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Dampness: General: - Heavy (body or head) - sticky - slows things down - hard to get rid of - repeated attacks - infuses

downward - if from exterior attacks the lower part first (usually legs) then goes up - loose stools if intestines - vaginal discharge - difficult fre!uent burning urination if in bladder - lack of appetite - fullness feeling of chest or epigastrium - sticky taste - "ticky tongue - "lippery or soggy pulse - #in pathogen in$ures #ang %ind: ,old: #ang pathogen in$ures &lood and #in 'ehicle for other pathogens (apid onset and change in symptoms )remors convulsions but also stiffness or paralysis (interior except for facial) )op part of body *ungs first (external) +ffects skin ,auses itching -loating pulse ,auses &ei syndrome #in pathogen in$ures yang ,an invade "tomach .ntestines and /terus directly ,ontracts )hin watery clear discharges "tiffness ,old feeling

Dryness - #in deficiency usually "tomach or 0idneys or both - #ang pathogen in$ures &lood or #in - Dried out tissues stool and urine

-ire -

1xtreme form of heat .nterior or derives from an existing pathogen 2oves and dries out more than heat "ame symptoms as heat 2oves upward +ffects the mind more than heat &leeding

#in deficiency - dry mouth dry throat at night - night sweating - di33iness - tinnitus - tiredness - thin body - insomnia - 4o tongue coating - -ine of floating empty pulse ,ollapse of #in - abundant perspiration - skin hot to the touch - hot limbs - dry mouth - retention of urine - constipation - (ed short tongue without coating - -loating 1mpty (apid pulse 5i deficiency - shortness of breath - weak voice - spontaneous sweating - poor appetite - loose stools - tiredness - pale complexion - doesn6t want to talk - empty pulse 5i sinking - same as above with some additions - feeling of bearing down - prolapsed of stomach uterus anus or bladder - listlessness

chronic diarrhea chronic excessive vaginal discharge mental depression empty pulse

5i ,ollapse - sudden profuse sweating - confusion or unconsciousness - bright white complexion - shortness of breath - incontinence - 2inute pulse 5i "tagnation - distended chest epigastruim or abdomen - distending pain that moves - abdominal masses that appear and disappear - abdominal pain and distension that is not relieved by a bowel movement - breast distension - irregular periods or painful - depression - irritability - headache - constipation with small stools - gloomy feeling - mood swings - fre!uent sighing - wiry pulse - slightly red on sides of tongue in severe cases (ebellious 5i - coughing vomiting belching hiccup - depends on affected organ &lood deficiency - Dull complexion - Di33y - 4umbness or tingling of the limbs - &oor memory - &lurred vision - .nsomnia - 7ale lips - Dry eyes - %hite nails - -loaters - 7alpitations

"canty periods +menorrhoea .nfertility 7ale and thin tongue ,hoppy or -ine pulse

&lood stasis - Depends on affected organ - Dark complexion - 7urple lips - 7ain that is fixed and stabbing may be aggravated at night - +bdominal masses that do not move - 7urple nails - 7urple petechiae - 7urple venules - Dark blood - 7urple tongue - %ir firm or ,hoppy pulse 7hlegm - "wollen )ongue usually sticky coating - "lippery or wiry pulse rarely moving