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Illinois Police Misconduct Cases

Police misconduct is defined as any unprofessional actions made by an officer

that result in a wrongful conviction or denial of rights to the injured party. Police
misconduct may include police brutality, false arrest, racial profiling, falsified
evidence and police corruption. Often, we only think of police brutality as police
misconduct. The truth, however, is that police misconduct is more than police
brutality as defined above.

The State of Illinois has a unique statistics on police misconduct over the years.
On a survey made for the Bureau of Justice Statistics by the Illinois Criminal
Justice Authority, twenty one percent of police officers in this state said that
they have seen at least one fellow officer engaged in the use of more force than
what is necessary to arrest a suspect. Also, the study said that 5.7 percent of
officers had witnessed another fellow officer cover up excessive use of force and
8.5 percent of officers had known of another fellow officer failing to report the use
of such force.

The weakness of the study, however, is the refusal of the Chicago police force to
participate in the survey. The real scenario of the use of excessive force in the
State of Illinois might not be well reflected by the statistics due to the refusal of
the said police force which is the largest force in the state.

Below are some of the most notorious cases of police misconduct in Illinois.
Let us take a look at some controversial cases when police officers of Illinois
allegedly committed very unprofessional actions in the course of their official

• Derrick E. King was beaten by Area 2 officers using a baseball bat and
telephone book
• Madison Hobley was handcuffed to a wall ring and beaten by Detectives
Robert Dwyer and James Lotito, kicked by Sergeant Patrick Garrity and
repressed by Detective Daniel McWeen. Hobley was later pardoned
based on innocence and released in 2003.
• Leroy Orange was beaten and electrically shocked by Area 2 detectives.
Like Hobley, he was later pardoned based on innocence and released in
• Andrew Wilson was kicked, punched and electrically shocked and forced
against hot radiator by Area 2 officers.
• Reginald Mahaffey was punched, kicked and thrown against the wall and
smothered by Area 2 officers with plastic bag.

These are just some cases of police misconduct in Illinois. There are a lot more
cases of such misconduct in recent years, like the case of Robin Petrovic, a
woman, who was allegedly abused physically by James Chevas of the Chicago
Police Department. Police misconduct in Illinois is a serious case. If you or a
loved one is a victim of police misconduct, do not hesitate to come forward and
stand up against these abusive officers. An experienced Illinois civil rights
lawyer can help you fight for your right.

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