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Project Planning and Control

Table of Contents 1. Planning Considerations 1.1 Statutory Obligation 1.11 1.12 1.1 1.1! Licensing Arrangements for Contractors Building Products Requiring Product Certification Cost of time of getting Product Certification A""ro#al and Consent by Building $e"artment

1.2 Contractual Obligation 1. Social Obligation


%ntroduction of t&e Project '&e Building 'eam C&art Site Layout Plan

(eneral %nformation of Planning .1 Pre)start %n#estigations .2 Site Logistics . Site *anagement 'eam +stablis&ment . 1 Site *anagement C&art

.! Security and site office +stablis&ment ., Site Access and $eli#eries .- .oise Control ./ 'em"orary 0acilities .1 Signage Board .2 Storage of *aterial requirement Table of Contents P.1

Project Planning and Control

.13 Scaffolding .11 4aste Control .12 $ust and $ebris .1 Safety Control


Construction *et&od Statement !.1 Preliminary 4or5 !.2 Construction of Pre)Bored 6)Piles !. Sub)Structure !. 1 !. 2 '&e Ris5 of Common *al"ractice and *ista5es Problems sol#ing

!.! Su"er Structure !.!1 !.!2 '&e Ris5 of Common *al"ractice and *ista5es Problems sol#ing

!., Pouring Concrete !.,1 !.,2 '&e Ris5 of Common *al"ractice and *ista5es Problems sol#ing


*aster Programme C&art ,.1 Precedence Relations ,.121 ,.122 Combined $iagram Resource Programme C&art

,.2 Re"orting Procedures of *aster7 Recourse Programme ,.21 '&e Ris5 of Common *al"ractice and *ista5es

Table of Contents P.2 ,.22 Problems sol#ing

Project Planning and Control

,.2 ,.2! ,. +stimate .e8 Reser#e Program data $raft Reser#e Combined $iagram

%m"lement of *onitoring7 Continuous "rogramming


Construction *aterial of Precast Concrete 9nit -.1 Rele#ant Regulations -.11 -.12 -.1 (eneral (uidelines of Rele#ant 'erms and Requirements '&e Ris5 of Common *al"ractice and *ista5es Problems sol#ing






Planning Considerations P.

'&e basic consideration required is Statutory7 Contractual7 and Social Obligation.

1.1 Statutory Obligation

Project Planning and Control

(o#ernment use t&e "ermit to control all construction 8or5s in 6ong :ong in "ri#ate sector. '&e go#ernment de"artment t&at su"er#ises "ri#ate sector 8or5s is buildings $e"artment ;B$<.


Licensing Arrangements for Contractors

(eneral Requirements Our construction contractors &a#e to obtain a Registered Contractor status to be eligible to carry out construction 8or5s under t&e Building Ordinance ;Ca" 12 <. A"art from Registered (eneral Building Contractor7 our contractors s&ould register as s"ecialist contractors in t&e areas of ;1< foundation7 ;2< site formation7 ; < demolition7 ;!< #entilation and ;,< ground in#estigation 8or5s.

Our Project is under '&e 4or5s Bureau in c&arge of 6ong :ong "ublic 8or5s. %t &as its o8n list of a""ro#ed contractors classified into t&e follo8ing categories=

Category Buildings Port 4or5s Road and $rainage Site 0ormation 'erritory 4ater8or5s

Administrative Departments in Charge Arc&itectural Ser#ices $e"artment Ci#il +ngineering $e"artment 6ig&8ays $e"artment $e#elo"ment $e"artment 4ater Su""lies $e"artment P.!

'o be able to submit tenders for s"eciali>ed construction 8or5s7 our contractors need to obtain "rior a""ro#al from t&e aut&orities. '&ere are o#er ,3 categories of construction 8or5s including ground in#estigation field8or57 land "iling7 air)conditioning and refrigeration installations t&at require "rior a""ro#al.

Project Planning and Control

1.1 !uilding Products re"uiring Product Certification #as at $% &une %1 '

4e 8ill ensure t&at t&e tests conducted by '&e Building Aut&ority?s recogni>e t&ose laboratories accredited by t&e 6ong :ong Laboratory Accreditation Sc&eme ;6O:LAS< or by ot&er laboratory accreditation bodies 8&ic& &a#e reac&ed mutual recognition agreements 8it& 6O:LAS.

'&e building "roducts requiring "roduct certification ado"ted are= Building Products Product ;PCCS< 'imber $oor sets ;fire rated doors< Panel 4all for Partitions Cement Products 'ile Ad&esi#es Ceramic 'iles Re"air *ortars Aluminum 4indo8s 6eat Soa5ed 'em"ered (lass Concrete cube and core Production and Su""ly of Concrete Steel reinforcement Reinforcement s"licesAcou"lers Curtain 8all systems 0ire resisting "roducts Standard sands "roduction
.otes 1< 2< PCCS "ublis&ed by t&e 6ong :ong %nstitute of Steel Construction PCCS "ublis&ed by t&e 6ong :ong Concrete %nstitute




Passi#e 0ire Protection Products ;PCCS)P0PP<1 Cement Products ;PCCS)CP<2 'ile Ad&esi#es ;PCCS)'A<2 Ceramic 'iles ;PCS)C'<2 Re"air *ortars ;PCCS)R*<2 Aluminum 4indo8s ;PCCS)A4<1 6eat Soa5ed 'em"ered (lass;PCCS)'(< 6O:LAS @SPSC 6O:LAS 6O:LAS 6O:LAS 6O:LAS @uality Sc&eme for Standard Sands P.,


Cost and time of getting Product Certification

Project Planning and Control

Cost for eac& material to &a#e certification is in t&e order of B1373337 alt&oug& some materials may require &ig&er cost because of more eC"ensi#e testing cost suc& as fire test for timber door. '&e time frame of getting t&e certificate is around -)2 mont&s. ;Dose"& E.4. *a5<.


Approval and Consent by !uilding Department

4e need com"lete t&e form BA! to inform Buildings $e"artment ;B$<. All dra8ings are fulfilled t&e legal requirement 8it& B$ a""ro#al c&o". B$ 8ill gi#e t&e a""ro#al letter 8&ic& document mentioned in letter of a""ro#al ;e.g. concrete record7 cantile#er re"ort ;P.AP 1/ <7 ins"ection form for foundation ;P.AP2!2<< and as)built dra8ings also to inform B$. 4e need to inform B$ t&e 8or5s 8ill start in / days ad#ance and submit a form BA13. After t&e 8or5s start7 B$ 8ill carry out a safety ins"ection and audit to ensure t&e tas5s fulfilled t&e design assum"tion. P.-


Contractual Obligation

Bet8een t&e contractor and t&e em"loyer in deli#ering ser#ices under t&e terms and conditions is laid out in t&e contract. 4e ordinate all "arties concentrate critical acti#ities during t&e "roject are identified in t&e im"ortation "rogress of "lanning.

1.$ Social Obligation 4or5er on site7 neig&bors outside 8ill affect our "lanning control to sustainability is one of t&e u"coming 5ey issues in construction. Our site is near Euen Long (o#ernment Primary Sc&ool so t&at 8e 8ill #ery force on t&e noise control7 $ust and $ebris and traffic jam.

Project Planning and Control

)ntroduction of the Pro*ect P./ '&is building "roject called FBloc5 A F 8&ic& located at 3 Eau S&in Street7 Euen Long. '&is is a One Concord Bloc5 forty)t&ree ;! < floor "ri#ate residential building "roject ;see t&e floor "lan<.

Concord Bloc5 design is cross)s&a"ed7 t&e building consists of a floor area 8it& four 8ings t&at eac& floor &as eig&t units7 and eac& 8ing &as t8o units. $emand in eac& 8ing 8&ic& t8o 8ings or 8&ole floor &as t8o 2)room or )bedroom units. '&e com"leC consists of four lifts and t8o emergency fire esca"e stairs. '&ere &a#e Lift motor room7 fres& 8ater tan57 flus& 8ater tan5 and fire ser#ices tan5 on t&e roof. Ot&er "lant rooms7 including "um" rooms7 transformer rooms7 8ater G electric meter rooms7 mec&anical #entilation and air)conditioning system are also included.

Project Planning and Control

%n t&is "roject7 t&e structural engineer c&ose H"re)bored 6)"iles? for a foundation because of t&eir ease of &andling and dri#ing. '&ey &a#e better dri#e ability c&aracteristics and can be dri#en to greater de"t&s.

'&e Building 'eam of t&is building "roject 8it& c&art is s&o8n t&eir relations=


Project Planning and Control

Our Site Layout plan in red color

Floor Plan Block A


Project Planning and Control

$. +eneral )nformation of the planning Objecti#es are to "romote a8areness of t&e im"ortance and good "ractice of "lanning7 design G "rocess for safety in "roject life cycle from "lanning7 design7 construction and occu"ation. '&e construction of ne8 FBloc5 AI includes foundations7 steel frame7 su"erstructure7 concrete Roof $ec5ing7 access staircase7 built)u" roofing system7 8all cladding and faced bric58or57 internal 8alls7 building ser#ices systems. $eli#ering t&e facilities 8ill in#ol#e as eCca#ation of ne8 foundations7 use of mobile cranes to construct su"erstructure7 use of mobile ele#ating "latforms for cladding 8or5s7 ensuring t&at disru"tion and disturbance to surrounding is minimal. Our met&od statement 8ill consist of Planning G Programme7 Pre)start %n#estigations7 Site Logistics7 Site *anagement 'eam +stablis&ment7 Security and Site office +stablis&ment7 Site Access and $eli#eries7 Signage board7 Storage of material requirement7 4aste *anagement7 Scaffolding7 'em"orary 0acilities7 $ust and $ebris7 Safety and noise control. Our Construction Programmed &as been de#elo"ed using t&e com"uter based *icrosoft Project "lanning soft8are. '&is is a critical "at& system 8&ic& &as t&e ca"ability to "roduce bar c&art t&at can be incor"orated "rocurement7 equi"ment and material orders7 deli#eries and site installation "eriod. %t 8ill be monitored on a regular basis and any correcti#e action a""lied as necessary. $.1 Pre,start )nvestigations .otification of t&e "roject commencement 8ill be issued to all Statutory Aut&orities7 ad#ising t&em of t&e construction 8or5s. 4e 8ill be "otted on a dra8ing and a "&otogra"&ic record 8ill be ta5en to re"ort of t&e stages of t&e contract. $. Site Logistics

'&e lifting of materials of t&e u""er floor and roofs 8ill be underta5en by to8er cranes. '&e for5lift truc5 8ill used for t&e required off loading7 &ori>ontal material mo#ement facilities7 transfer concrete bloc5s. P.11

Project Planning and Control

*obile ele#ating "latform 8ill be used for "ro#iding access erection of t&e frame7 installation of roof and 8all cladding. '&e "lant7 mac&inery and equi"ment 8ill su""osed suc& as rotary auger7 tremie attac&ed 8it& &o""er7 &ydraulic ram or ja8. $.$ Site -anagement Team .stablishment Our *anagement team 8ill be su""orted and assisted including en#ironmental7 "lanning7 tem"orary 8or57 &ealt& G safety managers7 and ser#ices installation coordination7 +ngineer7 SubcontractorAS"ecialist. (eneral StaffsAAssistant 8ill &el" t&e all site documents. Our Project Sur#eyor 8ill "ro#ide t&e commercial and "rocurement Recourses.


Project Planning and Control

$.$1 Site -anagement Chart
Site *anagement 'eam +stablis&ment ;P$7 C* and P*<

Project Sur#eyor

(eneral StaffsAAssistant

'em"orary 4or5 Coordinator

Site AgentA Su"erintendent

Safety *anagers

Ser#ices installation coordination


SubcontractorA S"ecialist


Project Planning and Control

$.( Security and Site office .stablishment 0ence 8ill be installed on t&e site boundary to secure during t&e construction "eriod. Our Site offices suc& as t&e building managers? office7 sur#eyor?s office7 meeting and induction rooms and 8elfare facilities suc& as canteen 8ill be establis&ed7 utili>ing t&e ser#icing "oints s&o8n on t&e "lan dra8ings. $./ Site Access and Deliveries A deli#ery #e&icle lay)by and 8as& do8n area 8ill set near at entrance. $irections of t&e site 8ill "ro#ide to deli#ery #e&icles dri#ers and require t&em to turn off engines to a#oid nuisance u"on arri#al. All su""liers and trade contractors 8ill identify t&e deli#ery constraints. $eli#eries of materials7 "lant and equi"ment 8ill be strictly controlled to "re#ent congestion and disru"tion to traffic jam in site area and Eau C&un Street at sc&ool time. $.0 1oise Control Ris5s relating 8ill use t&e "re#enting noisy equi"ment during construction at sc&ool time. .oise "ollution and #ibration control is our &ig& "riority management. $.2 Temporary 3acilities +lectricity and #entilation 8ill be su""lied by a generator until t&e ne8 electric sub)station &as been installed. 113# "o8er 8ill be utili>ed t&roug&out t&e site for lig&ting 4ater 8ill be su""lied from t&e main system for use in t&e 8elfare facilities. 'ele"&one lines and internet 8ill be arranged to t&e site office. 'em"orary drainage 8ill be connected to an underground storage tan5 until t&e ne8 "um"ed foul main &as been installed. $.4 Signage !oard Adequate signage 8ill be installed for #e&icle deli#eries and access to t&e site is clearly


Project Planning and Control

defined 8it& geogra"&ical area. Our site signage 8ill include suc& as AccommodationAAccess requirements7 S"eed Limits7 O#er&eadA9nderground ser#ices7 .oise control7 $anger Construction site7 Safety 6elmet and 0oot8ear Requirement. $.5 Storage of -aterial re"uirement '&e storage area 8ill "ro#ide in t&e site for all "lant and material deli#ered. *aterial 8ill be stored 8it&in in t&e building. *ore #ulnerable materialsAequi"ment 8ill be stored in t&e secure containers. An absolute minimum of materials 8ill 5ee" in site and deli#ery sc&eduling 8ill ensure su""ly is on a Hjust in time? basis conce"t. All concrete and screed deli#eries 8ill be "ro"osed as Hready miCed? and an a""ro"riate P.13 #e&icle 8ill deli#er to site. '&e location and suitability of t&e equi"ment 8ill ada"t and c&ange to suit concrete and screed "lacement tec&niques for its "lacement. $.1% Scaffolding Scaffolding 8ill be maintained and "ro#ided in accordance 8it& statutory regulations. %t 8ill be securely tied to t&e structure and included ladder access. Con#entional scaffolding 8ill be inde"endent 8it& boarded lifts to suit t&e location and "articular o"erations. $.11 6aste Control On our "re)commencement "eriod 8ill de#elo" a 8aste remo#al strategy. 4e 8ill require all trade contractors to trans"ort and de"osit t&eir rubbis&. Rubbis& s5i"s 8ill be remo#ed and re"laced on a regular basis. '&e #olume of 8aste to be dis"osed is reduced and segregation enables as "ossible to be recycled. P.1,

Project Planning and Control

$.1 Dust and Debris Our site 8ill be 5e"t clean and tidy at 8or5ing times 8it& statutory requirements. *ore attention "re#ents t&e contamination of adjoining road8ays and eCisting 8ater courses. $.1$ Safety Control 0ull recognition and regard 8ill be assumed in t&e management and eCecution control under statutory requirements. Our contractors are obliged to "ro#ide safety "olicies and "lan on all as"ects of safety7 &ealt& and 8elfare. %nde"endent site safety c&ec5s7 ins"ection and re"orts by our inde"endent site safety ins"ectors and ad#isors. Continuous $ocumentation "o"ulated by all "roject team members and monitored to demonstrate "rogress.

Construction -ethod Statement

P.1As our tender require our "ro"osed timing and sequencing of o"erations to ac&ie#e "roject com"letion in satisfaction.

Project Planning and Control

(.1 Preliminary 6or7 '&e initial 6ealt& and Safety and 0ire Safety Plan 8ill be "re"ared. 'rade contactors and s"ecialist are a""ointed7 s"ecific and detailed met&ods of Precast7 tec&niques and requirements are establis&ed. '&e tem"orary fencing 8ill be installed around t&e site boundary. A ne8 electrical sub)station 8ill be built early in Programme. 4elfare facilities and site offices 8ill be set)u". (. Construction of Pre,!ored 8,Piles

'&e "re)bored 6)"ile is a small diameter "ile -13mm7 equi""ed 8it& an H6? steel section and filled 8it& cement grout. +ac& "ile &as a minimum soc5et into good quality roc5 ;(rade %%% or better 8it& 'CR J 1,K<.

Our construction site during t&e "iling 8or5s.

'&e drilling tools for t&e installation of t&ese "iles com"rise= O$+L7 SymmetriC or equi#alent system to install a tem"orary casing -13mm diameter P.1/ 8it&in t&e soft ground abo#e t&e roc5 &ead. $o8n)t&e)6ole ;$'6< &ammer to form t&e roc5 soc5et ,,3mm diameter. $rilling 6ead

Project Planning and Control

Sections "re"ared for laboratory testing Steel Casing for Pre)Bored 6)Piles

*aterial S"ecifications a""ro#ed as BS ! -3 ! A ;121-<7 BS +. 1332,)2 S2/,DR ;233!< Conformity= Code of Practice for t&e Structural 9se of Steel 233, M 6ong :ong SAR (o#ernment Building $e"artment Publication. (.$ Sub,Structure Resource requirements for bloc5 foundations7 in "lacing concrete bloc5 foundation 8alls7 a ty"ical cre8 8ill consist of t&ree bric5layers and t8o bric5layer &el"ers. 4e find t&at sufficient s"ace 8as a#ailable on t&e siteN se#eral cre8s 8ill 8or5 on t&e same job at t&e same time to s"eed u" com"letion of t&e acti#ity in "ro"ortion to t&e number of cre8s. %nstallation of under floor drainage bet8een t&e foundations 8ill be underta5en. '&e ground floor slab 8ill be cast once t&e under floor drainage &as been com"leted and "assed t&e test. (.$1 The ris7 of Common -alpractice and -ista7es

P.11 Su""liers in liability for negligence "ro#ide t&e rust in steel 8it& "oor corrosion "rotection. Poor quality control 8it&out ins"ection of site is 6uman factors negligence. (.$ Problems solving

Project Planning and Control

Corrosion "rotection is #ery im"ortant7 "rotecti#e coating a""ly before being dri#en into t&e ground. (ood @uality control of "iles is to Load test and sonic test on bored "ile. Seriously ins"ection control 8ill be im"lemented and resigned t&e negligence staff. Our "olicy 8ill substitute t&e su""liers because 8e &a#e recei#ed t8o su""liers before t&e Pre)contract stage. (.( Super Structure '&e com"letion of t&e structural frames is critical in t&is "roject. 0or our FBloc5 AI &as ! stories &ig&. '&e floor area 8ill di#ide into regions to allo8 t&e labour and form8or5 materials mo#ing. Steel 8all form co#ering t&e quantity of one region and slab timber forms 8it& eac& set co#ering t&e 8&ole area of one floor are use. %n order to s"eed u"7 "recast facades and semi)"recast slabs are installed. Resources allocations bet8een 8or5ers7 concreting 8or5 and form8or5 installation 8ill balance. Rotate t&e resource bet8een regions at t&e same floor and mo#e u"8ard to t&e u""er floor for neCt cycle t&at its aim to early "re"are and sa#e t&e time and labour force;Art&ur 4. ' Leung7 and $r. C. *. 'am 233 7 Sc&eduling for 6ig&)Rise Building Construction using simulation tec&niques<. (.(1 The ris7 of Common -alpractice and -ista7es9

9nclear t&e region is s&o8n on dra8ing. '&e 8or5ers destroy t&e frames and loose t&e "arts are disassembled. '&e duration of acti#ities #aries due to factors suc& as a su""ly of materials7 s5ill of 8or5ers7P.12 8eat&er and efficiency of "lant and equi"ment is de#iated. (.( Problems solving

4e 8ill "ro#ide training t&e "rocess and "ractice before early stage. Sufficient time s&all be allo8ed for fabrication7 factory "re)assembly of frames and learning "eriod for ado"ting t&e cycle.


Project Planning and Control

*a5ing clear eac& region 8ill be a feasible solution to balance t&e resources in"uts and t&e duration for acti#ities s&o8n on t&e site and meeting before conducting. Some im"ortant s"ace "arts of frames 8ill be storage in site for re"lacement. 'raining course 8ill be "ro#ided e#ery 8ee5. (./ Pouring Concrete Pum"ing O"eration is our concern in "ouring concreteN "i"elines must be adequately su""orted and fiCed in "osition since quite substantial forces can be generated as t&e concrete is forced along t&e lines. Before actual "um"ing of concrete7 t&e "um" and "i"elines must be lubricated by "um"ing t&roug& t&e "i"es 8it& a cement slurry or mortar. Once commenced7 concrete "um"ing must be continuous to a#oid bloc5ages in t&e "i"eline. After "um"ing is com"leted7 t&e "i"elines must be cleaned out as soon as "ossible to "re#ent mortar residue 8&ic& 8ill increase "i"e friction and cause bloc5age. 0or concrete "ours on slabs7 it is also #ery im"ortant ste" so t&at t&e slab for a full bloc5 can be com"leted continuously in a single day. Resources required for "ouring t&e concrete de"end u"on t&e tec&nology used. A standard cre8 for "um"ing concrete to t&e slab may include a foreman7 fi#e laborers7 one finis&er7 and one equi"ment o"erator. Related equi"ment 8ill be #ibrators and t&e concrete "um" itself. P.23 0or deli#ering concrete 8it& a c&ute directly from t&e deli#ery truc57 t&e standard cre8 may consist of a foreman7 four laborers and a finis&er. '&e cre8s 8ill c&oose to insure t&at t&e desired amount of concrete can be "laced in a single day. %n addition to t&e resources in#ol#ed in t&e actual "lacement7 it 8ill be necessary to insure a sufficient number of deli#ery truc5s and a#ailability of t&e concrete itself. (./1 The ris7 of Common -alpractice and -ista7es

Project Planning and Control

Setting time is be mista5en by delaying t&e trans"ortation and "rocessing. 4rong grading of Concrete is "roduced 8it&out ins"ection by eC"orting in factory. Less strengt& of concrete is be underta5en in 8rong quantity


Problems solving

4e 8ill get t&e "roduct certification from PCCS before deli#ery. Setting times of Cement s&all be seriously controlled as %nitial setting time !, minutes for trans"ortation and com"action7 and t&en 0inal setting time 13 &ours for OPC reduce t&e effect t&e construction "rogress. (ood "um"ing o"eration control and test t&e "i"elines e#ery day.


Project Planning and Control

5.1 Master Programme Chart (Page 22 to 25)


Project Planning and Control


Project Planning and Control


Project Planning and Control


Project Planning and Control

/.1 Precedence :elations Our Precedence relations 8ill consist of follo8ing acti#ities=

Acti#ity of 3 Eau S&in Street7 Euen Long7 ..'. Acti#ity A. B. C. $. +. 0. ( 6. %. D. $escri"tion 'o8er Crane and Su""ort Pre"aration 8or5s 0oundation Substructure 4or5s Su"erstructure 4or5s *oc5u"Asam"le flats %nternal 0inis&ing Lift %nstallation Plant Room 0inal %ns"ection Before Com"letion $uration ;*ont&< ! 3 , 13 11 12 , 2

L0)+S)$ Acti#ity +stimated $uration ;mont&< A)B A)C B)C C)0 C)$ $)+ $)0 +)6 +)( 0)( P.2()D 6)% %)D 3 3 2 , 13 13 11 12 , +arliest Start 'ime ;+S< 3 ! 3 ! ! 13 13 1112/ 21 O$ +arliest 0inis& 'ime ;+0< 3 ! 2 2 13 11222/ 2 1 ! )$ Latest Start 'ime ;LS< 3 ! 2 11 ! 11 13 21 1/ 11, 1 Latest 0inis& 'ime ;L0< 3 ! ! 113 1/ 11 2/ 2/ 2 2 ) )$ 'otal 0loat ;'0< 3 3 2 13 3 1 3 , 1 3 3 , , Critical Acti#ity



Project Planning and Control

/.1 1 Combined Diagram
1 1 1 /

3 B


1 3 -


$ 1, 2 0
1 -

2 1 2


1 2

, %

! D : 2

3 A ! 2

13 2( 2/
2 /



C !

The critical path is A,C,D,3,+,& The e;pected pro*ect duration is $5 months /.1 :esource Programme Chart P.21

Project Planning and Control


Project Planning and Control

/. :eporting Procedures of -aster< :ecourse Programme As t&e abo#e of t&e critical "at& and resource "rogram7 t&e status and "rogress 8ill record against t&e Programme. Our sur#eyor 8ill current u"date Programme 8it& actions for bringing tas5s into >one. $eli#ery dates 8ill antici"ate and manufacture a sc&edule of materials and "rojects installed off site 8it& "ercentage. 4e 8ill "re#ent to cras& times)alternati#e duration based on increased labour force may be introduced in order to reco#er lost ground. /. 1 The ris7 of Common -alpractice and -ista7es

'&is 8ill in#ol#e liaison bet8een site management and t&e "lanner "re"aring t&e net8or5 t&at t&is liaison facility is rarely a#ailable. .e8 %nformation not a#ailable to t&em for "re"aring t&e net8or57 t&en may initiate "rogram u"dating by itself. /. Problems solving

4e acce"t to be de#elo"ed by our site foreman7 contractors and subcontractors in more detail to allo8 t&eir o8n draft reser#e critical "at& under t&eir construction "roblems in t&e "ast. %t 8ill be a li#e document t&at it s&ould be continually re#ie8ed7 re#ised and re)sc&eduled ta5ing into consideration all a#ailable information ;&tt"=AAen.8i5i#ersity.orgA8i5iAConstructionQ"lanning<. '&is let "rocessing more efficiently and fleCibility to meet t&e target "eriod 8it& bot& original and reser#e critical acti#ities. '&e draft reser#e critical "at& 8ill "re"are after "re"aration 8or5s 8it& ne8 reser#e Program=


+stimated $uration

+arliest Start

+arliest 0inis&

Latest Start

Latest 0inis&

'otal 0loat

Critical Acti#ity P. 3

Project Planning and Control

;+S< ;+0< A)B 2 3 2 A)C 2 3 2 Reserve Programme of 30 Yau Shin Street, Yuen Long, N.T. B)C 1 2 Duration Activity Descri tion !"onth# C)$ Pre aration %or& . Notification issue( C)+ 2 ,$ . Site surveying an( setting out %or&s area $)% 1 instruments an( Initia* - survey /$0 . Insta** monitoring $0 . In(entify e,isting un(ergroun( services + $)( 2 1 . Tem rary Service '0 A. $)0 Site P*ant /aci*ities 3 . /aci*ities insta**ation 30 +)( 3 , ,+ . Site Logistics . Site "anagement 2sta3*ishment +)$ 1 , -$0 . Initia* 4ea*th an( Safety an( /ire Safety P*an + . Tem ory fencing 0)6 1 /$0 5. Remova* of %ee(s or trees an( o*( fence 0)% /$0 . Site Initia* Tree 1 Survey . carry out tree fe**ing an( tree treatment $0 ()D 2 1 13 . Demo*ition the o*( fence + 6. 6)D /oun(ation / 13 . Pre73ore( 4 i*e 30 %)D / 1/ .Testing to 5ore 13 Pi*e . . 8ritten Permission to 6ommence 2,cavation '0 %): 13ortion of i e ca/ 1/ . 6onstruct centra* '0 D. D). Su3structure 8or& 1, 1/ 2 Pi e Pi*e %a** 6onstruction 3+ Su3mit /orm I69 2LS :)L -$) of Pi e Pi*e for1/ 2. .Ins ect roc& surface for footing ortion ' L)* / 2 3 .6onstruct /ooting $0 .6onstruct s*u3 co*umn an( %a** $) *). 2 3 2 .Training f*oor area (ivi(e into region $0
2. /. 2,cavation for uti*ity trenches .consturct 9:; (raingage an( services .5ac&fi**ing to su3structure P*acing form%or& an( reinforcement for concrete . Testing of concrete . Perimeter Stee* frame ste u . 6onstruct ;:/ . 8ater roofing an( rotection Insta**ing se%er *ines . P<D %or&s un(ergroun( an( services . 8ater%or&s fi, to main .Testing an( commissioning Insta**ing other uti*ities . /ire %or&s $st fi, . /ire %or&s 'n( fi, . Po%er Su *y %or&s !$:/7$):/# . 2,haust /an Room Insta**ation . Testing an( commissioning Pouring concrete s*a3s .6onstruct ;:/ to ":/ .6onsturct ":/ to an( %ater tan& etc 6onstruct $:/ !transfer f*oor# $:/7':/. tria* erection of recast e*ements $:/7':/. = assem. Sys. /orm%or& = const. moc& u ':/73:/ 3:/7):/ ):/7+:/ +:/7-:/ -:/7.:/ .:/70:/ 0:/7)':/ > - (ays cyc*e !3) f*oors# )3:/ to "ain Roof "ain roof to "achine Room /*oor "achine Room /*oor to 8ater Tan& /*oor 9 er an( To Roof Insta**ing Precast 6oncrete $:/7)3:/ > $0 (ays cyc*e !)3 f*oors# )3:/ to "ain Roof 9 er an( To Roof Lift .Lift shaft:Lift "achine Room .Lifts Insta**ation .Testing an( commissioning .Su3mit /orm P*um3ing .8ater Pum Room Insta**ation . /ire fina* fi, . P<D %or&s fina* fi, .Testing an( commissioning 2*ectric .4igh Aone meter room !$+:/7)':/# ."eter Room insta**ation .6LP Test for Po%er on 8ater roof .8ater roof .Testing 30 $+ 30 .+ $+ 00 $00 $00 30 $+0 $+0 $+0 30 '0 $. '0 $+ 3 $3 $3 1 0 '0) 0 $' $' $..) $$ $3 '3 $30 '0 $ 10 30 )0 30 $+0 $+0 ) 3-+ 10




'ime ;LS< 3 1 2 ! , ! / / 1! 1 1, 1! / 1 1/ 1/ 2 3

'ime ;L0< 2 , / 1, 1 1, 1! / 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 2 2 3 2

;'0< 3 1 3 3 1 3 / / 13 3 / 3 / / 3 3 3 3 3 3 P P P P P

ID $ ' 3 ) + . 0 1 $0 $$ $' $3 $) $+ $$. $0 $1 '0 '$ '' '3 ') '+ ''. '0 '1 30 3$ 3' 33 3) 3+ 33. 30 31 )0 )$ )' )3 )) )+ )). )0 )1 +0 +$ +' +3 +) ++ ++. +0 +1 -0 -$ -' -3 -) -+ --. -0 -1 .0 .$ .' .3 .) .+ ... .0 .1 00 0$ 0' 03 03





P. 1

/. $ .stimate ne= reserve Program data





Project Planning and Control

Acti#ity $escri"tion %tem A. B. C. $. +. 0. (. 6. %. D. :. L. *. .. Pre"aration 8or5s Site 0acilities 0oundation Substructure 8or5 +Cca#ation for utility trenc&es Placing form8or5 and reinforcement for concrete %nstalling se8er lines %nstalling ot&er utilities Pouring concrete slabs %nstalling Precast Concrete Lift Plumbing +lectric 4ater"roof

Project Planning and Control

P. 2

Project Planning and Control

/. ( Draft :eserve Combined Diagram

2 B /
1 3 /

3 A 2

13 /

1/ :
1 / /

2 1 1 2 3 C ,

1 /-

2 / L

3 *

% 1 0

1 / 6
1 !


1 2 2 ! ,
1 , ,

1/ 13 D 13
2 !

1, 2, .

+ 3 ( 1
1 ,

The reserve critical path is A,!,C,D,.,3,),&,>,L,-,1 and the e;pected pro*ect duration is $ months. P.

Project Planning and Control

/.$ )mplement of -onitoring< Continuous programming 4e 8ill im"lement Continuous Programming7 Coordinating7 *onitoring and Re"rogramming in systematically and analytically focused on t&e follo8ing objecti#es= 0irst at all7 our Site management must Hloo5 a&ead? to foresee future requirements and &ence a#oid delays. '&e site foreman must re#ie8 t&e actual "erformance ac&ie#ed to Htrac5? "erformance against "rogrammed acti#ities. 4e 8ill identify and ta5e correcti#e action for s&ortcomings and find out t&e ad#antage of any gains ac&ie#ed. 4e 8ill incor"orate any design modifications at once 8&en recei#ing from clients or arc&itect. %m"ro#ed "roduction tec&niques of more detailed information and furt&er in#estigation 8ill facilitate and arrange. '&is 8ill require our Contractor?s Programme to com"ly for "re"aring at mont&ly inter#als7 an u"date of t&e Programme focused on t&e neCt mont& a&ead. '&eir Programme is to be a translation of t&e actual "rogress ac&ie#ed cou"led 8it& a forecast of 8or5 to be done to ac&ie#e com"letion of t&e 8or5 8it&in t&e contracted time scale 8it& any duly amended as a""ro#ed by t&e Arc&itect. Particular em"&asis s&ould be a""ointed on t&e maintenance of continuity of 8or5 for bot& sub)contractors and site 8or5ers at t&e acti#ities are "roceeding in accordance 8it& agreed time)scales. Our 'eam member 8ill translate and analy>e t&e rele#ant o"erations toget&er 8it& any 8or5 outstanding from t&e "re#ious "eriods and any additions broug&t for8ard for any reason 8&ic& bot& clearly identified se"arately. '&e 8or5s 8ill to be bro5en do8n into sco"e acti#ities to reflect effecti#e on)site management and off)site co)ordination of resources in &ig& degree sufficiently. 4e 8ill attend to any "otential bottlenec5s or &indrances t&oroug&ly ob#iate and in#estigate. 4&ere necessary7 "ro"er correction action7 rede"loyment and re)"rogramming of t&e acti#ity 8it& correcti#e 8ill im"lement. 0. Construction -aterials , Precast Concrete ?nit P. !

Project Planning and Control

'&is "roject features tiled "recast concrete facade "anels 8it& integral 8indo8sstaircasesa ser#ice ducts and Arc&itectural features. 0.1 :elevant :egulations Construction Sites ;Safety< Regulation 0actories and %ndustrial 9nderta5ings Regulations 0actories and %ndustrial 9nderta5ing ;Lifting A""liances and Lifting (ear< Regulation Road 'raffic Ordinance and its Subsidiary Regulations 0actories and %ndustrial 9nderta5ings ;Load s&ifting *ac&inery< Regulation 0.11 +eneral +uidelines of :elevant Terms and :e"uirements

'&e design of "recast concrete s&all be under t&e 6ong :ong Building ;Construction< Regulations and BS1113. A tailor)made steel lifting frame s&all be designed 8it& BS,2,3 for lifting "recast units. Access suc& as gang8ay7 ladder s&all be "ro#ided from t&e building or ground to t&e location of t&e "recast yard. All lifting gear suc& as steel lifting frame7 c&ain slings7 &oo5 to8er crane and "ulley bloc5 s&all be eCamined and ins"ected by com"etent "ersons. +Camination results s&all be entered in t&e a""ro#ed from under t&e 0G%9 ;LAL(< Regulation. '&e su""ly of form release agent s&all conform to t&e rele#ant regulations. '&e su""lier or manufacturer s&all submit t&e *aterial Safety $ata S&eet for conducting &ealt& ris5 assessment. 0.1 The ris7 of Common -alpractice and -ista7es

Poor treatment to construction joints 8ill be affected "oor 8ater"roof. 'em"orary 8or5s installationAerection does not strictly com"ly 8it& t&e a""ro#ed design t&at P. , t&is mista5e 8ill be caused t&e accident.

Project Planning and Control

Allo8 unacce"table tolerance 8ill be caused t&e "oor installation. *isalignment Adamage A bloc5age of concealed ser#ices 8ill be affected t&e image of t&e building. $ebonding 8ill caused by im"ro"er remo#al of laitance7 dirt and grease from "recast concrete surface "rior to casting in)situ concrete t&at it 8ill be redecoration. One most disad#antages of "recast concrete is 8ater "roofing of joints 8ill be eC"ensi#e and im"ortant ste". Cranes may be required to load and unload t&e units on site. Precast concrete construction needs an early coordination bet8een arc&itects7 structural engineers and building ser#ices engineers 8&ic& requires more time in early "lanning t&an cast)insitu concrete buildings and less fleCible for last minute c&anges. 0.1$ Problems solving

4e &a#e built a $ model for its inno#ati#e design of Precast 8it& connection details. By simulating and animating t&e series of installation 8or5s7 "articularly t&e jointing 8or5s7 "otential construction difficulties could be identified in early stage 8it& a #ie8 to im"ro#ing t&e build ability "rior to any site moc5 u" or mass "roduction in t&e "recast factory. Steel structures 8ill be "refabricated7 assembled on ground and t&en lifted to "osition for installation. '&e cutting of steel members 8ill be done off)site under controlled conditions to reduce t&e dust created. Connections 8ill be designed to minimi>e ris5 of incorrect assembly suc& as unique bolt layout for eac& connection and clear instructions "ro#ided on dra8ings 8it& color. @uality Assurance systems and inde"endent quality audit s&all be a""ro#ed all eCamination before deli#ery to t&e construction site for installation P. '&e P&oto of %nstallation of Precast "rocessing

Project Planning and Control



(ood construction "lanning and met&od are is "re)requisite for a successful "roject. FPlan7 $o7 C&ec57 ActI "rocess and F"artneringI a""roac& s&ould be ado"ted. ;$a#id C. 4. :8o5< F%nformation is "o8erI and effecti#e communication is to transfer t&e idea and information for all "arties in t&e "roject. Planning is to forecast t&e "roblems on eac& construction "rocess and "redict t&e met&od to sol#e. Successful Programme is to control t&e time cost and monitor on a regular basis for eac& ste" and any correcti#e action a""lied t&us increase t&e "rofit. '&e abo#e met&od statement &as been eC"loited s"ecifically to demonstrate our understanding of t&e "roject requirements. %t 8ill foresee t&e "roblem and "re#ie8 t&e sol#ing solution. Pre"are tas5s 8ill arrange in early stage smoot&ly.


References P. /

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Project Planning and Control

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