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Black Start Generator 1.

The purpose of the black start Diesel Generator is to start up the power plant when the grid power is not available. The black start generator will supply the auxiliary loads to enable the start of one main engine. The black start generator will be required to test run periodically in parallel to the load at low voltage switchgear to ensure its proper operation when its needed. During black start, the black start generator will operate in island mode and will change to droop mode after power restoration and synchronization with main LV incomer. During test run, the black start generator will operate in droop mode.

2. Power Plant Start up Operation

A. Grid Power Available
The startup of the power plant will be performed as described below when grid power is available. The HV side of step-up transformer will be closed to energize the step-up transformer from the grid. Close corresponding MV circuit breaker to energize station transformer Close corresponding LV circuit breaker and bus coupler to energize LV bus bar Start the generators on the energized MV bus bar and synchronize the breakers to operate in grid parallel mode.

The number of generators with the required demand active and reactive power will be received from national dispatch centre.


Grid Power is not Available

1. Preparation
Switch the following common and Engine auxiliaries to Manual mode from SCADA - Fuel Oil Leakage Drain Pump - Fuel Booster Pump - Nozzle Cooling Pump/module - Exhaust Fan - Power House Ventilation Fans - Lube Oil Supply Pump

Diesel Oil Supply Pump HFO Supply Pump Cooling Tower Fans and Pumps

Switch Off the following loads at the Panels or equipment as applicable Working Air Compressor Starting Air Compressors Unloading Station MCC Feeder 1 and 2 HVAC Feeder 1 and 2 Main Electric Fire Pump Pump House Ventilator LVI-1 LV Incomer 1 LVI-2 LV Incomer 2

2. Black Start Generator Operation

Island mode Power Plant operation to supply its own consumption The black start generator can be started in the following modes: Manual Local Mode Manual Remote Mode

In manual local mode, the black start generator is started manually at the local panel of black start generator. The operation of Black Start Generator in island or droop mode is realized by Black Start Generator local panel. Manually switch ON BSI Manually switch ON BBC-1 o BBC-2 Start the Black Start generator and close BSG circuit breaker on dead bus. Start sequence for Engine- xx After energizing MV bus bar, close corresponding Station Service Transformer circuit breaker SST-x Synchronize at LVI-x station transformer with the bus either through manual or auto synchronization and close LVI-x circuit breaker Black Start Generator incomer will be opened and shutdown by PLC after elapse of preset time after closing LVI-x circuit breaker.

B.2 Power Plant in Operation-Test Run of Black Start Generator In parallel mode, the black start generator will run periodically by operator. 1. Operator closes the BSI manually.

2. Operator starts the black start generator manually 3. Black start generator will be synchronized and circuit breaker closed automatically from black start generator local panel. 4. After operation on load for predetermined period, operator must shutdown the engine manually. Generator goes to a cool down period and shuts down after 3 minutes.