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uear poLenLlal candldaLe for publlc offlce,

1he declslon Lo run for offlce as a uemocraL ls an exclLlng one. We know LhaL Ceorgla can be a beLLer
educaLed, healLhler and safer sLaLe when Lhere are more uemocraLs ln offlce-from Lhe local level all
Lhe way Lo Lhe execuLlve branch. ?our declslon Lo run for offlce and serve your communlLy helps our
sLaLe move ln Lhe rlghL dlrecLlon.

lf you are a flrsL-Llme candldaLe, Lhe process can seem unwleldy. lL's our hope Lhls gulde wlll help you
feel a blL more comforLable navlgaLlng Lhe sysLem. lf you have run for offlce before or lf you are an
lncumbenL, you should know LhaL Lhere are some changes Lhls year Lo Lhe quallfylng process, and Lhls
gulde should help answer any quesLlons LhaL you may have.

1hls Cuallfylng Culde wlll provlde all Lhe baslc lnformaLlon you should need. lf you requlre furLher
asslsLance, please conLacL Lhe SecreLary of SLaLe's Cfflce, LlecLlons dlvlslon, or glve us a call over aL Lhe
uemocraLlc arLy of Ceorgla.

1hank you for your servlce Lo our greaL sLaLe.


uu8ose orLer
Chalrman, uemocraLlc arLy of Ceorgla


!"#$%&'%() >#<%/<
lf you are lnLendlng Lo run for one of Lhe followlng publlc offlces, you wlll need Lo quallfy for offlce:
unlLed SLaLes SenaLe
unlLed SLaLes Pouse of 8epresenLaLlves
SLaLe Pouse of 8epresenLaLlves
SLaLe SenaLe
LleuLenanL Covernor
SecreLary of SLaLe
ALLorney Ceneral
SLaLe School SuperlnLendenL
Commlssloner of AgrlculLure
Commlssloner of lnsurance
Commlssloner of Labor
ubllc Servlce Commlssloner
ulsLrlcL ALLorney

Cuallfylng for Lhe above offlces wlll be held aL our SLaLe CaplLol 8ulldlng ln 8oom 230 on Lhe second floor.

Cuallfylng wlll Lake place aL Lhe followlng Llmes:
Monday March 3
-9:00 am - 3:00 pm
1uesday March 4
-9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wednesday March 3
-9:00 am - 3:00 pm
1hursday March 6
-9:00 am - 3:00 pm
lrlday March 7
- 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


A sLaff member wlll be Laklng all of your lnformaLlon and enLerlng lL lnLo Lhe sysLem creaLed by Lhe SecreLary of
SLaLe's Cfflce. ?ou wlll be asked for Lhe followlng:

CurrenL 8esldence Address
CurrenL Malllng Address
Pome hone number
8uslness hone number
Cfflce 1ype
ulsLrlcL lf appllcable
Lmall Address
WebslLe (opLlonal)
number of years resldlng ln Lhe sLaLe of Ceorgla (for non-federal candldaLes)
number of years resldlng ln Lhe CounLy (for non-federal candldaLes)
number of years resldlng ln Lhe ulsLrlcL (for non-federal candldaLes)
number of years resldlng ln Lhe ClrculL (for ulsLrlcL ALLorney candldaLes only)
aymenL for Cuallfylng
CurrenL and valld plcLure ldenLlflcaLlon for noLary purposes

AfLer a sLaff person has enLered all of your lnformaLlon ln Lhe sysLem, LhaL sLaffer wlll ask you Lo proofread all Lhe
lnformaLlon LhaL has been collecLed for mlsLakes, Lake your paymenL, lssue you a recelpL and noLarlze your
ueclaraLlon of Candldacy and AffldavlL-provldlng you and Lhe SecreLary of SLaLe a copy as well as malnLalnlng a
copy on flle.

A7NB-?our name Lo appear on Lhe balloL wlll be pre-populaLed from Lhe sLaLe's voLer reglsLraLlon flle. 1he flrsL
name MuS1 be Lhe candldaLe's legal flrsL name or Lhe flrsL lnlLlal. lf Lhe candldaLe would llke a nlckname Lo appear
on Lhe balloL, he or she may lndlcaLe as such. Powever, Lhe nlckname wlll always be llsLed !"#$% Lhe flrsL name or
lnlLlal and ln quoLes. 1hls ls a change from years pasL. lurLhermore, no LlLles (such as 8ev., ur., eLc.) wlll appear
on Lhe balloL.

lf Lhe candldaLe's lasL name has changed from whaL ls ln Lhe sLaLe's voLer reglsLraLlon flle, Lhe candldaLe musL
brlng conflrmaLlon from hls or her counLy reglsLrar of how hls or her new lasL name appears ln Lhe voLer
reglsLraLlon sysLem.

aymenL wlll be due aL Lhe Llme of quallfylng. 1he cosLs for each offlce are as follows:

Office Qualifying Fee
United States Senator
$ 5,220.00
United States Representative
$ 5,220.00
$ 4,180.18
Lieutenant Governor
$ 2,748.28
Secretary of State
$ 3,709.10
Attorney General
$ 4,133.74
State School Superintendent
$ 3,698.10
Commissioner of Agriculture
$ 3,646.70
Commissioner of Insurance
$ 3,611.83
Commissioner of Labor
$ 3,647.11
Public Service Commissioner
$ 3,493.57
State Senator
$ 400.00
State Representative
$ 400.00
District Attorney
$ 3,430.61

!"#$%&' '#!%)
lease brlng a cerLlfled check, personal check or campalgn check made ouL Lo Lhe uemocraLlc arLy of Ceorgla."
aymenL musL come from elLher Lhe candldaLe's personal checklng accounL or from Lhe candldaLe's offlclal
campalgn accounL.

1he uemocraLlc arLy of Ceorgla asks LhaL you please uC nC1 brlng your quallfylng fee ln cash or money order.
We prefer noL Lo handle cash, and money orders have Lo be verlfled as Lo Lhe source of Lhe accounL (personal or
campalgn) and can cause an unnecessary delay for Lhe candldaLe wlshlng Lo quallfy. lurLhermore, credlL cards
and deblL cards wlll nC1 be accepLed.

CandldaLes can also quallfy wlLhouL paylng Lhe fee by compleLlng a auper's AffldavlL. Any candldaLe who lnLends
Lo quallfy ln Lhls way should be famlllar wlLh C.C.C.A. 21-2-132(g). 1he proper form of Lhe affldavlL can be found
by conLacLlng Lhe SecreLary of SLaLe's Cfflce. ln addlLlon Lo Lhe affldavlL, Lhe candldaLe musL lnclude a flnanclal
sLaLemenL and a quallfylng peLlLlon. 1he flnanclal sLaLemenL should llsL Lhe candldaLe's LoLal lncome, asseLs,
llablllLles and oLher relevanL flnanclal lnformaLlon. 1he quallfylng peLlLlon musL be slgned by a mlnlmum of one
percenL of reglsLered voLers ellglble Lo voLe ln Lhe elecLlon for whlch Lhe candldaLes seeks Lo run. lor furLher
clarlflcaLlon and quesLlons, candldaLes should conLacL Lhe SecreLary of SLaLe's Cfflce.

ln Lhe evenL LhaL a candldaLe pays hls or her quallfylng fee wlLh a check LhaL ls subsequenLly reLurned for
lnsufflclenL funds, Lhe SecreLary of SLaLe shall auLomaLlcally flnd LhaL such candldaLe has noL meL Lhe
quallflcaLlons for holdlng Lhe offlce belng soughL, unless Lhe bank, credlL unlon, or oLher flnanclal lnsLlLuLlon
reLurnlng Lhe check cerLlfles ln wrlLlng by an offlcer's or dlrecLor's oaLh LhaL Lhe bank, credlL unlon, or flnanclal
lnsLlLuLlon erred ln reLurnlng Lhe check as prescrlbed ln C.C.C.A. 21-2-3(d).

Lvery candldaLe musL flll ouL Lhe ueclaraLlon of Candldacy and AffldavlL, and Lhe documenL musL be noLarlzed.
noLarles wlll be on hand aL Lhe day of quallfylng, and all Lhe paperwork can be done Lhen. AlLernaLely, Lhe
candldaLe may brlng ln Lhe noLarlzed documenL for submlsslon. Powever, you should know LhaL Lhe sLaffer
helplng Lhe candldaLe wlll sLlll need Lo enLer Lhe candldaLe's lnformaLlon lnLo Lhe sysLem, so havlng lL noLarlzed ln
advance won'L necessarlly speed up Lhe process.

Cnly candldaLes who are lnLeresLed ln runnlng for Lhe offlces on page 3 musL quallfy aL Lhe SLaLe CaplLol.

Cuallfylng for SLaLe non-arLlsan Cfflces (!usLlce of Lhe Supreme CourL, !udge of CourL of Appeals and !udge of
Superlor CourL wlll be conducLed aL Lhe followlng locaLlons:

LlecLlons ulvlslon
SulLe 802, WesL 1ower
2 MLk !r. urlve SL
ALlanLa, CA 30334


SouLh Ceorgla Cfflce
238 LasL Second SL.
1lfLon, CA 31794

lor lnformaLlon on quallfylng for local offlces, please conLacL your Local LlecLlon Supervlsor.

All quallfylng daLes remaln Lhe same for all offlces.


*+%,*- -.&/+)

Ceorgla SecreLary of SLaLe

Ceorgla SecreLary of SLaLe- lnformaLlon for CandldaLes

uemocraLlc arLy of Ceorgla

Ceorgla Ceneral Assembly

Local LlecLlons Supervlsor

Cfflce of Lhe Pouse MlnorlLy Leader, 8ep. SLacey Abrams

Cfflce of Lhe SenaLe MlnorlLy Leader, Sen. SLeve Penson