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[FORMAT for NBG Approval ] United Bank of India Corporate Business Group Head Ofce: Kolkata No.

CBG/NBG/ PRELIMINARY INFORMATION MEMORANDUM Date NEW BUSINESS GROUP Name of the Company SINTEX INDUSTRIES LIMITED. [Core activity: Plastic.] Branch (Proposed) Region External Ratings of the Co. / Main Promoter Co. (s) To take a view on the Companys proposal:

Fund Based Limit:Term Loan Working Capital Short Term Loan Corporate Loan Non-Fund Limit:L/G

Rate of Interest:- with reset prov. (if any) Rate of commission Security:-

L/C Total:
Tenor Moratorium Repayment Upfront Fees

Proposal received from:. syndicator/Arranger]

[mandate by the borrower as

[Date of receipt of proposal with required information ] 1. Company Prole: 1.1 Constitution 1.2 Date of incorporation 1987 1.3 Line of Activity Plastics



Installed Capacity : Existing Proposed Registered Ofce


Corporate Ofce

Sintex Industries Limited Plastic Division on Kalol (N. Gujarat) 382721, India Sintex Industries Limited Plastic Division on Kalol (N. Gujarat) 382721, India Designation Chairman Vice-Chairman Category

1.7 1.8


Project Site Name Dinesh Patel Arun P.Patel


Default status : Particulars a) Whether the name of the company/ rm, any Director/Partner appears in the Defaulters list (non-suit) of RBI as on .. b) Whether the name of the company/ rm, any Director/Partner appears in the Willful Defaulters list (non-suit) of RBI as on c) Whether the name of the company/ rm, any Director/Partner appears in the CIBIL list (Suit led Rs. 100 Lacs and above) as on .. d) Whether the name of the company/ rm, any Director/Partner appears in the CIBIL list (Suit led Willful defaulters Rs. 25.00 Lacs and above) as on . e) Whether the name of the company/ rm any Director/Partner appears in Specic Approval List of ECGC as on .. f) Whether the name of the Company/ any Director appears RBI Caution List, search through e circular as on .. g) Whether the name of the Company/ any Director appears UBI NPA List, search through e circular as on ..


Name of Key Person (with designation): 1.10 Share holding pattern: (As on ..)


No. of Shares

Promoters 36.16 FIs Banks 35.00 Public 63.84 Others Total 100 Capital Market Particulars : . The Equity Share ( Face Value Rs.10/- each) of the Company listed on NSE/BSE, Market price as on 31st March 2013 is Rs.47.35 ( 52 weeks H/L is Rs.59.90 and 42.25 respectively ) , Market Capital as on 31st March 2013 is Rs 1,120.93 Crore. Whether the Co. is listed in any Stock Exchange : YES Current Market Price : 1,120.93 52 Weeks High/ Low : Rs.59.90 and 42.25 Share Price Movement Last 3 Years (calendar year): Year High Low Opening Price 2011 182.40 152.00 152.00 2012 91.20 76.25 82.95 2013 59.90 42.25 46.55 Market Information: SEBI Observations, if any, regarding promoters/ Company: Company Law Board Observation: Any Other Source : (mention source) Any debt restructuring history of the company: 2. Sector 2.A. Industry Scenario : : [not exceeding few lines]

Value of Share @ Rs. ./- per share 10 10 10 10 10


Closing Price 151.60 83.40 47.35

3. Internal Credit Risk Rating 3.A. Rating by RBI approved agency of Bank Loan: Rating Agency R a t i n g Bank Facilities R a t i n g Valid upto/ Assigned Description Outstanding as on CARE CARE AA / Long/shortReafrmed / 14 November CARE A1+ term bank Revised 2013 facilities/ commercial papers/nonconvertible debentures Note: [In case of non availability of historical data for newly formed Company/SPV Risk

rating exercise is to be made on parent company / promoter's company already in existence where historical nancial particulars are available.] 4. Name of the Group : (Very brief discussion on group & its activities) 4.1. Name of the Group Companies: Brief particulars of Sponsor/ Group companies, their activities and nancials are given in Annexure- .. to this Note. 5.1 Banking Arrangement: a) Whether under Sole/Multiple/Consortium: b) If under Consortium/Multiple Banking Number of banks/ leader (for consortium): Present status of Banking Arrangement
Fund Based Limit:Term Loan Working Capital Non-Fund Limit:L/G L/C Total:




- Present Banking Arrangement of the Company is furnished in Annexure- 5.2. Status of ROC Search as regard charge on assets of the company: 6. Brief Introduction of the Promoter and the Company:7. Brief Background of : A. Proposed Project: A.(i) Scope of the Project: [ Only brief outline ] A.(ii) Very Brief discussion on DPR and Techno Economic Viability of the Project: [mention inter alia about background of the entity who has prepared the respective report, cost estimation, IDC (rate considered & period) etc.] A(iii) Cost of the Project and Means of Finance: Cost of the project Particulars Amount Particulars Land Equity Land Quasi Equity Development Other Hard Term Debt Cost IDC Sub Debt Preliminary Expenses (Rs. in Crores) Means of Finance Amount

Contingency Total Total Debt/ Equity Ratio: A(iv). Implementation period of the project A(v) Present Status of the ProjectPhysical Status (In bullet points only): [brief about status of Land, EPC, Utilities etc.] Financial Status: Cost incurred Means of nance. A(vi) Equity: [Examination of source of equity / quasi equity in brief] A(vii)Status of Debt Tie-up: Name of Banks/FIs Amount Rate of Interest Remarks

A(viii). Status of statutory & other clearances: Approval/Consent Authority / Agency


A(ix). Marketing Arrangements: (in few lines) A(x). Comparison with similar projects: (In case of new project) [On cost, IRR, Revenue per unit, door to door tenure etc.] A(xi). Projected nancials of the project as per Project Information Memorandum submitted by the company (Covering Project repayment period) [wherever available] Particulars 2011 2012 2013 Share Capital 27.11 27.11 31.12 Security Premium 667.12 667.12 810.50 Tangible Net Worth 2242 2531 3033 Term Liabilities 241.31 474.19 717.49 Gross Block 2305.21 2800.43 2582.64 (including Capital WIP) Net Block 1788.55 2010.07 2107.04 Non Current Assets 961.65 3348.15 3523.88 Current Assets 2663.97 2561.54 2634.86 Current Liabilities 977.87 2254.97 989.51 PBDIT 648.52 578.67 644.07 Other Income 53.77 61.55 55.81 PBT 596 415 390 PAT 357.56 229.70 269.19 DE Ratio 1.15 1.18 0.95 TOL/ TNW 799.36 907.93 774.20 Current Ratio 2.17 2.10 2.22 DSCR 4.67 3.56 5.68

Brief comments on capacity utilaisation, cost & revenue estimation B. Other Proposal: (Working Capital- [Fund/Non Fund], Short Term Loan, Corporate Loan etc.) [Basis of assessment- whether estimated turnover is in line with past performance/ Order in hand/ in pipe line - whether assessed by consortium - whether within assessed MPBF or outside.] 8. Financial Parameter of the company : (Last 3 yrs audited)- wherever available
Particulars Share Capital Security Premium Reserves & Surplus (excluding Security 145.31Premium & revaluation reserve) Tangible Net Worth (net of revaluation reserve) Net Owned Fund (in case of NBFC) Term Liabilities Net Block including CWIP Non-Current Assets Current Assets [Other Assets (4) ] Current Liabilities [Other Liabilities (4)] Net Sales PBDITA (excluding other income- non operational) Profit after Tax Cash Generation (Net) Debt Equity Ratio (1) Current Ratio Current Ratio (without term loan instalment) TOL/TNW
TOL/NOF (in case of NBFC) PBDITA to Sales (%)

31.03. 27.11 667.12

31.03. 27.11 667.12

31.03. 31.12 810.50

2739.91 2242 241.31 1788.55 961.65 2663.97 977.87 4472 648.52 357.56 268.31 1.15 2.17 14.50 36.56

2306.76 2531 474.19 2010.07 3348.15 2561.54 2254.97 4437 578.67 229.70 131.63 1.18 2.10 13.04 -32.15

2 3033 717.49 2107.04 3523.88 2634.86 989.51 5079 644.07 269.19 146.01 0.95 2.22 12.68 5.52

Growth (%) in Net Sales / Revenue Income

Return on Average Capital Employed (ROACE) Return on Average Operating Capital Employed (ROAOCE)
Priority Obligation Ratio (2)







Net Working Capital to Total Current Assets (%) (3) 63.29 11.97 62.45 Bank Finance to Total Current Assets (%) (3) Other Current Liab./ Total Current Assets (%) (3) 5.21 6.80 7.36 Net NPA % (In case of NBFC) To be mentioned only in the event Term Loan is existing/proposed. To be mentioned only in the event term loan limit is existing/proposed for exposure of Rs.5.00 crore & above. To be mentioned only in the event fund/non-fund working capital limit for exposure of Rs.5.00 crore and above. In case of project under implementation.

Comments on overall financials:

(Rs. in Crores) 9. Broad Terms Sheet Facility Limit Estimated construction period Margin Tenure Moratorium Repayment Security: TangibleIntangibleUnsecured:

Company with FOREX Export Credit exposure: Hedging Status ECGC Coverage Whole Turnover Buyer wise Policy 10. Term Sheet for Revenue Earnings: Particulars Normal Rate as per Banks guidelines Rate of Interest Processing Charges Commitment charges Pre-payment charges Penal charges

Present Proposal


11. SWOT Analysis of the Proposal: (in bullet points)