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Principles of Marketing Project Outline BBA 2K10 (A) Fall 2011

Ms. Fatima.Z.Nasir

Phase I:

Choose an organization of your choice which has operations in Pakistan. Consider your team in the role of marketing analysts. You have to explore the following about the organization.
Mission of the company at the corporate, business and marketing level Conduct a business/product portfolio analysis: Evaluate the companys SBUs by using BCG matrix analysis. Explore the growth and

downsizing strategies with the help of Product market expansion grid. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the company. Calculate the corporate ROM (return on marketing). Carry out complete Micro and Macro environmental analysis of the organization with respect to Pakistan. As you already know that it is an era of segmented marketing. The logic of having different SBUs is that they cater to different segments of the market. Explore the bases on which this segmentation is done. How different SBUs are positioned in their respective target markets. Choose your favorite brand or SBU from the portfolio and define its target market & brand positioning in that market. Also calculate its ROM. Highlight the complete marketing mix of your chosen SBU in terms of Product, Price, Place and promotion

Deliverables of Phase I: A written report max 20 pages followed by a comprehensive group viva A CD of the promotional material.

Phase II:

In phase II of the project use brand development strategies to extend your favorite brand which you had chosen from the portfolio in phase I. Use any one of the suitable strategies and provide a logical justification of your choice.
Create a brand, define its target market & positioning. Create a marketing mix for the new brand. Focus on promotional mix and market roll out plan. Deliverables of Part II: A comprehensive report on the new brand A group presentation followed by Q&A and critique session.

Submissions Phase I:

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Project Proposal Submission Phase I report Viva sessions

28th Sept 24st Oct 31stOct 4th Nov

Submit a neat and professional report. Reference in detail. Follow the Harvard referencing system. No extension in the dead line will be permissible. In your presentation focus on the key issues and do not spend (much) time on long, detailed, complete and boring checklists; avoid listing all issues/points you can think of.

Note that class interest and participation created are a key component of your grade. You
have to communicate your messages and involve your audience.