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Linda R.

11 Main St

Sometown, IN 47244


Lindas dedication to her students is exceptional consistently brings creativity and innovation into her lesson plans and classroom effectively addresses different learning styles well-respected by teachers and staff M. +o,n on Former -rin'i%al Sometown Elementary School Sometown !S"


Dedicated elementary teacher eager to resume full-time teaching career currentl! a su"stitute for the Sometown #S$%. &ffer a 'ro(en trac) record of commended 'erformance teaching grades *-+, with a 'assion for education and an unwa(ering commitment to o'timi,ing student and school success.

Core Com%e&en'ie
Creative Lesson Planning Curriculum Development Instructional Best Practices Classroom Management & Discipline Standardized Testing / Scoring Learner Assessment !periential Learning Special "eeds Students / I Ps

S&M-.&/N #012I3 S34&&2 $IS.5I3., Sometown, IN Substitute Teacher (K-12), 1678 to #resent Elementary Teacher (K-6), 9674 to +677 Student Teacher (Intern), 1674 to 5674 4ired as a full-time teacher following student teaching 'racticum, instructing all academic su":ect areas to classrooms of u' to 29 1st, 2nd and 4th grade students. 2eft Sometown #S$ on e;cellent terms% at the end of the 2777 academic !ear to 'ro(ide full-time care to cancer-stric)en 'arent, and enthusiasticall! rehired as a su"stitute teacher for the current s'ring term. #e$ Contri%utions&

#e were so thrilled to get Linda bac$ in the classroom this year as a substitute but % cant begin to describe my disappointment at being unable to offer her a fulltime position at this time due to budget cutbac$s &ur loss will most assuredly be another schools gain 'er enthusiasm for teaching and genuine caring for her students is only surpassed by her instructional talents and resourcefulness she has my highest recommendation R. Li&&le&on -rin'i%al Sometown Elementary School Sometown !S"

-arned high mar)s for the <ualit! and creati(it! of classroom teaching, lesson 'lans and instructional materials used in teaching di(erse su":ects e.g., language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and histor!%. $e(elo'ed inno(ati(e a''roaches that were re'eatedl! held u' as the model standard for meeting district goals in areas including technolog! integration across the curriculum, e;'eriential learning, literac! and di(ersit!. .aught general education students as well as indi(iduals with learning challenges and s'ecial needs within a mainstreamed, inclusi(e classroom. 3onsistentl! commended for a"ilit! to redirect students e;hi"iting "eha(ior 'ro"lems "! re'lacing disru'ti(e, un'roducti(e 'atterns with 'ositi(e "eha(iors. =s a result, selected to lead district-wide in-ser(ice on classroom management. =cti(el! ser(ed on a (ariet! of school committees and tas) forces focused on curriculum de(elo'ment, te;t"oo) re(iew, fundraising and anti-"ull!ing efforts. -sta"lished 'ositi(e relationshi's with students, 'arents, fellow teachers and school administrators6staff. >uic)l! "ecame a ?first-to-call@ resource in current su"stitute teaching role, t!'icall! wor)ing four da!s 'er wee). #ersonall! re<uested "! man! full-time teachers to ta)e o(er their classrooms during a"sences.

Primary Care i!er, +677 to 12679 Ste''ed awa! from the classroom to ser(e as a 'rimar! caregi(er to 'arent diagnosed with stage IA cancer. #ro(ided dail! care, assisted with financial affairs and coordinated treatment with medical 'rofessionals and hos'ice team.

Ed)'a&ion * Creden&ial
IN$I=N= /-S2-B=N 0NIA-5SI.B C Marion, IN "# in Elementary Educati$n, 2774 Indiana Teacher Certi%icati$n (&rades K-6), 2774 renewed in 2778%