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Wednesday, February 19, 2014 No. 8

One Dollar

Sign painters from around the world to meet in Mazeppa

interested in hosting someone during the meet, contact Mike or Ayleen Meyer at 507-843-5951, or Tim Meyer (Mikes brother) at Also, contact Mike or Tim if you have a project that you would like considered to be painted for a donation.
Public events

mately 7 p.m. Houghton Auction Service will be conducting the sale that will include items created during the Panel Jam event. For example, one item expected to be auctioned off is a refrigerator with air-brush painting done by an attendee from Australia.
Hand-lettered sign painting

By Marilyn Anderson MAZEPPA Mazeppa Mardi Gras Panel Jam is expected to draw 75-100 American and international sign painters March 4-8. The event will mark the fourth letterhead meet that local sign painter and artist Mike Meyer, and his hometown of Mazeppa, have hosted since 1999. Other local meets took place in 2004 and 2005. The five-day meet will include seminars, discussions, and painting at Meyers sign shop at 189 1st Ave N in Mazeppa. Based on previous meets, it is not uncommon for local residents to stop by

to see what projects are being painted or hear a lively discussion. Additional activities, meals, and entertainment are planned for the artists and guests accompanying them, during their visit. For a village the size of Mazeppa to host an event this size, support from the community is essential. Meyer said the help from local businesses, organizations and individuals allows him to keep costs down for those who travel to Mazeppa for the event. In addition to the option of staying at area hotels, attendees often stay in the homes of area residents. If

In addition to the activities planned for the meet attendees, the public is invited to two events. On Thursday evening, March 6, the movie Sign Painters will be shown at the State Theatre in Zumbrota at 7:30 p.m. The movie, directed by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon, is an 80-minute documentary about the dedicated practitioners, their time-honoured methods, and their appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. It features the stories of more than two dozen sign painters working throughout the United States including Meyer. A trailer of the movie can be seen at http:// A book of the same name was published in November 2012, and Meyer will be available to sign copies before and after the showing of the film, which he will also introduce. On Saturday evening, March 8, a public art and sign auction will be held at the Mazeppa Community Center beginning at approxi-

Sign painting is the art of painting on buildings, billboards, murals, barns, or other objects, primarily for the purpose of announcing or advertising products, services and events. Up until the

1980s, all were hand-lettered with brush and paint. But with the advent of computer technology, the craft has all but disappeared and is now taught in only a few schools. Meyers dad was a barber who also painted signs between haircuts and showed his son how to do it. Besides teaching at workshops and meets in the United States, Meyer began teaching hand-lettering workshops internationally over ten years ago. This month (February 2014) Meyer has been traveling in Europe, conducting

two-day workshops in London, Berlin, Warsaw, and Amsterdam, before returning to Mazeppa to make final preparations for the Mazeppa Mardi Gras Panel Jam. At his workshops, Meyer teaches the basic foundations of drawing and brush lettering, including what letters have to be built like and filling in. Four lettering styles are taught: gothic, thick n thin, casual and Meyers favorite: script. The most important thing, however, according to Meyer, is for it to be fun.

PIHS celebrates Snow Week

Grand Unveiling Event for Zumbrotas film project is Feb. 25

ZUMBROTA Much anticipation has been building over the upcoming feature length film to be shot in Zumbrota this March and April. His Neighbor Phil, a My Town Pictures project written and directed by Scott Thompson, has been in the planning stages for many months. After a series of enthusiastic community meetings, highly attended auditions, and strong support from many contributors, the time has come to reveal the exclusive details to be included in the film. All are invited to a Grand Unveiling Event at the State Theatre on Tuesday, February 25 at 7 p.m. Scott Thompson will be present to announce national, regional, and local cast members, as well as some of the special aspects of Zumbrotas history and character that will be included in the script. This will also be an opportunity to find out more ways that you can participate and support the project through volunteering, investing, or both. So far, $68,794 of the needed $85,001 has been invested by com-

Snow Week Royalty, from left to right: Snow Girl Amanda Hildenbrand, Snow Boy Noah Koenig, Snow Duchess Belen Donaire Saz, Snow Duke Mitchel Acker, Snow Princess Kaitlyn Champa, Snow Prince Jacob Barr, Snow Queen Carolina Fernandez Menach, and Snow King Ian Radtke.

PI City Council meetings can be viewed on website and Channel 7

PINE ISLAND As of Tuesday, February 18, Pine Island City Council meeting will be videostreamed on the citys website and also aired on Channel 7 for viewing the next day. The council recently approved the purchase of equipment to make this possible, and Josh Westphal, a Pine Island Elementary School instructor, assisted the city with equipment and technology set-up. The council deemed it important to provide transparency and ease in access to information for residents of the community so that they have the opportunity to be well-informed. Live council meetings can be viewed at on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. and will be available to watch for one month. Simply click on the link found on the citys website home page that says Click Here to View City Council Meet-

By Audra DePestel PINEISLAND Pine Island High School students and staff celebrated Snow Week February1014. Events included the crowning of the 2014 Snow Week Royalty, dress-up days, and a volleyball tournament. Crowned 2014 Snow Week Royalty were senior Snow King and Queen Ian Radtke and Carolina Fernandez Menacho, junior Snow Prince and Snow Princess Jacob Barr and Kaitlyn Champa, sophomore Snow Duke and Snow Duchess Mitchel Acker and Belen Donaire Saz, and freshmen Snow Boy and Snow Girl Noah Koenig and Amanda Hildenbrand. Snow Week dress-up day themes were Just Sweat Monday (sweatshirts and sweatpants), Camo Tuesday, We Wear Pink ing. U-Stream provides the ca- Wednesday, Class Colors Thurspability for video streaming at no cost to the city by showing brief commercials at the beginning of the program and at half-hour intervals. A recording of the meeting will be aired on the citys public station, Channel 7, the day following each council meeting at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 7 p.m. (the third Wednesday of the month). munity members in the ownership of this film. Local organizers are confident that the remaining money can be raised to assure local ownership, but have decided the project will not proceed if all the necessary money is not in the bank. Anyone interested in investing can contact Ronda Anderson-Sand at 507-732-7830 or Pam Potter Langley at 507-732-7682. For the most current information regarding His Neighbor Phil, visit the films page on Facebook.

day, and Flannel Friday. On Thursday students battled out for the number one position in the volleyball tournament. Each grade had a girls team and a boys team. The top team for the girls was the juniors. The senior boys went on to win in the finals moving them up to the championship playoffs against the co-ed staff team. The tournament ended with the staff team winning the championship. The week-long celebration ended with a scheduled half-day of school on Friday and a snow dance on Saturday at the school.
Right: During the volleyball championship playoffs it was father against son as staff members took on the senior boys. Middle school teacher Mark Aarsvold gives his son Marcus a smile and a high five under the net as the game plays on.

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Goodhue County seeks Dairy Princess candidates

tion of Goodhue County is seeking candidates to participate in the 2014 Dairy Princess program. Dairy Princesses serve as good will ambassadors for the dairy industry by appearing at various promotional events and speaking to consumers and the media. They also participate in many parades throughout the county. The annual Goodhue County Dairy Princess and DHIA banquet and coronation will be held Saturday, April 5 at the Stary-Yerka VFW Post in Zumbrota at 7:30 p.m. A candidate must be a high school graduate by July 1 and not yet 24 years old. She or her parents must be actively engaged in the production of milk for sale to a licensed plant during the current

The senior boys volleyball team took first place in the finals and second in the championship. From left to right: Shawn Pletz, Marcus Aarsvold, Spenser Schultz, Colin Rucker, Zach Kennedy, Ben Warneke, and Luke The American Dairy Associa- year. A candidate also qualifies if Schmidt.

Published by Grimsrud Publishing, Inc. 225 Main Street, PO Box 97 Zumbrota, MN 55992 Phone: 507-732-7617 Fax: 507-732-7619 Email:

she or her parents are employed on a dairy farm. The new county dairy princesses will advance to a training seminar to be held at the College of St. Benedict in May. In addition to learning skills that can be used for the rest of their lives, the young ladies will also be competing for the twelve spots to advance to the Princess Kay of the Milky Way competition. At all levels of competition, contestants are judge on their communication skills, personality, enthusiasm for dairy promotion and general knowledge of the industry. For an application and any questions please contact Goodhue County Dairy Princess Coordina- Winning the Snow Week volleyball tournament were Pine Island School staff members, from left to right, tor Lindsay Finnesgard at 507-421- front row: Michelle Ryan, Kelli Rasmussen, Larissa Kabat, and Rob Mainhardt; back row: Zac Hannegraaf, 6444 or Mark Aarsvold, and Mark Passow.

BONUS CASH Now Thru Feb. 28


400 County Rd. 10 (Just Off U.S. Hwy. 52), Zumbrota 507-732-5194 or 1-800-967-2094 Dealer Lic. #10719


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Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

From Devils Kitchen
By Jan David Fisher

Relationships are the most important factor in our lives. Some of you may say, Fisher, why are you stating the obvious? While others may say, You are wrong, it is the economy. Or it might be some other factor. An endless list of choices exists from which to choose. Relationships are easy to make the first time, easier to destroy, and then extremely hard to rebuild. What is the difference between a good salesman and a great salesman? A good salesman sells 100% of the quota set, plus or minus 5%. A great salesman sells 200% or more. The secret of the great salesman is relationships. He builds strong, positive relationships between his/her customers and himself. Do you have a favorite car or truck dealership? Is it the brand or the dealer or maybe both? When you decide you want/need a replacement vehicle, do you shop around or do you go to that dealership? If you have a strong relationship with a salesman or the service team, it is one-stop shop-

ping. My mother had a strange habit when it came to grocery shopping. She had established relationships with the butchers and bakers in one store and did her other shopping at a competitors store. She felt she was getting the best value for her money. I believe in recognizing every worker in the store. They are all important to me. One of my high school summers, I worked in a grocery store. When I spent a summer at college, I helped out at the local hamburger stand. That place had a reputation in Lafayette that went beyond Purdue University. On Sundays, people would wait in line in their cars to get lunch after church. Sometimes when I walk through a store where I have established relationships, I tease anyone I see with their hands in their pockets. (Why, whats wrong with putting your hands in your pockets? It sends a message that you do not have enough to do. In todays world, that is reason enough to have the career guidance meeting with the manager.) Why do I enjoy relationships and people will go the extra mile (or 1.6 kilometers) for you? Recently one of my daughters used the relationship for a surprise birthday party for me. I was set up beautifully. Saturday, I went gro-

cery shopping. Sunday, my spouse insisted that we needed to go to go again. I asked, For what? and the answer was we need to go. When we entered, we had to get coffee for five adults. We sat down at the biggest round table. Suddenly, twenty-some employees surrounded us and presented a cake with a dragon done in the frosting (dark chocolate cake). Then they sang Happy Birthday and wished me well. Afterword, I went to the bakery to find out who made the cake and frosting. I was told she wasnt there on Sunday. Then I heard another bakery clerk who turned to a third clerk. She asked, Is that the guy who we made the dragon cake for? The reply was yes. Oh, I thought it was for someone celebrating his 100th birthday! What can you say after that!? These relationships also let me show interest in the other person. Existence is another factor of being alive. Recognizing each other is a way of saying, You exist! Try this: the next time you are eating out in a sit-down restaurant, every time someone fills your water glass or coffee cup, give them a Thank you! Mentally keep track of the change in the servers attitude toward you. Your thank yous are recognition of their existence. See if it makes a difference. Until next week.

Community Calendar
The Goodhue Lions Spring Brunch will be on Sunday, March Reservations are required by 2, at the Lions Community Cencalling 24 hours ahead at each of ter. Serving is from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Preschool-age is free. Free blood the nutrition sites. In the Pine Island area, meals pressure testing. are served at the Pine Island Senior Center; Zumbrota area, Zumbrota Towers. February 20-26 Thursday: Spaghetti and meat Area History Center The Oronoco Area History Censauce, garlic toast, tossed salad, ter is open to visitors in the City fruit cocktail cake Friday: Goulash, three-bean Building every second Saturday salad, pineapple slices, dinner roll, from 10 a.m.-noon. Contact us at OAHC, 54 Blakely Ct. NW or chocolate cherry bar Monday: Ham/scalloped pota- call 507-367-4320. You may also toes (alt: Minnesota hot dish), visit our web page at oronocoarea Oriental blend vegetable, coleslaw, fruit cup Tuesday: Taco salad, fruit salad, dinner roll, bar or cookie Wednesday: Pork steak, dress- Tops #1280 ing, peas and carrots, molded cinPI Tops #1280 meets every namon applesauce, salad, fruit cup If you have questions, call 356- Monday night at St. Paul Luth2228 or the SEMCAC kitchen at eran Church. Weigh-in is at 5:15 and meeting time is 6 p.m. Every732-4072. one welcome. Questions call 3568596 or 356-8990.


Lions Spring Brunch

Church, 1549 East Avenue, Zumbrota.

Senior Dining

Zumbrota Towers Events

February 20-26 Thursday: 10:15 a.m. Exercises Monday: 1:30 p.m. Cribbage, 500 Tuesday: 10:15 a.m. Exercise Wednesday: 1:30 p.m. Euchre


The Zumbrota Public Library is at 100 West Ave., Zumbrota, 507-732-5211. Hours are Mon., 12-8; Tues. 10-6; Wed., Thurs., 12-8; Fri., 10-5; and Sat., 9-3. During closed hours you can learn more about the library at http:// www.


History Center
The Zumbrota History Center has a new photo stand displaying over 50 photographs of early Zumbrota scenes. They have been enlarged to 8 x 10 for easier viewing. New photos are being added all the time. Also on display are military memorabilia, including Civil War items, different models of telephones, Zumbrota telephone books dating back to the 1900s, and items of Zumbrota advertising. Museum hours are Saturdays, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Other hours by appointment (732-7049).

Seasons Hospice

A quality that is too rare today

To the Editor: The publisher was correct in writing that a great teacher was lost with the passing of Mr. Quiring, or K Q as we sometimes called him. He was my teacher and B team basketball coach in the mid to late 1960s. He was an avowed Democrat; to put it mildly, I was not. It did not matter to him. What mattered were ideas, your capacity to think independently, and your ability to articulate and defend your position. That quality is too rare today. I can honestly say that many share my view that he was the most inspiring teacher we had in high school. He was fair-minded, and he did not care what others thought of you or your family, a great plus for me as a vulnerable youth whose highly-principled parents, regrettably, were mistreated by small-minded town leaders at the time. Although I attended his beloved St. Olafs archrivalCarleton Collegeand had many wonderful teachers there and in law school, Mr. Quiring made an indelible impression on me that has continued to shape my own teaching of thousands of law students over the years. I hope Mrs. Quiring and Kens whole family know that he had that breadth of impact, on me and many others. Lyman Johnson Robert O. Bentley Professor of Law Washington and Lee University School of Law Lexington, Virginia

All groups are held at the Center for Grief Education and Support, Seasons Hospice, 1696 Greenview Dr. SW. Registration is required two days prior to the date of the event. For details: 507285-1930 or shbp@seasonshos

Kindergarten Round-up
Pine Island kindergarten roundup is on Friday, March 7, 1:152:30 p.m. in the maroon gym. If you did not receive a packet in the mail about the event, please contact the K-8 office at 356-8581.

Tops Meeting
Zumbrota Tops #563 meets every Monday night at Our Saviours Lutheran Church. Weigh-in time is changed to 5:30 p.m. and meeting time to 6 p.m. Everyone welcome. Questions call 732-7459 or 732-4766.

SWCD Meeting
The next scheduled monthly meeting of the Goodhue County Soil and Water Conservation District, Board of Supervisors will be on Tuesday, February 25, at 9:30 a.m. at the Soil Conservation Office in Goodhue.

Caregiver Support Group

The group meets Monday, February 24, at 1 p.m. at Saint Paul Lutheran Church. Respite is available upon request. Call the Pine Island Area Home Services at 3562999 for more information.

Community Band Practice Blood Pressure Clinic


Needless to say, from a weather perspective this has been a challenging winter for schools. The part that worries us is that there are still a few weeks where were at risk of having more days called off. Decisions on further makeup dates will be made as necessary, but we are as hopeful as all of you that we will not be forced into using days around the Easter holiday or tacking them on at the end of the year. The administration, board and community members are in the middle of a strategic planning process for the school district. Our goal is to create a vision of where we want our district to be in the next five to ten years. Balancing our goals in the areas of academics, arts and athletics is a process that never ends. The growth of the use of technology in schools will continue to accelerate. We are always looking for ways to be cost efficient in the process of enhancing ZMs use of technology. We also need to watch the infrastructure needs of our district. Our high school, for instance, is now over 60 years old and is in great shape, but like all of the buildings in our district we need to stay on top of things in order to prevent an even larger liability in the future. At this time, we have gym floors in our Zumbrota Primary and Mazeppa Elementary buildings that have needed upgrades/ repairs for many years. We have scoreboards in all locations that are aged to the point where we are not able to get parts for needed repairs. We are going to start looking at ways to fund these issues, and it could end up being a combination of using capital fund dollars, fundraising efforts, and perhaps corporate sponsorships. Were open to ideas. Finally wed like to recognize the service that Ken Quiring gave to our school district. He was the type of educator who could reach every type of student. He was instrumental in developing Advance Placement courses for the students in our district. There probably isnt a student who went through his/ her history/social studies courses who did not come away from it without knowing about the legislative branches and the Electoral College or without an appreciation for politics in America. We have been given some ideas for a way to honor Ken within the district. Please contact one of the board members if you would like to help in this effort. We will miss Ken in so many ways. Our condolences go out to his wife and family. Brian Haugen Jim Wendt Mark Krier Stephen Rosenthal Brian Grudem Pete Hinrichs

The Zumbrota Community Band The clinic will be held Tues- practices on Monday nights at 7:30 Tax help is available by calling day, February 25, at 11 a.m. at the p.m. in the Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School music room. Volunthe Red Wing Senior Center for Pine Island City Centre. teer musicians are welcome. an appointment: 651-267-3599. For a Cannon Falls appointment Toastmasters Meeting on Saturdays, call the Shepherd The Pine Island Toastmasters State Theatre Center at 507-263-2136. A Gathering of Grouses: A meet at 6:30 a.m. Fridays at St. Paul Lutheran Church. They do Celebration of Birds, Dogs, and Chester Woods not meet on holiday weekends: Guns, Saturday, Feburary 22, 1Questions, call Celeste Lewis Christmas, New Years, Easter, 6 p.m. Tickets available online at Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor 507-287-2624. grouse-hunters. Proceeds benefit Day or Thanksgiving. State Theatre renovations. Oxbow Park The State Theatre is at 96 East History Center February 22, 1 p.m., Down by 4th Street in Zumbrota. For inforThe Pine Island Area History mation visit call 507the River Snowshoe Race and Center is located at 314 North Main 272-1129. Walk. Registration and packet Street. It is open by appointment pick-up starts at 8 a.m. in the Naonly, due to maintenance projects ture Center, with the race starting that have been scheduled. Regu- Crossings at 9:30 a.m. Kids race starts at 9 lar hours will begin on Sunday, a.m. Goody bags, prizes, hot chocoWater, Water Everywhere March 2. To contact the History exhibit with Michelle Wegler and late, and treats inside following. Center go to www.pineisland Snowshoe rentals available. ConCheryl LeClair-Sommer, through tact Phil at 507-315-9624 or or by leaving a mes- March 26. Reception Sat., March sage at 507-356-2802. If you wish for reg1, 5:30-7:30 p.m. to speak with someone, call the istration or more info. Wine & Watercolor with Dan director at 507-398-5326. Questions, call Clarissa Josselyn Wiemer, Fri., Feb. 21, 7-9 p.m. at 507-775-2451. Welded Metal Garden Sculptures, Sat., Feb. 22 and/or Sun., Feb. 23, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. each day. Seamless Felted Slippers, Sat., KW School Board Meeting Feb. 22, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The board will meet on MonCommunity Library Sudden Lovelys concert, Sat., The Goodhue School Library, day, February 24, at 7 p.m. in the Feb. 22, 7:30 p.m. middle/high school media center in conjunction with SELCO and Precious Metal Clay Pendants Goodhue County, is open to the conference room in Kenyon. and Earrings, Sun., Feb. 23, 11 Agenda items: school police liaicommunity on Mondays and a.m. - 4 p.m. Wednesdays, 3:30-7 p.m. when son officer contract, dissolution For more information go to of the agreement with SEMVA, a school is in session. The library is www. or equipped with interlibrary loan finance update, WETC, the ac- call 507-732-7616. Crossings is ceptance of donations, the 2014service, which means if the library at 320 E Ave. does not have a book you want, 15 school calendar, school board policy, quotes for building secuthat book can be there in two days. rity locks, a softball field proposal, the superintendent contract, perHistorical Society sonnel, committee and adminisThe Goodhue Area Historical trative reports. Anyone wishing Society is closed for the season to address the board may do so at until June 1 when regular hours the beginning of the meeting. resume. If you want to arrange a visit in the meantime call Ardis "The Power That Made Henrichs, 651-923-4629; Marie The Body, Heals The Body" Strusz, 651-923-4302; Ray McNamara, 651-923-5117; or Roy Troy Higley, D.C. Buck, 651-923-4388. Visit good Moms in Prayer Palmer Graduate for information Moms in Prayer meet on Mon507-732-4200 about the historical society. days, 7 p.m. at Our Saviours 404 Main St., Zumbrota

AARP Tax Aid



Global Family Chiropractic





Mardi Paws Masquerade animal rescue fundraiser is March 1
By Marilyn Anderson ROCHESTER Area volunteers invite you to join them for their first ever Mardi Paws Masquerade on Saturday evening, March 1, from 7-10 p.m. at the Rochester Arts Center, 40 Civic Center Drive, SE. Tickets are available online at http://www.campcompanion. org/ The evening is planned to capture the sights, sounds, and festivities of New Orleans, while raising funds for Camp Companion. Camp Companion is an all-volunteer animal rescue group, dedicated to preventing future generations of homeless animals.
Evening festivities

Lowell Hinrichs and Loretta Broas practice their waves in anticipation of their upcoming duties after being crowned king and queen on Valentines Day at Zumbrota Health Services. They were selected by staff, residents, and family members and will reign over festivities during the coming year.

Hinrichs and Broas are crowned Valentines Day King and Queen
By Marilyn Anderson ZUMBROTA Residents, staff, and guests filled the main lobby of Zumbrota Health Services (ZHS) as the 2014 Valentines Day King and Queen were crowned the afternoon of February 14. Lowell Hinrichs and Loretta Broas were chosen by residents, family members, and staff, to reign over celebrations throughout the coming year, including the Covered Bridge Festival in June. Lacey Boesen, ZHS Director of Activities and Volunteer Services, welcomed everyone to the coronation and emceed the event. Residents Don Aarsvold and Charlie Lukes gave love-themed readings prior to Boesen announcing the 2014 royalty. Following a drum roll, Hinrichs was crowned King by Lisa Trom, ZHS restorative nursing assistant. After he took his seat of honor, Hinrichs, now facing those gathered in the lobby, gave a wave to everyone. Next, it was time for Trom to find the Queen among those gathered. Broas was quite surprised and even tearful to have been selected queen. She said it was quite an honor to be chosen. Following coronation, volunteer Rose Durhman played several songs on the piano, including Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Cookies and cupcakes were served as refreshments.

To capture the masquerade theme, the Arts Center will be decorated, reminiscent of New Orleans French Quarter. Costumes for the evening are not only welcome, but encouraged. The festive atmosphere will also be captured with special Mardi Paws masks. Local artists will display their work, with an opportunity for attendees to help homeless animals by purchasing pieces of art. Costumed students of the arts will serve desserts from Catering by Design while music is provided by Take Two and Friends. Robin Wolfram, KTTC reporter and animal lover, is emceeing the event.

Sara Linker Nord of rural Zumbrota has been a volunteer with Camp Companion, an animal rescue group, for seven years. In addition to fostering cats and dogs until adoption, she and her husband, Craig Nord, have adopted a cat, Charlie, and a dog, Beebe.

Volunteers are the sole source of strength of Camp Companion, giving of their time and following the organizations mission. Camp Companion, founded in 2003, has an aggressive spay/neuter program targeting farm, feral and stray cats, centered on the approach of trapneuter-return (TNR). Zumbrota volunteers include

Sara Linker Nord, Joan Wood, and Carol Post. Linker Nord, a volunteer for seven years, said the program is somewhat unique in that besides its focus on TNR, it doesnt have a shelter for homeless animals. Instead, it relies on volunteers to provide foster homes for the animals until adoption occurs. Adoption events are held each Saturday at Rochester pet stores with information about specific available pets found on the organizations website. A modest adoption fee helps cover the services the pet has received (spay/neuter

and vaccinations). If interested in volunteering, Linker Nord can be contacted at 732-7639, or view the many ways you can help that are listed on the website.

TNR is becoming recognized as an effective and humane strategy for managing and reducing feral cat populations. Camp Companion supports this belief and how towns and communities are benefitted through TNR. Additional information about TNR can also be found on their website.

Food shelf needs support during March FoodShare campaign

By Marilyn Anderson ZUMBROTA The Zumbrota Area Food Shelf is once again participating in the Minnesota March FoodShare campaign. For more than 30 years, the March campaign has been making a major difference in relieving hunger by raising money and food to stock nearly 300 food shelves throughout Minnesota. The annual effort brings together families, businesses, faith communities, schools, civic groups, and individuals to raise more than half the food distributed each year by Minnesota food shelves. All food and monetary donations given to the Zumbrota Area Food Shelf stay at and are used by the local food shelf only. The service area includes, Zumbrota, Mazeppa, Wanamingo, Bellechester, and Goodhue. The pounds of food and dollars raised during the March campaign qualify for two incentives: 1. Minnesota FoodShare provides a portion of their Food Fund dollars to our local food shelf, based on the pounds of food collected and dollars raised in our community. 2. The Alan Feinstein Foundation provides a $1 million incentive fund for hunger programs across the nation. Our local food shelf will receive a portion of the fund based on amount of food and dollars donated during March.
Local usage

Dangerous driving conditions February 13

Photo by Alicia Hunt-Welch

ZUMBROTA After a morning with temperatures in the 30s on February 13 the temperatures dropped to the teens and wind conditions picked up in the afternoon. Strong winds blew snow and caused drifting along many roadways, making for unexpected and sometimes dangerous driving conditions. Traffic was brought to a standstill on Highway 52 south of Zumbrota after a semi truck went off the road and jack-knifed in the median near 480th Street. Traffic was backed up to south of the Pine Island exit.

Library to host performance and discussion about frac sand mining

ZUMBROTA The Dreamery Rural Arts Initiative of Wykoff, in collaboration with Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre of Minneapolis, presents a public tour of Lets Talk About Sand, a performance event encouraging discussion about the frac sand mining industry. They will be performing at the Zumbrota Public Library at 4 p.m., Monday, February 24. This event is free and open to the public. Lets Talk About Sand features a fun, 15-minute performance of What the Frack?, a Cantastoria performance using handpainted imagery and live music. The show is both informational and poetic, and includes time for audience input. Performers are Spring Valley/Wykoff residents and Heart of the Beast veterans. Lets Talk About Sand also includes a screening of excerpts from the documentary The Price rural Fillmore County. Visit of Sand , by Jim Tittle (www. Focusing on for more information. community actions in the Mississippi River Valley in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD regions contending with recent frac MEETING sand mining ventures, The Price INDEPENDENT SCHOOL of Sand exposes many of the huDISTRICT NO. 2805 man and environmental issues the ZUMBROTA-MAZEPPA PUBLIC SCHOOLS industry raises. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2014 The event winds up with an open 7:00 P.M. forum discussion during which ZM HIGH SCHOOL participants will be invited to exMEDIA CENTER press views on or ask questions ZUMBROTA, MINNESOTA about the issues raised in the perI. Call Meeting to Order (Action) formance and the film. This is a II. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance family-friendly event lasting 60III. Adopt Agenda (Action) 90 minutes. IV. Communications V. Reports For more information, please VI. Patron Input contact the Zumbrota Public LiVII. Old Business brary. The Dreamery Rural Arts a. 2014-15 School Calendar (Action) Initiative is a not-for-profit orgab. Construction House Sale Timeline nization dedicated to supporting c. Social Media Policy and expanding arts experiences in d. MSBA Revised Policies (Action)

of their donations, while helping people during their greatest hour of need. In 2013, the local food shelf served approximately 3620 people (some duplicated due to return visits) and distributed approximately 126,400 pounds of food. Regarding specific usage and concerns locally, Director Deb Walstad said, I think the cost of food is one our biggest concerns. The usage is up along with the family size. I expect we will see a trickle down effect with the cold winter and heating bills this winter. In a few months we will probably see an even larger increase. She added, We can use any nonperishable foods as well as cash donations. Kid-friendly food is always a good choice.

In 2012, more than 544,000 Minnesotans received federal food assistance one out of every 10 people in the state. One-third of these were children. Another quarter were the elderly or disabled adults. The total is more than the combined populations of Minneapolis, Rochester and Apple Valley.
How to donate

Donations can be mailed to Zumbrota Area Food Shelf, PO Box 43, Zumbrota, MN 55992. Volunteers will be available every Tuesday during the month of March from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. for donations. The Food Shelf is located at 242 Main Street with access from the back via the alley between Main Street and West Avenue off 2nd Street.

New Chromebooks available for use in the library

ZUMBROTA This week three new special items became available for checkout at the Zumbrota Public Library. Theyre called Chromebooks, and they are lightweight laptop computers designed exclusively for online activity. Patrons can check out a Chromebook for use within the library as an alternative to using one of the stationary personal computers. This provides the option of sitting anywhere within the library for greater comfort, convenience, and privacy. For instance, parents might like the option of using a Chromebook at a table in the childrens area while their kids read, play with toys, or use a kids computer. Or someone studying or filling out applications might like to take a Chromebook to one of the study carrels along the back walls of the library. The Chromebooks will only be available for use within the library; they cannot be taken home or outside. Patrons will be asked to leave their drivers license at the front desk while they are using a Chromebook. The funds for purchasing the Chromebooks were provided by a grant from the Zumbrota Community Trust.

ZM ISD 2805

The Zumbrota Area Food Shelf Board and volunteers point out that giving food or money during the March campaign is the perfect way for donors to stretch the value
a. Adopt Consent Agenda (Action) b. Personnel (Action) c. Work Session Cancellation (Action) IX. Board Comments and Reports X. Pertinent Dates XI. Future Agenda Items XII. Adjourn (Action)

VIII. New Business

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Zumbrota-Mazeppa salutes


Officer Team President- Lisa Ecker Vice President- Adam Burdick Secretary- Alyssa Stehr Treasurer- Emma Flotterud Reporter- Hannah Eckblad Sentinel- Aricka Roberson 2nd Vice President- Derek Stehr 3rd Vice President- Blake Lerum Parliamentarian- Samantha Perrotti Historian- Seth Tupper Advisor- Jon Yusten Future Contests: Meats Caleb Hinrichs Zach Sanborn Dani Sanborn Zach Stensrud Hannah Eckblad Contests: General Livestock- State Qualified Lisa Ecker Derek Stehr Alyssa Stehr Seth Tupper The 2013-2014 FFA officer team consists of Seth Tupper, Adam Burdick, Brittany Sanborn Alyssa Stehr, Derek Stehr, Lisa Ecker, Aricka Roberson, Emma Flotterud, Sam Perrotti and Hannah Eckblad. Horse Evaluation- State Qualified Taylor Nelson Aricka Roberson Sam Perrotti Soils- State Qualified Adam Burdick Blake Lerum Tim Hinrichs Connor Hegseth Noah Prodzinski Dairy Evaluation Shelby Betcher Caleb Hinrichs Zach Sanborn Zach Stensrud Eric Swanson Contour Line- Region Champions Caleb Hinrichs Derek Stehr Seth Tupper, Evan Nelson, Alyssa Stehr, Tim Hinrichs, Lisa Ecker, Emma Flotterud, Derek Stehr, Zach Sanborn, Caleb Hinrichs, Brittany Sanborn, Hannah Eckblad, Kayla Stensrud, Aricka Roberson, Sam Perrotti, Adam Burdick and Matt Burdick clean the ditch along Highway 58. Trap Shoot- 10th at State Seth Tupper Connor Hegseth Tim Hinrichs Noah Prodzinzki Caleb Hinrichs Zach Sanborn Brittany Sanborn Eric Swanson Advanced Parliamentary ProcedureHannah Eckblad Lisa Ecker Alyssa Stehr Emma Flotterud Caleb Hinrichs Adam Burdick Novice Parliamentary ProcedureAricka Roberson Casey Dykes Brynn Karstens Matt Kuznicki Emily Haugen Zach Stensrud Best Informed Greenhand Brittany Sanborn Zach Sanborn Taylor Nelson Zach Stensrud Public Speaking Aricka Roberson Extemporaneous Speaking Hannah Eckblad Creed Speaking Zach Stensrud Job Interview Alyssa Stehr State Degree Applicants: Lisa Ecker Adam Burdick Alyssa Stehr Emma Flotterud Hannah Eckblad Region Officer Applicants: Hannah Eckblad- President Placing second at the ZM FFA trap shoot was the team consisting of Caleb Hinrichs, Zach Sanborn, Seth Tupper, Conner Hegseth and Tim Hinrichs.

Attending the 2013 National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky were Back row, left to right: Tim Hinrichs, Zach Sanborn, Brittany Sanborn, Derek Stehr, Kayla Stensrud, Aricka Roberson, Taylor Nelson, Sam Perrotti. Front row: Emma Flotterud, Lisa Ecker, Adam Burdick, Alyssa Stehr and Dani Sanborn.

FFA Members
Cheyanne Bell Shelby Betcher 9 Adam Burdick 12 Matt Burdick 9 Casey Dykes 7 Hannah Eckblad 11 Lisa Ecker 12 Chris Farrell 10 Emma Flotterud 12 Emily Haugen 7 Connor Hegseth 11 Caleb Hinrichs 10 Tim Hinrichs 11 Brynn Karstens 7 Matt Kuznicki 7 Blake Lerum 11 Jeff Neil Taylor Nelson 10 Samantha Perrotti 10 Noah Prodzinski 11 Aricka Roberson 10 Brittany Sanborn 10 Dani Sanborn 12 Zach Sanborn 10 Autumn Schleicher 10 Andi Schwartz Alyssa Stehr 12 Derek Stehr 10 Ryan Stehr Kayla Stensrud 11 Zach Stensrud 9 Eric Swanson 10 Brooke Swenson Chad Swenson Colton Thoreson Seth Tupper 11

Fall judging teams at regional contest at UWRF consisted from left to right of Eric Swenson, Seth Tupper, Zach Sanborn, Alyssa Stehr, Aricka Roberson, Lisa Ecker, Sam Perrotti, Zach Stensrud, Taylor Nelson, Brittany Sanborn, Shelby Betcher, Derek Stehr and Caleb Hinchley.

Tim Hinrichs, Lisa Ecker, Emma Flotterud and Alyssa Stehr along with thousands of other FFA members attended a Deirks Bentley and Jana Cramer concert in Louisville, Kentucky during the National FFA Convention.

The 24th annual ZM FFA Toy Show was a great success. Pictured at the concession stand are Emma Flotterud, Alyssa Stehr, Lisa Ecker, Derek Stehr, Tim Hinrichs and Caleb Hinrichs.

Staff Feed ................................................ Friday, February 21 Region Awards Night .................................. Tuesday, April 8 State Convention ......... Sunday, April 27-Tuesday, April 29 FFA Banquet .............................................. Saturday, May 10
Adam Burdick along with the rest of the ZM FFA members unloaded over 1,000 cases of fruit during their fruit drive for charity.

Chad Swenson, Ryan Stehr, Derek Stehr, Emma Flotterud, Lisa Ecker Evan Nelson and Alyssa Stehr show the chapter pen of 10 at the Minnesota State Fair.

is on Friday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Zumbrota-Mazeppa Elementary School gym, Mazeppa.
Tickets will be available the first two weeks of March from any FFA member or at the high school or elementary offices. Cost is $6 in advance or $8 at the door. Pre-school is free.

Interested in supporting Zumbrota-Mazeppa FFA?

Want to help students grow and develop into future agriculturalists and leaders?


Cost is $20 for ages 18-22, $50 for ages 22+ or $80 per couple. Contact Grady Stehr at 507-251-4102 for more information.

Seth Tupper, Derek Stehr, Dr. Jack Anderson, Dr. Matt Dodd, Lisa Ecker, Dr. Curt Nelson, Alyssa Stehr, Emma Flotterud, Adam Burdick, Dr. Mark Debner, Hannah Eckblad, Dr. Matt Anderson, Sam Perrotti and Aricka Roberson were FFA members receiving a check from Anderson Veterinary Service.

The Chapter would like to thank all of our sponsors and the citizens of Zumbrota and Mazeppa who help the FFA Chapter in our program of activities.


ZUMBROTA 507-732-7338
Dr. Jack Anderson Dr. Matt Anderson Dr. Mark Debner Dr. Matt Dodd Dr. Kevin Funk Dr. Roger Madison Dr. Curt Nelson Dr. Norb Nigon Dr. Grant Williams

Gerkens Zumbrota Feed & Grain LLC

175 Main Street, Zumbrota 507-732-7691 Wabasha Lake City 1412 Northstar Drive, Zumbrota 411 Main Street, Zumbrota 507-732-5103


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Matthees Oil & LP

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Check our market results in the shopper.

First State Bank of Red Wing Mazeppa Office

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24 Hour Towing Custom Exhaust Work Major & Minor Repairs 507-732-5613 Zumbrota
1410 Northstar Drive, Zumbrota 732-5117 800-927-6864 A Touchstone Energy Partner Central Livestock Association ZUMBROTA MARKET 507-732-7305

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Goodhue salutes


Goodhue FFA Highlights:
Jared Luhman and Shawna Conrad retired from being State Officers and Kendrah Schafer received her FFA State Degree. Madison Schafer is the Region VIII Secretary and Gavin Luhman is the Region VIII Treasurer. The General Livestock Judging Team advanced to State. They will compete this spring. Members of that team are Kendrah, Madison, and Max Schafer, and Haley Hinrichs. Jared Luhman received his FFA American Degree at National Convention

FFA Yearly Events:

State Convention Volksfest SLCCL State Fair FLD Livestock Judging National Convention Fruit Sale U of M Leadership Invite Goodhue FFA members.

Goodhue FFA members at the FFA State Convention. Pictured left to right; front row: Haley Hinrichs, Libby Mills, Christyn Hokanson, Ashlyn Stecklein, Maggie Mills, Kalley Dierks, Madison Schafer. Back Row: Jamie Thermos, Sam McNamara, Lanny Reese, Jon Dilworth, Gavin Goodhue FFA member, Jared Luhman, Michaela Schrimpf and Kendrah Schafer. Luhman, receives the FFA American Degree at National Convention in Louisville Kentucky.

Goodhue FFA Officers pictured front to back: President Madison Schafer, Vice President Haley Hinrichs, Secretary Gavin Luhman, Treasurer Jamie Thermos, Reporter Maggie Mills, Sentinel Sam McNamara, Historian Brittney Ryan, and Parlimentarian Nathan Altendorf.

Members of the Goodhue FFA attended State Leadership Camp for Chapter Leaders(SLCCL). Pictured from left to right; front row: Jamie Thermos, Haley Hinrichs, and Madison Schafer. Back row: Region VIII Pictured left to right: Dr. Matt Dodd, Dr. Jack Anderson, Brittney Ryan, President Valerie Earley, Kendrah Schafer, Gavin Luhman, and Minneso ta Dr. Curt Nelson, Haley Hinrichs, Dr. Grant Williams, Maggie Mills, Dr. State Treasurer Dylan Antoff. Mark Debner, Madison Schafer, Jamie Thermos, Dr. Matt Anderson and Gavin Luhman. Goodhue FFA received $578 from Anderson Veterinary Service.

Goodhue FFA members at the PEM invite are Myrian Monjaraz, Brittney Ryan, Jed Lindblom, Mayra Monjaraz, and Sara Post.

FFA Members who attended the Stewartville Invite. Pictured left to right; Back Row: Sara Post, Kalley Dierks, Mayra Monjaraz, Kendrah Schafer, Melissa Poncelet, Lexie Lodermeier, Samantha Bartholome, Brittney Ryan, Emily Benrud, Madison Schafer, Dallas Jacobson, Max Schafer. Front Row: Myrian Monjaraz, Jay Dicke, Justin Thomforde, Mather Goplan and Connor Jacobson.

Members who attended Region VIII Fall Leadership Day pictured from left to right is Brittney Ryan, Maggie Mills, Sam McNamara, Kalley Dierks, Region VIII Treasurer Gavin Luhman, Katie Hemenway, and Region VIII Secretary Madison Schafer.

Pictured left to right: Shawna Conrad, Jared Luhman, and Kendrah Schafer at the FFA State Convention. Shawna and Jared retired as FFA State Officers and Kendrah received her FFA State Degree.

Goodhue FFA members attend National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky this Fall. Pictured from left to right; front row: Madison Schafer, Katie Hemenway, Kalley Dierks, Brittney Ryan, Maggie Mills, and John Altendorf. Back Row: Haley Hinrichs, Jamie Thermos, Joel Gadient, Nathan Altendorf, Gavin Luhman, and Kendrah Schafer.

Pictured is Brittney Ryan helping Goodhue second graders through a FFA program called PALS.

Pictured left to right: Brittney Ryan, Jed Lindblom, Gavin Luhman, Jamie Thermos, Shelly Strusz, Lisa Lyrek and Dr. Dan Nietz. Goodhue FFA received $452 from the Zumbrota Veterinary Clinic.

The Chapter would like to thank all of our sponsors and the citizens of Goodhue who help the Chapter in our program of activities.




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Zumbrota-Mazeppa Honor Roll announced for the first semester
Named to the Honor Roll in grades 7-12 at Zumbrota-Mazeppa School are the following. A Honor Roll Grade 7 Jason Albers, Makayla Arendt, Jacob Bennett, Aspen Brubaker, Alexander Burdick, Matt Debner, Casey Dykes, Carly Fredrickson, Morgan Goodman, Emily Haugen, Juliah Jackson, Brynn Karstens, Hannah Keach, Halle Kruse, Trey Lexvold, Peyton Liffrig, Neftaili Medina, Glenn Nelson, Kyra Nichols, Cole Peters, Natalye Quam, Ariel Showers, Blake Stiller, Lindsay Stussy, Ethan Tedrick, Parker Voth, Lana Yeakel Grade 8 Stephanie Everly, Aisha Garcia, Greta Gartner, Jarret Haglund, Rheis Jenson, McKell Lemmerman, Dalton Ludington, Anna Nietz, Ian Niles, Samuel Nordquist, Lyndsey Quam, Anna Schueler, Layla Sjolander, Ben Thompson, Hannah Zielsdorf Grade 9 Brianna Albers, Katia Beebe, Paige Bennett, Chloe Berg, Amanda Edstrom, Janessa Grim, Maggie Gunhus, Alexander Guse, Cole Haferman, Anna Haugen, Nathan Horsch, Payton Kruse, Katie Lawler, Sophie Levi, Tara Matuska, Miranda Mollenhauer, Tara Poncelet, Landon Rauen, Bethany Renken, Isaiah Stueber Grade 10 Amber Brown, Alyssa Burns, Laura Drackley, Sarah Gehrke, Katelyn Grudem, Breana Haag, Georgia Hinrichs, Kathryn Hodgman, Sophia Holm, Sarah Holst, Alec Hunstad, Nevin Kingsley, Zachary Klein, Brenna Kreps, Elyse Lodermeier, Katelynn McCarty, Katelynn Mehrkens, Alex Nelson, Kellie Nordquist, Morgan Olson, Robby Pollitt, Aricka Roberson, Callie Ryan, Rebecca Steffes, Siddarth Subramaniam, Rachel Tschann, Colton Webster, Olivia Whipple Grade 11 Tianna Beniak, Rose Bridley, Ben Bryant, Paul Dahlen, Nathan Debner, Hannah Eckblad, Olivia Gadient, Benjamin Grimsrud, Emma Gunhus, Dustin Haxton, Freedom Hunt, Madeline Lindhart, Jaclyn Matuska, Rachel Mensink, Laura Schueller, Isaiah St. Martin, Justine Weber, Mark Yeakel Grade 12 Kenedy Beebe, Megan Bennett, Ryan Bennett, Elizabeth Boettger, Kaitlen Buck, Anna Budensiek, Jennica Darcy, Emma Drackley, Lisa Ecker, Emma Flotterud, Allison Frederixon, Griffin Gartner, Amber Gehrke, Cennedy Gunhus, Carley Henning, Abigail Hinchley, Ellis Hirman, Brady Holst, Molly Lawler, Isaac Leonard, Deb Miller, Madison Nyhus, Kalli Paukert, Hunter Prodzinski, Lindsey Renken, Madeline Roberts, Kaitlyn Sommerfield, Jacquelyn Sorenson, Alyssa Stehr, Catherine Tri, Jacob Tschann, Jamie Warneke, Megan Warneke, Rachel Whipple B Honor Roll Grade 7 Kallie Alders, Roslind Anderson, Madelyn Banks, Grace Beebe, David Befort, Layla Berg, Zachary Befort, Michael Downes, Joshua Drackley, Gracie Elliott, Gabrielle Hinrichs, Amaya Huneke, Megan Johnson, Tristan Johnson, Isaiah Jurrens, Matthew Kuznicki, Tyler Mehrkens, Hannah Mensink, Nathan Mensink, Hannah Mickow, Abigail Mielke, Nathaniel Moline, Matthew Postians, Rylee Schliep, Morgan Solie Grade 8 Dean Anderson, Fletcher Bengston, Madison Brooke, Carter Cordes, Spencer DeFrang, Corie Deraas, Jackson Duncan, Madisen Enger, Kaci French-Erickson, Alexander Gerken, Tyler Grudem, Willy Heitmann, Tanner Jackson-Stock, Skyler Jacobson, Ben Knowlton, Madeline Lawler, Alexandria Macht, Nathan McCarty, Savannah Meyer, Alexander Miller, Lauren Miller, Dylan Mollenhauer, Zachary Pollitt, Jack Rubio, Hayden Stensland, Luke Tupper, Cooper Utley, Hayden Voxland, Brandi Weiland, Braylie Whitmire, Aimee Wiggins Grade 9 Bradley Arendt, Sarah Baack, Jeremiah Benson, Taylor Blakstad, Justine Cash, Savanna Echols, Haley Ellingson, Katherine Gerleman, Preston Gray, Kaitlyn Hinchley, Alexander Johnson, Garret Langbehn, Amber Mitchell, Riley Morrow, Addison Mueller, Quinn Nelson, Kevin Nordquist, Jazmin Portillo, Isaac Sorenson, Tyler Stene, Zachery Stensrud, Brittany Syhakhoun Grade 10 Ryan Archer, Bailey Berg, Tyler Dykes, Noah Erickson, Calley Gunhus, Caleb Hinrichs, Erin Idler, Inga Jentsch, Adam Krage, Noah Krueger, Vincent Levi, Grace Myran, Taylor Nelson, Andrew Pahl, Samantha Perrotti, Aubrey Reuter, Emilie Rubio, Brittany Sanborn, Braden Schoenfelder, Alyssa Sommerfield, Sabrina Spratte, Derek Stehr, Chenoa Vagt, Mariah Vagt, Avery Voss, Kayle Wedde Grade 11 Craig Banks, Brandon Billman, Shania Bode, Dillon Downes, Hailey Dykes, Xenishma Garcia, Laura Gerken, Connor Hegseth, Caitlyn Heitman, Brady Hinrichs, Martin Jordanov, Andrew Krause, Sophie Leonard, Blake Lerum, Joseph Majerus, Christian Monsrud, Alexis Moore, Tayler Mort, Kennedy Mueller, Tyler Poncelet, Noah Prodzinski, Alyssa Quam, Lindsey Thompson, Kari Thoreson, Seth Tupper, Gilbert Wohlfromm Grade 12 Danielle Blakstad, Adam Burdick, Collin Carney, Whitney Ellefson, Kurt Gadient, Cody Hinrichs, McKensi Jackson, Kyle Kirtz, Amber Klankowski, Derek Kubista, Shania LaCanne, Emma Lawler, Tahtina Martinez, Paige Nichols, Michelle Nygaard, Chase Steffen, Jacob Ugland, Logan Wegner


Goodhue Volksfest Committee members, front row, from left to right: Lori Agre and Joe OReilly; back row: Erin Gravemann, Bonnie Kassen, Brittany Erhardt, and Kellie Bien.

Volunteers sought for Volksfest

By Tara Chapa GOODHUE The Goodhue Jaycees are excited to announce that the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Tracy Lawrence will be headlining the Volksfest concert this summer (June 13-14), with Joe Diffie opening for them on that Saturday night. The Volksfest Committee has asked for more volunteers to help with the event. Volunteers normally help serve food, clean up, run carnival activities, and give out prizes. In 2013, activities and games included the Udder Run, craft show, kiddie parade, pool games, skid loader relay, bean bag tournament, city parade, pedal pull, and watermelon feed. The committee is open to hearing about new ideas for Volksfest. Currently, the Volksfest Committee has five volunteers to work at Miss Goodhue event, one for carnival events, three for the parade, two for the quilt show, and one for the fireworks. The Jaycees play a large role in Volksfest. They are, however, busy running the dance as well as their own events. Additional help could be used for non-profit groups such as FFA, 4-H, and church youth groups. Volksfest is a time for residents to come together and celebrate being a community. City clerk Lori Agre said that all volunteers have a great time working together and develop a sense of accomplishment as everything is pulled together. She added that while she and her family volunteer their time, they also go to all the events and have hosted many visitors at their house a family from Brazil has attended twice in the past few years. If you are willing to volunteer your time at Volksfest or have an idea for an activity and wish to work this activity, please stop by the city hall to sign up, call 651923-4310 or email the Volksfest Committee at goodhuevolksfest@

Goodhue sells land to county for road improvement

By Tara Chapa GOODHUE The Goodhue City Council approved the selling of 0.85 acres of land along County Road 6 to Goodhue County at the Wednesday, February 12 meeting. The county plans to expand the county right-of-way so they can upgrade and widen the road. The city will also temporarily rent another 1.5 acres to the county through December 12 for construction and the stockpiling of dirt. Before the end of the construction the county will return the rented property to the city in the condition it had before construction or better. The city will be paid $8,500 per acre for the purchased property and $325 per acre for the rented property. The rented land was previously rented to a farmer. If this project impacts the amount of land that the farmer is able to operate on, then the city will adjust the rent the farmer pays, based upon the acreage counter that the farmer has on his equipment. The city will get two usable accesses from the property directly on to the newly upgraded County Road 6. The county plans to advertise for bids in April and begin the project in June. The planned detour will be County Road 7. The county plans to complete the project in 110 days. The projected cost of the project, according to the county, is $5 million. The county will receive $3.2 million in federal money and the rest will be paid from state aid. The county estimates that about 2,000 cars go through the County Road 6 right-of-way per day.


January 9 6:11 p.m. A report was made of a female talking about suicide. When an officer spoke to her she said that she was upset over a breakup, but was not suicidal. A friend would be staying with her for the night. 9:02 p.m. A female reported that she heard someone walking around her back door. An officer checked around the house and found nothing. 10:23 p.m. An officer assisted the State Patrol with a vehicle vs. deer accident. MnDOT would remove the deer. January 10 10:52 a.m. A report was made of a male driving a truck under the influence of alcohol. 11:23 a.m. An officer assisted a driver who was having vehicle problems. 11:52 a.m. An officer assisted with a funeral escort. 5:42 p.m. A male reported that a vehicle was blocking his driveway. 6:52 p.m. SuperAmerica reported a theft. 7:28 p.m. Wabasha County reported that a male was assaulted and requested backup. 8:55 p.m. A female reported that someone was knocking on her door and didnt know who it was. 11:40 p.m. A female reported dogs barking outside. January 11 2:15 a.m. A deputy made notification of a death. 8:56 a.m. A female requested an officer to be in the area for a renter who was being served with an eviction notice. 5:03 p.m. A young female went to a friends house stating that her mother being mean to her and calling her a liar. When an officer arrived she said she was arguing with her mother who told her to stay home. She was transported back to her mother. January 12 2:54 a.m. A female reported that a house was fully engulfed in fire. 12:43 p.m. A female fell and was complaining of back and arm pain. She was conscious and alert. 5:56 p.m. Rochester State Patrol reported of a vehicle going northbound on Highway 52 with sparks coming out of the bottom. The fire was put out. January 13 2:31 p.m. A female called 911 because a male took her debit card to go buy cigarettes and wouldnt give the card back. He gave back the card prior to police arrival. 8:46 a.m. An officer checked on a vehicle that was parked at the fairgrounds. 12:55 p.m. A driver was given a verbal warning. 5:13 p.m. A male reported that a Ready heater was stolen. It was later located. 11:47 p.m. A driver was warned for speeding. January 14 12:13 a.m. A driver was warned for illegal plate cover and no drivers license on file. 12:36 p.m. A female was passing out due to low blood pressure. 4:22 p.m. A male who was on probation and wasnt supposed to be drinking and was drinking. 5:23 p.m. A doctor called stating that a female came in to report stolen narcotics and wanted a refill. When the refill was denied, the son became belligerent. January 15 12:05 a.m. Bergs was called to tow five vehicles by the laundrymat. 1:52 a.m. A male wanted an officer to do a welfare check on his friend. Her ex-boyfriend had been harassing/threatening her and trying to kick her out of the apartment. She was too afraid to call. 8:27 a.m. A report was made of a one-vehicle rollover. The vehicle was on its roof. 12:23 p.m. A driver was warned for speeding. January 16 4:44 a.m. A male reported that he hit a light pole and knocked it over. His vehicle didt have any real damage and the light pole did not hit anything and was not in the roadway. January 17 8:37 a.m. Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School reported that an assault had occurred in a classroom. The male victim was cut under his eye and had reddening to his face. The subject was given his Miranda Rights with his parents present. He admitted to the assault and was arrested and transported to Red Wing. 5:20 p.m. An officer unlocked a females home. 5:30 p.m. A male reported that he had backed into someones vehicle from North Carolina. 9:10 p.m. ZM High School asked for an officer to come check out a suspicious bag. The school thought there might be drugs inside. January 18 1:05 a.m. A juvenile male was at Subway and did not want to go home. 11:30 a.m. An officer assisted with a funeral escort. 11:01 a.m. Rochester State Patrol reported that a truck was in the ditch with three occupants. There were no injuries. 11:48 a.m. A female was feeling like she was going to pass out. An ambulance was dispatched. 12:01 p.m. An officer assisted with an accident that involved a lane blockage. 3:37 p.m. An officer was asked to come to ZMHigh School. A spectator was getting out of hand at a wrestling tournament. The spectator was having words with the parents and was arguing with a staff member. 5:23 p.m. An officer unlocked a vehicle.

The council voted to support including the surrounding Southeast Minnesota League of Municipalities (SEMLM) members city projects in the bonding bill as long as the City of Goodhue is able to include a municipal swimming pool project. Every two years the legislature and governor work on this bill to provide funding for publicly owned buildings, property, and land. In particular, state agencies have buildings or property that are in need of repair, renovation, or replacement. State colleges and universities tend to have a large request because they have a lot of buildings. To be bondable the project has to be publicly owned, be of state or regional significance, and be a capital projectmeaning it has to be bricks and mortar and not for ongoing operation costs. The state raises money for these projects by selling general obligation bonds on the bond market. The state then pays the debt service to pay off the bonds over time. SEMLM promotes regional legislative policy and is run by members. It encourages neighbor cit-

ies to work together and is open to cities of all sizes. SEMLM serves the Minnesota counties of Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Houston, Mower, Olmsted, Wabasha, and Winona. Some of the surrounding member city projects include: Oronoco Lake Shady project; Kasson/Mantorville wastewater treatment facility; Red Wing west fire station and training facility, levee road and waterfront improvements, and Sheldon Theatre; Zumbrota Old Highway 52 reconstruction within city, Goodhue Pioneer Trail (along with other cities); Cannon Falls Mill Towns Trail
Employee review finalization

The city approved giving city employees $350 additional dollars per month in their paychecks to assist in paying for health insurance. In addition to that, city employees will receive a two percent increase this year as well as a two percent increases next year. The city did not agree to place a cap on wage increases at this point.

MIKES PIANO TUNING & REPAIR Mike Nadeau, Piano Technician

61533 County Road #7 Mazeppa, MN 55956


507-951-7351 OR 507-258-4668

Shutttle Service to

Minneapolis Airport Mall of America

Services to and from


Games; movie: The Notebook; TV show: One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars; song: I have too many! Future plans: Attend the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse, major in radiation therapy, eventually get married, and have a family. 13 High school activities: Postsecondary classes at University of Minnesota Rochester Favorite class or subject: Organic Chemistry Best high school memory: Art museum field trip with Mrs. Jokelas painting class Out of school activities, hobbies: Volunteering with the Mayo Clinic InSciEdOut organization Part-time job: Cashier at ALCO Favorite book: Pretty Little Liars; movie: John Tucker Must Die and Mean Girls; TV show: Paige Solie Parents: Jon and Kendra Solie Gossip Girl Future plans: Become a sucSiblings, ages: Morgan Solie, cessful dentist and travel the world Going to the zoo, spending time with nonprofit organizations. with best friend Austin, and walking around with the school news Summertime Fun crew Out of school activities, hobPicnic Table Rental bies: Putting together puzzles, Special Events Reunions Graduations playing video games, and hang- Weddings Festivals Business Functions Christopher Theisen ing out with friends Parents: Pat and Kathy Rob/Deb Favorite book: Book from R.L. Siblings, ages: Seth Westgard 26697 520th St., High school activities: Choir Stine; movie: The Incredible Hulk; Pine Island TV show: Untold Stories of the and school plays 507-356-4018 Favorite class or subject: Sci- ER; song: Timber FREE DELIVERY AND SET-UP Future plans: Would like to be ence N13-tfc Best high school memory: a veterinarian and sing Samantha Heeren Parents: Tom and Kim Heeren Siblings, ages: Nicole, 20; Melanie, 16 High school activities: Student council vice-president, Panther Crew leader, peer helper, Culture Club treasurer, National Honor Society, community education coach, and basketball Favorite class or subject: Any science class Best high school memory: Competing at State with my basketball teammates and having the entire community come and support us Out of school activities, hobbies: Reading, spending time with my family, watching movies, ceramics, cooking, babysitting, and having time to do nothing Part-time job: McDonalds Favorite book: The Blind Side; movie: Despicable Me; TV show: Greys Anatomy; song: Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp Future plans: Attend South Dakota State University to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Oronoco, Pine Island & Zumbrota 507-216-6354


Kalli Paukert Parents: Scott and Ann Paukert Siblings, ages: Drew, 23; Ryan, 21 High school activities: Volleyball, basketball, senior class committee, National Honor Society, Close-Up Favorite class or subject: Global issues with Mr. Raasch Best high school memory: Going to State in basketball my sophomore year Out of school activities, hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family, out-of-school sports Part-time job: Cougar Care Favorite book: The Hunger

Payment Center for City of Pine Island and News-Record/ Zumbro Shopper
Located in front of Pine Island City Hall


ROLLING MEADOWS MENNONITE CHURCH, Belvidere Town Hall, 2 miles north of Bellechester on County 2, Pastor Aaron Witmer, 651-9234240. Sundays: 10 a.m. Sunday School; 11 a.m. Worship; 7 p.m. Hymn Sing every fourth Sunday. ST. MARYS CATHOLIC, Bellechester, Father Paul Kubista. Sunday mornings: 8:30 a.m. Mass. Tuesday mornings: 8 a.m. Mass. days: 9:30 a.m. Adult Bible class and Childrens Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship. ST. MICHAELS CATHOLIC, 451 5th Street SW, Pine Island, 356-4280, Father Randal Kasel, Pastor; Saturday Mass 5 p.m.; Sunday Mass 10:30 a.m.; Confessions 4:15 p.m. Saturday; Daily Mass Wednesday 8:30 a.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m.; Confessions 8 a.m. Office Hours Tuesday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. ST. PAUL LUTHERAN, ELCA, 214 3rd St. S.W., Box 708, Pine Island, John Torris Lohre, Senior Pastor; Kip A. Groettum, Associate Pastor. Email:; Web site: Wed., Feb. 19: 3:30 p.m. 7th and 8th grade Confirmation; 6 p.m. Adult ed; 7 p.m. Chancel choir; 8 p.m. Praise team. Thurs., Feb. 20: 7 p.m. Church council. Sat., Feb. 22: 5:30 p.m. Worship. Sun., Feb. 23: 8:15 a.m. Worship; 9:30 a.m. Adult forum; Fellowship; Sunday School; 7th grade confirmation; Handbells; 10:30 a.m. Worship; Sunday School; 11:30 a.m. New member potluck. Mon., Feb. 24: Newsletter deadline. Tues., Feb. 25: 8:30 a.m. Quilting; Staff meeting; 1:30 p.m. Bible study; 2 p.m. Bible study leaders; 3:15 p.m. Childrens Choir; 7 p.m. Worship and music meeting. Wed., Feb. 26: 3:30 p.m. 7th and 8th grade confirmation; 6 p.m. Adult ed; 7 p.m. Chancel choir; 8 p.m. Praise team. UNITED METHODIST, 200 Main St. North, PO Box 8, Pine Island, Carolyn Westlake, Pastor; Office hours: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-2:15 p.m.; Web address:; email: Wed., Feb. 19: 9-11:30 a.m. Pastor Carolyn at Better Brew; 7 p.m. Five Love Language study. Thurs., Feb. 20: 10 a.m. Pine Haven Bible study; 3:30 p.m. God and family; 7 p.m. Disciple study. Sun., Feb. 23: 9 a.m. Worship; 10 a.m. Fellowship. Mon., Feb. 24: 2 p.m. Disciple; 6:30 p.m. Silent prayer; Council. Wed., Feb. 26: 9-11:30 a.m. Pastor Carolyn at Better Brew. with communion; 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; 9:30 a.m. Teen Bible study; Adult Bible study. Mon., Feb. 24: 7 p.m. Bible study. Tues., Feb. 25: 2:15 p.m. Towers Bible study. Wed., Feb. 26: 10 a.m. Chapel; 10:30 a.m. Bible study; 1 p.m. Nursing Home service; 3:15 p.m. Junior choir; 3:30 p.m. Confirmation class; 6 p.m. Power hour; 6:15 p.m. Bell choir; 7 p.m. Choir. FAMILY WORSHIP CHURCH Weekly worship services: 81 West 5th Street, Zumbrota, 507-732-7438, www.fwc Sunday: 9:30 a.m.; 1 Corinthians 15-16; Wednesday, 7 p.m., Prayer and healing. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, UCC, 455 East Avenue, Zumbrota; Rev. Lisa Johnson office hours Tuesdays 8-11 a.m. at Bridgets. Secretarys office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Wed., Feb. 19: 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Luncheon at Oronoco. Free will donation. Sun., Feb. 23: 11 a.m. Worship. Tues., Feb. 25: 6:30 p.m. Interchurch council meeting. LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY CHURCH , a Wesleyan church, 179 W. 3rd St., Zumbrota, lighthousecommunityzum, Janet Fischer, Pastor. Office: 732-5074. NEW RIVER ASSEMBLY OF GOD , 290 South Main Street, Zumbrota. 507-398-2604. Pastor Gary Basinski. Service times: Saturday, 7 p.m. OUR SAVIOURS LUTHERAN AFLC Eric Westlake and Tim Banks, Pastors, 1549 East Avenue, Zumbrota, 732-5449, church office. Website: Office hours: Tues., Wed., and Fri., 8 a.m.-noon. Wed., Feb. 19: 11:30 a.m. Womens Bible study; 3:15 p.m. Junior youth group; WINGS; 6 p.m. Youth group; Prayer hour; 7 p.m. Bible study. Thurs., Feb. 20: 1 p.m. Womens Bible study. Sat., Feb. 22: 6 a.m. Mens fraternity; 7 a.m. Mens prayer breakfast. Sun., Feb. 23: 8:30 a.m. Prayer time; 9 a.m. Sunday School; 10:15 a.m. Worship. Mon., Feb. 24: 7 p.m. Moms in touch. Wed., Feb. 26: 11:30 a.m. Womens Bible study; 3:15 p.m. Junior youth group; WINGS; 6 p.m. Youth group. CHURCH OF ST. PAUL, 749 Main St. South, Zumbrota, 732-5324, email Pastor Father Randal Kasel, pastor. Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Friday 7:30-11:30 a.m. Mass Schedule: Sunday, 8:30 a.m.; Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 a.m. Mass at the nursing home is the second Tuesday of the month at 9:15 a.m. UNITED REDEEMER LUTHERAN, 560 W. 3rd St., Zumbrota, 732-7303, Susan Vikstrom, pastor; Cindy Wilson Youth director. Wed., Feb. 19: 7:15 a.m. CBC; 6:45 p.m. Confirmation class; 7 p.m. Choir rehearsal. Sun., Feb. 23: 8 and 10:30 a.m. Worship; 9:15 a.m. PACE; Sunday School. Wed., Feb. 26: 7:15 a.m. CBC; 6:45 p.m. Confirmation with small groups; 7 p.m. Choir rehearsal. Hauge; 6 p.m. 2nd year confirmation at Hauge; 6:30 p.m. Choir; 7:30 p.m. Bible study and prayer. GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Nerstrand, Don Kloster pastor, (507) 3342822. Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship; 10:15 a.m. Coffee hour; 10:30 a.m. Sunday School; Confirmation class. GRACE & ST. JOHNS LUTHERAN CHURCHES, Rural Goodhue, County 4 Blvd., Vacancy Pastor: Randall Kuznicki. Grace: Sundays: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship; Communion on the second and last Sunday of the month. St. Johns: Sundays: 9 a.m. Worship; 10:15 a.m. Sunday School; Bible study; Communion on the second and last Sunday of the month. HAUGE LUTHERAN, Rural Kenyon, Martin Horn, Pastoral. Wed., Feb. 19: 3:15 p.m. Overcomers; 5 p.m. 1st year confirmation; 6 p.m. 2nd year confirmation; 6:30 p.m. Choir; 7:30 p.m. Bible study and prayer. Thurs., Feb. 20: 9:30 a.m. Esther circle. Sat., Feb. 22: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Carriage and Cutter WMF bake sale at Ace Hardware. Sun., Feb. 23: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:45 a.m. Worship; 5:45 p.m. Youth group supper at Emmanuel; 6 p.m. Youth group at Emmanuel. Wed., Feb. 26: 3:15 p.m. Overcomers; 5 p.m. 1st year confirmation; 6 p.m. 2nd year confirmation; 6:30 p.m. Choir at Emmanuel; 7:30 p.m. Bible study and prayer at Emmanuel. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Hay Creek (LCMS), 24686 Old Church Road. Pastor Lowell Sorenson, 651388-4577. Sundays: 9 a.m. Sunday School; Bible class; 9:45 a.m. Fellowship time; 10 a.m. Worship. LANDS LUTHERAN, 16640 Highway. 60 Blvd., Zumbrota, MN 55992-5105. Zumbrota. Text study; 7 p.m. Spiritual guidance. Wed., Feb. 19: 9 a.m. Coffee and conversation; 6:15 p.m. Confirmation; Worship; 7 p.m. Youth group. Thurs., Feb. 20: 7:15 a.m. Youth Bible study at Bridgets; 9 a.m.3 p.m. Quilting. Sun., Feb. 23: 7:30 a.m. Praise practice; 8:30 a.m. Praise worship; 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 9:45 a.m. Choir; 10:30 a.m. Worship. Tues., Feb. 25: 11 a.m. Text study; 7 p.m. Praise practice. Wed., Feb. 26: 9 a.m. Coffee and conversation; 6:15 p.m. Confirmation; Worship; 7 p.m. Youth group. MINNEOLA LUTHERAN, 13628 County 50 Blvd. Wed., Feb. 19: 4 p.m. Confirmation; 7:30 p.m. Womens Bible study at Cheryl Kyllos. Sun. Feb. 23: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship with communion. ST. COLUMBKILL CATHOLIC , 36483 County. 47 Blvd., Belle Creek, Father Paul Kubista. Sundays: 10:30 a.m. Mass. ST. JOHNS EV. LUTHERAN, Bear Valley, Alan Horn, Pastor. 843-6211, home; 843-5302 work. Bible Class is every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Mazeppa. ST. JOHNS EV. LUTHERAN, WELS, Minneola Township, County Road 7, rural Zumbrota, Randall Kuznicki, Pastor. Sun., Feb. 23: 10:30 a.m. Worship. Tues., Feb. 25: 1-4 p.m. Pastors office hours. ST. PETER LUTHERAN, The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Belvidere, 28961 365th St., Goodhue, MN 55027-8515, Dr. Scott T. Fiege, Pastor. Sun., Feb. 23: 9 a.m. Bible class; 10:30 a.m. Joint service with potluck following, all at Bethany. STORDAHL LUTHERAN, ELCA, Rural Zumbrota. Church: (507) 732-5711, Kathy Lowery, Pastor, Home 507271-5711. Sun., Feb. 23: 9 a.m. Confirmation; 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship. Tues., Feb. 25: 11 a.m. Text study. URLAND LUTHERAN 6940 County 9 Blvd., Cannon Falls, MN 55009. Church: 507-263-5544; Pastor David Hurtt, Interim. Wed., Feb. 19: 6 a.m. Mens Bible study; 6:30 p.m. Affirmation class; 7:30 p.m. Praise and worship practice. Sun., Feb. 23: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; Youth forum; 10:30 a.m. Communion worship; 11:30 a.m. Choir. Wed., Feb. 26: 6 a.m. Mens Bible study; 6:30 p.m. Affirmation class; 7:30 p.m. Praise and worship practice. WANGEN PRAIRIE LUTHERAN , LCMC 34289 County 24 Blvd., Cannon Falls, Curtis Fox, Pastor, 507663-9060; Linda Flom, Visitation Minister, 263-5613. Sundays 9 a.m. Worship. Thursdays 9:30 a.m. Bible study; 7 p.m. Blue grass jam. ZWINGLl UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, 23148 County Highway 24, West Concord (Berne), 507/527-2622. Rev. Victor Jortack, Pastor.

Rae Ormsby 1945-2014
Pine Island. She regarded her grandchildren, Isaac, 10, and Alma, 5, as a special blessing. Rae was a member Pine Island United Methodist Church, where she was active on the Worship Committee and Church Council, and loved teaching the high school Sunday School class. After retirement, she volunteered at the Salvation Army Health Clinic in Rochester and the Pine Island History Center, where she was known as the loom expert. She had a special love for Pine Islands Van Horn Public Library, where she served on the Board and did a variety of volunteered tasks, such as shelving and creating displays. In her spare time, Rae was an avid reader, enjoyed worldwide travel, and loved to sew anything from church banners to prom dresses. Rae was preceded in death by her parents. She is survived by her husband Rick of Pine Island, son Gabe (Heidi Eschenbacher), daughter Rebekah Ormsby (David Lofquist). and grandchildren Isaac and Alma, all living in Minneapolis. Diagnosed with advanced cancer over a year ago, Rae came to regard the past year as one of best of her life. She spent extra time with her immediate family, including week-long excursions to Disney World and Itasca State Park. She was in touch with many lifelong friends and was encouraged by cards, flowers, and notes of appreciation. She loved life, felt blessed beyond words, and only lamented that it was coming to an end. She died a truly grateful and happy woman, trusting a gracious God for her future. A memorial service and remembrance will be held at Pine Island United Methodist Church, 200 North Main Street, at noon on Saturday, February 22. The family will host a calling hour beginning at 11 a.m. at the church. A luncheon will follow at the American Legion Hall, 108 1st Avenue SE. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested for Pine Island United Methodist Church, Seasons Hospice in Rochester, or the Pine Island Van Horn Public Library.

HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC , Goodhue, Father Paul Kubista. Saturdays: 5:30 p.m. Mass. Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:45 a.m. Mass. ST. LUKE LUTHERAN, Goodhue, 651-923-4695, Pastor Regina Hassanally. Wed., Feb. 19: 9 a.m. Quilting; 6:30 p.m. Confirmation. ST. PETERS EV. LUTHERAN, WELS, 702 Third Ave., Goodhue, Randall L. Kuznicki, Pastor. Wed., Feb. 19: 8:30 a.m. Quilting with Bible study. Sun., Feb. 23: 8:15 a.m. Worship with communion; 9:15 a.m. Sunday School; Bible study. Tues., Feb. 25: 1-4 p.m. Pastors office hours.

ST. JOHNS EV. LUTHERAN , Mazeppa, Alan Horn, Pastor. 8436211, home; 843-5302 work. Bible class every Wednesday at 7 p.m. ST. PETER & PAUL CATHOLIC , Mazeppa. Weekends-Masses: Sun.: 10 a.m., Mazeppa, Fr. Joe Fogal. UNITED METHODIST , Mazeppa, David Neil, Pastor. Church: 843-4962; home: 732-4291. Every Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship.

GRACE LUTHERAN, WELS , 45 1st Avenue NE, Oronoco: 507-367-4329, Pastor Ben Kempfert 507-367-4426. Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m.noon. Sundays: 8:45 a.m. Sunday School; Bible class; 10 a.m. Worship. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF ORONOCO , 40 3rd Street SW., Rev. Lisa Johnson office hours Mondays 1-4 p.m.; Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Wed., Feb. 19: 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Luncheon. Free will donation. Sun., Feb. 23: 9 a.m. Worship. Tues., Feb. 25: 6:30 p.m. Interchurch council meeting in Zumbrota. Wed., Feb. 26: 5-7 p.m. Food shelf open.

NEW LIFE CHURCH , Wanamingo, Pastor Patrick McBride, 507-8243019. New Life Church meets at 10 a.m. at 525 Beverly Street, Wanamingo. Free nursery for infants through age three; Sunday School for all ages beginning at 9 a.m. Small Group Bible Studies Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. TRINITY LUTHERAN , Wanamingo, Christopher Culuris, Pastor 507-8242155. WANAMINGO LUTHERAN ELCA, Wanamingo, MN 55983, Christopher Culuris, Pastor. Office hours Thursdays 1-3 p.m., 507-824-2410. Wed., Feb. 19: 4:30 p.m. Confirmation at Trinity. Thurs., Feb. 20: Newsletter deadline. Sun., Feb. 23: 10:30 a.m. Worship; New members and potluck. Mon., Feb. 24: 7 p.m. Kenyon Sunset Home annual meeting. Wed., Feb. 26: 4:30 p.m. Confirmation at Trinity.

PINE ISLAND Rae Stiles Ormsby died of pancreatic cancer on February 14, 2014. Rae was born in Minneapolis on October 13, 1945, to Phillip and Martha (Aarnes) Stiles. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but spent summers and holidays in Sebeka, Minnesota, with her mothers family. After graduating from high school, she moved with her parents to Palos Verdes Peninsula, California. She attended California Western University in San Diego, and married Richard (Rick) Ormsby on August 29, 1964. After their wedding, they moved to New England and attended Boston University where Rae received her nursing degree. Rae worked at several hospitals in New England while Rick served as a United Methodist minister in that area. They had a son, Gabriel, and a daughter, Rebekah, while living in New Hampshire. In 1979 the family moved to Minnesota. Rae worked at Saint Olaf Hospital (Austin), Saint Marys Hospital (Rochester) and District One Hospital (Faribault) while Rick served churches in Dexter, Brownsdale, Grand Meadow, Pine Island, and Faribault, and acted as the Southeast District superintendent. Her diverse nursing career included work in intensive care, emergency nursing, and infection control. She was a supervisor and nursing educator, and received an advanced degree in transcultural nursing from Augsburg College, Minneapolis. She retired in 2010 and moved to Daybreak, her home in rural

John Kenworthy 1958-2014

worked for Energy Economics Inc., and worked in construction until he started his own company, Utility Services Inc., serving the natural gas industry. He enjoyed restoring old cars, especially Mopars, and old trucks and tractors, and hobby farming. John is survived by his wife, Vicky of Pine Island; daughter, Pam (Mike) Mesch of Eagan; father, Forest (Kay) Kenworthy of Kokomo, Indiana; mother, Lynne Kenworthy of Kasson; brothers, Scott (Amy) Kenworthy of Rowlett, Texas, Matthew (Tami) Kenworthy of Dickerson, Maryland, David (Wendy) Kenworthy of Dodge Center; sister, Lynnette (Luke) Nash of Mantorville; and many extended family members. John was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Alvin and Louise Kenworthy; and maternal grandparents, John and Elvera Johnson. A Celebration of Life will be from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, February 15, at Mahn Family Funeral Home Mahler Chapel in Pine Island. Burial will be in the Concord Cemetery. Memorials are preferred to Feed The Children.

CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH , Pine Island, Tim Graham, Pastor, 507-356-4306, www.corner, ASL Interpretation available. Cornerstone Kids meet every Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. Prayer meeting is Wednesdays at 7 p.m. GOOD NEWS EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH, 208 North Main, Pine Island, Chris Paulson, Pastor, (507) 356-4834. Sundays: 9:15 a.m. Sunday School for children and adults; 10:30 a.m. Worship; 7 p.m. Youth Group for grades 7-12. Wednesdays: 6 p.m. AWANA for grades K-6; 7:30 p.m. Bible study for all ages. PINE ISLAND ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 520 So. Main St., Pine Island, 3568622, email: dashpole@bevcomm. net, Rev. Dan Ashpole, Pastor. Sun-

CHRIST EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH and School, WELS, 223 East 5th Street, Zumbrota, Office 732-5421. Wayne Schoch, Pastor, 732-4089; School, Daniel Kell, Principal, 7325367. Wed., Feb. 19: 10 a.m. Chapel; 10:30 a.m. Bible study; 3:15 p.m. Junior choir; 3:30 p.m. Confirmation class; 6 p.m. Power hour; 6:15 p.m. Bell choir; 7 p.m. Choir. Thurs., Feb. 20: 7 p.m. Mens Bible study. Sun., Feb. 23: 8 and 10:30 a.m. Worship

EMMANUEL LUTHERAN, Aspelund, Martin Horn, Pastor. Wed., Feb. 19: 3:15 p.m. Overcomers; 5 p.m. 1st year confirmation at Hauge; 6 p.m. 2nd year confirmation at Hauge; 6:30 p.m. Choir at Hauge; 7:30 p.m. Bible study and prayer at Hauge. Sat., Feb. 22: 8 a.m. FBI Bible study at church. Sun., Feb. 23: 9 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School; 5:45 p.m. Youth group supper; 6 p.m. Youth group. Wed., Feb. 26: 3:15 p.m. Overcomers; 5 p.m. 1st year confirmation at

PINE ISLAND John F. Kenworthy, age 55, of Pine Island, died on Monday, February 10, 2014 as a result of a motor vehicle accident southeast of Rochester. He was born on December 31, 1958, in Waterveliet, Michigan, to Forest and Lynne (nee Johnson) Kenworthy. John graduated from Dodge Center High School in 1977. He lived in Arizona for a short period of time before returning home to Dodge Center in 1979. On March 1, 1980 he married Vicky Fette at the First Congregational Church in Dodge Center. John

Marie Ness 1969-2014

School. She worked at Ability Building Center, working at various positions within the program. Marie made her home in Rochester for most of her adult life. She enjoyed shopping, board games, and arts and crafts. Marie especially enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Marie is survived by her father, Miller Ness; brothers, Ross (Carman) Ness, Ronald (Lynn) Ness, all of Pine Island, and Philip (Mary Ann) Ness of Longmont, Colorado; sisters, Polly Ness of Pine Island, Monica (John) Diorio of Papillion, Nebraska; and many nieces and nephews. Marie was preceded in death by her mother, Lorraine Ness, and brother, Andrew Ness. A funeral service was held on Monday, February 17, at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Pine Island with Pastor Tim Graham officiating. Burial was in the Pine Island Cemetery.

St. Johns School informational meeting

GOODHUE Wondering about preschool or kindergarten for your child? Come to the informational meeting at 7 p.m. at St. Johns School on Monday, February 24, at St. Johns Church and School, 36620 County Road Blvd, Goodhue. There will be a dinner at 6:15 p.m. for adults in the parish hall, and child care and a dinner for children at the school. At the meeting, teachers will explain their program and answer questions. For more information, call the school at 651-923-4773 ext. 101.

ROCHESTER Marie A. Ness, age 44, of Rochester and formerly of Pine Island, went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at the Red Wing Health Center. She was born on October 24, 1969, in Rochester to Miller and Lorraine (nee Wegman) Ness. Marie attended Pine Island High

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Pine Island Kaitlin Dick and Andre Ringle are Pine Islands Triple A Award recipients
By Audra DePestel PINE ISLAND Seniors Kaitlin Dick and Andre Ringle received the Triple A Award at Pine Island High School on behalf of the Minnesota State High School League. The award recognizes their accomplishments in academics, arts, and athletics. Activities/Athletic Director Craig Anderson and High School Principal Kevin Cardille congratulated and commended Ringle and Dick on their accomplishments as they were presented with their certificates of recognition and pin on February 7. Dick, the daughter of Chris and Rikka Dick, and Ringle, son of Tom Ringle and the late Jeanne Ringle, were recognized for achieving a grade point average of 3.0 or higher while participating in athletics and fine art activities. Kaitlin Dicks accomplishments: Member of the choir (grades 9-12) and solo/ensemble contest (11-12) Member of the orchestra (912) and solo/ensemble contest (912) Honors Orchestra at St. Thomas College Dorian Choral Festival at Luther College Member of the School Play in 2012 and 2013 School photographer for the yearbook Member of the PIZM soccer program (9-12) captain and allConference (11-12) Track and field (8-12) National Honor Society member and member of the A Honor Roll She will be attending North Dakota State University with the goal of earning a double major in

Avis Weis turns 100

PINE ISLAND Avis Weis celebrated her 100th birthday on February 1 with family and friends. Weis is a resident at Pine Have Care Center.

Check temperature of water coming into homes

PINE ISLAND Pine Island Public Works is receiving an increasing number of calls regarding water service lines freezing due to the deep frost this winter. The lines that are freezing are the lines going into individual homes. None of the city-owned water mains have been affected. Public Works advises customers to regularly check the temperature of the water coming into their homes. If the temperature falls below 40 degrees, notify city staff by calling 507-356-4591 and let a faucet run a pencil-width constantly until the frost level decreases. Depending on weather conditions this spring, it may take up to two months for this to happen.

Pine Islands Triple A Award recipients Kaitlin Dick and Andre Ringle were recognized for their high achievements in academics, athletic, and fine arts.

child psychology and child devel Football (9-12) state touropment. She plans on being in the nament team (12) orchestra and playing intramural Basketball (9) soccer. Baseball (9-10) Andre Ringles accomplish Track and field (11-12) ments: Bowling (9-12) Member of the band (grades Boy Scouts earned Eagle 9-12) and solo/ensemble (10,12) Scout Choir (9) DECA (9,12) Knowledge Bowl (11-12)

Math league (10-12) National Honor Society member and member of the A Honor Roll He will attend Michigan Technological University and become a civil engineer. He plans on being in the band and playing intramural sports.

Pine Island second quarter Honor Roll announced

PINE ISLAND The following students were named to the Honor Roll for the second quarter at Pine Island High School. A Honor Roll Grade 12 Marcus Aarsvold, Allison Anderson, Chelsea Anderton, Adeline Angst, Alyssa Baker, Danielle Bye, Sara Cramer, Marissa DeWitz, Kaitlin Dick, Samantha Heeren, Zachary Knutson, Jared Lohmeyer, Anamarie Marx, Jack Miller, Adam Pleschourt, Andre Ringle, Coltan Runge, Luke Schmidt, Katie Schultz, Torri Simon, Kayla Sneller, Laura Torgeson Grade 11 Jacob Barr, Adam Barsness, Samuel Baska, Kaitlyn Champa, Jeremy Clark, Kristi Clark, Laura Cragoe, Emilee Fredrickson, Brandon Haze, Melanie Heeren, James Kroll, Matthew Kukson, Mitchell Leland, Lauren Rupprecht, Taylor Schroder, Emma Vouk, Victoria Vouk, Alicia Woodward Grade 10 Mitchel Acker, Sara Albertelli, Nicholas Cain, Garrett Cobb, Kristin Evers,Shane Field, Krista Hogstad, Madison House, Kylee Locke, Siriwimol (Mook) Narongkidpanit, Stephanie Norte, Keanan Peterson-Rucker, Brianna Quintero-Bungert, Summer Rauk, Brooke Salfer, Molly Shelton, Madeline Sorum, Amanda Troester. Grade 9 Jessica Ableitner, Kayla Anderson, Leah Anderton, Madison Andrist, Jena Archer, Ally Barr, Jacob Barsness, Haley Bauman, Angela Behrens, Andrew Bogard, Patrick Bogard, Lindsay Cobb, Emily Cote, Emma Culbertson, Jena Garness, Derek Fall, Josiah Gutzmer, Amanda Hildenbrand, Allegra Hoppe, Lauren Hunskor, Kimberly Johnson, Malea Klein, Hannah Kraling, Paige Landon, Drew Lohmeyer, Logan Meurer, Rebecca Nelson, Sydney Pike, Mikayla Radtke, Arlena Schmidt, Tucker Strande, Reagan Titus, Cole VanHouten, Eliza Warneke, Jack Williams. B Honor Roll Grade 12 Emily Aakre, Alexa Anderson, Taylor Baker, Benjamin Bauer, Kalley Berg, Cody Block, Kaitlin Bronk, Martina Chester, Brendon Dugstad, Lezhanae Edge, Carolina Fernandez Menacho, Nicole Fokken, Allison Higgins, Anika Hooyer, Amber Kenn-edy, Lindsey Landon, Kelly Leibold, Tamerra Levi, Emily McAdams, Ryan McNallan, Siera McNallan, Samuel McPhail, Brandon Miller, Kayla Morey, Shawn Pletz, Ian Radtke, Colin Rucker, Taylor Schaefer, Spencer Schultz, Benjamin Warneke Grade 11 MarQuez Bedford, Jordyn Braaten, Kendra Euler, Christopher Frick, Mikayla Goodman, Abigail Gushulak, Tucker Hanson, Jason Hoerle, Emily Kaul, Hunter Kraling, Noelle Langworthy, Hannah Liffrig, Mitchell Magnuson, Isaiah Ondler, Jennifer Ondler, Mikayla Pukal, Keana Rosaaen, Caitlin Schartau, Nicholas Schleck, Liza Shelquist, Isabelle Sorensen, Emalie Stolp, Luke Thornton, Derek Titus, Ashley Westlake Grade 10 Jonathan Aggen, Tristan Akason, Katie Bruesewitz, Summer Cavallaro, Anna Cramer, Belen Donaire Saz David Eaton, Bryce Hinrichsen, Jakob Holt, Kylie Kennedy, Caleb Kopp, Kelsie Krier, Jesselyn Lonneman, Jessica McNallan, Madilyn Owen, Taylor Rasmussen, Erin Rupprecht, Logan Simon, Austin Sinning, Bailey Trogstad-Isaacson, Christopher Williamson, Hannah Wright Grade 9 Hope Benike, Isabelle Bond, Brady Braaten, Morgan Brehmer, Alyssa Bronk, Nicholas Brustuen, Samantha Clementson-Luhmann, Brielle Corbecky, Jadyn Davidson, Emily Fisher, Jared Fredrickson, Jacob Ihde, Kelly Jackson, Addison Justin, Ryan Kelling, Noah Koenig, Katelynn Leibold, Michael Quintero Bungert, Michael Rabbitt, Brittany Rud, Leah Shelquist, Samantha Shull, Justice Story, Mariah Zincke

Phillip and Elsie Goplen are all smiles they celebrate their 70th Valentines Day together. Phillip gave his wife pink roses just as he has always done ever since they have been together.

Goplens celebrate 70th Valentines Day at Pine Haven

By Audra DePestel PINE ISLAND Pine Haven Care Center residents celebrated Valentines Day with a variety of treats, cookies, and valentine greetings donated from local groups and businesses. Couples also enjoyed a special couples lunch, after which everyone was invited to play valentine Bingo. For one couple, Valentines Day has always been a special occasion. Philip Goplen has been giving his wife Elsie pink roses in the same glass vase for more years than he can remember, and this year was no exception. The Goplens have been married for 70 years. The couple recently celebrated their milestone anniversary, and when asked on Valentines Day how long they had been married, Phillip knew exactly: Seventy years, two months, and ten days. He always gives pink roses to his wife for every special occasion. The Goplen couple have been residents at Pine Haven since November of 2013 and this Valentines Day was extra special for the couple because they finally will be able to share a room together. Though their rooms were always close by, they longed to be together in the same room, just as they had been for the past 70 years. So, they patiently waited for a double room to become available and now they got their wish a very happy addition to an already special day.

Bloodmobile collects 64 units

By LaWanda Keller PINE ISLAND The American Red Cross Bloodmobile was in Pine Island on Monday, February 10 at the American Legion Charles Cowden Post #184. Forty-eight WB and 16-2 RBC units were collected for a total of 64 units. Fifty-eight people donated blood. Jim Siems received a gallon pin. Fifty-eight people donated blood. The next blood drive will be on April 21.

PINE ISLAND In the February 12 article BEVCOMM offers $100,000 to PI Schools if voters pass building referendum, the year that Eckless great-grandfather was a founder of BEVCOMM was 1895, not 1999.

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Pine Island sixth grade girls basketball players played Bingo with Pine Haven Care Center residents on January 30. Front row, from left to right: Pine Haven residents Darsa Fiek, Amanda Laue, Erma Rogers, and Mavis Atkinson; back row: Jarvis Larson, Brooke Sinning, Ashley

Kaus, Mackenzie Markham, Bailey Kennedy, Alex Larson, Anna Hedlund, Megan Gerhardt, Gabrielle Hunskor, Savannah Pletz, Mikkey Noll, Maia Maxson, Daisy Murray, Grace Stolp, Heather Heiden, and Jarrett Heiden.

507-367-4315 or 800-369-4315

PI girls basketball raises funds through pledge drive

By Audra DePestel PINE ISLAND Girls basketball players have been holding a pledge drive during the season, with the teams performing 100 hours of community service in Pine Island to raise funds for the basketball program. The girls purchased and collected toys and necessities for families in need for the holidays and visited local senior citizens at the nursing home and assisted living center. Participating teams were the fifth grade traveling team, sixth grade traveling team, seventh grade, eighth grade, junior varsity, and varsity teams. The teams pledged 100 hours of community service in exchange for pledge sponsorship from a direct mail pledge drive. On January 30, the sixth grade traveling team along with coach Jarvis Larson and assistant coach Heather Heiden joined residents at Pine Haven Care Center for a fun game of Bingo. The residents enjoyed spending time with the girls and winning Panther wear during the game.

Meeting Notice - Pine Island Economic Development Authority

Thursday, February 27 12:30-4:00 p.m. 218 Main Street South, Pine Island Questions? Call 507-356-8103

Goodhue Wanamingo


Wednesday, February 19, 2014 No. 8
By Audra DePestel PINE ISLAND Over one hundred people participated in the Pine Island Winter Fest event which took place on February 8. The fun and educational outdoors event was sponsored by the Pine Island Image Committee, a branch of the Economic Development Authority, and the Pine Island High School Environmental Club, Roots and Shoots. Winter enthusiasts glided across the snow on cross country skis, hiked through the snow on snowshoes or simply enjoyed taking a beautiful walk along a candlelit trail in the moonlight on one of the nicer nights of this winter season. Over 500 votives were used to light the three-mile trail. Boy Scout Troop 69 helped patrol road crossings. The Eagle Bluff Environmental Nature Center also held three winter classes during the event, the Big Freeze, Winter Survival, and Introduction to Snowshoeing. About forty-five people participated in the different outdoor classes. Mary Beth Bakeberg, one of the event organizers, said people came and went all through the af-


Oronoco Pine Island

Section B of NEWS-RECORD

Pine Island embraces the season with Winter Fest

ternoon and evening, participating in whatever activities interested them whether it was taking classes, walking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sitting around the fire, or eating a warm bowl of the chili. Bakeberg said there were many inquiries as to whether this is going to be an annual event. The Image Committee and Roots and Shoots are hoping to make it so. Bakeberg gave a lot of credit to the many volunteers for helping make the winter fest event a reality.

Zumbrota-Mazeppa School Board members and their years of service, top row, from left to right: Stephen Rosenthal (7), Jim Wendt (15), and Brian Grudem (5); bottom: Peter Hinrichs (5), Mark Krier (1), and Brian Haugen (4).

School Board Recognition Week is February 17-21

The Minnesota School Boards Association has set February 1721 as School Board Recognition Week in Minnesota. It is a time to build awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected board of education plays in our society. Public school districts across the state will honor local board members for their commitment to their community and its children. It takes strong schools to build a strong community, and these men and women devote countless hours to making sure our schools are helping every child learn at a higher level, Zumbrota-Mazeppa Superintendent Tony Simons said. They make the tough decisions every month and spend many hours studying education issues and regulations in order to provide the kind of accountability our citizens expect. Simons said the key work of school boards is to raise student achievement by: Creating a vision for what the community wants the school district to be and for making student achievement the top priority;

Establishing standards for what students will be expected to learn and be able to do; Ensuring progress is measured to be sure the districts goals are achieved and students are learning at expected levels; Being accountable for their decisions and actions by continually tracking and reporting results; Creating a safe, orderly climate where students can learn and teachers can teach; Forming partnerships with others in the community to solve common problems; and Focusing attention on the need for continuous improvement by questioning, refining and revising issues related to student achievement. Simons said, School board members give the Zumbrota and Mazeppa citizens a voice in education decision-making. Even though we make a special effort to show our appreciation in February, their contribution is a yearround commitment. and Patty Miller warm up at From left to right, Laure Nelson (Eagle Bluff naturalist), Mook Narongkidpanit, Mary Schimek, Emalie Stolp, ZM School Board members will Clint the clubhouse fire at Winter Fest. and Abby Schimek stand next to a shelter that was built in the winter survival class at Pine Islands Winter be recognized at the February 24 Fest. board meeting in the ZM High School media center.

A Gathering of Grouse Hunters is February 22

By Marilyn Anderson ZUMBROTA Nationally known keynote speakers, wildlife artists, experts on dogs, and a screening of the National Championship Field Trial will all be combined into A Gathering of Grouse Hunters on Saturday, February 22. The event takes place at Zumbrotas State Theatre from



1-6 p.m. Local residents Jeff Smith and Brett Edstrom organized the event, putting it together as a fundraiser for the theatre renovations. Tickets can be purchased at or at the door.
Keynote speakers

The afternoon begins with keynote speakers and authors Tom Davis and Larry Brown. Both are from eastern Wisconsin. Davis is the author of numerous books including Tattered Autumn Sky and Why Dogs Do That and is a contributing writer for Sporting Classics, Shooting Sportsman, and Pheasants Forever. He is also an editor at large for Pointing Dog Journal. Browns books include A Pheasant Hunters Notebook and Wingshooters Guide to Iowa. He is a contributing writer to Pointing Dog Journal (Gun Forum), Double Gun Journal, Shooting Sportsman, Ruffed Grouse Society and Pheasants Forever. A brief question and answer segment is planned following their presentations. The third featured speaker of the afternoon is grouse hunting legend Tom Prawdzik. Now in his early 80s, Prawdzik has maintained an unique 54-year journal of grouse hunting. Prawdzik, a retired Michigan wildlife biologist, will be interviewed by P.J. Smith.

Kenyon-Wanamingo math team members, front row: Maddie Anfinson, Megan Groth, and Erin Groth; back row: Jessica Thompson, Cass Kern, Noah Rechtzigel, Peter Clauson, Bryan Pliscott, and Sydney Klimesh.

KW math team finishes in second

in the next events, which included geometry and probability, to finish in second place. At the end of the season Shattuck St Marys was first with 432 points, Kenyon Wanamingo had 165, Pine Island 160, Cannon Falls 145, Triton 112 and Goodhue 91. Each math meet has four individual 12-minute events. Event A is advanced algebra, B is geometry, C is trigonometry/probability and Event D is advanced topics. Each team member competes in two of the individual events, and then the team competes in a 20-minute team event. Each eightmember team must include two members who are in tenth grade or younger. The Knights had four students in the top 15 of the conference. Bryan Pliscott was ninth, Noah Rechtzigel was eleventh, Jessica Thompson fourteenth and Peter Clauson fifteenth. Members of the KW team are seniors Maddie Anfinson, Peter Clauson, Erin Groth, Sydney Klimesh, Bryan Pliscott and Jessica Thompson; junior Noah Rechtzigel; sophomore Cassandra Kern; and freshman Megan Groth. The coach for the Knights is Karen Davidson.

By Sydney McNamara

Red Out at Goodhue School

GOODHUE Did you know that heart and vascular disease kills more women than COPD, lung cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes combined? Did you know that heart disease causes one in three deaths each year? The Goodhue FCCLA and National Honor Society paired up with the American Heart Association to raise awareness with a Red Out on January 28 at Goodhue School. During the Goodhue girls basketball game, players, dancers, and many spectators wore American Heart Association (AHA) shirts. Above are MacKenzie and Kendall Lodermeier with their shirts. At halftime, elementary physical education students jumped rope and did other physical activities to raise awareness for the AHAs Jump Rope for Heart program. Through Jump Rope for Heart and Red Out, a total of $2,300 was raised.

WANAMINGO The KenyonWanamingo High School math team finished the five-meet season in second place on Monday, February 10. The Knights went into the final meet tied for second place with Cannon Falls. Pine Island was close behind in third place. The first topic of the final meet was puzzle problems, in which some of the Mathletes (students who compete in math contests) from KW really excel. Peter Topic speakers Three experts on dogs will also Clauson had a perfect score with Noah Rechtzigel and Jessica Thspeak: Scott Berg How to choose a ompson close behind in scoring. The KW team continued to do well puppy. Brett Edstrom Minnesota Grouse Dog Association, field trial Ames Plantation. Smith said any upland bird hunter fun. Jeff Smith DVM Are you will find the gathering to be of interest. People will also have a ready for an injury in the field? A Q&A session with all the chance to meet known outdoor speakers will complete the speak- artists Noel Dunn, a watercolor and oil painter, and Dave Moore, ers sessions. a bronze sculptor. Featured video and artists The event will conclude with Tickets for the event have althe screening of an hour-long docu- ready been purchased by people mentary on the 2013 National from several states including Iowa, Championship Field Trial at the Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. The State Theatre is located at 96 East 4th Street in Zumbrota.

Ask for a free college cost report today.



Pine Island man dies in rollover accident
By Alicia Hunt-Welch A fatal accident on Interstate 90 claimed the life of a Pine Island man in the early morning on February 10. The accident occurred at about 5:52 a.m. near milepost 220 in Olmsted County. John Kenworthy, 55, was traveling east on I-90 when his 2007 Chevy Uplander rolled multiple time into the median. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No other vehicles were involved in the crash. At the time of the accident road conditions were listed as dry and that alcohol did not appear to be a factor in the crash. The driver was not wearing a seat belt. The Olmsted County Sheriffs Office assisted the State Patrol on the accident.

February is Food Awareness Month
Farmers are committed to providing safe and healthy food choices for all Americans. As Farm Bureau members, we want to visit with consumers about our shared goal of nutritious and affordable meals for our families, said Goodhue County Farm Bureau President Keith Allen. Minnesota Farm Bureau Farmers_Families_Food consists of 78 local Farm Bureau associations across Minnesota. Members make their views known to political leaders, state government officials, special interest groups and the general public. Programs for young farmers and ranchers develop leadership skills and improve farm management. Promotion and Education Committee members work with programs such as Ag in the Classroom and safety education for children. Join Farm Bureau today and support efforts to serve as an advocate for rural Minnesota,
Concordia College

Injuries in rollover accidents February 13

By Alicia Hunt-Welch A Rochester man was transported to St. Marys Hospital in Rochester after an accident on Highway 52 on February 13. The accident occurred at about 7:57 a.m. in Minneola Township. Antonio Gray, 30, was traveling north on Highway 52 when he lost control of his 1997 Ford Explorer on an icy patch near 415th Street southeast of Hader. He went into the median and the vehicle rolled over.

The Goodhue County Farm Bureau is recognizing February as Food Awareness Month. Food Awareness Month was created to bring awareness to all things food - from the farmers who grow and raise our food, to food safety and availability. Farm Bureaus Food Awareness Month aims to help American consumers learn about the food they eat every day, said Nada Carter, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) Promotion and Education (P&E) Committee chair. Minnesota farmers and ranchers Gray was wearing a seat belt at take pride in ensuring safe food the time of the accident and sus- choices for Minnesota families. tained non-life-threatening injuries. control on an icy roadway and A Pine Island woman, who was rolled into the ditch. Bakken and the passenger in a vehicle, was the passenger, Ashley Rydman, injured in an accident on Febru- 25, of Pine Island, were both wearary 13 south of Kenyon. The acci- ing seat belts at the time of the dent was reported at 6:25 p.m. crash. No injuries were reported Kevin Bakken, 47, of Kenyon, was by Bakken. Rydman was transtraveling south on Highway 56 ported to St. Marys Hospital in and was north of West Concord Rochester for treatment of nonwhen his 1995 Ford Ranger lost life-threatening injuries.

ing MOORHEAD Named to the Mazeppa Kacy Mitchell, asfirst semester deans list were Scott sociate in arts degree for liberal Flotterud and Grace Murray of arts and sciences; John Yeakel, Zumbrota. certificate for emergency medical technician, high honors University of North Dakota Oronoco Shawn Fokken, diGRAND FORKS, ND Hannah ploma for clinical research coorRosenthal of Zumbrota was named dinator, high honors; Wendy Sundt, to the Presidents Roll of Honor diploma for clinical research co(3.8 GPA or higher) for the fall ordinator; Dylan Wittlief, associsemester. ate in arts degree for liberal arts and sciences University of Wisconsin Pine Island Cheryl Finnegan, RIVER FALLS, WI Degree diploma for administrative clinic recipients at fall commencement assistant, high honors; KelliAnn excercises in December of 2013: Knudgsvig, associate in arts deTyler Fix of Oronoco, bachelor of gree for liberal arts and sciences; science in sustainable manage- Jennifer Kubista, associate in sciment; Mitchell Kehren of Zum- ence degree for nursing; Timothy brota, bachelor of science in agri- McLaughlin, associate in applied cultural business. science degree for business management marketing emphasis Wheaton College Zumbrota Erica Kettner, cerWHEATON, IL Corbin tificate for health unit coordinaRenken of Zumbrota and Neil tor, high honors; Christy Zaumeyer, Postier of Oronoco were named associate in applied science deto the deans list for the fall se- gree for health information techmester. nology
Rochester Community and Technical College St. Cloud State University

ROCHESTER Fall semester graduates from the News-Record coverage area: Goodhue Summer Markey, associate in science degree for nurs-

ST. CLOUD Graduating at commencement exercises on December 21 was Devin Copley of Zumbrota, bachelor of science, ecology and field biology



City personnel reviews are positive

By Alicia Hunt-Welch WANAMINGO In January and February Wanamingos fulltime employees took part in a yearly job performance review with city councilors Larry VanDe-Walker and Danny Benson, who serve on the personnel committee. At the February 10 council meeting, the reviews for city clerk Jean Rugg, City Administrator Michael Boulton, Public Works Director Steve Haggstrom, and maintenance worker Monty Schae-fer were presented for approval. VanDeWalker said, Weve got a great crew here and noted that evaluations were positive overall. He added that goals were set for the year ahead. The satisfactory reviews were approved by 7) Bridge/highway project exthe council and would be placed penses in their personnel files. 8) Tax reciprocity Area policies and projects 9) Destination Medical Center. The Southeastern Minnesota Boulton said some of the topLeague of Municipalities (SMLM) ics, such as tax reciprocity and submitted a list of legislative pri- library funding, would have no orities and policy positions to be effect on Wanamingo. He said one considered for the 2014 state leg- topic, silica sand mining, is conislative session. sidered controversial. The counTopics included: cil approved SMLMs positions 1) Equity in library funding, on the issues. maintenance of effort SMLM also sent the council a 2) Economic development/job list of proposed projects in southcreation east Minnesota that they will be 3) City funding, LGA, levy limits submitting to elected officials in 4) Sales tax on city purchases request for funding. Wanamingo 5) Emerald Ash Borer and ur- did not have a project on the list ban forest management funding but many communities did, includ6) Silica sand mining ing Zumbrota, Goodhue, Mazeppa, Bellechester, Pine Island, Oronoco, and Cannon Falls. Boulton was asked why Wanamingo did not have a project on the list. He said the city could; one would just need to be determined and identified.
Public Works report

Wanamingo prepares for water tower and well house project

By Alicia Hunt-Welch WANAMINGO City Engineer Brandon Theobald of WHKS presented well house repair and water tower painting project details for consideration to the Wanamingo City Council during its February 10 meeting. In 2012 the city began looking at options for repainting the water tower. Recently, damage occurred at the water well house, requiring Theobald to look into additional project costs. He said advertising for project bids will include various options. One part of the project will consist of painting the downtown water tower off Main Street. Companies will be asked to submit bids for the cost of full sandblasting and recoat painting, and the cost of pressure washing and recoat painting. Part two of the project will be well house A and B repairs and/or upgrades. Work on well house A was included in the citys capital improvements plan. But after well house B sustained significant damage on January 11, repair work totaling about $25,000 was added to the project list. Work for well house B will be covered by insurance, minus the citys $1,000 deductible responsibility. It was noted that the work for well house B covered by insurance would be replacing equipment to pre-existing conditions. Theobald said the city was using one well house as the primary water supplier and the other as a back-up, but added that there are advantages from having two working well houses. One would be the increased supply of water for large fire emergencies. A $4,000 rebate based on upgrading to load efficient well house equipment may be available. This is being looked into. The city may opt to solicit quotes for well house work, as opposed to the bid process, if it is allowed by bonding and legal requirements. Using the quote process would be cheaper for the city as it would not require the citys engineering firm to solicit and facilitate the process. The city council approved specification plans for the well house repairs, rehab and water tower painting project, and to advertise the projects for bids. City Administrator Michael Boulton said financing for the water tower painting project has been in place since the fall of 2011 and is done through Minnesota Rural Waters Micro Fund Loan Program for up to $200,000. A low interest rate loan, expected to be between 1.5-2.5%, would address a majority of the project not covered by insurance and deductible. According to the project timeline, bids would be received by the city on March 3 and the council would consider for approval on March 10. Preconstruction meetings would occur in April and construction would begin in May. If all goes according to plan, work would be completed in August.

During the last month Haggstrom and Schaefer made repairs to the grader after it broke. A heater was replaced in the well house and a main valve was damaged; a replacement valve was on hand so that was installed. The streets have been showered with sand and salt but the bitterly cold temperatures have made them ineffective on ice-covered streets. The city received a letter from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency confirming receipt of the annual biosolids land spreading report for 2013. This required action is recorded for the protection of human health and preservation of surface and ground water qual- WANAMINGO On January 19, Boy Scout Troop 76 of Wanamingo held a Court of Honor awards ceremony at Wanamingo Lutheran Church. ity. Scouts who participated in the ceremony and received awards and

Wanamingo Troop 76 conducts Court of Honor

Fire department fundraiser

Les Miserables musical coming to KW stage

By Alicia Hunt-Welch KENYON Kenyon-Wanamingo High School students and staff are diligently working to bring the musical Les Miserables to the stage in March. For many weeks now the large cast and crew have attended daily double practices. Show times are Saturday, March 1 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 2 at 2 p.m. in the high school auditorium in Kenyon. Tickets will be available at the auditorium doors prior to performances. Veteran school drama director Randy Hockinson said, I love the story of Les Miserables. It has timeless meaning to so many people who have read the book, watched the movie, or seen the play. Eleven years ago the KW drama department presented the non-musical version of the play, but Hockinson said, Now we wanted the challenge of doing the musical. This musical is daring and different from many musicals in the fact that it does not include one spoken word. Because of this, the job of musical director Stephanie Schumacher is an important and demanding one. Hockinson said, There are so many talented singers and actors at our school who will be able to express themselves through this show. The over 50 students involved in this show are passionate about telling the story through song. The cast includes many athletes from winter sports. To accommodate their schedules, back-to-back double practices are being held most days of the week. The dedication of the cast and crew to the longer than normal hours is commendable, Hockinson said. The production will feature the talents of Amos Avery, Ryan Pelkey, Hunter Stanke, Alex Roosen, Mitchell Ades, Luke Steberg, Veda Avery, Mason Stevenson, Sarah Benrud, Kaite Bohn, Casey Baumgartner (also serving as assistant director), Marcus Irrthum, Caleb Greseth, John Nelson, Bailey Paquin, Hudson Ades, Ben Bohn, Haylie Vezzoli, Luke Nelson, Ella Lee, Eli Bushman, Melanie Knealing, Kate Rechtzigel, Corissa Kern, Kalley Seeger, Kadey Seeger, Bailey Auseth, Rosie Briemhurst, Anna Washburn, Allison Timbeross, Maddie Born, Amber Olson, Celia Brazelton, Taylor Helland, Ashlee Blastervold, Cass Kern, Ebelin Morales, Maddie Patterson, Amanda Horn, Victoria Holmes, Sophia Holmes, Jessi Thompson, Sophie Kyllo, Kyla Kincaid, Faith Eggerstedt, and Tyler Craig. Backstage crew members include Fran Miles, Emily Pliscott, Alex Trapp, Sam Boughton, and Ellyn Buelke. Hockinson said, The generous support of and help from the school district and communities has been humbling and motivating to those of us working on stage. This is the biggest and most challenging show ever done at Kenyon-Wanamingo and we have been stretched. When performance time comes we will tell the story the best we can with what we have.

The council approved a temporary gambling permit for the Wanamingo Fire Relief Association. The fire department will conduct a raffle on March 1 in conjunction with their annual Vintage Snowmobile Show and Chili Cook-off. Boulton said the city council will be entering a chili in the cook-off. Mayor Ryan Holmes thanks Fire Chief Scott Goodman for inviting the council to the departments annual banquet. In 2013, the Wanamingo Fire Department and First Responders responded to 133 emergency calls. They were as follows: 57 medical calls in the city; 12 fire calls in the city; 14 motor vehicle accidents in Leon Township; 4 medical calls in Leon Township; 3 fire calls in Leon Township; 9 fire calls in Wanamingo Township; 6 medical calls in Wanamingo Township; 5 motor vehicle accidents in Wanamingo Township; 8 medical calls in Minneola Township; 5 motor vehicle accidents in Minneola Township; 6 medical calls in Cherry Grove Township; 1 fire call in Cherry Grove Township; 1 motor vehicle accident in Cherry Grove Township; 2 medical calls in Roscoe Township; 1 call out for storm watch in the area.

merit badges are, from left to right, Jonathon Dierks (Life rank), Chris Farrell (Life rank), Nate Moline (Second Class rank), Alex Johnson (Star rank), and Brandon Dierks (Tenderfoot rank). Wanamingo Lutheran Church is the longtime charter organization for the troop.

Wanamingo Boy Scouts brave the cold at winter camp

ROCHESTER Boy Scouts from Troop 76 of Wanamingo braved the cold at the 2014 Winter Camporee from January 24-26. The camp was held at Gamehaven Scout Reservation south of Rochester and was hosted by the Gamehaven Council. While there, scouts earned the Zero Hero Award for camping outdoors in frigid conditions and worked on the Emergency Preparedness merit badge. Troop 76 members who attended the winter camp are, from left to right: Jonathon Dierks, Chris Farrell, Alec Nesseth; not pictured: Travis Husbyn and Brandon Dierks. Leaders attending were Mike Farrell and Eric Dierks.

Rehabilitation project for Wanamingo awaits approval

By Alicia Hunt-Welch WANAMINGO Karen DuCharme of the Southeastern Minnesota Multi-County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (SEMMCHRA) presented information at a public hearing on February 10 regarding the Small Cities Development (SCDP) program. SEMMCHRAs program would rehabilitate eleven owner-occupied housing units in the older part of Wanamingo and in the 31-unit Springcroft Apartment buildings by allowing owners to use the Rental Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program funding through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. The financing for the housing rehab program will be based on affordability and a percentage of household income to qualify for deferred loans. SEMMCHRA is working to secure about $552,000 in SCDP funds for the project to benefit low and moderate income households. DuCharme said federal funds were handed down to the state and are distributed on a competitive basis. Wanamingo residents were surveyed last year about the age of their property and types of building rehabilitation needed. SEMMCHRA received the surveys and the project area was determined. In addition to SCDP funds, other sources of funds for the rehabilitation project would include owners matching funds and municipal dollars. DuCharme said if funding for this project is approved by the state, Wanamingo will be asked to pay $1,000 for the project. DuCharme said this shows the city is invested in the community and supportive of the project. The total project cost would be $890,911. This is the second time this project has been submitted for state consideration. After the application was submitted the first time, the state asked for more information. A second public hearing will be required as part of the process. The council approved the SCDP application on February 10 at its regular meeting. A similar redevelopment project was offered in Wanamingo in 2005, and a county-wide project was approved in 2007.


By Alicia Hunt-Welch The following information was provided by the Goodhue County Sheriffs Office.
52 in Minneola Township. A deputy assisted with traffic control. One citation was issued for failure to drive with due care. January 26 January 24 10:06 a.m. A speeding ticket was 5:12 p.m. A woman on West Ave issued near Cty 12 and 105th Ave in complained that the delivery person left her package inside a fenced area with Cherry Grove Township. 11:23 p.m. A vehicle was stuck in a her dog. She has contacted the company and requested this not be done. snow drift near County Roads 11 and 10 in Roscoe Township. A tow truck was No damage was reported. 9:31 p.m. An unoccupied vehicle called. partially in the road was on the curve by January 27 7:33 a.m. A vehicle was in the ditch Bombay Dairy on Hwy 60 in Wanamingo near 408th St and Cty 1 in Wanamingo Township. The vehicle was being towed Township. out as a person returned to claim it. 8:22 p.m. A person wanted on a 9:36 p.m. A vehicle went off the warrant from Olmsted County was arroad near Hader. 10:35 p.m. An unoccupied van went rested on the 11700 block of 415th St off the road near 460th St and 135th Ave in Roscoe Township. January 25 12:35 a.m. A vehicle was in the ditch near Hwy 60 and 90th Ave Way in Wanamingo Township. 11:38 a.m. Three vehicles were in the ditch near 145th Ave Way and Hwy in Wanamingo Township. A vehicle stolen from Rochester was recovered at the scene. January 28 10:57 a.m. A vehicle was in the ditch near the 9200 block of 425th St in Wanamingo Township. 5:11 p.m. Extra patrol was requested near the elevator while a semi cab was left running for two hours. January 29 7:27 a.m. A door was open at a house on Beverly St that is for sale. A deputy found nothing suspicious, secured the door and would contact the realtor. 7:59 a.m. A deputy checked on a vehicle stopped in a field near the 13100 block of Hwy 60 in Minneola Township. The snow groomer broke down and arrangements were made for it to be towed. 1:53 p.m. A gas drive-off theft of $32.11 was reported at Cenex. 8:55 p.m. An unsecured door set off an alarm at Vertical Limit. The building was checked by the K9 unit and all appeared fine. The deputy advised the key holder of the incident and took steps to prevent the door from blowing open from the wind. January 30 2:00 a.m. A vehicle was in the ditch near Hwy 60 and 50th Ave in Cherry Grove Township with a suspected impaired driver. A driver was not located. 3:34 a.m. A vehicle was reported in the parking lot at Zumbro Valley Landscaping. The owner was heading out to plow. 3:46 p.m. Harassment was reported on 4th St E in an ongoing neighbor dispute. January 31 11:43 a.m. Medical assistance was requested on the 9600 block of 460th St in Cherry Grove Township.

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David G. Rapp

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45967 Hwy. 56 Blvd., Kenyon, MN 55946

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Goodhue stumbles at Dover-Eyota
By Faye Haugen EYOTA Even though they were one seed lower than DoverEyota in the Section 1A wrestling duals, Goodhue had high hopes of pulling off a slight upset and heading to Rochester for the second straight year. That was not the case, as fourth-seeded DE earned an easy 42-18 win over the fifth-seeded Wildcats in Eyota, Thursday. Goodhue got off to a 9-3 start through 120 pounds, but the Eagles reeled off 13 straight points through 145 pounds before Casey Deneen earned a decision at 152 pounds. But the Wildcats would score just six points on a first period fall by Charles Dahling at 170 pounds over the last six weights. Goodhue ends the season with an 18-11 dual meet record. The Wildcats will graduate seven seniors in Matthew Lexvold, Riley Huemann, Gavin Luhman, Matthew Deneen, Zach Scott, Ben Ramboldt and Josh Dahling.
Goodhue 18 - Dover-Eyota 42 106 - Mariano Bigalk lost 6-2 to Michael Nelson; 113 - Kaleb OReilly pinned Colin Jorde, 3:20 120 - Joel Gadient won 5-0 over Marcus Otomo; 126 - Bailee OReilly lost 9-2 to Dakota Welsh; 132 - Matthew Lexvold lost 6-3 to Ryan Keach; 138 - Mason Huemann lost 11-0 to Ben Boynton; 145 - Logan Breuer lost 14-11 to Michael Otomo; 152 - Casey Deneen won 12-10 over Colton Welsh; 160 Riley Huemann lost by technical fall to Keaton Schaefer; 170 - Charles Dahling pinned Reid Seelhammer, 59 seconds; 182 - Ryan Schoenfelder was pinned by Cord Anding, 51 seconds; 195 - Zach Scott was pinned by Nick Richards, 1:09; 220 - Ben Ramboldt was pinned by Noah Teed, 2:39; 285 - Josh Dahling lost 1-0 to Tanner Welsh

News-Record photos by Faye Haugen

Chatfields Ryan Meeker works for a takedown on Kenyon-Wanamingos Ted Androli during Saturdays Section 1A finals in Rochester. The Knights came up short of reaching the Class A state meet for the fifth straight season.

KW is denied a trip north again

By Faye Haugen ROCHESTER You would have to search far and wide to find a wrestling program that is as consistent as the Kenyon-Wanamingo wrestling team. The Knights qualified for the State Class A meet in 2008 and 2009, but they have been on the outside looking in from that point on. For the fifth straight year, the Knights finished as the Section 1A second-place team. For the second straight year Chatfield took top teams honors, and the Gophers will head north to St. Paul for the Class A tournament. Zumbrota-Mazeppa sent the Knights home from the Section 1A meet from 2010 through 2012 with the second-place trophy. We needed to be perfect against Chatfield and we werent. We made a few mistakes and they made us pay for them. We just didnt get the job done, and Im a little disappointed with the way we wrestled, said Coach Matt Ryan. But we cant be disappointed with our season. We finished with a 21-2 record, and our only losses are to Kasson-Mantorville and Chatfield and both of them are headed to State. Chatfield When Kenyon-Wanamingo and Chatfield squared off in a nonconference dual on December 19, everything went right for the Knights. They didnt give up bonus points, got some wins that were not expected and they wrestled very well in a 35-27 victory. The seventh-ranked Gophers and eighth-ranked Knights were destined to meet again, but this time it did not go as well for KW, and they fell 41-14 in the Section 1A championship match in Rochester, Saturday. This match was almost the opposite of that first match. I thought we were a bit of an underdog coming in, but I didnt expect to lose that bad, lamented Coach Ryan. This is the fifth year in a row that we didnt get it done. The top-seeded Knights got off to the start they wanted when Ethan Cota earned a decision at 106

News-Record photos by Faye Haugen

Zumbrota-Mazeppa coaches, from left Tony Brown, Link Steffen and Mark Krier get pumped up when Joey Majerus earns a fall at 120 pounds against Chatfield on Saturday in the Section 1A semifinals in Rochester Chatfields Harvey Friederichs is able to stand up and take control away from Kenyon-Wanamingos Kyle Munstermann in Saturdays Section 1A championship dual.

ZM gives Chatfield a scare

By Faye Haugen ROCHESTER The ZumbrotaMazeppa wrestling team did so many things right in Saturdays Section 1A semfinals against Chatfield. The third-seeded Cougars earned some wins where they were not expected and they didnt give up a lot of bonus points. But ZM came up a point short of moving into the finals, falling 33-32 to the seventh-ranked Gophers. Chatfield When Chatfield and ZM tangled in a non-conference dual on January 31, the Gophers earned a decisive 46-16 win. That was not the case on Saturday. We showed up to wrestle, said Coach Link Steffen. We had our chances. We left some points on the mat, but so did Chatffield. I cant be disappointed in how we wrestled. Hayden Stensland got ZM got to a great start with a fall at 106 pounds. Joey Majerus gave ZM a 12-6 lead with a pin at 120. But Chatfield won the next five weights, three by decision, one by major decision and another by a fall for a 24-12 lead. Dillon Downes started ZMs comeback with a decision at 160, followed by a fall by Noah Prodzinski and a techncial fall by Hunter Prodzinski to give ZM a 26-24 lead. Chatfield posted a pair of major decisions at 195 and 220 to wrap up the win, taking a 33-26 lead. Charles Landon Majerus tries to use Zumbrota-Mazeppas Seth Shane Bode came through with a St. Tuppers head gear against him in the 220-pound match in the Section fall at 285 pounds to pull ZM to 1A semifinals in Mazeppa, Thursday. 33-32, but that was as close as ate four seniors in Cody Heitman, over Lane Heim; 145 - Cody Heitman pinned they would get. Ricardo Chavez, 1:28; 152 - Devin Manzy Chatfield is a very good team Chase Steffen, Hunter Prodzinski pinned Jerricho Braun, 1:22; 160 - Noah and Shane Bode. that should place in the top three Prodzinski lost 7-0 to Andrew Dayland; 170 61 - St. Charles 13 Dillon Downes pinned Darian Doan, 1:25; at State. We will wish them well Zumbrota-Mazeppa 106 - Hayden Stensland pinned Mark Buringa, and cheer them on, said Coach 3:46; 113 - Spencer DeFrang lost 8-0 to Alan 182 - Hunter Prodzinski pinned Marshall Majerus, 1:30; 195 - Chase Steffen won by forfeit; 220 Steffen Spaeth; 120 - Maverick Jackson pinned Bennet
Zumbrota-Mazeppa 32 - Chatfield 33 106 - Hayden Stensland pinned Treyc Van Sickle on overtime, 6:41; 113 - Spencer DeFrang was pinned by Jared Goldsmith, 26 seconds; 120 - Joey Majerus pinned Trey VanSickle, 3:41; 126 - Maverick Jackson lost 12-4 to Jake Mandt; 132 - Jacob Bennett lost 3-0 to Ryan Meeker; 138 -Freedom Hunt lost 10-4 to Hank Friederichs; 145 - Cody Heitman lost 7-5 to AJ Riley; 152 - Devin Manzywas pinned by Harvey Friederichs, 1:07; 160 - Dillon Downes won 13-11 over Alex Haffner; 170 - Noah Prodzinski pinned Austin Dahl, 5:04; 182 - Hunter Prodzinski won by techncial fall over Ethan Wright, 15-0; 195 - Chase Steffen lost 12-2 to Cody Bly; 220 - Seth Tupper lost 16-2 to Jacob Blees; 285 - Shane Bode pinned Logan Karver 1:43 Sikkink, 2:21; 126 - Joey Majerus pinned Jacy Ball, 1:42; 132 - Jacob Bennett won 11-2 over Jared Wohlferd; 138 -Freedom Hunt won 2-1 - Seth Tupper pinned Landon Majerus, 1:51; 285 - Shane Bode was pinned by Tyler Heim, 2:14

pounds. But KW would have to wrestle six more matches to get their next win. By that time they trailed 18-3. Trent Brossard got KW back on track with a decision at 145, handing fifth-ranked AJ Riley his third loss of the season. But the second-seeded Gophers then reeled off two falls to increase their lead to 30-6. Luke Rechtzigel earned a decision at 160 and Drew Sathrum won by technical fall at 170 to draw KW to 30-14. When Chatfield earned a major decision at 195 pounds, they sealed their second straight section title. Its frustrating, said Coach Ryan of losing in the finals for the fifth straight year. But the Knights have plenty to look forward to next season with the bulk of their lineup returning. KW graduates just three seniors in Jace Clawiter, Trent Brossard and Kyle Munstermann. I like what we have coming back. We will just have to spread some kids out and hope some grow more than others. But it sure would have been nice to get the win this season.

145 - Trent Brossard won 3-2 over AJ Riley; 152 - Kyle Munstermann was pinned by Harvey Friedrichs, 2:49; 160 - Mason Stevenson was pinned by Alex Haffner, 3:27; 170 - Luke Rechtzigel won 7-0 over Austin Dahl; 182 Drew Sathrum won by technical fall over Ethan Wright, 17-1; 195 - Bailey Paquin lost 12-0 to Cody Bly; 220 - Austin Jackson lost 3-0 to Ian Morrison; 285 - Seth Donkers lost 9-1 to Jacob Blees

Dover-Eyota The Knights had little trouble with Dover-Eyota , in Saturdays semifinals, rolling over the Eagles 57-9. KW rolled to a 51-0 lead before DE scored. The Knights saw Bradley Kish, Matthew Houglum, Mason Stevenson, Luke Rechtzigel, Drew Sathrum and Austin Jackson all win with a pin. Ethan Cota, Jared Clawiter, Jace Clawiter and Trent Brossard all won by major decision.

Kenyon-Wanamingo 57 Dover-Eyota 9 106 - Ethan Cota won 10-4 over Michael Nelson; 113 - Bradley Kish pinned Colin Jorden, 24 seconds; 120 - Jared Clawiter won 9-0 over Marcus Otomo; 126 - Matthew Houglum pinned Dakota Welsh, 36 seconds; 132 -Ted Androli won 10- 1 over Ryan Keach; 138 -Jace Clawiter won 10-4 over Ben Boynton; 145 - Trent Brossard won 9-0 over Michael Otomo; 152 - Mason Stevenson pinned Colton Welsh, 1:22; 160 Kenyon-Wanamingo 14 - Chatfield 41 Billy Henslin won 12-6 over Keaton Schaefer; 106 - Ethan Cota won 8-4 over Treyc VanSickle; 170 - Luke Rechtzigel pinned Reid Seelhammer, 113 - Bradley Kish lost 8-3 to Jared Goldsmith; 59 seconds; 182 - Drew Sathrum pinned Cord 120 - Jared Clawiter was pinned by Ty VanSickle, Anding, 1:40; 195 - Matthew Bauer was pinned 2:55 126 - Dylan Craig lost 3-1 to Jake Mandt; by Nick Richards, 3:04; 220 - Austin Jackson 132 -Ted Androli lost 3-1 to Ryan Meeker 138 pinned Noah Teed; 285 - Seth Donkers lost 5-Jace Clawiter lost 2-0 to Hank Friederichs; 0 to Tanner Welsh

Pine Island posts an upset over LC

By Faye Haugen KENYON The Pine Island wrestling team earned a slight upset on Thursday when the ninthseeded Panthers earned a 38-33 win over eighth-seeded Lake City in the Section 1A opening duals in Kenyon. The Panthers pinned their way to a win. Trevor Turner, Sam McPhail, Colton Pike and Zach Kennedy earned falls. Pine Island got decisions from Noah Bauer, Isaac Haman (major decision), Conner Swarthout and Adam Pleschourt (major decision). For one of the first times all season, the Panthers did not give up any forfeit points, as they filled in previous holes with junior varsity members.
Pine Island 38 - Lake City 33 106 - Noah Bauer won 8-2 over Jeremy Keller; 113 - Isaac Haman won 13-3 over Brendon Allen; 120 - Broghen Kunz lost 18-7 to Kevin McGinley; 126 - Conner Swarthout won 7-2 over Matt Wooding; 132 - Tyler Lejcher lost by technical fall to Andrew Schmidt; 138 -Trevor Turner pinned Spencer Bailey, 3:01; 145 Adam Pleschourt won 9-1 over Ryan Hanson; 152 - Matt Riley was pinned by Cole Atkinson, 1:03; 160 - Noah Koenig was pinned by Shane Siewert, 29 seconds; 170 - Sam McPhail pinned Derek Bremer, 3:04; 182 - Colton Pike pinned Peter Tazin, 1:54; 195 - Ian McDonough was pinned by Michael Noll, 17 seconds; 220 - Zach Kennedy pinned Michael Valkos, 28 seconds; 285 - Alex Aarsvold was pinned by Andrew Denzer, 1:05

Kenyon-Wanamingo ends Pine Islands season in section quarterfinals

By Faye Haugen KENYON When the top seed takes on one of he lowest seeds in the section tournament it usually is a mismatch. That was the case on Thursday when top-seeded Kenyon-Wanamingo ended ninthseeded Pine Islands season in the Section 1A quarterfinals, 53-16. The Knights took advantage of three PI forfeits, four falls and a technical fall for their big win. Jared Clawiter, Ted Androli, Jace Clawiter and Seth Donkers all recorded falls. Forfeits went to Mason Stevenson, Luke Rechtzigel and Bailey Paquin. Dylan Craig won by technical fall, and decision winners were Trent Brossard and Drew Sathrum. The Panthers got a fall from Isaac Haman, a technical fall from Sam McPhail and decisions from Noah Bauer and Zach Kennedy. The Panthers end the dual meet season with a 4-12 overall record. Pine Island will graduate five seniors in Tyler Lejcher, Cody Block, Adam Pleschourt, Sam McPhail and Zach Kennedy.
Kenyon-Wanamingo 53 - Pine Island 16 KW wrestlers listed first 106 - Ethan Cota lost 8-6 to Noah Bauer; 113 - Bradley Kish was pinned by Isaac Haman, 5:03; 120 - Jared Clawiter pinned Broghen Kunz, 5:12 126 - Dylan Craig won by technical fall over Connor Swarthout, 17-0; 132 -Ted Androli pinned Tyler Lejcher, 3:29; 138 -Jace Clawiter pinned Trevor Turner, 5:11; 145 Trent Brossard won 2-0 over Adam Pleschourt; 152 - Mason Stevenson won by forfeit; 160 Kyle Munstermann lost 2-18 to Sam McPhail; 170 - Luke Rechtzigel won by forfeit; 182 Drew Sathrum won 10-4 over Colton Pike; 195 - Bailey Paquin won by forfeit; 220 Austin Jackson lost 2-0 to Zach Kennedy; 285 - Seth Donkers pinned Alex Aarsvold, 35 seconds

Section 1A Individual Wrestling Tournament

Mayo Civic Arena Friday, February 21, 2 p.m. Saturday, February 22, 10 a.m.

St. Charles ZM earned a 61-13 win over sixth-seeded St, Charles in quarterfinals action in Mazeppa on Thursday. Falls were earned by Hayden Stensland, Maverick Jackson, Joey Majerus, Cody Heitman, Devin Manzy, Dillon Downes, Hunter Prodzinski and Seth Tupper. Chase Steffen won by forfeit and Jacob Bennett (major decision) and Freedom Hunt won by decision. The Cougars finish with a 22-8 Zumbrota-Mazeppas Hunter Prodzinski turns Chatfields Ethan Wright for back points at 182 pounds in the Section 1A semifinals on dual meet record. They will gradu- over Saturday in Rochester. Prodzinski earned a technical fall.

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Area Sports
McNallan earns her fifth trip to State Lakeville North stops DC girls again
By Faye Haugen INVER GROVE HEIGHTS Most of the Pine Island gymnastics team saw their season come to an end at the Section 1A meet at Simley High School in Inver Grove Heights on Saturday. But one gymnast will keep her season going for one more week. Senior Siera McNallan placed in the top four in three events at the Section 1A meet to advance to the State Class A individual meet that will be held Saturday at the Pavilion at the University of Minnesota. This will be McNallans fifth trip in six years to the state meet. Siera qualified for State on bars, floor and all around. This is her fifth State trip, only missing out her eighth grade year, said Coach Chris Templeton. She had a season best 9.5 on the floor, and it was nice to see her hit her floor routine. The last two years she has taken a fall in this event. She also landed her vault, but didnt receive the score she deserved in my opinion. McNallan placed third on the bars and fourth on the floor and all around. Competition starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday. Austin ran away with the Section 1A title with 149.225 points. Byron/Lourdes was second with 237.60 and the Panthers placed third with a score of 135.25. The girls had a great meet today. We started on the floor. The girls have been working on perfecting their floor routines this week and it really showed today. Our counting scores were all over eight for the first time this year. The girls really hit the vault, and all the girls swung good bars, pointed out Coach Templeton. Weve had our struggles with beam this year, and although we didnt completely overcome them we did have a season high team score. We also had season high scores on vault and floor. Our team total of 135.225 was also a season best. The Panthers peaked at the right time of the season by evidence of the personal best scores they put up. Brittney Arndt (floor, vault, bars, beam, all around), Brook Schaefer (vault), Katie Schultz (vault) and Allie Anderson (beam) all had personal best scores during the meet. Caledonia/Spring Grove After having to reschedule three times, the Panthers wrapped up Southeast Gymnastics conference action on Tuesday at Caledonia Spring Grove. Pine Island was a 130.10-127.025 winner. Vault went well for us, with the girls taking four of the top five spots. Bars didnt go so good. We had three falls and our form was off tonight. The floor was both good and bad and we finished on the beam. Weve spent a lot of time on beam the last two weeks and its starting to show. We only counted two falls, and our team score on beam of 32.775 was our second highest score of the season, explained Coach Templeton. Placing against Caledonia were Siera McNallan, first on the bars, vault, floor and all around; Katie Schultz, second on the floor; and Brook Schaefer, second on the beam and third on the bars and all around. Schultz scored a personal best on the floor, and McNallan had a season best score on the floor. The Panthers will graduate three seniors from this years team in Siera McNallan, Allie Anderson and Katie Schultz. By Faye Haugen OWATONNA For the second straight year Lakeville North stopped the Dodge County girls hockey team from realizing a trip to the State Class A hockey tournament. North handed the secondseeded Wildcats a 6-1 defeat in the Section 1AA finals in Owatonna on Thursday. It was just not the Wildcats day as they were held to a season low 11 shots on goal by the Panthers. Lakeville jumped out to a 2-0 lead after the first period and were up 3-0 before Dana Rasmussen scored for Dodge County midway through the second period. North answered that goal with two more of their own for a 5-1 lead after two. The top-seeded Panthers added a solo goal in the third period. Gabby Suhr turned back 27 shots in goal as Dodge County ends the season at 22-6. The Wildcats will have the majority of their team back, but they lose two starters to graduation in Emily Gunderson and Darby Dodds. Reserves Samantha McElmury and Eryn Larson also graduate.
Dodge County 1 - Lakeville North 6 Dodge County Lakeville North 0 1 0 = 1 2 3 1 = 6 First Period 8:23: LN - Goal by Maddie McGlade; assist by Heidi Winiecki 14:11: LN - Goal by Alexis Joyce Second Period 00:25: LN - Goal by Alexis Joyce; assist by Taylor Flaherty 2:30: DC - Unassisted goal by Dana Rasmussen 8:44: LN - Goal by Heidi Winiecki; assist by Maddie McGlade 11:09: LN - Goal by Katrina Seper; assists by Heidi Winiecki and Morgan Manes Third Period 3:09: Goal by Mariah Jorgensen DC: LN - Goal by Maggie Flaherty; assists by Maddie McGlade and Alexis Joyce DC shots on goal: 11 Saves: Gabby Suhr, 27

Dodge County boys hit a losing skid

By Faye Haugen KASSON This is not the way 2014 Section 1AA Boys Hockey Tournament the Dodge County boys hockey 1. Lakeville North team wants to start post-season Thursday, February 20 at play. The Wildcats have lost seven Lakeville, 7 p.m. of their last eight games to head 8. Dodge County into Section 1AA play with a 9Saturday,February 22 4. Rochester Mayo at Rochester, 2 p.m. 13-3 record. Seeded eighth, Dodge County will open Section 1AA Thursday, February 20 at Lakeville, 7 p.m. play on Thursday at 7 p.m. at topThursday,February 27 seeded Lakeville North. at Rochester, 7 p.m. 5. Owatonna Faribault 2. Farmington Dodge County fell 4-2 at Faribault on Tuesday. The Falcons Thursday, February 20 at Farmington, 7 p.m. jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the News-Record photos by MJ Templeton opening period before DC got on 7. Rochester John Marshall Saturday,February 22 Pine Islands Allie Anderson leaps high off the beam in Saturdays the scoreboard on a power play 3. Lakeville South Section 1A meet in Inver Grove Heights. at Rochester, 8 p.m. Athlete Vault Bars Beam Floor All around goal by Sam Robinson off assists Thursday, February 20 from Kylo Courteau and Tanner Siera McNallan 9.10 (1) 6.85 8.975 (1) 9.475 (1) 34.40 (1) at Rochester, 7 p.m. Dufault. Brittney Arndt 8.35 7.20 7.70 7.625 30.875 6. Rochester Century After a scoreless second period, Katie Schulz 8.55 7.475 6.60 8.575 (2) 31.20 Brook Schaefer 8.20 7.775 (3) 8.50 (2) 8.20 32.625 (3) Faribault made it 3-0. Robinson The Lancers got the game-winner scored his second power play goal 7:25 - DC: Power play goal by Sam Allie Anderson 7.95 7.60 Robinson; assists by Tanner Dufault and midway through the extra period. of the game to make it 3-2 off Spencer Senn Robin Talbot 6.65 7.225 Mitch Sobotta made 23 saves assists from Dufault and Spencer 15:40 - F: Goal by Isaiah Brogden; assists by Pine Island 34.20 29.30 32.775 33.825 130.10 in the net. Dodge County outshot Caledonia 33.40 30.80 30.40 32.425 127.025 Senn. Faribault made it 4-2 with a Austin Bauer and Turner Putrah the Lancers 42-26. late goal in the final period. DC shots on goal: 31 County 2 - LaCrescent 3 Mitch Sobotta turned back 16 Saves: Mitch Sobotta 16 (41:36); Joe Biwer 3 Dodge LaCrescent 1 1 0 1 = 3 (9:24) shots in over 41 minutes in goal. Dodge County 1 0 1 0 = 2 Joe Biwer made three saves in 9:24. Faribault First Period Dodge County fell 3-2 in over6:16 - L: Goal by Austin DeBoer; assists by The Wildcats had 31 shots on goal. time to LaCrescent in Kasson to Noah Salow and Kyle Colsch Dodge County 2 - Faribault 4 close out regular season play on 8:56: DC - Goal by Benton Westrom; assists Dodge County 1 0 1 = 2 by Kevin Clausen and Kylo Courteau Faribault 2 0 2 = 4 Thursday. Second Period First Period Both teams scored in the open- 4:14 - L: Power play goal by Austin DeBoer; 6:14 - F: Goal by Tyler Becker; assist by ing period. Benton Westrom assists by Zack Hanno and Carter Schmitz Christian Von Ruden matched the Lancers goal with Third Period 9:24 - F: Goal Josh Nawrocki; assist by assists from Kevin Clausen and 14:30 - DC - Goal by Sam Robinson; assist Turner Putrah by Spencer Senn 16:40 - DC: Power play goal by Sam Kylo Courteau. Overtime Robinson; assists by Kylo Courteau and LaCrescent scored in the sec- L: Power play goal by Gage Lindahl; Tanner Dufault ond period, but Sam Robinsons 7:21 assists by Zack Hanno and Josh DeBoer Third Period 2:21 - F: Shorthanded goal by Kyle Quinnell; goal off an assist from Spencer DC shots on goal: 42 Senn, sent the game into overtime. Saves: Mitch Sobotta 23 assist by Evan Jensen

Pine Islands Katie Schultz does her dismount from the beam at the Section 1A meet at Simley High School, Saturday. Athlete Vault Bars Beam Floor All around Siera McNallan 8.875 8.975 (3) 9.00 9.50 (4) 36.35 (4) Brittney Arndt 8.55 7.60 8.00 8.50 32.65 Katie Schulz 8.70 7.30 6.875 8.55 31.425 Brook Schaefer 8.675 7.975 8.175 8.55 33.375 Allie Anderson 8.025 8.325 Robin Talbot 7.025 7.825 Pine Island 34.80 31.850 33.50 35.10 135.250 (3) Austin 38.00 36.025 37.05 38.15 149.225 (1) Byron/Lourdes 34.50 32.425 34.175 36.50 137.60 (2) Simley 34.875 30.50 32.,00 33.95 131.325 (4) Red Wing 33.70 29.325 32.775 32.975 128.775 (5) Caledonia 33.825 31.125 29.350 33,25 127.55 (6) LaCrescent 33.875 28.20 31.550 33.50 127.175 (7) Stewartville/KM 33.45 29.325 31.10 32,05 125.925 (8) South St. Paul 31.975 215.325 28.625 31.675 117.60 (9)

The Zumbrota-Mazeppa dance team made their eighth straight appearance at the State Class A jazz dance meet on Friday at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The Cougars finished ninth out of 12 teams taking part, failing to make the finals.

ZM places ninth at the State Meet

By Faye Haugen MINNEAPOLIS After placing third a year ago in the State Class A jazz dance meet, Zumbrota-Mazeppa had high hopes again this season. Dancing last out of 12 teams in Class A on Friday at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Coach Jen Stumm was happy with the way her team performed. But when the six finalists were announced, the Cougar squad was not among them. Yeah, I was surprised we didnt make it to the finals, but the scoring for our team was all over the place. We finished ninth overall, but we were ranked as high as third and as low as 12th. I just dont get it, said Coach Stumm who also saw scoring in last weeks Section 1A high kick meet cost her team a return trip to State. At the section meet, the Cougar high kick team was ranked first, second, third, fourth and eighth. They missed placing fourth and advancing to State by a half a point. Even though they went home without a medal, Coach Stumm said making it to the state meet is a great experience. Im sad that our seniors did not get to dance in the finals, but this experience makes our younger dancers hungry to return, said Coach Stumm, pointing out, It wasnt that long ago that we were battling Cannon Falls for last place in meets. The girls now on our jazz teams have never known what it is like to not advance to State. The Cougars will graduate seven seniors in Abby Hinchley, Amber Klankowski, Anna Budensiek, Lindsey Renken, Jennica Darcy, Lisa Ecker and Michelle Nygaard. Returning dancers include: juniors: Caitlyn Heitman, Maddie Lindhart and Olivia Gadient; sophomores: Breana Haag, Katie Grudem, Elyse Lodermeier, Rachel Tschann and Sophie Holm; and freshmen: Kaitlyn Hinchley and Katie Lawler. We lose some really good dancers in out seniors, but that creates opportunities for our younger girls. A lot of the girls attended the high kick meet on Saturday, and many of them were taking notes, remarked Coach Stumm. We will be looking for some of the girls to step up and be leaders for next year. We want to make sure we get back to State again next year.


Island League 2-3-2014 Oertli & Pleschourt 9 vs. DMC Plumbing 21; Kittelson Heating & Plumbing 2 vs. Owens Locker 28; D&M Dairy 22 vs. Producers Hybrids 8; Majerus & Tiarks 14 vs. Comstock Farm 16 Top team series: Owens Locker 3662 Top team game: Owens Locker 1253 Top individual series: Jeff Kes 755 Top individual game: Jeff Kes 288 Island League 2-10-2014 Comstock Farm 10.5 vs. Producers Hybrids 19.5; Majerus & Tiarks 23 vs. D&M Dairy 7; Oertli & Pleschourt 26 vs. Kittelson Heating & Plumbing 4; DMC Plumbing 11 vs. Owens Locker 18.5 Top team series: Producers Hybrids 3365 Top team game: Oertli & Pleschourt 1185 Top individual series: Bruce Nickell 705 Top individual game: Bruce Nickell 257 Classic League 2-4-2014 Hinrich Plumbing & Pump 2 vs. 5 Groth Implement; Leos Sportsbar 0 vs. 7 Eberhart Construction; Gars Repair 4 vs. 3 M&D Construction; Dupont Pioneer 4 vs. 3 MJB Farms Top team game: Groth Implement 1154 Top team series: Eberhart Construction 3385 Top bowler game: Rick Kunz 279 Top bowler series: Rick Kunz 672 Harvest League 2-5-2014 PI Pool & Pins 1.5 vs. 2.5 Prigges Flooring; Jims Barbershop 2 vs. 2 Friedrichs; Coffee Mill 0 vs. 4 Schaefers Heating Top team game: Jims Barbershop 1134 Top team series: Schaefers Heating 3264 Pine Islands Brittney Arndt does one of her jumps during her floor Top bowler game: Jerry Morrow 279 performance at the Section 1A meet on Saturday. Top bowler series: Tom Johnson 699

HVL Boys Basketball Conf Blue Division W L Cannon Falls 14 3 Lake City 11 7 Goodhue 8 10 Pine Island 7 11 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 5 12 Triton 2 16 Kenyon-Wanamingo 0 18 Gold Division Conf Byron 14 3 Hayfield 13 4 Kasson-Mantorville 12 4 Lourdes 10 7 LaCrescent 8 8 Stewartville 8 9 HVL Wrestling Conf W L Kasson-Mantorville 11 0 Kenyon-Wanamingo 10 1 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 9 2 Cannon Falls 7 4 Stewartville 7 4 Goodhue 6 5 Hayfield 4 7 Lake City 4 7 Byron 3 8 Pine Island 2 8 Triton 1 10 LaCrescent 0 10 Over W L 17 8 15 9 17 10 11 13 7 14 5 21 0 23 Over 18 8 20 5 16 9 14 11 11 13 14 12 Over W L 21 6 21 2 22 8 19 6 11 11 18 11 10 10 8 14 11 15 4 12 7 16 0 17

News-Record photo by Faye Haugen

Zumbrota-Mazeppa seniors, Lisa Ecker, Anna Budensiek and Abby Hinchley share hugs, tears and smiles when they learn they did not advance to the finals in the State Class A jazz meet on Friday in Minneapolis.


Girls Basketball

PI scores a season high 76 points

By Faye Haugen PINE ISLAND The Pine Island girls basketball team scored a season high 76 points at the right time in a win over Triton in Pine Island, Tuesday. The Panthers 7645 win over Triton snapped a fourgame losing skid, moving PIs record to 13-10 overall and to 99 in HVL play. Pine Island jumped out to a 4516 lead at the half and never looked back. Nine players scored for the Panthers who were led by Niki Fokken with 20, Sam Heeren with 16 and Eliza Warneke who came off the bench to net 12. The Panthers will close out regular season play on Friday when they host Lake City. The West Section 1AA tournament will begin on Thursday, February 27.
Pine Island 76 - Triton 45 PI - Noelle Langworthy 9, Kaitlyn Champa 2, Emilee Fredrickson 7, Niki Fokken 20, Sam Heeren 16, Kalley Berg 6, Amanda Troester 1, Summer Cavallaro 3, Eliza Warneke 12 Scoring by halves Triton 16 29 = 45 Pine Island 45 31 = 76 Free throws: PI - 11 of 20 for 55%; T - 9 of 15 for 60% ; Three-pointers: PI - Noelle Langworthy (3), Emilee Fredrickson (1), Sam Heeren (3); T -4

KW extends winning streak to 13

By Faye Haugen KENYON With wins over Belle Plaine, Goodhue and Cannon Falls, the Kenyon-Wanamingo girls basketball team upped their record to 22-1 overall and their HVL mark to 17-0. KW also extended their winning streak to 13. The Knights will wrap up regular season play on Friday at Blooming Prairie. KW will host either Kasson-Mantorville or Hayfield at 7 p.m. on Saturday in the HVL championship game. Belle Plaine The Knights posted an easy 7531 non-conference win over Belle Plaine in Kenyon, Monday. KW outscored Belle Plaine 48-17 in the opening half and 27-14 over the last 18 minutes. Four players reached double figures led by Siri Sviggum with 17 points, Audra Clark, 14, Mara Quam, 13 and Meg Clark, 12.
Kenyon-Wanamingo 75 Belle Plaine 31 KW - Mara Quam 13, Emily Ashland 3, Audra Clark 14, Siri Sviggum 17, Brittney Flom 7, Meg Clark 12, Maddie Anfinson 3, Megan Quam 4, Kailee Berquam 2 Scoring by halves Belle Plaine 17 14 = 31 Kenyon-Wanamingo 48 27 = 75 Free throws: KW - 8 of 17 for 47%; BP - 8 of 17 for 47%; Three-pointers: KW - Emily Ashland (1), Siri Sviggum (1), Maddie Anfinson (1); BP -3

other big lead at the half in Fridays game at Cannon Falls. KW led 43-19 at the half and they outscored the Bombers by another nine points in the second half for a 68-35 victory. Ten players scored, led by Siri Sviggum and Brittney Flom with 13 each.
Kenyon-Wanamingo 68 Cannon Falls 35 KW - Mara Quam 8, Emily Ashland 2, Audra Clark 9, Siri Sviggum 13, Brittney Flom 13, Meg Clark 6, Maddie Anfinson 5, Megan Quam 5, Kailee Berquam 4, Savannah Bleess 3 Scoring by halves Kenyon-Wanamingo 43 25 = 68 Cannon Falls 19 16 = 35 Free throws: KW - 12 of 14 for 86%; CF - 3 of 11 for 27%; Three-pointers: KW - Brittney Flom (3), Maddie Anfinson (1); CF - 2

Cannon Falls The Knights jumped out to an-

News-Record photo by Faye Haugen

Zumbrota-Mazeppas Kalli Paukert strains to make a pass away when she is surrounded by Pine Islands Niki Fokken and Kaitlyn Champa in Fridays game in Zumbrota.

ZM tops PI for fifth straight win

By Faye Haugen ZUMBROTA The ZumbrotaMazeppa girls basketball team extended their winning streak to five games with a 30-24 win over Pine Island in Zumbrota, Friday. In a very low scoring game, ZM led 16-12 at the half and 20-16 with 10 minutes to play. The Cougars were able to hit enough free throes and baskets down the stretch to pull out the win. ZM hit 8 of 13 over the last five minutes of play. The Panthers also suffered poor shooting at the free throw line, hitting 10 of 17 in the game, but they were just 5 of 13 over the last five minutes of play. ZM built up a 27-19 lead with 47 seconds to play, but Pine Island forced two turnovers on inbound passes to narrow the score to 27-24 when Noelle Langworthy hit the front end of a one-andone free throw with 18 seconds to play. Alyssa Quam grabbed the rebound and PI quickly fouled Molly Lawler who hit both of her free throws to make it 29-24 with 17 seconds to play. The Cougars had six players score, but none hit double figures., Hailey Dykes led ZM with nine points. Niki Fokken netted 11 points and Sam Heeren had 10 points for Pine Island, but the Panthers had just two other players score in the game. It was nice to give our eight seniors a win in the last home game of their careers, said ZM coach Scott Paukert. I thought we rebounded very well on the defensive end which limited Pine Islands Pine Islands Sam Heeren looks to the basket as Zumbrota-Mazeppas shot opportunities. Alyssa Quam reaches in during Fridays game in Zumbrota.
Zumbrota-Mazeppa 30 Pine Island 24 ZM - Kalli Paukert 8, Carley Henning 2, Molly Lawler 4, Hailey Dykes 9, Alyssa Quam 3, Tayler Mort 4 PI - Noelle Langworthy 1, Emilee Fredrickson 2 Niki Fokken 11, Sam Heeren 10, Scoring by halves Pine Island 12 12 = 24 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 16 14 = 30 Free throws: ZM - 12 of 17 for 70%; PI - 10 of 17 for 58%; Field goals: ZM - 8 of 37 for 21%; PI - 6 of 27 for 22%; Rebounds: ZM - 25; PI 21; Turnovers: ZM - 13; PI - 16; Threepointers: ZM - Kalli Paukert (1), Alyssa Quam (1); PI Sam Heeren (2)

It is hard to grab a loose ball when you have your eyes closed as Goodhues Rachel Watson and Meredith Watson and Kenyon-Wanamingos Megan Quam found out in Tuesdays game in Goodhue.

Goodhue rally is not enough against Kenyon-Wanamingo

By Faye Haugen GOODHUE Kenyon-Wanamingo kept their HVL Blue Division girls basketball record perfect with a 64-55 win at Goodhue on Tuesday. But the Knights had to work a little harder to keep it. The game stayed close much of the first half. Goodhue took a 2419 lead with 4:38, but the Knights went on a 9-2 run to close out the half. Audra Clark came back from the break like a woman possessed as KW went on a 12-0 run, with Clark scoring 10 of those points. The Knights upped their lead to 18 points before the Wildcats started to claw their way back into dermeier coming off the bench to the game, lowering KWs lead to net 11 points. Goodhue hit 12 threes six with 2:45 to play. The Knights in the game to KWs two. spread their offense, forcing Kenyon-Wanamingo 64 - Goodhue 55 Goodhue to foul to get the ball. KW - Mara Quam 7, Emily Ashland 2, Audra KW hit three of four free throws Clark 22, Siri Sviggum 12, Brittney Flom 7, Clark 7, Megan Quam 8 with less than a minute to play, Meg G - Megan Ryan 3, Mikayla Miller 19, Kali Ryan but a three by Sydney Lodermeier 5, Michelle Hadler 6, Meredith Watson 3, with 41 seconds to play kept Shelby Hinsch 9, Sydney Lodermeier 11 Scoring by halves Goodhue in the contest, 61-55. 30 34 = 64 The Knights hit three of four Kenyon-Wanamingo 27 28 = 55 free throws over the last 28 sec- Goodhue throws: KW - 20 of 26 for 77%; G - 5 of onds to put the game away, 64-55. Free 9 for 56%; Three-pointers: KW - Audra Clark Audra Clark netted a game-high (1), Siri Sviggum (1); G - Shelby Hinsch (3), 22 points to lead KW in scoring. Sydney Lodermeier (3), Makayla Miller (2), Michelle Ryan (2), Megan Ryan (1), Kali Ryan Siri Sviggum added 12. Mikayla Miller paced Goodhue (1) with 19 points with Sydney Lo-

ZM has little trouble with Cannon Falls

By Faye Haugen ZUMBROTA ZumbrotaMazeppa hosted Cannon Falls in an HVL girls basketball game on Tuesday, and the Cougars had little trouble earning a 63-29 win over the Bombers. Our intensity to begin the game was excellent, praised Coach Scott Paukert. Both offensively and defensively we were sharp. We jumped out to a 20-3 lead six minutes into the game. ZM led 32-12 at the half. Kalli Goodhue. The West Section 1AA Paukert had a career-high, scor- tournament will begin on Thursing 21 points, dishing our seven day, February 27. assists and making five steals. Zumbrota-Mazeppa 63 Hailey Dykes added 12 points and Cannon Falls 29 ZM - Kalli Paukert 21, Carley Henning 11, Molly Carley Henning 11. Lawler 4, Hailey Dykes 12, Alyssa Quam 4, ZM shot 50% from the field and Tayler Mort 7, Rachel Mensink 2, Laura Drackley had a low eight turnovers in the 2 Scoring by halves win. The Cougars also hit six threes Cannon Falls 12 17 = 29 in the win. 32 31 = 63 The Cougars will wrap up regular Zumbrota-Mazeppa throws: ZM - 6 of 9 for 67%; CF - 8 of 15 season play on Friday when they Free for 53%; Field goals: ZM - 26 of 52 for 50%; travel to fourth-ranked Class A CF - 10 of 35 for 28%; Rebounds: ZM - 22; CF
- 23; Turnovers: ZM - 8; CF - 23; Threepointers: ZM - Carley Henning (1) Alyssa Quam (1), Molly Lawler (1), Kalli Paukert (3); CF - 1


Tuesday, February 18 Section 1AA boys hockey, Dodge County at Lakeville North, 7 p.m. Goodhue girls basketball at Triton, 6 p.m. Kenyon-Wanamingo girls basketball, Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Kenyon, 6 p.m. Zumbrota-Mazeppa girls basketball at Kenyon, 6 p.m. Thursday, February 20 West Section 1A boys basketball, Lyle/Pacelli or LeRoy-Ostrander at Goodhue, 7 p.m. West Section 1A boys basketball, Pine Island at Rochester Lourdes, 7 p.m. West Section 1AA boys basketball, Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Cannon Falls, 7 p.m. Kenyon-Wanamingo boys basketball at St. Peter, 6 p.m. Friday, February 21 Section 1A individual wrestling tournament at Mayo Civic Arena, 12:30 p.m. Goodhue girls basketball, Zumbrota-Mazeppa at Goodhue, 6 p.m. Kenyon-Wanamingo girls basketball at Cannon Falls, 6 p.m. Pine Island girls basketball , Lake City at Pine Island, 6 p.m. Zumbrota-Mazeppa girls basketball at Goodhue, 6 p.m. Saturday, February 22 State Class A individual gymnastics meet University of Minnesota, 11 a.m. Section 1A individual wrestling tournament at Mayo Civic Arena, 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 25 Section 2AA boys basketball, Kenyon-Wanamingo at Waseca, 7 p.m.

HVL Girls Basketball Conf Blue Division W L Kenyon-Wanamingo 17 0 Goodhue 12 4 Pine Island 9 8 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 8 8 Lake City 5 10 Cannon Falls 1 15 Triton 0 15 Gold Division Conf Kasson-Mantorville 13 2 Hayfield 12 4 Byron 8 7 Lourdes 8 8 LaCrescent 7 8 Stewartville 2 12 Over W L 22 1 18 5 13 10 11 10 10 11 34 19 3 18 Over 19 4 18 5 11 11 14 10 11 11 2 19

News-Record photos by Faye Haugen

Kenyon-Wanamingos Siri Sviggum grabs the rebound away from Goodhues Meredith Watson in Tuesdays game in Goodhue.


Byron Vanessa Anderson 20 308 Cannon Falls Courtney Woodcock 19 176 Goodhue Mikayla Miller 22 541 Shelby Hinsch 22 239 Kali Ryan 22 167 Michelle Hadler 22 134 Meredith Watson 22 116 Hayfield Dani Wagner 21 378 Johanna Bungum 22 247 Bhrett Zahnle 22 242 Jessie Foster 22 239 Kasson-Mantorville Cori Kennedy 22 379 15.4 9.3 24.6 10.9 7.6 6.1 5.3 18.0 11.2 11.0 10.9 17.3 Kristin Scott 22 303 Taylor Miller 22 230 Kenyon-Wanamingo Siri Sviggum 16 290 Audra Clark 16 201 Megan Quam 16 161 Brittney Flom 15 142 Meg Clark 16 71 LaCrescent Katie Weller 10 173 Jen Michalke 10 133 Lake City Breanna Gates 19 249 Madi Green 20 246 Lourdes Katie Helt 22 258 Pine Island 13.7 10.4 18.1 12.6 10.0 9.5 6.8 17.3 13.3 13.1 12.3 11.7 Nikki Fokken 21 356 Sam Heeren 22 264 Noelle Langworthy 22 148 Kalley Berg 22 98 Summer Cavallaro 22 89 Stewartville Hunter Miller 16 128 Triton Emily Hodgman 19 160 Zumbrota-Mazeppa Carley Henning 19 225 Hailey Dykes 20 191 Kalli Paukert 20 162 Taylor Mort 20 132 Molly Lawler 19 113 Alyssa Quam 20 117 16.9 12.0 6.7 4.4 4.0 8.0 8.4 11.9 9.6 8.1 6.6 5.9 5.8


Boys Basketball
ZM tops Triton for the second time
By Faye Haugen ZUMBROTA For the second time in a week, the ZumbrotaMazeppa and Triton boys basketball teams battled, with ZM coming away for the winner a second time. But they didnt need overtime this go around to top the Cobras 64-53. ZM pulled out a 66-65 overtime win in Zumbrota on Friday, February 7. This game the Cougars led from start to finish, up 34-29 at the half, and they outscored the Cobras 30-24 over the last half of play. Ellis Hirman had a big game with 24 points and 12 rebounds.
Scoring by halves Zumbrota-Mazeppa 34 30 = 64 Triton 29 24 = 53 Free throws: ZM- 14 of 25 for 56%; T - 8 of 13 for 61%; Field goals: ZM- 23 of 51 for 45%; T - 20 of 50 for 40%; Rebounds: ZM- 30 (Ellis Hirman 12); T - 34; Turnovers: ZM- 10; T - 15; Three-pointers: ZM - Jacob Forrey (1), Kurt Gadient (1), Jacob Tschann (1), Jacob Ugland (1); T - 5

Jacob Ugland netted 17 points and Tuesday. The Bombers took a 4016 lead in the opening half and Kurt Gadient chipped in 14. Zumbrota-Mazeppa 64 - Triton 53 they went on to win big, 74-36. ZM - Kurt Gadient 14, Ellis Hirman 24, Jacob Jacob Ugland scored 11 to pace Ugland 17, Jacob Forrey 4, Jacob Tschann 5 ZM while Ellis Hirman added 10.
Zumbrota-Mazeppa 35 Cannon Falls 74 ZM - Kurt Gadient 5, Ellis Hirman 10, Jacob Ugland 11, Jacob Forrey 3, Adam Krage 1, Isaiah Stueber 5 Scoring by halves Zumbrota-Mazeppa 16 19 = 36 Cannon Falls 40 34 = 74 Free throws: ZM- 10 of 19 for 52%; CF - 6 of 9 for 67%; Field goals: ZM- 11 of 34 for 32%; CF - 30 of 44 for 68%; Rebounds: ZM- 16; CF - 20; Turnovers: ZM- 14; CF - 4; Threepointers: ZM - Jacob Forrey (1), Isaiah Stueber (1), Jacob Ugland (1); CF - 8

Cannon Falls HVL Blue Division winner Cannon Falls made it a long night for the Cougars in Cannon Falls on

News-Record photos by Faye Haugen

Kenyon-Wanamingos Blake Jacobson is able to get off a pass to an open teammate even though he hits the deck in Tuesdays game in Goodhue.

Goodhue defense keeps KW in check

By Faye Haugen GOODHUE The Goodhue defense was outstanding the first half of Tuesdays HVL Blue Division boys basketball game in Goodhue. The Wildcats held the Knights to just eight points. In a very low scoring game, Goodhue led just 18-8 at the half. Both teams played patient basketball with the Cats leading 33-18 with 6:52 to play. The Knights came back with full court man-toman pressure to make it an eightpoint game with 28 seconds to play on a three by Ben Nystuen. Eddie Matul hit another three with 14 seconds to go to narrow the score to 41-34. The Cats hit a pair of free throws with 11 seconds to got to seal the win, 45-37. I was happy with the way the kids played. They didnt quit, praised KW coach Mat Schaefer. It has been a long season, but the boys havent given up, and they keep fighting as hard as they are able. Austin Buck led Goodhue with 13 points with Riley Augustine adding 12. Ben Nystuen led KW with 10 points.
Goodhue 45 - Kenyon-Wanamingo 37 G - Riley Bollum 2, Tyler Schumacher 6, Riley Augustine 12, Alex Thomforde 2, Calvin Peterson 7, Jacob McNamara 2, Jacob Pasch 1, Austin Buck 13 KW - Eddie Matul 3, Blake Jacobson 4, Ben Nystuen 10, Marcus Irrthum 0, Garrick Mallery 5, Connor Sviggum 6 Scoring by halves Kenyon-Wanamingo 8 29 = 37 Goodhue 18 27 = 45 Free throws: G - 14 of 24 for 58%; KW - 9 of 14 for 64%; Field goals: G - 15 of 37 for 40%; KW - 12 of 30 for 40%; Turnovers: G - 6; KW

News-Record photos by Faye Haugen

Zumbrota-Mazeppas Josh Nelson tries to block the shot of Pine Islands Ben Farrell during Fridays game in Pine Island, but Farrell is too quick to the basket.

Pine Island tops Zumbrota-Mazeppa in HVL Blue Division play

Kenyon-Wanamingos Marcus Irrthum looks for room to escape when he is trapped by Goodhues Jacob Pasch and Tyler Schumacher in Tuesdays game in Goodhue.
- 15; Rebounds: G - 23; KW - 20; Threepointers: G- Riley Augustine (1); KW - Eddie Matul (1), Ben Nystuen (2), Connor Sviggum (1)

PI plays four games in one week

By Faye Haugen PINE ISLAND It was a busy seven days for the Pine Island boys basketball team as they played four games, winning three of the four. The Panthers topped Bethlehem Academy, Triton and ZumbrotaMazeppa, but they fell to HVL Blue Division leading Cannon Falls. The fifth-seeded Panthers will open West Section 1AA play on Thursday when they travel to Rochester to face Lourdes at 7 p.m. Bethlehem Academy Playing in Faribault on Saturday, February 8, the Panthers pulled out a 57-54 win over Bethlehem Academy. Pine Island opened up a 30-22 lead at the half over the Cardinals, and they needed the lead as BA came roaring back, outscoring PI 32-27 in the last half of the contest. Ben Warneke led balanced PI scoring with 24 points. Broc Finstuen and Luke Thornton added 10 pointseach.
Pine Island 57 Bethlehem Academy 54 PI - Ben Warneke 24, Broc Finstuen 10, Luke Thornton 10, Ben Farrell 6, Jared Lohmeyer 2, Matt Smith 2, Matt Kukson 3 Scoring by halves Pine Island 30 27 = 57 Bethlehem Academy 22 32 = 54 Free throws: PI - 2 of 8 for 25%; BA - 7 of 15 for 47%; Three-pointers: PI - Ben Warneke (3); BA - 6

they managed to outscore the Bombers 31-26 in the second half to close the gap to 61-58 before the final horn sounded. Ben Warneke led PI with 25 points. Luke Thornton chipped in 11. The Bombers hit eight threes in the contest compared to PIs 4.
Pine Island 58 - Cannon Falls 61 PI - Ben Warneke 25, Broc Finstuen 8, Luke Thornton 11, Ben Farrell 2, Jared Lohmeyer 9, Luke Schmidt 3 Scoring by halves Pine Island 27 31 = 58 Cannon Falls 35 26 = 61 Free throws: PI - 8 of 11 for 73%; CF - 5 of 15 for 33%; Three-pointers: PI - Ben Warneke (2), Luke Schmidt (1), Jared Lohmeyer (1); CF - 8

Cannon Falls The Panthers gave Cannon Falls Triton The Panthers had a 36-30 lead a good game in Cannon Fallson Monday in a rescheduled game. over Triton in Tuesdays game in PI trailed 35-27 at the break, but Dodge Center, and they ended the game with that six-point margin for a victory. Ben Warneke netted 25 points, Broc Finstuen, 13, and 2014 West Section 1AA Boys Basketball Luke Thornton 11 for balanced 1. Byron scoring. Thursday, Feb. 20, 7 p.m. Pine Island has an 11-13 record at Byron Monday, Feb. 24, heading into tournament play. The 8. Triton 6 p.m. at Mayo Panthers finish the HVL season Civic Arena 4. Lourdes with a 7-11 mark.
Thursday, Feb. 20, 7 p.m. at Rochester Saturday, March 1, 8 p.m. at Mayo Civic Auditorim

By Faye Haugen PINE ISLAND ZumbrotaMazeppa fell 74-59 at Pine Island on Friday evening when they couldnt find a way to stop Ben Warneke. The 63 Panther senior scored a career high 38 points in the HVL Blue Division game. The win secured the Panthers (11-13) the fifth seed in the West Section 1AA tournament. Pine Island will play at fourth-seeded Lourdes on Thursday. The loss dropped ZM (7-15) to the sixth seed and a game at third-seeded Cannon Falls, also on Thursday. Both games begin at 7 p.m. With Warneke hitting shots both inside and out, Pine Island built up a 35-30 lead at the half. The Panthers outscored the Cougars by 10 in the second half for the 15-point win. Broc Finstuen chipped in 10 for Pine Island Ellis Hirman netted 20 points and he grabbed 20 rebounds for ZM Jacob Tschann added 19 points. ZM hit seven threes in the game compared to Pine Islands four.
Pine Island 74 Zumbrota-Mazeppa 59 PI - Ben Warneke 38, Broc Finstuen 10, Luke Thornton 8, Ben Farrell 7, Jared Lohmeyer 7, Matt Kukson 3, Ben Bauer 1 ZM - Jacob Forrey 3, Jacob Tschann 19,, Jerrell Guider 2, Ellis Hirman 20, Kurt Gadient 3, Jacob Ugland 6, Isaiah Stueber 6 Scoring by halves Zumbrota-Mazeppa 30 29 = 59 Pine Island 35 39 = 74 Free throws: PI 14 of 21 for 66%; ZM- 10 of 15 for 66%; Field goals: PI - 28 of 52 for 53%; ZM- 21 of 60 for 35%; Rebounds: PI - 34 (Luke Thornton 12); ZM- 34 (Ellis Hirman 20); Turnovers: PI - 9; ZM- 11; Three-pointers: PI - Ben Warneke (3), Jared Lohmeyer (1); ZM - Jacob Forrey (1), Jacob Tschann (4), Isaiah Stueber (2)

5. Pine Island 2. Hayfield

Thursday, Feb. 20, 7 p.m. at Hayfield

7. Dover-Eyota 3. Cannon Falls

Thursday, Feb. 20, 7 p.m. at Cannon Falls

Monday, Feb. 24, 7:30 p.m. at Mayo Civic Arena

Pine Island 65 - Triton 59 PI - Ben Warneke 25, Broc Finstuen 13, Luke Thornton 11, Ben Farrell 6, Jared Lohmeyer 2, Luke Schmidt 1, Ben Bauer 6, Matt Kukson 1 Scoring by halves Pine Island 36 29 = 65 Triton 30 29 = 59 Free throws: PI - 7 of 17 for 41%; T - 7 of 11 for 64%; Three-pointers: PI - Ben Bauer (2); T - 2

Pine Islands Ben Warneke gets up high to grab a rebound away from Zumbrota-Mazeppas Jacob Ugland in Fridays game in Pine Island.

Blue Division winner shuts down KW

scored 35-24 . Ben Nystuen led the Knights with 12 points. Kenyon-Wanamingo will close out regular season play on Thursday when they head to St. Peter. The Knights will open North Section 2AA play on Tuesday, February 25 at top-seeded Waseca at 7 p.m.
Kenyon-Wanamingo 36 Cannon Falls 57 KW - Eric Hokanson 4, Ben Nystuen 12, Marcus Irrthum 7, Garrick Mallery 5, Blake Jacobson 4, Tanner Warner 2 Scoring by halves Cannon Falls 22 35 = 57 Kenyon-Wanamingo 12 24 = 36 Free throws: KW - 1 of 2 for 50%; CF - 6 of 10 for 60%; Three-pointers: KW- Ben Nystuen (4), Marcus Irrthum (1); CF - 7

6. Zumbrota-Mazeppa

2014 West Section 1A Boys Basketball

1. Goodhue 8. Lyle/Pacelli
Tuesday, Feb. 18 Thursday, Feb. 20, 7 Goodhue Monday, Feb. 24 6 p.m. Mayo Civic Auditorium

By Faye Haugen KENYON The KenyonWanamingo boys basketball team fell 57-36 to HVL Blue Division winner Cannon Falls on Friday in their last HVL game of the seaCommercial League son. The Knights got off to a slow 2-6-2014 Ellefson Trucking 2 vs. 7 Stus Proshop; start, trailing 22-12 at the break, Bluff Valley Campground vs. Kiffmeyer and things didnt get any better in Motorsports; Nelson Family Services 0 the second half as they were out-


vs. 0 Maple Island Top team game: Maple Island 1122 Top team series: Maple Island 3232 Top bowler game: Nick Goranson 256 Top bowler series: Ron Nelson 672 Classic League 2-11-2014 Dupont Pioneer 2 vs. 5 M&D Construction; Gars Repair 3 vs. 4 MJB Farms; Eberhart Construction 2 vs. 5 Leos Sportsbar; Hinrich Plumbing & Pump 7 vs. 0 Groth Implement Top team game: Eberhart Construction 1163 Top team series: Eberhart Construction 3381 Top bowler game: Ron Nelson 258 Top bowler series: Ron Nelson 699

Goodhue gets a preview of section play

By Faye Haugen GOODHUE Goodhue earned a convincing 80-47 win over Lyle/ Pacelli in Goodhue on Thursday evening. These two teams could tangle again on Thursday in the West Section 1A boys basketball quarterfinals in Goodhue. Seeded eighth, Lyle/Pacelli needs to win an opening round game over ninth-seeded LeRoyOstrander to advance to the quarterfinals in Goodhue. The Cats had little trouble with the Athletics on Thursday, opening up a 38-23 lead by the half. February 24 at 6 p.m. at the Mayo With the big lead and a busy sched- Civic Auditorium in Rochester. ule, Coach Matt Halverson put his Goodhue 80 - Lyle/Pacelli 47 reserves into the game in the sec- G - Riley Bollum 11, Tyler Schumacher 13, ond half. They responded by Riley Augustine 22, Alex Thomforde 3, Calvin outscoring the visitors 42-24 over Peterson 12, Jacob McNamara 6, Austin Buck 6, Ryan Alpers 1, Chase Danielson 3, Sam thr last 18 minutes. Kyllo 1, Aaron Austin 2 Eleven players scored for Scoring by halves Goodhue led by Riley Augustines Lyle/Pacelli 23 24 = 47 38 42 = 80 22. Tyler Schumacher added 13, Goodhue Calvin Peterson came off the bench Free throws: G - 14 of 25 for 56%; LP - 8 of to net 12 and Riley Bollum added 18 for 44%; Field goals: G - 32 of 52 for 61%; LP - 18 of 41 for 43%; Turnovers: G - 8; LP 11. 15; Rebounds: G - 33; LP - 16; Three-pointers: The West Section 1A semifi- G- Alex Thomforde (1), Riley Augustine (1); LP nals will be played on Monday, - 3

9. LeRoy-Ostrander 4.Southland
Thursday, Feb. 20 at Adams

5. Randolph 2. Blooming Prairie

Thursday, Feb. 20 at Blooming Prairie

Saturday, March 1 2 p.m. at Mayo Auditorium

7. Glenville-Emmons Monday, Feb. 24 3. Bethlehem Academy 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 20 at Faribaultr Mayo Civic Auditorium

6. Grand Meadow


Members of the Zumbrota-Mazeppa jazz dance team fly across the floor of the Target Center during the State Class A jazz dance tournament on Friday.

Zumbrota-Mazeppa Dance Team

Section 1A Jazz champion State Class A Jazz participant


The Zumbrota-Mazeppa jazz team points to injured senior Jennica Darcy during their performance at the State Class A meet on Friday in Minneapolis. From left are Anna Budensiek, Abby Hinchley, Lisa Ecker, Sophie Holm, Breanna Haag, Michelle Nygaard, Olivia Gadient, Katie Grudem, Caitlyn Heitman, Kaitlyn Hinchley and Maddie Lindhart.

Zumbrota-Mazeppa jazz dance team members have smiles on their faces as they near the end of their program at the Target Center.

Lisa Ecker and Caitlyn Heitman lift Olivia Gadient as she does a kick in Fridays performance. Bottom:Zumbrota-Mazeppa managers and alternates, from left, Jennica Darcy, Sophie Leonard, Lindsey Renken, Emma Gunhus, Rachel Tschann, Elyse Lodermeier and Katie Lawler enter the Target Center prior to the Cougar dance team taking the court.

Tears well in the eyes of Zumbrota-Mazeppa senior dance team members Lisa Ecker and Anna Budensiek when the Cougars are not chosen to dance in the finals at the State Class A jazz meet.

Olivia Gadient and Katie Grudem kick their way across the floor.

News-Record photos by Faye Haugen

Members of the Zumbrota-Mazeppa jazz dance team are, from left, front row: Lisa Ecker and Abby Hinchley; second row: Emma Gunhus, Michelle Nygaard, Caitlyn Heitman, Breana Haag, Lindsey Renken, Kaitlyn Hinchley and Katie Lawler; back row: Elyse Lodermeier, Olivia Gadient, Rachel Tschann, Sophie Holm, Maddie Lindhart, Amber Klankowski, Jennica Darcy and Katie Grudem.

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