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Manual Service Trucks

Group 370-500

Numbers Circuit andWiring VN,VHD


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The descriptions and service procedre @ntaind h thb manml are based on designs and methods studies cariod qn tp b Arglrst 00. The products are under contirnE An|opment VbhiJG and components produced after the abore date rray thel*le havs dhtstt speancaions and rcpair methods. When this is believdb haue a obnificant beadng m thb manual, suppbmentary service bulletins will be issued b ooor the cfiangps. The new edition d Ots rsrrd wil Wdate the ctnnges.

ln service proceduc whete |ho lide incorporatesan operation number,this b a rebrence to an S.R.T.(Sgr<hd RepairTime). Service procodrc u,l*$ do not indud an operation number in the tiile are br gpneral inbrmalirr ad rp r*rcnco b made to an S.R.T. The blbrrlrg l6b of obsenations, cautions and warnings are used in this Service Documentdin: ]lob: Indcabe a pt@dure, practice, or condition that must be blloryed in order to have tfie vl*to d @tnponent funaion in the manner intended. Cautbn: Indcabe an unsafu practice where damage to the product could occur. Wemlngr hdces prcduct o.5 er. an unsab practice where personal injury or severe damage to the

Dangec hdcales an unsafe practice where serious personal iniury or death could occur.

NC USA Greensboro.

Order number: PV77&TSP1/I5180 NC USA Inc.,Greensboro, @0o VolvoTrucksNorthAmerica, may be reproduced, storedin No part of this puuication All rightsreserved. mein any formsby any means,electronic, retrieval system,or transmitted photocopying, withoutthe priorwritten recording or othenrvise, chanical, permission Inc.. of VolvoTrucksNorthAmerica,


General CircuitNumberIndex """"' and WiringNumbers Circuit Wire and Cable NumberMarking Wire Color CircuitNumbers Sub'system Electronic Sufiixes Circuit Groups Circuit Definitions """"""" Speciffcations Numbers Circuit Circuits Bodybuilder 0: Ground 1-19: PrimaryPoruer 2H29:Folarity ReversingCircuits 3049: Headlampsand Fog Lamps Lamps 5049: Markerand Clearance 70-89: StoPLamPs 90-109: Tailand FarkingLamps 110-129:Tum SigrralLamps Lamps 130-139:Scondary Lamps Insnn'rnont 14O-149: Ot'ft*t"r and Air Conditioner 15O-179:t*"f 180-219:Instrutnents %(.;2iy,:Cab l'k*r 2&2K9:lgrriliin 2fi/-:279:l'lorns """" 280-299:Sfarter 300-309: CompressorCludl 310429: Transmission 330-339:PowerSeat""""" 340-349:PowerVent""""" 35f359: PowerWindow 360-369:StartingAids """""' 37f379: CigarUghter """""""" Wiper """" 380-389:Windshield Pump Fuel 390-399:Electric 400-409: Oia$ostics and Gonrol Lamps Back-up 410*419: 420459:lndicatorLamps 460-489: RearAxle 490-499: Radio """" Lamps 500-549:Miscellaneous Electronics 550-599:Engine 600439: EngineControls Wiring 680499: ni' CoiJitioning Control 700-709:HeatedMirrors 71H719:Door Locks 72Gi729:SafetyanOWarningSystems (ABS)Control """"""""' 730-799:Anti-lock Transmission 800-850: O*t"ti" 900-910:DetroitDieselFeeds """""""""" """"" """"""""""""" """"""' """"' """""""""""' """"""""""" """"""""""""' """""""

3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 6

"""""""' 7 7 """"""""""""' """"""" 7 """"" 7 """"""' 8 """""" I """"" 9 10 """""""""""" """"""' 10 """""" 10 """"""""" 11 11 """""""""' 11 """""""""' """" 12 """"' 12 """""" 14 """"""""' 14 """""' 14 """"""""' 14 14 """"""""' """' 15 """""""""" 15 """""""""" 16 16 """""""""""' """"""""' 16 """""' 16 """""" 17 """"""""" 17 """"" 17 """""""""""' 18 18 """"""""""" """""" 18 """""' 19 """"""' 19 """"""""" 20 22 """"""""""" 24 """"""""" 24 """""""""""" """"" 24 24 """"""""""' """"""" 25 """"" 26 """""""' 28


970-979: Inverter 990-999:Auxiliary Circuits Feedbad<

................24 ..................... 29

Grcup 37 Orcuil and Writg Mn$ers


Index Number Circuit
Circuitand WiringNumbers
Marking Wireand CableNumber
All wire and cable smallerthan 0 AWG (AmericanWire Gauge) is imprintedwith circuit and wire numbers.The circuit numbeF are imprintedrepeatedlyevery two to along the entire three inches (50 to 75 mm) horizontally length of the wire or cable. In cases when imprintingof the circuit numberon the wire or cable is not practical (e.9. multipleconductorcable) circuitnumber markers will be appliedone to two inches (25 to 50 mm) from the terminal or end of cable.

Note: Allwire used in the vehicle has a cross{inked polyethylene insulation(XLPE).lt compliesto SAE standad Jl128. BLACK Fused power and signal


Ground battery Unfused maybe usodas interWire harnesses definitirnof facesto someoomponents; multi-colored wiresvariesby oomponent.

Group37 Circuitand WiringNumbers


Sub-system Circuit Numbers Electronic,ased use of electronicsubsystemsttas caused tnq fraion of vendor circuit identilitptinn numberc whLlrld conflict with the existing Voho circuit rumbers. For example,circuit number209 ean be oihor Volvo Transformer-Rectifier System Volbneterfrdhp' Feedor CumminsPaceTachometer. To aw*l0is s> flict and still reAin the vendor circuitnumbors,a pldu has been added to the vendor circuit rxrr$ots. This prefix will ldentify the circuit as a wn&r Cectonb subsystem.For examplecircuit209 rivotldbe nfrd as: 2Og C2Og Volvo circuit Cumminscircuit ffit

Allison Caterpi!lar Cummins Detroit Diesel VDO



Delphi Delco Electronics Meritor Delphi PackardElectronics Qualcomm Eaton Bosch EBS Eaton VORAD

Note: The prefix added b wn& del cfy rylles to Volvo-suppliedwiring harnc. lhat come OQcris with their own widng ]ramecc tdr r dcctonbdy controlleddiesel enghos, d rU&tr rumbering of cirsystem explained h trb nsrd. fcffidbn see cuit numberc/colcrs o w&r#d@fiponents, the component manubctrrf brdrre. ffi For inbrmation on tenrr d "Definitions"page 6. &lbrc FSGs see and the cone-


The table (seetaHe pagB 4) b soor rvendor.

rt ClrcuitSuffixes

Design of branch circrls H clghae from a base circuit may contain a hl4hil-d rfix. For example, if circuit0 requiresa sploe b ad two branchcircuits,then those branch circuib may bc bbefed fA and fB. The text that appearc dtor $e al|bc separator does not apply to the function cf the ciqt grd b herefore not listed. Circuits functionaly tobd b a liwn base circuit are often created icr new desiglrs. Th6e circuits appear withod a tryphended 6rahr For example, circuit 0A (the main altemator groud) b rehed to circuit 0 (the main vehicle ground). Please n6 ttd a functional relationship does not imply electical continuity.

Grcup 37 Circuitand Wiring Numbers


Groups Circuit
"Bodybuilder Circults"page 7 '0: Ground"page 7 "1-19: PrimaryPoref page 8 2f29: PolarityReversing Circuits"page 9 %0f409: Diagnostics and Control"page 17

"410419:Back-up page18 Lamps"

"420459: Indicatorlamps" page 18 "460-489: Rear Axle" page 18 "49O-499:Radkf page 19 '5(X}-&[9: Miscellaneous lamps" page 19 "55f599: EngineElectronics" page 20


3f49: Headlampsand Fog Lamps" page 9 "50{9: Marker and ClearanceLamps"page 10 '7F89: Stop Lamps"page 10 '9f109: Tailand ParkingLamps"page 10 "110-129:TurnSignalLamps' page 11 "130-139:Secondary Lamps"page 11 '14f149: Instrument Lamps"page 11 '15f179: Heater,Defrosterand Air Conditionef page 12 "18f219: Instruments" page 12 22r.239: Cab Hoisf, page 14 24r.259: lgnition' page 14 260-279. Horns" page 14 "28r.299:. Startef page 14 30O-309: Compressor Clutch"page 14 page 15 31f329: Transmission' '33f339: PowerSeaf page 15 '34G-349: PowerVenf page 16 "35O-359:PowerWindow" page 16 "36f369: StartingAids" page 16 "370479: Gigar Lightef page 16 38f389: 39f399: WindshieldWipef page 17 ElectricFuel Pump" page 17

"600{39: EngineControls"page 22 "680{99: Air Conditioning ControlWiring"page 24 "70f709: HeatedMirrors"page 24 "71V719: Door Locks" page 24 "720-729:.Safetyand WarningSystems"page 24 "730-799: Anti-lock(ABS) Control"page 25 "8OO-850: page 26 AutomaticTransmission' "900-910: DetroitDiesel Feeds"page 28 950-959: Protected'BranchConnectof Circuit Feeds" page 28 1970-979:Invertef page 28 39O-999: AuxiliaryCircuits"page 29


APA:A^ r,[ -_y I ATC ATC CAN DLO DRL ECU EECU EMS EOL EpL HVAC lSi,UlSX J1s87lJ1Zo| Air ConditioningprotectionAnd DiaoF nostic System (or A/C Di{lgnostic Sysrem; Automatic Traction Conrot (abo calod TCS or traction oontol qfsbml Automatic Temp Contol Controller Area l,letiqk (aq*td with Jl939 data tink) Differential Lock Out DaytimeRunningLifrtc Electronic Confrol l.lfl Engine Etecto*: Cfil EngineMan{lrr|*n End Of Lire Eaton proprbEy tt HearingAbrffoilllOondtining CumminsEfi.fh. Data Unk tffi


Hish-sped h rn(
Normafly CbNormafyeo FonerT&{l Sodetyd fubrdr, Engineerc \r

Supplemertal Rertrairt System(Airbag) VehirjeElectq*: Contot Unit


Group37 Circuitand WiringNumbers


A312CM A312NC A312NO A314CM A314NC A314NO BAT BATT IGN NEU PTO-Common PTO- NormallyClosed PTO- Normally Open Auto Neutral- Common Auto Neutral- Normally Closed Auto Neutral- NormallyOpen 12-VoltBattery 12-VottBattery lgnitionFeed 12-VohNeutralStart Feed 0L 0M OMA OMB 0.J o r HVAC lamp Lift Axle Lighter- Cigar Markerand Turn Signal Markerand TurnSignal- Left Hand Markerand Turn Signal- RightHand


Inverter Power Ground Panel-Instruments

(Cummins Priming Pump Return Supply


ParkBrakeGround PumpPressure Ground PTOGround

Relay/Solenoid Speedometer

0: Ground
ABS 0 Antilock Brake Sysiem Gound Engine or Main Grcund b Cab



Alternator VORADFrontAntenna Grcund - Heater Bloryer

VORAD Driver DisplayGrcund Console (Accessories) VORAD PowerGround VORADSide Sensor/SideSensor Display Ground


o Trailer o CentralTire Inflation Starting Aid

(OCP) Ground OvercrankProtec{ion Jumper EtherStart SensorGround WamingSystem (Air, Oil, Water,Wiper, Kysor) ElectronicGround ClusterElectronicGround SRS ECU ElectronicGround Cab ElectronicGround ECU ElectronicGround(BAT-) AutomaticTransmission Ground

DifferentialLockout OXA ExhaustBrake PowerTiake-Off Fuel WindshieldWiperM/asher Snorr plortrLamp - Right Hand Snow Plovrr Lamp - Left Hand Snou Plow Lamp Headlamp Headlamp OXB OXC OXE 0Y


Automatic Transmission ECUGround Automatic Transmission ECU t {, Diagnostic Ground l

Group37 Circuit and Wring Numbers

Specifications 15 16 17 174 17AA 178 17BB 17C 17D 17E 17F 17FB 17FF 17NV 18 184 188 18C

1-19: PrimaryPower
1 ./tr ^ Cab Unswitched Battery Feed

"NoCharge" Alternator lgnition Resistor Feed to Regulator "NoCharge" Alternator lgnition lamp Feed Unswitched Battery Feedto EECU EECUUnswitched Battery Feed Fused'17A' Feed EECUUnswitched Battery Feed Fused'178' Feed EECUUnswitched Battery Feed EECUUnswitched Battery Feed Antilock BrakeSystemUnsvvitched BatteryFeed Electronic Engine Unswitched Battery (non-Volvo) Feedto Transmission Transmission-generated BatteryFeed Fused'17F Feed lnverterUnswitched BatteryPoarer Feed Electronic Engine Switched Battery Feed Switched BatteryFeedto EECU Switched BatteryFeedto EECU Elec'tronic EngineSwitched Battery Feedto CircuitProtection Electronic Engine Battery Switched Feedto Throtte Pedal Electronic Engine Switched Battery Feedto EECU Electronic EngineSwitched Battery Feedto Geabox Electronic Engine Switched Battery Feed to VECU Electronic Engine Switched Battery Feed to EMS"A" Supply Electronic Engine Switched Battery Feed to EMS"B'Supply "R"Terminal Afternator Signal

1AD 1B 1C 1D 1P 1PA lPB lPC lPD 2 3

Battery Feed torsni,"#Hji:y*hed

lconThermostat Fower Cab Unswitched BatteryFeedb Tum MaxiFuse Signal Cab Unswitched BafieryFeodb ltlal(i Fuse Cab Unswitched BafieryFodb l{axi Fuse 12 VottBatteryPlfiectin 12 VoltBatteryhclion 12 VoltBatteryPtGcdqr 12 VoltBatteryhcton 12 VoltBdery bdfn AmmeterbCht Boalors, Switches, Voltage Re$ffrq Eb. GenerabrAmntr b \loltage Reguldor Genersr Fb5 (F1) Voltago neqf-r Srpply lgnitlrn" Terminal

6 7 8 I

VoltagB negier'Armature" Terminal to Recffier Alternabrb Rectifier Lod Babry b Alternator Slf toa&Un*ling Alternator to Voltage (Sensing) Regul&r ? Terminal Gener&r Firld (F2) RelayRecnifier to VoltageRegulator (lgnition) Alternator to Ammeter Altemator to Start Battery "NoCharge"lamp Feedfrom Alternator Altemator Reguldor Alternator'No from Charge" lamp Feed Auxiliary Relay

18D 18E 18G 18V 18X 18Y 19

10 11 12 13 14


20-1292 PolarityReversing Circuits

20 21 214 218 Lory Air Switch Neutral Wre Alarm System Neutral Wire AJternator No-ChargeRelayto Alarm Buzzer Feed Alarm Buzzerto Diode Feed

36 37 37L 37R 38 39

Driving lamp Switch Feed Drivinglamp Feed Drivingl-amp Feed- LH DrivingLamp Feed- RH Driving/FogRelayControlFeed o o Driving/Fog Relay Feed LED Supplybr Aux. lamp Switch ^-:-:r:s I Yt

Headlampsand Fog Lamps 30u-49:

HeadlampSwitch FeecUSplit SystemLH


DrMing/Fog Switch Indicator DRL ModuleBattery Feed DRL Module lgnitionFeed DRL Module Park BrakeSignal ParkingBrake Switch DRL lndicatorlamp DRL Control Relay Feed DRL Module Lorv Beam Feed DRL High Beam Disable

41 42 44 43

30A 30L 30R 31 31L 31R 32 32L 32LA 32R 32RA 32RB gt 33A 3itB EIF 3ifL 33R

HeadlampSwitch Feecl/Split SystemRH HeadlampFeed- LH HeadlampFeed- RH DimmerSwitch Feed Dimmer Switch Feed Split System LH Dimmer Switch Fed/ Split SysilemRH Headhmp Lon, Bam Circdl Headlamp Low Beam - LH Headlamp Flash Option - LH Headhmp Low Beam - RH HeadlampFlashOption- RH HeadlampFlashOption- RH HeadlampHigh Beam Circuit o o High Beam RelayControl Feed Flashto Pass ControlSupply


High Beam lndicatorlamp Ground Flash to Pass Contact Feed HeadlampHigh Beam- LH HeadlampHigh Beam- RH Fog lamp Switch Supply Aux. Lamp Switch Feed Fog lamp Feed Fog tamp Feed - LH Fog Lamp Feed - RH

34A 35 3sL 35R


Group 37 Circuitand Wiring Numbers


51 52 52A

5GS9: Markerand Clearance

o o o o Marker and Tail tamp Switch Feed Master LightingSwitch Supplybr Tractor Lighting- VN Only TrailerMarkerand Tail tarp Switch Feed Master Lighting Swihh Srpply br TrailerLighting- VN OnV

70-89:Stop Lamps
70 71
Stop Lamp Switch Feed TractorStop Lamp and Trailer Receptacle Feed Stop Lamp Switch Ouput Trailer Stop tamp Feed Spdng Brake Stop lamp Switch Feed Trailer EmergencyStop Stop Lamp Relay Coil Feed ECU Stop lamp Coil Feed Trailer Stop Lamp Relay Coil Feed Tractor Stop Lamp Relay Coil Feed Tractor Stop Lamp Relay Feed Trailer Stop lamp Relay Feed

714 7i2 7:l 74 75 75A 758 75C 76

Trailer Marker and Tail Larnp Feed Overhead Cab Marker tarp Fed fiotn lntenupterSwibh Marker Intentryter Srihtr Sttpply from Master Ugtrthg Slilctt Cnbd Tile Infrdbn ECU from Marker tamps ICC Trater }larker and Clearance Lamp Fed from Intenupter Switch Marker IntenupterSwitch Supplyfrom Master Lighting Switch



Cab Marker Lamp Switch Feed Cab Marker lamp Circuit BreakerFeed Side Marker lamp Feed Side Marker Lamp Feed- LH Side Marker lamp Feed- RH Marker lamp Relay Feed Marker lamp Relay Control Feed Beacon lamp Feed 91 Farking lamp Switch Feed hrking lamp Feed Beacon Lamp Feed Beacon Lamp Feed g2 908

56L 56R EI 58 59 59A 598

9(F109:Tall and Parking Lamps

90 9oA
TractorTail tamp Feed o o TractorTail Lamps ON Output Radio llluminationSupplyfrom Master LightingSwitch- VN Only

HVAC tamp Contol Switch lllumination



Group37 Circuitand WiringNumbers


110 1108 111 111A 112 1124 113 113A vl13 114 115 116 117 118 119 1N 121 Turn Signal FlasherFeed Turn Signal FlasherFeed Turn Signal Switch Feedfrom fuse Hazard Switch to Fuse Feed FrontTurn Signal [amp, TrailerRecep tacle and IndicatorFeed- LH Hazard Switch Feed to Fuse FrontTurn Signal Lamp,TrailerRecep tacle and IndicatorFeed- RH HazardSwitch Feedto Fuse VORADRightTurn Input Turn Signal IndicatorFeed LH Stop and Rear Turn Lamp Feed RH Stop and Rear Turn Lamp Feed LH Tail Lamp Feed (TurnSignalSwitch Control) RH Tail lamp Feed (TurnSignalSwtbh Control) Turn Signal Fuse Feed

13F139: Secondary Lamps

130 131 1318 132 1E 134 135 135A 135B 136 137 138 139 139A 139B Courtesy& Dome Lamp Switc[ceed Courtesy& Dome famO fe{ Bunk LightingMaster Feed SleeperCompartmentReadingLamp Feed TrailerDome Lamp Switch Feed TrailerDome Lamp Feed Luggage Elomel-amp Feed LuggageLamp Feed RH Side Luggage lamp Feed LH Side Utility Spot lamp Swttch Feed UtilitySpot Lamp Feed Bunk ReadingLamp Switch Feed Back of Cab Lamp Switch Feed Back of Cab Lamp Switch Indicator Back of Cab Lamp Feed

14(F149: Instrument Lamps

1/|() 140A lnstrumentLamp Switch Feedl stat Feed from HeadlampSwitQ-. o-

Aux.LampEnable Relay Coil Feed Instrument lamp Switch Feedto ProDriver Instrument LampFeed lnstrument LampFeed to Option Connector Instrument LampFeed to Radio

Turn Signal Repeaterlamp Feed Hazad WarningSwitch FlasherFeed Tractor Stop Lamp Relay Feed LED Feed Hazard Waming Swibh Hazard Swttch Feedto Fuso

140P 141 141A 141R

122, 1nA 122'8


Group 37 Circuit and Wiring Numbers


Defroster 15F179: Heater, and Air Corjitioner

150*r {!lt a 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163. ',Ultt 165 166 167 168 169 17O 171 172 173 174 175 HeaterSwitch Feed/ 12V Fedb AC/HeaterBtoryver DefrosterSwitch Feed Left Hand Heater Feed Right Hand Heater Feed Left Hand Defroster Feed Blortrer Motor Speed (l-c) Blower Motor Speed (lI$) Air Conditioner Cfqa Blr*r Air Conclling fcrOnoQ Feed Gdsry)

180 181 1&l 1E3 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 Main lnstrumentFeed Water TempSender Feed EngineOil PressureSender Feed Fuel TankSender Feed- LH Fuel TankSender Feed- RH Fuel GaugeSwitch Feed FuelTank SelectorSwitch Feed FuelTank SelectorValve Feed Oil and Water Alarm IndicatorFeed Oil and Water Alarm Switch Feed ElectricTachometer Senderto HeadNegativeor Pyrometer Feed ElectricTachometer Senderto HeadPositiveor Pyrometer Return TachographFeed Tachographlamp Feed lgnition Switch "Accesso4f Relay Coil Feed Accessory Relay Feed to Vehicle Loads Optimizedldle No-StartRelayCoil Feed lgniton Switch "lgnition"RelayCoil Fed Dl96 196A 196AA 196A8 vl96A 1968 1968A vl968 196C vl96C 196D 196DR Detroit Diesel Optimized ldle System Fed lgnifibn Rehy 1 Feed to Vehicle Loads lgni$on Feed to Fuses 1 - 7 lgnifon Fedto Fuses 8 - 14 VORAD Front Antenna Power lgnition Relay 2 Feed to Vehicle Loads lgnifronFeedto Fuses 46 - 51 VORADDriver DisplayPouer Data Display lgnition Feed VORADSide Sensor/SideSensorDisplay Porcr lgnitbn Feed Spliceto ABVBrakes DR Feedto Splice

Bltrer Mmr$...1QleCun) Defrosbr Fm 9..d Bliler llOr$..d (llaxinum) 19!! 194 195 1954 Bunk Blml lbb Fod 195D 196 +12V Feod b Fertirg Heater Motor Fartdrg l{eabr Rrd Pump Supply Fadnp lbabr Frcl Pump Return Farfdp llosrThennostat Outrut

Circuil &e& Al Cmdlimer Relay Conrol Col F!.d

Parfdrg Heder Temp Sensor Outpd Farldrg Fleater LED O'Xput Farking Heater Thermostat Ground Fa*ing Fleater LED lnput Farking l'leder rOn" Signal Bunk Unit Wder Valve Return Bunk Unit Water Valve Feed Bunk Unit BbuyerRetum


Group . 3T Circuitand AliringNumbers 196G 196R 1967 196V 196W 196X 196Y 197 vl97C vl97D 198 199 199A 200 DR Feed to Gearbox lgnition PowerRelay2 Coil Feed Tool lgnitionFeed to Diagnostic DR Feedto VECU DR Feedto Wiper Relay lgnition Feed to CentralTire Inflation lgnition Feed to Camera Prep Buzzer Feed VORADSide SensorSignal VORADSide Sensor DisplaySignal Low Air SystemWarning Air Filter RestrictionSwitch Feed ECU PressureSwitch Feed (Central Tire Inflation) TachographHead Feed (Battery) HourmeterFeed o o Battery - Generabr Gauge Feed (Load) Instrument Fanel Feed UN only) 216 217 218 219 219A 2198 219C 219D 21gE 219F IPJl IPJ2 IPJS IPJ4 IPJs IPJ6 215 21sA

SPecifications Speedometer Head to Sender rtrol PositiveSpeedometer Signall-ModuleSpeed Limiter V Head to Sender- Ground Tachometer Head to Sender Tachometer lgnitionFeed- Clock ClusterDisplayCommonOutput ClusterDisplayEscape Input ClusterDisplayDorn Input ClusterDisplayUp Input ClusterDisplaySelect Input ClusterDisplaySet Input ClusterDisplayMode Input ClusterJumper(1996ClusterVN Only) Cluster Jumper(1996ClusterVN Only) ClusterJumper(1996ClusterVN Only) ClusterJumper(1996ClusterVN Only)

nl n2

TachographRemde Contol Sttidl Feed

(1996ClusterL;r'rl Cluster Jumper (1996Cluster VN Only) Cluster Jumper (1996 VN Only) Jumper Cluster Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Cluster Jumper (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster (1996 VN Only) Jumper Cluster Cluster (1996 VN Only) Cluster Jumper Cluster

2U 205 m6 21,7

EngineOilTemp SendingUnilb Gauge Electric Speedometer Feed Low Oil PressureAlarm Feed'Eleclric Water Temp Switch or Alarmstat "Normally Open'Feed System SecTransformer-Rectifier ondary BatteryCharge IndicatorFeed (Storage) ier SystemVoltmeter Transformer-Rectif "Fositive" Feed

IPJs qrl c"t2


210 211 212 213 214

Transformer-ReaifierSystem Voltmeter "Negative"Feed Diode Commonto Buzzer Clock Feed- Alarm/Radio Porer Feed to InstrumentPanels SpeedometerHead to Sender- Ground

cJ5 qr6 qr7

G'8 G'9


Group 37 qipltrt elqlA/iringNumberc


22 % 24 nS %

220-.239:Cab Hoist
Cab Hoist PanelSwibh Feed Cab Hoist Control Swihh Feod Cab Hoist Solenoid SI,ibtt Col F!.d Cab Hoist SolenoirJS\fliHt Cof hd Cab Hoist Solenc*l ST,i$ Fe.d Cab Hoist Motor Armilne Facd Cab Hoist Safety Swibh Food

^80 299: Starbr

,l &, A A4

$arbr S*noit

Col Fed
t5 b

Series Farafel Sritsh Tsnird Solenc*l on $arter

Sds Farallel S\i,itsfi Terniral *4 b Solnoid on Starter Starter push Button Snitch Fed 12 Volt Starter Contrcl Solenoid Feed

2l4A ffi

12VoltOptimized ldle RelayFeed 12VohNeutralStart Feed 12VoltStarterSolenoid Feed i2 Voftstarter Feedbr sorenoidRetay Magnetic SwitchControl

24rl259: lgnition
2& 241 242 243 243A 2U
2S \qt :I

N 28sA M

lgnitbn ccil Feed lgnitirn Col b lbtubr lgnilirr Col Resislor or DieselFuel Valro Feed lgr*lbn Su,ihhFod(B+) l-ockSwihh tusition Feed(30) lgnifon SafetySwitchFeed
o o o lgnitionFuel HeaterControl Feed VOLVOEngine- Engine Pre-heat Circuit ProtectionFeed Detroit Diesel Engine- Diagnostic Request/ Shutdoun Engine Override Feed

30(H09: Compressor Glutch

300 3qrA 3qrB
3O0C 3mD 3O1 aoro W2 3OtlA 3{}128

Air ClutchSolenoid ValveFeed ManualFanSwitchFeed APADS Module Feed

VECU A/C RelayCoil Feed VECU Manual Fan Control l/P Air CondiUoning Compressor Clutch Fed Air conditioningconrpressorcrutch Retlm Cold Controlswitcfi Feed Air Conditioning Switch Feed Air ConditioningFeedJumper

2454 26 247 28 24,A

circuit Breakerto Time Relay signa' Diesel FuelVatueRelay Control Fuel Switch to Magnetic Switch Feed lgnitionSenderSupply lgnitionSupplyto Oil PressureSender


Air Conditioning Control FeedJumper DryerReceiver Lor FreonSwitchFeed

Lotv Freon Switch to Ovenlde Valve Normally Closed Freon Switch Feed Freon Switch and On/Off Fan Ovenide Valve Feed Or/Off Fan Switch Feed Air ConditioningRelay Feed Cold Control Switch to Air Conditioning Relay Coil Feed

260 81 ft2 8A 26128 26d r '.,52il Electric Horn Relay Feed (Battery) Electric Horn Feed ElectricHorn Button ElectricHorn Relay NC

3O4 305 3OO n7

ElectricHorn RelayCommon 308 Air Horn SolenoidFeed 3Og Air Horn Bufton


Grcup37 Oircuitand Wdng Numbes

Spec*ncaions 3?2A g,' g2g 324 325

326 327 g2g 329

31(H29: Transmission
310 311 311A 3118
311C 311D 312 312A 3128

EatonUghtringShiftltuob Ground EatonUghtringShiftKnobGil5s Relay to park pressur"g*n"nl Switch to Alarm ParkPressure "DoNotshiff warningLampReturn

Feed NeutralSwitch Transmission Control Switch Range Transmission Feed Lightning splitterswitchsignal Eaton Lightning splitterswitchsignal Eaton
MeritorG Low SolenoidFeed Meritor G High SolenoidFeed Area lnhibitorValve Feed Transmission Area lnhibitorValve Transmission Return Range InhibitorValve Transmission Feed


lgnitionFeed to VehicleInterfaceMode

AutomaticTransmissionFeed pTO Switch to ECU EngineBrake SelectSwitchto TransmissionECU

312D 313 314

Valve Range lnhibitor Transmission

Return Eaton Lightning Protected Battery Feed NeutrallndicatorLamp Transmission Feed OilTemp SendingUnit Transmission Feed

33O gggl 33OR 331 332

POWef Seat
power Seat Relay Feed power Seat Feed LH Side power Seat Feed RH Side Power Seat Control Switch Feed PoiverSeat UP Circuit

316 g17 31ZA 3178 317C 317D 318 319 32O 321 322

SendingUnit CIl Prcssure Transmission

High OilTemp $ribfi Transmission Feed lndicator Lamp Switch Feed Lorv RangeIndicator Transmission switch Feed Low Range Indicator Transmission SignaltoVECU EatonLightningServiceLamp Eaton LightningServiceLamP IndicatorLamPFeed Fonryard Reverselndicator[amP Feed Oil Temp AuxiliaryTransmission SendingUnit Feed High OilTemp IndicatorLamp Feed Neutral Switch/Shift Lever Control Relay Feed


Power Circuit Seat DOWN

I CircuiP rt FORWARD


335 E16 336L 336R

PowerSeat REAR Circuit Heated Seat Feed HeatedSeat Feed Left Heated seat Feed Right


Gror.rp . 3T Circuit and ViringNumberc


34(H49: PowerVent

36(H69: Starting Aids

$l Engire Preheat Cab Switch FeecUor Rdry Coil Fed Engine Preheat Indicator Lamp Feed Engine Pre'heat Time Relay lndicator tamp Feed Engine Pre'heat Glow Plug/FlameStart Feed Engine GlorrtPlug Magnetic Switch Feed EnginePre-heatSolenoidCoil Feed EnginePre-heatThermal Sensor Feed EnginePre-heatSolenoidSwitch Feed EnginePre-heatElementFeed EnginePre-heatElementFailureIndication to Time Relay Engine Pre-heatElementFailureIndication to Time Relay EnginePre-heatTime Relay"lgnition" Feed EnginePre-heatTime Relayoil' Feed EnginePre-heatOil PressureSwitch Feed EnginePre-heatControllerFeed

34it 350 350L 350R 351 352 35:! 354 355

VentSwitchFeed Power VentOPENCircuit Power PowerVentArmature Feed Porer VentCLOSED Orcra


35(F359: PowerWindow
Power Wndov Swihh Food Power WindorvSwihfi Fecd- L}l Sb Povver Window Swibfi Fed - Rll SHo Porer WindouY DOUVIICircd Forer Whfu Forcr Wnfu Amilrc UP Orcuit 3674 furverWndow Su,ibh Feed to Power Wndory Swibfl fuirer WindorvSwitch Feed to Pourer Window Swttch 3678 368 368A 369 3694 Feed 367 364 365 366 36it

37(H79: Cigar Lighter

370 370A 3708 370C 375A 3758 375C CigarLighter/ Forer SupplyFeed Forer SupplyFeed Forer SupplyFeed BunkForver SupplyFeed SinkFeed SinkSwitchFeed SinkPumpFeed


Group37 Circuitand Wring Numbers


38F389: WindshieldWiper
ElectricWindshieldWiper Switch Feed _LH 381 382 382A 3&t 384 385 385A ElectricWindshieldWiper Switch Fed -RH Low Speed ElectricWiper Motor Low Speed Wiper IntervalRelayto Bulkhead High Speed ElectricWper Motor +12 Volt Supply Switchto Motor Park ControlWiper Motor ParkControltoVECU Park Controlto Switch Supplyfrom Circuit Breakerto Switch Switch Feedto WasherMotor

40F409: Diagnostics and Control


SAE J1708/1587 Data Link (+)-* sAE J1708/15E7 Data.'n*,-] Unswitched Battery Fusedto Datalink EngineProgramming Enable EOL EnableInstrumentCluster SAE Jl922 Noninverted Data Link (+) SAE J1922 InvertedData Link (-) SAE J1939 NonirvertedData Link (+) CAN HIGH SAE J1939 Noninverted Data Link (+) CAN HIGH VORAD ECU - SAE J1939 Noninverted Data Link (+) CAN HIGH VORAD FrontAntenna- SAE J1939 Noninverted Data Link (+) CAN HIGH - SAE J1939 VORADDriverDisplay Noninverted Data Link (+) cAN HIGH SAE J1939 lnvertingData Link (-) CAN LOW

&1 4/Ji2 403 4034 &4 405


406V V/IOOA v4068

386 387 387A 3878 388 389 389A 389B

WasherFluid Level Input to Instrument Cluster &7 WasherMotor 12V Supply Intermittent Wper lntermittent Wper Feed to Whor ControlModule Intermittent Wiper RelayCoil Supply Intermittent Wiper RelayCoil Retum 4{,7A N t YtlOTA

sAEJ1e3e lnvertins Daaunllcnru

VORAD ECU - SAE J1939 lrwe-t-rng Data Link (+) cAN LOW VORADFrontAntenna- SAE Jl939 lnverting Data Link (+) CAN LOW - SAE J1939 lnVORADDriverDisplay verting Data Link (+) CAN LOW SAE J1939Shield SAE J1939Shield SAE J1939Shield VORADECU- SAE J1939Shield


39(H99: ElectricFuelPump
390 391 392
ElectricFuel Pump Switch Feed ElectricFuel Pump Starting Feed ElectricFuel Pump Feed

408A tl08B 408V


Group37 Circuitand WiringNumbers


41H19: Back-upLamps
410 .u^ \Ett 411 Back-Up Lamp Feed/Back-UpAarm

46F489: RearAxle
tl60 tl61 62 46it Selector Swibh Sdsty S\flibtt Fd Selector Switch Feed Fonrvard Rear Axre sorerr*J \hhre Fod Rear Rear Axle Solenoid Vahrs Fed Speedometer Adapter Feed Rear Axle Solenoid Valve Feed Differential Lock Safety Switch Feed Differential Lock Solenoid Valve Feed Fonrard Rear Axle Oil Temp Sending Unit Feed Rear Rear Axle Oil Temp SendingUnit Feed rwo (2) speed Axre Uft Axte 12V Feed Lift Axle switch Lift Axle switch #1 Lift Axle Switch tf2 Lift Axte Switch #3 Lift Axte Sotenoid Lift Axle Solenoid#1 Lift Axle Solenoid #2 Lift Axle Solenoid #3

, a

Bac*-Up Lamp switch Feed

420'-4,59: Indicator lamps

42O 42OA 421 422 4224 4228 423 424 424A 425 42dfet 427 42ZA 4278 427C 428 4N /t3O /t31 ^. Parking Brake Indb&r lrmp' Faod ParkingBrake Indicabrb \rECU Parking Brake Pressure $,1$ Feod Fed

& 465 tt66 67 468 469 tamp dusteO tamp 470 421 47'!2 4'na 4728

Differential lodout IndcabrLsm Differential Lod@d ffi Jumper Feed Ditbrnt!il Lodoll Er Feed (e,GrnJ b iluEfit Difieledbl l-&a Swidt Fed Fif0r wrnel ffi Fifth whool ffilamp Fed Fifth Wheel hbr Differentbl lofri l.amp Feed Ditbrntd lo&rn Fed ffir tanp

Ldnp Feed Jumpe| lamp Switch Feed herwtreel Indicator hbrwheelSwitch

4Z2C 479 4734 4738 473C

Dif1".ntbl l_odorrt Intenrheel Forward Rear Ade SwUr Feed Difrelerilid lodod Interwheel Rear RearAde $,ibh Feed Difrarfihl l.od<out lntendreel Dash Swibh Feod Low Air Preosure Indicator Lamp Feed Frcnt Axb lodout Indicator lamp Feed PTO Indi:ator lamp Feed Air Suspensbn Pressurelndicator Lamp Feed

l -

Group 37 Circuitand Wring Numberc


,ARG e Pc &ago
tt91 LgHT 6Qc"4t, 493 O QAlv G

49H99: Radio
o o Radio / cB Radio Feed Radio Accessory Feed Pga1E(
CB Radio Power Stud Feed Radio Battery Feed (Zrres*ey) Headlamp/Marker Lamp On Signal Door Speaker Left, Positive Door SpeakerLeft, Negative Door SpeakerRight, Fositive Door SpeakerRight, Negative

50F549: Miscellaneous lamps

5(x) s(xlL
500R 501 501L 5{r1R 502 503 504 CourtesyDoor lamp SwttchFA*" Door Switch Feed - LH Side f Door Switch Feed - RH Side Courtesy Door Lamp Feed Door Lamp Feed - LH Side Door Lamp Feed - RH Side Roof Sign Ught Feed CourtesyDoor tamp to Relay CourtesyDoor Lamp RelayCoil Retum Door Switch Relay Coil Return- LH Side Door Switch Relay Coil Retum- RH Side Cab Overhead Lamp to Relay Cab Overhead Lamp VN7/0 Bunk Overheadlamp to Switch Fluorescent Lamo Swibh F{ Work Genter Fluorescent Lamp Feed OverheadFluorescentlamp Switch Feed OverheadFluorescentlamp Switch Feed Oleftead Fluorescent Lamp Feed




Smnll EttrcX4BzR+
P rP PL E 4gZR(qql ,+ ) ( +11 t -) (4 e1 R^+) (4 q'7 Q )

zl98LR+?Q?ta RearSpeaker, Left, Positive 498LR- 4?a t DRear Speaker,Left, Negative 498RR+u Q?PAg"^r Speaker,Right, positive 498RR-4?? Phgsarspeaker, Right, Negative Front Speaker, Left, Positive Front Speaker, Left, Negative Front Speaker, Right Fc*title Front Speaker, Right, l,legdirrs Lower Left Rear, fusitiw Lorer left Rear, Negdive Lolver Right Rear, Fositive Louer Right Rear, Negative SubwooferCoil 1, Fositive SubwooferCoil 1, Negative SubwooferCnlal2,Positive SubwooferCoil2, Negative

504R 505 5(}5A 506 g7 56 5OA 509B 510

DAe\ 6Pc,c/ 4WLF+ smntr Ro d 4ggLFB L0 e 499RF+ d HtT f 499RFL+ L. R+ RS1+

sl52+ 52-

6,?aunt 1O A GRe,,l /4 t R
(,ocor, Bh,r66_ F

Rd^t |llu*.*fu
p,.t.rt,.-* .Art& 4



"fe{'oP t

oil fl't

fAg e Aee



/^)t/" //,qfn^t o ( n e l

,4 ft<a t"TARrer RoJ,'o . - P


55F599: EngineElectronics
Vehicle Speedlnputto EECU
:., 551 551A 552 553 554 555 s55A 556 557 557A

ECU Common+5 Volt Outputto Farking BrakeSwitch ECU Common+5 Volt Outrut to Power Control ECU Common+5 Volt to RemoteThrottle 557R 557S 558 ECU Common+5 Voftto Fan Control Override ECU Common+5 Volt to AC Status ECU Common+12 Voft Output ECU Common+12 Vott Outputto Brake Switch ECU Common+12 Volt Ouput to Clutch Switch ECU Common+12 Voh OutrrJtto ldle / DiagnosticSwitch ECU Common+12 Volt Ouput to Cruise Control/PTOOn/Off Switch ECU Common+12 Voft Or.rtput to Cruise Control/PTO SeUResume Switch ECU Common+12 Volt Outputto Engine BrakeOn/Off Input ECU Common+12 Volt Outputto DiagnosticTest Input ECU Common+12 Volt Outputto ldle ValidationSwitch ECU Common+12 Voh Ouput to Remote PTO ECU Common+12 Volt Outrut to Throtde Fosition Sensor ECU Common+12 Volt Ouprn to Coolant Level Sensor ECU Common+12 Volt Outrut to Farking Brake Switch ECU Common+12 Voft Ouput to Power Control ECU Common+12 Volt to Remote Throttle ECU Common+12 Volt to Fan Control Ovenide ECU Common+12 Volt Outputto AC Status

Vehicle Speedlnputto EECU Vehicle SpeedRetumfromEECU Vehicle SpeedRetumtrornEECU ThrottleFosition SensorSr.pply ThrottleFosition SonsorInputb EECU ThrotdeFosition S".:r Reifil

558A 5588 558C 558D 558E 558F 5s8G 558H 55&J 558K 558L

ldle ValklatirnInptr b EEcu ldle Valiijdin \GCU b EECU Thrde Vlr5er hgu b EECU

ECUCormr {51fr1 Onput ECUCormr {5 \,bf or&tn to Brake Swihfl ECUCorrrur +5 \blt Outrut to Clutch

5578 --,^


ECUCornsr +5 \blt Outrut to ldle / DhgnosficSlnctl ECUCorrrur +5 VoltOutrrrtto Cruise ConroUPfO Or/Off Switch ECUGqrmon +5 VoltOutputto Cruise Contou PIO SeUResume Switch ECUCommon +5 VoltOutrutto Engine BrakeOrVOff Input ECUCommon +5 VoltOutputto DiagnosticTestInput EGUCommon +5 VottOutputto ldle Valkjation Switch ECUCommon +5 VoltOntputto RemotePTO EGUCommon +5 VoltOutput to Throttle Position Sensor ECUCommon +5 VoltOuput to Coolant LevelSender





s58M 5s8N 558P 558R 558S






Group 37 Circuitand Wring Numberc 559 559A 5598 559C 559D 559E 559F s59G 559H 559J 559K 559L 559M 559N 559P 559R 559S 559X 559Y s592 560 56OAA 560A 560B ECU Common Ground ECU Common Groundto Brake Switch ECU Common Groundto Clutch Switch ECU CommonGroundto ldle/Diagnostic Switch ECU CommonGroundto Cruise ControYPTOOn/Off Switch ECU CommonGroundto Cruise Switch Control/PTO SeVResume ECU CommonGroundto Engine Brake On/Off lnput ECU Common Groundto Diagnostic Test lnput ECU CommonGroundto ldle Validation Switch ECU CommonGroundto Remote PTO ECU Common Grcund to ThroitdeFosition Sensor ECU Common Grcund b Coolant Level Sender ECU Common Grcund b Parking Brake Switch ECU Common Ground to ForuerConEol ECU CommonGroundto Remote Throttle ECU CommonGroundto Fan Control Override ECU Common Groundto AC Status ECU Common Retum 1 (lSl!l/lSX) ECU Common Return2 (lSM/lSX) Cab Return (lSM/lSX) ldle/Diagnostic Switch Incrementlnput to EECU ldle/Diagnostic Switch lncrementInput to EECU (lSl\r/!SX) DiagnosticEnableto EECU (lSM/lSX) DiagnosticSwitch On Indicator 56itA D563 5g 564A c564 D5il 565 565A D565 566 567 567A 5678 568 569 570 571 572 573 573A 5738 573C 574 562 5624 563 561


ldle/Dhgnctic SwitchDecrement Input tOEECU CruiseControUPTO Sv 'it"hlO


Cruise Control On Inputto VECU Cruise ControUPTO Switch Set ON Inputto EECU Cruise ControYPTO Set (+) EatonTop 2 LockoutSolenoid Switch Set OFF GruiseControl/PTO lnputto EECU Cruise Control/PTO Set G) lcon lndicatorl-amp Opt. ldle IndicatorLamp Cruise ControUPTO Switch ResumeON Inputto EECU Cruise ControUPTO Resume EatonTop 2 Shift Solenoid Cruise ControUPTO Switch Resume

Service Brake Switch Input to EECU Service Brake Switch Input to EECU Service Brake SwitchON to Clutch Switch NC Terminal Service Brake Switch OFF to Clutch Swibh CommonTerminal Not Used Clutch Switch lnput to EECU Engine Brake SwitchON to EECU RemotePTO SwitchON to EECU RemotePTO 1 Enable RemotePTO 2 Enable RemotePTO 3 Enable DiagnosticRequesUEngine Shutdown Ovenide to EECU


Group37 Circuitand WiringNumbers 57s 576 '' m. Af 5lrA-lv 578 578A 579 s80 581 5818 581C #2 58:l 584 584A 5848 Stop Engine lndicatorLamp Check Engine IndicatorLamp Engine ProtectionSystem Indicator Lamp Cruise Control IndicatorLamp Cruise Control Relay Ground(lSX) Engine Brake Enablefrom EECU Cruise Control/PTOSwitcfi Resume ON to Diagnostic Request Switcfl ParkingBrake Switch Inputb EECU Parking Brake Swihfi Input b Time Relay Parking Brake Swihh Fod Auxiliary Shrfiorn lrpd to EECU 505 596 597 508A s98B 594A

Specifications On/Off Manual Fan Enable Switch to ECU Engine ShtttdournSignal Battery Event Recodr ECU Common+12V Onput lcon AmbientAir TempSensor Supply lcon AmbientAir TempSensor Retum

60(H39: EngineGontrols
601 602 603 604 604A 605 6054 6058 606 607 608 608A 609 610 610A 611 611A 612 EngineGovernorSolenoidVafueFeed EngineGovernorPressureSwitch Feed EngineChoke SolenoidFeed EngineChoke Push Switch Feed EngineControl Relay Feed Speed Limiter EngineShutdorn Signal EngineControl RelaySwitch Feed IGNITIONSignal ConverterFeed IGNITIONSpeed LimiterFeed from Sig nal Converter EngineControl Relay PressureSwitch Feed EngineShutdorn System Feed Feed Jumper Alarmstatto Pressurestat WaterTemp Warning AlarmstaVHigh Signal Waming Lamp and Buzzer Feed Engine RadiatorLow Coolant Probe Feed Low Coolant Indicator and Alarm Feed Alarmstat"NormallyClosed"Terminal Feed WaterTemp Time Relay AlarmstaUHigh SignalGround Alarm High TempWarning Feed

PorverContol lrqn EECU EECU Sensor ReUm EECU Sensor Retrm from Throttle Fosition Sensor EECU Sensor Rdrm from Remote PTO Cruise ContsolSu,ihh to Cruise Control BrakeSwibtt CommonTerminal Cruise Contol Service Brake Switch Fed Cruise Confol Service Brake Switch ON Feed Remde PTO Sensor Input to EECU Low Goolant Level InPutto EECU RemotePTO Sensor InPutto RelaY Data Display Battery Feed Engine Switched Battery Feed EECU A Supply (Volvo) EECU B Supply (Volvo) VORADFused lgnition DiagnosticIndicatorLamp Or/Off Fan Enablefrom EECU



586 587 588 589 590 591 592 592A 5928 s92V 593 594


Glotp 37 Orcuit and ttUtiU Nrrr5ers

613 614 615 616 617 618 619 Alarm LovyOilSwitch Feed High CoolantTempSwitch- Warning High CoolantTempSwitch - Shutdown Low Oil PressureSwitch "shutdown' (Normally OpenGround) Low Oil PressureSwitch Warning (NormallyClosedGroundReturn) Low Oil IndicatorLamp Ground Return o o 620 621 624 625 626 627 628 628A Cummins/Caterpillar EngineCoolant Level Low Signalto EECU Detroit Diesel Engine- Coolant LevelLow Signalto EECU 632 633 634 Gt5 635A 6358 636 6it6A G}68 636C 6it6D 6it6E G}6F 6it6G 6il6H 6ilc, 636K 6288 o o EngineBrake010 (tSX) Engine BrakeSignatto EECU (VolvoD7, D12l 6il7 6:t8 6il9 639A 6398 639C 639D 6:t9E dlgF 6if9G OilTemp lanp Fed


), Solenoid Valve to Throtde SwN-/eeO EngineBrake Mode SelectSwitch Feed EngineBrake Switch Lamp Feed

Oif TempSwihh Fed


EngineBrake Switch Lamp Feed

Brake Feecl/Skinner Valve-Exhaust Switch Feed Circuit BreakerEngine BrakeExhaust Switch Feed CircuitBreakerAir PressureSwitch and SkinnerValve Feed Engine PreheatTime Relayto Exhaust BrakeSolenoid/Engine BrakeSwitch PTO Feedto Engine PreheatTime Relay ExhaustBrakeThrotfle Switch Feed ExhaustBrake Select Switch Feed ExhaustBrakeCtutch Switch GovernorSwitch Feed U, \=-

Cummins/Caterpillar Engine- Coolant Level NormalSignalto EECU Coolant LevelModule Feed EngineBrakeOn/OffSwitch Feed Clutch Switch Feed Ctutch Switch to Throtde Swilch Feed Throtile Swttch to Mode Slct Switch Feed Engine Brake "Lcnrrf Feed o o Engine BrakeOO1 (tSX) Engine Brake Switc*rJumper (Volvo D7, D12l

EngineBrake Control ModuleFower Feed ExhaustBac* PressureGovernorSolenoid Valve Feed Transmission LockupSwitch Feed Clutch Switch to SolenoidValve PTO SolenoidValve Feed PTO Switch 12V Supply PTO Switch lndicatorLamp Feed PTO Switch 12V Suppty PTO Switch 12V to Sotenoid PTO Switch 12V Supply PTO Switch lndicatorLamp Feed PTO Switch 12V Suppty

628C 628D 628E 629 629A 6298 630 6il1

EngineBrake100 (tSX) EngineBrake01 (lSM) EngineBrake10 (tSM) Engine Brake"Medium"Feed Fonrard EngineCylinderBank Engine Brake Feed- 3 PositionBrake Rear EngineCylinderBank Engine Brake Feed- 3 PositionBrake EngineBrake Mode Selectto Transmission LockupSwitch Feed Lockup Switch to Throttle Switch Feed


682 682A 6828 682C 682G 68il 684 685 686

68(H99: Air ConditioningControl

Low RefrigerantPressureSwitch Re' turn Low Side High RefrigerantPressureSwitcft Return High Side High RefrigerantPresgrre Su,idt Fod (Fan Control) Fan Clutch SolenoidRdrm Signal Out from Data Concenfralor Feed from APADSltiodde b Data Concentrator A/C High Pressun Signd b VECU Switch ReHigh Refriprant Preesr.rre turn (Fan Cortol) OrVOffFan Sdgx*l Feed orlenide Switch

701 7t2

70F709: HeatedMirrors

LorvHeat (Black)ElementFeed High Heat (Red) ElementFeed HeatedMinor IndicatorLamp Feed HeatedMinor Feed HeatedMinor Switch Feed

7t2A 703 7U
704lL 704iR 705 705L 705R 706 706L 706R 707 707L 707R

Minor Switch Fower Feed Minor Control- LH Side Minor Control- RH Side Minor Motor CommonFeed Minor Motor CommonFeed- LH Side Minor Motor CommonFeed- RH Side Minor Motor Up or Down Feed Minor Motor Up or Down Feed- LH Side Mirror Motor Up or Down Feed- RH Side Mirror Motor Left or Right Feed Mirror Motor Left or Right Feed- LH Side Minor Motor Left or Right Feed- RH Side

On/Oft Fan Sobn<*J Orcnide Switch Retum Bunk Tenp Confrol Switch SuPPIY

Bunk Terp Ccrfol Switch Signal Bunk Terp Conrol Switch Return Nd usd Deftost $nibh Fed Deftost Su,ibh Return Low Reftigerant Pressure Switch Feed Lil Sade(A/C CompressorClutch conrol) High RefrigerantPressureSwitch Feed Clutch High Side (A/C ComPressor Control) Low RefrigerantPressureSwitch Re' turn - Low Side (A/C Compressor GlutchControl) Lou RefrigerantPressureSwitch Return - High Side (A/C Compressor ClutchControl) Auto A/C Or/Off Switch Feed ATCTemp.Sensor Return

688 689 690 691 692

7 1 r ^ 7 1 9Door = Locks
710 711 712 713 713L 713R 714 714L 714R

Battery Feed to Door Lock Module Door Lock Moduleto Left-HandSwitch Switch Door Lock Moduleto Right-Hand Door Lock Moduleto Motor - Unlock



Door Lock Moduleto Motor - Unlock LH Side Door Lock Moduleto Motor - Unlock RH Side Door Lock Moduleto Motor - Lock Door Lock Module to Motor - Lock LH Side Door Lock Moduleto Motor - Lock RH Side


720-729:Safety and Warning Sys-

--lf-, itgYt ----'

720 72, 78 721

SRS Warning Lamp Feed SRS Airbag Feed Smoke Detectorlgnition Feed Smoke DetectorDisableSignal

ATCTemp.Sensor Return ATCTemp.Sensor Feed

698 24

Group 37 Circuitand Wrinq Numberc

Specifications Tt4 T74A Traction C.ontrollamp TractionC;ontrot Lamp,WAB{{-' TractionControl Lamp, Bendi*.Engine Brake DsaHe ABS ECU +12 Volt Battery Fuse Feed ABS ECU +12 Vott lgnition Feed ABS ECU +12 Voh lgnitionFeed ABS ECU +12 Voh lgnitionFeed ABS ECU +12 Volt lgnitionFeed ABS WarningLamp Enable ABS Warning Lamp- Tractor ABS WarningLamp - Trailer TractionControl SolenoidFeed TractionControl SolenoidGround LH Front Lining Wear SensorGround LH Front Lining Wear SensorSignal LH Front Uning Wear SensorSupply 5

73(F799: Anti-lock(ABS)Control
730 731 732 733 7g 735 736 737 738 739 740 741 Left FrontSensorSignal Left FrontSensor Return Left FrontModulatorExhaust Left FrontModulatorHold Left Front ModulatorCommon Left Mid Sensor Signal Left Mid Sensor Return Left Rear SensorSignal

T748 775 776


7nB Tnc
778 779 T79A

Left Rear Sensor Return Left Rear ModulatorExhaust Left Rear ModulatorHold Left Rear ModulatorCommon

781 T101

750 751 752 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760 761 770 7:71 772 Right Front Sensor Sigtal Right FrontSensor Retum Right FrontModuhtor Exhaust Right FrontModulatorHold Right FrontModulatorCommon Right Mid SensorSignal RightMid SensorReturn Right Rear SensorSignal Right Rear Sensor Return Right Rear ModulatorExhaust Right Rear ModulatorHold Right Rear ModulatorCommon Engine Brake InterruptRelay- Common Engine Brake Intenupt Relay- NC Engine Brake InterruptRelayfrom ABS ECU TractionControl Enable

T1t2 T1G? T104 Tl(F T1(b T107 T108 T109 T110 T111 T112 T113


Lining wear s"n*r)^0

RH FrontLining Wear SensorSignal RH Front Lining Wear SensorSupply 5 Vohs FrontAxle PressureControlValve Ground FrontAxle PressureControlValveSupply 12 Volts FrontAxle PressureControlValveCAN HIGH FrontAxle PressureControlValveCAN LOW Service BrakeValveSensorCommon Ground Service Brake ValveSensorSupply 5 Vofts Service BrakeValveSensorSignal #1


Group37 Circuitand Wring Numbers T114 Service Brake ValveSensorSignal#2 Rear Axle PressureControlVafue Ground Rear Axle Pressure Contrcl VahreSuf ply 12 Vohs Rear Axle Pressure Confol VahreCAN HIGH Rear Axle Pressure Confol VahreCAN LOW Trailer Pressure Contol \laha Gound Trailer Pressure Cormol \hhle Supply 12 Volts Trailer Prcssure Cortol Valve GAN HIGH Trailer Ppssrrs Cmtd VatueCAN LOW LH Rear Bre Lifrg Wear Sensor Common Grqnd LH Rar{lU Brlalo Uning Wear Sensor Signal LH Rear-Rear Brake Lining Wear Sensor Siignal LH Rear Brlalo Uning Wear Sensor Supply 5 \rbis RH Rear Bnke Uning Wear Sensor Common Grcund RH Roar{,lad Brake LiningWear Sensor Siignal RH Rear-Rear BrakeLiningWear Sensor Siignal RH Rear Brake Uning Wear Sensor Supply 5 Volts EBS Load SensorGround EBS Load SensorSignal EBS Load SensorSupply 5 Volts EBS ECU LorvAir PressureSensor Feed EBS ECU Lovrt Air PressureSensor Signal


T116 T117 T118 T119 T120 T121 T12,

Transmission 8fi!50: Automatic

800 grl w2 8(xt
804 805 806 Automatic/ElectronicTransm ission lgniticn Feedto VehicleInterfaceModule Automatic TransmissionFeed PTO Switch to Transmission ECU PTO Relay Common Feed PTO Relay NormallyOpen Feed ABS Relay NormallyOpen Feed ABS Relay Common Feed PTO Relay NormallyClo.s6dFeed Oil PressureSwitch Feed Oil PressureSwitchto Transmission ECU / Check Transmission Relay Transmission Filter IndicatorLamp Transmission Filter Switch Transmission Control RPM Sensor Signal Transmission Control RPM Sensor Return - EPL (+) AutoshiftTransmission - EPL G) AutoshiftTransmission - EPL Shield AutoshiftTransmission Transmission Ground- AutoshiftOnly Transmission Ground- AutoshiftOnly Clock (+) - AutoshiftDisplay Data (-) - AutoshiftDisplay DisplayGround- AutoshiftDisplay Transmission in NeutralSignalfrom Autoshift Transmission ECU PTO RPM PTO Switch "ON" PTO Pump Solenoid PTO Overspeedlndicator PTO PressureSwitch



T1zts T124

811 812 813

T126 T127 T128 T1Z9 T130 T131 T132 T13it T134

814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822, 88 850 851 852 853 854


Group37 Circuit andWring Numberc

A101 A1(}2 A103 Al04 A1(F A107 A110 4112 A113 A114 A115 A116A 4117 4118 A119 4120 4121 N Solenoid, Lort A,DJSolenoidFower C Solenoid,Low G Solenoid,Low GeneralPurposeOutpnt5 (-) F SolenoidPower(F-Hl) F Solenoid Lorrtt GeneralPurposeOutput3 (+) ReverseWarning(-) GeneralPurposeOutput 1 H (-) CheckTransmission H, N SolenoidPower(H, N Hl) GeneralPurposeInput 8 H General PurposeInput3 (+) GeneralPurpose lnpd 4 (+) A Solenoid Lort B, E SolencxiJForer Neutral Start (+) Sensor Forer Sensor Poryer General PurposeOutpd 4 (-) H SolenoidLovv B Solenoidlow E Solenoid Low C, G Solenoid Power D SolenoidLow General PurposeOrrtput2 H Analog Ground Analog Ground Battery Power A136A A1365 A137 A138 A139 A14' A14OA A141 4142 A1/t3 A146 4147 A148 A149 4149A


Batery Foupr

RetarderTemp Sensor Input OutputSpeed - HIGH TurbineSpeed - LOW TurbineSpeed - LOW EngineSpeed- HIGH - HIGH SerialCommonlnterfiace BatteryGround lgnitionSense SumpTemplnput Outprlt Speed - LOW Turbine Speed- HIGH Turbine Speed- HIGH EngineSpeed- LOW SerialCommon lnterface- LOW GeneralPurposelnput 2 (-) GeneralPurposeInput 1 (-) VehicleSpeed (GPl) DigitalGround C3PS Input GeneralPurposeOutput6 (-) Retader ModulationRequest Oil LevelSensorlnput GeneralPurpose Outrut H General Purpose Output 6 (-) GeneralPurposeInput (-) PrimaryShift Selector1 PrimaryShift Selector2 PrimaryShift Selector4 PrimaryShift SebAor 8 PrimaryShift Seleaor P

A151 A1$3 4155 A157 A161 4162 4163 4164 A165 4166 4167 A169

4124 A1244 A12s 4127 A128 A129 A130 4131 4132 A135 A1354 A136

A170 4171 4172 4173 4174


Grotrp 37 Circuit and Wring NurSers


A17s Alzh
A1D A178 A18o A186 A1g7 Algg A195 A325CM A325NC

shifiselect irode Input General Purpose orrtpd 6 (-)

Generatpurpose trp11 10 (-) GeneralPurpooelryd lf (+) shift selctor Di+lay Ground Ground Ground Transmissinn lD Retarder Fqrer neray por|Ur) RetarderFolrer neUV p511y ' Closed)

95(H59: PrOteCted "Bfanch COf neGtOf" GifCUit FeedS

gto 951 952 9Sg 9S4 955 956 957 Communication Sys{em- Battery Feed Communication System- lgnition Feed Air Drier Feed- Relayto Heater Fuel Heater Feed_ Relayto Heater Fuel Heater_ Relay power Feed AccessoryCircuit BreakerFeedto Branch connector lgnitionCircuit BreakerFeedto Branch Connector

D888 q'l 902 903

goFglO: Detrolt uelol Feeds

ProDriverAhD (lfDrf 958 D958 Pneumdb catH Pneumdic Coil Lil Fod ljnit Deflate


BatteryCircuit BreakerFeedto Branch

CumminsICON ThermostatData optimized tdte ThermostatInput

Pneumdb Cat|ol unit Drive

,O5l 906907 908 9OgA 9o9B D9O9 910 910A 9108 D91o D91OA

Pneumdb coru unitsteersotenoid

Fed Pneumdb Cffil Unit ForverSupply

9SA 9SB 96A 968 9ZA 978 971 g'n 973 974 975

Ground lN 12ov GroundOUT 12OV NeutrallN NeutralOUT 12OVAC tN 120V Ac our lrwerter Remote Control Feed lnverterRemoteControl Return LED common cathode Ac lN LED lnverteron LED

PneumatbCffid UnitTrailerSolenoid Fod ECU SemrTransducer Signal ECU Transdpr Voltage Reference Cumn*r l@N Alarm Cumn*rs ICONAtarm Return OOinaO Hb Alarm Outrut Cummirs ICON ECU Common cummins lcoN start signal CumminsICON Safety Loop Feed optimized tdle start Retayoutput Optimizedldle Start Supply

28 ---1

Group37 Circuitand WiringNumbers


AuxiliaryCircuits 990-999:
AUX AUXA EXPB1-1 EXPB1-2 EXPBl. EXPB1-4 EXPB1-5 EXPBl4 EXPB2-1 EXPB2-2 EXPB2.3 EXPB2-4 990 991 992 999 9994 9998 999C 999D 999E 999F 999G lgnitionRelay Feedfrom Maxi Fuse to Trailer AuxiliarySwitch 12V Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed ExpansionBlock Feed OvercrankProtection(OCP) Battery Power Fuel Cooler Fan Feed Signal Fuel CoolerTemperature AuxiliarySwitch llluminationFeed Circuit EngineAuxiliaryPass-through Circuit EngineAuxiliaryPass-through Circuit EngineAuxiliaryPass-through Circuit EngineAuxiliaryPass-through Circuit ChassisAuxiliaryPass-through Circuit ChassisAuxiliaryPass-through Circuit ChassisAuxiliaryPass-through


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