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AnyMedia Access System

LPA832 ADSL/POTS Combination Application Pack

This 32-port application pack supports both POTS and ADSL functions on every port. As a result, it doubles the POTS/ADSL capacity of any new or existing product in the AnyMedia Access System portfolio, while eliminating the need for external POTS splitters. With this application pack, you gain a highly cost-effective way to deliver a diverse selection of voice, data and video services from a single system without increasing your space requirements. It enables you to meet customers growing demand for broadband services and decrease churn, while you maintain support for narrowband traffic.


Business-class data services, such as fast Internet and intranet access, Integrated Line TestingProvides VPNs, Webcasting and video metallic test access path for conferencing streamlined service provisioning Simplified networksSupport a Residential data services, and fault isolation mix of voice and data services with including high-speed Internet a single application pack, instead Robust feature supportMaintains access, streaming video and of complex dedicated systems both broadband and narrowband online multi-player gaming functions, including Custom Local Reliable performanceATM QoS Leading-edge video services Area Signaling Services (CLASS) ensures the highest quality for voice like streaming multimedia, calls, as well as the performance Plug-and-play installation broadcast TV, pay-per-view and you need for premium data Streamlines service start up video-on-demand services, backed by SLAs ADSL performance monitoring All types of voice services, ranging Increased revenue opportunities Gives you the information required from POTS to voice-over-broadband Offer a wide range of high-value for dependable service, including broadband services, while you fault reporting and diagnostics maintain support for narrowband Features Software downloadSimplifies traffic upgrades and minimizes costs Thirty-two subscriber ports Enhanced marketing methods Supports the ADSL and POTS Take advantage of combined services you choose on all 32 POTS/ADSL support to create Benefits portsADSL only, POTS only or new upselling techniques, such any mix of ADSL and POTS Reduced customer churnGain the as 7-day service trials flexibility to add new services Combined ADSL/POTS functionality Investment protectionUse your quickly and easily, helping you on a single line cardEssentially existing infrastructure to deliver meet subscriber demand and stay doubles the POTS and ADSL voice, data and video services to ahead of the competition capacity of any product in the twice as many subscribers AnyMedia Access System Decreased costsServe twice as portfolioincreasing cost many subscribers in the same effectiveness spaceand eliminate the need for external POTS splitters High-speed data transportOffers both full-rate (G.dmt) and mediumbandwidth (G.lite) ADSL, with data rates up to 8 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream (G.dmt)

Integrated POTS splitters Minimizes capital expenses and speeds deployment

Economical growthAdd capacity to your existing AnyMedia Access System network by using the LPA832 to free up ports for additional subscribers

Technical Specifications
ADSL/POTS combination application packs are intended for use in the AnyMedia shelf located in controlled environments (indoors) or in electronic equipment cabinets in uncontrolled environments (outdoors). The AnyMedia Access System conforms to the specifications of Telcordia Technologies GR-63 (ETS 300 019-1-3) NEBS Generic Equipment Requirements and GR-487 (ETS 300 019-1-4) Electronic Equipment Cabinets General Requirements. When properly equipped, the cabinets are designed to maintain internal environmental conditions within appropriate operational limits for AnyMedia Access System equipment such that system performance conforms to TR-NWT-000057. The AnyMedia Access System also conforms to the ETSI specifications ETS 300019-1-1/class 1.2 (storage), ETS 300019-1-2/class 2.3 (transport) and ETS 300019-1-3/class 3.1E (operation).
1. Operating requirements Ambient temperature: 40 F to +167 F (40 C to +75 C) Transportation/storage: Conforms to GR-63 (ES 300 019-1-1) 2. Relative humidity Operating: 5%95% (non-condensing) Transportation/storage: Conforms to GR-63 (ES 300 019-1-1) 3. Operating altitude Up to 13,123 feet (4000 meters) 4. ATM capabilities ATM cell transport ATM backplane bus interface 5. QoS UBR, CBR, nrt-VBR, rt-VBR 6. ADSL metallic interfaces ANSI T1.413 Issue 2 (1998) ITU-T G.992.1 (Full rate) ITU-T G.992.2 (G.lite) 7. ADSL Network Timing Reference support ITU-T G.992 Section 7.3 8. POTS metallic interfaces Two-wire loop-start current feed Subscriber loop interfaces supports all CLASS features, on-hook transmission, automatic loss compensation, TR-008 and GR-303 signaling, V5.x signaling 9. Provisionable transmission and signalling PCM Encoding A-law/U-law Reverse battery metering 1800 Ohm at -48V battery and 18 mA 10. Subscriber port wiring Readily accessible via faceplate connector 11. Splitters On-board the LPA832 12. Port density 32 POTS/ADSL combined 13. LED indicators Fault Red: Lit when a fault is detected; flashes during self-test Busy Green: Lit when at least one line is off-hook 14. Performance Rate adaptive and rate provisionable Full-rate DMT-ADSL (ITU-T G992.1, ANSI T1.413 Issue 2) G.lite ADSL (ITU-T G.992.2) 15. System integration Control and operations communication with AnyMedia ATM Feeder Multiplexer (AFM) and Common Data and Control (COMDAC), serving as the controller cards for the AnyMedia broadband and narrowband sub-systems respectively

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