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Product advantages

Mobile crane LTM 1150/1

Max. lifting capacity: 150 t at 3 m radius
Max. height under hook: 91 m with swing-away jib
and extended telescopic boom
Max. radius: 74 m with swing-away jib

Performance profile of the LTM 1150/1 at a glance.

쎲 Outstanding range of lifting capacities, counterweight 쎲 Rapid-cycle telescoping system ”Telematik” with
variants 5 t, 7 t, 15 t, 25 t, 35 t and 50 t patented internal interlocking system, fully automatic
쎲 Powerful, emission-optimized Liebherr turbo-charged or manual telescoping is practicable
Diesel engine of 400 kW/544 h.p. (Euro III) 쎲 LICCON, the most modern crane computer system world-
쎲 5-axle carrier, compact and manoeuvrable due to all- wide, with comprehensive informative, monitoring and
wheel steering, smallest turning radius 10.2 m over control functions
vehicle 쎲 Diesel engines, slewing rim, slewing gear, winches and
쎲 6-section, 12.6 m – 56 m long telescopic boom with hydraulic pump are self-manufactured, quality checked
prismatical, particularly buckling resistant boom profile components
쎲 3-section, 12,5 – 28 m long biparted swing-away jib, 쎲 The LTM 1150/1 is manufactured by Liebherr within
mountable at 0°, 20° and 40°, hydraulic rigging aid the scope of a quality assurance system according to
쎲 Telescopic boom extension with 7 m long lattice section, DIN ISO 9001
max. height under hook with biparted swing-away jib
91 m

The better crane.

Compact, manoeuvrable and

● Overall length 14.95 m, length of carrier just 12.67 m

● Large overhang angles of up to 23° at vehicle front
23° and rear
23° ● Smallest turning radius of 10.2 m over vehicle with all-
16.00 R 25 12 t 12 t 12 t 12 t 12 t wheel steering
2.26 12.67
14.93 ● 60 t total weight, incl. 7 t counterweight, drive 10 x 8,
TELMA type eddy current brake (optional) tyre size 16,
50 t hook block (axle load 5 x 12 t)
● 2 optional tyre sizes
14.00 R 25 - vehicle width 3 m
16.00 R 25 - vehicle width 3 m

R= 10. R=
R=1 20 8.6
R= 0R2

1.86 2
3.9 5


Variable drive and steering

● Drive 10 x 6, axles 1, 4 and 5 driven, at road travel 4th
and 5th axle driven, 1st axle activatable for off-road
● Drive 10 x 8 (optional), axles 1, 2, 4 and 5 driven, axles
4 and 5 driven at road travel, 1st and 2nd axle activatable
for off-road operation
● Standard all-wheel steering, 4th and 5th axle steerable
independent of axles 1, 2 and 3 (crab steering). The
additional hydraulic steering is locked mechanically
for road travel
● ZF-semi-integral power steering with 3 hydraulic pumps
(dual circuit system)

Setting crane on outriggers -

quick, convenient and safe
● Variable supporting basis
700 Outriggers retracted
Supporting basis 5 m x 8.16 m
Supporting basis 7.5 m x 8.16 m
● Fix-mounted supporting pads, protected by splash
guards, weight 40 kg
● Travel of supporting rams 700 mm
● 2 x 9° lateral inclination of chassis and crane
● Electronic inclination display
● Supporting pressure control within the cab and at the
carrier (optional)
● Illuminated and dirt-protected reflecting levels
● Operation of outrigger system in accordance with the
rules for the prevention of accidents

The new LTM 1150/1 – more benefit

through advanced technology.
Torsional rigid telescopic boom Modern and powerful carrier Spacious crane cab with Crane drive with field-proven
쎲 Prismatical boom cross-section of particular inherent
stability drive convenient armrest-integrated components
쎲 Maintenance-free polyamide slide pads of telescopes 쎲 Carrier engine: 8-cylinder Liebherr turbo-charged Diesel 쎲 Crane engine: 4-cylinder Liebherr turbo-charged Diesel
쎲 First-rate lifting capacities, e.g. engine type D 9408 TI of 400 kW/544 h.p. (Euro III), control levers engine type D 924 TE of 120 kW/163 h.p., acc. to
42.0 t at 10 m radius max. torque 2500 Nm at 1100 – 1400 min-1, robust and 쎲 Galvanized crane cab with sound absorbing and EPA/CARB and directive 97/68 EG, Bracket 1, max.
18.2 t at 20 m radius reliable insulating internal sheeting, tinted panes all-round, torque 720 Nm at 1200 min-1, robust and reliable, located
9.9 t at 30 m radius 쎲 Exhaust gas system entirely of stainless steel front knockout window with large parallel windscreen adjacent to crane cab, thus less noise pollution; exhaust
6.0 t at 40 m radius 쎲 Allison automatic transmission with torque converter wiper, large skylight of bullet-proof glass with large gas system of stainless steel
3.4 t at 50 m radius and electronic control, proved and well tested serial parallel windscreen wiper, roller blinds on front window 쎲 Slewing rim, slewing gear, the winches and the double
2.3 t at 60 m radius transmission, 5 forward and 1 reverse speed, rough- and skylight, space saving sliding door axial piston variable displacement pump are self-
0.9 t at 74 m radius terrain ratio 쎲 Cab tiltable backwards by 20° manufactured Liebherr components and specifically
쎲 Telescoping by rapid cycle approx. 350 s for a boom 쎲 Abrasionproof TELMA-type eddy current brake (optional) 쎲 Crane operator's seat with pneumatic lumber support matched for the application on mobile cranes
length of 12.6 to 56 m 쎲 Max. driving speed 76 km/h, max. gradability 50 % 쎲 Operator-friendly armrest-integrated controls, vertically 쎲 Standard centralized lubricating system for slewing
and horizotally adjustable as well as inclinable master rim, boom bearing application and bearings of winches
switch consoles and armrests, ergonomically inclined and luffing rams
operating consoles
쎲 LICCON computer with test system

Highly comfortable driving cab Outstanding carrier technology "Niveaumatik" suspension - Weight-optimized steel
쎲 Galvanized driving cab over width of vehicle with
internal sound absorbing and thermal panelling, for on-road/off-road travel. preserving crane and roads structure
comfortably equipped 쎲 Weight-optimized axles, almost maintenance-free, made 쎲 Maintenance-free suspension rams, free from lateral 쎲 Steel structure of carrier, crane superstructure and
쎲 Air-cushioned driver’s seat with pneumatic lumbar of high-grade steel, perfect track keeping and lateral forces, protected by synthetic tubes telescopic boom in light-gauge design, calculated by
support stability due to special control linkage arrangement 쎲 Level adjustment (suspension on ”travelling mode”) the FEM method, weight-optimized and of outstanding
쎲 Steering wheel adjustable in height and inclination 쎲 The maintenance-free steering knuckles are mounted can be activated automatically by push-button control torsional rigidity
쎲 Heatable exterior mirrors on steel bearings, thus bearing failures are practically from any position 쎲 Tensile property of material with high safety factors
쎲 Electric window lifters ruled out 쎲 Stable cornering ability due to cross mounting of the through the application of STE 960 (960 N/mm2) resp.
쎲 Standardized and ergonomically located operating and 쎲 The perfected and robust axles are manufactured in hydropneumatic suspension S 1100 QL (1100 N/mm2) for all supporting members
control elements large series and are troublefree 쎲 Axle locking system (locking of the suspension for 쎲 Computer-aided welding machines ensure the
쎲 The cardan shafts are maintenance-free; easy and quick travelling with equipment) controllable from the driving accomplishment of high-quality weld joints
fitting of the cardan shafts due to 70° diagonal toothing cab 쎲 The quality of the weld seams is documented by
and 4 fixing screws 쎲 Travel of suspension system +/- 150 mm ultrasonic testing
쎲 Trim and covering panels of aluminium

3 4
Lifting loads - precise and safe Th
쎲 6-section, 56 m long telescopic boom, with folded,
K 28 m prismatical bottom shell, of high lateral rigidity m
쎲 Optimal utilization of the telescopic boom through a 쎲C
multitude of telescoping variants 5
쎲 Biparted swing-away jib, mountable at 0°, 20° and 40°, 쎲C
hydraulic rigging aid a
쎲 Telescopic boom extension 7 m, thus a 7 m higher fixing 쎲B
point of the swing-away jib 쎲C
쎲 The LICCON system always calculates the optimal load c
capacity values at any boom length
쎲 Easy and quick re-reeving of the hoist rope due to a
modern self-locking rope dead end connection

LICCON-assisted telescoping
쎲 Telescoping by means of a single action hydraulic ram
with pneumatic operated driving pins, patented internal
interlocking system
쎲 Telescoping procedure controllable on the LICCON
monitor, convenient operator’s guide, precise approach
of interlocking positions
쎲 Telescopable loads are displayed in the LICCON
7m operating image
56 m
쎲 Rapid-action telescoping system ”Telematik” for fully
automatic telescoping to the desired boom length
쎲 Particularly light-weight telescoping system, thus
52.5 m increase of lifting capacities, especially with long booms
and at large radii
쎲 Automatic cushioning in end positions during
48.5 m telescoping and retracting for the preservation of the
structural members
44.5 m in
oval cross-section w

LICCON computer with SLI, test

system and PLC control
쎲 Setting of crane configuration by convenient
conversational mode functions
쎲 Reliable acknowledgement of the adjusted crane
12.6 m configuration
쎲 Representation of all essential data by graphic symbols
on the operating image
쎲 Integrated wind speed control (optional)
LIEBHERR 쎲 Reliable cut-off device in the event of exceeding the
7 8 9
4 5 6
permissible load moments
쎲 Load capacity values for any intermediate boom length
2 3
쎲 Winch indications for load hook course with zero adjuster

C OMPUTED F4 for ultra-precise lifting/lowering

CONTROLLING C i 쎲 Test system for servicing, offering the facility to check
ENTER all sensors within the system on the monitor
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 > > 쎲 Convenient programmable logical control (PLC) for
lifting/lowering, slewing, luffing and telescoping


The counterweight system for
more flexibility 7.5 t
쎲 Counterweight variants 5 t, 7 t, 15 t, 25 t, 35 t and
50 t offer a large application spectrum
쎲 Control of ballasting from the crane cab without the
assistance of a stand-by crane
쎲 Ballasting rams fix-mounted to the superstructure 4.1
R= 8
쎲 Compact counterweight dimensions, e.g. 35 t 4.1
counterweight of only 3 m width

HW 1 HW 2

10 t

10 t



7.5 t

Electric/electronic PLC crane control with

integrated safe load indicator
쎲 Control of winches, slewing gear as well as of luffing 쎲 High-speed activation also possible during a working
and telescoping motions via LICCON system (PLC motion
control) 쎲 Speeds of hoisting/lowering, luffing and slewing are
쎲 Summation regulated control, i.e both pumps can be preselectable by 6 steps
switched to one consumer 쎲 Extremely short reaction times at the selection of
쎲 Load sensing system with electric activation, four working motions
working motions can be controlled indepent of one 쎲 Functional test of all essential components by means
another of the test system

control levers single-stage luffing ram

LICCON ram with
display hydraulic

control block
transmitters, LICCON

Diesel engine Liebherr-
D 924 TE fixed displacement hoist winch
double pump
slewing gear
Liebherr double variable
displacement pump

Subject to modification. TP 319.3.01

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LIEBHERR-WERK EHINGEN GMBH, Postfach 1361, D- 89582 Ehingen
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