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Melissa Elvira Ferrufino Aparicio

Elmer Jorge Guardado. Mat. February 11th, 2014

Teaching Experience

Introduction: TEACHING EXPERIENCE Classroom experiences are a vital part of your teacher education. Theres simply no better preparation for future teachers than observing how students react to different styles of instruction and how good teachers adjust in response. Well, I will try to return 4 years ago. In the year 2010, when I did my social hours. My experiences were exiting, because is difficult to study and teach at the same time. During my training as a bilingual technical, I had many difficulties; my social hours were performed in Profesor Lisandro Arevalo School. When I come to the school to speak to the Principal, I was nervous; I decided to practice what I learned with students of first and second cycle of basic education. I knew I had to work with students from 7 and 13 years old, and I knew, I was facing was not easy, because I had to implement a teaching plan. I started teaching two days a week, Wednesday afternoon and all day Friday. All sections were very large groups of 30 to 40 students, on Wednesday was first through fifth grade and Fridays from first to sixth grade. I remember my first day teaching All the students paying attention and, they made questions in Spanish. The students wanted me speak to them in English all the time but in this time only speak a Basic English, but the students liked to listen to me. I made games and different activities because, I liked to keep student entertained, avoiding boredom. With children in first through fifth no problem, because just had to give them the basics, however children in sixth grade and had a little more knowledge of the language, and they had to make a different teaching plan. Remember many times students asked me questions about how a word was said, and things I did not know. So I had to consult the dictionary, sometimes they asked me to speak to them only in English, and that made me nervous many sometimes teachers had to observe the class and that made me more nervous. I really like the role of teacher, student and teacher told me that feels very nice, with many children I did a beautiful friendship; I wanted to have more time to help these children. Teaching Experience

Many children showed great interest in learning the language and learned very facially, others resented the English class, finally I found all kinds of problems, and it was not enough time to teach everything I wanted. Good teacher Finally for me, a great teacher is one a student remembers and loves forever. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their students, and the greatest teachers inspire students toward greatness, the teacher needs passion to teach others in order to be a good teacher. Know your subject and show the students that you are passionate about that subject and they will be willing to learn even more:

An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style Clear Objetives for Lessons Effective Discipline Skills Good Classroom Management Skills Etc.

I promise to be a teacher: responsible, innovative, patient, and create new and interesting ways for my students to learn. References Side by side International edition Steven J.Molinsky Bill Bliss Super Goal- Manuel dos Santos-book I Mi primer Diccionario de Mara Pascal sello: Oceano Multimedia

Teaching Experience