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Case study on Job analysis Name of the organization: Apollo Hospital Apollo hospital has been growing in size

as it offers quality, prompt-carrying services to the patients. Dr. Chandra Sekhar the administrator is a person with medical knowledge but lacks knowledge and skills involved in human resource management. The hospital has large quantity of medicines, equipment, spare parts of important machines installed in the hospital. As usual, the hospital has employed a storekeeper with no previous experience of hospital stores. Mr.Ramakant the store keeper was working earlier in an engineering firm and had sufficient knowledge of such stores. Ramakant reports to the purchase executive whose job is to order requisite materials for requirements of the entire hospital, Dr. Chandra Sekhar has been receiving various complaints from the staff and doctors of non-availability of medicines, drugs, spares of equipments and other consumables required in the hospital having 500 beds. Since the hospital so far did not employee a qualified personnel manager, the administrators are not aware of the job analysis procedures, nor do they have job descriptions and job specifications of any of the job being performed. Questions: 1. Write down the job analysis, job description and job specification of a store keepers job. 2. Which are the staff members from whom you would collect useful information and requirements of this job? 3. How would you go about in developing a standard job description and specification? 4. What specific standards and specifications would you include in the job description and specification?

1. Write down the job analysis, job description and job specification of a store keepers job. Solution:JOB SUMMARY: Handles ordering, receiving, inspecting, storing, issuing and shipping equipment, materials and supplies for hospital departments. QUALIFICATION: One year of shipping and receiving/stockroom experience or equivalency; ability to move heavy objects and possess a knowledge of standard warehousing; and demonstrated computer literacy, human relations, effective communications and mathematical skills required. Previous storeroom supervision and/or employee leadership experienced may be preferred. Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description. ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: 1. Orders, receives or oversees the ordering and receipt of material, equipment, stock, and supplies for the hospital; uses the departments computer system to maintain verification of all transactions. 2. Researches cost, quality and availability of goods, selects appropriate goods and vendors; and makes purchases that comply with the departments budgetary guidelines. 3. Assists hospital staff in evaluating new products and suggesting product substitutions when necessary. 4. Inspects items received for accurate weight, count and condition; verifies that stock meets specifications and that orders are complete; and resolves order problems with vendors and departments. 5. Stores articles by style, size, material, etc. according to department procedures, rotates supplies to ensure that items do not expire before use. 6. Delivers goods to appropriate hospital or campus areas on a routine or STAT basis, may oversee the delivery or distribution of goods by filling requisitions and comparing

nomenclature, stock numbers, etc; maintains a record of stock received and issued to departments. 7. Repairs and maintains storeroom equipment; appropriately responds to product recall notices. 8. Maintains a clean, sanitary and orderly storeroom; may make decisions regarding the physical layout of the storeroom. 9. Performs inventory of stock room supplies on a weekly and semi-annual basis, may supervise inventory maintenance and determine redistribution actions for stored goods when necessary. 10. Performs various clerical duties such as data entry of requisitions and receipts and answering phones; answering hospital staffs questions regarding store room activities as required to ensure that quality service is delivered. 11. May order maintenance and parts for trouble reports received from hospital departments. 12. May compile orders for purchasing and verify the receipt of orders with Accounts Payable. 13. May be required to evaluate supply needs turnover rates, cost, perish ability, hazardous nature of goods, and storage limitations; may consult with departments in planning the range and quality of materials to be stocked. 14. May monitor the storeroom budget by maintaining records of expenditures and reconciling accounts; may document storeroom operations for billing and inventory control. 15. May handle packaging and shipping of inter-campus, local, domestic and international packages. 16. May supervises the activities of other Storekeepers by training, directing or assigning work, providing goals and objectives, evaluating performance, and assisting in the interviewing process; may give work direction in the Manager/Supervisors absence. 17. May direct the preparation of materials for student laboratories using knowledge of experiments to be performed and materials required.

18. May supervise the preparation of chemical solutions necessary to support the teaching laboratory. 19. May monitor the receipt, inspection and delivery of radioactive, flammable, or hazardous materials according to federal standards and hospital policies and procedures.

Q. Who are the staff members from whom you would collect useful information and requirements of this job? Solution:- Members of Your Health Care Team Health care works best when it is a partnership between patients and caregivers: To do the best job, we need your help. Please ask questions and let us know about any worries you have. Some of the people who may be part of the team: Doctor: Depending on your health care needs, your doctor in the hospital may be your own primary care doctor, a specialist or a "hospitalist." Examples of specialists are surgeons and heart doctors. You may also be seen by our inpatient doctors (hospitalists). Doctors in training who are supervised by a senior doctor may also be involved in your care. Nurse: Our nurses are members of your care team. Your nurse will plan and coordinate your care, and will also teach you about your illness and help you learn to care for yourself before you go home. Your nurse will be able to answer your questions and meet with your family to help them understand your care needs. Nursing Assistant: Nursing assistants work very closely with the nurse. They will help you with bathing, getting in and out of the bathroom and checking your vital signs. If needed, the nursing assistant is able to quickly locate your nurse. Case Management Nurse and Social Worker: You will meet these nurses and social workers early in your hospital stay. They will help you plan for your discharge and the medical follow-up you may need when you leave the hospital. Housekeeping: Staff will clean your room and bathroom daily and respond to any special needs for cleaning.

Dieticians: A dietician will discuss your diet with you, and will help you learn about any dietary needs or special foods that are part of your discharge plan. Other Team Members: Other Doctors Physician Assistants Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech/Language Pathologists Pulmonary and Respiratory Therapists Pharmacists Phlebotomists (staff who take blood) Students in Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, or other professions 3.How would you go about in developing a standard job description and specification? Solution:- Job Description (Example Overview) The example below is for a sales person who is selling financial service products. About 75% of his/her time is spent in the office and the other 25% is out on the road making presentations to customers. The job requires a Certified Financial Planners designation and requires heavy duty lead generation. Job Requirements A: Summary of Position Researches and identifies target client sectors for financial product services. Develops and implements a sales process to include initial contact, follow up, presentation and closing procedures. Maintains records of contacts and sales status including contact reports, sales projections and quota ratios. B. Job Duties Research and Create targeted new client lists within Delhi/NCR territory Makes initial contact with potential clients Performs routine and regular follow up with potential clients

Performs routine and regular follow up with former clients Visits potential clients and makes sales presentations Closes sales Maintains regular record reporting sales activity C. Computer Skills and Software Used Windows operating system MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint Constant Contact or other Customer Relations Management Software D. Reporting Structure Reports to regional sales manager Has nobody directly reporting to this position required to participate in Annual Sales Meeting Employee Requirements A. Education and Training Bachelor Degree in business, finance or accounting or commerce or 0-2 Years experience, Bachelors Degree Preferred Certified Financial Planner B. Skills and Aptitudes Fearless cold caller, 250+ Outbound calls per week Ability to close a sale Adapt to changing financial conditions and meet customer expectations C. Environment and Physical Work in high volume sales office is able to sit for prolonged periods of time be able to travel to client locations 25% of time D. Licenses/Certifications CFP - Certified Financial Planner Indian Driving License Success Factors A. Grow Sales Increase market channel penetration by 30% in first Year Develop 3 secondary channels in first 180 days Grow referral-based sales from 15% to 20% in first year B. Develop Sales Department

Recruit and train 2 junior sales associates with gross sales of 100K by 3nd quarter Increase number of sales presentations by 20% within 12 months Implement Web-Meeting presentation System to Reduce travel costs by 20% per year


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