D. 8,8 1025

B. 1,43 1026 E. 2,0 1026

C. 5,5 1025 NA = 6,023 1023

26. Los ngulos de enlace OCO en el ion CO32 son aproximadamente: A. Todos 120 B. Todos 180 C. Todos 109,5 D. Todos 90

E. Dos 90 y uno 180

27. 19) How many moles of oxygen gas react with 3.011 x 10 24 molecules of NO?
NO(g) A) 0.2500 mol B) 2.500 mol C) 1.00 mol D) 25.00 mol E) none of the above + O2(g) ------------NO2(g)

28. In an experiment, 0.520 g of chromium metal reacts with 3.807 g of iodine. Using the conservation of mass law, predict the mass of product.

Cr(s) + I2(s) CrI3(s) A) B) C) D) E) 9.519 0.4327 4.327 9.519 x 10 -3 12.461 lb g kg lb g

29. Indique cul de los siguientes conjuntos de nmeros cunticos puede caracterizar un orbital de tipo d. A. n = 1; l = 0 B. n = 2; l = 1 C. n = 2; l = 2 D n = 3; l = 2 E. n = 4; l = 4 30. The energy of a photon of light is _________________ proportional to its wavelength. b. inversely c. 3,00 x 10

a. directly

m /s

31. The reaction of metallic calcium with elemental hydrogen produces : a. CaH b. calcium hydrogen c. CaH2d. calcium hydride

32. The reaction of a metal with a nomental produces a: a. ionic compound b. acid c. salt d. oxide e. all of the above


How many unpair electrons are in the O ion: b. one c. 2


a. zero

34. For the compound CNF , carbn must have : a. 2 single bonds b. one single bond and one doubl bond c. one triple bond

d. one triple bond and one single bond 35. An electron cannot have the quantum numbers
n = __________, l = __________, ml = __________. A) 1, 1, 1 B) 2, 0, 0 C) 3, 2, 1 D) 2, 1, -1 E) 3, 1, -1

36. The most stable aluminum ion has the same electron configuration of: a. metallic sodium 37. Which electron b. Neon c. fluoride ion d. carbide ion e. B and C f. B, C and D

configuration represents a violation of Paulis Exclusion principle:

Answer the following problems: 38 . The empirical formula for X4 Y14 Z 10 is _____________________. 3 9 . The name of the shape of CSF is ___________________.

40. For the compound CHClBrI , the element with the largest partial negative charge is __________________.

23. Si 2.07x1022 tomos de un determinado elemento pesan 2.48 g , su masa molecular en g mol-1 es: 72,1 g/mol

24 . A 0.2500 g sample of a compound known to contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen

undergoes complete combustion to produce 0.3664 g of CO2 and 0.1500 g of H2O. What is the empirical formula of this compound? 2 pts

25. Hematite is a mineral that is made of ferric oxide. A sample was analyzed and found to have 5.75 x1027 atoms of iron. What is the volume of the sample that has a density of 5.26 g/mL?

145 L

1. A sample of zinc phosphate tetrahydrate was discovered to have 9.359 g of water. This grayish-white mineral, which is called Hopeite, has a density of 3.05 g/mL. a) Find out how many grams of zinc phosphate anhydrate are in the mineral

b. Calculate the volume (mL) of this rhombic hydrated crystal.

a) 50.13 g Zn3(PO4)2

b) 19.5 mL

47. Un chip de computadora de 0.75 cm de ancho y de 1.20 X 10 2 m de largo tiene su superficie recubierta por una capa de oro de 0.015 cm de grosor. Si la densidad del oro es 19.3 g/cm3, cuntos tomos de Au hay en la superficie del chip? Recuerde que el nmero de Avogadro es 6.022 x 1023.
(B) 8.0 X1020 tomos de Au

Tenemos una mezcla heterognea, formada por dos lquidos inmiscibles. Cmo podemos separar sus componentes?



B. Destilacin.

C. Decantacion

d. Cromatografa.

We will plot vapor pressure as a function of temperature for three compounds:




Which molecule corresponds to which curve? Write the number on the graph that correspond to curve.