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206 206 Human Development, World-Soul, and World-Spirit.

Part Two
Gesamtausgabe, first edition 14(7/22/1921, Dornach) (9ff.) 4547 206-01 The twelve senses: first group (outwardly directed): ego-sense (perception of the other ego), sense of thought (perception of the thought of the fellowman), word sense, sense of hearing; second group (external and internal experience): senses of warmth, of seeing, of taste, of smell; third group (internal senses): of balance, movement, life, and touch. The first group is related to imagining, the second to feeling, the third to willing. The senses from the ego-sense up to the sense of warmth are the senses which are important for the soul-life. Objective and subjective process are one with the lower senses, separate with the upper ones. The human being smells and tastes with the whole body. 306/2 and /3(4/16/ and 4/17/1923, Dornach) and 307/6(8/10/1923, Ilkley): taste, but also seeing and hearing is expanded over the whole body of the child in the first years, is not yet localised on a single organ. Mathematics is an outflow of the senses of movement and balance. On the twelve senses see 170/7(8/12/1916, Dornach). Cf. 115-01, -02, -03. 15(7/23/1921, Dornach) (26ff.) 4548 206-02 tension between East and West The upper six senses (ego, thought, word, sound, and warmth, visual) were authoritative for the spiritual soul-life of the ancient oriental cultures. The lower six senses (taste, smell, balance, movement, life, touch) are important for the Western civilisation: thinking as a kind of sense of smell. 16(7/24/1921, Dornach) (p. 56) 4550 206-03 The capacity of remembering is added with the system of limbs and metabolism, therefore, refers to the present life and does not refer to the previous life as the capacity of forming ideas does. The childish force of growth changes to the power of remembering. 16(7/24/1921, Dornach) (51ff.) 4550 206-04 The physical, etheric, and astral bodies have their images in the human head (system of nerves and senses), the ego is free. The etheric and physical bodies have their images in the rhythmical system; the other two members are free. In the system of limbs and metabolism, only the physical body has its image, all the other members are free and active. See the somewhat different representation in 205-20. 18(8/6/1921, Dornach) (p. 92) 4560 206-05 th If the things run in the 20 century as they have developed under the influence of the world view which came up in the 19th century, we stand before the War of All against All at the end of the 20th century! 19(8/7/1921, Dornach) (96ff.) 4562 206-06 Only in the age of eight to ten, the ego and astral body are released from the physical and etheric bodies in sleep. Thats why children, who die before this age, still have something of the soul-and-spirit world which is experienced between death and new birth. Bodilypsychic and psycho-spiritual are interlinked even more than after this time and particularly